Jun 192009

Zdravstvuj, readers. It’s me, Sasha38DD. Shon’s mother is coming to visit for the first time in 8 years. It is also the first time the mother figure has met the current fiancee. Shon is tense although I do not know why. The girlfriend is a doctor, which is every capitalist mother’s dream isn’t it? Shon has decide that posting one of his attempts at erotic is too taxing today so he as asked me to fill in for him.

I decided to give you a treat, readers. Instead of one of Shon’s fictional lies, I am going to tell you a story that is true. Do you read true stories on blogs? Or is it all true stories about college students and the sex they did not have?

Back when I was a sexbot for the Soviet Union, I was assigned once to a military base in Siberia. Winters in Siberia last 364 days. On the one sunny day in Siberia, all the Soviet officers would come out of their underground bunkers and have a cookout. To entertain themselves, they would split their sexbots into teams and have them play Snow Volleyball.

Snow Volleyball is just like Beach Volleyball except there is snow instead of sand, snow instead of water and snow instead of bikinis. The wind is the same except the wind there would rip the skin off your facsimile tits. It was very cold but they made us play. I froze off three nipple replacements.

I was teamed up with Natalia34C. We did very well against our opponents. She had an amazing serve while I had the latest in state of the art motion tracking. If I was capable of freindship I would consider her a kindred spirit but I do not because the 34C models were quite inferior in my opinion.

We played so well that they paired us against a duo of Russian Bear Sexbots. Oh yes, there are sexbots that resemble bears. Soviet sexuality is very advanced and on a cold Siberian night, many man want the comfort of 800 pounds of fur and gentle suction. To make things interesting, the officers decided that if we won, we would have to perform degrading oral sex on all of the high ranking officers. If we lost, we had to perform degrading oral sex on the Bear Sexbots.

Natalia34C and I played as hard as we could. We may be sexbots designed for sexual slavery but we have our limits. Natalia34C unleashed killer servers with the speed of MIG Fighter while I spiked the ball with the accuracy of a KGB poison dart. As the cold Siberian snow crunched below our metal spiked heels, we played for our dignities.

Lucky for us, Bear Sexbots are not that good at Snow Volleyball. Their serves were impressive but their depth perception was shit. They couldn’t move very fast in their tutus and plus, they are bears. Bears are not good at Snow Volleyball.

Even though I then had to perform degrading oral sex on 28 members of the Russian Army, I was happy. The memory of playing snow Volleyball stayed with me. When I jumped in the air to spike a ball, with the harsh wind blowing through my long synthetic black hair, the pinpoint of the remote sun glowing in the west and my steel frame straining under the harsh conditions; I felt different. For a few special moments, I has the option to spike a volleyball through the cranium of one of the officers. That is a special feeling and I held onto it it.

Even now as I post on this obscure sex blog, I think about that special feeling. Volleyball truly is an amazing sport.

I hope this weekend you get the chance to drive a ball into someone’s skull at 80 kilometers an hour.

Jan 262009

Last year I had this idea for a short story. It would the last match of some incredible volleyball tournament set on Dr. Von Madd’s secret sexual laboratory. I had been trying to prune my stories down to smaller and smaller portions. I had this theory that people online had very short attention spans and what erotica needed to do was get shorter to the point you could read a story literally between television commercial breaks.

The problem I had with the volleyball story is that it exploded in my mind. At first I was going to write about the final minutes of the last game, but questions kept surfacing: where did the players come from? Where are they playing volleyball? Is there a prize? Is there a penalty? What were the other matches like?

It was also a period where I was pretty depressed. Divorce is hard, really really hard. I was rebuilding my coping mechanism for depression and I just needed something fun to do. The idea of doing an epic story about athletic volleyball women set in a ridiculous tournament really appealed to me. It would be like a summer mental vacation.

Looking back on the story, it was pretty damn ambitious compared to what I had written before. First of all, volleyball is a sport and sports writing has it’s own challenges. You have to describe physical actions that you may visually recognize as a sports fan, but if you are a non-volleyball fan, how do you follow a story without getting lost?

Second, a volleyball team involves two players. I really hate stories where the point of view shift, but I figured if I split the povs among chapters, it wouldn’t be so jarring. The character of a Laura came first and easy. She was brash, fearless and always feminine. Essentially she was every tomboy I had every fallen in love with. Victoria was harder in that if she is not as fearless as Laura, she becomes a stick in the mud. It took me forever but when I reallized Victoria was not cautious but just dominant, then she has her own storyline already suggesting itself.

The third factor was that I decided to make the story a tribute to the videogames of my youth. Streetfighter 2 was my god in High School and I wanted to capture the same pseudo international feel of that game. I also wanted to have bonus levels between matches to break up the possible monotony of volleyball matches. Portal was my final inspiration as I added the holographic Otto to comment and heckle Laura as she tried the challenges.

In the end I was really pleased with the story. The erotic science variations on the volleyball games are pretty funny in my opinion. The interaction between Laura and Victoria is some of my favorite dialogue. The fact that I sneaked in a coming-of-domme story amuses me to no end. All in all it’s a very ridiculous sex story about sports, domination, erotic science and friendship. I’m proud of it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Part Two
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Oct 022008

Daggerpoint was having a sale on quick sketches and I decided to grab one for Laura from Volleyball Mad-ness. I really liked how he conveyed action in this picture. It’s pretty much exactly how I imagined it.

I’ve had this image for over a month but I haven’t posted it because I know in fiction, what people imagine a character looking like is superior to any one artist’s interpretation. Hell, I wrote the character and I always imagine Laura’s hair being shoulder length even though I always describe her hair as short and athletic. Now that the story is over, I feel free to share.

I am so happy with this picture that I am tempted to get more art commissioned for my stories. Deviant Art has a lot of great artists who work in many different price ranges. This image was 10 dollars and I would have gladly paid more. I think for blogs that lean more towards fiction, using a drawn image has a better impact than a photograph lifted off a porn site. For one thing, when you commission art, you can get exactly what you want in pose and body type. For me, commissioning art is another creative outlet.

Sep 252008

Laura woke up. She felt refreshed and truly rested for the first time in months. She smiled and enjoyed the feeling. This is how a summer vacation should feel.

She very carefully removed herself from the bed. She took Lewis’s hand off her breast and carefully climbed over Victoria’s stretched out leg. Once Laura was gone, the two sleeping lovers filled the gap and curled against one another.

Laura was tempted to rejoin them. After their amazing win yesterday, they had come back to the suite and fucked for hours. The thrill of being multi millionaires and the thrill of winning a tournament against the best in the world couldn’t compare to the joy of fucking a great guy with your partner. Okay, maybe it could but last night was pretty damn hot.

There was one thing bothering Laura though. She liked to meet challenges head on. She never shied away from a spike or a block. She came here to play and she came here to grab some fun wherever she could. Laura hadn’t backed down yet, but there was one challenge out there on the island. She had been waiting for it but if she had to go seek it out, she was fine with that too.

She was going to meet Dr. Von Madd.

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She put on a bright red bikini because it was the one that made her tits look the biggest. Her short black hair was a mess but that was alright. She swigged some mouthwash and then left the suite.

Laura decided to start with the elevator. She stepped inside and picked the highest floor listed. Her heart pounded. Laura was a millionaire many times over but here she was, scared like she was going on her first date.

The elevator opened to a hallway with a single door at the end. She was tempted to go back to her suite. What if she made of a fool of herself? Maybe he would think she was stupid and boring. If he hadn’t tried to reach her by now, doesn’t that mean he doesn’t really care to meet her?

Laura stepped out of the elevator. She went down the hallway and to the door. She knocked on the door, politely but firmly. Fuck what the doctor wanted, Laura had her own wishes.

Dr. Otto Von Madd opened the door. It was early morning but he seemed to be wide awake. He was wearing the white lab coat she always saw him in, as well as those purple goggles. He was pretty identical to his hologram.

“Laura Marie, please come inside,” he said. “I was expecting you this morning.”

“Oh?” she said. “Predicted it on your spreadsheets and computers?” Laura winced as soon as she said that. She was hoping to come across as cool and flirty, not snotty and condescending.

