Sep 062008

Wow, I put off doing a main page for this story for almost a year. I think that answers the question of how connected this story was to my actual divorce.

I don’t remember how I had the idea for this story but I know I wrote it drawing upon my own unhappy marriage and the unhappy marriages that I have read so many times in other people’s blogs. There are patterns that are repeated, stories that are almost retold over and over by different people that last Halloween I realized that I could tell a story that was a distillation of all that unhappiness.

What happened is I ended up telling my story. I had to look at my own unhappiness and how easily I distracted myself from the problems in my relationship. Hannah used chores and she had a self esteem based on the things that distract her. I had my writing, my videogames and my friends. And just like Hannah, when exciting sexual situations intersected my life, I realized just how unhappy I was. I had given up on my own happiness.

A month after this story posted I broke up with my wife. I had met someone that I really liked and adored but I never imagined running off with her. I just didn’t do that. But after writing Hannah, and soaking in her sad life, I knew that I couldn’t live like that. Like Hannah, I didn’t know what the fuck I was going to do, but I knew I couldn’t continue like I have.

Neither should you.

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Oct 292007

“Hannah, are you awake?”

Hannah opened her eyes. A strand of her blond hair was lying in a curl in front of her. She felt a hand on her hip, and she thought it was the invisible touch she had experienced yesterday. It was when she felt Adam’s cock pressed against her ass that she realized it was her husband gripping her hip.

“I’m awake,” she lied. She was emotionally exhausted from last night. Tossing and turning, all she had dreamed about was Samuel, the odd curses she was under and how badly she wanted to get laid.

She felt Adam’s cock throb. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” Adam said. “I just wanted to fuck you.”

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Hannah was more awake now.

“Really?” she said.

He turned her over on her back and climbed on top of her. She looked at her husband in surprise. His hair was a mess, and his morning breath was atrocious. He sure as hell hadn’t taken a shower. This was so unlike him.

Especially that thick pulsing cock between his legs.

“What do you say?” Adam said. “Maybe it’s your hair, but I really just have to fuck you this morning.”

Hannah giggled. “Yes.”

He slid right in. Despite the highly sexual week Hannah had enjoyed, having a real cock enter her was like heaven. This was just what she wanted.

“Damn, you’re sexy,” Adam said. “I don’t know where I want to kiss you first.”

Hannah lifted one of her tits. “Right here,” she said.

He growled, and Hannah trembled. How long has it been since he growled for her instead of at her? She shivered as Adam dived on her tit. He bit far too hard, but that was OK. He hadn’t had this much passion for her tits since they were dating. Hannah decided he could have all of her tit he wanted.

Adam fucked her while he devoured her breasts. It was a slow, steady grind, and she dug her fingernails into his back. It had truly been far too long.

“We should do this more often,” Adam said.

“Yes!” Hannah agreed.

They fucked faster. He kicked off the sheets. She wrapped her arms and legs around her husband like she was never going to let him go.

“I want to fuck you all day long,” Adam said.

Hannah groaned.

“I want to fuck your brains out,” Adam said.

Hannah moaned.

“I never want to leave your hot pussy,” Adam said.

Hannah believed him.

She climaxed. She came, and it was so much better than masturbating. It was even better than the orgasms she had from her curses. It rocked her, shook her and made her fall into a million pieces and come back together.

And once she had her orgasm, Adam let go with his. He climaxed like an animal, yelling his pleasure as he released into his wife. Hannah’s heart raced as she heard his cry. It was a scream of victory and possession.

Adam smiled and kissed her. It was such a tender kiss, morning breath and all. After the kiss, he rolled off her and laughed.

“We should do that every morning,” he said.

“OK,” Hannah answered. She rolled over and cuddled with him.

“What got into you this morning?” she asked.

“I think I realized just how lucky I was to have you,” Adam said. “I mean, you’ve been pretty unhappy lately. The house is a mess, and at first, I thought that you were being lazy, but after thinking about it, I realized that it has been a long time since we’ve done anything together. We always end up doing my hobbies. Or we play Warcraft, which isn’t about us, it’s about that game. I mean, you and I got married because we wanted to be with each other, not because I was going to make my job my entire life and you were my housekeeper, right?”

Hannah purred and rubbed her face in her husband’s chest hair. “Damn right.”

“I guess it occurred to me this morning,” he continued, “that I was damn lucky to have a wife who wants to jump my body, and it was about damn time I took advantage of that. I know work has been making me too stressed for sex, but you know what? Fuck that shit. I like fucking you, and damn it, I’m going to fuck my wife no matter what happens at work. That work for you?”

“Yes!” Hannah said.

“I love you,” Adam said. “But I need to go to the bathroom. Will you be ready for round two when I get back?”

“Fuck, yes,” she said.

Adam went to the bathroom, and Hannah sat up in her bed. This was amazing! Adam did understand what was going on. He really did know what she had been going through. They could have a happy marriage, and she didn’t have to get her kicks from creepy neighbors who thought they knew Hannah better than her own husband.

Hannah glanced at her dresser and saw herself in the mirror. Her face was still glowing from her orgasm. She especially liked how red her cheeks were. Not to mention how her long brown hair was just a tousled just-fucked mess.

The strands were gone.

Hannah scrambled to her mirror to make sure. All of the colored strands were gone. Her hair was back to the original rich brown color. It was strange for Hannah to be looking at her normal hair again. It made her doubt that the last week had happened at all.

Was she finally free? Why were there only six curses?

Adam walked back in. He looked grumpy. “So what are your plans this morning?” he said.

“I thought we would make love,” she said, plopping back on the bed.

Adam rolled his eyes. “Maybe later. I haven’t even had breakfast yet, or taken a shower.”

He walked right past her nude body and changed into some slacks. “I was thinking about getting a few rounds of golf in this morning. Maybe you should clean the house, and when I get back, we can play some more Warcraft or something.”

Hannah nodded. She didn’t trust herself to talk. She understood what today’s curse had been. For one all-too-brief morning, she’d had the husband she wanted instead of the one she lived with.

Just as with her marriage, Hannah wished she’d known that she had a time limit before the sex died.

To be concluded,

Oct 262007

“Adam isn’t so bad,” Hannah thought. It was Saturday morning, and Adam had made breakfast. He made his very complicated bacon omelets. The table was laid out for two, and he made a big deal out of pretending to be her waiter. It reminded Hannah so much of how he used to act when they were dating.

Over breakfast, he attempted an apology.

“Work has been really bad this week,” he said.

She nodded.

“And I have had all this stress placed on me to get this Davidson project done in time.”

She ate another bite and nodded again.

“I didn’t realize how much I must have been working till I realized I hadn’t noticed your new hair color.”

Hannah nodded.

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“I mean, wow, I must really be working really hard not to notice something like that. I think I might need a vacation somewhere. Like maybe an extended golf weekend or something. Go down to Florida and spend three days just golfing to unwind.”

Hannah just looked at him. That was his idea of a vacation?

Adam squirmed a little under her silent stare. “I forgot the butter. Do you need anything from the kitchen?”

Hannah shook her head. She understood that this breakfast wasn’t a plea for forgiveness. It was a bribe for some golf trip.

Adam hurried off to the kitchen. Hannah sighed as soon as he was gone. She had had that brief fleeting feeling that Adam understood how unhappy she was, and now it was gone. He didn’t see past his own needs. Needs that apparently didn’t include her.

Under the table, a hand closed around her thigh. The sudden touch made her jump. The startled feeling was replaced by fear as she realized that one of her curses was happening now — with Adam in the house!

