Feb 152012

It started with tears. Catalina, that beautiful magic woman that Eric would give his life for, was crying in the hotel bed.

“What’s the matter?” Eric said. He held her as she cried. No, she was wailing. She was wailing like a teenager with a broken heart.

As it turns out, that was exactly the problem.


The music was loud. It was too loud to make out the words. Eric could feel the beat though. It pulsed and pounded inside his heart like a drum summoning him to battle. No, it was summoning him to fuck. Wait, it was summoning him to dance.

The beat moved his hips. The beat guided his shoulders. He moved his head back and forth to a rhythm that seemed almost obvious to him. The music was a pattern that told his body what to do. Eric danced and nothing could have been easier.

How could he have never noticed this before? Dancing was simple. It was pure. It was like being told to move your right leg and you just had to obey.

Eric danced. The music flowed through his body. He still couldn’t hear the words but the felt the song. It was a song about fucking. Things were uncertain but in the end, someone would get laid.

Eric sang along to the music and he still didn’t know the words.


“Someone is going to have their heart broken,” Catalina said. “Someone so young and intense that when their heart is broken, they will never truly be happy again.”

Eric listened. Catalina was a Voluptumancer. It was sort of like a witch, except all of her magic was about sex. From anyone else, it would sound like sentimental horoscope crap but from Catalina, it meant exactly what she said. Someone was about to have their heart broken so badly that Catalina could feel it happening hours before it did.

“We have to stop it,” Catalina said. “No one should be that sad.”

She looked up at Eric.

“You will have to help her. You will have to go to the dance club.”


Eric found the girl with the broken heart. Tears had ruined her mascara. She had blonde hair with a shock of red that her mother probably hated but that the ex boyfriend had called cool. She was dancing with the abandon of one that will never love again.

They didn’t know anything about the breakup except it happened here in the dance club. Catalina said all dance clubs were temples to magic and here the girl had lost her faith in love. Maybe he dumped her. Perhaps he had cheated on her. Whatever happened, it happened on the dance floor.

That is where it needed to be healed.

He couldn’t believe how young she looked. She had her whole world ahead of her and she couldn’t see it. The rest of her life would be one sad track after another.

“Fuck that,” Eric said.


“I can’t dance,” Eric said.

“Men always say that,” Catalina said. “No man ever claims that he can’t fuck. They have the desire to fuck and to them, that is the same as being able to fuck. Dancing is the same way.”

“So you are saying that I should want to dance and I’ll be able to?”

“No,” Catalina said. “Wanting to dance just means that you can dance without caring if you are good at it. If you want to be good at dancing, you need to practice, loosen up and learn to follow the music. Since we have one night to save the heart of a girl, we’re going to cheat.”

Eric watched her lift his shirt and squat down in front of him. His cock throbbed like it always did when Catalina was near it. Instead of touching his bulge, she planted a kiss on his hip. He didn’t feel anything until she kissed the other hip. That was when he felt the electrical pulsing connecting both hips.

“What did you do?” he asked.

“I have invited a spirit into your body,” Catalina said. “They usually haunt dance clubs but this one will let you posses it for the evening.”

“Don’t you mean that it will possess me?” Eric said.

Catalina smiled. “I know what I said.”


He could feel the power of the beat. He wasn’t just dancing great, he was feeling great. He felt free. He felt liberated after years of not knowing he was a slave. Eric wanted to share that happiness with everyone. This one night, he loved the world, even that dick asshole that broke this girl’s heart.

He wove through the crowd. He made his way beside her, never breaking his dance.

“Hey!” he yelled beside her.

“Hey,” she answered back. It was reflex. She blinked back tears and tried to put on that uncaring face that every clubber had to learn. Her heart was broken but for this stranger, she would pretend to be cooler than she was.

Eric didn’t care. He danced towards her. His body moved but his eyes were on her. He smiled the smile of a man who has nothing to lose but still expects to win.

There was a hint of a smile on her lips but they faded. She was still distant. In fact, she was slowing down. She was going to walk off the dance floor.

The music changed. It was an angry song. It was a call to revolution but a revolution with a nice hook and a catchy chorus with a hint of some heavy petting later.

Eric could use this. He grabbed her hand and ignored the shocked look on her face. He realized that what he was doing could technically get him kicked out of the club but his hips refused to believe that. He believed in the beat.

He placed a hand on her hips. Her eyes widened as the pulse in his hips arced through his arm and touched her hips. Now she was dancing with the same rhythmic perfection as him.

“My name is Eric,” he said.

“Jessica,” she said. She was smiling now.

They danced. The music blew around them and their bodies vibrated in response.

Eric knew that other people were on the dance floor but he could only see Jessica. The beat was inside her and her body proved it. Her hips didn’t move, they flowed. He watched her breasts jiggled with every shake of her shoulders. She moved her neck with the ease of a serpent. Jessica didn’t move to the music, the music moved to her.

The song changed. It was about sex.

Jessica pulled him closer. Their hips joined. His leg was between hers and her leg was between his. He looked down into her eyes and saw the lust there.

They grinded together. Eric groaned as he felt his cock engulfed in heat. The look in Jessica’s eyes told him that something similar had happened to her. They both glanced down but no, they still had pants on. There was no denying however that he was inside her.

Eric didn’t understand. He kept dancing and felt his cock slip in and out of her.

Jessica moaned and bit her lip. He noticed that she didn’t stop dancing either.

They danced. They fucked. Eric wondered if it was the same thing.

He wondered if Catalina knew this would happen. He thought of the Voluptumancer and knew there was no way that she couldn’t. Funny how she neglected to mention it.

He didn’t care. The song was playing and he just wanted to dance. He didn’t know how he could feel inside Jessica but he didn’t care. He didn’t want the song to end. He wanted to dance with Jessica forever.

She climaxed. He held her up as she shuddered but he noticed her hips kept moving.

Jessica climaxed again. He felt her contract around his cock as the singer ended a long note. The song shifted to the pure music of synthesizers and drum machines.

They fucked.

They danced.

They fucked.

They danced.

They fucked.

They danced.

The singer returned to the song as Eric climaxed. He felt his seed leave his cock but there was no rush of sticky heat to his pants. The shuddering moan of Jessica told him where it went.

The song ended. They both stopped dancing and held onto each other for support. Another song started but they didn’t move.

“What was that?” Jessica said.

Eric looked her in the eyes. “Have you ever felt it before?” he said.

“No,” Jessica said. Her cheeks were flushed. The tracks of her mascara still showed her tears but her eyes were happy. She was beaming with happiness.

“That’s living,” Eric said. “Just a good dance with a good partner.”

“Cool,” she said. And she walked away.

Eric was stunned. He thought she would want to stay with him. After having her heart broken, shouldn’t she want to be with him?

Then he saw her dance. She was so damn good it hurt to look at her. He tried to move with the music and he did, but not as good as before. She had the beat.

He left the club. Catalina was waiting outside. He went to her and kissed her as hard as he could. He was happy for Jessica but he loved Catalina.

“Good job,” she said. His lips were tingling from how hard they had kissed.

“Come on,” he said. “I want to dance with you.”

Oct 302009

Eric stood in the middle of the street. There was no need to worry about traffic. No one was driving. They were too busy kissing and groping each other. It was Halloween night and San Francisco was in chaos.

A woman dressed as a half naked nurse came up to him. Her breasts were about to fall out of her red bra.

“You look good enough to kiss!” the blonde yelled.

Eric smiled and took her in his arms. She grabbed his head and kissed him hard. The slutty nurse tasted like cherries and lemonade. Her tongue wrestled with his mouth.

A scream came from the back of her head. Eric caught the nurse as she went limp in his arms. A wisp of green smoke was all that was left of the goblin that was riding her.

That was the eighth goblin Eric had banished that night. The cold iron pin in his hand was slightly warm. He palmed it back into his hand and kept walking. He had a mission to accomplish.

“You have to find the Queen,” Catalina had said. “And you will have to fuck her.”

“Do I stick her with the pin?” he asked.

“No, she is too strong,” Catalina said. “You would need a sword made of cold iron, and quite frankly, she would kill your ass if she thought you were hostile. No, you just need to fuck her.”

“How will that get rid of her?” Eric asked.

“Because I will be summoning the thing that will get rid of her,” Catalina said.

So off Eric went. It was easy to follow the trail. The kissing people were a massive orgy that was crippling the city. He simply looked for the largest concentration of dry humping people and headed for the center of it.

“How will I recognize the Goblin Queen?” Eric had asked.

“Oh, you’ll know her,” Catalina said.

Eric saw what she meant. There was a crowd of people fucking in the park. They fucked like they had been denied sex for a hundred years. In the middle of them though was a woman who watched over them. No, she presided over them.

She had long blonde hair that blew in the October wind. Tattoos covered her arms like sleeves. Her round breasts were topped by metal studs through the nipples. The only clothing she wore was black thigh high boots. It was the face that convinced him though. She looked delighted and proud of the carnal carnage that surrounded her.

“Queen of the Goblins!” Eric yelled.

The orgy stopped. The Goblin Queen struck an imperious pose. Her hands on her hips, she glared at him with hungry eyes.

“Have you come to slay me, mortal?” she asked.

Eric swallowed. “No, I know what you are, and I know what you will do to my world. I have come to fuck you.”

“And what makes you think I will allow it?” The Goblin Queen demanded.

“Because I come to you of my own free will,” Eric said. “Because I know what you are, and I don’t have a little bastard clinging to my neck. Because you are a Queen and I am willing to be your subject.”

The Queen smiled. A dozen members of the orgy lay flat on their stomachs on the ground. She stepped on top of them and sat down like they were a carpet. She beckoned Eric towards her.

“Come fuck your Queen,” she commanded.

Back at the hotel, Catalina finished painting the symbols on the walls. The purple paint glowed as Catalina imbued them with power. She kept reaching into her cunt, pulling fresh juice from herself to outline the painted symbols. The runes were magical, but the dew from a cunt is what gave them power.

The room grew dreadfully hot. The lights went out. She could feel a presence though. More like smell him; it was an overpowering stench of cock.

“Who dares summon the Goblin King?” a deep voice asked.

“A woman who has need of you,” Catalina said. He was behind her. She was sure of it. She didn’t turn around.

“There is only one thing I give to women,” the Goblin King said. The voice was in front of her. A massive hand grabbed her breast. Sharp nails punctured the flimsy black dress and scratched her breasts.

Catalina didn’t cry out. “That is why I summoned you.”

Eric was top of the Goblin Queen. The bodies underneath them groaned Eric dug his knees into someone’s back. He was kissing the Goblin Queen, kissing her as hard as every goblin ridden woman had kissed him. He wanted to show her he meant business. He grabbed her chin and held her mouth as he assaulted her lips.

