Sep 032014

Michelle stood at the counter. There was only one customer in the pier store and he was gawking at the painted beach shells. He looked like he was going to be there awhile.

She leaned back against the wall and instantly regretted it. The plug she had put in her butt shifted and her ass struggled to hold it all in. Michelle winced but she kept from groaning out loud.

“The things I do for older men,” she whispered.

Michelle looked out the window. The Mermaid Island beach was almost empty. Most of the college kids had left last week. Most of the adult singles will leave this week. That just left the families trying to cram in a few more days before summer ends.

The empty beach made it easy to pick out Paul. He was building a sand castle with his kids. Paul’s wife was just laying out in the sun; her white swimsuit turning into a beacon on the yellow sand.

Michelle thought of Paul and his black hair turning grey. She thought of the stubble that he had been growing as a minor rebellion against normal life. She thought of the way he grabbed her tanned tits. She thought of the lust in his deep blue eyes.

She clenched and her ass protested. It would all be worth it.

The customer in the sore picked up a seashell, his face blushing. Michelle figured that he had found the shell with the black ass on it. She wondered if he would have the courage to buy it.

She glanced back out the window. Paul was talking to his wife and pointing to the pier store.

Michelle’s pussy clenched. She grabbed a bag of the sour candy for Paul’s daughter and prepared a hot dog for Paul’s son. Two cans of orange soda and two bottles of water were next. The more she prepared, the more time they would have.

She slapped the door to the office. “Ava, cover me!”

“Alright,” Ava said. Michelle knew Ava wouldn’t mind. Michelle covered for Ava all the time. That girl was hooked working the glory hole for booth six.

The customer came to the counter. He had three seashells. Two were boats and one was the black ass.

“Ava will ring you up,” Michelle said as she walked around the counter. The butt plug made every step a struggle.

The customer nodded and tried to look casual.

Michelle made it to the store room door and waited. Paul walked in a moment later, saw her and headed towards her.

Fuck, he was hot. The sun and heat had drenched him in sweat. His stubble was a week shy of a beard. Best of all was his eyes. The lust there made Michelle’s knees shiver.

Michelle pulled him into the storage room. Rows of drinks, shirts and snacks surrounded them. A single window illuminated them as Paul pulled her to him.

“God, I’ve missed you,” he whispered. One hand went right to her tit. He pulled her young breast out of her bikini top and squeezed.

Michelle moaned. “I need you,” she whispered because she loved the way it made him growl. Older guys never get tired of being told they are wanted.

“Today is my last day,” Paul whispered. He squeezed the other tit as if trying to memorize the soft plumpness.

“I know,” Michelle said. “I have a surprise for you.”

She took a step back and unbuttoned her shorts. She pulled them down in that slow sexy way that drove her summer lovers wild. There was no underwear to hide her shaved pussy.

Paul stared in silent lust.

Michelle stepped out of her short and turned around. She heard him gasp at the plug in her ass.

“There’s a bottle of lube behind you,” Michelle says. “Fuck my ass.”

Paul doesn’t say anything but she hears the bottle cap pop open. She reached behind her and slowly pulls the plug out. All morning she had prepared for this and now she was going to reap her reward.

Michelle dropped the plug and she felt Paul’s cock press against her ass. He was so impatient and Michelle loved it. His cock pushed against her asshole and stretched her open. Slowly but firmly he entered her.

“Fuck,” Paul called out.

“Shh,” Michelle said. “Customers might hear,” she said.

Paul grunted and started to fuck her ass. One hand came up around and claimed her tit. The other hand went to her hip and held her as he pumped her.

Michelle shuddered and took it. This was the best part of summer. Ava could have all the young guys with their needy egos and quick burst cocks. Michelle loved the fathers with their desperate need to escape their lives. She adored a guy who would fuck her like there was no tomorrow and then go away for fear of ruining his marriage. She needed to be desired like she was their last chance at a dirty fuck.

Paul pounded her ass. He was a little too rough and it was great. He squeezed her tit a little too hard and it was wonderful. He held on a little too tight and it was perfect.

“Fuck this young ass,” Michelle said. “It is all yours for right now.”

Paul groaned and fucked her ass harder.

Michelle reached between her legs and stroked her pussy. “Remember fucking this tight ass when you go back to your job.”

Paul groaned and kept fucking her ass.

Michelle stroked herself faster. “Remember fucking your young beach slut when you’re back at home doing chores.”

Paul moaned and fucked her ass with short savage thrusts.

Michelle rubbed her clitoris in tight little circles. “Remember fucking my young tight ass when you are fucking your wife.”

“Fuck!” Paul yelled. He suddenly stopped and Michelle felt his seed surge inside his ass.

His cock kept ejaculating as Michelle stroked herself to orgasm. She shivered and Paul cried out as her ass squeezed around his cock.

“Holy fuck,” Paul said as he pulled out.

Michelle kept stroking herself.

“That was uhh, great,” Paul said.

Michelle stood up and kept stroking herself. His hot seed shifted inside her ass.

“I should get back before my wife gets suspicious,” Paul said. He yanked his shorts backup. The lust was gone from his eyes. Now there was just fear. He was worried that she would ask for his number.

“Ava’s got your food and drinks,” she told him. “I’ll see you next summer.”

Relief washed over Paul’s face. He might never come back to Mermaid Island now. “Yeah, see you next summer,” he said as he left.

Michelle smiled as she stroked herself to another orgasm. Another summer and another round of summer fathers fucked.

Now all she had to do was figure which of the lucky older town guys will be her boyfriend this winter.

Jul 312014

Steven stretched out in the hammock. He had a clear view of the Mermaid Island beach from the porch. The waves rolled and twisted before him as his body relaxed into the netting. The sun was out and it was almost too hot to move. It was pretty nice.

Behind him he heard the yelling of his housemates. They were having a party watching the World Beach Volleyball Tournament. Guys from the neighboring beach house were over as well as many girls picked up from the Bikini Bar, the Fish Shack and maybe some that just walked in from the beach. Everyone was watching the game and getting drunk. It wasn’t a bad way to spend a summer vacation.

Steven had no interest in the game. It had been a really weird day. He saw a highly detailed sand sculpture of a woman going down on another woman. During lunch at the Fish Shack, some strange lady flashed him her shaved pussy from across the dining area. He saw ten different women reading dirty books on the beach. While shopping in the pier store, he found a seashell that was painted with the most perfect tits he had ever seen.

The weird day had made him horny. There was something in the water here at Mermaid Island. He wanted to go upstairs and jack off but his room had been claimed by Jason who was nailing a redhead he met. He thought about wacking off in the bathroom but he didn’t like to think of how many of his housemates had already done that. Fuck it, he would just lay out here and enjoy the beach in quiet.

He heard the porch door slide open and close. So much for peace and quiet.

“Got room to share?” a voice said. A girl’s voice.

