Jun 222016

Hey there young man, step right up. Don’t be shy. My name is Mrs. Payson. Excuse me for not getting up but I am trying to get my sun for the day. You don’t mind talking to a nude lady laying out in the sun, do you? Of course you don’t. You live here in Hornbeam Estates.

“Why thank you for your compliment. I know I am getting on in years and I don’t look like the young ladies I see around her but I like to think my body is still pretty good. My tits might sag a bit but they are still bigger than what most people got.

I see that you’re admiring my pool. Pretty nice, isn’t it? I have the biggest and deepest pool in all of Hornbeam Estates. Fifty-four inches of wall height, eleven inches of resin high seat, with interlocking steel stabilizer bars unlike that flimsy pool that’s in lot twelve. You can fuck in my pool and the walls won’t be bursting on you.

Can you get in? Well now, that depends. Everyone wants to use my pool and if I let everyone use it, there wouldn’t be any room for me. I do make allowances for handsome young men and open minded young women. Why don’t you pull down your pants and let me see if you can get in.

Oh my, you aren’t shy at all. You pulled them right down as soon as I asked. I should have asked sooner! Let’s see what you got there. Come closer so I can touch it.

Hmm, pretty long even when limp. Oh my, pretty thick when hard as well. The shaved balls are pretty to look at. Yes, this is a fine looking dick you have here. I would be proud to have it in my pool.

Wait, hold your horses, not just yet! Get back over here. I would like a small admission fee. I guess you could call it an emission fee. You don’t get it? Pity.

Forget my jokes and start pulling on your dick. That’s right, I want to see you jack it. I want to see you come. More specifically, I want you to come on my big tits.

Why? You ask a lot of questions for a pretty boy. I notice that you’re stroking it though. It is really simple; I like watching pretty men come. There is nothing like feeling a man’s hot seed falling on me on a pretty summer day.

Oh my, I believe you have gotten even bigger. Oh, I like it when you spit on your cock. Very manly. You look good even to lick.

Maybe later. Just keep jacking it.

You don’t know how hard it is living here, with all these naked beautiful young people showing off their bodies while they go about mowing the grass, jogging in the nude or just fucking in their yards. It is enough to make an older gal like myself a little insecure.

Ah, that is sweet of you to say. Don’t get me wrong, I know I can out-fuck almost every one here. When I fuck someone, I spoil them for every one else. That is one of the reasons I moved out here. I had to get away from my smitten former lovers.

Oh look, you’re about to come. I know that look. Just look at my luscious tanned tits and let your seed fly.


Oh yes.

Keep pumping, I want it all.

Very good.

Now shake it. You can smear your tip on my nipple if you want.

Mmm, very good.

Now get in the pool young man. Relax and soak in the water. Get your strength back up.

I’m going to stay out here until I get my morning sun. Maybe someone else will come over and join us.

Apr 272016

Amber sat down on the seat of the riding lawnmower. The hot plastic felt like a frying pan against her naked butt. She winced and gripped the wheel as her body acclimated to the heat.

Rachel, her domme, smirked. Amber had never seen her fully smile. She wondered if it was a domme thing or maybe just a Rachel thing. The older woman didn’t like questions.

“Quit your bitching,” Rachel said even though Amber hadn’t said anything. “The grass needs to be cut and you won’t see me doing it.”

Amber bit her lip. Sure, the grass needed to be cut but did she have to be naked to cut it? She wanted to say it but she could guess the answer and it would involve a lot of unpleasant slapping.

Rachel wasn’t finished. She picked up a Von Madd Thigh-Crusher vibrator and placed it against Amber’s thigh so that the large round dome at the end was pressed against Amber’s shaven sex. When she had it exactly where she wanted, she wrapped duct tape around Amber’s thigh to secure the vibrator in place.

“Oh Jesus,” Amber moaned and Rachel smirked again.

“Alright,” Rachel said. “Remember, I want even lines. If you do that curvy wave shit again I am going to take it out of your ass. I want a nice clean mowed yard.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Amber said.

Rachel flipped the switch on the vibrator. It roared to life and power vibrations pounded Amber’s sex.

Amber gasped. The vibrations were overwhelming. She involuntarily spread her legs to get vibrator away from her sex.

WHAP! Rachel slapped Amber’s thigh. “Keep your legs together you little whore. And get to work!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Amber yelled. She closed her legs and shuddered under the force of the vibrator. Her finger missed the ignition button on the lawnmower but she clicked it on her third try.

The lawnmower engine fired up. It was loud but Amber was sure that the Von Madd vibrator was louder. She placed her foot over the gas pedal and released the brake. The lawnmower surged forward, jamming her sex onto the head of the evil vibrator.

Amber directed the lawnmower to the border between Rachel’s yard and the yard next door. It was hard to tell where one yard in the trailer park ended and the other started but Amber tried her best. If she got it wrong, she had no doubt that Rachel would correct her.

