Jul 152016

51xHIXUAyhL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Taken by the Aliens is my big interactive alien abduction erotica ebook and you can buy it now on Amazon.

In this story,you play a perfectly normal woman trying to get some sleep when you are kidnapped and taken aboard a strange spaceship. Try to find your way back home while also avoiding, or seeking out, alien encounters of the very intimate kind. Get probed by Greys! Receive personal messages from the Nubians to take back to earth! Discover the unexpected secret of the Reptile Aliens! Get seduced by a celebrity thought dead! Beg for forgiveness from the Brains in the Jars! Have your body explored by tentacles! Take some time to experiment on some of your fellow captives! For the love of your sanity, avoid the Men in the Black! Discover even more strange erotic encounters that I haven’t listed here!

Inspired by alien abductee stories, this 108,000 word story with 60 endings should keep you busy for a very long time.

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Oct 132014

51xpSJpofXL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Under Their Command is a new ebook. It is a 24 page story about a woman who reads a special ebook in public. She, and others, come under the sway of something that compels them to d many, many, many sexual acts.

This ebook was an experiment in creating a weird erotica story. I don’t know if I would call it mind control as much as body control. Think BDSM where your body is no longer under your control, it is now under their command.

I hope you enjoy this story and thank you for taking a chance on my experiment.

Oct 042013

cover art4 Doom Vagina is a new ebook of mine for sale on Amazon. It tells the story of the world’s unluckiest groupie as he becomes the sex slave of an all female demon metal band. There is a lot of rough sex, humiliation, pain, trippy death experiences, song lyrics, more sex, a journey to a mystical realm and some damn demons.

I highly recommend reading Doom Vagina while listening to Monster Magnet, the Plasmatics, and your angry neighbors having sex.

You can buy Doom Vagina here.

Remember that you do not need a Kindle to read this book as there are many Kindle apps for all kinds of computers.




Jun 142013

Sexy Science Beach Volleyball is available for sale on Kindle. I previously posted the story as Beach Volleyball Mad-ness a few years ago. This version collects all the parts into one easy to read document and also features 45% more consistency in how I used quotation marks for the play-by-plays.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, I present the follow teaser.

“Dr. Otto Von Madd is the world’s leading scientist in the field of erotic research. He makes sex robots, orgasmic lipstick and other fine super-science sextoys. He is filthy rich and can do pretty much what he wants.

What he wants is to hold a beach volleyball tournament. What he really wants is to improve the sport with some sexy new additions. He holds an invitational tournament for the world’s best women beach volleyball players.

Laura and Victoria are not the world’s best beach volleyball players but they are invited anyway. Maybe it is because Laura accidentally flashed a nation wide TV audience in their last match. Maybe it is because Victoria’s ruthless repressed dominant tendencies. Whatever the reason, these two best friends are off to compete in a tournament neither of them will ever forget.

Sexy Science Beach Volleyball is a fun but sexy story about mad science, sex, spanking, bondage, female domination, male submission and beach volleyball.”

Seriously, it has beach volleyball and mad erotic science. That is erotica gold right there.

Feb 222013

My Teacher, My Slave is available for sale at Kindle. It tells the heart warming story of a young man who has been trained since birth by his father in the art of BDSM. Nick isn’t allowed to play bondage games with women his own age but he figures that his teacher doesn’t count. Kids, they are such rascals.

This story has spanking, sex, wisdom, angst and a torrid teacher/student romance.

Jul 232012

Rosie is a writer I admire the hell out of.  She asked a question on Twitter last night and my inner superhero wanted to swoop in and solve all her problems.

She asked, “Anyone have thoughts on optimum length for kindle/print story collections?”

That is a perfectly reasonable question.  My first reaction was “Fuck if I know.”

Thinking about it, I realize the right answer is, “Fuck if anyone knows.”  Self-publishing erotica is still a new and scary beast.  As writers we have this fear that our work will come across as amateurish and wrong.  We desperately want to come across as all-knowing and cool.  We desperately want to know how to do things right.  The hardest thing to accept at the moment is that there is no right.

I use my own personal tastes at the moment.  These boil down to two principles. 

One, I am a cheap bastard.  I don’t want to pay $2.99 for 8 pages and one sex scene.  Shit, I am not sure if I will pay .99 for that.  Money is precious and if I spend money, especially on an author I don’t know, I want to feel like I am getting value that off sets the possible shittiness of the new author.  For 2.99, I want at least four stories.  If it is one story, I want at least 30 pages.  Give me something I can sink my teeth into.

Where did I get that number?  Nowhere.  It is just a gut feeling.  You gut may differ.

Two, I like themes.  You could have ten one page stories but if they share a common theme, I will pay out of scale prices for it.  Ten stories about damsel in distress stories?  Here is my $3.  Six stories barely a page long about office oriented BDSM sex?  Okay, here is my $3.  Maybe I am unique that way, but the individual length of the stories don’t matter as much as the fact that I am getting a assortment of stories that share a theme I am interested in.  By theme I also include periods of time.  You want to bundle a year of your blog posts, or maybe a few months, I am down with that.