“Of course,” he said before looking at her. He got his first good look at her as he scooted to the side to make room. She was short with even shorter blonde hair. Her small tits jiggled inside her blue bikini top. A blue bikini bottom stretched across tanned hips.

“My name is Alexandra,” she said as she climbed in. To Steven’s disappointment, she reclined in the opposite direction from him, her short legs ending by his elbows. Still, it gave him a good vantage point to look at her sweaty tanned body.

“My name is Steven. Not watching the game?”

Alexandra shook her head. “Not really in the mood to watch girl chase a ball in the sand. I’ve had a really weird day.”

“Really?” Steven asked. “Like what?”

Alexandra giggled. “Well, first I got hit on first thing in the morning by a guy who came right to me and offered to slap my tits.”

“Whoa!” Steven snapped. “Did you report to somebody?”

“Here’s the odd thing,” Alexandra said. “I had just read a dirty story last night about a girl getting her tits slapped and I had been thinking about it all morning. I was too shocked to say anything so I just kept walking.”

“Wow,” Steven said. Now he was thinking about Alexandra’s tits getting slapped. They were small but he bet they would still jiggle.

“Yeah,” Alexandra said. She stretched out some more. He felt her body scoot closer to his and relax into the curve of the hammock. “Then some lady asked me to take a picture of her while she sat on a giant sand sculpture of a giant cock.”

Steven laughed. “That isn’t so weird.”

“She stripped off her swimsuit before she climbed onto it,” Alexandra said. “She didn’t prepare me for that but I took the picture anyway.”

Steven laughed and his cock stirred within his shorts. He tried to mentally force his erection to stop but it was hard with a bikini clad woman in the hammock with him.

“I went to the Bikini Bar for lunch and I sat next to these two hot guys that were twins,” Alexandra said.

Steven’s erection stopped growing. He was thankful for a story of hot guys so he could prevent a tent rising in his shorts.

“And I overheard them talking about fucking an older woman that lived near them,” Alexandra said. “They were pretty graphic and apparently today she let them both come on her face.”

Steven’s erection steadily pushed against his shorts.

“So here’s the thing, Steven,” Alexandra said. “I am really horny and I don’t want to have sex because it is too fucking hot for that but I also don’t want to come alone. How about we just masturbate in this hammock and keep each other company?”

The tent in Steven’s shorts was fully visible. Alexandra giggled at it.

“Right here? What if someone comes out onto the porch?” Steven said.

“Then we’ll stop,” Alexandra said. “Come on, I’ll flash you a tit,” she said.

“Ok,” Steven said, as if the offer of nipple was what convinced him. She had him when she used the term ‘horny’.

“Good, let’s make this quick,” Alexandra said. She pulled one of her bikini cups to the side and flashed her breast at him. The pale tan lines around her pink nipple made his cock throb. “I don’t want my friends finding out about this. I’ll never live it down.”

Alexandra plunged her hand down her bikini bottom and she gasped. He couldn’t see her fingers but he knew she was inside herself now. She looked at him and her mouth opened in a moan.

Steven returned the favor by sticking his hand in his shorts. He grabbed a hold of his cock and started stroking. The swim shorts were thankfully loose around his hand as he pumped his cock.

The crowd in the house cheered as another point was scored. Steven and Alexandra froze in midstroke before resuming. They were alone, for now.

Steven reflected that this is how you end a weird day. He jacked his cock while watching a girl he just met stroke herself. Was this the start to the oddest summer romance or was this just a one time release of tension? He wasn’t sure which he preferred more.

Alexandra watched him as she stroked herself a little bit faster. She bit her lip as he groaned. Her free hand grabbed his knee as she stroked and Steven felt his cock grow harder.

His eyes kept moving back and forth over her body. He watched her pale exposed breast jiggle as much as he watched her tanned covered breast bounce. He watched her bikini bottom stretch to hold her stroking fingers and then looked up at her moaning mouth. He looked at her writhing tanned legs rubbing against him and then he looked at her eyes focused on the bulge in his shorts.

The hammock creaked as they stroked. The wind kissed their bodies as they wiggled together. The sun burned down upon them.

Steven thought he heard a sound from the porch door. He ignored it and stroked faster. Alexandra’s eyes looked to the door as well but she kept masturbating. They looked at each other and smiled at their shared conspiracy of lust.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Alexandra said and then she came. There was no doubting the way her mouth opened, the way her eyes clenched shut and the way she shook from bared nipple down to her tanned legs.

Steven came seconds later. A gush of seed filled his shorts and made a terrible mess but he kept pumping. He was caught in the moment and right now he just wanted to come with this strange girl in his hammock.

“Nice,” Alexandra said. She took her hand out and wiped it on the hammock.

Steven took his hand out and then put it back into his shorts to wipe his hand clean.

“What do you want to do now?” Alexandra said.

“Nap,” Steven said.

So they did.

Jul 072014

Flash your tits at ten strangers on the beach.

Flash your ass at five strangers on the pier.

Flash your sex at someone in a restaurant.

Give a handjob to someone on the beach.

Take a turn behind the glory hole in changing room #6 at the pier.

Masturbate in the men’s room at the Bikini Bar.

Let someone twice your age grope your tits.

Have the seashell painter to do a portrait of your sex on a seashell.

Pose naked next to one of the dirty sand sculptures and have someone take your picture.

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Jul 022014

The wave knocked Tina down from behind. She fell forward into the water and the water carried her off her feet. She reached down and grabbed wet sand. Her knees hit the bottom and planted themselves. Tina rose up and spat out salt water. She was barely in a foot of water but her heart was racing.

“Damn,” Tina said. That wave came out of nowhere. Another wave hit her from behind but this time she stayed stable. She climbed back up to her feet and headed for the shore. She needed a break

She pulled long wet red hair away from her face. It occurred to her that people might have seen her and thought she was in trouble. She glanced around and there was a man and the woman in the water near her but they didn’t seem to notice Tina.

Tina noticed them. They were laughing and splashing in the water like children. The water receded and Tina saw the man’s bare ass from behind. She quickly glanced at the woman and what she first thought was a bikini was just tan lines. The couple was completely nude.

“Shit, you can’t do that on a public beach,” Tina said. Mermaid Island had a reputation for being a party beach but there were limits. She averted her eyes and focused on getting back to shore.

Tina left the water behind and felt the sun’s warmth immediately. Two steps later and she was already missing the water. It was supposed to be warm today but already it felt twice as hot as when she had went into the water. How long had she been out there?

She stopped a few feet away from where she thought she had left her towel and bag. There was nothing there. Her heart pounded as she ran to the spot. It was completely bare. There wasn’t even an imprint from where she had laid out her towel.

“Fuck!” Tina yelled. She had never had anything stolen from the beach before. What should she do?

A blonde woman was on her stomach a few feet away. Tina called out to her. “Hey, did you see a bag here?”

