Dec 042013

The wind nearly pushed my car off the road. The rain wasn’t pouring as much as it was tumbling from the heavens like a waterfall. The radio told me that Hurricane Jeanette wasn’t due to make landfall for another hour but the sky disagreed. This was going to be a bad one.

I shouldn’t even be on the road but I had a party to go to. Every fall during the first really bad hurricane, the residents of Mermaid Island gather together for the biggest party of the year. It was a hurricane party; a chance to get drunk with friends and fuck the hell out of your neighbors in case we don’t make it to tomorrow.

The wind gusted and this time I did go off the road. I looked over the dune to see the followers of the Drowning Wave gathering at the beach. The crazy fuckers might just get their watery apocalypse this year.

I steered the car back onto the road. This was going to be a bad one and maybe I should go home. Ha. Fuck that. I had an orgy to go to and I wasn’t going to miss it.

It wasn’t the orgy I wanted. It was Patti. I knew she would be there and that was enough to drive through a hell of wind and water.

I pulled into Henderson’s driveway. There were a lot of other cars. This might be the biggest hurricane party yet. Maybe everyone understood that this storm was going to be bad. Better to die in a smother pile of humping bodies than alone in a bathtub.

The rain was even worse when I got out of the car. It soaked me in an instant. I grabbed the case of beer and forced my way to the front door of the house.

The wind pushed me back. Fuck it. No hurricane was keeping me from Patti.

I made it to the door. The wind never stood a chance.

Cheryl opened the door. She was topless and her glorious giant breasts were on full display. The sight of those lovely tits would be worth the trip alone.

“Glen, you made it!” Cheryl said. “Your clothes are dripping!”

“I better get out of them then,” I said.

Cheryl laughed and took my beer. “Maybe this year I’ll finally get you between my legs,” she said.

I smiled as I took off my shirt. There would be a line. Cheryl’s tits were never alone for long at this party.

“I’ll take you up on that,” I lied.

“Sure you will,” Cheryl said, not believing me for a minute. “Patti’s already here.”

I pulled my pants off and left my boxers on. I was going to play it cool this year. I was going to walk casually by here and pretend to notice her. I’ll ask about her asshole son and pretend to watch the orgy. I’ll let her make the first move so it won’t seem like I have counted the days until hurricane season.

I went into the living room. It was a sweaty beautiful mess. Seashell Steve was getting his cock sucked by a young blonde that I hadn’t seen before. My favorite waitress at the Fish Shack, Victoria, was getting fucked on both ends by the Micco brothers. I waved to the town librarian as she gave a hand job to a convenience store clerk. The sound of sex almost drowned out the sound of the rain on the windows. Almost.

Patti was by the window. Long brown hair with streaks of the sun hung over her bare back. Tight red panties clung within the lines of her tan.

In the moment I thought about stupid it was that we weren’t together. So what if she smoked a little too much pot? So what if I gambled too much money? Maybe I should learn to like her asshole son. Maybe she could learn to put up with my loud friends that never leave. Maybe we could be a couple and fuck every night.

No. We would hate each other. This way, we would never loose the best nights of our life.

She turned and smiled at me.

The plan was forgotten. I went to her and kissed her. She giggled when I took her into my arm but she moaned when I stole her breath. I crushed her to me; my hands gripping her ass while I pull her breasts to my chest.

The wind slammed into the house. The orgy paused. We kept kissing.

“Hey,” Patti said when I finally let go of her lips.

“Hey,” I said.

“It looks like a bad one,” she said.

“Might be the worse,” I said.

“Then we better hurry,” she said.

My cock, trapped between our bodies, answered with a pulse.

I kissed her shoulder. She trembled in my arms. My hands clenched her ass and lifted her lightly. She squealed and giggled. I let her go and dipped my head down to her little pale breast nipple tucked between a triangle of tan lines. I kissed her nipple and Patti gasped.

Either I knew how to play her body perfectly, or a year of waiting made everything I did magic. Either was good enough for me.

The rain smacked into the windows like a hundred angry tapping fingers. I kissed Patti’s nipple and she dug groves into my back with her nails.

The wind roared outside. I went to Patti’s other nipple. My tongue flickered over her nipple while she pulled me tighter to her chest.

A woman screamed a long shuddering climax. Someone else clapped. I kept sucking Patti’s nipple.

“Fuck,” Patti whispered. She pushed me away and leaned against the wall. Her eyes locked on mine and she hooked her fingers around her panties. I smiled as she pulled them down to her ankles. She kicked her panties into the orgy. Bob the lawyer grabbed them out of the air and put them in his mouth.

The wind howled outside. I knelt before Patti. The bush of her pussy glistened with her need. Her fingers returned to my hair and she pulled me to her.

I opened my mouth and breathed in her pussy. I sealed my mouth over her sex and licked. The rain had soaked me earlier but it was nowhere near as wet what I licked between Patti’s legs.

“Fuck!” Patti said. Someone laughed and others joined in. I kept licking.

The rain came down harder. It wasn’t hitting the roof, it was hitting the walls. The rain was trying to batter down the walls and it was getting louder by the second.

I didn’t care. I kept licking. I devoured the pussy of the girl I longed for all winter, kept an eye out for during the spring and then silently admired during the summer. If the walls collapsed and the Drowning Wave really did come, then I would die with the taste of her pussy on my tongue.

I spent eternity between her thighs but when she climaxed, it was too soon. Her fingers tightened in my hair, her pelvis fucked my face and her trembles warmed my body. She pushed my face away and I fought the urge to dive back in.

Patti pulled me to my feet and kissed my wet lips. “You, you, you,” she whispered and I understood.

I thought about asking her to go on a date with me. Her eyes told me that she would say yes.

“Fuck yeah!” someone yelled. We turned and saw Dr. Harris fucking Cheryl missionary style. Like I suspected, there were three other guys waiting their turn.

“Fuck me,” Patti said.

“Always,” I said.

She turned around and leaned against the window. She braced her tanned leg and lifted her ass towards me. I yanked my boxers down and aimed my cock between her legs.

My cock slid into the pussy that I had just eaten. Patti clenched around me and this time I groaned.

We saw something large and white tumble down the road. It might have been a sign or maybe someone’s roof.

Patti grinded against me. “Fuck me before the storm takes us,” she said.

I didn’t need a reason. I grabbed her hips and fucked. Patti threw her head back and a wave of hair flew against my face.

Outside, a wave of water splashed over a dune. I fucked Patti faster.

Behind us, people moaned as they indulged in bucket list fantasies. Patti clenched tighter around my cock.

Outside, a lawn chair flew through the air. It tumbled and spun down the road, never touching the ground. I fucked Patti harder.

Behind us, someone screamed an orgasm but it wasn’t as loud as the wind outside. Patti undulated against my cock.