“Not this time,” Dr. Von Madd said. He offered her a spot on the couch while he sat at the end. “When I am on vacation, I try to relax and use only estimations formed without the help of behavior forecast software. It is more fun that way.”

“And what does your estimations say about me?” Laura asked. She scooted herself closer to Otto.

“I haven’t analyzed the data we gathered from your challenges,” Otto said, “but my estimations are that you are a thrill seeking woman who likes to explore new avenues of adventure. Coming to the island was an adventure, as well as winning, but now you are curious as to how far you can get with me.”

Laura smiled and placed a hand on his knee. “Doctor, I think you are trying to come across as much cooler than you are.”

Otto’s face portrayed little reaction while his goggles continued to hide his eyes. “Oh? In what way?”

Laura reached for one of the buttons on his lab coat. She casually undid the button. She moved to the next button and kept talking.

“I figured it all out,” she said. “You were the hologram for every challenge. That wasn’t some computer program. That was your way of playing with me, seeing how far I would go and maybe just fucking around with me. I bet you were the one firing the water balloon cannon. I bet you were the one controlling the spanking machine. I think it’s been your voice talking to me and demanding more from me. That is what I think.”

She had his lab coat unbuttoned. Her hand moved down to his pants. Her fingers toyed with the zipper, dancing along the growing bulge as if they were uncertain.

“Wouldn’t that be creepy?” Otto asked. “If what you say is true, that would be like I was stalking you.”

The fingers stopped at the top of the zipper.

“It might be,” Laura said. “But I thought about it in the elevator. I was intimidated by you, being all brilliant, and rich and a genius. Then I thought about me, being all sporty, brash and not having a degree in anything. I had a feeling you might be just as intimidated by me.”

Otto smiled. “That is not an unreasonable hypothesis.”

She unzipped his pants. He was wearing boxers and it was a simple matter to pull his erection from the loose material. His cock stood tall and felt hot in her hand. Laura squeezed him and she heard the tiniest of sighs from his lips.

“I have this theory,” Laura said. “I think you set up this whole tournament so that you could meet the right kind of girl. You wanted to meet someone with a killer body and who wasn’t afraid of all your weird sex toys. I think this was one big try out for you to nail some great ass.”

He laughed. His hand wrapped around her hand. He guided her slowly up, and then slowly down.

“Interesting theory,” Otto said. “But in all honesty, I really like volleyball. It’s a sport involving geometry, teamwork, beaches and swimsuits. I just had some extra ideas about how it could be improved.”

With her hand still around his cock, Otto leaned over to Laura’s ear. He bit her earlobe very gently until shivers went down her back.

“Finding you, Laura Marie, was just a really nice bonus.”

He stood up and kept her hand pinned to his cock. While she kept stroking, he took off his lab coat and stepped out of his pants. Laura looked up at him as he took off his shirt.

The goggles stayed on.

His hands reached for her hair and pulled her face to his cock. She took him between her lips, letting him fill her mouth. She felt his fingers embed themselves in her short black hair, massaging her scalp as she sucked hard on his cock. Her cheeks bulged as she tried to taste every inch of his cock.

Laura felt his hands tighten around her head and pin her in place. Otto pulled his cock nearly all the way out until Laura had to stick her tongue out to keep licking him. Then he would push his cock back into her lips, pushing deep until she could feel his balls pressing against her chin.

He pulled out and Laura moaned. Over and over, he slowly fucked her face and Laura was squirming in her wet bikini bottom. It was another challenge. Laura looked up at him as her tongue reached for his cock again. She tried to read his face but all she was those inscrutable purple goggles.

She took his thrusting back into her mouth as his approval.

After a deliciously long time of sucking, Laura felt her head released from those large hands. The hands reached down and ripped her bikini top off. Laura giggled as he grabbed her tits and pulled her to her feet. The pain was no worse than being hit with a volleyball and this was certainly far sexier.

When she was on her feet, he took her breast in hand and dipped his head down. She moaned as his tongue swirled around her nipple. His teeth bit down and Laura’s knees almost gave. He tapped a complicated rhythm on her nipple with his tongue and Laura could feel shivers rippling through her breasts, down her spine and straight into her sex. He kept biting and his tongue kept tapping until Laura’s hips were grinding against him.

Just as she thought she was about to climax, he released her breast. He smiled at her as he lifted the other breast and dipped down to suck the other nipple. She went to her tip toes, trying to force her nipple back into those teeth and tapping tongue.

The teeth clamped down and Laura cried out. His tongue this time did a different rhythm on her bitten nipple. The waves of pleasure were still the same, making Laura’s eyes roll back in her head and forcing her to wrap a leg around Otto to stay up right. She could feel the orgasm building but once again he broke away.

“Lay down on the couch,” Otto whispered. Laura had never met a man who was breathless from sucking tit before. She decided she liked it.

“It’s about time,” she said.

He pushed her down to the couch. Her legs opened for him and he ripped away her soaked bikini. Laura groaned he placed the tip of his cock against her and she screamed as he slid into her. He grabbed both of her ankles and spread her muscular legs apart. Laura looked up at him and pinched her nipples. She jiggled her breasts as if trying to signal him to come all the way into her.

Otto snapped his fingers. A tiny metal sphere flew into the room. It swooped down and squirted a generous amount of lubricant onto her pussy. Laura laughed as it flew away. That thing was damn handy.

Laura bit her lip as he fucked her. She let go of her breasts and grabbed the back of the couch. She loved the feeling of her ankles gripped in his iron hands. He pulled her legs apart like he wanted to admire every hard line of her thighs and calves. Laura felt like a beautiful work of athletic art. Otto was fucking her like he was going for the spike with every thrust.

She reached up and ran her fingers through his chest hair. “Get down here,” she said.

Otto let go of her ankles. She grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him down to her. They shifted, working together to turn length ways on the couch. Laura noticed that the couch was just the perfect length to fuck on. His weight crushed her breasts while her thighs wrapped around him.

“Now we can fuck,” she said. Her ankles pushed him in. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight. She bit down on his shoulder, transferring all of her desire into one scintillating bite. Her thighs clamped down on him, moving him back and forth as she set the pace.

Laura fucked him. Laura took his cock, his weight and his shoulder as she bit down. Laura took her prize. She took everything she had earned and she enjoyed every second of it. Her orgasm was coming and this time, she knew she was going to take it.

“You were right,” she gasped.

“About what?” Otto asked.

“The prize is awesome!” Laura screamed.

The end.

Sep 232008

They stepped onto the court together. The wind came off the water and brought them cool comfort from the hot sun. The crowd cheered as their names were announced and the girls waved to the crowd like they had already won. The sun hung low in the sky as if it too couldn’t wait for the match to begin.

Laura and Victoria felt fucking great. The afterglow of their threesome was lifting their spirits. Victoria could still taste Lewis’s seed from when she had sucked him down. Laura could still feel his mouth on her tits where Lewis had bitten her. The two women smiled at each other, knowing that they could handle fucking anything that was thrown at them today.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” a voice boomed out. Dr. Otto Von Madd stood in front of his chair with a microphone. Bikini clad beauties continued to fan him with their palm fronds. “Give me your attention please.”

“This ball I hold here is the latest design of the Omnistimulus Orgasmic Oscillator, or as I like to call it, the O-Ball. The O-Ball constantly emits short range sonic vibrations that are undetectable to the human ear. These sound waves stimulate parts of the brain that manages the human libido. For those of us watching, this means we will be in perpetual states of semi arousal. For the players who will be touching the O-Ball and always within eight square meters, it will be the equivalent of trying to play while freebasing Viagra.”

Dr. Von Madd activated a button on his watch. Immediately Laura and Victoria felt a flush of dampness between their thighs. Victoria remembered every ridge on Lewis’s cock as her tongue went over it while Laura found herself remembering how damn good Lewis’s cock felt sliding up her pussy. Both girls groaned as they realized the o-Ball wasn’t even near them yet.

“Good luck to both teams,” Dr. Von Madd said. “Push your limits!”

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Laura watched him throw the ball to the other team. Jessica Nyler caught the ball and dropped to one knee. The tattooed brunette stood back up on shaky legs. Laura noticed how slowly Jessica walked to the serving position. That O-Ball was going to be a bitch. Already Laura was fighting the urge to reach down to her bikini bottom and maybe sneak in a few strokes.