When she decided her spot, Amber began her straight line. She kept her hands tight on the wheel no matter how distracting the vibrator was. Rachel liked straight lines. Amber also liked being able to sit on her ass without crying. She guided the lawnmower as best she could.

The vibrator never ceased. It pulsed endlessly against Amber’s soaking wet sex. She tried to move her thigh but there was not much leg room on the lawnmower and she needed to keep her foot on the pedal. All she could do was ride and bear it.

The hot sun bore down on her. Sweat dripped all over her body. A pool formed in the seat of the lawnmower but Amber knew that wasn’t just sweat.

She reached the end of the yard and began her turn. Ever so carefully she turned the lumbering mower one hundred and eighty degrees. It turned as the vibrator continuously abused her sex. It turned as Amber struggled to hold onto the plastic wheel with her sweaty hands. It turned as the smell of cut grass filled Amber’s sinuses.

Amber began the second row of cutting. An orgasm threatened to explode within her. She didn’t know what to do. If she came, there was no way that she would be able to drive straight. The smart thing would be to stop and climax but Rachel didn’t like that. Her mistress called that wasting gas.

Biting her lips didn’t help. Sometimes she could stop an orgasm by pinching her nipple but she didn’t dare stop using two hands on the wheel. That just left pure force of will to keep from coming. Amber tried to focus on keeping the lawnmower straight and hoping that concentration could somehow ignore an orgasm.

It was impossible. The vibrations from the vibrator were intense but the lawnmower itself provided more sensations. The rumbling of the machine, the jiggling of her tits and the sensation-play of the sun combined to make Amber hyper-aware of her body.

She climaxed. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the wheel. She screamed her pleasure as she struggled to keep the lawnmower straight.

The wheel barely turned. Amber compensated and kept going straight. Maybe the deviation was too small for Rachel to notice.


Amber’s sex quivered as the vibrator kept pulsing. She was extremely sensitive after coming but there was nothing she could do. New tears came to her eyes that had nothing to do with sweat.

Someone waved at her from the trailer next door. It was Mr. Surry. He leaned against the rail of his deck while sipping from a glass.

Amber’s already flushed face blushed even deeper. This was the part she hated the most. Every one knew that Rachel hated mowing her grass. As soon as they heard the lawnmower, the neighbors came out to watch. Rachel never shared her submissive but she had no problem parading her on grass cutting day.

She reached the end of the yard near the road. Amber slowed down and spun the wheel around. The lawnmower slowly turned. She got it facing the right direction and began the long drive to cut a new row.

Mr. Surry was still watching. Amber tried to ignore him as the vibrator buzzed between her legs. Sweat gleamed on her naked body but she tried not to think about it. She kept her mind on the mostly straight line ahead of her.

Another orgasm bloomed within her. It grew and burst before she knew it. Her eyes closed in pleasure before snapping back open in fear. Thankfully, her hands had kept the wheel straight.

“Oh Jesus,” Amber moaned. She was only on the third row of grass to be cut and her pussy was a sensitive over-stimulated mess. How much more could she endure? More importantly, could she keep the damn lines straight?

On the fourth row she tried a new way to spread her legs and keep her foot on the pedal. It gave her sex a break but she came dangerously close to drifting the lawnmower to the right so she had to stop.

On the fifth row, Mr. Surry started to record her with his cell phone. She just knew he would be uploading the video to their neighbors later.

On the sixth row, Amber climaxed. The pleasure was secondary to the sensitized tenderness she was experiencing. She doubted that she would be able to climax again.

On the seventh row, she climax again. She also jerked the wheel as she came which caused her to leave her carefully driven lane.

On the eight row, Amber tried to cover the mistake she made by driving over most of the seventh row. All the while, the powerful vibrator hummed away at the most sensitive part of her body.

On the ninth row, Amber panted from the heat and vibrations. Her arms ached from the tension of trying to drive straight. She felt her pussy going numb from all of the stimulation.

Rachel came out of the trailer. She carried a tall glass of lemonade with one hand while the other hand waved at Amber to stop. As Amber pulled to a stop, Rachel came over and switched the vibrator off.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Amber said, her voice barely a whisper.

“Drink,” Rachel ordered and handed her the glass.

The lemonade was freshly made and with little sugar. The sourness attacked her tongue but Amber was thankful anyway. She forced herself to drink slowly.

“Mr. Surry is watching,” Rachel said. “Dirty motherfucker.”

Amber said nothing but she was glad that Rachel agreed. She kept sipping the tart lemonade.

“It looks like the Cleves are watching too,” Rachel said.

Amber glanced to her left and choked on her lemonade. Oh shit, she hadn’t even noticed them! The husband and wife were on their deck, each with a pair of binoculars.

“Are you embarrassed by them watching?” Rachel asked.

