May 132020

Felicia Grafal Flores watched television. It was a sexy show about a woman who was in a love triangle with a clone and a robot while fighting an evil corporation. The woman was currently tied up and getting threatened by women in suits. Despite the danger, the woman was clearly aroused by her interrogators. The suit women appeared to feel the same. Could the heroine seduce both women into letting her go?

The show cut to a commercial for the Delight Channel. Felicia sighed and turned the television off. It was her favorite show but she wasn’t feeling it today. For that matter, she wasn’t feeling much of anything.

It was this damn coronavirus. The global pandemic ravaged the world and the best way to fight it was to stay home and wait it out. That was fine a month ago, when Felicia had grand plans to bake bread, catch up on smutty shows and maybe paint the bedroom but now Felicia was tired of bread, the bedroom remained unpainted and television was beginning to bore her.

Felicia thought about her husband, Emil. When the self-isolation orders came down, they spent the first week fucking each other’s brains out. That slowed down to once a day and now once every other day. The sex was still good, but it just wasn’t the same without the stories Felicia used to tell.

Emil was down in the basement, working on something secret. He asked her not to come down until it was ready. Felicia wondered if his story of working on something was just an excuse to spend some time alone for a few hours. If that was the case, she didn’t blame him. Truth be told, she had enjoyed the time alone at first but now she had that some restless urge to go somewhere new.

The basement door opened. Emil poked his head out. “Gato, come here please.”

Gato was Emil’s pet name for Felicia and she knew something was up. Maybe he really was working on something. Excitement tingled between Felicia’s thighs. She wished that she was wearing something sexier than her yoga pants and pink t-shirt but it was too late for now.

“What is it, Perro?” Felicia said. She stood up and walked to the basement door.

Emil came up the stairs and held the door open for her. He licked his lips as he looked at her in her frumpy clothes. “You should go see for yourself. Come back up when you are done.”

“It doesn’t work that way,” Felicia said. “I’ve been to the basement hundreds of times. It has to be some place new.”

Emil put his hand to his chest in an act of faux-shock. “Pardon me, my love. I didn’t realize you were too busy today to give this a try. By all means, please return to your TV and your baking.”

“You have a point there,” Felicia said. “Okay, but don’t get too disappointed if it doesn’t work.”

“How can I be disappointed when I am stuck in a house with a beautiful wife?”

“Go take a shower,” she told him as she headed down the stairs.

“Be safe!” Emil said as he closed the door.

Felicia descended the steps. There was a blue curtain covering the foot of the stairs. It was the ugly one Emil’s mother gave them for Christmas. They only broke it out when she came to visit for Christmas.

She reached the curtain and pulled it aside. Instead of the open basement, there was a short corridor with white sheets for the walls. The sheets were nailed to the roof of the basement. At the end of the makeshift corridor was another pair of old curtains.

Felicia smiled. This was clever. She had her doubts that it would work, but she admired Emil’s creativity. The least she could do was give it a try.

Through the curtains was another corridor of sheets going to the left and right. Felicia recognized the striped sheets. They were hand-me downs from her sister’s family. To the right was an old beach towel and to the left was another old white sheet, stretched out to form half a door.

“We should really donate this stuff,” Felicia thought to herself. If they had enough old stuff to make a maze, they were overdue to a trip to the charity store.

Felicia went left and through the sheet. The bright light hurt her eyes. She was in a hallway with white walls. The wall to her left had the words, “NINETY-THREE” written in giant letters. The hallway continued and then split to the left and the right.

The sheet was still behind Felicia, though it looked a bit cleaner than she remembered. She was tempted to peek and make sure her basement was still there but she resisted. Once you enter somewhere new, sometimes it only took one step to return home.

Felicia walked down the corridor. There was a poster to the right.

Be Careful!
Be Safe!
Be Quiet!

Felicia kept walking. There was another poster further down. It was a hand clamped over a man’s mouth. The man’s eyes bulged in fear. Above his face was a warning.

“Loose Lips Sink Homes!”

Felicia didn’t like this. There was an air of danger to this place. New places had never harmed Felicia, but there was always a first time. Maybe she shouldn’t have tried this so close to her home. It would be safer to go back now.

Two women walked into the intersection. There were dressed in short sparkly tunics that barely covered their asses. The tall woman was as dark as night with a bald head while the short woman was the palest woman Felicia had ever seen with short white hair. They paused at the intersection and looked at Felicia. Both of them beckoned to her.

Felicia walked over to them. She almost said something but stopped herself.

Once they saw that Felicia was coming, they walked down the corridor. They didn’t wait for Felicia to catch up so she didn’t hurry. It also let her catch a view of their lovely asses as the tunics kept riding up.

There was another poster. It showed a short cartoon. In the first panel, a woman was walking and whistling. On the second panel, there was a crack in the wall beside the whistling woman. In the third panel, there was a hole in the wall and a tombstone on the ground.

Felicia frowned at the poster. She looked back towards the sheet still stretched across the hallway. Then she looked back at the women and their cute buttocks peeking out from the hem of their tunics.

The women stopped at a door. It was only a few meters away. The door opened and went in.

Felicia walked quickly to the door. There was no knob but the door slid open on its own. Felicia noticed that it didn’t make a sound.

There was a line of people going into another door. The two women that Felicia had been following got in line. Felicia joined the line and waited for the women to greet her.

The short one turned to Felicia. She made a series of gestures towards Felicia. It looked like sign language, but quicker than any signing Felicia had ever seen.

Felicia shrugged and shook her head.

The short woman looked at her sadly and nodded. Felicia had the impression that woman pitied her.

The line moved quickly. A man stood at the door. He wore green coveralls from neck to foot. The man reached into a bin and handed something to the next in line. The person took the object and then walked through the door.

Soon it was Felicia’s turn. The man reached into the pin and then handed her the object. It was a round black ball with straps. It was a ball gag!

Felicia took the gag. This wasn’t her first ball gag. There was something stamped on the front of the ball. It was a white bat.

The man motioned Felicia through the door. She nodded and moved on towards another self-opening door.

A large room was on the other side. Men and women mingled silently. Some wore the sparkly tunics while others had overalls of different colors. Some women wore expensive looking gowns while some of the men wore flowing robes. A surprising number of people wore simple clothes that resembled Felicia’s own outfit of yoga pants and t-shirt.

Each and every one of them wore their gag.

Felicia put hers on. The ball was a little too big but she forced it in place. Her teeth bit into something a little like rubber. She wrapped the straps around her head. It clasped in place, and then the straps tightened on their own. Felicia was alarmed at first but the constriction was a perfect fit.

A man walked up to her. He had a fuzzy red beard and wore a robe made of deep green colors. There was a rose on his gag. He looked at Felicia’s gag and his shoulders slumped. Before Felicia could do anything, the man walked away.

Felicia wasn’t sure what that was about. A tall pale woman with no hair came up to Felicia. She squinted at Felicia’s ball gag and shook her head. There was a yellow fish on her gag.

Some people had paired up and were undressing. Felicia watched with envy. The couple were diverse in their combinations. A handsome man tugged on the cock of a filthy looking man. The pale woman that Felicia had followed her was getting her ass grabbed by a man in a robe. Two women were fondling each other through their tunics.

A woman approached Felicia. She was one of the pale ones. Her hair was longer than the others, a flowing white cascade of curls that touched her shoulders. A sparkling tunic barely contained her large breasts.

A white bat, the twin of Felicia’s, was on the woman’s ball gag.

The woman smiled as much as the gag allowed. She signed something that Felicia didn’t understand. The woman didn’t wait for a response. She pulled Felicia into an embrace. Her plump breasts pressed against Felicia’s own generous mounds. The woman’s hands moved down to Felicia’s ass and grabbed firm handfuls.

Felicia giggled. It had been too long since a stranger squeezed her butt. She nuzzled the woman’s neck, pushing her way through white hair that smelled like daisies. The gag prevented her from kissing the woman’s skin, though the woman did moan as Felicia rubbed her ball gag against the woman’s shoulder.

The light in the room flickered. The woman broke the embrace. There was excitement in her pink eyes. She took Felicia by the hand and pulled her to the side.

Sections of the floor opened up. Curious pieces of furniture rose up from the ground. Some of the furniture were simple platforms with cushioned edges, while others were more complex with seats, pulleys and attachments that looked like cocks.

The pale woman led Felicia to one of the stranger pieces. It was two seats opposing each other, connected by a beam that shifted back and forth. A double-ended phallus was balanced on a rod between the two seats. It was clear that the people sitting were meant to share the phallus.

People began to undress. Felicia watched as the pale woman pulled her tunic up and over her head. The paleness of her skin extended to her areoles which were nearly invisible. A sheen of white fuzz covered the woman’s sex lips. A tattoo of a something that looked like a circuit board was on her right thigh.

Felicia stripped as well. The pale woman watched hungrily as Felicia peeled off her t-shirt to reveal her heavy brown tits. Felicia shimmied out of her yoga pants to reveal her white panties. The panties were already damp. Felicia pulled her underwear down to expose her own dark hairy bush.

The pale woman took Felicia’s hand and helped her sit in a chair. The seat was plastic but surprisingly warm. The woman spread Felicia’s legs and showed her were to place her feet. When Felicia was in place, the woman pulled the phallus towards Felicia’s sex. She guided the thick pseudo-cock to Felicia’s pussy and pushed it in.

The phallus was warm. Felicia moaned as the dildo slipped in. She looked around for something to hold onto but the seats lacked armrests.

