Dec 052012

I was in the break room when the world ended. The television showed the Washington Monument. It appeared to be growing breasts all up and down the outside. They were big black heavy breasts with even darker nipples. The tall white building was sprouting more breasts as the camera watched.

“Why is the TV turned to porn?” a white shirt said. He looked at me accusingly.

See, I was a janitor in the Before Days. That meant I cleaned everyone’s shit as well taking the blame for the shit, you know? I didn’t have a fancy college degree or knew all the technical computer terms. I was the lowest turd in that toilet and I always knew it.

“It’s the news,” a blue shirt woman said. A blue shirt worked the call centers while a white shirt was either management or sales.

“This is happening live,” she said.

“Bullshit,” the white-white shirt said.

The news put censor bars over the nipples; which was kind silly seeing how the monument was covered in hundreds of the tits.

“This has to be a hoax,” the white shirt said. “Isn’t it supposed to be the end of the world today? Some sort of Mayan horseshit?”

“That was last week,” the blue shirt said. “This week is supposed to be the Rapture I think.”

“I don’t remember tits like that being mentioned in the Bible,” I said.

The blue shirt made a face while the white shirt turned to me. “Watch your mouth, that kind of talk is sexual harassment.”

I was about to apologize and grovel to save my job of cleaning toilets when we got interrupted. The break room doors burst open and a red shirt stumbled in. Red shirt meant he worked IT which was almost as bad as a janitor. He had a furry thing climbing all over his chest and it looked like some kind of monkey except I couldn’t see the head. It was all furry arms and crawling all over him.

“What the fuck?” the white shirt yelled. The blue shirt just screamed.

I ran forward to help. I grabbed a furry arm and tried to pull. The fur was too slick and I had a hard time grabbing onto anything. It was like trying to grab sweaty ball hair. I still couldn’t see the head anywhere and I was right next to the damn thing.

I could see the cock though. Man, it was at least two feet of bright pink cock. It was as thick as my wrist too. The cock bobbed from the center of the arms. The furry arm thing was making its way up to the red shirt’s face.

“Get it off, get it off, get it OFF!” the red shirt screamed.

“Give me a hand here!” I yelled at the white shirt. The asshole ran past us and into the hallway. The blue shirt just kept screaming.

I tried to grab a better hold of the furry thing. I had my arm around one of its arms but the damn thing kept moving. I have to admit that the cock was damn distracting. I didn’t want to touch it and I swear the cock kept bobbing in my direction.

The furry thing was around the shoulders of the red shirt. It was getting his cock in front of the man’s face. It was going to face fuck this guy, I just knew it!

“Oh shi-GURG!” the red shirt said. The furry thing slammed its cock right into the red shirt’s mouth! The guy tried to keep his mouth closed but the monster just slammed it in anyway. Teeth went flying and the cock went right down the poor bastard’s throat.

The red shirt gagged and started twitching. His eyes looked up at me but he wasn’t fighting it anymore. The furry thing was pushing deeper and deeper into that guy’s throat. I didn’t know how he could take it.

The furry thing had stopped struggling and I couldn’t finally get a good look at it. The furry thing didn’t have a head. Now that it was standing still I could count the arms, all six of them. There wasn’t anything more to it. The thing was just fur, arms and cock

“What, what, what?” the blue shirt said.

“I don’t know but we got to go,” I said. She didn’t move. She just stared at the cock that was slowly disappearing into the red shirt.

I grabbed her by the hand. That was how it was back then. Blue shirts and white shirts knew all about business but when it came to practical matters, they would just stare dumbly at a broken light or a mess on the floor. They needed someone to fix the shit. I guess it was just habit that I took care of the shit as I saw it. That meant I had to drag her to safety because she was too much in shock to do it herself. We went out into the hallway.

It was worse out there. A security guard was pinned against the wall; another six legged furry thing fucking his face. On the floor was a white shirt woman, a furry thing sinking inch after inch of impossible cock into her throat. Three feet away from the breakroom door was another white shirt, laid out on the ground while a furry thing fucked his face like a car piston going uphill.

The blue shirt woman screamed louder. All three of the people getting face fucked looked at us with their eyes. None of them were moving but they were watching us. Their eyes followed as we passed them.

“We got to get to the evacuation route,” I said.

“Huh?” the blue shirt lady said. 

“That’s what they always say when there is an emergency, right? Take the evacuation route. We practice it every year.”

The lady looked at me. “I usually just hang out in the bathrooms when we have the fire drill. All the girls in my center do. We bring cookies.”

“Today you’re following the rules like the rest of us,” I said.

We headed for the stairs. The elevators were on our right and the blue shirt lady tried to go to them. I grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

“You’re not supposed to take the elevators. They might get stuck,” I said.

“It’s quicker than going down eight flights of stairs!” the blue shirt woman said.

DING! The elevator door opened. A dozen people fell out. A dozen furry cock monsters fell out with them. All of them were being face fucked.

“That is why you don’t take the mother-fucking elevator,” I yelled.

I dragged the blue shirt down the hall. All hell had broken out. People were being face fucked in the hallway. I looked into offices where people were being face fucked on their desks. We passed a call center with cubicles full of face fucked people. I just kept running and I kept holding onto the screaming blue shirt.