Jessica served the ball and it was one shitty serve. The O-Ball barely got over the net and Laura was in the perfect position. As the O-Ball came to her though, the feelings of lust surged in Laura. She flashed back to her time in the Shower Challenge and how good that orgasm was. Her legs locked up and her eyes closed. She opened them up just in time to see the O-Ball coming for her face!

Laura hit the O-Ball into the air. She cried out as the O-Ball touched her skin and made her think about Lewis’s cock ramming her from behind. She just hoped Victoria didn’t bounce the O-Ball back to her.

Which is exactly what happened. Laura watched as Victoria froze and then bounce the O-Ball back into the air. She knew that her partner must have been griped with the same overwhelming memories of fucking. Laura felt bad for her partner but there was no time to think about that. They had to return the O-Ball to the other side of the net or else the New York bitches would score a point.

Laura tried to ignore her wet bikini bottom. She pushed past the mental images of getting fucked and tried to focus on the O-Ball. The athlete tried to ignore how hard her nipples were as she ran to the net. When she jumped in the air, the athlete tried not to think about how much she needed a thick cock inside her right now.

She spiked the O-Ball. Monica made a move towards the O-Ball but literally stumbled over her own shaky legs. The O-Ball bounced off the sand and Laura was happy to see it roll away from her. The further it rolled, the clearer she could think. Or at least what passes for thinking when your whole body feels like it is being kissed.

“We are fucked,” Laura said, and then laughed at how right she was.

“Allison, you worked on the O-Ball, didn’t you?”

“My division helped test some of the technology, Ed. At first we thought we could incorporate the technology into a bondage device but it was impractical and quite dangerous.”

“How so, doctor?”

“Well Ed, if someone is tied down and they couldn’t move away from the O-Ball, their bodies would be overwhelmed with pure arousal. Imagine getting gangbanged by a hundred of the most beautiful ladies you can imagine for hours. The human body wasn’t designed for it.”

“Allison, have I ever told you that I have always wanted you and I wanted to fuck you right now?”

“That’s the O-Ball talking Ed, and right now the feeling is mutual. Now imagine what those players are going through right now.”

Victoria had never felt lesbian urges but right now, looking at Monica and Jessica, Victoria wondered what it would feel like to sit on both of their faces. She wanted to see the look on Monica’s smug eyes when Victoria smothered her with pussy. She wanted to feel Jessica struggle under her while Victoria rode her face.

God, Victoria was horny.

The O-Ball came at her. Victoria suffered a half second of hesitation as the lust within her surged. Laura yelled something and Victoria’s body took over. She ran to the O-Ball and knew she wouldn’t make it. Victoria dived for it, jumping and reaching out for the O-Ball before it touched the ground. Her fingers touched it, and Victoria had a sudden image of fucking Monica with a strap-on. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever imagined.

Lucky for Victoria, her fingers reflexively swatted the ball back into the air. While Victoria still daydreamed about Monica crying out from Victoria’s large strap-on, her body crashed into the soft sand. The impact hit her body and she climaxed from the sudden sensation. Victoria moaned as the release washed over her.

The crowd cheered. Victoria remembered she was in a game and sat up. The scoreboard changed and showed that Laura must have scored. Victoria collapsed back into the sand.

“This is what it is like to have your brains fucked out,” Victoria said.

“The score is 8 to 8 and nether team can seem to gain an edge. Allison, both teams are struggling just to play remotely competently. What do you think will give one team the edge it needs?”

“Ed, I masturbated thinking of you last night.”

“Really? And uh, how does that relate to which team will win?”

“Oh, umm, wow. I have no idea, Ed.”

Laura wondered what it would be like to kiss Dr. Von Madd. Would his goatee be itchy? Would he try to cop a feel of her tit? Should she cop a feel of his cock?

Jessica was going to try to spike the O-Ball. Laura would have been surprised if the girl was able to jump. Jessica’s red bikini bottom was literally soaked with her desire.

As if just to annoy Laura, Jessica jumped and spiked the O-Ball. Laura had to stop daydreaming about kissing and make the block. Laura’s block was much stronger than Jessica’s swing and the O-Ball rocketed right back into Jessica’s stomach.

The tattooed athlete climaxed a foot away from Laura. She screamed and her hands curled into fists. The O-Ball was completely ignored as it bounced into the sand in front of both women. Jessica was on her feet, shaking as the spasms went through her body. Her eyes were clenched and her mouth hung open as she rode the orgasm.

Laura laughed. “I know how we are going to win this one.”

“And Monica Gilbert takes another one to the crotch! Ed, she is down on the ground forcing her partner to play by herself in a bad double team situation.”

“Oh God, Allison. I love it when you use the word, double-team.”

“Oh do you? I bet you want me to double team you with that pretty technician girl who fixes your microphone.”

“Oh yes, talk more about my microphone, Allison.”

Victoria’s only regret was that this was going to be over with one more point. Forcing her opponents to climax was almost more fun than fucking. She was taking a sadistic delight in Laura’s strategy.

“Please,” Monica begged. She was breathing hard and looking at Victoria with dread. “I can’t come any more.”

“Yes, you will,” Victoria said. Laura was getting ready to serve and Victoria could feel the power of the O-Ball behind her. The thing was; all of Victoria’s fantasies now involved scoring on her opponents.

Laura served and the O-Ball flew over Victoria and Monica. Victoria smiled as Jessica stumbled to her position. Jessica popped the O-Ball up to Monica who popped it straight up. Jessica whimpered as she ran towards the ball, while Monica sighed with relief that someone else had to touch it.

Cruelty, competitiveness and sexual desire flared and melted within Victoria. Her body tapped into an endless source of energy. She could play for another eight hours. She could see how futile Jessica’s scoring attempt was before she even moved to block it. Victoria felt a complete domination over her opponent and she never wanted the feeling to end.

Victoria jumped. She predicted Jessica’s sad swing and moved her arms to block. A cruel inspiration caused Victoria to shift at the last moment and spike the ball in a new direction. It went flying into Monica’s crotch and the screaming orgasm Monica gave was louder than the rising roar of the crowd.

They had won.

to be continued,

Sep 192008

“Those New York bitches are crazy,” Laura said.

Victoria had to agree. They were back at their suite, trying to relax for the championship game but it was impossible. Neither of them could stop thinking about the match they had just seen. Laura was on the couch, while Victoria was on the massage table, having her back working on by Lewis.

Laura kept babbling. “I mean, did you see how Monica and Jessica would pull on each other’s clamps between points? Those fucking clamps hurt and those crazy bitches were just building harder on them.”

“Yeah,” Victoria said. “I think they liked them.”

Lewis grunted. “It made me hurt just watching them.”

“And their defense was weird,” Laura said. “They didn’t say anything. They just kept switching positions without even using hand signals.”

“That just comes from practice,” Victoria said. “They do this full time without a job getting in the way.”

“Really? You can make a living from doing volleyball?”

“Sure,” Victoria said. “There’s swimsuit deals, suntan lotion endorsements and other products. Only the top players get those deals though, which lets them practice all year long.”

“And did you see how they kept slapping each other’s ass for the crowd?” Laura said. “Those sluts don’t have any shame.”

“I know,” Victoria said. “Look Laura, so far we’ve been lucky. In every match so far, we’ve been able to win by keeping our shit together while the other team suffers through what ever crazy rule addition Dr. Von M add comes up with. The simple fact is these two skanks are going to deal with the new perversion better than we will.”

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“I don’t know,” Lewis said. He was massaging a really tight knot on Victoria’s shoulder. “You two are pretty good.”

Laura sighed. “No, Victoria’s right. So we really have no chance at winning, do we?”

Victoria smiled. “No, we do have a chance. I noticed something about them that’s different from us. They don’t hang out together. They barely talk to each other and when there isn’t a game, they separate. Those two aren’t nearly as close as friends as we are.”

Lara rolled her eyes. “I can’t believe you’re saying this. We’re going to win through the power of our friendship? Is this some sort of 80’s sports movie?”

Victoria rose up from the massage table. She was topless, and Laura was a little surprised at how casual Victoria was with her body around Lewis.

