Deep Space Probe Explorer


Deep Space Probe Explorer covers the stories of Vaquel Di and her 20 year mission of exploring space. If you enjoy these stories, please consider buying them in Kindle.

First Landing

Exercise Pod

Red Ruby to Blue Chest


Kiss of the Nebula

First Impact

Zero Gravity


Space Hump

The Squix

Ship to Ship

Menage A Tentacle

Guided Entry

Cultural Investigations

Bruises and Blobs

Guest Accommodations

Mistaken Anatomy

Interplanetary Economics

Glory Wormhole

Mistress Nature

Extended Log Entry

Sea Relations

Unidentified Bruising Asshole

With A Bang

Space Maids

Toys of the Gods

Orgy of One

Choke and Moan

Seduction in Isolation

Confluence in Astronomy

Pussy-Eater of Hor

The Mininauts

Lovers in the Green

Fantastic Storm

Ass for Guto

Strange Fruits


The Bite of the Grend

The Glory of Kloria

Cultural Exchange Station

Conference Diplomacy

Lost in Orgies

Biological Assessment

Purpose Lost


The Fourth

The Shame Subfunction

Heat of the Moment


Last of the Idkian Cheese

Moral Boost

Queen of the Mountain

The Three Explorers

Eye of Voice

Resurrection Activation

Darkness Laughs

Wet Terrors

The Last Temptation of Voice

They Can’t Take The Fungus From Me

Fungus Trials

The Ice General

By the Glowing White Light

Claim Jumpers


The Sensuous Connection

Porn of the Dead

Chosen Cock

Betrayal in Space

Oh No, Here Comes Vaquel

The Comforters of Beta Yellow

Polite Visitor Welcoming

Transit Barter List

Healthy Violence Outlet

Complimentary Pornographic Enhancers

Celebratory Courage Memorial

Personal Attendance Protocols

Government Stability Adjustment

Mind Duel Ammo

Incredible Heroic Measures

Restricted Freedom Station

Unintended Passenger Copulation

Den of Disloyal Iniquity

The Blue From Outer Space

The Last Cock

Two Against the Universe

When Avians Cry

Orbiter of Fuck

Come in Peace

Hunger of the Cosmic Echinoderms

Bad Time in the Debris Field

Alien Beach Party

Night of the Star-Witches

The Garden of Vell

The Overseer

The Data Violation Peril

City of Tubes

The Pirate’s Vow

Data Jacker

Prey of the Bounty Hunter

A World of Savagery, Sorcery and Depravity.

Experiment G-47

The Splurge

Enemy Mind

In the Belly of the Star Behemoth

Encounter at Untitled Cathedral

Wrapped in Darkness

Beach Thunder

Jonner Boner

The Champion’s Taste

A Gift of Bondage

Quicker than a Gasp

Return of the Booty Hunter

The Threshold


Parting Gifts

The Entitled

Harem Warriors

Tycoon Zone


Pain, Sex and Information

Into the Monster Tower

Excruciating Excursion

Puzzle Tease


The Shared Catch

Final Negotiations

Final Oasis

Wet Heat in the Darkness

The Orange Void Within

Charging Protocols

Hands on With the Glister

Not Alone

Hot Blooded


The Doom of the Glister

Final Push

Exit Strategy

Fuck Me on the Radio Waves

Three Tongues of Thanks

Slingshot Maneuver

Paladin Brigade

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