Sep 212022

Fucktoy sat naked in her chair, waiting to be used. The blindfold covered her eyes. One hand toyed pulled at a nipple while the other hand was at her cunt. Two fingers slid in and out of her wet sex.

The television turned off. Fucktoy let herself moan now that Master’s show was over. She hoped he was going to play with her, although that was never a guarantee. That was okay. At least Fucktoy could get herself off as long as she was on display.

The floorboards creaked. Master was moving towards her. Fucktoy gave her nipple one last pinch before moving her hand to rest on her thigh. Master always wanted unimpeded access to her breasts.

It was quiet. Where did Master go? Had he left her?

Fucktoy whimpered and stroked harder. It was his right to ignore her. The cruel indifference stabbed her heart with ice and flooded her cunt with lust.

The floorboards creaked again. Master was coming back!

A hand grabbed her hair. Fucktoy relaxed and prepared for her head to be savagely pulled. Instead, something tugged the ends of her hair.

It was a brush. This was new. What did it mean?

Master brushed her hair. He started at the ends and slowly moved up. The bristles gently touched her scalp.

Fucktoy’s pussy clenched. She plunged her fingers deeper.

Master continued to brush her hair. Was this a new interest of his? Would he style her hair into something different? Was this a prelude to something severe like cutting her hair?

Oh God, would he shave her head? While the blindfold was on and she was a Fucktoy, it would be his right. He could shave her bald and there wouldn’t be a damn thing she could about it.

Tremors gripped Fucktoy’s thighs. She almost came.

The brushing continued. The bristles of the brush massaged her scalp. The last time Master had used the brush it had been to spank her. The spanking been hard but this slow sense play was somehow more intense.

Fucktoy moaned. She was close to coming.

The brush moved away and two strong hands grabbed Fucktoy’s hair. Powerful fingers clenched and mussed her carefully tended hair. Unyielding arms pulled her forward and Fucktoy cried out as she fell from the chair. Cruel hands held her in place as she struggled to her knees.

Something hard pressed urgently against Fucktoy’s lips. She opened her lips and her Master’s cock claimed her mouth once more. Balls rested against her chin for only a moment before he fucked her face.

Fucktoy came seconds later on her frantic fingers.

Apr 272022

“We received 36 offers for your house,” the realtor said. “The highest offer is for forty thousand over your asking price. The second highest is twenty thousand over, but they are willing to pay cash which means we can close in a day if you want.”

“Holy shit,” I said. “I knew it was a seller’s market but this is crazy.”

“I also want to draw your attention to three more offers that are a bit more unconventional,” the realtor said. She passed me a portrait photo of an attractive blonde woman. It looked like a boudoir shot. The woman was wearing a red negligee with matching red lipstick. There was a knowing look in her eye that promised dirty things.

“This offer is ten thousand over your asking price, but it includes a one time offer of oral sex performed by the wife of the purchasing couple. Their offer includes the invitation to ejaculate in her mouth, on her face or on her breasts.”

I stared at my realtor. I didn’t think she had this dirty of a sense of humor. Her deadpan delivery was perfect.

“Is this for real?” I asked.

My realtor nodded. “Like I said, it is a very competitive market.”

“What the fuck are the other offers?”

The realtor passed me a set of small Polaroid pictures. They featured a black woman completely nude on a bed. She had lovely small breasts and a rather large bush of black hair. The things she was doing to a dildo was anatomically impressive.

“This offer comes from a couple who will be moving in with their adult daughter,” the realtor said. “The offer is for the asking price, but they are including the free use of their daughter for one day a month for twelve months, along with a lifetime subscription to the woman’s OnlyFans. Apparently, the daughter is in the top point six percent of content providers.”

I licked my lips. One photo showed incredible flexibility with her legs. “What does free use mean?”

“It simply means you can engage in sexual activity at your discretion. Though I do want to emphasize that it only applies for one day a month.”

“And there is a third offer?”

The realtor turned her laptop around to face me. There was a video of a curvy redhead wearing nothing but a leather collar around her neck. She was bent over a bench, sucking a masked man’s cock while a masked woman spanked her from behind.

