Apr 042012

Communications Officer Falexia Pom waited by the elevator. Her collar had summoned her to the bridge and the young officer was nervous. This was her first day as a bridge officer and she wanted to make a good impression.

Falexia shook her head. The translator implant in her brain only required her to mentally think of the proper symbol in order to shut down, but Falexia was still trying to turn it off with physical actions. She only had the implant for two weeks but already it was making life difficult for her. It was becoming clear why most Communications Officers burned out within a solar cycle.

Falexia checked herself in the mirror glass of the elevator. Her long blonde hair was pinned back in a regulation ponytail. The black metal collar that all Royal Navy personnel wore caught the light of the hallway and glimmered. Her rank allowed her a small amount of personal jewelry and she chose modest diamond earrings looted from a previous conquest of the ship.

It was her uniform that was taking a little getting used to. The tight black skirt barely came halfway down her thighs. The regulation black thong she wore would provide no cover for her ass if her skirt rose. Her already large breasts looked even larger held in by the black leather half-shirt. Her breasts threatened to spill out of the cutaway hole that exposed her cleavage with every breath. The stiletto boots were definitely sexier than the sandals she used to wear as an enlisted crewmember. While the rest of the ship wore simple black jumpsuits, Falexia’s uniform was designed to arouse and intimidate.

She looked good. She felt good. This is what she wanted. Being a Bridge Officer meant she had her own private quarters, a higher share of the conquest loot and personal command over any one that was not an officer. For the first time in Falexia’s career in the Navy, she had finally achieved a small slice of power.

The elevator doors opened. Captain Mitus Raz stood inside. Falexia felt her heart race at the sight of the Captain. Her jaw still hurt from when he interviewed her. She stepped inside and smiled politely.

“Good shift, Sir,” she said.

Captain Raz didn’t appear to acknowledge her. Falexia was relieved. She took the opportunity to observe him at her leisure. Last time they met, she had been too busy choking down his cock to look at him.

The Captain’s skin was dark ebony. He shaved his head and his lips were locked into a perpetual self satisfied smirk. The black collar almost blended in with the darkness of his skin except for the red skull that designated him as Captain. The red jacket of his uniform couldn’t hide the thick muscles of his powerful arms. The sharp knife hanging on his belt was decorated with gems befitting a Captain.

Falexia trembled. She remembered his hands pulling her hair as he forced her onto his cock. This was the most powerful man on the ship and her career and life could be snuffed out by him on a whim. She was afraid of him but her cunt was also terribly attracted to him. Was this normal for an officer?

The elevator traveled upwards to the bridge. Falexia closed her eyes and tried to slow her heartbeat. She also tried to stop the wetness between her thighs. She needed to focus on her job.

She gasped as strong fingers gripped her throat. Her eyes opened to see Captain Raz standing before her. There was fury in his eyes.

“Ensign Pom, you reek of fear,” the Captain Raz said.

“Sorry, Sir,” Falexia whispered. The grip was unrelenting on her throat.

“You are an officer of Queen Erishella’s Royal Navy,” Captain Raz said. “More importantly, you are the communications officer of my ship and you will be representing me. I can not be represented by a coward too afraid to keep her eyes open.”

“Yes, Sir, sorry Captain!” Falexia croaked. The fingers weren’t relaxing at all.

Captain Raz looked down on her. “It’s not just fear I smell on you, is it Ensign?”

“What do you mean, Captain?” Falexia said. How could he tell? Was she really that wet?

Captain Raz placed his other hand on her chest. He gripped her breast harder than the fist around her throat. The leather provided no protection as his fingers dug into her. She moaned as he crushed her breast. There was no point in denying it now. She was wet.

“A little bit of desire is not a bad thing,” Captain Raz said. “It keeps a crew sharp. It helps maintain morale.”

“Yes,” Falexia moaned.

The grip around her throat tightened painfully. Stars exploded in front of Falexia’s eyes.

“Yes, Captain!” Falexia corrected.

The terrible grip relaxed slightly. Falexia could breathe again.

“That’s better,” Captain Raz said. His other hand released her breast. It drifted down to her skirt and Falexia felt a new panic rise within her.

