Dec 212009

This is a rather poor picture of a really awesome Christmas gift. A friend of mine took this image off my blog and sent it to an artists on Etsy who made it the cover of a really nice writing notebook.

That is the power of the Internet right there. Scarlett Drake was a character of mine from City Of Heroes, drawn by an artists on Deviant Art and turned into a cover by an artist on Etsy. My friend used my blog to look through my images and pick one she thought would suit me best.

Such a gift would have been impossible ten years ago. I am tickled.

I will have a new Librarian story out Wednesday and then I shall be gone from Christmas till the New Year. I’ll be Puerto Rico with my wife and my new notebook.

Dec 122008

Listen up landlubbers! This is Scarlett Drake with some crucial holiday gift advice!

NO FUCKING GIFT CARDS! If it is for a coworker, sure, but if it is for someone you plan to ever have sex with, do not buy them a damn gift card! Buy them something personal, jackass. You know what never happens? A woman never says “Oh, one year Bob got me a gift card for Borders and that was the greatest Christmas ever!”

If you buy your loved one a gift card, do not be surprised when you wake up being ass-raped in the middle of the night. That’s all I am saying.

Also, when buying for the special cabin girl or boy in your life, buy them something as if you were still dating and haven’t been at sea for 18 years already. That means no vacuum cleaners, no blenders and for the love of Neptune, no DVD’s of movies you want to watch. Cocksucker, buy some romantic shit!

You know what else you need to do or you will be walking the plank? Wrap the god damn thing! If you have to pay other people to do it, fine, but get that fucking thing gift wrapped. If you give them something still in the store bag, you deserve to have your ear cut off.

Finally, rum, jewelry and threesomes are always the perfect gifts. You can’t go wrong there. Yo ho ho and have a merry Christmas.

Scarlett Drake drawn by the ever cool Shyft9

Nov 042008

“This is Scarlett Drake. I’m a super-villainess who uses a pirate theme to commit my crimes. Did you know that pirates in the Caribbean used democracy all the time? The Captain was the highest authority in combat, but the entire crew voted on matters such as where to sail, how to divide treasure and which bar wench to fuck first.

If you are an American and you’ve voted, great job. Have some rum on me. If you are not voting, my question is why the fuck not? Are you telling me that illiterate scurvy ridden sea dogs with syphilis had a greater sense of civic duty than you do? I should stab your useless carcass with my laser cutlass.

As a pirate, I am voting for Barack Obama. Seriously, if we have four more years of Republican economics, there might not be an economy for me to steal from anymore. There is no 700 billion dollar buyout for pirates. And that Alaska chick? There is only room for one hot super-villainess and that is going to be me.”

Commission Art by Infinite Silence

Sep 102008

This commission was done for me by Alex Dai. I had his site bookmarked for close to a year but it wasn’t till recently that I broke down and bought a commission from him. He has a naughty style that I just love. When I decided to get a commission of one of my favorite characters, I knew he would be perfect for it.

Scarlett Drake is a character of mine that is roughly 15 years old. I first used her as a villain in a superhero campaign I ran and she was everyone’s favorite. She was a high tech genius with a pirate fetish. So, she had a flying galleon, a laser sword and crewmen who dressed up like pirates, but she suffered from seasickness and had an inappropriate relationship with an underage guy she called ‘Cabin Boy’. My players loved her because there was something both cool and a little lame about her. She was a fangirl and she was a bad ass.

I recycled the character off and on until City of Villains came out and she was my first character for the game. She was a Robots/Traps Mastermind, which meant her crew was made of robots and she had high tech gear designed to hurt people. I lost so many hours playing her. In fact, I enjoyed her so much, that I wrote a blog told from her point of view.

When I first started Erotiterrorist, I often had no idea what to write about. The blog floundered till I got the idea to write Scarlett’s blog. After writing her for a few months with literally no one reading me, I developed the semi daily discipline needed to blog. It takes a different mindset to blog and it was easier to devolp that mindset from a fictional character’s point of view rather than my own. So in a round about way, Scarlett Drake is why you’re reading this blog today.

Scarlett’s blog was about being a supervillian. She fought other characters of my creation and hardest of all, there was no sex. Well, she had sex, but it was a very PG blog. I think I just wanted to stretch myself and at the same time, not require myself to write sex. I limited myself to just writing about crimes and fights and it was a lot of fun. Eventually though I started to feel constrained. I always wondered if I could write non-sex stories and I had proven I could but I also proved to myself that I didn’t want to. After six months, I had to write erotica again.

I quit City of Heroes when I divorced but lately I have been spending a lot of time thinking about the characters I made. I don’t miss the game itself, I miss the characters I made to inhabit the game. Humiliatrix, Frost Sting and Johnny Mars are all characters that I am proud of for their stories and their personalities. I am most likely going to start writing about them but I wonder about my readers sometimes. Most people know me from my normal world BDSM stories and here I am writing about mad scientists and volleyball tournaments. I wonder if writing superhero porn might be just a smidge too geeky.

Oh well. If a story pops into my head, it’s not like I will have a choice.