“This offer is for ten thousand less than the asking price, but it includes the gift of a submissive woman who will be willing to live with you. The buying couple trains submissives for a living and this one owes them a personal favor of some sort. You will have full responsibility and use of their submissive for a three-year period with the exception of a two-week period during the Christmas holidays.”

I watched the video and took note of the attractive way the redhead wriggled within her restraints.

“Oh wow,” I whispered. “I see what you mean by a seller’s market.”

“Do you need time to consider which offer you want to accept?”

I looked at the photos in front of me. My mind went back to the highest offer that seemed so boring and dull in retrospect. The portrait with the blonde stared up at me, inviting me to ruin her makeup. The pictures of the black woman tempted me with sexual gymnastics. On the video, the redhead submitted to more debauchery. All the while, I weighed the temptations with the offset in purchasing price. There were my own expenses to consider.

“No need,” I replied. “I know which offer I am taking.”

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Mar 232022

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee shortage.
Location: Matriarchs You Get to Fuck B-Deck.
Species Required: Human female, Vitari female or Jeline Female.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Vussy or Vussy Facsimile, Beta Class Breasts or greater. Level Two Roleplay Rating.
Duration of Assignment: Six Hours
Payment: Ninety-five credits per hour. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees).

Click Here to Accept Assignment.

It was dark inside the suite. A dim light emitted from a flickering projector onto the bed. The darkness helped hide the low quality of the décor on the walls that were supposed to imitate a Matriarch’s Breeding Quarters. If a real Matriarch ever lived in quarters like these, she would probably commit bankruptcy-suicide.

In the center of the bed, Dazanna slid up and down the client’s dock. She moved slowly, enjoying the feeling of the four separate ridges that encircled his member. Each ridge pushed inside her like a thick knot.

“Good boy,” Dazanna moaned. “Your Matriarch is very proud of you.”

The client groaned beneath her. He was a Clett, a humanoid race that had a strict Matriarchal family system. When a Clett Matriarch gives birth, she sells the male children of her litter on the Birth Market and the children are snatched up by Matriarchs experiencing family shortages. The Clett boys are then raised by the new family to become productive members earning money for their family. If they do well, exceedingly well, then a Matriarch may deign to engage in sexual intercourse with the lucky male. The average Clett will die a virgin.

Some lucky Clett, like the one inside Dazanna right now, will travel the galaxy and come across a place like Pleasure Station Sigma that has facilities willing to cater to a Clett’s needs. Even then, that lucky Clett won’t just fuck like a normal being. No, he will still follow the rules of Clett intercourse; which is lying on his back and keeping his hands at his side. That is just how his race does things, even with a Matriarch substitute like Dazanna.

Dazanna sighed. This was a lovely dock inside her. It was a crime to think this might be the only time it will be inside a vussy.

“You are so beautiful, Matriarch,” the client said.

Dazanna had her doubts about that. The Clett had pasty white skin and Dazanna had more of a cream complexion. Matriarchs develop complex tableaus of moles and Dazanna was wearing a mere dozen fake moles around her full tits. To complete the look, her long blue hair was tucked under a very unconvincing bald cap. All in all, Dazanna figured she made for a rather plain Matriarch.

But Dazanna was costumed as a Matriarch that the Clett actually got to penetrate, and that probably counted for a lot.

“I am very impressed with your credits earned by hour-cycle,” Dazanna said, engaging in normal Clett dirty talk.

“It is all for you, Matriarch,” the client said.

“And I am very aroused by your acquisition to selling ratio,” Dazanna purred. She leaned forward and let her heavy breasts dangle above the client. As the client gasped, she increased the pace of her humping.

“Sweet surplus.” The client groaned. He was close.

Dazanna was close as well. She said the words that were pure sex to a Clett male.

“Deposit your superior seed and breed your Matriarch,” she whispered.

The client cried out. The ridged cock spasmed and released a thick load of tingling seed inside Dazanna. In the throes of orgasm, he forgot himself and grabbed her thighs. Strong hands squeezed for tender care.

The tingling seed flowed inside Dazanna and sent her over the edge. She cried out her own orgasm and grabbed one of his hands in a very un-Matriarch gesture. They held onto each other’s hands as they rode out their pleasure.

