Oct 072015

monstermash“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the terror from another dimension who always keeps your attention! I have returned for another month of presenting sexy stories to you. Why? Because I care. And also reading the stories will damn your soul to my eternal control blah-blah-blah. Trust me, the fine details aren’t worth paying attention to.

With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Disconnect your internet now, and keep it off all month! It is your only chance to keep your soul!”

“Silly Burny, you act like souls are worth keeping. You are not truly living until you owe your soul to something dark and curvy.”

“Every night I pray that my soul will be released so I may slip into eternal oblivion.”

“Futile prayers do make the best lullabies. For those of you who wish to stay awake, I offer this invigorating story about the Halloween Slasher.”

“No! You can’t tell them that story! They may never go trick-or-treating again! At least not with underwear!”

“I shall and I will. Read on, mortals.”


It happened again. On the first of October, an ache grew in my balls. On the 8th, my hair grew darker and longer until it reached my shoulders. On the 14th, my fingernails were sharp enough to cut cardboard. On the 23rd, I no longer could come no matter how much I masturbated. On the 28th, I could see just fine in the pitch dark.

As the sun fell on 31st of October, my nails grew. It hurt like it did every year. It hurt as they grew one inch, two inches and then three.

I tried to scream but my lips had sealed over like they always do.

My fingernails stopped hurting at sundown. My cock throbbed with a terrible need. It was time.

I stepped into my back yard completely naked. The darkness embraced me and I moaned through sealed lips. All of my dread and fear slipped away.

The moon hung low as I jumped the fence and stalked through yards. No one saw me. No one ever sees me. Not until it is too late.

I found the children first. It always amazed me. Every year there were reports of the Halloween Slasher and ever year parents still took their kids trick or treating. It truly was a time for monsters.

They were safe from me. I lurked in the darkness as the children passed me by. Sometimes the throbbing in my cock hurt and I was tempted by their parents but no. I didn’t know why I was what I was but I had my own rules. No children would ever see me.

Adults were not so lucky.

A door opened and an adult woman came out. She walked to her car wearing a lingerie store’s version of a cop uniform. The shirt exposed pale white thighs. The blouse was open to reveal cleavage as deep as my hunger. The heels were too high to chase criminals or run from one. Long blonde hair spilled onto her shoulders and was caressed by the wind.

She never made it to the car. I cut through her yard on bare feet. I came up behind her as quiet as a stab. I smelled her perfume before she knew what was happening.

My claws flashed in moonlight.

SLASH! The back of her shirt opened to reveal a smooth back and a fairy tattoo on her shoulder.

She spun around. Her mouth opened in horror. Blue eyes widened in disbelief.

SLASH! My claws tore through the left side of her blouse. A plump breast fell out, untouched by sharp nails.

SLASH! The front of her skirt split open. Black lace panties peeked out.

SLASH! The other side of her blouse fell to the ground in sliced tatters. She brought her arms up to cover her bared breasts.

SLASH! A single rip opened her lace panties to expose the wet sex beneath.

The police woman let out a scream. She was not the one.

I ran past her. Her screams echoed into the night. The darkness took me back and I was gone.

My cock bounced between my legs. It hurt. I felt as if I was going to burst. I had to keep looking.

Children stood on the street corner, listening to the screams. I crossed the street and they never saw me.

A car passed. A hedge protected me from sweeping beam of headlights.

A man walked alone. He was dressed like a baseball player. I hesitated but the ache in my balls drove me.

I ran straight for him. He looked ahead but didn’t see me. The darkness covered me until it was too late.

The first thing he saw was my claws slashing towards him.

SLASH! His shirt ripped open to show a hairy chest.

SLASH! The front of his pants burst to reveal white boxers.

SLASH! The thick baseball glove fell in three separate pieces.

SLASH! The black boxers ripped open to reveal a long limp cock.

The man screamed and grabbed his crotch. A splash of piss fell to the ground. He was not the one.

I ran back into the darkness. His scream died and was replaced by angry cursing.

That street was unsafe. I ducked into yards, jumped fences and ran along a rooftop. I hopped down miles away from my last attack. Perhaps I would find the one here.

A woman sat on a chair in their lawn. A bucket of candy was beside her. She wore a brown dress with feathers. Red hair peeked out from under a Native American headdress.

I growled. Cultural appropriation was always wrong.

I stayed behind her. She looked left and I went to her right. She looked back to the right and I went left. I came close enough to see her dream catcher earrings.

SLASH! My claws went through the back legs of her chair and she fell backwards.

SLASH! Slits appeared in her dress to reveal small breasts.

SLASH! Bare hips were exposed to the moonlight.

SLASH! Dress fragments flew apart to show a shaved pussy.

She screamed. Her hands went to cover her sex. She was not the one.

SLASH! I shredded her headdress just because.

I ran from her front yard. She stopped screaming and ran to her house. I shook a feather from my thumb as I ran.

Joy flowed through me. My cock was painfully hard but the rest of my body was in bliss. It felt right to tear through clothes. My feet were meant to touch the grass and rough concrete. My sealed mouth kept me from howling my pleasure.

A police siren split the night. Ha, let them look for me! They had never found me yet and they wouldn’t tonight.

A woman walked down the street. Her dark skin blended with the night. The tight white dress she wore glowed under the street light. A black and white wig piled above her. Fake bandages covered her arm.

She was dressed as the Bride to a monster. It had to be a sign.

I ran to her from the street. The hard road bit my feet as I ran but I didn’t care. As I came closer, I saw the imaginary stitches she had drawn in her dark flesh.

SLASH! Sharp claws ripped through white fabric to reveal a curvy ass.

SLASH! The wrappings around her arm fell to the ground.

SLASH! A dark breast emerged from torn fabric.

SLASH! The dress opened to uncover a thick bush of black hair.

The woman stumbled back from my flashing claws. Her cheeks flushed pink. Her eyes stared at the pulsing hardness between her legs.

She moaned and I knew that she was the one.

I stood before her. My erection throbbed in front of her. I spread out my arms flexed my fingers. The claws sparkled in the dim light.

The Bride reached for me. The special ones always do. Her hand wrapped around my cock. My body trembled as she pulled herself up to a kneeling position.

My hand went to the back of her head. Five sharp nails pressed lightly against her skin.

Her mouth opened and she took me between her lips. My sealed lips groaned with pleasure.

I released her head and swiped downwards. SLASH! The back of her dress disintegrated beneath my claws.

The Bride sucked. She bounced her head off my crotch. Her lips were tight and her tongue was willing.

SLASH! SLASH! SLASH! I used both hands to shred the back of her dress. White wisps of cloth float to the ground.

She screamed with my cock in her mouth but she kept sucking.

I placed my hand on her dark back. My claws pressed ever so lightly against her flesh. She whimpered but her head also bounced faster on my cock.

My fingers dragged upwards. Sharp nails that could slice leather traced white grooves in her dark skin. The slightest pressure and I would draw blood.

She sucked so hard that she choked on my cock.

I pulled her off my cock. She looked up at me as I lifted a hand up to swipe at her. She trembled in my grasp but she didn’t try to cover herself.

SLASH! SLASH! The front of her dress was completely destroyed. Both of her dark luscious breasts were exposed to the brisk October air.

A second police siren joined the first. News of my return was spreading.

I pulled her mouth back to my cock. The Bride sucked twice as hard as before.

My hand reached down and grabbed a breast. Her plumpness felt good in my fingers. My nails dug into her flesh.

The Bride whimpered. The Bride moaned. The Bride reached between her legs and rubbed at her sex.

She truly was the one.

My fingers squeezed around her breast. Five razor sharp pricks contracted around her breast.

The Bride stroked herself faster.

My other hand went to her neck. I felt the pulsing of her throat. My thumb claw pressed against it with tender care.

She groaned. Her head stopped moving but her tongue didn’t. The Bride licked me with everything that she had.

Her eyes looked up at me. I looked down at her flushed face with my cock between her dark lips.

There was a third siren. Children fled the sidewalks. Porch lights turned off one by one.

They were too late. I came. That terrible ache turned into a year’s worth of pleasure. The glory of tonight’s hunt passed through my cock and unto her tongue.

The Bride groaned as my seed filled her mouth. Her tongue kept licking as my claws tightened against her soft breast. Her throat bulged and swallowed as my thumb claw pressed against it.

She shook as her body came as well.

A sweeping headlight beam illuminated us. Someone shouted.

I pulled out of the Bride and released her flesh. She fell back into the grass; still stroking herself.

A police woman, a real one this time, aimed her gun at me. Her skin yearned to be free of her clothes.

Not tonight. Maybe next year.

I turned and ran. She fired but missed. I returned to the night and the night welcomed me. She gave chase but I was already gone.

Back into the neighborhood I fled. I ran past locked doors and darkened windows. My claws slashed through chain link fences and hanging vines. I slipped past frightened adults unknowing lovers.

I made it home before the claws fell off. I showered and long black hair swirled down my drain. My mouth opened in time to brush my teeth. My cock was limp and sated as I climbed into bed.

It was another good night for the Halloween Slasher.


“Once again true lust between predator and prey is found.”

“I can only imagine what terrible trauma the victims endure! Although I do wonder about the one who submits willingly to the Slasher. Is she cursed as well? Does being used by such a supernatural force alter them forever?”

“I could whisper the answer to you but it will cost you another awful torment. Are you willing, Burny?”

“… Damn you, I am.”

“Then I shall tell you, Burny. As for the rest of you mortals, I will catch your souls later.”

Oct 292014

shondemonclr“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, that demon doll who will damn you all! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Halloween is days away! You can still save yourself if you wrap yourself up in something incredibly boring! Reality television shows are your only hope!”

“Silence Burny! Your warning pleas fall on deaf ears! These mortals are ready to give up their eternal souls in exchange for eternal pleasure with a side helping of eternal pain and humiliation! Why else would they come to this blog?”

“Maybe they come for the infrequent updating and random review of obscure erotica?”

“Well that’s just silly, Burny. Tonight they have come for the final story that will complete their transcendence into sexual ghost slaves to serve my every twisted whim! I give them a story I call Spirit Masks.”

“Oh I like that one. Forget what I said about saving yourselves, mortals. This story is worth damnation.”

“That’s right, Burny.”

“Read on, mortals.”


Sae cried out as Dui entered her. A cock the size of a moon entered her planet wide vagina. Her screams destroyed a new lifeform that was struggling to exist in the ether. Drops spilled from Sae’s sex and splashed a floating idea. The idea became sentient and ran off to infect writers.

Suddenly Dui’s cock was gone. Sae felt an aching emptiness inside her. She sent her mind out through the Astral Main but she couldn’t find him. Her eternal lover was gone.

Other beings were gone too. The wise women were absent. The cruel ones who dream of knives were missing. Most telling was the disappearance of cats.

“It is that time again,” Sae knew. She pushed her mind against the veils between worlds and they parted easily. That is where Dui went. It was Halloween and it was time to wear costumes once more.

Sae hurled her mind towards the blue planet. The moon was full and witches flew through the skies. The bond that connected her to Dui guided her and she fell towards a house where the mortals gathered.

The mortals were dressed as all sorts of amusing things. Some were dressed as animals while others were dressed as monsters. Some were dressed as famous people and others were dressed as jokes. Every year the clothes get a little skimpier and one day they will dress in nothing at all.

Sae knew Dui was here but she couldn’t feel him. He was hiding and there was only one way to draw him out. She had to pick her disguise.

She reached for a certain kind of mind. It belonged to a redhead woman dressed as a pirate. Sae slipped into the woman’s mind and settled there. She marveled at the feeling of large breasts that couldn’t deny gravity. A warm tingling was in her belly from whatever she had been drinking. The act of breathing amused Sae and she wondered how mortals could bear doing it for years.

Dui walked in front of her. He was wearing a dog suit. Sae recognized him by his walk. He walked like a soul wearing a body.

He saw her. He lifted a hand and pointed to a door. He then walked there.

Sae pushed on the woman’s mind. She sent heat down between the woman’s thighs. The woman gasped as she felt a sudden attraction for a stranger in a dog suit. The woman headed towards the door with the overwhelming need to do something dirty.

