Nov 022022

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee shortage.
Location: Quality Engine Ratings!
Species Required: Human female, Wuat Female, Banime Female.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Level Two Roleplay Rating. Level One Engineering Rating
Duration of Assignment: Four Hours
Payment: Sixty credits per hour plus tips. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees).

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The light above the monitor blinked. Dazanna checked to make sure her plump tits were still inside her overalls. Normally, the engineers who wore these overalls had a shirt, bra and probably some sort of smart-fabric underneath, but all Dazanna had was her naked skin. Two thin straps came down over the shoulders to hold a small panel of cloth that barely covered the bottom half of her large breasts. Every time she moved, one or both tits would pop out and flash her nipples. She preferred to keep them in reserve until needed.

Once she was sure everything was mostly secure, she reached to accept the call but stopped herself.

“Fuck, almost forgot,” Dazanna whispered. She pulled back her long blue hair and then slipped a yellow hard hat over her head. There, perfect. She accepted the call.

A bearded humanoid appeared on the screen. He was a meter and a half tall and nearly a meter wide. Powerful muscles along his shoulders. Cybernetic eyes zoomed to look back at her. A metal implant in his forehead scanned constantly for plasma leaks. The black beard was braided with an assortment of metal washers.

That was a Wuat all right. At some point in humanity’s exploration of the stars, Wuat ancestors decided to alter their genes for optimal asteroid mining and minimal volume requirements. Thousands of years later, the Wuats are some of the hardest working and sturdiest spinoffs from the human genome. They also loved their machines and took pride in their engineering skills.

“Hey there, Big Beard,” Dazanna said. It was always good to compliment a Wuat on his beard. “Good machining to you.”

“Good machining to you, couplet,” the Wuat said.

Dazanna blushed. Couplet was a very vulgar, but complimentary, term in Wuat speak. She took it as an indication that the Wuat was eager to play.

“I have to be honest with you,” Dazanna lied. “It has been a very dull day. All I have had to look at is a malfunctioning chemical propulsion system and some leaking coolant pipes. It has barely lubricated my vussy. I hope you have something impressive to show me.”

The black beard shifted and teeth flashed from a smiling mouth. “How does a class three FTL drive sound?”

“Oooh!” Dazanna said. She leaned forward and right on cue, her right breast popped from her overalls. “Show me, please!”

The Wuat picked up his transmitter. Dazanna got a flash of a naked skin that was probably his crotch. A moment later, the interior of an engineering bay filled the view screen. The screen panned slowly over a FTL engine.

Dazanna purred like a Jeline in heat. “That is one nice looking FTL drive. By the Lords of Space, is that a tachyon convertor?”

“Yeah!” the Wuat said, his surprise at Dazanna’s recognition was clearly audible. “I installed it myself. It has cut particle turbulence down twenty percent.”

“Incredible,” Dazanna said in a husky voice. “That kind of reduction is so rare. My vussy is getting so wet just looking at it.”

“Thank you,” the Wuat grunted. Dazanna could tell that he was stroking his member. She reached between her legs and rubbed at her own crotch. The cheap coveralls were wet to the touch. Dazanna rubbed herself as hard as she could, her motions causing her tits to jiggle out of her top.

“Can you get closer to the filter chamber?” she asked. “I have never seen one that clean.”

“I scrub it myself,” the Wuat grunted. He was breathing harder. Dazanna could just imagine his strong hand pumping his undoubtedly thick dock. Was he stroking off while looking at her or was he reacting to her engineering compliments? She would like to think it was both, but it was more likely from the compliments.

“Your attention to preventive maintenance is exemplary,” Dazanna as sincerely as she could.

The Wuat moaned. It was a deep guttural sound like an asteroid cracking open.

“What about the regulator?” he asked.

Dazana’s eyes darted around. What was the regulator? Dazanna bit her lip dramatically to stall for time.

Wait, it was that red thing next to the dial! It looked fine. She struggled to think of something nice to say about it.

It was time to break out the compliment of last resort.

“It looks like it was installed by a master craftsman,” she said.

The Wuat cried out as he climaxed. The load was almost as big as the tip he left for Dazanna.

Mar 232022

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee shortage.
Location: Matriarchs You Get to Fuck B-Deck.
Species Required: Human female, Vitari female or Jeline Female.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Vussy or Vussy Facsimile, Beta Class Breasts or greater. Level Two Roleplay Rating.
Duration of Assignment: Six Hours
Payment: Ninety-five credits per hour. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees).

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It was dark inside the suite. A dim light emitted from a flickering projector onto the bed. The darkness helped hide the low quality of the décor on the walls that were supposed to imitate a Matriarch’s Breeding Quarters. If a real Matriarch ever lived in quarters like these, she would probably commit bankruptcy-suicide.

In the center of the bed, Dazanna slid up and down the client’s dock. She moved slowly, enjoying the feeling of the four separate ridges that encircled his member. Each ridge pushed inside her like a thick knot.

“Good boy,” Dazanna moaned. “Your Matriarch is very proud of you.”

The client groaned beneath her. He was a Clett, a humanoid race that had a strict Matriarchal family system. When a Clett Matriarch gives birth, she sells the male children of her litter on the Birth Market and the children are snatched up by Matriarchs experiencing family shortages. The Clett boys are then raised by the new family to become productive members earning money for their family. If they do well, exceedingly well, then a Matriarch may deign to engage in sexual intercourse with the lucky male. The average Clett will die a virgin.