She looked under the table, but there was nothing there. She sat back up and groaned as two invisible hands gripped her breasts through her robe. Firm fingers kneaded her tits like an urgent lover. Hannah groaned from the wonderful touch, but her heart was pounding with terror of Adam walking in on her strange curse.

“I also got the jelly if you wanted it,” Adam said.

The hands disappeared. Hannah waited for the next touch, trying to will herself ready. She thought that if she didn’t jump or let it show, she could endure this curse in secret.

“So,” Adam began again. “The place I was looking at is a golf resort but they have things for the wives to do, too. They have a shopping mall and a pool you could lounge at.”

Hannah didn’t hear him at first. She was waiting for the next touch. Nothing was happening, though.

“A pool?” Hannah said. That was the only part she remembered.

“Oh, yes,” Adam said. “Two actually.”

He started to recite the text of the brochure or Web site he had obviously been studying. Hannah half=listened to him while waiting for the next sensory assault. Still nothing happened. Was that it? A touch on her thigh and a grabbing of her boobs? She found herself kind of disappointed.

“So, I was thinking sometime in November,” Adam finished. “We can make reservations today.”

“Sure,” she said. She got up and gathered her dishes. She half-expected Adam to jump up and help, but apparently his eagerness to please had evaporated once he got what he wanted. He just sat there while she carried her dishes into the kitchen.

Once she was in the kitchen, something grabbed her ass. It wasn’t a pinch, it was a full squeeze of her buttock. It was like what a lover does right before he whispers something naughty in your ear.

Hannah stood there, enjoying the squeeze. She listened for whispers but nothing came.

Adam came in. “I’m really glad you see how important this golf trip is. I think it is the perfect thing I need in order to stay sharp and get that promotion.”

The squeeze stopped as soon he walked in. She understood then what was going on. He was blocking her curse. If she stayed with him, nothing would happen. With him, she would be safe from whatever was happening. He could be her refuge today.

“So what are you doing today?” Hannah asked.

“Thought I would play some games till 1,” he said. He seemed a little hesitant. He was worried she wanted him for something. “Then I was going to find a ball game to watch.” He paused, afraid of the answer. “What are you doing?”

She thought about it. “Mostly stuff around the house. I doubt you’ll even see me.”

Adam was so relieved that he didn’t notice that relief was clear on Hannah’s face as well.

As Adam made his retreat into the living room, Hannah hurried to the laundry room. Immediately the hands were back, running wild all over her body. She stumbled to the washer and leaned against it. She remembered the orgasm she had had here and hoped that today would be just as explosive.

Invisible hands crawled all over her body. They moved under her clothes, yet somehow didn’t disturb them. Finger danced over her thighs, squeezed her nipples, squeezed her ass and touched her lips. It was a full-body grope. It was like being manhandled by a dozen men.

It was like being desired.

She could hear Adam’s videogames coming from the living room. Back in the early days of their marriage, Hannah would sit with him and cheer him on. Later, she resented the videogames that he would study and master instead of spending that energy on her. Today, however, she loved every explosion, laser and car crash she could hear. It all meant that the invisible hands would keep mauling her.

After ten glorious minutes of being manhandled, she realized they were never going near her sex. Her nipples were pinched. Her thighs were lovingly squeezed. Her lips were touched by teasing fingertips, but her pussy got nothing. Hannah thought about touching herself, but she resisted. She wanted the curse to get her off. She had a hard enough time getting Adam to fuck her; she didn’t want to settle during a curse, too.

She thought it might have something to do with proximity to Adam. Since the hands stopped whenever Adam was in the same room with her, maybe his just being within earshot was blocking the magic from getting her off.

She went to the study, but there the hands only tease her with a frontal body massage that skipped the magic area of her sex.

She went to the bedroom, but there the hands teased her by pulling and tugging at her heavy tits.

She even tried the bathroom, but there the hands would probe and tease her ass without ever getting near her pussy.

Hannah stood by the window. She was wet, horny and frustrated. Adam’s football game was starting, and still she had not climaxed. She had exhausted every room in the house, and none was far enough. Hannah sighed in self-pity. This was the most frustrating curse yet. This was what she got for watching her neighbor in his yard.

“The yard,” she said. She laughed. Hannah grabbed some clothes out of her bedroom. She grabbed some shorts, even though she knew it was too cold outside for them. That was OK. Hannah counted on the invisible hands to keep her warm.

She went outside to her backyard. She stayed on the deck since she hadn’t bothered to grab shoes. The cold October air nipped at her, but she had been right: The roaming, invisible hands did keep her warm. She sat on one of the lounge chairs and shivered on the plastic. The cold just added more sensation to the curse.

Her guess had been right. The hands moved to her sex. Oh, other hands were still playing with her legs, her face and her tits, but now it felt as though there were an orgy of hands on her pussy.

“Oh yes,” Hannah moaned. How long has it been since someone masturbated her? Well, no matter when it had been, it was nothing like this. She never had fingers pulling and twisting her clitoris. She had never had finger after finger fuck her like some sort of manual gangbang. She had never felt so touched in that one place where she wanted to be touched the most.

The clouds moved slowly overhead while Hannah was being finger-fucked. She became aware of how bare the trees looked. Wood smoke was in the air, drifting from someone’s fireplace. All of these sensations were sinking into her as she writhed and groaned on her chair. She was being fucked outdoors, and she never imagined that happening on a cold, lazy October Saturday.

She climaxed, gripping the arms of the lounge chair. She managed to stay quiet, with only the wide grin on her face showing how much pleasure she was enjoying.

“You’re beautiful when you do that,” a voice said.

Hannah jumped in her seat. Leaning on the fence was Samuel. He looked so damned smug.

“That was a compliment, or are you unused to hearing those from your husband?” Samuel said.

Hannah didn’t know what to say. Part of her wanted to vent, to let it all pour out to this mysterious neighbor. She wanted to talk about Adam, about her frustrations and about how this week had been one of the best in her life.

Instead, she just stayed quiet. Denial was an old habit for Hannah.

“My husband does just fine,” she said. “I am a happily married woman. Your curses are … just a pleasant distraction.”

Samuel nodded. “Let’s see what your opinion of your husband is tomorrow.”

Hannah wanted to say something biting, but Samuel left. He went back to his house, leaving her alone in her yard. The wind blew harder, and there were no more hands to warm her.

to be continued,

Oct 242007

Hannah soaked in her bathtub. The water was as hot as she could stand it. The CD player filled the room with random selections of her favorite songs. The lights were off, and two candles flickered in the darkness. It was only 9 in the morning, but she had already had a rough day.

“What a fucking pig sty,” Adam had yelled over breakfast.

Work had called him this morning. Some disaster was happening. They needed Adam right away. These kinds of things happened more frequently lately, but that was the price Adam paid for his high-paying job. Sometimes, he handled it like a martyr, moaning about the fact that he was the only one smart enough and talented enough to handle these disasters.

But then there was his other response.

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“When’s the last time you vacuumed? I swear this dust ball has been here for a month!”

“We’re still out of light butter? You know this shit butter makes me congested!”

“Why the fuck is the laundry not done yet?”

“What the hell did you do with your hair?”

That last question was the one that hurt the most. With all that had happened to her, what he’d finally noticed were the new colors in her hair. He didn’t notice the soreness she had from all the orgasms. He didn’t notice how guilty she had felt. The asshole only noticed that his damn house wasn’t as pretty as he was used to. It was searching for something else to criticize that finally made him notice her hair.

