Feb 032023

I have been playing around with my sex demon catalog idea.

In a previous project I was working on, I included short stories about the demon to give an example of their power. Revisiting my notes on the project, I found that the short stories were a little too distracting and broke the immersion of the entries. For this project, I really want to maintain a verisimilitude that this is a book of magic. The footnotes help with that but I am curious if others find the notes distracting.

The following is what a current entry might look like. Let me know if there is a detail you think I am missing or any other notes.

Whispering Fea
AKA: Clerk of Secrets. Blind Takara,

A physical description is hard to give as Whispering Fea only manifests to those who can not see. In the dark, or when blindfolded or sometimes with only eyes closed, a person may hear Whispering Fae whisper in their ear. They may feel her sharp nails drag across their flesh. They may even feel the press of foreign flesh to their lips and taste strange juices. If their vision is restored, Whispering Fea leaves in an instant.

Whispering Fea will arouse, tease and on rare occasions, stimulate to orgasm those that call on her. While she is present, people have been known to willingly give forth their secrets to her. The more salacious the secrets, the more intense the physical interactions.

It should be noted that Whispering Fea often comes to the mortal realm on her own accord. She is drawn especially by those who blindfold themselves willingly. It is a common experience among beginning magicians to sit in the dark and wait for Whispering Fae’s touch.

Father Spunk warns against trying to coerce Whispering Fae to reveal the secrets that others have given her. He reports that she responded to his attempts with repeated pinches to his genitals. Even after her banished her, he was plagued with more pinches to his cock and scrotum for a week whenever he was in a dark room. (Source: Father Spunk, The Gasping Ecstasy of Divine Worship, 1992)

Whispering Fae resides in a dark vault located at the bottom of an ocean on a sunless world in the Planes of Desires. Any light brought into the vault is smothered in darkness. Any attempt to create a light fails. The walls are soft and hairy but what they are made of is impossible to tell. (Source: Maria Rook, Visions in a Haunted Brothel, 2009)

Her symbols have included blindfolds or scarves bound across eyes.

Feb 012023

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “The Queen’s Laughter from Her Enemy’s Misfortune” by Royal Astronomers. There are sixteen planets and half are gas giants. The third and the fourth planets support life, but the fourth planet shows no signs of intelligent life. The third planet is much further along with primitive artificial satellites.

Monitoring their communications is easy as they speak some version of Gadugi. It has revealed some curious qualities. They live in city-states and appear to be divided along geographical borders but I detect no military aggression between them. Maybe they are engaged in some sort of subtle economic war. Either way, they are unnaturally peaceful with each other without the presence of a central authority.

Clearly these people are being controlled somehow. I will endeavor to find out how. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: My scanners detect that one of the city-states is launching a manned vessel today. According to the broadcasts I have intercepted, this craft will attempt to orbit the planet for a week and then return to the surface. They are very excited about this pioneering effort. It will be cute to watch.

Vaquel Di stood in front of her mirror naked. One foot was on Chairbot’s seat with her leg spread to the side. The mirror reflected her smooth brown legs and the bright pink bush of her pubic hair. A hair trimmer was in one hand while the other hand idly stroked her pussy.

She was stalling. This bush of pink hair had been with her since she started her exploration mission some thirteen years ago. Oh, she had trimmed it and she had kept it from becoming a wild jungle, but she had always maintained a thick bush. A lot of alien fingers, mouths, cocks and other appendages that encountered this bush. It was like an old friend.

But still, Vaquel was in the mood for a change. The aliens on the planet below were furry creatures without a spot of bare skin. They had gorgeous furs and glorious manes, but after staring at so much hair on the communication channels, Vaquel was developing an appreciation for naked skin. She wasn’t going to touch the cute short pink hair on her head so depilation of her bush would have to do.

Vaquel brought the trimmer down on her crotch. Tufts of pink hair fell and were snatched away by a minitractor beam within the trimmer. It was never good to have hair floating around on a spaceship. Little by little, the pink bush disappeared and revealed the dark lips of her sex.

She thought about the alien rocket she saw earlier. The launch was quite spectacular. They were using liquid fuel and the flames it produced looked like a volcano erupting. Vaquel half-expected the rocket to explode at any moment but somehow the crude vehicle stayed intact. It eventually dropped their fuel tanks into the ocean and reached orbit, but they still had a distressing amount of fuel on board.

That had been a few hours ago. The novelty of rudimentary space travel soon wore off and Vaquel was restless. Self-grooming was one of the safer things an explorer can do while bored.

Another pass of the trimmer removed the last of the hairs around Vaquel’s sex.

“Hey there,” Vaquel said to her pussy. The lips were a little bigger than she remembered. There was a spot that might have been a scar. She wondered when she picked that up. All in all, it was a lovely pussy.

There was a band of pink hair above her pussy. Vaquel started to clear it away and then paused. The hair was so soft and fluffy; it would be a shame to lose it all. Vaquel used the trimmer to clear away most of it and left behind a tight little triangle. The remaining pink hair was a pretty adornment for her pussy. It almost looked like a hat.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said. “The alien rocket is experiencing a critical malfunction! Scanners are detecting multiple explosions.”

“That’s too bad,” Vaquel said. “You don’t need that much to re-enter an atmosphere.” She set the trimmer down and ran her fingers over her pussy. Damn, that was nice and smooth. She was tempted to play with herself right now but curiosity won out.

“Come on, let’s see if any of the poor bastards survived,” Vaquel said. She walked back to the front of the ship to the navigation console. Chairbot rolled behind her, already dedicating several monitors to the distressed rocket.

The rocket was in four pieces. A swarm of debris floated beside it. The debris accounted for forty percent of the ship’s original mass.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. “At least the poor fuckers died quick.”

“Negative, Mistress,” Chairbot reported. “There is still one life sign.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore again. “Where?”

One of the rocket fragments become highlighted. It was the onboard laboratory. The compartment was sealed but had no propulsion or navigation controls of any kind. It was a floating coffin.

“Any signals coming from the survivor?” Vaquel asked.

“Negative, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “No movement either. They might be unconscious.”

“Small mercy,” Vaquel thought. The explorer might asphyxiate before regaining consciousness. Then again, they might not. They might wake up just in time to suffocate. Space was a nasty bitch that way.

Vaquel thought of her travels. Other than Chairbot, she had been alone for a very long time. Dying was always a possibility and she had made peace with the idea of dying alone on some unknown planet. For some reason she couldn’t identify, she was having a harder time accepting some other explorer dying alone.

She punched in an intercept course for the debris field. As the ship shifted direction, Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. Shiny green fabric flowed from her belt and onto Vaquel’s skin. By the time she reached the airlock, she was nearly covered in the skintight material. She grabbed a glassteel helmet and secured it to her head.

“I don’t understand, Mistress,” Chairbot said, rolling behind her. “I thought you were forbidden from interfering with emerging space civilizations.”

That was true. Space travel was hard and some planets gave up reaching for the stars and were content to remain on the ground. Those planets were a lot easier for the Queen’s armies to conquer. For that reason, the Royal Navy had a strict rule about providing any sort of aid to beginner space travelers.

