May 212014

Scott tapped the brake of his car. There was a woman leaning against the wall of the liquor store. The setting sun added a glow to her long tanned legs. Her shorts were indecently short but what really caught his eyes was the style of the shorts. They were cut off blue jeans, just like the kind that girls wore when Scott was a teen.

The woman looked at him. A halo of teased brown hair surrounded her face. Sunglasses slightly too large for her face covered her eyes. She blew a bubble of pink gum.

He knew what she was. There were three cars ahead of Scott and none of them slowed down to look at the woman with the long legs. That was because they couldn’t see her. She was a Wet Dream and she was one of Scott’s.

Scott sped past her. He didn’t have time for this. His wife wanted ice cream and since she was home sick, it was up to him to go get it. He should be focused on his wife and not impossible long tanned legs.

He turned a corner and stopped at the red light. The grocery store was in sight. Once he got inside and was surrounded by people, he would be safe.

Pop. The snapping of bubblegum made him look in his rearview mirror. The Wet Dream was there. She had a tight white tanktop that stretched across her tits. Nipples poked against the thin material and looked ready to burst.

She leaned forward. Scott prayed for the light to turn green. He could smell her. She smelled of pink bubblegum, strawberry shampoo and cigarette smoke. Of course. Bad girls always smoked.

“Go away,” Scott said. She didn’t answer. When she was created, Scott didn’t know how dirty girls talked.

The light turned green. He shot through the traffic light and turned into the grocery store parking lot. He cruised into the first spot he could find and got out. Scott counted on her staying in the car. Only the most persistent could follow him.

He heard the clicking of her heels behind him on the pavement.

The doors opened and he stepped inside. A second later he heard the doors open again. The Wet Dream walked up to him and smiled.

Scott couldn’t take his eyes off of her. The white tanktop had changed to a loose fitting blouse that draped over her tits. A pink headband had appeared was barely holding back her teased gold brown hair. The bubblegum was gone and her lips were covered in pink lipstick.

“Go away,” he whispered. He turned and headed for the ice cream. He had to keep looking away. She would wither and vanish if he could just ignore her. At least no one else could see his Wet Dream.

Scott passed a woman and her child. The woman’s eyes widened and she turned her small son away. The woman glared past Scott with all the fury of a mother.

“Shit,” Scott whispered. That hadn’t happened before. Scott had seen a thousand wet dreams but this was the first one that others could see too. Maybe she was real? No, that was impossible. No one dressed like this anymore. She was dressed like one of his posters from when he was a teen. The sunglasses were just like the ones that Kelly Macon used to wear in tenth grade homeroom. Even her hair was just like that that MTV VJ he had a crush on. No, this was his Wet Dream.

Why could other people see her? Was he that horny? Scott didn’t think so. Maybe his Wet Dreams got stronger as he got older. That was a scary thought. He barely understood the Wet Dreams himself so the last thing he wanted to do was explain it to other people. He wanted to keep the Wet Dreams to himself.

He walked faster. The Wet Dream caught up to him. She put her hand on his ass and Scott’s felt an old thrill of exhibitionism that he had forgotten.

A stockboy looked at him and gave him an approving nod of the head.

This had to stop. This was his grocery store; Scott and his wife came here all the time. He didn’t want people to tell his wife about the tramp that her husband was shopping with. His wife didn’t know about the Wet Dreams and he sure as fuck wasn’t going to tell her about them now.

There were two ways to get rid of a wet dream and ignoring hadn’t worked this time. He had to do the other.

He made a sharp turn and headed for the restrooms. The Wet Dream kept pace with him, her heels clicking loudly on the smooth floors. Her blouse had changed to something with buttons and nearly all the buttons had come loose. Her tits bounced freely within the rapidly opening shirt.

Scott stared straight ahead and ignored the looks of staring customers. He pushed open the door to the restrooms and pulled the Wet Dream behind him. A customer was coming out, an older guy, and he gave Scott and his Wet Dream an indignant stare as he left.

“Fuck,” Scott whispered. They wouldn’t have much time. He pulled the Wet Dream into a stall and closed it behind them.

She pressed against him. Young tits smashed against his chest. The smell of cigarettes and bubble gum was intoxicating. He rubbed his cheek against her permed hair and relished the sensations.

The Wet Dream tugged at his pants and pulled his cock out. He wanted to fuck her and feel those long legs around him but he knew better. The older Wet Dreams sometimes don’t have vaginas or worse, they had something that a teenage boy thought a vagina looked like. It wasn’t worth the risk.

Scott pushed the Wet Dream down to her knees. The blouse was gone now and she was topless. Tanned breasts glowed below him. She opened her red lips and took his cock into her mouth.

“Yes,” Scott groaned. She took all of his cock into her mouth because Wet Dreams never gag unless he wanted them to. She was hot and slick and wet and tight around his cock. He grabbed her permed hair with both hands and struggled to stay on his feet.

The Wet Dream sucked him. Tits bounced against his legs with each thrust of her head. Her lips were tight and her tongue flicked the head of his cock. One hand went down into her shorts and stroked a vagina that he didn’t want to see.

She looked up at him, pretty blue eyes peeking out from behind the large frames of her sunglasses. He wondered where he had seen those eyes before.

He grinded against her face. The Wet Dream took it. She didn’t need to breathe so she could suck and suck and suck as long as his cock stayed hard.

Scott climaxed. It was a strong orgasm and he had to bite his lip to keep from yelling. He shot into her mouth and like all Wet Dreams, she swallowed all of it. Her lips were sealed around his cock until every drop was gone.

She vanished. Scott was left gripping handfuls of air. He let out a sigh of relief. He leaned against the wall of the stall and tried to catch his breath.

The restroom door opened. Scott had a feeling that the old man had ratted on him. Whoever came in was walking slowly and trying to appear nonchalant.

Scott pulled his pants up and flushed the toilet to maintain the illusion of being a normal non-fucked customer. He came out of the stall and tried to look as normal as possible.

He was right; a manager was in the restroom. The guy didn’t say anything but he checked the stall that Scott came out of while Scott washed his hands. The manager looked annoyed and headed out.

Scott laughed when he left. Once Scott had come, there was no trace of his Wet Dream except for the smile on Scott’s face.

Mar 262014

Sarah got off at the wrong stop. She was looking at her phone when she stepped off the train and it was only when the stairs weren’t where they were supposed to be that she realized something was wrong. This wasn’t Five Point Station.

“Slut!” someone yelled at her. Sarah turned to see a naked woman glaring at her. Sarah nearly dropped her phone at the sight of the nude senior citizen.

“Have some self-respect!” a naked man told her. His long cock swung freely between his legs.

Sarah looked around the station. Everyone was naked. All they carried were purses and backpacks. Everyone was staring at her. She covered herself with her hands before realizing that she had nothing to cover, she was the only one wearing clothes.

“Is this some sort of political thing?” the naked older woman asked her. “Perverted democrats!” Her hanging breasts shook in righteous indignation.

“Nah, I bet this is for a reality show,” a naked Asian man said. He snapped a picture of Sarah with his cell phone while cupping his balls with the other hand.

“Keep it in the bedroom!” a naked black woman said as she covered the eyes of the naked black man beside her.

“What is going on?” Sarah asked. “Where am I?”

“This isn’t fucking San Fransico!” the naked older woman screamed at her. “You’re in Atlanta and you can’t walk around in public looking like that!”

More cell phones took picture of her. Sarah heard the click, click, click as naked men and women photographed the oddity before them.

“Alright, what’s the commotion?” an authoritative voice said. The crowd parted for a tall naked man who’s right arm had a word painted on it. It said Security. He looked bored until he saw Sarah. “Holy shit! Take those things off, lady!”

“That is what I was telling her!” said the naked older woman.

“Alright, ma’am, I’ll take care of this,” the security guard said.

“She should be arrested!” the naked older woman said.

“Thank you, ma’am, I’ll take care of it,” the security guard said. “Miss, you need to come with me.”

“WHERE AM I?” Sarah yelled.

“Oh shit, I always get the crazy ones,” the security guard said. He reached for Sarah’s arm but hesitated and made a face. He avoided her blouse and grabbed her by her bare wrist. He started to pull her through the crowd.

Sarah followed. The ground was carpeted instead of the concrete that she was used to at train stations. She noticed that she was the only one wearing shoes. Men licked their lips at the sight of her heels. Women looked away at the sight of her skirt. Teenagers openly leered at the sight of her blouse.

They passed an advertisement for the aquarium. A smiling naked family posed next to a dolphin.

A sign said Six Point Station. Sarah had never heard of it.

The security guard took her through a door into an empty office. Monitors showed the loading platform. A water cooler bubbled in the corner. The security guard pointed to a chair and Sarah sat down in it. He stood next to her, his hardening cock in front of her face.

“My name is Walter,” the security guard. “Why don’t you tell me why you have those clothes on? Is this a prank? Are you doing some sort of dare? I don’t want to have to call the cops if I don’t have to.”

“This makes no sense!” Sarah said. “Why is everyone naked? Where am I? Where the fuck is Six Points?”

Walter sighed. He scratched his ball as he thought. Sarah watched his growing erection.