The pale woman climbed into the seat opposite Felicia. She slipped her right leg over Felicia’s left and placed her left over Felicia’s right. The seats moved closer together through some unknown mechanism until the two women were face to face. The pale woman guided the other end of the dildo to her sex. The phallus extended towards the woman. Felicia felt her end of the dildo pull back but thanks to the extension, it didn’t leave her pussy.
Felicia reached for the woman’s large pale breasts. Her thumb rolled over a tiny nipple. With her other hand, she cupped the pale woman’s other breast and lifted. The heavy weight felt lovely in her hand.

The pale woman leaned into Felicia’s touch. The seats shifted and the dildo slid deeper into Felicia. As Felicia shuddered, the woman flexed her legs and the seat moved forward. The dildo pulled back inside Felicia.

Felicia understood. She flexed and pulled with her legs. The seat slid forward and the dildo pushed inside of her with ease. A flex of her legs and the dildo pulled back.

The gag muted Felica’s moans.

Together, the two women worked together to rock back and forth. The dildo slid between them, fucking them both un unison. As the dildo pushed inside Felicia, the other end withdrew from the pale woman’s pussy. When the dildo withdrew from Felicia’s wet sex, the other end plunged inside the pale woman. It was a miracle of engineering.

The other people in the room were engaged in similar activities. Two men fucked a box from both ends. A woman humped a man strapped to a swing. A pair of women shared a dildo similar to what Felicia was experiencing except the dildo went into their ass.

Not a single moan was heard. The squishy sounds of sex were broken by the occasional squeak of a seat or the staining of a strap. It was as quiet as a church.

The pale woman touched Felicia’s pussy with her fingertips. A slender thumb pressed against Felicia’s lips. It rubbed up and down as the dildo pumped in and out.

Felicia bit down on the gag. She ignored the lovely dildo and focused on the woman’s grinding touch. After weeks in her house, she was desperate for the touch of someone who wasn’t her husband.

A warm feeling washed over Felicia as she thought of her husband. What would he do if he was here right now? He would probably suck on one of her tits as she humped the other woman. His hand would be on her thigh so he could feel every flex as she slid back and forth. Or maybe he would strip off Felicia’s gag and make sure she didn’t talk by stuffing his cock down her throat?

The pale woman moved faster. The seats picked up speed and the dildo hammered Felicia’s pussy. There was a glaze to the pink eyes in front of Felicia. Drool fell from the woman’s gagged lips.

Felicia matched the pale woman’s speed. There was the most exercise her legs had performed in weeks. She held onto the woman’s milk-white breasts for support. Her fingernails bit into the soft flesh.

The pale woman locked eyes with Felicia. Her shoulders shook with involuntary shudders. She let go of Felicia’s pussy lips and shifted her grip to Felicia’s breasts. Her pale fingers sunk into brown mounds.

Together they held onto each other as the fucked. Harder and faster the seats shifted. The sound of the dildo ramming their sexes grew louder. They raced towards their pleasure.

Felicia came first. Bliss exploded between her thighs. She cried out and the gag turned her scream into a muffled hum.

The pale woman kept going. Felicia screamed again as the dildo fucked her sensitive pussy. Unable to think, Felicia squeezed harder with her hands around the woman’s pale tits.

A few thrusts later, the pale woman came. She came to a sudden stop and her knees cinched together. Spasms ran down her legs. her eyes clenched shut as her fingers slowly let go of Felicia’s breasts.

They sat together in exhausted bliss.

The lights flickered from red, to blue to green.

The pale woman pulled the dildo from her body. It was coated in her juices. Felicia did the same and then they untangled their legs from one another. The pale woman stood up first and helped Felicia dismount.

The rest of the room was disengaging as well. There was a quiet efficiency that impressed Felicia. They had done this before. No one lingered.

The pale woman signed something quick to Felicia. Red handprints decorated her pale breasts. Before Felicia could respond, the woman grabbed her clothes and walked away.

Lines were forming at the doors that were now open. Few people bothered to get dressed. Felicia picked up her clothes and walked to the exit that she thought she came in on. She joined the line on unsteady legs.

People removed their gags when they reached the door. A box had been set aside to collect them. When Felicia dropped her gag into the box, she saw the gags were soaking in some sort of liquid.

Even other places pay attention to hygiene.

On the other side of the room was the door back to Felicia’s corridor. She recognized the posters and other landmarks. Over the years, she had developed quite a good memory of places. The sheet back to her basement should be right this way.

Felicia considered putting her clothes back on. No, she would leave them off. She wanted to be naked when she got back to Emil. He would want to smell her well-fucked pussy as she told him all about her adventures.

May 252016

Felicia Grafal Flores stepped into the hotel elevator and leaned against the wall. It had been a long day at her uncle’s funeral. She barely knew the man but even with a large family like Felicia’s, every loss was a terrible one. Sadness was exhausting.

Emil, her husband, was drinking with his cousins. If she had asked, he would have gladly followed her back to the hotel room. She didn’t because she knew what he needed and what he needed was too many beers, too many wings and not enough hours of sharing family stories with his cousins.

That left Felicia alone because the last thing she was going to do right now was spend time with her family. She knew what she needed and what she needed was a good fuck.

Their hotel room was on the third floor. Felicia pressed the buttons for the second, fourth and fifth floors.

The doors closed. They had mirror panels and Felicia saw herself. She saw a beautiful brown woman with tired eyes. A black scarf framed her sad face. The curves of her body were concealed by a sensible black dress. Instead of her beloved heels, she had worn modest flats out of respect for her family.

The elevator moved. Felicia shook her head. She would mourn later but for now, she would live. Down came her scarf and she shook out her long black hair. She unfastened a few buttons to reveal her large breast barely held by her black bra. There was nothing she could do about her shoes but she pulled off her panties and stuffed them into her purse.

The bell rang for the second floor. The doors opened. The ugly blue hotel carpet spread out before her. Signs told her that rooms above two-hundred and twenty were to the right while rooms under two-hundred and twenty were to the left.

She stayed and the doors closed. The elevator moved past the third floor and stopped at the fourth.

The bell rang again and the door opened once more. The blue carpet was still there. More signs gave directions. Someone had left a cart with towels.

Felicia didn’t move. The doors closed and the elevator moved. The next floor would be her last chance.

The bell rang. The doors opened to reveal a dark hallway. Hardwood floors stretched out before her. Dim electric lights flickered. She heard something buzzing and someone moaning.

Felicia stepped out of the elevator. An open cell was to her right. There was a wooden chair with a dildo sticking straight up from the middle of the seat.

She kept walking. Another cell was open to her right. This one had chains hanging from the ceiling. A selection of whips hung on the far wall.

The groans grew louder. The buzzing became more intense. Felicia walked past three more empty cells before she found out where the sounds were coming from.

A man and a woman were together in a cell. Both of them were naked and strapped to wooden frames. The faced each other, barely a few feet apart. They groaned together as something buzzed. The man’s cock bounced as the woman’s hips bucked.

The buzzing stopped and both of them groaned in misery.

Felicia stood at the entrance of their room. The light was dim but she could see how beautiful they were. The man bulged with muscles while the woman was soft lines and curves. She had long sweaty blonde hair while the man’s hair was red but equally long. They were both young but it was hard to tell with the perfection of their bodies.

Neither of them had noticed her. They just stared at each other’s bound bodies with obvious longing. The man’s cock bounced with need. The woman’s hip writhed as she longed to join his crotch.

The buzzing started again and both of their bodies tensed. Felicia saw where the buzzing was coming from. Thick metal dildos protruded from both of their wooden frames and impaled their asses. The buzzing was the metal phalluses vibrating in their deepest places.

Felicia gasped. Watching their bodies twist and struggle on the anal vibrators made her hips want to move as well.

They heard her. Both heads snapped in her direction. Desperate eyes bore into her.

“Please!” the woman cried. “Tell the General that I learned my lesson!”

“Please!” the man said. “Tell him that I am sorry for fucking without permission!”

“Please, please, please!” both of them pleaded.

They were being punished. A smile came to Felicia’s lips while a tremor ran down to her sex. She understood punishment. Many of the places that she had visited seemed obsessed with discipline. Sexual control seemed to be universal.

Felicia stepped into their cell. The lack of a door confused her but she realized that being bound as they were, there was no need for a door. Even if they got free, she doubted these two would escape. They had the look of submission about them.

“Did you deserve to be punished?” Felicia asked. She stood between them. Half of her attention was on the man’s lovely throbbing cock and the other half was on the woman’s dripping bare pussy.

“Yes!” the woman answered first. “I should have resisted!”

“Yes, we deserve it!” the man said.

“Do you feel that you have suffered enough?” Felicia asked the woman.

The woman vigorously nodded her head.

“What about you?” Felicia asked the man. “Have you suffered enough?”

The man swallowed. Perhaps he sensed a trap. He didn’t know who Felicia was. “That is for the General to decide,” he said.

Felicia smiled. “Smart answer, but safe,” she said.

She turned to the woman. Her hand went to the woman’s sex. She pressed her palm down on her hot wet lips.

The woman squirmed. “Yes, yes, yes,” she babbled.

Felicia stared at the woman’s hard nipples. They were almost invisible as pale as they were. Felicia leaned in and took a nipple between her lips.

“Oh!” the woman cried out. Her hips ground against Felicia’s hand. She shook with eagerness, causing her breast to jiggle against Felicia’s face.

“I have suffered enough!” the man yelled.

Felicia laughed and reached behind her. Her fingers wrapped around the hard member that waited for her. He was hot to the touch and so very thick in her hand.

“Fuck!” the man cried out.