“Yes,” Amber said. “Very, very much.”

Rachel nodded sympathetically. “It sucks to be leered at. It makes one feel like a piece of meat. It is fucking degrading that one can’t do chores without being gawked at.”

Amber nodded and took a sip of lemonade. Her mistress understood!

“Oh, I saw you trying to mow over your mistake earlier,” Rachel said. The smirk was back and Amber’s blood ran cold.

“When you finish with our yard, drive over to Mrs. Surry and do his yard. After that, go over and do the Cleve’s.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Amber said. There was nothing else to say.

Mar 092016

Mathew entered his trailer with every intention of collapsing on the couch. People at work had pushed his patience to new levels of tolerance. The drive home reminded him of how easy it was for the irrational to get driver’s licenses. He wasn’t in the mood for any of the songs on his phone. It was time to call it a day and watch something meaningless on television.

Kayla was waiting for him by the door. She was naked and every inch of her lovely brown skin was ready to be admired. On her hands and knees, she looked up at him with her large brown eyes. White cat ears sat on top of her long black hair. A fluffy white tail rested between her curvy buttocks.

“Meow,” Kayla said. She rubbed her face on his pant leg.

No, it wasn’t Kayla. It was Cleo. Cleo was his pet. Cleo loved him with the fickle passion of a cat.

“Meow?” Cleo asked. She pawed at Mathew’s leg. She wanted to play.

Mathew wanted to get a beer. Mathew wanted to put his feet up. Mathew wanted to go into a waking coma on the couch.

But the last thing in the world that Mathew could do was disappoint his pet with the big brown eyes.

“Hmm,” Mathew said. “You want to play?”

“Meow!” Cleo said louder. She stopped just short of nodding her head.

Mathew walked over to the cat shelf. Cleo followed behind him on all fours. He looked down to admire the swinging of her hips that made her tail swish. She had a grace on all fours that was uncanny.

He pretended to study the shelf. His hand lingered over the stick with the bird, the mouse on a string and the feather stick. Cleo stared with intensity. Finally he picked up the bucket of cat balls.

“Let’s go outside,” he said.

Kayla smiled very much unlike a cat and waited by the door. Mathew opened the door for her and she rose to her feet to go outside. They might both enjoy pet play but there were limits. Knees were not meant for hard ground.

Mathew walked outside and caught himself looking for his neighbors at Hornbeam Estates. He still wasn’t used to playing in front of others. Oh, he enjoyed spanking, tying people up and fucking but playing with Cleo was different. It was intimate. The only reason he was out here was because Cleo loved it so much.

There was no one out today and Mathew relaxed. Cleo stood in the middle of the yard. She was bending at the knees, her hands out and ready. Her hips moved just enough to make her tail swish.

Mathew picked a ball out of the bucket. It was plastic with a tiny bell inside. It jingled as he picked it up. He could feel Cleo’s eyes on her from across the yard.

He tossed the ball. It went sailing through the air to the left of Cleo. She looked at it and didn’t make a move.

Mathew scowled. After all of that demanding for play and then nothing? She was getting better at being a cat every day.

He tossed another ball. This time it was slower and higher. It was way too high. Even Mathew understood why she didn’t chase that one.

Cleo licked her hand. Her long tongue lingered between her fingers.

Mathew smiled. Now she was taunting him.

He pitched another ball and this time he threw it as fast as he could. It shot out to Cleo’s right and the dark woman leaped at it. She batted it down with her hand and it bounced off the ground.

Mathew was already throwing another one. This one went above her head but she leapt at it anyway. Her entire body stretched out to reach the ball. Large breasts floated in the air as dark legs pointed down to the ground. Her long fluffy white tail trailed behind her.

It took Mathew’s breath away. She was so fucking beautiful.

He waited until she landed and had her attention before throwing another one. This one she caught easily between her hands before batting it to the side.

The next one sailed past her and she chased after it. Mathew watched her lovely ass while she ran. The white tail bounced behind her.

Cleo ignored the next throw and the next. Mathew suspected that she was catching her breath but she was making a good imitation of cat disdain.

Mathew decided to tempt her. Holding one ball in the air, he shook it so she could hear the jingling sound. Cleo’s eyes focused on him while her lips curled into a smile.

He threw the ball a few feet away from her. She pounced and knocked it out of the air. He threw another one even closer and she grabbed it and dashed it to the ground. As soon as she caught that one, he tossed another ball at her high above her head.

Cleo leapt for it again. It always amazed him at how high she could jump. Her body became a perfect machine as it ran, jumped and reached. Even though she still didn’t catch it, the sight of her bouncing breasts, long legs and lovely hips was more than enough for him.

Mathew kept throwing balls. He forgot about work as Cleo slapped down more balls. When Cleo leapt in the air, he forgot about the drive home. As Cleo’s body began to shine with sweat, Mathew no longer felt the need to collapse on a couch.

