Jul 082022

I have successfully moved into my new house. Technically this happened back on the 25th of last month but there was still a lot of shit to do. My old apartment had a two page list of what they expected to be cleaned and I spent the rest of June making sure that happened. Then the first week of July was spent doing fun things like putting together my IKEA desk of the past 13 years, realizing the leg is in the wrong place, dissembling the whole damn thing and then putting it back together. Fun times.

Oh, and did you know that after packing all your shit into boxes, you then have to take all that shit back out after you move? That is fucked up. There has to be a better way.

On the positive side, this I did my first smut writing in about a month. My next CYOA book is in it’s second draft and Vincent Price willing, I might actually get it published next month. This weekend I return to my Vaquel stories and get that series rolling again. My goal is to produce ten Vaquel stories this year and to get back to one-story-a-month schedule for 2023.

Thank you for your patience during these busy times. If you ever had your eye on a book of mine, I gently ask you to consider buying it now. My sales have taken a hit without me being on Twitter promoting my stuff. I’m sure they will return to normal soon but in the meantime, I’ve got to buy some shelves to put my boxes and boxes of books on.

Regular blog posting will resume with posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Jun 052022

We close on the new house on June 15th. The actual move is on the 25th. After the move, we have until the 30th to clean the apartment and get our deposit back. In other words, June is a busy month.

Somehow I managed to get some writing done this week. I decided that my 131,000 word story wasn’t long enough and added a sex scene. That is in addition to the bad ending I wrote where you and a friend become sex maniacs. I can thank Amanda Clover’s books for teaching me that even bad endings should be their own sex scenes and reward in itself.

My current obsession is cookbooks. I have been browsing the food section of Amazon and compulsively adding cookbooks left and right to my wish list. More entertaining are the reviews for cookbooks where people take the time and energy to write a nasty review because the recipes didn’t take into account this one weird problem that the review author has. I don’t know why, but those petty narcissistic reviews make me cackle.

For the past seven years I have been in a small apartment kitchen. There is enough counter space for one cutting board and not a big one. The house will have a kitchen island in addition to the counters. I can’t wait to get in there and make something that might require TWO cutting boards.

Just twenty more days.

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May 272022

Last month, my wife and I put in an offer for a house and it was accepted. The new place is 15 minutes away but there is still a shit load of packing to do. Not to mention that buying a house is a lot more complicated than the Sims made it out to be. This is the second house that I have bought and wow, the paperwork is insane. Not to mention that we needed to buy furniture and appliances as well as hire painters and other craftsmen.

In other words, I have been busy as fuck. Somehow, I am still plugging away at my next Choose-your-own-erotica book and there is a small chance it will be ready at the end of June. Don’t hold me to that because if I have learned one thing, there is always another damn thing to do when it comes to house buying and moving.

In the meantime, I will post updates on Fridays to let you know how close I am to resuming my normal porn producing schedule. Thank you for your patience.

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Apr 132022

Some of you may be wondering, “Hey Shon, where the fuck is the latest Vaquel story? You haven’t posted one since February! Are you done with Vaquel? Is the twenty year mission ending like this? How much do you suck?”

Well reader, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that back in December when I decided it would be cool to write a year long theme about a hedonistic society that was murdered by their neighbors for bullshit reasons, I didn’t realize that 2022 would be the year that Russia decided to murder their neighbors for bullshit reasons. Reading about war crimes and atrocities sort of took the fun out of whatever I felt the appeal of this theme would be.

At the same time, I was also deep into my next Choose-your-own-erotica book which is coming along quite well. I crossed into an obsession phase where I wanted to spend 98% of my time writing that book. That book became an escape from the real world and a welcome one at that.

The good news is, I am past that obsession point and looking to return to other projects. I have made peace with my similarities to real world tragedy and think I have a way forward in my Vaquel stories. The plan is that once I get rolling, to publish two Vaquel stories a month until I catch up and can go back to once-a-month publishing.

Thank you for your patience and rest assured that Vaquel will be back exploring and fucking real soon.

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Jun 242021

Hot Vaxx Summer is going great! Ever since being fully vaccinated for COVID, I have found myself in a much happier frame of mind. This resulted in a shitload of writing for my next project and perhaps a little much playing of Evil Genius 2. The paradox of increased book-writing is that I often have little time or energy left over for blog writing. Maybe that will change once the novelty of going outside without the fear of death wears off.

In other news, Year Eight of Vaquel Di stories have been collected and are available for sale on Amazon. It is a nice collection of what I call Weird Space stories. It occurred to me while editing this one that for the past three years, Vaquel has been traveling through distinct civilizations. I miss the days of dead planets and remote strangeness. I think I will return to that kind of space next year.

That is all for now from me. Stay safe and be kind to yourself.

Mar 042020

Last year my wife’s bosses were purged at her company. new bosses were brought in and they began removing anyone left from the old structure. My wife was given a bullshit performance review and told it was in her best interest to move on.

My wife is looking into other jobs but in the meantime, we decided that I should re-enter the workforce. Writing porn is nice but it seriously does not pay the bills. Like, not remotely.

I still plan to write porn. Writing will always be my passion. I wrote so much porn when I was working seven days a week at a factory job, so I know it is doable. I just need to temper my expectations.

Right now, there will not be a Vaquel story for March. The past month has been stressful and my writing time has been replaced with worrying time. Fear not! I actually have the next three stories mapped out, so it is just a matter of getting my mojo back. I will also keep journalling and updating the blog because I like sharing whatever weird shit I come across with you.