“The Royal Navy doesn’t need to know about this,” Vaquel said. “As far as they are concerned, there were no survivors.”

“Understood, Mistress,” Chairbot said. For a subservient robot, he was remarkably eager to aid in the disobeying of orders. Vaquel wondered if she should worry about that.

“Approaching the debris field, Mistress!” Chairbot announced.

Vaquel stepped into the airlock. As she the inner lock sealed, Vaquel slipped on the propulsion pack to her back. The other seal opened. Bright light filled the airlock as Vaquel looked out at the bright blue planet. The debris of the destroyed vessel floated in front of her.

She kicked out of the airlock and activated her pack. Gentle forces propelled Vaquel towards the remnants of the alien ship. The debris was small as the explosion had torn apart most of the components.

The laboratory was up ahead. Vaquel slowed her velocity and adjusted her angle to come along side the floating compartment. She was struck by how small the lab was. It was barely the size of her navigation console. Only the luck of internal explosions allowed the module to survive that explosion.

There was a hatch. Vaquel opened it and a cloud of air left and immediately froze. Vaquel pushed the cloud away and stepped inside.

The alien drifted. They wore a clunky white spacesuit that looked terribly awkward. A clear faceplate revealed a face covered in silver hair. The eyes were closed.

Bio scanner data appeared in side Vaquel’s glassteel helmet. The alien was unconscious and their oxygen levels were low. The suit they wore was intact but without power.

Vaquel grabbed the alien around the waist. They were small, just over a meter tall. She pulled the alien through the hatch and then kicked away from the lab. The propulsion pack activated and sent Vaquel on a rapid ascent back to her ship.

Kiloseconds later, Vaquel pulled the alien out of the airlock and into the habitation corridor of her ship. The alien was distressingly light in her arms. She set her down on the ground and pulled a sonic knife from her belt.

“Chairbot, get us out of orbit,” Vaquel commanded. “I don’t think their primitive tech can detect the ship but let’s not take any chances.”

“Right away, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

Vaquel started with the helmet. The sonic knife parted the metal clasps and separated fibers on the molecular level. There was a distressing lack of air escaping as the seal was broken.

The alien gasped and sat up. They weakly fumbled with their helmet. Vaquel pulled the helmet from their head and tossed it aside.

The alien shuddered. Silver hair around their mouth parted to reveal long rows of teeth. Deep green eyes the color of emeralds blinked but couldn’t’ focus. One of their hands pawed at their chest.

“Take this off,” the alien whispered in Gadugi. “Skin, can’t breathe.” The alien then closed her eyes and went limp.

Vaquel brought the knife to the alien’s chest. Making her best guess, Vaquel adjusted the length of the sonic blade and started cutting. The crude space suit began to part and Vaquel pulled at the thick material.

More of the alien’s body was revealed. It was covered in fine silver hair. The fur was barely a centimeter in length and the body it covered was lithe and muscular.

A black tunic covered the alien’s chest and crotch. Vaquel wasn’t sure if that needed to go too, and the alien wasn’t answering. She used the sonic blade to cut the tunic which almost sprang open on its own. Once Vaquel saw the large four fur-covered breasts, that the tunic was holding in, she had a better appreciation for the cloth’s resilience.

Vaquel pulled the rest of the tunic off the alien to reveal a furry cleft between her legs. Unlike the rest of her fur, the pubic area was a bright gold color. She wondered if it was natural or some sort of cosmetic decoration.

The alien groaned. The eyes were still closed. She reached out and her hand fell on Vaquel’s breast. Four short fingers latched on and squeezed.

“Nice,” the alien moaned.

Vaquel smirked. As the alien held onto her tit, Vaquel pulled her glassteel helmet off and set it aside. The bioscanner data rerouted to the wrist display. From what Vaquel could tell, the alien was suffering from oxygen deprivation, but her levels were steadily increasing. Perhaps it was causing cognitive impairment.

“Show me your fur, pretty fish,” the alien mumbled. “Come on . . .I’ll be good.”

Vaquel snorted. Yep, the alien was out of it. Still, Vaquel was curious how the alien would react to bare skin. More importantly, she wanted to see how those furry fingers felt on her breast.

She tapped a button on her belt and a seam split the chest of her spacesuit. Vaquel pulled on one side and her brown breast flopped out of the green material. She gently pulled the alien’s hand away from one breast and then pressed it to the exposed tit.

Furry fingers clenched and squeezed. The tiny hairs tickled at first but the softness of the fur was luxurious. The hand shifted, squeezing and releasing as it moved around the contours of her breast.

“No beast, no engine,” the alien babbled. The eyes were still closed but ridges formed in the fur above their head. Their lips opened and closed.

The alien cupped Vaquel’s tit and held onto it. She reached blindly with her other hand for Vaquel’s arm. Vaquel watched in amusement as the hand slid down her arm and found her wrist. The alien then guided Vaquel’s hand to one of her four breasts.

Vaquel squeezed the offered breast. The fur was soft but the mass underneath was softer. She pulled on the plump breast and the alien let out a loud moan.

“Ocean cheese,” the alien babbled.

Vaquel laughed and then moaned as a new sensation came from the alien’s fingers. Heat radiated from the furry digits, but it was a soothing heat like a warm breath. A finger pressed down on her nipple and Vaquel felt the heat radiate through her breast.

What was going on? She glanced at the bioscanner display on her wrist. Well, something was happening but the data was inconclusive. Could it be magnetic in nature?

Whatever it was, it felt wonderful. Warmth flowed from the alien’s hand and deep into Vaquel’s breast tissue. Every millimeter of her skin became sensitized. Her tit felt heavy and potent with heat.

Vaquel tapped another button on her belt and the green spacesuit retracted completely from her chest. She grabbed the other alien’s hand and placed it on her newly exposed tit. The alien’s fingers latched on with the same gentle strength and moments later, the warmth flowed from this hand as well.

“Ohh!” Vaquel moaned. It was like dipping her breasts in hot water. The energy suffused her large breasts and went deep into her chest. She could feel it flowing into her arms. It reminded her of getting drunk or experiencing a good dermal intoxicant.

“Justify express!” the alien moaned. They rolled their shoulders, pressing their own breast into Vaquel’s hand.

Were they expecting a similar exchange of energy? Vaquel had none to give but she could perform her own form of stimulation. She shifted her grip to carefully pinch the side of the alien’s breast.

“Banquet!” the alien moaned. Their hips lifted dramatically.

Vaquel assumed that was a positive statement. She pinched another plump bit of the alien’s breast and then another. She worked her way towards the alien’s tiny nipple, watching the alien shiver with each pinch. When her fingers squeezed the hard little nub of flesh, the alien whistled a wild scale of notes.

“Oh, you liked that?” Vaquel whispered.

The alien suddenly sat up. She opened her toothy mouth and went straight towards Vaquel’s breast. Vaquel was taken by surprise and barely had time to react as the alien’s wide mouth encircled her tit with teeth, That was a slight prick of fangs and Vaquel froze in place.