Some lucky Clett, like the one inside Dazanna right now, will travel the galaxy and come across a place like Pleasure Station Sigma that has facilities willing to cater to a Clett’s needs. Even then, that lucky Clett won’t just fuck like a normal being. No, he will still follow the rules of Clett intercourse; which is lying on his back and keeping his hands at his side. That is just how his race does things, even with a Matriarch substitute like Dazanna.

Dazanna sighed. This was a lovely dock inside her. It was a crime to think this might be the only time it will be inside a vussy.

“You are so beautiful, Matriarch,” the client said.

Dazanna had her doubts about that. The Clett had pasty white skin and Dazanna had more of a cream complexion. Matriarchs develop complex tableaus of moles and Dazanna was wearing a mere dozen fake moles around her full tits. To complete the look, her long blue hair was tucked under a very unconvincing bald cap. All in all, Dazanna figured she made for a rather plain Matriarch.

But Dazanna was costumed as a Matriarch that the Clett actually got to penetrate, and that probably counted for a lot.

“I am very impressed with your credits earned by hour-cycle,” Dazanna said, engaging in normal Clett dirty talk.

“It is all for you, Matriarch,” the client said.

“And I am very aroused by your acquisition to selling ratio,” Dazanna purred. She leaned forward and let her heavy breasts dangle above the client. As the client gasped, she increased the pace of her humping.

“Sweet surplus.” The client groaned. He was close.

Dazanna was close as well. She said the words that were pure sex to a Clett male.

“Deposit your superior seed and breed your Matriarch,” she whispered.

The client cried out. The ridged cock spasmed and released a thick load of tingling seed inside Dazanna. In the throes of orgasm, he forgot himself and grabbed her thighs. Strong hands squeezed for tender care.

The tingling seed flowed inside Dazanna and sent her over the edge. She cried out her own orgasm and grabbed one of his hands in a very un-Matriarch gesture. They held onto each other’s hands as they rode out their pleasure.

Neither the client, or his pseudo-Matriarch, complained.

Feb 012021

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee shortage.
Location: Feel This! Sensorium, B-Deck.
Species Required: Human female or Banime female.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Minimum Psychic Receptiveness of Level Two.
Duration of Assignment: Three hours.
Payment: Eighty credits per hour plus tips. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees).

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Dazanna was on her back. The smart bed formed a soft hill under her head for neck support. She had one hand on her breast, squeezing and pulling on the flesh. The other hand was between her legs, idly running her fingernails up and down the bare lips of her vussy. Out of habit, she lifted one leg up into the air and then to the side to allow a better view of her crotch.

It was unnecessary. The eight sentient beings in front of her had their eyes closed. Well, those that had eyes. She wasn’t sure if the floating pink gas inside the containment sphere had sensory organs other than its mind. Either way, there was no need to put on a visual show.

Dazanna continued to knead her breast. The plump flesh was tender from so much squeezing. What appealed more to the minds feeling her body? Was it the weight of her soft breast or was it the growing sensitivity from so much groping? It was hard to tell with telepaths. They rarely gave you any sort of feedback.

Bing. A gentle bell announced that a tip had been paid. A hologram displayed the requested action above Dazanna. Eighty credits for finger penetration.

“Finally,” Dazanna moaned. She had spent thirty minutes touching the outside of her sex. Part of her worried that the psychic voyeurs were only interested in her soft skin and plump breasts. That was fine for her bank account as they tipped her plenty for the breast play but Dazanna was dying for some fingering.

Dazanna pushed one finger inside her vussy. Slick heat gripped her finger. Four of the psychics gasped. The pink gas bubbled inside his containment sphere. The face tentacles on the Igias vibrated.

“Like that?” Dazanna asked out loud. None of them answered. Their minds were on her body. They felt her finger sliding around the wet walls of her sex. Those without vussies marveled at the sensitivity. Those who possessed similar organs were fascinated by the differences. One being, his first time linking with a human, climaxed inside his pants.

Bing. More tips came in. There was a request for faster thrusts. Two tips asked for more fingers. A very large tip requested the use of one of the thick dildos that sat by the bed.

“Of course,” Dazanna said. “I will be happy to do each and every one of your requests.”

Eight psychics eagerly waited for the next sensation.

Dec 022020

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to fulfill Lube Technician Union Break Requirements.
Location: Lubricant Pump Station 92, Y-Deck.
Species Required: Banime, Human or Jeline.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Minimum Orifice Endurance of Class Two. Multi-partner Certified.
Duration of Assignment: One hour.
Payment: Three hundred credits. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees). 1/100th Unit of Station Grade Lube

Click Here to Accept Assignment.


Dazanna floated in the air, her body parallel to the ground. The gravity negator in the floor kept her afloat with none of the skin-tingling that you get from cheaper models. She was pleasantly surprised to see her large breasts and long blue hair hang down towards the ground. That meant the negator had a program that could pick and choose what parts of her body to levitate.

“This is a damn good negator,” Dazanna thought. “These beings must have an awesome union.”

The lube technician fucking Dazanna’s vussy grunted. His dock expelled a load of seed into her stuffed sex. The new seed joined the thick seed left by the last three technicians. He thrust a few more times to finish his ejaculation and then pulled out.

Dazanna moaned around the slender member that was in her mouth. The technician she was sucking shuddered. She looked up at him and moaned louder.

“Greedy whore,” the technician said with affection. “We have made a mess of your face and I am about to make another.”

