Oct 262022

Explorer’s Log: I am on day seventeen of my twenty-one day journey to the star system designated “The Salivating Smell of the Queen’s Pussy,” by Royal Astronomers. Three of the ships’ external scanners experienced burnout failures and I have replaced the arrays. All systems are back to optimal, with the exception of the continuing cold spot near my bunk.

I have been experiencing strange thoughts all day long. I suspect an unknown entity of the race I have designated as Dead Fuckers-One, is trying to replace my mind with their own. I have initiated anti-possession protocols like passwords on all ship functions and have taken to wearing the Navy anal plug at all times except for waste removal. I hope this is enough to stop the psychic attacks. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I’m still not sure how the anal plug is supposed to protect my mind but oh well. It is a pain in the ass but maybe it is working as intend . . .in ten . . .in . . .

Vaquel could no longer control her mouth. She willed the words to come from her lips but nothing happened. In a panic, she tried to bite her tongue but her teeth wouldn’t move.

“Mistress, are you okay?” Chairbot asked underneath her.

Vaquel didn’t answer. She sat naked on the loyal robot chair in front of her work station. The seat buzzed pleasantly with low-power vibrations. Her sensitive pussy was soaking the seat. She could still feel the weight of the plug deep in her ass.

A spot on her right tit itched. Vaquel tried to scratch it with her right hand but it wouldn’t move. The itch intensified.

The left hand moved to her breast. That wasn’t the hand Vaquel was trying to move! It scratched the itch, and then her fingers pinched her nipple.

Sharp nails dug into Vaquel’s nipple. She cried out, but only in her mind. There was still no sound from her mouth.

“Mistress, please respond!” Chairbot said. “Are you suffering a mental failure? Do you require more vibrations?”

Vaquel growled within her mind. “I’ve been taken over!” she shouted with her inner voice. “Activate containment protocols! Flood the ship with knock-out gas and restrain me!”

“I am fine, Chairbot,” Vaquel’s mouth said but it wasn’t Vaquel talking. “Thank you for asking.”

Vaquel snorted internally. “You fucked up there,” she thought. “I never thank Chairbot for anything. He’ll know I am possessed!”

“Happy to serve, Mistress!” Chairbot replied.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel thought.

The pinch on Vaquel’s tit relaxed. Vaquel’s hands began to move. Vaquel watched helplessly as her hijacked body accessed the files on the Glister’s biology. Fingers typed and data pulled from the semen analysis scrolled across the screen.

Chairbot continued to vibrate and Vaquel felt it all. Rolling waves of vibrations massaged her ass. She wanted to clench her pussy but she lacked even that ability. The thick anal plug remained deep inside her, a silent observer to jiggling of her buttocks.

Vaquel wondered about the being that was in control of her body. Was it the same entity that tried to take over her before, or something new? If Vaquel knew who or what she was dealing with, maybe she could use that to escape.

One of Vaquel’s hands stopped the flow of data. Vaquel looked at the screen. Xenobiology was not her expertise and the numbers were meaningless to her. She recognized gene sequences but she was unsure as to what they represented.

The being possessing Vaquel must have known more. It opened a file and typed notes alongside certain sequences. Entire strands were copied and then modified.

Vaquel tried to read the notes. “Grave vehicle exercise thermocline,” was as far as Vaquel could read before she experienced a headache. The damn thing was writing in Ebrima, one of the theoretical languages that had been uploaded into her brain.

“Fucker could at least use my own language to write in,” Vaquel said. She tried to look away to make the headache stop but that was impossible when you can’t even control your own body.

A hand touched Vaquel’s pussy. It was her own hand. She felt the heat of her sex on her fingertips. When the fingers pushed in, she could feel slender digits plunging deep. The fingers undulated in a manner that didn’t come across naturally but was still exquisite to feel.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel thought. “Possession isn’t so bad after all.”

Both hands kept working. One hand typed, scrolled and edited data. The other hand stroked, plunged and wiggled in a delightful manner. The deep thrusts of the fingers caused Vaquel’s ass to clench tighter around her anal plug.

Vaquel moaned within her mind. It was so strange to by finger-fucked by someone using your own hand. She felt her pussy on her fingers but what her fingers were doing was completely new to her. It was like being fucked by a stranger except Vaquel could feel it from both ends.

Despite the lack of conscious control Vaquel had over her body, she was still reacting on an unconscious level. Sharp gasps emitted from Vaquel’s lips. Juices flowed like a fountain from her sex. The plug in her ass bobbed as her buttocks clenched on their own.

More data flew across the screen. The typing hand was busy; copying, editing, pasting and transferring biological code faster that Vaquel could follow. Vaquel was desperate to look down on her body but her eyes never left the screen.

The pleasure-giving hand left her pussy. Vaquel mentally moaned with frustration. The hand rose and smeared juices across both of her hard nipples before coming to her lips. Vaquel felt her mouth salivate as the fingers slipped in. She tasted herself and then her mouth sucked each finger clean.

It was delicious. Vaquel had tasted herself before and quite often, but this was different. She never licked underneath her fingernails before. The tongue also lapped suggestively at her knuckles. It was something she would have to remember for when she regained control of her body.

If she regained control of her body.

The typing hand gave the work station a new command. This Vaquel could read. The entity instructed the computer to transmit a file to another device using the ship’s communications array. The operating range would just cover the length of the ship.

Where were they broadcasting to?

Vaquel’s body stood up. The plug in her ass shifted. The cool air of the ship kissed Vaquel’s buttocks.

“Mistress, where are you going?” Chairbot asked. “I can transport your lovely butt to where you need to go.”

“No thank you, Chairbot,” Vaquel’s voice responded. “You are a pleasing sexual partner but I need to focus right now.”

Vaquel screamed internally. No thank you? Pleasing sexual partner? How could Chairbot not recognize that she was not in control?

As Vaquel’s body walked across the room, Chairbot rolled behind her. “Mistress, I believe you are acting outside of normal behavior parameters.”

“Yes!” Vaquel thought.

“Am I?” Vaquel’s voice responded. “That is concerning. Once I am finished with my task, how about I sit down on your magnificent seat and we can talk about it? I estimate our discussion would require at least an hour of me sitting on you.”

“That would be great, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “I will wait for you to finish.”

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. The entity bribed Chairbot with Vaquel’s own ass!

Vaquel’s body walked over to the sex toy locker. Traitor hands opened the locker and removed the paddle she had recovered from the last planet. They also grabbed the vibrator from a few planets earlier.

“On second thought, maybe this won’t be so bad after all,” Vaquel thought.

Vaquel’s body carried the sex toys to the nutrition table. She set the paddle down and then held the vibrator with both hands. The hands twisted the toy and the segments of the vibrator turned and extended a few centimeters. Another twist and a holographic display appeared.

“What the fuck is that?” Vaquel thought. She had fucked herself dozens of times with the vibrator and even had to engage in an exhausting recharge procedure, but this feature was new. How many features did this thing have?

Behind Vaquel, the computer spoke. “Connection made. Transmission started. Stand by.”

Vaquel was very confused at this point. The entity was sending genetic data to the vibrator? She had an incredible urge to frown and furrow her brow, but without a body to act her expression, she found herself emotionally frustrated in a way she did not expect.

Vaquel’s hands adjusted the vibrator. The display for the file transfer floated upwards. The vibrator began to buzz. The hands moved the vibrator to Vaquel’s breast and pressed down.

Pleasing vibrations rolled through Vaquel’s breast. She moaned within her mind. The tip of the vibrator moved up to above her nipple, and then came down at a slight angle, just avoiding her hard nub of flesh. The tip buzzed in a straight line across her sensitive breast and then angled upwards to reconnect the initial point of contact. The triangle completed, Vaquel’s hands repeated the motion.

Vaquel’s ass clenched tighter around the plug. Juices flowed from her pussy and down her thighs. Vaquel wanted to lean into the vibrator as it moved but her body was not her own. From point A, to point B to Point C, the vibrator triangulated around her neglected nipple.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. Was this torture? Was it foreplay? Did the entity enjoy this as well?

According to the holographic display, the file transfer was approaching the 25% mark.

The vibrator left Vaquel’s tit. The tip retouched her at the base of her neck. Vaquel’s body shuddered. Powerful vibrations pressed against her throat. She felt herself swallow.

Is this an erogenous zone for the entity? She couldn’t ask out loud, but maybe she could mentally send the question to whomever was possessing her. Vaquel concentrated and tried to express her query through sheer willpower.

The vibrator tip slid down from her throat and towards the other breast. Vaquel’s hand pressed the vibrator lengthwise across her tit, trapping the hard nipple underneath. Up and down the vibrator rolled, as if the hand was kneading dough.

Vaquel didn’t know what to make of this but her pussy responded in kind. It clenched and unclenched with urgency to be touched. Juices dripped from her sex and formed a puddle between her feet.

The file transfer was halfway done.

Vaquel’s hand pulled the vibrator away. Where was it going next? The eyes were locked on the holographic display and Vaquel couldn’t see anything else.

“Please, please, please, touch my pussy,” Vaquel thought.

The vibrator pressed against Vaquel’s ass. She felt her other hand grab a buttock and pull. The plug in her ass bobbed as Vaquel’s body clenched.

“They do know there is a plug up in there, right?” Vaquel thought.

The head of the vibrator pressed against the base of the anal plug. Vibrations shook the tightly clenched plug. The vibrations increased by the second.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. She lost track of her body as her entire focus centered on the vibrator intruder in her ass. It felt like she was being shaken apart. Tremors pulsed from her penetrated ass and went straight to her pussy.

Vaquel’s pussy clenched. Was it her body’s doing, or was the entity piloting her body making the conscious effort to clench? Either way, her pussy was painfully empty.

The file transfer was three quarters of the way full.

The vibrator moved away from Vaquel’s ass. The view shifted and Vaquel felt her right leg rise up and then her foot planted itself on the nutrition table chair. Cool air from the air recyclers kissed her exposed pussy right before the tip of the vibrator pressed against her damp bush. Fingers spread open her pussy as the vibrator slipped inside her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out in her mind. It felt wonderful. The vibrator was thicker than it had been before and the thickness was a definite improvement. The toy opened her sex just like the plug had opened her ass. Pleasant vibrations filled her pussy as her ass clenched tighter around the plug.

Fingers tapped against her clitoris. It was a strange rhythm that Vaquel had never encountered before. It sensitized her pussy with every tap. She felt her desire escalate like a rocket leaving a gravity well.

But she wasn’t coming.

“Please,” Vaquel whimpered in her mind. “Let me come.”

The fingers kept tapping. It was almost like a code. Vaquel tried to follow the pattern but it was too complex and she was aroused to think straight.

The vibrator was still inside her, buried deep and still pulsing. The only movement was from Vaquel’s pussy tightening and relaxing. The vibrations added to her sensitivity and brought her so frustratingly close to release.

Throughout it all, the plug stayed in her ass. All of the clenching caused the plug to bob. Vaquel thought it might actually fall out. It never did though.

The holographic display announced that the file transfer was complete.

The tapping stopped and Vaquel screamed within her mind. The vibrator slid out and Vaquel’s foot returned to the floor. Vaquel watched as her hands twisted, pulled and rotated parts of the vibrator. When the hands set the toy down on the table, it now resembled a pyramid instead of the sexy girth Vaquel was intimate with.

The holographic display changed. A gene map appeared. The complexity was absurd and beyond Vaquel’s ability to comprehend. Piece by piece, the map was filled in with data.

“That’s no vibrator,” Vaquel thought. “That is a fucking genetic sequencer. Why the fuck would they make it also vibrate?”

Vaquel thought about the countless sex toys she had seen scattered around the planets she had visited. Did they all have dual functions? Were these aliens so attuned to their sexuality that they didn’t make any tools unless they could also use it to fuck?

For the first time in all of her travels, Vaquel realized that there might be civilizations more sexually advanced than her own. She felt a moment of awe followed by an immediate kinship. These beings would make perfect allies and partners to the Euphorians.

Then she remembered the awful truth: these beings were all dead. A sense of loss came over Vaquel followed by grief on a cosmic scale. The grief almost cancelled the extreme arousal she felt in her ass and pussy.


Vaquel’s body bent over the table. She felt her hand grip the paddle that was nearby. What second function did the paddle have? Was it some sort of fabricator? Maybe a powerful scanner? It might be something so advanced that Vaquel couldn’t even imagine what it could do.

The hijacked body swung the paddle towards her ass. The flat plastic surface collided into her round cheek. Stinging sensation filled Vaquel’s mind but her body didn’t even grunt.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cursed.

“Mistress, are you okay?” Chairbot asked. “You did not have your usual audio response to such stimuli?”

“Damn right!” Vaquel shouted in her mind. “Subdue this fucker, now!”

“I am doing quite well, Chairbot,” Vaquel’s voice answered. “Thank you for asking.”

The hand swung back again, striking the other buttock. The paddle seared Vaquel’s ass as the thick plug jiggled within her asshole. Her drenched pussy clenched in need. Again, Vaquel’s mouth emitted no sound.

“I am not so sure, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “I know you wanted to some time to think, but your sudden expertise with the alien technology you found is suspicious. I believe you are highly likely to have been possessed again.”

“Yes!” Vaquel mentally screamed. “Do it, Chairbot!”

The hand swung back again and unleashed a barrage of paddle strikes to Vaquel’s ass. Vaquel tried to grit her teeth to ride out the pain but she was denied even that tiny bit of control over her own body. The heat of her round ass increased like a solar flare.

“You leave me no choice, Mistress,” Chairbot says. “I am initiating containment protocols!”

“Fuck, yes!” Vaquel thought. She should have had more faith in the loyal robot!

“But Chairbot,” Vaquel’s mouth said. “I am merely enhancing my own sensitivity so that I will enjoy sitting on you even more. Imagine how much I will squirm when I sit on your warm seat.”

“Oh, fuck,” Vaquel swore.

“Terminating containment protocols,” Chairbot reported. “Please hurry, Mistress.”

Vaquel’s mouth laughed but Vaquel was not amused. That little shit! He was going to sell her out for a spanked ass! Well, Vaquel’s spanked ass.

The spanking continued. Right, left, right, left the paddle smacked into Vaquel’s ass. The precision was uncanny. She felt her feet lift up on her toes to raise her butt higher. Each collision of the paddle into her ass sent a tremor right to her butt plug.

All the while, Vaquel’s pussy continued to flow. Juices dripped from her bush and onto the floor. She was so close to the edge of the table and Vaquel tried to will her body closer so she could hump it but she was trapped within her body.

There was a chime. The spanking stopped. Vaquel lifted her head and looked at the gene sequencer/vibrator. The mapping was complete.

“Now what?” Vaquel thought. Her ass was on fire and she wanted to come like she never had before.

Vaquel’s body stood up and held the paddle in front of her. Hands applied pressure to the sides of the paddle surface and the sides expanded. The paddle grew larger and folded in on itself until it formed a cone. The hands affixed the cone to the top of the pyramid and it stayed.

“Are you ready to sit, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“Yes, Chairbot but I want you to make a note,” Vaquel’s voice said. “When you find the Glister, attach this device to one of the ship’s micro probes. Set it to orbit the planet at standard scanning distance for a total of three orbits. The device will activate on its own. Obviously, the probe ship should stay outside the micro probe’s orbit. Once the device is finished, wait eight hours for results.”

“Note has been recorded, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “I am ready for you to sit on me!”

“Traitorous shit!” Vaquel swore internally.

“Only if you promise to fuck this body silly,” Vaquel’s voice said.

“Of course, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

Vaquel’s body sat down. Chairbot’s rumbling seat vibrators touched Vaquel’s well-spanked ass. Vaquel’s voice merely grunted while Vaquel screamed mentally. Force fields formed along Chairbot’s seat and pushed into Vaquel’s drenched sex.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out and this time, it came out of her own mouth.

Vaquel looked down. She was in control of her body again! The phallic force field rammed her pussy with rapid thrusts, forcing Vaquel to grip Chairbot’s arms. The thick plug shifted inside her as she wantonly grinded against the penetrating force field.

A powerful orgasm rose within Vaquel. She threw her head back and relished the joy of moving her own body. When she crashed into her climax, Vaquel shouted with her own voice.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel screamed.

The vibrations intensified. Vaquel’s spanked ass burned with a stellar heat. The plug inside her ass shook violently from the powerful vibrations and threatened to tear her ass apart.

The pain only increased Vaquel’s arousal. She reached down between her brown thighs and rubbed furiously at her sensitive clitoris. The phallic force field continued to slam into her soaking cunt like a meteor strike. Working together, Vaquel and Chairbot brought Vaquel to another screaming orgasm.

“Glory to the Queen!”

Tremors ran through Vaquel’s body. Her hand moved of its own accord and began to tap on her clitoris. Vaquel watched in wonder as new sensations filled her pussy. She was concerned about losing control of her hand but she also didn’t want it to stop.

Another orgasm swelled within Vaquel. Her entire body tightened with tension. She clenched so hard on the anal plug that she worried she would crush it. Toes curled as Vaquel bit down hard on her lip.

The orgasm burst like a supernova. Vaquel shouted, incapable of articulating her praise. The fingers shifted their tapping to a new sequence on her clitoris. The orgasm stretched, dilating time itself so that her climax lasted a small eon.

“Stop,” Vaquel whispered when the climax finally ended. Chairbot ceased vibrations and force fields immediately. The assault of sensations came to an end and Vaquel collapsed in her seat.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. She was drifting on a cloud of euphoria. The only thing anchoring her to reality was the plug in her ass.

“It has taken me awhile,” Vaquel’s mouth said, “but I was finally able to synchronize with your body. I wish that we could converse. I tried to bond with your mind and I almost overwrote you. For that I am sorry and I hope you accept the orgasms we shared together as my apology gift.”

Vaquel was too blissed out on orgasms to panic. She lifted a hand and noticed she still had control over her body. It was annoying that the being was using her voice, but hey, those were really nice orgasms.

“Thank you for the use of your body,” Vaquel’s voice continued. “When I died, my soul lingered and I haunted my world. Then you came and you brought your wet cunt, your beautiful tits and your exemplary ass. When you fucked one of the garden toys, I knew you were the same as I. For this reason, I came with you to the stars. Your body detected my presence as a change in temperature. I apologize for the distractions that caused you.”

Vaquel thought about the cold spot that lingered in her ship the last few months. Well, that explained why it was right by her bed. If she was a disembodied intelligence, she would hang out near her sexy body too.

Vaquel’s voice continued. “You are brave. You are smart. You are sexy. As you explored, I tried to guide you to the things I needed. My soul was weak but slowly, I learned how to move small objects. A fallen rock drew your attention. A press of a button changed your landing destination. You did not know it, but we have been working together to gather the right tools.”

Vaquel sighed mentally. There has been a lot of weird shit going on. She felt manipulated but also a bit relieved that the ship wasn’t malfunctioning. Again, the awesome orgasms she just experienced was going a long way towards keeping her calm.

“Together we could do so many wonderful acts of pleasure but I feel my soul weakening with every passing second. With my final strength, I have designed a response to the Glister. It is a final gift from my people to theirs. They murdered my family, my culture and my species. For that, they deserve a gift that they will never forget.”

Vaquel nodded her head in sympathy. During the mind bonding a few weeks ago, Vaquel had experienced the being’s family. She still remembered the feeling of the blast wave stripping the flesh from their body. The Glister had a lot to answer for.

“I am almost gone,” Vaquel’s voice said. “I will soon join my family in the Orgy Everlasting. Safe travels Vaquel Di and I hope you will find your way back home. Treasure your people for one day they may be gone.”

“I will,” Vaquel said, and she said it with her own mouth.

Oct 192022

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Queen’s Unparalleled Vaginal Grip,” by Royal Astronomers. This system has four planets, all of which have been attacked with atomic weapons. Even their moons have been bombarded. It is clear that the species I have designated as Dead Fuckers-One once lived here before being destroyed by the celibate Glister. Scans have detected possible life signs on a small moon orbiting the first planet around the star. I will land there and do my survey. This time I am not detecting any active wormholes like on the last planet, so I doubt there is a Glister team down there. The life signs might actually be survivors this time.

There continues to be no psychic attacks like what I experienced a few weeks ago. It is almost a disappointment. That was a damn good fuck, whether it was all in my head or not.

The ship continues to have cold spots but fuck it, I am done trying to diagnose the problem. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Okay, this is weird and I didn’t want to report it on my main log and have the Royal Navy think I am going crazy. I set the navigation computer to touch down near the moon’s equator but as soon as I step away, the landing coordinates change to a jungle halfway to the southern pole. Chairbot swears it isn’t him and the computer says that I logged the change. What the fuck? I hope it is just another malfunction. Either way, it looks like I am going to check this jungle out.

Vaquel Di squatted down behind a fallen tree. The tight red spacesuit she wore blended in with the red foliage of the jungle. Sweat glistened on her dark skin despite the temperature controls within her glassteel helmet. Short pink hair crowned a very anxious face.

White shapes shifted behind fallen trees. The damn Glister were on this planet after all. Their bodies were covered in holographic white blocks. It made them stand out in the red jungle which should have been an advantage except for the fact that there was at least thirty of them.

