Dec 122011

Eros University would like to remind our students that the dorms will be closed for the holidays beginning December 19th. We understand that many of our students will wish to continue their erotic education over the holidays and have no interest in returning home where they might have to explain to their grandmothers what Gangbang Physics 101 is. To accommodate these students, we will once again be opening up the Buck Pole in Student Plaza.

The Buck Pole is a tradition that has existed for 40 years to help place students with homes who can provide an erotic education over the holiday period. The Buck Pole was originally a place for the local town people to hang their deer hunting trophies but now it has been repurposed as a place for students to show off themselves in hopes of finding an interesting alternative for the holidays. These men, women, couples and sometimes sex clubs, open up their homes and legs to welcome our students. In exchange for lodging, meals and a comfortable environment, the students share what they have earned with their generous hosts.

To participate, all a student needs to do is appear at the Buck Pole at noon, buck naked. If they have preferences or limitations, they should write these on their body. For example, students will write that they are heterosexual, prefer bondage or are lactose intolerant. Some students have found homes by listing what classes they are taking. Majoring in Oral Pleasure is a sure way to get into the home of a lonely widow during the holiday. Although no clothing is allowed, feel free to get creative and festive with your writing and use colored markers or stencil some snowflakes onto yourself.

Students are free of course to turn down any proposals from interested town people but keep in mind that the town people are the ones doing the inviting. You are representing Eros University and any poor behavior will be reported and recorded in your permanent record.

Dean of Student Affairs
Paul Grayon

Aug 102011

I was surprised when Mrs. Hartman insisted that I come by her classroom for the extra credit exam. I thought I had been doing well in Unknown Erotic Works 201 and I didn’t think my grades were in trouble. When Mrs. Hartman had announced the special test for extra credit, I thought I could skip it. Mrs. Hartman approached me after class and made it perfectly clear that I needed to attend.

Mrs. Hartman approaching me was all that was needed to make me show up. I had a crush on Mrs. Hartman, which wasn’t all that unusual at Eros University. We were the only university that I know of that has a student/teacher dance followed by a student/teacher slumber party at the sports center. A lot of students fuck their teachers here but I had it bad for Mrs. Hartman. Maybe it was because writing papers about lost works of erotica never presented an opportunity for sex in the class.

I walked into the class at my appointed time on a Saturday. Other students were enjoying morning orgies at the recreation center but I was attending class. I had no regrets. Some one on one time with Mrs. Hartmam, even in a test situation, was good enough for me.

My heart sank as I saw that we were not alone. There was a female student tied to Mrs. Hartman’s desk. She was on her back and completely naked, right down to the lack of pubic hair on her sex. The student was Asian, with lovely small breasts topped with erect nipples. Rope held down her wrists and ankles, spreading her indecently on the desk. Long black hair spilled over the edge of the desk. A gag covered her mouth but she moaned when she saw me. She wriggled with slutty desire against her bonds.

“Keith, I am so glad you took my advice,” Mrs. Hartman said.

I smiled weakly, afraid to say something silly. I was also embarrassed that I didn’t see her at first. She was opening the blinds to the windows and the sun bathed her in a radiant glow. Her fading blonde hair turned into an angel’s halo. Black glasses couldn’t hide her laughing eyes. Instead of her usual pantsuit, she was only wearing a red lace bra and matching red lace panties. She still wore heels though, which elevated her perfect ass to even greater heights.

“I want to make sure that I do the best work possible,” I said. Damn it, I ended up saying stupid after all.

Mrs. Hartman smiled as she walked back to her desk. “You always do excellent work, Keith. Your comments on Tolkein’s bondage trilogy were quite remarkable. I also thought you showed spectacular insight into Margaret Mitchell’s motives when she wrote ‘Brett’s Fancy Brother’.

“Thank you, Mrs. Hartman,” I said. I glanced towards the moaning female. “I take it that she didn’t do so well with the extra credit?”

Mrs. Hartman shook her head as she sat down at her desk. She brushed her finger against the student’s breast. The woman whimpered.

“No, Keith, she’s from another class,” Mrs. Hartman said. “I teach Self-Denial 101 and this little tramp did the best. She has managed to go an entire month without an orgasm and without the use of a chastity device. She has given twelve handjobs, nine blowjobs and fingered three women to orgasm in that time but she herself has not had even a finger inside her. Isn’t that true, Hiromi?”

