Sep 082021

The alarm cut through my dreams like a buzzsaw. I pushed my eyes open through sheer willpower. It was still dark outside. The rest of the world was still asleep. I should be too.

But no, I had made promises last night. A friend needed a creek wight removed from his garage and I said I would help. He was a good friend and dropped off naked photos of his wife when she got into one of her exhibitionist moods. It was an easy promise to make.

What I didn’t know was that after I made that promise, a big box of occult porn would come in the mail from Nashville. It was a diverse hodgepodge of magical smut and I spent the better part of the night skimming and sorting the books for future research. By the time my curiosity was sated, it was well past a decent time for sleeping.

I turned off the alarm and pulled my arm back under the covers. For a brief moment, I considered calling my friend and making my apologies but no, that will not do. Creek wights were not something you should ever face alone and I would feel guilty the next time I looked at his wife’s bush.

The decision made, all I had to do was get up. My body refused to cooperate. The bed was very soft today. The snugness of the blanket reminded me that my bedroom was always chilly first thing in the morning. Half-remembered filthy dreams whispered for me to return to slumber.

Yeah, I was going to need some help this morning. Under the warm blanket, I made a certain symbol with my hand, (fingers clenched into a fist with the pinky extended) and took a deep breath. I let out my breath and spoke the name, Kof-Ea.

A soft whisper tickled my ears. Something under the blankets tugged at my boxers. Invisible breasts pressed against my face. The smell of spring showers filled my nose.

I kept my hand clenched. Fingers wrapped around my cock. The unseen mounds on my face moved away and a firm buttock took its place. I bit down on a hard ass and heard a faint whimper.

A mouth took my cock, swallowing it down completely. A tongue snaked through the lips and licked my balls. Choking sounds came from under the blanket.

I groaned and the ass slipped away from my teeth. Something wet and hairy smeared across my lips. My mouth opened and my tongue licked sweet juices from somewhere warm and tight.

Another mouth sucked my big toe. Gentle fingers played with my hair. A breast pressed into my free hand and I squeezed.

A growl rose from my throat. My hips rose to thrust into a choking mouth. I used both hands to grab thighs that weren’t there.

The sensations stopped. My cock pulsed unattended beneath the sheets. The spirit pussy left my mouth but the sweet juices lingered on my tongue.

Kof-Ea was gone but that was alright. I was awake now.

Aug 102020

I held Lillian’s heavy breast in one hand, careful not to smudge any of the painted letters. With my other hand, I held a small brush as I touched up the letter ‘G’. The bottom half of the letter was red and angry so I was trying to be careful.

Disco music played on the speakers. A circle of porn magazines from the 70’s surrounded us. The flames of nineteen white candles flickered.

“Who is this asshole again?” Lillian asked.

“His magic name was Stephen Karma, and he was an expert on regional spirits,” I said. “He wrote the best book on sentient cities that I have ever read, although my copy has some rain damage.”

“Ow,” Lillian said when my brush touched another bruise.

“Sorry,” I said but I kept painting.

“And you can’t use a normal Ouija board?” Lillian asked.

“As you can tell, Stephen really liked tits,” I said, beginning work on the letter ‘M’. “And not just any tits. They have to be large, magnificent and wonderful examples.”

Lillian blushed. She was so pale with her dyed black hair that when she blushed, her skin turned a rosy pink. “Magnificent, huh?” she asked.

“That is why I asked your coven to send me someone of your qualities,” I said. “I am grateful that they answered my request, especially with the pandemic.”

“Coven Mistress said that they owed you,” Lillian said. “They owed you big. She didn’t tell me why.”

“Well, when they need someone with my qualities for a magic work, I am always happy to help,” I said.

Lillian licked her lip. She was young and her cues were an open book written in large type. “What kind of qualities?” she asked. “Are they big ones?”

I painted another ‘No’ on her right aureole. The previous one had been rubbed completely off.

“Okay, so he likes tits,” Lillian said. “But can’t we use one of those glass things they use on Ouija boards?”

“A planchette,” I said. “And no. Stephen prefers the personal touch.”

I put the paint brush down and inspected my work. The golden letters glittered in the flickering candle light. Waving my hand, I dried the paint as best I could.

“Ready to continue?” I asked.

“How many more questions do you have?” Lillian asked.

“It’s a bit more complicated than that,” I said. “I’m trying to replace one of the damaged parts in the book. I’m going to need him to pinch out an entire page worth.”.

Something close to a whine escaped Lillian’s lips before she remembered that she was serving a friend of her coven.

“Can we ask him to not pinch as hard?” Lillian asked.

“I wouldn’t do that,” I said.

“I want to try,” she said.

It was her right. “Stephen Karma, would it be possible to pinch a little softer?”

An invisible force flattened Lillian’s right nipple. The bottom part of the ‘No’ was caught in the pinch. Lillian hissed and tears sprung once more to her eyes. “Okay, okay!” she snapped.

The nipple resumed its normal shape, although it was much harder now.

Lillian looked right at me. “Fine, you were right. Let’s get this over with. Ask your questions, but you’re going to fuck me stupid when this is over.”

I kissed her left nipple. She moaned from my answer.

Jun 292016

When it comes to magic, the more famous something is, the less that is known about it. The reason we quest for rare tomes and mythical places is not because we know what we will find but because we are unsure of what we might find. Magic is about infinite possibilities. If you want certainty in your work, go become a scientist.

That is why I was here, deep underneath the Appalachian Mountains, walking a cave system mapped by a blind madman, guided by a glowing light summoned from a forgotten grave, wearing a necklace crafted by talking apes, and wearing a wristband made from the pubic hair of a cam model. I was in search of a place that many talked about but few had visited and fewer had agreed on what was there. This was a quest worthy of years of magical work and research.

In other words, I came here to find out about a mystery. Specifically, the Garden of Vu, one of the Seven Secret wonders of the World.

After I passed an arch made of green rock, I heard the sound of falling water. My ball of light vanished but there was a brighter light was up ahead. I walked carefully over uneven rock towards the light. My necklace fell apart and joined the debris on the ground. A sharp rock snagged my wristband and it was torn from me. My cock grew hard and I was tempted to stop and jack off.

I kept going. The tunnel opened into a cavern too large to comprehend. A torrent of silver light spilled from an impossible height. The light crashed into the river before me and I understood that the light was actually water. Or maybe the water was light? More likely it was both. Imagine liquid moonlight and you would be close to visualizing it.

The river glowed with an eerie light that allowed me to see that it stretched for miles. The roof of the cave was too high to see. Cavern was too small of a word for where I was.

Vegetation stretched out along side the river. Odd plants that defied description bloomed and flourished in the flickering pale light. There was a kind of grass here but it was softer than a feather. Fruit grew in abundance and hung from trees, bushes and vines.

It was gorgeous. The cryptic descriptions of this place had failed to convey the unearthly beauty. I walked in a daze, trying to see it all and burn it into my memory.

A smell hung in the air. Musky, fragrant and inherently divine. It came from the plants. The smell was on the tip of my tongue and it wasn’t until I closed my eyes that I recognized it.

The smell was pussy. No, it was multiple pussies. I was surrounded by the intimate smell of women.

Well, that explained the erection I had.

I looked at a fruit hanging from one of the vines. It might have been white but then everything looked white in the light of the river. The fruit was shaped like an orange except it was softer to the touch. My mouth watered to look at it.

What to do? Some have said that eating fruit from the Garden of Vu will grant you immortality and eternal youth. Others have said that if you eat of the Garden of Vu, then you can never leave. One savant warned that one must never take from the Garden or you will be cursed.

Mind you, none of these wise people had actually been to the Garden Of Vu.

I plucked the fruit from the vine and took a bite. It was like biting into a chocolate cake. No, chocolate cake was a poor attempt to simulating what this fruit tasted like. Sweetness, bitterness and pleasure mingled in my mouth.

Holy shit, that was good. I finished the fruit and examined my hands. Was I younger? Did I feel immortal? Not really. I walked to the exit of the cave and nothing compelled me to stop. As far as I could tell, the fruit hadn’t changed me at all.

I wasn’t counting my erection. My cock was throbbing and it was hard not to touch myself. I shed my pants and even took off my underwear because the touch of fabric on my cock was too distracting. Was this because of the fruit?

More likely it was because everything here smelled like pussy.

Since I was half-naked, I decided to remove my pack and shirt as well. It took a week of walking through tunnels to get here and I was in desperate need for a bath. The river looked nice and there was no way that I was passing up a chance to swim in something so exotic.

The river had its own myths. Swimming in it was supposed to cure disease. It also might transform you into a plant. It is a deeply held belief of one certain cult that bathing in the river will help you ascend to godhood.

I stepped into the river. The water was cool but not cold. My tired muscles relaxed almost instantly. I submerged completely into the water before floating back to the surface.

My body didn’t change into a bush. As far as I knew, I wasn’t resistant cure of anything. I reached out with my mind but no divine powers revealed themselves.

Once again, the only thing of note was my throbbing manhood. The cool water did nothing to relax my erection. I might actually have grown harder. A great urge to fuck something and fuck it now came over me.

I laughed. It was the excitement of finding this place; nothing more. Years of research, preparation and exploration had brought me to one of the greatest secrets in the unknown world. Of course I was hard.

The waterfall crashed beside me. Sometimes I thought it was just a waterfall brightly lit and other times I thought it was dropping light into a pool of water. The more I looked at it, the more indecisive I became.

Other questions came to mind. Where did the water or light fall from? What was at the top? Could I climb up there? Should I climb up there? Was this place a natural creation of magic or did someone make it all?

I sunk into the water. It would take a lifetime to answer all of these questions. Or, it may just take an afternoon’s exploration. Either way, today I was just going to relax and enjoy myself. I had earned it.

Something kissed my cock. Lips wrapped around the side of my cock and a tongue flicked briefly. There was a tug and then the lips were gone.

I kicked back up the surface. My hand searched but found nothing. The river was too bright for me to look into it.

Did I imagine it? Maybe it was a fish. I didn’t think so. My cock had been kissed, sucked, groped and fucked enough times to know when a woman’s mouth had been on it.

Maybe I wasn’t alone. I swam lazily back to shore. My cock wanted to stay for another kiss but I was more cautious.

Nothing stopped me as I climbed out of the water. I checked my cock and other than being incredibly sensitive, it seemed fine.

I left my clothes where they were and walked naked. A slight breeze came from the waterfall and it felt great on my skin. The grass was soft beneath me and I enjoyed the feel of the dirt on my feet.

Something in the grass caught my eye. It was the bones of a person’s hand. They had broken free of the dirt and wear reaching up. A gold ring bore the insignia of a college in Italy.

Well, now. It was written that many explorers of the Garden of Vu never returned and this must be one of them. I wondered if they died naturally or if something killed them. There are spells that let you talk to the dead but quite frankly, the dead were terribly depressing to talk to if they talked at all. After such a nice swim, I just wasn’t in the mood to try.

I did take a closer look around me. A skull rested inside a bush of shimmering leaves. A discarded backpack with climbing supplies was propped against a tree. The skeletal remains of a foot broke the ground near a lovely flower that as wide as my head. Every where I looked, there were signs of departed travelers.

The wise thing to do would be to get out of here. I toyed with the idea but never seriously. The Garden was too beautiful. The sound of the waterfall was too soothing. The taste of these fruit was too enticing. I wasn’t going anywhere.

After a thorough search, I found a more recent corpse beside a small sapling. An older woman, covered in blue Wiccan tattoos, laid peacefully in the grass. She was naked, and judging by her condition, maybe dead for a week. There was no mark on her to show how she had died though there were tiny scratches on her thighs.

Strangest of all was the ground around her. She was half-submerged into the dirt. It looked less like she had been buried and more like she had sunken into the earth.