“Control your fear,” Captain Raz growled. His hand went under her skirt. Nimble fingers pulled away her regulation thong and pushed into her sex.

“Oh fuck!” Falexia groaned.

“Fuck indeed, Lieutenant,” the Captain said. “You are soaked. Is it your new promotion that has turned you on? Are you flush with power? How many of the enlisted have you ordered to have sex with you since your promotion?”

“Four, Captain.” Falexia confessed.

Captain Raz’s fingers pushed deeper. He had three fingers in her and he wasn’t being gentle. She took him. Her hips rolled with his fingers as he thrust.

“Four,” Captain Raz said. “Not a bad start, Lieutenant. And how many crewmembers have you punished for revenge?”

“Seven,” Falexia moaned. His fingers were so deep in her. He was fucking her where she stood.

“Excellent, vengeance is an important part of being an officer,” Captain Raz said.

The elevator stopped. Falexia expected the Captain to let her go but he kept both hands on her. She was impaled on his fingers and collared by his hand. There was no escape for her.

A crewman stepped in. He hesitated when he saw the Captain, but when he saw what the Captain was doing to Falexia, he stepped right in. Falexia didn’t know the crewman, but it didn’t lessen her humiliation. The lowly crewman was openly leering at where Captain Raz was fingering her.

She closed her eyes with embarrassment. They popped open again as Captain Raz choked her. Only when her eyes were wide open did he relax his grip.

His other fingers never ceased fucking her.

“Keep those eyes open, Lieutenant,” he commanded. “You are a bridge officer now. Be proud. Even when a lowly crewman is gawking at you, keep your head up high and keep those damn eyes open.”

“Yes, Captain,” Falexia moaned.

“Look him in the eye,” Captain Raz ordered.

Falexia obeyed. She looked right at the crewman. He was older than her, probably been in Navy service for at least twenty cycles. She saw the bulge in his jumpsuit and knew that he desired her. He looked her back, his expression being one of arrogance and mocking.

Falexia whimpered as Captain Raz finger fucked her faster. He pushed her legs apart to expose more of her. In the small confines of the elevator, the sounds of her cunt being fucked was inescapable. She could smell herself now, which meant that the crewman could smell her as well.

What if they reached the Bridge? Falexia wasn’t sure if the Captain would let her go. She suspected that he might keep her just like this till he was done with her, no matter how many officers saw her.

The thought made her tremble some more. It also made her cunt ache.

“What is your name, crewman?” Captain Raz asked.

“Qindoc Guk, Captain!” the crewman snapped.

“Qindoc, if I decided to demote Ensign Pom here and give her to you as punishment, could you handle that duty?”

“What?” Falexia said. His fingers tightened painfully around her throat. She gasped for air and his fingers relaxed only slightly.

“Yes, sir!” Qindoc replied.

“And what would you do to her?” Captain Raz asked.

“I would whip her to an inch of her life,” Qindoc said. “I have a few belts that would take the skin right off her, sir!”

“But would you fuck her, crewman?” Captain Raz asked.

“By the Queen I would fuck her,” Qindoc said. “I would fuck those big breasts and I would fuck her mouth. I would save her ass for last and I wouldn’t stop until her tight ass was full of my seed.”

“Excellent, crewman,” Captain Raz said. “I can tell that you have officer material in you.”

Captain Raz pushed his fingers further up Falexia’s cunt. Despite the horror of Qindoc’s eagerness to abuse her, her cunt was clenching and wet.

“Now listen, Ensign,” Captain Raz said. “Qindoc here is enjoying your troubles. He’s looking at your cunt, he’s listening to your cunt and he can smell your cunt. Right now he is enjoying himself immensely at your expense, isn’t that right, Qindoc?”

“Yes, Captain!” Qindoc snapped. The crewman licked his lips as her imagined the joys he could inflict on her.

Captain Raz stroked her a little slower, perhaps so she could pay better attention.

“Remember his face, Ensign,” Captain Raz said. “Remember his name. Recall that you are now an Officer and this scum dared to enjoy your misery.”

Qindoc’s mocking smile melted into an uncertain frown.

Falexia moaned and now it was from a sense of power.

Falexia threw her head back to break the translation cycle. Captain Raz took it as an invitation to stroke faster. She had no problem with that.