The blonde rose to a sitting position. Tina noticed that the woman wasn’t lying on a towel; she was lying directly in the sand. Even stranger, the tanned blonde was naked like the two had been out in the water. Sand clung to the woman’s curves like a second skin.

“You don’t need a bag here,” the blonde said. “Just enjoy the sun and the sand.”

“I think my stuff had been stolen,” Tina said.

The blonde shook her head. “There are no thieves in Lasyrc. Sit, relax.”

The blonde spread her legs and Tina saw the sand clinging to the woman’s bare sex. The woman reached between her legs and began stroking her sex with a casual slowness. She wasn’t even looking at Tina as she masturbated; she just looked back out to the water.

“Uh, you know there are kids here, right?” Tina said. Was someone having a swinger party at Mermaid Island? Was that legal?

The blonde laughed. “Do you see any kids here?”

Tina was about to say something but she noticed something. There wasn’t the usual sound of kids screaming in the water. She looked down the beach and the only sand castles were being made by adults. There were plenty of adults, and all of them naked, but no kids.

“Okay, I have had enough,” Tina said. Her bag had been stolen, everyone was naked and now this woman was masturbating right in front of Tina. She was going to go to her timeshare and figure out what the fuck was going on.

Tina headed for the dunes. The hot sand was hard to walk on and Tina cursed the people who had stolen her sandals. She cursed the news for not telling her that today was apparently exhibitionist day at the beach. She cursed the beach for not being nearly as relaxing as she needed.

A warm tingling formed between her legs and Tina laughed. “Really?” she said out loud. She was horny. Well, despite what her ex had claimed, Tina wasn’t dead below her waist after all. Even her nipples had joined in and were rock hard under her swimsuit.

Would it be so bad to go sit with the blonde? Tina could sit in the sand and soak in the sun while she rubbed one out. Maybe the blonde would watch. Or maybe the blonde would help?

Tina found herself smiling. Wouldn’t that blow Chad’s mind? She thought about texting him and letting him know what he was missing.

No, fuck Chad. Tina came to Mermaid Island to be with herself, not her grudge with Chad.

As she drudged through the sand, Tina wondered where the beach access was. She didn’t see it anywhere. She decided to climb the dune. It grew steeper the higher she climbed and towards the top, Tina had to drop to all fours to keep climbing.

“I am going to my room, and finishing off all the wine coolers,” Tina promised. She debated maybe grabbing her purse from her room and then hitting the Bkini Bar. She was annoyed and horny. Some halfway cute guy might get lucky.

Tina was smiling at the thought but the smile vanished as she reached the top of the dune. She looked out from the top of the dune in disbelief.

There was no parking lot. There was no road. There were no condos, beach houses or even the Bikini Bar. Even the pier with those awful hot dogs was gone. There was nothing but sand and water.

“Where am I?” Tina said out loud. Could she be at the wrong beach? Did the water carry her out and drop her off on another beach? That didn’t make sense. She had only been under water for a few seconds. No, it might have only been a second. There was no way the water could have taken her to a place like this and for that matter; there wasn’t a place like this anywhere near Mermaid Island.

This was impossible.

A group of people sat on the other side of the dune. They were naked as well. Most of them were kissing but Tina didn’t care. She needed answers.

Tina walked down the side of the down. It wasn’t as steep going down. In a few seconds, Tina was at the bottom and walking towards the group.

“Excuse me,” she called out. None of the group answered her. They kept kissing each other although several of them swapped kissing partners. She had never seen so many people kissing at one time. Despite the questions racing through her head, she felt her sex respond with longing.

“Excuse me, I need some help,” she said again.

The group kept kissing. Many of them changed to kiss other people. Tanned hands groped tanned bodies. The hands didn’t limit themselves to the person they were kissing.

Tina felt the heat surge between her legs. When was the last time that Chad kissed her like that? Did he ever?

“Please, I am really confused right now,” Tina said. “I don’t know where I am.”

“They won’t answer you unless you join them,” a voice said.

Tina looked around. A seagull stood beside her. It looked at her with curiosity.

“Fuck, am I losing my mind?” Tina said.

The seagull flew off.

Tina looked back at the kissers. It was a stupid idea. These people didn’t have the answers; they just wanted to make out. She should be looking for someone who would talk to her and not taking advice from a seagull.

Her tongue ran over her lip. It had been a long time since she had been kissed.

Tina sat down next to a tanned man ho hadn’t shaved for a few days. She tried to think of something to say but there was no need. He smiled and leaned in for a kiss. Tina stopped worrying about words and opened her mouth.

He was a good kisser. He was the best kisser. His tongue moved with hers. His lips nibbled and merged with hers. He was gentle when she wanted him to be and he was rough when she craved it.

It was as if he had spent all of his adult life unlearning all the dumb things men do when they kiss. It was as if he had trained for years and years on how to kiss properly. He was fantastic.

They broke their kiss and Tina sighed happily. She felt the tension within her wash away. She felt relaxed and a little buzzed.

“It doesn’t matter where you are,” a man to her right said. Tina reluctantly turned away from the guy she had been kissing to face this new person. He was blond and rugged like he had lived on the beach for years.

“It matters to me,” Tina said. “I need to get back to my timeshare.”

“Do you?” the man asked and he leaned in for a kiss.

Against her better judgment, Tina moved in for a kiss. He was even better than the other guy. She fell into his lips and lost herself. She felt her body slipping away as nothing existed except for her lips and his lips. For one beautiful moment she was nothing more than a mouth exchanging affection with another mouth.

The kiss ended and Tina felt her body return. It almost felt strange to her. She had forgotten what it was like to feel her arms. She found the experience of sitting on her ass to be strange. Her eyes opened and she saw colors for the first time.

“I don’t understand,” Tina said. What she didn’t understand was too numerous to put into words.

“She doesn’t know the way to Lyrsac,” a woman said behind her.

“She needs answers,” the blond man said.

“Go talk to the Fisher,” the first man she kissed said.

“Yes, talk to Fisher,” another voice said.

“Talk to the Fisher,” all of the kissers said before going back to kissing each other.

Tina stood up. Her lips tingled and felt lonely. She wanted to stay and kiss until the sun fell but instead she stood up. She needed answers.

She didn’t know which way to go so she followed the beach. She passed a couple fucking on the beach, their bodies covered in sand. She walked past a man fucking a seashell, moaning with pleasure from every thrust. She walked past four women performing oral sex on each other in a chain of tanned flesh and wet hair.

As she walked, Tina became more and more aroused. Her fear of being somewhere new was washed away with waves of desire. She wanted to touch herself. She wanted to join the oral chain of women. She thought of returning to the kissers.

A woman sat in the water with her legs spread open. She was naked and her skin was dark brown. Her head was bald and her large breasts glistened with sea water.