Dazanna nodded her head like an eager puppy. Seed from previous technicians dripped down her face. Rough handling had smeared her makeup. She had spent extra money to purchase makeup that ran. Previous experience had taught her that technicians loved dirtying their union-required sluts.

Another technician stepped behind Dazanna. He spread apart her ass cheeks. Slippery lube, straight from the pipelines, rubbed against her asshole. A thick head pressed against her loose ring and pushed in. It jammed the seed that been left by previous technicians deeper into her ass.

The technician she was sucking cried out. He quickly pulled out and jacked his cock. Dazanna opened her mouth and stretched out her tongue. His dock exploded and shot a stream of come into her mouth.

As Dazanna swallowed the load, the technician turned her head so he could come on the side of her face. Some of the seed got into her blue hair. The technician made a point of ejaculating on a clean spot. It joined the other sticky clumps.

When he was done, the technician stepped away from Dazanna’s face. As the other technician fucked her ass, Dazanna took the chance to look around the break room. It was nice. There were two fresh food vending machines, a large video screen showing a slime fight and a row of isolation nooks for those who wanted some peace and quiet before going back out on the pipes. Technicians ate their lunches at smart tables that refilled their drinks.

Across from Dazanna was the other break slut. It was a Jeline male and he was pounding a woman technician while a male technician fucked his ass. The Jeline’s claws drew blood on the woman’s shoulders and his tail was wrapped around the man’s throat. Neither technician seemed to mind. Dazanna admired the Jeline’s golden fur and wondered if it had an easier or harder time getting out semen stains.

The technician fucking Dazanna’s ass grabbed her hair. He pulled back on her head as his hips picked up speed. His dock was a piston inside her slippery ass.

Dazanna whimpered submissively. The technicians liked to play rough. That wasn’t surprising; it was a rough job. They had to clear out blockages in the lube pipeline. Thieves were constantly trying to tap the line and technicians were personally responsible for stopping them. Floods were a possibility and accidental drownings were not uncommon. It took a certain type of person to work around these dangers, and that certain type of person made the most of their break time.

The slime fight ended on the videoscreen. About a dozen technicians rose from their chairs and looked towards Dazanna and the Jeline. Seams opened in their jumpsuits as they approached the break sluts.

Dazanna stretched her jaw and flexed her fingers. There was half an hour left in the break period. It was going to be a nice long gangbang before Dazanna could have her own break.

Aug 192020

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee Shortage
Location: Feed and Be Fed.
Species Required: Any with a physical mouth(s).
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Oral Endurance of Class Two.
Duration of Assignment: Two Hours.
Payment: One free meal from the employee menu. Thirty credits per customer plus tips. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees)

Click Here to Accept Assignment.

Dazanna waited impatiently inside her nook. A privacy field blocked anyone in the restaurant from seeing her, but the field also prevented her from seeing or hearing any of the customers. Were they busy? Was the place full or empty? She couldn’t tell.

The privacy field did nothing to block smells. The aroma of hot Banime noodles filled the small nook. She could almost taste the Vulthan spices in the air. She desperately wanted to stick something in her mouth.

“This is why the free meal is after the shift,” Dazanna said out lout. She liked talking out loud. It broke the silence of the privacy field.

The shift had started ten minutes ago but Dazanna hadn’t had a client yet. Maybe Dazanna should have used a different picture? Above her, on the table she couldn’t see, was a picture of her face. It showed her smiling, with her long blue hair coming down to her bare shoulders. Was that good enough? Should she have stuck her tongue out or maybe opened her mouth? When her shift was over, she would ask one of the other employees for next time. If there was a next time.

A yellow light flickered inside the nook. Someone was setting their tray down on the table above Dazanna. Instead of thinking about the client, she wondered what dish was in the tray. Was it Tousacon Beef Noodles? A Vigen Avian Wrap?

“Damn, I’m hungry,” Dazanna whispered.

Thin legs emerged from the privacy field and sat down. Shiny red pants covered the legs. An automated zipper opened along the curve of the crotch. Inside was pink cloth and a hidden shaft trying to poke free.

Dazanna leaned forward in the nook. She gently spread the client’s legs apart to get closer to his bulge. Expert fingers glided over the cloth and found a seam. She pulled the opening apart and reached inside.

A small dock pulsed against her hand. The size didn’t bother Dazanna. It would be easier to suck. She bent over and gave the tip of the dock a slow lick.

The member tasted like oranges and mint. Was she so hungry that she was becoming delusional? Dazanna took another lick, slowly circling the head of the organ.

Positive, that was orange and mint. The client had an enhanced dock!

Dazanna couldn’t resist. She parted her lips and took his dock into her mouth. Down she went until his nose and chin were in the client’s underwear. Her lips closed around him as she rapidly licked.

The client shuddered. The dock throbbed. Both legs closed together around Dazanna’s body.

Dazanna moved her head from side to side, letting the small organ roll around in her mouth. She licked as she moved, unable to get enough of the orange-mint flavored dock. It was tempting to bite down but she resisted the urge.

She wondered what the client was doing. Was he already eating or was he too distracted by her mouth? The lack of audio cues meant she was flying blind. Oh well, she would have to stick with the basics.

Dazanna reached into the client’s underwear and pulled out his gonad pouch. It was smooth and hairless. She took all of his dock back into her mouth until her lips were touching his sack. Her tongue slipped out of her lips and flicked his balls.