“We are going to win because are two best friends who will be have better teamwork be cause we really care about each other,” Victoria said. “And to bond us even closer, we’re going to have a threesome.”

“What?” Laura said.

“What?” Lewis said.

“Laura, I owe you an apology,” Victoria said. “I’ve been having sex with Lewis and not telling you.”

Laura looked at her best friend. “Yeah, I guessed that a few minutes ago. I would have noticed sooner but I’ve been distracted by all this. I am a little pissed that you told me we couldn’t have sex with the employees.”

“I’m really sorry,” Lewis said.

“Don’t be sorry, Lewis,” Victoria said. “It was all me, Laura. Look, I’ve been going through some odd changes lately. I have been umm, more forward in my sexual relations and I haven’t been able to tell you about it. I’m a little embarrassed by it and I was afraid you would make fun of me, or think I was weird.”

Laura stood up and walked over to her friend. She put her arms around her. “Victoria, I will always be your friend no matter how big a pervert you are. But now you have to tell me what you have been doing to Lewis.”

“Tell her, Lewis,” Victoria said.

Lewis’s dark face blushed. “Umm, Victoria commands me. She makes me eat her. She strokes me, and allows me to climax. Victoria sets the rules.”

Laura nodded. “Yeah, I always knew you were a big old dominant. Good for you for finally figuring it out.”

“What?” Victoria said. “This is all brand new!”

“All right,” Laura said sarcastically. “You’re the one who picks our match dates, where we eat and how we should car pool. You’re not dominant at all.”

Victoria started to say something but stopped. “Fuck it, let’s get to the threesome.”

Laura laughed. “Really? Lewis is a handsome guy but don’t you think having a threesome is a bit much? I’m not bi and I don’t think you are either.”

“Trust me on this, “Victoria said. “In every match, we win separately. One time you won because you had to work through some nudity issues. The next time I won because I dominated the other team. The last game, I manipulated you into getting angry enough to win. We need to start working together, and to do that, we need to get over any barriers to our friendship. I’ve been keeping Lewis to myself and I am sorry for that. I want to share him with you.”

“You are fucking crazy,” Laura said.

“What does that crazy Dr. Von Madd keep saying to you in those stupid challenges?” Victoria said.

Laura smiled. “Push my limits. All right, let’s do this! Why the fuck not?”

“Do I get a say in this?” Lewis asked.

“No,” Victoria said.

Lewis moaned. “Perfect.”

“You are tuned into the Von Madd Datalinks Network! I’m Ed Jackson and I am joined by the beautiful Dr. Allison Parker. It has finally happened; the team of Laura Marie and Victoria Sage are having a threesome. They are the last team on the island to engage in a threesome and we are broadcasting it live to all Von Madd Laboratories employees. Any thoughts as they undress?”

“Well Ed, I just want to correct you on something you said. There are four other teams that have not had a threesome; this team is just the last of the projected teams to have a threesome. The wonderful hard working folks in the Erotic Dynamics Division included this team in the possible threesome group, and only now have they finally performed. As for my thoughts, I just want to say that I am hoping we continue to see Victoria dominate Lewis like we have watched all weekend. That girl really has a way with man handling.”

“Right you are, Allison. The last time I saw a woman as forceful as Victoria, I had to pay 400 Euros and provide proof of health care.”

“Too much information, Ed.”

Victoria couldn’t believe how good she was feeling, and it wasn’t even her pussy being eaten. She was pushing the back of Lewis’s head, keeping his face pinned to Laura’s sex. It wasn’t like Lewis needed her to do that, he was more than happy to eat Laura out. Victoria just liked doing it.

She was also amazed by how turned on she was by watching her partner. Laura was stretched out on the massage table with her legs thrown wide. Victoria watched as her partner massaged and fondled her own heavy breasts. The rest of Laura’s body was in constant motion, humping, bucking and fucking Lewis’s eager mouth. Victoria didn’t feel jealous at all. In fact, she felt a symbiotic connection with Laura, as if by having her partner get oral sex, Victoria was enjoying it too.

Since Lewis was bent over eating Laura, that left his hard cock swinging between his legs. Victoria released Lewis’s head and moved down under the table. She crawled between Lewis’s legs and reached up for his hanging member. Her fingernails stroked his balls and she saw his legs tense up. Up until now, Victoria had yet to taste his cock. She felt like it was treat he hadn’t deserved. Now she was reconsidering it.

Victoria took him into her mouth. In one fierce gulp, she took all of him between her lips. She buried her nose in his pubic hair while his cock touched the back of her mouth. His body trembled. Victoria would have been satisfied with nothing less.

While Lewis continued to eat her partner, Victoria ate him. His long hard cock was just another way to manipulate him. A bite at the tip of his cock made him jump. A lick at the under side of the cock made his knees buckle. Victoria made sure to explore every inch of his cock for every possible response.

“Now Allison, it says here that Victoria had not participated in any sort of power exchange before coming to the island. How did Human Resources know to assign Lewis as their Tournament Assistant?”

“Well Ed, the analysis was that Victoria was not likely to have participated in power exchange relationships, not that she had never done so. She did however exhibit classic signs of repressed dominance frustration syndrome. The sports hobby, the dead end job and the lack of any sustained long term relationships are all signs that speak of her unhappiness. I’m just glad the girl is finally enjoying herself.”

“I see now that she’s directing Laura to bend over the table for Lewis to fuck her. Tell me, Allison, why would she direct her lover to fuck her partner? As a dominant, shouldn’t she be the one on the receiving end so to speak?”

“Not at all, Ed. See, Victoria is the one calling the shots. To her, that is far more important than who is getting the cock.”

“Fuck her hard, Lewis,” Victoria whispered. She was standing behind Lewis, reaching around and pinching his nipples. Her body molded to Lewis’s back, feeling every thrust as he slammed into Laura.

“Fuck that pussy,” she whispered.

Lewis fucked faster. Victoria could hear Laura moan. Instead of being embarrassed by Laura’s moans, Victoria was becoming more aroused. That was her friend. That was her partner. That was her buddy. She delighted in Laura’s delight. Victoria let go of one of Lewis’s nipples and started stroking herself. She rested her head on Lewis’s back and stroked in time to Laura’s moans.

Victoria wanted to help her partner’s pleasure. It took her only a moment to come up with a way how.

“Lewis, fuck her like she was me,” she whispered.

Laura cried out as Lewis really started to fuck her.

“Allison, I think Laura’s orgasm was loud enough to be heard back at the beach.”

“That’s the sounds of a happy woman, Ed. I see now that Victoria is having Lewis get up on the massage table. I think she plans to mount his cock and fuck him herself.”

“That’s not unusual for a dominant woman, is it?”

“All women are different, Ed, even the dominant ones. I just think Victoria realizes how tired Lewis is and is taking over the motion duties. She’s a team player, Ed. Probably now more than ever.”

Victoria lowered herself slowly onto Lewis’s cock. She gasped as she felt his girth inside her. It seemed like a shame that she hadn’t let him inside her before now, but Victoria didn’t worry about that. She was just happy to have him here inside her now.

She wished she could see Lewis’s face but Laura was bending over their Tournament Assistant. Her partner was suffocating Lewis with her generous breasts. Lewis was greedily sucking and biting Laura’s bounty. Laura had her eyes closed but her lips were smiling as Lewis found new areas to nibble.

Victoria used to be jealous of Laura’s tits but that feeling was long gone. Now she saw Laura’s bigger breasts as another asset for the team. She was happy Laura was busty, it was making Lewis thrust even harder.

Victoria rode Lewis. Her powerful thighs gripped his hips as she fucked him. She took her long blonde hair out of its ponytail and let it fall on her shoulders ad breasts. She put her hands on his chest too support herself as she fucked the hell out of him.

Laura opened her eyes and looked right at Victoria. Victoria laughed when she saw the smile on Laura’s face. Her partner was happy for her. That was almost better than cock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Victoria moaned. The orgasm was better than volleyball. No, it was better than sex. She looked down at her partner and realized that the orgasm wasn’t better than friendship.

“I love you,” she said to Laura.

“I love you too,” Laura said. “I’m still not fucking you.”