The buzzing returned. Both of them arched as the dildos inside their asses came to life. Their hips moved as they tried to fuck Felicia’s hands.

Felicia didn’t let them. She let her hand move with the woman’s hips, keeping her from getting the friction she needed. For the man she was crueler, simply shifting her grip to his balls as he thrusted helplessly.

When the buzzing stopped, both of the captives whimpered. “Please,” they begged.

“Please, what?” Felicia asked. She enjoyed this immensely.

The man answered first this time. “Please suck me.”

Felicia smiled and bent down to his crotch. The man cried out with joy before her lips even touched him. She opened her mouth and took him inside her. Her lips sealed around his cock and her cheeks caved in.

“Yes!” the man screamed.

“No, it’s not fair!” the woman yelled.

Felicia ignored her. She grabbed the base of the man’s cock to keep him from fucking her face. Ever so slowly and completely at her control, Felicia raised and lowered her mouth on the man’s cock. She sucked him with a deliberate slowness that let her enjoy the taste of his sweaty skin.

“Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes!” the man cried. His body shook with excitement.

“Please, please, please lick me!” the woman cried.

Felicia kept sucking. Her tongue danced over her hard flesh. She let him hit the back of her throat before rising back up until only the tip was still between her lips. There, she let her tongue swirl over his head while she stared up into his eyes.

“Oh,” the man groaned. His cock twitched within her mouth.

She released his cock from her mouth. Spit connected his cock to her lips. She wiped it off and smeared the spit onto his thigh.

The man whimpered but he didn’t beg for her to go back. He knew who was in charge.

Felicia turned back to the woman. “What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Please eat me,” the woman said. “I need it so bad!”

“Hmm,” Felicia said but she squatted down before the woman’s bound thighs. A single drop fell from the woman’s pussy lips and fell on Felicia’s waiting tongue. She savored the drop and rolled it around her mouth.

The woman moaned.

Felicia lunged for the woman’s sex with her mouth. She pressed her face tightly against the woman’s crotch and started licking. The smell of her wet sex was amazing. The taste of her juices was intoxicating. The sensitivity of her nether lips inspired Felicia to lick even harder.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,” the woman moaned. Her hips moved to grind against Felicia’s face.

Felicia put a stop to that. She planted her hands firmly on the woman’s hips to immobilize them. This was her mercy; she wasn’t going to let someone take more than Felicia was giving.

She took long loving licks of the woman’s pussy. Her tongue lapped at the delicious fountain inside. From time to time, she took a moment to suck on the fleshy lips of her pussy. Felicia devoured the woman’s sex at her leisure.

The buzzing returned and Felicia lifted her face from the woman’s sex. Her face was slick with juices. The woman writhed before her. Behind Felicia, she heard the groans of the man as he was stimulated.

The buzzing stopped. Both of the captives groaned in anguish.

“Please,” the woman begged.

“Please,” the man begged.

“Please,” the begged together.

Felicia debated it. Teasing was fun. Being cruel was not. These two probably deserved their punishment but what did Felicia deserve? She never knew why she found the places that she found but perhaps this time there was a reason. Maybe she was here to find comfort in giving comfort to others.

“Okay,” she said to them. “This time, we will all come.”

She lifted her skirt. Both captives moaned as her dark legs were revealed and then both of them sighed when the dark fur of her sex was exposed. Holding her skirt in hand, she backed against man’s cock and gripped his cock. Bending over at the waist, she slid him into her.

“YES!” the man shouted. His thick cock quivered inside her. He immediately struggled against his bonds and slammed his pelvis into her. It was a poor attempt at fucking but it was close enough.

Felicia leaned forward. She reached for the woman’s sex and her fingers slipped easily inside. The woman’s pussy clenched tightly and they clenched even tighter when Felicia moved close enough to lick the woman’s clit.

Both captives cried out. They writhed and fought against their restraints. Their hips wiggled and moved to fuck what Felicia had offered them.

Felicia couldn’t keep still. She slid back and forth on the man’s cock. Her fingers dived in and out of the woman’s sex.

The three of them fucked. The wood frames creaked from their struggles. The smell of Felicia’s sex joined the other scents of sex and sweat.

Felicia clenched around the man. She finger-fucked the woman. Her body was a conduit for their lust. She was a bridge of pussy and fingers.

She thought about her husband, Emil. What would he do if he saw her right now? Would he play with the captive woman’s plentiful tits? Maybe he would make threatening remarks to the man who was balls deep inside her. More than likely, he would just take out his fat cock and stroke while he watched his wife fuck and eat pussy.

The buzzing returned. The captive cried out but this time it was from joy. The vibrations were so strong that Felicia felt them through their bodies. It sent her sex into a clenching frenzy.

The woman came first. She screamed her pleasure as her pussy squirted onto Felicia’s face.

The man came a moment later. He let out a strangled moan as his cock exploded into a mess of seed inside her sex.

Felicia came with the first squirt of come. She shuddered and hung onto the woman’s body as her knees grew weak.

The buzzing stopped and so did they. Felicia slipped off the man’s cock and let go of the woman’s hips. She crumbled briefly to the floor and caught her breath.

“Thank you,” the woman said first.

“Thank you so much,” the man said, his voice weak.

Felicia stood back up. Her face was sticky. Seed leaked from her sex. She pulled down her skirt and shivered.

“You are welcome,” she said. Her body was exhausted. The funeral had worn her out and coming had taken the last of her strength. She needed to get back to the elevator and back to her hotel room.

“I should be going,” Felicia said. “Be good.”

They promised that they would. Felicia didn’t believe them.

Mar 162016

Felicia Grafal Flores drove slowly through the university area. She passed the new Thai food place that she planned to visit and went searching for parking. There were a few parking garages that she knew of plus one that had recently been built. That was the one she was looking for.

She found it tucked beside a college dorm. A shiny new sign declared that it was open to the public for free. The paint on the entrance arrow was bright and bold.

Felicia drove into the parking garage. Despite three stories high on the outside, the garage arrows pointed her down into the earth. The lights dimmed and she had to take off her sunglasses.

She saw less and less cars. For that matter, she stopped seeing lines for places to park. The steady glow of electric lights gave way to flickering lanterns.

Shapes appeared on the walls. Felicia slowed down to stare at paintings of giant cocks that filled smaller vaginas. Painted figures spread open their leg. Three-legged men strode across dark walls.

There was a scream. Felicia listened and didn’t hear another.

She drove around another corner and something dark lurked between lanterns. Felicia aimed her headlights at the figure and discovered it was a statue. It was a large dark man, sitting with his legs crossed but two huge members stood upright from its crotch.

Felicia parked the car and left the lights on. She got out of the car and smoothed down her blue spring dress. A quick glance around told her that she was the only person here.

She approached the statue. There was something odd about the face. As she came closer, she understood what it was. The statue had two faces, one for each side.

“Two faces for two cocks,” Felicia said out loud. “I wonder if it has two assholes.”

As soon as she spoke the words, she regretted it. This didn’t seem like a place for levity. An aura of magnificence hung around the dark statue and it felt wrong to mock it.

She placed a hand on a knee of the statue. It was warm to the touch. It was also smooth and hard like polished rock.

There was also a smell. Felicia recognized it easily. It was the smell of pussy.

Up close, the large cocks of the statue didn’t look so impossible. They looked quite manageable. Felicia reached out and gripped one of the dark cocks. It too was warm to the touch.

Felicia made a decision. She pulled off her dress. She unclasped her white bra to release large brown breasts. She didn’t have any panties but she did kick off her heels. She removed a pin to shake loose her long curly black hair.

The statue looked won on her with two sets of eyes.

Felicia rubbed her sex. She was wet to the touch. Her fingers played with the thick bush of her hair. She was ready.

She climbed onto the statue. Of the two cocks, she picked the thinner one and lowered herself down onto it. The warm black stone pushed into her wet lips. She slid onto it and felt it fill her.

“Nice,” Felicia moaned and it was.

The second cock was between her and the broad chest of the statue. She looked down on it as she reached for the arms of the statue. Holding onto those solids arms, she raised and lowered herself on the member inside her.

Felicia groaned louder. This was good. The stone cock was hot inside her. She was hot and wet around the thickness. Her thighs clenched and flexed as she humped the statue.

The lanterns flickered and cast strange shadows. She saw large globes of darkness play on the walls as her breasts bounced. Shadows moved to create the illusion of stone faces smiling.

Felicia humped the statue’s cock. With each trust she was able to go lower and lower onto the thick member. As the cock grew slicker, she was able to bounce faster.

Strange sounds came through the parking garage. Felicia heard her moans echo and amplify. She thought she head other moans that sounded like men.

Felicia shuddered and grinded on the unmoving cock. She grabbed the cock in front of her with both hands. She stroked it while her pussy clenched against the one inside her.

Both cocks grew warmer. Both cocks seemed to get bigger. Both cocks felt like they were pulsing.

Felicia groaned. It wasn’t real. She was just so turned on. Her hands and pussy clenched tighter.

She wondered what her husband, Emil, would think if he saw her like this. He would be hard at the sight of his wife impaled on this foreign statue. He would jack his cock as she continued to fuck herself. He would slip into her asshole so he could come inside her while she was already stuffed with cock.

Felicia reached for her clitoris. One, two, three rubs while thinking of Emil inside her ass was enough.

She came with a scream. The scream stretched and winded through the parking garage. Pleasure bloomed within her body and erupted out of her throat.

After what felt like an eternity, Felicia finally stopped coming. She pulled herself off of the statue’s cock. It shined with her juices.