My eyes were drawn to the sapling. It was the youngest plant I had seen in the garden. It stood a foot high and leaves had begun to bud. The leaves were the same shade of blue as the woman’s tattoos.

I was intrigued. Had the woman’s corpse fertilized the ground and influenced the plants? That wasn’t how normal botany works but we were in a magic garden.

It was something to think about. I thought about it as I pulled some nuts from a nearby bush and began to eat. The nuts tasted like marinated steak, freshly grilled. The surprise of the flavor as well as the delicious quality caused me to close my eyes and moan out loud.

Someone kissed my ass. Delicate fingers pulled at my buttocks so they could reach my ass. A small tongue pressed against my asshole. Warm breath exhaled from a nose tight against my ass.

I opened my eyes. The mouth was still there. The tongue licked my asshole with small gentle swipes.

My cock ached to be touched.

I reached behind me, careful not to turn my body. My fingers touched thick silky hair.

The mouth licked harder. The tip pushed and slipped inside my asshole. The delicate fingers dug sharp nails into my ass.

“Who are you?” I asked.

The mouth moved away. The hair slipped from my grasping fingers. Clutching fingers let go of my ass.

I turned around. My body cast a long shadow across the strange plants. There was no one there.

It was another mystery for this secret place.

I went back to eating. After a few more meaty nuts, I tried some berries that tasted like creamy mushrooms. To wash it down I drank from the river.

Nothing kissed, fondled or molested me. It was very disappointing.

After my meal I took care of some biological functions. It felt wrong to leave waste in such a beautiful garden but it was a garden after all. I made a note of where I went so I could come back and investigate to see if there were any negative effects.

It had been a long day and I was getting tired. I was tempted to return to the river but I resisted. First some sleep and then I’ll swim.

The river gave off a lot of light so I looked for some place relatively dark. I found it under an enormous flower the size of a car. The petals bent towards the river and nearly blocked all of the silver light behind it. It was for sleeping.

I kept my sleeping bag bundled up so I could use it as a pillow. As soon as I stretched out on the ground, I sighed with pleasure. This was nice. The ground beneath me was soft. The smell of pussy was oddly soothing. My eyes closed in the comforting shade of the flower.

Something touched my cock. I wasn’t surprised. My eyes stayed closed as small fingers ran down the length of my shaft.

There was something on my lips. I opened my mouth and a weight pressed down on my lips. My tongue touched a nipple. Ah, it was a breast. Someone very well endowed was pressing their breast to my face.

Something warm and fuzzy touched my ankle. Smooth skin gripped the sides of my leg. The warm and fuzzy thing became very slick. It rubbed back and forth and I recognized it as a pussy.

A mouth went to my cock. It kissed the side of my cock starting at the base and working towards the tip. Wet spit was left behind with each kiss.

A second mouth kissed my cock at the tip. It nibbled with tiny gentle bites as it descended down the length of my cock. Each playful bite brought a moan from my lips.

A third mouth kissed my cock. Lips wrapped around the tip of my cock and stayed there. It sucked gently as the other two mouths moved up and down.

Now I opened my eyes. There was nothing but darkness. Shapes moved but I could barely see them.

My head was gently pushed down. Another breast pressed against my face. I sucked on the breast that was offered to me before moving on to a third breast and then a fourth.

How did all of these people fit around me in the shade of the flower? My hands tried to figure that out. I touched soft abundant flesh. My fingers went through silky longer hair. My grip squeezed large curves that belonged to small bodies.

Yes, they were short. I guessed they were barely four feet tall, if that. Their bodies were those of women with large breasts, wide hips, and hairy wet pussies.

A chill ran through me. I remembered a myth about a small race of men who lived deep underground. They were called the Dark Lords and they were cruel and savage beings. They created machines of pleasure and sexual torment. They occasionally came to the surface and kidnapped human women.

But, these bodies were hardly cruel. There was no sadism in the sucking of the three mouths on my cock. I sensed no brutality from the breasts pressed to my mouth. Plus, these bodies were distinctly women and not male.

These must be something entirely different. Or maybe if there are Dark Lords, could there also be Dark Ladies?

The mouth on the tip of my cock lowered. Inch by inch she swallowed my cock. The other two mouths went to my scrotum, each devoting loving licks to my lucky balls.

I stopped caring about who or what they were at this point.

My hand was pulled down and pinned to the ground. Before I could become concerned, small thighs mounted my wrist. I pushed my fingers up into a furry pussy. The thighs clenched tighter around me.

Someone mounted my shin and leaned down to suck my toes. I felt their small heavy breasts rub against my ankle.

The woman grinding on my other leg was joined by a second and then a third. Their wet sexes smeared their juices against my skin. Judging by the constant shifting of weights, they were playing with each other as they humped my leg.

Mouths kept sucking on my cock and balls. Their lips and tongues might have been small but their throats were bottomless. One mouth would suck me while other mouths rained kisses on my crotch. As soon as one mouth tired of sucking, another mouth took its place and then another.

Small fingers pulled on my nipples. Full breasts pressed against my face. Round bottoms slid across my chest. I was being buried in a pile of softness.

A breast left my mouth and was replaced with something wet and hot. I opened my lips to lick the pussy that was lowered onto my face. Small but powerful thighs wrapped around my head and squeezed.

Her pussy was delicious. It tasted fragrant like a flower. The juices were oddly refreshing. I couldn’t help moan as I devoured her sex.

My moans were the only sounds. They made no noise no matter how hard they sucked. Despite the constant shuddering as they grinded on me, they never uttered a single moan.

The thighs clenched tighter around me and I felt her body shudder. I tried to lift my arms to hold onto her but they were pinned down by so many small bodies. All I could do was lick, nibble and suck as she pleasured herself on my face.

Eventually she shuddered for a final time and rapidly stood up. I craned my head and squinted in the darkness. The flower blocked too much light. If the women on top of me had bodies, I certainly couldn’t see them.

New thighs wrapped around my head and forced me gently back down into the dirt. My mouth opened to receive a fresh pussy already soaked with desire. She tasted like honeysuckle freshly picked.

Other things changed as well. The women humping my leg left and replaced by mouths licking up the juices left behind. Someone carefully managed to get my big toe inside their tight pussy. The sex I was fingering was replaced with a very plump ass and a tight asshole to explore. My other hand had a mouth sucking on each finger.

Best of all, the mouths on my crotch moved away to be replaced with a very wet and very snug sex. She slowly lowered onto my girth and gradually accommodated me. Despite the tightness, she got all of me inside her.

My unseen lover fucked my cock. Helping hands massaged by balls as the woman mounting me rocked back and forth. I tried to fuck her back but the weight of the bodies was too great. It wasn’t needed; the woman was more than capable.

I stopped trying to do anything and relaxed into the orgy of bodies. My mouth ate the pussy on top of me for my own pleasure. I allowed my arms and legs to be used for grinding sexes and hungry mouths. Sometimes I remembered my finger was deep in a woman’s ass and I would fuck it. All in all, I might have been a terrible participant but I was more willing to let them use me as they wished.

The sex around my cock humped faster and harder. My resistance was at an end. With a mighty shout, I climaxed inside the unseen woman. I roared my pleasure as dozens of bodies writhed on top of me.

It was a powerful orgasm. I became aware of every part of my body, and everyone touching it. Every spurt of seed that left my body became a miniature orgasm. By the time by cock was finally drained, I was drifting into an euphoric sleep.

I awoke some time later. My eyes opened and my mouth curled into a smile. My body felt rejuvenated. That might have been the most restful sleep I have experienced in years.

My body was half-submerged into the dirt. It took a small bit of effort to pull myself out. When I got up, I left behind a perfect outline of my body.

Something more interesting had my attention. A small growth had sprouted from the ground just inches beside my outline. It hadn’t been there before. This was new and must have emerged while I slept.

I saw it because the light from the river was directly on it. The flower that I had been using for shade had been pruned. A petal was missing and a beam of river light was directly on the new plant.

The new growth was barely a twig. It had small buds growing along the length. It was hard to tell in the silver light, but I was sure that the buds were the same color of white as my hair.

This was interesting. I had no doubt that this plant was a part of me. More specifically, it was grown from me, most likely directly from my seed. I was a father.

I stood up and looked around for any sign of the women that had fucked me. Of course there were none unless you counted the endless trees, bushes, flowers and vines growing along the length of the silver river.

This made a lot of sense. I suspected that no one killed the corpses that I had found. They probably just never left. They stayed and fucked until they woke no more.

The idea was tempting to me. There could be no better place to pass away. I was still on a physical and emotional high from the afterglow.

I looked down at the offspring of my loins. What strange fruit would it bear one day? What kind of botanical beauty would it grow into? How will it compare to the other bizarre and wondrous things that grew here?

There was only one way to find out. I had to leave and come back later. Maybe it will take a year or more but I would have to come back much later to answer that question. There would be no answers if I stayed until the the ground swallowed my well-fucked body.

I sighed. The decision to leave this paradise had been made. It would take another few years to gather the resources needed to return. Already I could feel the work that would be involved as well as the harshness of leaving all this beauty and pleasure behind.

But, no one said I had to leave today.

May 042016

There is magic in books. A good writer pours their heart and soul into a book. A bad writer puts in whatever it takes to fulfill their obligations. Both of these have power. Readers add their own energy as their expectations are either exceeded or failed. The book often absorbs the energy of the books it sits beside, soaking in strange influences like a literary marinade.

Every book lover who walks into a bookstore can feel this power. Every child who beholds a library for the first time knows this truth. Even those who don’t like to read recognize this power and their jealousy causes them to scorn those who do read.

Books about magic are no exception with regards to these energies. The only difference is that they sometimes need to be recharged.

The prostitute arrived early at my house. She was heavier than she appeared on her personal ad. Her age was about ten years older than advertised. Despite the claims in her email, she was not remotely a natural redhead.

She was perfect.

“Hello, are you Samuel?” she asked.

“Yes,” I lied. “And your name is Scarlet?”

“Yes,” she lied. One thing magicians and sex workers have in common is our use of aliases.

“Come on in,” I said.

As she stepped through my doorway of her own free will I took out the money we had negotiated. I gave it to her before she had a chance to ask for it. She gave it a quick count. I wasn’t offended. There are rules in sex work as powerful as any found in magical rituals. Come to think of it, I am not sure there are any rules in magic as important as the first rule of sex work; make sure you get paid.

“Ready, stud?” Scarlet asked.

“Yes, please undress in the living room while I get the book,” I said.

“Whatever you want,” she said in a way that thrilled me in a way I didn’t expect. Unlike most people who say things like that, I believed she was sincere.

Scarlett walked into the living room and glanced around but didn’t say anything. I wondered what she thought of the strange dark rug with the golden arcs. Did she think the multiple lit candles were there to set a romantic mood? If she had questions about the large crystal ball in the fire place, she didn’t voice them.

She pulled her halter top over her head in a slow luxurious manner to reveal round breasts held barely by a tight purple bra. Before proceeding she took a moment to shake out her bright red hair. Her belt was next as she slowly snaked it from around her waist. She hung her belt over her neck and I had a sudden vision of putting a leash on her that made my breath catch.

A knowing smile crossed her face and she turned around to present her firm ass to me. She unzipped and unbuttoned her pants out of my view before her fingers hooked into the waistband of her pants. Ever so slowly, she pulled her pants down as her hips shimmied back and forth. A beautiful pale ass presented itself as a purple thong disappeared between her buttocks.

Stepping out of her pants, she turned back to me. Her heels were still on. I was impressed at the stripper’s magic she possessed. How did she get those heels through the pant legs?

Scarlet grabbed her bra-clad breasts. She squeezed. She pulled. She writhed as she stood while she played with her breasts. She smiled again and reached back to unclasp her bra. One strap went down followed by the other. After a slight delay, she pulled her bra down to reveal her breasts.