Hannah retreated to the bathroom after he was gone. Before she had videogames and chores to fill her day, for that matter, before she had even been married, she used to retreat to a warm, soothing bath. It was a habit she’d picked up when she was a teenager. When her parents brought up her weight and lack of dates one too many times, the bathroom was the only place she had been able to go to escape their helpful advice.

The hot water cradled her. Her body felt smaller submerged in water. She sunk down until her chin was under water. Her knees came up, rising from the water like wet cliffs. Both of her nipples also peeked out, hard and red from the hot water. She felt her tension melt away.

She forgot about the house.

She forgot about Adam.

She forgot about the curse.

The water pulled her down. Some great suction pulled at her, and the water went over her. Her head was dunked down and Hannah just managed to hold her breath in time. The water held onto her, somehow holding her arms and legs down so she couldn’t get up. As her head went down, her breasts emerged from the water and wobbled on the surface.

Hannah’s head was pulled up from the water. Her body was still pinned, but at least she could grab some air.

“Holy shit!” she yelled. She was angry. All of the calm she had gathered after Adam left was gone. Now she was just pissed. “Drowning isn’t sexy!”

A rattle came from her sink. The small basket of hair clips and barrettes rattled as if something were alive in it. She watched as most of her hair clips came floating out of the basket. It wasn’t all of her hair pins, and it took her a moment to understand which clips were flying. They all had teeth or something that could open and close.

The hair clips flew and hovered over Hannah’s nude, wet body. They circled, closing and opening over her. She tried to move, but the water sapped all of her strength, making her an observer of her own torment.

The water pulled her back down under the water. It was slow this time, and she took a deep breath to hold her. She wasn’t afraid. She was helpless, and her face was under water, but for some reason, she was unafraid. Curiosity and a sudden heat between her thighs made her want to see how this played out.

Once again, her breasts rose from the water as her head was dunked. As soon as her breasts were exposed, the flying hair clips attacked. They dived down like angry wasps. Plastic teeth bit into her flesh. Her biggest hair pins fastened cold metal around her nipples. As more of her breasts were exposed, more of her clips attacked. Her tits were covered, and not a single clip was holding on gently to her tender flesh.

Her head was kept under water. She had thought it would hurt more than it did. The pinpoints of pain were more like love bites. Even the big clips that had her nipples were no harsher than Adam’s hardest bite. It was the need to breathe that worried her. How long was she going to be kept down?

The hair clips flew off, and before Hannah could react, her head was suddenly pushed upward. She gasped for air before gasping from the sensation of having her bitten tits submerged in the hot water. She grabbed a mauled breast and examined it. It was covered in plastic teeth marks but otherwise unharmed.

“Was that it?” she asked.

The water pulled her back down. The hair clips attacked again. Before she’d thought they were harsh, but now she appreciated how gentle they had been. The clips this time came down with a vengeance. They pinched. They sunk into her. They nibbled.

The big clips were the worst. This time, they clamped around her nipples and twisted. She fought to keep from screaming under the water. Her nipples were on fire, being twisted and pulled without mercy.

Worse, every twist of the clips on her nipples was sending shockwaves between her thighs. Hannah’s pussy came to life. The more her breasts suffered, the more her pussy wanted to be touched. The more the tiny barrettes nibbled her tits, the more her pussy wanted to be nibbled as well. All this attention on her tits just reminded her how long it has been since she had been truly taken. She tried to move her hands to her pussy, but the water’s curious strength still held her. There was no escape for Hannah, neither literally nor sexually.

The water released her. She emerged, once again gasping for air while the clips flew around her. Horny, she reached between her legs and stroked herself. She groaned at the bliss.

She stroked once.

She stroked twice.

On her third stroke, the water reclaimed her.

This time, however, Hannah’s ass was lifted up as her head went down. Like some great waterspout, her ass was lifted up in the air. She kicked her legs in the air and struggled to keep some sort of balance. It was hard to hold her breath like this, even harder now because she didn’t know why she was being held in this position.

The hair clips attacked. They landed on her calves. Each one latched onto her with merciless plastic teeth as rows of barrettes worked their way up her calves to her thighs, to her pussy and right onto her clit.

“Fuck!” she yelled under the water. Sweet, unbelievable, wonderful pain exploded from her clitoris, quickly replaced by the warmest, most powerful surge of desire she had ever felt. She was being bitten, eaten and devoured.

She climaxed. It happened so fast. She felt it coming, and before she could do anything, she climaxed with a yell. As soon as she cried out, her body was released, and she rose out of the water. She tried to stand on shaking legs, but she couldn’t get any purchase.

She shivered in her hot bath water. All around her the hair clips floated. The magic was gone. The marks on her thighs and breasts were still there. Also still there were the pounding heart and ragged breathing.

She sank back down into the water, and closed her eyes. She didn’t bother to look for the new lock of hair. She didn’t want to see it. She didn’t want to think about curses, Samuel or how the pain and hot water had given her a better orgasm than Adam ever gave her. This was her bath time. This was her refuge. All of that could wait. For now, she just wanted to escape and relax.

A hair clip floated past her chin. Another shiver went down her body. She sighed. She knew she would never relax here again.

To be continued,

Oct 222007

Thursday was supposed to be Hannah’s free day. With the chores for the week done, it was the day she dedicated to playing six solid hours of World of Warcraft with her friends. Usually, she would play a few hours every day, but Thursday was the day that she really put her time in. It was a mini-vacation she took every week.

This Thursday had to be different. Hannah looked at her house and saw how far behind she had fallen in her chores. She had never finished vacuuming on Monday. She hadn’t gone to another grocery store on Tuesday. Wednesday, the washer had fucked her so hard that she hadn’t dared to even walk into the laundry room again. The house was a mess, and there was no reason for her to be playing video games.

But that was exactly what Hannah planned to do. She got herself a glass of water, some potato chips and a bowl of nuts. Packed for a long day of game playing, she sat down at her computer in the study and prepared to lose herself. She needed a break from her life and her curses. She would rather deal with digital monsters and fictional platinum.

“That’s where you are!” said a male voice from behind her.

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Hannah jumped in her seat. She turned around and saw a blond man walk into the study. He was rather handsome, and he had his shirt off. The relaxed way that he walked confused her. He didn’t act like an intruder. Even odder was the fact that he wasn’t looking at her.

“You walked by here twice!” said a short woman with curly red hair, who was in the corner of the room. She giggled and danced in front of the strange man.

“It was all I could do not to laugh,” the woman said “You didn’t even see me in the curtains.”

The man pulled the woman to him and kissed her neck. “But I see you now,” he growled.

Hannah watched as the couple pulled at each other’s clothes. “Excuse me!” she said loudly.

They ignored her. The couple grew more passionate the more clothes they ripped off one another. Off came the man’s pants to reveal very thick thighs. Off came the woman’s dress to reveal small freckled breasts. The more clothes they lost, the more they devoured each other with their mouths.

“Excuse me!” Hannah said. She reached out to touch the kissing couple, and her hands went right through them!

“Oh, shit,” she whispered. Now she knew why the lovers were ignoring her. They were some sort of illusion, or maybe ghosts.

Hannah really looked at them now. The woman’s hair was a little too feathered to be current. The man’s body was a bit hairier than fashion dictated. She looked at their discarded clothes. Hannah couldn’t touch the clothes, but she could read the labels. She didn’t recognize any of them. Were these phantoms of a couple that had lived here years ago?

The couple was on the ground now, fucking like rabbits. The man was on top, just driving his cock into his moaning lover. There was little in the way of innovation or positioning, but there was a purity of passion and desire that Hannah envied. They fucked because they loved to fuck one another.

