Mar 212022

Over on Earth-Alpha, daring hero Dragonflyman and his trusty teen sidekick, Stinger, are trying to stop the devious super-narcissist, Number One, from replacing all of the portraits in a museum with his own. Using his special gadgets, Dragonflyman stops the dastardly villain’s evil plans but not before Number One escapes by running through a strange mirror. Dragonflyman, fearless and true, chases after him.

Meanwhile, over on Earth-Omega, grim vigilante The Dragonfly, is hunting down serial killer Number One. The Dragonfly dispatches a bunch of goons with horrific violence but the psychotic Number One escapes by running through a strange mirror. Obsessed with extracting violent justice, The Dragonfly follows him.

That is the premise of The Wrong Earth, written by Tom Peyer and Paul Constant . Both the heroes and their villains find themselves trapped in each other’s world. Honest and pure Dragonflyman suddenly has to deal with corrupt cops, terribly nasty villains and a world that doesn’t trust him. Dark and brooding The Dragonfly finds himself in a world where the bad guys are obsessed with niche-themes and an honest though helpless mayor and police force. The story is both hilarious and shocking, often at the same time.

In other words, what if Adam West’s Batman and Frank Miller’s Batman swapped places.

What makes the Wrong Earth truly great is that both heroes end up thriving. The Dragonfly’s no-nonsense approach to crime is a harsh reality check for the goody villains of that world. The kind Dragonflyman brings a much needed dose of nobility and heroism to the nasty folks in the other world. It is a series that loves both the campy goofball comics of the 60’s as well as a the grimdark nastiness of the 90’s in equal measures.

There is also some other subplots that I don’t want to spoil for you. The Wrong Earth is a six part series that has been collected into a trade. A sequel, Night and Day is also out. The whole series takes place in a brand new comic universe that doesn’t require knowing sixty years of lore to enjoy.

Mar 112022

Contact is an album by Stilz and Castroe. These seven synth songs evoke cyberpunk worlds and outer space travel. Every song is gorgeous but the last song, Radio Waves, has taken permanent residence in my brain and been added to my Vaquel writing music playlist.

Mar 092022

Michael hated this part of the cleaning. He was tilted back at a fifty-degree angle with a bright light in his eyes. The plastic sunglasses the dental hygienist gave him blocked most of the light but the glasses sat uncomfortably against his nose. His mouth was wide open as the dental hygienist scrapped his teeth with a small metal tool. It felt like the sharp tool would poke his gums at any second.

“I have got to start flossing more,” Michael thought.

On the upside, Michael’s pants were open and a cute redhead had his erection in her warm mouth. Spit dribbled from her mouth and soaked his balls. A nimble tongue made slow circles around his dick.

The second woman didn’t wear the green scrubs that the hygienist did. She wore a fuzzy sweater pulled up so Michael could fondle her small breast with his right hand. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he saw her working at the receptionist desk earlier.

“Have a little bit of buildup right here,” the hygienist said. Michael felt her poke the back of his lower front teeth. “Make sure you don’t skip brushing here.”

“Ar-aih,” Michael said with his mouth open.

The redhead closed her lips around his dick. Her head bobbed up and down. She went nice and slow, letting him savor the moment.

The blowjob was unexpected but apparently it was part of the new medical plan. Michael was annoyed when his wife, Victoria, wanted to pay extra for Purple Cross and Pink Shield when Michael’s employers were more than happy to pay for the entirety of Gamma Medical, but holy shit, was he glad that he gave in. Victoria was right: you get what you paid for.

“Almost done,” the hygienist said.

“Take your time,” Michael thought. The redhead flicked her tongue against the tip of Michael’s dick. Could he come before the cleaning was done? Was climaxing guaranteed? He really needed to read the insurance policy when he got home.

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Mar 042022

Serena Silverlake is a favorite author of mine. She writes filthy stories about elves, humans and other denizens of a well developed fantasy world. I have already reviewed four of her works here so this blog is already on the verge of turning into a fan site but that doesn’t bother me. She never fails to entertain. I have started to think of her as my incredibly smutty Terry Pratchett substitute.

Now I find out that Serena created a Patreon back in January. As a Silverlake fan, I have only myself to blame for finding out so late. She posts shorts stories, filthy excerpts and peeks at upcoming works. There is also a healthy amount of art that has been commissioned or planned for covers. In a short time there is already plenty of content.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Go and subscribe so you can get the back stage access to one of the best fantasy sex writers working today.

Feb 282022
The dress code seems a bit extreme.