“That’s right, Ensign,” Captain Raz said. “Later you can fuck his face for your amusement. Or maybe you will just have him hurt. It is in your power. But you only have that power if you continue to represent me in the manner befitting the Violatrix. Are we clear on that?”

They were fast approaching the bridge. Falexia mastered the terror rising within her and looked at the Captain with as much confidence as she could muster.

“Yes, Captain,” Falexia said.

“Very good,” Captain Raz said. He pulled his fingers out of her cunt. She bit back the whimper that came to her lips. She was so close and now he was done. It might have been worth being exposed on the bridge just to have gotten off.

He also released her throat. Falexia swallowed her first gulp of real air in what seemed like ages. Her throat ached but she resisted the urge to touch her neck for bruises.

Crewmen Qindoc had his back to her. Obviously he was desperately hoping that she will forget him. Falexia smiled. She would have to track him down later and come up with a suitable punishment.

She did really wish that she had at least climaxed.

“Now, Ensign,” Captain Raz said. “Clean my fingers.”

He presented his fingers to her. They glistened with her desire. The Captain looked at her with an impatient expression.

Falexia opened her lips and accepted his fingers to her mouth. The Royal Navy had long ago taught Falexia that when in doubt, use your mouth. She sucked and licked his fingers. Because he was the Captain, she took her time and used her tongue meticulously on his fingers. It would not do to rush this job, no matter how close they were the bridge.

The doors opened. Qindoc hurried out the door. Falexia looked to Captain Raz but his expression did not change. For all his advice, he was willing to let her invite more punishment.

Falexia kept licking. She could still taste herself on him. There were a lot of her juices to clean.

Some on the bridge were glancing her way. Falexia wanted to close her eyes but she remembered the Captain’s words. She kept them open. She faced the other officers and endured their smirks.

That was okay. She would do her Captain proud. Maybe next time he would let her climax.

“There you go, Captain,” she said when she was finished.

“Take your post, Ensign,” Captain Raz said.

She stepped out onto the bridge with her head high and her eyes open.

To be continued in Violatrix.

To read more, buy the pdf at Kindle or buy the paperback at Lulu.

Apr 022012

Hot damn, my science fiction book, Violatrix, is finally available for purchase. Holy shit, this one took forever. Two years ago I starting thinking about how cute it would be to write about a starship where the crew was more Ming the Merciless than Star Trek and after a long perilous journey, the book is finally here. Hell, before I went into surgery to get my giant nad removed, my last request to my wife was that if I died, to make sure that Violatrix book got published.

So what is it about? The Violatrix is a warship that seeks out new planets and new lifeforms to enslave for the wicked Queen Erishella. Captain Mitus Raz does his best to keep his crew in top fighting shape while also fucking them on the side. It is a crew where officers fuck those of lower rank and fuck over those of higher rank. They encounter a planet where the population appears to be submissive pain sluts who were waiting for the Great Ones to come back and enslave them. It seems too good to be true and yeah, it kind of is.

“Hey Shon, this sounds a lot like the Mirror Universe in Star Trek!” you may say. You’re right. I was greatly inspired by the Enterprise episodes that took place entirely in the evil universe. It occurred to me that I rather watch bad people who got laid than watch good people who flirt. Since I already had the Queen Erishella universe I figured that I would use her as a guiding point. Let’s face it, most of the best lines from the Flash Gordon movies comes from the bad guys. Bad guys are cool.

For the low price of 9.99$ you can buy the paperback version with the cool George Sportelli cover at Lulu. Buy the Lulu Version Here

For the lower price of 2.99 you can get the Kindle version from Amazon. Buy The Kindle Version Here

Jul 182011

This weekend I finished the first draft of the Violatrix novel. That is some sort of a record for me. By my sloppy notes, I think I started writing on June 23rd, and I wrapped it up on Juy 16th. That is less than a month with 16 chapters to show for it. Not fucking bad at all.

It helps that I spent a year thinking about this story. I had a rough idea for a bdsm starship and way back in August 2010, I made my first attempt at an outline. I still had the Island Princess book to finish, and then I had inspiration for Pusse’ and Cox and wanted to act on it. The Violatrix was the project I kept punting on, thinking I would get to it later. After punting it a few times, I began to wonder if I really wanted to write it.