The Goblin Queen bit his tongue. He kept kissing. She grabbed his nipples and pinched them. He kissed harder. She tore open his pants and pulled his cock out. He grabbed her by the throat and kept kissing her.

The Goblin queen growled. “You may enter me,” she said.

Eric pushed her down onto her carpet of servants. She didn’t let go of his cock. She guided him in, ramming him into her. Eric pinned her body and held her down by her blonde hair.

“Okay,” Eric said. “Let’s do it hard.” He slammed into her.

Catalina was shoved backwards. She fell into the bed and the pointed hat went flying. The Goblin King was already on her. Inhuman hands ripped her black dress. He tore open the top so he could bite her breasts. He shredded her skirt so he could paw her cunt. He jammed two fingers into her, nearly lifting her off the bed.

The Voluptumancer was not going to be intimidated. She clenched down on his fingers. She pressed her breast into his mouth. One of his long horns grazed her face and she took it into her mouth.

The Goblin King moaned. “Oh yes, we will have fun tonight.”

The Goblin Queen moaned. “Oh yes, serve your Queen!”

Eric fucked her. His hands went to her nipple piercing. On a normal woman, he wouldn’t dream of playing with them for fear of causing harm. With the Goblin Queen, he twisted them savagely. She clenched down on his cock with each cruel twist. Her legs would kick and the living carpet beneath them would groan in pain.

She reached up with both tattooed arms and grabbed his short blond hair. Her fingers dug into his scalp as he fucked her. He looked down on her tattoos, seeing the strange symbols and monsters that was inked there.

The goblins began to appear. Without Catalina’s aid, Eric couldn’t see them normally, but he could see them now. They emerged from her tattoos, little naked woman scrambling out of her arms and onto him. Little women with pointy breasts kissed his lips and climbed over his back. He felt them groping his ass and pinching his thighs. Some of them were by his balls; giving him kisses while he drove into their Queen.

Eric kept fucking.

The Goblin King kept fucking.

His cock was impossibly large inside her. Catalina grunted with each thrust, feeling her entire body shake from the force of his cock. There was no escape from his cock; he was slamming it faster and faster inside her.

The Goblin King did not satisfy himself only with her cunt. His hands enclosed her breasts and squeezed them painfully. His teeth let marks on her breasts, lips and shoulders. His legs kept spreading her thighs, forcing her to be as exposed as possible. She was completely his.

Catalina took it all. She just had to hold on for Eric to do his part. She had faith in him.

She thought of Eric.

Eric thought of Catalina.

He reached down and grabbed both of the Goblin Queen’s legs. He lifted them up as he fucked her. Higher and higher he lifted them until he had her legs on shoulders. Her cunt shifted and the Goblin Queen groaned. There, there he was striking the deepest.

The little goblins were all over him now. Several of them sat down on the stomach of their Queen and watched Eric’s cock go in and out. Several of them were on her tits, biting and pulling at her flesh. Some of the goblins climbed over Eric’s chest, happily hanging on to his nipples.

Eric thought of Catalina and kept fucking.

The Goblin Queen tightened. Her body writhed and she clenched on his cock. The Goblin Queen climaxed with a scream that shattered the night.

Catalina didn’t hear the scream. She just knew that the Goblin King had stopped fucking her. His hands released her and she felt his cock leave her suddenly.

“That bitch!” the Goblin King roared.

The lights came back on. Catalina was alone on the bed.

Eric felt something grab him by the back of the neck. He was lifted off of the Goblin Queen and sent flying through the air. A fucking couple broke his fall.

“What are you doing here?” the Goblin Queen screamed.

“What are you doing here?” the Goblin King roared. “You said you were going to the Weeping Fields! You never said anything about coming here!”

“You never let me have any fun! I hate you!” the Goblin Queen screamed.

“Leave this mortal!” the Goblin King yelled. “Return to our home where I will punish you properly!”

The Goblin Queen laughed. “You can try!”

Eric stood up. He never saw the Goblin King. Everyone was unconscious except for him. He walked over to the body of the Goblin Queen. The blonde woman was asleep. The tattoos on her arms were gone.

He turned around and ran back to the hotel.

Catalina was still in bed. Her pretty black dress was in shreds. The room stunk of cock.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

The Voluptumancer nodded. “Come fuck me. I want to be touched by a human.”

Eric got on the bed. He bent down and kissed her softly on the lips. He gently passed his hand over her bitten breasts. With tender affection, he parted her thighs. As softly as night falling, he slid into her.

“I can’t believe that got rid of them,” he said.

Catalina moaned as his human cock eased away the memory of the Goblin King.

“I told you that jealousy was a powerful force.”

Eric laughed and made love to his Voluptumancer.

The end.

Oct 282009

Halloween at San Francisco was crazy. Eric walked the street back to his motel room and passed by three couples making out on the sidewalk. Two of the couples were engaged in serious face sucking but the third couple was sticking their hands in each others’ pants. Things were certainly different here than they were from back home.

Not that Eric had seen much of San Francisco. He and Catalina arrived a week ago and Catalina has done nothing but hang out with that lesbian witch coven. They had hired her for some long ceremony that apparently could not be viewed by male eyes. Catalina would stumble back to the hotel room they rented, exhausted and walking funny. She also had a sore jaw which discouraged her from talking. Eating pussy all day long must wear a girl out.

Eric could have seen San Francisco on his own but it wouldn’t be the same. Catalina was a Volptumancer, an adept in sexual magic. Traveling with her has been an eye opener. She could turn everyday normal things into incredible mind blowing, and cock blowing, experiences. He could visit the city on his own, but he knew it would be ten times better if Catalina showed him around.

Which is what she promised to do tonight. The ceremony was over and they paid Catalina an obscene amount of money. She promised that she would take him out to the best spots tonight. He just nipped down to the corner store to buy some more deodorant while Catalina got dressed. He wanted to be irresistible tonight.

“Hey baby!” the receptionist at the motel said. “Want a good luck kiss for Halloween?”

Damn, and he hadn’t even put the deodorant on! She was cute with spiky black hair that would have got her dirty frowns from back home. She was wearing black lipstick that he was curious to taste.

“Maybe later,” he said. He had Catalina waiting for him.

His room was on the first floor. He ducked in and stopped in his tracks. Catalina was dressed.

Gone were her usual flowing white dresses. She was wearing a black dress with a plunging neckline that revealed both of the ample treats on her chest. Full sleeves covered her arms while a jagged skirt showed off her shapely legs. A black pointy hat sat on top of her long black hair.

“Nice!” he whistled. “I thought you hated to be confused with witches.”

Catalina shrugged. “Halloween is a perfect time to be what we are not. Besides, I can feel the air is charged tonight.”

“You’re telling me,” Eric said. He took the deodorant out of the bag and put it on. “Everyone is horny tonight. People are a lot more open that I am used to. Kissing and groping in public must be a big city thing.”

Catalina adjusted the brim of her hat. “Really? Well, Halloween can bring out inhibitions in people.”

“Yeah,” Eric said. “That receptionist girl, the one with the spiky hair, she even hit on me.”

Catalina snapped her focus to him. “That is odd. What did she say?”

Eric liked the one of interest in her voice. Maybe she needed to see that other people were interested in him. “She asked me if I wanted a good luck kiss for Halloween.”

Catalina narrowed her eyes. Wow, who knew Voluptumancers could get jealous?

“Go tell her you want your kiss,” Catalina said.

“Huh?” Eric said. “I wanted to go out with you tonight.”

She smiled. “We will, but first, go get her and tell her you want a kiss. Oh, and bring her here for it. I want to watch.”

“Really?” Eric said, but it was a silly question. It wasn’t the first time she made a kinky request of him. This was just the first time she invited other people into it.

Catalina nodded. Some of her hair fell into her immense cleavage. “And hurry back.”

Eric did as she asked. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it. He liked kissing Catalina. It was like kissing another world every time he touched her lips. Besides, it wasn’t like the cute receptionist girl was going to go for it.

“Sure! That sounds like fun!” the spiky hair girl said.

Eric watched as the young woman skipped to their hotel room. Damn, she was excited. Hmm, maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Catalina was sitting on the bed. Her legs were spread wide and short skirt had risen up to her knees. She was leaning back, showing off her enchanted cleavage to best effect.

“Hello, my name is Catalina.”

The cute receptionist waved. “Do you want a kiss too?”

“After you two kiss,” Catalina said.

The woman nodded. “That’s a promise!”

Eric looked at Catalina. He was having second thoughts. She had warned him about this. She said that he would have to watch out for his jealousy. She was a sophisticated woman of the world and sexual sorceress. He sometimes wondered what she saw in him. The last thing he wanted to do was come across as a jealous simple man. He had to show her he could be as cool as her.

He took the receptionist in his arms. She was a tiny person. “Are you ready?”

She answered him by grabbing his head and kissing him. She pried open his lips with her tongue. She pulled him down hard and kissed twice as ruthless. She was hungry for his mouth, kissing and sucking as if she had been denied kissing for a hundred years.

Eric heard the bedsprings move. He assumed Catalina was leaning back. He imagined she was masturbating while they kissed. The thought thrilled him. He liked kissing the girl, but he liked the idea of Catalina watching better.

“Got you!” Catalina said. Suddenly, the girl went limp in Eric’s arms. He grabbed her falling body easily.

Catalina had her hand clenched as if she was holding something there. “Nasty little thing,” she said.

Eric set the receptionist down. “What are you talking about?”

Catalina used her other hand to stroke her sex. Eric bowed his head to her hand. She rubbed her juices over his eyebrows. When he lifted his head again, he saw what she had in her hand.

It WAS a nasty little thing. It looked like a tiny woman. Her body was an ugly pale green color. Her head was pointed with tuffs of black hair sticking up from the point. She was naked, her tiny breasts studded with even tinier bones.

“What the fuck?” he asked.

“It’s a goblin,” Catalina said.

“Like the things Bilbo fought in the Hobbit?” Eric asked.


“Like the monsters you fight in Everquest?” Eric asked.


“Oh wait, like the servants in Harry Potter?”

Catalina smiled. “Now I know you are just fucking with me.”

Eric smiled back. “Okay, but what is a goblin?”

Catalina looked closer at the struggling creature. It blew her a kiss.

“Goblins are perverted creatures that love to ride humans. This one was on the neck of our friend here. They like to fuck vicariously through their host bodies.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad,” Eric said. “She just wanted a kiss.”

“They reproduce through kissing,” Catalina said. “See the spiky hair on the goblin? See how it looks just like the hair on our woman here? That’s because she kissed someone who was being ridden by a goblin, and this is the one that was born from her body.”

“Whoa! I kissed her!”

Catalina laughed. “It takes a lot of kissing. Some sex will speed it up too. That is why I asked you to invite her back. I had a suspicion she was being ridden.”

“How did you know that?” Eric asked. “Just because some cute girl wants to kiss me?”

