Sep 052012

Explorer’s Log: After seven long weeks, I have finally reached the star system designated Queen’s Beloved Torture Device by Royal Astronomers.  Six of the worlds appear to be devoid of atmospheres and I have launched micro-probes to survey their geological contents.  The fifth planet appears to have heavy vegetation and an active weather system.  No intelligent life has been detected but I will land and give the place a more thorough survey.  There might be some unusual plants worthy of harvesting.  End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Seven weeks is a long time to go without getting out of the ship.  I am about to go ship crazy here.  The last time I landed on a mostly plant world, I got fucked by a nasty flower that mistook me for a stamen.  I’m going heavily armed this time.

I also need to find some more materials to make dildoes with.  The weather looks clear and sunny.  It should be a pretty day.


Vaquel Di sighed.  The rain was coming down hard.  Her skin tight purple space suit insulted her from the cold but she could still feel the tiny patter on her body.  The glassteel helmet that encased her head also protected her from the rain but the sound of rain hitting the helmet was echoing in her helmet.  It was quite annoying.

She tried to strike a pose in the rain.  The survey camera floated beside her and tried to take flattering pictures.  Vaquel knew it was important to look impressive when sending back information to the Deep Space Explorer’s Processing Center.  Sure, explorers got a commission for every profitable discovery they make but they also got a percentage for every report that was used in merchandising.  Vaquel knew that the people back home loved to buy images of explorers looking brave and heroic.

The rain continued to fall.  Vaquel tried to look valiant.  The purple suit showed off all her curves and hopefully the rain just made her already delicious body look even more impressive.  She had spent an hour getting her pink bangs to look that perfect balance of straight and bouncy but now she wasn’t even sure of the camera could see her hair through all the rain.  She was tempted to strip down because she knew her brown body would contrast better with the rain but running naked on an alien planet was not good protocol.  

“Fuck it,” Vaquel said.  “I’m here and I am going to enjoy myself.”

She had landed in a clearing near some trees.  Vaquel was happy to walk on grass once more, even if the grass seemed a bit uneven and thick in places.  Her enjoyment from walking on a solid planet didn’t last long.  She slipped and stumbled on the wet grass.  At point Vaquel swore that the grass moved out of the way so she would take a bad step.   The camera recorded every second as she fell flat on her chest.


“Hell with this,” Vaquel said.  She marched towards the trees.  At least there she would be sheltered from the rain.  She kept tripping and stumbling over the weird grass.  By the time she made it to the trees, she was getting tired.   

“Okay, that was a bad start but now it will get better,” Vaquel said to herself.  The rain mercifully disappeared inside the forest and the echoing taps within her helmet faded.  The camera zoomed back a respectful distance now that it didn’t have the rain in the way.  Vaquel couldn’t wait to go through the footage and edit out all the tripping. 

For now though, Vaquel was all business.  The explorer was also on the hunt for dildo material.  Space could get awfully lonely and she had broken or burned out all her sex toys.  She wasn’t picky.  A good branch, weird seed cone or amusingly shaped fruit would be enough.

The explorer pushed and poked her way through the forest.  The leisurely walk soon deteriorated.  Roots got in her way.  A nasty shrub that seemed to be mostly thorns kept snagging on her space suit.  Branches seemed to grow at head height and she had to duck them.


Vaquel looked up and saw that the trees were unusually thin.  She frowned.  She swore that the rain was blocked just a minute ago but now it seemed like all there was quite a bit of open space.  It was damn weird.

“What is going on?” Vaquel said out loud. 

The camera got into a position for a wide angle shot.  Vaquel unconsciously sucked in her stomach and posed for a shot.  A gust of wind splashed her helmet with rain. 

“This planet sucks,” Vaquel said. 

Then she saw it.  It was hung from a tree and was shaped like a cock.  It had a slight curve and a little too much girth.  Vaquel clenched at the sight of it.  That was just the kind of thing she was looking for.

It hung low enough that Vaquel could reach it.  She took out her portable scanner and analyzed it.  The scans revealed seeds, some botanical matter that probably did something important and best of all, a very tough exterior that could withstand some serious pussy fucking.  Once Vaquel got it back to the ship and sterilized, it would make a perfect sex toy. 

Vaquel pulled on the wooden cock.  It was stuck to the branch.  She took out her vibration blade and turned it on.  The blade vibrated at a thousand times a second and easily cut through the wood.  The cock fell heavily in her hand.     

The rain turned into a downpour.  The sound of rain hitting her helmet became deafening.  The rain was so thick that she couldn’t see a thing. 

Something grabbed each of her arms.  The pressure exerted made both her hands open and drop the vibration blade and the wooden cock.  Something grabbed her ankles as well and her feet were locked into place.  In seconds Vaquel had been immobilized.

“Shit, not again!” Vaquel said.

The rain lessened and Vaquel got a good look at what was going on.  Two separate trees had grabbed her arms.  The grass at her feet had wrapped around her ankles.  The shrubs moved towards her and surrounded her.

The camera moved into a better position to watch.

“You plants are going fuck me too?” Vaquel said.  “You know, I wouldn’t mind if you did.  Just go ahead and do it because I don’t have all day!”

Vaquel was surprised at herself.  It had been a long voyage but Vaquel didn’t realize just how horny she was.  She really needed some new dildoes.

She looked for any cock shaped branches but she couldn’t see any.  What kind of raping plants were these?

Something painful struck her ass.  Multiple lines of pain rippled across her round buttocks.  Her skintight spacesuit provided no protection.  Vaquel screamed at the sudden pain.

She turned as much as the branches would let her.  A tree behind her had branches that were little more than thin rods studded with thorns.  The tree swung the branches again at Vaquel’s ass.

“Queen’s tits!” Vaquel cried out.  The thin branches crossed her ass with ruthless force.  The thin material of her space suit protected her from cold, heat and toxins but gave her zero protection for an ass whipping.  Streaks of tender pain blazed across her ass.  The tiny thorns didn’t cut her skin but she felt the extra little sting that they gave.

The tree struck her ass again.  She struggled against the branches but her big curvy ass was too big a target.  The thin branches whipped across her ass as easily as an asteroid smashing into a planet. 

“What do you want?” Vaquel yelled. 

The tree struck her again.  Before her scream was over the tree stuck her again.  Back and forth, the thin branches tore into her ass with a fury.

Vaquel struggled.  The other trees held her tightly and the grass refused to give up her feet.  The most she could do was wiggle her ass but the tree had no problem switching a moving target.  The thin strips of wood tore into her and she wiggled even harder.

“What do you want?” Vaquel yelled again.  She noticed that the flying camera was closing in for a better shot.  The damn thing was still recording.

WHISH! The branches struck over her head and down onto her breasts.  Vaquel recoiled in pain as news sensations rippled across her tits.  Her eyes clenched shut in pain. 

TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP. The rain continued to harass her despite her pain.

“I will kill this entire planet!” Vaquel screamed.  She was getting desperate.  “I will unleash all sorts of herbicidal poison into the atmosphere!”

There was a pause in the switching.  Vaquel allowed herself a smile.  Her back and ass were a mess of tender pain but she felt triumphant.  Now she was getting to whatever was controlling this mess.

WHISH! The branches struck upwards between her legs.  The thin punishing branches struck against her vulnerable sex.  The space suit offered no protection as the thorny wood slapped against her. 

Vaquel screamed.  She screamed so loud that she drowned out the tapping of the rain.  The scream was so loud that her ears hurt.

“Fuck!” Vaquel said when she could speak again.  That hurt.  That hurt a fucking lot.  Her entire crotch was on fire. 

