Jan 262017

My wife got the job offer for Wisconsin so yay! She still has the drug test and background check to go which shouldn’t be a problem and then we scramble. Our target date for her to start work is the first week of March.

Which means we have roughly a month, and the shortest month at that, to pack. I had planned to finish my interactive erotica story this month but fuck that. Life comes at you fast and quick.

I am grateful that after two plus months we finally have some sort of answer on this job. Finding a place to live, packing and actually moving is going to absorb a ton of my time but it is much better to have an impossible task in front of you rather than sitting around waiting to see if you are going to stay around for a year. I remind myself that we moved to Tennessee in a shorter amount of time and that involved packing a house as opposed to the current apartment so it should be easier. Should.

It is strange how moving to a new state has been a wonderful distraction from the Orange Shitstain ruining the country. I plan to enjoy that a bit.

Dec 182016

I have come down with a nasty case of food poisoning. I also broke my personal best fever with a fever of 104.1. I am on antibiotics but until I can string two thoughts together, I think blogging is a bit out of the question.

Read my archives and send plenty of fluids.

Sep 232016

In the last episode of the Great Gall Bladder Drama, my wife had her gall bladder removed on the 13th. Everything was fine until the 15th when she experienced terrible chest pains. The doctor ordered us some tests and my wife went in on Friday to get a CT scan.

Here is where everything kicked into high gear. The CT people saw the scan, called the doctor and told us that my wife was being admitted to the hospital but they couldn’t tell us why. That would be the doctor’s job.

The doctor’s nurse came by, told us that my wife had a giant pouch of fluid inside her body. It could be bile, it could be an infection, it could be anything. The doctor would explain it and oh, don’t eat anything because you’ll be having surgery any minute.

We go to the hospital room, get checked in and my wife brings up that she hadn’t eaten since 8:30 that morning and it was 3pm now and she was really hungry. The nurses said wait until the doctor showed up.

He didn’t show up. We paged him. We called his message service. We called his practice. Nothing.

Around 8:30, the surgeon on call showed up, didn’t know where our doctor was but explained that no surgeries were happening tonight and it would be tomorrow morning so my wife was allowed soup broth and nothing else.

Long story short, we fired the doctor who went missing, made the surgeon on call our new doctor.

My wife had a drain put in her side and it turned out that the pouch of liquid was bile. This happens sometimes. When they removed the bladder, all the tubes connecting to the bladder close up and sometimes more bile gets through while they close.

On Sunday they did a scope down her throat and removed a leftover gall stone and checked for no leaks. There were no leaks.

Monday they took the drain out and sent her home. Today she went back to work.

Holy shit, was that traumatic. The doctor who went missing, the starving and two surgeries on a weekend did little for our stress.

Everything is okay now and who knows, we might be getting back to normal soon.

Jul 132016

After ten years of posting a new story every week, I realized that holy shit, I have been posting a new story every week. Taking in breaks, I have averaged 50 stories or parts of stories, per year for a total of 500 stories.

I picked up the habit from the early days of blogging. Back then, if you didn’t update daily, then you were a slacker and would never have an audience. I would post a story on Wednesday, so that blog readers could read and comment on it before the weekend. The weekends were this dead zone where no one read blogs and then there was too much to read on Monday to go back and read anything long on Friday.

Blogging has changed a lot since then. Heck, let’s be honest and say that blogging is essentially dead. It is all podcasts, Twitter and Tumblr now. There are some blogs out there but they have fallen back into their original purpose of being personal diaries and that is cool with me.

What isn’t cool is that it took two years to write my latest interactive ebook, Taken By the Aliens, which you can buy by clicking here. To be fair, I did move to another state and my wife broke her leg in that time period, but I know I could have gotten that book out faster if I wasn’t also writing an average of 50 stories a year for my blog.

Personally I feel like I am years behind in the list of ebooks I want to write. Novels are bouncing around in my head. I want to do more deep dives into plots and situations. There is a long list of interactive erotica books I want out of my head and into your hands. I have the drive, the talent and the ideas except I never have the time to do them.

So my new plan is to stop doing short stories every week unless I get an idea in my head that I really want to get out. There will still be Vaquel’s adventures in space because I love those and we are only on year six of her twenty year mission. I will post a new Vaquel story on the first Wednesday of the month.

The blog will still continue. I do better when I journal my writing goals, experiences and opinions but I rarely had the time when I also had to come up with a new story every week. In a weird way, I think I will actually be posting more now.

Thank you, dear reader, for your constant support and understanding. I hope you will stick with me as I shift into a different kind of erotic production.

Apr 212016

There won’t be a story this week because my wife had LASIK surgery done on her eyes. The surgery went well even though they are literally cutting into her eyes with lasers and that still blows my mind. she has gone from legally blind without her glasses to 20/30 vision and that is likely to improve in the days to come.

The procedure itself was quick and easy but what I didn’t take into account is the recovery period. I was babysitting an adult for a few days who couldn’t read, text or play on her computer.  In other words, I got shit done this week.

Next Wednesday will resume our regular smut posting schedule.

Nov 202015

This past Wednesday I missed a stop sign and then proceeded to not miss a person coming from the left. Our cars smashed into each other, I spun around, saw my airbag open in slow motion and then come to a stop. I got out and checked on the other driver who was okay but shaking. I held her hand as we figured out what to do.