Hiromi nodded vigorously.

“You see, Keith,” Mrs. Hartman explained, “your grades are excellent. I still think there is room for reward for good studying though, and sometimes we must look for credit outside of numerical values. Simply put, if you answer my three questions, then you may relieve Hiromi of her abstinence.”

Hirmoi moaned louder. I was glad because it covered the moan that came from my mouth.

“So far, five other students have tried this morning and failed,” she said. “Poor Hiromi here is about to die. If you fail, I’ll have to dismiss you and pleasure her myself.”

My cock throbbed at the thought if that.

“Now, Keith, please stand between Hiromi’s legs,” Mrs. Hartman said. “I want you to have a good view of what you are playing for.”

I took my place. I stood to the side of the desk and looked down on Hiromi’s waiting body. She looked up at me and lifter her hips towards me. Moisture glistened in her bare sex.

Mrs. Hartman leaned back in her chair. She propped her legs up on the desk, resting one heel on Hiromi’s arm and the other heel across Hiromi’s stomach. She slipped her hand under her lace panties and I thought my cock was going to come right there.

“Are you ready, Keith?” Mrs. Hartman asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“What was the title of William S. Burroughs’ unpublished sex novel?” Mrs. Hartman asked.

That was a tricky one. Most of Burroughs’s work was pretty filthy but there was one book that shamed even him. Not many people have even heard of it and the one copy in existence was locked away in the Colette-Ashbee collection. Still, I had heard of it.

“The Lobster Lover,” I answered.

Mrs. Hartman smiled at me. That was worth more than any sex with a horny slut.

“Very good,” she said. Her fingers stroked underneath her panties.

“Next question, name the three lovers in Charles Dickens’ ‘An Easter Party’.”

Oh shit. We covered that in class but it was a pretty boring story. A poor mother of a chimney sweep has sex with three people with afford to buy a gift for her son. It wasn’t my favorite by a long shot.

Hiromi whimpered before me. My hesitation to answer wasn’t giving her any confidence.

“Mr. Cockins, the baker,” I said, “and Mr. Scrotum, the policeman and umm, Mr. . . .”

Mrs. Hartman slowed down in her masturbating. A slight frown appeared on her face.

Shit! I almost forgot. “Wait, the last lover appeared to be Mr. Ass, the Vicar but really he was Jesus in disguise.”

Mrs. Hartman smiled. “Very good, Keith. No one else today has gotten that one right.”

I didn’t think it was physically possible, but Hiromi managed to spread her legs even wider.

Mrs. Hartman took her hands out of her panties and reached for her breast instead. It was still covered by her black lace bra but fuck, the sight of her breast being squeezed by her wet hand was almost enough to send me over the dge.

“Last question,” Mrs. Hartman said. “Identify Henry Rider Haggard’s only known erotic work.”

I felt a great relief wash over me. Mrs. Hartman wasn’t aware of my interest in turn of the century pulps so she wouldn’t know that I spent extra attention in class when his name came up. I couldn’t track down the book that she had mentioned but it was on my list that I keep searching for.

“She Who Must Come,” I said.

Mrs. Hartman blinked behind her glasses. “That is absolutely correct,” she said.

Hiromi shuddered. She moaned as she wiggled her hips back and forth. Her cunt waited for me.

“Just one moment, Keith,” Mrs. Hartman said. She stood up and began to work on the knot holding Hiromi’s left ankle. “You have won your extra credit fair and share, but I was wondering if you would be interested in answering one more question for an extra prize?”

My heart was pounding in my chest. “What is the prize?”

“The prize would be me,” Mrs. Hartman said. “I would help you fuck Hirmoi here and you as well. Would you like that?”

“Yes, yes, please,” I said. My voice trembled a little. “What is the question?”

“You just answered it,” Mrs. Hartman said.

She kissed me while Hiromi groaned. Mrs. Hartman’s lips were everything I had imagined them to be. Soft and commanding, I felt like I was drinking from the lips of the wisest woman on campus.

Mrs. Hartman broke the kiss and reached for my pants. I stood there as she unzipped me and pulled my cock from my underwear. Her fingers wrapped around my cock and gave me the squeeze that I had often daydreamed so much about.

