Feb 242020

There was a spell book in my elementary school library. I don’t recall it explaining a mythology or philosophy, but my vague memory of the spells suggest it was certainly Wiccan. That is pretty amazing considering that it was a small town school in the South. It was the early 80’s, so the Satanic Panic might not have been around. I highly doubt the book is still there, but I wonder.

The book had spells for money, health and of course, love. Even at nine years old, I had some insane crushes. I remember thinking the book could finally get a certain blonde girl to notice me. There was just one problem. The spell involved burning a note, and I was deathly afraid of fire. No love spells for me. Another spell involved burying something in the ground. My distaste for worms and dirt in general ruled that spell out.

The thing that I remember most was believing in the book. I had no doubt that the spells would work if I would just put the work in. I knew that David Copperfield was doing optical illusions, but for some reason, I thought magic spells in a book were as real as the book about rockets.

Later when I was a jaded teenager, I came across the Necronomicon in the Waldenbooks. I had started reading H.P. Lovecraft earlier that year and recognized the title. Now, I knew Lovecraft was fiction and I knew this alleged Necronomicon couldn’t possibly be the dread book of the Mad Arab. This was also a few years after my atheist epiphany so I didn’t believe in God, the Devil, spells or Cosmic Horrors.

I still bought the book. I was curious and liked Lovecraft enough to want to have even a fake facsimile of the famous dread book.

It was shit, of course.

But because the book was so serious about itself, I felt that tiny glimmer of belief that I hadn’t felt since I read that one spell book in elementary school. The force of conviction the book had convinced me for one tiny second that maybe this was real. That belief cracked and died when I recognized the Sumerian mythology it was trying to pass off as hidden truths. Other parts were poorly done as well and I remember finishing it with a monumental level of contempt.

Flash forward to today. I am working on a writing journal game where the player writes about their relationship with a demon lover they summoned. The game is written entirely in-character as if this is a real book of magic. There are dread warnings. There is a little bit of work involved in making your journal. The player is writing the Journal as a tool to hold onto their sanity as well as providing a sort of black box in case anything happens to the player.

In short, it is a bit full of shit, but I hope it also evokes a mood. I hope when people play it, they feel that delicious thrill of making something special happen. I hope when they write about their demon lover, it is with the same intense emotion that I felt when I cracked open the books of magic from my youth.

Oct 252013

I have been thinking about Cult Book Project and the accompanying Magic Book Project. Both deal with the nature of reality and perception and sex so it is a busy duo. I have refreshed myself on famous conspiracies like the Knights Templar and McDonald’s. I’ve been reading Tomas Ligotti as I want this to truly be a weird erotica book and I have been reading Hellboy because Hellboy is just awesome. I have listened to the thumping sounds of couples having sex to determine the secret code of grunts and moans. I have watched the mating of alien clouds engaged in their skyborn orgies. I have also been eating too much popcorn.

I would like to gently remind you that the deadline for submitting an anonymous picture for my Magic Book is October 31st. Feel free to be as freaky, mysterious or risque as possible. Every one that sends in a picture gets a story from me written just for you. Please become a part of the magic I am trying to create.

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Oct 142013

I would like to ask your help in creating a sex magic book.

I have this idea for a series of books about a man who joins a sex cult. He gains magical powers, fucks magical things and rises in power with the cult. Early on he is given a magic book that is mostly pornographic gibberish and dirty obscure pictures. He can only make sense of the gibberish under certain sexy conditions.  I am a big fan of trying to make sense of chaos and this magic book will be pure chaos.

I thought it would be amusing that when I publish the sex cult novel, that I also publish the magic book for readers to browse through. The magic book will be full of nonsense and dirty pictures. I enjoy making books that look like they belong in another reality and this will certainly qualify. It will be obscure, weird and sexual.

Now when making a fake book of magic that has been handed down over the years, you can’t exactly list a bunch of contributing artists and models. I probably won’t even be listed as an author. This book needs to feel like an artifact of weirdness which means it needs to feel anonymous.

I am working on the text but what I need help with is the images. I would like to take nude pictures and alter them to the point that they look like a wood engraving or maybe a blurry black and white picture like a bigfoot sighting. To do this, I need pictures of naked bodies. If you want to alter them yourselves to be mysterious and obscure, knock yourself out. If you want to write arcane symbols on your body, add a mysterious prop or two, all the better. If you want to wear a mask, I will be delighted.

I won’t be showing any faces. I will be showing mouths and eyes but never together. Anonymity is my highest priority both from a protecting subjects from internet infamy and also from an artistic viewpoint.  I want images that suggest humans but maybe aren’t.

I am looking for male and female bodies.

In exchange for submitting an image, you will get the magic book for free when it comes out. You will also get a short story from me just for you.

The project is ongoing but I find if I don’t give people a deadline, they tend to never get around to it. Let’s make a deadline for Oct 31th.

Email me your submission at shonrichards at yahoo. Put Magic Book in the subject so I can catch it please.