That might be a bit hard for readers to understand. As a writer, I can love the idea of a book I want to read but it might not be something I want to write. I’d love to read the erotic adventures of Irene Adler for example, but the thought of writing Victorian mystery erotica is just beyond my ability. It would be too much work for it to be fun. I began to fear that maybe I was subconsciously avoiding the Violatrix.

The best cure for a fear is confronting it head on. I gave myself a buffer of five stories to post on Wednesdays so that I would have 5 weeks of no excuses. I adopted the attitude that writing a first draft that could be revised later was better than writing a first draft that was perfect the first time around. I gave myself permission to make mistakes as long as I was just writing.

So I wrote, I wrote and I wrote some more. The speed required fast decisions. I completely deleted a science character I had in mind because I recognized that he was a personal indulgence on my part that did nothing for the story. One character got red skin because everyone looked a bit too human for my tastes. Another character became part of a royal family.

Often when I write a novel, I go through a phase where I can’t stand the story anymore. It is because I am so deep inside the story that I see all the flaws and failed aspirations and no longer see it as a story. I think it also just comes down to exhaustion. I didn’t reach that with this story and that is amazing to me. I am sure I will during the revisions but to escape the first draft still fond of it is new for me. I like it.

Another amusing side effect is the havoc that writing this fast played on my ending. On the Violatrix, the crew are the ones most likely to kill each other. I didn’t want to fall into the Star Trek trap of eight invincible crew members. I want to shake the cast up with every story if I write this as a series. I had a list of characters to die and by the time I reached the end, I had a new set of characters in mind. I think the speed writing turned the story into an audition. By the time I reached the end, I knew who just didn’t click as a character and I never wanted to write again, and I knew the character that was so interesting that they had to die to complete their story arc.

Now it’s time to put the book away and work on other things. Like that pirate anthology which I really need to put the finishing touches. Shit, I also don’t have a story for this Wednesday. At this point, the idea of someone else writing that short story would be my idea of porn.

“Oh master, I will be your slave and do anything you want! do you want a blowjob? How about anal? Should I call my sister?”

“Slave, write a short story and make it funny. This I command.”

Jul 052011

After twelve days of writing, I am at the mid point of my Violatrix novel. Holy shit. How did that happen? Who knew that not having a job would give you so much writing time?

Part of my success came from just writing the damn thing. I keep writing, even when I am not 100% confident in where it is going. I can clean it up in the second draft. The important thing is that there is no second draft without a first draft, so I keep writing like a mother fucker.

The other part of my success is that I built up a buffer of short stories for posting on Wednesdays. I am really understanding how much time goes into just thinking of a concept for a short story much less writing it. I have been averaging a chapter a day where as my normal story average is 1.5 stories a week.

Which makes me wonder if the time involved in writing short stories for free is time well spent. The short stories become testing chambers for my ideas and the novels are my ideas refined and expanded, but when I post a story and get that tiny amount of comments on it, it makes me wonder if I should have just spent that time making a book where I get some tiny financial reward. It is certainly on my mind.

Of course, halfway done with a novel is still not done. I got to write and I am going on a 3 day trip this weekend so that will certainly kill my momentum. The upside to writing this fast is that I have not become sick of the subject matter or the story itself yet (I’m looking at you, Island Princess). I just want to record this happy moment of novel writing bliss while I still love the story.

Jun 272011

Star Trek has taught me that the proper number of officers required to run a spaceship is somewhere around ten people. Battlestar Galactica taught me that number is more like three or four, but quite frankly, that is boring as shit. The more command officers that a story has, the more possibilities for conflicts and alliances. When you write porn, the more potential sexual partners, the better.

So after writing up the cast for my Violatrix spaceship, I had nine characters. That is quite a few characters to deal with right away. I worry about the reader getting overwhelmed and confused. Since it is also science fiction with some non-English sounding names, the potential of confusion just gets higher.