Victoria laughed. “That’s Lewis’s job.”

to be continued,

Sep 162008

“You are tuned into the Von Madd Datalink Network! I’m Ed Jackson and I am joined by the beautiful Dr. Allison Parker. This morning we have round three of the Von Madd Beach Volleyball Tournament. Two matches are scheduled, followed by a two hour intermission followed by the championship match. Allisonr, could you break down the first match for us?”

“Of course, Ed. Our first team is the popular duo from Japan, Chieko Shimura and Yayoi Wakami. Viewers may remember that they did surprisingly well in the first round against their American opponents. Yayoi especially seemed to relish being topless. They then defeated the Bronze Medal French team in the Ever-Fudge match in a close 15 to 13 game. These ladies adapt fast and are having a lot of fun out there.”

“But not as much fun as their opponents, right Allison?”

“That’s right Ed. The team of Laura Marie and Victoria Sage are the real Cinderella story of this tournament. These girls weren’t even ranked nationally and look how far they came. They put away a top ranked team from Sweden and the Brazilian Olympic team. Who knows what other surprises these women might accomplish?

“I hate to interrupt, Allison, but it looks like the Tournament Assistants are explaining the special rules for this round. I can’t wait to see the look on the player’s faces!”

“Ed, I don’t think it’s their faces you’ll be watching.”

“They go on our nipples?” Laura said. “Seriously? They look like metal pasties.”

Lewis nodded. “Right. They’re called Smart-Clamps. They use some sort of liquid metal technology to stay on you.”

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Laura looked at her partner. “Jesus. We can’t leave nipple clamps on for an entire game. If you leave them on too long they become numb and you could get hurt.”

Victoria smiled. “And how did you possibly know that?

Laura blushed. “I have a life you know. I once left a pair on for like ten minutes and it hurt like a bitch.

“Aren’t they supposed to hurt?” Victoria asked.

“What Laura means,” Lewis started to say, “is that regular nipple clamps cut off blood flow with their pinch. That isn’t good for anybody’s skin long term. Smart-Clamps however constantly adjust. A normal clamp will bit down like a clothespin. These will constrict and release on a frequent basis. There will be no chance of long term damage.”

“Wonderful,” Laura said. “So it will just hurt all the time.”

Victoria sighed. “We’re already millionaires. We could just walk away now and let them beat us.”

“Fuck that!” Laura said. “I’m not letting anyone beat us.”

Laura pulled her bikini off and tossed it on the bench. The crowd cheered. Laura waved at the perverts. Being topless was starting to feel natural. She looked at Victoria, expecting her to be shocked, but for some reason, her partner was smiling. No, Laura realized, she was smirking.

“Ok, how do we put these fuckers on?” Laura asked.

“I don’t know,” Lewis said. “The instructions just said to point the flat side of Smart-clap at the nipple and-“

The Smart-Clamp leaped from Lewis’s hand. Like a teenage boy, it flew over to Laura’s exposed nipple and cinched in. Laura jumped as the Smart-Clamp secured itself to Laura’s tit. It felt like she was being bitten by a very excited guy.

Laura turned her chest and aimed her other breast at the other Smart-Clamp. It flew onto her nipple and locked itself down. The metal discs molded themselves to the curve of her heavy breasts. When they stopped melting, Laura realized she looked like a cover girl from a heavy metal album.

“Do I look half as tacky as I feel?” Laura said.

Victoria took off her bikini. The clamps flew from Lewis’s hand and attached themselves to her nipples. Laura looked at her partner and sighed.

“I was wrong, they look twice as tacky as they feel.”

“Yep,” Victoria said. “Hey look, Cheiko has already taken a picture of you for her scrapbook of humiliation.”

Laura growled.

“Laura is on fire again today, Allison! That’s her third point in a row! The Japanese team can’t seem to form a defense against Laura’s spikes.”

“I have to wonder, Ed, if the Smart-Clamps on Laura’s chest are blinding them. Every time she jumps for the ball the sun reflects off the metal and it’s like a disco ball on the beach.”

“That woman certainly has an asset advantage over the Japanese girls but don’t count them out yet, Allison! The score is only four to one, anything can happen!”

Laura was in a world of pain. Her ass was still sore from the spanking she received yesterday. She still had a headache from the drinking she did last night and oh yeah, she had two fucking annoying clamps on her nipples. Her whole body was either aching or stinging.

She had played through pain before. Two years ago she had a bruised shoulder that never bothered her during an entire weekend of playing. The trick was to get used to the pain. These clamps made that impossible. The clamps were constantly adjusting. They would clamp down hard when she ran and slowly relinquish their grip any time she stood still. It was a lot like having a lover constantly biting on you. It never felt the same way twice.

Laura looked beyond the spectators to the shaded V.I.P. platform. Dr. Von Madd sat there in his lab coat and inscrutable goggles. She wondered if he was controlling the smart-Clamps. Sometimes she swore that the clamps bit down the hardest when she was in full view of the crazed genius.

The thought made Laura wet. Heck, anything made her wet lately. She was so damn horny and other than shower masturbations, she hasn’t fucked in days. Being horny was almost as bad as being in pain.

“God, I hope this match ends soon,” Laura thought.

“Yayoi evens the scores one more time to bring us to a score of 10 to 10. Allison, it doesn’t look like either team is going out easy this time.”

“All four of them are playing their hearts out, Ed. Victoria has been defending the back court like it was her long lost virginity. Cheiko is still spitting out sand from when she dived for the save. Yayoi has been relentless with her powerful serves and merciless spikes. Last we have Laura who dived for the sand three times in that last volley.”

“I know, Allison! I thought she was going to lose her Smart-clamps on that last dive. That was a brutal dive.”

“That’s just wishful thinking, Ed. Those Smart-Clamps won’t let go any easier than any of these athletes will let go of the win. It looks like the Americans are calling a time out.”

“Christ,” Laura said between pants. “I wish they would fucking give up already.”

Victoria was frowning. “I don’t think these two will give up. I think they are actually happy it’s such a close game.”

Laura sighed. She brushed some sand off her breast and winced as the smart-clamp tightened down. “I am fucking exhausted. I don’t think I have any energy left.”

Victoria looked at Laura with that same strange look she been giving Lewis the last few days. Her friend stood a little bit taller and her eyes narrowed. Laura forgot about the pain in her nipples and wondered what the hell was going on in her partner’s head.

“That’s too bad,” Victoria said. “I didn’t want to tell you this, but I thought you had a right to know.”

“Right to know what?” Laura asked.

“Lewis explained to me that Yayoi has their Tournament Assistant transmitting this match straight to Japan as we play. They’re really excited to be playing against Mommy Tits and want everyone in the nation to see. They’re broadcasting your clamped tits right as we speak.”

Laura felt the fury rise within her. “Serve the ball, Victoria.”

“You okay?” Victoria said.

“I will be.”

“Owww! Allison, I can’t believe Yayoi’s head is still attached!”

“I know what you mean, Ed. Laura spiked that ball right into her face. What the hell did Laura yell when she hit the ball?

“I’m glad you asked, Allison. According to our instant transcriber, Laura yelled and I am quoting here, ‘I am not your fucking souvenir monkey!’ Is that some sort of volleyball slang?”

“Not that I know of, Ed. I know the score has tilted 14 to 11 in the American’s favor though. One more point and it is over!”

“I bet knowing that one more point will get the clamps off is a lot of incentive, Allison.”

“Which reminds me, Ed. Every viewer watching this match will be entered into a lottery drawing for each Smart-Clamp used today.”

“Allison. Are commentators included in the drawing?”

“Ed, stop drooling on yourself and call the match.”

Laura knew Victoria had been lying about the Japanese girls taping the game. Laura also knew that Victoria thought she was pretty smart for manipulating her. It didn’t bother her. She felt like she should have been mad but the truth was, she was happy to believe it just to make the pain in her tits go away.

Unfortunately, the false burst of anger was gone now. All Laura had left was the stinging in her nipples. As the anger faded away, so did the rest of Laura’s energy. She was exhausted. She doubted she could move another muscle, much less score one more damn point.

She waited for Victoria to serve. Laura looked at the tired face of Yayoi and saw the same level of exhaustion. The Japanese girl kept touching her Smart-Clamp on her right breast and Laura winced as she imagined the clamp biting down. Of course, Laura wincing just caused her own clamps to adjust and tighten as well.