The bucket was out of balls. He was actually disappointed. It was time to gather balls and start over.

No, not yet.

Mathew ran towards Cleo. He pulled off his shirt as he ran.

Cleo smiled. She dropped down to all fours in grass. She sunk low to the ground and lifted her ass up.

Mathew pulled down his pants and climbed on top of her. The fluffy tail felt great against his skin. She groaned as he pushed aside her hair and bared her neck. He lunged down with his mouth and his teeth clamped around the base of her neck.

Cleo purred.

Mathew entered her. She screamed. He was used to it but she screamed louder every time. He flinched but then his cock throbbed inside her.

He had to let go of her neck with his mouth but that was okay. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her. The white fluffy tail bounced as he fucked her.

Mathew fucked her in the yard. Let the neighbors watch. He didn’t care.

Cleo purred louder. Her fingers dugs into the grass. She pushed back against him. Together they fucked kitty style in the yard.

She came with another scream. Mathew climaxed deep inside her moments later.

He pulled out of her. Cleo wiggled her ass.

“Greedy pussy,” Mathew said and he petted her ass.

Now he was really tired. He stood up and patted his leg. “Come on, Cleo,” he said. “Let’s go eat and I’ll pet you on the couch.”

Cleo rose to her feet and stretched. She half ran to the trailer door with a feline grace.

Feb 172016

Alexis stretched out on the bed. It was narrow but it felt empty without her fellow submissive, Samantha. She tugged on her restraints and they held her tight. She wasn’t going anywhere.

The room had a slight chill. Alexis wished that she could cover up. Her nipples were cold and hard. She tried to bring her thighs together to keep her bare pussy warm.

She groaned and shook her head. The blindfold stayed on. She paused with her cheek buried in the pillow. She smelled pussy.

A smile came to Alexis’ face. That must be Samantha. The bratty blonde had rubbed her pussy into Alexis’ pillow. She wondered if it was Samantha’s idea, or their dom, Nick.

Alexis groaned. She wished one of them would come into the small bedroom. She wished one of them would climb onto the bed and use her. She wished one of them would fuck her brains out. That was what she was here for.

She took a deep breath. She thought about the coin toss this morning. Nick had said it was for her, and the custom coin came up ‘Fuck’ instead of ‘Serve’. Alexis had been happy with that. While Samantha dressed up in that skimpy cheerleader outfit and served drinks and snacks for the party, Alexis had been tied up in the bedroom for anyone in the party to use.

Someone laughed in the living room. The trailer walls were thin already and her bedroom shared a wall with the living room. If she strained, she could almost hear the game.

Goddamn game! All everyone cared about today in Hornbeam Estates was that damn sports game! Not a single person had come in here to use her! Did they even know she was here? Did they really care more about some stupid game than they did about fucking a helpless willing pussy?

Alexis didn’t move to this damn trailer park of kinky people just to watch football games! What was wrong with these people?

People were talking louder. Someone was arguing about a pass.

Alexis wanted to scream.

The door opened. Alexis tried not to smile and failed. Finally!

“Oh my,” a voice said. “What an abundant spread we have here.”

Alexis frowned. Was that a fat joke? No, she recognized that voice. It was the Professor. He was always super nice to her. He wouldn’t have made a joke about her weight.

“I am afraid I don’t know where to start with you,” the Professor said. “Should I use that talented mouth with the cupid bow lips? Should I maybe tease, bite and grope those superlative breasts? Or should I partake of that special Delta of Venus between your legs?”

Alexis groaned. She wasn’t allowed to speak. Her lips lifted and she humped the air. He was a professor; he was bound to get the hint!

She didn’t know for sure if he was a real professor. Hell, she didn’t even know his name. He lived in lot #3 and he was a retired teacher. Samantha said he was a professor at some sex college but that was ridiculous. There was no such thing as sex colleges.

A weight settled onto the bed. A hand grabbed one of her breasts. It squeezed her plump flesh as fingers tightened around her nipple.

“Oh!” Alexis groaned.

“I must admit, dear, I have thought of manipulating your mammaries for quite a while,” the Professor said.

Everyone yelled in the living room. It was followed by curses and profanities. Alexis didn’t give a fuck.

Another hand grabbed her other breast. It was followed by a bearded mouth sucking on her flesh. A gentle tongue warmed her cold nipple.

Alexis squirmed. The bristles of the Professor’s beard scratched her breast. As his mouth gently licked one breast, the other hand tugged at her hard nipple with tender care.

There was a cheer from the living room followed by more cursing. Something interesting was happening and Alexis wished they would shut up. She just wanted to sink into the adoration she was feeling on her tits.

The Professor let go of her tits. His mouth moved to the one that he had been tugging. She gasped as her warm mouth sucked on her sensitive nipple.