Worse, she was wet.  Her sex starved cunt was actually wet from the abusive attention.  Vaquel realized that she really needed to get some new dildoes.

The branches struck again between her legs.  Vaquel’s cunt clenched with desire and then clenched in pain as the branches struck her.  She tried to jump but the grass held her feet.  There was nowhere to go.

“This planet will be a ball of fire when I am done with it!” Vaquel screamed.

The trees didn’t care.  In fact, the trees crowded closer.  Bark strained as more trees reached for her.  Instead of just the one set of branches, there were now close to a dozen.  All of them were thin, thorny and cruelly accurate. 

Branches struck her ass and stung the already sensitive flesh.  Her ass was turning into hemispheres of pain.  No matter how much she wiggled, no matter how much she tried to dodge and no matter how much Vaquel tried to escape, the stinging branches connected with her ass. 

The branches in front of her struck her tits.  Some of the branches were thick and the force of their impact flattened her brown globes against her chest.  One of the branches was very small yet it had an eerie ability to strike her nipples with deadly precision.  Vaquel cursed her large breasts; alien creatures always seemed to sense it was a weak spot for her. 

The cruelest branches were the ones striking her cunt.  The stinging swipes were paralyzing her sex with pain and desire.  Even the lightest hit was enough to make Vaquel scream.  Her sex was already so sensitive from need and desire, having them struck so roughly was flooding her with sensation.

In the midst of the fury of branches; Vaquel swore a promise.  If she ever met the designer of these skintight space suits, she was going to fuck them up with ass with a sonic rifle.

The branches swung faster.  New branches struck the inside of her thighs.  Some branches struck the underside of her arms.  The trees were covering her body with a network of stinging stripes.

“Stop, stop, stop!” Vaquel yelled.  “I’m fucking sorry! I’ll never cut another tree again!  I swear!”

The branches suddenly released her.  She fell to the ground and landed on her tender breasts.  Vaquel’s body ached.  She reached for her vibration blade and her ass, tits and cunt protested at the movement.  Vaquel had second thoughts about getting her weapon.  She doubted she could move enough to escape much less fight.

TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP.  The rain continued to harass her even if the trees had stopped.

“All right,” Vaquel whispered.  She slowly picked herself up.  The camera helpfully recorded every struggling moment.   She got back to her feet and tried to ignore the stinging existence that was her skin.

Vaquel saw the cock shaped seed cone that started this mess.  She knew she should have left it alone but then again, her ass, tits and cunt had paid for that dildo.  She earned it.  The exhaustion she felt slipped away and was replaced with anger.

Vaquel snatched it up.  The trees started to move but she was ready for it.  The grass tried to grab her but she was already running.  The camera flew along side her as she ran for her life.

“Fuck you, plants!” Vaquel yelled.  She dropped an incendiary grenade behind her.   A fountain of flame erupted behind her. 

The trees wailed behind her.  The wind surged to dangerous levels.  The rain was hitting her straight on.  Vaquel clutched her precious wooden cock and kept running.

She made it back to her ship and dived through the door.  The flying camera came in a second later.  Vaquel kicked the door shut and commanded the computer to begin emergency launch procedures.  Vaquel’s body was on fire and she didn’t have the strength to get to the navigation chair. 

The ship took off.  Vaquel sighed with relief as she felt the artificial gravity kick in.  She unclamped her helmet and breathed in the recycled air.  She took a moment to enjoy the hum of machinery instead of the fucking tapping of rain.

“Fuck nature,” Vaquel said. 

May 232012

Angelica opened her eyes and got out of bed.  She didn’t have a hangover which came as a surprise to her.  Either she didn’t drink nearly as much as she thought she did last night, or she was getting way better at being a drunken college student. 

She put on her bikini and went outside.  It was another glorious morning on the beach.  She started walking to the breakfast café that was a block from her rented beach house.  She was on autopilot as her feet walked before her brain was fully awake.

This was the best spring break ever.  So far she had made out with a bunch of boys, got a really bitching tan and even did a satanic ritual last night.

Angelica stopped walking.  That’s right!  Her roommate did do some weird ritual out of a book!  Holy shit, Angelica’s Catholic mom would freak! 

The young girl started laughing and kept walking.  What was that ritual about?  It was some book that Miranda brought.  It was supposed to give them good luck.  No, wait.  It was supposed to be pleasure.  That’s right!  It was some ritual in Spanish that was supposed to give them all pleasure. 

There was another detail though.  Angelica paused outside the breakfast café as she tried to think of what it was.  It seemed important. 

Three cute guys walked in front of her.  Their nice asses bulged against their swimsuits.  Angelica openly stared at their butts.

Oh yeah!  Angelica remembered now.  The ritual was to something called the Promiser of Pleasure and Pain.  He needed a promise in order to deliver the pleasure.  Angelica suspected that Miranda was making that part up as some sort of segue into a lesbian attempt with Angelica.  Since Angelica was drunk, she got up, pulled her shorts down and mooned Miranda.

“Tell him he can have my big fat ass!” Angelica said.

Angelica smiled at the memory.  Miranda had blushed and finished the ritual.  There was a lot of candles and speaking in Spanish.  There may have been an attempt to seal the ritual with a kiss between the two girls.  Angelica thought she did the kiss but she couldn’t remember.

She went into the breakfast café.  The blast of air conditioning made her nipples hard.  Her eyes adjusted to the indoor light and what she saw defied belief.

A man in stood before her.  He was easily seven feet tall.  He was also butt-naked with an enormous cock.  The cock was pointed at her.  Even odder was his face.  It was smooth, like a mannequin head. 

No one else seemed to notice the faceless man.  Angelica looked around to see if this was some sort of spring break event.  That is when she saw another woman walk through the faceless man.

“Oh shit,” Angelica said.  Stone cold sobriety pushed through her poisoned brain.

“Angelica Shelby Henderson, you made a promise to me,” the Faceless Man said.  Well, he didn’t speak since he didn’t have a mouth.  It was just something she heard in her head.

“Fuck!” Angelica said as she ran out the door. 

She plowed through a crowd of cute boys and ran out into the street.  A jeep honked at her as it drove around her.  Angelica didn’t care.  She was wondering how fast she could run in her flip-flops.

The Faceless Man came out.  He just walked through the glass door like it was nothing.  His giant cock bobbed with every step. 

“You promised your ass!” the Faceless Man yelled.

Angelica ran down the street.  The Faceless Man ran faster.  Her tit bounced out of her bikini but she kept running.  She lost a flip-flop and it didn’t slow her down a bit.  She pushed her way through a crowd of slow ass beach girls and ran around the side of a surf shop.  She paused to see if he was still following.

The Faceless Man walked through the wall of the surf shop.  He pointed at Angelica.  “Your ass was promised to me!” 

Pure panic kicked in.  All she could look at was that monstrous cock.  He was going to fuck her ass.  She just knew it.   Angelica ran towards the beach.  She had some sort of half formed notion that if she got in the water, she would be safe.

She never made it to the water.  The Faceless Man grabbed her by her bikini bottom and swung her around into the sand.  She hit the ground hard and rough sand bit into her exposed tit.

Something heavy pressed down on her hair.  It was the Faceless Man’s foot.  He had her pinned to the beach and she was going nowhere unless she wanted to pull all of her hair out.  She got on her knees and kept pulling anyway.  He reached down and ripped the bikini bottom off her ass quicker than that New York guy did last Friday.

“A promise of ass for a promise of pleasure!” The Faceless Man said.

“I’ve never been fucked in the ass!” Angelica yelled.  It wasn’t true but Martin didn’t count.  The dude barely got the tip in before he climaxed.