A guy stopped by to help. He had both hands missing and had hooks. I was in a weird mental space. I saw his hook hands and thought, “I don’t remember a third driver.”

He was very helpful. He called 911 and calmed us down.

A lady drove by and yelled at me for my car being in the road. I tried to push my car off the road and found out that my left side of my chest hurt like fuck. I think I pulled a muscle in the crash.

Firemen came, looked at me and couldn’t find a bruise. Ambulance came and was waved off so none of us would have to pay money for it.

An Asian family came by and just sat and watched. They didn’t see anything or offer to help, they just wanted to watch.

Police came. Policewoman asked me if I had a record company. I asked her to repeat it three times before I realized she was saying wrecker company.

Police got my side of the story where I said I fucked up. They wrote me a citation and gave me a court date.

Went to the doctor for x-rays just in case and she said I was fine. Had no idea why my chest hurt but figured it was just pulled muscles. Two days later it is better but it takes an act of will to bend to the left much less sit down. Sneezing is painful as fuck.

Insurance is covering everything. As long as the other driver doesn’t develop any injuries, we shouldn’t have to pay anything. She was walking around fine when I last saw her but you never know.

Mostly I am embarrassed as fuck. I’ve been in accidents before but this was totally my fault. I was going up hill and the intersection was at the top of the hill. I saw the stop sign at the last second and by then I was in the intersection and something silver was hitting from the side. I am embarrassed that I psychologically might have screwed over the other driver, I am embarrassed that I killed my wife’s car and I am embarrassed that we had to dip into savings for a new car and who the fucks know how high our insurance will go.

I getting flashes of something silver coming from the right. I could do with less of those.

My confidence is pretty much the pits right now. I think I will suspend posting any stories for next week and resume in December. I just need some time to feel human again.

Feb 022015

After months of searching my wife found the perfect job paying the perfect amount of money doing the perfect kind of work that she likes to do. The only downside is that it is in Knoxville, Tennessee and they would like her to start working February 12th.

Alrighty, then.

We’ve been packing. We found an apartment we liked. We did some more packing. Found a real estate agent to sell our house. Did some more packing. And then finally, we did some more packing.

The wife’s company is paying for the movers and they are scheduled to be here next Monday. My study is packed, the living room is packed and the storage room was already packed. That just leaves the kitchen, bedroom, garage and the millions of tidbits that sit around and need to be packed up.

I haven’t been able to do any writing other than the daily updates for Pleasure Station Sigma. It is funny how with all of the logistics of moving going on, what really bothers me is interrupting the flow of stories I do on my porn blog for free. It is really hard for me to stop posting. I took December off for stress and now two months later I am taking another month off to move. Both are perfectly legitimate reasons for stopping but they make me feel like a slacker.

The current plan is to renew posting porn in March. I may however post other stuff to the blog during February as the mood hits me.

Thank you for your patience.


Dec 172014

What a year it has been. The wife’s broken leg, the wife being laid off and me starting a job have not been conducive to the porn writing life. Stress has been at an all time high and that’s even including when I had cancer. The cycle of my wife interviewing and getting turned down for jobs is soul crushing for her and me as well.

It is amazing I got any writing done at all. In a rare acknowledgement of my limits, I am taking the next three weeks off and won’t be posting any new stories.  I will resume writing in January where I am sure all of my problems will mysteriously fix themselves.

In typical stubborn fashion, I will keep posting my one-a-day space orgy blog. If you are not reading it, you have missed cyborgs, time travelers, psychics and snakes on a space station.


Aug 252014

Stephen King once wrote something to the effect that there was nothing more boring than a happy couple in love. That stuck with me because it is true but I am ready to add my version which is nothing is less blog-worthy than a writer enjoying writing his next book.

Earlier this year I had an idea for a book. I outlined it, trashed the outline and did a second outline. I worked on the heroine and reinvented her a half dozen times. When I was finally ready to start writing the book, my wife broke her leg. Non-writing ensued.

Five months later, I finally started on my book this past week. It has been going great. I think spending so much time thinking about it has made it easy to write. I know this character and more importantly I know the kind of story I want to tell. Things are going along splendidly.  So splendidly, that I have little to blog about here.

Usually I take Mondays to write a little something that has something to do with the story of the following week. Next week’s story is about Mermaid Island and quite frankly, I am so over summer right now that I couldn’t bare to write any more about it. I am really looking forward to fall.

So I’ll tell you what, how about I write this blog more as a statement that I am alive and well.  Think of it as a little postcard from the Land of Writing Alot and I included a note that said “Wish you were here” but I only wish you are here if you don’t interrupt my writing.


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Jun 272014

A funny thing happened to my wife the day she returned to work. She got laid off. It is funny because she is standing there with one crutch and the managers acted very embarrassed like maybe they didn’t think this laying off a person who broke a leg thing through. My wife was very gracious.

A few days later, they tried to get a hold of her because they realized she knows what the fuck was going on in her project but she declined to answer their calls because, fuck you.

We are currently without an income but things are bright. My wife’s severance package includes free access to a job counseling/placement service and they have a history of success.

Needless to say this will have an impact on my writing. What that impact will be is up in the air. If I need to take one a job, I don’t see how I can produce at the same level.

Oh well. In the meantime, we’re going to a much deserved vacation in Florida next week.