Feb 242014

KabukiKatze is a wonder_c__aceo_102014__dirty_laundry_by_kabukikatze-d76f7psful artist who was having a ridiculously low price sale for custom made sketch cards. I contacted her and had her draw my character, Holly Valentine.  I said she was a redhead reporter who gets tied up a lot and the artist did the rest.

Maybe it is because I grew up as a comicbook fan, but I greatly enjoy seeing my characters being drawn. I know that no character drawn will ever look like the character in the reader’ head which is why I take a hands-off approach to artists.  I tell them the bare minimum of a character and they create the rest.  The more artists I get, the more that the common element define a character.

Or to put it another way, there are twelve Doctor Who’s, why can’t there be twelve Holly Valentines?

Feb 122014

“Papers, please.” the customs agent said. His name tag said Dmitri.

Holly Valentine passed her passport over. She thought of how the Russian customs guy looked like he was a leftover of the Cold War.  Dmitri had a scar than ran from his forehead down to his chin. He wore a heavy coat despite the warm temperature in the airport.  His brow was thick and looked like it was reinforced with metal.

“Purpose of visit?” Dmitri asked.

“I’m with the press for the Olympics,” Holly said.

Dmitri looked at Holly and back at the picture on her passport.  He examined the bright red hair that came down to her shoulders.  He scrutinized her full red lips. He compared the pale bountiful cleavage in the photo with the pale abundant cleavage in front of him.  This was all done in a few seconds with the practiced eye of a border official.

“Holly Valentine, reporting for INX, correct?” Dmitri said.

“Yes,” Holly said.

“Come to report on corruption and overspending in the Olympics I would imagine?” Dmitri said.

Holly kept her face as neutral as possible but her panties were soaked at the mention of corruption.  “No, just the Olympics in general,” she said.

“Really? We have spent five times more than the Olympic in Vancouver. Rumors say that Putin’s personal dog walker got a contract to build a stadium that might sink into the ice.  You wouldn’t be here to investigate stories like that and tell the world how Russia is a bunch of crooks and greedy people who care nothing for accountability or proper spending of Russian taxpayer money?”

Holly allowed herself to smile.  “That sounds interesting,” she said and hoped that the lust in her eyes weren’t giving her away.  “But I am just here to report on the games.”

“Of course you are!” Dmitri said.  He pressed a button.  “Excuse me, Ms. Valentine but you have been randomly selected for a search.”

Holly smirked.  “I understand.  It will be a completely random search designed to terrify and dehumanize me as you perform cruel and inhuman torments.”

Dmitri laughed.  It made the scar on his face wiggle.  “Good joke, Ms. Valentine!  This is new Russia! We don’t do that anymore! They were good old days but these are new days! Glasnost! Perestroika! Pussy Riot! Now please step in this side room and do not be concerned by the sound of the locks.  They are for your protection!”

Holly faked a smile as she stepped through the doorway.  Well, she shouldn’t have been surprised.  Obviously the border guards would be on the lookout for reporters who actually report things.  She was very familiar with how American agencies intimidate reporters so she had a professional curiosity to see how the Russians do it.

She wasn’t expecting a room with a comfortable couch.  The table with a bucket of chilled champagne was a surprise too.  At first she thought that there had been a mistake but no, there was a loud clicking as seven locks snapped into place.

Another door opened and a young man came through.  Unlike Dimitri, this man looked like he stepped out of a fashion magazine.  He had a perfect jaw and panty wetting cheekbones.  His hair was blonde and curly.  He wore a tight uniform that showed that he didn’t have an ounce of fat on his body.

“Good day,” the man said.  “My name is Vadim and I will be handling your random search.”

Holly giggled.  “You are not what I was expecting.  You look like a male model.”

Vadim smiled.  “I was Mr. Sochi last year.  That is our male handsome pageant.  Excuse my English, it is very poor.”

“No, no,” Holly said.  “It is damn good.  So uh, how do we do this search?”

“First, would you like some complimentary champagne?” Vadim offered.

“No thank you,” Holly said.  It was certainly drugged and laced with things to make her talk.  “I am in kind of a hurry.”

“Of course,” Vadim said.  “Please take off jacket and I will check for inserted contraband in your back.”

Holly took off her jacket and then paused.  “Wait, did you say inserted contraband?”

“Oh yes,” Vadim said.  “Some people use knife and put drugs under skin.  We check for that.  Please turn around.”

“How do you check?” Holly said.

Vadim showed her.  His large hands went to her shoulders and she felt a powerful grip bear down.  She let out a moan as the strongest fingers in the world massaged the muscles of her shoulder blades.

“Holy shit,” Holly moaned.

“Must check deep tissue,” Vadim said.  “Must be thorough.”

“Yes,” Holly moaned.  “Be very thorough.”

Vadim was.  He kneaded, pushed and pulled at muscles that Holly didn’t know that she had.  Powerful fingers dissolved knots and melted tensions.  Inch by inch, his hands crept down her back, massaging as they went.

“Your back is clean,” Vadim said.

“Sure that you don’t want to check again?” Holly said.

“No, efficiency is highly valued,” Vadim said.  “Now we check hair.”

“Hair?” Holly asked.

Vadim put his hands on her head.  Strong fingers gently massaged her scalp.  Holly felt a surge of wetness between her thighs.

“Oh yes, smugglers hide really small microfilm in hair,” Vadim said.

“People still use microfilm?” Holly asked.

“Smugglers cut corners in technology costs,” Vadim said.

Holly didn’t care.  Vadim’s fingers massaged her scalp.  He ran his fingers through her hair with tender gentleness.  He dutifully checked behind her ears.

“Now we check breasts,” Vadim said.

“Fuck yes,” Holly said.  “I might be smuggling all sorts of shit in there.  Should I take off my bra?”

“Not necessary,” Vadim said.

Holly jumped as Vadim reached around her.  His large hands cupped her breasts and squeezed.  It was a gentle grope as his fingers glided over the contours of her bra. She was wrapped in his arms and felt surprisingly safe.

“You sure that you don’t want me to remove my bra?” Holly asked.

“Not necessary,” Vadim repeated.

Holly almost agreed.  Vadim’s fingers were very thorough.  They found her nipples and gently rubbed them.  They glided under her breasts and checked her completely.  Sometimes he would cup an entire breast in his hand and squeeze gently in a loving grip.

“You are not smuggling anything,” Vadim said.  “Also, you have no lumps.”

“Always good to know,” Holly sighed.

“Now we checks legs,” Vadim said.

“Check them!” Holly said.

Vadim kneeled before her stocking covered legs and modest skirt.  Vadim didn’t ask and Holly didn’t care that he put his hands up her skirt.  Questing fingers started at her knees and rubbed gently.  Holly felt her thighs clench as his hands moved steadily upward.

“I must take time and do good job,” Vadim said.

“No rush!” Holly said.

Vadim rubbed her thighs and Holly wondered if he was looking for more subdermal smuggling.  She opened her thighs in the interest of efficiency.  The handsome agent massaged her thighs all the way up to but just shy of her sex.

“Okay, now we check vagina,” Vadim said.

“Damn right!” Holly said.  She unzipped her skirt and let it drop.  Black panties covered her sex although the some of her vibrant bush peeked out.

“For your comfort, would you like to sit on couch?” Vadim said.

“Yep,” Holly said.  She pulled her panties down as she walked to the couch.  The redhead plopped down and spread her thighs for his investigation.

“I need to check for drugs,” Vadim said.

“Sure, whatever,” Holly said.

“Drugs leave a certain taste that only tongue can find,” Vadim said.  He looked like he was about to blush.

“That makes perfect scientific sense,” Holly said.  She spread her thighs wider.  “Do what you got to do, dude.”

Vadim knelt before her open thighs.  He undid the top button of her uniform and leaned in close to Holly’s sex.  Holly watched with barely controlled patience as he finally opened his mouth and took his first lick.

“Glasnost!” Holly cried.  She was already wet from when she got off the plane.  Landing so close to corruption and scandal always did that to her but Vadim’s inspection had put her over the edge.

“Get in there and inspect the shit out of my pussy!” Holly yelled.

Vadim gave her a thumb’s up and obeyed.  His tongue gave her a thorough gynecological exam.  His mouth checked out every fold and crevasse of her sex. Even his nose joined in, breathing deeply of her sex in order to detect illegal substances.

Holly aided in the search by humping his face.  She grabbed his short curly hair and pulled him deeper.  She rubbed her sex on her face so he could reach wherever he needed to check.

Vadim found a suspicious nub of flesh.  He attacked it with his tongue.  He bit it gently.  He sucked on it to check its integrity.  He nibbled it with inquisitive lips. When he had done all of this, he started over and did it again.

Holly moaned and squirmed.  She endured the deeply invasive probing of his tongue.  To show how cooperative she was, Holly spread her thighs for maximum access.

“Yes!” Holly cried as she climaxed.

“Perestroika!” she cried out as she came a second time.

“Fahrvergnügen!” she cried out when she came a third time because her brain had been properly fucked out at this point.

Vadim rose from between her thighs.  He wiped his face and stood at attention.  “You are all clear! Please enjoy your stay!”

Holly saluted him.  Vadim left and Holly was alone in the examining room.  She put her skirt back on and walked out of the room on shaky legs.

Dmitri was waiting for her.  He smiled and revealed several missing teeth.  “Welcome to Russia! I hope you enjoyed your random search!”

“That was certainly different,” Holly said.  “Russia has come a long way.”

“We are much more civilized now,” Dmitri said.

A terrible scream echoed from down the hallway. The lights dimmed and came back on.  The smell of ozone drifted in the air.

“What the hell was that?” Holly said.

“Oh, that person is leaving Russia after spending time writing false reports about government mishandling of funds,” Dmitri said.  “They were selected for a random search.”