Patti looked over her shoulder at me. I thought about how much I wanted to see that face every morning. I fucked Patti a little slower.

CRACK! Something blew louder than thunder and the power went out. We were plunged into darkness. The sound of sex suddenly stopped. Patti reached between her legs and stroked herself.

The sound of sex resumed around us. I fucked Patti deeper. Patti whimpered as she climaxed.

Something hard thumped into the wall from outside. My heart was racing. This really might be the storm to kill us all. Well, it could have me. I would never be happier than I was inside Patti.

I came. My cock unleashed a storm of seed inside Patti. She squeezed and clenched all I had from my cock.

My cock slipped out of Patti. She turned and leaned against me. We stumbled our way through writhing bodies to an empty couch. Our bodies collapsed into a melting pool of us.

Someone lit candles. Flickering light revealed people tangled in one another. Patti leaned against me and as we watched a very flexible surf instructor take three cocks at the same time.

“You really gamble too much,” Patti said. “That would drive me crazy.”

I laughed. The thought of us dating seemed really stupid now in the afterglow. “I am really not crazy about your pot smoking,” I said.

She laughed. “That would get old fast,” she said.

The rain pounded the walls of the house. The sound was deafening. Patti’s head slid down my chest and ended up in my lap. She took my limp cock in her mouth and my body surged back to life. It was too soon but her mouth was going to do the impossible.

Dating seemed like a good idea again.

Aug 212013

The seagull walked closer to Julia. Tiny wet footprints trailed behind the waddling bird.  The seagull looked up at Julia’s hand and realized there was nothing there.  It turned around and flew over the water.

“Even the seagulls are fleeing Mermaid Island,” Devin said.

Julia giggled.  It was true.  Just last week, this beach was crowded with college kids but now it was almost completely empty.  School was starting next week and most people had left to get ready.  Right now there was just one other person on the beach and it was some old guy collecting sea shells.

“Wait,” Devin said.  He stood still and looked out onto the water.  She wondered if he was consciously striking a stoic pose of thoughtful silence.

She came to the decision that he was and she had to bite back a giggle.  Devin was something of a drama queen.  He wore black in the middle of summer.  He preached constantly about the freedom of the individual and how it tied into a flat tax rate.  He obsessed over his hair constantly as soon as they got in from out of the wind.  He was the total opposite of the guy she usually dated.

But God, did he know how to fuck.  More specifically, he knew how to dominate Julia.  He read all the right books about bondage and submission.  He was on all of the cool message boards.  He even wrote a really hot e-book about it.  When he slapped her ass, when he told her to beg and when he fucked her until she screamed herself hoarse, she forgave all of his speeches about the commercialization of nihilism.

She was going to miss him when she went back to school.

Devin continued to look at the water.  He scratched his chin as if he was thinking.  Shit, no one really does that when they think, do they?

She was glad that she was going to leave him.  He was a bit full of himself.

Julia should have went back last Sunday but she had stayed.  Julia’s roommates had left yesterday but Julia wanted one more week.  Her friends had been confused that she would stay with such a weirdo like Devin but they would be relieved when she came back without him.  For now though, she could play with him until the last minute and school started again.

“Take your breasts out,” Devin said.

A chill went down her back despite the warm weather.  “Right here?” she asked.  “In public?”

She knew how he would respond and he didn’t disappoint.  His hand went to her breast and with the certainty that comes from fucking her silly for the past seven days, he found her nipple under her bikini top.  The fingers clamped onto her breast and squeezed.

Delicious pain shot through her breast.  Wonderful agony that she had read about for ages blossomed through her.  A thousand dirty stories read in shameful secret came to life with that single pinch.

The fingers twisted a little further and tears sprang to Julia’s eyes.  “Okay, okay,” she said.

The fingers released.  She thought about taking her top off but no, she wasn’t that crazy.  She just pulled down and freed her small breasts from their cups.  That way, she could just slip them back in if someone saw her.

“Stay that way,” Devin said and he resumed his thoughtful internal monologue as he looked wistfully out to sea.

Julia refrained from rolling her eyes.  He was something of a dork but shit, she was so wet right now.  No one had ever treated her like this.  No one back at school had ever pushed her limits and made her do things that she had never dared to do.  There was no one like Devin back home.

And that, was how Julia planned to keep it.  She had a career to think about.  She had her grades.  Fuck, she had her parents to worry about.  There was no way she was going to date a dominant guy like Devin for real.

But for summer, yeah, she could play with him for the summer.

“Suck my cock,” Devin said suddenly.

“What?” Julia said.  Her sex felt it was going to soak through her bikini.  He was insane!

“You’ll be leaving soon,” he said.  “I want an act of submission that truly marks you as mine.  I want you to perform an act of submission that transcends your rigid concept of societal expectations-“

“Yes,” Julia said, sinking to her knees in the sand.  He shut up right away when she pulled down his swimming trunks.  If she had let him keep talking, he would have gone on and on until her pussy dried up and she lost her nerve.

His cock was halfway hard when she grabbed it but a few second inside her mouth fixed that.  He tasted of salt and sand.  Her tongue licked hard against familiar ridges as he grew in her mouth.

The wind blew and so did Julia.  Her head moved back and forth along the length of his cock, her lips leaving behind a trail of spit.  Devin put one hand on her shoulder, letting her decide the pace.  Both of her hands went to Devin’s ass as she pulled him deeper down her throat.  She moaned as his cock pulsed in her mouth.

She kept her eyes closed.  Her hair whipped against her face from the wind.  The water came in and brushed her toes.  She shivered at the sudden wetness but she kept sucking.  It was what was demanded of her.

Julia wondered about the old man collecting seashells.  Did he see them?  If he couldn’t see exactly what she was doing, there was only one reason a woman got on her knees and put her face to her man’s crotch.  He had to know what they were doing.

Was he appalled?  Was he turned on?  Both ideas excited her.  Let him see her submission.  It was who she was, for a few more days at least.

Devin’s hand moved to her head.  She smiled and kept sucking.  He may be the master of her body but he had little self control when it came to his dick.

He pulled her head deeper onto his cock.  She licked faster.  She sucked harder.  She made little moans as if she was going to come just from sucking him.

The water returned and this time her knees got wet.  Julia shrieked but Devin’s hand kept her pinned.  She could feel her knees sinking into wet sand.  She forgot about summer submission and worried about getting muddy or falling over.

Devin’s hand didn’t budge.  There would be no respite until he climaxed.  Julia realized not for the first time that Devin might just be a colossal asshole.  She wasn’t going to miss him at all.

She sucked harder.  Devin’s unforgiving hand pulled her deeper.  His cock choked her and his hand never let go.  She whimpered as the water came in and splashed against her thighs.  The entire ocean could come in and he would let her drown rather than release her before he came.