On unsteady feet, Felicia returned to her clothes. Her bra was missing. She looked around but was unwilling to leave the headlights of the car to go looking for them.

“You can have them,” she said. Whether she was speaking to the statue, or someone in the darkness, she wasn’t sure.

She put on her dress and slipped on her heels. Felicia climbed back into her car and looked once more at the statue.

It stared back at her with two faces. Twin cocks almost tempted her back out of the car.

Felicia put the car in reverse and left. The statue was left behind as she retraced her path down here.

Shapes moved in the darkness. Graphic paintings flashed by on the garage walls. She heard another scream and it sounded a lot like her own.

She let out a sigh of relief when she saw parked cars. Her shoulders relaxed when she saw arrows instead of painted cocks. She actually moaned with delight when she saw daylight.

Felicia left the parking garage and didn’t look back. She would park someplace familiar. Maybe she would skip the new Thai place today and eat somewhere she had been before.

Her sore pussy couldn’t take another new place today.

Jan 202016

Felicia Grafal Flores bought a large popcorn and ordered a large bottle of water to go with it. As the young man gathered her popcorn, she broke down and ordered a bag of sweet and sour candy. She stuffed her purse with napkins while the man totaled her order. The amount due was always shocking but she paid it anyway. Felicia always indulged herself at the movies.

The young man behind the counter indulged himself on Felicia. It was cold outside so Felicia had on a large coat but it was open enough to reveal her cleavage. Her blouse underneath was scandalously transparent. The young man tried hard to look at her face instead of stealing peeks at her plentiful soft peaks.

Felicia picked up her popcorn. She could have used her hand to get a bite but instead she leaned forward. Her lips parted and her tongue flicked out. The buttery popcorn stuck to her tongue and she drew it back to her mouth.

The young man stared. He licked his lips as he tried to think of anything to make this transaction last a little bit longer.

Felicia thanked the man and gathered her food. She walked slowly away from the counter. It was freezing outside which was a good excuse to wear tight jeans. The high heels she wore lifted her round ass as she clacked across the lobby. There weren’t many employees in the afternoon on a workday but Felicia knew that every one of them were watching her right now.

This was a familiar place for Felicia. She had blown her husband, Emil, in six of the ten theaters. He had fingered her in seven of the ten. They had fucked in three of the ten. Out of the ten theaters, she had fucked, been fucked or seen a movie in nine of them.

It was the tenth theater that she was heading for today. It was one of the smaller screens, set off to the side at the end of a long hallway. A movie from last Halloween was playing there. It was a kid’s movie about vampires or maybe witches. Felicia wasn’t sure.

It didn’t matter. It was some place new and when Felicia went to new places, something good always happened.

Felicia opened the door and walked into the theater. Right away she could tell the difference. Red lights ran along the walkway. The air was warm and her coat was unnecessary. Instead of pop music she had never heard of, the sounds of a full orchestra could be heard.

She turned the corner expecting to see an orchestra pit, but no, it was set up like any modern theater. Seats were laid out in rows. A white screen waited to be used. Exit signs glowed red in the dim light.

There were only a dozen people here. No one sat together. There were more men than women although not by much.

Felicia decided to blend in and sat by herself. The seat was comfortable vinyl. She sunk into her seat. The smell of a disinfectant hung in the air. Well, this was certainly new. It might be the cleanest theater seat she had ever sat in.

She noticed that that there was a lot of space between her and the next row. It gave her an immense amount of legroom. In fact, there was plenty of room for another person to sit on the floor if they wanted.

The lights dimmed. Felicia put her water in the drink holder of the arm seat. She ate her popcorn as the curtains pulled back to expose more of the screen.

She heard a dozen zippers come undone. The man in the row in front of her took off his shirt.

Felicia wasn’t sure what to do. She unzipped her pants but she kept them on. At least they were ready to drop in a hurry. There was no need to worry about panties. She never wore panties to a new place.

An advertisement appeared on the screen. It was for a green food that she had never heard of. It looked a lot like a dick. The people chomping on the food were doing their best to imitate oral sex. By the end of the commercial, Felicia was licking her lips.

Another advertisement followed it. This one was about a company that edited your home sex movies. Felicia nearly choked when she saw penetration on the big screen. The advertisement gleefully explained how the company could add computer generated effects to make you and your lover look like aliens, monsters or just remove unwanted pounds.

Felicia had some more popcorn. This was getting interesting.

The next advertisement was for Coca-Cola. Felicia wasn’t surprised. No matter where she went, Coke was every where. This ad was memorable for having a cunnilingus scene in it. Felicia wished she had bought something sweeter than water.

There were three more advertisements after that. One was for camera equipment, another was for lubricant and the third was for renting the theater for a party.

“Some things never change,” Felicia said. “There are always too many damn ads at the movies.”

A logo appeared on the screen. The orchestra music returned. It was slow and sensual.

Someone walked across the front of the theater. Their image was duplicated on screen in a live feed. It was a woman, dressed in a tight red jacket and black stockings. Her ass and pussy was left bare. A small red hat sat on top of her short hair. She looked like a pornographic version of an old time movie usher.

Felicia looked to see if she could find the camera. It was impossible to tell in the darkness.

The usher was joined by another woman and then another. A dozen women lined up under the screen. The large screen panned slowly across their faces. Sometimes the view dipped down to show their cleavage bursting from tight jackets.

The audience clapped. Felicia joined them. They were pretty young women.

The ushers walked towards the aisles. Some of them peeled off from the main group to head towards the audience members. A girl with short frizzy blonde hair made her way over to Felicia. She stood in front of Felicia and sank to her knees.

Felicia ate another bite of popcorn.

The blonde girl reached for Felicia’s pants and pulled them down. Felicia let the usher peel the jeans from her legs. The girl took the jeans and folded them properly before sitting them down on the ground.

A cock appeared on the movie screen. It was being stroked by dark delicate hands. The hand was joined by red lips that slipped over the head of the cock. The shot pulled back to show the grinning smile of the man being sucked.

He was one of the audience members. Felicia recognized the plush seat. The red hat sitting on top of the head of the woman sucking confirmed it. He was being sucked by an usher.

Felicia smiled. So that was the movie being shown. The audience was the star.

The usher in front of Felicia reached for Felicia’s sex. Her pale fingers stroked the hairs of the dark bush. Fingernails lightly grazed the thick lips.

Felicia groaned. She didn’t know where to look. Did she stare at the cock being swallowed on the screen? Or did she look down at the smiling young usher teasing Felicia’s pussy? It was a dilemma.

The usher slipped a finger past Felicia’s sex lips. It slid easily into her wet pussy. Ever so gently, it pushed and stroked inside her.

The image on the screen changed. This time it was a dark man leaning back in his seat while a darker woman impaled herself onto his cock. His hands gripped her ass while she lowered herself. The screen zoomed in on the juices dripping down his cock and onto his balls.

Felicia noticed that the shot seemed to be well lit but the theater was still dark. For that matter, where were the cameras? The image moved to the side of the fucking couple and the man’s face was buried in the usher’s cleavage. How were they being filmed?

The usher slipped another fingers inside Felicia and she stopped worrying about cameras. The usher also placed a hand on Felicia’s blouse, her palm cupping Felicia’s beast. The young woman’s hand felt tiny on Felicia’s large breast but there was nothing small about the strength of the usher’s grip.

Felicia groaned. Her thighs parted wider as the usher finger fucked her. She clutched her breast while the usher gripped the other. With her free hand, Felicia grabbed another bite of popcorn.

The screen kept showing other audience member. A thin woman was being eaten by a redhead usher. A large man was having his cock jerked by skilled hands. An athletic man was being ridden by a dark usher.

Felicia shuddered. All of this was happening here. The audience was both watchers and performers. Voyeurs and exhibitionists were fucking together.

The screen changed and Felicia moaned. It was her. She watched a giant close up of her sex as the usher’s slick fingers plunged in and out of her. The view shifted to show the usher’s tiny hand groping her breast. The camera panned up to reveal Felicia’s moaning mouth.

Felicia reached into her blouse to pull out her breast. An appreciative moan came from the audience. The usher’s hands grabbed Felicia’s exposed breast and pinched her nipple. The pale fingers contrasted wonderfully with Felicia’s dark Hispanic skin.

Someone in the audience cried out. The screen shifted to show a man’s cock erupting with seed. The usher’s mouth was there at the tip, lapping and licking at the spurting fountain.

Felicia reached down and grabbed the usher’s head. She pulled the usher’s mouth to her sex. There was no resistance. The usher kept finger fucking her but now her mouth was nibbling on Felicia’s dripping pussy.

The images on the screen kept changing. Cocks fucked tight holes. Fingers plunged inside of pussies. Men and women writhed, moaned and shuddered on screen.

Felicia returned to the screen. The usher’s head was buried between her thighs. The camera lingered on the usher’s bare squatting ass before returning to Felicia’s gasping mouth.

She came. She cried out her orgasm as a giant version of her face filled the screen. She climaxed as the audience watched and other moans of pleasure joined hers.

Felicia gently pushed the usher away. The usher smiled up at her with glistening lips. Felicia watched as the usher wiped her mouth and licked her fingers.

“Thank you for coming to Royal Cinemas,” the usher whispered. “Complimentary showers are in the restrooms.” She kissed Felicia’s thighs before standing up and leaving.

Felicia sat limply in her chair. Her sex tingled with afterglow. She opened the bottle of water and took a long drink.

On the screen, a dark cock was squeezed between dark breasts. The usher spit down on his cock as she continued to breast fuck him.

Felicia reached for her popcorn and enjoyed the rest of the show.