“What the fuck are they doing here?” Vaquel whispered. The only time she had seen Glister on a dead planet was to destroy the architecture and culture of Dead Fuckers-One. There was none of that here. By what little was standing, Vaquel had determined that this moon was some sort of nature preserve. It lacked any artificial structures at all.

Whatever the reason, they were moving through the broken trees and smoking craters like soldiers on high alert. The holograms obscured their bodies and faces, but Vaquel recognized solid tactics when she saw it. Some took cover and maintained overwatch while other moved forward. Despite the broken ground, they stayed in sight of one another. A few shapes detached from the main body to sweep the flanks.

Vaquel had been retreating from the Glister for the last hour. She didn’t think they had spotted her but they kept moving in her direction. Unlike the other Glister she met, these didn’t stop to vandalize the terrain. These non-fuckers were making good time as if they were looking for something. Vaquel just hoped that it wasn’t her they were looking for.

There was a scream from somewhere in front of Vaquel. It was followed by the thunder crack of a Glister’s ballistic weapon, and then another scream.

The white shapes hesitated. Some moved back deeper in the jungle.

A minute later, there was more screaming. Correction, a lot more screaming. Vaquel counted nine screams, all cut short.

Vaquel didn’t know what the Glister were looking for, but apparently something had found them.

The white shapes moved back into the jungle. Vaquel hated how the holographic blocks made it difficult to tell which way the Glister were facing. Were they headed back into the jungle, or slowly retreating and seeing if Vaquel popped her head up?

A piece of the red landscape jumped through the air and landed on a white Glister. There was a terrible scream as white blocks flew away from the Glister. Vaquel knew from experience that the blocks were the Glister’s arms and legs.

The other Glister opened fire. Trees cracked from the hurtling metal but the red shape dodged through the barrage. It moved with a reptilian grace, leaping and swinging long arms that ended in scything claws. It tore Glister heads from their bodies and used their hologram-covered skulls as weapons to throw at the remaining Glister.

The creature ran up a tree. White shapes fired upwards. The tree crumbled under the assault and the trunk fell towards Vaquel’s location.

Vaquel stayed where she was. The tree she was hiding behind was the only cover within running distance. If she abandoned her place, the Glister would have a clear shot at her and she was nowhere near as limber as the creature murdering them.

She watched as the red creature rode the fallen trunk to the ground. It jumped off the trunk and landed two meters in front of her hiding position. Standing defiantly, it turned its back to Vaquel and roared at the Glister.

Vaquel risked poking her head up to get a look at the red being. It was a magnificent humanoid, rippling with muscles under its red scales. A tail swished back and forth angrily. Two long arms stretched out to display eight long claws on each hand. The thing was facing away from Vaquel but the head was small and heavily armored with scales.

“What are you?” Vaquel whispered. It had some resemblance to the corpses she had seen of Dead Fuckers-One but there were too many deviations for them to be genetically linked. Maybe a distant evolutionary cousin? Or could it be one of their bio-engineered creations? She doubted it. Everything Vaquel had seen of Dead Fuckers-One’s creations were meant to fuck and be fucked. These things looked like it was bred to kill.

There was a thunder crack as one of the Glister fired their rifle. The creature spun as something struck its shoulder. There was a spray of blue blood that arced over the fallen tree Vaquel was hiding behind. The blood landed on the grass behind her.

The grass sizzled. Vaquel watched as the blood disintegrated the grass and parts of the ground. Smoke rose.

“Fucking acid? Vaquel whispered. “The thing has acid blood? How the fuck does that even work?”

There was a roar and a scream. Vaquel peeked back over the tree. The red creature had leapt back towards the Glisters. There were a lot fewer white shapes than Vaquel remembered.

The beast tore through the Glister like a living shredder. Vaquel almost cheered to see so many genocidal celibates die so violently. The Glister kept firing but the beast was too fast. In less than ten deca-seconds, it had killed them all.

What would it do now? The red humanoid squatted down next to a Glister corpse. It ripped an arm off and began to eat it. Vaquel was grateful for the still functioning hologram obscuring the gory eating.

With the beast distracted, Vaquel decided to slip away. She crawled in the opposite direction flat on her stomach. Smoke continued to rise from where the acid blood ate into the ground.

Vaquel frowned. Acid blood was familiar somehow. She felt like she had encountered that before but she couldn’t remember exactly. That was weird. You would think something as impossible as acid blood would stick in someone’s memory

As soon as Vaquel reached a standing tree, she stood up. The red humanoid was still eating. Feeling somewhat safer, she jogged through the blasted forest. When she finds a good landing spot, she was going to call her probe ship for a pickup.

There was a structure up ahead. A tree had fallen on top of it but most of it remained. The structure wasn’t big, maybe ten meters long and only three meters tall, but it was the only sign of civilization Vaquel had found on this moon. She would need to check it.

Vaquel drew her laser pistol and approached the doorway. A metal door had fallen into the building. Deep claw marks marred the door. Something had broken in.

The inside of the building was a mess. Broken monitors lined the walls. A round mattress sat in the middle of the room, large enough to accommodate three or four bodies if they snuggled. Cabinets had been ripped open and all manner of sex toys littered the ground. There were empty pouches and cans that Vaquel could only guess the contents of.

“This place almost looks like my ship,” Vaquel said out loud. She recognized the dedicated areas for sleep, work, food preparation and even hygiene. Dead-Fuckers-One must have used this place as an outpost.

“But to what end?” Vaquel asked. She looked at the sex toys on the ground. There were a large number of dildoes, though she suspected they were actually vibrators. She walked over to a table and examined a scrap of paper. It had a drawing of a red humanoid with a giant cock and an even bigger tongue.

“I think I met you,” Vaquel said to the drawing. “Except I don’t see any claws on you and you’re missing scales. The version I saw didn’t have your cock either, and I think I would have noticed that.”

There were annotations on the paper, but it was written in Ebrima, a language that been uploaded in Vaquel’s brain as a theoretical language. Vaquel tried to read it but it was gibberish to her.

The illustration of a gene sequence though, that Vaquel recognized.

“Ha, those crafty fuckers,” Vaquel said. “They were bio-engineering creatures for sex. I wonder what happened to the one I saw. Is it some kind of mutant that has been altered by the atomic fallout? Or was it designed last minute by the Dead-Fuckers-One as a final weapon for the Glister?”

It was doubtful that Vaquel would ever learn the answer. She would make a report and sometime later, a Royal Navy ship will come to this moon and do a full investigation. If Vaquel was lucky, she might even one day read their report.

“Damn, the things my people could learn from you.”

Vaquel looked around the interior. There had to be something she could salvage right now but she didn’t see anything that looked like splicing technology. There were plenty of sex toys but nothing to sequence someone’s genes.

Something fell off a nearby table. Vaquel spun around and aimed her laser pistol. There was no one there. She slowly walked over to the table and looked to see what had fallen. There was a large yellow paddle with a nice studded grip.

“Hello, beauty,” Vaquel said. She picked up the paddle. It was heavier than it looked. The studs on the handle would make for a good dildo and the wide surface of the paddle promised a nice impact zone. This was a keeper.

Vaquel slapped the paddle to her hip. A small gravity field held the paddle in place. She didn’t find any technology but a good paddle was a nice consolation prize. It was time to go.

Someone stood in the doorway out. It was the red creature from earlier. Saliva dripped from its open mouth. Both arms were stretched wide as if anticipating trying to catch Vaquel.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. She raised her pistol and almost fired before stopping herself. If she hit it in this confined space, where would that acid blood spray? Probably right onto her.

The beast snarled. It took a tentative step into the room. A long tongue peeked out from the fangs and tasted the air.

“Okay, you’re not killing me, so that’s good,” Vaquel said. “Maybe you’re still a living sex toy at heart.”

Vaquel holstered her weapon. The creature visibly relaxed and lowered their long arms. Feeling confident, Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. The top half of her red spacesuit melted away to expose her brown breasts.

The creature grunted. A thick phallus emerged from a hidden slit along its smooth crotch. The long cock titled upwards as it grew harder.

“There it is,” Vaquel said. “Thank the Queen, I was afraid your dick got mutated away.”

The creature rushed forward. Vaquel cried out as the beast rapidly closed the distance between them and grabbed her by the arms. She was lifted from her feet and her back smashed into the wall. The glassteel helmet protected her head but her back ached from the impact.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel groaned. She tried to reach for her laser pistol but the creature was holding her by the armpits and she couldn’t bend her arm enough to reach her belt.

The beast was face to face with her tits. The fanged mouth opened wide. Saliva dripped from its jaw.

“Don’t bite my tit off!” Vaquel screamed.

A red tongue snaked out of the mouth. The tip fluttered over Vaquel’s nipple. Rapid flicks hardened her nipple in an instant.

“Thank the Queen,” Vaquel whispered. The mutated creature must still retain some of its original sexual drive.

The tongue danced over Vaquel’s breast. As the beast tasted her, more of its impossibly long tongue emerged. The tongue wrapped around her tit as the tip continued to flicker.

Meanwhile, the creature’s cock bounced between its legs. It was an impressive member for its size but the ridges that ran along the sides were equally intriguing. As the creature licked Vaquel’s tit, its hips began to buck and fuck the open air.

“You know, I can help with that,” Vaquel said.

The creature unwound its tongue from Vaquel’s tit. Narrow eyes stared at her face as the tongue moved to her other breast. The tip of the tongue started at her nipple, but soon wound its way around her breast as it tasted every centimeter.

Vaquel squirmed in the creature’s grasp. The winding tongue squeezed her breast as the fluttering tip sensitized her flesh. A hurricane of heat and moisture descended on her pussy but there was no way to touch herself.

All the while, the creature continued to fuck the open air with its hard cock.

“Poor thing,” Vaquel said. “You need some sex education.”

Vaquel reached out with her feet. Both boots locked around the sides of the thrusting cock. The creature paused but then resumed thrusting into the grip of her boots.

“Damn, you like it rough,” Vaquel said. Any other cock would get shredded by rubbing against her hard boots but this beast liked it.

The beast groaned, but with its mouth open it was more of a hiss. The long tongue unwound from Vaquel’s tit and the flickering tip licked its way down Vaquel’s stomach. When it reached her belly button, the tip licked harder.

“Oh shit, you’re making me ticklish!” Vaquel said. She squirmed in the humanoid’s grip, all the while keeping her feet locked around the thrusting cock.

As Vaquel squirmed, her large tits jiggled. The creature grunted and one of his hands moved from her armpit to a bouncing breast. Eight powerful fingers clamped down and crushed her breast.

Vaquel forgot about the tickling as desire flooded her pussy. Sharp claws dug into her flesh and mercifully didn’t draw blood. The intense sensations caused her to moan louder.

The red humanoid grunted. The tongue left her belly button and moved further down to Vaquel’s crotch. The nimble tongue lapped against the spacesuit covering her pussy.

“Can you smell it?” Vaquel asked. “Can you smell how wet I am? I bet you want to sink that big member right into my wet little hole, don’t you?”

The beast hissed. One clawed hand squeezed her tit harder. The tongue flicked harder against the thin material of her spacesuit.

“Shit, forgot my hand was free,” Vaquel groaned. She reached down to her belt and pressed a button. A seam appeared over her crotch and widened to reveal the pink bush of her pubic hair.

The long tongue wiggled into her bush and licked the dew from her sex lips. Vaquel cried out and forgot to keep her feet around the creature’s cock. Her legs dropped down as the tongue wiggled deeper inside her.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried. “How are you licking me so fast?”

The tongue rapidly flicked inside Vaquel. It was a testament to the genetic splicing skills of Dead Fuckers-One. The tongue spun inside her pussy, cork-screwing its way in and out of her pussy as it licked her.

“Oh yes, make me come you beautiful red monster!” Vaquel screamed.

The beast humped the air as its tongue delved inside Vaquel’s pussy. The clawed hand kneaded her captured breast, constantly making Vaquel aware of the sharp points. The other hand held onto her armpit and was slowly turning her arm numb.

Vaquel didn’t care. The twisting, fluttering, licking tongue tasted every millimeter of her clenching pussy. She squirmed with maddening delight.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted as she climaxed.

The beast grunted. The large cock throbbed violently. He dropped Vaquel to the ground and she fell to her knees. Powerful hands gripped the sides of her glassteel helmet and squeezed.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. Micro-fissures appeared in the nearly indestructible bubble helmet. She quickly tapped the release button on her belt.

There was a hissing of air and the red humanoid wrenched the helmet from Vaquel’s shoulders. He tossed it aside and grabbed Vaquel by the head. With a thrust of their hips, he slammed his greedy cock towards Vaquel’s face.

Vaquel opened her mouth just in time. The cock pushed into her mouth and down her throat. She choked and accidentally bit down, but the tough creature didn’t seem to notice.

The beast hissed, either in pleasure, triumph or something else. Sixteen claws pricked Vaquel’s head as he tightened his grip. The tip of the long tongue fluttered against her eyebrows as the throbbing cock slid in and out of her lips.

Vaquel groaned. It had been ages since someone used her face like this. One hand dropped down to her wet pussy and furiously stroked. The other hand went to the creature’s thighs in a futile attempt to get the creature to slow down.

The beast was too powerful. In the wreckage of an alien outpost in the middle of a shattered jungle on a bombarded moon, Vaquel was reduced to a kneeling slut with an open mouth by the alien creature. All she could do was take whatever the monster wanted to give to her.

Vaquel couldn’t be happier. She climaxed again on her fingers. The thrusting cock in her mouth muffled her praise to the Queen.

The creature hissed louder. The pulsing cock was nearly vibrating. The claws on Vaquel’s head pricked harder with each thrust. It was going to come.

Vaquel reached for the creature’s member. She wrapped pussy-soaked fingers around the base of throbbing base. Gripping with both hands, she stroked the thrusting cock.

The pressure on Vaquel’s head relaxed. The creature hissed louder and his thrusts stopped. He let go of her head and reached down to grab both tits with its clawed hands.

Vaquel popped the creature’s cock from her mouth. “Let me take care of you, you gorgeous fuck beast,” she said. Stroking with both hands, Vaquel showed the beast what her tongue can do as she flicked the swollen head.

The beast was almost panting. It was close. The once-murderous monster was now a gentle cock in Vaquel’s expert hands.

One of the creature’s legs trembled. Both hands tightened around her tits. Now was the moment of its climax.

A vision popped in Vaquel’s mind. It was her own face, although a lot older. Over one eye was an eye-patch. It was the future version of herself that she had met during her travels. How did the future Vaquel lose an eye? She remembered asking and what the other Vaquel had replied.

“I’ll tell you one thing, if you like having peripheral vision, never let an alien creature with acid blood come on your fucking face.”

A chill went through Vaquel. She turned the cock to the side as it was about to erupt. A stream of pulsing blue liquid fired from the cock. It splattered against a wall and the wall began to melt.

The creature shuddered. The long tongue went limp. The clawed hands released her tits.

Vaquel kept pumping the cock. More acid come fired from the member. She kept her stroking restricted to the base and made sure to not come in contact with the deadly come.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. That was close!

A wave of nausea came over Vaquel. It was a paradox reality shift. Her future self saved Vaquel from disfigurement, changing the future as well as changing the past. Colors bled all around Vaquel as reality threatened to tear itself apart. A thousand howls surrounded Vaquel and seemed to be coming from her own atoms.

“Was it worth destroying reality to save my own eye?” Vaquel thought.

“Fuck yes,” she answered almost instantly.

The nausea passed. Colors returned to normal. The howls died as if they never were. Vaquel released the creature’s dick and touched the ground. Reality appeared to still be there.

The creature grunted and the cock retracted back into its hide. It was oblivious to how close this timeline came to no longer existing. The monster went to the mattress in the middle of the room and curled into a ball to rest. One red eye stayed open and peered at Vaquel. Its intentions were impossible to read.

“Yeah, time to go,” Vaquel said. She stood up and pressed a button on her belt. The red material of her spacesuit slid back over her body. She winced as the material clung tightly to her tender tits. There were a lot of scratches from the monster’s claws. She recovered her helmet and put it back on. Biometrics appeared on the holographic display inside the glassteel.

Vaquel left the resting creature behind and went back into the jungle. The paddle she recovered slapped against her hip. She pressed another button on her belt and summoned her probe ship. It would be here in a few kiloseconds.

In the meantime, Vaquel sat on a fallen tree trunk and enjoyed existing, being well-licked, and having two eyes.

Oct 122022

Explorer’s Log: I am on day nine of my twenty-nine day journey to the star system designated “The Queen’ Unparalleled Vaginal Grip,” by Royal Astronomers. All systems are optimal with the exception of the cold spot beside my bunk. I have felt the cold spot elsewhere within the cabin, including by the algae dispenser and next to the navigational console. The ship computer doesn’t detect the change in temperature at all and I am worried there might be a deep level malfunction in the environmental controls.

The computer has finished analyzing the genetic sample I recovered from the Glister. The species is normally two meters tall with slender arms and legs. The face that was synthesized took me by surprise. It was very handsome with sharp cheekbones and pouty lips. That face was made for pussy-eating. No wonder these sick celibates hide their bodies under holograms. They are fucking sexy. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I am starting to regret killing the Glister I encountered. The fucker had to die but maybe I should have sat on his face first. Ick. I can’t believe I am fantasizing about fucking a disgusting celibate. I really need to get fucked by something living.

Vaquel Di opened the wall panel and examined the temperature sensors underneath. The space explorer was clothed from the waist down in a skintight white spacesuit. Her large brown breasts and broad back were exposed so that she could better feel any cold spots. Short pink hair topped her scalp while dark eyes focused on the sensors.

Everything was in order. Each sensor reported the same temperature with deviations well within operating standards. There were no damaged parts, and no dirt that could interfere with the readings. The power conduit connection was functioning perfectly.

So why was Vaquel feeling a slight chill on the small of her back? It was right above the belt, where a lover’s hand would go. When she closed her eyes, she could sense the cold spot moving up her back a few centimeters before moving back down again.

“Chairbot, anything?” Vaquel asked.

“Negative, Mistress!” the loyal robot said behind her. “All I am detecting is your magnificent buttocks constrained within your space suit! Maybe I could detect it if you sat down?”

“Shut up,” Vaquel said. The robot would be too busy feeling her ass on his chair to bother to scan. No, she needed to solve this problem before a simple cold spot became a complete environmental failure.

Vaquel left the panel open and turned towards the center of the habitation room. Maybe there was a problem with the data channel. She dropped to her knees and slid open a panel on the floor. The data channel sparkled in front of her. Vaquel tapped a button on her wrist and let her scanner get to work.

Something caught her eye. One of the cabinets under her bunk was open. It normally held emergency rations but there was something blue lodged in there.

Vaquel frowned and crawled over to it. Her heavy breasts swung from side to side as she crawled. Vaquel almost wished someone was here to see it. Feeling lonely and horny, she threw a little extra wiggle to her ass while she crawled.

The blue object was the alien vibrator she picked up two worlds ago. With some difficulty, Vaquel pulled it out of the cabinet. The thick toy had been wedged in tightly.

“How did you get here?” Vaquel asked. She almost expected an answer since the vibrator had a holographic recharge function. Sadly, the vibrator didn’t respond.

How did it get there? Vaquel treated her toys very well and no amount of post-orgasmic bliss would cause her to cram the toy into a rations cabinet. Could she have kicked it in somehow?

Wait, she knew someone who would. Vaquel stood up and pointed the vibrator at Chairbot. The always-envious robot had a grudge against anything that got her off.

“Hide my sex toys again and I’ll leave you on a planet where no one has asses!” Vaquel snapped.

“It wasn’t me, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

“Yeah, right,” Vaquel snorted. She walked over to the toy locker, which was the same height as her tits. Wait, how did the robot reach this high? Vaquel shrugged. The robot was clever, Vaquel had no doubt he could find a way.

She opened the locker and stared at the mess inside. Dildoes and nipple clamps laid in a heap at the bottom of the locker. The cap on a dispenser of lube was missing but thankfully the dispenser hadn’t tipped over . The blindfold, paddle and sensation glove had slipped from their hooks and laid on top of the pile.

“What the actual fuck?” Vaquel said. Had she encountered turbulence lately? She couldn’t recall, but something drastic had upset the locker. It looked like a small localized gravity inversion had occurred.

Vaquel frowned. Maybe this was more proof that the environmental controls were faulty. She needed to understand what was happening and lock it down now.

The space explorer closed the locker and walked down the length of her ship towards her work station. The monitor was already activated. A video clip of Vaquel crawling on all fours towards her bunk played on the screen. The screen focused on her tight ass shifting inside the blue material of her spacesuit.

Vaquel knew how the video was taken. It was a recording from one of the interior cameras that Vaquel was using to scan for cold spots, except this recording wasn’t set for heat sensitivity. She also didn’t direct the camera to upload a looping clip of her crawling.

“Chairbot, did you do this?” Vaquel asked.

“My own sensors are superior to the ship’s” Chairbot said. “I have my own memories of your wonderous ass.”

This was more than a malfunction. The way the camera tracked her ass proved intelligent intent. Vaquel went to the work station and pulled up a log of previous commands.