Fuck, she was going to miss him.

Devin’s fingers tightened in her hair and a second late, she felt the first surge of seed enter her mouth.  Julia hated the taste of come but she swallowed it.  She thought semen was disgusting but she licked as more and more filled her mouth. This was something she swore that she would never do again once she got home and that made the swallowing just a little bit easier.

“Up,” he said.  He stuffed his cock back into his trunks.

Julia tried to stand but slipped in the wet sand.  She landed on one knee but she was okay.  Devin didn’t even help as she got up.  In annoyance, she stuffed her breasts back into her bikini top without asking first.

Down the beach, the old man was staring at her.  He shook his head and went back to collecting shells.

“I didn’t say you could hide your breasts yet,” Devin said.

Julia didn’t answer.  Maybe it was time to go back home today.

“I will punish you back at the hotel,” Devin said.  “I think I will use the crop.”

Julia frowned.  She hated the crop.  It hurt too much.  It wasn’t fun at all.

Maybe she would wait and go home tomorrow.

Aug 162013

This weekend you should wear a red swimsuit if you wish to attract a romantic interest. If you want your romantic interest to leave the next morning and not be a nuisance, wear red and something white.

People born on a full moon should avoid swimming this weekend for Jupiter is in the House of the Dreamer.  People born on a holiday should avoid any sort of dancing this weekend for Mars is currently ascending.  People born on any day should avoid eating the hot dogs at the pier for they are truly awful.

This Saturday is a good day for financial opportunities for women with a cup size of D or larger.

A sand sculpture of two women kissing was spotted on Thursday. This is a good sign for anyone seeking a same-sex liaison this weekend.

Follower of the Drowning Wave, do not despair! The Great Flooding did not occur this summer but the sigils are being broken! Stay true!

A reading of scattered panties reveals that the cycle of the Abundant Woman is upon us. Swallow for luck this weekend.

To receive Madame Hurricane’s Horoscope every week in your e-mail, please paypal 5.99 to Madame Hurricane’s email.  If you desire a love potion, a curse, a blessing or results for reality game shows, please visit her website.

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Aug 092013

Mermaid Island Theater is proud to present three movies from cult favorite director, Jeffery Zacks.  Friday night we will be showing Beach Party Harlot (1967), followed by Beach Party Swingers (1968) on Saturday Afternoon and concluding with Beach Party from Beyond! (1972) this Saturday night.

Jeffery Zacks, whose real name was Jerry Ferkowichman, was a native of Mermaid Island who went to Hollywood and made a name for himself working for Russ Meyer. Jeffery wanted to make his own movies so he convinced the city council of Mermaid Island to give him tax credits that would let him film here. He promised that he would make a film that showed the best of Mermaid Island and would make the world take notice of this little small town.

What Jeffery actually created was an hour and a half of jiggling breasts, ludicrous excuses for women to lose their swimsuits and some rather creative sand sculptures that emphasized the female form. Starring Jeffery’s first wife, the luscious Linda Zacks, Beach Party Harlot chronicled the wacky hijinks of college kids getting naked and wet.  Most of the cast were untrained actors and rumors have it that it featured the younger generation of actual Mermaid Island Inhabitants.

The movie was banned in 40 states for “promoting unhealthy promiscuous feelings in the youth” by the Surgeon General.  Cardinal Mice in New York led a very public burning of the film and the famous breast oriented posters. The Hollywood press called it the new Plan 9 from Outer space.

It was a huge box office hit.  The Mermaid Island City Council was in the process of suing Jeffery X for slander when the first wave of tourists came in and turned the tiny island into a boom town. The lawsuit was dropped and Jeffery was invited to make a second film.

Things to watch for in Beach Party Harlot!

  • For fun, count how many hands are groping Linda during the suntan lotion scene!
  • Keep an eye out for the busty blonde who gets a sunburn.  That’s Susan Holder, our very own Mermaid Island senior librarian!
  • The sand sculpture of the giant breasts has a real topless woman lying in the cleavage.  Most people miss her because of the giant sand breasts!
  • All of the underwater scenes were filmed at a local hotel pool.  You can see the colored tiles beneath the swimmer’s feet!
  • Linda Zacks spends 74 minutes of this 90 minutes film topless.

Jeffery went right to work on Beach Party Swingers where he turned the focus from young college kids getting naked to hot married couples getting naked.  It starred Mary Bender and Robert Davids as two newlyweds who get inducted into the ridiculously large swinger scene at Mermaid Island in between cookouts and losing swimsuits.  Once again most of the cast were untrained actors but current Mermaid Island residents insists that the naked amorous people featured were all out of towners.

Things to watch for in Beach Party Swingers!

  • During the opening credits, you can see famous Mermaid Island landmark, the Bikini Bar, which opened that very summer!
  • The unnamed redhead with the submissive husband was actually played by a pair of twins! You can tell them apart because one twin’s left breast is bigger than the other while the other twin’s right breast is bigger than the left.
  • Partway through the film, the Lifeguard is played by an entirely different actor yet is supposed to be the same character.
  • During the wife-swapping barbecue, a real life couple was having sex on top of the dune to the left. They were apparently not noticed until after filming had been completed and were never edited out.
  • Mary Bender is topless for 85 minutes in this 94 minute film.

Beach Party Swingers was another big hit. It broke box office records for drive-in theaters and adult theaters.  Jeffery was blacklisted from Hollywood but he was having too much fun to care.

He went to work on Beach Party Jubilee in 1969 but halted production one week in. Jeffery suffered a nervous breakdown and insisted that the beach itself had commanded him to stop making movies.  He left Mermaid Island and moved to Brazil where he filmed movies for the South American grindhouse industry.

In 1972, Jeffery got a divorce and moved back to the United States.  With a minimum film crew and just his own money, he began work on Beach Party from Beyond! The Mermaid Island City Council granted him permission because they were desperate to cash in on that sweet sexploitation tourist money.

The movie Jeffery produced was a surprise to everyone.  Filmed only at night, it tells an incoherent story of a nude woman, played by starlet Patricia Waters, who stumbles into a midnight party of strange beings.  These strange beings wear grotesque rubber masks and no two look alike.  A series of bizarre and nearly psychedelic incidents occur until finally the party ends in a burst of light.  When the light fades, everyone is gone except for a life like sand sculpture of Patricia’s character.

Beach Party from Beyond was a flop when it was released but future generations have come to appreciate the mysterious film.  Jeffery sadly died shortly after the film was made from a drowning accident and didn’t live long enough to see his cult status secured.

Things to watch for in Beach Party from Beyond!