A wave came in and the woman spread her legs wider. She cried out with pleasure. Her hands dug into the wet sand as she screamed an orgasm. As the water receded, Tina saw a green fish wiggle out of the woman’s bare sex.

Understanding awakened. “Are you the Fisher?” Tina asked.

“Yes,” the woman said, never looking away from the water. “Some change bodies but they never forget their lust.”

“I was told you could explain things to me,” Tina said. “I don’t know where I am and people are acting weird.”

Another wave came and this time Tina could see dozens of green fish. They fought with each other as they swam towards the Fisher’s open legs. Only one was fast enough to swim into the Fisher’s sex and part her lips.

“Fuck!” the Fisher cried out. She writhed with sexual pleasure.

Tina waited. The water came to her feet and one of the green fish brushed her toes. It was a surprisingly warm touch.

The water pulled back with the current. The fish left and the Fisher stopped moaning.

“You are here,” the Fisher said. “You are one of us.”

“I don’t understand,” Tina said.

“You won’t understand until you shed your clothes,” the Fisher said. “Shed your clothes and find the Tall One. He will tell you the way home.”

The wave came back and this time there were many more fish. The wave foamed as hundreds of fish fought each other for the Fisher’s legs.

Tina walked away from the Fisher. The cries of orgasms were carried on the wind.

Less and less was making sense. Tina felt more and more lost but she wasn’t afraid. If anything, she wanted to see what happened next.

She thought about the Fisher telling her to shed her clothes. It made sense. No one wore clothes here. Women ran by, their breasts bouncing with wild abandon. Men reclined on the beach, their cocks pointing to the ocean.

If anything was unnatural here, it was Tina wearing clothes.

Tina pulled on the strap of her swimsuit. The blue fabric slipped off of pale breasts that never saw the sun. Her nipple tingled as if the sunlight was kissing her. When she pulled down the other strap and revealed both breasts, she felt warmth in her breasts that went all the way down to her sex.

She pulled her swimsuit further down. Her butt was exposed and she felt a heat build in her bottom. As her swimsuit slipped past her sex, a hot flood of sensation radiated from her sex.

Tina stepped out of her swimsuit and stood nude on the beach. The sun’s rays were warm kisses on her naked body. The gentle beach wind was a sweet caress against her needy flesh. A wave reached across the sand and fondled her toes.

Tina moaned as the beach seduced her body.

The sand shifted in front of her. It formed the sculpture of a figure that refined itself into a muscular man that further grew into a muscular man with a large cock. The sand moved and flowed until the sculpture was ten feet long in the sand.

The sand sculpture stood up. The sand shifted and flowed as he towered above her. His limp cock swung between his legs and was as long as her arm.

“You need want to know the way home,” the Tall Man said.

“Yes,” Tina said.

“Touch yourself and I will point the way,” the Tall Man said.

Tina was too aroused to have shame. She grabbed a sensitive breast and squeezed. Her other hand went between her legs and touched her hungry sex. One stroke and then another before plunging between her lips as eager as any of the green fish.

She stood before the Tall Man and masturbated. The sun watched as she pulled on her nipple. The waves rose and fell in time with her stroking fingers. The wind blew her red hair as she shook with pleasure.

The Tall Man’s cock grew. Sand migrated from the beach and travelled up the Tall Man’s legs and added to the girth of his cock. It lengthened and swelled as Tina touched herself.

Tina stroked faster. She pictured that monstrous cock entering her. She imagined the sand filling her sex and expanding. She wondered if the sand would be wet and smooth or dry and biting.

She moaned. Her hips swayed and fucked the air. Her fingers sunk into her pale breast. Her sex clenched tightly.

The Tall Man’s cock became fully erect. It pointed to the ocean and Tina knew it was pointing home.

Tina’s fingers went deeper inside her sex. She looked out to the ocean. She saw the shimmering lights of a sunken city. She saw underwater gardens where people fucked and swam and fucked some more. She saw a great temple where strange rituals called forth the waves. She saw so many people fucking in beneath the ocean.

Tina came. Pleasure crashed through her body like a thunderous wave. She cried out and her cry seemed to shake the ocean itself.

“Go home,” the Tall Man said.

Tina nodded and walked to the water. The waves came and welcomed her body. She kept walking as the warm water came to her waist. Green fish kissed her sex as she walked. The warm water rose above her breasts, past her hard nipples and up her sensitive throat, past her open lips and over her head. The sand beneath her dropped away and she began to swim.

She headed home to the sunken city of endless pleasure.

Jun 252014

“Courtney? Are you coming or are you going to sleep in all day?”

Courtney raised her head from her pillow. Amber and Danielle stood by her bed. They were already in their bikinis and if Courtney was as thin as them, she might have been wearing a bikini too.

“Nah, I’m sleeping in,” she told her friends. “I’ll catch up with you on the beach later.”

Danielle shrugged and headed out of the bedroom and into the condo. Amber looked at her with a touch of concern on her face.

“You have been sleeping in every day this week,” Amber said. “Are you sick?”

Courtney shook her head. “I am just enjoying sleeping in during my summer break,” she lied.

“Alright,” Amber said. Her duty as a friend had been fulfilled. “We’ll be at the beach and then at the Fish Shack at noon for lunch.”

“Cool,” Courtney said and she put her head back down on the pillow. She closed her eyes and listened.

Amber and Danielle talked, their words unclear.

Ice was dumped into a cooler.

Danielle asked where her sunglasses were.

Condo door opened.

Condo door slammed.

Courtney counted to ten. Sometimes Amber forgot something but she usually remembered as soon as she closed the door.

No one came back.

Courtney sprang out of bed. She was wearing a sports bra although she wasn’t one for sports. With tits as big as her’s, it was best to sleep with some support or else she would roll onto her tits in the middle of the night. She whipped it off and tossed it aside. She put on a loose shirt and grabbed her favorite dildo, Big Red.

The blinds were open and the sunlight came through the glass doors from the patio landing. Courtney slid the bolt on the condo door so if her friends came back, they would have to wait for Courtney to let them in. She then walked to the side of the patio doors and peeked out. What she saw made her smile.

Courtney closed the blinds and the living room darkened. She pushed a chair up to the patio doors and got her binoculars from the coffee table. She laid out a towel onto the seat of the chair. Courtney sat down but then stood back up to pull down her panties. Now she was ready.

She stretched out her toe and pushed a blind aside. Across from her was another condo building. She put the binoculars to her eyes and scanned upwards. Practice helped her find the spot instantly.

On the fifth floor, one floor below Courtney’s patio, two women were on their own patio. The blonde with the long hair was bent over the railing. Her small tits were inside a cute pink bikini top. Behind her was the girl with the short black hair, and her hand was somewhere between the blonde’s thighs.

Courtney groaned. She put Big Red against the lips of her sex. She was damp and had been since she woke up half an hour ago. Waiting for Amber and Danielle to leave had been so hard. Courtney had to wait and pray that her friends leave so that she could watch the lesbians again.