The dock throbbed in Dazanna’s mouth. The client nearly lifted from his seat. The small cock pushed into her mouth.

Dazanna giggled. He wanted to fuck her mouth? She could help with that. She tightened her lips around his dock and slid her head up. The tip of his dock popped free of her lips. A line of spit connected her lips to his dock. She plunged back down, swallowing his modest cock in a single gulp. As soon as her lips touched his sack, her tongue gave him a quick lick before she slid her mouth back up his short shaft.

A blue light turned on. A small camera emerged from the ceiling of the nook and pointed down on Dazanna. The client was paying extra to see her work.

Dazanna smiled. That was twenty extra credits, straight to her account. She looked at the camera and gave her best sexy wink.

Now that the client was watching, it was time to perform visually as well as orally. She added a twisted to her motion so her blue hair would bounce. Her lips opened so more spit could fall. She gripped his thighs and sunk her fingers into his pants like a desperate slut.

Sweet liquid gushed in her mouth. Was that chocolate? Lords of Space, the client’s seed had been enhanced to taste like chocolate!

Dazanna sealed her lips around him as the dock pumped. Load after load of chocolate-flavored seed filled her mouth. She swallowed it all and when he was done pumping, she meticulously licked every millimeter of his limp organ for more chocolate.

When there was no more delicious seed left, Dazanna let the member fall from her lips. A burp rose from her throat. She was immediately grateful for the privacy screen.
The blue light turned off. The client wasn’t interested in watching anymore. Their focus was on their meal, and the remaining time they had left to eat it.

Dazanna rested her head on the client’s lap. She doubted that he would recover in time to want more. For that matter, she wasn’t sure what the policy was for second orgasms at this establishment. The owners might not want her to provide another climax.

Fuck that. Dazanna stayed where she was. If that delicious orange-mint dock got hard again and wanted to spray some more chocolate, then Dazanna would be ready to make that happen.

Jul 292020

Dazanna entered the shower. The monitor told her to remain still. Multiple yellow beams struck her naked body and scanned her skin. The beams lingered over her right breast plastered in semen. Scanners cataloged the immense amount of come in her long blue hair. The beams traced the vussy juice that stained her thighs. Finally, sensors calculated the amount of sweat, spit and lube sticking to her skin.

A neutral computer voice spoke. “Your status is FILTHY. This earns you a thirty percent discount. Do you accept these new terms? Yes/No?”

Dazanna smirked. Filthy was one way to put it. She had just serviced a married couple celebrating a recent trade deal. They were lovely gentlemen but both of those fuckers had genetically enhanced gonads resulting in bucket loads of come. Fortunately, they tipped her a generous bonus and she decided to spend some of that money here.

“Yes,” she said.

“Thank you for using ‘Wash-Your-Ass’. Please wait as we find someone to wash you. Person found. Please grip the safety handles. If at any time you wish to stop your shower, let go of the handles.”

Two handles lowered from the ceiling. They stopped on either side of Dazanna’s head. She closed her hands around them and the lights brightened.

“Shower beginning in three, two, one.”

Hot water fell from the ceiling. Dazanna moaned. It had been too long since she showered in water. The sonic shower in her habitation cube was thorough, but there was no beating the feeling of warm water cascading over your body. It was a luxury that only the richest on Pleasure Station Sigma could enjoy on a regular basis. For everyone else, they had to use commercial showers like Wash-Your-Ass.

A panel opened in front of Dazanna. Two synthetic hands extended on flexible arms. Somewhere on the station, someone had logged into the Wash-Your-Ass system and paid a higher fee than Dazanna had to operate these hands. They would be wearing tele-sensory gloves that would simulate how would it feel like to touch Dazanna.

Dazanna wondered if they were male or female.

The hands went straight to her large tits.

“It’s a guy,” Dazanna said.

The synthetic hands squeezed her breasts. Dazanna relaxed into the groping. Protocols programmed into the hands prevented the user from doing any harm. The hands glided over her wet tits and any squeezing was gentle and free of pinching.

Tiny nozzles emerged from the walls and sprayed a white liquid onto Dazanna’s body. The liquid reacted with the water and turned into foam. There was a slight tingling sensation as the foam broke down inorganic molecules.

Dazanna moaned again. The foam felt nice. It was an essential part of the process. The foam did most of the cleaning, allowing the operator of the hands to focus on what they wanted to.

The synthetic hands moved down to Dazanna’s hips. The soft texture of the pseudo-digits gently scrubbed her skin as they moved their way down to her thighs. The hands encased her left thigh and rubbed up and down.

Dazanna was surprised. The hands skipped her vussy. She would have thought they would go straight to her genitals. Did this person have restraint? Nah, they were probably just a leg person.

The force of the water increased. Dazanna moaned as the foam was washed away from her body. When the water pressure subsided, more gel was sprayed onto her body and turned into foam.

The hands on Dazanna’s thighs moved to her ass. Soft fingers cupped her buttocks and squeezed. Two thumbs came close to her asshole but didn’t attempt to penetrate.

Dazanna smiled. That was the safety protocols kicking in. Still, the synthetic fingers did touch her anus and did a thorough job of scrubbing.

Another nozzle emerged from the ceiling. It sprayed a green gel onto Dazanna’s wet blue hair. A second pair of synthetic hands emerged from the ceiling and tenderly stroked the gel through her hair.