A tongue licked her nipple. Vaquel relaxed slightly, still aware of the far too many teeth around her breast. The tongue licked again, and then again, and then inexplicably, three tongues licked Vaquel’s breast.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel moaned. She leaned into the tongues, not caring about the pricks to her breast. Yes, there were definitely three tongues licking her. One licked her nipple while another licked the underside of her breast and a third licked the side. Each tongue was a flickering, rapid feather of licks.

Meanwhile, warmth continued to flow from the alien’s hands and into her breasts. Fingers clenched and relaxed as if she was milking Vaquel. Whatever the reason, the rhythmic groping felt wonderful.

The alien’s eyes were still closed. A glance at Vaquel’s wrist display revealed the alien’s brain was in an incomplete state of awareness. Their oxygen levels were still rising.

Vaquel wasn’t sure what to do. The alien’s mouth and hands felt great, but the alien wasn’t fully cognizant. She didn’t want to take advantage of the alien without consent or at least submission. The smart thing to do would be to stop this.

On the other hand, Vaquel wasn’t sure she could pull her breast from the alien’s toothy maw without some serious dermal damage.

The alien suddenly spread her legs. The golden hairs over her sex stiffened and vibrated. As Vaquel watched, the hairs flowed back and forth as if there was a breeze.

“That is definitely an invitation,” Vaquel whispered. She was sorely tempted.

The three tongues gave her nipple a triple lick. Tremors ran down Vaquel’s back. Her own hips began to move with urgent need.

And then the licking stopped. The alien’s eyes opened to reveal the deep green pools beginning to focus. The teeth released their grip and Vaquel’s wet breast slip from the alien’s mouth.

“Am I dead?” the alien whispered. “Are you a Courier?”

“Nope,” Vaquel said, not sure what a courier was. “You are very much alive.”

The alien was still holding onto Vaquel’s breast with their other hand. The warmth was still there. There was a pause and then the alien gasped.

“Are you a Foreigner?” they said. “From another planet?”

Vaquel didn’t answer right away. This was tricky. You tell a planet on the verge of space travel that there are other civilizations out there, and they tend to get very motivated to get their space program up and running. Saving this fellow explorer was one thing, but Vaquel wasn’t ready to jumpstart their technological progress.

“Your kind does not have the capability of understanding what I am,” Vaquel said. “One day, if you search deep within yourselves, you may align your mind to the proper frequencies of deeper understanding.”

“Banquet,” the alien whispered. They looked suitably awed.

Vaquel tried to look serene. It was hard with the warmth still filling her tit from the alien’s hand. Her pussy was soaking the crotch of her spacesuit. She hoped the alien was suitably confused by her meaningless speech.

The alien licked their lips with all three tongues. “What happens to me now?”

“I shall take you back to your planet, but somewhere far from any witnesses,” Vaquel said. “You must uh, not tell them what you have seen here. Their minds are not ready.”

“They are going to have questions about how I survived,” the alien said. She looked down at Vaquel’s tit in her hand. The gold her on her pubic area were still vibrating.

“But I will tell them I can’t remember,” the alien said. “And I will do as you say and search deep within myself. Maybe we will meet again when my mind is ready.”

Vaquel tried not to sigh with relief. “I am sure we will,” she lied.

“But I have one more question,” the alien said.

Vaquel tried not to stare at the alien’s vibrating pubic hair or think about the alien’s three tongues. “I will answer if I can.”

“Can we still fuck?” the alien asked.

“It is essential to your deeper understanding,” Vaquel said.

The alien lunged forward. Vaquel was taken by surprise as the smaller alien pushed her onto her back. The alien scrambled over Vaquel’s face until golden fur pressed against Vaquel’s lips.

Vaquel giggled into the alien’s sex. From submissive to aggressive in a blink of an eye! She opened her mouth and probed with her tongue.

The short golden hairs were warm to the touch. They also moved on their own, flattening to offer Vaquel the best access. Vaquel’s tongue tasted sweetness similar to honey and then the soft folds of intimate flesh.

“Banquet!” the alien moaned. Four-fingered hands clutched Vaquel’s short pink hair.

Vaquel took another lick and then another. She reached up and held onto the alien’s thighs, pulling the alien down harder onto her mouth. Honey flowed between her lips as she licked deeper and deeper.

“Oh!” the alien cried out. “Just one tongue? But your tongue is so thick!”

“I’ll show you what I can do with one tongue,” Vaquel moaned into the alien’s sex. She pushed her tongue deep into the alien’s narrow pussy. Slick walls gripped her tongue. Vaquel poked with her tongue, simulating the thrusts of an eager cock.

“Banquet!” the alien cried out again.

Heat flowed into Vaquel’s mouth. She worried that the heat might become too intense but the heat remained a pleasant sensation. Vaquel wondered if it the warmth was temperature related. It might be some sort of psychic phenomena instead of heat conduction. Whatever the source, it made Vaquel feel warm and snuggly from the inside out.

“Forgive me, I am being selfish,” the alien said.

Vaquel’s tongue was too busy thrusting to respond.

The alien leaned back. Her spine twisted at an alarming angle. Vaquel felt hands grip her thighs and then something nuzzled against the thin spacesuit covering her crotch.

Vaquel let go of the alien’s thigh and slapped her belt controls. It took her a moment to find the right button. The alien whistled when the green spacesuit finally melted away to reveal Vaquel’s bare pussy.

“No hair!” the alien whispered in awe.

Vaquel paused in her licking. Was this going to be a problem? Fuck, the first time she shave her pussy in years and she meets a species with possible trichophobia.

A finger pressed against Vaquel’s bare pussy lip. Vaquel kept licking the alien, hoping to soothe the cultural differences. Another finger touched Vaquel’s other lip and then both lips were spread open. Hot breath fell on Vaquel’s wet sex.

Vaquel whimpered. More heat filled her mouth and spread through her body. She was tempted to pull the alien’s head down to her pussy but she had to resist and let the being acclimate to Vaquel’s strange sex.

There was a lick on Vaquel’s inner lip. She trembled. There was another lick, and then there was three tongues on her pussy, followed by lips sealing themselves to Vaquel’s pussy.

The triple licking was incredible. Vaquel lost all self-control and her hips rose to grind against the alien’s mouth. The three tongues flicked inside her soaked sex, licking, and swiping at her clenching walls.

Vaquel writhed under the alien. Her tongue flailed inside the alien’s small pussy as warm sensations filled Vaquel’s body all the way to her toes. She could feel the walls of the alien’s sex spasm against her tongue.

The alien whistled inside Vaquel. The tongues didn’t stop licking. Vibrations from the alien’s lips vibrated against Vaquel.

The combination of strange sensations sent Vaquel’s body over the edge. She climaxed and the orgasm reacted strangely with the warmth inside her body. Multiple miniature orgasms exploded throughout Vaquel, especially around where the alien had groped her breasts.

“Glory to the Queen,” Vaquel whispered through clenched teeth. It was a weird sensation to feel an orgasm in her tits, but custom demanded that she thank her Queen for her pleasure.

