Nov 272007

Today my wife turns 34. Years of putting up with me has grayed her hair a little but other than that she’s pretty much the same gal I fell hard for. Well, she’s a bit more sarcastic but again, I think I have myself to thank for that.

I’m my wife’s biggest fan. She somehow combines a great compassion for all living things with a ruthlessness that is a daily inspiration. She’s the smartest person I know in all the most important things like computers, comic books, Everquest and why Harry Potter is over-rated. I can’t imagine spending my days with anyone else.

The fact that she is a busty blonde with a great ass is just bonus.

Jun 012007

Pirate Week draws to an end with a very pretty end provided by my wife. I hope we all learned something from this week of piracy. I hope you learned to make your own luck. I hope you can help a cabin boy fuck his first whore. I hope you found your way to the Cleavage Islands. Most of all, I hope you had some silly fun.