Oct 062021
Better than Pumpkin spice!

“Greetings mortals! It is I, Suckubeth, that demon queen who makes you scream, and scream and scream! I have returned after six long years to haunt this blog and bring you more sexy terror. With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-stick, Burny!”

“The seals have been broken and the rites have been forgotten! Run for your lives, mortals! Go read something wholesome for your soul, like that cookbook your mother passive-aggressively gave you!”

“Hush, Burny. These people miss me. The only horror they have had was a big orange guy with a mushroom dick. They are starving for something more salty, savory and sweet.”

“Oh dear, now I am hungry. I didn’t know a burning skull could get hungry.”

“Save that appetite because I have a story that will fill your stomach and your other needs. Read on, mortals.”


Emma hunched behind the decrepit counter. Her friends did the same. she did a quick head count. Oh God, there was only six of them left.

They never should have never picked the abandoned Eastside Mall for the Halloween party. Jacob should have never rented the generator to power up the food court. Olivia should have never brought her Ouija board.

Someone, or something, walked among the tables of the food court. It wore an ugly jumpsuit that had been stained grey with God knows what. On its head was a phallic looking mask. It carried a large club painted like a sausage in one hand, and dragged the dead body of Aidan in the other. It slowly dragged the body towards one of the empty restaurants and into the back kitchen.

“Who is that dickhead?” Kaitlyn whispered.

“You don’t know about Sausage Joe?” Ryan said. “He killed a bunch of people in the 90’s.”

“I don’t like history,” Kaitlyn said. It was true. Emma was pretty sure that Kaitlyn didn’t like math, science or biology either. The only thing that girl cared about was anatomy, preferably, but not exclusively, male.

“Why does he wear that stupid mask? It looks like a dick,” Kaitlyn asked.

“He was a mascot for a sausage store here in the mall,” Matthew said. He knew all the gory stories. “He wore that stupid outfit and people picked on him all the time. One day he snapped and killed a bunch of teens in the parking lot. He ground them all up for sausages.”

“Ewww,” Kaitlyn said. “Why didn’t the police arrest him?”

“Because they shot him dead,” Tyler said. “And I would too if Hailey didn’t make me leave my gun in the parking lot.”

“You don’t bring a gun to a party, Tyler,” Hailey snapped. “Don’t you watch the news?”

“Well maybe you bring a gun to an abandoned mall that keeps having serial killer attacks!” Tyler snapped.

“Wait,” Kaitlyn said. “You said he was shot dead. Is this someone else?”

“Well, no one knows for sure,” Matthew continued. Despite the danger, Emma could see him smiling in the darkness. “Every couple of years, Sausage Joe, or someone that dresses like him, attacks people in or around the mall. He has been doing this for years.”

“Why the fuck do people keep coming here?” Kaitlyn asked. “Fuck, why did we come here?”

“It is the only place in town the police don’t come to,” Ryan said. “If you want a party, and you don’t have someone’s house to use, this is the go-to place. I mean, it’s not like he kills everyone who comes here.”

Emma frowned. That sort of short-sighted thinking is why she broke up with Ryan when they were younger. He never thought bad things could happen to him.

“Usually, he kills a dozen people and then stops,” Matthew said. “No one know why he stops at twelve. Some people say it is because he makes sausages out of their bodies, and a dozen sausages is what you used to get with one of the bucket meal deals.”

“Hold on,” Emma said. “We saw him kill Aidan, Olivia and Joshua just now when we tried to escape through the doors.”

“When did he have time to put the fucking chains on the doors?” Tyler asked.

“It’s not important,” Emma said. “That’s three. He killed Isabella and Hannah back at the dried up water fountain, so that’s five.”

“And we haven’t seen Sarah and Nicholas since the séance,” Ryan added.

“That was a bad fucking idea,” Tyler snickered.

“That is seven,” Emma said. “Shit, he’s nowhere near twelve people.”

“There’s another way to make him go away,” Matthew said. “Sausage Joe was kind of an incel before incels were a thing. Some people have tried fucking him and that makes him go away.”

“Bullshit,” Tyler said.

“No, it’s true,” Hailey said. “My Aunt Lydia said that one of her friends fucked Sausage Joe when he attacked them one Fourth of July. After that, he left even though he had only killed one of them,”

“I heard a similar story,” Ryan said. “Except it was a gay guy who sucked off Sausage Joe during a Christmas massacre. He’s not picky.”

“Well, I am not sucking off some killer,” Tyler said. “I’d rather be a sausage. Kaitlyn should do it, she’s the slut in the group.”

“Fuck you, Tyler,” Hailey said. “God, I can’t believe we’re dating. Kaitlyn is allowed to be as promiscuous as she wants.”

“Actually, I’m still a virgin,” Kaitlyn said. “I just read a lot of smut online and tell those stories so people will think I am cool. I am so sorry that I lied to you guys!”

“Shit, he’s out again!” Ryan said.

The six people peeked over the counter. Sausage Joe had his club over his shoulder as he walked to one of the other abandoned restaurants. He looked behind the counter and then moved to the next one. There were only two more empty stores to check, and then a wide hallway to the rest of the mall before he reached their location.

Emma looked at her friends. Kaitlyn whimpered. No wait, that was Tyler. They had all seen how fast Sausage Joe was at killing. The doors to the food court were how they got into the mall and now they are chained up. If they wanted to run for it, it meant running through a dark empty mall at night praying that they could find a way out.

Shit, Emma didn’t want her friends to die. Matthew was creepy with his interest in murder but he also snuck her R-rated DVDs when they were kids. Hailey had terrible choice in boys but they got through eight books of that vampire romance series together. Kaitlyn helped her buy her first dildo. Ryan was her first kiss, sext and handjob.

As for Tyler, well, fuck Tyler.

Sausage Joe inspected the old doughnut place. It was the last store on that side of the food court. Kaitlyn was hugging Matthew. Tyler was quietly sneaking into the back kitchen. Hailey was praying. Ryan licked his lips, as if trying to screw up the courage to do something.

“I’ll do it,” Emma said.

Ryan grabbed her hand. “Em, no!”

Emma pulled her hand free. To his credit, Ryan didn’t hold on. He always did respect her.

Sausage Joe came out of the doughnut place. He paused and then walked towards the store they were hiding at. The painted club was by his side and he took a few practice swings as he came closer.

When he was about twenty feet away, Emma stood up. “Hey, Sausage Joe. I heard you like pussy.”

Sausage Joe stopped in his tracks. He put the club over his shoulder. The ridiculous sausage mask bobbed as he nodded his head.