Drifting on endorphins and bliss, it took Vaquel a full kilosecond to realize the alien had rolled off her body.

“That was incredible,” the alien said.

Vaquel could barely move. The warmth within her was gone and replaced with the force of a dozen afterglows. Her pussy felt numb. She should drop this alien back on their planet and submit herself to a full medical scan to see if her thighs will ever work again.

The alien pressed themselves against Vaquel’s side. A hand returned to Vaquel’s tit. Four fingers clenched as heat flowed into Vaquel’s tender flesh.

“Can we fuck again?” the alien asked.

“Yes,” Vaquel whispered and prayed she would survive.

Jan 302023
Glacia is a bad girl but I forgive her.

Villain for Hire is a new book by Jay Aury. In a world of superheroes and supervillains, Magneron is a villain for hire. When a company needs their client hero to look good, Magneron will commit a crime, lose to the hero but manage to escape capture. All for a fee of course. In the course of the book, Magneron is coerced into mentoring some young ladies and haremlit debauchery ensues.

What differentiates this book from other harem books is how well written it is. The action and the plot is compelling and I lost a day of productivity burning through these pages. The characters are fun and interesting with actual personalities. The hero is an aggressive antihero and not the reluctant golly-gee schmuck that fills so many harem books.

It reminds me a lot of Alana Melos’ Villainess series in its quality, though this book is a light lighter in tone. They both create a convincing world with familiar archetypes without straying into parody or cliche. If you ever read a superhero comic or played a supers role-playing game, this will make you feel right at home.

Another interesting part to me is the restraint with the sex. I think there may have been only three or four actual sex scenes. Personally, I could have done with a bit more, but I think the sparse scenes made the sex more dramatic when it happened.

Again, I think it is damn near perfect and my favorite of Jay Aury’s work. You should check it out.

Jan 232023

A few years ago I had an idea to make a catalog of modern demons. Instead of demons obsessed with making you kiss their ass, I wanted to do demons that made you forget your social media passwords. Naming problems is a good way of reducing a problem to something you can solve. I planned to give demonic names to common modern ills.

I am not sure why I didn’t follow through on it. Most likely, I turned my focus to something more fun like writing a book. Still, I think it would be fun to make a catalog of demons and their kind. I just want to explore something a bit more interesting than shit that annoys us.

With that in mind, my goal is to create sixty-nine sex demons by the end of 2023. Sex demons is more on brand for me. I am thinking of sharing the demons on the blog and then compiling them for a book. Goddess help me, I might even hire someone to do illustrations.

So yeah, let 2023 be the year of the Sex Demon.

Jan 202023

I enjoy the heck out of journal games. Most of what I write is for public consumption but when I play a journal game, I get to write purely for myself in a way that is very liberating. It reminds me of how fun writing should be, and that is a healthy reminder when I am knees deep in a project that doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.

Of the journal games, Thousand Year Old Vampire is the Rolls Royce of games. A physical copy is about $50 and that is worth it. You get a book that looks and feels like a worn journal. There are two hundred and twenty prompt,s, meaning each game is going to feel very different. There is space to let you actually write in the book which is a decadent touch and I one I fully appreciate.

As for the game, you write as a Vampire and lived through ages. This is the right kind of vampire. There are no clans of elders and a complex social stratus of rank and prestige. These Vampires are rare and special. There are other Immortal creatures in the world but they are to be feared and avoided, just like you. You are a killer and the people you journal about will most likely die at your hand. Or be the death of you. The prompts give and they take away, but mostly take away.

The brilliant idea that drives this game is the concept that ancient immortals forget things. You will write your experiences but as you gather more memories, you begin to pick and choose which memories you let fade. Diaries can help hold more memories, but a diary is just a physical object and those can be lost just as easily as a home, a job or your suspicious mortal friend. As a man who struggles now to remember important details from ten years ago, I fully sympathize with a vampire struggling to remember something from a hundred years ago.

This mechanic does an interesting job of changing your character in ways that I rarely see in fiction. How does a personality change if they forget that they murdered their first love? What does it mean that a character forgets the Immortal that tormented them for fifty years? I used to see the loss of memory as a detriment but I got to tell you, I was jealous of my vampire forgetting about the time he betrayed his only human friend.

It has been a delightful experience. The best compliment I can give is that I find myself wanting to tell people about what my character has been through. It reminds me of the excitement I feel when I am playing a really good tabletop role-playing game. I am invested in my character and watching him triumph or suffer is equally enjoyable.

If you like journaling, I highly recommend you treat yourself and get this game. Just do it before you forget I said so . . .

Jan 182023

Janice Grey, Founder and CEO of PureHealth, C0-Founder of WomenCare, Sponsor of the 2022 Conference on Mental Health and Member of Glory Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 to Watch, sat impatiently in her limousine. The line of cars leading into the Museum Gala was moving slower than a congressional ethics committee. Janice was eager to step out in her very expensive black dress and be photographed by a dozens of press photographers. Later she would pick the best photograph and have it transformed into a poster to hang in the lobby of her company.

The phone rang. George’s picture flashed on the screen. That was concerning. Why was her Chief Financial Officer calling her now? He was requesting a video call.

She accepted the call. George’s face appeared on the screen. The elderly man had the most ridiculous bushy eyebrows. For some reason, he was smirking.

“Speak,” Janice commanded. “I am about to step out and make my way up the red carpet.”

“Victor Horton, three hundred thousand dollars,” George said in that annoying Delaware accent. “John Napoli, Two hundred thousand dollars and a trip to Las Vegas. Bianca Cantrell, fifty thousand dollars.”

Janice glared at the old man. She knew those names and she knew those numbers. They were the people they needed to bribe in order to get their new anxiety drug on the market.

“What are you doing, George? Have you lost your mind?” Janice asked.

“I’m not George,” he said. “I am a concerned, worried and anxious citizen.”

The limousine coasted forward. The line was moving again.

“I don’t understand what game you are playing at but I am not amused,” Janice said. “Especially over the phone like this. I’m hanging up now.”

“Hang up and this long list of names, along with the amounts paid to them, will be sent to every news, government and watchdog agency,” George said.

Janice glared at her phone. “Blackmail, George? You idiot, you facilitated those arrangements! You would go to jail too. Are you going senile?”

“Madam, I remind, repeat and mention again, I am not George,” he said again in the Delaware drawl.”

“Fine, who the fuck are you?” Janice asked.

“I am Mister E.”

A cold hand gripped Janice’s stomach. Mister E, the social justice villain! He had stolen priceless artifacts only to give them away to their home countries. He looted cryptocurrency funds and transferred the funds to victims of police violence. He was responsible for the detonation of countless Confederate statues. The man was a menace to the rich and powerful and utterly ruthless.

And this madman knew about her company’s bribes!

“Why are you calling me?” Janice demanded. “If you are really, Mister E, then why haven’t you sent this information to the press yet?”