I soon understood why most Star Trek movies only focus on two or three characters while the rest of the crew gets snappy one-liners. It is hard to divide out attention equally. I notice that Star Trek novels tend to give the crew equal shares of the plot, but I suspect they can do that because they are not introducing anyone to the reader. When a reader of Star Trek picks up a book, he already knows who Spock, Kirk, McCoy and even down to the minor characters like Sulu. The reader knows these characters. In my book, I have to introduce everyone to the reader for the first time.

My strategy was to create a sort of relay. I start with Character A as the focus. We see things for A’s point-of-view and what A has to deal with is Character B. So we get to know A from A’s perspective and we get to know B from A’s perspective. Then the next chapter is told from Character B’s perspective and they interact with Character C. This continues as we meet new characters. The character just met in the last chapter becomes the relay to the next character. And since this is a sex book with people plotting to kill each other, it gives a lot of characters some nice one on one time.

I loved this idea so much that I decided to make the entire novel follow this format. I might have nine characters but we deal with two or three at a time at the most. I considered myself a genius.

Well, right up to when it just doesn’t work. This format hijacked the plot. I was trying to fulfill the demands of the gimmicky format rather than the needs of the plot. I spent a week trying to make it work before I realized something terribly important about brilliant gimmicks. It is only brilliant if it actually fucking works.

So I have decided to use the relay gimmick only up until the characters are introduced. I do think I will keep with sticking with one character’s perspective through the entire chapter as I think that is the only way to write, really. I feel that sex has to be experienced through the eyes of one person at a time, as the uncertainty of what the other character’s motives, likes and desires is a big part of sex.

Interesting enough, even giving attention to all the characters hasn’t prevented the fact that some characters are just inherently more interesting. Some characters right now are interesting as far as how they are obstacles to other characters. I also found that the most sympathetic character really helps move the story along. I use to criticize Star Trek stories where the minor officers get little air time but the truth of the matter is that maybe they just don’t add that much to the story. If a character wants to be a bigger part, then they got to be fucking worth spending time with.

So, what have I learned last week?

Gimmicks are only brilliant if they actually fucking work.

Lots of characters are fine but they need to be character you actually give a fuck about.

Star Trek writers had it harder than I thought.

Jun 032011

Since I have more free time, I thought I would document my through process for my next book. I find the process of writing to be fascinating so I will try to share my thoughts just in case someone else does too. I will also avoid spoilers which might be tricky, but hey, I hate spoilers as much as I love process.

The Violatrix is a book set in Queen Erishella’s navy. Erishella is a cruel monarch who sends spaceships out to find new worlds to subjugate. The Violatrix is the name of a space ship where the story takes place.

My high concept description is “Star Trek if the crew followed Ming the Merciless.”

As much as I love star Trek, I don’t have an interest in doing a parody of it. The evil mirror universe in Star Trek is a big influence but I beleive it is better to create than to write fan fiction. When you create your own characters, your own rules and your own universe, than it is yours. No reader will ever say “I don’t beleive evil Kirk from a parallel universe would act that way!”

I also like the universe of Queen Erishella better. Using Flash Gordon as a jumping point, you start from a place of high adventure and space opera. Star Trek investigates and uses science. Flash Gordon fights a lot of half naked people while other half naked people are tied up. Queen Erishella uses science to get people naked and make them do terrible things while they have sex.

Sex is the big thing. I write erotica. Any story I do is going to be soaked in sex. Violatrix is a sexy ship that preys on lesser planets. The crew is a mix of dominant personalities and submissives. They fuck a lot. Fucking is worked into the process. The Captain is the King of Fucking and everyone envy his power. Betrayal and venom will be the fuel that this ship runs on. The reason this crew is the terror of the universe is because they sharpen themselves on trying to terrorize each other.

Which means I have potentially have a cast of unlikable characters. That could be a problem. This is where I think humor helps. The reason so few BDSM stories have humor is that it kills the deadly gothic tension that they are trying to build. I use humor all the time because I am a smart ass. I think humor will help keep this book from being a total bummer.

I also think that if every character is a bastard, then it become enjoyable to see them inconvenienced. I also want to give every dog their day, so that even the submissives who get abused take it out on someone else. Plus, they are a crew of perverts, so I think there will be a lot of situations where people are being taken advantage of and they are not complaining all that much. This might seem offensive in theory but in practice, it sometimes works. A ship full of bdsm science fiction can get a lot of leeway.

