Jun 112010

Traveling really makes you understand where you came from. Being a small town boy from North Carolina, I thought Atlanta was like a mecca for liberal people. Atlanta pales in comparison to Seattle for liberal qualities. They recycle everywhere here. Pedestrians actually have the right of way. Public transit is friendly and makes sense. It is madness.

I realize now that Atlanta is like the gay uncle who is still married to his female wife and sometimes sneaks you a dirty movie, while Seattle is your gay cousin who performs as Lady Gaga every night at the bar.

The number of bookstores alone is staggering. People joke about there being a Starbucks everywhere but the bookstores outnumber them. These are used bookstores too. Lovely little untainted treasure troves of stacked out of print paperbacks for sale at ridiculous prices. I had to buy another piece of luggage to put all my books in. I picked up Eric Stanton, Roger Zelzany and more Fu Manchu novels than I care to admit. I think my Librarian characters might have to move here.

They also don’t tell you how many chocolate stores there are here. This is how society was meant to operate. I eat dinner somewhere, then walk over to the confection shop and buy something incredibly delicious for under two bucks. I had a vanilla caramel that tasted like Venus came in my mouth. Oh man, it was divine.

Tonight I head back home. I do miss something they don’t import here called sunlight. I seriously miss my cats. I miss sweat tea something fierce. I miss being able to write at my computer instead of this lovely laptop.

I’ll see you next week.

Jun 062010

The Science Fiction Museum is like visiting a friend’s house where the wife has inexplicably allowed her husband to decorate the bathroom with memorabilia. There is an infectious amount of enthusiasm but it felt less like a museum and more like an the world’s biggest fanboy attic.

I hope that doesn’t come across as snarky because I really did like the place. Where else can you see the original Death Star, a Dr Who weapon and Farah Fawcett’s dress from Logan’s Run? There is a love for written science fiction that is overdue, and I got a special librarian thrill seeing books sealed behind cases and given a place of honor. I also got to drool longingly at Neal Stephenson’s hand written draft for the Baroque Cycle.

My favorite item was tucked into a corner. It was the garden dome spaceship model from the movie, Silent Running. That thing is huge. Most of the spaceship models were much larger than I expected. These giant ships have an amazing level of detail that you just won’t see in the movie or television show that they were in. The garden dome was tucked far away in the glass case but you could still spot the details from a distance. It was inspiring.

I have to say that it has me thinking about what the Ashbee Collection might look like.

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Jun 042010

I am blogging from the mysterious and dim city of Seattle. Clouds shroud this place and mist greets the morning. On the other hand, I had a chicken picatta to die for last night so I think it is pretty awesome so far.

The architecture here is fascinating. Buildings cling to hills and go up. I have not seen a two story gas station yet but I feel it is a matter of time.

I may be posting more this weekend if I am not too exhausted from walking every damn where.