Neither the client, or his pseudo-Matriarch, complained.

Mar 092022

Michael hated this part of the cleaning. He was tilted back at a fifty-degree angle with a bright light in his eyes. The plastic sunglasses the dental hygienist gave him blocked most of the light but the glasses sat uncomfortably against his nose. His mouth was wide open as the dental hygienist scrapped his teeth with a small metal tool. It felt like the sharp tool would poke his gums at any second.

“I have got to start flossing more,” Michael thought.

On the upside, Michael’s pants were open and a cute redhead had his erection in her warm mouth. Spit dribbled from her mouth and soaked his balls. A nimble tongue made slow circles around his dick.

The second woman didn’t wear the green scrubs that the hygienist did. She wore a fuzzy sweater pulled up so Michael could fondle her small breast with his right hand. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he saw her working at the receptionist desk earlier.

“Have a little bit of buildup right here,” the hygienist said. Michael felt her poke the back of his lower front teeth. “Make sure you don’t skip brushing here.”

“Ar-aih,” Michael said with his mouth open.

The redhead closed her lips around his dick. Her head bobbed up and down. She went nice and slow, letting him savor the moment.

The blowjob was unexpected but apparently it was part of the new medical plan. Michael was annoyed when his wife, Victoria, wanted to pay extra for Purple Cross and Pink Shield when Michael’s employers were more than happy to pay for the entirety of Gamma Medical, but holy shit, was he glad that he gave in. Victoria was right: you get what you paid for.

“Almost done,” the hygienist said.

“Take your time,” Michael thought. The redhead flicked her tongue against the tip of Michael’s dick. Could he come before the cleaning was done? Was climaxing guaranteed? He really needed to read the insurance policy when he got home.

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Feb 232022

Chloe was on a roll. She had collected eighteen mushrooms from her virtual garden and used them to upgrade her bird feeder. Now she had eagles coming to her cottage which meant she could collect stray eagle feathers every three hours. The first batch of flowers allowed her to buy a fountain, which was the first step to adding a hedge maze to her virtual property.

Natural Pleasures was Chloe’s favorite app on her phone. It had beautiful graphics, a complex farm economy and new surprises every day. Weirdly, it was free to play and didn’t have any options for in-game purchases. Chloe had been playing for a month and hadn’t seen a single advertisement. She wondered how the makers of the game stayed in business.

Chloe was excited about the hedge maze. It would unlock other farming bonuses as well as allowing her to expand the kitchen in her cottage. She knew the fountain was required, but she wasn’t sure what other resources it would take to build. Hopefully she would have what she needed already but if not, she was more than willing to grind for it.

She tapped the hedge maze button. An information screen popped up on her phone. “Eight topless photos are required to unlock the hedge maze.”

Chloe blinked. It required topless photos? Maybe it was a bad translation and topless meant something else in other cultures. She didn’t know there was an in-game camera, unless it was something she needed to unlock.

The screen on her phone shifted. The Natural Pleasures logo and frame was still there, but the rest of the screen was Chloe’s face. The app had accessed her phone camera.

Chloe’s eyes widened on the screen. The game wanted her to take a picture of her herself!

“I don’t think so,” Chloe muttered. She went to close the screen but hesitated. The hedge maze was a goal she had been working to for three days now.

“Maybe I misread the topless part,” she said. Chloe held the camera out until her face and sweatshirt-covered chest were in the frame.


A message box appeared. “Clothes detected. Picture not accepted.”

“Fuck,” Chloe whispered.

The hedge maze also counted towards the required number of improvements needed to unlock a green house.

“Goddamn it,” Chloe whispered again. She set the phone down and whipped off her sweatshirt. It was a Sunday morning so she wasn’t wearing a bra. She picked the phone up and aimed the camera so that only her dark breasts were in the frame.


Another message box appeared. “No face detected. Picture not accepted.”

“Goddamn fuck!” Chloe snapped. The game wanted her face? Where were these pictures going? Is this how the game company made their money? This was asking a fucking lot!