“Your company is about to release a dangerous treatment for anxiety to the public,” the man with George’s face and voice said. “The drug has dangerous side effects and will only add to anxious people’s misfortunes, troubles and calamities.”

The limousine coasted forward. How much time did Janice have before she had to step out? Maybe she could talk her way out of this.

“It is called the pharmaceutical business,” Janice said. “Every drug has side effects and every company greases the wheels to make sure it is available for purchase. Besides, this drug has the potential to help people.”

“Maybe it does,” the man who looked like George said. “That is why I am willing to make a compromise, agreement and concession.”

“What kind of compromise?” Janice asked. She resorted to the usual distractions that won over those rare people with morals. “Want me to start a charity for anxious people? I could probably get an Oscar winner to be a spokesperson.”

“I was thinking of something more empathetic,” not-George said. “I think you need to experience a moment of intense anxiety yourself. I will delete these files that I have procured if you strip out of your dress and exit the limousine in the nude.”

“You must be joking,” Janice said.

George’s face stared back at her. It was really amazing how accurate the bushy eyebrows were. Everything looked like George’s face. Maybe this really was George. Could this be some sort of powerplay to take over the company?

No, not everything was the same. The eyes were different. They were far colder. They were the eyes of someone who didn’t make idle threats.

“If the limousine door opens and you do not step out in the nude, in the bare, au natural, I will send the bribery accounts to the public,” Mister E said. “Do as I ask, and I will delete the files. One way or another, you will be exposed. How is up to you.”

Visions of stock prices dropping danced through Janice’s head. She imagined outrage from the media. Shareholders will demand she step down. Federal prosecutors will look to advance their career with her conviction.

“Fuck,” she whispered.

“There are only three cars ahead of you,” Mister E said.

“Fuck!” Janice snapped again. “Completely nude? What about underwear?”

“I will allow you your shoes but that is all,” Mister E said.

“You goddamn son of a fucking bitch!” Janice snarled. She dropped the phone beside her on the seat and then reached behind her to get to the zipper of her dress. It was too high up. Her hand groped around for precious seconds before she gave up.

The limousine glided forward.

She had to get out this dress. It was too form-fitting to slip out of. It took the help of three people to get into this dress and that included the designer. Getting out of it by herself was impossible.

“Joseph Brooks, fifty thousand dollars,” Mister E recited.

There was no choice. Janice gripped the neckline of the dress and pulled. The fabric stubbornly resisted. She kept pulling; her hands vibrating with adrenaline and fear.

The sound of ripping cloth never sounded so sweet. Janice nearly giggled with relief. The dress opened to reveal the black bra Janice was wearing. The ripping stopped at the waist and stubbornly refused to open any further.

“Michael Johnson, a spot on the executive board when he retires from the FDA,” Mister E read.

Janice pulled the sleeves off her shoulders and through her arms. She pulled the dress over her waist, snagging her underwear in the process. Lifting her ass, she wiggled and struggled as she slipped the dress and caught panties down past her ass and then down her legs.

The dress caught on the heels. “Fuck!” she swore. Her hand trembled as she undid the straps on her heels. The shoes slid off and she pulled the dress down over her feet.

The limousine moved once more. How many more cars were in front of her? If there were no more, the door could open at any moment.

“I will find you,” Janice swore. “I will hire the best trackers in the world and then I will sue you into oblivion you fucking piece of shit!”

“Penelope Carlisle, a membership to a country club,” Mister E responded.

Janice reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra. It fell off her heavy breasts and joined the dress on the floor. The leather seat was warm against her bare ass.

“Don’t forget your shoes,” Mister E said.

“Fuck you, asshole!” Janice said. She did bend over and put her heels back on.

Mister E didn’t respond. She glanced down at the phone and saw that the call had been disconnected. He was done with her.

Janice sat in the back. Her leg shook. Was she really about to step out in the nude? Yes, she had to. She could spin the nudity later. Her people would say she was making a statement about natural beauty or some bullshit. The media will eat it up. Who knows? This might be a good publicity stunt.

“Everything is going to be okay,” Janice said out loud.

The cold pit of terror in her stomach disagreed.

The limousine moved again. Before it came to a complete stop, the door opened. The noise of the assembled crowd of paparazzi filled the interior of the car.

Janice was paralyzed. She didn’t want to move. It was hard to breathe.

She forced herself to step out. A gasp ran through the crowd followed by the flash of a thousand cameras. Startled faces stared at her from behind velvet ropes.

The usher who opened the door offered his hand. Numb, Janice took it. The man started to walk and Janice followed him.

The cameras kept flashing. Questions were shouted at her. The startled faces gave way to looks of lust, disgust or judgement. Every eye was on her.

The sense of vulnerability seared into her. She was exposed and helpless. Every intimate part of her body was revealed to the world and would exist forever in digital media as well as public memory. All of her previous achievements were now just footnotes to this one moment of salacious humiliation.

“I’m going to throw up,” Janice whispered. It was a long walk to the museum doors.

The usher turned towards her. His breath tickled her ear. He had to shout to be heard above the crowd. “Yes, that is a common, mutual and shared symptom of anxiety sufferers. I recommend you seek out therapy and medication to deal with the traumatic experience you are having, however, I advise you do not use any medication from your company.”

Janice looked at the man’s face for the first time. Bushy eyebrows hung over hateful eyes. It was Mister E, still wearing George’s face.

“You!” she hissed.

“And just so you know, I deleted the files. However, I sent the incriminating, compromising and damning evidence to the press before I called you,” Mister E said.

He let go of her hand and walked back towards the limousines. Janice took one step before event security came rushing to throw a coat over her. As she screamed and shouted, the guards forcibly dragged her to the museum doors.

Jan 162023

Carl Corey wakes up in a private clinic. He has vague memories of a car crash and not much else. The staff are sketchy as hell but Carl has some innate sketchy qualities himself that helps him overpower the staff. He finds out that he was placed in the clinic by a sister he didn’t know he had. He also discovers that she is terrified of him. Carl is a bad man, and although he doesn’t doubt it, he has no memory of why that is true.

At the risk of spoiling a fifty-three year old story, Carl finds out that his real name is Corwin and that he is prince of Amber, the one true world in the multiverse. He has brothers and sisters and just about all of them, including himself, want the Throne of Amber. King Oberon, his father, has gone missing and the war of succession has begin. Over the course of five books, Corwin will come to terms with himself, his family and a universe that is more complicated than he thought.

Nine Princes in Amber was written by Roger Zelazny. It was his most famous work and his influence can be spotted in works like Gaiman’s Sandman series. I would be willing to bet that if you read a story about a bad man losing his memory and waking up in a hospital written after 1970, that it was a Zelazny tribute of some kind.

I came across this book in my teenage years. I was the perfect audience; a moody kid who suspected that there was something wrong with me because I just didn’t fit in with anyone else. Corwin is a delightful anti-hero who acknowledges his bad side and wishes he was better, but also unapologetic about his nature. It was deeply therapeutic for me to see a character like that and quite frankly, it was a big part of why I didn’t follow my suicidal intentions when I was a kid. In a lot of ways, Corwin was a surrogate father figure and I suspect he has been for a lot of readers.