“Look, Miss, you are obviously confused,” Walter said. “Maybe you are on drugs or something, I don’t know. Let me call the police and they can get you the help you need, okay? Just sit here and I’ll make the call.”

“No, wait!” Sarah said. “This is just crazy. I was on the train and I got off on the wrong stop. Just let me get back on the train and maybe I can find my right stop.”

“Hmmm,” Walter said. “I don’t know. I think you really need some help, lady and it wouldn’t be right to just let go wander off.”

Sarah took a deep breath. Walter seemed like a nice guy but this was crazy. She didn’t know what was happening but she knew that this was not a place that she wanted to stay. She needed to get back on that train.

She reached out and touched Walter’s thigh. His cock throbbed in front of her.

“Please,” Sarah asked. “Just let me back on the train. Can’t I do something for you?”

Walter bit his lip. He looked at the monitor and then at the clock. He made a decision.

“Can you stroke me off?” he said. “You are so hot in those things you are wearing.”

“Yes,” Sarah said. She licked her hand and make sure to get her fingers wet. Walter ignored her mouth and looked with lust at her skirt.

Sarah reached for his cock with her wet hand. He was hard and warm. She started to stroke him and he let out a groan.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” Walter groaned. He grabbed the wall for support. “Fuck, it is like I know your tits are there but I can’t see them. That is so fucking hot.

Sarah stroked him a little faster. Her other hand went to his balls and gently cupped them.

What are you wearing under that shirt?” Walter asked.

“A bra,” Sarah said.

“What’s that?” Walter asked.

“It is like umm, it covers only my breasts and gives them support,” Sarah said.

“Jesus Christ,” Walter moaned. “What are those things on your legs? It makes them look shiny?”

“It’s called hose,” Sarah said. She stroked him a little harder.

“Do they cover all of your legs?” Walter asked.

“These go up top my thighs,” Sarah said.

“Oh my God,” Walter groaned. His hips were thrusting. Sarah held her hand still so he could fuck her hand.

“What about your pussy?” Walter asked. “That wrap-around hides your pussy and butt but is there anything else underneath?”

“Oh yes,” Sarah said. “They are called panties. Today they are white and cover my pussy completely.”

“Oh God!” Walter moaned. “I’m going to come! Let me come on your shirt!”

Sarah leaned forward. Walter’s cock erupted and sprayed a stream of come onto her blouse. The seed splattered against the dark fabric.

“That is the dirtiest thing I have ever done,” Walter said. He pulled away from Sarah’s grip and cleaned his cock with a tissue. “Fuck, this is like something out of a porno.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” Sarah said. “May I please go now?”

“Yeah, yeah, no wait,” Walter said. “You got to take those off first. If you go back out wearing that stuff, people will start screaming again. I’ll get you a backpack to put it in.”

Sarah didn’t know what to do. Walter was probably right. He wouldn’t want her to get caught again as much as she did.

She stood up and took off her blouse. Walter came back with a backpack and stared at her. He said nothing as she took off her bra, her skirt, her shoes, her pantyhose and panties. He just watched in erotic wonder.

“Fuck, hey uh, could I have those?” he asked, pointing to her panties.

“Sure,” Sarah said. She just wanted to get out of there.

Walter trembled as he held her panties. He then shook his head. “Good luck out there,” he said. “Don’t put any of those on around here. The other guards might not be as understanding.”

Sarah walked back out into the subway. Naked college kids did homework as they waited for the train. A naked man played a guitar with a cup of money nearby. A couple kissed and groped each other’s ass.

The train came by. Sarah shuddered as a blast of wind went by her but none of the others even flinched. Car after car of bored naked passengers flashed by.

The doors opened and Sarah headed for the front. That was where the least amount of people usually was. She found an empty car and ducked in. She sat down and let out the breath that she didn’t know that she had been holding. The seat was cold against her bare ass but she didn’t care.

The doors closed and the train took off. Lights flashed by before the tunnel opened back into the world. Cars drove by the tracks and Sarah stared out the windows. She tried to see if the drivers were wearing clothes but the angle was bad for looking.

The train passed a billboard advertising skin care. It showed a woman’s bare back. That didn’t prove anything.

They passed a wall of graffiti. Strange names in vibrant colors surrounded a ten foot spray painting drawing of tits. That could apply to both places.

“Peachtree Center, now entering Peachtree Center,” the train announced.

Sarah shrieked with joy as the train slowed down. People wearing clothes stood by the track. She was back! Whatever crazy thing that had happened was over!

The doors opened and Sarah remembered that she was still naked.

Jul 172013

Szinosa moaned with delight. She was floating on the Astral Main, the cock of a thunderstorm in her mouth. The storm’s cock was measured in miles but Szinosa took all of it and had enough to lick lightly at the thunderstorm’s balls.

The thunderstorm rumbled and she felt a flood of seed going down her throat. She swallowed and swallowed and swallowed for it was what she was. She an Urge and there was no limit to the cock she could suck.

She heard her name and she paused in her licking. It was someone from the Imperfect Place. They had spoken her name correctly.

Szinosa kept sucking.  The thunderstorm moaned and pelted her with heavy rain. Speaking her name was not that rare. She was listed in the Purple Book. Her name was written on cave walls. Scholar perverts made offerings to her. She ignored it.

She heard her name spoken a second time, followed by the stroke of a cock.

She heard her name spoken a third time, followed by the ringing of the skull of a person who has burned pornography.

She heard her name spoke a fourth time, followed by the dousing of a flame with the juices of a whore.

She heard her name spoken a fifth time, followed by the drawing of a crude act.

Szinosa stopped sucking.  The thunderstorm pouted with flashes of lightning.  Excitement rose within Szinosa.  It had been too long since she had been to the Imperfect Place.  Just one more thing was needed to complete the ritual.  Did her speaker know what to do?

She heard her name spoken a sixth time, followed by begging to be sucked.

Szinosa felt her soul being pulled from the Astral Main. She traveled through the Sneer of the Cruel Woman; avoiding the gnashing teeth.  Her spirit navigated the six hundred and sixty twists of the Sacred Tunnel that is always wet.  She pushed through walls and barriers that can only punctured by rituals and laws set down long ago.

The endless boundaries of the Astral Main shrunk down to the stifling four dimensional physics of the Imperfect Place. Time flowed in only one direction. Gravity, mass and entropy asserted themselves and Szinosa felt a tremor of revulsion.

The summoner was in a room.  Etched out around him was an intricate circle of paint. Circles flowed back and forth tracing a maze of painstaking design. She was compelled to appear there so she did; pulling material and substance from the gaps in the universe.  A skeleton was formed out of raw energy followed by boring details like organs, blood and cells. When she was satisfied that this form could draw breathe in this terrible place, she went to work on her appearance.

She clothed herself in skin but she was forced to leave behind the interesting shades of her skin like carrow, ulfire and mawas and settled on a deep shade of purple.  Long flowing hair the color of darkest night sprouted from her skull and covered a face that resembled the most beautiful of the frail humans. Breasts sprouted and jiggled to the dance of gravity’s demands. Long legs grew longer and firmer.  Full lips reshaped themselves a thousand times per second until Szinosa was satisfied.  Only then, was she willing to address the one who had brought her to this realm.

“Who summons, Szinosa, Urge of the Sucked Cock, Teacher of the Queens of Sodom, Swallower of the Third Lustful Army and Countess of The Last Lick?”

The man was slow to answer.  It was to be expected.  He was in awe of her perverse beauty. It gave Szinosa time to admire him in return. He was nude as was appropriate for a wielder of the sensual arts. He wasn’t handsome but he was confident which was more important. Long white hair made him look older than he was. He was fit but most importantly, he had nice lips. Szinosa smiled at the thought of possessing him. She could suck a lot of cock with his pretty mouth.

“Samuel Nemo,” the man said.

“Samuel Nemo,” Szinosa repeated. There was no connection to his soul. It was a false name and she was a little disappointed. There would be no possessing of him that way. He was wiser than she had hoped.

“What do you desire?” Szinosa said.  “Shall I suck your worse enemy and give him pleasure so divine that he will never be satisfied with mortal sex again?  Shall I suck a loved one who is ill and cause their death through pleasure? Shall I tell you secrets that will make you the greatest cock sucker of your age?”

Samuel smiled.  “I desire a cock sucking from an Urge.”

Szinosa blinked.  Maybe he wasn’t so wise after all.

“Done,” she said.

Szinosa fell forward, her knees collapsing under her. She reached for his cock and pulled him.  Her lips opened and her tongue flickered out. It was an invitation that no being with a cock could refuse.

Samuel stepped towards her. She took him into her mouth and tasted his cock. Her tongue felt the ridges of the tip of his cock and learned a few things about his past.  Skilled fingers fondled his balls and discovered the secret of his white hair. Sucking lips explored the veins of his cock and she felt the pulsing of his strengths and weaknesses. Inside her mouth, not mortal could keep anything from her.

“Nice,” Samuel moaned.

Szinosa felt a flicker of annoyance.  Nice! She was an Urge of Cock-Sucking and all he could say was ‘Nice’.

She was going to enjoy riding his body.  His mind would be locked away while she toured the world. She would visit the old places and make contact with the older cults. She would be worshipped properly.  She would become a Queen once more.