Chloe stared at the message box. Did she really need a hedge maze? She had seen screen shots of other players’ gardens and their hedge mazes had so much variety. Chloe had been looking forward to adding her own personal touches to her maze. She even knew what she wanted as a center piece.

Wait a minute. Those other players must have submitted topless photos to unlock their gardens. It wasn’t fair that they got a hedge maze and she didn’t.

“Goddamn fucking shit,” Chloe whispered. She aimed her camera at her chest and her face. The camera auto-adjusted to get her face and nipples in focus.

Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!

A message box appeared. “Photos accepted! Enjoy your hedge maze!”

A warm feeling flowed through Chloe. That wasn’t so bad. There was a flutter in her stomach and a new heat between her legs. It occurred to her that future upgrades might require more photos. Hell, that might require audio or video. How far was she willing to go for her little slice of virtual cottage heaven?

Chloe pushed the thought away. She would worry about that latter. For now, she had a hedge maze to build.

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Feb 092022

It wasn’t completely dark in the closet. That was a common misconception among the employees. There was a small flashlight that was positioned to point at the inside of the closet door. When the door opened, the light turned off.

Alexis knew it was there. She spent half of her work day sitting in this closet. Leather cuffs held her hands and ankles to the arms and legs of the thick wooden chair. A slender, but powerful, vibrator was inside her shaved pussy. A thick and mercifully shallow plug was in her ass. A large ring-gag held her mouth open but gave her something to bite down. Come dried on her face, tits and pussy lips. Bound, stuffed and occasionally stimulated with the vibrator that randomly roared to life, Alexis didn’t have much else to do but look at where the flashlight shined.

There was a sign-in sheet on the back of the closet wall. The flashlight illuminated it perfectly. Listed on the sheet were the fellow employees that made use of Alexis. They signed their names, the date, and the time they used her. Last on the entry line was a space for deposits. Management always wanted to know where people shot their loads on the closet slut.

The sign-in sheet was almost full. The last person to fill the sheet is responsible for replacing it with a blank one. Alexis was responsible for manually entering the data on the sheet into the company’s computer system. What happened to the data after that, she wasn’t sure.

Alexis read the sign-in sheet today for the hundredth time. An hour ago, Martin has deposited his seed on her tits. The sheet didn’t describe how he had vigorously fucked her mouth through the ring-gag or how he pressed his cock into her hard nipple as he ejaculated.

Stephen had signed in ten minutes earlier. He was always quick, even though he rarely used her mouth. The young man was content to jack his cock in front of her while pinching her nose. The sheet recorded his deposit on her hair.

Thirty minutes before him, John had signed in. Alexis could still feel the way he twisted her hair as he fucked her mouth. He had called her so many filthy names that she struggled to remember them all. The sheet listed his deposit as in her mouth, but a more accurate description would be deep down her throat.

The vibrator buzzes inside her. Alexis quivered and threw her head back. One day she really needed to find out who was activating the toy. Was it one of the VP’s? Or maybe someone in HR? Myshelle, the afternoon closet slut, said that she heard that the vibrator was activated by a program that monitored certain company-wide benchmarks, but Alexis hoped that wasn’t true. She wanted her pleasure to come from a person, even if she never saw them.

The buzzing ended too soon. Alexis moaned in perpetual frustration. The seat of the chair was soaked with her juices. Employees were allowed to play with her vibrator but they almost never did. She would have to wait until her shift was over to stroke herself to a well-deserved orgasm.

The light switched off. Alexis sat up straight. There was a crack of light that filled the closet as the door was opened.

Alexis waited impatiently as another employee signed in.

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Jan 262022

“Now, one,” the technician said.

The dildo inside Debbie expanded in size. She grunted as it filled her. The pseudo-cock began to pump with slow steady thrust.

“Oh, fuck,” Debbie whispered. She was bent over the fitting table. The contours of the table adjusted to support her body was she getting slowly pummeled.

The cock was too big, but it also felt so damn good.

“And now, two,” the technician said.

The dildo remained the same but this time, it didn’t go as deep. It only went about three-quarters of the way in before pulling back. The pace quickened as well.

“Ohhh,” Debbie moaned.

“Which is better?” the technician asked.