He swung his big meaty hand down and smacked Angelica’s ass.  WHAP!

“Jesus Christ!” Angelica yelled.  The sting of his hand vibrated through her curvy ass.  The force of the blow knocked her flat down on the beach.  Her feet kicked in the sand as a second slap stung her ass.

“Check it out!” someone yelled. 

Angelica’s head was turned towards the dunes and yep, there was a crowd already.  She could see her fellow spring break vacationers looking at her oddly.  All they saw was a girl with her face in the sand and her bare ass pointed at the sky.  Shit, even Angelica had seen weirder this week.


The Faceless Man’s hand slapped her ass.  His hand was gigantic and was as hard as wood.  He swung with a force that was completely inhuman.  Her ass was used to groping, pinching and a little biting.  Angelica’s ass had never suffered anything like this.

She tried to get up.  The weight on her hair was like a ton.  She grabbed his foot and tried to pull.  It would have been easier to lift a pier.  She tried to cover her ass with her hands.  The Faceless Man grabbed both her arms and pinned them with a single giant hand.

The spanking came faster.  Angelica’s ass burned under the quickening pace.  He smacked the top of her ass.  He smacked the bottom of her ass.  He smacked the dead center of her ass and all around it.  Not a single inch of her ass escaped his hand.  She had promised it all.

A bigger crowd assembled on the beach to watch Angelica.  They laughed at her.  No one offered to help, hell, why would that?  She was just another drunk kid naked and writhing on the beach.

Tears and sand stung Angelica’s eyes and she could no longer see them.  Angelica’s ass was burning like a tiki torch.  The Faceless Man was showing no sign of stopping.  She had a vision of the strange monster spanking her ass flat.  It could happen.

“I gave my ass for a promise of pleasure!” Angelica yelled.  “Where is my fucking pleasure?”

The spanking stopped.  “You got it last night,” he said.  Then he slapped her ass again.

Last night?  Angelica didn’t do anything except kiss Miranda and oh. . . Angelica remembered more about last night.  She remembered Miranda’s hands on her breast.  She shuddered as she remembered Miranda’s fingers between Angelica’s thighs.  She moaned as she recalled Miranda’s tongue lapping at her clit. 

Oh yeah.  That was pretty nice.  Damn, how drunk was Angelica?

The spanking stopped.  Angelica lifted her head and there was no weight on her hair.  She looked around and there was no trace of the Faceless Man.  Well, except for her incredibly burning ass.  It hurt just to get up on all fours.  The thought of looking for her bikini bottom with her ass hurting like this was unthinkable.

Then she thought about last night.  Yeah, it was a fair trade.

Oct 262011

Trixie Treats smiled for the camera. She also held in her breath so that her green makeup covered cleavage would push as tightly as possible against the almost transparent white teddy that was part of her costume. Black lipstick lips smiled cruelly for the viewers at home.

“And that concludes tonights classless, I mean, classy movie, ‘Frankenstein versus the Vampires’. You might have fallen asleep during that piece of schlock but don’t worry, it was impossible to sleep through any good parts as there weren’t any.”

A howling wolf sounded came from the sound effects guy. Trixie sighed wistfully as if she had just been entered by a thick cock.

“The calling of the werewolf means that our time is up, dear ghouls,” Trixie said. “I must retire to my crypt and wait out the sun all alone in my coffin. If only one or maybe a few of you ghouls could come with me to keep me company. Until next week, on Trixie’s Movie Night Treats”

“And cut!” the director said. “Great job, Trixie! If anyone watches this episode, they might actually like the movie.”

Trixie snorted. “More likely that they rubbed one out during my introduction and went to bed. I’m going to wash this green shit off.”

The top-heavy horror hostess tottered over to her changing room. The white thong rode up her green ass like it always did. The stage crew pretended to not check out her ass but she knew that they were; them and everyone else in the late night Tucson area.

Trixie opened her changing room door and recoiled from the smell. It was the smell of corpses, blood and ancient horrors.

“Fuck, it smells like stagehands in here!” Trixie said.

Rough hands reached from the darkness and dragged her into the room. Trixie tried to scream but someone pressed what tasted like old bandages to her mouth. Trixie bit down on the cloth until she felt the yielding flesh of a hand.

“Ramses’ Beard! The bitch bit me!” a voice cried out.

“Igor, the lights!” another voice yelled.

The lights came on. Trixie gasped at the huge crowd that had surrounded her. The men were dressed up as monsters. There was a giant Frankenstein, a fangy Dracula, a few decomposing zombies, a pointy-eared Devil, a dripping Creature from a lagoon, some silver robots, a sinister clown and inexplicably, a giant banana with arms.

Trixie was quick to identify the weird part of this experience. “How the fuck did all of you fit inside my changing room? Usually this place is so small that I have to open a window if I want to take my tits out of my bra.”

“Vilence, varlot!” the Dracula said. Blood dripped from his fangs. “Ve are in a mavical vimbo beveen vime and vace.”

“What to the fuck now?” Trixie said. “Anyone speak venglish, I mean English?”

“I will translate,” the Devil said. “You are in a magical limbo between time and space. Specifically, you are in the crossroads of Horror and Fear, where monsters dwell in the subconscious.”

“SUBCONCIOUS!” Frankenstein yelled.

“Yeah, good boy,” Trixie said to Frankenstein. “Okay, nice prank boys. A little groppy with the hands but don’t worry, I won’t press charges for this little monster squad gangbang joke.”

Trixie kicked off her heels and stood up. “But I do want to know where you got these costumes. They are a ton better than our usual costumes. Like this zombie, I swear his head is about to fall off.”

Trixie pulled at the zombie’s face and the head fell off. Trixie looked in horror as the head rolled her feet. It looked up at her at her green breasts. The zombie smiled and licked his lips.

“Oh fuck,” Trixie said.

“You ave vocked us for the vast vime!” the Dracula yelled.

“Fucked who?” Trixie said.

“He meant that you mock us,” The Devil said. “Our movies used to excite the imagination and primal fears of mankind. We come to life based on the fears and horrors of humanity. It is a good life to exist in nightmares. You never die and the screams of your dreamers sustain you like the finest wine.”

One of the robots put their hand on Trixie’s right breast. She slapped it away. “If it is such a sweet gig, why bother me?”

“YOU FUCKED IT!” Frankenstein said.

“As my stitched friend said,” the Devil said. “Your mocking of our movies has chipped away at our place in the fears of mankind. We are becoming jokes and things of amusement. Now we are appearing in the dreams of children and pop culture blog writers.”

Trixie shrugged. “Sucks to be you,” she said.

“Vegin the vunishment!” the Dracula said.

The Frankenstein grabbed Trixie’s hair with his unforgiving grip. The Robots grabbed her hands and tied them behind her back. The Frankenstein pulled her towards a wooden contraption that looked suspiciously like a guillotine!

“Holy shit!” Trixie said. “You old farts are going to cut off my head because of a shitty late night movie show?”

The monsters laughed. They kept laughing as the Frankenstein picked Trixie up and dropped her on the guillotine so that her stomach was in the half circle depression. Trixie screamed as the bar fell across her back.

“Don’t cut me in half!” Trixie yelled.

Groans of disgust came from the monsters. “We are not your modern horrors with their drills and splatter shields,” spoke the Devil. “We believe in ironic justice and deserving victims.”

“ASS!” The Frankenstein said.

“Yes, and a little tits and ass,” the Devil said. “Your punishment shall fit your crime! We shall humiliate and cause to fear us once more!”

“Baby, I work for a late night television show, there isn’t much you can do to embarrass me,” Trixie said.