Alexis groaned between clenched lips. This was nice. This was good. She felt worshipped.

She would rather be fucked though. She writhed in her restraints. Her hips rose and fell as she tried to tell him to fuck her.

The Professor must have understood. His hand moved down to her sex. A knowing finger slipped between her wet lips and penetrated her.

Alexis shook. Yes! Finally!

The finger quickly withdrew. Fingers clamped around one of her pussy lips. They pinched together hard.

“Ow!” Alexis shouted. She didn’t care if that counted as speaking. The pinching fucking hurt!

The Professor ignored her. His mouth continued to suck lovingly on her nipple while his fingers cruelly pinched her.

Alexis whimpered. She didn’t know the Professor had it in him. He was gentle. He was harsh. What other surprises did he have?

The Professor released her nipple and pussy at the same time. Alexis gasped with relief.

“That was quite nice,” the Professor said. The bed shifted as he stood up. “Thank you for the pleasant respite.”

Alexis bit her lip as she heard the door open again and close. When she was alone, she writhed on the bed in a violent tantrum.

Fuck! Her pussy hurt!

Fuck! She was so damn wet!

The door opened. Alexis laid perfectly still. Was the Professor back? Worse, was Nick coming in to discipline her? Could they hear her tantrum?

The visitor said closed. The door closed. A zipper came down. Pants were dropped to the floor.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Alexis said to herself. She was going to get some!

The bed shifted near Alexis’ head. A hand grabbed her hair. It pulled her face to the side. Something pushed against her lips.

Alexis opened her mouth. A cock went into her mouth. She closed her lips and sucked.

The stranger groaned. Alexis didn’t recognize the voice. How could she? It was just a groan. She sucked harder.

There was another groan. A hand went to one of her breasts. It held onto her jiggling breast. A thumb caressed her nipple.

Alexis groaned around the cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head as best as she could in her bound position. She sucked as hard as she could around the thick member.

It was a great cock. She couldn’t get all of it into her mouth. It was thick and, unlike some cocks in the trailer park, it smelled really nice. Alexis sucked as best she could; hoping the visitor would be inspired to fuck her.

The visitor groaned again. His hand let go of her breast. The cock quickly left her mouth. There was a sound she knew so well.

“No!” Alexis thought. It is too soon!

Alexis felt a splash of seed a moment later. It landed on her tits. Another long line of hot seed landed across both breasts. A third splash struck a nipple.

She groaned. The visitor had a great cock but no staying power. Maybe that was unfair. Samantha was out there, serving food in her short skirt and bending over every chance she got. That little cocktease probably drove the visitor crazy until he needed release.

The visitor put his pants back on. The door opened and closed again.

Alexis groaned. The sticky come was drying on her tits. He should have at least cleaned her up first. That was what the wet wipes sitting by the bed were for! Christ! Party guests were the worse!

Everyone yelled loudly in the living room. Maybe someone scored. Maybe someone failed to do something. Alexis didn’t know. All she knew was that whatever was happening on the game was more important to those people than fucking her.

Alexis squirmed on the bed. She knew it was useless but she tried to free her hand. If she could just stroke herself while those idiots watched sports, she would be a much happier submissive.

The restraints held onto her. She tried to roll over to hump the bed and failed. All of the tricks of escape failed her.

The door opened. “Motherfucking defense is shit,” someone muttered.

Alexis froze. The voice was familiar but she couldn’t place it. A sense of disdain rose within her.

“Hey sugar-tits,” the stranger said. Pants were unzipped and a condom package was torn open.

“Shit,” Alexis thought to herself. It was Brian. He was an asshole but he was also a pretty good photographer. The other dominants loved him because he was always willing to do good photo shoots for cheap prices when it came to naked people. In fact, under Alexis’ bed was a photo album filled with pictures of her and Samantha fingering each other.

“I can’t wait to get inside your cunt,” Brian said. “I am going to fuck you like a whore.”

Alexis grimaced but she didn’t say anything. He was a loathsome but he was also going to fuck her. She bit her lips to hide her excitement. He climbed onto the bed and crawled between her legs.

He entered her. She gasped as his cock pushed inside her. He was small and a little thin but holy shit, it was at least something. His weight settled down on to of her and the bed groaned.

“Oh yeah,” Brian said. “Take my cock you filthy slut!”

Alexis moaned. She hated him but the fact that she was helpless turned her on. The fact that she had to submit to this piece of shit emphasized how completely she was under Nick’s control. She was a filthy slut and he was going to use her like one.

Brian held onto both of her tits as he fucked her. She felt drool fall onto each tit. Jagged fingernails dug into her breasts.

She didn’t care. He was fucking her. He was inside her with his slender penis. Her wet slick pussy was finally being used.

“You like it, don’t you!” Brian said.

Alexis didn’t answer. She wasn’t allowed to speak.

WHAP! He slapped one of her tits. Alexis jumped. It was a short harsh slap.

