Mar 132023

This is another sneak peak at the untitled book of sex demons that I am writing. All of these entries are works in progress and will likely be different from what I ultimately publish. If you have any feedback or questions, please leave a comment or email me as I am very undecided on a lot of aspects in this project.

The Hammer Twins

AKA: Minos Brothers, Galato and Omness, Xey Bokk Yi, The Judges of Depth.

“Mother was horrified. Father couldn’t look at me. My dearest friend, G____, was hysterical for weeks afterwards. The Vicar suffered a stroke and Grandmother somehow went blind. I had to leave and Uncle V____ was all too happy to pay for my trip to the Americas. Later, I heard they burned the dining table in which those glorious brothers had their way with me. Needless to say, they never celebrated Christmas again at de Alias Manor.” (Source: Baroness Maria de Alias, Consenting to Pleasure, 1914)

The Hammer Twins always manifest as two men. In ancient times, they usually had muscular human bodies with the heads of animals, most often bulls or lions. In more recent times, they frequently appear as muscular men wearing patchwork clothing. Closer examination will reveal that the clothing is made of stitched together underwear. Regardless of form, both are close to seven feet tall and are very well endowed.

The demons are aggressive and jovial partners who are only interested in their own immediate gratifications. They exude a thick musk that drives mortals to a state of near-nymphomania. The mortal is going to need that heightened arousal because the stamina of the Hammer Twins is legendary.

The Hammer Twins are relentlessly bisexual and have no trouble double-teaming mortals of all genders. They also always fornicate with an audience, preferably the loved ones or associates of the mortal they are fucking. The demons can be relentlessly cruel in demonstrating their superiority in the sexual arts. They have been known to repeatedly visit a household multiples times after the span of years.

The Hammer Twins always climax at the same time. Always.

The Hammer Twins were companions and lovers to Emperor Hadrian of Rome during his reign. They stopped no less than three attempts on his life. There is speculation that they also impregnated his wife so that he may have an heir, though it is unclear which heir the rumors were referring to. (Source: Lijsbet Odendaa, Catalogue Daemonium 1592)

In 1825 Georgia, the Hammer Twins terrorized slave owners by posing as escaped slaves and seducing their wives as the slave owners were forced to watch. The source of their summoning was traced back to a local swamp witch who eluded all attempts at capture. The demons continued to plague the husband sand please the wives on an annual basis until the witch’s passing in 1831. (Source: Doctor Anthony Wiley, A Study of Uncommon Vices, 1834)

The Hammer Twins always take undergarments from the mortals they fuck, preferring clothing that is soaked is soiled with sexual by-products. They use these articles to patch their clothing. Sometimes they will leave their clothes behind and these clothes are highly sought after by Magicians for their potent sexual energy. (Source: Solom Lazarus, Adventures in Ascension 1941)

Their symbol are two cocks springing from the same scrotum.

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Feb 222023

This is another sneak peak at the untitled book of sex demons that I am writing. All of these entries are works in progress and will likely be different from what I ultimately publish. If you have any feedback or questions, please leave a comment or email me as I am very undecided on a lot of aspects in this project.

Xergan the Singer

AKA Carla Geas, Ta Qíngyù, ♫♪♪♫, Green Eyes

Xergan the Singer has no consistent form. They flow between male, female and non-binary sometimes from moment to moment. They may retain a form for the length of an entire song, and more rarely, for an entire musical set but for the most part, their appearance is mercurial and fluid.

What doesn’t change is their voice. Their voice has incredible range and evokes emotions with a single note. If accompanied by a band, their voice is the most powerful component of the song. If you ever hear Xergan the Singer sing, then you will be able to recognize that voice for years to come no matter what shape they possess. (Source: Solom Lazarus, Adventures in Ascension 1941)

People don’t listen to Xergan the Singer sing, they become touched. Some mortals experience emotional breakthroughs. Others feel an intense longing or lust that changes the course of their life. Some magicians report receiving special insights through the music akin to a vision quest.