They were lovely. A heart tattoo decorated the right one. Her areoles were large and dominated half her breast. Small pink nipples waited to be bitten.

She grabbed her breasts again. Painted fingernails sunk into pale flesh. It was easy to imagine my hands doing the squeezing.

Her hips began to sway and I knew what was next. She released her breasts and pressed her fingers against the wet spot on her panties. The fingers pressed down and she moaned. Up and down her fingers rubbed and her hips continued to dance.

This time I moaned. I may be a magician and have had sex with a thousand strange and beautiful creatures but I still appreciated a good performance. No, an excellent performance.

My moan brought another smile from her red lips. She brought her legs together and pulled her panties down to step out of them. When she stood back up, she ran her fingers through the lovely shaved lips of her sex.

I exhaled and turned to the book case. I took down Lords of Guilt by Ofit the Hung. The large book was lighter than it looked despite being the size and shape of a phone book. The dark leather binding felt warm in my hands. You had to look to notice the stains on the spine.

“This is the book I want you to use,” I told Scarlet.

She took it from me and looked it over. “It looks old. Are you sure it can take it?”

“It has before,” I said, “and it will again. Don’t worry. I won’t hold you responsible for any damage.”

She nodded with a professional’s confidence. “Alright, where would you like me?

“Here,” I said, pointing to the center of the rug. “If you could stay between this curve, and that one, that would be great.”

Again, Scarlet seem unfazed. Customers must make all sorts of weird requests.

“Got it, stud. Sit back and get comfortable.”

I took my place on the couch. Scarlet walked over to the rug and looked down at where I had pointed to. She studied them as acutely as any mage to make sure she stayed where she was supposed to. Her dedication to her job was the sexiest thing about her.

Scarlet began. She looked down at the book as if I wasn’t there. Her hand glided over the leather cover. A pink tongue licked red lips. Hips moved slowly back and forth.

She brought the book to her lips and kissed it. Another kiss and then another as she kissed her way to the spine of the book. There she stuck out her tongue and licked the spine from bottom to top. If the taste of the leather affected her, it didn’t show.

The air changed. The smell of filthy sheets assaulted my nose. I felt hot. The crystal ball in the fire place flickered briefly with unearthly light.

Scarlet didn’t notice or perhaps she didn’t feel it at all. She rubbed her cheek on the front of the book before pressing it to her breasts. Around and around she rubbed the book to her round plump breasts. Her hips swayed in time with her tit smothering.

Ofit would have liked her. The ancient pervert wrote endless odes to breasts. He wouldn’t have minded trading place with the book.

On the sixth circuit of tit cuddling, she slid the book down to her sex. Her breasts were red from being squeezed. The book left a quickly fading pink trail down the pale flesh of her stomach.

The book moved down to her sex. Scarlet moaned as if the book was a lover. She bit her lips. Her body spasmed as if she might have climaxed right there. A flush came to her cheeks.

Did she really come? Books were powerful. Could she feel all of Ofit’s many guilty pleasures? Or was she just that good of a sex worker? I wondered.

Still standing, Scarlet opened the book in front of her sex. She looked down and moaned. Her hips undulated and the book moved with her. The old pages were pressed against her sex.

“Oh fuck,” Scarlet moaned. Several candles were blown out by a wind I didn’t feel.

I wonder what she saw. Was it just text written in Ofit’s over large writing style? Or was it one of the many graphic woodcuts? I couldn’t tell from my angle. I hoped it was something visual and inspiring.

The book snapped shut. Scarlet jumped as if she was surprised. The smile returned and her hips went back into motion. The rest of her body joined the music-less dance of her hips.

Scarlet turned the book around so that the spine was facing her. She brought the book against the wet lips of her sex and she pressed hard against herself. A shiver went through her body and her breasts jiggled. A laugh fell from her lips and then she began to grind against the book.

I moaned again. She was a sight to behold. Her entire body moved as she humped the book in her hands. All of her focus was on the book. She tilted her head down and her long read hair formed a veil in front of her face.

She could have been an illustration in the book. Ofit would have been pleased.

Scarlet paused in her humping. She brought the book up to her mouth and kissed it again. Her longue flicked out and tasted herself on the spine. She peeked at me through her red hair and I felt the power of her lustful eyes slam into me.

I grunted. My pants were too tight. I popped the button on my pants and reached in.

Scarlet turned around. Her pale ass looked back at me. She returned the book back between her legs and resumed her former position except now I could admire it from the rear.

It was amazing to watch her ass clench with every thrust. The book slid up and down her sex between pale thighs. I could hear her moan and grunt as her body quivered.

My cock was hard in my hand. I pulled down my pants with none of Scarlet’s grace or performance. My need to have access to my cock overwhelmed any decorum.

She lifted the book and brought it behind her. Using one hand, she smacked the thick book into her bottom.

WHOMP! The book thudded into her ass.

WHOMP! She smacked her bottom again.

WHOMP! Her bottom was turning pink.

WHOMP! She stumbled forward a step before regaining her balance.

WHOMP! Ass cheeks clenched together.

WHOMP! One last spank before she turned around.

I wondered why she picked six spanks. That was one of the sacred numbers. Did she see the number in the book and subconsciously chose it? Did I ask her to do six in my email? Or was it just one of those happy synchronicities that happens in magic and sex work?

Scarlet fell to her knees and I forgot about numerology. She looked at my hard cock and licked her lips. In her eyes was a promise to swallow.

With all of my willpower, I stayed where I was and kept stroking my cock.

For a moment she pouted and then she went back to work. Every so lightly, she tapped one of her breasts with the book. She smiled and tapped her other breast. Both of her nipples were hard pink pebbles on her pale breasts.

She pressed the spine of the book against her chest between both breasts. Using her left arm, she wrapped her breasts together around the book. Pale flesh spilled over her arms and tightened around the book.

Up and down she slowly rubbed the book between her breasts. It was a movement of maybe two inches but you wouldn’t know it from watching her body. She shuddered, she groaned and she hugged that book as if was the greatest lover she had ever known.

I spat into my hand. In my excitement I had nearly rubbed myself raw. It was rare that I lose myself like that.

Scarlet leaned forward onto the carpet. She rolled over onto her back with her head pointed towards me. Her head and feet were outside the rug but it was okay; the books and her sex were where they needed to be.

Spreading her legs as wide as they could, she continued to hump the book. Her hips rose off the carpet to grind her sex into the book. Every thrust made her breasts jiggle in front of my watchful gaze.

She tilted her head back to look at me. Our eyes locked. She whispered my name as she fucked the book.

The crystal ball glowed in the fire place. A candle flared in intensity. I smelled old wood baking in a hot cottage.

It was almost time.

“This feels so good,” Scarlet said. When I looked in her eyes I believed her.

“I am so turned on right now,” she said. “I could do this all night. I am going to come on this nice thick book.”

“Yes,” I moaned back. I spat into my hand again and stroked faster.

“I can tell you like it,” Scarlet said. “Your big fat cock tells me how much you like it. I wouldn’t mind having that shoved right down my mouth.”

Blessed are the sex workers. They do what they are asked to do. They perform and add their own magic. They improvise and go beyond what is required to ensure your happiness and rewarding tip.

There was a reason I worked with prostitutes. I knew a local coven that would gladly recharge my books for me in exchange for participating in some of their rituals. There were several students of magic who would gladly masturbate with my book just for a chance to read the secrets within. One young lady would happily pay me just for the chance at having something so potent between her legs. They would all help me but they would ask questions or have demands. None of them would come and simply be what I needed.

Scarlet rolled onto her side. She scrawled around the rug until her sex was facing me. Lifting her leg, she gave me a better view of the book as it slid along her sex.

Shadows multiplied around her. I recognized past sex workers I had hired. To the left of Scarlet I saw the thick outline of Keysha humping an unseen book. To her right was the diminutive form of Asia, grinding away on a phantom book. Closest to me was the contortionist, Brittany, doing something I thought impossible.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Scarlet moaned. She didn’t see the shadows.

Other shadows joined us; forms I didn’t recognize. They filled the living room. Some peeked in through the windows. I felt them on the floor above us.

Eyes stared at me from the crystal ball in the fire place. One was blue and the other was blind. They seemed haunted and maybe embarrassed.

I nodded at Ofit and his eyes half closed in recognition.

“Fuck!” Scarlet cried. Her leg clamped down around the book. She bit her lip and shuddered. Her eyes clenched shut as her mouth opened in a silent scream. Did she climax or was she just that good at faking it? I would never know.

It didn’t matter. It was enough. I jumped to my feet. “Now,” I said.

Scarlet’s eyes popped opened. She rose to her knees with a supernatural quickness. The book was still between her thighs and pressed against her sex. Both hands held the book while her arms pushed her pale tits together.

I stood in front of her and kept stroking. Three strokes later, my cock released. A torrent of seed flew forward and landed on her presented tits.

“Give it all to me, stud,” Scarlet asked. “All of it.”

I did. I stroked until I was empty. I pumped my cock until a mess of seed covered her breasts. Some of that seed dripped onto the book and that was okay.

“Good,” I said. A smile of pleasure spread across my face.

“Good,” Scarlet agreed. Her smile was of a job well done.

Feb 242016

People think magic is about contacting spirits, elemental forces, ancient gods and things we don’t even have names for. That is true. We do contact these bizarre powerful forces. What people don’t realize is that once the lines of communication are open, those strange mysterious forces start contacting you.

Today was a busy morning. Someone must have broken a seal or there was some sort of astrological event I wasn’t aware of because my mind was a crowded place.

“I will give you command of a legion of a thousand spiders if you bring about the ruin of a town that has displeased me!” The voice was chilling and slightly sticky, which was quite a feat for a voice I only heard in my head.

“No thank you,” I responded mentally.

“BLOOD AND SOULS!” another voice shrieked.

“No thank you,” I responded.

“Gather together a hundred followers and lead them in a dance on a hilltop tonight,” a soft voice asked.

“No thank you,” I said.

“BLOOD AND SOULS!” the voice shrieked again.

“I said, no,” I said more firmly.

“Build me a temple and say the right prayers so that I may return to educate the mortals on how to properly shear a sheep!”

“No thank you,” I said.


“Fuck off!” I snapped.

“Become my proxy so that I may knock boots with my worshipper!”

“Hold on,” I said. “That sounds interesting. Who are you?”

“I am Rgoob, Head Moderator of the Search Algorithm! I am Top Dog of Knowledge! I am the Predictive Wisdom of your Shit!”

Hmm. That is a new one. I wondered if he was a new idea come to sentience or perhaps an older entity that had taken on a new role. I shrugged. It didn’t matter.

“What do you want?”

“My worshipper wants me to priority message her some of my phat wisdom! I wish to endow her by bumping uglies.”

“I see,” I said. “Couldn’t your worshipper just fuck herself for your glory?”

“Nay-nay!” the voice thundered. “I want to feel it for myself! This is my first time popping that cherry!”

Wait, was this spirit a virgin? Was that possible? I learned something new.

“I’ll do it,” I said. “But what will you offer me?”

“I will hook you up,” Rgoob said.

I waited for him to explain. He didn’t. Oh well, I have fucked for less. “Deal,” I said.

Rgoob slipped into my body. I felt his energy inside me. Knowledge hovered at the edge of my vision but changed constantly. When I tried to focus on any one piece of information, it multiplied and threatened to flood my understanding. I had to learn to ignore it. My mortal brain couldn’t handle it all.

I waited for Rgoob to take control of my body. Usually I would become a passenger while the entity lived in my body. That wasn’t happening. I felt that he had become the passenger and I was still in control. That confirmed it. He was a new spirit, maybe barely a hundred years old in the public conscious.

“Where is your worshipper?” I asked. “Uh, did you have a plan to get there?”