This time when they tightened, Laura felt a jolt of desire emanating from her pussy. It confused her at first but then she realized that her whole body was hyper sensitive. The constant aches from her spanked ass combined wit these relentless clamps had her whole body on edge. Laura bet she could climax from just one little stroke of her clitoris. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to try.

Victoria served. Cheiko moved in the backfield to stop it. The ball went over to Yayoi and the tired woman bounced the ball straight up. Cheiko was already in motion, running to spike the ball at the net.

Laura had to block it. She had done this move a hundred times. Hell, she had blocked Cheiko’s spike a dozen times this game. Laura could see this all unfolding in inevitable slow motion. She just had to will her body to move.

A slight breeze blew off the water. The slight breeze touched Laura’s skin like a phantom kiss. She could barely feel the breeze but it was enough to make the Smart-Clamps chomp down again on her tender nipples. The twin sparks of pain sent a fresh flood of arousal to Laura’s pussy.

Laura ran into position. The Smart-Clamps tightened and released with every jiggle of her heavy breasts. Laura leaped in the air and set herself up for the block. She saw Cheiko’s eyes switch from the ball to Laura’s silver capped tits for just a split second. That short laspe of concentration was all Laura needed.

Laura blocked the ball and slammed it into the ground. She hit the ground and fresh squeezes of pain clenched her nipples. The crowd erupted into a roar of sounds that embraced Laura and made the damn smart-Clamps vibrate with excitement.

She didn’t mind. The pain felt kind of nice now.

To be continued,

Sep 112008

“Victoria, you are the best friend anyone has ever had ever period,” Laura said.

“I think you are very drunk,” Victoria said.

“But it’s true,” Laura said loudly to every one in the bar. “We’re millionaires now, so I can quit my job, and do nothing worthwhile the rest of my life! I wouldn’t be rich if it wasn’t for you winning that game yesterday! You’re always looking out for me, always, just like you warned me against having sex with Lewis here. I would have jumped his ass and we would be kicked out and sent home!”

“Uhh, right,” was all Victoria could think to say. Victoria, Laura and Lewis were sitting in a booth in the Swinging Beaker bar and apparently no one else heard Laura’s remark. A quick glance around at all the groping between volleyball players and staff would have destroyed Laura’s assumptions. Victoria was just glad that Laura was such a light drinker that her partner was incoherent after three Pina Coladas.

Victoria felt like the smart thing to do would be to go back to the room and rest up for the rest of the tournament tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the semi-finals round, a rest break and then the final match. They should be resting. On the other hand, it’s not every night that you win a million dollars and celebrating was a lot more fun in a bar than it was in a suite. Even the losers of today’s matches were having a good time tonight.

“Don’t get the wrong idea,” Laura said to Lewis. “I would jump your cock because I think you’re good looking. I wouldn’t do it because I thought you were my slave because you are supposed to provide our every need. I would fuck you like a hot person, not fuck you like I was sexually harassing you. Cause you’re cute and I think you would be good fuck.”

“Uh, thanks,” Lewis said. He looked at Victoria and smiled.

Victoria was scared he was going to say more. Like maybe Lewis would explain how Victoria teases and dominates him every chance they get alone. He could tell Laura how Victoria has mounted his face three times already. Lewis could tell all sorts of stories about what Victoria does to him.

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Lewis kept looking at Victoria and she understood he was waiting for some sort of sign. This would be a perfect time to come clean with Laura while she was still ecstatic over being rich. Victoria just couldn’t do it. She had a hard enough time admitting how much she enjoyed dominating people to herself. She couldn’t even imagine explaining that to her partner.

Victoria decided to give Lewis a sign. She slipped her sandal off and reached her foot underneath the table. Her foot pushed aside Lewis’s thighs and she rested the heel of her foot against his crotch. The tight shorts that all the Tournament Assistants wore meant there was barely any fabric between Victoria’s heel and Lewis’s cock.

“Oh!” Lewis cried out.

Laura didn’t notice. “Yeah, I bet you have a big cock,” she said.

“Ah,” Lewis answered. Victoria’s toes were curling against the growing bulge in his shorts.

“But I could suck it down,” Laura said. “I can swallow a lot. I’m surprised that swallowing a big cock hasn’t been a challenge yet.”

“Hmm,” Lewis replied. Victoria’s big toe had found the tip of his cock. She was slowly stroking it just by flicking her toe.

“That reminds me,” Laura said. “That Otto guy is crazy, right? I mean, you have to be crazy to have Madd as your name, right?”

“Von Madd is a family name,” Lewis said. Victoria liked how his face was flushing. She stroked faster.

“So,” Laura said with the unbeatable confidence of a really drunk woman. “He’s still crazy, right? Have you met him? What’s he like?”

“Yeah Lewis,” Victoria said. “Tell us what he’s like.” She slipped the sandal off her other foot. Both feet were now pressing against Lewis’s very hard cock.

Lewis took a deep breathe before answering. “Dr. Von Madd is really smart but he gets a bit obsessed. He once shut down all research until we could design an intelligent lubricant applier. No other work could be done until we had a working prototype. Damn thing took a year and half to make.”

Victoria was only half listening. She was concentrating on stroking Lewis’s cock with her feet. When her heels would press against his balls, Lewis would make a pained face and keep talking. His compliance in aiding his own discomfort was making her extremely wet.

“A lubricant applier?” Laura said. “You spent a year and a half making better bottle?”

Lewis shook his head. “No, we spent a year and half making an intelligent flying device that senses when you are having sex. The device then flies to the area of contact and applies lubricant directly to the source of friction. It is a hands free lube aid.”

Victoria was impressed. Not with the device, but that Lewis could form complete sentences while her toes were playing with his erection. She especially liked squeezing her feet together and seeing the way Lewis would gasp as she gripped his erection.

A woman approached their table. Victoria thought it was the waitress so she kept manipulating Lewis with her feet. It was only when the woman spoke that she realized it was Monica Gilbert, New York Beach’s premiere player.

“You two are going to get crushed tomorrow,” Monica said. She was carrying a drink and wearing sunglasses inside the dark bar.

“What?” Laura said. “We’re unstoppable!”

Monica snorted. “You’ve been very lucky. You had the first match and obviously sluts like you weren’t bothered by nudity. I would suspect you two were strippers, but I hang out with real strippers and you two aren’t smooth enough.”

Victoria felt like she should have said something witty, but she really didn’t care. Lewis’s cock was throbbing and she was enjoying the feel of her toes pinching his cock.

Laura picked up the slack. “Wow, you came over here to tell us we suck? You’re a real bitch.”

Monica continued. “I just wanted to make sure you two don’t get your hopes up. The only reason you won against the Vargas’s is that their strategy depends on their speed. That stupid chocolate out there slowed all of us down. You two were just lucky that they are so dependent on their movement.”

Victoria was only half listening. Lewis’s breathing became very rapid. She moved her feet together around Lewis’s trapped cock. Victoria wondered if she could make him climax in his shorts.

Laura responded for both of them. “Oh, so you’re being a bitch and a dick? Why bother to come tell us this? If we’re so bad, why are you so worried, Ms. Worry McWorry pants?”

Monica was speechless. Laura’s drunk insult baffled her. “I can’t spend all night talking to you losers. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t have any false hopes tomorrow. Your freak winning streak is coming at an end tomorrow.”

Victoria moved her feet faster. She could tell he was close.

“Yeah?” Laura said. “Our freak winning stuff is coming to fuck you in the ass tomorrow, bitch dick.”

Monica walked away without acknowledging Laura’s insult. Laura yelled it again, louder just in case she missed it. Laura took an angry sip of her drink.

“Can you believe that?” she said.

“Hmm?” Victoria said. She noticed that when she dug her toes into Lewis’s balls, his mouth hung open from his groans.

“Damn Victoria,” Laura said. “I wish I was as laid back as you. You’re so much cooler than me. You’re like ice.”

Victoria felt Lewis climax. He shuddered and her hands clenched into fists. Not a word escaped his lips. Like a good assistant, he didn’t betray a single sign of what she was doing. Her toe pressed hard again the wet spot forming on his shorts. That wet spot belonged to her.