The door led to a bathroom. Dui already had the pants of his body down. Sae pushed on the woman’s mind and she lifted her skirt.

Dui pushed her up against the wall. His human cock slipped into Sae’s human pussy. It was bizarre and exotic. Such tiny little organs and yet so much pleasure. Dui grabbed Sae’s ass and held her as they fucked. The feeling of human hands on her ass was perversely strange.

They rutted up against the bathroom wall. Someone knocked and they kept rutting. The woman’s mind couldn’t believe what was happening but she enjoyed every second.

Sae cried out with a human voice as she climaxed. Humans, animals or entities, orgasms were the same. Sae was amazed that such fragile bodies were capable of the same pleasures as superior intelligences.

Dui left. The dogsuit human kept fucking her against the wall. Sae left her human and went looking for Dui again.

This time he was on the streets. Sae narrowed him down to an intersection. She reached out for a suitable mind to accept her.

Sae found it in an older woman. She wore the simple black robes of a witch. Sae slipped into the woman’s mind and realized the woman was headed somewhere. Well, not anymore.

Dui was across the street. He was inside a woman clothed as some sort of nurse. His woman was much younger than Sae’s but what was age to immortals?

He came across the street to her. As he walked, Sae pushed on her woman’s mind. The woman was transfixed by the nurse. For reasons she would never guess, she found the nurse to be the most beautiful woman in the world. She wanted nothing more than to taste her.

Few grabbed Dui by the hand and pulled them into the bushes. They fell into the darkness as young humans walked by. Their hands roamed each other’s bodies, partially in lust and partially with wonder at touching human flesh.

Dui reached into the witch’s robes and pulled out a breast. Sae reached between the nurse’s legs and stroked satin that covered warm heat. As Dui bit down on a small tit, Sae stroked soft panties into increasing dampness.

They kissed. Sae barely had to push as the witch nibbled and devoured the mouth of the nurse. Sae tangled their legs together until they were locked together in an intimate embrace. The witch’s hips grinded naturally against those of the nurse’s.

Sae relished the sensations. The friction of the nurse’s legs against the witch’s sex was intoxicating. The cold air on the witch’s exposed breast was invigorating. The heat of the nurse’s sex on the witch’s leg was irresistible.

The two bodies rubbed against each other. Mortals continued to walk down the street just a few feet away. The fear of discovery formed in the witch’s mind but Sae smothered it. She wanted nothing to interrupt her play.

The nurse came first. She almost cried out but the witch smothered her cry with a kiss.

Dui left. Sae was tempted to stay until her body had an orgasm but she left too. There was only one night for them to play.

Sae reached out and tried to find Dui. He was in a house but she couldn’t enter it. Dui had closed it off to her for some reason.

That was easily fixed. Sae sent her mind next door. A man was there, dressed in garish colors. She slipped into his mind and understood the clothes were meant to be something called “superhero”.

Mortals, always making up things.

Sae reached into her pants and pulled on her cock. It would do.

There was a knock on the door. Sae put her cock back in her clothes and answered the door.

A woman dressed as a cat looked at her. Another woman dressed as a nun was behind her. Behind her were two women dressed as the police of this world. One was dark as the night and the other as pale as the moon.

All four looked at Sae and Dui was in all of their eyes.

Dui rushed her. Sae giggled as the four women ripped the clothes from her body. There was no need to push on the body she rode, the man provided no resistance to what was happening. His cock was hard and his mouth was willing.

The nun sat on Sae’s face. Tight thighs smothered her as the man licked. The woman had a thick bush and Sae once again marveled at the variety of human bodies.

A hand grabbed Sae’s cock and stroked it. Another hand stroked Sae’s balls. Both hands belonged to different bodies.

A mouth sucked on Sae’s toes. The man recoiled at that but Sae pushed down on his mind. A few licks later and the man was wiggling his toes inside the woman’s mouth.

Dui teased her in all the ways that she loved. The nun rode her face with a savage glee. A mouth licked the man’s nipple. Another mouth engulfed Sae’s cock. The other mouth sucked one toe after another.

Sae felt the man was about to come. She stopped it. This costume was too good to let come so soon.

The nun rose from Sae’s drenched face. Sae coughed as she remembered that bodies needed to breath. She barely had time to gasp before one of the police women jammed a brown breast into her mouth. Sae sucked greedily on it as she relished the taste of human skin.

The mouth left Sae’s cock and was replaced by a pussy. It was the woman dressed as a cat. Her black tail rubbed against Sae’s balls as the woman humped her.

The nun moved to where Sae’s cock entered the cat woman’s sex. The nun licked the pussy juices off the base of Sae’s cock.

The man tried to come again. Sae stopped it, stretching his near orgasm in a long stalling moment of pleasure.

The sucking of her toes stopped. Sae felt a woman crawl up alongside her head and offer her breasts. It was the other police woman. She bared her pale breasts and leaned in. Sae was smothered by breasts pale and dark.

The man was going to come. There was nothing Sae could do about it. She too was aroused beyond her limits. It was time.

Sae came. She shot the man’s seed deep inside the sex of the cat woman. All four of the women laughed and Dui’s voice was in all of them.

The cat woman climbed off of Sae’s cock. Her member was slick and sensitive. She was curious why Dui hadn’t left bodies yet.

“Take this one,” the dark police woman said. Dui left her eyes.

Sae smiled and left her body. In the blink of an eye, she inhabited the dark police woman. She felt an aching need between her legs.

The man sat up. Dui was in his eyes now. He turned towards her as the other three women did as well. They climbed onto her body and ripped her clothes from her.

Sae laughed as they ravished her. This was going to be a memorable Halloween night.


“It is like I always say Burny, it isn’t Halloween until the costumed orgy starts.”

“When you collect the souls of everyone who read all five stories, can I have one? I never get a soul to torment.”

“You’re a flaming skull on a stick, what would you do with one?”

“I’m not sure but it would involve head.”

“Just because that pun was wickedly evil, I shall grant your wish. Which soul do you want?”

“Hmm, how about the one reading right now?”

“Done! When we collect their soul tonight, I’ll let you explain their new duties for the next eternity.”

“As for the rest of you mortals, I’ll catch your souls later.”

Oct 222014

suckubeth2clr“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the Queen of the D’s who knows how to please! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“There is a disturbance in the air tonight! The walls between worlds are crumbling! Souls are just one scary sex story away from being preyed on by demons!”

“I know, Burny! It is what makes this such a wonderful time of the year. To help in your soul damnation, I have a story for you today called, Hungry Deborah.”

“You can’t show that story! It will leave the readers in a puddle of their own desire! They will helpless against any cruel ravishing spirit that wanted them!

“Oh Burny, you do know how to sweet talk a girl!

“Read on, mortals.”

Maria checked her costume in the mirror. The light blue sparkles of the mermaid outfit popped on her light brown skin. The seashell clams squeezed her large breasts into a bounty of the sea. The starfish headband looked great with her long black hair. She was looking hot.

As she applied her eyeliner, she remembered something from her childhood. There was something about saying a name in front of a mirror. Was it Bloody Mary? Was it that guy from the movie. No it was something else. It was on the edge of her memory.

Suddenly it came to her. It was saying a name while wearing your Halloween costume. Her friend Anna had told it to her.

“If you wear a Halloween costume in front of a mirror, don’t say Hungry Deborah three times. She’ll come and eat you.”

Maria smiled. Anna always had scary stories. Maria was sure that Hungry Deborah had an elaborate back story but she didn’t remember it. It probably had something to do with an insane asylum or not getting any treats on Halloween. All Maria remembered was that she spent a year not talking in front of her mirror in case it summoned something.

She finished her makeup. There was no way that Jorge was going to miss her tonight. He was going to be eating out of her hand.

Maria turned away from the mirror and then turned back. She was excited. She looked great. It was a time for conquering fears and men.

“Hungry Deborah, Hungry Deborah, Hungry Deborah.”

A chill went through her. The smile turned to a frown before returning a smile. There, she felt better already.

The party was at a friend of a friend’s house. Maria drove and trusted her GPS. The moon was full and bright tonight. She drove past the old Laymon house and thought she saw lights there. Gangs of children roamed the sidewalks with reflective costumes. A woman dressed as a bee and a zombie at the same time crossed the street. It was a crazy night.

The GPS guided her to an industrial road. She passed a warehouse where people were yelling and probably having a party. The night seemed to get darker.

The directions took her into the woods. Maria sighed and kept going. Jorge better be there and he better be sober. She didn’t want to drive all this way for him to be too drunk to appreciate her costume.

The car stopped. The engine and the lights cut off without any warning. Maria hit the brakes to keep the car from coasting.

“What the fuck?” she said. She turned the key and nothing happened.

Something bit the top of her breast. A flash of pain shot through Maria but also a flash of something else between her thighs.

“Jesus!” Maria screamed. She grabbed her breast. It felt like someone had bitten the exposed flesh of her tit.

She tried to turn on the car interior light. It wouldn’t come on. She dug out her phone and turned on its light. It shined onto her breast.

There was the outline of teeth where it had bitten her.

“Mary, Mother of Jesus,” Maria whispered.

Something bit her other breast. It clamped down harder and kept biting. Maria tried to push it away but there was nothing there. She shined her phone light on her breast and she could see her flesh being squeezed by an invisible jaw.

It suddenly stopped. The teeth marks remained.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” Maria said. She tried to dial a number. The screen wouldn’t accept any of her finger touches.

“Hungry,” a voice whispered in her ear.

Chills ran down Maria’s back.

Teeth clamped down on her neck.

Maria screamed.

The teeth bit down harder but Maria noticed it wasn’t breaking her skin. It was just a solid bite. She felt cold breath exhale onto her neck.

More chills went down her back. Other chills went to her sex.

The teeth released her neck.

“Hungry,” the voice whispered again. It was a woman’s voice.

“Hungry,” the voice whined.

Something nipped her ear.

“Fuck!” Maria yelled and she shoved open the door. She tried to run out but her seatbelt held her. Her fingers fumbled and finally released the seatbelt clasp. Free, she ran out of the car.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Maria yelled. She ran a few steps from her car but stopped. It was dark. There were no street lights. There was just the moon and the glow of the city over the trees.

Where the fuck was she going to run?

Something bit her thigh. Maria reached down to stop it but her own costume was in the way. She couldn’t touch her leg without pulling her costume off.

It wasn’t that bad of a bite actually. It was a gentle bite, soft and slowly clamping down on her skin. It reminded Maria of Jorge.

The bite let go and moved higher up her thigh. The sharp teeth were a gentle nip on her skin. Maria shivered and it had nothing to do with the cold.

“Hungry,” the voice whispered again. There was a dire need in the voice.

Something bit the top of Maria’s pussy. It was a quick nip that lasted less than a second. Maria cried out and stumbled away from it. She hit the car and cried out again.

The side of her pussy was nipped. Sharp teeth bit down on sensitive flesh for a split moment.

“Oh shit,” Maria said. The understanding of an adult reinterpreted a child’s story. That was why Deborah was Hungry.

A mouth pressed against Maria’s sex. Maria leaned on the car for support as an unseen mouth nibbled on her pussy lips. She looked down at her costume and could see no trace of the mouth that was there between her legs.

Biting gave way to kisses. Kisses gave way to licks. Licks gave way to hungry sucking of sexual juices.

“Oh shit, yes,” Maria moaned. Her tits heaved as she breathed harder. She bit her lips as the cold air kissed her face.

The mouth was ravenous. It buried itself in Maria’s sex. A tongue licked variously deep inside her. Without a need to breathe, the mouth never paused in its incessant devouring.

Maria gripped the car and moaned. Her knees were shaking. Her nipples were hard and rubbed against the clamshells of her outfit. She humped the air as she tried to rub harder against the mouth that was eating her.

The mouth kept licking. As the pleasure grew between her thighs, Maria felt a sudden bite on her pussy lips. The sharp pain halted her pleasure but then the licking resumed and her pleasure was amplified was twice as before.

The second time it happened was right when Maria was about to come. She cried out at the feeling of teeth but then she moaned louder at the loss of her orgasm.