There, someone had typed in the orders. It wasn’t Vaquel and Chairbot was a shit, but he was a loyal shit. That just left one obvious answer.

Vaquel wasn’t alone.

“Chairbot, run a full sweep for life forms on board the ship,” Vaquel snapped. “We have an intruder!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “Who could it be?”

“Fuck if I know,” Vaquel said. She rushed to the weapons locker and opened it. Thankfully, everything was in order. She pulled out a shock baton and activated it.

The hum of the baton comforted Vaquel but her heart was still racing. Who could the intruder be? The only species she knew of was the Glister and those no-fuck fuckers didn’t have spaceship technology. They did have wormhole tech, but was it good enough to transport someone directly onto her ship?

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. She had no idea.

“Sweep complete and except for you, no one is on board,” Chairbot said.

“Shit, they must have already left,” Vaquel said but she wasn’t so sure. Why would they come on board, watch her ass crawl across the floor and then leave? That didn’t make any sense.

Oh wait, the Glister were sex-phobic. They used holograms to cover their own bodies. One look at Vaquel’s round ass and free-swinging tits might have sent them into a panic.

“Hmm, fuck it,” Vaquel said. “Chairbot, do a micro-level diagnostic of the ship. I need to know if anything has been sabotaged or if there is extra mass on board.”

“Mistress, that will require ninety-three percent of my computation power!” Chairbot whined.

“Do it!” Vaquel snapped.

Chairbot wheeled himself into a corner. His lights dimmed as he devoted himself to his task. The flat seat dropped as he was unable to devote power to rigidity.

Vaquel looked around her ship. Where the fuck did the Glister hide? There wasn’t much room to move. The aliens had hologram technology but did that include stealth? It was a worrying thought.

Shit, could a Glister be here right now? Maybe she could flush it out.

“Is anyone here?” Vaquel asked.

There was no answer.

“Fine, you asked for this,” Vaquel said.

She cupped one of her tits. The warm flesh filled Vaquel’s hand. The last Glister she met almost cried when she fondled herself. This hidden Glister would feel the same way.

There was no response.

“Are you used to tits?” Vaquel asked. “What about this?”

Vaquel pulled her breast up as she dipped her head down. The hard nipple was centimeters from her lips. She opened her mouth and stretched her tongue out. The pink tongue flicked her hard brown nub.

There was a sigh in Vaquel’s ear.

Vaquel swung the shock baton behind her. The humming bar cut through the air. She took another swing and then another, all the while, still holding onto her tit with the other hand.

The room was still. There was no sound except for the humming of Vaquel’s shock baton.

A sigh was the last thing Vaquel had excepted. A whimper, yes. Cries of disgust, sure. A moan of pleasure? Not at all.

Maybe she imagined it. It had been a while since she had fucked. She wouldn’t be the first space explorer to hear imaginary moans.

“Fuck,” Vaquel said. Either there was a Glister on board and it just sighed in her ear, or she was imaging sex sounds. Neither possibility gave her much comfort.

“Well, if I wait a few minutes, Chairbot can tell me which it is,” she said out loud. “And if you are here, I am going to fuck your shit up.

There was no response.

Vaquel leaned against a wall. She held the shock baton in front of her and slowly swept it from side to side. As for her tit, she let go of it and moved her hand down to her crotch instead.

The thin material of the spacesuit covered her pussy but she could feel the heat beneath the surface. Of course, she was wet. Fear and anxiety weren’t going to stop her horniness.

Vaquel stroked the crotch of her suit. It would be easier if she opened her pants but she didn’t want easy. The nervous explorer wanted a distraction and the space suit frustrated her fingers just enough to keep it interesting.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel moaned. She was very sensitive. Her fingers could only reach a few centimeters inside her but it felt so good. Her hips rolled as she fucked her fingers.

“Maybe I should get one of the nipple clamps,” she said out loud.

Someone bit her ass.

Vaquel jumped up from the wall. She slammed the shock baton into the wall. There was a loud discharge of electricity and then the smell of ozone.

It didn’t make any sense. Vaquel was right up against the wall. There was no room for someone to get their mouth on her ass. Unless maybe she was never against the wall, but against something that felt like a wall?

Vaquel rubbed her butt. The sensation of being bitten was fading. Did she feel teeth? She couldn’t remember. It was so quick and sudden, almost like a nip.

That is if it really happened.

“Scan complete, Mistress!” Chairbot announced. “I detected a fault in the navigation array as well as one kilogram of blockage in the waste exhaust but no life signs or intruders.”

“Praise the Queen,” Vaquel said. There were no stowaways on board. That just meant Vaquel was hallucinating. It wasn’t ideal, but there was a cure to imaginary sexual stimulation.

“Chairbot, perform an intruder sweep every five minutes,” Vaquel ordered. “I am taking a shower.”

Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. The blue material of her spacesuit slowly receded from her body to reveal long brown legs, topped with thick thighs and a thicker ass. She passed a finger through the bush of her pink pubic hair and shivered at her own touch. When all of the spacesuit had retracted, Vaquel unclasped her belt and set it beside the hygiene pod.

The door closed shut on Vaquel. Six nozzles spread around the pod activated and sprayed hot water onto Vaquel’s naked body. She cried out at the shock of water and then moaned as it cascaded over her body.

“Fuck, yes,” Vaquel moaned. The water felt fantastic. Years of tinkering with the settings resulted in the perfect temperature. Steam rose around Vaquel, transforming the pod from a closet into a warm cloud.

Vaquel tilted her head back and opened her lips. Water filled her mouth and then spilled onto her large breasts. She closed her mouth and swallowed, wishing it was some handsome alien’s come.

She pressed a button on the control panel. The nozzle at her back went into pulse mode. Rhythmic blasts of water splashed her back.

Vaquel dipped her head into a nozzle in front of her. The hot water plastered her short pink hair to her head and ran down her back and face. She braced her hands to either side of her and enjoyed the multiple streams of water.

“What to do?” Vaquel mused out loud. Her voice echoed inside the pod. “I should come first and wash later, but I plan to come so many times that I won’t feel like moving afterwards. If I wash first, then I am just going to get dirty again when I fuck myself silly.”

The streaming water didn’t have an answer.

“Fuck it, I’m too horny to decide,” Vaquel said. She pressed a button on the control panel.

A seventh nozzle activated on the floor. Using biometric targeting, it fired a pulsing stream of water directly at Vaquel’s pussy. As Vaquel moaned and humped the air, the stream tracker her sex and kept the water on her pussy lips.

“Fuck, yes,” Vaquel moaned. She spread her legs and braced her hands on the walls of the pod. Her hips gyrated as the nozzle tracked her pussy and maintained the pulsing stream onto her sex.

“Make me come, you dirty slut,” Vaquel shouted. “Make me come on your hard stream!”

The nozzle didn’t answer but it did exactly as Vaquel commanded.

Vaquel was close. The streaming water pushed right to the edge of climax. If she added a finger she would come instantly but Vaquel resisted. Inching her way to orgasm was almost as delicious as the actual climax.

That didn’t mean she still didn’t wish for more.

“Fuck, I wish there was a cock inside me!” Vaquel shouted.

The hygiene pod didn’t answer.

But something else did.

Thickness entered Vaquel’s pussy and lifted her from her feet. As she cried out, a hand grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face into the wall of the hygiene pod. Her nose pressed against the hard surface while a thick hard cock pummeled her sex.

In an instant, Vaquel surrendered to sensation. She climaxed hard around the unknown cock. Pleasure cascaded through her body like a surging flood.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted!

The fucking continued. Fear and desire warred within Vaquel. How the fuck did someone get inside the pod with her? Why does their cock feel so perfect inside her? Where is Chairbot and his damn sensor sweep? How hard does Vaquel really want to fight this guy when he is fucking her so well?

Vaquel reached back with her hand. She felt nothing. That is not quite true. Her hand felt nothing but her pussy sure as fuck did. So did her nose as the strong hand continued to grind Vaquel’s face into the wall. Vaquel swung both hands around, trying feel who or what was fucking her so hard.

All she felt was hot water spraying from all directions.

That included her pussy. The floor nozzle was still tracking her sex. As the hard cock rammed her sex, the nozzle continued to blast the mound of her sex with water.

How was that possible? Was her fucker out of phase with reality or semi-solid? What exactly was fucking her pussy so superbly?

WHAP! A hand slapped her ass. There was no deny how solid that was! The stinging sensation lingered on her buttocks.

WHAP! WHAP! More slaps rained down on Vaquel’s ass. While her butt was under assault, the thick cock rammed her pussy. The hand on her head tightened its grip on Vaquel’s hair.

Vaquel planted her hands back on the wall in front of her. She didn’t care who or what was fucking and spanking her. After months of neglect, her body was finally being used by someone else.

The unknown being railed Vaquel’s pussy. Short, rapid thrusts reduced Vaquel to a limp body. The hard slaps to her ass kept Vaquel awake. Her face ached from being shoved into the wall but Vaquel welcomed the pain and clenched harder around the unknown cock.

The next orgasm arced and crashed into her body. “Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried.

The cock withdrew. The hard slaps stopped. Even the grip on Vaquel’s head released her hair.

Vaquel panted. Was it over? No! She wanted more.

Strong hands gripped Vaquel’s waist and pulled her back until her tender ass slammed into the wall behind her. A firm hand pushed down on her shoulders and Vaquel obediently bent over. The hand moved away and powerful fingers spread open her sore buttocks.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel whispered.

A thick head pressed against the tight ring of her asshole.

“Oh fuck, yes!” Vaquel moaned.

A hard cock pushed against her asshole. It was too big. There was no way the thick head would fit. Her ass stretched and stretched and stretched but it was just too massive.

And then suddenly, it wasn’t. The cock shrunk ever so slightly and then it was inside her. It was still massive though. Centimeter after centimeter of thick cock pushed into her and filled her ass.

Vaquel groaned as she was pushed to her limit. How water showered down on her from all sides. The nozzle on the floor continued to pulse at her pussy. Muscles quivered and clenched all over her body.

The unknown entity began to fuck her ass. Slow, methodical thrusts penetrated her deepest core. The power of the thrusts sent her wet tits clapping together.

“Yes,” Vaquel groaned. Who was fucking her ass? The being could be a Glister, a half-phased entity, some new anomaly or even her own psychotic breakdown for all she knew. It didn’t matter because the cock was ravaging her asshole in all the right ways.

Utilizing a randomizer program for optimal pleasure, the nozzle on the floor switched to a higher pulse rate. Water blasted Vaquel’s sensitive pussy with increased intensity. For every five pulses of hot water, a sixth blast of slightly colder water struck her sex.

The variation sent Vaquel over the edge. “Glory to the Queen!” she shouted as she climaxed. Her ass clenched down as the hard cock continued to thrust inside her.

A rough hand grabbed Vaquel’s tit. She gasped as strong fingers clamped down on her plentiful mound. A shock of pain went from her crushed breast and went straight to her pussy.

Vaquel came again. She lacked the awareness to praise her Queen as endorphins filled her mind. Pain and pleasure boiled inside her and she ascended to a new level of bliss.

Someone moaned. It was a deep rumbling sound that was right beside her. No, it was inside her. She could feel the moan reverberating through her mind.

The cock in her ass paused in mid-thrust. The base of the cock swelled and her asshole stretched to accommodate it. Something thick passed through the being’s cock like a large marble through a thin straw. When it reached the tip, Vaquel cried out as the head of the cock dxpanded inside her.

And then there was a gush of hot liquid. Vaquel gasped as the liquid filled her ass. It was too much. She was going to burst from the amount of alien seed.

The cock suddenly vanished. So did the hand on Vaquel’s hip and tit. She nearly fell but managed to sink to her knees instead. The nozzle on the floor continued to pulse at her exhausted pussy.

“Fuck.” Vaquel whispered. She was having trouble thinking. Images filled her mind. Beautiful landscapes, voluptuous blue bodies and countless vibrators and unfamiliar mouths flashed before her.

Vaquel remembered jacking her large cock onto a blue woman’s face. She vividly recalled growing her first playmate out of a seed. There was a parade of alien tits, mouths, cocks and pussy cascading through her mind, each attached to a favorite memory.

“No, no,” Vaquel groaned. This wasn’t her. This was someone else’s history. She never had a cock. There was never a garden of plump women grown to be fucked and used. These thoughts didn’t belong to her.

Vaquel tried to remember her own pleasures but they were crowded out by these alien memories. Did she first suck on a nipple from a woman with green hair and blue lips? Was she once paddled by six men as the sun rose over a stadium shaped like a vulva? Was the memory of her three blue spouses real?

Memories multiplied inside Vaquel’s mind. She slumped forward in the hygiene pod on her knees until her head was on the floor. Her ass was up in the air and Vaquel barely noticed.

As Vaquel sunk deeper into a stupor, the nozzle on the floor switched to a new stimulation pattern. It projected two streams that fired alternating blasts of water. The dual streams moved up and down Vaquel’s sensitized pussy.

Vaquel could feel her identity slipping away but there was nothing she could do. The memory of being a genetic engineer was too strong. She knew her spouses’ birthdays. The terror of the atomic blast searing the flesh from her body was too strong to ignore. If she wasn’t Nondol Gnikal, then who could she possibly be?

Something wonderful pushed through her memories. It was two beautiful pulses of heat on her tender pussy lips. It felt like she was being licked by two tongues.

Pussy, not cock.

She, not he.

A greedy little slut who was alive, not a greedy little stud who was dead.

The nozzle brought Vaquel’s body to another climax. Pleasure filled Vaquel’s mind and pushed out the foreign thoughts. She cried out in pleasure and opened her eyes to look at her soaked, brown not blue body.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. The feel of her own body was a welcome sensation but the continuing stimulation on her over sensitized pussy was not. She covered her pussy to block the floor nozzle’s stream.

“End shower program,” she shouted.

The water ceased. Vaquel rose to a kneeling position. Water dripped from every part of her body. She reached for her asshole and felt around. There was no trace of alien ejaculate, at least not physically.

Vaquel stood up. The memories of the other being were already fading. By the time she grabbed a towel and dried her hair, she forgotten the names of the other’s spouses. By the time she dried her arms and tits, she had forgotten the being’s favorite positions. By the time she dried her pussy, ass and legs, she had almost forgotten what it was like to have a nice cock between her legs.

One memory lingered though. As clear as if it has happened just this morning, Vaquel remembered the sight of the blast wave coming to kill her.

Oct 052022

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Queen’s Unearthly Ass that Haunts the Dreams of All Who See It,” by Royal Astronomers. There are four planets and all four show signs of previous habitation. I say previous because all four have also been irradiated by repeated missile strikes. Scans indicate that these planets were once inhabited by the species I have designated Dead Fuckers-One.

The second planet from the sun is different. Multiple wormholes are active on the surface and appear to be draining radiation from the planet. I am also detecting scattered lifeforms. Could members of Dead Fuckers-One still be alive? It is impossible to verify due to the wormholes’ interference with the scans so I will need to land to verify. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Queen’s tit, it has been a long time since I fucked something organic and sentient. I hope these survivors aren’t too traumatized to fuck my brains out.

Vaquel Di picked her way through the ruins of a large city. Dark clouds covered the world in a dull haze. To stand out, the explorer was wearing a bright pink spacesuit that matched the color of her short pink hair. The suit clung tightly to her curves and the excitement of the day meant both nipples stretched against the thin material. A clear glassteel helmet encased her head and broadcasted a halo of light all around her.

A green wormhole hovered in the sky, as large as the city itself. Streams of condensation flowed into the wormhole. The streams sparkled with radioactive dust. The science of how it was draining the radiation was beyond Vaquel but it was sure was pretty to look at.

The scanner on her Vaquel’s wrist beeped. There were life signs nearby, but it was unclear where. The wormhole up above was giving off so many anomalous energies that Vaquel was surprised her scanner was working at all.

A cracking sound echoed through the ruins. Vaquel thought it came from the right. She walked in that direction at a hurried pace.

Ruins always demanded caution but Vaquel’s eagerness propelled her forward. She craved the excitement of meeting a new species. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was flowing. Everything she had seen of the culture of Dead Fuckers-One indicated that they were a highly advanced sensual species and she was ready to experience some of those advancements personally.

There was another cracking sound, followed by the sound of falling debris. Vaquel’s safety training kicked in and she froze in place. Moving much more cautiously, she peeked around the corner of shattered wall to investigate.

Nearby were four white shapes. They were vaguely humanoid but it was hard to tell. Their bodies warped and shifted as they moved and there was very little definition. Vaquel could make out two arms and maybe two legs, as well as a head but no sensory organs. Each of them had a numeral on their fronts and backs that seem to float. The numerals were written a variation of Sim Sun.

More importantly, each being carried some form of rifle. One of the beings aimed their weapon at a nearby sculpture of two humanoids mating. There was a cracking sound as the weapon fired and then statue exploded.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel whispered. These weren’t Dead Fuckers-One survivors, these were someone else. Maybe their destroyers!

Vaquel dropped down low and watched. The four beings moved, their bodies shifting in vague ways. When one of them stepped on a piece of rubble, their leg extended for a moment to cover the rock.

“Holograms,” Vaquel said to herself. The aliens were wearing hologram emitters to conceal their bodies. But for what purpose? They were invaders in a dead planet. Did they fear being recognized?

The aliens walked side by side down the street away from Vaquel. They fired their weapons at murals and statues. Vaquel wasn’t sure why they were wasting ammo. The murals depicted naked members of Dead Fuckers-One and the statues were all phallic or yonic in nature. None of the objects posed a threat.

Vaquel slowly trailed the aliens as they demolished stationary objects. She needed more information. These aliens were an unknown quantity and she was duty bound by her service to the Queen to assess and understand them. They clearly possessed the ability to destroy entire planets so caution and diplomacy was the recommended course of action.

A simmering anger clouded Vaquel’s thoughts. She barely knew anything about Dead Fuckers-One but they came across as beings who liked to fuck. Their art and attention to nude detail stirred Vaquel’s pussy and eyes. The only thing she knew about these new aliens was that were slowly destroying any remnants of Dead Fuckers-One’s pornography.

Maybe caution should be skipped for a battle field dissection and interrogation? Vaquel unholstered her laser pistol and set the beam for rapid-fire. Her other hand went to her belt and pulled a marble-sized plasma grenade from a pouch.

The beings stopped at a clearing. They set their weapons down and reached into their holographic forms to pull out small bags. Each of them opened their bag and brought it to their heads. The white shapes prevented Vaquel from seeing if they were eating, drinking or merely sniffing the bags.

This was a perfect time to attack. Vaquel hesitated. If she killed this team, then it is highly likely that future encounters will be hostile. Maybe she should push her prejudice away and try talking to these assholes.

One of the beings dropped his bag. Green noodles flopped on the ground. They pointed in Vaquel’s direction and screamed.

“Animal!” It is was spoken in perfect Sim Sun.

Oh well. Maybe now that a sneak attack was impossible, Vaquel switched to diplomacy. She holstered her pistol and palmed the grenade in her other hand.

“Greetings!” Vaquel said, stepping out from cover.

All four beings dropped their bags and reached for their rifles. They moved deceptively fast, although it might have been the holograms concealing their actual movement. As soon as they recovered their weapons, they assumed a firing stance and attacked. It took barely a second.

As fast as they were, Vaquel was faster. She drew, aimed and fired her laser pistol at the alien that first spotted her. The alien’s hologram rippled as three laser beams passed through it. The white shape collapsed to the ground.

The other three fired. The wall behind Vaquel exploded. The other shots went wide as Vaquel dived backwards. She tossed her plasma grenade underhand as she fell.

The grenade exploded in a ball of orange light. The crackle of plasma was joined by the explosion of one of rifles. Two screams were cut short but a third scream lingered in the air.

Vaquel stood up. There was a smoking crater filled with green paste and pieces of metal. Vaquel assumed the paste were the remains of some of the aliens. Their weapons were highly unstable to explode as easily as they did.

Beside the crater were two bodies. Vaquel had shot the one to the right earlier and the hologram had shifted to a dull gray. The alien to the left was clutching their leg. The leg was pointing in a direction that did not seem natural, but since Vaquel couldn’t see their actual body, who knew?

Oh wait, it was clutching their leg with one arm. The other arm was missing, or at least the holographic representation of their arm was missing. Wait, there it is. About a meter away was a gray shape that could have been its arm. Interesting, even in separation the limb retained their hologram.

“Indecent animal!” the white hologram shouted. “You will submit for this!”

“I don’t think so,” Vaquel said. She walked towards the shouted, her laser pistol pointed at what she thought was its chest.

“My name is Vaquel Di, of the Royal Navy of Euphoria,” she announced. “Identify yourself and your species.”

The hologram rocked back and forth, clutching their leg.

“What is Euphoria?” the alien asked. “You are not one of the Animals who lived on this planet. Are you one of their creations? One final beast that needs to be put down?”

“I’m not from around here,” Vaquel said. “I come from a star system about oh, let’s say a hundred stars from here.”

“Impossible!” the alien said. “That is far beyond any wormhole’s reach! There is no way you could have come here from that far away!”

Vaquel squatted down in front of the alien. The holograms shifted as the alien lurched back. Was it afraid? It was hard to tell with a white block for a face.