“Y,” Rgoob said. “We’ll do this old school. Do you have a reflecting pool or a mirror?”

“Yes!” I said. I got up from the breakfast table and went to the living room. The full length mirror was behind a curtain. I pulled the curtain aside and stood in front of the mirror.

The mirror surface shimmered. Squares appeared. My image broke up into a thousand little boxes filled with color.

“Connect,” Rgoob said.

I stepped into the mirror.

Space became weird. Reality was numbers. Information was air.

A portal glowed. I walked towards it. The portal was small, barely the size of my chest. I stuck my hands through it and grabbed onto something hard. I pulled my body through the narrow opening.

“Holy shit!” a voice cried.

Holy shit, indeed. I was holding onto the edge of a desk and my body was coming through a computer screen. It was tight and I had to struggle. Thank the Gods that she had a huge monitor.

I pulled my body through and tumbled to the floor. I bit my lip and winced. It was then that I noticed that I was naked. My clothes hadn’t made the transference.

“Who the fuck are you?” a voice said.

I looked up. It was a short Indian woman with dark skin and shiny black short hair. She was round and soft looking. Thick glasses covered intelligent eyes. A bulky sweater concealed her figure. A weird pendant of triangles caught my attention.

Information crowded around her. I knew her name was Lakshimi Reed. She was twenty-six and worked for a major internet search company. I knew the last show she watched on Netflix. She had three unread emails from her mother. Her World of Battle character was level thirty.

“Tell her that I am her God and I am here for horizontal refreshment!”

I paused before saying, “You stand before the earthly incarnation of Rgoob. I have heard your request and I have come to grant it.”

“Oh, that sounds good,” Rgoob said.

The woman looked around. “Here? At work?”

I looked around. We were surrounded by computers. Things were plugged into other things. It was dark and warm. It felt more like a dungeon. Normal people do weird things for their jobs.

“Yes,” I said. “We are at the center of your need. Is this not a proper temple for Rgoob?”

Understanding blossomed in the woman’s eyes. “Yes, of course. You are a manifestation of technological processes and functions. Forgive me, I just worry that someone might walk in on us, and umm, see a naked man. Why are you naked?”

I had a feeling that Lakshima didn’t know what her God was going to demand of her.

A surge of power flowed through me. Rgoob spoke to me, “Tell her that I have fucked the shit of anything who wants to see her. Nobody is coming around until I let them.”

I raised my arms in a dramatic fashion. “There, all who seek you will not find you. We are alone.”

“In your Temple,” Lakshima said.

“Yes, in my Temple,” I amended.

“Tell her to get those puppies out!” Rgoob demanded. “I want to see those tit-tays!”

I tried not to sigh. “Come and present yourself to me,” I said.

“I said I wanted to see her hangers!” Rgoob said.

“Patience,” I thought back to him.

Lakshima approached me. She dropped to her knees which was a nice touch. She bowed her head. “I am honored that you answered my prayers,” she said. “I wasn’t sure if you existed, much less if I could contact you. I am curious why you took the form of a white man. And why do you have the white hair?”

“My form is not yours to choose,” I said. “Perhaps I took this form to test you. Consider that.”

“Oh, sorry,” she said.

“I am still waiting for you to present yourself,” I said. “Bare your chest to me so that I may look directly into your heart!”

“I don’t want to see her heart!” Rgoob yelled.

Lakshima looked up at me. “Excuse me?”

“I was wrong,” I said. “You are not ready for my gift.”

“No, wait!” Lakshima said. She quickly pulled off her sweater. Underneath was a bland yellow blouse but at least I could see more of her curves. That was next to go and now she only wore a white bra over her ripe breasts. The bra was next and her dark breasts were exposed.

“Sweet,” Rgoob said. I agreed. Her breasts were large and heavy. Nipples so dark that they were almost black topped her round mounds. My cock stirred and I wasn’t sure if it was me or Rgoob who caused it.

“Look into my heart,” Lakshima said. “I am faithful to you. I will do anything if you help me unlock the secrets of recursive query extrapolation.”

Oh my, never tell a spirit that you would do anything. What do they teach young magicians these days?

“Grab those dirty pillows!” Rgoob yelled.

“Anything?” I said. I reached down and grabbed a handful of her breasts. I squeezed and tried to look divine. My cock gave me away by throbbing.

Fear crossed Lakshima’s eyes. It was followed by a warm glow that flushed her cheeks.

“Remind me again, mortal,” I said. “Tell me your exact words when you called for my aid.”

Her blush deepened. “I call on you, Rgoob, to hear my request. I wish to know more than my coworkers. I wish to learn all that you will give me of your secrets. I offer in return my adoration, my loyalty and whatever I can do for you on the mortal plane.”

I smiled. That is not a bad spell. It is a little too broad but that backed by the right force of will, it is exactly the kind of spell that is hard to ignore. It certainly got Rgoob’s attention. I was hoping to maybe mediate on her behalf but she was very clear. She was willing to do anything.

“See?” Rgoob said. “I am going to hit that ass!”

My thumb circled her nipple. Lakshima bit her lip and shuddered. Her hands clenched.

“I am a God and you are my worshiper,” I said. “I demand communion. You have one last chance to refuse. Your will is your own. You may back out now at no cost. Make your choice!”

“Don’t tell her that shit!” Rgoob snapped. “She promised!”

“And you haven’t given her anything yet,” I pointed out.

Rgoob pouted, which is a weird feeling in your head.

“I want to do whatever it takes,” Lakshima said. Her eyes darted to my cock. “I give you my body and soul.”

“Fuck, yeah!” Rgoob said.

“Then strip,” I commanded.

Lakshima rose to her feet. I held onto her breast. Rgoob moaned happily in my mind. She looked at me to wait for me to release her breast. I just squeezed tighter.

She got the hint. As I held onto her boob and Rgoob continued to moan, Lakshima stripped. She awkwardly wiggled out of her pants to reveal purple panties. Rgoob shouted with joy as she took them off next.

“Check out that bush!” Rgoob cried. I did. It was quite thick and luxurious.

“Fuck her! Pound her! Nail her! Take old one eye to the optometrist!”

Oh sweet Goddess, this is why we don’t want spirits learning things from the Internet.

“Get on your desk,” I told Lakshima, finally letting go of her breast. “Spread your legs and offer yourself to your God.”

She went to her desk and started to clear it. I was amused by how careful she was. She set down her mail tray, pushed aside a clock, stacked a few books and found a place to put her monitor. I guess technical people were organized even during a sexual offering.

Finally he sat on her desk. She spread her dark thighs and leaned back on her arms. “I offer myself to you,” she said.

“Fuck her!” Rgoob screamed. I ignored him. This is not how you make an offering.

“Spread your legs wider,” I commanded. “Sit up. Hold your pussy lips apart. Look me right in the eyes and speak with a clear voice.”

Lakshima responded well to clear instructions. I hoped Rgoob was learning from this. She sat up and her legs spread wider. She reached down and held her sex lips apart. The bright pink of her sex glistened.

“I offer myself to you, my lord,” Lakshima said.

Much better. I pulled up her chair and sat in it. My hands went to her thighs and I pulled myself to her sex.

“What are you doing?” Rgoob yelled. “Do you not understand fucking? I can show you some videos!”

“You need to understand foreplay,” I said to him. “Worshippers that are aroused make for better magical unions.”

Rgoob was unconvinced. I bent my head down and breathed in her sex. Rgoob moaned at the same time I did. I felt his curiosity stirring.

I licked Lakshima. She moaned and let go of her lips. I gave her thigh a quick nip.

“Hold yourself open!” I snapped. “Your body is mine, now. You will present yourself properly.”

“Sorry,” she whispered and her hands returned. Chewed nails held apart thick lips. The smell of her sex filled my senses once more.

“Flying Spaghetti Monster,” Rgoob moaned. “It is better than I imagined.”

“You haven’t even tasted it yet,” I said and then I licked Lakshima’s pussy.

Rgoob moaned. Three licks later, Lakshima moaned. Ten licks later, I was moaning.

I dived in. My mouth merged with her pussy as I licked. My tongue went deeper as her fingers trembled against my face.

“I want it all,” Rgoob commanded. “Eat that pussy!”

“Oh shit,” Lakshima moaned. “Please do what you want to my pussy.”

I obeyed them both. I licked. I nibbled. I kissed. I sucked. I consumed.

Lakshima and Rgoob moaned. Through my tongue, a conduit was formed. Energy passed between us. I saw glimpses of math that I didn’t understand. I felt desires and comprehension that weren’t mine. Knowledge and understanding flowed back and forth through my tongue and her sex but it wasn’t enough. The bandwidth was too small.

“More,” Rgoob and Lakshima moaned together. It was one demand with two voices.

I rose from her sex. Lakshima looked at me with glazed eyes. She still held onto her pussy lips like a good worshipper. Her sex glowed with divine power.

“Do it!” Rgoob screamed. Images flooded my vision. Multiple pornographic acts appeared before me. Some of them were cartons. Quite a few were anatomically impossible.

I guided my cock into Lakshima. Wet heat embraced me as I pushed in. The images vanished as Rgoob felt what I was feeling.

“Oh,” Rgoob said.

“Oh,” Lakshima moaned.

My cock throbbed inside her. She clenched around me. Both of them were silent as they experienced the magic inherent in every penetration.

I grabbed her waist and began fucking her. I went slowly so Rgoob could experience every moment. I went slowly so Lakshima could feel her god inside her. I went slowly because I was extremely turned on and didn’t want to come too soon.

The computers buzzed around us. Internal fans whirled as my cock slid in and out of wet pussy. The chill in the room gave way to a moist heat.

Lakshima held onto her pussy lips. Her thumb subtly played with her clitoris. She shuddered and clenched as I fucked her.

Rgoob groaned in wonder. Seeing was one thing but feeling was another. I felt his knowledge grow with every thrust. I felt his longing build with every throb of my cock.

I kept thrusting. I stared at plump breasts that shook with gentle quakes. I breathed in the smell of our sex and sweat. My fingers tightened around a soft waist.

“I am about to nut,” Rgoob said. “Should we come on her face or her tits? My data is even split on this.”

“Neither,” I thought back to him. “We shall do it the way that entities always do with their followers.”

I groaned. Lakshima knew. She moaned and rubbed her clit faster.

Rgoob and I came. My seed shot into her but it was joined by Rgoob’s energy. A part of him passed into her as well.

Lakshima cried out. She came and her orgasm brought both pleasure and knowledge. Her eyes widened as she understood everything that she could ever want and then some. Her pussy clenched as she tried to drain my cock of seed and wisdom.

When she was full of both, I pulled out of her. Lakshima’s sex glowed with sweat, desire and magic. She still held her lips apart.

“Fucking A,” Rgoob said.

“Our communion is at an end,” I said. “Go forth with my boon. Remember me in your prayers. Honor the gift that I have given you.”

“Oh that was cool,” Rgoob said.

Lakshima nodded and bowed her head. “Thank you, my lord.”

It was time for a cool exit. I didn’t think crawling through a monitor was going to do it.

“No need,” Rgoob said. I felt my body break apart on its own and then reform again. When I could see again, I was back in front of my mirror in the living room.

“Well that was informative,” I said. “Are you satisfied?”

An image of a yellow smiley face appeared before me. I took that as a yes.

“You have served me well,” Rgoob said. “May the pop-ups be forever in your favor.”

I felt him leave me. My mind felt oddly lonely. It would take me a few hours to feel and think normally again.

In the meantime, I had a craving to look at pictures of cats.

Dec 022015

“The reason magicians like desolate places is that not only are these places free of people watching you do magic, but they are also free of most of the lingering energies that people bring with them all of the time. A desolate place can act as a sort of blank canvas to work magic with.”

“The downside to this is that desolate places are also attractive to those people who wish to avoid prying eyes and the rest of society. In other words, criminals.”