“Fuck yes,” Dazanna whispered. This was the best part. She had paid extra to have the system clean her hair automatically. These hands were controlled by an artificial intelligence that was more concerned with hygiene then hair play.

The hands on Dazanna’s ass let go of her soapy buttocks. One hand returned to her right breast. Fortunately, that was one the one plastered in semen, so it could do with a little extra scrubbing. The hand moved in a circular manner, rubbing the tingling foam into her skin as it manipulated her heavy tit.

The other hand went to Dazanna’s sex.

“Finally,” Dazanna said. She had been well-fucked today, but she always welcomed a little attention on her vussy.

The synthetic hand cupped her sex. Protocols prevented it from entering her but it couldn’t stop it from grinding. The soft fingers ran up and down the lips of her foaming vussy.

Dazanna’s hips responded in kind. She humped the gentle fingers as they played with her vussy. Sometimes a finger would slip a few centimeters inside her before pulling back out.

Meanwhile, the hands above her continued to wash her hair. The fingers alternated between massaging her scalp and stroking shampoo through the length of her wet hair. Targeted water jets washed away any excess shampoo.

Dazanna was lost in sensations. The expert washing of her hair released the tension in the upper half of her body. The fondling of her vussy thrilled and stimulated her bottom half. She couldn’t decide which was better.

The hand on Dazanna’s breast rose to her face. Soft fingers stroked her cheek. A thumb slid playfully over her lips. She kissed the thumb and hoped the user to could feel it.

The water pressure increased once more. Foam slid from her body and into the drain. The hands in her hair wrung the last of the shampoo from her hair.

More gel sprayed onto her body. A third and final layer of foam was generated.

The hands in Dazanna’s hair moved to her shoulders. It scrubbed her arms with the same precision it used for her hair. These hands would clean what the hand operator had neglected. In this case, that was everything except Dazanna’s tits, ass and vussy.

The operator knew that time was running out. The hand on her sex moved up and down her vussy lips. The other hand went to her right breast and squeezed with urgent pulses.

Dazanna was close. If the hand on her sex just moved slightly quicker, she could get off. There was no clear way to tell the operator. The audio sensors garbled any attempt at verbal communication to prevent operators from stalking customers. It would be easiest just to show him how to touch her, but if she let go of the safety handles, then the shower would stop. Dazanna was helpless.

It was a pleasant dilemma.

The automated hands scrubbed her back. They rubbed at her sore muscles with tender care. Foam flowed down her back and down between the crack of her ass.

Dazanna realized she was going about this wrong. She didn’t need the hand on her vussy to go faster; she needed him to just keep his hand where it was. Her body would do the rest.

She rolled her hips and grinded against the hand. Her mouth opened and she let out a loud moan. She looked directly at the camera with her best fake orgasm face.

The synthetic hand froze. The operator thought he had made her come.

Dazanna continued her performance. She bit her lip. She shuddered. She rolled her eyes. Most of all, she grinded faster against those soft synthetic fingers.

The automatic hands moved down to Dazanna’s ass. They cupped the outside of her buttocks. Circular motions jiggled her ass.

Dazanna came, for real this time. She screamed her pleasure and her victory. Foam flew as her body quivered.

When she was done shaking, the synthetic hand left her vussy. It gave her tit a final squeeze before retracting into the wall. A moment later, the automatic hand scrubbed the vussy juice from her tit.

Dazanna laughed. She had came just in time. The shower was almost over.

A final surge of hot water cleaned the last of the foam from Dazanna. The automatic hands retracted and the water ceased. Blasts of hot air struck Dazanna from different angles, aiming to remove every drop of the precious water from her body.

The door opened. Dazanna reluctantly let go of the safety handles. The showers were always over too soon. It was a shame, but there was no denying how clean she felt. It was money well spent.

Of course, there was nothing stopping Dazanna from getting dirty again and coming back tonight.

Jun 262020

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee Shortage
Location: No Can See You.
Species Required: Non-furry Bipedals.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Level Two Objectification Rating.
Duration of Assignment: Two one hour shifts with a .1 hour stretch break.
Payment: Twenty credits per customer plus free Archive access. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees)

Click Here to Accept Assignment.

Dazanna laid flat on her stomach. She rested her head on ring that framed her face. Blue hair fell to either side of her. The soft gel beneath her was cool and soothing on her naked skin. It was a little too cold for her nipples, but the smart-gel adjusted and warmed itself to a comfortable level.

She spread her legs and slipped her feet into the stirrups. A wall came down and encased her hips, sealing the top half of her body away from view. Metal encased the back of her legs from the top of her thighs down to her feet. The only thing visible was Dazanna’s round ass.

Something wet squirted onto Dazanna’s buttocks. She clenched at the sudden shock. There was a tingle as a beam disinfected her ass.

A light flickered beneath Dazanna. It was a monitor, just within arm’s reach. A menu for music appeared as well as access to the Archives.

Dazanna almost pressed the button for Crin-Pop but stopped. This job required utter stillness and Crin-Pop was awfully easy to dance to. She scrolled through the choices and picked one of the ambient tracks.

The gentle sounds of a beach surrounded Dazanna. A bird squawked. Waves crashed into a shore. Sonar buoys warned of approaching predators.

“Client has arrived,” a stern male voice announced.

Dazanna fought the urge to clench her ass. She was supposed to act natural and relaxed. Besides, if she tensed, eventually she would untense and that would disrupt the experience.