  • Some of the strange beings appear to have three very realistic looking arms.
  • Patricia Waters has a mole on her left breast that is in a different place in every scene.
  • At one point the strange beings sing a song that is utter nonsense but weirdly hypnotic.  It is at the sixty-six minute mark so be sure to not to be using the restroom when it happens! It is weird as crap.
  • At the end of the movie, stick around for the end credits where Jeffery forgoes giving any credits and just writes a long rant about how the water at Mermaid Island will one day drown us all.
  • Patricia Waters is topless for 96 minutes of this 99 minute long film.

Come in a bikini or swimtrunks and tickets are half-price!

Jul 312013

Joshua woke up to the sound of seagulls outside. He didn’t know where he was at first. His bed was a little bouncy, the air a little stuffy, the room was very small and the walls were decorated with painted seashells.

Memory washed slowly into him. He was at Mermaid Beach with a bunch of his friends. They had rented a beach house together. They were sleeping six to a bedroom. He had taken the air mattress into the laundry room for privacy. His girlfriend, Leah, wouldn’t come to sleep with him. She wanted to stay in the living room.

Joshua rolled over and stared at the ceiling.  There was something else he needed to remember.

His cock throbbed.  He remembered.  Samantha, Cory’s girlfriend, had kissed Joshua last night!  It was a long deep melting kiss that made his balls ache to remember.  She had kissed him out of the on the way back from the Bikini Bar.  She never told him why.

“Holy shit,” he whispered to the washing machine.  Guilt and desire pulsed within his cock.  What was that all about? Leah would dump him if she found out! Cory would kick his ass! What the fuck caused Samantha to kiss him?

The washing room door opened.  Joshua shifted on the air mattress, trying to disguise the tent his cock had formed with the sheets.

It was Samantha.

She was wearing a t-shirt and panties. Her nipples pushed against the fabric of the shirt. The tail of the shirt barely came down over her pink panties. The sunlight turned her blonde hair into a halo.

Holy fuck.

Samantha closed the door behind her and picked up the edge of the sheets.  Joshua should have pulled the sheets away from her.

He scooted over instead.

Samantha climbed into the air mattress with him. She smiled at him. Joshua weakly smiled back.

“Why are-“ he said before his mouth was covered by hers.

Samantha kissed him hard.  It was just like last night. Her lips forced open his and her tongue sought out his. Soft golden hair fell around his face, covering their shameful kiss from the outside world.

Joshua didn’t know what to do. He kept kissing her.  His heart pounded, his cock throbbed and his mind raced. He couldn’t remember the last time Leah had kissed him like this. Fuck, he couldn’t remember the last time Leah had initiated the kiss.

Samantha broke the kiss but her face stayed close to his.  He felt her breath on his face.  Her breasts pressed into his arm and chest. He was very aware of her thigh slipping over his leg, reaching up, up, up towards his cock trapped within his underwear.

Her thigh rubbed up and then down over his cock.

“What?” he asked, unable to think of anything more coherent.

“Let’s have a little fling,” Samantha said.  “Something just between us.”

Joshua didn’t know what to say. He thought of Leah. He thought of Cory. He thought about the heavy breast pressing against his chest and the warm thigh rubbing over his cock.

“But we can’t cross the line,” Samantha said.

“Okay,” Joshua said.  He wasn’t sure what he was agreeing to.

He decided to find out.

Joshua rolled over onto his side.  He slipped one nervous hand under her shirt.  He watched her eyes light up as his fingers found her breast.

He squeezed.  Samantha smiled and moaned.

It was a quiet, quiet moan for a quiet sleeping beach house.

Joshua squeezed harder.  He felt the weight of her breast. He thought about Leah’s smaller breast and banished the memory. This was between him and Samantha.

She reached around him. Her hand slipped under his underwear and grabbed his ass.  She squeezed him to her.

“Fuck,” he said, a little too loud.

Her eyes widened in admonishment.

He whispered that he was sorry.

She squeezed his ass in forgiveness.

God, he wanted her.

He let go of her breast long enough to grab the tail of her shirt.  She didn’t resist as he pulled her shirt up over her plump breasts.  Brown tan lines surrounded a pale breast and paler nipple.

Samantha rolled on top of him. Skin to skin their chest met. It was a warm summer morning but Samantha’s full body was even warmer.  His cock pulsed as she settled his weight into him.

She offered a breast for his mouth.  He took it.  Joshua sucked on her nipple, indulging himself to the fullest.

When was the last time Leah let him do this? It had been too long.  It seemed like it had been never.

Samantha grinded against his body.  He felt her soft panties slide against his underwear. His bulge throbbed helplessly as her panty covered sex grinded against it.

He throbbed and Samantha moaned.  Knowing she could feel his throbs made him even harder.

Was his underwear getting wet from her sex, or was that his imagination?

Joshua didn’t care.  He grinded away at the curvy blonde on top of him. His mouth opened wider to get more of her wonderful tit into his mouth.

He wanted to fuck but grinding was almost as good.  He could feel her heat.  He could feel the rhythm of her hips.  He could feel how much she wanted him inside her.

Their hips shifted and both of them groaned. He released her tit as she looked down into their eyes. Both of them stopped in midthrust.

The tip of his bulge, covered by his underwear, had pushed against a sheath of panties and parted the lips of her sex.

They groaned as their genitals strained at each other. His cock throbbed. Her pussy dampened his underwear and this time he knew it was not his imagination.

A tug of his underwear and he would be inside her.  A tug of her panties and she would engulf him. Joshua looked into Samantha’s eyes and he tried to read her mind?

“Close,” Joshua said and he wasn’t sure if that was a plea or a warning.

“Yes,” Samantha whispered. He wasn’t sure if it was permission or denial.

Maybe it was both.

“I want to try something,” Joshua said.  He gently rolled her onto her side and changed positions on the air mattress.  The tiny space of the washing room made it tricky but he didn’t care. He rotated on the mattress until his face was near her sex and her face was near his crotch.

Joshua moved his mouth down to her panties.  Yes, there was a wet spot.  He leaned in close and took a nice deep breath.

Nothing had ever smelled sexier.

“Careful,” Samantha said.

“I know,” Joshua said.

He moved his nose down to the side of her panties.  His tongue snaked out and touched the edge of her panties.  He planted a kiss on the skin just outside her panties.

“Oh God,” Samantha moaned.  She grabbed his thigh. He winced as her fingers sunk into his thigh but his cock pulsed in response. It was nice to be wanted.

Joshua kissed down the side of her panties.  His tongue flickered over the bare skin. He knew she could feel his heavy breathing between her thighs.  He relished the groans she made.

Joshua froze as he felt Samantha’s lips on his thighs. She was following his lead.  He trembled as she took a long loving lick of the crease joining his thigh to his groin.

It was driving Joshua insane.  Maybe they should just fuck.  It would be quick.  It would be wonderful. They would get what they need and Leah, Cory and the other housemates would never need to know.