Dan punched me when I said that. My head snapped and I tasted blood. A streak of color shot across my vision. My wrists pulled at the plastic ties.

I shook my head and I could see again. I saw the guy that hit me, Dan. I saw the guy behind him with the hunting rifle. I saw the trailer where the two other guys had gone into.

“Are you trying to tell me that you are some sort of magician?” Dan asked. “You came out to the middle of these woods to practice card tricks? How stupid do you think I am?”

I didn’t really answer. Dan looked fairly stupid. He had that four to five days of facial hair that comes from someone who can’t commit. He had a bright orange jersey of his favorite team despite trying to do something illegal in the woods. I mean, he told me his damn name without me asking. What kind of a criminal does that?

“One that does not expect you to live,” a voice whispered in my ear. Well, it is good to know that this morning’s wisdom sprite was still around.

“He kind of looks like a magician,” one of Dan’s buddies said. “He’s got white hair.” The buddy was a big guy with a full beard. I respected him a bit more than Dan because he committed to facial hair.

“Shut up, Cameron!” Dan said. Damn, more names.

Dan punched me and then punched me a second time. I rocked back in the lawn chair. Dan put his foot on the bottom bar so I wouldn’t tip over.

My vision was swimming. The side of my face was tingling. “I have no idea what you guys are doing,” I said. “Just let me go.”

“I’m supposed to believe you don’t know what we are doing?” Dan said. His eyes were wide like I was the stupidest man on earth. “I got a trailer here in the woods and my guys are inside with the windows taped up and you have no idea what we are doing? I’m supposed to believe that? Do I look that stupid?”

It was a favorite question of his. I ignored it. “No, really, I don’t know. I also don’t care. I just came here to do some magic. Now that you guys are here, the area is tainted and useless to me. Let me go and you’ll never hear from me again.

Dan punched me in the gut. The air rushed out of me. Tears sprang to my eyes. A terrible thought crossed my mind.

“Don’t do it,” the wisdom sprite whispered.

“Don’t you watch Breaking Bad?” Cameron asked.

I had no idea what that was supposed to mean. “I don’t have a television,” I said.

“Well, shit!” Dan said. “Now I know you’re lying! Everyone has a TV!”

I waited for another punch. Dan looked to the trees. He was sweating despite the cool November weather.

“Are you with the Rooster boys?” Dan asked. “Did they send you to spy on me?”

This time I rolled my eyes. “I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.”

Dan took out his pistol from his waistband. He pressed it against my nose. My nose was broken and it hurt a lot.

“I’m asking you one more time,” Dan said.

I ignored him. My wrists were bound but my fingers were free. It was time.

“Don’t,” the wisdom sprite said again. I ignored that asshole too. It could have told me my favorite spot was infested with criminals.

I flattened my fingers. My hand flattened as much as I could. I closed my eyes and reached. My body throbbed with pain but I used it. I took that pain and used it to reach.

My palm felt soft flesh. My fingers felt warmth. The beating of a strange heart touched my hand. It was done.

“I asked you a mother-fucking question!” Dan yelled. Some of his spittle landed on my face. The tip of his gun pushed down on my busted lip.

I opened my eyes. Pity came over me. I had to tell him.

“Have you heard the saying that there is someone for everyone?” I asked him.

Dan gave me a funny look. He removed the gun from my face. “You mean, like love and shit?”

“I’ve heard that saying!” Camden said helpfully.

“It is not quite right,” I said. “It is not a someone but more of a something. There is something for everyone. There is a being that exists somewhere in the deep dark cosmos that will love you more than anything else.”

“Is this a Jesus thing?” Dan asked. “Are you going to tell me that God loves me and I need to let you go? How stupid do I look?”

“Jesus does love you,” Camden said. “Even sinners like us.”

“Shut up, Camden!” Dan snapped.

“No, not Jesus,” I said. “These beings never heard of Jesus though I bet one of them loved him more than he ever knew. See, you have to think of the universe as an infinite place that has infinite creatures. Every thing you can imagine exists either on this plane or another.”

Dan swung the gun at me. Something crunched in my mouth. A terrible pain blossomed in my head and consumed me.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Dan yelled.

“Somewhere, something loves you more than you can comprehend. It wants to love you. It wants to protect you. It wants to hold you and make everything alright. It would do anything for you. Once you make contact with it, it will never forget you. Trust me, finding the one that loves you more than anything in the universe is a rare thing indeed,”

“Damn,” Camden said. He got it. Good.

Dan was just perplexed. Fuck, he was stupid. “Why the hell are you telling us this?”

“You should know,” I said. I realized I had a tooth in my mouth. I spat it out. “You should understand what is about to happen.”

There was a scream inside the trailer. It was a long horrible scream.

“What the fuck?” Dan said. Camden jumped and dropped his rifle.

There was a roar from inside the trailer. The door to the trailer shook as if someone was trying to get out. There was a crunching sound and the door bulged as if rammed.

Camden ran. He took off into the woods as fast as he could. He hadn’t hurt me. He might escape.

Dan’s gun was back in my face. “What the fuck is going on?”

“Something loves me very much,” I said. “And I just called her.”

The wisdom sprite said nothing. I realized she had fled too.

“How stupid do you-HOLY SHIT!”

The door flew open. A purple cloud rushed out. Dan spun around as the cloud engulfed him.

Blood flew from the cloud. He screamed. He screamed a lot. He screamed and he screamed and it wouldn’t stop.

There was nothing I could do. He had hurt someone she loved. Her fury was literally cosmic.

Eventually the screams stopped. The cloud moved towards me. It left behind bones and ashes.

I flattened my hand again. My will reached out to her and she remembered.

The cloud became a woman of purple. Full breasts plucked from my imagination jiggled as she walked. Shapely hips the perfect size for dancing swayed towards me. A thick bush of dark purple pubic hair teased me. Long hair the same color of white as my own floated behind her.

Glowing like a star between her breasts was a white hand print. My hand print.

The plastic snapped around my wrist. I tried to stand and everything swam around me.

She caught me. There will be no gentler embrace in the universe. Soft hands pressed my face into her abundant breasts.

My face stopped hurting. My broken tooth appeared in my mouth, whole and healed. My nose straightened and was unharmed. My lips were no longer busted.

She pulled me down to the grass. I followed her. She looked up at me with eyes that held stars. Her lips made promises in the language of eternity.

My pants were gone. I guided my cock into her. She was wet and always would be.

I kissed her. Our mouths reunited after an incalculable distance apart. We kissed like we might never kiss again.

Strong legs wrapped around me. Ankles tightened against my buttocks and drove me into her. Our hips worked together as if they were one body.

We fucked next to Dan’s pitiful remains. I smelled smoke coming from inside the trailer. The smell of death hung in the air.

“My terrible savior,” I whispered. I drove my cock deeper within her purple sex.

She whispered something back. Her hand guided my hand back to the print on her chest. A sigh came from her lips as my fingers pressed against her.

I fucked her gently. She ran her fingers through my hair. I sighed as I remembered her turning it white so long ago. That night changed my life forever.

She rolled me onto my back. My celestial love sat back on my cock and trembled. Her hands pressed down on my chest as she grinded into my lap.

There was a pull within her pussy. It wasn’t just her need for my cock inside her or my seed. No, I felt my soul being pulled towards her sex. I felt her need to have me inside of her and become a part of her forever.

It was going to happen one day. I knew that when I first called out to her. One day my soul will become part of her and there is no telling what will happen to me then. That kind of finality discourages most magicians from ever reaching out but when I was younger; I was terrified of being unloved. I did something unwise and changed the fate of both of us.

She fucked me harder. Her torso writhed on top of my body. My cock was clenched the center of her power. Purple breasts bounced for the enjoyment of my hands.

My usual self control was gone. I was going to come and soon. Total adoration was a powerful aphrodisiac.

One day she might destroy everything I know out of love. One day she might commit atrocities I can’t imagine because someone wronged me. One day she might consume me out of pure need.

That should frighten me but it doesn’t. It just turns me on.

I came. She came with me, our pleasures being linked on a mystical level. I felt her orgasm blossom within her body as she felt my orgasm shoot through my cock. Our groans became one as we shuddered together.

She rested on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her. I felt the beating of her heart against mine.

The trailer was on fire. I was concerned it would spread to the trees. The flames immediately died. There wasn’t even smoke left.

We rested in the quiet of the woods.

Something changed and she had to go. I still don’t understand her ways. We disengaged and she stood before me. My pants were back around my body. It was another of her little miracles.

She took my hand and guided it to her chest. I placed my fingers once more on the mark that was our connection.

“Come,” she said. They were the only words she spoke in my language.

“Not this time,” I said. It was the only promise she would accept.

She smiled and then she was gone.

I stood next the trailer. I still didn’t know what Dan and his friends were doing here. I didn’t care. This place was something different now. I would have to find a new desolate place.

I began the long walk back home alone, but then, you are never truly alone when something loves you.

Sep 302015

The thing about magic is that you don’t need components, props and etched runes. If you have the intent and enough will, you can do all the magic you want. Ingredients help but they are not absolutely necessary. They just make the magic easier to cast. They are also a lot of fun to use.

In some cases how we get the components is too fun to pass up.

Tonight I was at Maggie’s Point. Maggie’s Point was a special place. It was high on a ridge which meant it was close to the powers that lurk in the sky. The forest was near by which connected it to nature spirits. The ground was solid stone that had lasted for ages. Looking down from the ridge you could see the lake which invited the beings of the water. In the day time it was a decent view but at night when the moon is high and the lake surface sparkles with silver, it is quite gorgeous.

There were nine cars parked here by the time I arrived. Six of the cars were rocking and I assumed the other three soon would. No one was here for the view.

I was nude except for a bag slung over my shoulder. The ground still held the heat of the summer day and I felt every degree with my bare feet. The moonlight did cool things with my white hair. A warm breeze kissed my throbbing cock.

My eyes closed and I pictured the blue circle. Mist poured from the circle. I imagined and felt my body fade from view.

My preference was to work right to left. I headed to the car on the far end. The car wasn’t moving but the windows were steamed.

I opened the door. The couple inside didn’t notice. The car light came on but they didn’t see it. A man was sitting in the driver’s side and the man in the passenger seat was giving him a blowjob.

My spell held. The man getting sucked had his eyes open but he was looking at the lake. The man that was sucking didn’t look up.

I smiled. Ten years ago you wouldn’t see a gay couple here. Times were changing and it was about fucking time.

There was work to do. I pulled a small pair of scissors from my bag. There was a choice to be made. Did I want something of pleasure received or pleasure given?

I bent down to the man sucking the cock. Gently I lifted a lock of his blonde hair. The man paused to groan and I snipped his hair. My hand had pulled away as he went back to sucking.

The hair went into a small plastic bag and the bag went into a fuzzy pouch inside my satchel. I closed the door and whispered a blessing of orgasms.

The second car was rocking back and forth. The window was rolled down and I looked inside. In the back seat, a man was thrusting inside of a woman beneath him.

What I wanted was in the front seat. I reached inside and picked up a pair of discarded red panties. They were soaked.

The panties went into a plastic bag and the bag went into a pouch of rough leather. I stepped away and whispered a blessing of lubrication.

The third car was rocking and had steamy windows. A dark woman was riding a man that was in the passenger seat. He had her shirt pulled up and was sucking on one of her small tits.

I opened the passenger door. The light came on and they kept fucking. I bent down and studied them to see what I should harvest.

The woman looked at me. I froze in surprise. She shouldn’t be able to do that.

I waited for her to panic but she didn’t. She kept riding her lover. Her mouth opened to groan.

Maybe she didn’t see me. I moved to the right. No, her eyes followed me. Well, her eyes followed my cock. She definitely saw me.