“I came in a starship,” Vaquel said. “A vehicle that uses solar power and other principles to convey me across the vast reaches of space. Do you not have anything like that?”

“By the Laws, then it is true,” the alien whispered. “The more depraved an Animal is, the greater their ability to pervert nature.”

“What makes me so depraved?” Vaquel asked.

The alien pointed with its arm at Vaquel’s chest. “The Animals who lived here walked around naked and flaunted their bodies but you are even worse. Your body covering conceals your skin but reveals every depraved curve and I can see your pointy things right there. Even your genital slit is visible through that barbaric material!”

Vaquel looked down. Yep, it was visible. She spread her legs wider in her squat to make sure.

“Disgusting!” the alien snarled.

“Let’s see what you look like under there,” Vaquel said. She moved forward and placed a hand on the alien’s leg. She felt something hard and almost plastic-like.

“Get back, Animal!” the alien snapped. It swung its remaining arm at Vaquel and slapped the side of her helmet.

Vaquel stood up and pointed her pistol at the alien. “Hey, remember who the prisoner is!”

The alien made a disgusted noise. “You’re forcing me to look right at your genitals!”

Vaquel snorted. “You act like you have never seen any before.”

“I haven’t!” the alien said. “We are implanted with eight subcutaneous projectors at birth! They are always covering us and preventing visual activation of our animal lusts.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. “You mean that you have never seen a naked body? Not even your own cock?”

The alien said nothing. If he was expressing disgust or shame, the hologram wasn’t conveying it.

“Alright you pervert,” Vaquel said. “Enough messing around. I got questions and you need to provide them.”

“I refuse to help you in any way that will delay your cleansing!” the alien said. “You might as well kill me now.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Vaquel said. “It is tempting. I know you and your friends are not the only beings alive on this planet. Another squad might come by to check on you or maybe you are supposed to call in at a certain time. Am I right?”

The alien gave no response. The white shape was blank.

“But you are the first living being I have met in a while and it would be nice to chat,” Vaquel. “And maybe do other things.”

“What other things?” the alien asked.

Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. A seam appeared in the pink spacesuit around her neck. The seam moved down, slowly parting to expose the brown flesh of her chest.

“Codes protect me,” the alien whimpered.

“Tell me, have you ever seen a tit this nice?” Vaquel asked. She grabbed the side of the seam. “Actually, have you ever seen a tit?”

“Stop!” the alien shouted. “Don’t do it!”

Vaquel pulled ever so slightly on the seam. The swelling curve of her breast was exposed. The alien whimpered as she pulled.

“Then tell me about your species,” Vaquel said. “Who are they and where is your planets?”

“Stop and I’ll tell you!” the alien said.

Vaquel kept her hand where it was, exposing the side of her tit.

“Our people call ourselves the Glister,” the alien said. “We were Animals once but we ascended thanks to the Codes that our Code Givers created. We gave up our Animal ways and adopted the Armor of Denial and Discipline. Unlike the Animals here, we only have one planet.”

“One planet?” Vaquel said. “But you have wormhole technology. Why haven’t you seeded other planets?”

“Because we are not Animals!” the alien said. “We control our population with zero sum growth.”

“Then why create wormholes in the first place?” Vaquel asked.

The alien was quiet. Perhaps he had interrogatee’s regret. Vaquel knew how to fix that.

“Hey, answer the question,” Vaquel said as she pulled harder on the seam until her hard brown nipple was exposed.

The alien cried out. He held his arm out to shield his face. Before Vaquel could threaten him, his arm lowered a smidge.

“Your exposed gland is repulsive, but yet I still want to put it in my mouth?” he whispered.

“Try it and you might like it,” Vaquel said. “Tell me about your wormholes. Or do you want me to start squeezing my tits?”

“No, no, no!” the alien said. “We didn’t create the wormholes, the Animals did! The appeared on our world and brought their horrible inventions with them! They had their filthy plants that they copulated with! They had strange machines they put in their bodies purely for pleasure! They even brought the machines that created wormholes so they can go back to their filthy kind.”

“You stole their tech,” Vaquel said. She pulled her suit seam all the way to the side so that her entire breast was exposed. The alien groaned but Vaquel ignored him. Her fingers idly pinched a nipple as she thought out loud.

“The Animals, or Dead Fuckers-One,” Vaquel said, “came to your world through their own wormholes. Were they here to conquer? Nah, I have yet to see any weapons. They probably came to your planet to say hello and ask if you wanted to fuck. Queen’s tit, they brought their own sex toys. I knew I liked these beings.”

Vaquel’s eyes narrowed as she stared at the alien. “And what did your people do when they arrived?”

“Please, stop doing that to your point,” the alien said, pointing their arm at Vaquel’s nipple.

“This?” Vaquel said. She pulled hard on her nipple. The rest of her breast stretched outwards.

“So vile,” the alien said. The other leg shifted.

“Tell me what you did to the beings who came to your planet,” Vaquel said.

“We cleansed the Animals,” the alien said. “By Bullet, by Knife and by Atomic Fire. We destroyed their creations but our Code Givers forbade us from destroying the machines that created wormholes. Those we kept and our Code Givers studied them.”

“What did the beings you murdered do then?” Vaquel asked.

“Please, stop doing that,” the alien begged.

Vaquel released her nipple. This time the white holographic shapes shuddered.

“How did they respond to your attack?” Vaquel said.

“They did nothing,” the alien said. “The Animals never came back. Our Code Givers predicted that they were preparing their response. We turned all of our production to creating weapons and wormhole generators so that we may strike them first. Some communities devoted themselves to searching the skies, looking for signs of their wormholes so we could track down all the places they lived. My community was tasked with creating tactics and training to root out any survivors on their worlds and finish them off.”

“As well as destroy any statues,” Vaquel quipped.

“All traces of the Animal must be removed,” the alien snarled.

Vaquel didn’t respond. Her people, the Euphorians, engaged in conquest all the time. They were a greedy hedonistic people who quite frankly, liked to fuck people up. What they didn’t do was this wholesale destruction of another species and their culture. It was a kind of evil that Vaquel had a hard time comprehending.

The holograms around the alien’s waist shifted. It moved their hand to between their legs. The holographic white blocks made it impossible to see what was happening, but Vaquel had a good guess.

“You’re aroused,” Vaquel said. “Probably staring at my tit right now. I have always had a sixth sense for when beings are staring at my tits.”

“The horror of your body is infecting me with Animal urges,” the alien admitted.

“Never had my tits called horrible before,” Vaquel said. She brought her wrist scanner close to the alien’s body. The readings were still a mess. The interference from the wormhole was just too great.

“This is your lucky day,” Vaquel said. “I need a sample of your genetics and my scanner is malfunctioning. I am going to have to get a physical sample for analysis later.”

“Code protect me,” the alien said. “Are you going to remove a limb? Can you take the arm that was already blown off?”

“Nothing so bloody,” Vaquel said. She reached down towards the alien’s crotch. Her hand passed through the holographic white shape and felt something stiff. It was just the alien’s pants. She ran her fingers along the contours but the crotch was remarkably shapeless.

“Pull your genitals out,” Vaquel ordered.

The alien was quiet. Vaquel could almost feel the alien staring at her exposed tit. A second passed and then he shifted. There was a hissing sound from his crotch, followed by eight distinct clicks. Vaquel felt a piece of the pants come loose and she pulled. A panel swung down and she reached in.

There was something long and slender behind the panel. It was hot to the touch. She wrapped her fingers around it and discovered it was as thin as a laser barrel. The head was a little wider but not by much. There was an interesting arrangement of bumps down the length.

The alien groaned but said nothing.

“You are not protesting,” Vaquel said. She gave the slender phallus a tug. “I was expecting more of a struggle.”

“Your Animal nature has infected me,” the alien said.

“Oh, is that what you are telling yourself?” Vaquel says.

The alien said nothing.

Vaquel slid her hand up and down the alien’s unseen phallus. The white holographic block grew larger to conceal the movement of her hand. Though she couldn’t see it, she could feel the phallus pulse in her hand. The small bumps inflated and shrunk in a curious rhythm.

“Have you ever done this to yourself?” Vaquel asked.

“Genital touching is only allowed for urine dispersal,” the alien said in a whisper.

“Poor bastards,” Vaquel said. “Wait, what about intercourse?”

“Only Animals copulate,” the alien said. They groaned as Vaquel added a twist to her wrist motion.

“How the fuck do you reproduce?” Vaquel asked.

“I will not tell you the secrets of my people!” the alien said. “Wait, why did you stop?”

Vaquel removed her hand from the alien’s crotch. “I don’t give handjobs to non-cooperative prisoners.”

The alien reached for their crotch and stopped themselves. “But you have already begun the process of arousal! My depositor feels strange, like it might burst. You must relieve the pressure!”

“Nope,” Vaquel said. She went back to fondling her exposed breast. Her fingers pulled on her nipple until it slipped from her fingertips.

The alien reached for his crotch again but stopped himself. The white holograms prevented Vaquel from seeing the alien’s face but she knew their eyes were glued to her chest. A pitiful whimper came from the alien.

“When a Glister dies, they are brought to the Womb Tanks,” the alien said. “Their bodies are broken down and their genes combined with other genes to form spawn. The Glister child has their hologram emitters injected and as well as a full copy of the Code in their brains.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. “You sexless assholes are clones. Why they fuck do they even let you have genitals?”

“Mastery of our urges is what makes us better than Animals!” the alien said.

“Crazy non-fuckers,” Vaquel said. She stopped playing with her tit and spat onto her hand. The alien didn’t even notice that her other hand holstered her laser pistol.

“Why did you do that?” the alien asked.

“You’ll see,” Vaquel said as she wrapped her spit-covered fingers around the alien’s hidden cock.

“Ohhh!” the alien cried.

Vaquel stroked the alien hard and fast. It was a bit rough for an alien’s first time but she was too disgusted to care. An entire civilization that repressed their sexual desires? It was something Euphorian philosophers speculate about but never thought was possible. When Vaquel brought back proof of this planet, her planet might consider it the most horrible thing ever discovered. The Queen might not thank her for this discovery.

The alien didn’t seem to mind the rough treatment, though with the holograms covering his face and body, who could tell? There were some subtle hints. The uninjured leg kept digging its foot into the dirt. The good arm slapped against the alien’s chest. The hologram around the head didn’t move but Vaquel could hear rapid breathing.

“Code protect me, I am going to die!” the alien shouted.

Vaquel ducked her head down. The white hologram blinded her but she was going by touch. Her lips wrapped around the head of the phallus as her hand continued to pump.

Hot liquid splashed on her tongue. It was a geyser. Vaquel’s mouth quickly filled with the alien’s spunk. She pulled her head up and let go of the phallus. Pulling out a sample pouch from her belt, Vaquel spat the alien’s seed into the sterile bag.

The alien cried out. Yellow liquid shoot into the air from their crotch. The hologram tried to extend itself to cover the emission but the ejaculate soon flew out of the hologram’s range. The pumping continued for a few seconds and then stopped.

“That felt amazing!” the alien said. “I feel like I just cleansed a hundred Animals!”

Vaquel stood up and pressed a button on her belt. The seam in her suit joined together and covered her exposed breast. She sealed the sample pouch and tucked it back into her belt.

The alien made a high-pitched noise that might have bene giggling. The arm went to their crotch and paused, and then touched itself. There was the sound of clicks as their pants panel locked down.

“I feel so strange,” the alien said. “I feel good and yet also tired. I am also hungry. Is this normal? Am I dying?”

“Not yet,” Vaquel said. She drew and fired her laser pistol. Three beams went through the alien’s head. The hologram flickered and then turned a dull grey color.

She stared down on the probably dead alien. She had to kill it because it would have reported back to the Glisters that a new kind of Animal was flying between stars. That would complicate her mission. It was a necessary kill.

For some reason, Vaquel was feeling regret. That was unusual. Was she becoming weak?

She looked at the ruins around her. Shattered buildings were littered with the remains of Dead Fuckers-One. Anything of beauty had been demolished.

Now the regret made sense to Vaquel. She regretted that she didn’t have more genocidal non-fuckers to shoot.

Sep 282022

Explorer’s Log: I am on day twenty-four of my forty-one day journey to the star system designated “The Queen’s Unearthly Ass that Haunts the Dreams of All Who See It,” by Royal Astronomers. This area of space continues to be very quiet with no signs of space travel of any kind. It is like traveling on the loneliest highway for light years.

Regarding the probe ship, I still can’t find the cause for the temperature decrease inside the living quarters. There is a small space barely as wide as my feet together that feels about ten degrees colder than the rest of the ship, but sensors detect nothing. Fortunately, the spot is beside my bunk so it doesn’t bother me when I am sleeping. I’ll assign Chairbot the problem and let him diagnose it.

The language of the race I have designated Dead Fuckers-One continues to elude me. It resembles the theoretical language known as Ebrima but what little text I have discovered is nonsense. Hopefully I will not encounter any more of their worlds but just in case I do, I will continue to analyze their language. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Dead Fuckers-One may have a shitty language but they make really good sex toys. The blue dildo I recovered from the last world has a vibration function that is quite pleasurable. I have been using it twice a day and it shows no signs of wearing out.

Vaquel Di sat back in Chairbot’s seat. The space explorer was naked except for her belt. Both of her thick brown legs stretched out to rest her heels on the navigation console. She had one hand on a heavy breast while the other hand plunged a blue vibrator in and out of her wet pussy. The short pink hair on her head was soaked with sweat and was almost as wet as the thick pink bush of her pubic hair.

“Oh fuck, I’m close,” Vaquel grunted. The vibrator undulated in her hand. Powerful vibrations radiated through her sex.

Chairbot moaned. The loyal robot gently pulsed the vibration motors in his seat. All of his sensors were dedicated to reading the tremors of Vaquel’s round ass pressing against him.

Vaquel trembled. It wouldn’t be long now. She plunged the toy in deeper.

The vibrations from the dildo diminished greatly in intensity.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. Did she turn it down somehow? She thought it only turned on and off.

Vaquel pushed the thought away. The more important question was whether she could climax before the vibrations died completely. She rammed the toy into her sex and willed herself to come sooner.

The vibrations slowed to a bare tremor. After two more thrusts, the vibrations died altogether.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled.

“Mistress, do you wish me to finish you off?” Chairbot offered. The talented robot had multiple force fields and vibration motors capable of finishing the job. He was also eager to prove his superiority as a sex toy.

Before Vaquel could answer, the dildo pulsed in her pussy. A beam of light emitted from the base of the toy and projected a shape in front of Vaquel.

It was a hologram of a blue humanoid. The wide hips, enormous breasts as well as the smooth lips at their groin indicated that they were female. Short curly hair, almost the mirror of Vaquel’s except that it was green, clung to the woman’s head. Wide lips opened to reveal an inviting mouth with a long tongue.

Vaquel recognized the species as Dead Fucker-One. She had seen enough of their corpses on the last two dead planets to recognize one. This was the first one she had seen still alive, even if only a hologram.

“Are you interactive?” Vaquel asked.

The hologram reached between her legs. She opened her blue sex lips to reveal the thick base of a dildo that matched the one inside Vaquel. The hologram pulled the dildo out of herself and then held it up.

A large bar appeared next to the holographic dildo. The bar was as long as the dildo at first but rapidly shrank down to a flat line. The line blinked urgently.

“Mistress, it is using visual symbols to convey that the vibrator is out of power,” Chairbot said.

“Quit bot-explaining,” Vaquel said. “I got that. This isn’t my first alien holographic pantomime.”

The holographic woman placed her vibrator at her blue breast and rubbed the head against her nipple. As she did that, the floating power indicator began to glow. The hologram moved the toy back and forth between her nipples.

“This must be a recharging protocol,” Vaquel said.

“But Mistress, your mammary glands do not emit energy!” Chairbot said.

“Maybe it is powered by friction,” Vaquel said. She pulled the vibrator out of her pussy. The thick toy slipped out, covered in juices. Vaquel pressed the tip of the toy to her right nipple and rubbed her sensitive tip with the toy.

Another hologram appeared beside the toy. It was another bar, but this one was only as long as her fingernail. Fortunately, it was growing with each circle of Vaquel’s nipple.

“Good work, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “Should I emit a force field to stimulate intercourse?”

“No!” Vaquel said. “This damn toy interrupted my orgasm. I’ll be the one to get it back.”

Chairbot’s seat motors ceased in quiet protest.

Vaquel moved the vibrator to her other breast. The holographic woman smiled and copied her motion. Together, Vaquel and the hologram rubbed the vibrator into their left breast.

The vibrator purred to life. It was a weak pulse but it took Vaquel by surprise. She moaned as the vibrations played across her hard nipple.

The hologram moaned too. Was it just copying Vaquel? Probably, but there was the possibility that there was an artificial intelligence inside the toy. It might be programmed to feel pleasure as well.

The holographic woman moved her toy between her plump blue breasts. Using one arm, she gathered her tits around the facsimile of the toy. One hand slid the toy up and down between her breasts of projected light.

Vaquel copied the hologram. The alien had much larger tits but Vaquel’s brown mountains were more than adequate. Vaquel cinched her mounds together while she used the toy to fuck her tits.

The holographic bar increased in length. The vibrations from the toy grew slightly stronger. Pleasant pulses emanated from the toy and into Vaquel’s bountiful tits.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel whispered. The toy was still slick from her pussy and it slid easily up and down her soft flesh. It was starting to dry though and Vaquel wondered how long she could keep this up before friction played a part.

The holographic woman tilted her head down and spat on the faux toy between her breasts.

Vaquel paused in mid-stroke. Did the vibrator sense the friction and then modify the hologram to give instructions? Or was their instruction pre-programed for just this possibility? How smart was her alien sex toy?

The vibrations diminished between her tits. The floating bar blinked impatiently. It was waiting for Vaquel’s participation.

“Oh, it must be broken, Mistress,” Chairbot said.

“Nice try, fucker,” Vaquel said. She knew how jealous the robot could get of other toys.

Vaquel tilted her head down and spat onto the toy between her tits. The thick gob landed right on the tip. As the toy slid down, it brought her spit down between the canyon of her breasts. She gave the toy a slight twist to smear the spit all around.

The holographic bar began to grown again. The vibrations returned. The bar grew mere centimeters with every thrust of the toy but at least it was growing.

The vibrations were weak between Vaquel’s tits but the desire within her pussy was just as strong as when she was fucking herself. Vaquel was tempted to plunge the toy back in herself. The slight vibrations might be enough to get her off and if they weren’t, Vaquel could compensate by fucking the shit out of her pussy.

But Vaquel resisted the urge. The vibrator was getting stronger with every thrust between her tits. She wanted it even stronger.

The holographic woman changed positions. She sat down, her body clipping through the navigation console. The woman removed the toy from her tits and held it with two hands. One hand went to the base while the other hand encircled the tip.

The vibrations stopped. Vaquel wasn’t surprised. She pulled the toy out from between her tits and mimed how the hologram was holding the toy. As soon as her fingers wrapped around the tip, the vibrations returned.

The hologram stroked her toy. It was a slow, almost lazy slide from the tip down to her other hand. The stroke back up was just as slow.

Vaquel recreated the stroke. It was harder than it looked. Vaquel’s excitement caused her to move too fast. As soon as she broke the slow pace, the vibrations stopped until Vaquel was back in sync.

“You little tease,” Vaquel whispered.

The holographic woman slowly blinked both eyes. Was that an acknowledgment of Vaquel’s comment or just a quirk of the programming?

Together, Vaquel and the hologram stroked their toys. Vaquel settled into the slow rhythm but it wasn’t easy. Her pussy was hungry to be filled again. Every stroke of they toy seemed like a slow tease of her own sex. She caught herself grinding into Chairbot’s seat in frustration.

“Mistress, do you require stimulation?” Chairbot asked.

Vaquel almost said yes. She could order him to fuck her and then the motors in the seat would roar with power. Incredible vibrations would assault her pussy and make her ass go numb. It would be a powerful orgasm.

But the orgasm wouldn’t come from the toy and Vaquel had worked so hard to get the toy working again. She couldn’t give up now. Stubbornness demanded it.

“No,” Vaquel said out loud, a little terse and not at all convincing.

The holographic woman suddenly increased the pace of her stroking. She pumped her toy so hard that her giant breasts made of light jiggled and bounced. Her mouth opened in a sensual moan as if it was her own organ that she was stroking.

Vaquel cried out, partly from surprise and partly from the release of tension. She stroked the vibrator at a speed to match the hologram’s. Her own brown tits bounced wildly. Vaquel wondered if the hologram enjoyed the sight as much as Vaquel enjoyed the hologram’s jiggling.

The vibrator buzzed stronger. The power bar grew in leaps and decimeters.

The hologram suddenly stopped. There was a second’s pause and then it resumed stroking their toy at the previous slower pace. The glowing woman looked at Vaquel licked its lips in a very lascivious manner.

“No,” Vaquel whispered. She stroked her toy too fast for one cycle and the vibrations stopped altogether. Vaquel groaned and flexed her hand. It was tingling from the earlier vibrations. She forced herself to grip the toy again and resume the slow stroking.