The woman came, and Hannah watched the redhead dig her nails into her phantom lover. Hannah felt her own sex awaken, wishing for the same satisfaction that was written all over the woman’s face.

It was the man’s turn next. He let go of what he had been holding back. He released, crying out his own orgasm like a blissful banshee. The man came, and Hannah wished she could have felt his heat between her own thighs.

The couple vanished. Hannah released the breath she had been holding.

“Oh, god, I need to come,” she said. She reached into her sweatpants and stroked her sex like crazy.

“Honey, I’m home!” she heard from the living room.

“Shit!” she yelled. She whipped her hand out and jumped to her feet. She frantically wiped her hand on her shirt as she walked into the living room. What was Adam doing home so early?

It wasn’t Adam. It was a much larger man this time. This guy was balding, and Hannah recognized him as the male half of the couple they had bought the house from. He was standing in the living room, two suitcases dropped to the ground. Kneeling before the man was an equally large woman. Hannah recognized the woman as his wife. That didn’t make her feel any less jealous of the scene before her.

The woman sucked her husband. The man stood. He shifted his weight from time to time, and Hannah could see that he wanted to sit down, but he was keeping quiet. The man was more concerned with receiving the gift his wife was giving him. He touched her hair with love, pulling her to him not with sexual need but with a need to be closer to her.

The man climaxed. He yelled, and his whole body shook. What surprised Hannah was how much the woman moaned. It was a moan of triumph. She took her husband’s seed with gratitude, affection and care.

Hannah had never wanted a cock to suck so badly in her life.

The couple faded away. She started to masturbate again. She pulled her sweats off this time and just fingered herself fast and hard. In the kitchen, she heard more noises. Still stroking her sex, she got up and went to see what new apparitions were fucking now.

It was a young couple this time. They couldn’t have been past their 20s. Hannah just looked at their perfect, fit bodies, fucking like crazy on the kitchen counter. The woman was screaming out her lover’s name, ”Johnny.” Every thrust, every plunge with of cock made her scream his name. The only thing louder than her screams was the beautiful wet, squelching noises of her pussy taking his cock.

Hannah leaned against the refrigerator and masturbated. She fingered herself with the same passion she was watching. It was exactly what she wanted. It was exactly how she needed it. The only thing that soured her was the understanding that all of this had happened — in other people’s marriages.

The couple climaxed as loudly as they fucked. They vanished, and Hannah froze in midstroke. She couldn’t go on. She waited, and then she heard the sounds of fucking from the bathroom. Hand on her sex, she raced to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, she watched the bald man fuck his wife with a shower bottle.

Later, in the bedroom, she watched the young couple fuck up against the wall.

After that, she watched the blond man fuck his wife’s ass in the dining room.

The study was an orgy as Hannah watched the young couple fuck a large-breasted black woman.

The living room was where the redhead masturbated while on the phone with her husband.

In the hallway, the bald man ate his wife’s pussy while she writhed on the floor.

Hannah masturbated through it all. At one point, she came, and she was shocked when the ghosts were still there. It wasn’t long before she was fingering herself again. Watching the endless parade of sex in her house was stimulating her appetitive to new levels. It wasn’t enough to climax; she wanted to join in. Since she couldn’t touch any of her guests, watching and masturbating were her only recourse.

Around late afternoon, just a half-hour before Adam was due back, Hannah dragged herself to the bedroom. She had heard fucking, and although she had climaxed five times that day, she wanted one more. After weeks of being sated by single orgasms, she was throbbing with the gluttony of the day.

She wasn’t ready for what she found. It was Adam, and he was fucking a spectral Hannah from behind. She recognized the scene. It was the last time they had made love.

It had been about three months ago.

Hannah watched. She stopped masturbating. This wasn’t the same. Adam didn’t pound her as furiously as the young man did. He didn’t stroke her hips like the bald man would his wife’s. Adam didn’t whisper sweet promises like the blond man when he fucked his wife. Adam just fucked, an in-and-out that lacked any real need.

Hannah forced herself to go over to where her double’s face was. She hunched down on the bed, looking herself in the face. It was fascinating. She saw her own need. She saw how badly she needed even the half-hearted fucking that Adam was giving her. She saw herself for what she was, one truly sexually frustrated person.

She looked up at Adam and tried to figure out how their marriage had come to this. Had she gained too much weight? Was Adam’s job really that stressful? Maybe if she and Adam really worked on it, they could bring some sort of resuscitation to their marriage. As Hannah had watched all day, other married couples had no trouble fucking the brain outs of each other. There was no reason why they had to be different. They could fix this.

Adam looked to the left again. He kept doing it while he fucked the ghost Hannah. The real Hannah saw him do it a few times before she really noticed it. She turned to see what he was looking at.

It was the clock.

She thought back to when they had fucked. Was it late? No … Wait, it had been right before his show came one. It was the one with the crime-solving team of federal agents.

Adam had been watching the clock the last time they fucked, making sure he didn’t miss his show.

Hannah stood up and swung her fist right at him. Her hand went right through his lousy fucking clock-watching face.

The couple disappeared. Hannah waited, but she didn’t hear anyone else fucking. Resigned and a little depressed, she walked over to the dresser mirror. A new shock of green hair had joined the rainbow on her head. This curse was over, but her hurt remained.

She screamed. All of that hurt bubbled up inside her, and she just let it out. After she had been worked up into a daylong lustful frenzy, having it end like this was just cruel.

She pulled on a T-shirt and grabbed a pair of sweatpants. She put her shoes on with a vengeance. She snatched up her keys so she could lock up the house while she gave Samuel a piece of her mind. She didn’t know what she was going to say, but she was sure it would come to her.

She opened her door, and Samuel was standing there. She thought that she should have been frightened by his sudden appearance, but she wasn’t. He was wearing clothes this time. He had on slacks and a nice black shirt. Despite the clothes covering his body, Hannah couldn’t ignore how fit and handsome her was.

“I don’t choose your curses,” he said.

“What?” she said.

“I don’t pick your curses,” he said. “I don’t decide the form they take or what happens.”

“Who does?” she asked.

He reached between her thighs. She didn’t try to stop him. She just stood still as he laid his hand on the outside of her sweatpants. His fingers pressed against her sex, and despite the long day of masturbating, she still had enough lust for more. The October air was crisp against her face, but the heat of his hand kept her from shivering.

“This determines your curse,” Samuel. “It also determines your blessings, your fulfillment and your misery. Everything happens either because you want it or because you feel like you deserve it.”

His fingers felt so damn good between her thighs. She was wet again, and she was so close to leaning into his palm. She realized that they were standing there in her front door where anyone could see. Sudden shame engulfed her, especially considering how much she wanted more.

“I think you should go,” she said.

Samuel removed his hand. “I think you’re right.”

He left, and Hannah closed the door. She reached between her legs and thought about what he’d said.

To be continued,

Oct 192007

Hannah was ready to forgive Adam. She woke up horny. Adam was sleeping beside her, and there were a good 20 minutes before the alarm would go off. She wanted to fuck. Hannah wanted to climax or feel the warm splash of Adam’s climax. At this level of arousal, either would be satisfying.

She burrowed under the covers, leaving behind the cold October morning air for the warmth of bodies under the comforter. Hannah opened Adam’s pajama bottoms and pulled out his half-erect cock She slipped it into her mouth and sucked oh-so-tenderly.