The monsters gathered around her ass. Trixie waited for them to pull her thong down but they didn’t. She did feel a large cold hand press against her ass. Considering how large and round Trixie’s ass was, she knew that only Frankenstein had a hand big enough to cup her ass like that.

“Vunish her!” Dracula screeched.

The hand pulled away and then returned to her ass with amazing force.

WHAM! The sound for Frankenstein’s hand impacting into her ass echoed throughout all of time and space.

Son of a bitch!” Trixie yelled. Her scream also echoed through time and space.

The Frankenstein spanked her. His heavy powerful hands shook her with every slap. The sheer size of his hand meant that every slap struck the entirety of her buttock.

Trixie kicked and screamed but the wooden stocks held her tight. The monsters mocked her efforts to escape and delighted in her shrieks. Every swing of Frankenstein’s hand caused her large breasts to jiggle and shake. In just a few slaps, she had fallen completely out of her baby doll.

“Even her nipples are greeeeeen,” said the Creature. He looked like he was in love.

“Hey, you got to commit to the costume,” Trixie said between wails of pain.

Her ass stung from the supernatural abuse and it didn’t look like Frankenstein was stopping any time soon. Trixie’s ass burned worse than any witch has ever suffered. She looked around desperately for a solution but all she saw was the Creature’s adoring gilly face.

“Hey Creature, OW OW OW! Let me out of here and I’ll let you rub your gills all over my tits!” Trixie said.

The Creature shook his head. “And lose a turn spanking your ass? I don’t think so.”

Frankenstein stopped spanking her and Trixie let out a sigh of relief. It was a short lived respite. It was the Dracula’s turn and whatever he lacked in enunciation he certainly compensated with the accuracy of his hand.

When the Dracula was through spanking her ass, the cold metallic hands of one of the robots took his place. The WHACK WHACK WHACK of the metal hand turned Trixie’s ass to fire.

Next were the aquatic creature and his peculiar webbed hands. After that, it was the solid clothed thumps of the Mummy’s hand. Another robot took his turn with his metal hands and then after him was the furry paw of a Werewolf. The clown had his turn and every time his hand met her ass, a small horn would honk. Even the Banana spanked her although Trixie still didn’t know what the fuck that was all about.

The Devil was the last one to spank her. His hand literally burned with the fires of Hell although Trixie wasn’t sure if it was hellfire she felt or just how sensitive her ass had become.

After a brutal period of spanking, the Devil walked around to Trixie’s front. He pulled her head up by her hair to face him. Tears had streaked down her face and left white trails in the green makeup. It didn’t stop him from taking a moment to admire her bare breasts.

“Your humiliation is almost complete,” the Devil said. “We have had our way with your ass and taught you the meaning of fear.” He never made eye contact with her as he kept staring at her breasts.

“And the meaning of a sore ass,” Trixie said. Her voice was hoarse from all of her screaming.

“Are you ready for the surprise ending?” The Devil said.

Trixie looked up at the Devil. “It was all a dream?”

The Monsters laughed. The Devil reached for her tits with his clawed hands. Trixie screamed as her large green tits were mauled by sharp nails and greedy fingers.

“No,” the Devil said. “Now we are going to spank the other half of you.”

Trixie screamed as the Devil’s hand slapped her tits. She screamed again as she saw the Monsters form a line behind the Devil. As big as her ass was, her tits were so much fucking bigger. This was going to be a lot of stinging slapping hurt.

She was definitely going to think twice before ever mocking old movie monsters again. Trixie was still going to mock them because hey, she needs a paycheck, but she would at least think twice.

Dec 222010

My midterms had been going great. My Erotic Writing 101 test was a breeze as well as my Nude Photography 201 class. My jaw was a little sore from my Oral Pleasure class but the redhead I had to eat was a delight. I know I aced my Vibrator Repair test as well as my Critical 70’s Porn Movie Studies test.

The only test I was worried about was my Basic Spanking Class. Christ, I enjoyed spanking the lovely asses of the women that were supplied by the class, but the teacher was another matter. Mrs. Marshall was a real ball buster. At first I was excited to have her as a teacher because she is pretty hot for an older woman. She has this curly brown hair that she wears down to her shoulders and every day she wore a new blouse that revealed even more cleavage than the day before. She was great to look at but as soon as she opened her mouth, she would cut you down and make you feel like the world’s biggest idiot with a paddle.

One time I was spanking my model and Mrs. Marshall came up behind me. She sighed with genuine sadness.

“Peter, I know you never masturbate because that is the weakest swing I have ever seen,” she said. “You have the grip of an eight year old girl.”

What the fuck does that even mean? It didn’t stop the rest of the class from laughing. Hell, even my model was giggling. It does nothing for your confidence when the person you are spanking is laughing at you.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t looking forward to my test. Mrs. Marshall insisted on testing each student individually so I didn’t even have the rest of my class to hide in. I arrived at Mrs. Marshall’s office with my paddle and a shit load of nerves.

Mrs. Marshall was sitting at her desk and today she hadn’t even bothered to put on a blouse. She was wearing a black lace bra that held in those lovely breasts that I had been peeking at all semester. She had her hair down and framing her cruel face. She looked up at me and frowned. My very presence appeared to disappoint her.

“Peter, I will be with you in a moment,” she said. She returned to her paperwork.

I glanced around. We were alone in the office. “Uh, where’s my spanking model?”

Mrs. Marshall ignored me. I wasn’t terribly surprised. I did worry that maybe I was suppose to supply my own model for the test. Mrs. Marshall would spend a good ten minutes pointing out my mental deficiencies if I forgot to bring something. I waited nervously until she was done with her papers.

“All right, Peter, let’s get this over with,” she said.

Mrs. Marshall stood up and I realized she wasn’t wearing any pants. Shit, she wasn’t wearing panties either. I had a good look at the hairy bush of pubic hair between her thighs. She bent over her desk and supported herself on her elbows in a classic #2 Spanking Position.

Holy shit.

“Well, what are you for?” Mrs. Marshall said. “Show me what tiny bit of knowledge managed to sink into your skull this semester.”

I gripped my paddle and walked around to her side of the desk. Her ass was just as round and full as her tits. I had to pause to subtly rearrange my erection under my pants. She was wearing black lace stockings that matched her bra. She also had on high heels that really lifted her ass. It was a stunning sight to behold.

“Any time now, Peter,” Mrs. Marshall said. “I am sure you remember something of your lessons.”

I was paralyzed with terror. I remembered plenty. I recalled every insult she made about my form. Seared into my memory was every snide comment about how I treated my spanking models. I have dreams where Mrs. Marshall is critiquing every single thing I did. Remembering was not the problem; the problem was I might never forget this bitch and her class.

Then I realized that I had nothing left to lose. What else was she going to do to me? Fail me and criticize me some more?

I placed the paddle against her ass. Slowly I ran the paddle over the curves of her bottom. This was supposed to sensitize the ass for the spanking about to come but it served a different purpose for me. I was building up courage and ramping up my anger.

I grabbed her bra strap as a handle and swung my paddle back. Her back dipped as she prepared for the blow. I deliberately waited a few seconds more than necessary. Let her sweat for once.

The paddle swung through the air and connected with Mrs. Marshall’s ass. It was a good solid hit. Technically I think it was too hard for an opening spank and I am sure Mrs. Marshall was going to count it against me but I didn’t care. The gasp she made when the paddle hit her was worth it.

After the first hit, my body went into automatic. I swung the paddle again and this time hit her right buttock. A second hit landed on her left buttock. I alternated back and forth until at a random moment I struck her square in the center of her ass. All of those classes and instructions were actually paying off.