Personal issues aside, Nine Princes in Amber is just a fun story. It clocks in around 200 pages and each book in the short is just as short. There are sword fights, demons, dimensional travel like nothing you have ever seen, family issues, terrible cruses, betrayals, great loves and a city under the ocean. Honestly, if I described everything that happens in just the first two books, I would sound like a madman. These books are crammed with ideas and again, you can see how Zelazny inspired the next generation of writers.

Zelazny wrote a sequel series years later that fans are divided on but I still enjoyed them. To tell you anything about them would be spoilers but the thing I notice about them is that Zelazny is having fun with his creation. What more can you ask for from a writer?

Sadly, Zelazny’s wife was not a fan of his work and when he died, a prequel series was created that is an abomination. Fortunately for us, Zelazny’s real legacy is maintained by the generations of writers he has influenced.

Jan 112023

Explorer’s Log: I am on day twenty of my thirty-three day journey to the star system designated “The Queen’s Laughter from Her Enemy’s Misfortune” by Royal Astronomers. For the last six days I have been traveling through a nebula made of interesting gases. The scanners have detected some strange compounds and peculiar anomalies. I will be preparing a full report soon for the Royal Science Academy to study.

A curious side effect of the gases is that it has enabled me to establish contact with another ship on the far side of the nebula. It is an exploration vessel and like me, the vessel only has one crew member. Interference in the nebula prevents most forms of communication but we have been able to maintain a steady audio channel. He speaks a rough form of Sylfaen but I can understand him.

The alien is named Zinfiy and he is a member of the Gork Consortium, whatever that is. He is on a mission of prospecting worlds for future element extraction. From what he has described, his ship has a crew of drones that process minerals and turns them into fuel and ship improvements.

Our trajectories mean that we will never physically meet. Zinfiy’s ship came from sectors of space that I will never visit and they are headed to places I will never go. This presents a rare opportunity to gather intel on worlds, cultures and systems outside of my ship’s range. The fact that I will receive additional compensation and prizes for this accomplishment is a minor joy compared to the honor of extending Queen Erishella’s knowledge of the universe. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: It has twenty days since I got my brains fucked out by the Glister. The break has been good for my pussy but by the Queen, I wish Zinfiy was here to fuck right now. I have no idea what his species looks like but I would make it fucking work.

“That planet looked empty but at night, these terrible carnivores would crawl out of the canyons and eat anything they could. They were only a meter tall but there were hundreds of them. The little gummers were strong enough to rip apart my best security drones. If they weren’t so sensitive to the light from my flares, I wouldn’t have made it back to my ship.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel responded. “Swarm carnivores are the worse. All they want to do is eat you and not in a good way.”

Zinfiy’s laughter boomed from the speaker. His voice was already deep but became deeper when he laughed. The low pitch seemed to resonate inside Vaquel’s ribcage and vibrate all the way down to her pussy.

Vaquel’s naked body stirred on top of Chairbot. The loyal robot emitted a small vibration through his seat that felt nice against Vaquel’s round dark ass. She had one hand between her thighs, casually stroking that the thick pink bush of pubic hair that covered her sex.

The laughter continued. Vaquel’s other hand toyed with her nipple. She flicked the hard nub with her fingernail. Damn, she was horny. Maybe she should turn the conversation to something sexual and see if the alien would be up for some communicator sex?

“What about you?” Zinfiy asked. “Have you had any near-death escapes?”

“Quite a few,” Vaquel said. “They sort of start to blend into one another, you know?”

“I do,” Zinfiy says. “I can remember running though my ship’s airlock a dozen times but when it comes to remembering what chased me, a dozen bad memories crowd together.”

“Yes!” Vaquel said. “I have noticed that! I thought it was just me or maybe I was suffering from mental degradation.”

“I highly doubt your mental attributes are depreciating, Vak-el,” Zinfiy said. “You are one of the sharpest sentients I have talked to.”

There was a flutter in Vaquel’s stomach, followed quickly by another clench in her pussy. Damn, it was nice to have someone to talk to about these things. She could discuss these things with Chairbot but it wasn’t the same with the sycophantic robot. Hearing those kind words from a deep voice across the nebula was something different.

“I appreciate that, Zinfiy,” Vaquel said.

“We explorers tell it like we see it,” Zinfiy said. “Especially with associated minds.”

Vaquel wished their bodies were better associated. Or was he flirting? It was hard to tell. It appeared that Zinfiy never talked about sex. Was he shy, or was he part of a species that frowned on casual sex?

Fuck, all she had to do was flirt and find out. What was holding her back? She wasn’t normally this hesitant. What was her problem?

“Are you still there?” Zinfiy asked.

“Uh, yes,” Vaquel said. “Just, uh, recording a nebula scan into my logbook. The work never stops. Just like a single vibrator in a women’s dorm.”

Vaquel winced. Why the fuck did she say that? It was a common expression back on Euphoria but would Zinfiy be offended?

There was a pause from the speaker. Vaquel experienced a flash of dread that quickly broke as rolling laughter came from the speaker. The deep harmonics of the laugh vibrated through Vaquel’s body again and down to her pussy. Her shoulders relaxed from a tension she didn’t know she was carrying.

“You have a promiscuous mind, Vak-el,” Zinfiy said. “That might be my favorite part about you.”

Vaquel sat up in her chair. A smile bloomed across her face. Endorphins flooded her body and she wasn’t sure why.

“What else are we going to think about out here in space?” Vaquel said. There. She pushed a little.

“I hear that,” Zinfiy said. There was a wistful growl to his voice that made Vaquel’s toes curl.

Chairbot’s seat vibrations increased slightly. He was forbidden to speak while Zinfiy was on the line as Vaquel wanted to focus on the alien’s voice. The restriction said nothing about adjusting his vibrators to encourage Vaquel’s buttocks to clench a little more.

Squirming a little, Vaquel felt her courage grow.

“Especially on journeys like this,” Vaquel said, “when you go long days of nothing but ship maintenance and nebula scans. It is not unusual for me to masturbate two or three times a day just to give me something to look forward to.”

There was a rumbling sound from the speaker. It didn’t sound like the noise he made when he was laughing. Was it disapproval? Aliens were so hard to figure out.

Chairbot’s seat vibrations grew stronger. They centered near Vaquel’s pussy. It was just a gentle buzz but it enflamed Vaquel’s desire.

“Fuck it,” Vaquel thought. “Nothing ventured, nothing fucked.”.

“Does your species masturbate?” Vaquel said. Her heart pounded at saying something so bold. What the fuck was wrong with her? She never got this nervous flirting.

“I mean, do they self-stimulate their sexual organs?” she added, perhaps unnecessarily.

“Yes, it is accepted among my people, but often discouraged by project managers,” Zinfiy said. “On my own however, I have no problem indulging.”

“Oh good,” Vaquel said. “You can never tell with other cultures. My people, the Euphorians, thrive on sexual pleasure. We take and give our pleasure to each other as well as ourselves.”