It was possible that she had a touch of magic herself. I kept the blue circle in my thoughts. My power had to be greater than hers. I just needed to work fast.

I reached for the man. He was sweating profusely. I took a cloth from my bag and wiped his forehead.

The dark woman kept looking at my cock. She kept looking as I put the cloth into a plastic bag. Her eyes were on my cock as I put the bag into a silk pouch.

I closed the door and walked away. My cock was still throbbing. My heart was pounding. That shouldn’t have happened.

Blue circle. Blue circle over flowing with mist. My body fading from view.

The fourth car was rocking. It was an SUV. On a hunch I opened the back door.

The seats in the back were down. A couple was fucking on the floor. The brunette was on her hands and knees while a dark man fucked her from behind. Hard brutal thrusts made the woman whimper with pleasure.

I climbed into the van. The man kept fucking his lover. The impact of his thrusts sent quaking ripples along her ass.

The woman grabbed my cock. My heart stopped. This was impossible. Why wasn’t she yelling? She knew I was here but for some reason she wasn’t upset.

She pulled on my cock, wanting me to come closer. I looked at her lover. Now he too was looking at me but just like her, he didn’t seem to be angry.

I crawled over to her and she pulled my cock into her mouth. Needy lips wrapped around me. Her lover kept fucking her and I felt her groans on my cock.

The man looked me in the eyes as his lover sucked me. He pounded her faster. It was turning him on.

Something strange was happening tonight. They could see me but they were accepting me into their fucking. It was like the blue circle was working but in a different way than it had before.

Well, that’s magic.

The woman had an extraordinary wet mouth. Spit slid down my cock and dripped from my balls. Her mouth was as wet as any pussy.

The man growled. His amazing body fucked even faster. I was jealous of his endurance.

They were going to come and soon. I was close to coming myself.

I pulled out of the woman’s mouth. Orgasms were powerful magic and there was no telling what it would do to my already misbehaving spell.

The woman screamed her orgasm as I climbed out of the van. The man screamed his right after I closed the doors.

That was close. I walked away and pulled out a cloth from my bag. I wrapped it around my cock and groaned. The temptation to jerk off was strong but I restrained myself. I wiped the woman’s spit from my cock and then put the cloth in a plastic bag. The plastic bag went into my satchel.

This was a weird night. I thought about going home but there was more to gather.

Blue circle. Blue circle with thick white mist pouring from it. The mist embraced and shrouded me. I was invisible, unnoticed and of no consequence to those who see me.

I walked to the fifth car. The windows were steamed but it wasn’t moving.

Someone stood outside the car. It was a woman and she was naked. She was plump and round with short dark hair. No, moonlight revealed her hair to be green.

At first I thought she was a lover exiting the car for a quick piss but then I saw her bag. It was a purse and slightly smaller than mine. She wasn’t a lover; she was a magician like me.

Annoyance flickered within me. I wasn’t aware of any magicians in the area. Had she moved here? Was she passing through? I had several places like Maggie Point and I resented the idea of sharing.

She turned towards me and my annoyance turned to tolerance. Fuck, she was young. Magicians were getting younger every year. I didn’t envy the life of wonder she had before her. I hoped she had a coven.

“Greetings,” she said. “My name is Astra.”

“Pleased to meet you,” I lied. “My name is Samuel,” I lied again.

“Be careful,” Astra said. “My spirit cloak doesn’t seem to be working. I could be casting it wrong but it might also be something in the air.”

Damn, that was nice of her. Most magicians would never admit a possible fault in their skills. It might just be a sign of her inexperience but I was inclined to believe she was being genuinely friendly. I softened to her.

Well, my heart did. My cock was getting harder thanks to her ridiculously heavy breasts.

“You are probably casting it right,” I said. “Mine is acting odd too. There is something happening tonight.”

“Oh, okay,” she said. A warm breeze blew through and we both took a moment to enjoy it. Her eyes drifted to my thighs while mine lingered on her round hips.

Sympathy prodded me. “Looking for anything in particular tonight?”

“I nearly have everything but I still haven’t found a pair of panties washed in lust. I would have thought they would be more common here.”

“I have a pair I don’t need,” I said. I reached into my satchel and felt for the right bag.

“Oh thanks,” Astra said. “I have some pubic hair from a guy who was getting his cock sucked. Can you use those?”

“Yes, I can. Thank you.”

We exchanged sample bags. The car next to us began to rock.

“Good gardening,” I said to her.

“Safe travels,” Astra said.

She walked towards the SUV I had left. I headed towards the newly rocking car.

I stopped. There was something in the air tonight. It seemed a shame to waste it on simple component collection.

I turned around and I saw that Astra had stopped in her steps too. She turned and a smile lit up her face. I called her over with a wave of my arm. She came to me with swinging hips.

She grabbed my head and pulled me down for a kiss. Her mouth opened to mine and out tongues danced. Her fingers locked in my hair and kept me as a very willing prisoner to her mouth.

My hands were free while she took my lips. I squeezed her plump ass and sank my fingers into warm flesh. I cupped her breast and played with her hard nipple. I pulled her hips to mine and let my cock throb against the bush of her sex.

She groaned and our kiss was broken. I pushed her back against the rocking car. My mouth left her lips and kissed down her neck. I left a trail of bites down her shoulder, down the slope of her breast, over her hard nipple, down the underside of her breast, over her ribs, down to her belly, past her waist, and then onto three mouthfuls of musky hair until I came to the lips of her sex.

“Yes,” she moaned. Astra leaned against the car as it continued to shake with the fucking within.

I kissed her sex. I whispered a silent prayer to the gate of her sex. I entered her with my tongue.

Her hands went back to my hair. She pulled me towards her sex. Hips and thighs quivered against me.

I licked. Long slow steady licks at the source of her desire. No matter how tightly she twisted my hair or how urgently she pulled me to her, my tongue was slow, steady and methodical.

There was a sweep of headlight beams across our bodies. The crunching of gravel came to a stop nearby. An engine idled shortly before cutting off.

I looked up at Astra. My lips were soaked. I brushed her sensitive lips with my thumb.

She pulled me up by my hair. I let her.

She turned around and presented her ass to me. I grabbed it with both hands.

She pressed her tits to the driver’s side window of the car. I wondered if they could see the moons she was showing them.

All of the cars were rocking now. Even the new car was in motion with vigorous sex. It was time we joined them.

I pushed Astra’s legs apart. The tip of my cock went to the soaked patch I had been licking. Cock in hand, I tapped the tip against her lips.

Once, twice, three times, four times, five times and six.

I slipped into her. She cried out. Her yell echoed down the ridge and onto the lake.

All of the cars kept rocking.

I held onto her hips and fucked her. My hips crashed into her abundant ass. The car shook with the force of our fucking.

Did the people inside the car notice their car was rocking harder? Did they look up to see Astra’s plump breasts pressed against the window. Did they hear her moans? I wanted to think they did.

“Harder,” Astra asked and I obliged. Her pussy was a hot summer night. Deeper and deeper I pushed inside her.

Someone cried out their orgasm. It was a long shuddering cry that hung in the air.

Astra and I kept fucking.

Frogs chanted in the woods nearby. They called to each other with croaks of lust. The magic here affected all kinds of animals.

My fingers sunk into Astra’s hips. I watched her flesh quake with the fury of our thrusts. A lover’s moon illuminated every shapely curve.

The last hot breeze of summer blew against us. She reached back and grabbed my hand. Her fingers clutched mine painfully as she came.

“Fuck!” she yelled.

The cars kept rocking.

“I am close,” I roared.

“Wait, I want this,” Astra said. She pulled my cock out of her and turned around. Before me she sunk down to her knees and spat on her tits. Cupping her tits, she lifted them to me in offering.

A magician’s seed is a powerful ingredient. It shouldn’t be given away without something powerful in return. It was a sign of her inexperience that she would demand such a thing free of payment.

On the other hand, she had really nice tits. I wanted to fuck them. Who was acting like the novice now?

I pushed my cock into her tits. Warm softness embraced my slick cock. The head of my cock emerged from her cleavage.

Astra looked up at me. “Give me your come. I want it so bad and I will earn it.”

Fuck. I grabbed her shoulders. She pressed her tits tighter around my cock. My hips bucked and I fucked her warm mounds.

Someone else screamed an orgasm. The car beside us was rocking so hard that I feared it would tip over. There was something powerful here tonight.

“Please, please, please,” Astra begged. Her green hair glowed in the night.

I came. Seed sprayed up from between her tits. She squeezed her tits tighter and milked me. I shuddered in the night as she methodically drained my cock.

When I finally stopped coming, she reached for her bag. I leaned on the car that was still rocking. I had to stop and stand up because it was making me seasick.

Astra collected my seed on a cloth and added it to her bag. I wondered what ritual she would use it for. I hoped it was for something filthy.

She closed her bag and came back to me. She held my cock while she kissed me. It was a light grip and a soft kiss.

“Good hunting,” Astra said. “I am heading home.”

I kissed her back and watched her walk away. Her ass glowed with moon light. I wondered why she was leaving with so many other resources to gather.

Oh yes. I was here for the cars and the couples. She had come for something stronger, rarer and harder to come by.

And she had got it.

Sep 022015

Magicians are terrible record keepers. As much as we seek out lore from others we are terrible at recording our own. We rarely keep notes and when we do we tend to jot down what we consider is important at the time instead of writing everything. This can be painful for when we later refer to our notes trying to ascertain what the fuck the sound of a fan has to do with the strengthening of personal wards.

If we were any good at making good reliable records, we would probably be scientists instead of magicians.

I was reminded of this when I smelled a burning coming from upstairs. I rushed up the stairs and tried to remember if I had left any candles going after last night’s ritual orgy. The orgy room was empty, as was the summoning room, the guest bedroom, the enemy bedroom, my bedroom and the Room That Shall Not Be Named. That just left the sunroom.

The sunroom door creaked as I opened it. I tried to remember the last time I used it. It had become less of a sunroom and more of a sloppy storage room.

The heat hit me as I swung open the door. The burning smell was coming from here. A singular brightness filled the room and I shaded my eyes.

There was a woman on the floor. A circle of sunlight surrounded her. Her skin was pale but it glowed in the sunlight. Long red hair fell onto her naked breasts. Her hand was buried between her thighs and she was rubbing a fiery patch of pubic hair.

The fiery patch was not a euphemism. Flames danced along her sex lips. As my eyes adjusted I noticed that flames curled along her red hair as well.

She looked at me with golden eyes. Pink lips parted as she moaned.

“Fuck me,” she asked.

My cock stirred but I ignored it. What the fuck was she doing here? I hadn’t summoned a flaming redhead. Even with my shitty record keeping I would remember that.

I followed the circle of light up to the window. A piece of glass dangled in front of the window. It was a circle with colored glass in the shape of a rune. I remembered baking it in my oven with a kit I bought at the hobby store.

“Stick your cock in me,” the redhead moaned. She got on her knees in front of me. Her hand never stopped stroking her sex. I noticed she stayed inside the circle of light.

I tried to remember why I had made the glass thing. What was it called? Oh yes, a sun-catcher.

Then I remembered.

It was from a book I found. The author was a Southern magician from the turn of the century by the flashy name of Dr. Pietro. His book was filled with the usual notes about spells, demons and favorite pie recipes but he had one artifact description that appealed to me. It was an item to “call down the wisdom of the sun.” It was a simple artifact and I gave it a try.

“Make me your whore,” the redhead moaned. She grabbed a pale breast and squeezed. Her flesh glowed with an internal fire. The burning smell increased.

I expected “calling down the wisdom of the sun” to be knowledge of stellar events or perhaps communication with the greater spheres. Apparently it was a naked redhead creature. That is what I mean by poor record keeping; Pietro could have at least mentioned her really lovely breasts.