Most of all, she would use his body to suck a lot of cock.

But first she had to get free.  The paint maze was the key.  It held her here but it also kept many of her powers out. She should be able to slip into Samuel’s body like a cock into lips, but the circle stopped her.  She had to ruin it somehow.

Szinosa pulled her mouth away from Samuel’s cock. A long strand of spit connected her lips to his cock.  Samuel watched, breathless, as the single line of spit fell to the ground.

She slipped her mouth back over his cock.  She engulfed him and his eyes rolled into the back of his head.  He never saw the spit land on curve of paint.

“Fuck,” he groaned.  His hands went to her black hair. Fingers tangled in hair more silken than silk.  Szinosa shivered as her mortal fell deeper under her spell.

The Urge grabbed his ass and pulled him tighter against her mouth. She choked on his cock. She could swallow a thousand cocks even in this Imperfect form but she choked for a reason. Spit flew everywhere and his cock throbbed faster.

She moved her knees; spreading them farther apart in sexual submission.  Her own desire dripped onto the painted maze, blurring the curves and twists with every drip.

“Holy shit,” Samuel moaned.  His hips bucked against her face.  Szinosa let her jaw go slack, taking the full brunt of every thrust. Every slam of his hips into her mouth brought him closer to orgasm and more spit to the floor.

It was enough. The maze was a blur. She felt the power embedded in it fade away.  She was sure that Samuel would have noticed too if he wasn’t getting the blowjob of a lifetime.

She decided to end it.  It would be in her power to take his body right now but she couldn’t. She was an Urge and right now, she had to suck his cock first.

There would be plenty of time for possession after he came.

Her mouth sealed around his cock.  She grew another tongue to bathe him in sensation.  Her eyes looked up at him, silently imploring him to empty his cock into her mouth, onto her tongues and down her throat.

He looked down at her.  His eyes were glazed. His mouth hung open.  She could feel the weakness of his knees.  He would come and she would swallow and the world would be her orgy once again.

Samuel roared. It was a primal scream of pleasure. He roared a split second before his delicious seed filled her mouth.

Szinosa climaxed.  Her body became a moment of pure pleasure.  She came in ways that mortals would never understand.

“Oh my Goddess,” Samuel said.  He slowly teased his cock from her mouth. It was still hard.  It would stay hard for another week at least.

“I’m your Goddess now,” Sziunosa said.  She stood up and drew forth her power.

Nothing happened.

She looked down at the drool smeared painted maze.  It made no sense!  The construct was completely useless.

“Look again,” Samuel said.  “Look further than with your eyes.”

Szinosa turned off her physical eyes and looked again.  They were in an abandoned house.  They were in the center of the house.  The floors, the walls and even the thrice damned ceilings were covered in paint.

The real maze was all around them. The maze she had destroyed was just a decoy.

“Foolish,” Szinosa said.  “If you had made a single mistake on a single curve, I would now own your body. A circle of this size is nearly impossible!”

“For the greatest blowjob it was worth it,” Samuel said.  “Now go, with my thanks.”

Szinosa felt her Imperfect body dissolve.  The will compelling her here had released her.  She let the body dissolve into a pool of drool and purple dust and she returned to the Astral Main.

Once there, she found a planet to suck.  Her tongue flickered over mountain ranges and oceans.  The planet groaned and released climaxes of earthquakes.

Szinosa climaxed and swallowed his pleasure.  She glowed with pleasure and moaned her delight.  The planet was still shuddering when she went back to work.  She was sure she could coax another orgasm as she fondled its poles.

Deep down though, she had a lingering thought about a mortal who bested her.  He had enjoyed her power.  He had summoned and used her for what she was. He had denied her a return to the Imperfect Place. The mortal had won when others had perished.

Perhaps he would be foolish enough to summon her again.

Szinosa sucked harder, suddenly wet enough to drown a galaxy.

May 152013

“Samuel, look at me.”

I purposely did not. A minute ago I was alone in the car. Now it appeared that I wasn’t.

There was a tinkling of bells and something brushed my ear. It felt like lips. A tongue licked my ear lobe. It was quite nice except for the cold metal of her tongue piercing.

“I want to fuck you, Samuel.”

I bet she did.

The traffic jam relented for ten feet. I coasted the car forward. I glimpsed someone in the backseat from my rear view mirror. I averted my eyes.

“Take your cock out for me,” the voice said. There was a slight Southern tang to her voice. That was a bad sign. First she knew one of my names and now she was homing in on my desires.

The traffic refused to move.

There was a tinkling of bells just under my chin. A hand touched my chest. I looked straight ahead. Fingernails, tipped with bells, raked gently across my chest.  It was nice.

“I need you, Samuel,” the voice said. The desperate whine was straight from my last girlfriend.

She must have followed me back from my journey to the Astral Main. The fact that she came with me on the Pink Ship of Lewdness, around the Horn of Craving and through the Gates of the Abundant Woman was impressive. It was also telling that she was manifesting less than forty hours after my journey. She was no ordinary half formed spirit of lust. She had to be a true Angel of Perversity.

The tinkling of bells was right behind my ear. Heavy breasts pressed against the back of my neck. Tattooed flesh crowded the edge of my perception. I could feel the warmth of her forbidden flesh. All I had to do was turn my head and I could have nuzzled breasts as perfect as my imagination.

It would also mean I would see her. Seeing was believing; believing was surrendering. Surrender would mean the forfeit of my soul. There would be noting left of me except for a new bell hanging from her flesh.

“Fuck me like one of your little followers, Samuel,” the voice said. “I would bend over and take anything would give me.”

The traffic moved forward a few more feet. I glimpsed police lights a mile down.

The bells tinkled and something touched my crotch. Nimble fingers stroked the bulge that was forming in my pants.

The wisest person I know, Catalina, told me that you should never speak to Angels. The smart thing to do would be to sit here in traffic and recite banishing meditations in the hopes that the Angel will move on to other prey.

I am not the wisest person I know.

“I want to fuck you,” I said.

The bells shook furiously from the sound of the passenger seat. I stared straight ahead.

“Yes,” the voice said. “Look at me. Look at how wet you are making me.”

I heard the sound of a pussy being stroked and bells being rung.

“I can hear how wet you are,” I said.

She moaned. “Look at my tits. I want you to bite them.”

“I will,” I said.

“When?” she pouted. “Fuck me and I will get you off like you never have before.”

That was true but I did enjoy not being a damned soul.

“One minute,” I said. I jerked the wheel and drove into the bicycle lane. It was too tight so I had to also drive on part of the sidewalk.

Horns honked and gestures cursed me. The bells tinkled as the Angel stroked faster. The smell of pussy as sweet as my first girlfriend filled the car.

I found what I needed. A crappy little sandwich place lurked in a strip mall. I turned into the parking lot, sloppily parked my car and ran to the restaurant.

The bells tinkled behind me. The front glass of the place was terribly reflective. I caught the hint of flesh, tattoos and bells before I closed my eyes. Blind, I felt for the door and opened it. Only then did I open my eyes again.

“Hey, where’s your restroom?” I demanded.

The surly man behind the counter frowned at me with weary disappointment. Of course he couldn’t see the naked Angel behind me. She was my little blessing. “Restrooms are for customers only.”

“Make me a Philly cheese steak with everything and I’ll eat it when I get out.” I tossed my wallet towards him.

He caught it. “It’s in the back.”

I ran. “Do you want a combo?” he yelled.

“Yes!” I yelled back.

Praise the Older Woman and the Slut, the bathroom was unused. I darted in and closed the door behind me. My fingers found the lock and turned it.

“Yes,” the Angel purred. “Fuck me, now.”

“One more thing,” I said.

I turned off the lights.

The bells rang beside me. I reached out into the darkness. My fingers closed around pierced arms.

“Look at me,” the Angel cried.

“Do you care if I look at you?” I said and then I kissed her.

Pierced lips melted against mine. A pierced tongue wrestled against me. Pierced breasts pressed against me. A powerful leg wrapped around my waist. Fingers that tinkled grabbed my ass.

After a long kiss in the dark, she finally answered me. “No,” she said.

I laughed and removed my pants. She grabbed my cock and pulled. I pressed her against a wall and reached down to lift her. She was as light as a moan.

I pushed her against the wall. She squealed with delight at the dirt she could feel. I lowered her and felt my cock press up into pierced pussy lips and a bell on her clitoris.

Infernal heat gripped my cock. Desire as wet as the ocean washed down my cock and onto my balls. Muscles clenched my cock with the power of endless craving.

“You asshole,” she whispered and my cock throbbed. “You’re fucking me so that I will lose my grip on this plane of existence.”

I fucked her faster. She knew exactly what turned me on: acknowledging my cunning. The angel couldn’t help fucking me and helping me fuck. It was what she was.

Bells and breasts grinded against my chest. Fingernails scratched grooves into my back. Thighs tightened around me. Studded lips bit into my shoulder.

Bells tinkled, rang and chimed in a supernatural chorus.

I came. She was right. I had never come so fast or hard. I cried out. Half of the joy was from the pleasure at knowing I had banished her, the other half of the joy was having my seed pulled out of me by a magical vagina.