“You like it, don’t you?” Brian demanded.

Alexis nodded passionately. She hoped the asshole would remember that she wasn’t allowed to speak.

“Yeah, I know you do,” Brian moaned. He fucked faster. He pounded her needy pussy with his small dick.

Alexis was getting close. She was going to come. She couldn’t believe that sleazy Brian was going to give her the first orgasm of the day. She hated it. The possible humiliation turned her on even more.

“You like getting fucked,” Brian said as he kept fucking. “Because you are a dirty, nasty, slut who can never ge-“

“HOLY SHIT!” someone yelled from the living room.

“Holy shit!” someone else yelled.

“Jesus Christ!” a woman yelled.

Brian stopped. “What happened?” he yelled.

Alexis groaned. She clenched around his cock. Her hips surged against him.

Brian ignored her. The bedroom door opened. Alexis groaned and missed the first part of the conversation.

“- threw an interception and it was run in for a touchdown!” someone yelled.

“Shit!” Brian yelled. He pulled out of Alexis and scrambled off the bed. She heard pants being grabbed and then the bedroom door slammed shut.

“Son of a bitch,” Alexis whispered. She didn’t care that she had spoken; she had been so close! Goddamn it!

People laughed in the living room. Someone cursed loudly and more people laughed.

Alexis growled. Fucking game day!

She waited. Brian would surely want to finish, right?

There was more yelling. Something exciting was happening.

Alexis groaned. Her pussy clenched in frustration. He wasn’t coming back.

Time passed. There was more laughter and cheers. A scream of excitement shook the walls.

Alexis gave up. Was there anything more humiliating than a sex slave not fucked?

The door opened and closed again. Alexis strained to hear who it was.

“Alexis?” Samantha whispered. “Are you doing okay?”

Disappointment washed through Alexis. It wasn’t one of the guests! It was just Samantha checking on her.

Alexis shook her head in the negative.

“Poor baby,” Samantha said with genuine concern. “It has been a hell of a game.”

The bed shifted between Alexis’ legs. Samantha climbed between Alexis’ legs.

“What are you doing?” Alexis whispered.

Warm breath on Alexis’ pussy was her answer. Alexis gasped as a delicate mouth licked at the lips of her sex.

“Samantha, no!” Alexis whispered but her hips rose to Samantha’s mouth. “We’re not allowed!”

There was a giggle and then fingers parted Alexis’ sex. A tongue entered Alexis and talented lips nibbled. Samantha’s tongue was smaller than Brian’s dick but she knew how to use hers better.

Alexis groaned and clenched her mouth shut. She couldn’t stop Samantha’s transgression even if she wanted to. The ropes held her as her fellow submissive ate her out.

There was more yelling from the living room. It felt like the game watchers were in the room with Alexis.

Alexis realized that only one thing would make her friend stop; she had to come. She focused on Samantha’s skilled tongue. She kept her attention on Samantha’s soft lips. She humped Samantha’s face with her wet sex.

It didn’t take long. Alexis came and the power of her climax surprised her. She clenched and pulled against the ropes while Samantha kept licking. It took all of Alexis’ willpower to keep from screaming her pleasure.

Samantha stopped and climbed off the bed. There was another giggle. Alexis felt hot breath on her neck as her friend whispered in her ear.

“Half time is coming up,” Samantha whispered. “At least seven of our guests plan to fuck you silly during the half time show. There might be more. I wanted to make sure you were ready. Be good.”

Samantha left and the door closed softly behind her. Next door, there was another cheer and a demand for more beer.

Alexis giggled. Game day was looking better than she had expected.

Jan 132016

I read the terms of the gift again. It was cruel. It was trouble. It was going to make things damn uncomfortable. My pecker throbbed with every line.

The Girl in the Cage moaned. She saw my hard-on. She pressed her mouth to the cage and opened her lips.

Her pretty mouth was tempting but I ignored her. The gift had my interest today. I read through the terms again. It said anytime.

The clock read 9:21 am. I decided to put the terms to the test.

I got dressed. The Girl in the Cage pouted. She masturbated. The sound of her wet pussy getting fingered filled the trailer. When she came, the windows shook.

“Be good,” I said as I walked out the door. It was our little joke. She couldn’t do anything else in the cage.

It was a cold morning in Hornbeam Estates. Most of the trailers were still decorated for Christmas. A light frost stuck to the windows.

I walked over to lot 19. The picnic table was covered in chains. I shuddered at the thought of someone being bound in this weather.

Three knocks at the door and it opened. It was Bob. He wore a pink apron and not much else. I hoped that was underwear under the apron.

“Hey Jason, what’s up?” Bob said. He was smiling. “Oh wait, come on in. It’s cold out there.”

“Thanks,” I said. He was awfully friendly. Oh shit, he didn’t know what his wife had given me.