The brunette grabbed the blonde by the hair. She yanked her head back and Courtney sighed. They were so rough with each other. It made Courtney’s heart race.

The brunette pulled the blonde’s head way back. The blonde bent backwards but she kept her hands on the rail. Courtney zoomed in and saw the zip ties that kept the blonde’s wrists bound to her position.

Courtney wondered if the zip ties hurt. She imagined them biting into the girl’s wrists. She imagined the rough sea water irritating the burn marks later. Courtney imagined those cruel plastic bands cinching into her own wrists.

She pushed Big Red into her sex. A moan escaped her lips and Courtney was glad to be alone. She moaned again, much louder because she could.

The brunette let go of the blonde’s head. She reached around and tore the bikini from the blonde’s tits. Her small little tits popped out and Courtney bit her lip. The blonde’s tits were out in the open where anyone could see them.

Courtney fucked herself slowly with Big Red. In and out, in and out, in and out. She looked at the blonde’s tiny pink nipples and wondered what it would be like to bite them.

The brunette wasn’t done with the blonde’s tits. She pinched those tiny pink nipples and pulled on them. The blonde’s face contorted with pain.

Courtney’s face contorted with pleasure. How would that feel? Courtney’s tits were so much bigger, would that make it hurt more?

The brunette released the blonde’s tits. The blonde’s face sighed with relief. Courtney’s face sighed with disappointment.

Courtney fucked herself with Big Red. She was making a wet spot on the chair but that was what the towel was for. She would clean it up like she had all week. Amber and Danielle hadn’t noticed yet.

Courtney smiled at the thought of her friends. She pictured them on the beach, flirting and showing off their bodies in the hot sun. They had no idea that this was where the real action was, inside an air conditioned condo while two kinky lesbians went at it across the way.

The brunette reached down somewhere that Courtney couldn’t see. She stood back up with a black paddle. Courtney moaned. The paddle was black with silver studs that sparkled in the morning sun.

The blonde begged. Courtney wished she could hear what she was saying. She wished that she could hear the blonde’s begging and pass judgment on whether she would be spanked or not.

Courtney also wished that she was the one begging.

The brunette wasn’t impressed. She grabbed the blonde by the hair and brought the paddle down on the blonde’s ass.

Courtney gasped. She clenched down hard on Big Red.

The brunette brought the paddle down again. The blonde’s little tits bounced from the force of the spank.

Courtney moaned and fucked herself faster with Big Red.

The brunette went to work on the blonde’s ass. Courtney whimpered at the sight of the vicious assault. The paddle swung through the air over and over again. The blonde bounced and struggled, her tits bouncing with her, but the zip ties kept her to the railing.

Courtney moaned. This was so hot. Even hotter than the time the brunette fucked the blonde with a strap-on. It was even hotter than the time the brunette made the blonde eat her out right there on the patio. Fuck, this might even be hotter than that time the blonde wore those nipple clamps while the brunette fingered her.

The brunette paused in her spanking. She lifted the paddle and held it in the air. Her fingers flipped the paddle around so that she held it on the flat end. The handle pointing down, the brunette brought it down slowly behind the blonde.

Courtney gasped. The blonde said something in protest as the paddle disappeared behind her. The blonde gasped and her whole body shook. Courtney had no doubt; the paddle handle was now inside the blonde’s sex.

She turned Big Red on. The vibrations rippled through her sensitive sex. Courtney cried out as her first orgasm slammed into her.

Her legs kicked out. The blinds closed. Courtney fought through the climax and pushed the blinds open again with her toe. She scanned with her binoculars and found the lesbians again.

The blonde was coming. Courtney had seen her come enough times to recognize the look.

The brunette leaned down close to the blonde. She let go of the blonde’s hair and grabbed her by the throat. Courtney moaned as the brunette’s fingers tightened around the blonde’s throat. The brunette was saying something and whatever she was saying made the blonde’s eyes widen in shock.

The blonde and the brunette both looked up at Courtney.

Courtney froze. She moved her foot away from the blind and it closed. Big Red pulsed inside her and she felt another orgasm building despite her mounting terror.

They couldn’t have been looking at her, could they? Courtney was so careful with the blinds and the binoculars. They couldn’t see what she was doing, could they?

For one brief delicious moment, Courtney imagined that they could as she grabbed Big Red with both hands. She slammed it into her, picturing the blonde and the brunette watching her.

Courtney climaxed. Her toes curled. She bit her lip. Her thighs closed together as she turned off the vibrator.

She sat there. The afterglow swept over her as well as sensible reason. No, it wasn’t possible that they could see her. She was just imagining it.

Courtney reached out with her foot and pushed the blinds aside. She raised her binoculars and took a peek.

The blonde and the brunette were gone. A white piece of cardboard was taped to the railing. Someone had used red lipstick to write a phone number.

Courtney’s heart pounded. Oh shit, they did see her. They wanted to talk.

She pulled Big Red out of her. Heart pounding, she stood up and looked for her phone. She didn’t let herself think of all the reasons not to call, she just dialed.

“Hello,” a voice said. Was it the blonde or the brunette?

“I saw your sign,” Courtney said.

“You did,” the voice said. “And you saw other things, didn’t you?” Someone giggled in the background.

“Yes,” Courtney admitted.

“Come over,” the voice said. “We’re going to play some more in the bedroom.”

Doubt washed over Courtney like a cold shower. “I don’t have the same body as you two.”

“Come over,” the voice said. “Room number 522. We’ll buzz you in.”

“I’m fat,” Courtney said.

“Come over,” the voice repeated.

“I, uh, I have never done anything like this,” Courtney said.

“Come over,” the voice said and then they hung up.

Courtney bit her lip again. Amber and Danielle wouldn’t expect to see her until lunch. She was just going over, if she didn’t feel right about it, she didn’t have to do anything.

The worse that could happen is that they would let her watch.

Jun 232014

Do you belong in a better world?

Are you choking on the air of superficial concerns?

Do you long for a part that hasn’t been written for you?

Do you ache to swim in the waters of glory?

Does the demand of cash and property exhaust you?

Are you a mermaid in a land of walkers?

Do you know the way to sunken Lyrsac?

The Church of the Drowning Wave was formed to help people like you. Come to our weekly meetings every Friday at 6pm. We are at the green house at the end of Dive Road. Newcomers are always welcome.

We don’t want your money. We don’t want your worship.

We only want to help you find the Drowning Wave.

Note: Not a suicide cult.

Jun 182014

I dreamed of tanned flesh and open thighs.

My eyes opened to dark sand. I reached out and clawed at the weight above me. My arms were weak from hunger. My hands had trouble opening and I dug with clenched fists.

Seagulls cried above me; calling me to the surface.

I emerged from the sand reborn for another summer. The sun’s rays warmed my cold flesh. The wind kissed me as it blew the sand from my mouth and eyes. I breathed in deep the smell of my home, Mermaid Island.