“You’re in luck, Hiromi. This is a fine cock indeed.”

Hiromi reached for me with her one free foot.

“Start eating her while I free the other foot,” Mrs. Hartman said. “The poor girl has been here all morning waiting for a good student.”

My cock throbbed. She called me a good student! I felt like I could fuck the entire literature department!

I dived into Hiromi’s sex. She cried out on the first lick. Fuck, she was wet. In all the erotic books, the writers talk endlessly about how wet the women are but Hiromi was fiction come to life. There was a fountain of desire between her thighs and I licked as much as I could.

“Fuck!” Hiromi cried out. Mrs. Hartman must have released her hands because I felt both of Hiromi’s hands pushing my head down. Her hips moved and she fucked my face with her pussy. I kept licking although I was sure just the presence of my face was enough for her.

“Finally”! she cried out. Her body froze in the throes of her orgasm. I felt her hands let go of my head and I cautiously stood up. Hiromi melted in front of my eyes. She went from frozen tension to a liquid limpness in seconds. I felt ridiculously proud of myself even though I knew it was the denial that had all of the responsibility.

Mrs. Hartman came back around the desk towards me. “Give her a moment, and she will be ready for more. This one used to fuck herself three times a day.”

“Okay,” I said meekly. My favorite teacher was standing on front of me and I would obey anything that she had to say.

Mrs. Hartman didn’t say anything. She squatted down before me on her high heels. I looked down on her and her intelligent eyes and red lace covered breasts. My cock throbbed inched from her lips. I wanted nothing more than for her to take me in her mouth but I couldn’t bring myself to say it.

I didn’t have to say anything to say either. Mrs. Hartman opened her lips and my hips did the rest. My cock went into her mouth and down, down, down her throat. She sucked all of my cock right down to the right. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had never been consumed so utterly before.

Mrs. Hartman sucked my cock. Sensations flooded my mind. I could feel her tongue, her lips, her breath and her very presence. Looking at her didn’t make it any easier to understand. This beautiful woman had my cock in her mouth and her eyes looked up at me with excitement and affection.

All of the erotica that we had covered in class seemed pointless. No writer could describe what I was feeling. It was a mixture of heavenly bliss and earthly pleasure. It was about suction and achieving the impossible. It was about that special feeling of a tongue from a woman you respect. It was about the joy of knowing you could come at any second down the throat of a teacher. How can you write that? How could anyone possibly convey that feeling for others to read?

Hiromi moaned. Free, she was stroking herself and spreading her thighs. She watched Mrs. Hartman suck me with jealous eyes.

Mrs. Hartman pulled my cock out of her mouth. “I told you Hiromi would be ready. Give her what she needs.”

I obeyed though I was reluctant to leave Mrs. Hartman’s mouth. I moved between Hiromi’s thighs and her legs wrapped around me possessively. This was a woman whose need was so much simpler than mine. I wanted my crush and she wanted a cock. Her desire was a vacuum that I wanted to fill.

My cock pushed into her lovely tight pussy. It was just as wet as before except now I could feel the powerful muscles clenching around me. When I pulled my hips back for a thrust, her greedy muscles clenched and forced me to fight for every inch out.

Mrs. Hartman sat on the desk beside us. She had her back to Hiromi and was facing me. I kept fucking Hiromi but my eyes were on Mrs. Hartman. I watched in fascination as she unclasped her bra. After a semester of looking at her cleavage, I could finally see her breasts.

I fucked faster.

“Keith,” Mrs. Hartman said. “Come here, but keep fucking.”

Mrs. Hartman pulled my head down to her breasts. I smelled perfume and body wash. I kissed soft flesh and licked hardening nipples. I moaned and I thanked the my advisor for signing me up for this class.

I also kept fucking.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!” Hiromi cried out.

Once again, Hiromi’s body froze. I stopped in mid thrust as her body clenched and then relaxed. My hips were still but my mouth was busy. I didn’t want to stop kissing Mrs. Hartman’s breasts for a second. I nibbled and kissed as much as I could with the knowledge that I may never kiss them again.

“Keith, it is time for you to fuck me, don’t you think?” Mrs. Hartman asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said.