“So I take it that the search is slightly different on the way out?” Holly said.

“Some parts of Russia take longer to modernize than others,” Dmitri said.

“What a country,” Holly said.

Jan 152014

Holly Valentine stood nude in the warehouse. Her long red hair kept falling in her face and she kept blowing on it to keep her nose from itching. She couldn’t use her hands because they were bound behind her back at such a tight angle that it forced her heavy pale breasts out even more than usual. She wanted to scratch on itch on her ankle but her feet were encased in a bucket of fast drying cement.

Undaunted, Holly kept asking questions of the two men who were waiting for the cement to dry. When people tried to kill her, she thought it was important as a reporter to source the reason why.

“Is this because of that article I wrote on organized crime in New Jersey?” she asked.

“Nope,” said the skinny thug. He wore a nice suit and kept checking his phone.

“Is this because of the sex scandal photos I found on that one mayor?” Holly asked.

“Nah,” said the chubby guy. His suit was less expensive and he had thick black glasses like he was going to a Buddy Holly concert later.

“Hmm,” Holly said.

“According to the app, five more minutes and we can dump her in the river,” Skinny Guy said.

“There’s an app for quick drying cement?” Glasses Guy said.

“Yeah, I even got an app for how long until a body starts floating,” Skinny Guy said.

Holly searched her memory. She went over every article she had written about crime families and illegal activity. Then she went through the articles about politicians and religious leaders. When that came up blank, she thought about anything she had published in the last year.

“Wait,” Holly said. “Is this about me reporting that Governor Dick Dickie goes commando when he gives public speeches?”

“Bingo!” Skinny guy said.

“Are you shitting me?” Holly asked. “That’s nothing! So the guy likes to skip underwear when he talks to a crowd. I can’t believe the Governor wants to kill me over that! That guy really does take everything personally!”

“Whoa,” Glasses Guy said. “Just because two people who have no connection to the Governor chose to stick your feet in cement and dump you in a river is in no way indicative that the Governor himself ordered this.”

“That’s right,” Skinny Guy said. “I have it on good authority that Governor Dickie has no recollection of even reading your article much less knowing your name.”

Holly blew a strand of hair out of her eyes. “Are you trying to give plausible deniability to the Governor in the middle of an assassination?”

The two guys looked at each other. “No comment,” they said together.

Holly rolled her eyes. “Fine, I can see that you are well trained political operatives who are going to kill me on your own motivation. Could one of you at least fuck me before you throw me in the river?”

“Are you serious?” Glasses Guy said.

“Of course I am serious!” Holly said. “I am a hot chick that’s about to die. You guys are smart professionals with powerful connections that you won’t admit to having. This is like an aphrodisiac to women.”

“Gals do like danger,” Skinny Guy said. “But I can’t do it. I got to fuck a Mayor in the ass in an hour. The asshole didn’t send a birthday card to the Governor.”

“I’ll do it!” Glasses Guy said.

“I don’t know,” Holly said. “I like it hard and fast and you don’t look like you got it in you.”

“Oh yeah?” Glasses Guy said. He unzipped his pants and his cock popped out.

“Hey look, you don’t wear underwear either!” Holly said.

“Yeah, me and Dick stopped wearing underwear when we were in High School. It’s a funny story-“ Glasses Guy said before Skinny Guy stopped him.

“Shut up! Governor Dickie doesn’t know us either!” Skinny Guy said.

“Oh yeah,” Glasses Guy said. He got closer to Holly and reached for one of her breasts. He squeezed it like a puppy squeezing a new toy. He stroked his cock and tried to aim at Holly’s pussy. Her legs were tight together because of the cement surrounding her feet.

“Try from behind,” Holly said.

“Good idea!” Glasses Guy said. He let go of her tit and got behind her. Holly bent over and presented her ass.

“Fuck yeah!” Glasses Guy said. He slid into her sex.

Holly gasped. Not being able to spread her legs made things tight but the thug was a decent size to begin with. He kept pushing until his entire girth was inside her.

“This is what I’m talking about!” Glasses Guy said. “We should fuck more people over like this!”

“Are you going to actually fuck me or are you just going to talk about it?” Holly said. “You know fucking involves going in and out, not just leaving your cock in there?”

“Fuck you!” Glasses Guy said. He slammed his cock into her. Her tits bounced with the force of his thrust.

“Was that your cock or your pinky?” Holly asked.

Glasses Guy growled. He grabbed her hips and rammed into her again.

“Anytime now,” Holly said.

Skinny Guy snickered as he was checking his app.

“I’ll show you!” Glasses Guy said. He grabbed a handful of her long red hair and yanked her head back. Holly cried out as he slammed his cock into her. His hips crashed into her with rapid thrusts.

“Oh!” Holly moaned. “I almost feel you!”

Glasses Guy growled and fucked faster. His hips pounded into Holly’s pale round ass. In and out his cock went like a piston inside her. His fingers twisted her hair as he fucked harder. The warehouse floor creaked as the cement bucket rocked back and forth.

“Holy shit!” Holly screamed. Her tits were bouncing everywhere. A storm of red hair flew around her face from every thrust. The sound of her ass being hit his hips echoed throughout the warehouse.

“Is that hard enough for you?” Glasses Guy yelled.

“Almost, you pussy!” Holly yelled back.

“GODDAMN!” Glasses Guy yelled. He let go of her hair and grabbed her bound wrists instead. He let her fall forward as he gave it to her. Sweat flew from his head as he rammed faster into the bitch reporter. His glasses bounced as he gave her everything he had. He pummeled her pussy with his cock.

“Yes, yes, yes, YES!” Holly screamed.

She climaxed and Glasses Guy could feel her pussy clenching tightly around his cock. He climaxed as well, filling her pussy with a healthy load of New Jersey political operative seed.

“Fuck, yeah!” Glasses Guy said as he pulled out.

“Yeah good for you,” Skinny Guy said. “Now pick her ass up and dump her in the river.”

Holly was breathing hard as Glasses Guy walked around the front of her. He reached down and picked up the bucket but the handles on the side. Holly fell forward over his shoulders as he stood up. She heard his grunts as he carried her to the dock.

“Hey, want to fuck again?” Holly asked. “And maybe you can fuck me hard this time?”

“Fuck you,” Glasses Guy said. He shrugged her off his shoulders and dropped the bucket. The redhead reporter sunk into the water like a torpedo.

Skinny Guy came over to the water’s edge. The two of them watched as the bubbles stopped.

“All right, mayor ass fucking time,” Skinny Guy said. They turned around and left.

A hundred yards downriver, Holly Valentine emerged from the water. She gasped for air; her chest heaving with each grateful swallow of oxygen. A twist of her wrists and the rope fell from her hands. The assholes should have spent as much attention on tying hands as they did on denying things.

Holly sat up and wiggled her toes. Some concrete were still stuck to her ankles and she picked at it with her fingernails. For assassins, they didn’t seem to understand that cement needs to be kept still to dry. She had wiggled her toes as subtlety as she could while they waited for the cement to dry but she wasn’t sure that would work. She wanted some hard motions as backup.

Holly smiled and basked in her afterglow. Their rope skills were shit but she had to hand it to them, Jersey operatives sure knew how to fuck someone.

Aug 282013

“How long have I been out?” Holly Valentine asked.

“Really?” a masked man said. “That’s your first question? You’re not going to ask how we kidnapped you from your hotel, or why are you naked or why you are tied up to a log in a lumber mill?”

“Those are stupid questions,” the naked redhead said. “I’m investigating the criminal empire of an infamous though barely known mastermind, Hector Jeopardy. I assume that is why I have been kidnapped and as for why I am tied up and naked, just look at my body. Everyone wants to see it tied up and naked.”

The masked man paused to admire her body. Flaming red hair surrounded a lovely face in a delicious cascade. The curvy reporter had pale skin that was dusted with freckles. Her heavy breasts were tightly bound with rope in such a way that her breasts looked even larger than their usual large size. Shapely legs were spread to either side of the log leading up to a tuft of red pubic hair that decorated a sex that had its own dedicated rope pinning it down.

“Ah, true,” the masked man said. “But little do you know that I am in fact, Hector Jeopardy! And you will never know my true identity because at the flip of this switch, the buzzsaw will activate and slowly chew up the log you are strapped to before chewing through you!”

Holly rolled her eyes. “I know exactly who you are Hector Jeopardy, or should I saw, Leonard Sack, disgraced congressman and now lead candidate for Mayor of New York!”

Leonard ripped off his mask. “How the fuck did you know that? I was super careful! After you got me kicked out of congress, I worked hard to create the identity of Hector Jeopardy so that I could murder, steal and send dick pictures in peace!”

“Yeah well, I got a photographic memory for dick pictures,” Holly said. “And I didn’t get you kicked out of congress, I just got you to send me a dick pic and you got your own ass kicked out. I got to hand it to you, I didn’t think you could revive your political career but running for Mayor was a smooth move. New York loves perverts. It is a shame you won’t win when people discover your other life as Hector.”

“Ha!” Leonard laughed. “I am ahead in the polls and you’re about to split your byline right up the middle! I’ll see you in hell, whore!”

He threw the switch and headed out the door. Holly felt the jolt of the conveyor belt moving. The buzzsaw screamed to life. Holly tried to look up to see how far away the blade was but her own breasts were in the way. She laid back down and tried to feel how tightly she was held.

Damn, it was very tight.

Holly rotated her wrists. She squeezed and parted her thighs. Her chest inflated with a great breath and then let go. The ropes gave a slight bit, but not much.

“Here we go,” Holly said. She moved into Reporter Escape Twist #1.

The rope reacted strangely. Her tits were crushed by constricting rope tension. Coils tightened around her thighs in a not-unpleasant manner. A single knot pressed hard against her sex and she reacted with a sudden dampness.