She licked him with all the care and affection she used to feel for him. The taste of him was what she craved. The stiffening of his cock reaffirmed that she was a woman worth desiring. It was so easy to forget all the neglect, all the times he had rejected her for sex and all the heartache she had gone through wondering why his libido had died while hers had paradoxically risen. In the smothering heat of a blowjob under covers, all doubt and regret is burned away. Relief washed over her; maybe things weren’t as bad as she’d suspected. As she sucked her husband’s cock, Hannah began to believe that she didn’t need the strange sexual curses that had recently dominated her life.

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“God damn it,” Adam yelled. His hands flipped off the covers and pushed at Hannah’s shoulders.

“Do you have any idea what time it is?” he said. “I’ve got the Henderson meeting first thing this morning.”

Hannah looked at her husband, his cock still in her mouth. She gave his cock a coaxing lick.

“Damn,” Adam said, and Hannah thought she had won him over. “I need to have the mid-month finished, too.”

His tone made it clear that having his cock sucked had ruined his entire day.

Hannah took Adam’s cock out of her mouth and apologized. It didn’t stop him from whining and bitching about the day ahead. He complained after his shower, he fussed about the lack of clean socks while getting dressed, and he was downcast as he sullenly ate his breakfast. By the time Adam left for work, Hannah was out of forgiveness. She had moved full on to resentment and quite a bit of hostility.

She was also very horny.

Wednesday was laundry day. It was a full-day affair; Hannah had figured out how to stretch it with a lunch break, ironing, folding and an hour of World of Warcraft while the towels dried. She sorted through the hamper of dirty laundry and tried not to think of the fiasco of this morning.

Instead, she thought of her curses. What might today’s curse bring? Would she be smothered in her laundry, held helpless while the towels whipped her bottom? Would she held down while Samuel entered her house, taunting her with what he was going to do to her? Would he make her suck his gorgeous cock? Would she choke on his cum as he filled her throat?

Oh, Hannah hoped so, and yet she didn’t. She suspected that all she had to do was go over to his house and knock on his door and she would be fucked all day long. She knew this, but she couldn’t do it. She wanted it, but she was also afraid of what that kind of decision would mean. It would mean the end of her and Adam. It would mean telling her family that she had lost the husband who gave her such a nice house and a life of luxury. It would mean that Adam would be the good guy and she would be the bad girl. For some reason, that galled her most of all. She was the hurt one here, damn it. She wasn’t going to do anything that could change that. She would rather suffer than give Adam that kind of victory.

Hannah was still fuming in offended martyrdom when she started the first load of laundry. It was large pile of whites, half of which were Adam’s socks. She dumped them in, set the temperature for hot, put in the detergent and slammed the lid shut.

That was when a powerful force slammed her against the washer. Her hips were pressed against the filling machine, her legs spread wide by some unknown power. That same invisible strength pushed her head down and pulled her arms behind her. Hannah moaned as her heavy breasts pressed against the cold lid of the washer. Her chin rested on the back of the control panel, her nose pressed against the wall. She was completely immobilized.

The clothes were next. Her shirt was ripped off her. Her bra fell in tatters. Her pajama bottoms tore with a loud rip. Her white cotton panties exploded into inch-long scraps. She was stripped bare and helpless.

She should have been afraid, but she wasn’t. She welcomed it. She didn’t know what was about to happen, but she knew one thing and that thought made her tingle between her thighs. These things were happening because someone wanted to do something to her. That kind of attention made her euphoric.

The washer went into its cycle, but something was different. It filled with water, but this water was so hot that the temperature of the washer became almost unbearably hot. Hot metal brought Hannah’s skin to life, obliterating any chill that was left in the October morning.

Then the washer moved. The wash cycle began, but instead of the gentle hum she had come to know, this was a bone-rattling vibration. Her entire body shook with the strength of the vibrations. Her nipples were so hard pressed against the vibrating metal lid. The invisible force that held her ground her hips against the machine, pressing her pussy and, more important, her clitoris against the warm steel.

“Yes!” she cried. The vibrations were better than any toy. Bent over and pinned against the machine, she felt as though she were being fucked. She was trapped in a wonderful threesome with the machine and the invisible force. She was in the center of heat, vibrations and unyielding power.

She tried to grind. She tried to move her hips against the washer. She tried to somehow fuck, but the absolute force that held her forbade it all. All she could do was stay there and take it.

Hannah took it.

The vibrations grew stronger. The floor creaked from the out-of-control washer. The walls shook a little, and Hannah watched a crack form on the wall. She knew she should be concerned but somehow the damage being done to her laundry room amused her. It was like breaking a bed with sex or leaving a stain on a dress. All the stress and damage were proof that Hannah was having one hell of a time.

The vibrations stopped. She groaned with disappointment. She tried to get up, but she still couldn’t move. She heard water draining, and she sighed with relief. She still had the spin cycle to go through. In the brief pause, she noticed how much of her desire had dripped down her thighs.

It was worth the pause. Once again, the washer ramped up into some sort of overdrive parody of its usual cycle. The vibrations were so strong that her pinned breasts felt as though they were being squeezed with prickly fingers. The spinning was so intense; it was a pulsing sensation of vibrating bliss on her pussy.

“Oh, yes,” Hannah screamed.

“Oh, yes!” Hannah moaned.

“Oh, yes!” Hannah cried.

Hannah came. The invisible force kept her pinned as her orgasm rippled through her body. She surrendered to her immobility and rode her orgasm out. She became a creature of pleasure, free of husbands, doubt and decisions. She ceased to be a wife and was just a woman fucked in the laundry room.

The washer stopped. She slumped with exhaustion, and it was a good seven seconds before she realized that the invisible force was gone. She had been released and hadn’t even noticed it.

The front of the washer was stained with her desire. She laughed as she flopped to the floor. Her body was numb from the vibrations, and her pussy felt as though it had exploded into a nova. She sat on the floor and breathed.

Idly, she pulled through her brown hair, moving aside the blond and red locks till she found what she was looking for: a single white lock, the same color as her washing machine.

To be continued,

Oct 172007

“He didn’t even fucking notice!” Hannah snarled.

Tuesday was grocery-shopping day. It took all day because Hannah systematically spread her shopping among three stores. Whole Foods had the best meats but was a little pricey for anything else. Publix was affordable for most of the canned goods, and Kroger had the best non-food prices. Hannah was very proud that for the small inconvenience of shopping for six hours, she could save over $100 and still have high-quality groceries.

She was proud even though she knew Adam didn’t really notice. Much as he hadn’t noticed her new lock of blond hair. The blond had suddenly appeared, and she didn’t know why or how. She had started to come up with excuses for Adam for when he inevitably asked.

He never asked.

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“Fucker!” Hannah said. She slammed the door to her car and marched into Whole Foods.

“Fucker doesn’t notice anything unless it gets in the way of his fucking television!”

“Good morning, ma’am,” the smiling grocery stocker said.

Hannah forced a smile and grabbed a shopping cart. Now was not the time to think about Adam, or even Samuel and the bizarre incident of yesterday. Now was the time to shop. She did have a lingering feeling of guilt over the house. After yesterday’s spanking, she had cleaned up the mess but hadn’t done any more cleaning. She was too afraid of what might happen if she went to clean the shower or did any cleaning near the bed. The house wasn’t messy, but it was no longer meticulously clean.

Hannah sighed. Now was not the time to worry about it. She had work to do. The house, Adam and Samuel could all wait. For now, she could retreat safely into the early-morning peace of the grocery store.