Mrs. Hartman leaned back on the desk beside Hiromi. She pulled down and then kicked off her panties. Mrs. Hartman put one arm around the Asian girl and pulled her closer. Mrs. Hartman turned on her side and slipped a finger into Hiromi’s sex. My teacher opened her thighs and invited me towards her sex.

I didn’t waste a second. Still slick from being inside Hiromi, I plunged into Mrs. Hartman’s waiting pussy. She wasn’t as tight and she wasn’t as wet but fuck, it was heaven.

I fucked Mrs. Hartman. My teacher fingered Hiromi. The Asian student buried her face in Mrs. Hartman’s breasts.

This was education. This was erotica. This was fucking. This was everything I wanted and more.

I thought about the stories that we had covered in Mrs. Hartman’s class. The sex scenes always had a dozen physical variations. We chartered a hundred different words for a pussy. We created sentence diagrams of flowery descriptions of sex. I felt like it all missed the point. Erotica wasn’t about euphemisms and descriptions; it should be about this.

It should be about fucking.

We fucked. I felt my orgasm coming. I tried to fight it but it was useless. This wasn’t porn. This was real life and I was about to bust my load in my teacher while she fingered another student. I stopped fighting it and I let it happen.

I came.

Hiromi came.

Working together, Hiromi and I brought Mrs. Hartman to orgasm on our fingers.

Our performance didn’t affect our grades that semester, but Hiromi and I were more than happy with our extra credit.

May 112011

Dear Mr. Jackson,

This is Kimberly from your 10am Advanced Blowjob class. I am asking that I be excused from today’s exams due to a sore jaw. I know that you frequently say that avoiding sore jaws is an important part of giving blowjobs, but really, I have an excellent excuse.

See, last night I knew I need to practice for today’s exam. My roommate, Seth, was more than willing to let me practice on him. I used all the techniques I learned from your class and got him to climax in less than five minutes. Since that wasn’t much practice, I kept sucking him.

It is like you always say Mr. Jackson; “One pop is easy, a true cocksucker can get two pops easily.” I used the ball fondling technique and I rubbed my breasts against his legs till Seth came again. You would have been very impressed, Mr. Jackson!

After practicing on Seth, I decided that I should get to bed early. I went to sleep dressed only in my red nightgown and no panties. I wanted to be aroused all night when I slept so I would be prepared for your exam.

In the middle of the night, three women from Tau Iota Tau broke into my dorm room. Well to be honest, they just knocked and Seth let them in because they were topless. The sorority sisters put a hood over my head and dragged me out to a van.

I was so excited! I had been applying for Tau Iota Tau all week long and now they were going to initiate me!

I probably should have told them that I had a test in the morning but it slipped my mind. It is hard to think straight with a hood over your head and Sorority sisters fondling you.

So we get to the sorority house and they take made me kneel. They took the hood off my head. In front of me were seven guys with their cocks out. Kneeling beside me was another girl and she was wearing some boring ass white jammies. I mean seriously, if you know you might get abducted by Tau Iota Tau, wear something fucking interesting, right?

There were seven guys standing in front of her too.

Anyway, I am breaking a sorority secret even telling you this but since I need an excuse from the exam, I figure it balances out. The sorority girls told me and Boring Jammie girl that there was only room for one new girl and that we would have a suck-off. The first girl to suck seven cocks wins!

Mr. Jackson, I am so glad I took your class! I crawled over on my knees and got right to work. The first guy came so fast in my mouth that I had barely got comfortable. The second guy shot his load when I did that ball licking trick you taught us. The third guy came when I stuck my finger in his ass. The fourth guy took a little while longer but once I started masturbating, he popped like a cannon. The fifth guy was a lot easier and came once I deep throated him. The sixth guy tried to face fuck me so I let him and he came quickly.

The seventh guy was a whole other story. His name was Beer Can and damn, his cock was just as big as one. Just getting it into my mouth was a challenge. He stretched my lips and gagged my throat. I kept sucking though. Your class had taught me a lot and I was going to make you proud. I also wasn’t going to let some skank in white pajamas beat me at cock sucking.