That’s it.  It is not terribly scientific but it works for me.  Other writers may disagree and I would love to hear their opinions because at this moment, no one really knows what to do.  Imitating what large publishers do would be silly.  This is new shit and we are just going to have to try and experiment. 

Jun 152012

The Dark Lords of the Earth is a new story of mine that I am selling on Kindle.  It is roughly thirty pages of a conservative rightwing nutjob who is convinced that on her last camping trip, she was abducted by short horny men from beneath the earth.  She has repressed memories of sadistic situations, bizarre sex toys and eating out her fellow camp goers.  She also has lots and lots of repressed memories of being a decadent slut and enjoying the hell out of it.  The only way to bring back these repressed memories to commit her own filthy sex acts like masturbation and having sex with her husband more than twice a week.

This story is a tribute to the alien abduction fiction that I read and partially believed as a youth.  It is also a mockery of some of the paranoid themes that is so prevalent in our culture, both current and in the past.  Lastly, it was a chance for me to write about inexplicable perverts who lurk underground.

I also wrote this story during my chemo treatment and it was one of the things that helped me to smile during that awful time.  No guilt or anything if you don’t buy it, you monster.

The Dark Lords of the Earth can be bought by clicking this link. 

May 252012

Deep Space Probe is available for purchase at Kindle.  This ebook collects the first ten stories of Vaquel Di, a Deep Space Probe Explorer who spends 10% of her time exploring space and the other 90% of her time getting laid.  For you scholars out there, this ebook collects every Vaquel story to date. 

When I produce another ten stories, I’ll do a second volume.  If I get enough sales, I will tackle the monstrosity that is putting all the Otto Von Madd stories into a collection.

The cover is an experiment in doing non-sexual covers for people who want to hide their smut better.  Also, space is pretty damn sexy.

May 142012

BDSM Beach, my adorable story about first time submissive college students going to Cancun to be submissives on Spring Break is available for purchase at Kindle.  You may have read it on the blog back in 2007 but now you have a convenient way to read it on your Kindle.  

Even better, you can go to amazon and leave your review of this heart warming tale of spanking, masturbation, exhibitionism and lots of girls talk late at night.

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Jan 232012

Last year I offered my books on Lulu and I make a small modest amount thanks to my wonderful fans. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for those sales. The thing is, there is a giant porn market over at Amazon where they are printing money for porn and a lot oft he porn there, to be absolutely polite, abominable and shitty.

Because I love the world too much to let bad porn exist without an alternative, I have taken up publishing ebooks for the Amazon Kindle. I also want a share of that money because I have bills to pay and the chance to pay those bills by doing something I totally love is pretty awesome.

An important bit about the Amazon Kindle is that you DON’T NEED A KINDLE TO READ THE EBOOKS. Kindle for PC is a program that lets you read anything on your home computer or laptop. I use it and it is completely free.

The Amazon Kindle is a jealous god and in order to get some of the cooler selling options, they ask that I not sell my books as ebooks elsewhere. As a trial run, I took Cell Phone Slave down from Lulu and put it up on Amazon. Without any advertising, I already sold more Cell Phone Slave there then I have the past three months of Lulu. The Amazon Kindle is where the customers are.

Amazon Kindle also lets me do interesting things like have sales where I give ebooks away for free. The funny thing about this is the more people who grab the ebook while it is free, the higher up in the rankings the ebook goes and when the sale is over, more people are likely to buy it because it has a high ranking.

Which means that when I make a new ebook and make it free, I can tell you about it on my blog. You can go snatch it for free because you are my lolyal and loving fans and even if you never read it, you will help my book go up in the rankings. Everyone wins.

What is appealing to me is that I have ten years of stories that I have written. That is a shitload of material that I beleive is of a much higher quality than what is available. A lot of these stories are stuff you may not have read. Some of it will be stories that have appeared on the blog but are collected together. For example, this Friday I plan to put together the ‘Wolf Inside’ stories.

I already put up for sale, ‘On Your Knees’ which is the lovely story of four American college kids who end up on a BDSM gameshow in Mexico and let’s just say that a lot of spanking, humiliation and fucking ensues. This story was so popular that it was stolen and put on a Hebrew language porn site, which amuses me to no end. Now you can buy the slightly edited version where I fix a ten year old plot hole that has always bothered me. It is a fairly lengthy story, about the size of one of my three part Librarian stories. Plus college kids getting spanked and teased for cash prizes.

Because I am a glutton for punishment, I still plan to produce a new story every week. I promise to let you know when my ebooks are for free so you can snatch them first since you are my kindly fanbase.

I am opening the floor for questions, concerns and accusations that I have sold out in the interest of eating food.