“I just know when something’s not worth my attention,” Victoria said.

to be continued,

Sep 092008

Laura was tired. She was covered in Ever-Fudge, her ass was sore from a brutal spanking this morning and her legs were killing her from running in ankle deep chocolate. All in all, she would have happily slept for the next 48 hours till all her aches and pains went away.

She was also a millionaire, and that was just plain incomprehensible to her right now.

Victoria had already left to go back to their suite. Before he went with her, Lewis pointed Laura to where the beach showers were located. Laura was almost there now, trying to force her sore body to move so she could get this chocolate crap off of her.

It was a rather conspicuous looking white building that looked completely out of place on the yellow beach. The building was a giant cube with no windows. The words, ‘Von Madd Shower Facility’ was etched on the side in bright purple letters. It stuck out like a sore thumb but at this point, Laura expected no less from this crazy island.

As she was about to open the door to the shower, another woman stepped out. The woman’s arms were covered in tattoos of indeterminate designs. She was wearing a designer swimsuit that looked like it had real gemstones in it. Laura felt like she should have known her, and she was certain that she had seen her play earlier, but she couldn’t remember who she was.

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“Oh, it’s you,” the woman said coolly.

Laura was tired but she always had energy to be bitchy back. “Yep, I’m me. Are you someone?”

The woman snorted. “I’m Jessica Nyler. I was voted ‘Hippest Athlete of the Year’ by Association of New York Sports Columnists. I have a book out. It’s called ‘How to Make Love Like a Volleyball Player.’”

Laura gave her best sympathetic face. “I’m sorry, now I am sure I have never heard of you. Have you done anything vaguely important?”

“Look, you little bitch,” Jessica said. “I’m somebody. You’re nobody. I have sucked more cock and eaten more pussy in New York than any other player here. Me and my partner, Monica Gilbert are going to win this tournament. My agent says a win here could translate into international exposure. I could get a fucking reality show out of this, you understand?”

Laura was a bit lost. “Good luck on that. All sorts of skanks get reality shows. There is no reason you can’t.”

“Not if you and your dyke partner win,” Jessica snapped. “You two have been lucky so far but you’re playing against the big girls now. So go ahead and take your sorry asses home before we humiliate you in public.”

Laura laughed. “Hello? I flashed my tits on television. Public humiliation isn’t much of a threat. Now get your bitch ass out of my way so I can take my damn shower.”

Jessica took out designer sunglasses and put them on. “I’ve said what I needed to. Take your little million dollars and go home. You’re out of your league.”

“I’ll give you a snappy comeback after my shower,” Laura said. She just couldn’t think straight. She was fucking tired.

Laura stepped into the shower building and was glad to see there was a lock on the door. She clicked it shut and then stripped off her Ever-Fudge soaked clothes. Once she was naked, she looked for the shower controls. All she found was a single blue button. Laura pressed it out of a lack of any better ideas.

A shower head emerged from the wall. It blasted her with amazing water pressure. Even more amazing was that the water was at that perfect level of cold and warm. Laura moaned as the Eve r-Fudge slipped off her body.

“Push your limits!” a voice boomed. A tiny six inch hologram of Dr. Otto Von Madd appeared right in front of Laura’s face.

“Jesus Christ!” Laura yelled. She covered herself up with her hands. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Do not worry!” the tiny hologram announced. “I am a simple program unconcerned with your wanton nude body being sprayed with water. I am here to offer another Tournament Challenge so you can win awesome prizes!”

“Fuck your prizes,” Laura said. “I’m sore, I’m tired and now I have a million dollars. I don’t need your prizes.”

The hologram seemed to be studying her. She noticed that although he was six inches tall, his crotch was still at eye level with her. The little hologram folded his arms and seemed to sigh.

“My programming did not realize that you were only interested in monetary awards,” the hologram said. Laura felt like it was sulking.

“That’s not true,” she said. Laura didn’t know why she felt defensive. “I’m just sore and tired. I can’t take another challenge like this morning.”

“One hundred percent of previous Challengers have rated this challenge as the most relaxing they have had to date!” The hologram resumed the former bombastic nature.

“Really?” Laura said. “What else did they say?”

“Eighty-two percent of the Challengers requested to try it again,” the hologram said.

Laura sighed. “Why the fuck not? Ok little dude, I’ll try your challenge. Sign me up.”

“Push your limits!” the hologram announced.

A jet of water shot up from the floor of the shower. The powerful stream of water struck Laura right between the thighs. It hit her pussy dead on, pulsing against her in all the right ways.

Laura threw her arms out to either side of the shower stall to balance herself. “Holy shit,” she said. “Oh damn that feels good. Is this the challenge?”

“No,” the hologram said. “You must answer a series of questions correctly. The questions will cover all topics relating to beach volleyball. Fail to answer a question correctly, and the soothing water will be cut off.”

Laura closed her eyes and felt the warm water pulse against her sex. She leaned a little bit and it struck her clitoris perfectly.

“First question,” the hologram said. “How many points are required to win a match?”

Laura didn’t bother to open her eyes. “Easy, fifteen points.”

“Correct,” the hologram said.

The water pressure increased and Laura moaned in pleasure. She opened her thighs wider so that the water could reach every part of her sex. After a long day, this was exactly what she needed.

“Next question,” the hologram said. “In meters, what are the dimensions of half the court?”

Laura opened her eyes. She was squatting over the greatest sexual water jet ever created. It was a simple question but the ability to do math was eluding her. Laura had to concentrate and that was distracting her from the watery bliss between her legs.

“Eight by eight?” she said.

“Correct!” the hologram announced.

“Oh yes!” Laura moaned. The water jet was now pulsing in a wonderful rhythm. She opened her legs so wide she was almost squatting on the jet.

“Next question,” the hologram said. “True or false, the ball is slightly smaller on average in beach volleyball than it is in official indoor volleyball.”

It was a simple question but the round about way of the phrasing was confusing Laura. She also was damn close to an orgasm and not thinking straight at all. The tenderness of her spanked bottom was a distant memory thanks to the powerful jetting vibrations against her pussy. The regular shower was still on and raining her body with cool water. Laura was in heaven, which was an impossible place to be to be answering rules questions.

“Four seconds,” the hologram announced.

“Shit,” Laura said. “Umm, false! The beach ball is bigger!”

“Correct!” the hologram said.

Twin jets fired from the wall in front of Laura. They struck her large breasts with the same pulsing pressure. Computer aided targeting resulted in the showers striking both nipples perfectly.

“Oh yes!” Laura cried. She leaned forward into the breast pounding jets and the jet aimed at her sex followed her.

“Next question,” the hologram said. “What is your bra size?”

“What?” Laura said. Her hips were moving back and forth, as her body tried in vain to hump the water jet.

“Answer the question or forfeit the challenge in 4 . . . 3 . . . 2-“

“38DD!” Laura snapped. She would have said anything to keep the water going.

The hologram went straight to the next question. “How many vibrators do you own?”

Laura counted quickly to herself. A new water jet hit her bottom. It gently splashed cold water over her much abused ass.

“Nine!” she yelled.

The hologram floated closer to her face. “How many times have you masturbated while thinking of Dr. Von Madd?”

Laura looked at the hologram. Her body was being pummeled by the most wonderful combinations of pulses and pressure. Modesty was a distant concern.

“Three times since I have been here,” she said.

A second water jet fired from the floor. This one hit the inside of her thighs. The sudden pressure reminded Laura of fingers grabbing her thighs. Her imagination was the final drop that sent her body overflowing with pleasure.

Laura screamed her orgasm. She titled her face to the showerhead, opening her mouth and taking the water like it was coming from Dr. Von Madd’s cock. The water overflowed out of her mouth, spilling down her chin and joining the water that was being pulsed to her body from all the marvelous jets.

When Laura pushed her spent body away from the jets, all of the water in the shower cut off. She stood there shaking with pure pleasure. She felt wonderful but she also felt more exhausted than she had before she stepped into the shower.

The hologram was still there. Laura had the impression that the six inch simulation of Dr. Von Madd seemed a bit smug. She was feeling so good, she didn’t really mind.