Emma’s heart was pounding as she came around the counter. None of her friends tried to stop her. She walked across the food court under flickering lights. A large blood stain was in her way and she walked around it.

Something crashed behind Emma. It sounded like a bunch of pans. Sausage Joe flinched and lifted his club. He stomped towards Emma. No, not her, towards her friends!

Emma acted fast. She pulled her blouse off to reveal the lacy black bra she wore in case someone cute showed up. “Hey dickheard, look, tits!”

Sausage Joe stopped in his tracks. He turned slowly towards her. She really regretted calling him dickhead. It was that stupid hat. It really did look like an ugly dick.

Fortunately, Sausage Joe set his club down on a dusty table. He reached for Emma and grabbed a bra-covered breast. His rough fingers sunk in and squeezed.

Emma winced. His hands were cold and his grip was really strong. He crushed her breast in one hand and then let go to crush the other. Back and forth he went, squeezing her tits with his left hand while his right hand hung by his side.

Sausage Joe pawed the bra cup. He was trying to pull it off. His fingers sunk in and tore the cup right off the garment. Emma cried out as he did the same to the other cup.

“Juicy,” Sausage Joe groaned. It sounded like a grinder chewing through meat.

He grabbed her right breast and squeezed again. Pain lanced through Emma’s breast. She dropped to her knees in agony.

Sausage Joe let go of her tit and grabbed her head instead. Powerful fingers clutched at her blonde hair. He held her in place as his other hand moved to his crotch. There was a fold in the grey jumpsuit that he reached into.

Emma gulped at what he pulled out. A thick member, remarkably clean, emerged from the jumpsuit. The head was a deep purple. The dick was monstrous in length.

“How the fuck did that guy suck this?” Emma thought.

Sausage Joe pulled her head to his sausage. Emma opened wide as the massive beast battered her teeth. It invaded her mouth and pushed into her throat. He pulled her head in until Emma’s nose was pressed hard against his filthy jumpsuit.

The smell of blood choked Emma. Sausage Joe grabbed her hair with both hands and his hips began to pump. The thick cock rammed her mouth as he fucked her head.

Emma gurgled. She grabbed his thighs and tried to push but Sausage Joe was too strong. The only thing she could was keep her jaw as slack as possible and hope it would be over soon.

It wasn’t. Sausage Joe fucked her face at the same inhuman pace. Spit fell from her violated mouth and splattered against her bouncing tits. The thick cock battered her throat with savage thrusts. Her scalp burned from the tugging on her hair but there was no escape.

Emma wondered what the others were thinking. Were Kaitlyn and Hailey glad that it wasn’t their mouths being abused? Was Matthew watching it all so he can add it to the scary stories he collected? Did Ryan regret letting her go or was he wondering why he never got a blowjob from her?

The thrusting dick bruised Emma’s lips. She choked but Sausage Joe kept going. The jumpsuit opened more to reveal giant hair balls.

There was the sound of running feet. Sausage Joe let go of Emma’s head with his right hand but held onto to her with the other. She tried to look but the monster’s cock kept ramming her mouth.

WHACK! Something hit the ground behind her. It sounded like a body.

Sausage Joe pulled out of Emma’s mouth. Oh shit, he must be mad. Someone did something stupid and now he was going to kill her.

Emma was pulled to her feet. Sausage Joe grabbed the front of her jeans and tried to pull it open. It was like he had never opened a woman’s pants before. Well, he probably hadn’t. Emma unfastened her jeans and then hooked her fingers in her pants and her black underwear before pulling them down.

Sausage Joe grunted. The silly blood-stained mask nodded. He held onto Emma as she stepped out of her jeans and underwear. Thank God she wore her sandals tonight.

Emma was spun around to face the counter her friends were hiding behind. A body was on the ground in front of her. It was Tyler and his head was tiled at an unnatural angle. One of those long metal pizza shovels was in his hand.

Relief washed over Emma. Fuck Tyler. She was so glad that it wasn’t one of her friends. The idiot must have been dying to do some violence.

Heh, dying. Emma started to giggle. Was this what hysteria felt like?

Sausage Joe grabbed her waist and pushed on her back. Emma bent forward and braced her legs. Something thick and covered in spit pushed against her shaved sex. The wide head pushed into her.

“Fuck!” Emma cried out. The massive meat fucked her pussy. It was too big. It was going too fast. It was unbelievable.

Sausage Joe grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back. Emma’s body went limp as he pounded her from behind. Her arms and tits dangled as she was used.

Four heads peeked out from behind the pizza counter. It was impossible to read their expressions from this distance but all of their eyes were wide open. Wait, did Matthew have his cell phone out? Not cool!

The thick sausage rammed Emma’s pussy. Her eyes clenched shut as the orgasm hit her. A monstrous wave of bliss obliterated her senses.

Damn, how much of a loser was this guy that he couldn’t get laid with a dick like this?

Sausage Joe kept going. For a monster who only fucks every couple of years, he had amazing endurance. The sound of his hips slamming into Emma’s ass echoed through the mall.

Emma couldn’t take much more. Her pussy was sore. Both tits ached from the squeezing he gave them. She was going need an ice pack for her throat from the skull-fucking earlier.

Without warning, Sausage Joe pulled out of Emma and she dropped to her knees. The wet squishing sound behind her told her that he was jacking his dick.

There was a loud howl. Sticky wetness fell from the ceiling and onto Emma’s kneeling body. Wait, it wasn’t rain. It was Sausage Joe’s semen, arcing through the air and showering her with his filthy seed.

Emma stayed where she was. After what seemed like forever, the rain stopped. She looked up to see that some of the seed had landed on Tyler’s face.

“You got some of his spunk after all,” Emma whispered. She thought she was still hysterical.

Sausage Joe picked up his club. He tucked his shrinking dick back into his filthy jumper. The mask looked down at Emma and she wished she could see his face.

Emma didn’t say anything. He was supposed to go away now. That was the whole point. Well, unless that story was bullshit and they were all going to die anyway. Wouldn’t that suck?

Sausage Joe bent over. Emma flinched until she saw him grab Tyler by the shirt. The killer dragged the body towards the old sausage place. A smear of blood trailed behind the two.

Emma got to her feet on unsteady legs. She was never eating sausage again.


“What a lovely story to start the Halloween season. Girl meets Killer, Killer Bangs Girl, Killer brains Guy and keeps banging Girl. It is a timeless tale.”

“It does make you wonder if Emma will now have a thing for meat between her legs.”

“Burny! I am surprised and delighted by your awful pun. I am beginning to rub off on your eternal damnation.”