More importantly, Dr. Pietro could have mentioned how long the spell takes. I am pretty sure I hung it over a year ago.

“Do whatever you want to me,” the redhead moaned. She let go of her plump breast. Flames flickered over the hand print on her breast. The flame faded with the print. She licked her fingers. Her tongue was very nimble.

My cock stirred but I stayed outside the circle. I didn’t know anything about her. The fire suggested that she might be some sort of elemental but fuck, I had never seen an elemental with dimples before.

I wondered how long she would be here. My guess was that she would be gone when the sun no longer came through the window. When would that be? Noon? Sooner? I really didn’t spend much time here.

“Use me,” she said. She turned around and bent over. Her pale ass was presented to me as she spread her legs. I watched sparks fall from her sex.

Touching her might burn me.

Not touching her would haunt me.

I reached through the circle. The sunlight was warm on my hand. The redhead arched her ass towards me. My fingers grazed her round ass.

Heat radiated from her.

I laid my palm against her ass. As expected, she was but it wasn’t unbearable. I squeezed her ass and saw sparks pop. The sparks landed on my skin and it felt like the kiss of a hot wind.

“Take me,” she moaned. She parted her sex lips and the burning smell increased. I realized now what was burning. It was her pussy.

I thought of a dozen incantations to protect myself and didn’t use one. I stepped into the circle and pulled down my pants.

“Oh yes, hurry!” the redhead moaned.

I grabbed her hips with both hands. A surge of heat went through me. My mouth dried. Her begging words rang within me.

“I’ll hurry when I want to,” I growled. I grabbed her hips and flipped her onto her back. She moaned louder as I climbed over her.

Sparks popped as I fell on top of her. I grabbed handfuls of her tits and they glowed like furnaces. My legs straddled her hips and heat embraced me.

I bent down to kiss her. She surrendered to my hungry kisses. Her lips burned but I kept kissing. Her tongue was a flaming snake that wrestled mine. Her breath was the mist of the sauna.

It may sound unpleasant but it was anything but. The heat was vital. Kissing her was like being warm for the first time in my life. I couldn’t stop.

The heat of the redhead did something else to me. It ignited a fire within me. It created a blaze of selfish desire and it consumed my mercy for fuel.

I pulled at her beautiful perfect tits and dug sparking gouges with my fingers. My hands slapped her tits as she moaned, writhed and burned. I bit down on her coal hot nipples until she screamed.

And whenever I stopped, the redhead would moan, “More!”

I sat up and grabbed her hair. Flames flared as I wound her hair in my hand and pulled her to her knees. I forced her head back as I bit painfully hard on her delicate neck. I felt the pulse of her blood beneath the skin and I felt the heat of the fire that flowed through her.

The redhead screamed at her rough treatment but when I stopped, she moaned, “More!”

I shoved her to the ground. My foot went to her neck and pinned her there. The heat of her neck on my foot was like standing on a hot vent in the middle of winter.

I slapped her ass. Sparks flew from where I struck her. She screamed as if I was setting her ass on fire. The irony amused me.

“More!” she cried.

My foot pressed harder on her neck. My hand slapped her ass with the fury of a man enraged. The repeating strikes of my hand changed her ass from pale white to smoldering orange to burning red to glowing blue and finally blistering white. The force of my blows made her ass jiggle, her buttocks clench and her legs kick.

Most delicious of all her reactions were her screaming moans.

We were at the edge of the circle of sunlight. I realized that we hadn’t moved; the sun had. My foot went off of her neck and I grabbed her ankles. I dragged her across the floor and flipped her onto her back.

The redhead spread her legs automatically. She looked up at me with the eyes glowing like the sun. The air shimmered with heat distortions.

“Fuck me!” she yelled.

This time I wanted to. The cruelty in me had nearly been exhausted. I dropped between her legs and grabbed my cock. Flames danced on her pussy lips.

I didn’t hesitate. My cock slipped into her and I climbed on top of her. Legs wrapped around me like searing brands.

She was hot inside. Too hot. It was burned and I felt my body catch fire. I would be ashes in seconds.

But I wasn’t. The heat remained but I adapted. The fire embraced me and we burned together.

I fucked her. It was a slow burn of thrusts and grinding. Her hips rolled with mine. Her pussy clenched with my throbbing cock. Our rhythm became the rhythm of the fire.

“Fuck me,” I moaned.

She stared at me with her glowing eyes. They pulsed with our thrusts. My eyes hurt to look at hers but I couldn’t look away.

Our pace quickened. No, it ignited. My cock and her pussy raced each other. Our moans turned into pants. We clawed at each other as melted into one another.

She came with a fiery flash.

I came and I felt sparks pass through my cock.

We kept fucking. Our limbs intertwined as our bodies merged into one burning husk.

She came and smoke poured from her hair.

I came again and fire filled my balls.

We slowed down and I noticed the circle had moved again. Half of the circle didn’t even exist any more. The sun was moving past the window and the sun-catcher.

We kept fucking. The flames in her hair dimmed. Sparks no longer flew from her breasts with each thrust. The glow of her eyes dimmed to merely blinding.

She came and the heat in her pussy flared.

I came again and I tasted ash on my tongue.

And then she was gone. The last of the direct sunlight left the room. I hit the bare ground and groaned.

There were scorch marks on the floor. The worse burn marks were where her pussy had dripped onto the floor. Smoke hung in the air.

I rolled onto my back. My cock was hot to the touch but luckily not cinder.

She was gone but the heat was still within me. I wondered if I would ever be cold again.

I thought that I should probably write all of this down.

Jul 292015

A normal practitioner of magic picks up hundreds of spells in their lifetime. They collect them from friends, lovers, enemies, books and often movies. The average user of magic has forgotten more spells than they use in their lifetime.

Standing outside Abigail’s house, I realized I never picked up a spell for unlocking doors. I could unclasp a bra with a single word but apparently locked doors had never come up.

Luckily for me, a lawn chair through the front window works just as well. The sound was horrendous but Abigail lived out in the country. No one would hear my breaking and entering.

I crawled through the window and managed not to gut myself on broken glass. The smell of garlic greeted me. Memories of pasta and perfect mussels swept over me.

The tears came next. It was hard to believe the old lady was gone. She seemed invincible. I had no idea how old she was but she never corrected me when I called her a hundred years old. She was a tough old lady and hell of a lot tougher then me. It was wrong of her to be dead, especially of something so mundane as dying in her sleep.

I always assumed that she would be picking through my house after I died instead of the other way around. We disagreed on almost everything but she had taught me when I asked and I enjoyed her price. In our circles, that almost made her family.

I reached for the light switch. The familiar sight of the living room surrounded me. There was her giant crystal ball that I never saw her use. Over here was the curio cabinet of miniature altars. My third eye picked up the shapes of the invisible rune she had inscribed in the floor.

There were more mundane treasures as well. The far wall was dominated by a rack of well used vibrators. An erotic painting of an orgy hung above the fireplace. An expensive television stood next to an extensive collection of pornographic DVD’s.

I wondered what her nephews made of Abigail’s porn. They must have been horrified. That would explain the fact that they had a mover coming tomorrow to ship Abigail’s house to an auction house. I doubted the assholes stayed more than five minutes in this house.

It was a good thing I was here tonight. Abigail never left a will and quite frankly, I bet I would not be her first, second or even sixth choice to have her stuff, but I was the one here now. I wanted to scavenge whatever magic artifacts I could before it got sold to strangers with no idea of their worth.

Before I could start my search, I heard a crash from the kitchen. I froze in my tracks. Did some other thief beat me here first?

No matter, two people searching would be faster than one. I walked to the kitchen and took a peak.

A frying pan was on the floor. I wasn’t sure where it fell from.

The television came on in the living room. The groans of a couple fucking echoed down the hallway.

Ah, I had a suspicion of what was going on. I went back into the living room and turned the television off. I stood in the living room and exerted a small amount of will into the room.

All of the vibrators on the rack came to life. Their buzzing formed an angry chorus.

The place was haunted. It happens a lot when you deal in magic. It was probably some left over spirit that Abigail had summoned but died before she got a chance to dismiss it. It was no big deal.

I drew a circle in the carpet with my foot. I pictured my Guardian. I remembered her dark purple skin, her insect eyes and her clawed hands. I recalled how her long blonde hair would flutter when she flew. I remembered the heaving of her tits as I bound her. I heard the beating of her glittering wasp wings. She was here.

I said her name out loud. “Cleanse this space of unwanted spirits,” I intoned.

My Guardian screamed. It was a long piercing wail that lasted for a full minute before collapsing into a stuttering moan.

Well, she had never made that sound before. I took that as a bad sign. This was no normal haunting.

My pants unzipped. My shirt rubbed against my chest and it felt like a dozen hands. The stereo came on and I heard the repeated moaning of a woman being penetrated.

“I’m an idiot,” I said and it was true. See, the reason Abigail and I didn’t agree on a lot of things is she was an entirely different sex magician from me. I believed in using the power of orgasms to communicate with the beings of the Outer Purple but she believed in the power of the frustrated orgasm. She had denied herself orgasms for fifty years at least if not more. It was the source of her power.

That is not to mean she was celibate. Oh, fuck no. she masturbated, she sucked and licked and sometimes she fucked. She just never came. She teased herself to the point of climax forever and held onto that frustration.

If you are a magician using that frustration; everything is fine. When you don’t use that energy then it seeps into the environment. Abigail had been dead for a week but the frustration here must be immense.

Incidentally, that is why all poltergeists can be traced to the teenager in the house. Their sexual frustrations soak into the physical objects of the house and act out. Teach the teen to masturbate and you stop the source of the frustration.

That is all I had to do. My pants wiggled down to my ankles on their own accord and I stepped out of them. I felt my underwear rip apart and fall to the ground.

I stepped out of my circle and walked into the center of the living room. This is where Abigail usually masturbated. I had seen her do a dozen times. Sometimes I licked her and sometimes I fucked her here. Like I said earlier, I never minded her price for sharing knowledge.

One of the vibrators flew off the rack. I kept calm as it dipped between my legs. The tip of the vibrator pressed against my balls. Oh shit, that felt nice.

The lights dimmed. The room plunged into darkness until six candles lit themselves around the room. Wow, that is powerful. I never saw a poltergeist light a candle before much less six.

A scarf flew off her hat rack and drifted towards me. It coiled along my ankle and snaked around my thigh. It slithered over to my other leg and kept snaking around my leg.

The stereo came on. Three female voices moaned together in a recorded chant. Mixed with the sound of moaning was the unmistakable wet sound of sexes being stroked.

A bottle of lubricant flew from the coffee table and squirted my cock. This poltergeist had no use for subtlety.

There was so much frustration. All it needed was a conduit to release through. All it needed was me.

I grabbed my cock and rubbed the slippery lubricant over myself. My fingers tightened and I groaned. I opened myself to the energy.

FUCK! An ocean of power filled me. FUCK! Is this what Abigail dealt with? FUCK! This was real power! FUCK!

I thought of the treasures I had come to look for and their locations were instantly known to me; including some objects I didn’t know about at all but would want.


I saw the network of presence of beings I could barely imagine. Even better, I felt the power that Abigail used to deal with these beings. Holy shit, all this time I had been making pacts with spirits when I could have been making cosmic law with Goddesses.


This was power. This was true power. What the fuck had I been doing all this time? I had been wasting my energies daily. I regretted every orgasm I ever had.

My fingers left my cock. There was no way I was releasing my seed or this power.


The aching came. It was a deep pain like nothing I had ever felt. It was the loss of never kissing a woman I liked. It was the grief of a missed sexual encounter. It was the tragedy of never sharing that most intimate of pleasures with a loved one.


How did Abigail bear this horror? The tears came back and they poured out of me. There was sex, sure, but there was never the closure of climax. There was never the shudder followed by the tender hug of one who cares. There were so much desire and never any satisfaction.