“Oh shit,” Holly whispered. “He must have gotten an erotic bondage expert to tie her up.” She knew that the struggling economy had forced many in the BDSM community into a life of crime. Just last week, Holly had covered a story about ball-busting dominatrixes who were now working protection blackmail rackets.

The log reached the buzzsaw. The high pitch scream changed to angry roar as it chopped into the log. Holly felt the log vibrate as the saw tore into it. Unfortunately, those vibrations were causing her tits to jiggle, her thighs to shake and the knot on her sex to vibrate as well as any sex toy.

“Oh shiiiit,” Holly moaned. That felt really good.

She enjoyed the vibrations for about two seconds before remembering that her dismemberment was a more immediate concern.

The young reporter contorted into Reporter Escape Twist #2.

“Ohhh!” Holly moaned. The rope around her breasts rubbed tightly over her sensitive nipples, like a playful bite of teeth. The rope around her waist pressed her tight ass down onto the vibrating log. The knot that was pressed against her sex rubbed down onto her clitoris.

“Oh fuck,” Holly moaned. Her body froze as she enjoyed the pressure on her clit.

The buzzsaw continued to tear into the log. Holly felt sawdust landed on her toes.

“Stay focused,” she whispered. She relaxed so the damn knot wouldn’t distract her clit and then she forced her body into Reporter Escape Twist #3.

“Fuck me!” Holly cried. The ropes around her breasts tried to pull both breasts in opposite directions. Tense knots on the back of her neck dug in and pressed against all the erogenous zones on her neck. A cord of rope slipped between her ass cheeks and a knot pressed against her tight asshole. The rope against her sex wedged itself deep into her pussy lips and vibrated from the saw.

Holly let out a long shuddering sigh of pure please. She then relaxed and immediately went back into Reporter Escape Twist #3.

“Oh God, yes!” The rope bit back into her neck. Her breasts were pulled even harder. The knot came tantalizingly close to entering her ass. The rope between her pussy lips went even deeper.

Holly relaxed for a split second and then snapped her body into Reporter Escape Twist #4.

This time the rope gave. She was able to lift her body a few inches off the log. Her breasts were being crushed by uncaring rope, her thighs ached from the tight loops constricting and the rope on her sex pressed down hard on her clit like an over-eager lover.

The buzzsaw grew louder. Sawdust fell on her knees. She couldn’t see it but she knew it was too damn close.

Holly worked with what she had. The rope had given a little and she had to push it. She stayed in Reporter Escape Twist #4 but now she wiggled.

The rope tightened painfully against her jiggling tits but she kept wiggling.

The rope squeezed harder around her open thighs but she kept wiggling.

The rope rubbed up and down her drenched sex like an eager tongue but she kept wiggling.

“YES!” Holly screamed. Her orgasm set off a spasm through out her entire body. She shook with pleasure and let out a long satisfied sigh.

The saw dust fell on her tits. Holly remembered that she was trying to escape certain death. She flexed and the ropes were a lot looser than before. It must have been because of the wiggling or maybe the orgasm or possibly the fact that the log she was on was being split by a high powered buzzsaw. Whatever the reason, now was her chance!

Holly twisted into Reporter Escape Position #1 and the rope around her wrists popped free. Her nimble fingers pulled at the rope around her crushed breasts and they came loose as well. A shake of her legs and her thighs slipped free of the rope. Last was the rope wedged against her sex. The rope was soaking wet but it lifted easily out of her pussy lips now that the tension was gone.

Now that she was sitting up, Holly could get her first look at the buzzsaw. The mother fucker was right between her ankles! Holly freaked out a little and rolled right off the log and onto the floor. She landed hard on her tits which hurt but it was better than getting split by a buzzsaw.

“I need to file my story before the election,” Holly said naked on the lumber mill floor.

The buzzsaw answered with a terrible splintering of wood. A shower of sawdust landed on her back.

“Political reporting always gets dirty,” Holly sighed.

Jul 102013

Holly Valentine checked herself before she knocked on the hotel door. She was meeting a whistle blower who claimed he had information about the United States’ surveillance program. When meeting a contact for the first time, it was vital that you dress appropriately.

Today she was wearing a simple blue skirt and a white blouse. She went light on the makeup though to be honest, with her naturally deep red lips and a light splattering of freckles on her face; she didn’t really need makeup. She let her thick red hair hang loose without much styling. The impression she was shooting for was less top investigative reporter with a craving for vital secrets and more friendly neighbor next door that you jack off to but always feel guilty about later.

She raised her hand to knock but the door opened before she could touch it. A man’s face peeked through the crack. He was cute, with short hair and delicate glasses.

“Mr. Snowd-“ she began to say but his hand shot through the crack and clamped over her mouth.

“No names, come in,” he said.

Holly stepped over the threshold, his hand still over mouth. That was when she noticed that her whistle-blower was nude. He was lacking any body hair and the many cuts on his body showed that the hair removal was recent.

The hotel room was dark. All of the lamps were turned off. The curtains had been pulled across the windows. A towel hung over the mirror. Duct tape had been used to mask the screen of the television.

“I need to check you for listening devices,” her informant said. “Don’t say anything. If the NSA hears certain keywords, they can order a drone strike and blow up this hotel.”

He removed his hand. “Wouldn’t that be illegal?” Holly asked.

“Section three, paragraph four of the Loyalist Act, look it up,” the whistle-blower said.

“I have heard of the Patriot Act, but never the Loyalist Act,” Holly said.

“Exactly,” the informant said.

He checked her blouse first. She thought he was going to frisk her but no, he took her blouse off. Holly was disappointed that he was not taken back by the heavy pale breasts that were barely constrained with her white bra. Instead of admiring the freckles of her cleavage, he removed her bra. His warm hands lifted her breasts and checked for hidden devices.

Next he removed her shoes. He tapped the bottom of her soles for hidden cavities. From there he removed her skirt and ran his hands over her legs. Holly thought he was feeling her up but no, apparently he was looking for recent implants.

Last was her panties and again, he didn’t pause to admire the rather lacy white panties she had chosen. He merely stuck his fingers inside her pussy and felt around. He was quite thorough.

When he finally removed his fingers, Holly felt free to talk. “I have done a lot of reporting on spy agencies so I understand your precautions. I hope we can talk now about what you hinted in your e-mail. As a former employee for the NSA subcontractors, you know a lot of things that the American people need to know.”

The whistle-blower nodded grimly. “You should know Ms. Valentine that after I give you my information, I will be fleeing the country for an undisclosed location. The government might interrogate you.”

Holly smiled. “The press loves nothing more than the attention of angry government officials. Let’s sit down and you can tell me what you discovered.”

The informant shook his head. “No, ma’am, it is too dangerous. The NSA has ears in places you can’t imagine. I can’t even speak it unless we have a suitable biological barrier.”

“Sooo, do you want to write it down?” Holly asked.

“Too dangerous,” he said. “Paper has been compromised since 1992. That is why the internet has been so vital.”

“Okay,” Holly said. She was unfazed by his paranoia. She had seen worse when she investigated the ice cream industry. “How are you going to share your information?”

“With this,” the whistle-blower said. It was a small device with the length and girth of her pinkie-finger. “Go lie on the bed and spread your legs.”

Again, Holly was unfazed. Reporters spend more time on their backs than most people knew. She went to bed and noticed that the sheets had been completely removed. The mattress was bare. She sat down and laid back, her legs hanging over the side of the bed.

“Perfect,” the whistle-blower said. He knelt between her legs. She parted her thighs and felt his fingers on the lips of her sex. He pushed aside her pubic hair and inserted the device. It slipped easily inside her.

“What is it?” she gasped.

“A recorder,” he said.

He leaned closer. His lips brushed against her sex. She could feel his breath on her sex. He grabbed her thighs and pulled them around his head. Only then did he begin to whisper.

Holly couldn’t hear what he was saying. Sometimes words would drift to her but for the most part it was too quiet. The words she did hear chilled her. Surveillance. Vibrators. Lasers.

It made her wet. So many secrets had been spilled because of her pussy but this was the first time that secrets were being spilled into her pussy. It was highly arousing.

Holly’s hips moved. Her thighs tightened around the whistle-blower’s head. She grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed.

She felt a tongue. It was so sudden, she wasn’t sure it happened. She heard more whispered words. There was something about satellites pointed at bedrooms and then another lick. Holly shivered and grabbed the head of the whistle-blower.

“More,” she whispered.

There, that was definitely a lick. One long loving lick of her wet pussy was followed by more whispered secrets.

“More,” she moaned.

A finger slipped into her. Holly cried out and squeezed her thighs tight. The informant kept talking but now his finger was sliding in and out her. He was fucking the illicit information into her.

She turned her head as she moaned. The mirror reflected her nude body back at her. She could see the informant’s cock, hard and pulsing between his legs.

Wait, wasn’t there a towel over the mirror earlier?

The informant whispered something and punctuated it with a lick. His finger pushed deeper inside her, fighting for space with the recording device. Holly arched her back and soaked the secrets in.

A beam of light fell across her breasts. She titled her head to see that the curtain over the windows had moved ever so slightly.

The whistle-blower kept whispered. Alarming words came from between her thighs. Weaponized Voyeurism. Sexcam Eavesdropping. Lingerie Registration. Handjob Databases.

The whistle-blower also kept licking. Deep inside Holly his tongue probed. Even deeper his finger invaded and explored her sex. Delicious shivers rippled through her body.

The television came on. The sound was muted but Holly could see the flicker of images beneath the layered duct tape.

“Faster,” Holly said. A shiver of fear joined the shivers of pleasure. She didn’t know what was going on but deep down she knew that it was wrong. She also had the bad feeling that was it entirely legal according to laws only a few had ever seen.

The whispers stopped. Holly was worried for a split second before she felt the entirety of his mouth on her. The whistle-blower was done talking but he wasn’t done licking. His finger thrusted, his tongue licked and lips nibbled. His message had been delivered and he was sealing it with a kiss.