“I could only dream that you would rub off on me, sexually.”

“True Burny, so true. As for you mortals, maybe you will get your chance if you keep reading these stories. I will catch your souls later.”

Oct 302017

Pumpkin Patties are almost indistinguishable from regular women. Sure, they have an orange tint to their skin and their curves are a bit firmer than normal women, but their smiling faces put everyone at ease. They dress like us although no one is sure where they get their clothes from. Do they grow them or do they steal them? Maybe it is provided by the farmer who raise them.

They travel in groups, giggling to each other and sticking close for support. One strange woman might stand out but a group of strange women on Halloween is just another drunk group of friends. They are also awfully friendly with their big smiles and wide-open eyes.

One giveaway is that they are not much for talking. Oh, they can talk but mostly they want to kiss and their lips taste like pumpkin spice. They want you to squeeze their big breasts and reach between their legs. Gently they lead you into the darkness where the two of you can shed your clothes and push deep into thick patches of something that is not quite hair until you reach something that is certainly wet, warm and clenching.

And what happens once their lovers are exhausted and spent beside them after a bout of copulation? The Pumpkin Patty picks herself up and goes off in search of more fun. She rejoins her fellow Patties and they keep searching for more lovers.

The night only comes to an end when the first rays of dawn appear. That is when the Pumpkin Patty returns to her field, sheds her clothes and sinks back into the earth that spawned her. She breaks apart quickly, soaking the field with her special magic that will ensure a fertile ground for next spring.

A Pumpkin Patty only has one night to live so if you encounter one, make sure to help them make it a night worth living for.

Whispers from Suckubeth by Anonymous.

Oct 262017

Here is a fact of life that may surprise no one: if you have breasts, odds are that they are already haunted. Spirits are attracted to breasts because they are warm, soft, close to the heart and quite frankly, most spirits loved breasts when they were alive and that doesn’t stop when you die.

During Halloween, the ghosts haunting breasts become more powerful. All of their desires intensify and the magic in the air makes it easier for the ghost to affect the breast they are haunting. They can will the breast to move, often wiggling and escaping clothes that would normally hold them securely. They become more sensitive in attempt to encourage their owners to fondle and grope them, or at least become more tolerant of the groping of others. In some cases, they have the ability to enchant other people who gaze upon the haunted breast. These enchanted people become obsessed with looking at the haunted breast and wish nothing more than to touch them.

What do these spirits desire? They want to be touched. They want to be worshipped. They want to be kissed. They want to be admired. And yes, many of them want to be fucked.

Some people feel they can exorcise their haunted breasts. They try slapping, flogging, nipple clamps and harsh pinches. They believe that such pain drives forth the ghost inside. That may be true but more likely, the ghost planted the idea in their host because they enjoy the kinky stuff.

Whispers from Suckubeth by Anonymous

Oct 242017

When you go trick or treating this Halloween, you may come across a house that you don’t remember being there. It will look old and run down but there will be a light at the door. A silhouette will at the window and the shape of the shadow will make your libido flare.

If you are wise, you will notice that children will refuse to go there. Children are smart. They know things. If you are even wiser, you will follow their lead.

But you might not be wise. The shape in the window is too attractive to ignore. You will think to yourself that maybe you will knock on the door even though you are too old for Halloween. Maybe you will think of a ruse to convince the person in the window to chat with you.

No ruse is needed. Once you knock at the door, the attractive person at the window will answer. They will smile at whatever you say. Their body language will be inviting and open. When they invite you in, it would almost seem rude to ignore them.

That will be the last you see of this mortal world. Once you enter the House, there will be no return. Oh, don’t worry, you will get laid. The lovely person who opened the door will fuck your brains out. So will the slightly less attractive person in the living room and so will the not-quite attractive person in the kitchen.

From there, you will be passed on the strange person in the dining room and after that you will have to fuck the almost hideous person that lurks under the stairs. The people will become less like people and more like things and terrible horrors but the fucking will continue and continue and continue.

When you are a dried husk of the person you used to be and are no longer worth fucking they will add you to the foundation of the building. You’ll join the other damned souls in holding this awful nightmare of a structure together for when it appears next year, in another town, on another street, where a house shouldn’t be.

Whispers from Suckubeth by Anonymous.

Oct 202017

Suk-Ems are strange beings that only appear on Halloween night. They lack very little power on their own and must be ingested in order to affect someone. They appear as hard candy wrapped in packaging that resembles but does not exactly duplicate popular brands. The only thing special about these wrappers is that are remarkably easy to open.

If a child or a virgin consumes a Suk-Em, nothing happens but if they are consumed by an adult with sexual experience, the Suk-Em is able to bond with the eater in a symbiotic manner. A Suk-Em will increase the saliva production in their host as well as strengthen and reinforce their jaw and tongue muscles.

Once these changes are in place, something that usually takes two or three minutes, the host will find they have an incredible oral fixation that far exceeds anything they have previously experienced. They will desire to suck cock, lick pussy, nibble breasts, lick ass, kiss without stopping as well as an incredible urge to eat ass.

The compulsion will be overwhelming and very non-discriminating. The Suk-Em grows stronger with every part that goes into the host’s mouth and if there is ejaculation or squirting, then the Suk-Em grows even stronger still. People infected with Suk-Ems have been known to perform oral feats that become the stuff of local legend.

The only known cure for someone who has eaten a Suk-Em is daylight. Exposure to the sun will eradicate its influence completely. This can make for some very long nights if a Suk-em is consumed early in the evening.

Whispers from Suckubeth by Anonymous.

Oct 182017

Find a deserted place. It can be an empty house, a quiet field or a parking lot long abandoned. Wherever you choose, there must not be a soul, living or unliving around.

On Halloween night, go to your deserted place and pull down your pants or lift your skirt. If you are wearing underwear, pull it down. If you are not wearing underwear at all, even better.

Now bend over and recited the following.

Black Scarecrow, Black Scarecrow,
I am waiting for you.
Black Scarecrow, Black Scarecrow,
I know you want me too.
Black Scarecrow, Black Scarecrow,
I’m ready as you can see.
Black Scarecrow, Black Scarecrow,
Please come enter me.

If you are lucky, you will feel only the cold October wind. But if your pussy is wet, or if lacking a pussy, your ass looks tight, then you might hear the crackle of dry leaves in a sack. You will feel the tip of a monstrous member pushing deep inside you. You will feel the grip of his itchy hands as he grabs hold of your waist. You will feel the thick phallus fill you completely and push you to your very limits. You will know the punishing thrusts as the Black Scarecrow pounds you.