Which brings us to the plot. Plot A will be the Violatrix and the crew against a threat. This will be main plot. Plot B will involve two characters trying to assassinate the Captain. Plot C will involve two other characters trying to smuggle something on board for their own personal profit. That leaves three characters left over who will either be accomplices or obstacles for the characters in Plot B and C.

And fucking. So much fucking.

Aug 162010

I have spent a week on this outline for the Violatrix and it is so close to being done I can taste it. (It tastes like salty pain.) The book centers on the senior officers of a starship which is comprised of five couples and the asexual science officer. By the end of the book, most of the characters will have fucked each other. These things are important to know.

A lot of my fellow porn writers dislike outlines but man, I need them. I need a plan. I need to know ahead of time what I am writing today. Outlines also help me see patterns and omissions in my story. In the first outline, the First Officer had twice as many chapters as any other character. They were essentially the main character, except that they weren’t. Oops. The other interesting oversight was that the Communications Officer only had one sex scene and she is arguably my favorite character at the moment.

My main concern this weekend was fashion for the crew. I wanted a uniform that was sexy but simple. Normally in a written book I need only concern myself with how a uniform can be described to the reader, but since this will be a book with a cover, I have a chance to visually show the uniform.

Star Trek already has a famous evil universe uniform which is basically jagged lines and midriffs. I am quite fond of this look but since I am not writing a Star Trek book, I got to come up with something different.

I turned to Flash Gordon and was amused that although royalty wore great clothing, the soldiers wore rather boring clothes. Neck to toe leather in a vaguely Russian Tsar-era uniform is kind of cool but not terribly sexy.

I am leaning towards some sort of skin tight lyrca-like substance managed by a belt. Press a button and your pants disappear. It has a sci-fi feel to it but it lacks the visual striking quality that the jagged midriff look has.

This is where I wish I could hijack Project Runway and use their skills.

“Designers, your challenge is to create a look for a sci-fi BDSM porn novel. Make it sexy and make it work! Be sure to use the Adam and Eve accessories wall wisely!”

Which reminds me, I have not even started on what the Violatrix itself looks like.

Aug 092010

This week I work on the outline for my Violatrix book. The premise is that a spaceship crewed by explorers from Queen Erisehella’s navy goes looking for strange new worlds to exploit. It is a mish-mash of Star Trek, bdsm with a side helping of the television show, Rome. I want a crew that is fucking each other when they are not fucking over each other.

The tricky part will be not doing a full out Star Trek parody, even though it is heavily influenced by Star Trek. Shit, it is largely inspired by the evil universe version of Star Trek. I thought the dark universe epsiodes of Enterprise was ten times better than the regular series. Betrayal, conflict and sex! Does it get better than that?

I once wrote an Erishella story where I named a character Feanna, and gave her a similar background to Deanna Troi from Star Trek. Quite a few readers thought it was distracting and thought it was supposed to be Deanna. I was just being cute when what I had done was sabotaged the story I was meaning to tell. I can’t blame the reader because I was the one that suggested there was a connection.

In other words, when the security officer has rough sex with the doctor, I don’t want people thinking it is Worf buggering Dr. Crusher. I want these people to be their own characters. Considering that there has been five Star Trek shows, I have a feeling that similarities are going to happen no matter what I do.

One of the ways I plan to combat that is having the ship set in Queen Erishella’s universe. I see Erishella as my sexy Flash Gordon playground. It is based less on science and more on over the top spectacular comic strip fun. I plan to replace techno babble with great clothes and outrageous sexual practices.

So this week I will outline three plots. The A plot is the typical Star Trek plot that threatens the ship and the crew. Plot B will be a conspiracy on the part of some characters to overthrow the Captain and get promotions for themselves. Plot C will be a small conspiracy of a few characters to enrich themselves or get the ones they want to fuck. My list of characters is in the double digits so I know this will be on the of more complicated things I have written. I think it will be soap opera complicated. I am pretty excited.

I am also pretty scared. I have never written something this intricate before. It could be a fucking diaster. On the other hand, it will be fucking unique.

Sometimes you got to write what no porn writer has never written before.