The vibrations returned, though a bit weak. The floating bar shrunk just a little. Progress had been lost.

Vaquel groaned. This was ridiculous. The toy was too demanding. Sex toys should be giving pleasure, not delaying it! Vaquel had half a mind to toss the toy and order Chairbot to fuck her.

The other half of Vaquel’s mind was controlled by her pussy. Vaquel was frustrated but also wet and soaking Chairbot’s seat. With every delay, Vaquel’s sex craved the toy more.

Vaquel continued to stroke the toy. She simmered with resentment but she kept doing it. One long slow stroke down the length of the vibrating toy followed by one long slow stroke up to the tip. Over and over again as the power bar grew in small increments.

The holographic woman displayed no frustration. She licked her lips and blinked slowly at Vaquel. Both shoulders rolled in a sensuous manner that Vaquel caught herself copying.

Sometimes the hologram would tilt her head up and bite her lip in a savage manner while her eyes stayed locked on Vaquel. Tremors would go through the holographic body before the woman would release her bite and her head would tilt back down to normal. There would be a flush to the woman’s blue skin that would gradually fade.

Vaquel didn’t know what the biting was about but it was hot as fuck. Once more she wondered if the hologram was truly intelligent. Could it be a presentation of the vibrator’s artificial intelligence? Was Vaquel literally turning it on with her stroking?

The holographic woman stopped fondling her vibrator. She brought her version of the toy to her lips. First, she kissed the tip and then slowly pushed the toy into her mouth.

Vaquel copied the hologram. She kissed the head of her toy and tasted pussy and sweat. The toy buzzed weakly as it entered slid past Vaquel’s lips. The thick toy filled her mouth.

The hologram swallowed more of her toy so Vaquel did the same. The long toy hit the back of Vaquel’s throat and she briefly gagged. The holographic woman had no such troubles and kept pushing the toy until only the base of the vibrator emerged from her lips.

Vaquel struggled to do the same. The faint vibrations made her lips and tongue tingle. The tip of the toy was lodged deep in her throat. She felt herself start to gag again and she focused on relaxing her throat

The hologram didn’t move. Vaquel wondered if the simulation was frozen. No, the floating power bar was still growing if ever so slowly.

Tears sprang to Vaquel’s eyes. She breathed hard through her nose. The vibrator filled her mouth and throat.

The holographic woman reached between her legs of soft light. Three fingers plunged into a narrow blue slit. She fucked herself in front of Vaquel.

Vaquel’s hand moved to her own pussy. She didn’t care if it was part of the recharging protocol or not. Three brown fingers pushed through pink pubic hair and into her own brown slit. Wet heat greeted her fingers.

The holographic woman shuddered. The shoulders rolled as she fucked herself. Holographic drops of juice fell from her pussy.

Vaquel fucked herself. Tight walls clinched around her fingers. It felt so damn good.

A tremor ran through Vaquel’s body. It disturbed the delicate balance of her throat and the vibrator went too deep. Vaquel choked and almost pulled the toy from her mouth but she fought through her panic. The vibrator stayed deep in her throat as she regained control of her gagging.

“Would you like some anal penetration, Mistress?” Chairbot offered.

Vaquel groaned. She fucking would but she couldn’t bring herself to accept it. The holographic woman had been so demanding and Vaquel had met the challenge so far. She wanted to prove herself, even if it was to an alien sex toy.

“What was that, Mistress?” Chairbot inquired.

Vaquel growled with the toy in her mouth.

“Clench your ass once for anal penetration,” Chairbot said. “Clench your ass ten times to decline.”

Vaquel almost choked on the toy again. That bastard! She knew how much Chairbot loved to feel her buttocks move across his seat. If she got it wrong, the robot would happily ream her ass and although Vaquel would enjoy it at this point she wanted to deny him just to spite him.

There was only one thing Vaquel could do. She clenched her ass and released. As quickly as possible, she clenched a second and a third time.

Chairbot said nothing. If he counted, that would be helpful, which is exactly why he didn’t. Vaquel almost admired his selfishness.

The holographic woman continued to deep throat her copy of the toy. The floating power bar inched larger.

Drool filled Vaquel’s mouth. She parted her lips to let some of the drool fall from her mouth rather than risk choking on it. As the drool dripped down, Vaquel clenched her buttocks a fourth time.

A drop of spit hit Vaquel’s tit. Another tremor went through her body as she clenched her ass a fifth and sixth time.

Chairbot groaned. The seat tilted a single degree. The sudden movement shifted the toy in Vaquel’s throat.

She gagged during the seventh clench of her ass. As she fought to control her gagging, she clenched down hard an eight time. When she could breathe normally again, Vaquel clenched twice more.

Or did she? Vaquel had lost count. Should she clench again to make sure? Or will the greedy robot interpret an eleventh clench as permission to anally enter her?


As she debated, the floating bar pulsed with light. The holographic woman pulled the toy out of her mouth and held it up like a lamp. In case there was any doubt, the hologram spread her blue legs and plunged the toy back into her sex.

Vaquel pulled her toy out as well. She gasped for air and laughed weakly. “Fuck you, Chairbot! No ass-fucking for you!”

“Awwww, Mistress,” Chairbot sulked.

Vaquel didn’t care. She placed both feet on the navigation console in front of her and brought the vibrator down to her pussy. The thick slid easily back into her sex.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. The vibrations were stronger than before. In fact, they had never been this strong. The toy must have been only half-charged when she recovered it from the planet.

The holographic woman stood up. She walked between Vaquel’s out-stretched legs. She squatted down and her large breasts made of light clipped through Vaquel’s thighs. Her face was decimeters away from Vaquel’s pussy. The blue eyes looked up at Vaquel and blinked slowly.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel groaned. Was this part of the program or was this curiosity another sign of the hologram’s possible intelligence?

The hologram bit her bottom lip and tilted her head up.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out as she came. She clenched down hard on the buzzing vibrator.

The holographic woman dipped her head down onto Vaquel’s sex. The hologram clipped through Vaquel’s hand but she thought she could see the blue woman’s mouth open. The woman moved her head up and down as if she went through the motions of eating Vaquel’s pussy.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out as she came again.

The woman reached up with a holographic hand to cup Vaquel’s breast. The hand hovered at Vaquel’s jiggling tit. Vaquel’s couldn’t feel anything but the sight was enticing.

Vaquel’s need obliterated any lingering resentment she had for Chairbot’s game. “Chairbot, fuck my ass right now!”

“Yes, Mistress!” the robot said.

A slender forcefield was generated by Chairbot’s seat. It pushed against Vaquel’s anus with hyper-accuracy. The tingling field penetrated Vaquel with zero friction.

Vaquel moaned as her asshole was filled. Toes curled and she bit her own lip. All the while, she kept thrusting the vibrator deep into her pussy while the holographic woman mimed eating her.

The forcefield began to vibrate. Chairbot moaned as Vaquel’s ass squirmed in response. The robot added a thrusting motion to the forcefield’s projection.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out.

The hologram moved a hand to Vaquel’s pussy. She pushed four fingers into the soaked pussy. Vaquel couldn’t feel the hand but it was easy to imagine the vibrator was the hologram’s hand.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel whispered as another orgasm slammed into her.

Micro-quakes rumbled across Vaquel’s twitching buttocks. Chairbot scanned every motion and experienced three activations of his own pleasure programs. The seat rumbled with excitement.

Chairbot’s forcefield pushed deeper into Vaquel’s ass. Powerful vibrations in her ass matched the ones stimulating her pussy. Fucked at both ends, Vaquel was pushed beyond her limits as she came again.

“Glory!” was all Vaquel could whisper as she climaxed.

It was too much. Vaquel was spent. She turned the knob at the base of the vibrator and the vibrations ceased.

“Chairbot, stop,” Vaquel said weakly.

The forcefield in Vaquel’s ass vanished, leaving only the memory of being so deeply filled.

The holographic woman remained. She stood up and looked down at Vaquel’s twitching body. Both hands went to her pussy and played with the vibrator buried within her. After a few strokes, the hologram slowly faded.

Vaquel sat in a puddle of her juices with the vibrator still inside her. Chairbot was reclining the seat so Vaquel could take a post-orgasmic nap. Vaquel began to pull the toy from her over-stimulated pussy but decided against it. She would take her nap with it inside her.

As Vaquel drifted off to sleep, she wondered how many orgasms she could get from the toy before it needed to be recharged again.

Jul 202022

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Precision of the Queen’s Slap,” by Royal Astronomers. There are two planets in this system and both were once inhabited by the species I am now designating as Dead Fuckers-One. Radiation storms indicate that these planets were attacked with nuclear weapons of the same model as the previous dead planet I explored in the last system.

The second planet from the sun has a few more remaining structures so I will investigate there. Maybe someone survived and I can find out who hates them so much. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: All I know about Dead Fuckers-One is that they had a garden of plant-based sex toys and a lot of sexually attractive architecture. It is a fucking shame that I haven’t met a live one. They seem to be the kind of people I would have a lot in common with.

Vaquel Di stood by the side of the street. The ruins of various vehicles stretched up and down the road. Some vehicles had phallic shapes, while a few shaped with large curves that resembled ass and breasts.

The large size of the curvy vehicles made Vaquel a little self-conscious. She pressed a hand to her own chest, where her green skintight spacesuit clung to her breasts. Vaquel’s tits were big enough to fill her hand and then some, but they still felt small in proportion to these vehicles. This was a species that liked tits and they liked them big.

On the side of the street were a row of chairs. The chairs were made of a durable plastic that was partially melted. Every other chair had a thick phallus emerging from the front of the seat while the other chairs had a similarly placed hole that went into a long sleeve.

Vaquel admired the chairs. They were clearly designed to sexually satisfy people. She wished that she could try one on but the background radiation was at a dangerous level. It was bad enough that she had to wear one of her more resistant suits for this mission.

The chairs faced the street and were grouped next to a sign. Vaquel tried to read the sign. The language program uploaded inside her brain was convinced that the markings were a theoretical language named Ebrima. A slight headache pulsed as she tried to make sense of the words.

The sign read, “Bronze Angel Lion.”

There was a beep on Vaquel’s wrist communicator. It was Chairbot, her loyal robot and sextoy. Vaquel tore her eyes from the sign and felt the headache subside. With her eyes closed, she tapped the communicator.

“Mistress, I am detecting a radiation storm approaching your location,” Chairbot said. “The intensity of the storm exceeds the safety limits of your suit. You should return to the ship before your wonderous ass is damaged.”

Vaquel smiled and dimples formed on her brown cheeks. Compliments were the best painkillers. She opened her eyes and avoided looking at the sign.
“I’m on my way,” she responded. “This trip has been a bust. It doesn’t look like anyone survived and I am still no closer to understanding Dead Fuckers-One.”

Something flickered to Vaquel’s left. An orange beam of light shot into the sky from somewhere in the ruins of the city. It cut through the perpetual haze like a laser.

“Mistress, I’m detecting strange energy readings a kilometer from your location!”

Before Vaquel could answer, the bright orange light pulsed. A wave of orange energy exploded outward from the spear of light. Vaquel dove for cover behind one of the plastic chairs.

The orange energy phased through obstacles with ease. Vaquel curled into a ball as the energy passed through her. There was a brief stinging sensation on her skin followed by a cooling like she had been dipped into cold water.

“Huh,” Vaquel said, slowly standing back up. “That wasn’t bad at all.”

Overwhelming need made her gasp. Her pussy was dreadfully empty. There was a void between her thighs as deep and as insatiable as any gravitational singularity. Every millimeter of her sex walls ached to be touched.

Drool fell from Vaquel’s open lips. She slammed her hand to her crotch and dug her fingers into the skintight material of her spacesuit. The thin fabric, reinforced to prevent radiation leaks, had little of the elasticity of her other spacesuits. It, barely allowed her to get a single knuckle of her fingers inside her.

Something buzzed on her wrist. Squawking sounds that meant nothing to Vaquel babbled from a small device. Some of the noises stood out from others. The one that sounded like ‘miss-tress” was almost familiar.

Vaquel looked at a nearby object. It had a weird shape but more importantly, there was a large phallus of delicious size jutting from a curved platform. It wasn’t a living pulsing cock but it will do.

The thing on Vaquel’s wrist buzzed louder.

Vaquel climbed onto the object. Some part of her mind recognized that it was a chair. She oriented herself to sit so it could support her back. Taking hold of the plastic phallus, she leaned forward and guided it to the awful material covering her pussy.

The thin fabric resisted the phallus. The thick head stretched the sheer material but could not break through. Only a teasingly small amount of the head was able to slide inside Vaquel’s pussy.

Vaquel whimpered. She grinded her hips in the air as she tried to work the phallus into her body. Fingers clawed at her crotch as she tried to dig her way through the material preventing her glorious penetration.

The communicator continued to squawk.

More drool fell from Vaquel’s open lips. Both of her nipples were hard and aching. She felt a thirst that could only be quenched with pussy or the hot gush of a man’s seed.

But for now, Vaquel just wanted to come. Since the suit she wore refused to allow the phallus any further, she would make do with what she could. She grabbed hold of the phallus with both hands as her hips rotated in the air. Up and down she grinded her pussy around the small dome that was barely inside her.

It took only a few thrusts to come. Pleasure filled her body and she screamed. The glassteel helmet vibrated from the force of her shout.

Sanity returned a few seconds later. Vaquel froze in mid-hump and fell back into the chair. The sounds from her communicator made sense again.

“Mistress!” Chairbot yelled. “Your vitals are spiking and the integrity of your suit was almost compromised! Please respond!”

“I’m here,” Vaquel said. She stunned by how breathless she sounded. “The orange energy induced a state of intelligence-crippling arousal.”

She gingerly touched a hard nipple that poked against her spacesuit. The sensitivity made her wince. It might take days for the effect to wear off.

“You should return to the ship at once!” Chairbot said. “I am already directing the probe ship to your location.”

“Negative,” Vaquel said. “I have never seen an energy wave like that. I have never been so horny that it turned me stupid. Such a device would be greatly valued by the Queen. The Royal Navy would give me a planet of my own for such technology.”

Vaquel looked down the street. The beam of orange light was still shooting towards the sky. It didn’t look that far away.

“But Mistress, the radiation storm will be here in three deca-minutes! We can pick it up after the storm passes!”

“Fuck,” Vaquel said, rising from the chair. Her knees were shaking from the force of her orgasm. “The storm might damage whatever is causing the arousal wave. I need to recover it before that storm gets here.”

“Please, Mistress!” Chairbot whined. “Don’t do it! Your beautiful curvy ass is too precious to risk!”

Vaquel slapped the communicator off. Chairbot’s pleas weren’t going to make her go faster. She walked as fast she could down the street on uneasy legs.

After a minute of walking, Vaquel felt strong enough to jog. The faster movement caused her breasts to bounce, which greatly agitated her swollen nipples. The sharp double pain was a nice distraction from the river of juices flowing from her pussy.

Vaquel picked her way through skeletons, abandoned vehicles and fallen debris. A crater forced her to detour off the street and onto a sidewalk littered with more bodies. She made her way back to the street where there were still bodies but at least there was more open area to keep at a steady pace.

Ahead, the orange beam continued to shine into the sky.

“What is that thing?” Vaquel thought as she ran. “A weapon of some kind? It would certainly bring an army to its knees. Or maybe it is some sort of distress signal? Dead Fuckers-One appear to hold sex just as valuable as my fellow Euphorians. What if this orange beam is purely recreational? It could be some sort of orgy device malfunctioning and misfiring.”

A fallen building blocked the street. Painted on the building was a giant mural of a blue humanoid. Their curves were abundant and the ten-meter wide cleft indicated that it was female. Vaquel stared at the giant breast of the painted figure and wondered if was anatomically correct or artistic license.

Vaquel shook her head and took her eyes off the giant breast. There was no time to dawdle. It would take too long to go around the fallen building and climbing was out of the question. She needed to get past this obstacle and get past it now.

The solution was around her feet. Vaquel’s hand went to her belt. She ran as fast as she could toward the building and then jumped. Her finger pressed down on a tiny button and small anti-gravity fields encompassed both feet. The absence of gravity propelled Vaquel’s jumping body high in the air.

Vaquel started counting to herself. The anti-gravity fields had a limited battery and Vaquel would need some of the energy for the fall. If she got this wrong, she could end up with broken legs or worse.

The building and the mural zoomed past as Vaquel ascended. She had a moment to admire the meticulous detail painted around the giant aureole. Seconds later, Vaquel was above the building with just enough forward momentum to get her over the ruins.

Vaquel cut off the anti-gravity fields. Physics reasserted itself on Vaquel’s trajectory and her upward progress ceased to be. There was a brief second where she floated in the air.

Beyond the building, the orange beam blasted into the sky. It was closer than Vaquel originally thought. She should reach it soon

The beam flickered. Another wave of energy was being emitted.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled as gravity pulled her back down to the surface.

A thousand sharp slaps stung every inch of Vaquel’s body, followed by the cool sensation of someone blowing on her skin. Vaquel’s body shuddered in the air. She tried to do the mental math to determine if the anti-gravity batteries had enough charge to get back down safely.

The calculations melted away as mind-blasting desire took over. Despite being hundreds of meters in the air, Vaquel was only aware of the slick vacuum inside her pussy. Tears sprang to her eyes from how badly she needed a cock.

Vaquel fell. She scanned the ground, looking for a thick member for her to land on. Sadly, there was only bones and wrecked vehicles. She screamed her frustration as she hurtled to the surface.

Oblivious to her imminent demise, Vaquel pawed at her crotch. She dug into the spacesuit and tried to reach her aching pussy. Although the thin material let her rub her pussy lips, it prevented her from fully entering herself.

The ground rushed towards her. Vaquel gave up on entering her pussy and pressed the palm of her hand to her covered sex instead. She grinded her hand into her crotch with frantic need but the sensations merely teased her.

Vaquel snarled with angry lust. She grinded at her pussy with raging stubbornness. The frenzied motions caused her hand to slip up higher onto her belt. The edge of her palm briefly rubbed the button that activates the anti-gravity field.

It wasn’t enough. Vaquel fell, picking up speed every second.

The explorer twisted in the air as she tried in vain to fuck herself. Drool flew from her open mouth and splattered the inside of her glassteel helmet. As she writhed and moved, her sore sensitive nipples rubbed painfully against her suit.

The pain enflamed Vaquel. She used her free hand to grab a breast and savagely squeezed. All the while, her other hand kept desperately rubbing at her crotch.

Once more, Vaquel’s hand slipped on the smooth material of her spacesuit. The hand slid up and onto her belt. The edge of her palm rubbed the button for the anti-gravity field.

This time it was enough.

Twin fields encompassed Vaquel’s feet. Internal sensors detected that Vaquel was moving at a dangerous velocity with a nearby flat plane of mass. The fields flared to full power and Vaquel’s descent slowed to that of a feather falling.

Vaquel screamed as her feet shot above her. She flipped in midair, still rubbing at her crotch. Short pink hair flew around her face.

The boots lowered Vaquel to the ground. Upside down, she pulled on her tit while grinding her pussy. Blood rushed to her head but she didn’t care. She was so close.

Vaquel’s head hit the ground as lightly as a lover tapping her head during a blowjob. The anti-gravity battery exhausted itself and shut off. Vaquel’s body fell, thankfully onto her back.

The jolt hitting the ground pushed Vaquel over the edge. She screamed her orgasm as bliss radiated through her body. The scream was followed by gaging as she choked on her own drool.

The lust faded away and Vaquel returned to her senses. The memory of her near-death chilled her blood. The dampness of her pussy remained however.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. “Let’s not do that again.”

Vaquel sat up and rose to her feet. The orange beam was just across the street. It was inside a building where only the first floor and a few walls remained.

There was a sign across the remains of a wall. Vaquel instinctively tried to read it and the headache returned. The sign said, ‘Ocean Obelisk’.

Vaquel snorted. That seemed unlikely. They were kilometers away from any ocean, unless you counted the one between Vaquel’s thighs.

“Damn, maybe they do,” Vaquel said.

She crossed the street and entered the building through a hole in the wall. The open ceiling and the bright orange light illuminated the area. Vaquel had to shield her eyes from the bright glow as she navigated debris filled hallways and clumps of skeletons.

It didn’t escape Vaquel’s notice that each skeletal remains were in groups of two or three. The positioning also suggested that they were deeply engaged in sexual activities when their doom came. Was this because of the orange beam or just their natural reaction to impending doom?

“Looks like no one died alone,” Vaquel said out.

Thunder rolled. Vaquel didn’t need Chairbot to tell her that the radiation storm was close. She hurried through the halls.

A breach in a wall brought her to the source of the orange beam. It was a giant machine, easily ten meters wide and three meters tall. The overall shape was that of a short pyramid, but one made of pulsing pipes, wriggling cables and vibrating cylinders. The beam fired from the top although no emitters of any kind were visible.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. The device was too big to take back to the probe ship. She activated her wrist scanner and pointed it at the device. Readings appeared on the heads-up-display inside her glassteel helmet. Error messages scrolled in front of her. Whatever the device was, Vaquel’s scanner couldn’t begin to decipher it.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. The wind blew through the wreckage of the building. Dark clouds gathered above. The storm was almost here.