Samantha’s mouth moved.  Her lips grabbed his bulge. She bit down slightly, trapping the underwear around his cock. Just as quickly, she released.

Joshua’s eyes rolled into the back of his head.  A toilet flushed somewhere in the house and he didn’t care.  He felt his body reach a new peak of pleasure and he didn’t know how to handle it.

He moved his mouth and planted a soft kiss on the front of Samantha’s panties.

He watched her hips quiver.  He felt her mouth go to his thigh and bite down hard as she tried to muffle the moan rising within her.

Joshua’s leg ached from the force of her bite but it didn’t stop him.  He planted another kiss on her panties.

Samantha bit down harder as she moaned louder.

He was tempted to lick her next.  One long swipe of his tongue on her panties would send her over the edge.

Fuck it, he should pull her panties off and just eat her.  Samantha would let him.  He could smell it.  She wanted him.

And then, when she was good and eaten, he would sink his cock into her.

The thought made him moan. He raised his fingers to her panties but stopped.

If they fucked, it would be awesome.

But would it be as awesome as he felt right now? His cock was harder than it had ever been in his life.  He felt wanted and it made him realize that maybe he had never really felt that way before. He felt like the sexiest man in the world. He didn’t want to let that feeling go.

What did he want more? To climax, or to feel wanted?

Joshua sat up.  Samantha looked at him with glazed eyes.  Her face was flushed. The flush went down her throat, down her tanned skin and onto her now blushing breasts. He leaned down and kissed one of her hard nipples.

“A summer fling,” he whispered.

“Yes,” she said back.

“To last all summer,” he asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“And no one can know,” he said.

“And we must never cross the line,” Samantha said.

“So you will be back tomorrow morning?” he asked.

She nodded.

Upstairs they heard the shower running.  The house was waking up.

He reached between her legs.  The flat of his palm pressed against her damp panties.  Her eyes widened and her thighs parted.  Joshua could have curled his fingers and maybe penetrate her a little.  Instead, he just let his hand rest there.

“Tomorrow, come earlier,” he whispered.

“I promise,” Samantha said.

Jul 262013

Saturday, July 20th, 5:56 am.

Sand structure spotted at segment 6 by Wendy T. Structure was in the shape of a nude woman on her back. Face has been confirmed as belong to Facial Type #2. Structure measure eight feet in length.

Sunday, July 21st, 1:36 pm.

Sand structure spotted at segment 5 by Scott A. Structure was in the shape of rigid penis with detailed veins. Structure measured twelve feet in length and one foot in girth.

Monday, July 22nd, 6:40 am.

Sand structure spotted at segment 4 by Scott A. Structure was in the shape of man penetrating the ass of a second man with his fingers, while the second man penetrated the ass of a third man with his penis. The third man was giving a thumbs-up. Total structure measured ten feet.

Tuesday, July 23rd, 4:06 am

Sand structure spotted at segment 1 by Wendy T. Structure was of a breast, with a pierced nipple. Piercing consisted of a simple ring. Structure measured two feet high and six feet in diameter.

Wednesday July 24th, 6:23 am.

Sand structure spotted at segment 5 by Scott A. Structure consisted of a penis and a scrotum. There is evidence that there may have been pubic hair drawn into the sand but the tracks of seagulls make it difficult.

Wednesday July 24th, 7:16 pm.

Sand structure spotted at segment 3 by Jennifer F. Structure consisted of a penis entering a vagina. Jennifer F. testified that she just checked this area thirty minutes prior to the structure’s appearance.  Structure measures six feet long and five feet wide.

Thursday July 25th, 6:06 am.

Sand structure spotted at segment 1 by Scott A. Structure was in the shape of a very fit ass. Gender of the structure could not be determined. Structure measures four feet wide.

Friday July 26th, 9:36 am. 

Sand Structure spotted at segment 2 by David Y. Structure was in the shape of a woman’s mouth about to lick a cock. Face has been confirmed as belonging to Facial Type #4. Structure measures one foot in length. David Y. reports that he wouldn’t have seen it at all if some college kids weren’t standing over it, making lewd comments.

Jul 192013


Bikini Bar: Happy Night starts at 3pm and lasts until 2am. Cocktails are half-off and G-strings are half undone.

Captain O’Plenty’s Galley: Pirates will be attacking the dining area at 8pm. Diners will be robbed, volunteers will be carried away and locked in the brig, and one special costumer will get to be Cabin Boy/Girl for the night!

Fish Shack: At 6pm, music will be provided by local band, The Sexy Sirens.

Mermaid’s 18 Holes: Souvenir bikini’s and mens speedo’s will be given to everyone who scores a Hole in One tonight.


Bikini Bar: Wet Panties contest will be held at noon. The Mermaid Beach Police Force would like to remind all contestants that skin-to-win will result in a $50 fine.

Fish Shack: Todays is Bring Your Own Fish Day. You bring it, we’ll cook it! (For $3.99)

Kyle’s Shipwreck: Free Bodypaint Artists will be on hand from 11am to 2pm. Be sure to come by and check out our ever expanding range of tight and interesting t-shirts.

Madam Hurricane: Fortunes told are half off all day Saturday. Curses are also half off.  Blessings to remove curses are still full price.

Mermaid Island Theater: At 9pm will be a special showing of the 1974 documentary, Nudist Beach Revolution. No one under the age of 18 will be admitted to see this educational film.


Bikini Bar: Erotica Story Jam begins at noon. Take turns at the open microphone and tell your best dirty story.

Church of the Drowning Wave: Services will be held at 9am, followed by Prayers for the Drowning Apocalypse at 10am and then followed by a Seafood Buffet at 11:30am. New attendees welcome!

Fish Shack: Fish Stew is available on Sunday only! It is also the only item on the menu on Sundays.

The Mermaid Island Community Watch would like to remind beach visitors to PLEASE stop making obscene sand sculptures.  The Mermaid Beach Newsletter however would like to offer admiration to whomever created that heavily endowed mermaid sculpture on the dune facing the Chruch of the Drowning Wave.

 Summer of 2013  Comments Off on Mermaid Island Activity Newsletter, July 19th – July 21st
Jun 262013

“You see that woman in the white bikini?” Raul asked.

Vimika opened her eyes. The sun was bright and blinded her. She covered her eyes and scanned the beach. A little further down the beach she saw the woman. She had bronze skin and a bright white bikini. Thick brown hair whipped in the wind.  The woman was ankle deep in the water and going further out.

“I see her,” Vimika said.

“Good,” Raul said.  The sun reflected off his own bronzed skin. “I bet you that her top falls off when she comes out of the water.”

Vimika laughed. “Really? That bikini is pretty tight but I think you’ve got a case of wishful thinking.”