Don’t look back! The sight is not meant for mortals. It is better to look straight ahead as the terrible creature uses you for his hideous lust.

It will hurt. It will feel good. You will scream. You will come.

The Black Scarecrow will come inside you but his tainted seed will not take root. Once his six balls have emptied inside of you, he will pull out and his hands will release you. It is common for most people to fall to the ground at this point.

The monster will be gone but beware. He has known your body and next Halloween, if not enough people go to a deserted place and whisper his chant, then he may return to your familiar hole to relieve his terrible lust.

Whispers from Suckubeth by Anonymous.


Oct 162017

Halloween costumes that are sold in stores are notoriously for falling part as the night goes on. Many a poor man or woman have been enjoying themselves in public when their outfit tears in such a way to expose themselves to friends and strangers alike. People tend to blame their humiliating exposures on cheap costumes and drunken adventures.

Few people know that the source of their accidental nudity is because of creatures known as Enfies.

Enfies are magical entities that lurk in some distant outer plane of existence. They rarely come to Earth unless but on Halloween, when the veils between words are at their weakest, Enfies cross freely into our world to work their mischief. While here, an Enfie is invisible and formless but they are still able to affect the world with their telekinesis and psychic vampirism.

Enfies feed on the psychic energy of other people’s sexual embarrassment. To provoke this feeling, the Enfie will use their telekinesis to ruin a Halloween costume. Skirts will ride up, zippers will come undone, panties will tear, shorts will drop and tight tops will pop open. The costume will come part at the worse moment for the victim for maximum embarrassment.

There is only one known defense from an Enfie’s attention. If a person feels that an Enfie may be nearby, they should immediately expose themselves to a stranger as soon as possible. This should satisfy the Enfie enough that they will move on to a more unsuspecting target. It is unfortunate that the victim is subjecting themselves to embarrassment, but at least they get to keep their costume intact.

Whispers from Suckubeth by Anonymous.

Oct 282015

monstermash“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, that demon beauty with the supernatural booty! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Listen to me, readers! I will teach you how to set up a circle of protection to guard your souls! First, arrange your underwear in a circle around you and then-“

“Enough of that, Burny! It is the week before Halloween and our readers are on the cusp of experiencing forbidden delights. That is why today I am sharing a story I call, The Athol Sisters.”

“Vincent Price’s Ghost! I love that story!”

What, no dread warnings, Burny?”

“Nope, these readers get what they deserve. I want to get on with the story!”

“You heard the flaming skull. Read on, mortals.”


There was a creak outside the bedroom door. I paused in mid-thrust. Rowena’s cunt clenched me with urgency.

“What’s the matter, cock-meat?” she asked. A blue eye and a green eye stared up at me.

“I think your sister is listening again,” I whispered.

“Of course she is,” Rowena said. “The little slut likes to watch. Let her.”

Rowena hooked her legs around me. I felt the dozens of skin tags press against my sides. Crooked fingers dug into my back. The strength of her cunt made me moan.

I went back to fucking her. Hard brutal thrusts made her cry out. Sharp fingernails dug into me wanting more.

There was a moan from the other side of the door. I laughed.

“I told you Gywn was a slut,” Rowena said. “Listen, cock-meat.”

She rolled me onto my back and mounted me. I tried to ignore the pattern of moles on her stomach and focused instead on the hairy cunt that embraced my cock. My hands went to her tits and ignored the dryness of her skin in favor of the plumpness that I held.

Rowena grinded on my cock. She held a finger to her lips and urged me to listen.

All I heard at first was the wet sound of Rowena’s crotch but when Rowena paused I heard it. I was hearing a different pussy, one that was so wet and getting fingered so hard that I could hear it from the hallway. It was deafening.

“Horny bitch,” Rowena said with affection. “Just like our mother.”

I shuddered a little. Old Lady Athol died last year. She had been the terror of the neighborhood children and was old when I was young. Kids who crossed her yard would find their toys broken. Adults who insulted her would get sick. The sidewalk in front of her house was always cracked. When she started walking around with a baby, no one dared asked who the father was.

Rowena mistook my shudder for pleasure. She resumed grinding on my cock. Her fingers played with her enormously large clit.

Outside the door, I heard a long shuddering moan. It sounded like Gywn had climaxed. There was a pause in the wet noises but then they resumed.

“Maybe we should let her in,” I said. “She could watch from the chair.”

Rowena laughed. “You would like that wouldn’t you, cock-meat? You would like to fuck both of the Athol sisters, wouldn’t you? It would be a lifelong dream of yours.”

“To be honest, I didn’t even know you had a sister until this week,” I said. “I remember seeing you through the window growing up but I never saw another girl. But I guess since you are twins maybe I saw both of you and didn’t even know it.”

Rowena snorted. “I doubt it, Gywn has always been shy,” Rowena said. “That was good for Mother since she wasn’t too social herself.”

“What about you?” I asked as I squeezed her tits.

“I think people have their uses,” Rowena said. She climbed off my cock and turned around. Her ass was presented to me. I never met a girl that loved anal as much as her.

I sat up and got on my knees. My cock went to her ass and pushed in. She was always loose at first but then tightened when I was fully in.

“Fuck,” she groaned.

“Fuck,” I groaned.

Outside the door was another moan.

I started to fuck Rowena’s ass. Rowena cried out her first orgasm. She was also the only girl I ever knew that could come from anal. It was like all her sensitive bits were in her ass.

There was another orgasmic cry from behind the hallway. The bedroom door shook a bit.

“I hope she’s not jealous,” I said.

Rowena came again before answering. “That slut? Trust me, cock-meat, she gets more cock than I do. Pussy too. Her lovers come from all around. They come from her mind, her books and her dreams.”

That seemed mean but Rowena had her cruel streaks. Just because her sister fantasized and masturbated a lot was no reason to assume she wouldn’t get jealous.

Rowena’s ass clenched tighter around my cock. The fine red hairs on her back stood up. I pounded her ass harder; knowing she could take it.

“Praise the Gods your hard cock came to my door,” Rowena cried. “Praise the Gods you had the balls to ask if we needed landscaping! Praise the Gods for your dirty filthy cock in my twice damned asshole!”

I kept fucking. Rowena was always saying weird shit like that. Home schooling fucks kids up.

Rowena came again. Gwyn came again outside the door.

I came and fired my load inside Rowena’s tight ass. She might have a bunch of skin conditions, weird ideas and a dirty mouth but fuck; she had an ass for fucking.

The wet sounds stopped outside the door. I heard heavy thudding steps go down the hallway. Gywn must be the fat twin.