The bells stopped ringing.

I turned on the light. I was alone.

It felt good. Not many people got to fuck an Angel. Well, not fuck an Angel and not become a chiming body modification.

Best of all, I had a Philly cheese steak waiting for me.

Apr 242013

Evan Freeson fell back into the recliner. He was exhausted. A day of going through his Uncle’s belongings had wiped him out.

“Who knew Uncle Frank had so much shit?” Evan asked out loud.

The shit didn’t answer. Boxes of paintbrushes sat silently. Stacks of porn magazines held their counsel. There was no word from the ragged couch or the cheap coffee table. The rather hideous painting of a pink lighthouse was mute. The entire trailer kept quiet.

Evan shook his head. Uncle Frank was always a mystery. He sent cards to the family for the holidays and that was it. Evan had never met him. Evan’s father called his brother a weirdo. There was no great argument or acidic family grudge to explain the estrangement. It was if Uncle Frank and the rest of the family decided that they didn’t want anything to do with each other.

Uncle Frank had passed away last week. He had had a stroke outside his house. The police said it looked like he died trying to crawl back into the house. Evan, being the only unemployed adult member of the Freeson family, was given the task of sorting through Uncle Frank’s effects.

Evan laughed as he thought about Uncle Frank’s possessions. No one in the family knew what Uncle Frank did for a living. From what Evan had discovered, it was making awful paintings like the one hanging here now. The trailer was full of the paintings, each depicting a poorly drawn lighthouse of a tacky color next to an ocean of an equally garish color. Evan wasn’t an art critic but he knew sucky art when he saw it.

And yet, according to Uncle Frank’s bank accounts, the art was good enough to justify million dollar purchase prices. People from all over the world wired money to Uncle Frank’s account for these paintings. Millions went into his account every year.

But was there millions of dollars waiting in the bank for Evan to collect? Nope. Uncle Frank spent it as fast as he got it. He didn’t spend it on hookers and drugs, which would at least make sense to Evan. No, Uncle Frank spent it on exotic paints, expensive canvases and indescribable brushes. He spent thirty thousand dollars a month for brushes made from the hair of a Voluptumancer. What the fuck was that?

Evan tried to imagine how anyone could spend a million dollars on paintings like these. He re-examined the lighthouse painting. The base of the lighthouse was thinner than the top. The clouds had right angles. The ocean was a terrible green color that looked like old carpet. At the bottom of the painting, Uncle Frank had signed it and also titled it. The title was “Big Tits.” 

“What the fuck?” Evan said. Evan stared at the painting but he didn’t see big tits anywhere. All the paintings had similar titles. There was a lighthouse next to a red sea entitled “Spanked Asses”. Another lighthouse that was striped like a candy cane had the title of “Cock Suckers”. It was some sort of weird artisy-fartsy naming convention and Evan couldn’t figure it out for the life of him.

“It has to be a trick,” he said out loud. There was no way that these crudely drawn paintings could sell for anything. Uncle Frank must have been smuggling drugs or something. The money going in and out of his bank account was real but it had to be for something other than these shitty paintings. Evan wish he knew what it was but then again, maybe it was better that he didn’t know. It had to be something illegal.

Evan saw how late it was. He should be heading back to hotel. He needed a good rest before he tackled going through all this shit. Technically he was the executer of the estate and any money he could squeeze out of Uncle Frank’s possessions would help Evan out until he got a job. He didn’t know what the fuck a Roc was but he was going to figure out how to sell a canvas made of Roc hide.

He smiled as he thought of recouping even a fraction of the prices that Uncle Frank had bought these items at. It gave him a warm feeling all over his body.

It was the last thing that he thought of as his eyes closed and he went to sleep.

Evan opened his eyes to a pink world. The walls were pink. The ceiling was a darker shade of pink. The air around him had a pink tint. It was as if the entire world was being viewed through pink lenses.

He sat up and saw that he was in bed. The next thing that he noticed was that he was naked. A chill ran through him as he tried to remember what had happened. His cock was hard and fully erect despite his waking up in a strange place.

The sound of a wave crashing roared outside. Evan stood up and headed for the window. He had a bad feeling of what he would find.

The ocean was the color of old green carpet.

“Son of a bitch,” Evan whispered.

“He’s awake!” a voice cried out behind him.

Evan spun around as eight naked women walked into the bedroom. It was less of a walk and more like a bounce as each woman was preceded by their massive breasts. Evan gawked at the women’s unnaturally large breasts. He was amazed that they were all upright.

“Who are you?” Evan asked.

“He isn’t the Master!” said a woman with blonde hair.

“Of course he is the Master!” said a woman with red hair.

“He looks a little like the Master,” said a woman with black hair.

“His cock is much bigger than the Master’s,” said a woman with brown hair.

“It doesn’t matter if he is the old Master,” said a woman with white hair.

“That’s true,” said a woman with no hair at all. “If he is here, then he is the new Master and we shall serve him!”

“I want to serve the new Master first!” said a woman with long black braids.

“I shall serve his mouth while you serve his cock!” said a woman with blue hair.

“Who are you?” Evan repeated.

“We are your servants!” all eight women said at once.  They came closer. They licked their lips and squeezed their massive breasts.

Evan put his hands in front of his cock. “Where am I?”

“You are at the Big Tit Lighthouse,” said the woman with white hair.

“On the shores of the Astral Main!” said the woman with blue hair.

“I am having a seizure,” Evan said. “Something in my uncle’s trailer gave him a stroke and now it is giving me one. I’m dying.”

“I hope so!” the woman with blonde hair said. “If you die here, then you will stay forever and we can serve you!”

They had him surrounded now. His back was to the window. First they reached out with their hands. Eight pairs of gentle hands stroked, petted and touched his body. As the got closer, he felt the warm softness of their breasts pressing against him. It was the look in their eyes that made the biggest impression. All eight were dying for his approval.

“How did I get here?” he asked.

“The old Master created the portal,” the bald woman said. “He created all the portals. When one sleeps next to a portal, their soul is sent to the ether where it is drawn to the lighthouse. Your soul will return with the first rays of dawn.”

“That is too much crazy,” Evan said. “My seizures are more creative than I am.”

“Master!” said the woman with black hair. “Squeeze my breast!”

“Please rest your head between my tits, Master!” said the woman with white hair.
“Rest your cock on my tits, master!” said the woman with long braids.

Their voices pleaded with him. The groped and squeezed their breasts as they urged him to touch them. They massaged their giant tits as they begged to be fucked, groped and used.

The absurdity of the pink surroundings melted away as he focused on their tits. The ugly green ocean continued to roar but all he could hear were the voices. The insanity of what was happening was forgotten as his desire for tits increased.

“Fuck it, if I am going to have a seizure, I might as well enjoy it,” Evan thought. He reached for a breast. It belonged to the woman with red hair. His fingers sank into softest breast he had ever felt.

“Oh my God,” Evan whispered.

“You are our God,” the redhead said.

Evan believed her.

The women gently pulled him towards the bed. It was easy. He fell into the bed and eight women fell on top of him. He was smothered in tits and flesh.

Evan didn’t resist for a second.

The women moved around him. They giggled as they moved, acting out a careful choreography that was second nature. In seconds, Evan’s head was resting on a breast while another breast was pressed to his eager lips. Each hand was pulled to other breasts and he squeezed gleefully. Someone pressed their breasts to his feet and he delighted in the strange sensations.

Someone spit on his cock. He couldn’t see who was doing it and he didn’t care. His cock was slid between two tits and he was embraced in heat. Up and down, the tits slid around his cock and Evan didn’t care if he was dead because this had to be heaven.

Evan climaxed quickly. It was inevitable. It was a lucky day if he had sex with one woman, much less eight heavily endowed women who were pledged to serve him. His cock erupted and made a sticky mess between warm tits.

“Fuck!” Evan yelled with pleasure.

“Fuck!” he yelled again, this time with rage.

“What is the matter, Master?” said the woman with the long black braids. Her tits were covered in his seed.

“I came already,” he said. “It’ll be another hour before I can pop another load.”

The women giggled. The woman with long black braids shook her head. “Maybe in the other world that is true but we are here where the oceans of desire crash on fantasy’s shores. You can come as much as you desire.”

“Really?” Evan said.

“Let me show him!” said the woman with blonde hair.

She took his cock into her mouth. Despite having just climaxed, Evan enjoyed every lick of her willing tongue. He didn’t have his usual after-climax sensitivity. He didn’t have that drained feeling from having just come. His cock felt as fresh and strong as if he hadn’t had sex in a week.

The blonde woman went further down and her breasts smashed against Evan’s legs. He reached down and cupped one of her breasts as she sucked him. She moaned her appreciation and her moans vibrated up and down his cock.

He came in the blonde woman’s mouth in a matter of minutes. She swallowed all of him. When she finally released his cock from her mouth, his cock was still hard.

Next he mounted the woman with the blue hair. He fucked between her legs as he bounced on top of her tits. He came between her thighs as she screamed her pleasure.

The woman with no hair bent over for him and he mounted her from behind. He watched her massive breasts swing with every thrust. When he climaxed, he came on her ass.