Corporation of Canes is a delight of a book by Lindsay Gordon. The unnamed company in the book has it’s central offices in a skyscraper located in a town that the company owns. The police, neighborhoods and services are under company control. What the company actually does is not clear, but the strict and abusive way it treats its employees is not ambiguous at all.

This book can best be described as Corporate Dystopia. The unrealistic environment is the point. In the first chapter, we experience “you” getting demoted from an executive job which involves getting stripped and humiliated by sexy women in high heels and armed with canes. You get busted all the way down to garden maintenance, with the added humiliation of your dick being hard the whole time.

From there, the book bounces around to other characters. We see women abuse their power and be abused. Men and women work together in the company but the book is only concerned with the abusive power of evil women. Sometimes the book returns to “you” and the ways you try to fight against the system, but spoiler alert, you can’t overcome the superiority of wicked women.

I enjoyed this book a lot. It is like erotic Kafka. The changing of characters helps keeps things fresh and provides a varied view of this terrible place. I was even more delighted when we find out there is a secret resistance fighting against the company! This is the kind of audacity that I wish more porn would indulge in.

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Feb 252022
Behold, the red triangle!

I like mazes. They were the first puzzle I would go to in an activity book when I was a kid and I still can’t resist poking around one when I see it. Mazes are my jam.

Mazescape is a solitaire game that might have been made just for me. It involves a maze that is laid out on a folding map. When you unfold the map once, you will see a starting point. You take your fingertip or the little pointer piece, and starting at the starting point, you trace your way through a maze. A dead end is almost immediately apparent and you will feel dumb.

But wait! Now you get to use the gimmick of this game. With your pointer on one part of the map, you will unfold the other part of the map. New paths open up. You can explore them, or continue to fold/unfold parts to the map before moving on. It is this process of folding, refolding and unfolding that parts of the maze open to you until you find your way to the elusive exit.

It is a clever gimmick and one that will make you feel truly lost. The act of revealing the map in segments also creates some dramatic reveal moments. Oh dear, what is that glowing skull doing there? This flaming tower certainly looks ominous. How exactly can I get all the way over there?

Each map comes with its own scavenger hunt list of sights to look for. There are also colored keys that you are meant to find before passing through colored gates. Some maps even give you tasks like find the coin and then take it to the wishing well. Because it is still just a paper map, nothing happens when you do these things but it is still a nice thematic touch.

Currently there are two versions of Mazescape, Ariadne and Labyrinthos. Each has seven different maps. It doesn’t matter which you start with but if you like this kind of thing, you will most likely get both.

Amazingly, there is a virtual demo of how the game works at their website.

Feb 232022

Chloe was on a roll. She had collected eighteen mushrooms from her virtual garden and used them to upgrade her bird feeder. Now she had eagles coming to her cottage which meant she could collect stray eagle feathers every three hours. The first batch of flowers allowed her to buy a fountain, which was the first step to adding a hedge maze to her virtual property.

Natural Pleasures was Chloe’s favorite app on her phone. It had beautiful graphics, a complex farm economy and new surprises every day. Weirdly, it was free to play and didn’t have any options for in-game purchases. Chloe had been playing for a month and hadn’t seen a single advertisement. She wondered how the makers of the game stayed in business.

Chloe was excited about the hedge maze. It would unlock other farming bonuses as well as allowing her to expand the kitchen in her cottage. She knew the fountain was required, but she wasn’t sure what other resources it would take to build. Hopefully she would have what she needed already but if not, she was more than willing to grind for it.

She tapped the hedge maze button. An information screen popped up on her phone. “Eight topless photos are required to unlock the hedge maze.”

Chloe blinked. It required topless photos? Maybe it was a bad translation and topless meant something else in other cultures. She didn’t know there was an in-game camera, unless it was something she needed to unlock.

The screen on her phone shifted. The Natural Pleasures logo and frame was still there, but the rest of the screen was Chloe’s face. The app had accessed her phone camera.

Chloe’s eyes widened on the screen. The game wanted her to take a picture of her herself!

“I don’t think so,” Chloe muttered. She went to close the screen but hesitated. The hedge maze was a goal she had been working to for three days now.

“Maybe I misread the topless part,” she said. Chloe held the camera out until her face and sweatshirt-covered chest were in the frame.


A message box appeared. “Clothes detected. Picture not accepted.”

“Fuck,” Chloe whispered.

The hedge maze also counted towards the required number of improvements needed to unlock a green house.

“Goddamn it,” Chloe whispered again. She set the phone down and whipped off her sweatshirt. It was a Sunday morning so she wasn’t wearing a bra. She picked the phone up and aimed the camera so that only her dark breasts were in the frame.