I fell back on the bed exhausted. Rowena curled up next to me. We were done talking. We laid in silence until sleep overtook us.

Later I awoke. Rowena was beside me, snoring that weird high pitch three note thing she does. Despite the cold October air, the bedroom was hot and sticky.

There was a moan. It was faint and distant. My cock stirred.

I climbed out of bed. My cock bounced between my legs. The bedroom door was silent as I snuck out.

Gywn’s room was down the hall. I expected it to be locked but it wasn’t. It opened to reveal a flight of stairs. A single light swung at the top of the stairs.

I frowned. I didn’t know there was a second story. It must lead to the attic.

The smell of pussy was strong. It was amazing. I hadn’t smelled this much pussy since my senior prom party. How much masturbating did Gywn do?

I went up the stairs. There were a lot more than I was expecting. Things were written on the walls but I didn’t understand the language. Old Lady Athol might have homeschooled them but at least they learned foreign stuff.

The top of the stairs opened into a large room. It didn’t look much like an attic. It didn’t look much like anything. There was a wall of books that blocked most of the light coming from the stairs. Around the wall was just darkness.

I read some of the book titles. They were most romances. “The Duchess and the Pirate’s Cook” was one. Some of the titles were weirder. What kind of romance book was “The Princesses’ Tiny Demon?” Or “Six Daughters of the Goat”?

Oh well. I wasn’t much of a reader myself. I was more of a fucker.

“Gywn?” I asked softly. “It’s me, your sister’s boyfriend.”

Boyfriend might have been too strong of a word but I doubt she would know my name. Rowena just usually called me cock-meat.

“I know you,” a voice said. It was nicer than I was expecting.

“I just thought I would check on you,” I said. “I heard some odd noises.”

“Turn off the light,” Gywn said.

“Why?” I asked.

“I want to fuck you in the darkness,” she said.

That was what I thought. Without another word I clicked the light off. A single beam of moonlight came from a window.

“Where are you?” I asked. I took a step into the darkness and then another. I was headed for the square of moonlight on the ground.

“Here,” a voice said.

I was grabbed from behind. Something wet picked me up and slammed me on my back. My head hit the floor and I yelled out in pain.

“Shh,” Gywn said.

I could hardly see her in the darkness. She was big, much bigger than I was expecting. Lumpy too. I was having a hard time making out where her arms were.

Something heavy dropped on top of me. I thought it was a giant sack of wet cloth. I pushed with my hands but everything I touched was soggy.

Something wet pressed against my face. It was pussy. Soaking wet pussy. There was a tiny bit of pubic hair which was a welcome change from the shrubbery bush that Rowena had.

It was irresistible. My mouth opened and I started to lick. It was musky. It was spicy. It was quenching. It was salty. It was sweet. It was all of those things and I couldn’t help licking.

Something wet touched my cock. I groaned into the pussy I was eating. I assumed it was Gywn’s fingers. The horny sister’s fingers must be dripping from stroking all the time.

Wet heat gripped my cock. It wasn’t fingers. I thought it might be a mouth but it was too slick. It was a cunt.

I was confused. The cunt squeezed around my cock and I groaned again.

I reached out with both hands. Something was in the way. Smooth slick lips intercepted my fingers. Both hands plunged into two sets of cunts.

What the fuck? My heart pounded. I tried to rise but Gywn was too heavy.

My mouth didn’t stop licking. I was scared but I was also horny. I needed to eat more pussy. My cock wanted more cunt. My fingers stroked and fucked two wet holes.

Gywn groaned. The sound was intensely loud. My fucking rib cage vibrated.

The cunt on my cock rocked back and forth. The pussy grinded on my face. My hands curled into fists inside tight cunts.

Something wet and slick rubbed against my legs. Hot desire dripped onto my chest. My toes slipped into hot pussy lips.

I had never been so hard.

There was the sound of laughter. “You like it?” It was Rowena.

I tried to answer but the pussy smothered my words.

“I wasn’t talking to you, cock-meat.”

“Yes,” Gywn said.

“I knew you would,” Rowena said. “It is about time you had a human cock. I am just disappointed that it took him this long to come to you.”

The cunt bounced on my cock. I was going to come soon.

I tried to ask a question. My tongue wouldn’t stop licking to form the words.

“Yes, we’re sisters,” Rowena said. “And yes, we’re twins. I take after mother.”

“I take after Father,” Gywn groaned.

I could care less. My cock erupted and it felt like my entire soul came.


“Halloween is always fun for the whole family.”

“Especially if the family is a pair of witch-spawned twins with an other-worldly father.”

“So true, Burny! Remember people, if you really want an interesting Halloween, go fuck a witch!”

“Or skip the witch and fuck the entity from another dimension directly!”

“Good advice, Burny! Very good advice for the readers to keep in mind when a certain dark demoness with gorgeous tits visits them later.

As for you mortals, I’ll catch your souls later.”

Oct 212015

monstermash“Greetings, mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the sassy lassy with the cursed chassis! Joining me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Mortals, stop touching yourself, right now! Every stroke gives her more power over your fragile soul!”

“Oh let them stroke, Burny! Everyone deserves a little pleasure before they join my collection of damned souls. That is why today’s story is a delightful treat I like to call, “The Pleasers”.

“No! That story is too seductive and will teach them bad habits like staying out too late and giving blowjobs to strangers!”

“One can certainly hope, Burny.

Read on, mortals.”


At exactly one am on Halloween, Angelica stepped out of her car. She pulled down the skirt to her nurse’s costume. The brisk October breeze went right through the thin material. She was thankful for the white stockings she had chosen to wear. They should help keep her warm.

The street was dark. Rows of houses stretched out before her. Most of them had their lights turned off to let people know they were no longer giving candy. Here and there, purple lights shined like beacons on select houses. Street lights illuminated parts of the road but mostly there was darkness.

Angelica was glad that she wore a nurse’s uniform. She was Hispanic with dark skin and black hair; all of which blended too easily into the dark. At least the white should make her stand out to any cars.

She headed for the first purple light. The road was a slope but that was why she was wearing sensible shoes instead of the heels from last year. The rules were to wear something sexy and Angelica’s overflowing cleavage, short skirt, tight stockings and red lips certainly made up for the lack of heels.

The purple light called to her. Her heart race as she walked up the driveway. She felt her mouth go dry as she climbed the porch steps. A paper skeleton leered at her from the door. She pressed the buzzer and stood up straight.

The door opened. A woman towered over Angelica. The black dress she wore clung to her body. Red hair framed a pale face. A bat necklace dangled between pale exposed breasts. She smiled to reveal pointed teeth.

