Mar 022015

Saturday marked the end of my Pleasure Station Sigma experiment. I had intended to go for six months with a possible renewal but at the five months point I really wanted to do other things. A daily story doesn’t take long to write but it consumes a lot of thinking time.

The greatest benefit of the experiment was sharpening my 500 words or less story telling skills. Back in the day I would have thought it impossible to do a sex story under a thousand words but now I get it. Short stories are all about when you start the story and for really short erotica, that starting point is often penetration.

I will most likely continue to write stories about Pleasure Station Sigma. I created a lot of characters for it and quite a few of the races will appear in Vaquel stories. I am already missing some of the characters and it might be fun to revisit them in a longer format.

In case I am ever foolish enough to do another daily project, or if any of my readers is considering it, I offer the following advice:

Take weekends off. I liked the idea of posting seven days a week but it got old really fast. Normal life will always have interruptions and I was never able to build a buffer. If I had to days off a week to not post, I would have had a lot less stress.

Making a cast list was the smartest thing I did. Especially in a science fiction setting it was vital to have a list of races and their traits. It was doubly vital to have a handy list of names and beings I had used before so I could go back and recycle a few. No sense having multiple tentacle monsters when I had one already explained and personalized.

My third tip is to steal from everywhere. I got my inspiration from videogames, books, movies, comics, music, television and sometimes even porn. When you need to generate content every single day, a blatant parody or satire can be a welcome break.

My future plan for the orgy is to combine it into an ebook. For now though you can read it for free at Orgy on Pleasure Station Sigma.

Jan 142015

Hyun had been through one long ass day. A lube dispenser at Best Tit leaked a hundred liters of high grade synthetic fruit lube right onto the dance floor. The owner wouldn’t shut down while Hyun fixed it which meant he had to watch seven hours of some of the biggest tits he had ever seen shake, jiggle and bounce for eager customers. It was damn hard to concentrate and the job took an hour longer than it should have. The owner was pissed and Hyun was left with an erection that he couldn’t do anything about while on the job.

It was just another day as a lube dispenser repair man on Pleasure Station Sigma.

Hyun smelled like fruit flavored lube and he was exhausted. He was ready to go back to his residential cube and take a laser shower. He was looking forward to eating some leftover Spank-Rice as he watched tonight’s Ass-Fucker Tournament. He was dying to fall into his comfort chair and stay there until morning.

His strut had other ideas. Usually Hyun would just jack off during the Ass-Fucker tournament but all those tits had gotten to him. He wanted a little contact. He worked long hours and had finished a dirty job; he deserved a little extra pleasure.

Not too much though. Hyun was saving his earnings to buy one a new Virtual Slut. He had to think about the long term. It was better to get something cheap to get off tonight so he could afford something that would get him off for months. You don’t have to be smart with your money on this station.

That ruled out any of the brothels near his home on O-Deck. Beds were way out of his price range. That also ruled out Delivery Escorts, dinner at Fuck Plate and a splash at Gillians-4-U. No, he needed something cheap and dirty. Besides, he was really too tired to enjoy anything fancy. Shit, he might be too tired to fuck.

He saw what he needed. A Mouth Parlor had opened on his corridor.

The Mouth Parlor was seven chairs facing a wall. Behind each wall was a living being. Pictures of the beings hung on the wall and Pleasure Station Sigma law guaranteed that the person on the picture was behind the wall. Hyun wasn’t sure how strictly enforced that was but right now he was too horny to care.

He passed by the male beings and looked for a female. He was passed two of the women because they were species of aliens that had small breasts. He wouldn’t get to touch the tits of the Mouth Parlor employee but he wanted to know they were there.

One seat was taken by a red alien while another seat was taken by a thin human woman. He took a look at the beings sucking them to see if he was willing to wait. A man was sucking the man and something shaped like a bumpy slug was licking the woman. He passed them both.

On the last spot was just what he was looking for. A plump human brunette with even plumper breasts was displayed on the monitor screen. The monitor showed a quick video of the woman licking her lips while she squeezed her breasts.

Hyun pressed his hand to the pay screen. Sensors identified him, accessed his station credits and made a deduction.

He pulled down his pants and sat in the chair. Motors activated as the chair molded to his physical characteristics. The back of the chair reclined as part of the wall extended towards his lap. He felt his lap tingle as an opaque force field covered the lower half of his body.

Hyun realized his strut probably tasted like fruit lube. He realized he should have washed before coming. Oh well, it was too late now.

Lips kissed the tip of his strut. His hand reflexively went to grab her head but the force field stopped him.

The lips kissed down the length of his strut. He felt naked breasts brush against her legs. His eyes snapped to the monitor display and the busty brunette it showed. Yes, they felt like those tits.

A tongue licked his balls and Hyun shuddered. His strut throbbed and he let out a groan. Fuck, didn’t need much foreplay. Seven hours at Best Tits had done that.