We found the white shirt from the break room. He was face down on the floor. A furry thing was on his back and it was jamming its obscene cock into the white shirt’s ass. The furry thing had pulled down the white shirt’s pants. I watched in shock as more of the monster’s cock disappeared down the white shirt’s ass.

“Ugggggg,” the white shirt moaned.

Even the furry cock things knew the guy was an asshole. We carefully stepped around him, afraid that the furry cock thing would attack at any moment. It didn’t. I guess it has what it wanted.

We ran down the hall and didn’t look back. When we reached the janitor’s closet I stopped. I popped the door open and looked inside.

“What are we doing here?” the blue shirt said.

“I thought we could use something as a weapon,” I said. That was my plan but standing there in the closet, my brain went blank. I wasn’t an action hero in a movie. I didn’t know how to turn all this shit in front of me into some exploding flamethrower shit. I was the damn janitor and this wasn’t some vomit that needed to be cleaned up. This was some freaky alien cock shit and I really, really, really wished I had done more with my life so I knew what to do when furry cock things try to fuck your face.

I grabbed a broom. It felt kind of silly to hit a monster with something that had bristles. I broke the broom over my knee. Now I had two sharp pointy things. I felt better.

I gave one to the blue shirt. “If something tries to fuck you, stab it.”

She nodded and looked at me like I was the smartest mother fucker she had ever met.

We went to the staircase. I kicked open the door and took a look. Nothing furry was crawling around.

Down the stairs we went. Eight fucking flights of stairs. Pure fear powered me down the first two flights but man, that didn’t last long. The stairs were cruel. The stairs punished my knees and my back. Blue shirt wheezed through most of it and I thought she was going to die there.

The stairs also gave me plenty of time to think. What were those furry things? Were they connected to those tits on the Washington Monument? Was this the end of the world? Was getting fucked in the face going to be last thing any of us do?

We reached the bottom of the stairs and I tried the emergency exit. It wouldn’t fucking budge. I am sure that is some sort of OSHA violation but the fuck good that would do us now. We had to go out through the lobby.

“FUCK!” the blue shirt screamed.

I saw it too. Right above the door to the lobby was one of those furry fuckers. It hung there like some sort of sweaty slick door hanger. It wasn’t moving and its cock hung limp form it’s body.

“Maybe it’s dead, or asleep,” I said.

That was when the blue shirt shoved me into it. I went face first into the furry thing and the damn monster sprang to life. The cock went hard and slapped against my chest. All six arms wrapped around me and hugged me tight.

I fell to the ground. I had the broken broom in my hand but the furry thing had a killer grip on my wrist.

“Help!” I screamed.

The blue shirt walked around me. She opened the lobby door and my leg was in the way. She kicked my leg. I was just in her way. Of course I was; I’m just a fucking janitor. To the white shirts, blue shirts and red shirts, I was just some asshole cleaned their messes and got in their way.

The blue shirt kicked me again. She hit me right in the knee and the pain made me move. She ducked through the door and left me and the furry thing behind.

I was fucked. The furry thing was incredibly strong. I couldn’t move my hand that held the broom stake. The cock was moving up my chest and I knew it was going to mount my face. The thing stank like sweaty balls.

The cock got in front of my face. It was huge. There was no way my jaw was going to get around all of it but I knew that it would.

The cock thrust towards my mouth. I dodged my head to the side. It rubbed against my check and hit the ground.

The furry thing got into a better position. The cock was directly above my head. The hand that held my wrist let go. It moved to grab my hair and keep my head still. It lined me up to take the monster’s cock.

My hand was free but my head was trapped. I had only a few seconds before my face was to be fucked. I stabbed upward. I stabbed like a fucking maniac. I stabbed like my mouth’s virginity depended on it.

Blood gushed from the monster. The cock slapped me in the face as it tried to get away. I kept stabbing.

The stake got stuck in the monster. The furry thing scrambled off of me and took the stake with it. I crawled as fast as I could to the door. The furry thing was thrashing on the ground as I escaped into the lobby.

The lobby was quiet.  I couldn’t see anyone. If I wasn’t covered in some monster’s blood, it might be hard to believe that the last half hour even happened.

I walked slowly to the door. My knees were killing me from the stairs. My heart was still pounding from the face pounding I almost got. I was in a daze.

There was a noise to my right. I jumped and instinctively protected my face. I didn’t see anything at first.

I saw her leg from behind the receptionist’s desk. The foot kicked and like a dumb ass, I walked around to get a better look.

It was the blue shirt. She was spread eagle face down on the floor. She had a furry thing fucking her ass. Another furry thing was shoving a cock into your mouth. They were double teaming her. I didn’t know how they got both of their cocks inside her body.

I slowly backed away. The broken stake was a foot away from her hand. I could have kicked it to her but fuck that. She made that mess when she shoved me in the staircase. She could clean it up. 

I went outside.  Something made of jelly and as big as a bus oozed by. I saw naked people trapped inside. A group of policemen were in a circle, jacking off onto something I didn’t want to see. Overhead something with giant tits flew in the sky.

The world had turned into one big fucking mess.