The licking resumed and Maria knew she was close. This time she was going to come. There would be no stopping it this time.

The teeth bit her again and Maria climaxed. She shouted her pleasure and her surprise. The pain turned into pleasure and bliss invaded her body.

The licking didn’t come back. Maria moaned and rubbed the tops of her breasts.

“Hungry Deborah?” she asked.

Nothing touched her.

Maria leaned down in front of her side mirror. “Hungry Deborah, Hungry Deborah, Hungry Deborah!”

Nothing happened.

Maria opened her car and plopped in. She was wonderfully wet. She tried the key and car roared back to life.

She didn’t feel like going to the party now. Jorge had lost his appeal.

Maria did wonder what Anna was up to these days.

“I do love a story where someone is eaten alive. Don’t you, Burny?”

“Interesting how you had to stories in a row about the supernatural performing oral sex. Is this because of magical reasons or do you just run out of ideas?”

“Halloween is all about the oral treats, Burny. That and the dead, the spirits and the kinky costumes.”

“Hmm, I can see how the sacrifices of Samhain were really referencing sex and over the years it is had been passed down and translated into sweets.”

“Exactly, plus I am adding a hundred years of torment to your existence for that crack about running out of ideas.”

“As for you readers, we reach our thrilling finale for October! I’ll catch your souls later.”

Oct 152014

shondemonclr2“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the ones with the curves that rattle your nerves! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Beware, reader! You might be reading this to see tits and ass but before you know it, you’ll be ass deep in damnation and your tits will be wrapped around a demon’s cock!”

“Oh Burny, I think more people want to read the story now. You are really bad at warning people away.”

“If I wasn’t a burning skull, I could draw them up a PowerPoint presentation that would truly scare them.”

“Whoa, you scared me just talking about PowerPoint. Step from that horrible thought readers, and step into this horror instead.”

“Read on, mortals.”

“That’s the last of the Trick or Treaters,” my wife said.

“I think you’re right,” I answered. On the television screen, another young co-ed died from a masked slasher.

“I’m turning off the light,” my wife said. “Are you ready for bed? I’m beat.”

I pointed at the screen. “It’s the Trixie Treats marathon, remember? You know I watch it ever year.”

My wife shook her head. “The movies are bad enough but that green hostess with the boobs is the worse.”

“I like her, the humor is ironic.”

“Hmm,” my wife said. Trixie appeared on the screen in her tight white teddy. She made a joke that I didn’t hear because her nipples were poking through the fabric.

“Alright, I’m going to bed,” my wife said. She kissed me good night. “Don’t eat the rest of the candy.”

I promised her I wouldn’t. She went upstairs and I kept watching the movie. I lowered the sound to almost nothing. If she asked, I would tell her I didn’t want to wake her.

I had my lies all worked out.

The movie ended and another one started. This one was about zombies because they are all about zombies now. I didn’t like it. It made me think of things I’d rather not. Still, I barely watched it. I was just killing time.

Midnight came. My cock was painfully hard. I got up and went into the dark kitchen. I made sure the back light was off. It was still bright outside even without the light. The moon was full and glowing tonight.

I saw her shamble up the deck stairs. She was still wearing the same sexy bee outfit. The top was torn a little and her right breast was almost out. Her red hair caught the moonlight.

She knocked on the door; slow faint taps.

I opened the glass door. “Shh, I’m here,” I said.

She went down to her knees. The yellow mask hid most of her face except for her mouth. She opened her lips and stuck out her tongue.

I hesitated but only briefly. The smell was bad. Her clothes were dirty. There were grass stains all over her costume. I didn’t want to think about it.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. She reached for it and pulled me closer. Her fingers were cold but that was normal because it was a cold night, right?

Her mouth was warm. I bit my lip to keep from groaning out loud. Her tongue was warm and her mouth was as wet as any pussy.

She made a faint moaning sound that disturbed me. I kept my cock in her mouth though.

Three years. That is how long she had been coming to my door on Halloween night. I had no idea who she was. No one in the neighborhood had her red hair. No one had her big tits that threatened to fall out of her skimpy bee outfit. No one ever tried to suck my cock just for opening the door.

She grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into her throat. Cold fingers dug into my ass while my cock filled her mouth. She never choked.

I thought about the zombie movie. I wasn’t stupid. It was Halloween. She was either the kinkiest weirdo I had ever met or some sort of dead woman going around sucking cocks.

It had to be the former.

She bounced on my cock. Dead people don’t have warm mouths. The dead didn’t have so much spit. The dead wouldn’t feel so damn good around my cock.

Her tit fell out of her top. It was dirty like the rest of her. It pressed against my leg and the nipple was freezing.

I should have just stood there and taken the sucking. But no, I was curious. I was willing to fuck up a good thing. Mostly though, I had been seeing Trixie Treats hosting movies with those big tits and I wanted some for my own.

My hand reached down. I grabbed a handful of her cold tit. My fingers squeezed around firm flesh.

She was ice cold. My hand released her breast and moved higher up.

Her mouth sucked harder. My hips began to thrust and I fucked her mouth. She took it. She always took it.

My hand found what it was looking for. Where there should have been a heartbeat was just still cold flesh.

I shook with fear. She sucked harder. I came in her mouth and she kept sucking. I pushed her back and she released my cock from her warm lips.

“What the fuck are you?” I asked. I wasn’t whispering. I was too scared to be scared of my wife waking up.

The thing didn’t answer. She stood up and shambled off my deck. I saw her head to my neighbor’s house.

I noticed his back porch light was on.

I closed the door and returned to the living room. My hands shook as I zipped back up. I fell back into the couch. My cock was drained but I couldn’t stop shaking.

That had been too much. I knew the truth now. There was no way I was going to put my cock into that thing’s mouth again. Shit, maybe I should convince the wife we should move.

The commercial ended and Trixie Treats appeared back on the screen. The white teddy stretched across her green cleavage. She took a deep breathe before launching into more inane patter. The fabric strained to hold her tits in.

My cock throbbed. I thought about the dead bee woman coming back next year.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so creepy next year if I wore a condom.

“More Trick-or-Treaters should use the backdoor. Don’t you think so, Burny?”

“What was that damned creature? How many cocks does it suck in a night? Where does it go for the rest of the year?”

“Oh she was just another lost soul who made the right kind of a deal with the wrong kind of demon. I tried to explain to her the fine details but she didn’t pay that much attention. You would be amazed how many souls skip right to the cock-sucking and skip the part about the eternal wandering of the living dead.”

“I believe it. I once had a contract with a phone company that damned me for a decade.”

“Yeah, sex demons are one thing but don’t fuck with phone companies. Those guys are assholes.”

“As for you readers, I’ll catch your souls later.”

Oct 082014

suckubeth2clr“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the tart with a heart! Well, I ripped the heart from a person’s chest but they were a good person so it’s a good heart! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“When will my eternal torment end?”

Never, Burny! That’s what eternal means! Speaking of eternal, today’s story is about the timeless nature of a good striptease. I call it, Mystery Dances.”

“Wait, that story?! It is classified as a national security risk! Just reading this story threatens the time/space continuum!”

“I know! It is very exciting!”

“Read on, mortals.”

Marwa was exhausted. She sat down in front of her mirror and stared at herself. Halloween week was always the worse at the Body Palace. Management insisted on costumes for the strippers and the marks loved it. That meant more roving hands, more drunk lies about being millionaires and more weirdoes hitting on her because of her nun costume. She just wanted to get home and wash the sweat and cigarette smoke from her body.

It was nights like these that saving money for college as a stripper seemed like a bad idea. How was she going to become a doctor if she died of lung cancer from second hand smoke? How was she going to want to help people get better when she was starting to hate the sight of people in the first place? There had to be better ways to make money.

“Mystery, some people are here to see you,” Boris the bouncer said. “They look like cops.”

“Cops?” Marwa asked. “For me?”

“Jerry said talk to them in the stockroom. They’re making the customers nervous,” Borris said.

“Fine,” Marwa said. She thought about changing out of her nun costume but fuck it. If cops were going to talk to her at work, they had to deal with her work clothes.

She headed for the stockroom. Part of her was worried about what they wanted but mostly she was happy for the break. Most likely they just wanted to ask about one of her skeevy regulars. She bet it was about the guy with the cat tattoos.

The cops were in the storeroom except they didn’t look like cops at all. It was a man and a woman and they were wearing suits. The man looked as big as Boris but he had a blond crew cut and broader shoulders. The woman was petite, black and bald. They looked like federal agents from a movie.

“Ms. Rahal?” the man said. “Thank you for meeting with us.” He was looking at her face instead of her nun cleavage which was rare for a man.

Marwa shrugged. “Sure, but you’re costing me stage money.”

The woman stepped closer and flashed a badge. It said FBI, but Marwa noticed that she was definitely looking at her nun cleavage. “Homeland Security, sir. I’m Agent Gades, this is Agent Gardener.”

“What does Homeland Security want with me?” Marwa said. “You know I was born in Georgia right? My dad was Persian but he left us when I was kid. I don’t know any of my cousins in Iran.”

Agent Gades put her badge away. “You are not in any trouble, however I can tell you that it is a matter of National Security.”

“Did I do a lap dance for a terrorist?” Marwa asked.

“Ma’am, you possess a certain skill set and physical description we need for an operation,” Agent Gades said. “It is extremely classified but we will pay you ten thousand dollars for your services.”

“Wait, you two just want a Persian stripper?” Marwa said.

“Yes, Ms. Rahal,” Agent Gardener said.

“And you’re paying ten thousand dollars?” Marwa said.

“Yes, Ms. Rahal,” Agent Gades said.

“And there is no sex?” Marwa said. “I’m a dancer, not a hooker.”

“No sex, Ms. Rahal,” Agent Gardener said.

“Fine, you got a deal. But when I’m working you call me by my stage name, Mystery.”

“You have a deal,” Agent Gades said.

“Meet us out back after you change,” Agent Gades said. She took one last look at Marwa’s nun cleavage. “Regular clothes would be better for where we are going.”

Marwa smirked and went back to the changing room. Ten thousand dollars? She would wear a clown suit if they wanted. She shed her nun clothes and put on a t-shirt and jeans. She skipped a bra but did put on some panties.

Outside the agents were waiting by a black SUV with government plates. She wondered if this was really a matter of national security or if they were just arranging a stripper for a coworker. Fuck it, Marwa didn’t care. Wherever they went was better than the Body Palace on Halloween night.

They handed her money in the car. It was in a black gym bag. That surprised her. Normal people would have made her do the job first before paying. Maybe the government paid up front for their lap dances.

Agent Gades drove them further away from town. It was four in the morning and the roads were empty. Marwa knew better than to do any small talk. These two said nothing and Marwa felt they would have lied anyway.

At least they didn’t smoke, that was something. She liked them better than half her usual customers for that alone.

Agent Gades turned down a road that Marwa had never been. It was mostly factories and warehouses. None of them seemed to be open and some of them looked abandoned. It was at one of these abandoned warehouses that they finally stopped.

“Here?” Marwa asked. It looked like a great place for a rape and murder.

The Agents didn’t say anything. They got out of the car and Agent Gades opened the door for her. Marwa got out and followed them into the warehouse.

Spotlights had been rigged up. The place was empty and the blank dark space was overwhelming. Something ten feet tall was in the middle of the lights but a large tarp had been pulled over it.

There was another agent. It was short Asian guy. He was drawing something on the floor in chalk.

“Mystery, this is Agent Gutt.” Agent Gades said.

The Asian guy looked up at Marwa. “Yes, good. I am almost ready.”

“Is he the client?” Marwa asked.

Agent Gardner grunted. “No, that thing is.” He was pointing at what was under the tarp.

“What is going on?” Marwa asked.

Agent Gutt stood up and stretched. “I have spent the last two hours trying to come up with a way to describe to you. I can’t think of anything that doesn’t sound crazy and quite frankly, it is classified. So here’s what we are going to do. In five minutes, we are going to pull that tarp down. You will strip and dance for it. Weird shit is going to happen but you keep dancing. You will keep dancing until the weird shit is over and then you will go home with your money. We have a deal?”

“What kind of weird things?” Marwa asked.