I currently have a job interview tomorrow. I trend to ace reviews and quite frankly, the place appears to be in “Hire any warm body” mode so I am hopeful I will get it. Getting a job will be a huge stress-reducer and I am sure I will get back to a regular writing schedule.

One thing I highly doubt I will do anymore are interactive erotica books. They take half a year to write and that was when I had no job at all. I just don’t see doing that anymore. And maybe that isn’t a bad thing. My latest book, “Be the Supervillain” is greatly under performing my previous interactive erotica books.

Something I do think I will be doing is creating more writing games. I greatly enjoy making “Traveling the Planes of Desire” and I am playtesting my next game, “Your Demon Lover”. Writing games are lovely because I feel like they are blueprints for others to write their own smut. The more people writing porn, the better.

So that is all for now. I hope you will stay with me as I shift to this new schedule.

Nov 012019

Some people make resolutions at the start of the new year. I decide to remake myself on Halloween. One way I would to change myself is to become someone that actually blogs on a regular basis.

It has been awhile so let’s update you on where my current projects are.

My next interactive erotica ebook has the working title of “Night of the Temptress”. You play a super villainess with the powers of flight, super strength, invulnerability and the ability to turn people into devoted lust slaves with a touch of your skin. It is a power fantasy kind of book where you play a wicked woman committing crimes.

This book will not be as long as “Fight in the Sex Arena”. This book will be closer to “Bang Your Sister-in-Law” length. I am doing this mostly for my mental well being as I have so many other projects I want to work on and interactive fiction stories are taxing on the brain.

“Night of the Temptress” first draft is 2/3rds done, and I am estimating it may be ready by February 2020.

My other project is a sequel to “Call of the Six”. If you don’t know, “Call of the Six” is about a call center employee who becomes the herald/prophet/slave of six powerful erotic entities. They instruct him to bring pleasure back to the world and to form a cult. The next part has been written and will be published sometime in December.

Another project is “Ms. Aytricks and the Step-Siblings”. This is my take on the magical nanny genre, except everyone is an adult and there is a lot of spanking and fucking. This story is completed and ready to do, except that my cover artist,Michael Dean, suffered a hand injury and has been unable to draw. It sucks, but these things happen. I am not considering getting another artist as Dean’s style perfectly captures what I have in mind.

The last project on my list is a strange one. The working title is “Wasteland Racer” and it is another serial story. It takes place after a terrible apocalypse has devastated the world. Humanity has devolved to sex crazed violence freaks living alongside mutant monsters, zombie hordes and inexplicable natural phenomenon. The series is about a race that travels the ruins of America, almost like a traveling circus. Locals love to host the racers and their crews while the rest of the wasteland watch the races on their scavenged television sets. The main character is a masked psycho who keeps his mechanic/sex slave in the trunk of the car.

I have written the first part and like it a lot. It is a very gonzo story with some extreme violence and rough sex. Shit, all the sex is rough. The tricky thing has been avoiding the misogyny that I see in similar gonzo stories and I think I have succeeded.

This month I will begin shopping around for a cover artist while also working on the second part.

That concludes this status report. Remember to stay hydrated. Treat yourself to an early Christmas gift this week. For of the love of the Goddess, get your flu shot if you haven’t already.

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Apr 302019

In a surprise twist, Amazon agreed with me that my books should not be banned. My account has been restored and you can buy my stuff again.

Wow, this is great news. I am emotionally exhausted but still, great news. I do need to look into alternate outlets as a safety precaution in case this happens again.

Thanks for every one’s support. The messages and comments really kept my spirits up in what was a super anxious time for me.

Apr 252019

Yesterday, Amazon sent me a form letter telling me that “Fight in the Sex Arena” violated their standards. Since this was my second offense, they deleted my kindle publishing account, erased my ebooks and decided to keep all the royalties owed to me.

They didn’t say what was offensive about my book. Was it heart-racing combat followed by humiliating sex? Was it my frequent abuse of the word, “thrust”? Was it the many, many, MANY scenes where the Cocksquid violates the player? Amazon won’t tell me so I can only assume my erotica was so hot that I killed someone.

This is rather depressing news. My Amazon books earned me on average about $500 a month, which was no small thing. I spent that money on Patreon, comics, cover art, bills and so much porn.

It feels a lot like getting fired, except I am fired from a job I love and plan to keep on doing. I will keep writing and I will find another outlet to sell through, but the emotional impact is still there. It sucks.

I have sent an email to KDP support asking for clarification, but my experience has been that they rarely respond. I will keep you updated on what they say so that other authors can learn.

Thank you for your support and patience as I consider what to do next,

Jan 212019

Last week I got laid out with a nasty cold. The doctor insists that it was a cold but I know that it was really some sort of super-virus designed to kill humanity and make me stop writing porn. Well, it succeeded in stopping my writing but I was able to cough it out of my system and save the entire world. You are welcome.

One thing I was able to do while coughing and sniffling was do a whole lot of editing on my Sex Arena book. I have finished 81% of the third draft and should wrap it up this week. Something about being sick made it really easy to spot missing words and how one character’s eyes kept changing from blue to grey and back to blue again.

A casualty of my cold/super-virus was this month’s Vaquel story. It is really hard to think sexy when you are studying the color of your snot. Instead of a story this month, Vaquel will return on the first Wednesday of February.

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