A hundred seagulls surrounded me. They had dug as much as they could with their webbed toes. I loved each and every one of them. They were children of the day.

I pulled myself out of the sand. My hand petted a seagull and I didn’t like what I saw. My flesh was wrinkled and ugly. Lesions and veins stood out on my hand. It disgusted me. It was a reminder of the years I had picked up sleeping away from the sun.

The seagulls flocked around me. I touched as many as I could until my hunger grew too strong.

“Go,” I told them. “I will need your eyes later.”

They flew off without a sound. When my strength had returned I would use their eyes but right now, I just wanted to feed.

I stood up on shaky legs. I soaked in the sun’s rays and felt life return to my body. It was tempting to strip off my faded swimtrunks and walk naked but I resisted. I needed hot flesh not harassment by what passed for authorities here.

Beside me was a sand sculpture. It was a bare breast being gripped by a strong hand. I laughed. It was obviously a warning about me. One day I really should find out what makes these sculptures.

To the left was the pier, with their sunbathers, their sightseers and the worse hot dogs that never improved. I was drawn to the people there but the shade of the pier disturbed me. After months in the sand, I had no desire to go back into darkness.

So I went right. Vast stretches of open beach lay before me. I was too hungry to reach far with my mind but no matter. I would walk and see what there was to eat. My knees screamed with every step but I still I walked.

I passed by two young women with tanned flesh barely covered in cloth. It was good to see that swimsuit fashion continued to get skimpier with every year. Both of them would have been a delicious feast but they looked at my old body with as much disgust as I had. I peeked into their minds and was disappointed. They had no fire.

I kept walking and found a woman picking up seashells. She was curvy with plenty of sun kissed skin and a fire burned in her soul like the hottest furnace. She dreamed of force, lust and spankings. I started walking towards her and my cock hardened.

As I drew closer, I saw that she walked awkwardly. She had been spanked, and many times this week. Ah, she belonged to the Painter. I respected him so I left his meal alone.

I passed a mother watching her children play in the sand. Her soul was cold with duty and contentment.

I walked past men who dreamed only of soft flesh and easy conquests.

I stumbled on weak legs past a woman whose heart was dead with the stench of commitment and love.

The first meal was always the hardest. Weak with hunger, I had to find my prey face to face. Later, when I am stronger, I will see through the eyes of the seagulls or I will feel their heat on the summer wind. They will seek me out because the fire inside me will burn brighter than their greatest fantasy. I will take my fill of the ones who throw themselves at me and I will use that strength to build my summer kingdom once more.

That was if there even was a later. If I didn’t feed by sunset, I would be too weak to survive the night. My heart would age as much as my leathery skin. I would perish.

I kept walking; one foot in front of the other in the hot sand.

Finally, I found her. She sat on a beach towel while others played in the water. I felt her heat as soon I saw her. She was dark brown with a white bikini. Short curly hair was soaked in summer sweat. She ignored the sun and the beach to read from some device I didn’t recognize but I recognized the fire in her mind. She was reading burning words that set her sex aflame.

I owed my existence to the writers of sex. The titles and stories change but the fires they ignite are all the same.

I walked towards her. The seagulls cried above me in triumph.

She looked up at me. Sunglasses hid her eyes. A frown crossed her face but I smelled her sex flush with desire. She knew. Even in my weakened pathetic state, she knew deep down what I was. I was the heat that she craved.

“Hello,” she called out to me.

“I’m going to fuck you,” I said.

She laughed nervously. “Are you serious?”

I stood above her as she stayed on her beach towel. “I know what you are reading,” I said. “You are reading about a woman who is going through a harsh adventure of sex and pain. You are reading about a woman submitting to horrors and pleasures that most would turn away from. You are reading about frightening things that make you wet between the thighs. You are reading about someone you wish to be.”

She looked out to her friends playing in the water. They didn’t see her. She looked back to me.

“Who told you that?” she said.

I got down on one knee like a suitor. It took all my self control to not shake as I did this simple movement. This close to her, I was able to pour my weakened mind into hers.

“I know because your lust burns like the sun, and I can give you what you need.”

She gasped as my mind touched hers. I couldn’t compel her, no, I never do. I merely touched what was already there. I poured fuel onto the smoldering spark that was buried beneath her inhibitions, buried beneath her reason and buried under a lifetime of being told her desires were impure. My mind touched hers and let her know that if she truly wished to experience what she craved, I was the one to be with.

“What is your name?” I asked.

“Alyssa,” she said. “What is yours?”

I ignored her question. “Alyssa, I’m going to climb that dune behind us,” I said and I prayed that I had the strength to do just that. “You are going to follow me and I am going to fuck you in the sand. My hand will be on your throat as my cock takes what I desire from you. Would you like that?”

She almost lied. My mind pulled the truth from her lips. “Yes,” she said.

“One condition,” I said. “If you follow me, you must first leave your swimsuit here. You must come to me naked. Understand?”

Alyssa’s dark brown skin flushed with embarrassment. I didn’t wait for her answer. I felt the heat radiating off her body. I knew her answer even if she didn’t.

I stood back up and this time my legs did shake. I gritted my teeth and willed myself up that dune. Maybe I should have taken her right there on the beach but I didn’t want her friends to interrupt us.

The damned dune was steeper than it looked. The sand tried to burn my feet but my body greedily soaked in the heat. It gave me the strength to make the climb up and over.

A sea of beach grass greeted me. A condo sat beside us. I felt a flicker of heat from someone high up. They were far away but I will visit them later. For now, they can watch if they are lucky.

Alyssa came beside me. She had done as I asked and she was naked beside me. Dark browns breasts wobbled as she climbed the dune. The wind blew through the tiny tangle of black pubic hair. Wide hips swayed as she approached. The thrill and humiliation of what I had asked her burned like an inferno between her legs. Every inch of her dark skin was exposed to the sun and she was the most beautiful woman on the beach.

I grabbed her throat. Alyssa cried out but she also moaned. My body was old but my grip was tight. My fingers closed tightly around her gasping throat.

I spun her around. I yanked my swim trunks down and freed my cock. My body pressed against her from behind and my cock grinded against her plump ass. Her heat warmed my body and my dead heart began to beat once more.

She moaned. I grinded against her ass. My cock moved up and down the valley of her buttocks in a savage parody of fucking. She pressed her hips to me in offering of her sex and I ignored it. My cock was happy to nuzzle against her ass.

“Fuck,” Alyssa groaned. I laughed. A choke and a dry hump was making her as wet as the ocean. Every year, women seemed to get more and more repressed.

My free hand reached around and grabbed a handful of her brown breast. Her nipple was hard for me and my fingers squeezed tightly. I moaned as I felt the fire in her breast. Kissed by the sun, her breast was a sponge in which I tried to squeeze the heat out of her.