Agent Gutt rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Christ, they never take the simple answer.”

Agent Gades touched her arm. “Mystery, do you love your country?”

“What? Of course. Maybe not as much when that racist dickhead was in office but yeah, I love my country.”

Agent Gades nodded. “And would you like your country trampled by an insanity that rips apart society and turns everyone into a raping sex maniac?”

Marwa did a double take. “Uh, no.”

“Then please, Mystery, just dance,” Agent Gades said.

Marwa shrugged. “Okay. Where’s the music?”

Agent Gardener laughed. Agent Gades closed her eyes. Agent Gutt just shouted, “Fuck!”

Marwa shook her head. “You guys are worse than a bachelor party. Look, I’ll play something on my phone.”

She picked some club music that didn’t have words. The beat echoed throughout the dark warehouse. Agent Gades took the phone from her and set it on top of a cooler. Agent Gutt took her by the arm and brought her before the statue.

“When we take the tarp down, just keep dancing,” he whispered.

Marwa nodded. The music was seeping into her body. Her hips were swaying and she released her long black hair from her headband. Dark curls fell on her shoulders and she closed her eyes.

The beat did things to her thighs. The keyboards did something to her spine that made it move. The music soaked into her.

When she opened her eyes, she was no longer Marwa. She was Mystery, and she was here to drive people wild and fill their dreams with longing.

Agent Gardener and Agent Gutt went to remove the tarp. She didn’t wait for them. Mystery danced before her unknown client.

The tarp came down. Mystery’s eyes widened at the sight before her. She felt her heart race but she her feet didn’t miss a step. She kept dancing.

It was hideous. It was made of white marble with sickly yellow veins of something else running through it. The statue was of a woman, and only Mystery only knew that because it was covered in breasts. The arms, legs, torso and face were covered in breasts. The breasts themselves had breasts. Instead of nipples, it had tiny cocks.

Mystery kept dancing. Did she believe the country was at stake? She didn’t know. She didn’t care. When the music played, Mystery didn’t think at all. She just danced.

She ran her hands down her t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra and she made sure to make the fabric press against her tits. Her large breasts felt tiny compared to the monstrous breasts before her. She ran her hands over her tits, squeezing and pulling through the material of the shirt.

The statue stood there.

Mystery pulled at her shirt, swinging her hips as she slowly inched the material up, up, up and over her tits. She swung the shirt off her body and towards the statue.

It fell before the statue’s feet like an offering.

She danced a little faster, swinging her heavy breasts back and forth. The statue had no eyes so Mystery assigned eyes to two small breasts on the thing’s face. She flirted with those imaginary eyes. She leaned towards those faux eyes and let them see how her tits felt in her hands.

There was a shimmer. More yellow veins appeared on the statue. The warehouse filled with the smell of hot sand.

Mystery danced. She turned around and presented her ass to the statue. Agent Gardener was staring at her and she winked at him. Agent Gades was staring too, her hips slowly moving with the music. Mystery blew her a kiss that made Agent Gades blush. Agent Gutt was the only one not looking at her and he turned to the door.

She turned back to face the statue. It looked different. One of the arms seemed higher than she remembered. There might have been more tits than she remembered. She filed the differences away in the back of her mind while her body kept dancing.

Mystery unzipped her pants. She felt a breeze on her face and she thought she heard a moan. Her fingers pulled her zipped down to reveal electric blue panties.

Thunder rolled. The breeze grew stronger and played with her hair.

Mystery shimmied out of her pants. The jeans slipped down, down, down her long legs. They pooled around her ankles and she stepped out of them.

There was gun shot. Mystery jumped but she kept dancing.

“They are trying to bring the Daughter! Stop them! It is too early!”

Mystery flicked her head to the left, sending her long hair flying through the air. She made eye contact with Agent Gardener who had his gun out. He thought she was looking at him.

“Keep dancing!” he yelled before shooting into the darkness.

Mystery wasn’t stopping. The music wouldn’t let her. The beat was too strong. Mystery’s body was almost naked. Rhythms forged during late nights pulsed through her body.

The statue was leaning towards her now. It looked like it might topple on her. There were far more breasts than before.

Mystery stroked her panties. She pretended to be in orgasmic bliss. A fake orgasm rippled through her body. She stared at the statue with exaggerated lust.

There were more gunshots. Someone screamed.

The music kept going. Mystery slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panties. Doing the same shimmy as before, she inched them down her flowing legs.

Thunder rolled. The tiny cocks on the statue leaked something blue. The smell of burning forests filled the warehouse.

Mystery stepped out her panties and tossed them to the statue. They landed on a thick breast on its hip.

She danced. Free of her clothes she let her body free. Wild motions filled her hips and shook her shoulders. She grabbed her heavy breasts, wild hair and swaying hips for the statue.

“Kill her!” someone yelled. “Kill her before SHE comes through!”

More gunshots. Something burned her shoulder. She stumbled in pain and grabbed her shoulder. It was a cut and she was bleeding.

The statue roared. The tits vibrated with a horrible elasticity. The cocks wiggled. Before Mystery’s unbelieving eyes, it took a single step forward.

There were screams. Popping sounds ricocheted through the warehouse. She looked back. Someone she didn’t know exploded like a balloon filled with blood.

Mystery screamed. She also rose to her feet. Her hips grinded the air as she found the beat. She resumed dancing.

The screams stopped. The statue seemed bigger.

Mystery danced. The song was building to a climax. Mystery writhed in the throes of fake sexual bliss. She stared at the awful statue like it was the only one she had ever lusted for. She told a lie with her body and her dancing hips repeated the lie over and over.

The statue shrunk. It took a step back. As the music slowed, so did Mystery. When the song was over, the statue had resumed it’s original pose.

The music stopped.

“Turn it back on,” Marwa said. Terror gripped her and she stumbled. She wanted to keep dancing. She wanted to keep this terrible thing appeased.

“It’s over,” Agent Gades said. She took off her jacket and used it to cover Marwa.

Marwa wrapped the jacket around her. Her shirt was too close to the statue. She had no desire to go near it.

Agent Gardener was on the ground. Agent Gutt was covering Gardener’s face with his jacket.

There was a lot of blood in the warehouse. It flowed outwards from small piles of chunks of meat. She thought of the popping noises and gagged.

“Who was shooting at us?” Marwa asked.

“Bad people,” Agent Gades said. The black woman was sweating and her lip quivered. “Bad people who were too stupid to know better than to shoot at someone who was serving a higher power. The time was wrong for the statue so we called it now before the time was right. Now it has wasted its energy and will sleep for another decade.”

“Are you guys really, FBI?” Marwa asked.

Agent Gades shrugged. “No, but close enough. We deal with things like this.”

“What are things like this?” Marla asked. She noticed her panties were higher than she had thrown them. They were now on the statue’s face.

“You don’t need to know,” Agent Gades said.

“I have a right to know,” Marla said. “I think I got shot!” She showed her shoulder.

“They just winged you,” Agent Gades said. Her face was angry. “And you know what? You have a right to not know. You have a right to have a few nightmares about this instead of never going to sleep again because you know what it really is and what it really means for all the things you ever wanted to do with your life. So take it from me, you did a good job and your reward is you don’t know what you did.”

Marwa looked away from the statue. She saw Agent Gardener’s dead body and shivered. The pools of blood flowed and mixed with one another.

“Ten thousand dollars and not knowing,” Marwa said. “I’ll take it.”

“Oh Burny, I think every sex story should end in shaking terror and a high body count.”

“Technically there was no sex in this story, Suckubeth.”

“Oh really? Tell that to the avatar of whatever the fuck that thing was. Maybe it had cosmic climaxes just from watching a beautiful woman dance. Don’t project your flaming skull sex-normative values to unholy entities.”

“Wow, I actually feel chastised. Who knew a demon monster like you could make a damned soul like me feel like the judgmental one?”

“It is never too late to eliminate your prejudices, Burny.”

“As for you readers, I’ll catch your souls later.”

Oct 012014

“Greetings mortals! shondemonclr1It is that time again when the veils between worlds go flying apart like a busty girl’s sexy cat outfit! It is me, Suckubeth, the evil fiend who never keeps it clean! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Look away, mortals! Reading her words will damn your soul worse than joining Facebook!”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Burny! Nothing is worse than joining Facebook. Not even what happens to the lovely pair in today’s story, The Final Couple.”

“By the flaming pits of Abaddon’s ass, not that story! It will terrify anyone from going to a Halloween party at an abandoned haunted house ever again! You can’t show them that story!”

“Ha! Nothing will stop horny people from having Halloween parties at abandoned haunted houses. At least, not while I exist and my brown beautiful ass is immortal!”

“Read on, mortals.”

“They won’t find us in here, Allison. I found this closet when we were searching for poor Caleb.”

“Oh God, Conner, I hope not. We should turn off the light to be sure.”

“Fuck, I knew we shouldn’t have had a Halloween party at the old Laymon house. This place has always freaked me out. I can’t believe Slit-Throat Sally is real! I thought that was just an urban legend but now Ashley, Taylor and Emily are dead!”

“What about the Fiend, Conner? I thought the idea of a monster living in the cellar of the Laymon house was just a joke but now Tyler, Austin and Jacob had their heads smashed in! With all that fur flying around, what else could it be?”

“Shh, calm down, Allison. We’ll be safe here. We just need to hide until morning and then we’ll sneak out. Everything will be okay.”

“Connor, can you hold me?”

“Sure, Allison. Wow, your heart is beating so fast.”

“So is yours. You must be really upset about Ashley. I mean, you guys have been dating for like two months.”

“To be honest, I was planning to break up with her soon. She can be really bossy and well, I was afraid to break up with her since her dad owns the plant that my mom works at.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”

“You must be upset about Tyler’s death though, he was your boyfriend.”

“Well I have a secret too. I was going to break up with him tonight but before I could . . .”

“We found his body in the kitchen.”

“Yeah. Do you think we’re really safe here? Won’t the Fiend find us?”

“That won’t happen, Allison. I’ll protect you.”

“Connor, it feels so good to be in your arms.”

“You feel good too, Allison.”

“Connor, we might die here tonight. The Fiend is out there.”

“Don’t talk like that. Besides, I’m not worried about the Fiend. It’s probably some dumb mutant or something. It’s Slit-throat Sally I’m worried about. She’s some sort of ghost and can probably go through walls and shit.”

“She wouldn’t hurt you.”

“What do you mean, Allison?”

“Slit-Throat Sally only kills bad girls. Emily was a smoker, and Taylor stole from her job. As for Ashley . . .”


“Ashley was a bad girl because she only dated you because I had an interest in you.”

“Really, Allison? I had no idea! I’ve had a crush on you too!”

“Really, Connor? You’re not just saying that?”

The sound of kissing filled the closet.

“Does that convince you, Allison?”

“Yes! Oh Connor, make love to me.”


“Yes! Before the Fiend comes for us! Here, let me take my sweater off.”

“Oh God, you don’t have a bra on! I have wanted to touch your breasts forever!”

“They are yours now. With Tyler gone, they are all yours!”


“Yes. And this is all mine.”

“Oh fuck.”

“Can I unzip your pants, Conner?”

“Yes, please.”

The sound of zipping joined the sounds of heavy breathing.

“You are so much bigger than Tyler.”

“And your breasts are so much bigger than Ashley’s.”

Groans filled the dark closet.

“Fuck me, Connor.”

“I want to fuck you, Allsion.”

Pants fell in the closet.

“Fuck! Oh God you are so hard inside me!”

“Oh God, you are so tight.”

“Oh Fuck me, Connor, but be quiet. The Fiend is out there!”

“I will.”

Whispers gave way to panting which gave way to grunts. The floor creaked and a hand slapped a wall for support. Wet sex squishes filled the small space. A wall shook as bodies grinded.

Grunts quickened in the dark closet. A whimper was smothered between clenched lips. A shuddering groan was whispered into soft hair.

“Oh my God, Allison. I have never come that quickly.”

“Me, neither, Connor. It was like we were made for each other.”

“Oh Allison, I am so glad we came here tonight. Even with everyone dead.”