“Is Michelle here?” I asked.

“Yeah, she’s in the bedroom,” Bob said. “Mistress! Jason’s here!”

Michelle came into the living room. She was wearing a red night gown. Her blonde hair was a mess. She was twice as old as the Girl in the Cage but she was still hot as fuck. I sometimes jerked off to her but never really thought we would ever fuck. She was too much like me.

A small grin came to her lips. It was an evil smirk. Normally I was afraid of that smirk but today was different. I knew it wasn’t meant for me.

“Hey Jason,” Michelle said. “What can I do for you?”

“You can suck my dick,” I said.

“Hey now!” Bob said. A growl came from Bob that I didn’t think he had. He took a step towards me but Michelle snapped her fingers. Bob froze in mid-step.

“Sit down, Bob,” Michelle said. “On the couch.”

Bob’s mouth hung open. He looked at her and she glared at him. Her fingers came together for another snap. He rushed to the couch before she could finish. He sat down angry. His legs were open and thank God, he was wearing underwear.

Michelle came over to me. Her robe had come open. A well bitten breast peeked at me.

“You ready to use your gift already?” Michelle asked.

My hand went to her shoulders and I pushed her to her knees. Michelle made a sound and Bob half rose from his couch. I looked at him and he sat back down.

Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. I was starting to think that Michelle didn’t know her husband slave as well as she thought she did. I thought about leaving.

Michelle’s fingers went to the bulge in my pants. She squeezed my bulge while her other hand unzipped me.

I decided to stay.

She pulled my pants down hard. I grunted kept my cool. That’s what was I was talking about: she was rough just like me.

My dick flopped out and hit her in the face. Bob growled again. His fingers clutched the arm of the couch.

I grabbed the back of Michelle’s head and pulled her to my crotch. I half expected teeth but I got warm lips and an eager tongue. Her mouth slid over my pecker and everything was right with the world.

“Fuck yeah,” I groaned. I looked away from Bob and looked down at her mouth. My wood had disappeared between her lips. The mean bitch had taken all of it. She looked up at me with those cold blue eyes. This must be how Michelle had kept her husband in line all these years. This was a mouth worth submitting too.

I wasn’t doing any submitting today. My hips began to move and I fucked Michelle’s mouth. She managed to smile that evil smirk even though she had a dick in her mouth.

There was a creak from the couch. Bob was glaring at me. Both of his hands were clutched into fists. He was thinking about ripping my dick off.

“Nothing personal, Bob,” I said as I fucked his wife’s mouth. “It was Michelle’s idea. She sent me a Christmas card and said I could come over any time and have my way with her.”

Bob glared at the back of his wife’s head. I didn’t tell him about the rest of the note. There was a part of how it had to be done in front of Bob. There was another part where I had to be rough. There was a long descriptive part about making sure I used her like I would any slut given to me by any of the other trailer park masters. This was Michelle’s game all done for whatever reason she had.

I pounded Michelle’s face. She grabbed my thighs as my balls bounced off her chin. She made a sound and I fucked her face harder.

Something began to rise under the apron. I smiled and Bob grabbed a pillow to put over his lap.

Michelle choked and I pulled my pecker out of her mouth. This time she was the one glaring at me.

It was her stupid game. “Take the robe off,” I snapped. Before she had a chance, I yanked it off her shoulders. I pulled it from her body and tossed it aside.

Fuck, she had a nice body. I had never seen her naked before. The closest was at the Fourth of July cookout when she rode Bob in front of the pig barbecue pit. She had some miles on her but she was all right.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. I grabbed one of her tanned tits with my hand. I squeezed and pulled on that forbidden tit. My fingers ran over the bite marks Bob must have left last night.

Bob stared knives at me. I do believe if he had a gun, I would be dead right there.

Michelle whispered something. I pinched her tit and she whispered it again. This time I heard her.

“Bob’s chair,” she said.

I laughed. Oh, that was just being mean.

Every relationship is different at Hornbeam Estates. Some people live like husband and wife and other people live like owners and dogs. Some people don’t even get treated as well as a dog. That’s okay but even the lowest slave, slut, or cock meat usually have something that is all their own that no one else can touch.

For Bob, that was his chair. It was a leather recliner with genuine mahogany wood finish. It was the nicest piece of furniture in the whole trailer. It was a goddamn work of art. Bob might get fucked up the ass by his wife on a daily basis but he had the best damn seat in the trailer park to rest that fucked ass.

I pulled Michelle over to the chair. I sat my naked ass down on Bob’s chair. The chair made that nice smooth leather sound as I settled into it.

Bob half rose from the couch. I had fucked his wife’s mouth but the chair was too much.

Michelle snapped her fingers. Bob sat back down. His eyes half closed as if he was sighting down a rifle at my head.

Maybe I went too far.