A weight pressed down on Dazanna’s exposed ass. The client was sitting down and using Dazanna’s butt as a headrest. Soft hair brushed her skin. The client wiggled a little as they got comfortable.

Dazanna wondered what the client was here for. This locale offered privacy booths guarded against outside surveillance. Some people use it to open secure communication lines to other privacy booths. Other clients engaged in embarrassing solo activities that were taboo to their culture. At least, that was what Dazanna read in to the service contract she signed. The point of privacy booths is that no one could really know what they were doing.

As for the living headrests, they were just an added luxury. Even when engaging in secret behavior, some people would rather lay their head on a nice ass.

Dazanna tapped on the computer interface and logged into the Archives. The pay was nice for a job where one got to lay down, but the real compensation was the free access. Dazanna loved history and the Archives were the best source. She did a query about the Alliance of Free Systems’ war with the Voyuz and browsed the list of articles.

The head on Dazanna’s ass moved. It was a sudden jerk, followed by pressure pushing down. The client was leaning back especially strong.

Dazanna wondered what gender the client was. The jerk had felt sexual. Could they be engaging in masturbation? Renting a privacy booth just to pleasure yourself seemed awfully frivolous.

The jerk happened again. The client’s head rolled from side to side. Dazanna felt high cheekbones press into one buttock and then the other.

Desire dripped from Dazanna’s smooth vussy and onto the cool gel. She had just been thoroughly fucked by a cyborg an hour ago but it didn’t matter. Wet heat simmered within her.

Dazanna took a deep breath. She was a headrest and nothing more. This was about the client’s desires, not hers. She opened an article detailing the Voyuz Declaration of Conquest and Fatal Grievances.

The client suddenly rose from Dazanna’s ass, only to fall back into it a second later. The head pressed down, almost as if the client’s body was enduring an intense sensation. Something slammed into the plastic casing of Dazanna’s left leg and there was a light pressure of squeezing. It felt like the client had reached for something to hold onto.

Dazanna wondered if the client was alone. Were you allowed to bring someone into the privacy booth? Maybe someone was fucking the client right now.

The urge to touch herself grew stronger. Dazanna’s arms were free in order to manipulate the monitor. The gel she was lying on was very adaptable. If she was careful, and patient, she might be able to slip her hand under her body and stroke her vussy. The client might never know.

Except they may. And if they did, then they would file a complaint. The establishment would forward the complaint to the Sex Labor Guild. There would be a review and a possible re-classification of her Objectification Rating. She might not be able to do this job again, which means losing a free source of Archive access.

The client’s head moved up and down. Poz, they were definitely fucking. There was no mistaking that rhythm.

“Fuck,” Dazanna swore. She returned to reading the history of the Alliance/Voyuz conflict and tried to ignore the ever-growing dampness of her vussy

Jun 252020

Available Job:

Short Term Tension Release
Client: Brin Kits, Human.
Pleasure Station Security Rating – A Class
Location: B Deck, Tactical Legal Programs, Office 37K
Species Required: Human, Banime or Jeline
Other Requirements: Possession of Vussy or Vussy facsimile. Ceta class breasts or greater. Be dressed as a Tomey Maid.
Duration of Assignment: .5 Hours.
Assignment start Time: 1630 Hours
Payment: 45 Credits for Sex Labor Guild Certified. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees) 20 Credits for Non-Sex Labor Guild Certified.

Click Here to Accept Assignment.


The table shook as they fucked. Dazanna laid on her back with the client between her thighs. Each thrust caused the desk to shake and her tits to jiggle. The white vest she wore was open in the middle but sealed to her nipples with fabric adhesive. That meant that half of her tits were hanging out, but at least the vest covered most of the bite marks. The white turban she wore hung off the side of the desk along with most of her long blue hair.

The client grunted as he fucked. Cybernetic enhancements covered forty percent of his body. Three datajacks crowned his bald head. He had her ankles over each shoulder so her could run his hands up and down the white trousers she was wearing. The crotch had been ripped out earlier by the client about ten seconds after she arrived. He pounded away at her shaved sex with his rotating cybernetic dock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Dazanna babbled in a low pitch voice that was a bad attempt at a Tomey accent. It seemed to work because the client groaned and fucked faster.


Dazanna stared at the ceiling. Computer servers hung from racks. Lights blinked on and off as legal processes were being run in virtual courts. She wondered what courtroom cases were being debated and settled right now by artificial lawyer intelligences.

“You like that, don’t you?” the client said.

“I do,” Dazanna moaned and it was true. The dock rotations were quite nice. The vibrations the synthetic phallus emitted were even better. She especially appreciated how the vibrations pulsed with varying intensities. It was a damn good dock. She was going to leave it a great review when she rated the client later.

The client moaned louder. He was going to come. His hands gripped her trousers and tears appeared. This is why she bought all her work clothes from Wear-It-Once Machines.

“Fill me up, my Lord,” Dazanna said. The Tomey had Lords, right?

“Poz!” the client yelled. He froze as his cyber organ increased vibrations. A thick load of seed entered Dazanna’s vussy.

Dazanna was on the edge. She took the liberty of reaching between her legs and stroking her sex as the client pumped another load into her. A quick rub of her fingers and she passed over her own event horizon and into orgasm.

“Ohhh, thank you, Lord!” Dazanna moaned.

The client said nothing. He breathed heavily as his dock vibrated inside her.

Dazanna waited. This is the second time he had climaxed with her. Was he done now?