“I was thinking the same thing. I just wish that Fiend wasn’t here! I want to see you. I want to make love to you again and see your face when you come, Connor.”

“Well, I need to tell you something, Allison. There is no Fiend. I killed Tyler. I also killed Austin and Jacob. I didn’t want any competition because I love you so much. All that fur is from a stuffed bear in the attic. Since Tyler wanted to have a party at the Laymon house, I figured everyone would assume it was the Fiend. I wanted to be brave and impress you, but then Slit-Throat Sally killed every one and, why are you laughing?”

“Because there is no Slit-Throat Sally, silly! I killed them. I wanted to kill that skank you were with because I knew that you were mine! I got the other girls so it wouldn’t look personal. Oh my God, we’re both killers? You know what this means?”

“It means that Allison, you were meant for me.”

“And you were meant for me, Connor.”

The sound of kisses returned.

“Wait a minute, Allison. If you cut the throat of the girls, and I bashed the heads of the guys, than who ripped Caleb’s heart out in the shed?”

“I did,” answered a voice as the closet door opened.

Screams filled the closet and were quickly silenced.

“Burny, I do love a bad romance.”

“You also like a bloody romance, a screaming romance and final romance.”

“And we got all four today. It is almost Valentine’s Day around here.”

“Valentine’s with a body count! Couldn’t they just break up with their dates instead of murdering them?”

“Burny, you do not understand romance.”

“As for you readers, I’ll catch your souls later.”


Oct 302013

suckubeth2clr“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the demon ghost you want the most! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“It is the day before Halloween! The walls between worlds are at their weakest! It is a time for spirits to posses bodies! It is the time for clowns to kill people! It is the time for creepy sex dolls! Flee for your lives!”

“That’s right Burny, but do you know what else happens on Halloween? People dress up in sexy costumes and bang the hit out of each other. Which is why I am presenting today’s story, Someone Wicked.”

“Oh, I like that one!”

“What? Really Burny? No dire warnings of how it will melt people’s souls?”

“Well, it is a sexy story and fuck the readers. They lost their souls the first time they look at your haunted tits.”

“So true, Burny.”

“Read on, mortals.”

Gabrielle was quiet as the car pulled up to the house. She sat in the passenger seat with butterflies in her stomach. Terror gripped her as she watched other costumed people join the party. Could she really go through with this?

“You look sexy,” Dominic said. He was her sponsor so his judgment was important.

“Thank you,” she said. She did feel sexy. Dressed as a pirate, she was wearing a black bikini top and white skull and crossbones over her brown breasts. A red and black skirt wrapped around her round bottom and covered the top of her thighs. Her tall brown legs were covered with knee high black boots. A red scarf covered her head and her black hair peaked from under it. Silver skulls dangled from her earrings.

“Remember,” Dominic said. “You must stay at the party until midnight. If you leave early, you forfeit your chance at becoming a member of the Invisible Collar.”

A chill cut through Gabrielle’s butterflies. The thought was too horrible to consider. After all the testing, the hard work and the practice, to be rejected now was the worse thought imaginable. It would mean returning only reading about submission online. It would mean being dominated only in her fantasies during classes. It would mean going back to kinky dating sites and dealing with disappointment after disappointment. She couldn’t go back to that.

“I’ll make you proud,” Gabrielle said.

Dominic nodded. “Make yourself proud,” he said. “Now, go.”

Gabrielle left the car and walked the steps to the house. Loud music could be heard already. She tried to remember whose house it was but failed. It was close to the university but she didn’t think it belonged to one of the Greek houses. Maybe it belonged to one of the faculty?

It didn’t matter who it belonged to. Gabrielle was here to serve.

She knocked on the door and a zombie answered the door. He took her invitation and groaned. He sounded like a dead man but his eyes were alive as he stared at her tits.

Gabrielle stepped into the house.  Fake cobwebs and plastic bats hung everywhere. Loud music sang about a graveyard smash. People in costumes were packed inside the house, clumped together in close personal crowds.

Now came the hard part for Gabrielle had to wait. She made her way to the living room where a punch bowl had been set up. The punch was green and cloudy but it tasted like apples and rum. Glass in hand, she stepped away from the table and tried to find a place to stand that was out of the way.

A vampire cut her off. He was a white boy the same age as her. Fangs grinned from tight lips. He was wearing a tuxedo complete with a cape. Painted eyebrows arched above his eyes.

“Hello,” he said. “I feel a prickling in my thumbs.”

Gabrielle felt her stomach clench. She hadn’t expected to be contacted so soon. All she had to do was give the coded response. For a brief moment, she wondered if she could go through with it.

She could. “Then please, let something wicked help you come.”

The vampire grinned. He took her by the wrist. Gabrielle followed on shaking knees as he pulled her through the crowd. Faux monsters and topical costumes parted for them. She set her cup down on a table as they passed it by. He didn’t slow down for her.

The vampire pulled her to a closed door. “Keep Out” was written on a sign. He pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked the door. He pulled her into the darkness inside and closed the door.

A light came on. It was a closet. Coats hung along side different lengths of chain. The vampire locked the door behind them.

“How may I serve?” Gabrielle said.

A slap to her face was her answer. The force of the blow made her head snap around. Her cheek stung and her eyes watered.

“Shut up,” the vampire said. His face was a mask of stern ice. The painted eyebrows ceased to look silly and were now threatening.

He grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her down. Gabrielle sunk to her knees. The vampire unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Someone’s lipstick was smeared on the tip.

No matter. Gabrielle opened her mouth and leaned forward. The vampire grabbed the back of her head and pulled her onto his cock.

Gabrielle took him into her mouth and down her throat. The butterflies were gone. This she could do. She had practiced so many times on dildoes, vibrators and Dominic. She put her mouth to work to please this cock.

The vampire groaned. The fingers dug into her shoulders. He pushed into her mouth, fucking her with slow steady thrusts.

Gabrielle moaned. She didn’t know the vampire’s name and she didn’t care. This was submission: to be reduced down to a willing mouth in a closet during a busy party. She wasn’t a college girl with student debt, a shitty ex-boyfriend, a psycho mother and a butt load of insecurities. Right now she was just a cocksucker and that was okay with her.

She fondled his balls while she sucked. Her tongue did that thing that drove Dominic wild. She moaned some more because it made her lips vibrate. She took a little more of his cock until she gagged but she kept sucking.

She tasted the lipstick that someone else had left on the cock and she wondered about the previous girl. Was she a candidate for the Invisible Collar like Gabrielle? Or was she just the vampire’s girlfriend, unaware that later that night that Gabrielle would be sucking her boyfriend’s dick? Gabrielle’s pussy was drowning in desire at the thought.

“Fuck,” the vampire groaned. He pulled out of her mouth and grabbed his cock. His hand was a fast blur in front of her face.

She knew what was coming but she kept her place. The Invisible Collar demanded much from the ones it used.

The vampire came. A splash of seed struck her face and then second splash and then a third. She smiled, letting the vampire empty himself as he desired.

“Fuck,” he said again when he was done. He zipped himself up. Gabrielle looked up at him; his come drying on her face. The ice was gone from his expression. A slack relaxation permeated his entire body. He was just another guy who just got laid.

Gabrielle however, was still ready to serve.

The vampire unlocked the door and stumbled out. Gabrielle rose to her feet and pulled out a wet wipe from her pockets. A few wipes and her face was clean again. She needed to be presentable.

Gabrielle went back to the party, locking the door behind her. The music blasted lyrics about a double feature of science fiction. There were even more people here now. She pushed her way through a thick crowd of costumes and flesh.

She returned back to the punch bowl. Another glass of apple and rum went down her throat.

The shock of what had just happened passed through her. She had just sucked off a stranger in a closet. How did she feel about that? She was horny yes, but shouldn’t she feel a little ashamed?

Gabrielle didn’t. She wondered if that meant that something was wrong with her.

“Hey there,” a guy said. He was dressed like a pizza delivery man or maybe he really was a pizza delivery man. No matter, he was cute, tall and brown and Gabrielle really hoped that the guy knew the code phrase.

“I haven’t seen you here before,” the delivery man said. “My name is Peter.”

“Hey, my name is Gabrielle,” she said. She paused to let him say the words and then she would do wonderful dirty things to his handsome body.

“I had no idea so many people would be here!” he yelled.

“It’s crazy!” Gabrielle yelled back. Say the words, she prayed.

“Excuse me,” a man said behind her. It was a guy wearing a uniform from some science fiction show. He was short, chubby and pale; nothing like the sexy delivery man she was talking to.

“I feel a prickling in my thumbs,” Sci-Fi guy said.

“Sounds like a circulation problem,” Delivery Guy said. He smiled at his own joke.

Sci-Fi Guy ignored him and looked at Gabrielle. She knew what she had to say but she didn’t want to say it in front of Delivery Guy. She looked to Sci-Fi Guy for understanding or mercy. His expression said it all. He had no mercy for her.

Her cheeks flushed with heat as she recited the words. “Please, let something wicked help you come.”

A flicker of relief crossed Sci-fi- Guy’s eyes. “Come with me,” he said and he turned to walk through the crowd.

“Bye!” Gabrielle said to a very disbelieving Delivery Guy.

“Are you shitting me?” he yelled as she walked away.

Embarrassment burned within Gabrielle. Delivery Guy thought she was ditching him for Sci-Fi guy. He had no idea that she was compelled. There was no way to explain except to say that tonight she had given herself to an entire society.

Sci-Fi Guy walked fast through the crowd and Gabrielle struggled to keep him in sight. The music was blasting and the crowd was slightly drunk. Gabrielle had two drinks in her but she was stone cold sober as she followed Sci-fi Guy.

He went into the kitchen and Gabrielle followed. Two guys and a girl were in there, eating and joking about having a threeway.  Sci-Fi Guy walked passed them and to a door. He took out a key and unlocked the door. The three people stared at Gabrielle as she waited. Not knowing what to do, she waved at them.

They waved back.

The door opened and it was the pantry. Sci-Fi Guy stepped in and Gabrielle followed. Both guys started to laugh.

“You go, girl!” the woman yelled.

Gabrielle ducked into the pantry. It was cramped and tight. She looked down at Sci-Fi Guy and felt the butterflies return. What did he want?

“How may I serve you?” she asked in a whisper.

“Kiss me,” he said.

Gabrielle hesitated. That wasn’t what she expected. A flicker of annoyance appeared in Sci-Fi Guy’s eyes.

She grabbed his face and kissed him. His mouth opened in surprise but it wasn’t long before he kissed her back. It also wasn’t long before he was grabbing her tit. He squeezed her round brown breast a little too hard but that was okay. Gabrielle could take it and more.

They kissed and it was pretty good. He kissed her hard and he kissed her like he needed it more than anything in the world. He sure as hell kissed her with more passion than her ex-boyfriend did and Gabrielle appreciated that. She felt wanted. She felt needed.

She felt like this is what service should be like.

They kept kissing. He pulled her breast out of her top and pinched her nipple. Gabrielle moaned. Pain was something she had never experienced while kissing. She liked it.

Sci-Fi Guy broke the kiss. He looked up at her with something new in his eyes. It was lust.

“Pull your skirt down and bend over,” he said.

“Yes,” she whispered. This was what she expected. What surprised her was how ready she was for it.

Gabrielle pulled down her skirt. She had no underwear, just a little tuft of black hair for decoration. Sci-Fi Guy pulled down his pants and took out a condom. She watched as he rolled it onto his cock.

“Bend over,” he repeated.

“Yes, sorry!” Gabrielle said. She was so excited that she had forgotten herself. Her heart was pounding.

She turned around and tried to bend over. The pantry was too small. She moved some boxes out of the way and leaned onto a shelf.

Something heavy was pushed on the ground. She heard Sci-Fi Guy step up onto something. His hands gripped her waist and she felt the tip of his cock press against her sex.

Gabrielle was so fucking wet. Sci-Fi Guy pushed into her and she felt like she might climax with the first thrust. He wasn’t especially big or particularly thick but he was dominating her and that made her pussy tight as hell.

Sci-Fi Guy growled and his fingers sunk into her hips. He rammed into her and Gabrielle cried out. He fucked her fast and hard with the same level of passion that he had put into the kiss.

