Suckubeth Presents


Every October the barriers between worlds weaken and the demon Suckubeth appears. Joined by her flaming skull on a stick companion, Burny, Suckubeth tells cursed readers sensual stories. This continues until the reader’s soul is so debauched and desperate for more that she appears personally to them to make them an irresistible offer.


Monster in her Bed

A Nightmare of Tits and Thighs

Action News Dead

Jenny Two-Bags

House of Tremors


Prison of Desire

Her Blank Eyes, Her Open Mouth

The Exorcism of Jennifer Callahan

Giggles the Murder Clown

Something Wicked


Final Couple

Mystery Dances

Living Dead Suck

Hungry Deborah

Spirit Masks


The Halloween Slasher

Menage a Seance

The Pleasers

The Athol Sisters


Sausage Joe

Don’t Go Downstairs!

Take Your Due

Old Pipes