Jul 182010

#1 You really can’t beat a beginning that starts in the middle of action. The movie opens with Adrian Brody falling from the sky and waking up. He activates the weird parachute device just in time to hit the ground at a hard thud. He groans, and then we cut to the movie title. Bam, things are already happening.

#2 Alien hunters from another universe not only know human nature well enough to kidnap soldiers, but also killers on waiting execution on Death Row. Makes me wonder if there is a subclass of aliens who does surveillance and bureaucracy. There should be a spin off movie called “Accountants” and they are aliens who invade earth just to find how who the good kills are for the Predators.

#3 Danny Trejo makes any movie better.

#4 Even bloodthirsty aliens from another world are racists.

#5 Even godforsaken place in the middle of nowhere has it’s own castaway survivor and his pet volleyball.

#6 Robert Rodriguez once again proves that you can make any movie better if you treat every character, no matter how minor, as if they were super important characters in their own personal stories that just happening to be crossing over with this movie.

It is the one rule that I can not stress enough. If you are writing porn, if you are writing horror and even if you are writing a romance novel, you can make every character interesting and if you do, the quality of your story escalates. It takes work but it makes your fictional world come to life.

As for the movie itself, I liked it. Every time I thought I had things figured out, they would change things up and I appreciate that. Easily the best movie in the franchise since Predators 2.

Oct 182009

Back in the day (three years ago), nerds used to debate what as cooler, Ninjas or Pirates. I know, silly question right? Pirates are obviously cooler cause they drink, have cool ships, fantastic clothes and wenches. Some people preferred Ninjas with their martial arts, black clothing and wire stunts. People got a little crazy defending their choices.

That was then and now is now. The next great debate is a sexier one. Who is better, Nurses or Witches?

Witches have magic, sexy cat habits and dance naked.

Nurses have medicine, sexy nurturing habits and sponge baths.

Damn, this is tough. One gives you blowjobs while you are sick and the other rides you like a broomstick. One has you drink something to make you feel better while the other gives you something to drink to feel very naughty. Both are famously bisexual if porn has taught me anything.

Both also have very sexy outfits.

Let the debate begin! Plus, please anwser the poll to the right. This is important information.

May 102009

The new Star Trek movie is great.

You want more? Okay. For a franchise that has touted the interracial and international nature of it’s crew, this is the first Star Trek movie that gave Sulu, Chekov and Uhura significant screen time to the point that I felt like they were the cream of their professions. That might seem minor to you but in a movie that is juggling 7 or 8 characters, I was really impressed.

They also somehow made a Kirk who was a disrespectful asshole but somehow someone you can root for and sympathize.

The movie finally embraced that Spock is far from logical. He’s a damn emotional timebomb who is trying really hard to be calm around these idiot apes. I love that.

Most of all, it was fun. I fully endorse fun movies.