Gabrielle shook and knocked over a box of something heavy. It slammed into the floor and she knew that everyone in the kitchen heard it. She didn’t care. She was a slampiece for a total stranger. All she cared about was the wonderful cock deep inside her.

This was fucking. There were no sweet words or meaningless flattery. She was a place to cram in a cock and she couldn’t be happier. This is why she endured all the tests and this why she suffered through all the little punishments. This is what she wanted to be for the rest of her life.

She climaxed and Sci-Fi Guy kept fucking her.

She climaxed again and this time she screamed. Sci-Fi Guy kept fucking her.

She reached between her legs and stroked her clitoris to another climax. Sci-Fi Guy fucked her faster.

Sci-Fi Guy finally came. He froze in mid thrust and Gabrielle clenched hard around him. She kept clenching as he pulled out.

It was over too soon. Gabrielle’s back was sore from bending over but she didn’t want it to end just yet. She wanted more. She had so much more service to give.

“Mission accomplished,” Sci-Fi Guy said.

Gabrielle giggled. It was probably a reference to something she didn’t know but she was high on her orgasms.  She slowly stood up and turned to face him. Maybe she could offer some more service.

Sadly, Sci-Fi Guy already had his pants zipped up. He gave her a weird salute and walked out the pantry door. Gabrielle could hear the people in the kitchen give out a cheer.

Gabrielle stroked herself a few times before stopping. She should save all that energy for the next person. For a moment she wondered if there would be a next person. There had to be, right?

She pulled her skirt back up and checked her tits. One of her breasts had to be stuffed back into the bikini tip. Her nipples were hard and visible through the flimsy material.  Normally she would be shy of them but tonight her shyness was slowly melting.

Gabrielle stepped out of the pantry. Instead of the original three people there was a crowd of ten guys. Shame burned on her cheeks as they let out a cheer.

“Hey, baby! Need some company in there?” one of them yelled.

Gabrielle smiled weakly and rushed back into the main party.

The music blasted a song about werewolves overseas. Gabrielle started to dance even though it wasn’t a dancing song. A cute guy dressed as a police man joined her. She smiled and did moves that she had only done in private in front of the mirror.

The music changed to talk about people who weren’t afraid of ghosts. More people danced and Gabrielle changed partners frequently. She flirted and winked. Her body made promises but if since no one said the right phrase, she just kept dancing.

Gabrielle felt free. She was the plaything of anyone who knew the special words but she felt freer than she had at any other time in her life. This is what she wanted to do and for one night she was proving it.

Eventually the endorphins wore off and she could dance no more. She made her way to a wall to lean on. She thought about getting another drink when she saw someone different.

It was an older woman, dressed in a white toga like a Greek Goddess. The woman’s dark brown skin contrasted with the white cloth of her toga. A gold mask covered the top half of her face but there was something about the woman’s lips that tugged at Gabrielle’s memory. She felt that she should know this lady.

“You’re a great dancer,” the Goddess said. “Are you part of the dance program?”

Gabrielle’s heart skipped a beat. She knew that voice! It was Professor Webb for her Literature class! Holy shit! Gabrielle hoped the professor hadn’t seen her come out of the pantry!

“No, I could never do that,” Gabrielle said, trying to appear calm while her heart raced. “I just like to dance on a good night.”

“I see,” the Goddess said. “And what if I told you that I have a prickling in my thumbs?”

Gabrielle felt her pussy clench. Was this really happening?

There was a purse to the Goddess’s lips that she recognized. Professor Webb expected an answer and it had better be quick.

“Please, professor, let something wicked help you come,” Gabrielle said.

The Goddess smirked. “Follow me, Gabrielle.”

Gabrielle followed the Goddess through the crowd. They went through the party and up the stairs. The music was not as loud up here but it couldn’t stop the sounds of sexing coming from the rooms.

So many thoughts went through Gabrielle’s mind. Was she ready to be with a woman? It was something she had always thought about but she had never acted on? Could she go down on a woman? Could she enjoy a woman going down on her? Gabrielle thought she would but you never really know until you try.

The Goddess led Gabrielle to another locked room. Gabrielle waited as the Goddess took out a key and unlocked the door. She wondered if each person had their own room to play in or if the key worked on any of the locked doors? Could they be interrupted?

The door opened to a stark room. The walls were bare and the only light was in the ceiling. In the center of the room was a bench designed for someone to bend over. Hanging on the bench was a large black paddle.

“Close the door,” the Goddess said. She went straight to the paddle and picked it up.

With shaking hands, Gabrielle closed the door. Sapphic fantasies were dying by the second. This was not a room for sex.

“Drop the skirt and bend over the bench,” the Goddess said.

Gabrielle nodded. The skirt dropped easily and she walked slowly to the bench. Hesitation returned and she paused.

The Goddess pushed her over the bench. Gabrielle squealed but she stayed in position. Her brown ass was high in the air. She spread her legs and braced herself.

“Stand before I tell you, and you will never join the Invisible Collar,” the Goddess said.

“Yes, ma’am,” Gabrielle said. She saw hand grips at the bottom of the bench and reached for them. She just needed to hold on tight.

Whap. The paddle smacked into her ass. Gabrielle squealed but then realized that it didn’t hurt that much. Maybe all those beatings from Dominic had made her tough.

Whap. Whap. Whap. Whap. The Goddess walked around Gabrielle’s exposed ass and struck her lightly with the paddle. Gabrielle was pleasantly surprised at how light the hits were. A heat was growing in her pussy. Maybe is was just a prelude to sex.

WHACK! The paddle came down hard without warning. Gabrielle screamed as her ass exploded in heat. Her pussy burned with a different kind of heat.

WHACK! WHACK! The Goddess struck both of her cheeks with equal fury. Gabrielle screamed again and wondered if anyone would come to check. She heard another scream from next door and realized there was too much sex for anyone to investigate.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The paddle smacked her ass with brutal strikes. The Goddess was surprisingly strong for a literature professor.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Gabrielle clenched her eyes as the strikes came harder and harder. Her ass was burning but she had to hold on. She wanted nothing more than to cover her ass with her hands but she resisted. She was going to prove herself no matter what.

The next swing didn’t come. Gabrielle trembled as she waited. Dominic played these waiting games too. Just when she would start to relax, the paddling would continue.

Instead, Gabrielle felt fingers at her pussy. Gentle loving fingers rubbed at her pussy lips. She trembled and moaned at the sensation. Her ass burned but her pussy burned hotter.

The Goddess pulled her fingers away. Gabrielle moaned a soft pout.

WHACK! Gabrielle screamed. She should have seen it coming. Pleasure leads to relaxation which leads to pain. She should have known.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK WHACK! Gabrielle screamed as her poor ass was smacked without mercy.

The paddling stopped. The fingers returned. Gabrielle swore that she wouldn’t be fooled this time. She would stay on her guard.

The Goddess’s fingers went inside her. Gabrielle shuddered. Her pussy clenched on the gentle fingers inside her. She was in a sea of bliss.

The fingers went away. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking resumed.

Gabrielle screamed. Her ass was so sensitive that every strike was worse than the last. She was also so close to coming. She would have thought the paddling would have made her less aroused but it was the opposite. She wondered if she could come by being paddled.

The paddling stopped. Gabrielle lifted her hips for the probing fingers. Seconds passed. She wondered if the paddling was going to return. She wondered if she should beg for the fingers. Indecision paralyzed her.

The Goddess walked around the front of the bench. Wet fingers went to Gabrielle’s mouth. The fingers forced themselves into her mouth. She opened her lips and tasted herself.

Gabrielle looked up at the Goddess. She sucked hard on the fingers in her mouth. The taste of her pussy was strong. Her eyes pleaded for sex.

The Goddess looked down at her and pulled out her fingers. They were now slick from Gabrielle’s mouth. She lifted up her toga to reveal a shaved pussy.

Gabrielle moaned.

The Goddess laughed and put her fingers inside herself. Her hand was a blur as she stroked her divine sex.

“Please,” Gabrielle begged. She wasn’t sure if she was begging for sexual relief or the chance to lick the sex in front of her.

The Goddess ignored her and stroked faster. The tall dark woman stared down at Gabrielle as she pleasured herself. Gabrielle was just a tool for her masturbation and nothing more.

Gabrielle had never been wetter. She caught herself humping the spanking bench.

“Fuck, yes!” the Goddess screamed.

Gabrielle watched as the Goddess hung the paddle back on the bench. She used Gabrielle’s skirt to clean her fingers before tossing the skirt onto Gabrielle.

“Get up, I am through with you,” she said.

“Yes, ma’am,” Gabrielle said.

The Goddess left Gabrielle alone. She stood up and winced as her ass complained. Putting on her skirt was even harder as it clung to the welts that were rising on her ass. She stood alone in the spanking room and rode the pain out.

When she thought she could walk again without crying, Gabrielle left the room. On unsteady legs she made her way down the stairs. The stereo was blaring a song about people who were strange. The crowd was thinner than before and Gabrielle was grateful. It meant less people to push through for more punch.

A cup of alcohol steadied Gabrielle’s knees. Her ass hurt too much to sit down but that was okay. She just needed a moment to think. She needed a minute to breathe.

She looked at the clock. It was 11:10. Just fifty more minutes to go. She could do this. She could suck all the cock, get paddled and fingered and fuck anyone who wanted it. She was going to make it.

When she got another drink she noticed there were far less people than before. Only thirty of forty people were left. She didn’t expect the party to start dying out already. Maybe this was going to be easier than she thought.

The music stopped. Everyone came into the living room. She saw the Vampire, the Sci-Fi Guy and the Goddess plus many more. They were all looking at her.

“I feel a prickling in my thumbs,” they chanted together.

Gabrielle dropped her cup. The punch spilled and no one cared.

“Please, let something wicked help you come,” she said.

The crowd moved towards her and her real test began.

“Ah, what a happy ending that was. Wouldn’t you agree Burny?”

“I might have preferred to see the group dominate Gabrielle but I understand that nothing written could match the imagination of the reader.”

“Really, Burny, nobody likes it when someone deconstructs the literary choices of the writer. That is unless you are praising them, then you can babble as much as you want.”

“Truly you are a demon of ancient wisdom, Suckubeth.”

“Damn right. Don’t worry mortals. Tomorrow night I will appear to you personally and whisper why happens to Gabrielle while you sign your soul away to me with your tongue on my infernal pussy.”

“I’ll catch your souls later.”

*Photographic evidence of Suckubeth provided by parapsychologist Joe Gravel*

Oct 232013

suckubeth2clr“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the pumpkin tit queen of your sexiest Halloween! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Avert your eyes from her tits! If you stare too long, you’ll be turned into pumpkins and feel every knife cut as she turns you into jack-o-lanterns!”

“Oh Burny, you are such a vanilla damned soul. People like a little transformation and knife play.”

“Why are you still looking, mortals? Have you no sense of self preservation?”

“Self preservation is severely overrated. Just ask the characters in today’s story, Giggles the Murder Clown.”

“Whoa! Not that story! It has violence! It has severed body parts! It has clowns! Sensitive readers who dislike explicit violence in their porn should not read it! This means you, Mystique!”

“They shouldn’t but they will, Burny. Mortals can’t resist a forbidden story anymore than they can resist a forbidden tit.”

“Read on, mortals.”

Giggles the Murder Clown gripped his machete. There were people in his amusement park. He could feel it deep down in his damned bones. The park was closed for the winter and yet people kept breaking in. How many corpses crammed into cotton candy machines was it going to take before people got the message? How many severed heads stuck on seltzer bottles did Giggles have to make? Did people enjoy collecting the deceased out of the mirror maze?

Giggles laughed. He was starting to think they did.

It was a warm October night. Not as hot as the fires of Hell that Giggles climbed out of in order to murder and joke back in the real world, but still, warm for October. It was a good night for ice cream topped with blood.

He went looking for the trespassers. There was a tingle in his arm as he got closer. It was the same arm that the townies broke in his old life. He liked to think it was his funny bone.