The woman sucking him seemed to agree. She leaned against his thigh and he felt her breasts pressed against him. Her lips opened and slipped down over his strut. She swallowed him and sat up with his strut in her mouth.

“Fuck!” Hyun cried out. A passing by woman laughed at him. He gave her a thumbs up before turning his attention back to the mouth.

The woman’s lips rose up and down over the length of his strut. Her tongue flicked at him as she sucked. Her breasts stayed on his lap as her head moved up and down.

Hyun reached for her but the force field stopped him. He didn’t care; he had to try. He just wanted something to hold onto.

The woman’s mouth began to swivel. Her tongue did something clever. Her lips opened and spit ran down his strut and onto his balls.

Hyun groaned. He felt his orgasm coming. He didn’t want it to be over so quickly but at the same time, the speed was certainly a sign of the quality of the strut sucking. He was getting his money’s worth.

The woman choked on his cock. He knew it was an act it pushed him over the edge. His strut erupted and the woman sealed her lips around him. His strut kept pumping seed and the woman swallowed it all.

When he was completely drained, he felt her lips leave him. The force field retracted and his seat returned to the upright position. He sat there and shuddered for a few more seconds.

The seat chimed and the display monitor went blank. Hyun got the hint. He stood up and pulled his pants up. The previous customers were gone and three males had taken their place. He spent a moment wondering how profitable the Mouth Parlor was.

His stomach growled and Hyun headed home. He had some Spank-Rice waiting for him.

Jan 052015

This is your special update on the info you need for Pleasure Station Sigma. I am your virtu-host, Mika-C34. Remember, you can enter your Credit Information at any time to experience me performing oral sex on you as you process the news!

Station Overlord Pok assumed command of Pleasure Station Sigma in a coup last night. The transition was mostly peaceful with only a twenty percent casualty rate. Members of the previous administration are urged to report to the nearest security post for loyalty processing.

The corpse of the previous Overlord is currently on display on B-Deck outside Silver Ann’s Brothel and Casino. Eye witness accounts confirm that the previous Overlord is much shorter in person.


Overlord Pok has announced that the price of lube/gallon will return to 10 credits within the day cycle. Overlord Pok blames the previous high prices on embezzling on the part of the previous Overlord. This news as greeted with praise from members of A-Deck

“Affordable lube is the cornerstone of our economy. Without it, the brothels can’t keep up with demand, the factories can’t test their sex toys, tourists spend less and the broke losers on O-Deck have to use spit when they jack off. I salute Overlord Pok for making commerce his first priority.” – Vice Captain Owenna Maffo of the Maffo Consortium.

Overlord Pok will be conducting a tour of C-Deck in order to meet with influential and wealthy tourists. Sources say that Overlord Pok will be assuring tourists that Pleasure Station Sigma will remain the number one destination station for sexual tourism. This tour will of course be confined to hotels and residential buildings of Diamond Status and above.

Many businesses are rushing to show their support of Overlord Pok with specials. Mouth Parlor is offering a ten percent discount at all locations for today only. Burger Slut is offering half off their combo meals from now until Orbitday. Consult our Thrifty Fucker channel for more discounts in your area!

This concludes your special update on Pleasure Station Sigma. This is your virtu-host, Mika-C34, reminding you to stay alert and keep your lube handy! Have a great fuck!

Oct 062014

Orgy on Pleasure Station Sigma is my new writing project/obsession. It is a blog about an orgy that has been going on for six years. Every day I update with around 500 words about what is happening at the orgy. Spoiler alert: It is a lot of sex.

A few years ago I was on a Team Fortress server that was set up for one map at all times. No matter what time of the day I logged in, there was a battle going on between these two forts. The names were almost always different but the fight remained. I was intrigued by the endless nature of it all. Some times one side would dominate the other but it was all meaningless as there was no way to truly win it all and end the battle. No matter how much one side destroyed the other, the fight kept going.

I touched on this idea in a Von Madd story.  In that story, Von Madd had set up a room where an ongoing orgy was set aside as a sort of reward for employees. To keep the orgy going, sexbots were added who were unaware that they were robots. To the robots, they were always on the verge of leaving but their libidos got the best of them.

Pleasure Station Sigma has a slightly different origin. It was started by persons unknown who rented a section of the space station for their party. The station is already a sex tourist destination spot which attracts deviants from all over the galaxy. People are drawn to the orgy because it is free to get in, and the Station Overlord allows it because people have to leave the orgy to eat, recover and maybe get enhancements.  As long as the rent keeps getting paid, the orgy will continue.

Personally I was drawn to the project because I am often jealous of artists who can just sketch a character or landscape and walk away without the need to create a story for the drawing. It is a brief act of creation that I envy greatly. Writing scenes from a science fiction orgy is my way of doing a daily sketch.

My initial goal is write this for six months and then evaluate if I want to continue.