The place was empty except for the occasional senior citizen and the far-too-young stockboys. Hannah had discovered the joy of early-morning weekday grocery shopping in the spring. The only other shoppers were quiet older people who came to avoid the crowds. The grocery employees were busy stocking shelves and setting up displays. It was a quiet time where she didn’t have to look at couples and ask herself why Adam didn’t hold her hand in public anymore.

Hannah pushed her cart though the produce section. One of the stockboys stopped what he was doing and stared at her legs. When he realized that Hannah had noticed him, he blushed and went back to work. Hannah was confused. Why was he looking at her legs? She was swearing sweatpants for crying out loud. Was there a hole in them?

She looked down and froze mid-stride. Her comfortable sweatpants were gone. She was wearing a black skirt instead. A shiver ran down her back. She didn’t own a black skirt this short. It barely came down to her knees. She certainly didn’t own a skirt that had a red snake embroidered on it. As she watched, she skirt shrunk another few inches.

“Oh, shit,” Hannah whispered. This had to be another curse. Fear gripped her till she realized that all that had happened was a change of clothes. Compared to the spanking of yesterday, this was nothing.

She kept pushing her cart. She passed by an older woman who frowned at her skirt. Hannah giggled. Disapproval from a woman old enough to be her grandmother was something she could handle.

That was when she felt the breath get squeezed out of her.

Hannah looked down to see that her sweater was gone. In its place was a tight black corset. It was very low cut, and her breasts were about to spill out the top. She recognized the corset. It was from World of Warcraft, one of those impossibly sexy garments that the game considered to be “armor.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she whispered. Another stockboy was staring at her. She had forgotten just how large her tits were. To be more accurate, she had forgotten just how much guys liked her tits. Adam didn’t even cop a feel any more. Judging by the way the stockboy’s eyes were fixated, Hannah didn’t think he would ,mind touching hers at all.

Hannah reached the meat department. She stood still for a moment before squealing as her shoes changed. The boring sneakers turned into high heels. She was elevated several inches, and her breasts jiggled from the motion. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d worn heels, and these seemed impossibly high.

“Can I help you?” the man behind the meat counter said. This was the first time Hannah had been waited on without having to ring the bell.

“Ah, yes,” she said. She fidgeted with her hair. She just felt so nervous. This man was about her age, and his eyes were fixated on her breasts.

“I’ll be happy to help,” he said.

“Do you have any fresh salmon?” she asked.

The butcher smiled. “Not out, but I’ll go cut some up. How much do you need?”

One by one, they went down her list, and at each item, the butcher was excited to help. Hannah even changed a few of her items to more exotic choices, just to see if he would jump through those hoops. He never faltered. He also never stopped looking at her tits, which didn’t bother her in the slightest. Being attractive was a novelty, and as curses went, this one could have been far worse.

When she had filled her cart with meat, Hannah headed for the checkout lines. With the first step she took, she realized that her underwear had changed, too. Her sensible, boring panties had turned into something much skimpier and much thinner. By the second step, she knew she was wearing a thong by the way the fabric was pulling against her sex and along her ass. The material was so tight that it was rubbing her clitoris with every step.

The walk to the cashiers had never seemed so long. The heels were difficult to walk in, making Hannah struggle for every step. The skirt had shrunk down around her thighs, hobbling her. Her tits bounced with every step, and she was convinced the cut of the corset had gotten lower. The corset made her stand up straight, and she realized just how much she had become used to slouching. She had to walk tall and proud, although she wanted to run and hide. As for the thong, it was stroking Hannah’s sex and clitoris. Every step was an orgy of balance, jiggling and stimulation.

It was the other people in the grocery store who were the real challenge. Older women looked at her with disapproval.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, dressing like a dirty whore,” a bitter old woman whispered.

Hannah ignored her and kept pushing her cart. Should she be ashamed? For some reason, she wasn’t. In fact, she felt pretty good.

Older men looked at her with open lust, daydreaming about conquests of their past. The store employees, almost all men, found reasons to linger around her. Their eyes devoured her as she walked by, nibbling and tasting her risqué clothes.

“Need help with anything?” one brave boy asked.

“No, I’m good,” Hannah said. She could have sworn that her corset pushed her cleavage up another inch.

Two steps later, another employee offered his assistance. In response, her skirt constricted more tightly around her thighs.

“No, thank you,” Hannah said. She kept going, working her way past all the staring eyes. Oh, God, they all wanted her. They wanted to fetch things for her. They wanted to do whatever it took to just be near her. When was the last time that had happened?

It occurred to her that she could invite any of these boys home, and they would come.

Her pussy was so damn wet.

She finally made it to the cashier. The grinning 20something at the register looked as if he had won the lottery.

“Find everything?” he asked.

“Yes,” Hannah said. She thought that everyone in the store had certainly found everything there was to see about her.

As she bent over her cart to get the items out, one of her breasts popped out. She froze with shock and just looked down at her snowy white tit. The pink nipple was so hard and stiff . She stuffed her breast into her shrinking corset and stood back up, embarrassed.

The cashier’s mouth was wide open. Her embarrassment melted into a sort of almost pride. When he shut his mouth and blushed, she felt almost powerful.

He rang up her purchases, asking twice more whether she’d found everything. He kept looking at her chest. He blushed a few more times.

Hannah soaked it all in. This was a good curse. Oh, the outfit was scandalous, and if the store had been more crowded, she would have been horrified, but she liked the attention. She liked being sexy. She liked being seen as something to be leered at and fucked. It had been so long since Adam had looked at her this way that she was relishing it now.

The bag boy offered to walk her out to the car. She turned him down. That was too much temptation. If she took him back to her car, he might try something. Hell, she might try something. She was so turned on by the thong’s constant caress, she just wanted to be filled right now.

As soon as Hannah stepped outside the grocery store, her high heels flattened back into sneakers. By the time she got into the parking lot, her corset had shifted back into the rather shapeless sweater. When she reached her car, her skirt was gone, replaced by the tired, dull jeans. When the thong returned to normal, Hannah sighed at the lack of the sensation that had been so wonderful against her pussy.

“That can’t be it,” she said. She sat in her car, thinking of the two other grocery stores she had to visit. “Maybe it will come back when I walk into Publix.”

She glanced at her rearview mirror and saw herself. Right beside the blond lock of hair was a new strand of red. As brilliant as flame, the new strand of hair was just as thick as the blond one.

That was when she knew that there would be no further magic. The curse had hit her and left its mark. It was gone. A wave of disappointment hit her. She had been sexy, far sexier than she had the courage to do on her own. She had been a slut in the grocery store, and now it was over. Now she had two more stores to go to in nothing more exciting than her dumpy sweater and boring jeans.

“Fuck,” Hannah said.

To be continued,

Oct 152007

(Legs contributed by Musns)

Monday was Hannah’s cleaning day. She never cleaned on weekends. It wasn’t because she needed the break. She just liked giving the clutter a few days to build so that she would be kept busy on Monday. She found that she always got depressed on Mondays, and this way she was too busy to dwell on the little things that bothered her like clockwork every Monday morning.

Like why hadn’t Adam fucked her this weekend? Why hadn’t she started working out like she’d sworn she would? Did she really spend all that time playing World of Warcraft instead of getting out to a movie? Hannah used to nag Adam with these thoughts till he got tired of her bitching. Now she held them deep within, smothering them with furniture polish and drowning them in mop water.

Hannah had recently added a dirty secret to her cleaning. She stripped down to her panties and white tank top. She liked the idea of being half naked while she cleaned the house. It was a tiny defiance, proof that she was still sexual even if her husband wasn’t. She had come up with this twist during the summer, but even when October rolled around and there was a chill in the air indoors, Hannah wasn’t willing to put more on. Being barely clothed made her feel more playful, and on Mondays, Hannah needed all the help she could get when it came to ignoring her worries.

