Mar 042022

Serena Silverlake is a favorite author of mine. She writes filthy stories about elves, humans and other denizens of a well developed fantasy world. I have already reviewed four of her works here so this blog is already on the verge of turning into a fan site but that doesn’t bother me. She never fails to entertain. I have started to think of her as my incredibly smutty Terry Pratchett substitute.

Now I find out that Serena created a Patreon back in January. As a Silverlake fan, I have only myself to blame for finding out so late. She posts shorts stories, filthy excerpts and peeks at upcoming works. There is also a healthy amount of art that has been commissioned or planned for covers. In a short time there is already plenty of content.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Go and subscribe so you can get the back stage access to one of the best fantasy sex writers working today.

Aug 132021
Check out the ebooks on that one.

Elle a Wilde is an erotica writer who does something a little different on her OnlyFans page. She writes her own erotica and then she records a video of her reading it. There is no nudity but she does dress in attractive lingerie and sometimes in outfits appropriate for the story. In addition to the readings, there are posts that contain little bits of prose accompanied by pictures. So far there has been no pay-per-view messages, though tipping is encouraged. This results in an abundance of content.

It is an interesting approach to presenting erotica. I have seen writers do Patreons where they offer stories to their subscribers and audio stories have been around forever, but I am intrigued by the idea of combining a reading with a video. The titillation of Elle’s clothing adds a thrill and is certainly very marketable but the real strength is her writing. She creates steamy short stories of a vanilla nature that stand well on her own. The addition of her reading the stories gives the erotica a slight confessional feeling as well as coming across as very intimate.

I think this kind of monetizing of erotica has a lot of potential. Not every writer will have Elle’s top-notch speaking ability, but I suspect even less than professional readers will have their appeal. My mind is already playing with the idea and I can see where it could be utilized really well by writers who more BDSM oriented material. The thought of a bound woman reading bondage porn would be really captivating.

Anyway, subscribe to Elle A. Wilde’s OnlyFans and give it a try. The price is perfect and you deserve to see what a new writer is doing with the medium.