“Uhhh,” Debbie responded.

“One,” the technician said.

The dildo pushed deeper. Debbie squealed but she wasn’t afraid. The thick dildo slowed down to a regular methodical pounding.

“Or two,” the technician said.

The pseudo-cock resumed a higher speed. It didn’t go as deep and Debbie groaned with relief and a touch of disappointment.

The choice was clear. “One,” Debbie whispered.

The dildo came to a stop. Debbie’s pussy clenched around it. She resisted the urge to rock back on it.

How long had she been at this? It felt like an hour but one damn good hour. Her pussy was being well-used and the patented lube they used kept her from getting sore. The people at Von Madd Laboratories were thorough. When they promised a custom-made sex machine, they weren’t fucking kidding about it being custom-made. They took calibration here very seriously.

“Okay,” the technician said. “Now this is one.”

The thick cock slid in and out like a steady piston. It went deep inside of her and Debbie knew she wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less. The dildo began to oscillate inside her.

“Oh!” Debbie cried out. This was new.

“And this is two,” the technician said.

The oscillations became more pronounced. It twisted and writhed inside her with every thrust. She had never experienced anything like this before.

“Oh fuck,” Debbie groaned. Was this better? Was it worse?

This might take a while to be sure.

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Jan 192022

Commander, sentries report that all is quiet. The enemy is too cowardly to attack and are content to hide in their bunkers. Our forces are refueling and will be ready to attack again in six hours.

Now that we have this brief rest period, there is an issue I would like to bring to your attention. As your executive officer, I have noticed that you are showing signs of fatigue, irritability and a lack of focus. My professional opinion is that you are working too hard and have not made use of the recreational time afforded to yourself. It is my recommendation that you relive your tension by engaging in immediate sexual activity.

Yes, Commander, I am well aware of your reluctance to make use of the regular whores that have been assigned to our forces. Your tastes are too refined to use such common women and quite frankly, the women currently serving are a fatigued themselves. You deserve superior attention.

My recommendation, Commander, is that you allow me to serve your sexual needs. I am a loyal officer and it would be a privilege to perform this duty for my superior officer. Do you accept my service?

Excellent. I am happy to be able to assist, Commander. May I suggest that I remove my uniform and expose my breasts? I have noticed that you often admire my cleavage during briefings. Nature has blessed me with large natural breasts and sensitive large nipples. If you wish, I could lubricate your organ and then press my breasts around it until you achieve release.

Ah, I understand if you wish to simply grope them for the time being, Commander. Feel free to squeeze as hard as you wish. They are yours to do with as you please.

In the meantime, might I also recommend the use of my mouth, Commander? I have very little gag reflex and medical officers have assessed that I produce a large amount of saliva. It is my opinion that I could easily take your entire organ into my mouth with no difficulty. If you wish, I could swallow your seed upon ejaculation. If you wish to instead deposit it on my face, or somewhere else of your choosing, feel free to command it.

My cunt is also at your service, Commander. As you can see, I have kept the pubic bush neatly trimmed for your inspection. Lubrication will not be a problem as I have long found your strict sense of duty to be quite arousing. Previous lovers have commented that the grip of my cunt is tighter than a man’s hand and I would be pleased to demonstrate this for you.

Finally, I would like to offer you the use of my ass, Commander. I admit that I have little experience in this area but I am ready to serve under your direction. No doubt, an organ of your magnitude will inflict great pain upon my unprepared opening, but it is a pain I am willing to endure.

Have you made your decision, Commander? Oh, you wish to use my mouth, my cunt and my ass?

I see. Very well.

Let’s begin.

Jan 122022

Dear Madam,

You have either angered, offended, or disappointed someone you know. This someone could be a loved one, family member, coworker or acquaintance, but we will keep their identity and their grievance confidential. We have reviewed their application and have agreed that you are due a moderate to severe spanking of your bare buttocks while being secured to a bench. This spanking will be administered by one of our trained professionals.

If you feel that you do not merit a spanking, then please take no further action. Your consent is very important to Personal Solutions and is a core value of our company. Your non-compliance will be noted after 48 hours and the accusing client will be informed of your refusal.