“So you’re not taking my bet?” Raul asked.

“What are you betting?” Vimika said.

“What do you want?” Raul said.

“If her top doesn’t come off,” Vimika said, “You have to wear my panties all day tomorrow. You’ll wear them under your trunks on the beach, you’ll wear them when we go out to eat and you’ll wear them when we fuck tomorrow.”

“You kinky bitch,” Raul said.  He laughed at it. “Oh man, you know how much I hate to wear your panties. I swear, I can still feel them riding up my ass from the last time.”

“That’s what I want,” Vamika said.  She watched as the bronze woman went further out. The water crashed against the woman’s hips and the woman froze in place.

“Okay,” Raul said.  “But if that’s what you want, what I want is to bust my nut on your face.”

“Ha!” Vamika said.  “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?  You want to jack that fat cock of yours and shoot your cream all over my black face, don’t you?

She reached over to him and placed her hand over the rising bulge in his swim trunks. Her finger squeezed around the beast that was pulsing to be inside her.  She squeezed until he moaned and then she let go.

“Yeah, that’s what I want,” Raul said.

“It’s a bet,” Vamika said.

They watched in silence.  The bronze woman walked until a wave crashed onto her shoulders.  The woman sank into the water and let it come up to her neck.

A seagull cried. A Chinese girl walked by with her chubby boyfriend.  Vamika’s stomach rumbled and she regretted the hot dog she ate at the pier this morning.

She thought about Raul wearing her panties. She would pick the pink ones. He hated those. She remembered how his hairy balls looked encased in frilly lace.

Vamika’s pussy felt a flush of dampness.

She thought about Raul coming on her face. He would stand before her while she knelt on the ground. His cock would be wet from her sucking on it. He would shoot a heavy lod on her and enjoy every splattered drop.

Vamika’s pussy clenched with heat.

“Here she comes,” Raul said.    

The bronze woman was heading out of the water.  Her thick brown hair was plastered to her body now.  She rose out of the water with one breast exposed.  The pale flesh of her tanline was almost a spotlight on her exposed nipple.

“No fucking way,” Vamika said.

One brazen step was followed by another and another.  The bronze woman looked to the left and right; perhaps looking for her towel.  It was only when the water was below her knees did she notice her top.  Even then, the bronze woman was slow to cover up and when she did it was with no urgency.

“Son of a bitch,” Vamika said.  “How did you know?”

“I’ve been coming to Mermaid Beach since I was a teenager,” Raul said.  “That woman has always been here and she always loses her top, no matter what she is wearing.”

“Well played asshole,” Vamika said.  “I’ll get you on the next bet.”

She reached down from her chair and pushed her fingers into the sand. There were two columns of words, separated by a long line.  On both sides of the line were various degradations, humiliations and dreams.  With her finger, Vamika added ‘Facial’ to the column marked R.

Jun 192013

Steve stepped out onto the balcony of his condo. Mermaid Island was gorgeous this morning. The wind was gentle, the temperature warm and clouds of interesting shaped littered the sky but didn’t block any of the sun. The water was blue and fringed with white foam. Most people would consider the view to be inspiring.

Steve was not inspired.

He took out his binoculars and scanned the beach. It was still early and not many people were out. There were a few old men out on the pier. Smoke rose from the Fish Shack. Seagulls picked at whatever they could find.

There, right beside a sand mound shaped like a giant cock, was what Steve needed. A gorgeous Korean girl wearing a one piece bathing suit was spreading her towel. She had a gorgeous ass. Steve sighed as she laidout on her stomach.

That was inspiration.

Steve sat down and picked up a seashell. He picked up a paintbrush and dabbed some white onto the shell. Stroke by stroke, he recreated the Korean woman’s ass. He captured her curves, the pull of the swimsuit and the fuckable qualities of that ass.

It took him two minutes but he felt better after painting it. He set it aside and picked up another sea shell. Now it was time to start painting mermaids and crabs.

Wendy ran the store on the pier and she bought his seashells at two dollars apiece. She then turned around and sold them at five dollars a piece. The summer months turned into a profitable time of year for a retired man like Steve.

It was also three months of painting fucking mermaids, crabs and fish. That is all they wanted. Paint a boat? Fuck that shit, the tourists would leave it to rot on the shelf. A painting of Atlantis carefully detailed on a shell smaller than your palm? Nope, the tourists wanted fucking mermaids or even a goddamn crab.

One day Steve got mad and painted a big giant pussy on a seashell. He expected a complaint from Wendy but he never heard anything. The next week he drew some nice fat tits. Wendy still didn’t say anything. Now every day he draws at least one dirty shell. He hoped she was selling them but he also hoped that she wasn’t noticing the dirty shells she was putting up for sale.

It was an immature thing for him to do but fuck it; he was old. Steve was getting too old to be walking the beach and bending his tired back over to pick up fucking seashells for tourists to buy

There was a knock on his door. “It’s open!” he yelled.

Joan walked in. The blonde had a smile that lit up her entire face. It was infectious enough to shake Steve out of his artistic pity party. She owned a timeshare next door and was leaving by the end of the week.

 “I got you some more,” she said. She held up a gallon ziplock bag full of seashells.

Steve set down the sea shell with a painting of a crab. Fucking crab.

“Guess I better pay you for them,” he said.

Joan giggled. Most women her age couldn’t giggle without it coming across as an affectation but with Joan it was genuine. She hurried over to him and set the bag down on a pile of other bags.

Steve stayed in his chair. He watched as Joan unzipped her shorts and wiggled out of them. She pulled her panties down too and Steve bit his lip at the sight of that luxurious brown bush. He wanted to lean forward and plant a nice big kiss on that pussy.

“Across your knees?” Joan asked. She failed at hiding how much she wanted him to agree

“Yes,” Steve said.

Joan stretched across his knees. He was sure that she brushed her tits across his legs on purpose. She settled down and he got a good look at her ass.

It was covered in nice lovely bruises. It was a wonder that she could walk up and down the beach at all, much less picking up new shells for him.

“Ready?” he said.

“Yes,” Joan said.

Steve grabbed her ass. Joan clenched as his fingers tightened around her buttocks. He gave her a good squeeze and she winced. The bruises were healing but he had just put them there last night. She was tender and ready for more. He knew that if he slipped his finger inside her sex, she would be as wet as the ocean.

Sometimes Steve loved the fucking tourists.

Tap! Tap! Tap! He started with gentler taps. His hand more bounced off her ass more than slapped. As tender as Joan was, she still felt it. She squirmed and twisted as he spanked and it had an immediate effect on his cock.

Tap! Tap! Tap! He struck her left cheek a few times and then the right cheek a few times. Joan moaned. She also clenched her ass tight. Steve smiled. She was learning. She knew what was coming and she was preparing for it.