“Fuck!” Holly yelled. She came and she came hard. Something beeped deep within the mattress but she didn’t care. The ceiling came on by itself but she didn’t care. The toilet flushed in the bathroom but she didn’t care. Holly was high on orgasm and secrets.

The whistle-blower lifted his head from between her legs. “When you get home, plug some earphones into the recorder and listen to it. Never play what I said out loud or certain devices I can’t say out loud will zero in on you.”

“Okay,” Holly said lazily. She reluctantly sat up. “Thanks for the information. INX will report it as soon as I write it up.”

The informant nodded and checked his watch. “You should go. I have another appointment with another reporter. You know, just in case something happens to you.”

Holly nodded and got up. She put her clothes on in silence. One of the lamps was now on and she ignored it. She waved goodbye to the whistle-blower and went into the hallway.

A guy was walking down the hall. Holly recognized him as a blogger on a liberal website. He smiled at her and started to say something but Holly raised her finger to her lips and shook her head. He might as well get used to not talking.

They passed each other and Holly saw him go to the door. As she stepped into the elevator she realized something. How was the informant going to give his secrets to the male blogger?

She clenched around the recording device as she imagined how.

Nov 072012

Bill Angle was annoyed.  He was scheduled to appear on a cable network segment where he had to convincingly argue that a coal company’s recent release of toxins into the air was somehow free speech and pro-small business.  It wasn’t the shameless defense of a horrible position that bothered him.  He had made a career of defending rightwing talking points and blaming everyone from Kenyans to teachers for the cause of anything that happened to be going wrong today.  No, he was annoyed because he was waiting in this boring ass green room with two year old magazines and a TV set stuck broadcasting the cable news network. He was bored out of his mind.

Someone walked in.  It was a gorgeous redhead in a crisp blue business blazer and skirt.  Her pale cleavage was just shy of improper for cable news and her long red hair was a flaming halo around her head.  Crimson lipstick decorated lips that smiled with honest cruelty.

“Holly Valentine,” Bill said with a contemptuous sneer. 

“Bill Dickfucker,” Holly said with her usual charm. 

“What is the internet’s most famous liberal hack reporter doing here?” Bill said.

“The same reason that a professional conservative fluffer is here,” Holly said.  “I am here to report what I found about Black Sky’s recent poisoning of a county’s water supply.”

“Obviously you meant to say that you are here to repeat communist talking points fabricated by French environmentalist terrorists,” Bill said.

Holly never lost her smile though something in her bright green eyes turned darker.  “I never repeat talking points, I look for facts.  That’s what reporters do.”

Bill stood up.  He towered over Holly.  If anyone asked, he would tell them he stood up to assert dominance.  If he was to tell the truth, he would say he stood up to look down ay Holly’s impressive cleavage.

“You’re calling yourself a reporter?” Bill said.  “You are a known sympathizer to several organizations like Occupy Wall Street and Sexual Freedom Fighters!”

“Hell yeah I am sympathetic,” Holly said.  She stood closer to Bill.  Even though she was looking up at him, her eyes were fearless.  “But I don’t take money from them to argue their points.  Unlike you, who appear on news shows as a so called ‘independent pundit’ while drawing a salary at seven different oil companies, six different coal companies, three gun manufacturers and the god damn Republican candidate for President you asshole hypocrite!”

“Liberal skank feminazi!” Bill yelled.

“Corporate sellout hitman!” Holly yelled.

A knock on the door stopped them.  An intern poked his head in.  “You guys will be on in twenty minutes.”

“Thanks,” Bill and Holly said together. 

The door closed.  Bill looked down at Holly.  The reporter stared back at him.  Their unbridled hatred boiled silently for a few moments. 

“Fine, asshole,” Holly said.  She reached for his pants and unzipped him.  “Just once I would like you to admit you want to fuck first.”

“Appeasing your enemies is a liberal trait, not a core value of a conservative,” Bill said. 

Holly pulled his pants down along with his underwear.  His hard cock pointed straight at her. 

“I just think you can’t talk about sex because all you conservatives are so fucking repressed,” Holly said.

“We’re not repressed,” Bill snapped.  “We’re just not sluts like yo-OH GOD YES!”

Bill’s cock disappeared between Holly’s crimson lips.  With a single gulp she took him into her mouth.  Not even the morning slut on Wolf News could do that.  Bill experienced a moment of pure bliss as his cock hit the back of her throat.

Holly looked up at him.  She had that smug look in her eyes.  He hated that she knew how much he liked it.  He hated it so much that his cock couldn’t stop pulsing in her mouth.

“Obama voting bitch,” Bill snarled.  He grabbed Holly’s head and slowly fucked her mouth.  “Damn contraception wanting slut.”

Holly growled.  It made her mouth vibrate in so many wonderful ways.  Bill felt the slight pressure of teeth on his cock.  She could fuck him over in so many ways.  It terrified him that his cock was at the mercy of this liberal media woman.  His cock was about to shoot his load at any moment.

He fucked her mouth.  Or maybe Holly’s mouth fucked his cock.  It was hard to tell.  He reached down and grabbed a handful of those perfect pale breasts.  Her blazer offered no protection from his groping hands. 

“Suck that cock, liberal whore,” Bill groaned.  “Suck a real man’s cock.  Suck the cock of a hard working American.”

Holly growled some more.  Her eyes stared up at him in hatred.  She sucked so hard that her cheeks caved in and Bill’s knees began to tremble.  She was making him come with her decadent hedonistic liberal tricks.

She pulled back suddenly.  His cock popped out of her mouth.  It was smeared with her lipstick.  “Not yet, fucker.  I demand some equal pay in the form of some pussy licking.”

Bill started to say something but he was too busy watching Holly.  The woman stood up and lifted her skirt.  Of course she had no panties.  Her thick red bush of hair taunted him.  Holly walked over to the green room couch and sat down.  Her pussy waited for him.

“Eat me, Bill.”

Bill dropped to his knees in front of her.  He grabbed her thighs pulled her closer to him.  His head dipped down and paused right above her sex.  The smell of her desire was intoxicating.

“Quit being a tease you fucking chickenhawk!” Holly said.

Bill dived in.  Anger and lust drove his licking.  He ate her too roughly.  He bit at her most sensitive flesh.  He licked with a brutality that would make a neocon proud.  He took what he wanted from her sex and what he wanted was everything.

Holly twisted underneath him.  Her hands went to his perfect hair and kept his head pinned to her sex.

“Eat that cunt you mother fucking gay bashing bigot,” Holly groaned.

Bill felt a surge of anger at being called a bigot.  He loved fucking black girls.  He licked harder.

“Oh yeah, eat the pussy of a real woman,” Holly said.  “You like eating the pussy of someone who uses birth control.  I know you do.  OH SHIT!”

Bill attacked her clitoris with his tongue.  Quick comebacks on cable news had trained his tongue to move faster than a normal man’s.  His tongue rapidly flicked against her clitoris better than any vibrator.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” Holly said until Bill lifted his head.

She gave him a look of pure hatred.  “Fucker, I was about to come.”

Bill rose up and positioned his cock between her thighs.   “Typical liberal, always wanting something for nothing.”

He slipped his cock into her.  Holly groaned and her eyes rolled.  “All right,” she said.  “Let’s see what you got, asshole.”

Bill fucked her.  The couch shook under the force of his thrusts.  Holly spread her legs impossibly wide as he ploughed into her.  Bill was disturbed by her flexibility as well as her shamelessness in exposing herself to him.  It disturbed him so much that he fucked her even faster.

“Admit it,” he grunted between thrusts.  “Your pansy liberal friends can’t fuck you like a real conservative can.”

Holly’s crimson lips curled into a snarl.  Her legs suddenly wrapped around him and she rolled off the couch.  They tumbled to the floor and Holly was on top of him.  Her pussy sank down onto his cock and squeezed with incredible force.

“Fucking hell, you crazy bitch,” Bill groaned.

Holly laughed.  “Your cock tells me that you like it.”

Holly rocked back and forth on his cock.  Bill was happily trapped underneath her.  Holly’s pale breasts shook in front of him as they almost escaped her top.  Long red hair kissed his face with every thrust.  There was nowhere else that he wanted to be.

Bill tried to thrust up into her but his position was terrible.  All he could do was lie there and take it.  The feeling of being powerless unsettled him.  The feeling of Holly riding his cock more than made up for it.

Without warning, Holly stopped.  Her pussy was almost completely off his cock.  Only the tip of his cock remained inside her.

“What?” Bill asked.

“Your bosses as Black Sky claim that the pollution of the water table didn’t start until three years ago,” Holly said.  “I bet it has been longer than that and you would know.”

“How the fuck would I know?” Bill said.  He tried again to thrust inside Holly but damn, it was impossible. 

“You do all their media bullshit,” Holly said.  “You need to know all the truths before you can remake them into lies.”

“Damn it, I am this close to coming.  Can’t we talk about this afterwards?” Bill asked.

“Nope,” Holly said.  She smiled at him as her wet pussy began its incredibly slow dismount from the tip of his cock.

“Fuck!” Bill yelled.  “They started to pump waste material back in 2000, in February/”

Holly moaned and slid back onto his cock.  The muscles in her pussy were contracting from an orgasm.  The truth had gotten her off.

Encased once more in Holly’s pussy, Bill climaxed as well.  His cock emptied inside of her and he was so relieved that his orgasm wasn’t ruined.

“God, I hate you,” Bill said.

“Not as much as I hate you,” Holly said.

The green room smelled of sex.

Sep 122012

The thugs pulled the blindfold off of Holly Valentine.  The reporter shook her red hair out of her eyes and took a look at her kidnappers.  She didn’t recognize any of them but she did recognize the expensive shoes, the plastic looking hair and the really big flag pins on their jackets.  Yeah, she knew who these guys were.