Catalina looked at him. “You know she was a lesbian, right?”

“Fuck, I knew she was!” Eric said. “How do we get rid of this thing?”

“Easy,” Catalina said. She took a metal pin out of her hat. It looked thick and ugly. The goblin squealed as the pin came closer. The pin barely touched the goblin and it vanished in a puff of smoke.

“They hate cold iron,” she said. “I always keeps a few pins around just in case.”

“How did they get here?” Eric asked. “Is it because of Halloween?”

“That is part of it,” Catalina said. “Goblins follow their King and Queen. Judging from the color, I would say the Goblin Queen is here. Some foolish human allowed the Queen to take them over. The goblins followed and now they threaten to drown San Francisco in an orgy of decadence. Get enough of them here, and they won’t be leaving in the morning.”

Eric held his hand out and Catalina put the iron pin in his hand. “All right, so how are we going to stop them?”

Catalina smiled. “That is what I like about you. Tell you there is a wicked Goblin Queen and you ask how we save the city. A lot of people would be asking how can we run away.”

“Well, I know you are not running away,” Eric said. “And I’m not leaving you here alone. It is just that simple.”

Catalina kissed him. Instead of the assault the possessed woman committed on his mouth, this was gentle and affectionate. Their lips melted together, each of them expressing with their tongues what words could not convey. When the kiss broke, he was breathless for all the right reasons.

“You are going to defeat the Goblin Queen by fucking her,” Catalina said.

To be continued.

Oct 072009

Eric loaded the car. All he had was a suitcase. His boss, Catalina had two suitcases. He wasn’t sure how she got by with just two suitcases. In the month they had been together, he had seen her wear a new outfit every day. They just couldn’t all fit into these two slender suitcases.

He shrugged. It was probably magic. Catalina was a Voluptumancer after all. She practiced sexual magic in all of its forms. So far he had seen her banish a Gremlin, bless a brothel and helped a small town get over a weird case of mass impotency. He didn’t know how she could sex magic some suitcases, but it didn’t seem that far out of her powers.

As far as Eric knew, there was no end to what Catalina could do sexually.

“Where are we driving to?” he asked.

Catalina was searching through a small notebook. Eric didn’t mind that she didn’t answer right away. It gave him another excuse to look at her. The lovely Hispanic woman was wearing a purple t-shirt over her ample breasts. Her long black hair fell around her shoulders and framed her face. She was wearing jean shorts, which was odd considering how brisk the air was this morning.

God, he loved fucking her.

“San Francisco,” Catalina finally answered. She took a postcard out of the notebook. It showed the Golden Gate bridge and a topless hippie woman with painted nipples.

Eric laughed. “That is all the way across country,” he said. “It is going to take us a week at least.”

Catalina smiled. Her dark eyes brightened with a secret untold. “We’re going to go a special way.”

Eric’s cock got hard. “A magic way?” he asked.

Catalina nodded. “You’re driving. Take your pants and underwear off before you get in.”

That was how she was. Catalina didn’t like to explain as much as she liked to show. It used to bother Eric until he realized why she did that. Catalina might fuck all kinds of people, but she rarely got to share anything with them. Only Catalina knew the wonders she experienced.

Eric looked around but no one was watching them in the hotel parking lot. He stripped off his pants and his underwear as well. His cock was still hard in anticipation for what Catalina would show him today. He climbed into his car and saw that Catalina had taped the post card of San Francisco to the dashboard.

“Ok, start driving west,” Catalina said.

“I think the highway is north actually,” he responded.

Catalina placed her hand on his cock. “Trust me,” she said with a squeeze.

Eric drove. It was early morning. There was hardly any traffic out. He felt very exposed with his cock out, but he figured few people would see him. Well, maybe if a big truck came by they could look down on his cock. The thought made his erection wilt a little.

“No, no,” Catalina said. She tugged on his cock a little. “Your desire is what fuels this ride.”

She jacked his cock. Her firm hand slid up and down his cock and brought it back to life. Eric didn’t know what she was talking about, but it sure felt fucking nice.

He saw a topless woman ride by on a motorcycle. She wasn’t wearing a helmet either, her blonde hair whipping behind her. She had beautiful sun kissed breasts the color of bronze.

“Did you see that?” he yelled.

Catalina smiled. “Keep driving,” she said.

Eric noticed how lucky they were that they hadn’t hit stop lights. That is when he saw that there weren’t any. There wasn’t a single light at any corner. For that matter, there weren’t that much traffic either. It was like he was the only person on the road.

They passed by six naked people waiting for the bus. There were four men and two women. The men wore ties and nothing else. The women only wore hats that might have been in style in the 60’s. They all looked calm and bored despite being naked.

Catalina kept stroking his cock.

They went up a hill where a man rolled a giant breast in front of him. The breast was heavy and squishy yet the man kept pushing. The nipple was very hard. The man was grunting and swearing, but he was also smiling.

“Ok, what the fuck?” Eric said. “Seriously, what is going on?”

“We are traveling the Roads of Lust,” she said. “You will see a lot of strange things here. The important thing is not to stop and to not lose your arousal. As long as you stay in a state of desire, we can keep going.”

They passed by a group of jogging men. They wore leather from head to toe with jingling bells hanging from their crotches. They were saying something, but their ballgags muted their chant.

“Where does this stuff come from?” Eric said. Catalina stroked his cock harder until they were out of sight of the leather men.

“From people,” Catalina said. “Wet dreams, sexual fantasies and turned on imaginations provide the fodder for the Roads of Lust. Of course, the Roads of Lust also bleed back into the world. Have you ever had a sexual fantasy of something that turned you on in a dream, but freaked you out when you woke up?”

Eric didn’t answer. His erection however faded fast. Catalina pumped faster but he was becoming limp with each tug.

“Stay with us, Eric!” Catalina yelled. She bent over and put her head in his lap. She took his cock in her mouth and licked him furiously.

“Oh!” Eric groaned. His cock surged under her tongue. “Yeah, sorry. See, this one time when I was a teen, I had a dream like that. I dreamed my grandmother was wearing this green bikini and she was seducing me. In my dream, I was like really into it, but when I woke up, I was grossed out. I didn’t jack off for a month. Considering how much I jack off as a teenager, that is a pretty damn long time.”

Catalina lifted her head of his lap. She kept one hand on his cock and kept jacking him. Her spit made everything slippery and wonderful despite the thoughts of his grandmother.

“So you’re saying I got that dream from here?” Eric asked.

“Sure,” Catalina said. “Someone who does want to fuck their grandmother had that desire. Or maybe a grandmother had it. For that matter, maybe some guy sitting on his computer somewhere wrote the story and it traveled the Roads of Lust. The thing is, erotic thoughts travel both ways.”

Eric thought about is as they saw a giant blimp pass by. It was shaped like a nude woman. It was monstrously big but incredibly beautiful in an ample way. He realized that he saw tiny people climbing over the blimp woman, doing inscrutable things on her body.

“Both ways?” he asked. “Everything is here is someone’s desire right?”

The Voluptumancer shrugged. “Maybe. Or they come from somewhere and end up in someone’s desire. No one really knows what comes first: desire or the thought that gave someone the desire.”

There was still no traffic. For that matter, there wasn’t much of a street either. It was turning into a road that went into a forest. They saw things lurking behind trees. Some of the things were sexy. Others were less sexy and just violent looking.

“Fuck, that wolf has big ass claws,” Eric said. “Are we safe here?”

“Safe?” Catalina said. “Interesting question. As long as we keep moving we are.”

A wolf leaped out of the trees. Eric screamed as the giant shape went over them. The wolf landed on a woman on the other side of them. It ripped her clothes off and buried its face in her sex.

“What the fuck?” Eric yelled. He took his foot off the gas.

“No!” Catalina said. She whipped off her t-shirt. Her massive brown breasts took Eric’s attention from the violence they had seen. She took his right hand and placed it on her breast. She squeezed his fingers tightly into her flesh.

“Keep driving,” Catalina said. “They don’t see us here, not really. They fuck each other. They fuck other desires. If we stop, then we might become a fantasy. We might never find the Road of Lust back out.”

Eric squeezed her breast tighter. Her felt reassurance in her soft skin, the same skin he had kissed and groped before. His fingers found her nipples and he pinched them. Catalina’s groan drowned out the scream of the woman underneath the wolf.

“How are we getting to San Francisco this way?” he asked. He watched a group of lumberjacks climbing a cock as big as a redwood.

Catalina tapped the postcard. “The Roads of Lust go everywhere. We could drive to Hawaii if we wanted to. All places exist in our desires. It is easier to go to our desire of a place and then drop off the road and land back in the real world.”

They passed through a forest of cocks. Some were giants that towered into the sky which others grew like foot long mushrooms. Eric was sure that this was a great dream for someone. It just wasn’t doing anything for him.

“Ah, Catalina,” he said but the Voluptumancer was already thinking ahead. She took his hand off her breast and put it on her crotch. The thin shorts couldn’t cover the heat he felt there. He could feel how damp she was already. Eric could easily imagine how wet and slick she would be.

The forest began to change. The trees disappeared and a lake appeared beside them. To the other side was a gorgeous beach. Hundreds of bodies lined the beach and Eric could see that everyone one of them was a woman. It was oily breasts and tits as far as the eye could see.

“Oh my,” he said. Catalina took his hand off of her crotch and placed hers back on his cock. The amount of tanned flesh around him was such that she only had to give his cock the lightest of touches from time to time.

“Did I do that?” he asked. He pointed. “That was exactly what I was thinking of when I touched you. It reminded me of the beach, hot and wet.”

Catalina laughed. “Maybe,” she said. “The Roads sometimes show our deepest fantasies. Of course, they sometimes show our worse fears. You would be amazed how intertwined they are.

Eric laughed until he saw it. A flash of green on the side of the road. There was a woman standing on the side of the road, feeling herself. Eric knew who it was. Jesus Christ, he didn’t want to see that here! He looked on the other side of the road and there she was again!

“What’s the matter?” Catalina said. She felt his cock weakening.

“There!” Eric yelled. “In a fucking green bikini! It’s grandma! I just know it!”

These things happen on the Roads of Lust. Catalina swung into action. She reached under Eric’s seat and pushed it all the way back. The car swerved as Catalina climbed on top of Eric. With practiced skill, she slipped his cock into her. She pressed him into her breasts, obscuring his vision as he drove.

“Just drive straight,” she said. Catalina clenched down and Eric groaned in response. She moved her hips against him. Fucking in the front seat of a car while the driver is still driving would have been impossible for a normal person. For a Voluptumancer, it was all part of the job.

“Think about your cock in my cunt,” Catalina said. “Think about my breasts in your face. Bite my breast, let me feel how much you want me. Think about my ass right in front of the wheel. Grab my ass with one hand but keep the other driving. Feel my ass? Remember how it feels when you fuck it? Think about that, Eric, and keep driving.”