Dec 232015

Felicia Grafal Flores walked through the mall with purpose. Instead of dressing for attraction, she had opted for utility. She had sensible sneakers instead of heels. Comfortable blue jeans covered her generous ass. To cover her plentiful brown breasts, she wore light sweater that was just warm enough for the outside with a jacket but not too warm for the inside of a crowded mall. Even her long curly black hair was tired back into a practical ponytail.

The mall was crowded like it always was around Christmas. Felicia had thought she was done with Christmas shopping but there was always a cousin she had forgotten, a present needed returning and of course, many last minute inspirations of generosity. Despite the best plans, Felicia had returned to the most crowded shopping area in town in the busiest week of the year.

Felicia wasn’t her usual self. Normally she would be looking for lone men to flirt with or cute saleswomen to seduce. She would have found reasons to bend over and catch people’s eyes. Usually she would have whispered an indecent proposal or two to fellow shoppers by now but now today. The stress of the holidays had her out of her usual mindset.

Part of the reason for her lack of sexual energy was the fact that she had been to this mall hundreds of times. There had been no new shops in months. There was a familiarity to the mall that dulled her senses. For Felicia, adventures happen in places she had never been, not places she knew as well as the veins on her husband’s cock.

But Felicia forgot an important fact. Christmas wasn’t normal. It was a time of hope, giving, desire and faith. It was a time when people wanted and people believed they would get what they wanted.

It is a magical time of the year.

Felicia continued her mission of shopping. She didn’t notice the little things. Most of the other women shoppers were wearing skirts despite the cold outside. The men shoppers had thin collars around their necks. There were no children in the mall. The food court actually had clean tables.

There was still Christmas music playing though. There will always be Christmas music.

It wasn’t until Felicia reached Santa’s Workshop that she realized something was different. The area was as she remembered; a gingerbread fence to keep kids out, a fake cottage surrounded by fake reindeer and a perky woman dressed as an elf but there were changes. The woman’s elf costume had a strap-on dildo painted like a candy cane. Santa was naked with a massive cock under his large belly. He had a woman shopped bent over the gingerbread fence and he was fucking the hell out of her.

“Oh,” Felicia said. She had seen such sights before but she wasn’t expecting it. She was at the mall. This kind of thing didn’t happen at old places but here it was.

There was a place to get in line but no one else was there. Felicia smiled. A short line was proof that she was somewhere else.

Felicia took her place in line. Shopping could wait.

The elf woman approached her. “Would you like Santa or his helper?”

Felicia looked down at the strap-on. It was tempting but there was something she couldn’t resist about Santa. He was a big man but he certainly looked jolly.

“Santa,” she said.

The woman that Santa was fucking cried out. The gingerbread fence shook.

“Not long now,” the elf woman said. “Would you like complimentary pictures?”

“How much do they cost?” Felicia asked.

The elf woman’s smile turned a laugh. “For a woman? They don’t cost anything. It’s taxpayers’ money.”

Felicia laughed with her. Free things were another sign that she was somewhere else.

The elf woman was right; it wasn’t long before the other woman was done. She screamed her orgasm and the scream was lost in the Christmas music and shopping crowds. Santa pulled out of her, slapped her ass, and then pulled down her skirt. The woman stood up and walked away on unsteady legs.

It was Felicia’s turn. She worked at the buttons of her jeans as she walked over to him.

Santa wiped his massive cock with a wet towel. “Have you been naughty, or nice?” he asked. His voice was deep and his eyes twinkled. She knew the beard was as real as was the red cheeks.

“Naughty,” Felicia answered. “Very, very, very naughty.”

“Good, that is what I like to hear!” Santa said.

He grabbed her hips and yanked down her pants with a speed that unexpected from one of his size. He glanced at the plain white panties that covered her sex and yanked them down as well. He ducked in and gave her thick bush of pubic hair a kiss before spinning her around towards the gingerbread fence.

Felicia laughed as he pushed her over the fence. The rail was soft and deceptively padded. She wondered how many other women had been bent over this rail today. For that matter, how many women this holiday season?

His cock pressed against her sex. Felicia gripped the gingerbread fence. Thick hands held onto her hips as he pushed in. The warmth of his belly pressed against her ass. Santa’s cock filled her wet sex.

“Ho, ho, ho,” Santa grunted. His deep voice made her pussy clench tighter around him.

Santa fucked her. He kept a tight grip on her thighs as he pounded her. He had wonderful stamina. Felicia had no doubt he could fuck her all day.

The elf woman set up a camera in front of Felicia. The camera was huge and looked old. Felicia reached for her ponytail and removed the band. She shook her hair out for the picture.

“Smile!” the elf woman said and Felicia did. She smiled as Santa banged her from behind. She smiled as she thought about showing the picture to her husband, Emil. She smiled as Santa’s big fat cock rammed into her pussy.

“Tell me how naughty you have been,” Santa said.

“Last week I gave a handjob to one of the old men who hang out in the food court,” Felicia said. “We went into the bathroom and I let him come down my tits.”

“Naughty, naughty,” Santa said with his booming voice. He fucked her deeper. “More.”

“I sent pictures of me playing with my pussy to a friend my cousin brought to Thanksgiving,” Felicia said. “I sent them from the bathroom while my family was making dinner.”

“So naughty,” Santa said. He pounded her harder. “More.”

“At Halloween, some college kids were trick or treating and they came to my house. I let each one have two minutes of sticking their head under my witch’s dress and licking my pussy. Both guys and the girl took my offer.”

“Naughty, naughty, naughty,” Santa. It was a mantra he chanted as he fucked her as hard as he could.

“Smile!” the elf woman said again. Felicia hadn’t noticed that the woman had moved the camera for a side shot. Felicia smiled as Santa continued to fuck her.

Shoppers continued on their way around her. Some of the men looked wistfully at Felicia before moving on. Some of the women checked their watches and debated getting in line. Three women had already formed a line to be next.

Santa fucked her harder. His thick cock came ramming down her pussy. The gingerbread fence creaked.

Felicia felt her orgasm building deep within her. It was slow and steady like the anticipation of Christmas. She could feel it coming but she couldn’t wait for it to come. Every stroke of his cock brought her just a little bit closer.

“Ho, ho, ho!” Santa said, punctuating each ‘ho’ with another thrust.

Felicia came. She cried out her orgasm to the busy mall. She felt the joy of the season reverberate through her body.

Santa pulled out of her. “Merry Christmas!” he said.

Felicia laughed. It was a merry Christmas. She slowly stood back up and pulled her pants back up. The elf woman was by her side and passed her an envelope. She helped Felicia walk out of the Santa area as a second woman took Felicia’s place.

Felicia walked away from Santa, clutching the envelope to her. She kept walking until she no longer saw men with metal collars. She passed through crowds until she saw children again.

She peeked inside the envelope. Glossy 8×10’s of her getting fucked by Santa were stacked on top of one another. They had given her four copies of each shot.

Well, Felicia knew what she was giving her husband this year but who was going to get the other three? She thought about it as she went back to her shopping.

Nov 182015

Felicia Grafal Flores walked to the entrance of the corn maze. The sun was high in the air but the November air was brisk. The smell of barbecue, hot cookies and corn enveloped everything.

A man stood at the entrance. He was young and couldn’t stop looking at Felicia’s tight sweater.

“Here’s your card, ma’am,” he said. “Get to all of the checkpoints and you could win a free grill.”

“Checkpoints?” Felicia asked. She knew all about it but she wanted to give the young man an excuse to keep looking at her.

“There are checkpoints within the maze and a hole puncher for each one,” the man continued. His eyes kept drifting from her dark lips down to the curves of her sweater. “Each hole puncher has a different shape. Find all the checkpoints, punch out the sides here, and turn it in for the drawing later.”

Felicia nodded. “Thank you,” she said.

She walked slowly away in the hopes that he would appreciate how tightly her jeans clung to her round ass. When she reached the entrance of the maze, she glanced back. The young man quickly pretended to be looking elsewhere.

Felicia laughed. If nothing else happened today, at least she had one admirer today.

She put the map away in her pocket. It was better to get a little lost. Although she had come to this maze a dozen times, every year it was always different. You never knew what could happen at new places.

The corn stretched out before her. Even when she could look over the corn, she just saw more corn. The path branched and turned with the occasional break where someone impatient had made their own path.

Children ran past her and Felicia let them by. Two teenagers crossed her path and smiled at her chest. A mother herded a group of children with threats and promises.

Felicia went deeper into the maze. There were well worn paths and paths rarely taken. She took the later. There were slender paths and larger paths. She took the former. Some paths had voices around the corner. These she avoided. Choice by choice, she avoided more and more people.

After a while, she noticed the subtle changes. She stopped seeing candy wrappers and instead found a pair of panties. The corn leaves were wet as if it had rained this morning. A moan was carried on the wind.

Felicia stepped into a clearing. There was no checkpoint to be found. The ground was torn by the passage of many feet.

Another woman came into the clearing. She was dark brown like Felicia but she was naked from shoulder to toes. Instead of a human head, she had the head of a large black bird. It took Felicia a moment to realize it was a mask.

The bird woman cawed. Answering caws came from all around. Another bird woman came from a different path into the clearing. Across from her, another woman came. More and more came until Felicia was surrounded by dark naked bodies and staring bird masks.

“Oh,” Felicia said. “They are crow masks. I just realized that. I should have guessed sooner.”

The crow women cawed. Their blank eyes and open beaks were unnerving. Felicia wondered how they could see.

The women pressed closer around Felicia. A hand went to her ass. Another hand went to Felicia’s breast. One hand petted Felicia’s long dark hair.