She took a look at the place they had brought her.  It smelled of chicken and pickles.  It was some sort of processing plant.  This was new.

“Okay, I know you guys are from the SuperPac, Buying America Today, because I am writing that article about how you plan to buy Congress to allow them to let you open student debt labor prisons, but what the fuck are we doing here?”

Several of the thugs looked surprised that she had identified them.  Their leader, an older gentleman with a bigger flag pin than all of them did not look surprised.

“Very good, Miss Valentine,” he said.  “Despite being a member of the lamestream media, you have correctly identified us.  To answer your question, we are at a Chick-Yum-E plant.”

Holly frowned and then she smiled.  “I get it.  I wrote an article about them last month about how they were trying to spike their pickle marinade with a chemical that attempts to destroy Homosexual DNA.  They are pretty pissed with me.  I guess you guys are going to kill me here to frame them.  Also, it is a Sunday so you know they would be closed today.”

“Holy shit,” one of the thugs said.  “How the fuck did she know all that?”

“Because she has a fucking brain,” the leader said.  “Do you see the kind of shit help I have to deal with, Ms. Valentine?  These Christian College graduates are the worse.”

Holly tried to look sympathetic.  “Let me go and I’ll give investigate the religious college of your choice.”

The leader laughed.  “I don’t think so.  Put her in the pickle marinade vat.  No, wait.  Take off her pants and panties first.”

“Yes, sir!” one of the thugs said.  The three thugs went to work.  Holly didn’t resist.  Her hands were tied behind her back and you could learn a lot about your kidnappers by how fast they strip you.

The first thing Holly learned is that she doubted any of these guys had ever been with a naked woman.  They tried to pull her pants down before taking off her shoes first.  After they corrected that mistake, they pulled off her panties.  One of the thugs sniffed her panties while another thug tried to secretly sniff her ass.  The third thug just stared at the thick bush of red hair between her legs. 

“Should we take her shirt off too?” the panty sniffing thug asked.

The leader looked at Ms. Valentine.  “It is your choice.  It is not necessary because you are going to drown but I will defer to your modesty if you wish.”

“Let’s go naked,” Holly said.  “The naked bodies always get the headlines in the paper.”  She didn’t mention that if they were going to try to drown her, she wanted as few wet clothes weighing her down as possible.

“Hot damn,” the panty sniffing thug said.  He pulled her blouse up to reveal the yellow bra holding her freckled tits.  That was when they realized that her bound hands made it fucking impossible to get the shirt off of her.  They still tried for a few minutes though.

“For fuck’s sake, use your knives,” the leader said.  He looked at Holly with desperation in his face.  “I tell you, school vouchers are going to kill the henchmen industry.  These guys are stupid as shit.”

The henchmen pulled out their knives.  The ass sniffer cut himself and had to use her panties as a bandage.  The other two cut into her clothes with better luck.  The panty sniffer cut through her bra straps and he paused to take deep a lungful of her DD cups.  The other thug just stared at the freckles on her tits. 

“All right assholes, get her into the pickle vat now,” the leader said.

They took her to a steel door that opened into the bottom of a large open vat.  Holly judged the walls were at least thirty feet high.  In the center of the vat was a metal spout pointing upwards.  On either side of the spout were metal rings freshly wielded to the floor.

The leader positioned Holly so she was standing right above the spout.  He then fastened metal manacles around her feet and used a padlock to secure them to the rings in the floor.

“I will explain how you will die,” the leader said.  “When we leave, we turn on the marinade valve.  Thousands of gallons of pickle juice will come out of this spout and fill the vat.  The jet in the spout keeps the marinade moving as well as keeping you too distracted to escape.  You will drown in pickle juice and Chick-Yum-E will get the blame.  I will get a bonus from my bosses and might even become Attorney General.  Any questions?”

“You wouldn’t be willing to tell me your name would you?” Holly asked. 

The leader smiled.  “No, I wouldn’t.  Good-bye Ms. Valentine.  Be comforted by the fact that your corpse will most likely be delicious.”

“Thanks!” Holly said cheerfully.  It was always good to be polite to your kidnappers. 

The thugs left and the door sealed behind the.  Holly looked down at the spout.  How was it supposed to distract her?

A minute later she had her answer.  A powerful stream of pickle juice shot up and struck her crotch.  She stumbled but the manacles held her in place.  The pressure on her pussy was amazing.

“Oh, I get it now,” Holly moaned.    It was like standing over the world’s best shower sex accessory. 

The spout began to pulse.  It still fired a steady stream of pickle juice but now the pressure was cycling through several different speeds.  All of them were more distracting than the last.

“Not a bad way to die,” Holly said as her pussy was pounded with pickle juice. 

“I just have no intention of dying.”

Holly twisted her wrists and tested the confines of the rope holding her hands.  The dumb asses should have used handcuffs.  Maybe rope was cheaper.  Rightwing assassins always tried to do things on the cheap.  It was all about the budget cuts with those guys.

The spout continued to pound Holly’s pussy.  She caught herself bending forward a little so it would hit her clitoris.  She stood back up and tried to ignore the constant stream of pickle juice hitting her sex.  Escape was her priority, not getting off.

The pickle juice was already up to her knees.  Damn, this vat was going to fill up fast.

Holly’s wrists contorted and twisted.  Every three months, she would return to Eros University and get a refresher course on escape bondage.  Houdini could learn a few things from Holly at this point.  She felt the rope getting looser and looser by the second.

Holly’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the second as well.  The high pressure stream of pickle juice was doing wonderful things to her body.  Her nipples were hard enough to cut rope.  Her thighs kept spreading wider for the stream.  Her hips were moving back and forth against the stream as she tried to fuck the pickle juice.

“This can not be healthy for the ph balance of my pussy,” Holly thought.  Maybe she would do a lifestyle article about it later.

A final twist and her hands were free of the rope.  She took a moment to celebrate by stroking her pussy.  The pickle stream was pretty damn good but a few strokes of her pussy pushed her over the edge.  Holly climaxed and screamed her pleasure in the filling vat.

“I bet that was the first time anyone ever came in a Chick-Yum-E,” Holly said. 

Now came the hard part; getting her feet free.  The metal manacles were too tight to slip through and the welding job was a good one.  She needed to unlock those padlocks and she needed to do it fast.  The pickle juice was already to her waist.    

Lucky for Holly, she never went anywhere without hiding a hairpin in her long red hair.  Fuck, she even went to sleep with one.  Holly pulled the hairpin out and squatted down to reach one of padlocks.

Squatting meant her pussy was closer to the spout and that became a problem in itself.  The incredible sensations just intensified with proximity and her greedy sex was already sensitized from climaxing moments ago.   The pressure cycled and Holly climaxed again.

“Fuck!” she yelled.  Her fingers fumbled and the hairpin almost dropped from her hand.

“Get your shit together, Holly,” she said to herself.  She did not want to die tasting like a Chick-Yum-E sandwich.

Holly squatted down lower.  The pickle juice came over her tits and over her face.  Her pussy was pressing against the spout as gallons of pickle juice came churning up.  The pressure on her sex was intense and fucking hot. 

She reached down to one of the padlocks.  She tried to remember everything she had learned in journalism school.  She tried to focus and pick the lock as fast as possible.

The spout continued its diabolical pressure.  Pulses of pickle juice slammed into her pussy.  A current was forming in the pickle juice and it was bouncing her heavy breasts.  She was going to climax again and soon.

The padlock popped open.  Holly giggled with relief and got a mouthful of pickle juice. 

Holly waited a second before moving away from the spout.  She was close to another orgasm.  She lied to herself and reasoned that another orgasm would help her think clearer.

The wet redhead climaxed.  She was smart enough to keep her mouth shut while she moaned. 

Now she moved her free leg away from the spout.  The wonderful pressure on her pussy was gone but she could feel the currents in the juice.  Her tits bounced back and forth with the current.  It would be so tempting to lean a little bit and get maybe just a little of the spout’s pressure.  Surely a little stimulation wouldn’t hinder her escape?

Holly’s willpower won out and she stayed away from the spout.  Without the juice fucking, the second lockpicking went much quicker.  She got the padlock off in record time. 

She stood up and the pickle juice was over her head.  That was no problem; she would just swim. 

Holly kicked her legs and was surprised by how weak her thighs were.  Getting fucked by an industrial pickle juice marinade mixer was hard worked.  Holly pushed through her exhaustion and swam upwards.

The worn out reporter reached the top of the vat and pulled herself up.  There was some sort of landing at the top with various controls.  Holly laid on the metal grating and tried to catch her breath.

She stuck a finger in her sex and then took a lick.

“Wow, he was right,” Holly said.  “I do taste delicious.”  

Jul 182012

Holly Valentine was breaking the first rule of what it meant to be a good reporter; she was becoming part of the story.  That was not good for her career or her credibility.  She had a hard enough time being taken seriously with her awesome body and kick ass red hair.  If her old college professors could see her now, they would tell her to run from this story as fast as she could.

“Fuck them,” Holly said.  “I’m hanging out with mother fucking Bobbi from ‘Johnson’s River’.”

“What was that?” Annie said. 

“Nothing,” Holly said.  Holly corrected herself.  Bobbi was the name of the character played by Annie Watson.  She had to keep this professional.  After all, it wasn’t every day you got to hang out with one of your idols from a 90’s teen melodrama. 

Annie Watson smiled.  It was the same heartbreaking warm smile that made millions of teenage boys cream their pants in the late 90’s.  Jesus Christ, she looked just the same as she did back on the show.  Her shoulder length brown hair, those cute dimples and her tomboyish body were far too familiar to Holly.  Being in the same room as her was bringing back all those feelings Holly had back in the day when she used to hang out in lesbian bars and bitch about the patriarchy.

