Feb 252011

I climaxed in the fucktoy’s ass. Her tight little ass quivered as my seed pumped into her. When I pulled my cock out, I wiped it on her ass.

“Please,” she moaned. She stayed on the floor with her legs spread apart. Her hands were bound together. Her knees and breasts would have rug burns for the rest of the week.

“Two minutes,” I saig.

The fucktoy rose on her knees. She whimpers as her ass protested the movement. She crawled awkwardly across the living room where the dildo was nailed to the floor. The fucktoy mounted the dildo with whorish ease.

The clock was ticking. The fucktoy humped the dildo furiously. Spanking her turned her on. Choking her turned her on. Fucking her ass turned her on. None of those got her off though. That was what the dildo was for.

The fucktoy bounced on her dildo. Her small tits bounced with urgency. The spank marks on her ass clenched as she rode the dildo. The sound of her greedy pussy filled the room with squelches and slurps.

The fucktoy had no shame. She didn’t slow down when I laugh at her need. She didn’t stop when I called her a horny slut.

“Time is up,” I said. It might have been. I never look at the clock.

The fucktoy whined but she dismounted. The dildo glistened.

“Clean your toy,” I said.

The fucktoy bent over and took the dildo in her mouth. She licked it clean while I I thought of what I wanted from her next.

Feb 182011

The gas stop had three fucktoys to choose from. The selection was getting bigger every time I came through here. Hauling car parts down I-20 wasn’t looking so bad any more.

All three of them were naked and all three of them were cuffed to the metal pipers above them. A five dollar deposit got you the fucktoy of your choice. They were yours to play with until you left them at another certain gas stop where they go back into circulation. Being a trucker in these enlightened times was the shit.

The first fucktoy was a tiny little blonde girl. Her itty-bitty tits would be perfect for biting on the long drive. I bet I could cram the whole girl into my tool box and take out her out for blowjobs and cunt fucks.

The second fucktoy was a plump black girl. Damn, she had an ass on her. I could fuck that ass at every rest stop between here and Greenville.

The third fucktoy was a scared looking brunette with tattoos on her pale skin. We see her kind all the time. They thought it would be their dream to serve as fucktoys to truckers on the highway but once they get here, they realize we aren’t the pussy gentle lovers they are used to bossing around. Her tits had nice pretty bruises from her last user. She also stood with her legs apart, like she had been carrying something large and painful between her thighs for too long.

Shit, I am also a sucker for the scared ones. I slapped my ballgag on her and paid my five bucks. I dragged her by her hair and pulled her with me. She stumbled a bit so I picked her up and put her over my shoulder.

I walked out to my truck. My hand was on her ass but my mind was on the drive. I got deadlines to make and gas to ration. I got to plan my meals and figure out how long I can drive before I need to sleep. I’m not even thinking about my fucktoy because she is the least of my concerns. I’ll fuck her ass, I’ll fuck her mouth and I’ll fuck that sweet young cunt. That is what she’s there for.

She’s just another supply I use for the trip.

Feb 112011

It was my turn. I went to the second floor of the fraternity and entered the fucktoy room. Eighteen of my brothers had gone before me but I didn’t care about the wait. It was my turn to fuck.

She had her hands bound to the bed frame. Her legs were free so we could fuck her in any position we wanted. She was naked except for her blindfold. Well, that and the names.

We have a tradition with our fucktoys. They can’t see us, but we sign our work. In purple marker we write our names on their bodies when we are done. I have heard that some fucktoys carry those names for weeks.

I take off my pants and get into bed. The slut moans as she hears me. Eighteen cocks had used her today and still she wanted more. Her thighs parted and she lifted her cunt to me.

The fucktoy was older than me. She was in her thirties, maybe even her forties. I have no idea where the fraternity finds her kind. I just know that they are here to be used.

I grab her ankles and lift them to my shoulders. My cock slips into her wet cunt and the slut whimpers. She must be tender. Tough shit.

I fuck her. I pound her like the horny college kid that I am. I grab her tits and play with them harder than any date would let me. I call her every dirty name I can think of. My cock takes her cunt and the fucktoy loves every minute of it.

My brothers’ names bounce on her body. Steve’s name jiggles on her right breast. Matt’s name wiggles on her stomach. Paul’s name is stretched out on her left thigh. I look for a place to put mine.

The fucktoy climaxes. I don’t care.

The fucktoy comes again.

I finally get off. I shoot load into the slut’s cunt and it feels amazing. The stress of school and dating disappear into the fucktoy’s cunt.

It was my turn. I sign my name across the top of her shaved cunt.

Feb 042011

Her tongue licks my cock. As instructed, her lipstick stained lips are open. If a single red mark appears on my cock, the fucktoy gets punished.

It isn’t easy for her. She is squatting precariously on high heels. Her hands are cuffed behind her. My hand is on one of her dark breasts and I maul her tender flesh to my heart’s content.

She licks. Sometimes I am kind and I hold my cock for her. She licks furiously when I do this, moaning as she enjoys the taste.

When I am not kind, the fucktoy has to reach for my cock herself. She has to chase my throbbing cock with her tongue. When my cock comes dangerously close to her slut’s lipstick, she recoils in terror.

It isn’t long before she moans. She is whining to be touched. She isn’t allowed to talk but her moans, whimpers and shudders beg for her. She wants my cock inside her cunt. She wants my fingers inside her cunt. She would even be satisfied if I let her hands free so she could stroke herself. The fucktoy wants to come.

Fuck her. It’s Friday. She’s my fucktoy today.

My climax is close. I grab my cock and stroke. The fucktoy is excited. She opened her mouth and sticks out her tongue. Denied her own pleasure, she wants to taste mine.

I come. Most of it lands in her mouth. Quite a bit lands on her pretty face. A wicked strand lands on her whore’s lipstick. Not enough lands on her ebony breasts.