Tap! Tap! Tap! Steve held off. He wanted her to wait until she could bear it no more. The waves crashed below them and Steve slowly counted off ten waves in his head.

Tap! Tap! Tap! Slap! Steve brought his hand down hard on her left cheek. Joan jumped and let out a cry of shock. It was probably also a cry of relief that the real spanking had finally begun.  

Slap! Slap! Slap! Steve slowed down as he delivered now solid slaps to her ass. He could feel her desire wetting his lap.  Joan was so damn horny. It wouldn’t be long before she started his leg.

Slap! Slap! Slap He slapped her right ass a few times and then her left ass. When she got used to that, he started slapping the center of her ass. When she got used to that, Steve would slap her nice red ass in a clockwise motion. A few turns of the ass and he started slapping in a counter-clockwise motion.

Joan was humping his leg now. She had a nice slow grind that would be worth throwing out his back to experience. The woman was a good fuck; he just knew it.

Slap! Slap! WHACK! Steve hit her a little harder than he was planning too. Fuck, he was horny and lost control a bit. He stopped for a second and grabbed her ass. He felt the heat radiating from her ass; hotter than any sand on the beach right now.

“Oh God,” Joan moaned.

Steve thought about fucking her. Then he thought about how he would lose a day of painting from fucking. Then he thought about Joan wanting to hang around the condo. Then he thought about Joan wanting to know more about his life, tell him about her life and try to arrange to meet during the winter.

Then he thought about who was going to pick up those damn shells off the beach if Joan was spending all her time fucking and talking with him?

WHACK! He slammed his hand down into her other cheek. Joan shivered as he let his hand rest on her ass.

WHACK! He slapped her other cheek as hard as he could. His cock throbbed and thought about climaxing on her spanked skin.

WHACK! He struck her in the center of her ass and Joan let out a long moan. This time he let his fingers glide over her ass. She winced and squirmed as even this gentle touch drove her crazy.

Fuck picking up shells.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Steve tore into her ass. He gave her a spanking that would make her walk funny for the rest of the day. That is if she didn’t rush back to her timeshare and masturbate herself into a morning coma.

Twenty hard slaps later, Steve stopped. He put his hand on her back as she shook. He stroked her hair until she was ready to stand.

Joan got up on shaky legs. She was going to say something. More than likely she was going to offer to do any perverted thing he could imagine.

“Bring some more shells, and I’ll pay you some more,” Steve said.

Joan laughed and put her shorts back on. Steve smiled with pride at how gingerly she walked out of his condo.

Steve sighed. He was going to fuck her all right. He would fuck her on her last day. He would fuck the shit out of her and after a week of spanking and teasing, she would think he was the greatest fuck ever. He just had to last the week.

He picked up a seashell. It was time to paint another fucking mermaid. 

Jun 122013


Danielle smiled at the sign. It sat on the top of the dunes and looking down, she could already see someone had made a rather life like ten foot long sand sculpture in the shape of a cock. It was quite realistic. It had veins, two enormous balls and it leaned to the left.  The tide was coming in and was already chewing away at the balls.

She shook her head and went down to the sand. Someone kept making these obscene objects but Danielle had never seen them being made. Considering that she was the first person on the beach this morning, she figured they must be made in the night.

BING. She had a new message on her smart phone. It was William. Out of a sense of masochism, curiosity and maybe a little vanity, Danielle read the text.

“I dreamed of fucking you and you felt so good. You are so much tighter than my wife.”

Danielle frowned. Her and William had fucked for about a week last year before he broke up with her to go back to his old girlfriend. That was the last she heard of him until this weekend when William suddenly decided that he wanted to get back in touch for some God only knows reason. He had married the girlfriend and must be having second, third and fourth thoughts; all of them dirty. Danielle never responded to his messages but he kept sending them. She didn’t block him because well, it was nice to be wanted even it was by a jerk like William.

She spread her towel on the sand near the giant cock. The best part about the sculptures was that families with children tended to avoid them. Danielle could expect an hour or two of peace and quiet before the coming tide destroyed the cock.

There was also a chance that the shy boy she had seen yesterday would be here again today. He was cute, kind of tall and had the messiest brown hair that she had seen in awhile. Danielle had spent most of yesterday stealing glances at him and she was pretty sure that he was doing the same. It was a shame that he was white but she was pretty sure that she was the only Filipino in all of Mermaid Island this summer.

It was also a damn shame that the shy boy never worked up the nerve to approach her. Danielle thought about approaching him but fuck it. She was tired of chasing boys. Let someone chase her.

BING. “I am sorry I treated you so wrong. I am a terrible person who needs a lot of love. God I miss your ass.”

“Keep on missing it, asshole,” Danielle said. Her ass was her best feature and William had loved grabbing it. Shit, Danielle had loved feeling her ass being grabbed. She loved it being touched, squeezed, kneaded and grabbed hard as someone kissed her.

Fuck, she was horny.

Danielle laid on her stomach. She was wearing a blue one piece that had the sole redeeming feature of displaying her wonderful ass. Maybe when the shy boy came today, her ass would lure him to her.

The waves crashed as the sun rose higher. The tide came in and took away more of the cock. Bit by bit, the cock wilted under the relentless waves.

Something sparkled from the debris of the cock. Danielle lifted herself on her elbows. Something bright and shiny had been buried under the tip of the cock.

Danielle got up. She walked over and saw a bag, wrapped in shiny tin foil. Was this some sort of drug thing? Was it someone’s secret stash?

BING. Danielle checked her phone as she debated what to do with the mystery bag.

“Our children would have been so beautiful.”

“Okay, fuck it,” Danielle said. “I’m checking the bag.”

The foil unwrapped easily enough to reveal a ziplock bag. She held it up to the sun to see if there was anything really toxic like needles inside. There was just a note. In fact, Danielle could read the note without opening the bag. 

“Go to the dock and find the support beam with a cock”

“O-kay,” Danielle said. The pier was just down the beach. People would fish on it or just go on it to look over the water. It would be a short walk to go there but then again, should she really be following instructions from a message hidden inside a wooden cock? Besides, shouldn’t she hang around in case shy boy came by?

BING. “I am so alone Danielle. My wife doesn’t understand me. My mistress only likes me for my money.”

“A wife and a mistress?” Danielle said out loud. A seagull cried out and Danielle liked to think it was from shared indignation.

Danielle gathered her thing sand stuffed them into her beach bag. She was going to go to the dock. Part of the reason was curiosity but a big reason was the simple fact that she rather be doing something instead of nothing. Waiting for a shy boy to maybe appear and maybe make a move was a bit too passive for her tastes this morning.

