Hornbeam Estates Trailer Park


Ages ago I wondered why all of the BDSM I was reading took place at mansions. In my young mind I thought it was a class statement that only the rich and powerful deserve crazy fulfilling sex. I used to joke/threaten to do a BDSM series that took place at a trailer park just for contrast.

Now I understand that BDSM takes place at mansions because they have the time to do kinky sex all day long instead of working jobs and taking the kids to school. mansions are fantasy lands and that is okay. I still worry that there might be some class-envy going on with BDSM writiers but fuck, that’s their issue to work through.

My problem is that I grew up dirt poor and although I am now comfortably upper middle class, I find mansions to be just as foreign as alien worlds. Sometimes I like my BDSM to be something I can actually relate to. For me, that means a trailer park.

The stories of Hornbeam Estates bounce around from different trailers within the park. Characters reoccur but there is no central cast. these stories are also particularly short as I have little interest in the philosophy of BDSM that take the bulk of most kinky stories.

Balls Deep in Bob’s Wife

Game Day

Play Time

Straight and Even

Pool Admission