Felicia let them. Her heart was pounding but she stayed where she was. This was a new experience but Felicia had learned over the years to trust.

Hands touched every part of Felicia. They grabbed and pulled at the breasts beneath her sweater. Hands gripped and squeezed her ass. Fingers pressed against her thighs. A thumb slipped between Felicia’s lips.

Felicia relaxed and gave into the hands. The crow women cawed as they grinded palms into her back. Multiple hands rubbed and massaged her arms. Skilled hands worked away tense knots along her thighs.

A hand pressed against Felicia’s crotch. It belonged to the first crow woman Felicia had spotted but she couldn’t be sure. The empty eyes of the crow looked at her as the hand pressed tightly against the heat in Felicia’s jeans.

Felicia grinded against the hand. Her hairy pussy soaked the material of the jeans for Felicia never wore panties to somewhere new. She felt the fingers straining against the jeans to touch her wet sex.

The crow woman cawed. The others answered with caws of their own.

They tugged at her sweater and peeled it over her head. Felicia’s shoes were pulled off and discarded. Hands unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. Felicia’s bra was unclasped and lost to the ground. They stripped her with a dozen hands.

Felicia was picked up. Strong feminine hands held every part of her body. Their strength and skill was uncanny. It was like floating in a hammock of hands and arms.

Other crow women reached past the ones holding Felicia. Fingers tugged at her hard nipples. Hands pulled her thighs wider apart. Fingernails danced and pinched her flesh at random.

Felicia groaned. A long finger invaded her mouth. She flicked at it with her tongue. The finger played with her tongue.

Fingers went to Felicia’s sex from multiple hands. Her sex was buried under grasping hands. They pulled at her pussy lips while others pushed inside. Felicia lost count of how many fingers were inside her.

“Oh shit,” Felicia moaned. Her body was smothered in touching. Not only were there hands and fingers, but also the press of naked breasts and slender arms. The smell of women was in the air.

She wished that she could see their faces. Dozens of black bird heads bobbed on the sweaty bodies of naked women. Their eyes were blank and their beaks were unable to move. Were the women smiling or were they busy focusing on Felicia’s body? She couldn’t know and their motives remained an enigma.

Felicia didn’t question the motives of the fingers stroking her sex. They took turns playing with her clitoris. Some of the fingers stroked the depths of her sex while other fingers rubbed the outside of her pussy. They smeared Felicia’s sex juices all over her dark thighs and round hips.

She threw her head back and moaned. Strong hands cradled her head and petted her forehead. Other hands held her body as she began to arch her back.

Felicia came. She cried out her orgasm and the crow women answered her with caws. The stroking fingers stayed within her quivering sex until she could scream no more.

The crow women set Felicia down on the ground. The coldness of the dirt was a welcome change to the sweaty heat of the hands that held her.

Felicia stayed on the ground and tried to catch her breath. The crow women cawed and backed away through the paths leading out. One by one they disappeared back into the maze.

The last crow woman paused to pick up Felicia’s bra. Felicia suspected that it was the first woman she had seen. The crow woman bowed her large bird head towards Felicia before taking Felicia’s bra with her into the maze.

Felicia laughed and slowly rose to her feet. Let the woman have her trophy. Felicia would have the memory of the crow women to keep her warm this winter.

She gathered her clothes and put them back on. It felt strange to be standing on her own two feet after being carried literally to orgasm.

When she was dressed, Felicia returned the way she came. She avoided a clearing where she saw a man with the mask of a bull. She walked past a path where she heard the grunts of fucking. When choosing her way, she always picked the path most familiar.

It wasn’t long before she came across a group of children posing for a picture by their mother at a checkpoint. She followed a group of tired teenagers through shortcuts.

Sep 092015

Felicia Grafal Flores waved goodbye to the delivery men. Her house robe fell open and a plump brown breast peeked out. She pretended not to notice.

The pale delivery man blushed and looked away. The darker man smiled and waved back.

Felicia closed the door and giggled. She loved flashing delivery men. It was a shame that only one in six ever tried to follow up on her flirting. She was really in the mood to give a blowjob this morning.

Oh well, at least she got a new coffee table this morning. Emil and she had bought it this past weekend to replace the one they broke. Hopefully this one will be sturdier for fucking.

Felicia inspected the table. The delivery men had been careful and there were no marks on it. Someone had polished the surface and the wood gleamed. The silver of the cabinet door handles reflected the red of her robe.

She bent over and opened a cabinet door. A branch of a bush popped out. A humid smell came from within. There was the caw of a bird.

A smile came to Felicia’s lips. She should have known. The coffee table was new and Felicia always had a certain way with new things.

She got down on her hands and knees. The interior of the table was filled with branches. The leaves were slightly blue. The foliage was thick and hard to see through.

It smelled wonderful. A multitude of scents competed for her attention.

Felicia put her head inside the cabinet. She took a deep breathe. It was invigorating.

Something grabbed her long black curly hair. Felicia was pulled up to her waist through the cabinet opening. The branches scratched at her face and tugged at her house robe. She felt one of her heavy breast come free.

It was dark inside. Something brushed her cheek and she recoiled. The hand holding her hair wouldn’t let her move away. It kept her in place as the thing slapped against her cheek.

Felicia recognized the meaty weight. She turned her head and felt it brush her lips. Her tongue slipped out and gave it a lick. It shuddered under her tongue.

It was a cock; a rather thick and musky smelling cock but definitely a cock.

Her mouth watered.

The cock pushed against her lips. Felicia opened her mouth and felt the tip slide between her lips. Her tongue danced over the tip and tasted him.

She tasted sweat. She tasted dirt. She tasted musk. She tasted cock.

A hand pulled aside her robe. It reached under her and grabbed a hanging breast. The fingers opened and closed around her breast. She felt the dirt from the fingers grind against her skin.

Who was this person?

It was a difficult position to stay in. Felicia was on her knees but to fit through the coffee table cabinet doors she had to get down to her elbows. The hand wrapped itself in her hair and kept her mouth down by its cock.

Felicia lowered her legs to be flat on the carpet back in her living room. Her wet pussy pressed against her house robe.

The cock pushed inside her mouth. Felicia licked every inch that came into her. She explored the veins of his cock with her tongue as her lips tightened.

There was a growl and it came from the owner of the cock.

Felicia reached out for the base of his cock. Her fingers glided down to his hairy sack. She gently massaged the heavy balls.

The man growled again. He squeezed her breast painfully hard.

A jolt of desire went down to Felicia’s sex. A surge of wetness dripped onto her robe. She humped the floor of her living room.

She pulled back and pulled his cock from her mouth. Her tongue flicked over the tip, down the lengthy shaft and to the base of his cock. The cock throbbed against her cheek and was heavy against her face.

The grip in her hair tightened but he didn’t try to drive her back to his cock. He did squeeze tighter on her poor breast though.

Felicia appreciated that. In the darkness she pulled his cock back to her mouth. Her sealed around his cock as she took all of him into her mouth. She sucked down to the base of his cock and stuck her tongue out past her lips. Her tongue flicked his dirty balls.

The man growled. He let go of her breast and both hands grabbed her hair. His hips pumped towards her mouth.

Felicia moaned and allowed some of his cock to leave her mouth. Her hand wrapped around the base of his cock that was coated in spit. She sucked on half of his cock while she stroked the other half.

The man growled louder.

Felicia wondered what her husband would do if he saw her right now. He would pull her house robe aside and spread her legs. His hand would go to her pussy and set just how wet she was. He would take his cock out and instead of giving her what she needed, he would stick his cock into her tight asshole instead. He would fuck her ass while she sucked a stranger’s cock and leave her poor wet pussy neglected.

She moaned and sucked harder. Her hips humped the floor as she stroked the stranger’s cock faster. The branches pulled at her hair as she bobbed her head on the man’s cock. The top half of her body settled into the dirt of the ground.

The man cried out. Felicia felt the first splash of seed inside her mouth a moment later. Her head stopped moving but her fingers jerked faster. She milked the man as he shot streams of come into her mouth.

He tasted fruity. She swallowed it all.

There was a roaring sound that did not come from the man. The cock quickly pulled from her mouth and the hands left her hair.

The ground shook. Something heavy was coming.

Felicia retreated out of the cabinet. Her tits and face were covered in dirt.

The branches inside the coffee table shook. There was another roar and it was much closer. The ground shook again and this time Felicia felt the floor in her house shake.

She slammed the cabinet doors shut. The roaring stopped and so did the shaking.

Felicia’s heart was racing. Her pussy was also clenching.

She laughed and rolled onto her back. Her legs spread and she reached down with dirty fingers. She rubbed her wet pussy and recalled the feeling of the stranger’s cock in her mouth.

Aug 122015

Felicia Grafal Flores stepped out of the skybox suite. Her husband’s coworkers cheered at something happening in the baseball game below them. Felicia wasn’t tempted to find out what had happened. She closed the door behind her and walked along the outer ring of the stadium.

The wind ruffled her light green dress. She felt the breeze on her expansive brown cleavage. Wisps of her long black curly hair lifted slightly. Her wide hips casted curvy shadows before her.

Felicia was glad her husband was having a good time. His company usually used the skybox for clients but this week they had selected random employees to enjoy the high life. Well, the high life of watching a minor league baseball team from the skybox of a small stadium but still it was a treat of sorts.

It was just a treat that Felicia had already grown bored with. Baseball was a game of men standing around until something happened. It lacked the sweat and thighs of soccer. Four innings in and Felicia was horrified to discover that they weren’t even halfway through the game.