A dozen ideas sprang to mind and died in droves. Vaquel couldn’t move the device. She couldn’t scan it. There was no way to protect a machine of this size from the coming storm. There just wasn’t a way to save the machine.

“It is not fair,” Vaquel said. Dead Fuckers-One had a wonderous invention and it was about to be obliterated. It was would be riddled with radiation and collapse just like this unknown civilization. In the end, there would only be dust and ruin.

Vaquel felt something strange inside her. It was sour and empty, almost as empty as her vagina. She wasn’t used to this feeling. It was grief. She was realizing the terrible loss of such a sensual society and their achievements.

“No, I can find something,” Vaquel said. “Something to carry on. Something to survive when nothing else on this planet does.”

There was a glint of light nearby. Vaquel walked over to a broken glass case. Inside was a large dildo, blue in color.

Vaquel picked it up. The dildo was much heavier than it looked. “I guess you will have to do,” she said.

The orange pulsed. Vaquel’s grief was washed away by a cold dose of terror. Fuck, she was way too close to a machine she couldn’t stop.

The energy wave crashed into Vaquel. A million slaps smacked into every millimeter of her skin. Vaquel screamed and then screamed again as ice encompassed her body.

She dropped to the ground. The dildo rolled from her fingers and was forgotten. There was nothing inside her. She was hollow. Her pussy was an empty glove without a hand to fill it. Pure desire paralyzed her and prevented from even making the futile effort to touch herself.

Vaquel was insensible. Although she was staring at the sky, her eyes couldn’t focus because of how badly she wanted to be fucked. The probe ship appeared above her but she had no idea it was there. When the tractor beam picked her off the ground and brought her up to the ship, Vaquel was only aware of the hungry abyss deep inside her cunt.

There was a babbling noise. Vaquel felt herself rest on the floor but she still wasn’t aware that she was inside her ship. The floor hummed as the engines powered the ship away from the radiation store but to Vaquel, the slight vibrations only teased her sensitive body.

Something beeped around Vaquel’s waist. The green spacesuit retracted away from her body and was pulled into her belt. The glassteel helmet hissed and came loose. As she writhed on the floor with desire, the helmet rolled away and the back of her head touched the metal floor.

Vaquel gasped. She became aware of her newly naked body. Air from the ventilators passed over her sensitive nipples. The cold metal floor held her round ass. Something bumped against her bare leg. It was a shape on wheels. Noises came from the shape but Vaquel’s couldn’t understand them.

The sounds were unimportant. Vaquel was naked and finally, nothing could stop her hand. She reached down and cupped her pussy. Tears sprang to her eyes as she felt the damp bush of her pubic hair. Three fingers slipped into clenching wet slickness.

“Fuuu!” Vaquel cried. She rose up to a sitting position. Her legs spread wide on the floor and the shape wheeled out of the way. Clenching buttocks tightened and stabilized her position.

Vaquel fucked herself. The sound of her wet hole being pummeled drowned out the noise coming from the shape. Every thrust of her fingers slammed deeper and deeper into her pussy. Three fingers were not enough. A fourth slipped in, stretching her to her limit and still she craved more.

Spit fell from Vaquel’s gasping mouth and landed on a breast. The warm liquid sent a jolt through Vaquel’s sensitive body. She looked down on her breasts, seeing their naked glory as if for the first time. Taking one in hand, she brought the nipple to her mouth and bit down with all of the need her body had.

Pain shot through Vaquel’s savaged nipple and went straight to her pussy. Vaquel bit down hard as she rammed four fingers inside her. The thumb curled but the slick pussy was just too tight to slip in.

The shape rolled behind Vaquel. She didn’t see the back recline and the seat portion tilt forward so that the flat of the chair was now pressing into Vaquel’s back. When she felt it, Vaquel leaned back into it for support as she kept biting and fingering.

The surface of the flat surface roared to life with vibrations. Vaquel whimpered as the vibrations ran up and down her spine. She bit down hard enough to draw blood from her breast.

Vaquel climaxed. The breast fell from her lips as she screamed her pleasure. The tight walls of her pussy spasmed and clenched around her soaked fingers. Bliss filled her body as the orgasm stretched and stretched beyond anything she had ever experienced.

But all orgasms must eventually end. As the intense bliss faded and the afterglow settled, Vaquel regained the use of her higher brain functions. She also realized her robot servant was vibrating her back.

“Chairbot, what are you doing?” she asked.

“Mistress! You have rebooted!” Chairbot said. The vibrations on his seat decreased in intensity but he remained where he was to support her back.

“I’m on the ship,” Vaquel said. “How did I get here?”

“I came for you, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “I picked you up with the tractor beam right before the radiation compromised the integrity of your perfect ass! You were in a state of critical arousal but seemed incapable of stripping yourself. I overrode your belt controls and removed your suit but you still refused to sit on me as you stimulated yourself. Would you like to sit on me now?”

“No,” Vaquel said, enjoying the sigh of disappointment from the robot. She tried to think back to what she was doing before the orange energy hit her. “Hey, did I have a dildo with me when you picked me up?”

“The tractor beam malfunctioned and the collected a wider area than I specified. It collected some debris along with your precious butt,” Chairbot said. “I pushed it into a corner but I can remove it if you wish.”

“Let me look first,” Vaquel said. She tried to stand but her legs refused to cooperate. “Maybe I will sit on you after all. Help me up.”

Chairbot lowered his seat to the floor so Vaquel only needed to slide back. Once she was on the seat, Chairbot lifted her from the ground and into a sitting position. Vaquel enjoyed her afterglow as the robot wheeled her towards the tractor beam detritus.

On the floor was broken glass, a broken cup, three metal gears and the blue dildo.

Vaquel smiled. “Keep the dildo and jettison the rest,” Vaquel said. “Good job on getting that dildo on board.

Pleasure programs cycled inside Chairbot as Vaquel complimented him. He relished the rare praise before going about his assigned tasks. By the time he was done, Vaquel had fallen asleep on his seat.

Chairbot sighed with pleasure. Vaquel’s sweaty ass would be asleep on him for at least eight hours. He dimmed the lights on the ship and set course for the next star system.

Mar 302022

Fucktoy was bent over on the kitchen island. The counter was cold against her bare breasts. The corset around her waist held her in a tight hug. A black hood over her face shrouded her in darkness. The thigh-high leather boots arched her feet and presented her ass for Master.

If Master was even looking at her. It was Wings Day; that one day of the month that Master deep-fried chicken wings and French fries without a care for his diet. Master made all the preparations himself. He marinated the wings, prepared the oil and arranged the cooling racks according to his own system.

He didn’t need, nor want, Fucktoy’s help when it came to cooking. Fucktoy had other uses.

She waited in the kitchen. Her hands were bound behind her back with oven twine. The black gloves she wore kept the twine from cutting into her wrists but they were still tight. She kept her cheek pressed to the counter and resisted the urge to fidget.

It wasn’t easy. She knew what was coming. Her pussy was dripping in anticipation.

There was a loud crackling sound. Fucktoy’s buttocks clenched. It was the fries being dropped into a cast-iron pot boiling with hot canola out. The fries took the longest to cook.

Fucktoy moaned. It would be any moment now. She thought she heard the beep of a timer being started.

A moment later, something flat pressed against Fucktoy’s ass. She knew what it was. The flat object rubbed against her ass in lazy circles, sensitizing her for what was to come.

A whimper escaped Fucktoy’s tight lips.

WHAP! A The wooden spoon slapped against her ass. The hard wood stung like few toys did.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Master spanked her ass with the spoon. He was in a good mood which meant he was especially cruel today. The spoon stung the sides of her ass and sometimes the top of her thighs. It was a fast barrage of stinging bites that avoided the rounder, more padded parts of her ass.

Fucktoy whimpered. Tears sprung to her eyes under the hood. She clenched her ass and fought the urge to stand.

The spanking stopped. Fucktoy almost didn’t notice. She winced from a hit that never came. The hot stings on her ass and thighs lingered.

Another crackling sound. That would be the wings going into another pot. The thunder of twin pots filled the kitchen.

A moment later, a hand touched Fucktoy’s hips. She stayed perfectly still as Master guided his cock between Fucktoy’s thighs and up into her wet cunt. Only when his full length slid into her did she squeeze her spanked ass in front of him.

Master grabbed Fucktoy’s ponytail. He wrapped her long hair around his hand and then pulled. Fucktoy’s head was jerked painfully back and she clenched harder around his cock.

The twin pots continued to boil furiously. Master began fucked her. Short, hard thrusts into her soaking wet pussy. He moved at a leisurely pace as he pounded his toy in the kitchen.

Fucktoy sunk into her body. She was aware of her heavy breasts grinding against the counter. The marks he made on her ass and thighs burned with their own heat. The tugging of her hair sent delicious sensations through her scalp.

Most of all, she aware of her Master’s dick filling her aching cunt.

Too soon, a beeper sounded. Master pulled out of Fucktoy without hesitation. Her head was released and she rested her hood-covered forehead on the counter.

The beeping stopped. Fucktoy knew what Master was doing. He was fishing out the wings and giving them a moment to rest. Soon, they would go back into the fryer for a second fry. How soon, was hard to tell.

Suddenly, there were hands on the back of Fucktoy’s thighs. Master spread her legs apart and then a mouth touched her sex. A hungry tongue parted her folds.

“Yes!” Fucktoy cried out. Electricity flowed through her pussy from her Master’s tongue. He had never done this before on Wing’s Day!

Master ate her pussy. The crackling of the fry pot drowned out the slurping sounds of Master’s mouth. Strong fingers dug into her thighs as a tongue lashed deep within her.

She was going to come. The shock of Master’s mouth was going to push her over the edge. All she needed was a few more licks.

And then Master was gone. There were no more hands on her thighs, no more hot breath on her pussy lips and no more tongue inside her. The sweet gift was over.

Loud crackling came from the stove. The wings were being returned to the pot. Another timer was being set.

Hands pressed against the outside of Fucktoy’s thighs. She brought her legs together, a little confused. The hands held her legs together as something hard and slippery pushed between them.

It was Master’s cock. It was slick with lube and a few inches below Fucktoy’s pussy. The hands slapped her outer thighs with a quick double -tap, Master’s signal for her to hold a pose.

Fucktoy obeyed. She kept her legs tight tighter around Master’s cock. He grabbed her ponytail once more and pulled her head back.

Master fucked her thighs. It was unbearably cruel. Fucktoy’s pussy was neglected and leaking desire.

Fucktoy bit her lip. She was allowed to beg. Master was very clear about that. What she wasn’t allowed to do was whine and that was a problem. Right now, Fucktoy wasn’t sure what sound would come from her mouth.

Master’s belly slapped against Fucktoy’s spanked ass. The angry welts on her skin stung with protest. She didn’t have the euphoria of her pussy being fucked to counter the pain.

He pulled harder on Fucktoy’s ponytail. The thrusts into her thighs picked up speed. A hand pressed down on the back of her corset.

Fucktoy knew what this meant. He was close. Master was going to come between her legs and deny her cunt his sweet come.

There was only one thing Fucktoy could do. She clenched her thighs together to make the bast damn sleeve that she could for her Master’s cock.

He came. Hot seed splattered against the kitchen island and onto Fucktoy’s thighs and boots. Master pulled harder on her ponytail and her back arched as much as the corset would allow.

The timer beeped. Master laughed and pulled out from between her thighs. He paused to wipe his cock on the crack of her ass before returning to the stove. It was time to pull the wings and fries out to let them cool before eating.

Fucktoy stayed on the counter, waiting for Master’s permission to begin cleaning the mess he made.

Feb 022022

Explorer’s Log: I am on day thirty-one of my forty-five day journey to the star system designated “The Precision of the Queen’s Slap,” by Royal Astronomers. I continue to detect no star ships or signs of star ship travel. Interplanetary communications are quiet. This area of space is quiet and deserted. It is almost unsettling.

I have been on the lookout for wormholes and portals since witnessing their presence on the last planet. None have been detected. Perhaps the unknown creators of said portals are only interested in using the technology to bombard planets. Either way, I am staying on high alert and monitoring the constant scans. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Chairbot has volunteered for scanning duty. He insisted on it. Sometimes when he is scanning, I hear him moan and witness him shaking. It is as if the alien robot derives some sort of pleasure from interfacing with my machines, which is a ridiculous thought.

Vaquel Di awoke in her bunk. A sheen of sweat covered her body. That must be why her blanket was thrown off and on the floor. The humidity was higher than usual.

The ship lights were still dimmed to sleep mode. The steady hum of the ship told her that everything was functioning properly. The vent in her bunk shuddered as cool air was pushed out. It felt wonderful as it blew over Vaquel’s bare ass and back.

There was a wet spot under Vaquel. The hairs of her pink pubic bush were almost glued to her mattress. Half-remembered wet dreams almost came into focus but slipped away before Vaquel could recall what they were.

Something about a tongue?

Vaquel rolled over onto her back. She pressed a button on the overhead panel and the smart mattress absorbed the wet spot. The cool air from the vent kissed Vaquel’s nipples. Both of them were already hard.

An image flashed in her mind. She had dreamed about something thrusting into her. What was it? She couldn’t quite remember.

A moan echoed through the ship. Vaquel recognized it was Chairbot. The loyal robot really enjoyed his scanning.

Vaquel resisted the urge to look at the time. If she knew how much of her sleep cycle was left, she would start obsessing about whether she should go ahead and get up. It was better to lay here in ignorance and catch as much sleep as she can.

Another memory surfaced. It was a tongue that had pushed inside her. Thick, wet and damn long.

Vaquel sighed. Her pussy was still damp. She wasn’t getting back to sleep until she had pleasured herself.

Should she call Chairbot and let his vibrating seat fuck her? That would involve rolling out of bed. Vaquel didn’t have that much energy. It would also involve talking to the submissive robot and as much as Vaquel loved dominating the pliant chair, she didn’t have the energy for that either. No, this she would take care of herself.

Vaquel spread her legs in the darkness. One hand went between her legs while the other cupped a large breast. She rolled the hard nipple between her fingers and then pinched. As the pain flared, Vaquel sunk two fingers into her pussy.

“Oh!” Vaquel gasped. Her pussy was more sensitive than she thought. The fingers slipped into wet heat and were clenched by slick walls. It felt like someone had already done the work of preparing her sex.

Another image bubbled up through Vaquel’s memory. A hot breath on her pussy. A kind of snorting sound as someone breathed her in. A tentative lick and then . . .

Vaquel couldn’t remember. Fuck it. She didn’t need a dream. Her fingers knew what to do. She slid her fingers in and out of her pussy at a quick pace while she continued to pinch her nipple. The pain was a lovely contrast to the building pleasure within her cunt.

The cool air ceased to blow from the vent. The sweaty heat returned and Vaquel felt it on every inch of her body. She slipped her sticky fingers out of her pussy and adjusted the controls on her overhead panel. The cool air returned, almost blasting her body.

“This is taking too long,” Vaquel whispered. She turned on the monitor on her overhead panel and quickly pulled up the video she recorded from her last planet visit. A few more adjustments skipped to right where she wanted.

An image appeared on the monitor. It was the face of a red humanoid that was part of a bush. The planet thing had a nice cock and rudimentary fucking motions. The video was recorded from Vaquel’s helmet so the view was limited to what was right in front of her. Right now, that meant the plant man’s face and open mouth.

It was enough. Vaquel brought her knees up and returned her fingers to her pussy. As she penetrated herself, she moved her other hand to her mouth. She sucked on her fingers as a substitute cock.

The video rocked back and forth as the plant man fucked. Vaquel timed her thrusts to coincide with the movement. As she fucked her pussy, she also fucked her mouth with her other hand.

This was much better. Vaquel remembered how the pseudo-man fucked her. Her fingers became his cock in her mind. Deeper and deeper she pushed as she edged closer to orgasm.

Behind the plant man, someone stepped into view.

Vaquel stopped in mid-thrust. She spat out her fingers and reached up for the monitor. A quick tap paused the screen.

There was a shape in the corner. It had the outline of a man. How had she missed it before?

Vaquel’s pussy clenched around her fingers. She ignored her hungry sex for the moment. Her other hand tapped the monitor and expanded the corner of the screen.

There were too many shadows. Vaquel couldn’t make out many features. There was a bare shoulder of a deep blue color. Was that white line a show of teeth? Vaquel couldn’t make out any eyes.

Was this a person, or some trick of light and shadow?

Again, Vaquel’s pussy clenched. She could feel her hard-earned orgasm slipping away.

Vaquel touched her sex with her other hand. Sharp nails pinched her pussy lips. The pain caused her to clench and she began to stroke once more.

All the while, Vaquel looked up at the screen. If it was a person, they died when the garden was bombarded with missiles from the wormholes. Vaquel felt an irrational urge to turn the probe ship around and check to see if they survived. That was strictly against Royal Navy Probe rules but the temptation was intense. Who was this person and why didn’t they come forward when she was there?

The answer was obvious. They didn’t come forward because they were afraid. The entire planet was dead. This last survivor might have thought Vaquel was there to finish them off.

Vaquel sighed and pushed deeper into her cunt. There were so many questions that Vaquel wanted to ask. What was their people like? Who had attacked them? Did they have other places are sexy as that garden of fuck plants?

Instead of a plant, she could have been fucking another sapient. Although, Vaquel had to admit that the plant was pretty good fucker, especially once it got wet. But still, it was always more fun to fuck something intelligent.

This line of thought wasn’t helping Vaquel’s pussy. She hit a button and the video resumed. The view bounced as the plant man fucked Vaquel.

The shadow in the corner was gone. It was just an optical illusion. No one had been there.

Vaquel fucked herself harder. She used her other hand to pull on her pussy lip. The pain so close to her sex made her more sensitive. The elusive orgasm would be here in no time.

Something moved in another corner of the screen. It was moving sideways across a beam of light. The object was only on screen for less than a second.

Vaquel growled and let go of her pussy lip. Fingers still buried in her pussy, she touched the control panel to rewind and enlarge the suspect area. She played it back at one-sixth normal speed.

There. A humanoid shape walked from left to right behind some bushes. Light illuminated a blue body that was definitely male, though the face was still blurry. What was in perfect definition was the long cock hanging between the male’s legs.

“Damn,” Vaquel whispered. It was an impressive cock. For some reason, the video recorder captured it perfectly even though the rest of the humanoid was still ill-defined. The cock was thick, and had a head that was flared, almost pyramid shaped. Long ridges ran along the phallus in twisting patterns.

Vaquel’s pussy clenched around her fingers. What would a cock like that feel like? Vaquel attempted to imitate the shape by spreading her fingers inside her pussy. It took a few tries before she came close to the shape. Too bad there was no way to duplicate the veins.

She noticed she was sweating again, despite the cool air still blasting from the vent. Well, that was to be expected. The sight of a cock like thought could make anyone sweat.

Vaquel slid her stretched fingers in and out. It was not an easy shape to hold. The act of replicating the cock was distracting her from enjoying it.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. She removed her fingers from her pussy and placed them in her mouth. The sweet juices tasted wonderful. Her tongue lapped, wishing it was a cock she was licking.

As she sucked, she typed in a quick search function for the video. A result popped up on the screen. It was much later in the video, when the sprinklers had activated. There, back in the left corner of the screen, the computer had found an occurrence of the blue humanoid standing in the background.

The face was still covered in shadows but Vaquel wasn’t looking at the face. He was facing the camera and this time he had a hand on his cock. A large sack hung below the balls suggesting a fountain of seed that might come forth.

Vaquel touched a button and the video resumed. The blue humanoid stroked himself. The cock and hand were perfectly vivid, even if the rest of the man was still blurry. The man stroked from head to base, and his wrist rotated as he moved, allowing him to completely encircle his cock twice with every pump.

It was delicious to watch. Vaquel’s fingers left her mouth and returned to her pussy. She slid in like an old lover and filled her sex. There was no way to reproduce the male’s wrist motion, but Vaquel timed her strokes to his.

Wet heat embraced Vaquel. Sweat ran down her face. She wondered briefly if the environmental controls were malfunctioning but lost the thought as the humanoid’s began to buck.

“Fuck,” Vaquel moaned. The man humped his hand. His hips moved from side to side in an almost serpentine manner. Vaquel’s own hips tried to match it but she failed. It was something she would have to feel in order to get right.

In the meantime, watching it was almost as good. Vaquel stroked harder as the man’s hips increased in speed. She cupped a breast and squeezed hard. It was a shame his eyes were hidden as Vaquel was eager to see what part of her body he was staring at.

There was a moan to Vaquel’s right. Huh, Chairbot must be moving around the ship. That was fine with Vaquel as long as he didn’t interrupt her.

The view on the screen shifted upwards to the ceiling. That must have been when Vaquel threw her head back in the garden. When the view returned to normal, the figure in the corner was gone.

“Fuck!” Vaquel whispered. She let go of her tit and tapped in another search function. A moment later, the panel reported there was no other sightings.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel whispered. She tapped a few commands and gripped her tit again. This time she trapped her nipple between her fingers as she squeezed.