I pulled tighter on her bra as I picked up the pace. I peppered her ass with spanks in a clockwise manner. Her round bottom turned a lovely shade of pink. After applying the clockwise technique, I switched back to a left-right pattern that traveled her ass from top to bottom. From there I tried a more advanced two hit followed by the three hit rhythm. My fear had melted away as I put every lesson to work.

Spanking Mrs. Marshall’s lovely bare ass was nice, but the real treat was the lack of criticisms. That didn’t mean she was silent. She groaned when I struck her hard and she moaned when my paddle hit her in one certain sweet spot. For all I knew she could be mentally failing me but at least she wasn’t saying it out loud. When she whimpered from a fast barrage of spanks, I could almost believe she just a woman and not the bane of my semester.

It was also turning me the fuck on. I released her bra strap and it snapped painfully down on her back. She spun her head around and glared at me but fuck, I was too horny to care. I kept spanking her except now I reached underneath her and grabbed a handful of her bra covered tit.

I expected her to cuss me out. Mrs. Marshall moaned instead. I moaned too. Sinking my fingers into those tits that have teased me all semester was awesome. My erection throbbed and I spanked harder as a poor sex substitute.

My paddle tore into Mrs. Marshall’s ass. Despite my arousal, I was still spanking her according to the techniques. I had a death grip on her tit but my paddling arm was tapping out different rhythms on her now red ass. My anger had faded and now I was spanking with pure libido.

“Fuck!” Mrs. Marshall said. “Stop, stop stop!”

I stopped in mid swing. Oh shit, I was worried. I figured I had flunked for sure. I still had her tit in my hand though.

“Fuck me,” Mrs. Marshall said.

I stood there dumbly.

“Fuck me Peter!” Mrs. Marshall said. “Fuck me now while my ass is still hot. Do it!”

There was no arguing. I let go of her tit and ripped my pants open. I yanked my boxers down and took my cock in hand. Mrs. Marshall spread her legs and reached for me. She took a firm hold of my cock and guided me in.

Wet warm delicious liquid forbidden perfect heaven engulfed my cock. I sank into her pussy till her burning hot ass pressed against me. The heat radiating from her spanked ass was incredible. Pride surged through me. That ass is burning because of me.

We fucked. My cock rammed into her with the same fury that I had spanked her ass. Mrs. Marshall growled as we fucked, urging me to go faster and faster. I kept spanking her ass with my hand. After giving one of the best spankings of my life, I wasn’t willing to stop.

We came pretty fast. It is debatable who climaxed first. It was like we had been fucking for a good long time before my cock was in her. We were both ready to burst and it didn’t take long at all.

After we finished, I reluctantly pulled out and pulled my pants back on. Mrs. Marshall simply sat back down on her chair. I smirked when she winced at her bottom touching the seat.

“Not bad, Peter,” Mrs. Marshall said.

I didn’t say anything. It wasn’t much of a compliment but at least it wasn’t an insult. That’s progress, right?

“I’m going to give you an ‘A’,” Mrs. Marshall said. “And I want you to seriously consider taking my advanced spanking class next semester.”

“Uhh, I’ll consider that,” I said.

“See that you do,” Mrs. Marshall said.

Oct 272010

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. I knew better. Melanie knew better. There are three things you don’t do in Harvest Creek. You don’t speed on Pumpkin road because that is where the sheriff sets up his speed trap. You don’t let boys grab your tits on the first date cause then they will never stop trying to get in your pants, and most of all, you never cut across Old Man Bruno’s cornfield.

Melanie was hollering something fierce but I didn’t move. She sounded real close. It was hard to tell in this cornfield. Sound travels and at night, every row of corn looks the same. If I went to go help her, I might get even more lost.

That’s what I told myself. As I sat under that big October moon, I told myself that not helping Melanie was the smart thing. I didn’t have to admit that I was one scared girl. Huddled in cold corn, I could pretend that I was just a helpless girl who got lost coming home from the Halloween Party at Jack’s house.

I could also pretend that a fucking scarecrow wasn’t spanking the shit out of my best friend.

It had to be Old Man Bruno. It was the only thing that made sense. Except Old Man Bruno just yelled at you and threatened to sick his dog on you. This was different. This wasn’t right.

Melanie and I were cutting through his farm and we saw the new scarecrow. It looked scary. No, not Halloween scary, but evil. I think the word is sinister. It had a big jack-o-lantern head that was glowing brighter than any candle. Black overalls covered its body but it was shiny like what those perverts wear in music videos. Instead of hanging on the scarecrow cross, it looked like it was relaxing.

“It looks like it is just hanging out,” Melanie had said.

“I don’t like it,” I told her. Scarecrows shouldn’t look like they are leering.

“I want to get a better look,”

Melanie started walking to it. I followed along because what else was I going to do? I was in a hurry to get home. Every one liked my sexy nurse costume but it was freezing to walk around in. Melanie on the other hand was wearing a furry cat suit. That was a much smarter costume. All the boys liked and she got to keep warm.

Hank was supposed to take us home but he was drunk and spending all night trying to cop a feel off that slut, Wendy Gertin. Melanie and I thought we would just walk home instead.

We got like about ten feet away from the scarecrow when it turned its head at us! I screamed, Melanie screamed and then we both laughed.

“It must be one of those automatic things,” she said. “Like that witch that cackled when we got close to it at the party.”

That was when the scarecrow jumped down.

Now we were really screaming. I turned around and ran. I looked behind me and I saw Melanie on the ground. She probably tripped on that stupid tail of hers. The scarecrow was running right for her.

Now I want you to know I am no coward. When Alex Terry used to pull my hair in grade school, I would punch him right in the nose. When that slut Wendy told nasty rumors about me, I walked right up to her in the middle of lunch period and I told her skank ass off. My daddy raised me to stand up for myself and I wasn’t going to let some asshole dressed as a scarecrow harass my friend.

Well that asshole scarecrow was something special. He picked up Melanie by the hair with one fucking hand. Melanie is no light weight. I’m her best friend so I can’t say how much she weighs but I’ll just say that no normal man can pick her up with one hand.

When I saw how strong that scarecrow was, I stopped dead in my tracks. I just stared in disbelief as he put Melanie over his shoulder and pulled her pants down. With one mighty rip, he yanked her pants clean off. Her big ass looked even paler under the moon.

That’s when he started whopping her. He didn’t have hands. He just had straw sticking out and I would have thought that straw wouldn’t hurt but I was so wrong. You could hear that straw cutting through the air as he swung and when he hit Melanie’s ass she screamed like she was on fire.

All I could do was watch. It was just so unbelievable. It was also kind of hot. I mean I ain’t no pervert but that scarecrow looked happy doing what he was doing. He thrashed her bottom with his straw hand and even from where I was standing I could see her bottom was turning red. Shoot, I know my ass had never been as touched as much as Melanie’s was tonight.

As for Melanie, she was screaming and carrying on but she wasn’t fighting much. She kicked her legs a little and pounded on its back but mostly she was just yelling. Momma would wash my mouth out for saying it but I wouldn’t be at all surprise if she was a little wet.

Anyway, that mean scarecrow finally noticed me. He looked me up and down and I knew I was in trouble. I was wearing white stockings and a short mini skirt. I was pretty much asking for a spanking.

So I ran. I ran and I didn’t look back. I don’t think the scarecrow chased me. I heard Melanie start screaming again and I knew he was spanking her. I dropped down in the corn and just hid.

The screaming became a little different. It sounded a little weird. It sounded like groans.

It sounded a little like se was having sex. Well, the closest thing I have to compare it to was when the school caught Wendy giving a blowjob to Owen Mitchel in the bathroom. It sounded a lot like the noises Owen was making except it was Melanie’s voice.