This was not my path. I grabbed my cock again. I was so turned on that I couldn’t even imagine a fantasy to jack off to. I just listened to the moans coming from the stereo and stroked.

I climaxed. The frustration of the room flowed through me. I felt like I was ejaculating an ocean out of my cock. I came and I came and I came and I came.

The lights came back on. The stereo shut off. The vibrator on my balls dropped to the ground.

I dropped as well. Holy shit, that was intense. How the fuck did Abigail live as long as she did with that burden upon her. Fuck, that old woman was stronger than any one ever knew.

There was a mess on the floor. I left it and went looking for Abigail’s books. The memory of where they were was quickly fading but I wasn’t worried. I would find them.

I thought about the power that had passed through me. I could never deny myself like Abigail did. That was not my way.

A little denial though, maybe I could work something with that.

Jul 012015

When you deal in magic your home becomes a temple. Magic flows and moves all around us constantly so it helps if the area you live in is not spiritually polluted. A wise magician takes care to make sure his area is cleansed regularly and to not bring in negative influences.

I had gotten really bad at that last part lately.

A knock at the door woke me up. I was in a deep sleep dreaming about dolphins sucking on my toes. It was a pleasant dream.

The knocking dragged me out of the bliss of sleep. I became aware of my body slowly. I thought the dolphins had followed me at first but it turned out that was just Karen. The redhead stock broker was sucking on my toes and had no desire to quit anytime soon.

A groan came from my right. Standing by my bed was a tall man with blonde hair. He watched Karen intensely while he jacked his very chaffed cock. It took me a moment to remember his name. It was Tom and he was also a stock broker.

The knocking returned. I sat up and sighed. The knocking wasn’t going away.

“Stop sucking my toes,” I said gently. Karen pouted. She had a serious oral fixation.

“Suck on Tom instead,” I said. Tom grunted and shook his head. “Oh yeah, right. Suck on your toes instead and let him watch.”

Karen and Tom groaned together. I rolled out of bed as Karen tried to get her toes in her mouth. She had a hard time but she was very persistent. I had no doubt she would get something into her mouth.

The knocking grew louder. I stumbled out of the bedroom naked. If someone was going to wake me up, they were getting all of me. I headed for the stairs but stopped at one of the guest rooms instead.

Inside was a bound black woman. She had a full sensory deprivation hood on. She was tied to a rope pentagram that suspended her two inches from the floor. Desire dripped from her sex to the floor.

I completely forgot her name but she looked fine. She too was also a stock broker.

The knocking became slow and angry. I made my way downstairs. I grabbed a water bottle from a step. I downed the remaining water. Last night had been dehydrating.

I finally opened the door. An Asian woman in a business suit stood on my porch. Gold glasses that might have been real gold sat on her nose. Shoulder length black hair framed a stern face. She held a briefcase that gave me a bad vibe.

Ha, they sent another one.

“Samuel Noon?” she asked. A single glance of her eyes took in my hard cock and flicked back to my eyes. She didn’t seem the least bit perturbed by my nudity.

“That is a name I answer to,” I said. “Come on in.”

“Mr. Noon, my name is Emily Hyata and I am here on behalf of the firm of Silverman and Tacks.”

“No shit,” I said. I was always more sarcastic before breakfast. I sat down on the chair and pointed to the couch.

Ms. Hyata sat down and ignored the purple dildo beside her. She flipped open the briefcase and took out a familiar looking piece of paper. She closed the case and held onto the paper.

“Mr. Noon, my firm is currently in the process of recruiting new talent,” Ms. Hyata said. “We are seeking to open a new branch on the west coast as well as several foreign markets. Although you have never formerly worked in a corporate environment, we have reason to believe your talents could be an asset to us.”

A shudder went through me. Just the thought of having a day job was disgusting.

“And what would I be doing?” I asked.

Ms. Hyata smiled. It almost looked genuine. She unclasped the button of her jacket and licked her lips. “We will bring you in for a full assessment of your abilities to properly place you but our reports had told us that you are good at summing spirits as well as performing divination.”

“I am quite good at divination,” I said. “I assume you would have me predicting stock markets and financial shit?”

“Certainly,” she said. Without noticing, she kicked off her shoes. “But other firms try to predict the markets but Silverman and Tacks have a more diversified approach. We question spirits about CEO’s, other banks and bribable congressmen and regulators. We try to predict the behavior of everyone who stands in the way of personal profit.”

It sounded like such a waste of magic but something caught my interest. “Tell me more of this personal profit. Is that like commissions?”

“Of course!” Ms. Hyata said. She slid off her jacket and draped it over the dildo. Her legs parted and stretched the material of her skirt.

“We offer a full package of incentives to all of our employees,” she said. “That includes health insurance, full blessings by our trained staff, commissions as well as 401K’s and the secret 623K that congress just passed that is only available to those in the financial industry.”

Ms. Hyata started to unbutton her blouse. I saw the peek of a red bra underneath her blue shirt. For some reason, I wasn’t interested in it. I was distracted by what she had said.

“Tell me more about 401K’s,” I said. “I don’t know what that is but I feel like I want it.”

Ms. Hyata got frustrated unbuttoning her shirt and simply pulled it apart. Buttons popped everywhere. She stood up and her briefcase fell to the floor. The paper she had taken out drifted to the coffee table. She ignored it as she took off her blouse.

“I feel strange,” she said.

I stood up and grabbed the paper. It had numbers on it. I didn’t understand them but they looked big and the percentages made my cock hard.

“Your colleagues never told me about ten percent salary growth,” I said. “I like that.”

Ms. Hyata frowned. “My colleagues? Have you heard from them? They called to say you declined our offer but we never heard back from them. They haven’t returned to work.”

“Oh yes,” I said. “Karen has been living out her fantasy as an oral slut for the past week. That woman will put anything in her mouth. Tom is a voyeur and has been operating as a sort of silent wingman with me as he watches me fuck people. The first one you guys sent, I forget her name, she loves bondage. I am planning to get her in touch with a rope woman I know.”

Ms. Hyata looked around my house as if noticing it for the first time. She unzipped her skirt and it dropped to the ground. Black stockings encased her slender legs. Bright blue panties hid her sex.

“If you have harmed them in any way,” Ms. Hyata began to threaten. Her threat would have been scarier if she hadn’t been rubbing her nipples.

“Of course not,” I said. “My home has been warded to remove connections from those who enter. People who walk through my door are cleansed of bonded thought. Deals made with spirits, contracts written in blood and personal hauntings are exorcised.”

Ms. Hyata looked horrified as she pulled down her panties. “Those connections take years to form! I personally have transacted with seventeen different principles of commerce for their guidance. You’re reducing their enhanced value to zero!”

I shrugged and stared at the employment offer. “I thought it was better than letting strangers bring their own demons into my house. Now I am not so sure. It says here that you will provide stock options. That’s good, right? I feel like it is a good thing.”

“Why am I so horny?” Ms. Hyata said. “I have sex with an intern twice a week. He was my Christmas bonus.”

She stood before me with a neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair. Her fingers were buried in her wet sex. My cock responded but it was a distraction. I really wanted to know about those stock options.

“Every use of magic reformats the mind,” I said. “You might have sex but your inner desire has been steadily replaced with financial greed. You’re dealing with a career’s worth of ignored sexual desire.”

Ms. Hyata finger fucked herself harder. “Eat my ass,” she said. She turned around and presented a firm fit ass for my devouring.

I could care less. “But really, what are stock options?” I asked. “I really want those.”

“I’ll tell you if you eat my ass,” she said.

Annoyance flashed through me but something else did as well. This was a transaction. She would provide information for ass eating. It was a small price for a good amount of gain. My cock got hard thinking about it.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me. I buried my face in her ass. She smelled like expensive soaps and more expensive clothing.

“Yes!” Ms. Hyata moaned. She ground her ass into my face.

My tongue found her asshole. I flicked my tongue against her tiny hole. I tasted skin and something else that I didn’t think about.

“Tell me,” I said with my face in her ass.

“A stock option is a contract between two parties,” Ms. Hyata began.

I tightened my grip on her thighs. My tongue pushed against her tight little anus and sought to work my way inside her. I felt her ass quiver around my face.

“The stock option buyer, known as the holder, purchases the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell shares of an underlying stock,” she said before her voice broke and she let out a loud groan.

I needed to know more. My hand slipped between her thighs and onto her sex. I pushed her hand out of the way and my fingers entered her sex. While my tongue kept licking, my fingers stroked the inside of her sex.

“Yes” Ms. Hyata cried. “The purchase is at a predetermined price from and to the option seller within a fixed period of time.”

It was gibberish to me but it made me feel so good. I wanted that. I wanted that and I wanted more of that. I wanted as much as there was to take at an advantageous price to myself.

The tip of my tongue wiggled inside the ring of her anus. My fingers fucked her sex with all of my new found enthusiasm for stock options.

Ms. Hyata shook in my grasp. Her ass clenched around my mouth as her pussy clenched around my fingers. She shook as I licked and finger fucked her.

“Shit! Who’s that?” she yelled.

I didn’t need to look up. “That’s Tom. He likes to watch.”

“Fuck me,” Ms. Hyata said. “I need a cock in me.”

A part of me wanted to do that but I shook my head after giving her anus a final lick. “What do I get?” I demanded.

“What do you want?” Ms. Hyata said.

I wanted it all. “What can you offer?” I said. My fingers fucked her wet sex harder.

“I can offer you your own team to manage,” Ms. Hyata said.

That confused me. I pulled my fingers out of her sex. “Does that give me more money?”

“Yes!” Ms. Hyata said. She stepped away and bent over my coffee table. Her legs parted and she lifted her ass to me.

“Fuck me now or the offer is off the table!” she said.

I sprang into action. Wealth was at stake! Once again I grabbed her hips but this time it was my cock that I slid into her. Her wet pussy took my cock and clenched tightly around it.

“Do I get a company car?” I asked. Her buttocks bounced from where my hips crashed into her.

“Two cars!” she cried. She reached under and stroked herself as I fucked her.

“Do I get quarterly bonuses?” I asked. My cock slammed relentlessly into her.

“Yes! Dependent on performance review!” she cried. The table shook from the force of our fucking.

“Ask for three weeks vacation time!” Tom yelled from the staircase. He was jacking his sore cock with both hands.

I grabbed Ms. Hyata’s ponytail and pulled her head back. “What he said!”

“Three weeks to start and then five weeks after a year!” Ms. Hyata yelled. “Now shut up and fuck me!”

I did. I fucked the hot Asian woman while thinking about all the money I will be making. I fucked her hard while Tom watched and jacked off. I fucked her tight pussy with a passion I couldn’t explain.

We came at the same time. My cock exploded inside her while tight walls quivered around me. We screamed together as we swapped sexual fluids and magical energies.

I fell back onto the chair. Ms. Hyata fell onto the coffee table.

Tom kept stroking.

“What the fuck was that?” Ms. Hyata said.

“What the fuck was I saying?” I said. “For one moment I really wanted a bank account.”

Ms. Hyata turned around and sat on the coffee table. She wouldn’t be the first person to leave a wet spot on it. Her gold glasses had nearly slid completely off her nose.

“Well?” she demanded.

“I have a theory,” I said. “You’re my fourth guest in a short time to bring with you your own magical energies. I think my cleansing system got overwhelmed. I think some of your energies got into me and vice versa.”

She nodded. “And the orgasm reset our equilibriums. Interesting, hopefully this means all of my spirit contracts are still valid.”

“Should be, but you should probably go now,” I said.

“I agree,” she said. Clinically she began to gather her clothes. “Mr. Noon, I do not believe you would be a good fit for out company. There will be no offers made.”

“Thank goddess,” I said. “My cock needs a fucking break.”