“They sound . . . exciting,” Zinfiy said.

Had his voice grown deeper? Vaquel’s pulsing pussy thought so. What did it mean?

“Have you experienced sex with aliens?” Vaquel asked.

There was another pause. Instead of feeling dread like previously, Vaquel found herself growing more excited. She was eager to hear his response.

“The Consortium has strict rules against sexual relationships with other sentients,” Zinfiy said. “It is believed that sex will negatively influence potential client cultures.”

The dread returned and sat inside Vaquel’s stomach. Her smile faded instantly. Vaquel’s slutty pussy continued to flow despite the negative news.

“But six years out into space, I decide that some rules are not as important as others,” Zinfiy said. “My Satisfaction Drone broke down one year into the mission and what was I supposed to do? Fegard my own genitals?”

Vaquel relaxed. She didn’t know what fegard meant but she understood the sentiment. The dread melted away like an ice dildo inside a hot cunt.

“I think you have made the sensible choice,” Vaquel said. “Have you had much luck finding aliens to fegard you?”

There was another deep rumble from the speakers. Yes, I have. The last planet I was on was very friendly. Their society was very primitives but held hospitality in high regard. The local king gave me his consort and his daughter for my satisfaction. The daughter was a bit clumsy but the mother was very talented. She could have been a sexual relief professional back on my world.”

Vaquel slipped two fingers inside her pussy. The slick hole easily accepted her digit. She let out a moan that lingered in the air.

“Shall I tell you of another visit?” Zinfiy asked. There was a drumming sound that wasn’t there earlier.

“Yes, please,” Vaquel said.

“A few planets ago, I prospected a moon,” Zinfiy said. “The planet it orbited would send their criminals to the moon and exile them there. The prisoners would fight each other or un-alive themselves but I came across a female of the species that was very eager for company. She fergarded me within two kilo-seconds of meeting. We fucked so hard that I damaged my dorsal spine.”

“Ouch, was that bad?” Vaquel asked.

“Technically, yes,” Zinfiy said. “But it also meant I couldn’t move for three days and the prisoner took advantage of me. She used me like a sex drone constantly, stopping only for food and short naps. Best three days of my mission so far.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. “I could do with a horny prisoner right now. That sounds like bliss.”

The drumming sound was louder. It was a rhythmic triple beat. Vaquel couldn’t visualize what it signified.

“Tell me one of your adventures,Vak-el,” Zinfiy asked.

“The last planet I was on was a society of celibate clones,” Vaquel said.

“Great Xi!” Zinfiy said. “That sounds terrible.”

“They were,” Vaquel said. “Except due to some complications, their genetics were radically altered by their enemies to make them sexually desperate. They had a revolution and an eager desire to learn. I was happy to educate them personally.”

“An entire planet of sexual novices?” Zinfiy asked.

“Yes, and my holes feel like I trained every one of them,” Vaquel said. “I taught them to fuck, oral sex, a bit of anal and of course, masturbation.”

Another deep rumble came from the speakers. “I bet you would be good at that, Vak-el. I swear, you could make a man ghlop just by talking.”

Vaquel’s pussy clenched down hard around her fingers. “I accept your compliment, Zinfiy. Tell me, are you touching yourself right now?”

The drumming sound stopped. “Would you mind if I did?” he asked.

“I would be more offended if you weren’t,” Vaquel answered.

There was a deep laugh. Vaquel smiled and then shuddered as her pussy clenched tighter. The drumming sound resumed.

“Yes, I am touching myself,” Zinfiy said. “I wanted to the first decasecond we talked, Vak-el, but I didn’t wish to cause disgust.”

“I understand,” Vaquel said. “The first time we talked, I went straight to Chairbot and let him bring me to orgasm with his vibrating seat.”

“Goooood,” Zinfiy groaned in his deep voice. “Lords of Xi, I wish could have seen that.”

Vaquel laughed. “You don’t even know what I look like.”

“I know you are one of the most sensual beings I have ever encountered,” Zinfiy said. “I don’t think I want to know what you look like. Right now, I picture you looking like one of my species, with maybe slightly bigger koors than normal, and maybe pointed noses.”

“I think that is a clever way to go about it,” Vaquel said. “I will picture you looking like an Euphorian with maybe a really wide chest to hold that lovely voice of yours”

“Oh, you like my voice, do you, Vak-el?” Zinfiy said. The drumming sound intensified.

“It makes my pussy wetter than a water planet,” Vaquel said. She had three fingers inside her now.

“Your voice makes my scrotal sack turn green,” Zinfiy groaned.

“Queen’s tit, I wish you were here,” Vaquel whispered. “I want your mouth on my tits.

“I would be happy to do that,” Zinfiy groaned. “I would suck, lick and padihoc whatever you put in my mouth, including your nits. It would be my pleasure to chew your nits all shift long.”

Vaquel groaned and decided not to ask what ‘nits’ were. His mind was in the right place, even if his mouth was millions of miles away. She grabbed a plump breast and squeezed, picturing an alien mouth mauling her needy flesh.

She leaned back and Chairbot’s seat reclined. Extensions emerged from the seat for Vaquel rest her legs on. She brought her knees up and plunged four fingers in and out of her hairy sex.

“What would you like for me to do for you?” Vaquel asked.

“I want to grab your antennae and pull you down to fegard me.” Zinfiy answered

“Yes,” Vaquel hissed. She imagined it as oral sex but there was no telling. “Picture that in your mind. Imagine me fergarding the fuck out of you. I’m the best fegarder in the universe, did you know that?”

“No, but I am not surprised,” Zinfiy said. “If you don’t mind me saying, you sound like a fegarder.”

Vaquel laughed. “I don’t mind at all. I think it sounds sexy as fuck.”

“You are sexy as fuck,” Zinfiy said. “Lords of Xi, I would want to keep you fegarding me all day cycle long. I would have one of my drones record it all so I could watch it again later.”

“Oh fuck, yes,” Vaquel moaned.

The drumming sound continued. It was joined by the slick sounds of Vaquel’s finger-fucked pussy. There was the occasional interruption of a deep groan from Zinfiy and soft whimpers from Vaquel.

“I want your hands on my ass,” Vaquel groaned.

“Yes,” Zinfiy growled. “Two on you ass and one on your horn.”

Vaquel moaned. She imagined a horn on her head, being held and guided by a demanding lover. It was the first time she had ever been horn-envious.

“I want you to slide me onto your cock,” Vaquel. “I want you to fill me with your alien meat.”

“You mean interlock our genitals?” Zinfiy asked.

“Whatever it takes,” Vaquel said, pummeling her pussy with her hand like it had denied her an orgasm.

“Whatever it takes,” Zinfiy growled. “I would smash our genitals together so hard. The shockwaves of our bodies impacting would register as gas quakes in the nebula.”

“Fuck, yes!” Vaquel said. “Just like that. I like it hard, Zinfiy. It might hurt but that is okay. I would endure it for you.”

There was a sound like thunder. “Oh, keep talking like that, Vak-el.”