There, over by the ring toss, a man was sitting on a bench. Something sat on the guy’s head. A hundred jokes played through Giggles’ mind. Should he strangle the guy with a ring from the ring toss? What about cramming a bag of popcorn down his throat? The first kill of the night should be a good one.

Wait, the man wasn’t moving. Giggles came closer; his giant shoes flop, flop, flopping as the Murder Clown walked. The man didn’t even turn his head.

Giggles grabbed the thing on the man’s head. It was a pink bra. The man didn’t move. Giggles pulled the guy’s head back. Dead open eyes stared at him.

This wasn’t funny. The guy was already dead. Giggles stepped around and got a better look at the man. He looked like a college kid with his frat house shirt and expensive watch. The kid’s shorts were pulled down around his ankles. Blood soaked the kid’s legs. Sitting on his crotch was a jack-in-the-box.

Giggles reached down and turned the crank. Music played and the Murder Clown turned the crank faster.

The box popped. Instead of a Jack, it was the tip of a severed penis on a spring.

Giggles didn’t laugh. Was there another Murder Clown here? Was the Murder Circus in town? Didn’t they see the severed lips he had left around the park? This was his playground!

He bent close to the corpse. He didn’t smell sour cream pie. There were no rotten popcorn kernels on the ground. Oddest of all, there wasn’t the mysterious chord of an organ grinder playing in the background.

This wasn’t the kill of a Murder Clown. This was a joke kill from a human. Did they do that?

He picked up the bra. It must have belonged to the killer. He wrapped it around his head. His frizzy red hair got in the way but he tucked it into the cups of the bra.

There was a tingle in his funny bone. Someone was at the merry-go-round.

Giggles walked. Flop, flop, flop went his shoes. He threw the machete into the air and pulled a hammer and an ax from his pockets and started to juggle. He wondered what kind of joke that the killer would do next. It had better be funny. If it wasn’t, he was going to wear her tits.

Ha, he was going to wear her tits even if it was funny.

The merry-go-round came to life. Music filled the quiet night. Bright lights danced before him. The parade of horses, elephants, lions and zebras turned and twisted.

Giggles waited for the joke. An arm spun by, trapped inside a lion’s open mouth. Next was an arm on the head of a hippo. That was followed by a leg, another leg and finally a man’s head on the tip of an elephant’s trunk. A woman’s panties were stretched over the man’s face.

That was funny. He really liked the shocked look on the guy’s face. The panties were a nice touch.

Maybe he would only wear one of her tits.

There was another tingle in his funny bone. Someone was at the Hall of Mirrors.

Giggles turned around and let his juggling weapons to the ground behind him. He flopped, flopped, flopped over to the Hall or Mirrors. He had a weird feeling that he didn’t like. People were dying which was funny but he wasn’t doing the killing which was not funny. Why was the killer doing this? She hated trespassers too? She liked chopping people up? She liked jokes?

Giggles the Murder-Clown felt nervous. This was something he didn’t understand and that made him nervous. He hadn’t been nervous when the townfolk broke his arm all those years ago and he hadn’t been nervous when he killed all of them except for that last lucky girl with the shotgun. Going to Hell had been painful but he hadn’t been nervous. Getting out of Hell had been hard, grueling and funny but he hadn’t been nervous. This was a feeling he didn’t like much.

He stepped into the Hall of Mirrors. Reflections of a bound man stared at him. The bound man started to scream. Giggles laughed. The man had a funny scream.

There was a woman here. She was naked except for a frizzy green wig. She wore greasepaint on her face. A wicked clown’s grin leered at Giggles.

Giggles felt a tingle in his boner. He laughed. His funny boner.

The clown woman danced around the bound man. She had a knife in her hand. She danced and sliced the man’s clothes off. The man screamed louder.

Giggles entered the maze. His own reflection bounced back at him. A pale white face topped with a pink bra smiled back at him. A bright red nose pulsed with life. Powerful muscles rippled on his bare chest. Saggy pants bulged with a dozen weapons. Giant shoes flopped with every step.

The man’s screams grew louder. Sprays of red were clouding the mirrors. The girl had worked through the clothes and was now hacking through the skin.

Giggles flopped faster. He reached into his pockets. This girl deserved a special joke. He pulled out a rubber chicken.

The maze was no challenge for the Murder Clown. He made it to the center right as the clown woman sliced through the man’s jugular. The blood caught her in the breasts.

Giggles laughed. The clown woman saw him and smiled.

“You’re here!” she said. She stabbed the knife into the dying man’s leg. “I knew you would show up! I did all of this for you. Did you like it?”

Giggles thought about it. He squeezed his nose. It honked.

“I knew you would like it! I have followed your work for years! People keep coming here and you keep killing them! How can people be so stupid? It is like they want to get killed!”

Giggles honked his nose in agreement.

“Even these idiots were easy to get here! I just told them I would fuck them if they could find me in the amusement park and these idiots came right in. I killed them one by one, just like you would!”

Giggles slapped the rubber chicken in his hand.

The clown girl got on her knees. “Please, I’m not like other girls. I want to be a clown like you. I want you to teach me all your jokes. I want to be your partner.”

Giggles was genuinely perplexed. This girl was fucked up.

“Please,” she begged. “Killing has been such a turn on. I want to show you how loyal I can be. I promise, I will make you feel so good.”

The clown girl reached for his pants. He watched as she unzipped him. Rotten popcorn kernels, tuffs of cotton candy and a horn fell out. She reached into his pants and found his funny boner. She pulled it free.

His cock was pale white with red polka dots. The clown girl stared at it.

Giggles laughed. He grabbed both ends of the rubber chicken and looped it behind her neck. He pulled her onto his funny boner. She opened her mouth just in time.

Whoa, he had forgotten what it was like to be inside a woman’s mouth. This was nice. It was almost as fun as killing. She took all of his cock into her mouth. Her throat was as bottomless as a clown car.

The clown girl looked up at him. Crazy love was in her eyes. Her greasepaint cheeks caved in around his cock.

Giggles’ nose honked in pleasure.

He dropped the rubber chicken and reached into his pocket. The Murder Clown pulled out some chattering teeth. He dropped it onto the clown girl’s bouncing breasts. The teeth clamped onto her nipple.

The clown girl screamed but he grabbed her head. The green wig came off in his hands and he tossed it aside. She had short black hair underneath the wig. He was disappointed that she didn’t go all the way and dye her real hair. Or better yet, shaved it. That would have been funny.

Giggles pinned the clown girl’s back head onto his cock. The clattering teeth continued to chomp on her breast. Tears ran down her cheeks, leaving streaks in the greasepaint.

The mirrors reflected a hundred clown girls sucking a hundred Giggles. A hundred chattering teeth bit on a hundred nipples. A hundred dead corpses watched from their chairs.

Giggles’ nose honked. It honked again and again as the clown girl sucked harder.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth. The clown girl grabbed his cock and jerked it. She opened her mouth.

“Yes, come on my face!” she cried.

Giggles laughed. His cock spurted. A long heavy stream of demonic seed sprayed on her face.

The clown girl screamed. Smoke rose from her face as his hellish come burned her. She let go of his cock and spun away. She grabbed her face and screamed even louder.

Giggles watched. He grabbed the clown girl by the hair and pulled her to her feet. His chattering teeth fell of her tit and landed back in his pocket.

The clown girl looked up at him. The greasepaint had been smeared off by her hands. New streaks of white scarred flesh peeked out from underneath. Blood framed her mouth instead of paint. The insane adoration was gone from her eyes and replaced with just plain insanity.

“Am I your sidekick now?” the clown girl asked.

Giggles shrugged. She wasn’t there yet but he would make a Murder Clown out of her yet, one funny boner cream blast at a time.

“Another happy ending! I must be getting soft in my years of damnation!”

“A happy ending? Three people died! A woman was scarred and driven insane! A Murder Clown laughed! This was horrible!”

“Any story that has a facial, even a facial of demon hell semen, is a happy ending, Burny.”

“I am too terrified to even imagine what next week’s story will be!”

“You should be, Burny. You should be.”

“I will see you next week, readers. I’ll catch your souls later.”

Oct 162013

suckubeth2clr“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the abomination with tits a raging. With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Oh no! Suckubeth is in color now! The October moon has opened the way for her to invade your world! Run mortals!”

“Yes, run right into my open thighs. Today’s story is a terrifying tale made all the more horrible by the fact that it is a true story. It is called The Exorcism of Jennifer Callahan.”

“You can’t tell them that one! It is based on true events which means it could happen to the readers! And when a horror story says that it is based on true events, they never ever lie!”

“That’s right, Burny. There were witnesses and documents signed by notaries. It is absolutely true.”

“Read on, mortals.”


Ezekiel knocked on the door and noticed that wood was cold; much colder than you would expect even for a night in October. It was a frosty cold. It was the kind of cold that shrivels your nuts. He knew he was at the right house.

The door opened and a frightened man looked out. The worry lines in his face softened when he saw Ezekiel. He held the door open and shook Ezekiel’s hand.

“Oh thank you, Father,” he said. “I am so glad the church took me seriously.”

“I am not a Father or a member of the Catholic church,” Ezekiel said. “My name is Reverend Ezekiel Bone and I was told by Father O’Malley that you had a problem I could help with.”

The man nodded his head. “Yes, Reverend,” he said. “My name is Michael Callahan and my wife, Jennifer, has been acting strange the past two weeks.”

“Hmm,” Ezekiel said. He looked around the living room that he was in. A group of adult magazines on the coffee table had defaced covers where someone had inked out all trace of skin on the women. A broken paddle hung from the wall. A chair with leather restraints looked like it had been set on fire.

“I take it that I am standing in the house of people who practice BONDAGE, read PORNOGRAPHY and like to spank NAKED FLESH?” Ezekiel boomed.

“Oh, yes, Reverend,” Michael said. “Normally I would clean up but I have been so busy. Is that a problem?”

“Hell no, Brother!” Reverend Ezekiel said. “The Good Lord gave us bodies and I am glad to be in the house that celebrates God’s divine plan! Give me an AMEN!”

“Amen!” Michael said, visibly relieved.

Ezekiel put his hand on Michael’s shoulder. “Tell me Brother, has your wife suddenly had no appetite for earthly pleasures?”

“Yes, Reverend!” Michael said. “She wouldn’t even go to the swinger’s party last night and she helped organize it!”

“Tell me, Brother, has your wife started speaking in unusual tongues?”

“Yes, Reverend!” Michael said. “Every time I try to jack off, she starts babbling in these creepy voices about venereal diseases!”

Ezekiel shook his head. “Finally Brother, has your wife’s pussy gone cold?”

“Hell yeah!” Michael said. “It is like sticking your willy into a freezer!”

Ezekiel shut his eyes. “Oh LORD! Give me the strength to help this poor accursed woman! Help your humble servant as he does battle with the DEMON that has possessed this good Christian woman! AMEN!”

“Did you say demon?” Michael said.

“Yes, Brother but take heart,” Ezekiel said. “This isn’t my first exorcism. It is time you took me to your wife.”

Michael nodded and led Ezekiel upstairs. They passed by photos of the couple in happier times. Pictures of their wedding, pictures of their first wife swap and pictures of their fetish costumes attested to the love this couple had.

Ezekiel stepped into the bedroom where the wife laid. She was a beautiful woman with black hair that was pulled into a sexless bun. She was clothed head to toe in an ugly white nightgown. Her legs were crossed at the ankles.

“Who’s the shitwit with the limp dick?” Jennifer asked.

Ezekiel drew in his breath. The air was chilly and cold. He lifted his cross and held it before him.

“Out DEMON! Out of this good woman’s PUSSY and back to the frozen pits of HELL!”

Jennifer laughed. Her voice was unnaturally deep. “Fuck you, Reverend! This bitch’s soul is mine and she will never get laid again!”

“Wrong, Shit-stain of SATAN!” Ezekiel said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a vial of water.

“Is that holy water?” Michael asked.

“Better,” Ezekiel said. “It’s juice from a nun’s pussy.”

He opened the vial and flung the water at Jennifer. She howled as the water soaked her night gown. Smoke rose from the gown and burned off her body, leaving her flesh unharmed.