 “I am so glad you helped me, Holly,” Annie said.  “I don’t think I could have ever escaped Ed or his crazy cult without you.  I can’t believe I am finally free!”

Holly couldn’t believe it either.  Just a week ago, Holly had tried to get a fluff interview with Annie about the incoming Johnson’s River reunion.  She got ten minutes with the actress, accompanied by six suspicious looking men who claimed to be “assistants.”  When Holly had shaken Annie’s hand at the end of the interview, the actress had slipped her a note.  It read simply, “save me”.

Now a week later, Holly had helped Annie escape her controlling husband.  The reporter had rented a car under an assumed name, bought disposable cell phones and picked Annie up a mile away from her husband’s reclusive compound.  They had driven all night and were now hiding in a seedy motel to plan their next move.

“We have to be careful, Holly,” Annie said.  “Ed would not hesitate to have us killed to protect his secrets.”

Holly nodded.  Ed Tunt was one of Hollywood’s most lucrative actors.  The guy was a one man action movie franchise.  He was also a spokesman for the controversial self-help cult, Alchemism.  The group claimed they could heal anyone from their problems if they would just give their money, time and their children to the cult’s teaching. 

It was hard to worry at the moment though.  Annie had stripped off her concealing overcoat as well as her pants and shirt.  The television star was sitting in her panties and bra on the motel sofa.  She had stripped because the air conditioner wasn’t working but her sweaty body was a hell of a distraction to Holly.

“Is it true that Alchemism believes that aliens are harming us?” Holly said.  She thought that maybe engaging her reporter’s mind would distract her from her horny body. 

“No,” Annie laughed.  “That rumor is completely untrue.”

“Oh,” Holly said. 

“Alchemism believes that there is a secret race of men that live underground and that they poison our water to make us more promiscuous,” Annie said.  “They call them the Secret Perverts.  Alchemism is concerned with coming up with ways to free your mind from the poisons.”

“Oh my,” Holly said.  “That is even weirder than what has leaked out.”

“Oh yeah, only the top levels of the church know the truth,” Annie said.  “The lower levels are just told that they are being purged of additives that Communists planted in the 50’s.  That is easier for them to believe.”

As Holly digested that, Annie laid her back on the sofa and stretched her legs to the ceiling.  Holly had a sudden vision of herself kissing down Annie’s legs.  She would start at her cute toes and down to her knees and then down to her thighs and then down to her . . .

“What about the rumor that Ed Tunt is gay?” Holly said.  “A lot of people think the Church of Alchemism hired you to provide a beard for Ed’s gay rumors.”

Annie spread her legs, stretching them as far as they would go.  They could go quite far.

“Oh he is not gay,” Annie said.  “He is actually very asexual.  He married me because he loved being with me but he hated sex.  He said sex was just something the Secret Perverts created.  Sex was only for children and fuck that, I didn’t want children.”

Annie ran her hands up and down her thighs.  Holly wished to hell that air conditioner would work.  To help cool off, Holly opened a few buttons on her blouse.  She wished she could strip ass naked but she didn’t trust herself around Annie.  That girl was bisexual kryptonite.

“Did you know this before you married him?” Holly asked.  There, keep asking questions.  Stay a reporter and not a fangirl.

“Well, a little,” Annie said.  She looked at Holly with that heartbreaking smile.  “But I got him to give in to me a few times while we were dating.  I thought after we were married, I could change him, you know?  He was Ed Tunt, I had to try.  I thought I could get him between my thighs every day if I tried hard enough.  You know?”

“Yes,” Holly whispered.  She wanted to gay marry Annie right now and fuck her every day.

Stay professional.  Holly crossed her legs as tightly as she could.  “Is it true that the Church of Alchemism has made people disappear?”

Annie sat up.  Her long legs were now touching the floor but they were still decandetly wide.  Holly could see the faint bush of hair under Annie’s white panties. 

“I know they have,” Annie said.  “I can name names and where they are buried.”

“Holy shit,” Holly said.  This could be the scoop of the century!  She could be the reporter that broke the Church of Alchemism wide open and fuck their tight pussy!

Holly shook her head at that last thought.  God, she needed to masturbate if she was going to keep her wits for the next few days.

“Holly?” Annie asked.

“Yes?” Holly answered.  She tried to sound as professional as possible.

“Holly it has been over a year since I have gotten laid,” Annie said.  “Could we fuck already?”

“Stay professional,” Holly thought as she stood up and crossed the motel room.

“Be a reporter,” she thought as she sat down beside Annie on the couch.

“Be good!” her mind screamed as she took Annie’s face in her hands and leaned in for a kiss.

Holly trembled as she kissed Annie’s lips.  She remembered the first time Bobbi, Annie’s character on ‘Johnson’s River’ kissed Johnson.  Holly remembered the first time Bobbi kissed Johnson’s best friend, Jason.  Holly had wished so many times that it was her kissing Bobbi and here she was.

Annie grabbed Holly by the back of the head and pulled her to her mouth.  Holly moaned as the actress opened Holly’s mouth.  Annie’s tongue reached into and savaged Holly.  The reporter felt herself melt as her mouth was used.

Holly felt her shirt being ripped open.  Holly helped while she kept kissing Annie.  She felt her bra being torn from her breasts and Holly gasped.  Who knew demure Annie could be such a horny girl?  It was like all of Holly’s wet dreams had come true.

Annie stopped kissing her and Holly tried to pull her back.  Annie was stronger.  Her mouth dipped down and sucked on one of Holly’s nipples.  Holly groaned as the eager actress suckled.  Holly reached under Annie’s mouth to grab a handful of Annie’s breast for herself.  The sweaty bra was in the way but Holly still got a shiver when she touched that famous breast.

It was like touching heaven.  It was like touching her roommate’s breast one drunken night in college.  It was like having your favorite show cancelled and then renewed.  Holly couldn’t be happier.

“I want to taste you,” Annie said.

Oh wait, Holly found that she could be happier after all.

Annie pushed Holly back against the couch.  The actress got down on the floor on her knees before Holly.  She tugged at Holly’s pants and tossed them away.  Sharp fingernails tore Holly’s black panties to shreds.  As soon as Holly’s red bush was exposed, Annie dived in.

Holly cried out.  Annie pushed deep into Holly’s sex and was licking deeply of the juice there.  Holly gripped Annie’s head with both hands as the actress licked faster and faster.  Holly has had her pussy eaten by professionals but Annie was amazing.  She was insatiable.

“This is wrong,” Holly whispered.  Annie kept licking.  “I shouldn’t be getting eaten out by Annie Watson.  I should be eating Annie Watson.  Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes!”

Annie kept licking.  Holly wasn’t sure how the girl could breathe.  She also didn’t care.  Annie ate pussy like a woman dying of thirst.  Holly guessed that was what the Church of Alchemism did to people; it made them pussy starved sex freaks.

“I guess the church was good for something,” Holly said.  Annie kept licking.

Holly couldn’t resist her idol.  Her body raced towards one of Holly’s fastest orgasms ever.  Annie’s brown hair felt great against Holly’s thighs as Annie sucked, licked and bit Holly’s clitoris.  Holly’s hips gyrated with pleasure and Annie’s mouth followed her sex everywhere.

“Fuck!” Holly yelled.  She climaxed as Annie lapped up her juices.

“Fucking A!” Holly yelled as she came again.  Annie’s tongue discovered new depths inside Holly.

“Fuck me!” Holly screamed as she came a third time. 

Annie rose from between Holly’s legs.  The former teen idol’s face was smeared with Holly’s juices.  The look in her eyes was worlds away from the sweet innocence she once portrayed on television.  The smile however was pure Annie 

“Fuck me, Holly,” Annie said.  She sat beside Holly and draped her legs across Holly.  “Feel how warm and ready I am for you.”

Holly was too exhausted to move but this was Annie Watson.  She reached between Annie’s thighs and her fingers went where so many boys had wished they could.  Her fingers entered Annie and the actress shuddered. 

“Deeper, deeper, deeper,” Annie said.

Holly was glad to accommodate.  Her fingers probed deeper into the actress.  The heat and wetness that greeted Holly was astonishing.  This poor woman must have to wait forever for sex.  Holly’s objectivity as a reporter slipped away.  She had to help Annie.  She had to get her off.

“Fuck me, Holly,” Annie said.  “Fuck me like that asshole, Ed, can’t.”

Holly finger fucked Annie.  Holly found new reserves of energy as she plunged her fingers in and out of Annie.  The actress closed her eyes and moaned.  Holly pulled Annie’s breast out of her bra cup and then leaned over to bite it.   She sank her teeth into Annie’s breasts while her fingers fucked.

“Faster,” Annie moaned.  Holly fucked faster.

“Harder,” Annie begged.  Holly rammed her fingers in and out.

“Make me come,” Annie whispered.  Holly released Annie’s breast and moved her entire body so she could get between Annie’s thighs.  While her fingers kept fucking, Holly licked the actress’s clitoris.

“Fuck Alchemism!” Annie screamed.  She grabbed Holly’s head and kept her pinned to her pussy.  The actress fucked Holly’s fingers and face for a solid two minutes until her orgasm was finished.

Holly was exhausted.  She was appreciative for Annie helping her to the bed.  A night of driving and great sex had worn her out.  Annie tucked her in and Holly drifted gratefully off to sleep.

The sound of chanting woke Holly up.  She tried to sit up but her wrists and ankles were restrained.  She snapped to full alertness.  Had the Church of Alchemism found them?

Annie was standing above her on the bed.  The actress was naked except for the butcher knife she held in her hands.  It was Annie that was doing the chanting.

“Annie?” Holly asked.  “What’s going on?”