So here I sit. Too scared to see if Melanie needs help, and too scared to get up and try to go home. I am so glad that I am not her right now and yet for some reason, I’m a bit jealous. All I can do is wait. At some point that scarecrow has got to let Melanie go. I mean, you would think, right?

Man, I am never cutting across Old Man Bruno’s cornfield again.

Oct 142008

Michael looked at the cave of the Great Dragon. It seemed kind of small.

“I’m just saying, that for a Great Dragon, he has a cave that looks smaller than my Geo back home.”

Lo nodded. “The Master of Spanking is very perceptive.”

Michael waited for more but nothing came. “That’s your polite way of saying ‘so what’, isn’t it?”

Lo gave him a very slight nod.

“Well Lo,” Michael began, “if I don’t come out alive-“

“The Master of Spanking has nothing to fear,” Lo interrupted him. “When I first met you, you were nothing more than a lowly delivery boy. You defeated the Eight Sisters with only a few cuts that have mostly healed. Mei Rou herself vouches for you, what more can we ask?”

“Thanks Lo, that means a lot coming from you,” Michael said.

“I mean, who cares if you were never trained in the Hundred Hand Slap? What does it matter if you have not plunged your hands into burning sand every day since you were an infant? Why, I bet it won’t even come up that you couldn’t name the sixteen pressure points that makes an ass clench! You’ll be fine.”

“Ok, you can stop making me feel good now,” Michael said. “Let’s do this.”

Oh, one last thing, Master,” Lo said. “Mei Rou asked me to tell you something. She said that the fire in her bottom is almost cool, and she humbly requests that you return to her to reignite it.”

Michael smiled. “God, I love older women.”

Michael went into the cave. The sunlight lit the cave until Michael was twenty feet in. Darkness engulfed him and when he turned around, he couldn’t even see the way out.

“Who comes to feed me another skull?” a voice called out. The voice was loud but oddly feminine. It reminded Michael of phone sex commercials.

“Me, Michael Yan!” he responded.

“Are you another fool that others call Master?” the voice asked. “I already shitted one of you fools already.”

Michael could feel a hot breath on his neck. It was like standing in front of a furnace.

“I have it damn good authority that I am the real Master actually,” Michael said.

A light appeared behind Michael. When he turned around, he saw a giant woman, twenty feet tall. Everything about her was massive. Her breasts were the size of oil barrels. Her hips were as wide as minivan. Her ugly face was as big as the moon.

“Do you think you can walk in here and spank me, little man?” the woman roared.

Michael didn’t anwser at first. Instead he listened to his soul. His heart was loud, but not scared. His mouth watered at the thought of such a big ass. His hands itched to move.

He laughed. “Great Dragon, your ass is mine!”

He jumped behind the woman. Swinging his entire arm, he struck her buttocks with a mighty WHAP!

The giant woman screamed and shrank down ten feet. A red stripe appeared on her ass.

“Little man, I am not some bitch that can be spanked into submission!” the Great Dragon roared.

Michael shook his head. “That’s not what I think.”

He jumped up and grabbed her by the ear. The giant bent over with his hand. Michael grimaced as the Great Dragon roared in pain. Michael knew that hurt because it was the same thing Grandmother Yan would do when she spanked him as a child.

“Bad dragon!” Michael scolded. His hand smacked her ass with outraged fury. This wasn’t the kind of spanking Michael gave Mei Rou, this was the spanking you gave a naughty child: harder and faster with the sacred justice that comes from being a fed up parent. He didn’t spank as much as he whupped.

The Great Dragon screamed in pain. The Giant changed shape but Michael held onto her ear. Now she was human size and shaped like a porn star in all the right places.

“Let me go and I’ll fuck you crazy,” the Great Dragon said.

Michael kept spanking.

The Great Dragon changed shape again. Now she was the ugliest woman Michael had ever seen. Hair grew from her ass, moles decorated her skin.

Michael kept spanking.

The Great Dragon changed shape again. Now she was a man, with a hard cock bouncing between his legs.

Michael kept spanking. “An ass is an ass,” he said.

The Great Dragon changed shape again. Now she was in the shape of Grandma Yan, yelling and cursing just like she would.

Michael kept spanking. “That’s just sick,” he said.

The Great Dragon changed shape again. Now she was huge. Covered in scales and sporting a great horned head, her body snaked and coiled like a serpent for miles.

“After I eat you, I am going to eat that thrice damned monastery and all that live within it! Their skulls will be shitted all over the world!” The Great Dragon’s breath was like a butcher’s shop.

Michael paused. Somehow, he still had the Great Dragon by the ear, and somehow his hand was still inches from her ass, but now he saw the Great Dragon in it’s true glory. It was immense. It was like a mountain that hated. How dared he think he could defeat something so magnificent.

He thought of Mei Rou and her perfect ass. Michael knew he needed to be worthy. He didn’t want to save the world in that moment as much as he wanted to save one particular ass.

Michael spanked the Great Dragon even harder. The Great Dragon grew smaller and smaller. He spanked until the Great Dragon was smaller than a gecko, and then Michael let him go. The Great Dragon ran into a corner and whimpered. It would be another fifty years before it grew brave enough to be a threat again.

Michael knew then the secret of the Master of Spanking. It wasn’t about knowing special moves, or receiving special training. It was about loving the asses of the world more than any fear of death.

The Master of Spanking walked out of the cave. He didn’t slow down when Lo dropped to his knees and sang the Master’s praises. The Master could care less. He knew that his concubine was waiting for him and that her bottom needed him

Oct 102008

Michael Yan’s ass hurt. He thought it was appropriate. The Monastery of the Master of Spanking apparently only had the hardest stools in the world for their guests to sit on. Michael suspected there was a deep meaning there but he was too much of an American to know what it was.

He sat there along with ten other Chinese men who happened to share his same birthday. Lo had gone inside some grand hall to discuss his merits with the other monks. From what Lo said, the monks were debating whether or not to even test Michael because he was born in America. From what Michael understood, reincarnation was old fashioned when it come to traveling.

Michael had tried to engage the other candidates in conversation but none of them spoke English. That didn’t stop the others from talking to each other. Michael closed his eyes and let their incomprehensible speech lull him into a trance.

It was quite peaceful actually. The chatter had it’s own rhythm and Michael began to imagine a form of spanking that would be based on speech patterns. He had thoughts like these all the time but for once, he suppressed his sense of shame long enough to explore the idea in his mind.

The chatter stopped. Curious, Michael opened his eyes to see why they had stopped. Standing before him was the most beautiful he had ever seen. She was older than him, at least forty years old but in her eyes he saw something he had never seen before. It was understanding.

“You,” the beautiful woman said in terrible English but with a wonderful voice. “Come with me.”

“Um, sorry,” Michael said. “I am supposed to wait here for the monks.”

The woman smirked. “And do you always do what old men tell you to do?”

Michael thought of his father whom he always seemed to infuriate. “No,” Michael said. He stood up and followed her.

When the beautiful woman turned around, Michael looked down at her bottom. Although she was heavily wrapped in robes, Michael could see the shape of her ass underneath. It was the most beautiful ass outline he had ever seen. A tear came to his eye.

They walked down halls and through doors.

“What is your name?” Michael asked.

“Mei Rou” she said.

She led him into a bedroom.

“Umm, my name is Michael,” he said.

“I know your true name,” she said. “You were thinking about spanking. I saw the look on your face. My beloved had the same look many many times.”

“Who was your beloved?” Michael asked. He found a strange sense of anger within him towards this asshole that Mei called beloved.

Mei Rou smiled. “He was you, in another life.”