He wanted more. He laid back and let the woman with brown hair mount his cock. As she bounced on him, he commanded the white haired woman to sit on his face. One hand on each of their breasts, he ate pussy as he was fucked. He climaxed buried under two pussies.

Evan had more fantasies to explore. The redhead laid on her stomach and spread her ass for him. His cock, slick from pussy and so much seed, slipped right into her. He fucked the redhead’s ass as woman after woman offered their tits for his mouth. He was sucking on the bald woman’s nipple when he came inside the redhead’s ass.

After that, he let all eight women jerk him off at the same time. He climaxed on multiple breasts. He came in all of their mouths. He indulged in every fantasy that he had and the women were happy to serve. The ocean roared outside as he spilled his seed over and over again.

Evan woke up. His mouth was still trying to bite the nipple that had been in his mouth moments ago. The dawn sun peeked through the trailer window.

“Fuck,” he groaned. He unzipped his pants. His cock was bright red from last night’s events. It was also sore to the touch.

“So, magic paintings,” Evan said. It explained the money. It explained the paintings. Heck, it even explained the porn. It must have been research.

“Wait, how many paintings are there?” he said aloud. He figured that there was at least thirty. Visions of money danced before him. He didn’t know who he was going to sell them to but he did have Uncle Frank’s records. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a find. He had thirty paintings to sell. He was going to be set for life!

But first, he had thirty paintings to try out. He might want to keep one.

Or two.

Jan 302013

There is a place you need to go to. It is located down the street behind the closed peep show, across the way from the lingerie store and behind the topless bar. Go down the alley but ignore the first door because that leads to the dungeon but you can go there later if you are into that sort of thing. It is the second door you want because that leads to the Library of Guides.

This is no ordinary library. You will realize that as soon as you see the shelves that stretch upwards into infinity. Don’t try to climb the ladders to the top because you will freeze to death or maybe die from the lack of oxygen. More than likely you will be killed by the fallen mummified remains of another person who climbed the stairs earlier and his bones have given out and are now falling on you. So, yes don’t do that.

For Dewey’s sake, don’t ask for the latest vampire love story or millionaire psychologically disturbed dominant. This isn’t that kind of a library.

This library has only one focus, and that is the secret sexual triggers, desires and weaknesses of every person, dead or alive. Your spouse has a book. You have a book. Everyone has a single book there. The book describes what that person really wants in bed and better yet, how to get them to do the things you want as well. Each book is a key that once read, will allow you to unlock their libido as easily as opening your closet door. Except of course, you will be opening their closet and understanding every curve of the skeletons within.

But first you have to go to the librarian but that should be no trouble at all. She’ll find you. You’ll recognize her from red rimmed glasses that red because they are made from a single ruby. You’ll know her by her amazing dark brown cleavage that will nearly explode from her tight wet button down shirt. You’ll know her by the way books close and put themselves back in the shelves when she walks by. You’ll know her by the grace of how she walks for she has been walking since man first wrote a word down and she has had a lot of practice. You’ll know.

The Librarian will ask you what book you want and that is the kicker. See, you can only borrow one book in your lifetime. You will borrow it for a second as the knowledge will fill your mind and you will achieve perfect sexual understanding of the person you have read about. You will return the book and the Librarian will send you on your way.

The question though is which book should you ask for?

Shall you ask for the book on your spouse? You will understand every desire they have, both known and unknown. You will know exactly what it takes to make them happy. You will be a Deity of Sex in their eyes. You will become everything they ever wanted in a lover.

Or will you ask for the book of a crush? You will be gifted with the intimate knowledge needed to sweep them from their feet. You will know their libido better than they know themselves. You will be perfect stranger who sweeps in and gives them the fuck of their lives.

Perhaps you want the book of an enemy. You want to know what makes them happy so that you can become their greatest desire. They will be helpless as you pluck away at the strings of their lust; making them dance to your song of revenge. No one will ever know them as well as your worse enemy.

Maybe you are the rare kind that asks for your own book. The Librarian will smile at you and you will never know if it was a smile of approval or restrained glee at your foolishness. You will discover yourself. You will know why you like that kind of haircut. You will learn secrets that are perhaps better kept from your mind. You will roll the dice and the knowledge will either destroy you or open your heart to pleasures unimagined.

So, which book will you choose?

Jan 092013

The school bell rang and a chill went down my spine. My cock also throbbed.

It was after nine and my wife was watching television. She was immersed in reality shows and fake lives. I knew she didn’t hear the bell. It was not meant for her.

“I’m heading out,” I told her and she didn’t ask me where I was going. She was used to my late night trips. There were never any questions from her. It was why we were still married.

The school bell was still ringing as I went outside. I stood in my yard and looked for the school. This time it was down the street. It lurked beside the bus stop.

Other men were already heading towards it. I didn’t recognize any of them, which I never do. I am not sure if my fellow students even live here.

The bell kept ringing until I stepped inside. It was a single room school. A chalkboard loomed behind a white desk. A poster admonished little boys to be good. A map of the world covered one wall but none of the continents looked right. A cabinet of skulls sat in a corner but none of us would look at it.

The men lined up at the white desk. We each dropped something off as we walked by. The man in front of me put down a hundred dollars. I put down a knife I had bought this week. It was our tribute, our bribe or maybe our penance.

We undressed and took our seats. We stuffed our clothes inside our desks. The cold seat was hard and unforgiving on my ass

I fidgeted like most of the men there. My fingers traced the marks on the desk top that were left by thousand of students. I read carved confessions and scribbled pleas for help. I read names that I could barely believe. I saw the word I clawed one day with my fingernails.

When the last man was seated, Ms. Erie came in. She was in a white dress that glowed in the dark class room. The dress contrasted with her brown skin and night black hair. Silver rimmed glasses aided the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. A faint coat of white lipstick decorated dark lips. As usual, she carried a crop decorated with the head of a unicorn. The unicorn’s horn was stained with blood.

“Good evening, class,” Ms. Erie said. Her accent was Polynesian. I knew this because I had spent the last six years trying to place it.

“Good evening, Ms. Erie,” we all said in unison. The student to my left began to shake.

“I hope you all have been working on your assignments,” Ms. Erie said.

The student to my left started openly crying. A student behind me started to pray. Another student at the end of my row started to slam his head into his desk.

“Stop that,” Ms. Erie said gently and the student stopped slamming his head. There was blood on his face.

“I guess we shall begin with you, Jeffery,” Ms. Erie said, turning to the crying student beside me.

Jeffery shook his head.

“Did you stop stealing setting up cameras in women’s bathrooms?” Ms. Erie asked.

Jeffery shook his head.

“How many pictures have you taken of women since last class?” Ms. Erie asked.

Jeffery wailed. “Three thousand and fourteen,” he said. I don’t think he even knew the number until Ms. Erie asked him.

Ms. Erie shook her head. “Very naughty. I am so disappointed in you. I thought we had made good progress. I see that you need more Education.”

Jeffery cried and stood up. He walked around his desk and bent over it. His face was so pale.

“Education, you may begin,” Ms. Erie said.

The crop flew from her hand. It struck Jeffery with a hiss as it cut through the air.

Jeffery screamed. The crop kept hitting him. Welts appeared on his ass, followed by blood. He screamed and screamed and screamed. It was horrible.

It was what he deserved.

After an eternity, Ms. Erie held out her hand and Education returned to it. I was close enough to see the Unicorn head and I saw that it was smiling.

“Jeffery, your next assignment is to remove all of the cameras you have hidden, and I do mean all of them. Understand?”

“Yes, Ms. Erie,” he said barely. His voice was hoarse from all of his screaming.

“Now what about you, Charles?” Ms. Erie said directly to me.

I swallowed. “I have tried my best,” I said.

Ms. Erie smiled. “I shall be the judge of that. Have you killed since last class?”

“No, Ms. Erie,” I said and it was the truth. You couldn’t say anything else to her.

“And do you have someone you would like to kill?” Ms. Erie asked.

“Yes,” I admitted. “There is a woman at my bank. I have followed her a few times. I know where she lives. I know that she is alone.”

“And do you still keep that special bag in your car?” Ms Erie asked.

“No,” I said. “It is still in my basement, where you told me to keep it.”

“Good,” Ms. Erie said. “I want to keep your vow of not killing. Your next assignment is to stop following this girl. Follow another if you want, but you must never see this girl again, do you understand me?”

My eyes darted to Education. “Yes,” I said.

“Your other assignment is to take something out of your bag and throw it away. Don’t replace it. Do you understand this assignment?”

“Yes,” I said but it hurt. My bag had all my favorite tools. I had so many memories. One item? Which item? This would be hard.

“Good, I think you have earned a B then,” Ms. Erie said.

I let out a ragged breath that I didn’t know I was holding. A B! I felt a giddy delight come over me that wiped away my anxiety. I didn’t care anymore about dismantling my special bag. I would worry about that latter.

Ms. Erie waved her hand and the desk moved away from me. She stood in front of my naked body and my hard cock. With a fluid motion, she kneeled down in front of me.  Students groaned with jealousy at the prize I was about to receive.

I looked down as long black hair brushed my thighs. Ms. Erie looked up at me from silver rimmed glasses. She took my cock in her hand and licked the tip.