Another message box appeared. “No face detected. Picture not accepted.”

“Goddamn fuck!” Chloe snapped. The game wanted her face? Where were these pictures going? Is this how the game company made their money? This was asking a fucking lot!

Chloe stared at the message box. Did she really need a hedge maze? She had seen screen shots of other players’ gardens and their hedge mazes had so much variety. Chloe had been looking forward to adding her own personal touches to her maze. She even knew what she wanted as a center piece.

Wait a minute. Those other players must have submitted topless photos to unlock their gardens. It wasn’t fair that they got a hedge maze and she didn’t.

“Goddamn fucking shit,” Chloe whispered. She aimed her camera at her chest and her face. The camera auto-adjusted to get her face and nipples in focus.

Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!

A message box appeared. “Photos accepted! Enjoy your hedge maze!”

A warm feeling flowed through Chloe. That wasn’t so bad. There was a flutter in her stomach and a new heat between her legs. It occurred to her that future upgrades might require more photos. Hell, that might require audio or video. How far was she willing to go for her little slice of virtual cottage heaven?

Chloe pushed the thought away. She would worry about that latter. For now, she had a hedge maze to build.

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Feb 212022

The Second Shooter by Nick Mamatas is a fictional novel about conspiracies. More specifically, the observation that in most public shootings, early reports say there is a second shooter but in the aftermath, there was only one shooter. The real life explanation is that early reports are unreliable and driven by panic. That is the explanation put forth in this book but being fiction, there are hints that something more sinister is going on.

I had a lot of fun with this book. The main character, Mike Karrass, is an writer who is interviewing people who claim to have seen second shooters. He works for a small book publishing company that specializes in fringe subjects like flying saucers and ESP. Mike is somewhat self-centered and an asshole, but that makes him a decent investigator. As the book continues, he finds himself becoming something of a conspiracy theory himself as a psychotic radio host becomes obsessed with him and as weird shit starts happening.

Conspiracies are kind of a dirty word right now and this book explores the current state of how people get caught up in the bullshit flying around. I enjoyed how the book picks apart why people believe in such nonsense, as well as showing how there is money to be made by spouting so much garbage. It is the kind of book about conspiracies that discusses the people who obsess about them, rather than the conspiracies itself.

Up until the 2/3 mark of the book where the tone shifts entirely into another kind of book. It would be a spoiler to say anything about it, but just know it is coming. The shift is so big, that my only criticism is that I wish I had known about it from the beginning and it was a bigger part of the overall whole. I can see this shift will turn some readers off.

But regardless, it is still an excellent book. It is a great snapshot of our current times and destructive paranoia.

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Feb 182022

Like Ben Rumpson in “Paint Your Wagon”, have been known to get the melancholy now and again. There is no real reason or cause, so it is just something I have come to live with. It usually goes away on its own but sometimes it goes away because I watch or read something that hits my funny bone just right. Lately, it was Murderville on Netflic.

Murderville stars Will Arnett as Terry Seattle, a grizzled homicide detective who investigates a murder every episode. He doesn’t solve them though. Every episode, Terry gets a new guest star to be his partner and that partner has to solve the crime. The thing is, everything is scripted but the guest star doesn’t get a script. The guest star has to improvise and figure out who the killer is while dealing with outrageous events.

So yeah, it is an improv show without an audience. Well, the audience is often the guest star trying their best to stay in character while responding to weird challenges. The guest star is improving and the regular cast as improving as they react. On top of that, the mystery itself are usually fair and clues abound.

Some guest stars are good, like Annie Murphy or Marshawn Lynch. Others are freaking fantastic like Sharon Stone or Ken Jeong. Their mileage will vary from star to star but no one was a dud.

I don’t know if this show will cure your bout of melancholy but it went a long ways towards helping mine.

Feb 142022

I used to stress about Valentine’s Day for reasons too depressing to get into. Now I am pretty chill about it and suggest you be chill too! If you are in a relationship, I recommend that you lovebomb your special someone today. If you are single, lovebomb the hell out of yourself. You deserve it!

If you are in the mood for some romantic smut, may I suggest a few of my works?

My latest ebook, Hot Husband, is about an unconventional open marriage but there is a ton of love.

Some say that Cell Phone Slave is their favorite romance, which is quite the feat considering their relationship develops over the phone.

For a different kind of romance, involved guns, violence and sex zombies, there is the B-movie style story of Pusse’ and Cox.

However you spend your day, rest assure I love you, beloved reader.

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