A few minutes of walking brought her to the dock. A guy was coming up from the beams and was headed to the gift shop on top. He was taller than even the shy kid and he was also a little bit chubbier. Still, he was cute and Danielle smiled at him as they passed.

The support beams were covered in carvings. Hundreds of couples over the years had carved their unions onto the wood. Danielle smirked as she saw how many of the couplings had also been scratched over with angry cuts. Summer flings were weaker than sand structures.

BING. “You gave the best blowjobs. I wish I had come in your mouth more.”

“Yes, you do,” Danielle said. She hated to admit it but a shiver ran down her spine and ended with a tingle between her thighs. Fuck, she liked being told how good she was, even if it is from an asshole that was a big mistake to have fucked.

There was an elaborate carving on one of the beams. It was a busty mermaid. She studied it for a few minutes but there was no cock.

There was a rather crude carving of a vagina on another beam. Danielle searched the beam but again, there was no cock.

“Story of my life,” Danielle said out loud.

Finally she found the right beam. She almost missed it because the cock had been carved the entire height of the beam. A thirty foot cock was almost easy to miss. Danielle had no idea how someone had managed to carve it without getting killed.

She studied the part of the carving that was eye level with her. It was mess of balls and pubic hair. It wasn’t until she stepped out of the way of the sun that she noticed that some of the stylized pubic hair wasn’t hair at all. It was writing.

“Go to store and find seashell with cock.”

“Yeah, right,” Danielle said. She knew the store. It sat on top of the pier, selling drinks, t-shirts and the worse hot dogs ever made. It also sold seashells that had been painted with cute designs like a fish, crabs and a shit load of mermaids. There were certainly no cocks.

BING. “Remember the time we fucked on the floor? I never came so hard.”

“Fuck,” Danielle said. She remembered. It was the last time they had fucked before he broke up with her. In fact, he had broken up with her when he got up to clean himself. He remembered it as a great orgasm. She remembered it as the moment he emotionally stabbed her.

Danielle stomped towards the store. She could have used the walkway but she was pissed. She went up the dune, pounding her feet into the sand and daring gravity to fuck with her.

She opened the door to the store and nearly ran into a guy. They collided and Danielle felt her cheeks flush with shame.

“Sorry!” she said quickly.

It was the guy from under the pier. He was blushing as much as she was.

“Sorry!” he said quickly back and ran out of the store.

Danielle sighed and went into the store. William had her rattled. Coming out to the beach this summer was supposed to be a vacation, not a nostalgia tour of her worse mistakes. She was going to start enjoying her summer more.

As soon as she looked for a seashell with a cock.

The shop had too much air conditioning. The air was freezing as if it was trying to defend itself from the entire summer of heat. Danielle folded her arms over her body and went straight to the seashells.

Mermaid, mermaid, mermaid, dolphin, mermaid, mermaid, mermaid, crab, mermaid, mermaid, mermaid, mermaid, goldfish, mermaid, mermaid, lobster, mermaid, mermaid, mermaid, crab, mermaid, crab, mermaid, mermaid, cock, mermaid.

Danielle did a double take. Right there was a seashell with a cock painted on it. It was a black cock which really surprised Danielle. She didn’t think Mermaid Island was that racially accepting.

She picked it up. The seashell didn’t have a price and Danielle sure as fuck wasn’t going to turn it in for a price check. She flipped it over. A message had been painted.

“Go to the changing huts. 3rd one. Enter it naked.”

“There we go,” Danielle said. This has just been a really unlikely way to get a girl naked. It might actually be the worse way to get someone naked. Who the fuck would fall for that? There might be hidden cameras, a rapist or worse.

BING. “I wish you would call me. Just not after 2pm because my wife gets home then.”

She looked out the window. The changing huts were a place for people to change into their swimsuits. They were smelly and stuffy but if you didn’t have a house nearby to change into, they were a lifesaver.

“Fuck every white pussy guy ever born,” Danielle said.

Danielle put the shell down and went out the door. She took the walkway down to the beach. There were more people out now. She didn’t see the shy guy from yesterday and she purposely didn’t look for him. He had his chance.

Taking her clothes off before going into the hut was going to be tricky. Fuck it. She made a plan and when she reached the door, she put it into motion.

Flip the top straps over her head.

Pull down to her feet.

Step out, push swimsuit to chest.

Open door.

There was a guy inside. It was the chubby guy she had ran into at the store. Of course, he was naked.

“You!” she said. She closed the door behind her but not all the way. She was ready to step out at any second.

“You!” he said as well. “Did you leave the messages?”

“What?” Danielle said. “I was following a message from a seashell with a painted cock.”

“I was following a message from a shirt with a naked woman on it!” the guy said.

“Wait, what were you doing at the pier?” Danielle said.

“I was looking for a mermaid with big tits. It had a message on it! I got the message from a sand castle shaped like a woman’s pussy!”

Danielle laughed. “I got a message from a sand cock.”

The guy laughed. “So uh, now what?”


“Are you going to get that?” he asked.

“Ignore it,” Danielle said.

She grabbed him and kissed him. 

He was hesitant and Danielle had a terrible feeling that she had made a mistake. His hesitation vanished quickly and he kissed her back. Better yet, he grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her to him. His cock pressed against her and she could feel that he had no hesitation left at all.

They kept kissing. Danielle’s body began to hump against him. It was a subtle thing at first. Her body was moving in motion to the locking of their tongues. Her sex was clenching in time with the nibbling of their lips. Her ass was rocking to the urgent squeezing of his hands.


Another message came and Danielle kept kissing. Fuck William and his wife and girlfriend. She was having her breath kissed away by a man with great hands. Fuck the shy guy. It could have been him making out with her but now it was a naked guy who came here out of simple curiosity.

She felt the guy’s cock press against her. She grinded against it. The changing hut was hot and stuffy but his cock was twice as hot. It would be a fire inside her. It would burn her worse than any sunburn. Her hips moved against the hot girth, teasing it as much as she was teasing herself.

He grabbed her ass harder. He pulled her against him and his hips began to move. Danielle moaned as she realized he wasn’t trying to enter her. He just wanted to feel her body. He just wanted to feel her move and squirm against him. He just wanted her.

Danielle felt herself being lifted from the ground. He had picked her up from the ass. She kept kissing, moaning as her sex was tantalizingly close to his cock. A few more inches and the right tilt of her hips and he would be inside her.

He set her back down. Danielle whimpered into his mouth. Was he too afraid? Was he shy? 

The guy chuckled. “If I slip inside you now, I’ll come in two minutes.”

“That’s okay,” Danielle said. She had a feeling she would come even sooner.

“No, I’m going to take my time enjoying every inch of you,” he said.

BING. They both laughed and Danielle reached for her phone.

“My name is Tommy,” he said.

“My name is Danielle and this is going to be a great summer.”

She put William on ignore.