“Shh, Holly,” Annie said.  “I am trying to summon the Secret Perverts.  I want them to take me away to their secret lair under the earth.  I want to be fucked by their hellish decadence for ever and ever.  Only be sacrificing the ones I care for will they listen to me.  I am sorry but it will be worth it.  Your death will grant me a lifetime of fucking.  I am sure you are the last sacrifice needed.  Isn’t that worth it?”

“Uh,” Holly said.  She was still too tired to process all of this.  “I thought the Secret Perverts were just something the Church of Alchemism made up.”

“Oh no,” Annie said.  “The Church is trying to stop the Secret Perverts.  Once Ed explained it all to me, I realized how wrong the church was.  We should be serving the Secret Perverts, not fighting them.  It is all so clear to me.  The Secret Perverts have been sending me voices to help guide me.”

“Well, shit,” Holly said.  This was unexpected.

The motel doors burst open.  Three masked men with guns rushed in.  Annie screamed and all three men fired.  Darts appeared on Annie’s body and she dropped in a drugged stupor.  One of the men rushed forward to catch her before she fell.  Once he had her, he took his mask off.  It was Ed Tunt!

“My poor baby,” Ed said.  “I am so glad we got here before you killed another one.”

“Another one?” Holly asked.  One of the other masked men cut her free.  She stood up and rubbed her sore wrists.  “Has Annie killed before?”

Ed looked at Holly.  “She’s a really sweet girl.  She just needs the right treatment of mental preperation.”

“To protect her from being a schizophrenic or from the Secret Perverts?” Holly asked.

The two masked men raised their rifles.  Ed shook his head.

“The Church of Alchemism can not discuss internal religious matters with outsiders,” he said.

Holly sighed.  “You know what? I don’t give a shit.  Thank for saving me.  I won’t write about any of this.  No one would believe that sweet Annie Watson is a serial killer.  Just keep that bitch locked up.”

Ed smiled and left with his unconscious wife.  The masked men followed.  They were nice enough to close the door behind them.

“This is why you don’t become a part of the story,” Holly said.  She picked up the butcher knife.   Where did Annie even get this thing?

“Also, don’t fuck with celebrities,” Holly said.  “They’re crazy.”

Jun 062012

The hood came off.  Holly Valentine shook her head because if she was going to die, she didn’t want to die with hood hair.  Her long red hair fell around her pale face like shimmering fire.  There, now that she looked good, she could deal with what was happening. 

She had been abducted as soon as she stepped into her hotel room.  These things happen.  She was an investigative reporter for INX and her list of enemies was as long as her shapely legs.  The expose she wrote on Nazi Super PAC’s last week was just asking for assassins.  

The man who took off her mask walked around to the front of her.  He wasn’t what she was expecting.  He had long curly hair and was dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans.  Where were the shiny leather pants and the aerodynamic bald head?  What kind of assassin was this? 

“Dude,” Holly said.   “Don’t you know that long hair means you have a greater chance to leave behind DNA evidence?”

The man slapped her.  His hand moved so quick that she didn’t have time to brace herself.  His hand smacked her head around and left a sting on her cheek.  The fucker was fast.

“Call me, Villain,” he said.  “And only sloppy assassins don’t take the time to bleach, vacuum and sterilize their work environment.”

“Good point, Villain,” Holly said.  She always believed in cooperating with the people who have her tied up.

Holly took a good look at her location.  Well this was odd.  Instead of a dark cellar or an empty warehouse, it appeared that she was in someone’s house.  She was tied to a chair in the living room to be exact.  Several lights had been set up to illuminate the place, most likely to help the camera that was sitting on a tripod.  There was another guy operating the camera and he was dressed just as casually as Villain was.

“What’s the camera for?” Holly asked.  She was a reporter, she had questions. 

Villain slapped the other side of her face.  Holly felt the sting of his hand a split second before her head spun around. 

“Ahhh,” Holly groaned.  “I meant, what is the camera for, Villain?”

“Some clients like to see their targets die,” Villain say.  “I also make extra money selling clips on web sites.”

“Damn, assassinating reporters doesn’t pay all the bills?” Holly asked.  “Villain,” she added quickly before the hand could fly.

Villain shook his head.  “The economy is tough, man.”

Holly nodded in sympathy.  Her hands however were in constant motion.  She couldn’t see the rope that had bound her hands but she was an expert in escaping bondage.  She twisted her wrists into the Zombie Clutch, then rolled them into the Robber’s Swirl and followed through with the Spookshow Pull.  There, that outwitted every decent knot.

She went to pull her hands free but the rope held on.  The perky redhead frowned with concern.  Shit, this wasn’t your average professional hitman’s knot.  This guy was actually good!

“Say, Villain,” Holly said.  She let her voice get husky and friendly.  “Maybe this is a misunderstanding.  Can you tell me who hired you and maybe I can clear this up.”

Villain ignored her.  He pulled out a nasty looking knife.  What frightened Holly about the knife is it lacked the weird serrated curves and dragon motifs on the hilt.  This was a knife from someone’s kitchen.  This wasn’t a knife for show; this was a knife for fucking cutting something.

Villain grabbed her blouse and placed the knife tip at her collar.  He cut through her 120$ blouse like it was fucking saran wrap.  With one quick slice he tore open her pricey blouse to reveal the even more expensive green bra underneath. 

“Oh shit, not the bra, Villain!” Holly said.  “You know how fucking hard it is to find a good bra for someone with my tits?”

The cruel bastard ignored her.  His knife cut into the middle of her bra and both cups popped free.  Holly heard the camera zoom in to focus on her heavy pale freckled breasts.

“Son of a bitch!” Holly yelled.  She was furious now.  Her life in danger was something she had gotten used to but tearing up her bras was just plain mean.  Her wrists twisted, rolled and turned against her bonds.  The rope held on like it was glued to her hands.

Villain grabbed a handful of tit and squeezed.  Holly winced as his fingers mauled her soft flesh.

“Is this for the porn site or the client?” Holly asked.

“To tell the truth, this one is for me,” Villain said.

He was grabbing both breasts now.  Her nipples were caught between his fingers and he cruelly twisted them.  Holly kept from screaming as he did his damn best to twist her nipples off.  When he released her nipples it was only so he could grab fresh handfuls of her tits. 

He groped, pulled and squeezed her for the camera.  The breast handling hurt but maybe not as much as the thought of this being recorded.  She hated the idea that some bastard executive who ordered her death was now wacking off to her debasement.  Hell, she wasn’t fond of a bunch of internet perverts getting their rocks off to her near death experience either.  She might escape death today but it was doubtful that she would escape the humiliation of this getting on the internet.

What really bothered her was how turned on she was.  It had been awhile since someone had abused her tits like this.  It had been even longer since she had been tied up in a way that wasn’t easy to escape.  For that matter, it had been ages since someone hated her enough to want her killed.  It had been like, a month at least.  The abduction, bondage and abuse were one hell of a turn on and it was distracting from her escape plan.

Holly’s escape plan was simple if a bit time consuming.  It was called the Brenda technique.  Holly kept moving her hands in complicated pattern of contortions that were designed to weaken the hold of restraining ropes.  It would wear through any rope in time but the trick was to keep doing the routine without stopping.  It was hard to keep up the rhythms when her pussy was clenching non stop. 

An older reporter had taught Holly the trick one torrid night in Vegas.  The older reporter said that she learned the trick from a reporter who used to get tied up by Railroad Barons in the Twenties.  It was an escape routine passed down from female reporter to female reporter through the decades.  Holly expected the trick was passed down from mouth to mouth and hand to pussy.     

“Hey Villain, you seem like a nice guy,” Holly said through gritted teeth.  His hand really knew how to crush a breast.  “Can’t we work something out?  Just between you me, and Hell, the camera man if he wants.”

Villain let go of her breast and moved behind her.  Holly allowed herself a smile.  She was getting good at this.  She had talked an assassin out of her ropes in record time!  All that practice in front of the mirror was paying off!”

Her glee turned sour as Villain walked back into view.  He had a gun now. 

“Holy shit!” Holly said.  “You’re just going to waste me?  Can’t we come to some sort of agreement?  I don’t have much money but shit, I can get you Lindsey Lohan’s sex dungeon address!  Just tell me what you want!”

Villain tilted his head to the side.  “From what I had heard about you, Ms. Valentine, I would have thought that you would have offered me a blowjob by now.”

“Shit, is that all you want?” Holly said.  “Unzip those jeans and stick your cock in my mouth already!  I will suck the evil right out of you, Villain!”

Holly opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out.  Sure, it was vulgar and slutty, but she was a reporter.  This wasn’t even in the top ten of trashy things she had done for a story much less for her life.  It would also buy her more time for the Brenda technique to work.

Villain didn’t take much convincing.  His jeans unzipped and he pulled his hard cock out for her.  Holly realized that the chair she was sitting in was the perfect height for a good blowjob.  The guy definitely planned ahead.

He grabbed her by her red hair and pulled her onto his cock.  Holly’s open mouth slid right over his cock until she was face first in his jeans.  He was hitting the back of her throat but Holly didn’t gag at all.  She was an experienced reporter.

Villain fucked her face.  He had her by the hair and there was nowhere for her to go.  Holly noticed that Villain positioned himself so that the camera could see every moment.  She tried to ignore it and just suck but damn, that was pretty humiliating.  He had turned her from a reporter into a porn star. 

It was pretty fucking hot.

Holly kept working through the Brenda combination.  Her hands kept moving while Villain fucked her face.  She had a hard time licking his cock and moving her hands at the same time but she came up with a solution.  Her tongue did the same series of movements as her hands.  Judging by the way that Villain was thrusting into her face, it was working.

Holly’s thighs clenched together.  She had soaked through her panties.  She briefly wondered if she could convince Villain to fuck her pussy next.  It wouldn’t be a good idea as it would be impossible to hide the Brenda combination while being fucked but damn it, it was pretty damn tempting. 