I made Beer Can come. I sucked him down and left enough on my tongue to show the girls of Tau Iota Tau. They sent that other girl back to her dorm and they gave me my own pair of Tau Iota Tau panties. They also made me eat each and every one of them, but since that is not related to your blowjob class, I’ll skip the details on that.

So as you can see Mr. Jackson, I sucked way too much cock last night for today’s exam. I can barely open my jaw. I am including some cell phone pictures that my sorority sisters took of last night to verify my story.

I understand that for the blowjob exams you bring in guys to test the entire class at one time. I understand that allowing me to take the exam at a different time might make it difficult to schedule a cock for me to use. I realize that postponing my exam has complicated things for you.

That is why I wanted you to know that I am perfectly all right with sucking your cock for my exam. In fact, if you are free this weekend, I am sure I will have recovered by then. If you like, I can come by early in the morning so you can have all day to test my mouth. I will even wear my new Tau Iota Tau panties.

And nothing else.

Your student,
Kimberly Yale

Apr 062011

5:58 a.m.

Connie Mayard opened her eyes. Her nipples were tender from where they had been bitten last night. A smile crept across her face as she remembered Robert’s hungry teeth. All young men were obsessed with breasts but Robert took it to a new level.

Then she remembered Daryl. Her departed husband, dead seven years this June. Her smile faded as she missed his presence in their bed.

The alarm went off. Connie pushed away thoughts of Daryl. She rose out of bed and stretched.

The boarders needed her.

6:26 a.m.

Connie slipped into Harlan’s room. She avoided the squeaky floorboards that she knew so well. The college student was snoring as he lied on his back. His erect cock pushed against his bedsheets like a tent.

Connie smiled. She sat on his bedside and twisted her long blonde hair into a ponytail. As gentle as a lover, she pulled the sheets back to expose his cock. It was poking through his rather loose boxer shorts.

She took a hold of his cock. Harlan’s snores turned into moans. She wondered what dreams he was having. Like all her boarders, he was a student at Eros University. She knew his major was in something to do with rubber fashions. Connie suspected that rubber clad sluts were suggesting terrible things to Harlan in his dreams.

Connie leaned down and took Harlan into her mouth. He tasted of night sweat and frustration. Her tongue licked at every contour of his cock. She relaxed her throat and took all of him inside her.

“Yes,” Harlan moaned. He was awake. He was thrusting.

Connie sucked. She gently stroked his balls. She opened her nightgown so Harlan could slip his hand onto her breast. Connie winced when he squeezed her bite marks but she kept sucking.

“Yes!” Harlan growled. He came in her mouth. His young come shot onto her tongue and down her throat. It never took more than a minute for him.

Connie slipped his cock out of her mouth and kissed the tip. She pushed his cock back into his boxers.

“Good morning,” she said.

7:42 a.m.

The kitchen smelled of eggs and bacon.

Harlan tore through his breakfast as he checked his laptop. Eddie ate slower, writing constantly in that tiny spiral notebook. Connie used to limit her boarders from reading at the table but kids today were gluttons for information. They liked to consume it or create it. The only one not reading something was Robert. Robert spent his mornings watching Connie.

Connie was nude in front of the sink. She was washing dishes and doing a rather clumsy job. Soapy water was splashing everywhere. She often scratched her shoulder with her wet hands, causing glittering trickles of soap to slowly trace down her back, onto her bare buttocks and down her long legs.

Robert’s diet required a vegetable smoothie that Connie made for him every morning. He had something of a weight problem but under her care, Robert had managed to shave 10 pounds this semester. He wasn’t fond of the smoothies but he could drink the fibery juice if distracted. Connie was more than happy to help.

9:22 a.m.

The boarders were at school and out of the house. The first round of laundry was in the wash. Connie rolled out the exercise mat in the living room and began her routine.

Connie reflected that she worked out more as a landlady than she ever did as a wife. She was in the best shape of her life. Her boarders were usually sweet enough to appreciate a loving mouth and open legs no matter what their shape, but Connie took a certain pride in herself. There were plenty of boarding ladies in the neighborhood, but Connie was sure that she was the only one with the endurance for a three hour gangbang.

12:12 p.m.

It was Eddie’s day for lunch. Connie prepared baked chicken wings and a salad for him. Eddie wasn’t crazy about the salad but he was learning. Connie wouldn’t be a good landlady if she didn’t teach them to take care of themselves early.