I had a sudden vision. I imagined grabbing her head and forcing it down on my cock. I imagined fucking her face. I imagined the cuts I wanted to make on her body.

She squeezed my cock with her hand. It hurt but the visions went away.

Then she went down on me. I cried out as my cock was wrapped in incredible wet warmth. It was better than my first time. It was better than a cunt. It was better than killing.

Education hovered nearby but I ignored him. I earned this B. I sat back and enjoyed it. I relished every long slow lick. I treasured the way her hair moved up and down my lap as she sucked. I trembled as her cheeks caved in under the sucking pressure of her mouth. I moaned as she took more and more of my cock into her mouth.

This made up for not killing anyone. This was why I fought that nasty wonderful urge. This is why the bank teller is still alive.

Spit dribbled out of her mouth and down my cock and onto my balls. I looked over at Jeffery who was somehow sitting down on that raw bloody butt in his seat. I smiled at him and shook my head slowly. This could have been him.

More importantly, if I hadn’t of behaved, I could have been him.

Ms. Erie choked on my cock and I forgot about Jeffery. I forgot about the woman at the bank. Shit, I even forgot about my special bag. This was heaven. This was incredible. This was worth being good.

I climaxed in her mouth. I filled her mouth with my seed and Ms. Erie drank it all. My body shook and I felt like I was dying. My entire soul was being sucked.

Ms. Erie released my cock and stood up. She wiped the corner of her mouth. Her white lipstick was flawless. “Well done, Charles,” she said, as if I was the one who performed an amazing blowjob.

“Thank you, Ms. Erie,” I said.

She went on to judge other students. Some she punished. Others she rewarded. One lucky bastard got an A and we all watched in envy as he fucked her ass.

Three students were expelled. Their screams were worse than any of the kills I had made. Ms. Erie added their skulls to the cabinet.

Time moved slowly when we were in class. We witnessed each grade as if it was our own. There could be no rushing it.

Finally, the bell rang. We stayed in our seats.

“Class is dismissed,” Ms. Erie said.

I got up and got dressed. I left in a hurry, stepping over the body of an expelled student. I went through the doors without a glance back.

I was back in my street. My watch said that an hour has passed. It was right but also wrong.

My thoughts went to the bank teller. Yes, I could give her up. I had spent time and effort tracking her but I would do it. There could be another.

My cock ached with a happy exhaustion. I remembered the feeling of climaxing in Ms. Erie’s mouth. Something more than seed had left my cock and went down her throat. It was a piece of me. A piece I didn’t need anymore.

My special bag needed to be taken care of. I decided that I was going to throw away the gag. It had served me well but I would get rid of it. It didn’t seem that important anymore.

I returned to my house. I was still a bad man, but maybe a little less bad.

Aug 152012

Ezekiel looked out at the crowd gathered here tonight.  It was a good crowd.  More and more people were showing up every night. That wasn’t bad for a tent revival that only advertised in strip clubs, swinger magazines and bathroom stalls.

He stepped up onto the small stage and took the cloth off the fucking bench.  Questioning murmurs rippled through the crowd.  He ripped off his shirt and revealed his hairy chest.   He picked up the microphone and began his sermon.

“Sluts and sinners, I am Reverend Ezekiel Bone and I am here to bring you the Word!  I am here to bring you SALVATION!  I am here to bring you ETERNAL BLISS!  Can I get an AMEN?”

The response of the crowd was weak.  He heard more “What the fuck?” then he did “Amen.”  Ezekiel let it slide.

“Oh I am looking on this crowd and you know what I see?  I see FORNICATORS!  I see MASTURBATORS!  I see WHORES and FUCKERS! And you know what?”

The crowd didn’t answer.  Some of them looked like they were about to run for the exit.  One poor black girl in the front was about to cry.

“I want you sinners, masturbators, shoe fuckers and lap dancers to know that it is ALL RIGHT!  That’s right, you heard me!  It is FUCKING OKAY!  The Good God Above is proud of you and he loves your work!  Good for you!”

Ezekiel smiled.  Yes, the crowd was really confused now.  At least no one was leaving.

“The Good Lord gave you a dick and you used it.  Good for you!  The Heavenly Father gave you a pussy and you used it!  Good for you!  He gave you pay per view porn, bondage clubs and filthy ebooks you can buy online and you fucking used it all!  Hallelujah!  Can I have an AMEN!”

“Amen!” some one said.  Everyone laughed but Ezekiel wasn’t laughing.  Once the ice was broken the river would flow.

“Now I know what you’re thinking,” Ezekiel said.  “You’re saying, Reverend, all those things are a sin.  It says so in the Bible.  It says so in magazines.  It says so in church picnic menus.  It says so in my little list of things I should never ever do given to me by my Momma.  Porn and tits and fucking and cocks are all EVIL!”

Ezekeil looked at the crowd.  Some nodded their heads.  He nodded with them and then started shaking his violently.

“No, that is all LIES!  You think God is that bad of a parent?  You think he leaves his porn under the bed and doesn’t expect you to find it!  FUCK NO!  God wants you to read that porn!  God wants you to jack that dick and twaddle that pussy!  Why did he leave the porn there in the first fucking place?  Do you think that ALL MIGHTY GOD who makes the stars and keeps the planet spinning can’t have the fucking FORESIGHT to know that you horny bastards are going to go fuck anything that moves and some things that don’t?  Do you think GOD is a fucking idiot?”

“NO!” some in the crowd shouted back.  Ezekiel could always count on a few to take offense to that statement.

“God knows that you are perverts.  Did he not make us in his image?  Are we not a bunch of horny bastards?  God made us that way!”

“That was the Devil who did it!” someone yelled from the crowd.

“The Devil?” Ezekiel said.  “Are you talking about the Snake in the Garden of Evil?  Let me tell you the real story of the Garden of Eden.  This is the real story laid out in the Dead Sea scrolls that they don’t want you to read.  This is the story that was smuggled out of the scared Church and leaked to real believers like myself.  This is the story told in the Purple Book of Mary.  Let me tell you the story of Eve and the Apple.”

Ezekiel dropped his voice and recited the story from memory.  “And one day, God went a walking in the forest and Eve saw his godhood.  She said it was huge and mighty but she did not understand why it was rigid.  And God said, does not Adam have a rigid manhood?  And Eve said No.

And God took pity on Eve.  He said “Eat of the Tree of Knowledge but know that if you eat it, you will no longer be a dumb sheep in the Garden.”

Ezekiel looked at his audience.  “And you know what Eve did?  You think she ate that Apple?  Fuck no!  She put that apple in her CUNT!  She fucked that apple!  She fucked it good!  And she realized that fucking was good and she couldn’t wait to make Adam have some but she had fucked that apple so hard that it turned into applesauce!  So Eve, you know what she does?”

“She gave him the applesauce?” someone asked.

“Oh she gave it to him all right,” Ezekiel said.  “She opened her thighs and told Adam to eat her pussy.  He ate that sweet pussy and his dick got all hard and then he stuck that dick in her!  The two started fucking and everything changed for them!  They weren’t satisfied with sitting in a dumb garden counting and naming animals anymore.  They wanted to FUCK!”

The crowd laughed.  Ezekiel laughed with them.

“They fucked in the bushes!  They fucked with their hands!  Eve made some fucking clothes to make their bodies look even better and then they fucked with their clothes on!  And then God came by and saw that these dumb fucks were now smart fucks and he told them to go out in the world and fuck some more!  Can I have an AMEN!”

“AMEN!” more people answered.

“That is the God honest truth and I FUCKING swear it!  People know it deep in their heart!  People know that fucking is good but there are always uptight ASSHOLES who want to change that.  They want you to give them money to fight our most natural impulse!  They want you to swear on a stack of lies that you will never wank your meat even though it feels AWESOME!  Can I get an AMEN?”

“AMEN!” more people answered. 

“Now sluts and sinners, I don’t know why people lie about this.  I don’t know why the Catholic Church hid the truth about what a great lay that Jesus was.  I don’t know why the Jews didn’t want you to know that it was Moses’ cock that turned into a snake and fucked the ass of the Pharaoh.  I don’t know why so many organized religions lie.  I am not a psychologist or an economist.  It doesn’t matter why they do it as long as you know the truth and I am here, sluts and sinners, to bring you the TRUTH!  Can I get an AMEN?”

“AMEN!” the entire crowd yelled.

“And I am here tonight to help YOU!” Ezekiel said.  He put his hand to his crotch and grabbed a handful of his cock.  “I can sense that one among you is having some problems, oh yes!  The Lord is telling me that one among you hasn’t had sex with her husband in over a year!  Oh LORD!  I sense that one of you is about to give up on sex forever and even stop masturbating!  Is that true?  Is there one among you like that?  If there is, sister, please speak UP!”

“It’s true!” a woman near the front said.  She was a plump Hispanic woman with beautiful black hair and beautiful sad eyes.

“Come up then!” Ezekiel said.  “Make way for our fellow sinner!  Let her come up on stage and we can help her!”

The woman made her way to the stage and Ezekeil put his arm around her.

“What is your name?”

“Maria,” she said.

“And Maria, is it true that your husband has not fucked you in over a year?” Ezekiel said.

