Oct 302007

Valerie wanted pictures of her Halloween costume, which this year was Red Riding Hood. The red cape was awesome, as well as the shoes which we have already seen, but I fell hard for the fishnet stockings. Scarlet and oh so netty; they covered Valerie’s legs and didn’t hide a damn thing. It was a barrier but one that asks you to reach out and rip it open. Sigh.

Official Kinky Red Riding Hood Costume Joke- “Your safeword today is Woodsman.”

This is a picture that I took when most of the clothes were off. Valerie has one of the best sexy smiles I know. That’s is the smile of a woman about to be filled in all sorts of good ways. At least I think it is considering I have not seen Valerie filled. Hmmm.

So, I was sorting through my pictures afterwards and I patted myself on the back for doing a classic blogger naked picture. Half the face is gone but naughty parts are shown. I have five shots like this and that’s it. I don’t have any of Valerie in this pose with her entire face. I couldn’t beleive it at first until I realized that a year or two of blogging has taught me some really shitty photography habits. I have the perfect anonymous nudie picture, I just don’t have the perfect Valerie nudie picture.

Finally we have Valerie’s ass. Wow, nothing I can say can improve upon her bottom. In light of that, I would like to direct your attention to a few things.

One, over in my blogroll, Otto Von Madd is running for President and has a blog to chronicle this attempt. Do not fear, this blog will not suffer in content. The fact of the matter is that I have such expansive political knowledge that I needed to drain it somewhere. A fictional character running for office just made sense. I get to put all my current news knowledge to use and you get a silly blog. We all win.

Second, I am terribly happy everyone is enjoying the Seven Curses of Hannah. I went through a deep depression just writing it so it’s glad to see you get some fun out of all that pain. When you hit your mid-thirties, that seems to be when all your married friends decide what a big fucking mistake they made. My own marriage has had it’s ups and downs so there are certainly some inspirations drawn from real life too. The thing I would like to remind all my readers is to me, Hannah and Adam have a sucky marriage because they deliberately take pains to avoid realizing how sucky things are. I know I should let the story say that for me, but I think a detail like that is too damn important to leave to my writing skills.

Third, I just wanted to say how happy all of my readers make me. Knowing you guys and gals are there waiting to see what I do next has been a big ego boost and a great inspiration. You help keep me writing, thinking and entertaining and I appreciate that a lot.

Oct 252007

I like rope but I don’t like rope enough. When I look at hobbies, I always ask myself what the learning time is going to be, and what would I rather be doing. With writing, I love it and will always write if I have some spare time. Photography to me is writing one image stories, so I will always want to learn how to do better. Rope though, after fumbling with my fifth knot, I start thinking about why I haven’t written another Librarian story. The learning curve is just too high. I have things to do that I love more.

So, thank the Gods for eye-bolts, premade restraints and clips.

One thing I have found from not using rope is that I am fond of the one limb bondage. Rather than cocoon someone, I like the idea of just tying a part of someone down so that I am free to play with the rest of them. There is also something mental going on when you bind an ankle and that’s it. The fact that they are not escaping on their own means that something emotional/mental/psychic is going on.

It also left her other leg free to go elsewhere, like around my hip.

Oct 232007

I spent a happy Saturday taking around 774 pictures of my friend, Valerie. It was my first shoot with a tripod and let me tell you, that makes all the difference in the world. Valerie was a blast to work with which also makes a big difference. We had a lot of silly pictures mixed in with a lot of very overt pictures. One of the best parts about working with friends who know you is that you can suggest terribly inappropriate shots and their response is a giggle followed by compliance.

During this shot, I mentioned that this was called the ‘climax grip’. I made the term up but the purring was worth it.