Eric drove. Catalina rode his cock as the world changed around them. She watched as the beach turned into a desert filled with well hung cowboys and humanoid cow-women. She kept humping his cock while they drove through a valley of sexy robots. She found new ways to move her hips while they drove past drive-in theaters showing home porn movies of famous stars.

Finally, they reached San Francisco. Not the real city of course, but the erotized version that exists in dreams. Naked hippies were having orgies. Gay pride parades of astonishing beauty and vulgarity passed by. Trolleys filled with nudists zipped through curvy hills. It was time to stop.

Catalina climbed off of Eric. His eyes widened as he saw the sights around them.

“Are we here?” he asked. “How do we stop safely?”

“Well, you can stop by loosing your desire,” Catalina said. “That is why it is so dangerous to lose your erection. There is no telling where we would have appeared in the real world.”

“That seems anticlimactic,” he said.

She laughed. “Here’s the other way.” She bent down and took his cock back into her mouth. It was so wet from her own juices. She sucked down hard and applied all of her skill to him with her tongue.

Eric came. His hands gripped the wheel as he released into her mouth. The hippies vanished. The gay pride parade transformed into a long line of cars. The trolley stayed but all the people on board were dressed in clothes.

The sudden appearance of the real world made Eric feel very naked in his car. On the other hand, he was too exhausted to care.

“I do love road trips,” Catalina said.

May 272009

Catalina walked out into the street. Honking horns came from all over the city. A siren could be heard as well. Somewhere nearby, people were shouting at each other. The aura of frustration was seeping into the city. Catalina had to find the source and soon.

Eric came out of the store and joined her.

“Umm, you don’t have your shirt on, you know,” he said.

Catalina looked down. Her bare breasts glowed in the street lights. She could still see the pattern from where Eric came on her. “Shit, you’re right. God, I am too horny to think.”

“Is that why you’re rubbing yourself down there?” Eric asked.

Catalina looked again. Sure enough, her hand was between her thighs, rubbing her sex through the folds of her skirt. Catalina didn’t even realize it.

“This is not good,” she said. “This is going to be hard enough and I can’t focus. I have to get my shit together.”

“I brought your shirt, and some wipes for, you know,” Eric said.

“Thanks,” Catalina said. She put the shirt on without wiping herself first. “I prefer to let the seed soak in. Tell me Eric, what’s the largest metal structure in this town?”

“What?” he said. “I’m not sure. Do you know what’s causing it? I thought you said something about a gremlin? Those weird things from that movie?”

Catalina nodded. Her hand drifted back down between her thighs. Without even thinking about, her hand slipped into her waistband and slipped into her sex.

“I said gremlins but no, not like the movie. Gremlins are creatures from another plane of existence. That came here during World War II but they were mostly banished. One of two slip back in on occasion, though.”

Catalina stopped talking as she stroked herself. She had her clitoris trapped between two of her fingers and she was squeezing herself in a wonderful rhythm.

“So, umm, if a bunch of vibrators stop working, does that mean there is a bunch of them breaking things?” Eric asked. He thought about telling her that she was stroking herself but it was so damn hot to watch.

“No,” Catalina said. “Gremlins don’t break things. They steal a machine’s potential for sexual vibration. During the War, a lot of pilots were turned on by the rumbling of their planes and the fighting they were about to do. Gremlins would steal those vibrations and use them for their own pleasure. The result is that the machines don’t work because the Gremlins are interrupting that moment between when a machine works and the sexual pleasure it produces.”

Eric closed his eyes. “Potential vibrations? How does that even work?”

Catalina groaned. She was thrusting deep inside herself. “It’s why we call it magic. Right now a Gremlin is using those vibrations to get off. It would use something big and metal as a focus.”

“Well the biggest thing in town is the water tower,” Eric said. “Would that work?”

“Yes!” Catalina cried and Eric wasn’t sure if she was talking to him. “We should go there and check it out.”

She kept masturbating. Eric watched and bit his lip. He really wanted to keep watching. He sighed as his sense of responsibility kicked in.

“Then we better go now, right? You’re just standing there masturbating again.”

Catalina pulled her hand out from her skirt. Her hand glistened. “Fuck,” she said. “Do you have a car? You better drive.”

Eric’s car was parked around back. He opened the door for Catalina and she didn’t seem to notice. He couldn’t remember the last time a woman was in his car that wasn’t his mom. He just hoped he hadn’t left any porn in the front seat.

He hadn’t.

They drove for twenty minutes. Eric didn’t say anything, mostly because he was hoping Catalina would start masturbating again. In his mind he could picture her hiking up her skirt and fingering herself. He wondered if she was smooth or if she had hair. He wondered if he would get to know.

“Holy shit,” she yelled as they came within sight of the water tower.

“I know, it’s huge right?” Eric said. “We had a drought back in the 40’s so they built the biggest water tower they could as a sort or reservoir.”

Catalina laughed. “I’m talking about the Gremlin. You can’t see it, can you?”

Eric peered through the windshield. “Nope, is he on top?”

“Here, this will help,” Catalina said. She finally did pull up her skirt and Eric was aroused to see a lovely patch of dark hair between her legs. She dipped her fingers into her sex and pulled it out. Her fingers came close to his face and he opened his mouth.

“Shut your mouth, Eric,” she said kindly. Catalina rubbed her wet fingers over his eyebrows and then on each cheek. The smell of her desire was intoxicating.

“Now look,” she said.

Eric screamed. The monster was straddling the water tower. It’s fat legs dangled on either side of the tower while it’s clawed hands gripped the edge. The face was smiling with a mouth that had too much teeth. The monster was grinding. It rubbed itself back and forth across the topside of the tower. Eric couldn’t see it’s genitals but he realized he really didn’t want to.

Catalina looked at him. This was the important part. Normally she worked alone but she needed the help. Being exposed to something from another world breaks most people. She had to know if she could trust him.

Eric looked away from the monster. “Well fuck,” he said. “How do we stop it?”

Catalina grabbed his face and kissed him. Their mouths opened and their tongues tasted each other. They kissed till Eric ran out of breath.

“What was that for?” he asked.

“That was the right answer,” Catalina said. “Now come on.”

They got out of the car and approached the water tower. There was a humming sound and Eric realized it was the tower. The entire structure was vibrating.

“Wow, the gremlin has turned it into one big giant Sybian,” Eric said.

Catalina looked at him oddly. “You mean an Oracle?”

Eric laughed. “You might know a lot about sex magic, but you don’t know much about sex machines.”

“Good thing I have you,” Catalina said. She started to climb up the ladder to the top. “Come on Eric and please, be sure to look up my skirt.”

The ladder rungs were vibrating so much that Eric’s fingers were in danger of going numb. As Catalina requested, he kept his eyes mostly looking up. Catalina’s skirt stayed open and Eric wondered if that was the result of her magic. He didn’t care. The view of her shapely legs in constant motion kept Eric in motion as he followed. On occasion the skirt would open even further and he could see the outline of her curvy ass. The climb was over in no time.

It was very disorienting on top of the water tower. Eric could see the giant Gremlin grinding away but the creature was transparent. Catalina walked through one of the Gremlin’s legs and headed to the center of the tower. Eric hesitated in following. The center was where the creature’s vagina was rubbing the tower.

“What’s the matter,” Catalina yelled.

“It has a pussy!” Eric yelled. “I thought it would have something, you know, weirder and magical!”

Catalina’s laughter could be heard above the vibrations. “A pussy is pretty magical if you ask me. Now get yourself over here. We’re going to banish this thing.”

Eric sighed and took a step. He walked through the Gremlin and there was no resistance at all. He kept walking and tried to avoid the monster’s bucking pussy but it was impossible. Catalina was standing right on it.

“How are we going to do that?” Eric said.

“Gremlins get off on the sexual connection between people and machines, but they are notoriously close minded about other connections,” Catalina said. “We’re going to kill the sexual arousal in this Gremlin by having sex.”

“Wow,” Eric said. “So, we’re going to gross the monster out by fucking? This is the best plan ever!”

Catalina smiled. She touched him on the shoulder and Eric felt a sudden rush of air. His clothes exploded off his body, littering the top of the water tower with the shredded fragments of his clothes.

“Jesus!” he yelled.

“What can I say?” Catalina said. “I’m in a fucking hurry.”

Eric laughed nervously. He got down on his back. The metal was surprisingly warm. The tower’s vibrations did funny things to his scrotum. The worse part was that now that he was on his back, he was looking straight up the Gremlin’s ten foot high cunt.

He looked at Catalina instead. The busty woman had already taken off her shirt and was now stepping out of her skirt. The moonlight made her dusky body glow. She stood over Eric’s body and then squatted down. She grabbed his cock and gave him a squeeze.

“You’ve already came tonight and here you are, hard and ready to go again,” Catalina said.

“Gee, it must be magic,” Eric said.

Catalina laughed and while she was still laughing, she slid her sex over his. His young hardness merged into her wise heat. She took all of him into her and when there was no more to take, her thighs and knees settled around his hips. They were joined.

Eric looked up. The beautiful Hispanic woman moved. It wasn’t the mechanical up and down he had seen in porn. This was a slow sensuous swaying that pulsed through Catalina’s entire body. Her satin black hair shimmered over her breasts as her twisted and turned. Her fingers stroked rhythmic paths through his chest hair. Catalina’s body became an extension of his desires through his cock.

This was sex. Although Eric wasn’t a virgin, he felt like he had never had sex before.

Above Catalina, the Gremlin continued to grind. Eric couldn’t help looking at it. It’s pussy engulfed Eric and Catalina and Eric could swear he could almost feel the juices he saw coming off it.

“Look at me,” Catalina said. Her fingers pinched his nipples and he tore his gaze off the Gremlin. “Look at me, Eric. Ignore everything and think about how good I feel.”

“I’m trying,” he groaned. “It’s just so weird.”

Catalina nodded. She rolled her hips in a wonderful way. “Think about what you are going to do to me later.”

“Later?” Eric asked.

“Oh yes,” Catalina said. “When we banish this Gremlin, I’m taking you back to my hotel room for a proper reward. It’s not every day you save a town from its own frustrations. And we will do anything you want Eric.”

She looked at him and licked her lips. “Anything, Eric.”

His hands gripped her hips. “Oh God,” he said.

“Want me to suck you off and let you come on my face like they do in porn?” Catalina said. “I’ll do it.”

“Want to fuck my tight ass while I grip the bed sheets?” Catalina said. “I’ll do it.”

“Want to eat my pussy till I come on your tongue?” Catalina said. “I’ll do it.”

“Want me to come all night long like I am about to do right now, Eric?” Catalina said. “I so want to do that.”