“It is true,” she said.  “I think he is fucking that white slut next door,” Maria said.

A disapproving groan came from the crowd.

“Well Maria, that is a fucking shame,” Ezekiel said.  “You are so damn pretty, I would fuck you twice before getting out of bed each morning.  Now, I am not a licensed marriage counselor or a fully accredited life coach, but I think you should get proof of his infidelity and divorce his ass.  Take him for everything he is worth for denying you your marital rights as a wife!  Can I get an AMEN?”

“AMEN!” the crowd yelled.

“But in the meantime, Maria,” Ezekiel said.  “Would you like the healing power of the LORD?  Would you like to have the gift of the APPLE that EVE gave to ADAM?  Would you like to get what is RIGHTFULLY yours?”

“AMEN!” Maria yelled.  

“Then take that pretty dress off and get on the bench here!” Ezekiel said.  “Show us that body that your IDIOT husband is too STUPID to fuck!”

“Fuck that pendejo!” Maria yelled.  She grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled the whole thing over her head.  The crowd cheered at her round body.  She then ripped off her modest white bra and released her brown tits.  Last was her white panties and that went sailing into the crowd.  Ezekiel figured those panties might have just become a Holy Relic to someone who needed them.

Ezekiel led Maria to the bench.  It was a well padded device that let a woman kneel comfortably on it without getting tired.  It angled her ass and pussy in the air while letting her tits hang over the side.  It was made by a very religious and horny carpenter.

Ezekiel pulled off his pants.  He took his cock in one hand while still holding the microphone in the other.

“Sinners and sluts, let me tell you that this is one wet pussy!  This pussy would have made Noah build a bigger Ark!  This is a HOLY place that I am about to enter!  Can I get an AMEN?”

“AMEN!” the crowd yelled and that was when Ezekiel slipped his cock inside Maria.

“PRAISE JESUS!” Maria yelled.

“Praise Jesus!” Ezekiel agreed.  “Praise Jesus who took six inches of cock and satisfied an entire party!  Praise Jesus who made the flat-chested get boobs and made the small dicks get bigger!  Praise Jesus who tore out the banks in the temples and added an orgy room!  Praise Jesus who gave Maria this really good cunt!  Can I get an AMEN?”

“AMEN!” everyone yelled. 

Ezekiel pounded Maria.  He fucked her with all the lust and love in his heart.  He fucked her like it was his divine mission.  He fucked her because she deserved to be fucked.  He fucked her religiously.

“Madre de Dios!” Maria yelled.  She looked out at the crowd of fellow sinners and sluts and saw their love.

“Praise the Lord!” Ezekiel yelled.

“I’m COMING!” Maria yelled.

“AMEN!” the crowd cheered.

Jul 252012

It began at the flea market.  I found it tucked away between a box of men’s magazines and a sewing machine.  It was a rainy day and not many of the sellers had shown up for today but I was compelled to come anyway.  That might be why I found it first. 

The statue depicted a nude woman with amazing breasts.  The breasts were a size too large for the body and yet the statue stood perfectly fine on its slender base.  It appeared to be made of silver but the weight was too light.  The woman had short curly hair and her face was a curious mix of racial features that made it impossible to identify.  It could have been a white woman, an African, an Asian or a Hispanic.  Whatever she was, she was beautiful.

The seller was confused when I pointed it out.  He didn’t seem to think it was his.  That was not too unusual, most of these flea markets are staffed by people who buy and sell every day.  I just assumed that he forgot that he owned it.  He didn’t have a price tag for it so he charged me sixty-six dollars.  For once, I didn’t haggle and I paid his price.

I didn’t buy anything else that day.  Holding that statue in my hand, I lost my usual passions.  I was no longer interested in old books, vintage typewriters or Death Bringers concert posters.  In fact, I had a giant erection in my pants and my throbbing cock was all I could think of. 

I went back to my car and set the statue down in the passenger seat.  I started the car and then turned it back off.  A drop of rain had landed on the statue and it was sitting on the statue’s right breast.  It clung to the statue’s breast and I was jealous of it.

Please understand that I am not a pervert.  I jack off every other day but I don’t have enormous porn collections on my computer like some guys.  I don’t have a girlfriend but I am not looking either.  I am a regular guy and I don’t usually act this way.

I opened my pants.  My cock was pulsing as I wrapped my hand around it.  Usually I masturbate with tissues or a towel to catch my come but I didn’t care.  I didn’t even spit in my hand as I started to jack off.

It was a rainy day but there were still people in the parking lot.  I didn’t care.  I looked at the statue and jacked my cock.  Those perfect breasts looked so soft and pliant.  I wanted to lick the raindrop off the statue but I didn’t.  It was sexier seeing it there.

I came pretty quickly.  I made a huge mess in my car.  Normally I feel a twinge of shame afterwards but this time I just felt a tremendous relief.  With a hand covered in come, I felt good.

When I got home I tried to find out more about the statue.  There was no maker’s mark and the internet gave me no clues.  It was hard to find anything about a statue of a naked woman.

That night I dreamed of the statue.  It came to life and was a black woman.  She pulled me to her tits and it was like sinking into heaven.  I kissed her breasts while I wept.  I snuggled into the canyon of her magnificent mammaries.  I cried for joy when she invited me to slip my cock between her mountains of wonder.

I fucked her tits.  There was no need for lubricant.  My cock slid back and forth between her tits like they were made for me. 

The tits told me things.  It was the crazy impossible knowledge that you can only get in dreams.  The tits told me who really created the universe.  The tits told me what lurks underground in secret cities.  The tits told me the sex secrets of a celebrity cook.  The tits told me where orgasms come from.  The tits told me why people still vote Republican.  It was all insane and it all made sense.

I came in my dream and I awoke to sticky sheets.  My underwear was soaked with come.  I laughed and thought about the crazy things the tits told me.  I expected that when I was awake, that the weird things I had dreamed would sound even crazier.  Instead, they made more sense.   

That was too much for me.  By the time I finished with my shower I had decided to get rid of the statue.  It was what I usually do anyway.  I often bought things, keep it around for awhile and then sell it on an internet auction site to make room for something new.  I was just speeding up the process.

I took a few pictures of the statue for the auction site.  My cock was hard the entire time.  This time I could certainly see the African features more clearly.  Funny how my dream made it easier to see.

I posted it with a starting bid of sixty dollars. 

I went to work and tried to forget about the statue but it was hard.  So was my cock.  Even though it was a dream, I could remember with perfect clarity the feeling of slipping between those lovely lady lumps.

Harder to forget was the knowledge the tits had told me.  I saw the celebrity chef on a magazine cover and it seemed so obvious what perversions she does.  I felt a tremor from a passing subway train and I knew what the short men underground were up to.  I heard my conservative coworker bitch about healthcare and I knew what he was really afraid of. 

When I got home I checked the auction site.  The current bid was six thousand dollars.  That was crazy.

I had dinner and watched television.  I kept thinking about the statue.  I jacked off twice more.  Coming three times in one day was some sort of a record.

That night I dreamed of the statue again.  This time she was Asian with flawless skin and beautiful black hair.  She pulled me to her tits and I sucked on a nipple.  I dreamed she masturbated me as I sucked.

The tits told me things again.  I tried not to listen but their ideas went straight into my head.  The tits told me why my last girlfriend cheated on me.  The tits told me why people like vampire erotica.  The tits told me what that famous teenage singer really was. 

A loud knocking woke me up.  It was the incessant pounding of an angry hand.  I got out of bed with my cock forming a tent in my boxers.  I glanced at the statue beside my bed and this time I could plainly see the Asian features.  How could I have mistaken them for African before?

The knocking resumed and I rushed to the door, which is weird because I should have been pissed at the knocking at the late hour.  It is hard to describe, but I felt like I was in trouble.  

There were three people at the door.  The one in front was a woman with long blonde hair.  Behind her were a short redhead woman and a tall white man.  They wore black masks across their eyes like they were bank robbers from the 40’s. 

Even odder was their shirts.  Each of them had a cut in their shirt that revealed their right breast.  The blonde woman had a heavy tit exposed that was pale and marbled with pale blue veins.  The redhead had a small perky tit with a butterfly tattoo.  The man’s tit was a bit hairy.

“We are here for the Oracle,” the blonde said.  “You must give it to us and us alone.”

I knew they were talking about the statue.  I mean, what else would three masked people with their tits hanging out be here for?

“Put a bid in like everyone else,” I said.  “Wait, how did you get my address?”

“The Order of the Tit have many connections,” the blonde said.  “We are only the true worthy inheritors of the power of the Oracle and we demand you give it to us.  We will not sully the Oracle by paying for it with mortal currency but we shall make you an offer.  Natalie here will suck you cock or take it up her ass, whichever you prefer in exchange for the Oracle.  Steve is here for the same offer if your tastes are more masculine.  Either way, we want the Oracle.”

I didn’t know what to say.

“Or you can have them both if you wish,” the blonde said.  “Hell, you can have me as well.  We number over a thousand members and you can have us all if you desire.  Just give us the Oracle before it decarnates.”

“De-car-what?” I said.  “Wait, what is the Oracle?”