The client looked at her. There was a greedy smile on her face. No, he wasn’t done.

He pulled out of her. “Stand up, Maid.”

“Yes, my Lord!” Dazanna said with a low voice. Her round ass was happy to get off the hard desk. She sat up and hopped off the table. Seed spilled from her well-fucked vussy.

The client reached for her thigh. Dazanna squealed in a very non-Tomey way as he pulled her leg up and grabbed her ankle. She tipped to the side and caught herself on the desk top. The client returned her ankle to his shoulder. Her legs were in a perfect split with one foot pointed towards the ceiling and other foot firmly on the ground.

“A little warning next time, my Lord!” Dazanna said. Her turban fell off her head and rolled off the desk.

“Sorry, I was supervising an appeal,” the client said. “The plaintiff uploaded a denial-of-evidence program and I needed to make sure the subpoena firewalls held.”

Dazanna had no idea what any of that meant. The client placed his dock back into her vussy and the thick cybernetic phallus filled Dazanna’s slick sex. The vibrations resumed and she forgot what she was mad about.

The client resumed fucking her. In and out, in and out, he fucked like a machine. Her inner thighs took the brunt of the thrusts as his hard hips collided into them.

Dazanna came to the conclusion that he was going to fuck her for the full contract period. Cyborgs always got their money’s worth. Oh well, at least the client’s dock vibrated and twisted in wonderful combinations. The aching sensation of her stretched legs were eased by bliss inside her vussy. It would just be a matter of time before she climaxed again.

Dazanna’s held onto the desk and moaned with her best Tomey accent.

Jun 242020

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee Shortage
Location: Shame of Ghorath.
Species Required: Human or Human Passable.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Manual Endurance of at least Class Three. Non-allergic to Synth-Leather. Does not sweat fear.
Duration of Assignment: Four Hours.
Payment: Twenty-eight credits per customer plus tips. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees)

Click Here to Accept Assignment.

The yellow Client light glowed. Dazanna took another bite of her protein stick and stuffed the remainder in the throne pocket. She sat up straight and felt her red corset slip down. Her hefty breasts almost spilled out. Almost. She crossed her legs and positioned them to emphasize her thigh-high leather boots dangle in the air. Was that everything?

Oops, almost forgot her replica Alliance of Free Systems combat helmet. She picked it up off the floor and put it on. Her long blue hair spilled out from under the helmet in a very non-army regulation manner but that was fine. They didn’t pay for accuracy around here.

Dazanna pressed the button on her throne. The Client light switched from yellow to green. The heavy looking, but actually quite thin security door slid up.

In walked a large reptilian humanoid. White scales sparkled in the dim light. One eye was in a state of regeneration while the other eye was blue and very active. Muscles rippled with every step. Large hands curled into massive fists the size of Dazanna’s head. It was naked, with a smooth bulge marking the gonad sack between its legs.

It was a Vozuy, and the white scales marked it as one of the Warrior Clans. They were natural predators and their training and warrior culture made them unnaturally good killers. The galaxy regarded an army of them to be a catastrophic event.

“Pathetic,” Dazanna said. She let the words hang in the air.

The Vozuy stared at her with its one good eye. The lips pulled back to reveal a row of black teeth. The nostrils flared.

“Don’t you dare look directly at me!” Dazanna screamed.

The Vozuy averted his gaze. The gonad sack pulsed.

Dazanna stood up. The tiny red panties with the Alliance of Free Systems flag rode up her ass. She ignored it and keptwalking. The boots clicked on the floor as she approached the large alien. She pulled the red leather gloves tighter onto her hands.

Holographic insults, provided by the employer, floated behind the Voyuz. Good, Dazanna wasn’t that familiar with Vozuy culture. Dazanna read one out loud.

“You look weaker than an egg grub,” Dazanna said with disgust.

The Voyuz hissed. A seam appeared in his gonad sack. The tip of his member, crowned with spikes, emerged.

“No wonder the Alliance of Free Systems defeated you,” Dazanna said. “Your entire species reeks of cowardice and you are a prime example. You are about to, uh, molt your tail, at any moment.”

The Voyuz unclenched his fists. Long talons emerged from his hands. He slowly turned his head to directly stare at Dazanna. Tiny quills quivered on the top of his head.

Dazanna returned his stare. Thankfully, the helmet had an opaque visor that obscured her eyes. She really hoped she did not smell of fear like the job listing said. Still, he wouldn’t be the first client that tried to intimidate her.

“Oh, you going to do something, Snake Shit?” Dazanna challenged. Snake Shit wasn’t one of the suggested holographic terms, but Dazanna preferred a personal insult when a client tried to mess with her.

Slits along the Voyuz’s neck opened and flared. The alien looked down at the ground. He lowered his head in submission.

The spiked member fully emerged from his gonad sack. Dazanna swallowed at the sight of it. The thing was half a meter long. Spikes ringed the head of it.

“You filthy carrion eater,” Dazanna said, using another phrase from the floating holograms. “You want me to touch your disgusting sex organ, don’t you?”

The Voyuz nodded.

Dazanna reached down and grabbed the member, just under the spiked head. She squeezed much harder than she would with any other species. The dock pulsed. Her gloved hand stroked up and down. The tiny ridges on the member were abrasive but the glove protected her.

“Weak little cowards,” Dazanna said. “So weak that you have to humiliate yourselves in front of a human to climax. Unable to claim mates of your own, you resort to the degrading touch of a soldier from an enemy army.”