My hand around her throat tightened as I slid my cock up and down the cheeks of her ass. The closeness of my cock to her sex made her weak in the knees. She shook in my arms but I held on. She was mine on this private dune away from her friends. Nothing could pry her from my grip in this moment.

I bit down on her shoulder, harder than anyone had bitten her before even in her dreams. My teeth didn’t pierce her skin but she cried out like I had. I sucked on her skin as I tried to drain the heat from her through my mouth.

“Fuck!” Alyssa yelled and her cry was lost in the crash of the waves and the howl of the wind. Her sex flowed as my cock throbbed against her ass. Terrible thoughts raced through her mind and spilled over into mine.

I flipped through her fantasies as my body gained in strength. My thrusts against her ass grew stronger. The heat of her breast strengthened my hand and I squeezed tighter. The fire in her heart stripped the years from my existence.

One of her fantasies pleased me and I pushed her to the ground. I fell on top of her body and kicked her legs open. She lifted her ass to me in submission and I pushed her head down into the sand in dominance.

I rubbed the tip of my cock against her wet sex. She cried out in desire and then whimpered in frustration.

“Do you want me to fuck you,” I said, reading my part in her fantasy.

“Oh god, yes,” Alyssa moaned.

“Why should I?” I said. “I only fuck sluts.”

“Please, fuck me,” she said.

Her fantasy was quite clear on this. “No, I will only fuck you if you tell me that you are a slut.”

“Please don’t make me say that,” Alyssa said.

I rubbed the tip of my cock up and down the slit of her sex. She moaned and tried to push back on my cock but I was too strong for her. I was strong and getting stronger with every drip of her sex.

“Say it or I walk away right now,” I growled. I pushed her head harder against the cruel sand. A seagull landed beside us to watch.

“I am a slut,” Alyssa whispered. A spark burned in her heart as she flirted with her fantasy.

I slapped her ass. A pale handprint formed on her ass.

“Louder,” I growled.

“I am a slut,” Alyssa said in a normal voice. The spark turned into a flicker.

I slapped her ass again, my hand making her ass jiggle in wonderful ways.

“Louder,” I yelled.

“I am a slut!” Alyssa yelled. The flicker turned into a fire.

I plunged my cock into her. A furnace gripped my cock. Life giving warmth swept through me in a single thrust.

I bore down on top of her. My body covered hers as I fucked her. My body soaked in the heat of her skin while my cock burned in the fire of her lust. My hand pressed her face into the sand as my hips pounded her. Our limbs dug frantic shapes into the sand around us.

“Keep talking, slut,” I whispered in her ear. “Tell me how dirty you are.”

“I read porn all the time!” Alyssa yelled into the sand. “I masturbate all the time when I think no one is looking!”

I fucked her faster. The flame in her soul brought me back to life. I watched the liver spots on my hand fade away. The wrinkles in my skin smoothed themselves. The pain in my knees became another memory.

More seagulls landed. They sat quietly and watched me claim my first of the summer.

“I want to suck off my best friend’s boyfriend!” Alyssa yelled. My cock added accelerant to the fire inside her.

“I want to go to the Bikini Bar and be the center of a gangbang!” Alyssa yelled.

I thought of the Bikini Bar and the gangbangs I had seen there. It was not an impossible wish.

“I want to be a sex slave for a cruel man!” Alyssa yelled.

I laughed. “You already are,” I said. I pounded her into the sand. Seagulls cried their approval around us.

Alyssa shook and I felt her orgasm. The burst of a thousand dreams suddenly coming to life exploded throughout her body. She clenched and writhed in the sweetest bliss.

I pulled my cock out of her. Alyssa whimpered but I ignored her pleas. I had no desire for another of my kind to haunt Mermaid Island. I gripped my cock and three strokes later, I spilled my seed onto her ass where it bubbled in the sun. It left a pale mark on her ass that she will wonder about for the rest of her life.

“Oh my God,” Alyssa said. I let go of her head and she stayed in the sand. “I had no idea it could be this good.”

“Now you do,” I said. I checked myself. I was reborn. My arms had muscles again. Hair had sprouted from my chest. I touched my face and felt the strong chin and arrogant nose. It was good to be young again.

Alyssa pulled herself up. Sand clung to her dark brown body. Her dark brown skin was a little bit lighter now as if she had not seen the sun this summer. The fire within her was quenched but the sparks remained. She would find it much harder to resist her burning urges in the future.

I stood up and pulled my swim trunks on. There was so much to do. Others with sparks in their hearts will start coming to me. Some of them will give me clothes while others will give me money. One of them will be lucky enough to provide a bed tonight before the hated moon rose again. There was so much to do for the days, even summer days, are too short.

“Where are you going?” Alyssa asked.

“To enjoy the summer,” I said.

Jun 162014

I want to congratulate every team member for their work this summer. We have been ranked #1 Place to Eat in Mermaid Island for the 2nd year in a row by Mermaid Island Weekly. Our 8 o’clock Pirate Raid Dinner Theater has sold out every night this month and customer response cards are averaging 95% in customer satisfaction.

However, there are a few rules we would like to remind team members of. Although we allow you free reign in designing your pirate costume, female members really need to stop going into the dining area flashing your tits. I don’t care if the historical Captain O’Plenty went into battle with her giant tits in the wind, she never had to pay public indecency fines like we do.

Male members need to please refrain from grabbing the asses of customers and yelling “I claim this booty!” I know you get better tips that way but one day someone is going to punch you out for groping them inappropriately.

Our Pirate Raid Dinner Theater is immensely popular and everyone loves it when we drag some poor mom or dad to the brig, but you MUST stop offering the prisoner oral sex while they wait in the brig. Yeah, I know it is consensual and yeah, I know some of you young ladies have daddy issues, but it is just not right to blow some guy ten feet away from his wife and family.

It is even less cool to eat out someone’s mom no matter how much she asks for it. One day you’re going to eat a screamer and then things are going to awkward on the dining area.

Finally, I know you guys get worked up and excited during the show but please, please, PLEASE have your after hours orgy party in the stockroom instead of the dining area. It just isn’t sanitary.

Thank you,
The Management

Jun 132014

Neptune is in the house of the Wave making this an ideal time to suggest a threesome to a loved one. Suggest a swap to a not-so-loved one.

Today is a good day to express yourself. Those with water signs should wear bikinis. Those with fire signs should wear even less. Those with air signs should skip flirty clothes and just make out with people you are interested in. Those with earth signs should wear more sunscreen.

The Son of the Sun will arise soon. Don’t read dirty books on the beach this week.

Three sand sculptures of missionary sex has been spotted this week, bringing good luck to those who have been married for longer than ten years.

A red pair of men’s underwear was washed ashore yesterday morning signaling that we are in the time of the Warrior. Unleash your passion with confidence this week.