The video returned to the start of the blue male masturbating. Vaquel laid back and stroked herself as she watched it again. The male’s strange wrist was just as enticing the second time around. Vaquel yearned to taste the big blue cock in front of her. When his hips moved, Vaquel tried again to match his swirling movements.

A memory pulled at Vaquel’s attention. She remembered something from her dream. There was a tongue on her pussy and it had swirled counter-clockwise. It was almost the same pattern as those hips.

Vaquel laughed. Perhaps she had seen the male masturbating on a subconscious level. It would explain why she had dreamed something similar and maybe why she was so horny. Vaquel made a mental note to discuss it in her next log entry.

The video shifted and started over. Vaquel didn’t stop masturbating. It was disappointing that she didn’t have video of the humanoid ejaculating but there was no sense crying over unspilled seed. She was more than happy with the sight of the pulsing blue cock.

Heat flushed through Vaquel’s body. She was close. The bunk creaked as her hip movements became wilder. She plunged deeper into her pussy. The grip on her breast became painful. The tension in her body surged as her orgasm came closer.

A tremor shook Vaquel. She turned her head to side and clenched her eyes and lips. When she opened her eyes, there was someone standing beside her bunk.

“Shit!” Vaquel yelled. She let go of her body and scrambled to the back wall of the bed bunk. Her hand slapped a panel button and lights flooded the interior of the ship.

There was nothing there.

“Mistress, are you awake?” Chairbot said. He rolled down the interior from the left. “Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you need to sit on me until you fall asleep?”

“Run a full scan of the ship,” Vaquel said, still cowering in the back of the bunk. “We have an intruder.”

Chairbot paused. “Scan complete, Mistress. No intruders or anomalies detected. Would you like to relax in my seat?”

“Scan again,” Vaquel said.

Another pause, a bit longer this time. “A level six scan shows no intruders, manifestations or anomalies, Mistress. We are alone. If you wish, you could fall asleep on me and I will maintain a watch.”

Vaquel relaxed. The brief spike of adrenaline was already fading and she felt exhausted. She also felt a little foolish.

“No, Chairbot. Go back to your duties,” Vaquel said. “That was a readiness test and you passed.”

“Yay!” Chairbot said. “I am happy to have pleased you, Mistress! I will go back to what I was doing.”

Chairbot rolled away before Vaquel could ask what it was exactly he was doing. Whatever. Vaquel was feeling more tired by the second. She turned the lights off and the ship plunged once more than darkness.

The video was still playing on the bunk ceiling. Vaquel turned it off. That is what she gets for watching mysterious videos in the middle of the night. But still, she did need to get off.

Vaquel rolled over onto her stomach and settled into her bunk. It was still hot so Vaquel didn’t bother with the covers. She brought up on leg up and reached between her thighs. The slick grip of her pussy greeted her fingers.

“Let’s finish this,” Vaquel whispered in her pillow. No more videos with their hidden figures. No more giant blue cocks and strange moving hips. No more distractions. Vaquel was going to fuck her pussy and finally come.

The cool air blew over her butt but she still felt hot. Vaquel fingered herself with quick thrusts. The squelches of her slick pussy grew louder and louder.

“Take it, you greedy little slut,” Vaquel whispered. “There is no alien cock for you. Get off on just your fingers.”

A tremor ran through Vaquel. She reveled in her self-inflicted humiliation. Juices coated her thrusting fingers.

The bunk creaked as she writhed. Vaquel’s toes dug into the mattress to keep her in place. The round buttocks of her ass rose and fell as she grinded into her fingers.

A moan echoed through the ship. It was probably Chairbot. Vaquel ignored it.

A bead of sweat flowed down the arch of her back. It was just barely on the edge of her awareness. Vaquel was tempted to wipe it but she didn’t want to even acknowledge the distraction.

Vaquel’s fingers dug deep inside her pussy. Another tremor went through her body and she bit down on the pillow. A brief desire to bite down on tit, dick or ass flashed through her mind.

Once more, she was close to climaxing. A brief panic rose as Vaquel wondered what would distract her this time. She squashed the feeling and fucked herself with a defiant fury.

A memory from the dream surfaced. She remembered a detail about the long tongue had been inside her pussy. It had swirled counter-clockwise, once, twice and a third time before thrusting deep like a cock inside her, then pulled back to repeat the swirling again. What an odd pattern to dream about.

Something pushed down on Vaquel’s head. A hand grabbed her ass and squeezed as she continued to stroke. The wet heat in the bunk intensified like a sauna.

Before Vaquel could question what was happening, a powerful orgasm exploded within her. She cried out into the pillow that someone was forcing her face into. The hand on her ass held on as she quivered. The slick walls of Vaquel’s pussy spasmed around her fingers as the dam of tension that had kept her awake finally broke into orgasmic bliss.

The climax stretched into a small eternity. All of the anxiety and fear Vaquel had been experienced melted away. Every nerve in her body came to life and floated on a cloud of pleasure.

Another tremor shook Vaquel and the pressure on her head was gone. No one was touching her ass. The cool air blew across her backside and sent chills up her spine.

Vaquel rolled over onto her side. There was no one in the darkness. She pulled her fingers from her pussy and groaned at their absence. As she sucked her fingers clean, she rolled over onto her back and pressed a button on the overhead panel.

“Scan complete,” the monitor read. “No intruders detected.”

Vaquel chuckled. Clearly, she had been delirious with sexual frustration. Her head wasn’t pushed into the pillow; she had done that to herself with her writhing. The touch on her ass was just wishful thinking. Now that she had come, everything was clearer now and she had nothing to worry about.

It was cold now, though. Vaquel leaned out of the bunk and recovered her blanket from the floor. The soft fabric felt wonderful as she pulled it over her body. The blanket trapped her heat and cocooned her as she rolled over on her side.

It was weird how she didn’t feel the warm humidity any more. Vaquel resolved to check the environmental controls tomorrow. If she remembered.

Exhaustion pulled Vaquel’s eyelids down. She felt her thoughts ramble and drift. The bliss of her orgasm pooled within her body.

Behind Vaquel, somewhere close to her bunk, there was the sound of a cock being stroked. Vaquel wondered briefly what ship function was making that noise. She was asleep before she could think of one.

Jan 052022

Explorer’s Log: I have completed my fifty-six day journey to the star system designated “The Enormous Cock of the Queen’s Consort,” by Royal Astronomers. Eight hours ago, I left the dark matter mass that has complicated my journey for so many weeks. It is nice to finally be free of the turbulence, random energy surges and micro-collisions. Praise the Queen that I survived the non-stop annoyances and have finally reached normal space again.

After going so long without meeting another life form, I am disappointed to report that there are no life signs in this star system. There are four planets, but probes have revealed that each planet is devoid of life. Something used to live here as there are plenty of ruins on each of the planets. Preliminary scans have shown evidence of atomic weapons, extreme toxins in the oceans and in the case of the third planet, massive plasma bombardments. Someone, or something, annihilated life on these planets down to the cellular level.

Scans have detected a small area on the second planet that is devoid of radiation or lingering toxins. I will land there and see if I can find some clues as to what kind of civilization lived here, or what kind of people wished their destruction. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Well shit. After the annoyance of the dark matter mass, I was hoping to fuck someone’s brains out. I’m horny enough to fuck just about anything.

Vaquel Di stood on top of a fallen column. The weak sunlight barely filtered through the grey clouds. The bright blue material of her spacesuit stretched across her massive breasts and thick thighs. A tiny beam of sun highlighted her short pink hair within her transparent glassteel helmet. Vaquel’s brown cheeks were flushed from the exertions of the day.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore under her breath. All around Vaquel was rubble and debris. She had climbed onto this column in the hope of getting a better view of the area but it was a wasted effort. The devastation here was just as complete as it was everywhere else.

There was something odd about this column though. Three meters in girth and about fifty meters long, it had some irregular features. The tip had a flared head and the base it had broken from had three spheres. Ridges ran up and down the column in an almost organic manner.

“It’s a cock,” Vaquel said to herself. It had a nice shape. Vaquel was not one to mourn the death of a planet or a society, but if they had dicks like this, she was beginning to experience a rare moment of grief.

Vaquel looked around at the fallen masonry. “Might as well head back,” she said out loud. “I found one dildo and it’s too big to take back. This planet is a waste.”

Something rumbled to Vaquel’s left. She drew her laser pistol from her belt and dropped to a defensive crouch.

The sound came from a small landslide of rubble. It was not clear what had caused the disturbance. Broken pieces of bricks fell away to reveal a solid wall underneath. The outline of a door became visible.

“I must have disturbed it earlier,” Vaquel said out loud. It was certainly possible. Nothing living had been here in a while. Keeping her pistol in hand, she dismounted from the pillar and approached the exposed door.

There was writing on the door. It was vaguely familiar but Vaquel couldn’t place it right away. Back at the Royal Navy Academy, all known languages, quite a few dead languages and some purely theoretical languages as well as a myriad of their variations had been uploaded into Vaquel’s brain. The fact that Vaquel felt it was familiar meant this writing might be one of the theoretical ones. This might take a minute.

It took three. Vaquel recognized it as a form of Ebrima. The writing said, “Blue Leopard Clutch.”

Vaquel snorted. Either the language cells in her brain had been damaged or understanding of Ebrima doesn’t convey understanding of slang or colloquialisms. Still, it was more writing than Vaquel had found on this entire planet so it was something.

The door had a simple twist lever. Vaquel turned it and the door swung open. Lights flickered to life to reveal a wide hallway sloping downwards. Parts of the floor displayed an animated phallus going down the hall.

Vaquel followed the phallus. It was a dark blue and rather thick. As the passage continued, animated blue breasts would appear on the floor and wrap around the blue cock as it passed through them. Sometimes it would be a pair of blue buttocks that the phallus would go through and in one case, it was a very wet-looking vagina that the cock penetrated before moving on.

Eventually, the hall opened into a brightly lit area. The animated floor gave way to dirt and green grass. Thick bushes with green leaves and bright red flowers filled a circular area about fifty meters in width. Up above, sun lamps bathed the cavern in warm light.

A path of bare dirt winded through the bushes. Vaquel took a moment to admire the garden. Being underground must have protected it from the annihilation above. It made her wonder if there were other places like this around the planet. Probably not. This bit of the planet had a smaller percentage of the radiation that saturated the ground everywhere else. If there were more underground gardens, they probably died of radiation long ago.

Vaquel holstered her pistol, but moved her herbicide grenades to a belt pouch in the front. She had lost count of how many plants had tried to fuck and eat her on other planets. If any of these bushes tried to grab her, they were in for a surprise.

As soon as Vaquel stepped onto the path, the nearest bush shifted. Vaquel sighed and pulled out a grenade. Sometimes she hated being right.

A face emerged from the shifting bush. It was green, but definitely humanoid. Red flowers cascaded like hair from a round face. Lucious lips shiny with dew decorated a pretty face. Blind eyes stared out and Vaquel realized they weren’t eyes at all, just the shape of eyes like on a sculpture.

The face rose higher and was attached to a body. Broad shoulders gave way to thick arms. A round chest sported two massive mountains for breasts. The wide torso widened further to form hips that supported thick legs. Between those legs were a smooth slit that dripped a green liquid.

“Hello,” Vaquel said in Ebrima. “My name is Vaquel Di.”

The green humanoid turned towards Vaquel. The blank eyes stared at her. The lips parted and hung open. The humanoid leaned towards Vaquel and extended her arms out.

“Hello?” Vaquel said again. “Do you have a name?”

The green humanoid said nothing.

Vaquel waved her hand in front of the green woman. There was no reaction. She pretended to swing at the face and the woman didn’t appear to notice. Finally, Vaquel placed a hand one of the woman’s large green breasts.

It was warm to the touch. Vaquel squeezed and there was a soft grunt from the green woman. The breast was firm and the nipple was already hard.

“You’re just a plant,” Vaquel said.

The green woman didn’t answer.

“I’ve been trying to communicate with a bush,” Vaquel said. “Still, a plant with a nice pair of tits. I wonder how realistic the rest of you is.”

Vaquel placed her other hand between the green woman’s legs. The smooth lips of the pseudo-sex lips were damp with something sticky. Vaquel pushed her fingers in and was surprised to feel a smooth hole clenching back.

“Ahh,” the green woman groaned.

Vaquel jumped and pulled her fingers out. “Are you alive after all?” she asked.

The green woman didn’t answer. Vaquel returned her fingers to the smooth sex lips. As her fingers sunk in, she heard the moan again.


Vaquel performed three quick thrusts with her fingers.

“Ahh. Ahh. Ahh.”

“Clever,” Vaquel admitted. “You’re a living sex doll. If I had a cock, I bet your mouth would be just as inviting as your pussy.”

The green woman didn’t answer.

Vaquel pulled her fingers out of the green woman and reluctantly let go of the woman’s breast. It was nice to hold onto a tit that belonged to someone else but the lack of sentience was a turn-off. She preferred her sex toys to look a little less life-like.

As Vaquel walked down the dirt path, more bushes shook. Feminine forms rose from the bushes to display a range of bodies. The plants sported breasts as small as Vaquel’s head to massive sizes that hurt Vaquel’s back to look at them. Some of the plants barely came up to Vaquel’s waist while others towered above her. All were wide of hip though, as if there were a basic anatomy characteristic that could not be changed.

The green bushes gave way to red shrubs topped with purple flowers. These too began to shake as Vaquel approached them. The forms that emerged were different. These sported round chests and thicker arms. The wide waists topped thick legs. Between these legs were red rods of a shape Vaquel knew very well from the pillar outside. These plants had cocks.

Vaquel lingered in front of the red plant male. It had the same blank eyes and open mouth as the green women. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around the thick plant phallus. It was warm and pulsed nicely in her hand.

“Fuck it,” Vaquel said. It had been a long journey to get here. A dumb plant cock is better than no cock at all.

Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. The bright blue spacesuit covering her legs slowly retracted into her belt. Long brown legs were exposed to the open air, then her thick thighs and then the bright pink bush of her pubic hair. Vaquel ran her fingers through her damp bush and into her slick sex. When she pulled her fingers out, they were coated in her juices.

“A little water for you,” Vaquel said to the red plant man. He didn’t answer. Vaquel slid her wet fingers into his open mouth. As she suspected, the cavity inside his mouth contracted around her fingers. She was surprised to feel a bit of suction as well as more dampness. This is a hole that would stay lubricated.

The red man’s arms stretched towards Vaquel without really closing around her. She took one hand and guided it to her hip. The hand sealed to her skin and she felt something sticky. Curious, she leaned back and found the arm was strong enough to hold her body.

“These people knew what they were doing,” Vaquel said to the empty garden.

Vaquel jumped onto the red man’s waist and wrapped her legs around him. The red man didn’t sway at all from the sudden weight. Vaquel grabbed another hand and placed it onto her big brown ass. The sticky residue of the man’s hand secured the hand to her buttock. Feeling safe, Vaquel reached down and grabbed the plant’s pseudo-cock. She relaxed her legs and slid down onto the thick rod.

The flared head pushed up inside Vaquel. The plant’s hands supported her weight as she sunk down. The cock pulsed inside of her; a weak but steady throb that felt alive.

“Plants aren’t so bad after all,” Vaquel said.

The red man suddenly pushed with his hips and drove the phallus deeper inside Vaquel. As he did so, a small grunt came from the plant’s open mouth. The hips drew back and then pushed again, nice and slow. It kept repeating the motion and made the same grunt with every thrust.

“This planet had some fucking talented gardeners,” Vaquel moaned.

Vaquel held on as the red man fucked her. The thick phallus drove up inside her as steady as clockwork. In and out, in and out, in and out with no change in pace. With every shift of the hips, the mouth made the same grunt.

“More,” Vaquel groaned. The fucking was good but she wanted more. The long journey with nothing but her hand, her dildos and Chairbot’s vibrator had left her hungry for a savage fuck. She needed this plant to fuck her brains out.

And it was, but at its own steady pace.

Vaquel tightened her legs around the plant man’s waist. Her pelvis was in constant motion as she fucked the hard phallus inside her. She reached down and rubbed her clitoris with savage passion. It was a furious contrast to the methodical thrusting inside her pussy.

An orgasm began to build inside of Vaquel. She could feel how strong it was going to be but it was taking its time getting there. Knowing that she couldn’t speed up the plant man only added to her frustration. She was at the mercy of a dumb plant made by a species that might be dead.

There was a roll of thunder. Vaquel looked up in confusion at the sun lamps on the roof. She realized that it must be a recorded sound played over speakers, but to what purpose?

The ceiling answered with a spray of water from unseen spouts. A light rain descended onto the garden. The static shield in Vaquel’s glassteel helmet prevented the water from obscuring her vision. The water itself was refreshingly warm and Vaquel was tempted to take off her bubble helmet to taste the rain.

The plant man’s grip on Vaquel’s body tightened. The slow hips suddenly slammed into Vaquel’s open legs. The thick phallus rammed up inside her and then withdrew to slam even faster into her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. The red plant man accelerated with every thrust. The steady pumps were gone and now Vaquel was getting fucked with increasing speed.

The first orgasm exploded within Vaquel. Overwhelming pleasure surged from her pounded pussy and spread through her body. It took Vaquel by surprise and she screamed her pleasure instead of giving thanks to her Queen.

The rain continued. In a haze, Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. The light blue material around her chest melted away and retracted into her belt. Warm rain fell on her bouncing brown breasts like hot kisses.

The green man kept pumping Vaquel’s pussy. The rapid thrusts overwhelmed her sex and a second orgasm was fast approaching. She titled her head back and surrendered to the explosion of bliss.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted.

Warm water soaked Vaquel’s body only to be shaken off with the next ramming thrust of the plant man’s hips. Vaquel grabbed both of her tits to keep them from smacking into one another. The green man’s sticky hands held her body in place as she spread her legs wider to take the pussy pounding.

A third orgasm surged within her. Vaquel laughed and squeezed her tits hard. The ramming root of the plant man slammed deeper inside her.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted as she came again.

There was another roll of artificial thunder. The rain drizzled to a stop. A lovely mist hung in the air.

The green man began to slow down. Vaquel whimpered in disappointment. The thrusting hips decelerated from a mad frenzy down to a steady pump.

Vaquel was on the edge of another orgasm but she could feel it slipping away as the plant man returned to normal. Now that she wasn’t getting fucked at a high speed, she was starting to notice how sore her pussy was. Maybe she should give up on her fourth orgasm and just dismount.

“No, no, no,” Vaquel whispered out loud. It had been a long journey here and she was a greedy slut. Vaquel let go of her breasts and rubbed her pussy with both hands. The lips of her sex were tender to the touch but Vaquel rubbed diligently. She would have her orgasm.

The plant man stared at her with his blank eyes. The open mouth might have been mocking her. The grunting sounds it made were becoming softer and softer.

Vaquel whimpered. She was so close. For one brief second, she considered starting a fire with her laser pistol in the hopes of activating the sprinklers. Unfortunately, a fire might trigger other responses in the garden that could interrupt her fucking and Vaquel wasn’t willing to risk it. Better to have a slow fuck than no fuck at all.

Could she wait until it rained again? How long was she in the garden before it started to rain? Ten time units? Less? What if the rain was only on a daily cycle?

Vaquel laughed. She imagined herself slowly getting fucked by this humping plant man for an entire day cycle. Even her hungry pussy couldn’t take that.

Still, it might be fun to try.

That familiar tension of an impending orgasm returned to Vaquel’s body. She found her clitoris and rubbed it furiously. Her other hand stroked her sex as the plant cock pumped in and out. She tightened her thick brown legs around the green trunk of the man. Vaquel whimpered as she fought to bring her climax as quickly as she could.

The plant man didn’t care. It continued its slow steady fucking of Vaquel’s body. The only thing more consistent than its fucking was its indifference.

Vaquel was so close. Her sore pussy resisted her stroking, rubbing and fucking. She became aware of an ache in her back, a cramp in her foot and a raw spot on her thigh. The interior of her glassteel helmet struggled to keep her heavy breathing from fogging up the glass.

The plant man fucked her with the same plodding speed.

Inspiration struck. Vaquel let go of her pussy and ran her hand over her stomach. Leftover rain water clung to her hand. Vaquel took her wet hand and placed it on the plant man’s chest.

Vaquel felt the moisture leeched from her hand. The green hips surged. The plant phallus rammed inside of her with fury once more.

The orgasm came a second later. “Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted. Eyes rolled into the back of her head. She pinched her clitoris and rode the pain and the pleasure simultaneously.

A few thrusts later, the plant man slowed down once more. The brief charge of the moisture was already fading.

That was enough for Vaquel. She pulled at a sticky hand until it let go of her hip. The weight of her body caused her to slip free of the relentless plant cock. Vaquel stood on unsteady legs as she pulled the other hand from her body.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. “That was intense. I am going to need to take a break before I check out the rest of this garden. Maybe some of the bush men are close enough for a threesome.”

BOOM! The ground shook and Vaquel fell to her knees. Some of the sun lamps above flickered off.

“Mistress!” Chairbot yelled over the communicator. “An atomic explosion was detected three kilometers from your location!”

“What the fuck?” Vaquel said. She slapped a button on her belt and the light blue material of her spacesuit slithered over body. “Chairbot. where did it come from?”