This Monday, though, she had a new worry that she couldn’t just clean away. She thought about the previous night and about her neighbor Samuel. She thought of his magnificent hard body and his stiff cock. Hannah thought about why it had been so hard to admit that she had been spying on this beautiful man, why it had been impossible for her to confess that yes, she had masturbated to the site of him, reaching seven wonderful orgasms. Most of all though, she thought of Samuel’s threat of a curse.

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As Hannah scrubbed the floor with the mop, her heart pounded as she considered what Samuel could have meant by a curse. Was he going to tell Adam? Was he going to tell her husband of six years that she spied on her neighbors while masturbating? How disgusted would that make Adam?

Hannah paused in her mopping and sighed. Would that mean Adam would stop not having sex with her? Seriously, other than embarrassing her about it, what was Adam going to do? Spend more time at work, golfing and watching television?

Hannah went back to mopping. She had a routine for cleaning the house, and she had a routine for cleaning her mind. She reminded herself of what her mother said, about how lucky Hannah was to have a husband who worked hard and got paid enough that she didn’t need to work. She remembered what her friends said, that she was lucky that Adam had a small sex drive compared to some of their husbands, who fucked everything that moved. Hannah dutifully remembered how lucky she was that the only bad thing Adam did was bore her to tears, and wasn’t that her problem, not his?

By the time Hannah was ready to vacuum, she had tidied up her lingering doubts about her marriage. She had also convinced herself that the most Samuel would was make some sort of pagan voodoo doll. Hannah giggled as she imagined
Samuel, naked in his yard, whispering dread curses while sticking a Barbie doll with pins. Heat flashed between her thighs when she wondered if he would do it tonight.

Lost in her giggling, she didn’t notice that the vacuum cleaner cord was coiling around her feet. She was completely unaware of how the cord was slowly inching on its own around her. The cord always pulled back when Hannah pulled the vacuum back, so she never noticed the oddity of it gathering it’s length around her unsuspecting feet.

She cried out when she tripped. The cord had wrapped around her feet and cinched tight. She spilled forward and landed hard on the floor. Her knees hurt from the fall but not nearly as much as her ego did. She had tripped and fallen like a child. What if she had gotten seriously hurt? How bad a housewife would she have to be to hurt herself cleaning the house?

She tried to get up, and that was when she noticed the vacuum cleaner cord was still moving! She panicked as the cord snaked around her legs, wrapping them higher and higher.

She looked up to see her carefully folded dust rags leap from the coffee table and walk on their corners towards her. They walked over to her hands and wrapped around her wrists. With an invisible strength, they pulled her arms wide apart, puling her face down on the freshly cleaned carpet.

Doubting her sanity, Hannah tried to getup, but something was holding her chest down. At first, she thought something was on top of her, but then she realized that the pulling was from her own tank top! Her panties came to life next, rolling gently down her bottom and stopping at the top of her thighs. Hannah couldn’t believe that her very clothes had turned against her.

“Oh, God,” she whispered. This must be the curse. Held down by dust rags, vacuum cords and her own clothes, she became a believer in Samuel and the strange forces of desire he worshipped.

“Stop, stop, please!” she yelled. She didn’t see Samuel, but somehow she though he must be there.

Her carefully arranged stack of magazines came to life. All nine of the thick magazines floated into the air and flew towards her. They rolled themselves up, turning into curved instruments of discipline. Hannah instantly knew them for what they were. Visions of bad dogs and misbehaving cats leapt to her mind.

“No!” she cried out as the first magazine smacked her on her exposed ass. The first blow was so loud that she screamed before realizing that it wasn’t nearly as painful as she’d expected. It was actually just a gentle sting.

It stayed a gentle sting when the second magazine hit her ass, and the heat only increased gradually when the third magazine struck her bottom. It was the fourth, fifth, sixth smacks of the magazines that started to hurt. By the seventh smack, Hannah’s bottom was burning. By the tenth, she was squirming from the incessant heat. By the 20th, her ass felt like it had been set on fire.

Hannah struggled, but there was no escape. The vacuum cord kept her legs together. The dust rags that seemed so flimsy were more than enough to hold her wrists down. She couldn’t even move her torso; the shirt pinned her down to the ground like she had been stapled in cotton. The only parts of her body she could move were her head as she buried her face in the carpet and her ass, which clenched every time it was struck. She had never felt so physically helpless. There was no choice except to take what was happening. In a way it was almost comforting. She had been taking this marriage for six years.

Time became strange. The endless smacking of the magazines made every moment more important than the last. Her ass was attacked from every angle with every thickness of paper. Gentle blows caressed the bottom of her ass before giving away to the heavy thwack of the damned Wired magazine. The TV Guide smacked the sides of her ass with almost glancing blows right after the precise stinging strikes of People magazine. The world was measured in the pauses between smacks and the force of each blow.

She didn’t notice when she started to get wet. All of the sudden, she became aware of this moist inferno in her pussy. It confused her at first. How could she possibly be turned on by being spanked in her living room? She knew the answer as soon as the next hard blow landed on her bottom. It was attention. This was the most she had been touched in months, and the fact that someone, anyone, wanted her bound and butt-naked in her living room was flattering beyond words. She was being punished, yes, but she was also being touched.

The magazines kept striking her ass, but Hannah’s focus shifted to her pussy. She couldn’t touch herself, but she could feel the carpet against her. She tried to grind against the floor, expecting her restraints to hold her tight, but the vacuum cord did nothing to stop her. Escape was forbidden, but apparently humping the floor was OK.

Hannah didn’t care why. She shamelessly ground her pussy against the carpet. The magazines kept hitting her ass no matter how much she squirmed. She welcomed the blows now. She could barely get any friction on her pussy from the carpet, but she could feel every delicious smack of her ass. Every blow sent shockwaves to her pussy. Maybe, just maybe, she could trick it into climaxing.

The magazines kept punishing Hannah’s tender ass.

The dust rags, shirt and cord kept Hannah down.

The carpet refused to get Hannah off, but she kept humping.

And then, it stopped. The magazines fell to the floor. The cord became slack and parted for her struggling legs. The dust rags offered no resistance as she reached under herself and stroked her soaked pussy. It was awkward masturbating on her stomach, so she rolled over onto her back.

She screamed. Her ass, abused for who knows how long, exploded in stinging heat as soon as it touched the carpet. It hurt so damn much, but the need between her thighs was so much greater.

Hannah masturbated. She used both hands. One hand stroked her clit while the other hand plunged deep within her. She thought of the magazines tearing up her bottom. She thought of Samuel spanking her with his hand. She thought of Adam walking in and fucking her silly.

She climaxed. She came so hard that her toes curled for the first time in months. The orgasm was so much better than the tiny climaxes she had given to herself. This was a sex climax, as powerful and overwhelming as first-time love.

The tears came from nowhere. With her fingers buried in her sex, Hannah started to cry, and she had no idea why. She rolled over to her side and sobbed, getting something out of her system that she hadn’t known was there. Much like the spanking, the crying went on forever, taking as long as it needed to.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” she asked. The crying had finally stopped. The pain in her ass, however, still lingered. “What the fuck was that all about?”

She got up on shaky legs and nearly fell over again. She giggled. It was the masturbating that had turned her legs to jelly. Hannah felt sexy. She felt a little dirty. Looking at the damp spot on the carpet, she felt like a teenager having to cover up her first wet spot. Already, she was thinking of what she needed to treat the carpet, but somehow, cleaning didn’t have the same appeal.