However, if you feel that you are deserving of a moderate to severe spanking of your bare buttocks while secured to a bench by one of our trained professionals, please come to the Personal Solutions Office, located at 424 Third Street, Suite 6 and bring this notice with you. Our office is open twenty-four hours a day.

Compliance must be completed within 48 hours of receiving this notice.

Once you have complied with the requested service, video and photographic evidence will be submitted to the accusing client. A qualified assessor will then determine the proper monetary compensation for your compliance and write you a check. Personal Solutions will update your file and consider the matter closed.

Note One) A moderate to severe spanking by one of our trained professionals will last thirty to fifty minutes and will result in bruising, tenderness and possible arousal. Personal Solutions is not a sexual service and will not provide any relief of a sexual nature.

Note Two) Monetary compensation is determined by but not limited to surface area of bruising, declarations of contrition, quality of screams, aesthetics of struggles, and other factors at the qualified assessor’s discretion.

Note Three) It is highly recommended that you are accompanied by someone who can provide any necessary aftercare as well as transportation home as your ability to drive will be impaired by the moderate to severe spanking of your bare buttocks while secured to a bench by one of our trained professionals. If you wish to not bring someone for any reason, Personal Solutions can provide an Aftercare Provider for a deducted fee.

Thank you for your time,
Personal Solutions LLC.

Dec 152021

“Thanks everyone,” Paige said on the conference call before logging out. She looked at the clock and saw that she had half an hour before her next meeting. Was that enough time?

It would have to be. She came once this morning in bed and once again right before starting work. That was only two orgasms and it was already 3pm. The thought of cramming in four more orgasms between work ending and going to bed was daunting. If she got one in now, getting off three times after work seemed much more plausible.

“Fuck All-Nut December and fuck Mr. Corwin for making me do it,” Paige said.

There was no need to go to the bedroom. Paige was already naked from the waist down, another of Mr. Corwin’s little rules. She reached for the vibrator she kept under her desk and plugged it in. The sex toy was one of her bigger ones but she had come to reply on it for quickies these last few days.

Paige smirked and wondered what her coworkers would think if they saw her now. The pandemic had forced everyone to work from home and for the most part, Paige was grateful for that. The downside was that all this free time inspired Mr. Corwin and that perverted man didn’t need more inspiration. That is how she ended up masturbating at least six times a day for every day in December, no matter how sore and tired she became.

“Fuck you, Mr. Corwin,” Paige said again. She liked to say it a lot when he wasn’t around.

Paige leaned back in her chair and placed her feet on her desk. The camera on her computer was pointed right at her. The light was off, but it would be safer to turn the camera around or cover it with a cloth.

“It’s your lucky day, hackers,” Paige said. If there was a chance, however small, that someone was watching her, well, that might be just what she needs for Orgasm #3.

Paige turned on the vibrator. It roared to life. Her pussy was still a little tender from coming earlier but that was life. Paige counted to three and then pressed the vibrator to her sex.

“FUCK!” Paige yelled. It was too intense! She was too sensitive! This was too much!

Paige kept the vibrator where it was. It was what Mr. Corwin would do. The sick fuck would laugh and grind the vibrator harder into her crotch. No matter how loud she screamed or cried, he would keep it on her until she said her safeword.

The thought of Mr. Corwin’s cruelty did its magic. Paige felt her pussy react despite how exhausted it was. She helped it along by reaching under her blouse and pinching a nipple.

The camera stared at Paige. She imagined some secret stalker was watching her. Also, her coworkers, they were watching too. All of them were sharing the connection until each and every one of them saw what a horny desperate slut Paige was.

Paige’s pussy reacted in a slow crescendo of pleasure. The tension grew unbearable as her orgasm was slow to come. She vividly imagined each and every one of her coworker’s faces as she ground the vibrator harder into her sex.

She finally came. Bliss radiated through her body. Page gasped and then shuddered as she rode the peak of euphoria and then whimpered as it quickly faded.

Paige turned off the vibrator. There was one more thing to do. She took her cellphone and snapped a picture of her sore pussy. Without looking at it, she sent it to Mr. Corwin.

He texted back two minutes later. “Three more to go” it said