Eric watched as Catalina came. Her slow sensual movements sped into a frenzy. He felt her sex clenching on his cock tighter than anything he had felt before. She threw her head back and her hair snapped back with her.

“Yes!” Catalina cried.

Eric said nothing as he came, his speech stolen by the beauty on top of him.

It took another before he realized the Gremlin was gone.

“We did it!” Eric said.

Catalina shifted her hips. They both moaned. “We certainly did.”

“Did you mean it when you said you wanted me to come back to your hotel room?” Eric said.

Catalina shifted hips again. “Yes. The frustration is mostly gone but I am still carrying a lot of it. I need to get it out of my system soon. I have an appointment in two days to bless a brothel.”

“Wow, so you do stuff like this all the time?” Eric asked.

“Mostly,” she answered. “Most of the time I work for clients who need a little magical help. A crisis like this isn’t common, but when it happens I do my part to stop it.”

Eric was quiet. Catalina did something clever with her hips.

“Do you need any help?” Eric asked.

Catalina stopped moving. “With the brothel?”

“Yeah, or anything else you do,” Eric said. “I mean, I worked in a sex store so I know things. I’m not shy about kinky stuff. And well, this was fun and scary and very weird. I just, I can’t work for my mom forever, you know?”

Catalina leaned forward. Her breasts pressed against his chest. He could feel her breathe on his lips.

“It’s not all fun and sex,” she said. “Sometimes it’s danger and sex.”

Eric’s cock pulsed.

“And it won’t just be sex with you,” Catalina said. “I will have sex with sprits, demons and monsters and sometimes just really hot looking guys. I can’t be faithful. Do you understand that?”

Eric nodded.

“No, you don’t,” Catalina said. “But that’s okay. Jealousy can be a potent energy as well.”

She sat up and settled back on his cock. “We have a lot to go over. I’ll need to train your mind to prepare for the psychic fallout that comes from magic. I’ll need to read your sexual astrology. Shit, I need to figure out how much I am going to pay you.”

“Ok, sure,” Eric said. “What do we work on first?”

Catalina looked down on him. “Getting back to my hotel and fucking our brains out.”

The end.

May 202009

Alice was almost there. She had her vibrator deep inside her cunt and her feet were braced on the footboard of her bed. It always felt a little slutty to have her legs up in the air like this but fuck it. This was always the best way to come. Alice had a hard day and damn it, she deserved a great orgasm.

The vibrator died in her hands. “No, no!” Alice cried. “I just changed the batteries!”

A mile away Helen was grinding against her lover, Paula. Helen thought the idea of a double ended vibrator was silly but not anymore. She was impaled on the buzzing plastic goodness and everything was feeling awesome. Helen could tell Paula was enjoying it too. Paula’s eyes were halfway closed, like they always were before an orgasm. What was great was that Helen was about to come to. They looked in each others’ eyes and held off till they could time it just right.

The buzzing stopped, right in mid grind. Both women looked down in horror.

Further down the road, Victoria leaned against her washing machine. Her husband, Jack, always asked why she had to run the washer so late at night. He had no idea that it was the only way Victoria could get any sleep tonight. Rubbing against the washer right as the hot and cold water sloshed back and forth sent her private secret parts all a twitter. Sex never gave her the same bliss the washer machine did so Victoria felt no shame in getting her happiness where she could. There was no need for Jack to know either.

The washer machine quit. Victoria looked down and moaned. She pressed the button. She lifted the lid and closed it. It just wouldn’t start. It was so unfair!

Two miles away, Catalina stood in a hotel bathroom. She checked herself out in the mirror. She was beautiful but when you have Catalina’s job, you always need to make sure. Her long black hair was shimmered like velvet when she turned her head. The red shirt she wore barely contained her large breasts which was just how Catalina liked it.

Catalina was a Voluptumancer, a practitioner of sexual magic. She used sex, and she was empowered by sex but most of all, she was sex.

A wave came crashing down on her. Catalina gripped the sink to keep from falling to the ground. Her body was attuned to the sexual pulse of her environment which was often a good thing but right now it threatened to drown her. It was a wave of frustration, as if an entire town of libidos was suddenly denied their pleasure at the same time.

For Catalina, it meant becoming horny enough to fuck an entire football team and the college they came from. Her hand went to her sex but it wasn’t enough. She needed cock. She needed a mouth. She needed someone there.

She stood up and looked at the mirror. Her desire was on her face. Gone was the sexy confident magic woman. Instead she looked into the face of a very horny slut. As she looked closer, she saw other faces besides her own. She saw a frustrated housewife. She saw lesbian lovers frowning. She saw tense single woman and many, many more faces.

“Well now. It looks I have a job to do.”

Half an hour later, Catalina stood outside the only sex store in town. It was nine at night on a Friday night but ‘Sweet Romance’ was closed for the night. Inside, Catalina could see two people inside the store but when Catalina knocked, the woman inside shook her head.

“We’re closed!” the woman yelled. “Go away!”

On a good night, Catalina might have gone elsewhere. On a good night, Catalina wouldn’t be carrying the sexual frustration of an entire town. This qualified for a bad night and a worse attitude.

Catalina leaned down and kissed the lock. The door opened for no lock can resist the kiss of a Voluptumancer.

“Excuse me, but I need to check your sex toys,” Catalina said.

The man inside the store was barely old enough to be in the store. He was cute with his short blond hair, but to be honest, Catalina was so frustrated that a blind leper with a limp would have looked sexy.

“I’m sorry, but we’re having troubles with our novelty items,” he said.

The woman pushed the younger man aside and stomped towards Catalina. She was much older than the man but she had the same blond hair, albeit a lot longer and grayer. The frown lines on her face made her like crueler than she was but Catalina was still turned on.

“I said we were closed!” the woman said. “And Eric, don’t tell people about the vibrators. I don’t know why everyone decided to return their tonight but we never offer refunds!”

“So the vibrators stopped working?” Catalina asked.

“Yes,” the man answered. The woman smacked his arm.

“No, they work fine. None of them are broken. Now get out, we’re closed. I’m tired of customers thinking they can get refunds tonight. I’m going to close till they all calm down.”

Catalina shook her head. “I didn’t say they were broken, I just said they stopped working. I’m trying to figure out why, you silly woman.”

The woman snarled. “Get out of my store now or I am calling the police.”

“I don’t have time for this,” Catalina said. She touched the woman on the arm and the woman fell to the floor.”

“Mom!” the man yelled. He rushed to her side but stopped as his mother started to groan. As he watched, his mother whispered things in her sleep and started dry humping the floor.

“Your mother?” Catalina said. “You work for your mom in a sex store?”

Eric looked at her. “What? Yeah, I do. Get over it. What did you do to my mom?”

Catalina smiled. The boy had attitude. “I discharged some of the frustration I was carrying. Your mom is having the best wet dream of her life but she won’t climax. I just needed her to hush so you can explain to me what was going on.”

Eric started to say something and stopped. He looked at his mom and then at Catalina. “Ok, first, too much information on my mom, alright? Second, who are you and how did you know our vibrators stopped?”

Catalina picked up a vibrator on the display shelf. She turned it on and nothing happened. “Sorry, I am working under a lot of stress here. My name is Catalina and I am a Voluptumancer. I practice sexual magic and I can tell that nothing that vibrates and gives pleasure is working in this town. That includes vibrators, some washing machines and in one case, a bowling pin scrubber that should really be disinfected. I don’t have time to convince you that all sex gives off magical energies and those energies can be manipulated, you just have to trust me, okay?”

Eric looked down at his mom who was kissing the floor. “Do something magical other than knock my mom out.”

Catalina looked into his eyes. Eric felt his cock harden but that was because he was looking more into her cleavage than her eyes.

“You masturbated to a picture of Ali Larter last night,” Catalina said. “The first girl you kissed was Jenny Gordon but the first girl you fucked was Jenny’s nicer friend, Candice. Your favorite position is cowgirl and you have 32 pornographic images on your Ipod of Sasha Gray.”

Eric blushed. “Uh, okay. You got magic. What do you need?”

Catalina looked around the store. “I don’t know. I mean, I came here because sometimes the sex life of a town can be cursed and the best place to put the curse is at a sex store. I just don’t feel a curse here. I’m also carrying the combined frustrated energy of the town so I can’t think for shit. It has to be something other than a curse but it could be several things.”

“Well, if you don’t know what it is, maybe it will take care of itself and go away?” Eric said.

Catalina shook her head. Her long black hair floated around her face. “No, it’s too dangerous to have this much frustration around. Normal people won’t absorb the energy like I have but they’ll feel it. Tempers will be short and violence will break out. No, if I am to stop people from getting hurt, we have to stop this now.”

Eric looked around the store. “Well you’ve convinced me. Feel free to use anything here that can help.”

“Thank you, Eric,” Catalina said. She lifted her tight red shirt over her head. Her bare breasts stood in all their glory. Eric had worked in this sex store for two years and in all of the porn he had seen, he had never seen breasts that buoyant and beautiful.

“You said you were frustrated, but . . .” Eric said.

Catalina went down to her knees. “No offense Eric, but you couldn’t satisfy me tonight.”

Eric looked down as Catalina unzipped his pants. “Uh, why are you doing that then?”

“Because we need to do a scrying,” Catalina said. She let his pants drop to his ankles. His cock was standing proud underneath his boxers. Catalina pulled his cock free and with both hands, she began to stroke him.

Eric’s knees shook. “I don’t know what a scrying is but I like it.”

Catalina looked up at him. Her hands kept pumping his cock. “Scrying is like when witches look into a crystal ball or fortune tellers read a palm. Voluptumancers need something a little more intimate.”

Eric moaned. “Oh my God, this is unreal. First the vibrators stop working, then my mom is in a wet dream and now a sexy woman is jacking me off.”

Catalina smiled. “I always enjoy being called sexy.” Her hand cupped his balls. She gave him a gentle squeeze, not enough to hurt but enough to let him know a woman was holding him there.”

“Oh boy,” Eric moaned. Catalina could feel the surge of his orgasm coming.

“No boy here, Eric,” she said. “Just a handsome man with a very handsome cock. Now give me your pleasure, Eric. Come all over my breasts. Drop your white load on my brown tits. Would you like that?”

Eric nodded and Catalina felt his cock throb. Normally she would use some sort of lube even if it was spit but Eric didn’t need it. Her hand was all her needed. She loosened her grip just slightly so she could jack him faster. Catalina rose up slightly on her knees, presenting her breasts a few tantalizing inches away from his cock. One good thrust and his cock would drop right into her cleavage.

She looked up at Eric and their eyes locked again. He needed that final bit to push himself over the edge.

Catalina licked her lips.

Eric cried out. His cock erupted and a heavy load shot forth. Catalina felt the hot splatter on her chest and her own sex clenched in frustration. She ignored her own needs and kept pumping his cock. Six streams later, she released him and looked down on the white splashes on her tits.