A low growl rose from the Voyuz’s throat. The hard member pulsed in Dazanna’s hand. He clenched his hands tightly, pressing his talons into his own scales.

“You probably want me to lick it,” Dazanna said.

The alien’s good eye flickered towards her. His lips wrinkled in a strange way. Was that intrigue or disgust on his face? It might have been confusion. Licking wasn’t listed as one of the services.

“Fine, just one lick you sad coward,” Dazanna said. “But only because I have no fear of you and your weak species!”

Dazanna bent over lowered her face to the Voyuz’s dock. It trembled in her hand. The head changed from white to blue. Dazanna stuck out her tongue and took one long lick around the head of his member.

It tasted sour. Dazanna didn’t bother to hide her disgust.

The Voyuz hissed. Dazanna quickly pulled her head back up. Using both hands, she squeezed as hard as she could and stroked.

“Are you going to climax, Snake Shit?”

The Voyuz looked at her and nodded. His tongue emerged from his lips and shook. He threw his head back.

The thick member erupted. Dazanna held on but leaned back as much as possible. Black seed shot high into the air. A miniature tractor beam in the ceiling activated and gathered the flying fluid and collected it for future disposal.

After a long minute of stroking, the last of the Voyuz’s seed dribbled out. Dazanna let go and the member retracted into his gonad sack. She resisted the urge to shake her aching hands.

“I’ve seen bigger loads,” Dazanna sneered.

The alien’s giant hand grabbed her by the helmet. The giant hand easily encompassed her skull. With one good squeeze, he could crack the helmet easily.

Dazanna froze as the Voyuz stared at her. The one good eye stared at her with savage intensity. The alien’s lips pulled back into a mockery of a smile.

“Good human,” the Voyuz said. His voice sounded like knives slapping together. “I will tip you when I get my clothes back. Snake Shit, ha!”

The Voyuz let go of Dazanna’s helmet and turned around. She watched the muscles ripple on his back as he left. The door closed the client light blinked off.

As Dazanna returned to her chair, her wrist computer beeped. Fifty extra credits had been transferred to her account. The Voyuz might be scary, but they tip well.

She waited for the next costumer.

Jun 232020

Dazanna awoke slowly. She opened her eyes to a dark room. Dreams of tentacles and laser dildoes struggled to stay with her but slipped away. Her cheek was sticking to the pillow. There was a pressure in her bladder that needed to be taken care.

It was another day on Pleasure Station Sigma.

Sensing she was awake, the video screen set in her bunk flickered to life.

“It is currently Airday, 10.21 hours. You have sixteen days of leasing left in your rental of this habitation cube. You have one message. It is from the Sex Labor Guild concerning upcoming certification training. Transferring to news feed in five, four, three-“

“Shut down feed,” Dazanna said. She rolled over onto her back. Long blue hair got in her way. The movement agitated her bladder. She really should go to the waste station.

Dazanna grimaced and touched the screen instead. Quickly, she logged into Waste-Watchers. A questionnaire appeared and Dazanna tapped away at the answers. Oh yes, she would be producing liquid waste. Fuck yeah, it would be soon.

On a hunch, she had the screen take a picture of her in bed. An image of Dazanna appeared. Her makeup was smeared. The tangled blue hair needed a brushing. Bite marks covered her left breast. She looked like she had been whoring all night and had yet to roll out of bed with her bladder bloated with bodily fluids.

It was a perfect image. Dazanna hit send.

Now came the hard part. Dazanna sat up and swung her legs over the bunk. The full bladder pulsed urgently. She stood up and hurried to the opposite side of her habitation cube where the waste station lied.

The waste station was a transparent chair of clear plastic. The inner bowl was lined with small cameras. A faint glow emitted from the seat, partially to provide a warm surface for Dazanna to sit and partially to illuminate the waste process for viewers.

Dazanna stood next to the bowl. She knew from experience that if she sat down, that she wouldn’t be able to hold. It was better to wait, even if it was uncomfortable.

A notification pinged from her wrist computer. Waste-Watchers had processed her availability and was awaiting clients.

Dazanna sighed and tried to think of anything else. What kind of gigs was she going to accept today? The bite marks would limit her breast-appeal but her ass was fine. Should she submit for spanking work? It paid well, but it would limit her availability to other jobs. How much did she want to do today?

Fuck, she really had to piss.

The wrist computer beeped. She had a client! He was willing to pay ten credits.

(4 of the credits would go to Waste-Watchers as a service fee. One credit will go to the renter of the habitation cube for equipment and bandwidth. Half a credit will go to the Sex Labor Guild as a union due. Four credits will go to Dazanna’s bank account.)

“Praise the Lords of Space,” Dazanna said. She sat down on the waste station.

A hologram materialized in front of her. The client wanted her to know he was watching. An image of a muscular man wearing the top half of a Station Security uniform. He furiously jacked his cock.

Dazanna smiled. Half of her Waste-Watchers clients worked in security. She made a mental note to access the Archives later and find out why.

The client watched. His eyes stared straight ahead. He was probably looking at a camera shot of her hairless vussy from one of the waste station cameras, but at the moment, it felt like he was staring right at Dazanna’s face.

Dazanna stared back. This wasn’t her first performance. Even though he was likely staring at her sex, she bit her lip and half-closed her eyes.

A moment later, she released the liquid she had been holding.

Halfway through the stream, the security guard released his essence as well.

It was a good start to Dazanna’s work day.