Which was why she was out here. There were fourteen skyboxes. She had been in one and that left thirteen others to explore. With thirteen new places to visit, Felicia was sure she could find something to entertain herself.

Felicia always had the best luck with new places.

She picked skybox seven. The handle was unlocked. A quick turn of the knob and the door opened.

“You’re late,” a voice said. It belonged to a pale woman dressed in a leather corset and not much else. Her pale breasts were on the verge of bursting from her corset. She grabbed Felicia by the arm and steered her to a wall.

“Pick one,” the corset woman said.

Felicia smiled at what was before her. In the other skybox, this are was dedicated to a sink and counter. Here the space was a large shelf filled with dildos. They ranged from small to disturbing and included every color in the rainbow.

“Hurry,” the corset woman said.

Felicia picked a red one. It was long and thick but she could handle its girth. She held it in her hand and marveled at the fleshy touch. What was it made of?

“Good,” the corset woman said. “Now go out there.”

The corset woman steered Felicia to the glass doors. Instead of seats, there was a small transparent walkway that extended out over the stadium. As Felicia stepped onto the walkway, she got her first look of the audience. They weren’t sitting in the stadium looking out at the field. No, they were in the field looking back at the walls of the stadium.

Felicia looked to each side. Other men and women stood on similar walkways. Some were dressed but others were naked. They stood at the end of their walkways and played with themselves.

“Wow,” Felicia whispered. A slight vertigo washed over her. As she reached the end of the walkway she noticed the nearly invisible hand rails. Still, she was overwhelmed by what she saw. She always loved having an audience but how many were in the field watching? Hundreds? A thousand? More?

Many of them looked to her. They saw her green dress blowing in the wind and cheered. Some watched her intensely while others were already bored and watching elsewhere.

Felicia took that as a challenge. She lifted her dress up to her waist. The crowd cheered at her lack of panties. They cheered louder as she fingered her thick bush of curly black hair.

She was already wet. Of course she was.

The crowd cheered louder as she lifted the dildo to her mouth. She gave it a long lick and more of the crowd paid attention to her. It slipped between her lips and inch after inch disappeared into her mouth. She didn’t stop until it hit the back of her throat.

She got a better look at the crowd. None of them wore clothes beneath their waist. Hundreds of cocks and pussies were being stroked and sometimes not by their owners. Many of them wore goggles and Felicia guessed that they were binoculars or opera glasses.

The dildo came out of her mouth, shiny with her spit. Felicia squatted down on the transparent walkway above the crowd. She placed the dildo against her pussy lips and with teasing slowness; penetrated herself.

Fuck, it was thick and fuck, it was long. Felicia placed the base against the walkway and lowered herself. The crowd roared as the dildo vanished inside her pussy.

Felicia rocked on the dildo. She bounced up and down on the thick sex toy. Her free hand pinned her skirt to around her waist so the crowd could see her bare brown ass and hairy pussy.

She was soaking wet. Felicia had fucked on stages, participated in orgies and had fucked in front of crowds but never a stadium like this. The cheering made her pussy clench. The arousal of the fans was a physical presence that made her bounce faster.

Felicia pulled down the top of her dress. A large brown breast flopped out. It jiggled as she humped the dildo.

She gyrated her hips for the approval of the crowd. Her movements were exaggerated so that every one could see. She whipped her long hair back and forth so that every hump appeared to throw her into ecstasy.

Felicia pulled her large breast to her mouth and bit down on her dark nipple. The louder the crowd cheered, the harder she bit down.

She thought about her husband, Emil. What would he say if he knew she was masturbating for an entire stadium? Would he call her a slut as she slammed his cock down her throat? Would he spank her ass for showing herself to so many people? Would he force her to go down there and offer to fuck each and every one of the crowd like the whore that she was?

Felicia shuddered as these fantasies went through her mind. She grinded faster on the thick sex toy. Knowing her husband, he would be more than happy to sit among the crowd as he watched his slut wife perform.

She looked down through the transparent walkway. Hundreds masturbated to her. Hundreds masturbated to other people but that was okay. She was doing this for the ones watching her.

Here was a woman with skin as dark as night. She stared up at Felicia with bright red goggles. Long braids shook as she furiously masturbated a shaved pussy.

There was a pale man with fiery red hair. He shook beneath Felicia as she humped above him. He bit one hand while his other pumped a thick cock.

Over here were two tanned women. They looked up at Felicia while their hands were in the other’s pussy.

Down there was a man who came right as Felicia’s eyes locked with his. White ropes of seed flew from his dark cock and splattered his chest.

Felicia climaxed. She cried out her pleasure as hundreds watched. Her fingers dug painfully into her breast while she rode the dildo to completion.

The walkway vibrated. Felicia looked back and saw the corset woman stomping on it. She was beckoning for Felicia to return.

Felicia reluctantly rose to her feet. The dildo was drenched with her juices. Many in the crowd stood up and held their arms and a great begging cry came forth.

She tossed the dildo down. It speed through the air like a glistening comet. Many in the crowd dived for it but a woman with silver hair caught it. Congratulatory applause rippled through the crowd.

Felicia returned to the skybox. Her dress had fallen back down but her breast was still exposed. She was in too much afterglow to care.

The corset woman looked unamused. “The cost of the dildo will be deducted from your prize money.”

“Prize money?” Felicia asked.

“The winners will be announced later,” the corset woman said. “Hold onto your game ticket. Here is your complimentary yetcan.”

The corset woman handed Felicia a bread product. It was about six inches long and had groves that looked like veins. It was almost hot in her hand.

“Out you go,” the corset woman said and she pushed Felicia out the door.

Felicia was back in the outer ring. The warm breeze was back and kissed her exposed breast. Felicia giggled and stuffed her breast back into her dress.

The yetcan was still in her hand. She took a bite. There was a hot cheese filling inside. It was pretty good.

Felicia ate her complimentary snack. She wondered how well she did in the game. She speculated on what kind of prize money was at stake.

There was a loud crack of a baseball hitting a bat. The stadium cheered. Something interesting was happening soon to be followed by a lot of less interesting things.

Felicia decided that she better head back to her husband’s company’s skybox. He might be wondering where she was.

On the other hand, there were quite a few other skyboxes to explore.

Aug 102015

Earlier this year I read a story by Roger Zelazny. It was called Epithalamium and it was about a grown up Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Alice returns to wonderland and makes the comment that it was a strange magical place. A character corrects her and tells her that Alice was the strange magical one.

Now you could interpret that as strangeness is relative. To people in Wonderland, Wonderland is normal and Alice is the weird one. That isn’t what happened in my brain. In my brain I looked at Alice objectively for the first time.

There is this young girl who falls down a rabbit hole and goes to another world. We assume the rabbit hole is magical. In another story she messes around with a mirror and returns to Wonderland. We assume the mirror is magical as well. That is bad logic. The only thing these journeys have in common is Alice. It makes far more sense that Alice has the ability to travel to places. Being a young child it makes sense that Alice visited places that reflect her childish nature.

So I started thinking about grown up Alice. What other places did she go to? Did she get better at controlling it? What places would interest a grown up Alice?

Since I am a porn writer, my mind goes to porn places. I imagine a sexually adventurous woman traveling to sexually adventurous places.

What kind of a sexually adventurous woman? I thought about my friend from back in the day, Maria Gonzales. Maria was a Mexican immigrant who came to America, had some wild sex adventures and settled down and married. She wrote exhibitionist submissive stories that she shared with her husband. She was a good friend of mine and we used to chat for hours about her fantasies. I miss her a lot.

Maria is someone I could easily see stepping through to other worlds to get fucked and then return back home to tell her husband all about it while they fucked.

As a writer I divide my work into two categories. The first is my long work, my novellas, my ebooks and my blog projects. These require planning, planning and more planning followed by a shit ton of work.

My other category is the weekly stories. I churn out a story a week because I fear if I don’t, I might get one day get discouraged by a long work and take a break that turns into a hiatus that turns into “Hey, remember when I used to write?” The weekly grind of producing keeps me honest.

The best way to meet a weekly deadline is with serials. If I have a character and a premise, I can return to it again and again until the premise no longer interests me. It is a lot like mining an idea until the vein runs out.

A person like Maria going to one world after another satisfying her range of kinks is something I think I can return to a lot.

First I need to develop the character. It is important to me at this stage to make a character that is not another white character. My friends are of many ethnicities and I am painfully aware of how few characters there are in mainstream fiction that they can identify with much less in porn. If I can add a non-white character, especially a serial character, I’ll leap at the chance.

I settled on Hispanic and specifically Puerto Rican. I was very close to going with Polynesian or Japanese but in the end it just came down to whim.

I picked the name of Felicia because it reminded me of Alice.

I decided early on to not explain how or why Felicia can go to other places. I’m of the age where I find explanations are rarely as satisfying as the mystery.

I was also influenced by Gene Wolfe’s “There Are Doors” which is one of my top ten favorite books. To tell you anything would spoil it so go read it.

I hope you enjoy my Felicia stories and I hope you enjoyed or learned something from my process.

Jul 152015

Felicia Grafal Flores sucked hard on her husband’s cock. Emil groaned and pushed down on her head. His hips bucked and his cock surged up into her mouth. A hot stream of seed sprayed the inside of her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

“Fuck,” Emil groaned. “It’s safe,” he added.

Felicia lifted her head from her husband’s lap. There were two cars in the rest stop parking lot but no one was outside. The only creature watching the car was a squirrel from a nearby tree. It didn’t look like it would tell.

“I needed that,” Emil said. “It has been a long drive.”