There was a pause and Angelica blushed. The woman was waiting for the ritual words.

“Use me please!” Angelica said. She put her hands behind her back and waited.

“Lift your skirt,” the woman said.

Angelica did as she was told. She pulled up her skirt to reveal a shaved sex. No panties were allowed on Halloween.

The woman leaned down and pressed her fingers to Angelica’s sex. She pushed and her fingers slipped in.

Angelica gasped. She was wet. She had been wet ever since she stepped out of her car. She knew she was going to be wet all night.

The woman used her free hand to pull aside the shoulder of Angelica’s nurse costume. She dipped down and planted a kiss on Angelica’s shoulder. A tremor ran through Angelica and she let out a moan.

The woman bit down. Sharp points clamped down on Angelica’s shoulder. At the same time, the woman’s fingers stroked Angelica’s sex.

Angelica gasped. The bite was intense and grew stronger with every passing second.

The fingers dug deeper into her sex. The fingers stroked faster.

Angelica gritted her teeth. It would be bad to scream. It was against the rules to draw attention to oneself. She was here to receive whatever was given to her.

The woman kept biting. Her fingers kept stroking.

Angelica began to squirm. She couldn’t help. Pain and pleasure wrestled for control of her body.

Suddenly the woman let go. She pulled her fingers out of Angelica and stood up. Looking angelica in the eyes, she brought her wet fingers to her mouth and sucked on them.

“You may go,” the woman said. She continued to lick her fingers.

Angelica walked away on shaking knees. She pulled her skirt down when she reached the street. Her shoulder ached and she knew it would bruise. Her sex ached and she knew it was just the start.

She passed a house and then another. A dog barked at her from a dark house.

Across the street was a man walking in the opposite direction. He was dressed like a superhero from a movie she hadn’t seen. He waved at her and she waved back. He was a fellow traveler this night.

Three more houses and she reached another purple porch light. A paved path guided her to the door. She climbed the steps and was frightened by a toy bat that suddenly hissed at her.

She pressed the door bell. She heard someone cry out inside the house.

The door opened. A handsome dark man with no shirt answered the door. The sound of a hard spanking came from behind him.


When the spanking paused, Angelica spoke. “Use me please.”

The dark man looked over his shoulder. “She is still busy but come in.”

He stepped aside and Angelica entered the house. They were in a foyer and down the hall; a living room could be seen. Someone cried out as the spanking continued. It was a male’s voice.

“Turn around,” the dark man said. He now had a crop in his hand. Maybe he always had one in his hand.

Angelica obeyed. She also gathered up her skirt to reveal her plump ass. Her buttocks clenched. She hated crops. She hated them with a terrible heat within her pussy.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking from the living room continued.

The man pushed Angelica’s head against the door. He pinned her there while the tip of his crop traced over the curves of Angelica’s ass.

Her pussy clenched in anticipation.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking grew louder. So did the cries of the male voice.

WHISH! The air was cut and then a sliver of pain stung Angelica’s ass.

“Fuck!” she cried out.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking continued.

WHISH! Another swing of the crop and another slice of pain formed on Angelica’s bottom.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking echoed down the hallway.

WHISH! Another precise strike of the crop hit Angelica’s ass. She cried out and clenched her skirt in her hands.

The man pushed harder on her head. He ground her face into the hard door.

Angelica’s pussy clenched with need.

“Fuck!” the male voice yelled. Something terrible was happening to him.

Angelica wished that she knew what it was.

WHISH! WHISH! WHISH! A flurry of crop strikes hit her. Angelica’s own screams drowned out the male’s voice. A rain of sharp stings fell on her ass and she quivered against the door.

“There,” the dark man said. He let go of her head. “You may go.”

Angelica quickly pulled her skirt down. Her ass burned from the contact with the skirt. She winced and whimpered silently as he opened the door for her.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking had resumed behind her.

She quickly left the house. The crop marks burned her ass with every step. The cool October wind was no comfort.

Angelica reached the road and paused near a streetlight. She was so wet. That last house had been so hot. Who was being spanked? Was he another Pleaser like herself? How much longer would he get his ass spanked? Would they give him any relief when it was over?

Her hand moved to her skirt. She could lift her skirt and stroke. She could give herself what she craved and be done in less than a minute. It was against the rules but Angelica was so wet that she couldn’t stand it.

The thought of disobeying the rules brought her back to her senses. She took six deep breaths and then continued her journey.

One dark house, followed by another and then another. She turned a corner and walked past a large yard. A bright moon watched her as she looked for more purple lights.

She found one. It was across the street. She hurried her way across and entered the yard. A row of small orange lights guided her to the door.

Someone was already on the porch. It was a woman dressed as an ice princess from a cartoon movie. She was bent over the porch rail as someone fucked her from behind. The long blond braid from her wig bounced over the rail’s edge.

The man that was fucking her was dressed as a pirate. He had an eye patch and bandana. He fucked the ice princess with a frenzied pace.

Angelica wasn’t sure what to do. Who was the home owner and who was the pleaser? She stopped a few feet away from the porch and waited to be called on.

The pirate pulled out. He slapped the ice princess on the ass. “You can go now. You! Come over and finish me off.”

The ice princess stood up and pulled her dress down. She had the biggest smile on her face. She went down the steps with the awkwardness of the well fucked. As she walked past Angelica, she patted Angelica’s arm with almost sisterly affection.

The pirate was waiting. His cock protruded from his pants. Angelica went up the stairs and he grabbed her shoulders. He pushed her down and Angelica fell to her knees. The crop marks on her ass flared and her pussy grew wetter.

“Use me please,” Angelica said.

He pulled her head to his cock. The smell of pussy was overwhelming. Angelica opened her lips and took him into her mouth.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” the man groaned.

The pirate let go of her head and Angelica went to work. Her hands went to his thighs to steady herself. She bobbed on his cock and let her tight lips do the work.

Angelica sucked. She sucked on the cock of a stranger and tasted the juices of another. She sucked while on her knees on a stranger’s porch. She sucked because she loved to be used by others.

The pirate groaned. His hands went to her shoulders and gripped tightly. He was trying to control himself but his hips were thrusting towards her mouth.

Angelica’s pussy clenched tightly. Oh fuck, she wanted to be fucked. She wanted this hard cock in her sex. She wanted to be bent over the railing and fucked like the ice princess.

But she kept sucking. This was his desire and she was here to please this night on Halloween.

There was a gasp and then a flood of salty sweetness. Angelica moaned and swallowed. Her tongue and lips drained all that he had to offer.

“Oh wow,” the pirate said. “Good job.”