The come itself didn’t form a pattern. It’s the trained Voluptumancer’s sensitive mind that looks at the chaos of desire’s traces and makes sense out of it. Like an artists can see a dog in the clouds or a musician can hear the rhythm of an idling car, a Voluptumancer can sense the magic around her in the semen of a young man.

“Well shit, that explains a lot,” Catalina said. The pointy ears, the three rows of teeth and the triangle eyes emerged from the splattered mess on her tits.

“What is it?” Eric asked. “Can you see it or umm, do I need to do it again?”

Catalina smiled. “Put your shooter away, cowboy. Looks like this town has a gremlin.”

To be continued.

Jan 072009

Most people head south for the winter. They flee the cold bitter wind and take refuge on sunny beaches and humid climates. Catalina wasn’t like most people. For her vacation she had come here, to the cold dark woods of Massachusetts at the foot of the Appalachian trail. The leaves had long ago fallen and the sky wrapped everything in life sucking gray but to Catalina,there was no more beautiful place on earth during the winter.

Catalina saw things a bit differently from most people. She was a Voluptumancer, and the secrets of the sexual world were an open book to her. The wind was cold but she didn’t wear a coat. Her thin white blouse barely covered her large brown breasts but she never shivered. Last night she had slept with a truck driver and she used her magic to keep his hairy warmth with her. A blue skirt fell around her long legs but the wind couldn’t chill legs that could still feel the heat of a thrusting sweating man. The only thing she allowed the wind to touch was her long black hair which whipped behind her. The hungry fingers of winter played with her hair, spreading and fanning it like a halo around her.

She walked carefully through the woods and looked for the signs. Beer cans and cigarette butts lined the outer circle. Catalina pressed inward to the second circle of discarded blankets and left behind hats. After a mile, she found the secret makeout places. Condoms and the occasional lost pair of panties marked where young lovers could not contain themselves any further. She sighed at the litter but smiled at the hundreds of encounters that had taken place here.

“They know it in their groins,” she said to the wind, “even if they don’t know it in their heads. They can’t help themselves. They just think this is where people go to make out.”

The wind answered her by blowing harder.

Catalina found a tree low enough for her to climb. The hard bark scratched her skin like tiny bites. She sat on the branch and lifted her skirt. Her fingers toyed with the thick bush between her legs. The energy of the area was starting to affect her and she knew that meant it would happen soon.

The first shape pulled free of a tree in front of Catalina. The body was green and the lines were hard but there was no mistaking the femininity of the shape of her hips. Curves on the chest may have resembled breasts but the cleft between the legs was unmistakable. The shape slid away from the tree and walked to a near by tree.

Knock, knock, knock, the shape tapped on the tree.

A new shape pulled free from the knocked tree. This shape was definitely male as he sported a branch between his legs that would make a horse jealous. The two shapes embraced, almost melding together into one before breaking apart. They separated reluctantly and Catalina was touched by the way their fingers were the last to let go. She admired their discipline as they walked away to knock on more trees.

Knock, knock, knock, and other shapes came loose from their trees. Faceless female shapes with long leaves for hair and round breasts that will never give milk danced along side faceless male shapes with broad tree trunk shoulders and mighty erect shafts of wood pointing before them.

The shapes had many names throughout history. The Greeks called them Dryads. The Japanese knew them as Kodamas. Catalina and the other Voluptumancers called them the Green Lovers for they had no desire other than to touch, feel and embrace.

When there were over a hundred of them, they began to dance. They danced slowly, moving with the steady assurance that time was meaningless to the forest. They formed lines that swirled in and out of each others lines. They touched each other; hands sliding over hands, erect members sliding over curvy asses and faceless heads exchanging kisses. The forest echoed with the sound of wood bumping against wood.

Above them, Catalina watched. Her fingers stroked her sex as she watched the intimacies being exchanged. She gasped as she watched the dancers slowly break away from the mass of the dance for more personal dances with single partners. She stroked faster as she watched the lines disintegrate into smaller couplings. Catalina fingered her clitoris as she watched wood bury itself into wood.

When Catalina first heard of the Green Lovers, she had expected their orgies to take place in the Spring. It was her mother who taught her better. The first thaw of Spring is worth celebrating with sex, but it is the cold loneliness of Winter that brings forth the Green Lovers. Starving for warmth, certain ancient trees have the power to reach out to one another. The Green Lovers reassure each other that they are not alone. They comfort each other in the way that Life always finds comfort. They make love.

Catalina watched. In front of her, a female shape climbed on top of a male shape and impaled herself. To the side, two shapes rolled in the dirt, both so eager that neither could stay on top for long. To the other side, one shape bent over to receive the long hard member of another. At Catalina’s own tree, a male shape pinned a female shape to the tree and entered her. Catalina could feel the tree shake from every powerful thrust, encouraging her own fingers to go deeper and harder.

Stroke, stroke, stroke, Catalina’s fingers moved faster. The orgy continued on the ground below her. The bodies copulated, separated and took on new partners. Catalina was tempted to join them but she held back. The Green Lovers would welcome another warm body but history was filled with legends of Green Lovers who do not easily let their human lovers go. Catalina had no desire to spend a dozen years inside a tree.

That was okay. Catalina was content to watch. After a year of manipulating sexual energy and harnessing the tension that people lived with daily, Catalina loved to come out to this forest and watch love making in it’s simplest form. Here a kiss is exchanged for another kiss. Here a body thrusts into another body for the simultaneous need of each other. Here Catalina remembered what it was like to desire and have it returned selflessly.

It was beautiful. It was inspiring. It was sexy.

Catalina climaxed. Her moans of pleasure joined the sighing of the trees.

Jul 232008

There is power in a sacrifice. The Greeks knew that a bull drained of blood would ensure victory in battle. The Chinese would bind a young girl and toss her to the Yellow River to protect their crops. The Aztecs would bleed anything that walked in order to make the sun rise again. Every race upon the earth has used sacrifice to bring them power. Every one who has touched magic knows it requires an offering.

Catalina took off her clothes. She worked slowly, removing one layer of cloth at a time. Piece by piece, she revealed her heavy dark breasts, her long limber legs, her smooth belly and the tangled hair of her bush. A silver hairpin kept her long black hair back and away from her face.

English sailors would sacrifice their shoes to the water when there has been no wind for days.

Catalina dipped her fingers in the purple paint. She drew a star over her right nipple. Over her left nipple, she drew a crescent moon. On her belly she finger painted a cup. On each thigh she painted a spear stabbing down. The paint sparkled in the fading sunlight.

A tribe in Africa would sacrifice their fastest boys to the earth so that their crops would grow fast as well.

The floor had three anchor points. Catalina fastened a chain to each point. At the end of the chain was a leather band. First she tightened the bands to her ankles so that she could not move her feet. The third band she fastened around her neck. The shortness of the chain meant she had to crouch down on her hands and feet. Her breasts hung forward while her sex hovered nearly a foot off the ground. For this ceremony, her hands would remain free.

In Haiti, cigars and rum are sacrificed to the gods for protection and good luck.

The dildo was new, as it always should be. Catalina held the base on the ground so that the tip would point towards her sex. She lowered herself ever so slowly. The dildo entered and filled her. She held onto the base as her legs lifted her back up. In this awkward manner, she fucked herself.

On Wall Street, brokers sacrifice their client’s investments to the gods of commerce.

Catalina chanted the names of those who aroused her. She spoke the names of celebrities, friends she had crushes on, fictional characters that aroused her and lovers she had known. Their names fell from her lips as she continued to hump the dildo. Her moans interrupted the litany of names but she kept speaking them.

In Russia, wise people would sacrifice chickens to their spiritual grandmother who rides a flying pestle.

The climax came close. Catalina looked up. In front of her was a full length mirror. She saw herself, nude and painted. She saw herself as something beautiful. She saw herself as something sexual and desirable.

In Ireland, a saucer of milk is left out at night to appease little men.

Catalina looked herself in the eyes. She looked at the beautiful thing that was being offered. She humped faster until she climaxed. Catalina screamed her acceptance.

The Voluptumancer was an offering of herself to herself.

Jul 162008

Catalina sat in the empty class room. The heat and humidity sealed her white cotton clothes to her dark skin. Whatever part of her skin that wasn’t covered in cloth was covered in sweat. It was the middle of July and the school saw no reason to run air conditioners when there were no students.

But there was one student. He wasn’t on the rolls or in any school records, but he was still here. Girls complained of hearing a male giggle in the bathrooms. Teachers sometimes counted an extra student who wasn’t there for the second count. Janitors found notebooks filled with bad poetry that would disappear when shown to another person.

This school was haunted and Catalina was here to put an end to it. If your home is haunted by demons, you call an exorcist. If a hospital is haunted by a confused soul, you call a witch. When a school is haunted by a horny teenage spirit, you call a Voluptumancer.

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Catalina had been waiting for three hours this morning but she had not felt the presence yet. That was okay. She needed the sweat. When every part of her body was glistening, Catalina stood up and walked to the front of the empty class. Now the real magic could begin.

She picked up a piece of purple chalk and began to write.

‘SEX EDUCATION’ she wrote in big bold letters.

She heard a chair slide behind her. Catalina didn’t look. She knew her white dress was almost transparent against her dark ass. Her bare back shined with sweat. Her curly black hair fell on her shoulders, teasing with flashes of her bare shoulder. Behind her is exactly where she wanted him.

Catalina kept writing. She used large letters and made sure to sway her hips as she moved. Words of power filled the chalkboard; NIPPLES, CLITORIS, VAGINA, ORAL, INTERCOURSE and others.

Behind Catalina, she heard the scribbling of a pencil. She could feel the poetry being written. It was like a lover’s whisper on her neck.

Catalina began to sketch a woman’s body on the chalkboard. “Today’s lesson is about sex education. We will be discussing erogenous zones. Does any one know what that is?”

There was no answer. She kept drawing with the purple chalk.

“Erogenous zones are places on the body that sexually stimulate a person. On every person the zones are different but there are some common zones. For example, on a woman these zones can be on the breasts, on the buttocks or on the lips. Can any one name another zone?”

There was no answer. Catalina drew nipples on the body she had drawn.

“For some women, their nipples can be very sensitive. Pinching, biting or kissing can cause a woman’s erogenous zones to become very sensitive. Can any one name another method of stimulating a nipple?”

“Pulling?” a voice offered.

Catalina turned around. Sitting in the back of the class was a boy. He might have been sixteen. His blonde hair was spiky and he had the small beginnings of a mustache on his face. A red notebook sat in front of him.

“Very good,” Catalina said. She walked away from the chalkboard and sat on the teacher’s table. Her feet dangled in front of her. She braced her arms to either side of her and leaned slightly forward so that her deep cleavage would catch his eyes.