She unfastened the belt to her robe. It fell around her ankles. She was nude underneath her robe. Mei Rou turned her back to him and showed Michael her ass. It was just as beautiful as he had imagined.

“I have to tell you,” he said. “They don’t know if I am really the Master. They still haven’t decided.”

Mei Rou shook her head and moved to the bed. She bent over in a graceful motion like a Queen. Her ass was higher than her head. She looked over her shoulder towards him and smiled.

“And how will they know?” she asked. “Tests? I was the favorite concubine of the Master. When he died, I served Shi Da. He was a good man, but no Master. I am the only test you need.”

Michael swallowed hard. Desire was filling his mind but what made him hesitate was just how beautiful Mei Rou’s ass was. He was afraid. He wanted to be the Master of Spanking just to be worthy of spanking that ass.

“Strike me,” Mei Rou said. “I have waited twenty-five years to feel the hand of the Master again. Spank me, your most faithful lover.”

Michael closed his eyes. He let go of his fear. When he opened his eyes again, the sight of the most perfect ass in the world greeted him.

He started by touching her ass gently. He ran his fingers over her smooth skin. He cupped the curves of her bottom with his hand. His hand squeezed a little and he felt her ass clench in response.

His heart pounded so hard he could hear it. It was a mighty drum calling him to action. It was a rhythm that begged for an answer.

The first spank was so light that only a trained concubine like Mei Rou could even feel it. She groaned in pleasure. The light taps peppered her bottom, striking her like gentle raindrops on her perfect skin.

Michael increased the force. Using both hands, he smacked her bottom like a drum. He didn’t think, he just let his hands do what they pleased. Sometimes only the tip of his fingers struck her bottom while other times he hit her ass with the full length of his hand. In minutes her entire ass was turning red.

“Oh thank you,” Mei Rou moaned and Michael smiled. He hadn’t even started.

The spanking went faster. Michael didn’t allow himself to think as his hands went faster and faster. He smacked her ass in time with the rapid beating of his heart. He delivered painful blows to her round bottom that made him wince. He struck so fast that if it wasn’t for the constant roar of skin hitting skin, he wouldn’t be sure his hands had touched her.

Michael spanked and spanked and spanked. The sounds of her ass being struck joined in chorus with his the pumping of his heart. The sounds of Mei Rou’s moans accompanied the beats like a melody. The whistling of the air as he swung his hands joined in harmony. He began to chant his praise for Mei Rou’s bottom, giving lyrics to the music they made together.

After a time, the spanking stopped. He slowed down to the gentle patter that he started with. With one final touch of his finger on her tender ass, he ended the song with Mei Rou’s shuddering gasp.

He stepped back and she collapsed on the bed. Mei Rou rolled over and screamed as her spanked ass touched the silk sheets of the bed. She opened her legs and held her ankles.

“Master, fuck me,” she said.

He did. When he slid into her, he felt something strange in his chest. It wasn’t till he started to thrust that he knew what that feeling was. The missing piece of his heart was no longer missing.

Oct 082008

China was a lot rockier than Michael expected.

Not that Micheal had seen much of China. Lo had some sort of pull with the government that allowed Michael to not even go through customs. They had jumped off their international plane and right into a small chartered plane. The only thing that made that tight cramped space bearable was that the Eight Sisters were crammed in the plane with him. Their soft flesh pressed constantly against him and their eyes were filled with worship. Michael could get used to that.

Once they touched ground again, Lo instructed the sisters to take Micheal’s luggage to the monastery. Lo had asked Michael to come with him down a long rocky path.

“You said the monastery was filled with wealth and luxury, right?” Michael asked.

“Oh yes,” Lo said. “The Master of Spanking never wants for anything except for new asses to spank. And even then, there is never a shortage of women who desire his hard hand.”

“Well, why aren’t we going there?” Michael said.

“Because I have not been entirely honest with you as to why we need you here,” Lo said.

“I knew it,” Michael said. “I knew it was too good to be true. I mean, a paradise for a reincarnated guy who loves to spank people? That’s just silly.”

Lo sighed and kept walking. “The monastery is a paradise, but I have yet to tell you the story of why the Master of Spanking has such wonderful wealth.”

“Long ago,” Lo began, “the Great Dragon plagued the land.”

“A dragon?” Michael said. “For real? Big, scaly and breathes fire?”

Lo shook his head. “No, Western dragons are vulgar and crude. Chinese dragons are magnificent terrible forces of nature. You can not describe them, for they just are. Now let an old man tell you a story on a hot day.”

“The Great Dragon terrorized China. It destroyed dreams, it crushed hope and it devoured the will of the people. Of course, the great heroes tried to stop the dragon.

The Master of Farming took his mighty hoe and tried to cultivate the Great Dragon. His hoe was broken and his skull was shitted out into the land.

The Master of Swords took his greatest sword and tried to stab the Great Dragon. His sword was broken and his skull was shitted onto the land.

The Master of Poetry took his greatest pen and tried to soothe the Great Dragon. His pen was broken-“

“And his skull was shitted onto the land,” Michael finished. “I get the point.”

“Well, there were a lot of Masters back then,” Lo admitted, “so maybe it’s best we move on. Sixty-six Masters died until the Master of Spanking was left. He took not a paddle but only his bare hands. He walked into the Great Dragon’s cave and then he emerged. The Great Dragon was defeated.”

“Wait a minute,” Michael said. “He won? How did he do it? And what is that awful smell?”

Lo ignored the last question and kept walking. “No one knows what the Master of Spanking did. He told no one but it was clear the Great Dragon preyed on the people no more. The locals showered great wealth upon him, until one day, fifty years later, the people could feel the ground tremble around the Great Dragon’s cave.”

“Oh, the dragon was still alive?” Michael said.

“Yes,” Lo said. “And the Master went back in, and came back out. He said that it would be another fifty years before the Great Dragon would trouble the land again. He never told anyone what he did, but when he passed away, he was reborn, and he battled the Great Dragon once more. On and on this has continued, until this very day.”

“That smell is getting unbearable,” Michael said. “Is that normal around here?”

“Four months ago, Shi Da, the latest Master of Spanking, went into the cave of the Great Dragon. He went in four months early, for the Master of Spanking always felt it was best to do these things ahead of the appointed time.”

“Wait, there’s already a Master?” Michael said.

Lo shook his head. He stopped walking and pointed at what looked like a boulder to Michael. The wind shifted and Michael realized it was really a giant ball of shit.

“What the fuck is that?” Michael said.

“That fell from the sky,” Lo said. “And in it, we found Shi Da’s skull. That was when we knew that he was not the real Master of Spanking.”

“Shit,” Michael said.

“Yes, and now we need the real Master of Spanking. All around the world, those who survived our tests will meet and one of them will prove to be the Master of Spanking. The one true Master will walk into the cave and do whatever it is that the Master of Spanking does to the Great Dragon. And the Master will enjoy a lifetime of Spanking here at the monastery.”

“Shit,” Michael repeated. He was trying to guess the size of the dragon that could shit that big of a mess.

What Michael and Lo could not know was that it would not be the wise monks who choose the Master this time.

Oct 062008

This was the craziest delivery ever.

“Michael Yan, please come inside,” the bald Chinese man had told him. “Put the food down on the table.”

The fact that the guy knew his name was weird, but the fact that the dining room table was covered in leather and wooden paddles was just plain freaky.

“Hell no,” Michael said. “We just deliver food man, we’re not an escort service.”

The bald man smirked. “Put the food down, Michael Yan. Whether you want to pick up a paddle is up to you.”