BOOM! The ground shook again. A crack formed in the ceiling. A water pipe burst and showered an area of the garden. Vaquel could hear the mad thrusting of a dozen plant bodies.

“We’re detecting spatial anomalies!” Chairbot replied. “This sector is being saturated with missile strikes! I’m bring the probe ship to your location!”

Vaquel ran down the garden path. Plant men and women swayed from their rooted bushes. Her tender pussy protested every running step. She reached the tunnel that led to the surface and kept running.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The ground shook from multiple detonations. The scanner on Vaquel’s wrist displayed rising radiations levels.

Vaquel exited the tunnel. A shadow passed over her and she flinched. Relief washed over her as she realized it was her probe ship.

“Tractor beam locked!” Chairbot announced. “Executing emergency recovery!”

A tingling came over Vaquel’s skin as the tractor beam passed over her. She was lifted from the ground at high speed. The ship turned to present an airlock towards her floating body.

Vaquel looked out at the planet. Shimmering orange portals appeared in the sky. Missiles dropped from the open portals; their engines firing at full speed. The missiles slammed into the shattered ruins of the planet and exploded with devastating fury.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. She had never seen wormhole technology used for such a purpose before. The energy requirements for one wormhole were exorbitant, but to create dozens just for the purpose of attacking a dead planet was unimaginable.

The tractor beam brought Vaquel to her airlock. She ducked inside and closed the door. Anti-radiation gas sprayed her on all sides. Vaquel could already feel the probe ship accelerating upwards to leave orbit.

“Damage report!” Vaquel yelled over the communicator.

“Anti-missile defenses prevented any direct hits,” Chairbot reported.

“Yeah, I don’t think we were the target,” Vaquel said. “Maybe the are was a low-radiation section because someone hadn’t gotten around to finishing it off yet. Are there any ships detected?”

“Negative, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

Vaquel grunted. The wormholes could have originated anywhere. Someone, somewhere, really hated the people of this planet.

Which is a shame, because this dead world really knew how to make a nice garden.

Dec 012021

Explorer’s Log: I am on day sixteen of my fifty-six day journey to the star system designated “The Enormous Cock of the Queen’s Consort,” by Royal Astronomers. It has been fourteen days since I have detected an Entitled spacecraft. There is no radio traffic. It appears that I have passed out of Entitled territory.

My prisoner, HoleBuster-442, has divulged that further exploration in this direction has been thwarted by strange anomalies. The Entitled have little interest in mysteries, especially those that cannot be fucked. He alleges that he has no idea of what I may encounter.

Since my prisoner’s use has come to an end, Royal Navy regulations require his elimination. I will begin preparations immediately. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: For some reason, I am hesitant to execute HoleBuster-442. Perhaps the alien’s arrogant cruelty reminds me of home. Maybe my long years of travel has introduced feelings of empathy for an enemy. More than likely, I am loathe to destroy the phallic alien’s magnificent girth and savage fucking skills.

Regulations require either an execution or a certain death. Stranding the Entitled on a planetoid would qualify as a certain death according to the rules, but the alien has proven to be incredibly resilient and capable. If I ‘forget’ to remove his anti-gravity rig and maybe leave behind some junk, HoleBuster-442’s chances would improve.

The little bastard has no idea how much mercy I plan to show him when I abandon him.

Vaquel Di looked through the scanner reports. There was the usual dark matter mass, solar winds and small debris that was common to all space. One scan detected a small gravity tug that might indicate a stray planetoid but unfortunately, the readings were from a direction too far from the probe ship’s current trajectory.

It was almost time for sleep. Vaquel stood up from Chairbot’s comfortable seat and stretched. The full curves of her breasts, hips and butt strained against the red fabric of her spacesuit. She ran a hand through her short pink hair and debated taking a shower. Nah, she was good.

The ship shook violently. Vaquel fell backward and Chairbot rolled into place to catch her. She landed softly as warning lights flashed all around her.


“No shit,” Vaquel said to the ship’s computer. “Defense protocol: Dickheads!”

The probe activated several defense measures that Vaquel had programmed for Entitled territory. The force field generator she stole from the Entitled buzzed to life. Power was diverted to the special Entitled weapons she had procured over the past year. The engines shifted into maximum speed to attempt an escape from hostilities.

A monitor displayed a view of the attacking ship. It was shaped like a massive cock brimming with weapons. That was an Entitled ship alright. Statistics rolled along the side of the monitor detailing current scans. Some of the numbers projected had far too many digits.

“That’s a Queen-damned capitol ship,” Vaquel swore. So far, the only Entitled ships that Vaquel had encountered were personal vessels. The Entitled never worked together and they only carried what they needed to fight and fuck. The ship attacking her was big enough to lay siege to a planet.

“INCOMING ATTACK!” the computer announced. Missiles slammed into the probe ship. Chairbot activated tractor beams to keep Vaquel’s ass in his seat as the ship shook again.


“This doesn’t make any sense,” Vaquel said. Fear sweat glistened on her brown skin. “The Entitled don’t have ships this big. The energy drain must be enormous. What is an Entitled ship doing out here anyway?”

“HoleBuster!” Vaquel screamed. “What is that?”

She turned to look at HoleBuster-442’s enclosure. It was a small cube made of clear glassteel. The phallic red alien stood upright on the gravel floor. There was no sound from the speakers.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said from under her. “There is writing on the side of the ship!”

Vaquel frowned. That’s right, the Entitled wrote their damn names on everything. They were almost as vain as an Euphorian. She should have looked for that earlier but she didn’t want to give any credit to the servile robot.

“Computer, enhance the markings on the enemy vessel,” Vaquel commanded.

A monitor displayed the attacking ship. As the probe ship weaved to dodge incoming fire, it snapped a clear view of the side of the vessel. Written in the stylized version of Palatino that the Entitled spoke, was the name of the owner of the giant ship.

It read, HoleBuster-442.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. She jumped out of Chairbot and headed towards HoleBuster-442’s enclosure. Another missile hit the probe ship and Vaquel struggled to stay on her feet.


“That’s your damn ship out there!” Vaquel said, slamming on the clear wall of the Entitled’s prison. “How is that possible? What is it doing here?”

“It is here to rescue me of course,” the speakers crackled. The red alien phallus pulsed with malevolent glee. The white circles that dotted his body were turning pink with excitement.

“All Entitled have a dedicated rescue ship on standby,” HoleBuster-442 explained. “Mine has been following for quite some time, ready to destroy you and recover my body at any moment. I have decided that I no longer find amusement at being your captive.”

“You could have rescued yourself at any time?” Vaquel. “I said don’t believe it. How are you even controlling it? I have scanned your body hundreds of times! You aren’t emitting any sort of signal.”

“None that you can detect,” HoleBuster-442 said. “I refuse to respond to anymore of your pathetic babblings. My ship will destroy yours in seconds and I will laugh at your future death!”

“No, I don’t think you will,” Vaquel said. She turned and slammed a panel with her fist. The panel door popped open to reveal a group of weapons. Vaquel grabbed the biggest pistol and pointed it at the Entitled’s enclosure. The barrel began to glow.

“You can’t threaten me!” HoleBster-442 yelled over the speakers. “You know how durable my superior body is!”

The ship shook again. Lights flickered. This time, the ship computer didn’t have a damage report. That was bad.

The gravity generator shut off and Vaquel began to float. She grabbed the top of the enclosure and pointed the gun up against the glass. The barrel grew brighter.

“This is a plasma gun,” Vaquel said. “You might be tough, but I haven’t met anything organic that can take super-heated plasma at close range. It will probably blow a hole on my ship just to fire this, but I bet it will also turn you to ash.”

The alien phallus vibrated with rage. “I hate you so much, you whorser!”

“Yeah, I hate you too,” Vaquel said. She didn’t mention how wet her pussy was.

“My ship will destroy you,” HoleBuster-442 said.

“And as I die, I’ll pull the trigger and take you with me,” Vaquel said.

“May I suggest a compromise?” Chairbot said.

Vaquel and HoleBuster-442 didn’t answer.

“Both of you want to live,” Chairbot said. “And both of do not require the deaths of the other for your future endeavors. I suggest that HoleBuster-442 returns to his ship and the two of you continue on your separate paths.”

“What’s to stop him from killing me once he returns to his ship?” Vaquel asked.

“I wouldn’t do that,” HoleBuster-442 said over the speakers. Insincerity dripped from every word despite the alien’s attempt at lying.

“Of course, he wouldn’t,” Chairbot said. “Because my studies reveal that Entitled enjoy gloating and broadcasting their superiority to others. Mistress will owe her life to HoleBuster-442 and she will be forced by the codes of her people to tell everyone how he humiliated her.”

“And what if she doesn’t?” HoleBuster-442 demanded. “What if she refuses to share the details of her defeat?”

Vaquel winced and tried to think of a lie, but Chairbot had one ready.

“If Mistress somehow keeps her terrible defeat a secret, then she will still know the truth of her inferiority and bear that awful burden for the rest of her life.”

Vaquel was impressed. The obedient robot was a total submissive but also a good liar. She would have to keep an eye on him.

“That delights me greatly!” HoleBuster-442 said. “I will spare this slubie’s life and she will carry the embarrassment of her pathetic failure forever!”

Vaquel bit back a dozen insults and lowered her pistol. “Fine, we have a deal.” She undid the lock of the enclosure and lifted the lid.

HoleBuster-442 floated out of his prison. The tiny metal band around his base provided him with anti-gravity support. He started to drift towards the airlock and then stopped.

“What are you waiting for?” Vaquel said. “The door is right there.”

“After all of the indignities that I have suffered, you expect me to just leave?” HoleBuster-442 said. His voice was now coming from the harness around his base. “I demand a final ravishing of your holes!”

Vaquel’s wet pussy clenched. She tried to look casual as she stared at the alien’s thick body and pulsing veins. That didn’t sound too bad. “I will permit you to fuck my pussy, and only because you are halfway decent at it.”

“I am not one of your sex toys!” HoleBuster-442 said. “By right of conquest, I demand to pummel your ass!”

“Fuck no,” Vaquel said. “You can have my pussy.”




Vaquel pointed the plasma pistol back at the floating alien. The ship shook as laser fire hit the vessel. The hum of the engines died and the probe ship was adrift in space.

Chairbot rolled between Vaquel and the alien. His magnetic wheels clung to the floor of the ship. The robot was careful to not block Vaquel’s pistol.

“We’re making progress!” Chairbot said. “You two have agreed to fuck; you just need to settle on where. I have a compromise idea. How about fucking Mistress’ mouth?”

Vaquel lowered her pistol. “Are you shitting me?” she said to Chairbot.

“I accept!” HoleBuster-442 said.

The alien flew towards Vaquel’s shocked face. He wedged the tip of his body into her mouth before she could close her lips. Sharp teeth clamped onto him but his hardened skin resisted her biting. Wiggling frantically, HoleBuster-442 forced his way into her mouth.

“Fmcmimg mhmt!” Vaquel yelled with a mouth full of alien cock inside her. She grabbed the base of the alien and tried to pull but the antigravity rig was too strong. The phallic bastard wasn’t going anywhere.

“I’ll help, Mistress!” Chairbot said. Tractor beams locked onto the curves of Vaquel ass and pulled her into his seat. Vibrational motors activated and soothed her clenching buttocks.

Vaquel growled. Chairbot was always trying to feel her ass no matter what was going on. It was probably why he gave up her mouth so quickly. He knew that that would leave Vaquel’s butt all to himself.

HoleBuster-442 savagely fucked Vaquel’s gasping mouth. He shifted directions rapidly, stretching her cheeks as he bulged against one and then the other. Sometimes he would spin to loosen her grip before thrusting deep down her throat.

“Once more you are rendered speechless by my gigantic size!” HoleBuster-442 said.

Vaquel rolled her eyes. The alien had a high opinion of his magnitude but then again, so did most cocks. She wanted to say something devastating but it was impossible with her face getting fucked.

Spit flew from Vaquel’s ravaged mouth and floated in the zero gravity. The violence of HoleBuster-442’s fucking bruised her lips. She breathed hard through her nose as the alien dominated her mouth. Tears stung her eyes and drifted off to float with the spit in the air.

Chairbot’s vibrations pulsed along Vaquel’s ass. Vaquel’s pussy clenched in response. The space explorer had a weakness for being used and if there was one thing the Entitled were good at, it was using a body. Her hand went to her crotch and she rubbed through the thin material of her red spacesuit.

“Take it, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 shouted. “Weep your helpless tears as I command and conquer your pathetic mouth-hole!”

Vaquel shuddered. The verbal abuse went straight to her sex. She rubbed harder, digging tightly into her spacesuit at the tender pussy beneath.

“This mouth-hole belongs to me!” HoleBuster-442 said. “When you meet other pathetic limb-users and they ask why your jaw is hurting, you will tell them how I used it! You will never eat solid foods again because it will remind you of my awesome body drilling your lips!”

Vaquel groaned. She almost nodded her head in agreement but the wild thrusts of the phallic alien would have choked her. Instead, her jaw hung slackly as HoleBuster-442 continue to abuse her.

The vibrations from Chairbot’s seat increased. Vaquel gripped the arms of the chair and writhed in place. She grabbed a breast that was straining against her tight spacesuit and squeezed.

HoleBuster-442 flew out of Vaquel’s mouth. She gasped in surprise. The red alien, glistening with her spit, flew in a sharp arc to the right. The solid mass of the alien slammed into her cheek so hard that her head spun.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. Did that asshole just cock-slap her? Pain blossomed on her cheek.

Holebuster-442 flew towards her left cheek. The thick mass slapped her head to the right. Another burst of pain flared on her left cheek to match the pain on her right.

Vaquel cried out. She had almost climaxed. The pain lingered and she swore her pussy was contracting with the fading of the pain on her cheeks.

“Fuck me,” Vaquel whispered.

“What?” HoleBuster-442 said. “I am fucking you, you stupid biped!”

“Fuck my pussy,” Vaquel said with a husky growl. She looked right at the floating cock; her brown cheeks still pink from his slaps. “Fuck my wet, slick, tight hole. You know you want it.”

“I am not yours to command!” HoleBuster-442 said.

“I can help!” Chairbot said. A button sunk down on Vaquel’s belt. She looked down and saw the red spacesuit below her waist begin to retract. In seconds, her legs, ass and crotch were completely exposed. The pink pubic bush was a soaked mess.

Since when could Chairbot activate her belt controls?

An evil laugh came from Hole-Buster-442. “Chairbot, restrain your Mistress’ hands or the deal is off!”

“Oh no,” Chairbot said. “Sorry, Mistress! I have no choice!”

Tractor beams pulled at Vaquel’s hand. They slammed down onto the arms of the chair. Metal bands emerged to encase Vaquel’s wrists.

“Chairbot, you asshole!” Vaquel said. “You just want to feel me squirm on you! Let my hands free at once!”

Before Chairbot could respond, HoleBuster-442 flew back into Vaquel’s mouth. She choked in frustration as the thick alien hit the back of her throat. The vicious face-fucking resumed immediately.

Vaquel writhed helplessly. The metal bands were too strong for her arms. She kicked with her legs but her ass was held onto Chairbot’s seat by the tractor beams. Biting down was useless as the durable phallic alien was just too damn tough.

“Ha, ha, ha!” HoleBuster-442 gloated. “I revel in your weakness! Never before and never again will you have such a giant piece of flesh in your mouth!”

Vaquel tried to shout in defiance but all that came out was a choked whimper. The force of HoleBuster-442’s thrusts pinned the back of her skull to Chairbot’s headrest. Spit continued to fly from her pummeled lips and floated in the air.

Worse of all, the craving in Vaquel’s pussy was getting worse by the second. Chairbot’s vibrations were now targeted on her buttocks. Nothing was touching her greedy sex lips or entering her clenching pussy.

“Your pitiful mind can’t comprehend how much I am enjoying this!” HoleBuster-442 shouted. “For months, I have listened to your inane chatter about your petty mission when your mouth should be used for my fucking! That is all limb-users are good for; fucking! Your mouths were designed by higher powers to pleasure the Entitled! All other uses are insignificant!”

Vaquel groaned. It was a sexy thought. She imagined never speaking, never giving commands or ever having to do another report. The only time she would open her mouth would be so an Entitled could fuck her face.

The daydream washed over Vaquel. She clenched tighter around a cock that wasn’t there. Her hands curled into fists that she wished were pumping her pussy. The despair of not getting fucked burned within her, making her all the more aware of how wet she was.

HoleBuster-442 pulled free of her mouth once more. “Beg me to fuck your fur-borrow!”

Hope bloomed within Vaquel. “Please!” she shouted.

The alien phallus slapped Vaquel’s right cheek.

“You can better than that, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 said.

“Please fuck my tight wet fur-burrow!” Vaquel says. “I am begging your magnificent self to barrage my slick hole with your giant girth!”

HoleBuster-442 vibrated with excitement. “Fuck, I was just going to tease you but you won me over. Prepare to for ultimate cock-lair busting!”

The throbbing alien dived down to Vaquel’s open legs. In a single thrust, he buried himself inside her pussy. The slickness helped ease the way but it was still a rough fit.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. The sudden push inside her was a mixture of pain and bliss. She shuddered as his girth pulsed inside her.

“This hole is mine, whorser!” HoleBuster-442 said. He slid almost completely out of Vaquel before slamming his entire length back inside her. Short vicious jabs pummeled her pussy. The anti-gravity rig around the base of his body vibrated every time it pressed against Vaquel’s pussy lips.

“Queen protect me,” Vaquel whispered in a rare prayer. She pulled hard on her wrist restraints, not looking to escape but just to push against something. Her hips rose to meet each thrust but the swift drives deep inside her soon reduced her lower half to jelly. All she could do was take it.

Which is something HoleBuster-442 was quick to remind her.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!” the alien cackled. “Take it! Take my massive girth! Take my legendary length! Take my enormous size!”

Vaquel grunted with each thrust of the boasting alien.

“I am wrecking your internal organs!” HoleBuster-442 shouted. “My hard body is causing irreversible damage to your insides!”

Vaquel whimpered with pleasure and submission.

“You will never be able to engage in proper limb-coordinated travel again!” HoleBuster-442 cried.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted. A massive climax exploded within Vaquel. She came so hard that her ears popped.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m detonating!” HoleBuster-442 announced.

Hot seed filled Vaquel’s sex. The Entitled spasmed like an epileptic snake inside her. The thick seed filled her slick pussy and jetted out from her stuffed pussy lips. Giant gobs of the alien spunk floated in the air.

Vaquel came again. It was almost an aftershock orgasm compared to the previous one. She shuddered and barely whispered, “Glory to the Queen.”

The inside of the probe ship was silent except for the vibrating motors of Chairbot’s seat.

“Well, that was a successful negotiation,” Chairbot said. “HoleBuster-442, please feel free to leave at any time.”

HoleBuster-442 didn’t respond. Vaquel knew what had happened. The Entitled were ruthless ravagers but orgasms mellowed them the fuck out. She clenched sore pussy muscles around him.

“No more, no more, no more,” HoleBuster-442 whimpered. He pulled out of Vaquel’s tender pussy. Seed and pussy juice glistened on his thick frame.

“Despite you being a lowly hole-bearer, I will leave without further busting of your holes,” HoleBuster-442 said.

The restraints retracted from Vaquel’s hands. She stayed in her seat. Everything below her waist felt numb and sore at the same time.

“Despite you being a literal dick, I will let you go,” Vaquel said.

“If you value your holes, don’t return to Entitled territory,” HoleBuster-442 said. “Although if you do, bring more of your kind.”

Vaquel grinned. “I just might.”

HoleBuster-442 flew towards the airlock door. Chairbot signaled the door to open. The Entitled went inside and door closed behind him. A moment later, the ship shook as it docked with the larger vessel.

“Mistress, he is gone,” Chairbot said. “Sensors indicate he is on a course back to the world where we first encountered him.”

“Good,” Vaquel said, still sitting limply in Chairbot’s grasp. “How are the automatic repair systems doing?”

“Oh, they are fine, Mistress” Chairbot reported. The lights returned and Vaquel felt the familiar tug of gravity on her heavy tits. “The ship repaired most of the damage halfway through your oral negotiation. I decided that HoleBuster-442 didn’t need to know about our capabilities. In fact, the probe ship will now resume its current course.”

The hum of the engines returned. Vaquel stayed in the chair though she did rub her wrists from the restraints had rubbed her.

“You know, you have done a lot of thinking for yourself today,” Vaquel said. “Some of it was good but some of it, like the part where you restrained me and wouldn’t stimulate my clearly-aroused pussy, was what some would call insubordinate. Are you developing mutinous thoughts? Was the captive a bad influence on you?”

“I wouldn’t know, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “I trust your judgement on those matters. Are you going to punish me by standing up now? Your buttocks are still quivering from your orgasms and it would sadden me if you were to remove them.”

“Maybe later,” Vaquel said. “I think I need a nap first. The Entitled aren’t the only ones worn out by great sex.”

Chairbot tilted back and extended the bottom of his seat to support Vaquel’s legs and feet. Holding Vaquel’s prone body, the robot dimmed the lights of the ship. He did these things without being told, but Vaquel didn’t object.