“When the nipples are stimulated,” Catalina continued, “the vagina becomes damp. This helps lubricate the vagina for sex. This is why seduction is so important in sexual relations. Only with arousal can sex occur in a pleasurable manner.”

The boy had stopped writing. He just watched, mesmerized.

“Have you ever pulled a nipple?” she asked.

The boy blushed. “No,” he weakly said.

“It’s alright,” she said. “It is not a race. Come here and we’ll further your education.”

He moved slowly. Catalina stayed perfectly still as he came closer. The chill of the grave preceded him but he had the scared blue eyes of a young man. She could be brave for him.

When he was in front of her, Catalina lifted her skirt. Underneath she wore nothing except the dark bush of hair that covered her sex. She reached down and parted her lips.

“As you can see, I am currently unaroused,” she said. “Can you see?”

He looked down at her and nodded. The boy kept licking his lips.

Catalina reached up for her breast with one hand, while still opening her sex with the other hand. She pulled her heavy breast out of her dress top. The dark breast with the chocolate colored nipple laid in her hand.

“Pull my nipple,” she said.

The boy pulled. Cold fingers grabbed her nipple and pulled.

Catalina moaned. “Now pinch it.”

The boy pinched her nipple. His chewed fingernails cut into her.

Catalina groaned. “Now squeeze my breast.”

The boy put his hand awkwardly on her breast. He trembled as he felt the weight, the warmth and the softness of it all. He squeezed. His hand clenched around her breast with the eagerness of youth.

Catalina stroked herself. “Now kiss my breast.”

The boy licked his lips. He bent down and kissed her breast. It felt like ice on her sweaty breast.

Catalina used both hands to spread her pussy. “Now look at how aroused you made me.”

The boy looked down. A smile broke his pale face. His scared blue eyes changed to laughter. He looked back up at Catalina’s breast and then her face.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Thank you, Keith Carter,” Catalina said. “That was wonderful.”

Keith smiled. “I have never touched a breast before,” he said.

“You have now,” Catalina said. “How are you feeling?”

He touched her breast again. “I feel lighter for some reason. Why is that?”

“Desire can empower us, it can encourage us and sometimes it can anchor us,” Catalina said. “I think when you were in that car accident, you had one desire left that was keeping you here.”

Keith smiled. “I never thought of it tha-“

He vanished. Catalina got down from the table and put her breast back into her dress. She was about to leave when she noticed a notebook sitting on the table top. She picked it up and flipped to the last page written.

The Voluptumancer blushed at the dirty poem she found inside. She laughed at the raw rhymes that only a teenager could write. The book faded in seconds, but the words stayed with her forever.

The end.

Jul 092008

Here is a story I did about 6 years ago under the Purple Herald name. I always intended to do more with this character but it wasn’t till recently that I knew what those stories could be. Enjoy.

The flight attendant was looking down Catalina’s shirt again. That was all right. It was why she left the top three buttons undone in the first place. Her dark breasts were about to overflow out of her bra, and the flight attendant had the most perfect view. He kept making excuses to check on her, which resulted in very attentive service. The power she gained from his libido was almost secondary to the delight of his keeping her water topped off.

Across from her, the man in the cheap suit was checking out her legs. She crossed her legs again to give him some variety. His eyes never left her long legs and the subtle shifting of her black skirt. He couldn’t see up her skirt from where he was, but Catalina did let the skirt ride up to give him a glimpse of her lovely thighs.

Meanwhile, the woman next to Catalina was pretending to be asleep. She was a pretty blonde who didn’t seem to notice that Catalina’s hand was on her thigh. The blonde was bi-curious, something Catalina could tell by looking at her as easily as you could see that someone has blue eyes. As the woman pretended to be asleep, Catalina rubbed her thigh with a gentle touch. The woman was too unsure of herself to let Catalina go any further, but the simple touch would be enough to fuel her fantasies for months to come.

All around her, the sexual energy flowed into Catalina’s body like a hot-oil massage. Her own body was becoming more and more aroused to the point that she just wanted to take herself right here and now. She held off, though, for releasing the energy now would leave her drained and exhausted. Instead, she kept absorbing the frustrations, the fantasies and the desires until her body was tingling with the power.

Catalina was a voluptumancer, a gatherer of sexual energy, and today she had clients to impress.

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The plane landed, and the passengers disembarked. Catalina easily picked her clients out of the crowd. There were three nervous ones and one excited believer. She approached them slowly, letting them get a good view of the person they had hired. She let them see her long black hair, her exposed bustline and the swishing of her skirt. It was important to look the part, and Catalina could never be mistaken for anything but a highly sexual person.

“Greetings, Councilman Brown,” Catalina said as she offered her hand. She recognized the senior member from her mother’s photographs. He was a distinguished man despite the sloping of his back. He kissed her hand and somehow made it look natural.

“Welcome to Charlotte,” Mr. Brown said. “Your mother recommended you highly.”

Catalina smiled. “She was sorry she couldn’t come herself, but since retiring, she finds it hard to leave her new husband. Mother did ask me to give you this.”

His eyes sparkled as she pulled out a letter. Catalina almost laughed, but politeness won out. She was always amazed by the way her mother could enchant people thousands of miles away.

A cough from one of the others interrupted Brown’s memories.

“Oh yes. I should introduce you to the rest of the council,” he said. Indicating a stern woman with steel gray hair, he introduced Councilwoman Meisel. Mrs. Meisel was polite but nervous about something. Catalina looked into her soul and saw that she was having an affair with her aide, but that wasn’t what was bothering her. Whatever it was, Catalina made her forget it with a brief vision of her aide kneeling before the older woman. Mrs. Meisel smiled at her private pleasure.

Next was Councilman Donner, a nice, friendly man with a fetish for shoes. He was nervous but also relieved to see her. Catalina tapped her heel on the ground discreetly, drawing his attention to her new shoes. She didn’t do it to gain any more power; she just hated to see someone that anxious.

Last was Councilman Moore, and Catalina felt the distrust in his handshake. He was an attractive older man, with a solid tan that came from years of farm work. Mr. Moore had no secret fetishes for Catalina to discover, and she found it disappointing. A man without a fetish was like a dinner without dessert.

“Let’s take Ms. Morado to my van before any reporters ask why the city council is gathered like this,” Mr. Moore said.

The others agreed quickly. Catalina found their apprehensions amusing. Mr. Brown took her luggage, and Mr. Donner was eager to help her into the van. Once they were all locked in and Mr. Moore was driving, they relaxed enough to talk.

“You see those marks on the trees over there?” Mr. Brown asked. “That is how high the water rose during the flood. For a week and a half, we were completely cut off from the rest of the state, hemmed in by the river.”

“They called it the flood of the century,” Mrs. Meisel said. “But they were wrong. The last flood was fifty years ago.”

“Right before you hired my mother,” Catalina said.

They nodded, except Mr. Moore, who snorted. Mr. Brown shot him a dirty look, but Catalina placed her hand on his and smiled. He instantly relaxed. Her mother would have been proud.

“My mother was curious why you didn’t request her aid four years ago when the spell wore off.”

Mr. Brown scowled. “Because of that bastard Charles. He was Ned’s predecessor, and he was dead set against paying your mother for something he didn’t believe in.”

“Oh he believed in it,” Mrs. Meisel said. “He believed she was a witch and an abomination to God. When he found out that we had disguised past expenditures under the label ‘environmental Adviser,’ he gave us a speech about God and nature right there. He said it would damn all of our souls if city funds were spent on a witch.”

Mr. Moore laughed in the front seat. “No, he said he would damn our souls by making it public if we did hire her. None of us was willing to explain to the voters that we wanted to hire a witch for a rain spell.”

“I’m a voluptumancer, actually,” Catalina said. “Witches are something a bit different.”

“My apologies,” Mr. Moore said, clearly amused. Catalina didn’t need magic to see that he didn’t believe. She was curious about why he had gone along with her exorbitant fee.

“Anyway,” Mr. Brown continued. “that was when Hurricane Floyd hit. God damn, the river just kept rising and rising. The airport, the bridges and most of District Seven were under water. Your mother had warned me that something like this might happen, and damn if she wasn’t right.”

“Something you kept telling Charles the entire time,” Mrs. Meisel said in such a way that Catalina knew it was a fond memory. “I’m just glad he left town when the waters dropped. The chicken shit was terrified that it would flood again — a judgment from God.”

“We all were,” Mr. Donner said, and the laughter died. “The flood drained every penny we had and after we pay Ms. Morado’s fee, we’ll barely have enough to put another police department in my district.”

“Now, Carl, you know we need that money to go toward the school we’re building on Tenth Street,” Mrs. Meisel said.

The discussion would have turned irrevocably toward local politics except for the timely and unexpected intervention of Mr. Moore.

“So what does Ms. Morado need for her spell?” he asked. “Jerry mentioned that your mother used the entire city park.”

“Just a part of it,” Catalina said. “I’ll need four walls of cloth, like a tent with no top, to enclose an area 20 feet square. It’ll have to be around a picnic table where I can do the ritual. I will also need you to keep the public away, but that shouldn’t be a problem since it is going to rain that day.”

That prompted Mr. Moore to look at her in the rearview mirror, but he kept quiet.

“Ms. Morado, when can you start?” Mrs. Meisel asked. “I’m not trying to rush you, but hurricane season starts Sunday.”

“And you would also rather not have me in town for too long, in case people ask questions,” Catalina said. “I can do it tomorrow afternoon, if you like. I need at least a night’s rest before trying this for the first time.”

“First time?” Mr. Donner asked. “You’ve never done this before? How will we know if you did it right?”

Mr. Brown blushed, while Mrs. Meisel and Mr. Donner just looked at him. They suspected something, and there were embarrassing questions about to be asked. Catalina released a little of her power to draw their eyes back to her. It wasn’t professional to use her power like that, but she had a soft spot for her mother’s lovers.

“Trust me, if I don’t get it right, I’ll be dead and then you’ll know.”

That satisfied them or at least kept them quiet. They reached her hotel, where Mr. Brown tried to apologize for the situation, but she waved it off. She even kissed him on the cheek, which straightened his back momentarily.

“I’d like to watch,” Mr. Moore said.

Charged with as much sexual energy as she was, Catalina took a moment to realize that he meant the ritual.

“Now wait a minute, Alex,” Mr. Brown said. “I know you’re skeptical, but you agreed to this. You can’t back out now.”

“I’m not backing out,” Mr. Moore said. He looked straight at Catalina, so there wouldn’t be any doubt about his sincerity. “I’ve talked to the other former council members who are still alive, and they all believe in the beautiful woman who kept the floods away. Granted, this is just her daughter, but if she says she has the same ability, I want to see it. We’re paying an awful lot of money for this, and I would like to be able to tell voters — if they ever find out — that I believe it was money well spent. For that, I need to see it.”