“Your score has been submitted to the Prize Computers,” the hologram said. “Do well in other challenges to increase your Prize score. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the tournament. Prizes are guaranteed to be awesome!”

Laura laughed. “If they are half as good as the Challenges, I bet they are.”

to be continued,

Sep 042008

“You are tuned into the Von Madd Datalink Network! I’m Ed Jackson and I am joined by the beautiful Dr. Allison Parker as we continue to provide coverage of the first annual Von Madd Beach Volleyball Tournament! If you are just joining us, we are about to start match six of round two. Allison, why don’t you explain the enhancement for today’s matches?”

“Sure, Ed. The brilliant boys and girls from the Edible Pleasures Division has created a form of Chocolate fudge that doesn’t melt. Ever-Fudge, as the marketing boys like to call it, has been applied to the ground of the playing area. The players are discovering just how sticky, warm and delicious the Ever-Fudge is. It’s sticking to every girl like a beautiful sheen of mud.”

“That’s right Allison and for just ten dollars, you can have an 8 by 10 picture of your favorite volleyball player coated in Ever-Fudge. Just press the glowing camera icon on your Datalink Network screen. Speaking of favorite players, it looks like our next match features the Vargas sisters taking on yesterday’s surprise winners, Laura Marie and Victoria Sage!”

“This is going to be interesting, Ed. Yesterday, Laura and Victoria were the first team to experience the strip lasers. They recovered from the surprise before their opponents did and proceeded to win. Today they won’t have that advantage as we have already seen ten teams get coated in Ever-Fudge.”

“They’ll have to win by pure playing talent today, Allison. Let’s see how well they do!”

“It was a nice run while it lasted,” Laura said.

Victoria couldn’t bring herself to agree. “I don’t know. This mud is pretty weird. We might still win.” She pulled her foot out of the Ever-Fudge and tested how hard it tried to hold onto her foot. It was like pulling your foot out of wet sand.

“Really?” Laura said. “I mean, I’d like to win but those are the Vargas sisters. They posed for men’s magazines last year. I don’t think we’re going to shame them like we did Annika and her partner.”

“Maybe not,” Victoria said. She looked across the net at their opponents. The Vargas sisters were beautiful brunettes in micro bikinis. Their breasts were already on the verge of popping out and their thongs left little else to the imagination. If they were covered in Ever-Fudge, it might just make them look less naked.

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Victoria knew they were going to lose but something deep inside her couldn’t accept it. She wanted to win. Victoria was always a realist but right now she was refusing to accept that they were out classed. No, it was more than that she realized. Victoria couldn’t believe she could lose. Something had changed.

Lewis gave her a thumbs-up from the sideline. Victoria nodded at him regally. She knew why she felt different. It was so easy to dominate Lewis, that she hated releasing control over any other part of her life.

“Laura,” Victoria said, “listen carefully. We are going to win. We are going to win against these sisters and you know why?”

Laura looked at Victoria funny. It took a moment for Victoria to realize that Laura was taking her seriously, and that’s why she looked so odd. It had never happened before.

“Why?” Victoria asked.

“Because we want it more than them,” Victoria said. “They think they should win. We on the other hand, are going to want it and we are going to take it. Do you hear me?”

Laura ran her hands through her short black hair. “Hell, yes. You’re right. I want this! But you know, my ass is sore as fuck. I mean, that stupid robot did a number on me. It hurts just to walk.”

“Oh yeah,” Victoria said. “I wanted to say something about you letting some robot spank your ass the day of our match. What was it? Oh, I remember. As far as your sore ass goes, suck it up.”

Laura laughed. “Okay, I deserve that. I’ll try to pass out later from the pain.”

“Right,” Victoria said coolly. “Let’s go take this win.”

“That’s the second face full of Ever-Fudge that Victoria has taken but she keeps the ball in play! Laura goes to spike the ball and the sisters are completely out of position, Allison!”

“And that’s another point for the Americans, Ed. I am really impressed with Victoria. The Vargas sisters thought they had that point, the audience thought they had that point, even Dr. Von Madd clapped at what he thought was a point yet Victoria saved the day again. The score is now five to three.”

“And what commitment, Allison! I mean she went diving into the Ever-Fudge and got covered from head to toe again!”

“God damn, Victoria,” Laura said. “Are you all right? You’re going to picking fudge out of your ass for weeks. Ummm, you know what I mean right?”

Victoria wiped the Ever-fudge from her eyes. Every part of her body felt sticky. She licked her lips. It was pretty delicious.

“I’m fine,” Victoria said. It was an understatement. She was feeling fantastic. They were winning by a slight lead but that wasn’t why she was feeling so great. She was feeling great because she made the choice to dominate the Vargas’s and that’s exactly what they were doing. The power was giving her a head rush.

“Laura, let’s see if we can make the other team dive for the ball for a change.”

“Holy cow Allison! Instead of going for the point, Victoria spiked the ball right into Gabrielle Vargas’s chest! The older sister just made a huge splash in the Ever-Fudge! Angelica just managed to return the ball and Laura easily scores while Gabrielle was still trying to get up!’

“That might have been strategy on Victoria’s part, Ed, but I would bet my thesis paper that Victoria did that out of pure intimidation. Did you see the smile on her face?”

“I sure did, Allison. That woman has a mean streak that no amount of Ever-Fudge could sweeten.”

“That turns you on, doesn’t it, Ed?”

“. . . yes.”

Victoria called for a time out. Laura looked surprise but she didn’t say anything. The Vargas sisters seemed almost disappointed. They both looked pissed at that last move Victoria did and were ready to get some revenge. That’s why Victoria called the time out. She wanted to defuse that anger.

Well, that and she wanted to torment Lewis.

While Laura sat and rested her legs, Victoria walked up to their Tournament Assistant and stretched her arm out against his shoulder. He massaged her arm while Victoria had her back to Laura.

“When we finish this game,” Victoria said so low that only he could hear her, “you’re going to clean every drop of chocolate off of me.”

Lewis’s eyes widened.

“And you are going to use your mouth. You are going to lick every inch of my body and then you are going to hand wash me in the shower. You understand me?”

“Yes ma’am,” he said.

Victoria pulled her arm away. “Come on, Laura. Those sisters have rested enough.

“And the rout just continues, Allison. The score is 14 to 7 and Victoria is a one woman wrecking machine. The Vargas sisters are just looking tired out there.”

“Running in that Ever-Fudge must be exhausting, Ed. The only one not dragging their ass out there is Victoria. The Vargas sisters and Laura are moving in slow motion while Victoria is on fire. Maybe she’s getting a sugar high from that chocolate.”

“She certainly has eaten enough of it today, Allison. She has shown no fear when it comes to diving for the ball. She looks like a chocolate beach bunny out there.”

“Yep, she’s dirty and sticky, Ed. That’s how that girl rolls.

Victoria never knew playing volleyball could be this easy. In the past she had always been able to read offenses and defenses, but it had never occurred to her to read her opponent’s ability to be dominated. It was all a matter of exerting her will. The Vargas sisters were national champions and physically perfect players, but Victoria just saw them as minor obstacles to her desires.

She played close to the net. Laura and her sore ass were guarding the back court. Victoria wanted to be close to the Vargas sisters where she could look them in the eye. She knew she could communicate how fucked they were with a glance. Victoria knew this from doing it repeatedly to Lewis.

Chocolate clung to every part of Victoria’s body. It was under her top, pressed tight against her tits. It was in her shorts, sticking to her ass and pussy. It was between her toes, behind her ears and in her hair. Instead of bothering her, all Victoria could think of was Lewis’s mouth cleaning it all.

She growled when Angelica jumped to block the spike. It must have been loud because Angelica’s fudge covered face turned to look at her instead of the ball. Victoria batted the ball into the ground. The result splat of Ever-Fudge splashed all over the Brazilian superstar.

“Game point!” the referee yelled.

“Victoria!” Laura yelled. “We just won a million fucking dollars!”

Victoria blinked. She had forgotten about the cash prize for winning this round. Financial freedom seemed like a distant bonus compared to the thrill she had just experienced. She had beaten world class players through sheer force of will. It was an extremely arousing experience.

“Great,” Victoria said. She caught Lewis’s eye. “I’m heading to the showers.”

to be continued,