Felicia laughed. “You would need a blowjob even if we were sitting at home.”

“True,” Emil said.

“I’m going to the rest room,” Felicia said. “Do you need to go?”

“Yes, but I will wait,” Emil said. “You go by yourself first.”

Felicia kissed her husband on the cheek. He was such a thoughtful man. He knew she would have better luck in a new place by herself.

She got out of the car and walked up the steps to the rest stop. The wind ruffled her long yellow summer dress. The sun shined down on her deep brown cleavage. She shook her long curly black hair out as she walked.

A sign told her where she was in Tennessee. Another sign asked her not to litter. A third sign told her who to call in case of trouble.

Felicia went through the glass doors and entered a small area. A shelf held brochures. Vending machines offered salt, sugar and fat. A water fountain tempted her to bend over at an indecent angle for a sip.

She found what she needed. A thick heavy door sealed the entrance to the women’s restrooms. Experience had taught her that the more secure the door, the greater the chance for adventure.

Felicia walked in. A wave of heat washed over if an oven door had been opened. It was dim inside and Felicia worried that she had her sunglasses on.

Strong hands grabbed her by her arm. “Quickly, this way,” a voice commanded.

Felicia looked at the man. He was tall and covered in dark leather. A badge she didn’t recognize sparkled in the dim light. A helmet covered his head and the top half of his face but she could tell he was at least twenty years older than her.

“Quickly,” he snapped. He swatted her bottom with a flat paddle.

WHAP! Felicia jumped. The sting spread along her amble bottom. She quickened her pace.

The corridor was long; much longer than the rest stop they had parked in front of. They walked past dozens of doors. All of them were closed but Felicia could hear the sounds of screams inside.

A shiver of fear went through Felicia. Had she finally came to a place that she shouldn’t?

They reached an open door and walked inside. This room was brightly lit and Felicia tried to shield her eyes. Her hands were pulled up over her head and something cold clicked around them. She tugged but the cuffs held her hands tight.

“What have you done?” a voice asked. It was another man dressed in the same strange leather uniform and helmet. Felicia could tell he was much younger than the first man.

WHAP! The older man slapped her ass again. “Answer him,” he snapped.

“Umm, I just sucked off my husband,” Felicia said. “It was in a public parking lot.”

The younger man nodded. “A Class Two.” He pulled out a knife from his belt.

Felicia pulled on her restraints but they were too strong. She let out a scream as the younger man approached. She tried to kick him but the older man grabbed her legs.

“Calm down!” the younger man snapped. He grabbed the neckline of her dress and pulled. The knife came down and cut through her dress. He cut a slit that went all the way down to her waist. He pulled the slit apart to expose the yellow bra holding her large brown breasts.

Felicia stopped struggling. Now she was intrigued.

The younger man cut the middle of her bra. The cups fell from her massive tits and the younger man pushed them out of the way. He gave each of her nipples a quick pinch.

“Take the right,” the younger man said. He stepped back and pulled out something from his belt. It looked like a flogger.

“Take the right, where?” Felicia demanded.

The older man chuckled as he reached up from behind. His rough glove grabbed her left tit and squeezed. Small metal spikes in his glove contracted around her breast.

“Oh shit!” Felicia groaned. It wasn’t that bad. The spikes were small and spread out. It was like being pricked by a dozen needles.

TWHIP! The sting of six rubber tips slapped her other tit. The younger man had struck her free breast with the flogger.

Felicia jumped which made the stings from the clenching glove even worse. The older man opened and closed his hand around her tit. Every grope resulted in new bites on her tender flesh.

TWHIP! The flogger struck her right breast again. This time it struck perilously close to her nipple. Felicia was terrified of how it would feel if it did hit her nipple.

“Okay, okay! I won’t do it again!” Felicia yelled. It was a complete lie but she had to try.

The younger man shook his head and swung again. TWHIP! This time he did hit her nipple and it felt like six instant bites on her sensitive nub of flesh.

“FUCK!” Felicia screamed. It didn’t hurt as bad as she imagined, it hurt worse.

She felt a sudden flood of desire surge to between her thighs. Her panties were soaked. The pain and the manhandling and the sexy cruel helmets were having an effect on her.

TWHIP! The flogger struck her breast again. Six rubber ends quickly stung the side of her breast.

The older man continued to grope her left breast. Now his fingers were squeezing around her nipple. Sharp metal spikes stung her tender flesh.

Felicia tugged at the restraints above her head. The metal cuffs didn’t move an inch. She tried to move her body but the older man’s biting glove kept her in place. She toyed with the idea of kicking her legs but she didn’t want to piss these people off more.

TWHIP! TWHIP! TWHIP! The younger man increased the pace of the flogging. The stings moved around her breast in a clockwise fashion.

The older man became more aggressive with his groping. He pulled and tugged on her heavy brown breast. The metal spikes bit and nipped at her skin but it never pierced her flesh. He mauled her breast with relentless force.

Felicia’s body couldn’t stop wiggling. Each sting of the flogger and each bite of the glove travelled through her breasts, down her belly to straight to her pussy. Her thighs rubbed together as her sex ached to be touched.

Suddenly both of the men stopped. The older man let go of her breast while the younger man stretched his flogging arm.

She looked down at her poor breasts. The one that had been flogged was crossed with pink marks. The one that had been groped was covered in angry red pricks from where the spikes had poked her. Both of her nipples were swollen and needing a kiss.

The older man moved to her other side. The younger man moved across her as well. She realized her ordeal wasn’t stopping, it was merely redistributing.

“Please!” Felicia yelled. “Enough, enough! I’ll suck both of you if you will stop!”

She couldn’t see their eyes through their helmets but the sour frown of their mouths was answer enough.

TWHIP! The flogger struck her groped breast. Six stings joined the hundreds of bites across her breast.

The older man grabbed her flogged breast. Harsh fingers and hot spikes agitated her already tender flesh.

“FUCK!” Felicia yelled. Her legs gave out from under her and she hung from her wrists. Twin bolts of lightning struck her drenched pussy.

TWHIP! TWHIP! TWHIP! The flogger flailed her sensitive breast. The swishing of the air preceded every stinging slap. It felt like he was striking each and every one of the places that the metal spikes had bit her.

The older man kneaded her flogged breast without mercy. Metal spikes overwrote stinging strips of sore flesh. His hand lifted her large breast and forced it to spill out of his biting fingers.

Felicia ground her thighs together harder. Her desire was dripping down her legs. She wondered if she could come from being flogged and groped alone.

She thought of Emil. If he knew what was happening, would he save her? Or would he take out his cock and fuck her from behind while they abused her tits? She thought that was more likely.

TWHIP! TWHIP! TWHIP! The flogger struck every inch of her sensitive tit. The younger man’s stoic expression never changed no matter how much she screamed.

The older man grabbed her nipple and twisted it. Felicia’s hips moved to fuck the air in the vain hope of coming.

Again they stopped. This time, the younger man put his flogger back in his belt. The older man took off his glove.

“I’m going to lunch,” the younger man said to his colleague. “Let her meditate on what she had done for three minutes and then let her go.”

The older man nodded. The younger man went out the door and closed it behind him.

“You are a wet slut, aren’t you?” the older man said to Felicia. “I can smell your greedy cunt. I bet you would like to come, wouldn’t you?”

Felicia licked her lips. Was this a trap? Part of her just wanted to wait her three minutes and leave. A dirtier part of her didn’t want to miss out on what he might be offering.

She nodded her head.

The older man laughed. He took out his own flogger. Felicia’s stomach dropped with fear.

He reversed the flogger and lifted her skirt. She felt the round end of the flogger press against her panties and against her pussy. The solid leather end sent quivers down her thighs.

“You got less than three minutes,” the older man said.

Felicia grinded against the flogger handle. It was awkward for her but she could be nimble when she had to.

“Dirty slut,” the older man said. “Your tits are bright red with punishment but you’re humping away like a cat in heat.”

Felicia said nothing as she kept humping. Every jiggle of her tits hurt but it also made her wetter.

“I see sluts like you all day,” the older man said. “I’ve slapped their tits, spanked their asses and choked their throats for years and you know what I’ve learned?”

Felicia shook her head in response. She never stopped humping the handle.

“Each and every one of them just wants to come after their treatment,” the older man said.

Felicia groaned. The older man kept the handle still as she grinded wantonly on it.

“You’re the tenth slut to come on my flogger today,” the older man whispered.

Felicia moaned and grinded faster.

“I could bit your tit right now and you would still come,” the older man said.

Felicia gasped and grinded harder.

“If you don’t come right now, I think I will bite it,” the older man said. “I will bite your tit and my teeth will hurt so much worse than the flogger and the glove combined.”

“FUCK!” Felicia cried out. She came and she came hard on the flogger handle. Her body shook and her tender breasts flared from the movement.

Darkness came over her. When next she opened her eyes, she was sitting on the floor. She was sitting in a wet spot from all of her juices. Her wrists were free and her tits hurt like hell.

“Your three minutes are up,” the older man said. “Time to go.”

He helped her to her feet. Felicia leaned on him as they left the room and went back down the corridor. The sound of screams continued from behind closed doors.

They reached the exit. Felicia came to her senses and remembered that her tits were out. She grabbed the sides of her dress and held them together at her neck. The fabric rubbed against the welts on her sensitive breasts.

“Have a nice day,” the older man said as she went through the door.

Felicia stumbled out into the rest area. A wide eyed teenage boy stared at her from the vending machine. Her breasts were barely covered by the hastily held remnants of her dress.

She winked at him as she walked by. He never saw her eyes because he was staring at her tits.