To receive Madame Hurricane’s Horoscope every week in your e-mail, please paypal 5.99 to Madame Hurricane’s email.  If you desire a love potion, a curse, a blessing or results for the World Cup, please visit her website.

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Jun 112014

Kyle waited his turn at the changing booths. It was a hot summer day and the inviting cool water of the beach was a big temptation. There were six changing rooms at the pier and the first five were moving pretty quickly but the guy in the sixth room was taking forever.

A girl came out of room number three. Kyle pretended to look out on the beach as if looking for a friend. Someone else went into room number three and closed the door. As soon as the door closed and the lock clicked, Kyle spun around to keep an eye on room number six.

He wondered if his friend, Ryan, had been ribbing him. Was Ryan out in the water laughing at Kyle standing forever by the changing rooms? Could Ryan really have been telling the truth about room number 6?

Kyle knew that he wouldn’t be able to leave without knowing. Crazier things had been known to happen at Mermaid Island.

The door to room number six finally opened. A smiling black guy in tight trunks came out the room. He gave Kyle a thumbs-up as they passed.

Kyle’s heart raced as he ran into the changing room. He closed the door behind him and slid the lock. A quick pull on the door proved that the door wouldn’t open.

There it was, right where Ryan had said it would be. On the back wall up against the pier store was a hole at crotch height. It was larger than Kyle expected but that was good. It was big enough for Kyle’s cock which as hard a surfboard right now.

According to Ryan, you just stick your dick in the hole and it gets sucked. Knowing Ryan, that is exactly what he did but Ryan is also something of a dumb ass. Kyle wanted a few assurances. He bent down and took a look at the hole. He didn’t see any rough edges which was good. In fact, someone had put a lot of duct tape in the inside of the hole to make it smoother.

“Whip it out already,” a female voice said from the side of the hole.

Kyle jumped. He didn’t think someone would be watching him. At least the voice was female. That answered one rather important question for Kyle. On the other hand, who could be sure?

“Are you a girl?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, so do you want your dick sucked or not?” the voice said.

“Yeah, I do,” Kyle said. “I just wanted to be careful, you know.” He took a look through the hole. A blue eyes looked back at him. It looked like a girl’s eye. Then again, how could he be sure?

“Can you uh, prove that you are a girl?” Kyle asked.

He heard a sigh from the other side of the room. The eye disappeared. There was a blur of flesh before him as they stood up. A completely smooth pussy appeared on the other side of the hole, with three tanned fingers buried deep in the folds of her sex.

“Satisfied?” the voice said.

“Uh yeah,” Kyle said. He pulled down his shorts. His cock popped out and he aimed it for the hole. Before he pushed in, he stopped.

“What now?” the voice said.

“Uh, I’m just curious,” Kyle asked. “Why are you doing this?”

“Because my boyfriend would rather surf all day instead of fucking me,” the voice said. “Because I really like sucking cock. Because I love the idea of sucking the dicks of strangers while by boyfriend has no idea. Because I FUCKING WANT TO!”

“Alright, alright,” Kyle said. “Sorry. I just wanted to make sure this wasn’t sort of sex slavery thing. I read an article about it on Puffington Post.”

Kyle put the tip of his cock against the lip of the hole. He heard a wet noise behind the wall like someone licking their lips. All he had to do was shove his cock through but he hesitated.

“Look, either stick that dick in my mouth or get out so someone else can,” the voice said.

“This might sound weird, but could you give me your name?” Kyle said. “I just never did this before and I think a name would make things more normal. My name is Kyle by the way.”

“Call me Ava,” the voice said. “Are you good? Do you want my life story? Do you need to know my favorite music? Can I suck your dick already?”

“Sorry,” Kyle said and he slid his cock into the hole. The wall was much thinner than he expected and most of his cock emerged on the other side.

Kyle felt a lick on his cock and he shuddered. For all her insistence, he expected her to just deep throat him right away but she didn’t. She licked the tip of his cock and then gave a long loving lick to the underside of his cock. From there she kissed and licked her way down his entire length.

“Holy shit,” Kyle whispered. He pressed his head against the wall of the changing room. It felt damp. He lifted his head and wondered how many guys had pressed their heads against this wall. He wondered how many have been where he was today.

Ava kept licking him. She left spit wherever she licked. He could feel his cock getting drenched. He tried to thrust with his hips but his cock was already as far into the hole as it was going to go.

Finally her mouth returned to the tip of his cock. He felt her lips press against his tip and slowly open. His cock slid into her mouth as she slowly let him enter her. Kyle pushed hard against the wall as Ava’s mouth enveloped his cock.

“Yes,” Kyle groaned. This was worth the wait. This was worth standing around forever. This was worth waiting all year for the summer.

Ava’s mouth fucked his cock. Her tongue took loving licks of every ridge on his cock. She moaned as she sucked him and he felt her vibration around his cock. The suction on his cock was unbelievable.

Kyle heard doors open and close in the changing rooms beside him. The ever present crashing of the ocean waves stayed in the background. The heat of the day made him sweat and the wall that he leaned on was getting sticky. He didn’t care. This was his best blowjob ever.

Back and forth her mouth moved on his cock. It was slow and steady and Kyle thought he was going to lose his mind. He wanted to pull out of her mouth, tear through the wall of the changing room and fuck her. He wanted to pound into her pussy. He wanted to bend her over and fuck her in ways that her absent boyfriend never did.

Instead of all that, he stood there and let his cock get sucked. He clenched his fists while on the other side of the wall, Ava worked her magic with tongue, spit and lips. He enjoyed the magical moment that might never get repeated again in his life.

Ava shuddered and moaned. Kyle remembered her fingers in her pussy. Was she stroking off while she sucked him? Of course she was.

He felt that familiar tension in his cock. “I’m going to come, Ava,” he moaned.

Kyle felt her mouth release his cock. For one terrifying moment he thought she was going to leave him frustrated but then she grabbed his cock with her hand. Ava licked the head of his cock from the left edge and then slowly swiped her tongue all the way across to the right edge of his tip. As he gasped, Ava’s tongue flicked the underside of his cock and fluttered against his sensitive skin.

Kyle’s cock erupted in a shower of seed. He bit his lip to keep from screaming in the changing room as he had the hardest orgasm of his life. It felt like his seed was spraying from his cock in a geyser.

Ava giggled on the other side of the wall. “I love wiping a facial from my face and eating it off my fingers.”

“Holy shit,” Kyle said.

“You should change and go enjoy the beach,” Ava said.

“Uh-huh,” Kyle said weakly. He took a stumbling step to his swim trunks. He clumsily put it on and stuffed his shorts into his bag. His cock felt drained and his body was exhausted. No wonder Ava’s boyfriend spends all day surfing, he wouldn’t be able to do much else after a blowjob like that. Kyle wasn’t sure he could either.

“And remember,” Ava said on the other side of the wall. “Tell your friends.”