“Newbie! You don’t deserve to know!” the redhead snapped.

The blonde held up her hand.  “No, Natalie, the Oracle appeared to him.  Perhaps he is worthy.  Tell him, Steve.”

The man nodded and spoke.  “No one knows what exactly the Oracle is but when it appears, it grants forbidden knowledge.  It always appears as a great work of art and within a few weeks, it disappears.  It reappears usually around six years later.  Last time it appeared, it was a sexy towel in Puerto Rico.  Before that, it appeared as a jpeg that couldn’t be copied.  Some say that it taught prehistoric man how to have oral sex and-“

“That is enough, Steve,” the blonde said.  “As you can see, the Oracle imparts important knowledge, knowledge that must belong in the right hands and kept away from the uneducated.  It is too important to sell to a random person on the internet.”

“I need to think about this,” I said.  “Come back in the morning?  No wait; come back at six in the afternoon?  After I get off from work?”

“It could decarnate tonight!” the redhead snapped.  “There is so much to learn!  Why is that shitty book about bondage so popular? What is the right way to have a poly relationship?  You have to give it to us!”

“Yeah, come back at six,” I said.  I closed the door.

That was freaky.  I should have called the cops but what they said made a certain kind of sense.  I mean, with all the weird dreams I have had, it was as good an explanation as any.

I locked the door and checked the lock on the back door.  When I peeked outside the window I saw that they had gone.  I went back to bed.

This time I dreamed that the statue was a Hispanic woman.  Her skin was a luscious brown and her tits were topped with dark nipples the color of the night sky.  This time the Oracle got down on her knees and took me into her mouth.  I grabbed her heavy tits and my fingers squeezed and played with the malleable marvels of her flesh.

The tits had a lot to tell me.  They told me of the Order of the Tit and how jealous they were of Oracle’s secrets.  The Order was there when O was being branded.  The Order created the secret pleasure palaces of the Rockefellers.  The Order kept the sex books of Charles Dickens for themselves.  The Order decided who gets to enjoy our wicked world. 

The tits told me that knowledge, like tits, is nourishing when given freely.  The tits told me that tits, like knowledge, can be cruel when denied.  The tits told me that there is a place for both.

The oracle took me out of her mouth before I climaxed.  As I held her tits, she jacked my cock.  I climaxed on her bountiful brown breasts.

The tits had one more thing to tell me.  Covered in my come, they told me that the window for my kitchen had the weakest lock of all.

A crashing sound woke me up.  I heard angry cursing the sound of a dozen people in my house.  Someone knocked down some dishes and someone else tripped over my exercise bike in the living room.  Yeah, I always trip on that thing too.

My underwear was full of come but I couldn’t worry about that.  I jumped out of bed and grabbed the statue.  I thought about going out my window but before I could, the bedroom door burst open.  A black guy with his right nipple exposed charged me. 

I hit him with the statue.  I swung it by the legs so he got clobbered by the tits part of the statue.  The guy went down like a log.  I wasn’t sure if I gave him a concussion or maybe he was having a vision.

A white guy came at me and I showed how non-racist I was by knocking him out too.  The redhead from earlier ran at me and I took her out too so that proved I didn’t discriminate by gender either.

“Just give us the Oracle and you won’t get hurt!” the blonde from earlier screamed.

“Fuck off!” I said.  A big guy was blocking the door to outside but a statue swing to his nuts put him down.  You know, for a secret organization that has been around for centuries, they couldn’t fight for shit.

I ran outside and I saw a white van pull up.  The doors opened and a pretty black girl leaned out.  She had on pink robes that exposed her breast.  I slipped in the grass and fell on my ass.

That was when I noticed the robes covered her left breast, not her right.

The rest you know.  Now I am a member of the Fellowship of the Tit.  I have sworn the Six Oaths on Six Tits and now I too wear the pink robes.  My left nipple is exposed to all for sexuality should be free and never censored or controlled. 

Together we shall learn the secrets of the Oracle and tell the world.  We will bring in a new age of sexual enlightenment to all who want to hear.  We will not turn you away because you read the wrong books, see the wrong movies or like the wrong things.  We are the Fellowship of the Tit and the Oracle is for us all.      

Jul 042012

The Purple Emporium opened in 1996.  I am sure about that because I had just graduated from college with a business degree which meant I was highly qualified to be an assistant manager at the fried chicken restaurant in my home town.  I was pretty depressed by how I was 23, single and smelled like fried chicken and biscuits.   I was the ideal customer for a new brothel.

Since this was North Carolina and not Nevada, they didn’t actually call it a brothel.  The official description was Lingerie Modeling and the unofficial description was Jack Shack.  It was located a foot outside the town limits and the lobby had a jar where customers could contribute to the sheriff’s department monthly bribe.   It was a quasi legal place with a one hundred percent real place to get your rocks off.

They had the best shit there.  Other places would charge you 40 dollars for a back rub and a handjob but the Purple Emporium was the only place where you get could a double blowjob from a pair of Siamese twins for just twenty-six dollars.  Their names were Clea and Cleo and Clea preferred to take the facial.  Thirty-six dollars would get you a handjob from a horny virgin and forty-six dollars would get you a titjob from a woman with tits bigger than your head.

That wasn’t even the specialty shit.  Eighty-six bucks got you a blowjob from your best friend’s hot mom.  Ninety-six dollars got you half an hour of spanking the celebrity of your choice but you got to call an hour in advance.  You could pay a hundred and six dollars and get an hour with your High School crush.  It was worth every penny to finally see Theresa Thompson’s tits, but I got to tell you, she didn’t fuck half as well as I imagined.

Six dollars could get you the best sex of your life but not many guys were willing to try it.  I knew one guy who did, Denny, and afterwards he was as depressed as a kid who slept through Christmas.  He said that once you’ve had the best, you realize that all the sex you will ever have will never be as good as that one time.  That is some deep shit there.

The lady who ran the place was real nice.  She told people that her name was Sephorella Bliss but the girls just called her Mama Bliss.  One night she was drunk and confided in me that her real name was just Jean so I can see why she went with Sephorella.  Anyway, Mama Bliss was a big woman with big tits and the best damn black hair you ever saw.  She ran the cash register and she never fucked the customers. 

At least, that was the official story.  See, I was a frequent customer there.  I was making good money and I didn’t really have anything to spend it on.  I couldn’t date because I was working the night shift and I never liked fancy cars so I had plenty of money for the Purple Emporium.   I went there so often that if you blindfolded me, I could recognize them just by touching their tits; which is something I did one Christmas when business was slow.

Anyway, one day I go there and Mama Bliss asks me what I am in the mood for that night.  I looked at their list and I was staring and debating what I wanted.

“How about I let you pop your load in my hair for sixty-six dollars,” she said.

“Sure,” I said.  I wasn’t big into hair but Mama Bliss had the best damn black hair you ever saw.  I paid her the money and she took me by the hand and we went to her office.

I never saw the office before.  The rest of the Purple Emporium was all fancy.  They had the Graveyard Room with actual graves, they had the Steam Room with all the marble tiles and they had the Cheese Room which I am not sure is all that hygienic but the office was pretty plain.  It just had a desk, a couple of chairs and a couch.  I mean, there wasn’t even a tastefully nude painting anywhere.  It was really normal.

Mama Bliss Sat on the coach and told me to stand by her.  She unzipped my pants but I had to get my own cock out.  She let me wrap her long black hair around my cock and I jacked myself.  Mama Bliss looked up at me and smiled.

Her hair was nice and soft but you know, it’s just hair.  It took me a little while to come.  Mama Bliss said lots of nice things about how nice my cock looked, and how all the girls there loved my cock and that she was getting wet just looking at my cock, so that helped. 

I finally shot my load in her hair.  Mama Bliss turned her head and made sure I got all into her hair.  It was like she was showering and my sperm was the water.

Then shit got really odd.  Her hair soaked up my sperm like a sponge.  Now she always had the best damn black hair you ever saw; all glossy and thick, but now her hair became something else.  It looked like outer space.  My sperm turned into stars that settled into strange orbits and little planets appeared and some of my sperm flew around like comets trapped in a celestial journey that would last ages.

At first I thought maybe I was going through some sort of afterglow delusion but no, I saw stars in her hair.  I saw my sperm turn into a galaxy in the empty space of the best damn black hair I ever did saw. 

Mama Bliss gave me a washcloth and I cleaned myself up before zipping up.  She gave me a nice kiss on the cheek while the stars turned in her hair.  I don’t remember leaving but since I woke up in my bed the next day I guess I got home.

I kept going to the Purple Emporium until they closed about two years later.  Just because you see the universe in a woman’s hair is no reason not to keep getting laid.  I never brought it up with Mama Bliss and Mama Bliss never offered to let me come in her hair again.  That was okay.  Once was enough.

Eventually we got a new sheriff and he was a Born Again Dick so the Purple Emporium had to close.  It was a real sad time but in their final week, everything was sixty-six percent off so I got some sweet deals those final days.  They closed up and most of the girls filtered into the community.  They took jobs as school teachers, nurses and one really hot librarian. 

I heard Mama Bliss went to Florida and opened another place down there.  I am not sure about that but it might be worth checking out.