Villain reached down and grabbed on of her tits as she sucked.  Holly moaned as his relentless fingers pinched and squeezed.  Every pinch sent a fresh signal of desire to her poor neglected sex.  She was awfully tempted to give up on the escape and just beg to be fucked.

Right as her will was about to broken, she felt a surge of seed in her mouth.  Villain grunted as he filled her mouth with come.  Holly swallowed because kidnapping assassins really hate it when you spit.    

Villain pulled his cock out.  “Damn, I have had my cock sucked by reporters, nurses and congresswomen, but you are the fucking best.”

“Thanks,” Holly said.  “If you think my mouth is good, let me go and I’ll show you how much better my pussy is.”

Villain smiled.  “Sorry, I’m on a deadline.  And so are you.”

He pulled the gun back out.  Villain pointed it at her and placed it on her temple.

“Oh come on!” Holly said.  She meant to sound helpless and sad but it came across more as bitchy and defiant.  Holly hadn’t mastered being helpless yet.

Behind her back, she felt the ropes loosen.  She was almost there!  She just had to stall for a minute longer!

“Give me five minutes with your cock,” Holly said. “Give me five minutes and I will make you come so hard that-“ 

Villain pulled the trigger.

The gun clicked.  It was empty.

Villain turned to the camera.  “And that concludes this demonstration.  As you can see, I captured famed reporter, Holly Valentine, molested her and even had her beg to suck my cock.  I had a gun to her head and she still didn’t escape.  I didn’t kill her because I don’t kill for free.  If you would like to see me kill one of your enemies, please contact the email appearing on your screen now.  Good bye.”

The ropes fell from Holly’s hand.  The Brenda combination had finally freed her.  She stood up and grabbed the chair she was sitting on.  Her blouse still open and her bruised tits exposed to the camera, Holly swung the chair at the back of Villain’s head.

The chair shattered on Villain.  The asshole dropped like a rock and fell to the ground. 

Holly looked at the camera guy.  “This was a fucking demonstration?  What am I?  A goddamn preview clip?”

The camera guy held up his hands.  “Hey, if it makes you feel any better, he wasn’t going to let anyone hire him to kill you.  He just wanted to show he could.”

“Why the fuck wouldn’t he kill me for money?” Holly said.

The camera guy looked at the fallen Villain.  “Don’t tell him I said this, but he’s a big fan of yours.  He loved your report on how banks got were using orphans in sweatshops to process mortgage foreclosures.”

“Oh, Holly said.  She was pissed but the man was a fan.  She was conflicted.  She was also really horny.

“He’s going to be pissed when he wakes up, right?” Holly said.  “Probably want to tie me up and do all sorts of things to my body, right?”

The camera guy nodded slowly.  “My car is out back.  You can have the keys if you promise not to hurt me.”

“Fuck the car,” Holly said.  “Help me wake Villain back up.  I want to see what happens next.”

Villain appears courtesy of Tim Woodman, a fine bondage/kidnap/villainy enthusiast.  I highly recommend any of his work.  If Holly Valentine was a porn clip series, it would be on his site.

Apr 182012

I was in a meeting when my phone vibrated. The ‘C’ network was negotiating the wedding broadcast rights to one of our reality stars and we were debating the right time to plan the divorce. My boss wanted the divorce to be three months later but marketing had strong evidence that a 3 week later divorce would be a bonanza. It was a crucial decision that could impact the ratings for the next reality show wedding.

When the reality star’s agent negotiated for bachelorette party, I checked my phone. My heart sank when I saw the message. I also got a hard-on.

The message was just “H”. H stood for Holly Valentine, ruthless reporter for the INX website. So far in this past year Holly had revealed the C network’s involvement in creating our own octuplets mother as well as our bribe to a has been celebrity to marry a porn star. She was destroying our company’s reputation one story at a time.

H also stood for handjob. That was the payment Holly valentine usually gave me for the information I leaked to her.

“Let’s break for lunch,” my boss said. “And while you are on lunch, I want you all to think of what magazines we want to offer exclusives to for the wedding, and what magazines we should offer exclusives to for the divorce.”

This was my chance. I could sneak away from the office, go down several streets until I reach our pre-arranged alley, and get my handjob from a hot redhead reporter. Or I could do the smart thing and eat my lunch inside the office and stop risking my career for cheap thrills.

Five minutes later I was outside. I kept telling myself that the only reason I was going was because I wanted to tell Holly in person that I was quitting. I swore to myself that I would not tell her anything. I would be good this time.

I reached our alley. It was a dark place with plenty of dumpsters and boxes to hide behind. The smell of urine was overpowering. My cock was throbbing like a reality star on her first network sponsored bender.

“Over here, “Holly said.

She was standing behind the dumpster. Long red hair flickered like fire in the dim light of the alley. She had a business appropriate black skirt on that went down to her ankles but her black blouse was decadently open. Her pale freckled breasts jiggled freely with every step she took. Lipstick as red as her hair called out to me.

“I can’t do this anymore,” I said. I was surprised at my strength.

“Yes you can, Bob,” Holly said. She said it with such confidence. My weakness was just another fact to her.

“No,” I said. “Not this time. When you published that story about the porn marriage, my boss was convinced we had a leak. I’m just lucky they fired that Muslim guy and quit looking.”

Holly came closer. I couldn’t get over how lewd she was with her open blouse. She ran her painted red fingernails over her hard nipple. Anyone could come down this alley and see her like this. She looked like a hooker and I was her dirty filthy customer. Oh God, I was hard.

“Unzip your pants,” Holly said. Her green eyes commanded me.

“No,” I said.

“Fine,” she said. She unzipped my pants. I could have fought her but I didn’t. I did nothing as she pulled my pants down to my ankles. She took my cock in her hand and I moaned. My cock pulsed in her tight grip but I couldn’t be responsible for that. In my heart, I was resisting her.

“I have heard of a secret project,” Holly sad. “Something called the Lazarus Project.”

I gasped in terror. How had Holly even heard of that project? It was the most protected secret in all of the C Network!

“You have heard of it?” Holly said.

“I can’t tell you,” I said. “Hey, I can tell you about our next marriage/divorce schedule if you want.”

Holly looked down at my cock. “No, I want to hear about the Lazarus Project. Celebrity networks don’t usually invoke a biblical reference unless it is really big.”

“I can’t,” I said. “They would cut my dick off if they ever found out.”

Holly nodded. For one brief moment, I thought she was going to understand how serious I was. That moment faded as soon as she liked her crimson lips.

“And I will suck your cock for the information.”

Oh shit. This beautiful redhead wanted to suck my cock in a dirty alley on a busy day. I squealed a long whimper of defeat.

“Start talking,” Holly said.

She squatted down before me. The alley was too dirty for her to get on her knees but that was okay. She held my cock in her hand and guided me toward her lips. I felt the brief flicker of her tongue against me before her red lips engulfed me. Further and further she guided me into her mouth until I felt her nose breathing on the base of my cock.

“The Lazarus Project is a way to recoup money invested in celebrities who have outlived their market potential,” I said. That might sound like a sophisticated description coming from a man getting his cock sucked, but to be honest I had the whole proposal memorized. Balls deep in a woman’s mouth, my brain were on autopilot.

Holly’s eyes looked up at me. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked harder. I gripped her shoulders as my knees threatened to give out. The look in her green eyes told me to keep talking.

“The recent funeral of that singer really showed us how much money could be made of a death,” I continued. “You can air old footage, create shows where friends remember the dead and then finally you can televise the funeral. The person can have destroyed their reputation before they died but it doesn’t matter because only assholes speak ill of the dead.”

Holly pulled her mouth down the length of my cock. I was afraid that she was going to take me completely out of her mouth but no, she reached my tip and then plunged back down on my cock. I re-entered her mouth in slow motion and every last bit of resistance within me melted.

“Waiting for celebrities to die is inefficient,” I said. “So our plan is to approach a few and encourage them to die on a schedule. Some will do it for money up front while others will do it just for the chance to give input on their memorial broadcasts. There is no shortage of celebrities who want to manage their last days.”

Holly moaned. Or maybe she growled, I wasn’t sure. Either way, the vibrations of her mouth did wonderful things to my cock. I had to put my hands against the dirty wall behind me for support.

Holly pulled her mouth from my cock. A line of spit fell from my cock and onto one of her perfect freckled breasts. She gripped my cock and jerked me.

“I am going to need know when this project is starting,” she said.

A horn honked from the street and it was too loud to answer right away. “It has already started.”

The reporter frowned. “I am going to need the names of the people who have signed on.”

“No way,” I said. “You have enough to ruin the project just by exposing it. Of course, it will just be a rumor and when someone dies, people will wonder if- OH GOD!”

Holly took me back into her mouth. She moved fast and hard on my cock. There was no more teasing, she was just trying to get me off. The redhead choked on my cock as she sucked me in the dirty alley. It was fucking perfect.

I gave her names. I told her about the 80’s child star and the 90’s boy band singer. I told her about the cooking show winner and the reality show judge. I told her out schedule and our prime sponsors. I told her the focus group determined cause of deaths as well as the real reason that celebrities die in threes. I told her everything.

Through out it all, Holly fucked my cock with her face. She gagged herself like the whores I never had the courage to buy. The more I talked, the faster she sucked. Every bit of information I gave her just motivated her more.

I came in her mouth. Usually she just jerked me off onto her breasts, but this time she swallowed as I emptied myself in her. Any guilt I had in revealing my network’s secrets was swallowed away by her willing throat.

When she let go of my cock it took everything I had to keep standing. My knees were shaking and my balls were drained. I knew that my company would be ruined but I just couldn’t summon the will to care.

Holly stood up and buttoned her blouse. “Thank you, Bob. I will text you again if I need anything.”

“Where are you going now?” I asked.

Holly smiled at me. “I have more sources to pump.”