“I can’t help talking like this, Zinfiy,” Vaquel moaned. “I want you to use me. I don’t care what shape your cock is, I will take whatever you give me. I want to be your sexual relief professional. I want you to break me in half if that gives you pleasure. Just fucking abuse me like the willing slut I am.”

“Yes, I plan use you, you nasty drone,” Zinfiy growled. “I want to ghlop all over your ass like a lowly wage slave.”

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel groaned. Sensing her need, Chairbot’s seat projected a slender force field against Vaquel’s asshole. The frictionless field pushed right into her ass and filled her.

“Ghlop on my ass,” Vaquel groaned. She rammed her pussy with her hand as Chairbot penetrated her. The other hand pinched a hard nipple and twisted savagely.

“You want this meat surplus all over your ass?” Zinfiy rumbled. The triple drumming was as rapid as cosmic rays near a black hole.

“Yess,” Vaquel begged. “I need you to ghlop all over my big round ass! I am dying for your meat surplus! Give to me, please! I have been a good slut for you!”

Zinfiy roared. The speakers blasted a deep rumble that made Vaquel’s teeth ache. The roar continued, interrupted by small gasps, but the roaring kept going.

Chairbot’s anal force field pushed deeper into Vaquel’s ass. Tight pussy muscles clenched around her thrusting fingers. Vaquel imagined hot alien seed splattering on her brown buttocks.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out as she came.

The roar from the speaker dropped to a low rumble. The rapid drumming slowed to a steady beat with second intervals. Vaquel pulled her hand free of her sex with a squelching sound.

The force field remained inside Vaquel’s ass. She welcomed the slender presence. It anchored her body as she drifted on a haze of bliss.

“Lords of Xi, this is a lot of seed,” Zinfiy said.

“I wish I could taste it,” Vaquel said.

“I am still ejaculating if you want to come over and try it,” Zinfiy said.

“You are still coming?” Vaquel said. She clenched down on the anal force field with excitement.

“Oh yes,” Zinfiy said. “My kind usually ejaculate for a few kiloseconds. Doesn’t yours?”

“Fuck no,” Vaquel said. “In fact, most species only climax for a few seconds.”

There was the rumble of laughter. “That explains why so many aliens are so irritable.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. “If I was there, I would wrap my lips around your member and swallow it all down. I would stay on your meat until you were completely drained.”

“Well, I hope you would let me spare some to blast on your koors,” Zinfy said.

“Of course,” Vaquel said. She didn’t know what koors were, but she would let him shower her entire body until he found them.

The speaker turned silent. Vaquel sat up in the seat, wincing as the force field shifted inside her ass. She typed a command on the console and discovered the audio channel had been lost. They had finally moved out of range. It was doubtful they would ever meet again.

They didn’t get to say goodbye. That bothered Vaquel at first but then she realized something. There were no better goodbyes than an orgasm shared. She hoped Zinfiy felt the same way.

Vaquel sighed and leaned back in her chair. She imagined Zinfiy with a thick, still spurting cock. As she pictured seed raining down on her tits, her hand returned to her recovering pussy.

Zinfiy was a good lover. She was going to miss him although they never met. It was a good thing she recorded all of their transmissions.

Vaquel pressed a button.

“That planet looked empty but at night, these terrible carnivores would crawl out of the canyons and eat anything they could.”

Zinfiy’s voice continued his story. Vaquel moaned and leaned back in her chair. She rubbed her soaked pussy and let the deep voice of Zinfiy roll over her. Tremors ran through her penetrated ass while she shuddered.

She coaxed three more orgasms from her spent pussy before the transmission ended again.

Jan 092023

Cloudy June is a musical artist I only encountered recently. Her EP, Unthinkable, only has six songs but every song is an arrow straight to my libido. Technically only four of the six songs are about sex but the other two are fueled by the same passion that makes them impossible to ignore. I greatly enjoy her work and find a lot of inspiration from her songs. I am looking forward to catching up on the rest of her work.

Here is the first one I heard, Fuck You in my Head.

Jan 042023

Dickmeat jacked his cock. It was okay. He was allowed to stroke, pump and edge his tool as much as he wanted. If he could find someone, he was even allowed to stick his thick rod into the mouth, ass or cunt of a willing slut.

The only hindrance was that he was only allowed to come if he was inside Mistress. Usually that was not a problem as Mistress’ slick pussy walls or tight mouth could squeeze the come right out of his cock in a matter of minutes. Usually.

This week was different. Dickmeat was on restriction. He was only allowed inside Mistress during her morning office break and then only for six strokes. That was it.

Restriction started three days ago. Dickmeat hadn’t climaxed since. He knew it was a myth but he swore his balls were swollen. His cock ached and longed for the sweet release of a climax.

That was why he was outside Mistress’ office. She worked from home and was currently on the phone with a coworker. The phone was on speaker and Dickmeat could hear the meandering conversation.

It was time for Mistress’ office break. She kept talking about return rates and points of contact. It didn’t seem to be wrapping up.

Dickmeat paused in his jacking to lick his hand. When the spit covered his cock, there was a slight wet sound that made him wince. He stroked a little slower, being careful to be quiet.

Mistress kept talking.

Dickmeat wondered if Mistress would skip her office break. She had done it before during other weeks but this week was his restriction. Would she deny him his one slim chance to come today?

Yes, Dickmeat realized. She would do it and not think twice about it.

There was a surge of tension. The thought of being denied pushed him to the edge. He let go of his cock like it was a live snake. If he came, oh sweet Jesus, it would mean the cock-cage for sure.

His cock twitched. He quickly grabbed his traitor tool and squeezed as hard as he could. The sudden pain was almost enough to make him come but the pressure on his cock was too tight. Slowly, the moment passed and Dickmeat was safe.

Wait? When did Mistress stop talking?

He peeked in the office. Mistress was standing up and bent over her chair. Her slacks were down by her ankles and her bare ass was exposed. In her hands, she was playing an online game on her phone. She was finally on break!

Dickmeat rushed into the office. He ignored the clock, not wanting to know how much time he had. It didn’t matter. All he had was six strokes.

He stepped behind her and took his dick in hand. Mistress’ pussy was so close but it might as well be a mile away if he didn’t get permission. A small whimper escaped his lips.

“You may,” Mistress said.

Dickmeat guided his restricted cock between her thighs, into her bush and deep into the slick grip of her divine pussy. Wet heat gripped his thick tool. The blessing of her cunt was around him once more.

Penetration counted as one stroke. It was cruel but true.

Dickmeat gently gripped Mistress’ hips. Tremors ran down his legs. He slowly pumped his hips.

Two. Three. Four.

It wasn’t going to happen. Dickmeat could tell. He had come too close earlier and the act of strangling his orgasm had set him too far back. If he had a few more minutes to get back to speed, then yes, maybe he could be ready to come inside Mistress and fill her sacred pussy with worshipper seed.

But it would not happen today.

Dickmeat kept thrusting. The honor of being inside Mistress was almost as good as an orgasm. And who knows? Maybe he would come in three more strokes after all?

He didn’t.