Angelica’s pussy clenched tighter. She could drown a pirate ship in her pussy she was so wet.

The pirate pulled out. “You may go,” he said, freeing her. now it was his turn to walk awkwardly as he headed inside and closed the door.

Angelica rose to her feet. She licked her lips for any lingering traces of the pirate or the ice princess.

The purple porch light went out. A surge of pride filled Angelica. That was one house that was too sated to continue.

She returned to the street. There were fewer lights than she remembered. The next one was across the street and four houses down.

Angelica hurried. She didn’t see the ice princess. Perhaps she was always ready at the house Angelica was going to. Maybe the purple light would turn off before Angelica reached it.

The light stayed on. A jack-o-lantern burned on the porch. A plastic sign promised candy to ghosts and ghouls.

Angelica rang the doorbell.

She waited.

The door opened. A short woman with a simple domino mask answered the door. The rest of her was naked. It was an effective costume.

The masked woman had a vibrator in her hand. Angelica gasped. It was the new Von Madd Hurricane with the large sphere attachment.

“Use me please,” Angelica begged.

The masked woman smiled.  “Reach up,” she said.

Angelica looked up. Leather handles hung discretely from the roof of the porch. She was so eager that she almost jumped for them. They were set high so Angelica had to stretch to grab and hold onto them.

She felt wonderfully exposed.

The masked woman turned on the Hurricane. A powerful hum came from the device. A louder moan came from Angelica’s lips.

Angelica watched the Hurricane come closer. The masked woman didn’t bother to lift Angelica’s skirt. She just placed the sphere end against Angelica’s stocking covered thigh and slowly moved it upwards.

The deep vibrations made Angelica’s leg quiver. As it neared her sex, Angelica felt tears spring to her eyes. Fuck, she wanted this.

The masked woman touched the vibrator to Angelica’s sex. It was powerful, almost too powerful. It was perfect.

Angelica lost herself and cried out. The woman’s hand clamped over her mouth a second before she screamed. Angelica’s cheeks flushed with shame at the terrible mistake she almost did but the masked woman just laughed.

The masked woman pressed a button. The vibrations began to oscillate. Round and round the vibrations penetrated Angelica’s soaking pussy.

Angelica screamed again into the woman’s hand. Her knees buckled and her arms shook as she held onto the hanging handles.

“Come, little nurse,” the masked woman said. “Come as I look into your eyes.”

Angelica nodded. She wanted nothing more than to obey.

The masked woman pressed another button. The sphere end began to rotate in the opposite direction of the oscillating vibrations.

Images and sensation flashed through Angelica’s mind. She felt the sting of the crop once more on her thighs. She tasted the ice princess’s pussy. She felt the sharpness of the vampire woman’s bite. She felt the surge of the pirate’s seed going down her throat.

This time Angelica moaned with the masked woman’s hand clamped over her mouth. She felt the dam collapse and a huge orgasm swept over her like a wave. Her knees gave out completely and Angelica hung from her arms as she came.

Throughout it all, the masked woman watched her. She stared into Angelica’s eyes as Angelica moaned, squirmed, shuddered and came.

The masked woman smiled and turned off the vibrator. She brought up to in front of Angelica’s face so she could see how soaked it was. Angelica blushed at the mess she had made.

“You can go now,” the woman said. “And be sure to come back next year.”

The masked woman went back inside. Angelica let go of the handles. To her surprise, she stayed on her feet.

The October wind blew and was colder. Angelica barely felt it. The heat in her sex was an inferno. The crop marks were hot sparks on her ass.

She returned to the street in search of more houses to visit.


“Like I have always said, it is not Halloween until you come on a stranger’s porch.”

“Is that why you told two stories this year about trick-or-treaters? Or are you running out of infernal ideas?”

“Why, Burny, I am pleasantly surprised by your snarky criticism! You are growing a spine which is quite the trick for a flaming skull on a stick.”

“Does this mean you will shave a few years off my damnation?”

“Of course not, Burny! In fact I plan to add a few. I like snark but save it for other demons.”

“Well, fuck.”

“Fuck is right. But remember, only stop at houses with the purple lights.

As for you mortals, I’ll catch your souls later.”

Oct 142015

monstermash“Greetings, mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the terrible sin you always let in! Joining me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Listen to me, mortals. Your only chance now to save your soul is to pluck out your eyes. Do it now!”

“Oh Burny, you are always such a joker with your self-mutilation advice. If they can’t read my stories, I’ll just whisper the stories to them. Today’s story is especially good for whispering. I call it Ménage a Séance.”

“No! You can’t tell them that story! It will expose them to perverse forces they couldn’t comprehend!”

“Only if I tell the story right.

Read on, mortals.”


“Spirits of the underworld,” Julie intoned, “we three sluts, dressed as sluts, wishing to be greater sluts, have joined hands and call on you.”

Sydney frowned at that.  She felt that her genie outfit was revealing, especially with her already ample curves but she wouldn’t call it a slut outfit. It was just a normal Halloween outfit sold at stores with lots of cleavage, transparent fabric and tight stockings.

Okay, maybe she was dressed like a slut.

Sydney glanced to her left. Julie was dressed as a witch but that wasn’t very different from how she normally dressed. Her long dyed black hair flowed from underneath her pointed witch’s hat. Crescent moon earrings sparkled around a pale face with black lipstick. Small breasts were pushed up by an ambitious black corset. Really except for the hat, it might have been Julie’s normal day clothes.

Sydney looked to her right. Emma was dressed as a sexy schoolgirl. She wasn’t wearing a bra so her black breasts were clearly visible under her white shirt. Ruby red lipstick covered her full lips.

Yep, they were dressed as sluts.

Julie continued to read. “This Halloween we call upon the spirit of Grifen Trull, who died in this city ninety years ago. Warlock, wise man, known smuggler of pornography, we call on you.”

Sydney didn’t know about the pornography. Grifen Trull was a local legend. He was blamed for the bridge collapse of 1909. He was credited with stopping the typhoid outbreak of 1911. He was accused of causing the deaths of every town council member who voted for closing the local brothel. He was thanked for making Maggie’s Point a popular make out spot. The guy was a busy man.

Julie clutched Sydney’s hand tightly. Emma cried out and Sydney knew that Julie was doing the same to her. She looked at her witch friend in concern.

“Are you okay?” Sydney whispered. She didn’t know if whispering was allowed in a séance. Julie had all the magic books, read the message boards and bought the props from that weird white haired man. All that she told them about tonight was to not let go of each other hands. If the circle of hands was broken, bad things would happen.