Hannah stumbled to the bathroom and washed her face instead. She didn’t want to think about the crying. She didn’t want to think about what strange magical forces had attacked her today. She wanted to savor the orgasm and the odd feeling that she was a woman again for the first time in ages.

She looked up in the mirror and nearly screamed again. Her long brown hair was a mess — and right in the middle of her long brown locks was a shock of yellow. Hannah pulled the strand and looked at it. Right there, a streak of blond hair in the middle of her normal, everyday brown.

How the fuck was she going to explain this to Adam?

To be continued,

Oct 122007

It was a brisk October night, and in her dark bedroom, Hannah was wrapped snugly in her house robe. The plush material felt great against her naked skin, and for a brief moment, she was glad she was a larger woman because it meant she had more places to be touched by her robe. Her round breasts, round hips and very round bottom were encased in the soft fabric. She pulled her long brown hair out from under the robe so that every inch of her back could feel the soft terrycloth. Hannah’s body always came to life when she wore this robe, and her aroused mind thought about checking to see if her husband wanted to fool around.

The thought melted away as quickly as it had come. It was five minutes to 9 on a Sunday evening. That meant Adam was sitting on the couch downstairs waiting for his two-hour block of television to begin. He had spent two hours playing video games after rushing through the dinner Hannah had made. Because he had played World of Warcraft with her around noon, Adam considered his husbandly duties done for the day.

Hannah pulled a chair up to her bedroom window. In the darkness, she sat down and opened her robe. She reached between her thighs and started to stroke.

“Adam can watch his stupid secret-agent show,” she muttered. She had her own show to watch.

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Her second-floor window was set at the perfect angle for her to look down into her neighbor’s yard. Although a high privacy fence that surrounded the yard, Hannah could see all. She stroked her sex casually, trying to keep herself wet without getting too excited. She didn’t know whether her personal show would repeat tonight as it had for the last six nights, but her wet pussy was ready if it did.

She got her wish.

She didn’t even know the man’s name. He had moved in two weeks ago and set up the privacy fence the next day. Hannah knew that he was tall, that he had sexy curly black hair and that his body was in awesome shape. She knew this because he came out at 9 every night stark naked.

Hannah’s fingers worked faster. His muscles just glowed in the moonlight. She couldn’t help comparing him to Adam. Adam, whose idea of exercise was golf every Saturday and martial arts video games the rest of the week. She thought about how Adam’s arms loosely hugged her these days and compared his arms to the limbs of steel in the yard below her. As she stroked her pussy, Hannah thought about how her neighbor’s muscles would feel between her thighs.

The neighbor’s backyard had a small marble statue in the center. The statue was of a nude woman, standing with her arms outstretched. Hannah couldn’t tell if the statue was supposed to be a goddess or a historical figure. All she knew was that the statue was very busty and much slenderer than Hannah and that her neighbor masturbated onto it every night.

She gasped as her neighbor grabbed his erect manhood. He didn’t reach down and fondle himself; he seized it. She could just imagine him grabbing her with the same urgent need. His fist encased his large cock, and he started pumping. The muscles of his arms bulged as he worked himself. He was rough. He was primal. He was exactly what her neglected pussy wanted.

“Oh, God,” Hannah moaned. Her neighbor just stood there and masturbated, but in her mind, he did so much more. She pictured him mounting her, with her arms and thighs wrapped around his hard body. She imagined him kneeling between her thighs, seizing her bottom and burying his face in her pussy. She stroked herself to images of him standing over her, masturbating into her waiting mouth.

Hannah felt her orgasm swell within her, but she held off. A week ago, she always climaxed as soon as possible but the last two days, she had found a sweeter way. No matter how much her clitoris was tingling, she would hold off and gently tease herself with feather touches. She waited till she saw her neighbor reach his own climax.

It never took long. The man tilted his head forward, falling deeper into whatever fantasy he was in. His fist pumped faster, and Hannah resumed stroking her clit. Back and forth the man’s fist pumped his beautiful cock, while back and forth Hannah stroked her terribly wet pussy.

He climaxed, showering come onto the marble statue.

Hannah closed her eyes as her fingers brought her to a brilliant climax.

When she opened her eyes, the neighbor was looking right at her!

Hannah froze, her fingers still slick with her desire. He couldn’t be looking at her. The bedroom was dark, and the distance was too great. It was night time ,and there is no way he could see her from his back yard. There was no way at all. It was just her imagination.

Her neighbor walked to the privacy fence and climbed it easily. He was in her yard now, strolling to the back door.

“Fuck!” Hannah whispered. If the neighbor knocked on the back door and Adam answered, there would be a shitload of explaining to do. Hannah jumped out of her seat and ran downstairs as quietly as she could. She didn’t have time to put on any other clothes so she pulled her robe tight around her. She crept by the living room and the sounds of Adam’s television shows. The outline of her neighbor was visible against the glass of the kitchen door, and Hannah rushed forward. She opened the door just as he had his hand up ready to knock.

“Hello,” she said. She didn’t know what else to say.

“Hello,” the man said. “My name is Samuel, and you are?”

It was Hannah’s first chance to see her neighbor up close. The first thing she noticed was his eyes. They were the deepest shade of green she had ever seen on a person.

The next thing she noticed was that he was still nude. Despite his recent ejaculation, his large cock was very hard and pointing up at her.

“Hi, uhh, Samuel,” Hannah said. “My name is Hannah.”

He smiled at her. “Hannah is a pretty name.”

“Thank you,” she said. They stood there for a moment. She in her house robe, he in his naked beauty.

“Hannah, I just came by to say that I although I don’t mind you watching my evening dedications, I find it a little rude that you do it without telling me that you are watching.”

She swallowed hard. She could hear her husband’s television show cut to commercial. She only hoped that didn’t need to come to the kitchen for anything.

“Uh, Samuel, I don’t know what you are talking about,” she said.

“Really?” Samuel said. “Every night, I come out and dedicate my seed to the Goddess of Desire. In other words, I jack off.”

“Oh, I didn’t know,” Hannah clumsily lied.

“I think you do,” he said. “I think you have watched me every night for seven nights. Judging from your flushed cheeks and your obvious lack of clothes underneath your robe, I am betting you masturbate while I do my dedications. In a way, you have offered your own dedications to the goddess. It is only fitting that you admit it and make it official.”

Hannah shook her head. “Honestly, I have no idea what you are talking about. Please go before my husband hears you. He’s not as understanding as I am.”

At that, Samuel frowned. “That’s three times you have denied what you have done. Three times you have lied to me about the seven times you have seen me performing my dedications. Yes, I know about every time you have watched me, and I know about the seven times you have climaxed from what you have seen.”

“Please, just go,” Hannah said. This was too much to process, much less admit. She also just couldn’t help looking down at his magnificent large cock.

“I place my curse on you, Hannah,” Samuel said. “Seven times you will feel the touch of desire. Seven times, no harm will come to you except for the walls you have created around you. Seven torments will come to you straight from your dreams and into your life. These curses, you earned yourself.”

Before Hannah could say anything, Samuel walked away. He headed back to his yard without a care in the world. The brisk October breeze blew the leaves around him, but he didn’t even shiver. Samuel went right back to his fence and jumped over the side with ease.

Hannah shook her head. He was great looking but really weird. It bothered her that he had noticed her, but not nearly as much as it did knowing that he was out of his mind.

“Seven curses,” she said to herself. “God, wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace.”

To be continued,