Xergan the Singer frequently has sex with their admirers. They sing as the fuck, often composing a song that is deeply personal for the person or persons they are having sex with. These individual songs result in an aural ecstasy that eclipses the physical pleasure.

As a lover, Xergan the Singer is as volatile as their appearance. Some of his more dedicated groupies report Xergan the Singer being passionate and gentle at one encounter and selfish as well as downright cruel at another.

It is well known that Xergan the Singer has a fondness for chocolate with green candy shells.

Attempts have been made to record Xergan the Singer through the centuries. The resulting recordings are usually completely silent, even if a band is also performing. Some speculate that Xergan the Singer doesn’t actually sing but communicates their songs through psychic emanations.

However, Julie Harlot claims that she recorded Xergan the Singer at a nightclub in New Orleans. She used a wax cylinder believed to have belonged to Baroness Maria de Alias while also using some microphones of her own arcane design. According to her, the recording worked and induced a high state of nymphomania in those who listen to it. Unfortunately, the cylinder was stolen by forces unknown within a month of the recording. (Source: Julie Harlot, Hacking the Algorithm of Desire! 2021)

Their symbol is a scale of six musical notes alternating with the Greek symbols for Mercury.

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Feb 032023

I have been playing around with my sex demon catalog idea.

In a previous project I was working on, I included short stories about the demon to give an example of their power. Revisiting my notes on the project, I found that the short stories were a little too distracting and broke the immersion of the entries. For this project, I really want to maintain a verisimilitude that this is a book of magic. The footnotes help with that but I am curious if others find the notes distracting.

The following is what a current entry might look like. Let me know if there is a detail you think I am missing or any other notes.

Whispering Fea
AKA: Clerk of Secrets. Blind Takara,

A physical description is hard to give as Whispering Fea only manifests to those who can not see. In the dark, or when blindfolded or sometimes with only eyes closed, a person may hear Whispering Fae whisper in their ear. They may feel her sharp nails drag across their flesh. They may even feel the press of foreign flesh to their lips and taste strange juices. If their vision is restored, Whispering Fea leaves in an instant.

Whispering Fea will arouse, tease and on rare occasions, stimulate to orgasm those that call on her. While she is present, people have been known to willingly give forth their secrets to her. The more salacious the secrets, the more intense the physical interactions.

It should be noted that Whispering Fea often comes to the mortal realm on her own accord. She is drawn especially by those who blindfold themselves willingly. It is a common experience among beginning magicians to sit in the dark and wait for Whispering Fae’s touch.

Father Spunk warns against trying to coerce Whispering Fae to reveal the secrets that others have given her. He reports that she responded to his attempts with repeated pinches to his genitals. Even after her banished her, he was plagued with more pinches to his cock and scrotum for a week whenever he was in a dark room. (Source: Father Spunk, The Gasping Ecstasy of Divine Worship, 1992)

Whispering Fae resides in a dark vault located at the bottom of an ocean on a sunless world in the Planes of Desires. Any light brought into the vault is smothered in darkness. Any attempt to create a light fails. The walls are soft and hairy but what they are made of is impossible to tell. (Source: Maria Rook, Visions in a Haunted Brothel, 2009)

Her symbols have included blindfolds or scarves bound across eyes.

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Jan 232023

A few years ago I had an idea to make a catalog of modern demons. Instead of demons obsessed with making you kiss their ass, I wanted to do demons that made you forget your social media passwords. Naming problems is a good way of reducing a problem to something you can solve. I planned to give demonic names to common modern ills.

I am not sure why I didn’t follow through on it. Most likely, I turned my focus to something more fun like writing a book. Still, I think it would be fun to make a catalog of demons and their kind. I just want to explore something a bit more interesting than shit that annoys us.

With that in mind, my goal is to create sixty-nine sex demons by the end of 2023. Sex demons is more on brand for me. I am thinking of sharing the demons on the blog and then compiling them for a book. Goddess help me, I might even hire someone to do illustrations.

So yeah, let 2023 be the year of the Sex Demon.

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