Michael set the order of fried rice with complimentary egg rolls down on the table. He had never seen this many paddles in person before. Oh, he had read about them online or seen them in porn movies, but never had he been this close to them. His hands itched. It took all of his willpower not to pick one up.

“You may call me Lo,” the Bald Man said. “I have spent the last four months searching for people like you, Michael. Excuse me, where are my manners? I need to introduce you to the Eight Sisters.”

Lo clapped his hands. A door opened from the kitchen and eight beautiful Chinese women walked out. The first thing Michael noticed was that all of the women were nude from the waist down. They wore modest shirts and nothing else. Their smooth pussies flashed him but what made him swallow was the thought of the bare asses that were just out of his sight.

It took him a minute to realize they were also wielding long knives in each hand.were holding long knives.

“Uh, they are all sisters?,” Michael said.

“Correct,” Lo said. “They were trained to protect the Master’s Concubines in addition to being excellent concubines themselves. Each one is a mistress of weaponry, capable of killing twenty times their own number.”

“Michael Yan,” Lo continued. “You were born on Oct 15th, 1983, during the 18th hour. Is this not true?”

“What?” Michael said. He was mesmerized by the beautiful women. One of the girls winked at him. “Yeah, the day’s right. I’m not sure about the hour. Is this some sort of astrology thing?”

“In one minute,” Lo explained, “these highly trained concubines will attack you and try to kill you. However, if you smack their bottom, they will drop their knives and fall to their knees. That is the only hope you have of stopping them before they extinguish the light of your life.”

Michael shook his head. “I’m sorry, did you say these chicks are going to kill me?” He noticed that the girl who winked at him was now blowing him a kiss.

“I am sorry,” Lo said. “I would rather use more peaceful tests but the world is depending on us finding the Reborn Master of Spanking as soon as possible. Rest assure that if you are not the Master, your death will be swift and with little to some pain. I personally will pray for your soul’s rebirth.”

The eight sisters approached. The dining room was extremely small with no room to defend himself. Without thinking, Micheal’s hand shot down and picked up a long wooden paddle.

“This is insane!” Michael yelled.

A knife darted towards him. Michael blocked the knife with the paddle while his other hand darted like a snake towards the woman’s face. He slapped her across the face and when she spun from the force of the blow, his other hand reacted. The paddle slashed down and spanked the woman perfectly across both her buttocks.

Her eyes grew wide and then a smile lit her face. Her knees hit the floor a split second after the knives did. She placed her head on the ground before him, lifting her ass in submission.

“What? How did I-?” Michael tried to say but the other seven women lunged at him.

One knife cut his arm. Another slashed his shirt open. A third knife cut him on the cheek. All around him was flashing steel and the screams of deadly women. The cuts hurt and the sight of his own blood was unreal. It was like a nightmare, overwhelming and terrifying. Michael knew he was about to die.

Lucky for Michael, his soul knew better. When the terror shut down Micheal’s thinking mind, his soul took command of his body.

Michael grabbed another paddle. Using his left paddle, he blocked the sharp knives. With the right paddle, he feinted and weaved. Wooden paddles blocked metal weapons with speed and precision. He stood his ground and his paddles formed a perfect whirlwind shield.

Michael felt the fear slip away. He didn’t understand how, but the less he thought about it, the better his arms defended himself. The beautiful women tried and tried but they could not hurt him.

He felt something else replace the fear. All these bare asses were in front of him and here he was with two paddles. He wanted to satisfy that craving that lurked within him. Considering that these girls were trying to kill him, it didn’t seem so bad to spank them.

WHAP! His arm snaked around and hit an ass from behind.

WHAP! He tripped a woman and then spanked her ass while she fell.

WHAP-WHAP! He struck two asses at once with twin underhand swings.

WHAP! He threw his paddle at a wall and it bounced back and hit a woman’s ass from behind.

He was surrounded by kneeling women. There was one sister left. It was the one who had winked at him. The one who had distracted and taunted him.The last woman looked at him and dropped her knives. She bowed deep, speaking in Chinese and Michael couldn’t quite understand her. He thought he heard the word ‘surrender.’

He didn’t care. He grabbed her by the hair and bent her over the table. She squealed and even someone as inexperienced as Michael could tell it was a squeal of delight. She braced herself and lifted her ass towards him.

Michael spanked her bottom. He spanked her without anger or malice, but he spanked her with passion that comes from denying yourself for too long. His hand hit faster and faster, harder and harder on her petite ass.

He only stopped when he saw the tears running down her porcelain cheeks. He backed away, shocked at what he had done. Her ass was as red as cherries. He had been brutal and he had enjoyed every second of it. It was true, he was a pervert.

He almost dropped the paddles but they stayed in his hands. They belonged there.

Michael turned to Lo who was on his knees. The bald man was crying too.

“Thank the Heavens! We have finally found the Master of Spanking!”

Michael turned to the woman he had spanked. He was going to apologize but before he could, she was on the ground kissing his feet.

“Thank you, thank you,” she chanted over and over again.

The other sisters crawled towards him. “Me, next!” they all cried.

Michael realized the only person who thought he was a pervert was himself. The next thing he realized was that he was surrounded by women begging to be spanked. This was the happiest moment of his life.

He had no idea that this might be his last week on earth.

Oct 032008

“You have a hole in your heart.”

Micheal’s Grandma always had a way with words. She said that to him last year when she came over to the States to visit. He didn’t ask her to explain herself. He knew it was true. He was a twenty-five year old second generation Chinese-American in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s bad enough being a minority in America, but Georgia? That just plain sucked. Still, it wasn’t why Michael was depressed.

It wasn’t because he lived with and worked for his parents. It wasn’t because his job was delivering pseudo Chinese food to rednecks. It had nothing to do with the fact that he was failing college. All of those things were trivial.

Michael Yan was depressed because he was a pervert. All he ever wanted to do was spank asses. Round asses, flat asses, white asses, black asses, or Chinese asses it didn’t matter. As long as they were girl asses, he wanted to spank them.

At the age of seven, Michael has his first erection in first grade. Susan Bradshaw had acted up in class and their teacher, Mrs. CampBell had bent Susan over and spanked her bottom. Poor Michael had felt his pants grow tight along with a sense of loss that he could never figure out. For some reason, he felt like it should have been him spanking Susan’s ass.

When he was sixteen, he got to second base with his neighbor, Carrie Cho. Holy shit, she had giant breasts she inherited from her American mother but Michael could care less. He sucked on her nipples because it was the only time she didn’t mind him grabbing her ass.

Michael was foolish enough to strike her bottom. He meant to do a gentle tap but instead some strange force seized his hand and he smacked the bejesus out of Carrie’s bottom. She screamed.

He apologized as much as he could but Carrie was furious. When she slapped him across the face, Michael couldn’t help notice how poorly the slap was done. Her wrists were limp and her arm was crooked.

She broke up with him, the first in a long line of girlfriends who were disappointed in him. Michael loved women but he loved spanking them even more. Some girls were happy to be spanked a little for foreplay, but to Michael it was the only play. Groping, blowjobs and even penetration was just teasing. Spanking is what Michael craved.

The feel of a hot ass.

The sound of hand meeting bottom.

The sight of an ass clenching right before the strike.

Atlanta had a kinky scene but Michael couldn’t even let himself think about it. What would his parents think of they knew he went to one of those clubs? For that matter, Michael couldn’t imagine himself going to one of those places. He hoped that maybe if he ignored his special cravings, maybe they would just go away. He loves spanking but the feeling of being an outcast ruined the joy he could find.

Michael Yan had a hole in his heart. What he didn’t know was that halfway across the planet, the missing piece of his heart was in the shape of a beautiful concubine’s ass.