“That would be perfect,” Catalina said. “I could use a Watcher for my first time.”

Mr. Donner laughed until an icy glare from Mrs. Meisel silenced him. They were all thinking dirty thoughts. Catalina had that effect on people.

“Pick me up at 11,” Catalina said.


“The tent is perfect,” Catalina said, and it was. The green material was faded, and she knew they had found the original tent her mother had used. The cloth had been enchanted so it could not rip or tear during the ceremony, and once planted, it would stay in place for years if left alone. She was confident it would last one day.

Mr. Moore nodded, but he wasn’t paying attention. The poor man couldn’t keep his eyes off the voluptumancer. The Hispanic beauty was wearing a white bikini top that barely held in her large breasts. Around her waist, she wore a matching sarong that clung to her shapely hips and didn’t cover half of her thighs. Her hair was loose and came halfway down her bare back. Considering that it was the middle of October, she caused quite the scene in the hotel lobby, but the woman acted without shame. Even now, in the park, Mr. Moore couldn’t believe how at ease she was. It was as if everyone else had the problem.

“Let’s get into the tent before people begin to wonder,” Catalina said, and Mr. Moore was only too happy to agree. She brought in her bag while he hastily zipped the tent behind them. Catalina took out a bag of green powder and sprinkled it in a circle on the ground.

“You’ll have to sit here,” she said. “And no matter what you believe, don’t break the circle until I say so, OK?”

“All right,” he said. He still didn’t believe, but he was playing along. The skeptic sat down on the grass and crossed his legs inside the circle. There was something genuine about Catalina that convinced him that she at least believed in this weirdness. He watched as she took out a bag of purple powder and sprinkled complex and somewhat pornographic images into the grass around the picnic table. She then took out a stone phallus that was nearly a foot tall and set it on the table.

“Holy Christ,” Mr. Moore said.

Catalina laughed. “No, Christ is a lot smaller,” she said.

“What the hell is that for?”

“It’s to help nature take on a male form,” she said. As she poured a purple liquid over the gray phallus, thunder rolled overhead.

“Male? I though nature was a mother.”

Catalina smiled. “Nature is a hermaphrodite, actually, but you can coax one gender over another.”

Before he could ask another question, Catalina removed her bikini top. There were no tan lines at all on her golden dark body. The sight of her bronzed breasts silenced him, but when she poured a little of the purple liquid over each breast, he couldn’t help sighing. The purple liquid bubbled on her skin and stuck to her breasts like lover’s hands.

She stripped off her sarong. She wore nothing underneath, which didn’t surprise Mr. Moore at all. A dark patch of pubic hair covered her sex, and he lost his breath when Catalina sprinkled a gold powder between her legs. When she turned around to paint images onto the table, her wonderful round ass was right in front of him, and he had to fight the urge to reach out and squeeze.

After the table was done, Catalina took a purple jar of paint and using a tiny brush, she painted her own body. She drew a stick man with two heads on her belly. On the inside of her thigh, she painted the number 6. Finally, on each cheek, she painted a tiny pentagram as easily as some women put on lipstick.

Above them, the first drops of rain began to fall. Catalina looked up and stuck out her tongue to catch a raindrop. Mr. Moore wanted to believe, just to believe in her.

“The spell is working faster than it should,” Catalina said. “Nature remembers. The pattern was broken, and Nature took out its frustration with Hurricane Floyd.”

“The whole East Coast was devastated because we didn’t hire your mother?”

“Of course not,” Catalina said. “Hurricanes happen regardless of little magics, but Nature has a memory, and Nature can play favorites. What my mother did was keep this town on Nature’s good side. If she had done her spell, Nature would have held back on the town that gave it so much pleasure.”

“Pleasure?” Mr. Moore said in barely a whisper.

Catalina still heard him even though the thunder was getting louder. “Oh yes, pleasure. Pleasure is the first magic, the strongest bribe and the oldest form of diplomacy.”

She climbed onto the tabletop and laid down on her back. Catalina parted her legs, and Mr. Moore stood up inside his circle to watch her. It started to rain harder as she chanted something too strange and exotic for him to understand. It was only after a full minute of raining that he realized that he wasn’t getting wet.

On the other hand, Catalina was getting soaked. The purple potion that she had poured onto her breasts was quickly washed away by the rain, leaving her dark globes in tiny rivers. The rain flattened her pubic hair until the folds of her sex were revealed in all their secret glory. She couldn’t keep still as the rain increased in intensity and temperature. Each drop of rain was like a tiny kiss, and it sensitized her skin wherever she was struck. Her fingers gripped the edge of the table while her heels dug against the hard wood. Catalina opened her mouth and spoke the final words to the spell.

The stone phallus crumbled under the water as if it were made of sand.

Lightning flashed in the sky, and the downpour began. A solid wall of water fell onto her and somehow stayed on top of her. Water surrounded her completely, washing over her round breasts and hard nipples like the waves of the ocean. She felt hands made of water squeeze her breasts, thighs, buttocks and everywhere else until she was twisting under the force of Nature’s desire. The water was hot and tingling, so Catalina felt as though she were submerged in freshly ejaculated semen.

She shuddered as the water entered her sex with a solid thrust. Her hips rose to meet her elemental lover, and she felt the press of the rain push deep inside her. In and out the watery phallus fucked her, pushing deeper than any mortal lover. A whirlpool centered on her clitoris, and Catalina moaned under Nature’s attention. It was like 1,000 tongues were on her clit, each one licking her hard nub until she was ready to be driven mad.

Something forced open her mouth, and Catalina accepted Nature with her throat. The water rushed in but stopped short of drowning her. She relaxed her jaw as the water fucked her mouth, rolling in and out of her lips like the tide. She could feel the rain washing through her hair, pulling and twisting her long locks as the water fucked her body. She ran her tongue through the water and licked the liquid phallus between her lips.

Underneath, her buttocks were slowly forced open. Silently, she urged the invasion on until she felt the solid push of water enter her anus. She groaned as her tight ass expanded to accept the watery cock. The first thrust lifted her from the table, and she couldn’t believe how large nature was inside her.

The liquid cocks in her ass and sex fucked in rhythm together. Catalina was choking on the phallus in her mouth, but it was a good choking. Her breasts were being pummeled by the rolling waves that had her nipples rock hard. She was in the center of a fuck-storm that drove her body wild. Catalina had her first climax, and she screamed her pleasure through the water. She came again and again until she could taste her own cream mixing with the water that surrounded her.

After a lifetime of sensation, Nature finally climaxed as well. The water within her sex and ass finally exploded, flooding her with the heat of orgasm. The phalluses melted inside her, pouring out of her body in imitation of the weakness of flesh. The cock inside her mouth exploded as well, gushing down her throat and pouring out of her mouth in a relentless flood.

The water that had encased her suddenly fell away from her body, soaking the table and the grass around her. Catalina gasped for air and sat up, choking. The rain slowed to a small drizzle, and she knew that Nature was satisfied for another few years. Catalina’s body was aching with the craving of being submerged again. After being so completely penetrated and embraced, her body was going through a supernatural withdrawal.

She looked at Mr. Moore. He was standing in the circle, eyes wide and mouth open. There was not a drop of water on him, but the ground around his enchanted circle was muddy and wet from Nature’s orgy. What he had seen had wiped all doubt from his mind. Perhaps he didn’t fully understand what he had seen, but he knew that Catalina was exactly who she said she was. She didn’t need her powers to notice the bulge in his pants or the wish that was in his eyes.

“Come here,” she said.

Mr. Moore broke the circle and came to the table. He didn’t say anything as she unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was only half erect until Catalina expended some power into him. His cock hardened in her grip till it was a nice thick seven inches.

Laying on her stomach on the tabletop, Catalina took him into her mouth. The taste of his salty flesh helped wipe away the memory of flowing water. She sucked him hard, wiping her tongue all over his shaft while he hit the back of her throat. Her nose was buried in his pubic hair as she breathed in his human scents.

Mr. Moore gripped her shoulder in one hand and a hanging breast in the other. Catalina moaned around his cock as his fingers squeezed her tit. His hand gripped her wet hair as he pumped against her mouth and his balls slapped against her chin, but she didn’t mind. He was exactly what she needed: a human lover with human needs.

He climaxed in her mouth, and the sticky semen obliterated the last traces of water in her mouth. Catalina swallowed it all. She sucked down hard as her tongue pulled every strand of seed from his body. Mr. Moore groaned, and his knees shook, but the dusky beauty kept swallowing until she had everything he could offer.

“That was unbelievable,” he said when she finally let him go.

“You’re not done yet,” Catalina said in a husky whisper. She spun around on her back and parted her legs. The long calves wrapped around his waist and pulled him to her. She stroked his cock and aimed him for her sex.

He laughed. “There’s no way. I’m not nearly as young as I used to be.”

“You are now,” Catalina said, and she took the last of her hoarded power and gave it to his cock. Mr. Moore whimpered as the sensitivity and endurance of youth returned to him. His cock ached with the need to fuck, thrust and come.

“Yes,” he growled as his hands grabbed her waist. He slammed into her sex hard enough to make her large breasts jiggle with the impact. He laughed lustily as he fucked the exotic enchantress. His cock felt huge and his strength limitless. Mr. Moore fucked her with a pounding force that mirrored the thumping of his heart.

Catalina squeezed her breasts as he fucked her. She twisted her nipples between sharp fingernails, and she strove to remove the memory of water. She clenched around his cock, enjoying the feeling of something solid between her thighs as she crossed her ankles. The lure of Nature became a distant dream as she surrendered to the beauty of a throbbing cock and the stickiness of sweat.

He ejaculated again, and when his seed shot inside her, Catalina felt the last traces of water being pushed aside. She climaxed with him, her pussy tingling around his hard and solid shaft. Her sex milked his cock, craving his body as an anchor to reality.

“Thank you,” they both said together. They laughed, and Mr. Moore slowly pulled away. A string of seed fell on her thigh, and Catalina scooped it up with her fingers and put it back in her. Every little bit helps. The sky above her was devoid of any clouds, and the sun shone down brightly on her wet body. For the first time since taking over her mother’s business, Catalina really understood the powers she commanded and how much they were needed in this repressed world.

“I see now why Nature appreciates this town,” Mr. Moore said. “For that matter, I can see why we appreciated your mother and now you. We can rebuild now from the flood without the fear of the river turning on us again. You’ve given us our future back.”

His flattery warmed her better than any lover’s cuddle. “Come on, let’s get dressed and clean up our mess, so I can get back to the hotel.”

He looked at beautiful sultry body and sighed. “What’s the hurry?” he teased, reluctant to return to the world outside the tent.

“I want to get you back to my hotel room so I can show you how a voluptumancer really thanks her friends.”

The end