Ezekiel gasped at the beautiful body that was revealed. Lovely firm breasts, perky nipples, wide hips and a hint of pubic hair were revealed. Sadly, her legs were still closed.

“Leave now Reverend!” Jennifer howled. “Leave now before I make your dick fall off and your balls turn blue!”

Ezekiel took a step forward. He took out his Bible, the special one that includes the Purple Book of Mary and the Orgy of Solomon. He read straight from his holy book even though he knew the words by heart.

“Yea though I fuck the meanest of bitches, I shall fear no dry cunt,” he said.

Jennifer screamed and Michael’s underwear caught fire. He tore off his pants and beat the flames out. Ezekiel kept reading.

“For the Lord gives me my cock and he has taught me the motion of the ocean,” he read.

Jennifer screamed again and the room grew even colder. Ezekiel felt his balls shrinking into his body but he kept reading.

“The Lord guides my hips and he tells me the words that all women like to hear.”

Jennifer screeched again but now there was fear in her scream. Her ankles uncrossed and her legs slowly parted. She kept screaming as her legs opened into an impressive split.

“Fuck you, Reverend!” Jennifer howled. She waved her hand the Bible flew from Ezekiel’s hands. She waved her hand again and a phantom foot kicked him in the nuts.

Ezekiel grunted but he took another step forward. He also loosened his belt and his pants feel to the ground. He was wearing no underwear since it was a Sunday. His cock was hard and rigid with the Lord’s glory.

He approached Jennifer’s possessed body. He grabbed her by her spread thighs and guided his cock to her demonic pussy.

It was like thrusting inside a cube of ice. Ezekiel winced but he kept pushing until he was inside the poor woman.

“Try to keep an erection in that!” the thing in Jennifer screamed.

“I command you, frigid spirit, whoever you are, along with all your minions now attacking this servant of GOD, by the mysteries of the First Fuck, the Last Orgy, the Prophet Gangbang and the Final climax of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, by the COCK of the Holy Spirit, by the coming of our Lord for judgment, that you tell me by some sign your name, and the day and hour of your departure!”

Jennifer’s pussy began to thaw. The ice turned to warm juices and Ezekiel moaned. Heat returned to the sacred place between her thighs.

“Noooo!” a voice cried out within Jennifer. “My name is Ver the Castrator! And I will never leave this body!”

Ezekiel began to thrust. “Hear me, Jennifer! The LORD is all powerful but you need to help yourself! Fight, Jennifer! Fight against this beast!”

Jennifer shook as Ezekiel fucked her. Slowly, so very slowly, her hands lifted and cupped her breasts. She pinched her nipples.

“Hallelujah!” Ezekiel cried. “Michael, your wife is strong but she needs your help! Get over here and put your cock in her!”

Michael rushed to his wife. He thought about it for a split second before getting near her face. He guided his cock to her mouth and she opened for him. He slid inside her mouth and thanked the Lord because it had been a full month since his last blowjob.

Ezekiel kept fucking Jennifer’s pussy. Michael fucked his wife’s mouth. The demon inside Jennifer kept screaming but mostly it was gagged by Michael’s cock.

Ezekiel looked down at the possessed pussy he was fucking and recited more words.

“Depart, then, transgressor! DEPART, spirit of prudishness, full of insults and nut kicks, foe of pleasure, persecutor of the debauched! Give place, abominable creature, give way, you monster, give way to CHRIST, in whom you found none of your works. For he has already opened your THIGHS and warmed your PUSSY, fingered your ASS and sucked your TONGUE. He has cast you forth into the outer darkness, where everlasting abstinence awaits you and your abettors!”

Ezekiel felt Jennifer’s pussy tighten down around his cock. He saw Jennifer’s lips cave in around Michael’s cock. He heard the desperate howl of the demon beast as it was driven out.

Michael cried out as he climaxed. Jennifer swallowed all of him and kissed his wilting cock.

Ezekiel kept fucking and Jennifer met him thrust for thrust. She thanked Jesus, Mary, God and all the vibrators as she came as well.

Ezekiel climaxed last and he gave out a loud, “HALLELUJAH!”


“I am so relieved it had a happy ending. Any ending that ends with a threesome is a happy ending.”

“I do worry about the psychological trauma of being possessed by a frigid spirit. Do you think there is a support group for them?”

“Of course, Burny. It is called a gangbang and I highly recommend it. In fact, if you haven’t been possessed by a demon of frigidity, I still recommend a gangbang. Preventive medicine is the best medicine.”

“I am a little skeptical of that advice. Are you a doctor?”

“No, but I have had many doctors inside me and three out of three doctors’ souls agree that I am always right.”

“That is all for now mortals, I’ll catch your souls later.”

*Depiction of Suckubeth provided by thrice cursed, Joe Gravel*

Oct 092013

suckubeth2“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the hellish spawn who keeps you up until dawn! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Avert your eyes and stop reading! Go click on a web site about the government shutdown! Look away and save your soul!”

“You are such a killjoy, Burny! Why would they want to read about something boring when they can read something that will haunt their wet dreams for years to come?”

“If they look away now, they might not spend eternity transformed into a living butt-plug!”

“They should be so lucky! You know every soul starts as a ball gag. Speaking of gags, today’s story is a cautionary tale about gag gifts. It’s called “Her Blank Eyes, Her Open Mouth.”

“No! Not that story! I still have nightmares from the first time you told it to me!”

“You know what I say, when it come to nightmares and gangbangs, it is always good to share.”  

“Read on, Mortals,”

I knew things were bad as soon as John answered the door. He hadn’t shaved in awhile and he had some dirt on his glasses that he didn’t seem to notice. He didn’t say anything when he opened the door; he just stood aside and let me in.

The first thing I saw was the blow-up doll sitting on the couch. I laughed at first. It was a birthday gift that a friend had bought him as a joke. I couldn’t believe that John would have it out and about. Then I noticed that it was wearing a tattered black bra and a single red stocking on one leg. I stopped laughing.

“John, I can’t believe you dressed it up,” I said. “That is creepy as fuck.”

John grabbed my arm. “Don’t say that about Minnie! She’ll get angry again!”

O-kay. “John, have they changed your medication again? You feeling well, buddy?”

John ignored me and walked around the living room. I sat down on a chair to the side of the couch. I didn’t want that blow-up doll looking at me.

“Where did you get Minnie from?” John said.

“Hm? Oh, Rick got it. I think he said that his uncle gave it to him.”

“Fucker!” John yelled. He ran at me and towered over me as I sat in the chair. “Did he fuck Minnie? If you know, you have to tell me!”

“Dude! Chill!” I said. “I don’t know! I mean, who actually fucks these kinds of things? We got it for you as a joke because you haven’t dated in awhile.”

“I bet he had fucked it,” John said. “That is why he gave it to me. Oh God, I should have never fucked it!”

“Oh man, too much information!” I said.

He walked away from my chair and I glanced at the blow-up doll. He must have brushed it when it walked by because now it was on its side. The painted eyes stared back at me. The open mouth glistened and I did not want to know with what.

“I just wanted to see what it was like,” John said. “I was lonely and you know, it had been a while. I got some lube and climbed on top of her and gave it a try.”

The pause was a prompt for me to ask, but man, I didn’t want to. I tried ignoring the silence but when I looked at the doll’s empty eyes, I couldn’t take the silence any more.

“Uh, how was it?” I asked.

John stopped pacing and stared at me. “She was warm. She shouldn’t be but she was. It felt great.”

O-kay. “All right, man,” I said, standing up. “Let’s get you out of the house and into some fresh air. You can tell me about your meds and maybe we’ll go see if Laura isn’t working the hospital tonight and give her a call.”

John rushed at me and got in my face. “You got to feel her! Stick your fingers inside her and see for yourself!”

“No thank you,” I said.

“Fuck!” he screamed. It was a loud noise that cut through the night. I started to become a bit afraid. John had never been violent before but man, he looked like he was breaking new ground tonight.

“Dude, I’ll feel your love doll,” I said. God, I hoped he had cleaned it.

“You will?” John said. Damn, he looked so desperate that I felt bad for telling him no in the first place.

“Sure,” I said. I walked over to the love doll. I noticed that the stockings had runs in them. Where the hell did he get stockings for it?

I reached between the vinyl legs and felt around. I grimaced when my fingers touched something wet but hey, John was acting crazy and he needed a stable influence. I felt around for the slut and stuck my fingers in.

It was warm. It was wet. My face was frozen as I debated telling John the truth.

Then the love doll pussy clenched around my fingers.

“Holy shit!” I said. I yanked my fingers out.

John started to giggle. “See? She likes it. Minnie loves to be touched. It makes her feel special.”

“John, let’s just throw her away, buddy,” I said.

John started to cry. Awkward. This was worse than having my finger clenched by blow-up doll pussy.

“I did,” he said. He sobbed for a bit and then cleared his throat. “I threw her away in the dumpster and she was back the next night wearing that bra.”

“Oh fuck this,” I said and I went into John’s kitchen. Chinese delivery filled his counters. I grabbed a steak knife and came back into the living room.

“No!” John screamed. He ran at me and I was worried that I was going to accidentally stab him. He tried to jerk that knife out of my hand and shook it in front of my face.

“I did that too!” he said. “I stabbed her and stabbed her and all the air went out and I stabbed her some more and cut up her pieces and put her in a can and then I set fire to it and then I dumped the can into the river and she came back! Only this time she had on the stocking! Look at her hands!”

I looked at the blow-up doll’s hands. They were stained red.

“Is that?” I asked, unable to say it.

“It sure fucking looks like blood!” he said. “I woke up with Minnie’s mouth on my cock and blood on her hands! I haven’t had a hard-on since!”

I stared at the doll. She stared back at me. Wait, wasn’t she facing the other way when I went into the kitchen?

Something snapped inside me. I had a sudden moment of clarity. John was off his meds and was doing his best to drag me into whatever crazy he was in. I had to be the grownup.

“John, this is too much,” I said. “I need to think about it. How about I come by tomorrow and I’ll bring the guys. Maybe all of us can figure it out.”

John stared at the doll. “Her nipples are hard,” he said.

“She’s a blow-up doll, they’re always hard,” I said.

“I think she likes you,” John said.

“See you tomorrow, John,” I said.

I left. I didn’t go home because I was a little creeped out. I went to a bar. I flirted with real women who had eyes that looked back and had mouths that closed. I got a little buzzed, sobered up and then got buzzed again. A taxi took me home and my cell rang as I unlocked my door. It was Chuck.

“Chuck, you won’t believe the night I had,” I said.

“Not now, Greg,” he said. “I got some bad news. John killed himself.”

I opened the door to my apartment. The light in the bedroom was on. I didn’t remember leaving it on.

“What happened?” I asked as I made my way to the bedroom.

“John called Phil and called him a bastard,” Chuck said. “He stabbed himself while cursing Phil out. Phil called 911 and ran over there. John had bled out by the time he got there.

The bedroom door was closed. I never closed it.

“Was the blow-up doll there?” I asked.

“What?” Chuck said. “What the fuck kind of question is that? John is dead, asshole!”

I closed my eyes and opened the door. “Was the blow-up doll there?” I asked again.

“Sorry, Greg but Phil didn’t mention a goddamn blow-up doll when he found our dead friend! Jesus!”

I hung up and opened my eyes. The blow-up doll was on my bed. She was propped up in sitting position. The tattered black bra was there. The red stocking was there. A single black heel was on the other foot.

John was right. Minnie did like me.


“What a lovely romantic story! Seriously, Burny, why don’t mortals appreciate it when a mysterious inanimate sex toy loves them?”

“Because mortals prefer sexual partners that are flesh and blood and not vinyl and cursed energy?”

“These poor mortals have such a limited imagination. I guess that is why demons like me have to educate them.”

“You know, technically there wasn’t any sex in this story. I am not sure it qualifies as erotic horror.”

“It sounds to me like you need to spend another eon as a butt-plug again, Burny.”

“Now that you mention it, there was some fingering and I guess the adult nature of the story qualifies as erotica.”

“Too late, Burny. I am summoning lube as I speak.”

“As for you mortals, I’ll catch your souls later.”

*Suckubeth sketch provided by demonlogist Joe Gravel*