Julie groaned. “Grifen Trull, we call on you. We wish to learn magic. We wish to learn wisdom. We wish to learn your ways.”

“And cure my acne,” Emma whispered.

Sydeny giggled. “And lose some weight would be nice.”

Julie’s corset suddenly ripped open. Metal snaps went flying as her small tits were exposed. Red lines marked her chest from where the corset had squeezed her.

“Holy shit!” Emma cried. She went to stand up but Sydney clutched her hand.

“Wait!” she said.

“Yes, wait,” a man’s voice said from Julie’s lips. Julie’s eyes were closed. Her hat had fallen and her black hair floated around her head.

Emma sat back down.

Sydney wasn’t sure what to do. She had expected Julie to talk to the spirit.

“Are you really Grifen Trull?” Emma asked. “Can you prove it?”

Julie laughed. It was deep and sinister. Shivers ran down Sydney’s spine.

Emma cried out. Sydney watched as Emma’s shirt was ripped open just like Julie’s corset. Emma’s plump black tits fell out but were then lifted. Her breasts moved and changed before being tightly squeezed by something invisible.

Something warm touched Sydney’s thighs. They pushed her legs apart under the table. The thin fabric on her crotch ripped. The pink panties underneath ripped as well. She looked down at her bare sex and felt terribly exposed.

“I am Grifen Trull,” Julie said. “Six secret wives I had. I had brought down the children of Venus and I banished the Green Dog from our world. I love tits and I love ass. I really hate that they put a bridge across Victoria Creek.”

“Oh fuck, it is him!” Sydney yelled.

Emma just groaned as her tits were groped by unseen forces. Her dark nipples were being pulled on. Sidney watched her friend bite her lip and wince.

It was up to her. “Grifen Trull, we called on you to learn magic. Julie said you were willing to teach if three women were to hold a séance on Halloween.”

“And who told her that?” the voice from Julie demanded.

“Umm, she read it on the internet,” Sydney said. “She printed it out. It is right in front of you.”

Julie leaned forward. Her eyes were still shut. . She looked down at the paper in front of her and laughed.

“They left out a few bits,” Grifen’s voice said. “You three were supposed to put your panties on the table. The house should have a party going where no less than six couples are fucking. There should be a plate of candy corn. I love candy corn.”

“Uh, sorry?” Sydney said.

“I can still teach you,” Grifen said.

“Really?” Emma said. She was breathing hard as her breasts continued to float and contort. “You’re going to teach us magic?”

“Of course,” Grifen said. “I’m not an asshole.”

“Shit, should I get a pencil?” Sydney asked.

Grifen laughed. “I have my spellbook right here.”

Julie cried out and this time it was her voice. A red line appeared on her breast. It was joined by another red line and then another. It looked like scratches or welts.

The lines were forming letters. The letters formed very small words. The words curled around the curves of her small breasts.

Julie cried out and winced with every mark.

“Why are you hurting her?” Sydney asked.

“Because it amuses me,” Grifen said from Julie’s mouth. “She can break the circle at any time if she prefers peace to knowledge.”

Julie’s hand squeezed tighter around Sydney’s.

“I desire other amusements,” Grifen said.

Emma made a choking sound. Her red lips opened wide and the side of her cheek bulged. Sydney stared into her open mouth and saw Emma’s tongue push against something invisible.

“Fuck, yes,” Grifen groaned from Julie’s mouth. “This mouth was made for fucking.”

“Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!” Emma groaned. Her head bobbed forward with savage thrusts. The grip on her breasts became extreme enough that handprints appeared on each breast.

Sydney loosened her grip on Emma’s hand. Emma’s dark fingers held on tight.

Julie whimpered. More red words appeared on her other breast.

“I haven’t forgotten you,” Grifen said.

Sydney cried out as something grabbed her hair. It yanked her up to her feet and then pulled her face down onto the table. Something kicked her legs apart. She felt her genie harem pants being yanked down to her ankles.

“Oh fuck,” Sydney whispered.

“Yes,” Grifen said.

Something cold, hard and thick slipped into her sex. Sydney gasped as it filled her. It throbbed inside of her and grew thicker.

It began to fuck her. The small table shook as her sex was pounded. Something grabbed her hair and pulled back. Sydney was forced to lean back as she was fucked.

She looked into Emma’s wide eyes. Her friend was in shock at what was happening to Sydney. Or perhaps she was in shock at the invisible cock that was fucking her open mouth.

“How can you fuck both of us?” Sydney asked between moans.

“Death can very freeing,” Grifen said. “I highly recommend it for everyone.”

Emma moaned and spit fell from her mouth. Her head was snapped back and forth as the invisible cock fucked her face.

Sydney moaned as the cock inside her slammed harder into her. It was a chilly cock but it was a large one. The heat of friction soon warmed Sydney.

Julie let out a cry as a red mark appeared on her nipple. Both tits were filled with words made of welts.

Selfishly, Sydney worried that the welts might fade before they could write them down.

Sydney turned back to Emma’s open mouth. She watched her friend’s tongue lick the unseen cock in her mouth.

All three women held onto each other’s hands.

Something touched the outside of Sydney’s sex. She moaned as nimble fingers stroked her clitoris. The thick spectral cock continued to fuck her.

Emma moaned as well. A flush came to her face. She shifted in her seat. Sydney guess that she felt a similar touch.

Julie cried out. She let out a long sensual moan followed by another wince as a word appeared on her stomach. She wasn’t being left out of Grifen’s touch.

Sydney smelled pussy. She also smelled cock. For a brief moment she smelled candy corn.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Julie moaned. Her fingers tightened painfully around Sydney’s.

Sydney bit her lip as she climaxed. The powerful thrusts continued as her body shook with orgasm.

Emma screamed her orgasm but the unseen cock in her mouth muted most of it. Then her neck bulged as she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed.

“Our deal is done,” Grifen said. “These should help you get started. If you want to know more, call me next Halloween.”

The cold cock vanished within Sydney. Her sex felt empty. She sat back down in her chair and felt a wet spot instantly form.

Emma gasped. She stretched her lower jaw. Her tits flopped back down. Angry finger marks laced her tits.

Julie’s eyes opened. She looked down at the welts on her breasts and hissed in pain.

“Oh shit,” one of them said. Sydney wasn’t sure who.

They held onto each others hands for a little while longer.


“Such a lovely story and in the end, they learned a valuable lesson.”

“To not call upon the ghosts of horny warlocks?”

“No, Burny. The lesson is to always remember the candy corn.”

“Even I in my eternal damnation must agree to that. Candy corn is important.”

Very important indeed. As for you mortals, I’ll catch your souls later.