Michelle sat on my lap. I felt the heat of her pussy against me. I looked away from Bob and reached around. My fingers brushed the hairy bush around her pussy. She shivered in my lap.

“Fuck me,” I told her.

Michelle squirmed in my lap. She turned around and faced me. My legs came together and her knees went around my legs. It was a nice big fucking chair. She guided my pecker into her honey patch and squeezed.

Oh sweet Jesus, that was nice. Hot and wet and most of all, one place I never ever thought I would be. That was the best kind of pussy.

She gripped the back of the chair and started to bounce. Up and down her fit ass slammed into my lap as she fucked my pecker. Her tanned titties bounced in front of my face.

Fuck, this was good fucking. Michelle knew how to move. She knew just how hard to come down on me and how to slide back up without losing my dick. I needed to send the Girl in the Cage over to Michelle for lessons.

Bob kept staring at me. He clutched the couch pillow to his lap. His cheeks were red with shame or rage; I couldn’t be sure which.

“Fuck, you are so big!” Michelle yelled.

I grunted. That was always good to hear but I didn’t think Bob needed any more reason to kill me.

“Oh Jason!” she cried out. “I don’t think, ah, I don’t think I have EVER had dick this good!”

I stopped looking at Bob. I could feel his hate from across the room.

“Oh Jesus,” Michelle moaned. “I might need this dick every night!”

I grabbed her throat. Michelle glared at me but then I saw that smirk. My fingers tightened and she stopped talking. She also fucked me faster.

We fucked in Bob’s chair. I felt her wet snatch soak my cock and balls. A wet spot formed under me as the chair groaned and squeaked. Deep down I worried that we might break the chair. Fucking a man’s wife is one thing, but breaking his chair would be downright inhumane.

Bob’s chair weighed on my mind. I slapped Michelle on the ass and told her to get up. She kept humping my dick. I squeezed her throat a little more and slapped her tit. A flash of anger crossed her face and then she climbed off my pecker.

I pushed her towards Bob. She cried out as I bent her over. She had to rest her hands on Bob’s knees for support. While she did that, I slipped my dick into her sweet spot from behind.

“Oh yes!” Michelle screamed in her husband’s face. “Give me that fat dick!”

So I did. I grabbed her hips and pounded her from behind. This was much better. I had her nice ass to look at and I didn’t have to worry about Bob’s chair. Even better, I couldn’t see Bob and his murder-eyes.

Michelle swatted the pillow off his lap. I guess she wanted to see his pecker.

I slammed into her. I fucked her mean pussy with everything I had. I was rough just like she wanted. I was rough just like I wanted.

Michelle kept talking shit. “Fuck me with that giant dick! Fuck me like a real man! God damn, it has been too long since a real stud fucked me! My cunt needs your big dick!”

Maybe it was the dirty talk or maybe it was the wet pussy but I was ready to come. Michelle’s card had been very clear on how to do that. She wanted it inside her. I am sure it was something else to torment Bob with.

“I’m going to come,” I said.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Michelle said, her sweet spot clenching around me. “Fill my cunt with your spunk!”

And I did. I yelled because it felt good. I kept fucking her until she had squeezed out every drop. It was a big load because I had been thinking about fucking Michelle for years.

When I was done, I pulled out of Michelle. I almost wiped my pecker on her ass but then I remembered that Girl in the Cage could clean it. I walked over to my pants and started putting them on.

“Thanks for the Christmas gift,” I said.

Michelle purred and sat on Bob’s lap. She had her fingers in her honey patch. She stretched and rubbed against Bob.

Bob just kept staring at me. It was going to be a long ass time before I could borrow his lawn mower.

“Thank you, Jason,” Michelle said. “I needed a real man to get my new year started right.”

“You’re welcome,” I said because I wasn’t sure what else to say. I zipped up and walked out the door.

I left their trailer and closed the door behind me. It was still cold but I was warmed by the good fucking. The frost clung to the cars and crunched under my feet.

Chris was outside too. He was bundled up but I recognized his Cowboys hat. He was walking towards me and I waved at him. He motioned for me to come talk to him.

“Hey Jason, do you know if Bob and Michelle are up?” Chris asked.

I started to laugh. Chris was a big guy. He was over six feet tall and worked out. All of the pussy in the trailer park got wet when he washed his car. He liked to wrestle women down and fuck them in the ass. He was a beast.

“Yeah, they’re home,” I said. “Tell me, did Michelle send you a Christmas card?”

“Yes sir,” Chris said. He was all polite when it came to sex shit but he had a bird-eating grin.

“Well good,” I said. “Have fun. I’d stay out of the chair if I were you.”

“Thank you, sir,” Chris said and he headed for their trailer.

Well that was a relief. After Chris tears up Michelle’s ass, Bob will have plenty to be made at other than me.

I headed back to my trailer and thought about what I was going to tell Girl in the Cage when she sucks my cock.