After lunch, Eddie fucked her on the kitchen table. Connie bent over the table as he took her from behind. Eddie pulled her hair as he fucked, and Connie made sure to sound wonderfully submissive to his cock. Eddie was majoring in Professional Dominating but Connie suspected he might be happier in Adult Film Production. Still, it was something he had to learn for himself. In the meantime, Connie was more than happy to indulge his dominate fantasies.

She came three times.

1:46 p.m.

Connie was reading Robert’s story for Creative Porn 201. She sat on the couch, one hand holding the story and the other hand between her legs. She wasn’t masturbating yet. So far the story had only inspired a few playful strokes.

She smiled as she read a sex scene that seemed awfully familiar. The main characters were fucking on a stair case. The woman was on the steps with her legs spread wide. The male character was eating her. Connie blushed as she read about the woman’s loud orgasm. It was a perfect recreation of her scream.

Connie began to stroke deeper.

3:30 p.m.

It was soap opera time. Connie might be renting her house to three horny students, but some vices could never be replaced.

5:15 p.m.

Harlan brought home some of his rubber designs. He needed a fashion that would be good for a science fiction theme, but also adaptable for a spanking.

Connie pulled the blue rubber over her legs. The costume adhered to her like a second skin. The mirror reflected an alien blue creature of breasts and hips. The rocket trails made of glitter were a nice touch.

Harlan picked up a paddle. “We need to see if the open ass shifts when you’re spanked.”

Connie nodded in agreement. She bent over the chair and stuck her ass in the air.

“Don’t be gentle,” she said.

6:05 p.m.

Connie’s ass was still burning but the boys needed to eat. It was swordfish night and thankfully, rice pretty much cooks itself. She fried the fish naked, but out of a sense of safety, she still had on an apron. The boys were considerate enough to cop a feel of her breasts but left her ass alone.

Robert made the salad. Harlan set the table. Eddie mixed together the mango sauce. Dinner was something everyone helped with.

Connie felt these boys would make fine husbands one day.

7:42 p.m.

Harlan was between her thighs. His cock hovered inches from her pussy. Connie reached up and pushed gently on his ass.

“Go on,” she said. “Don’t worry about how long you’ll last. You teased me, you ate me and you have me ready. Enjoy yourself.”

The fear was clear in Harlan’s eyes. The young were so easily defeated sometimes.

“Fuck me, Harlan,” she purred.

He entered her. Connie groaned and there was no need to fake it. He felt wonderful inside her. He had prepared her just like he had been learning and she was ready to go off.

Harlan fucked her. The fear melted away and was taken over with lust. He lost himself between her thighs. He fucked savagely and Connie rode his fury.

She came within two minutes. Harlan came seconds later.

He collapsed on top of her. She stroked his hair.

“You lasted so much longer that time,” Connie purred. “Not that it matters because you rocked my world. Thank you, Harlan.”

In her arms, Harlan gained a little more confidence.

8:24 p.m.

Connie moaned. She grabbed the side of the bed and clenched hard. This was heaven.

Eddie was at her feet. His fingers worked into her heels. Pressure points on the soles of her feet melted into bliss.

“Does it hurt?” Eddie said. The massage book was open in front of him.

“Keep going,” Connie said. She prayed to God that next semester Eddie took another massage class.

9:53 p.m.

Robert sucked her nipple. He laid in bed, furiously stroking his cock faster than Connie ever could. He used both hands yet was still able to do wonderful things with his tongue. The boy had coordination.

Connie leaned over him. She braced herself on the headboard. Her breasts hung like ripe fruit as she swayed back and forth. Robert loved it when she pulled her nipple out of his mouth. He loved it more when he caught the next one between his lips.

She never knew anyone who loved breasts as much as Robert. He always smiled when she pulled her hefty breasts free. It was like bringing Christmas every day. Connie loved that feeling.

Robert’s cock erupted. All that young come came spilling out. Connie licked her lips but she restrained herself. Robert was turned off by come swallowing. Boys could be weird.

10:17 p.m.

Connie pulled up the bed sheets. She turned off the lights and snuggled under her comforter. Her ass was tender, her breasts were sore and her pussy was exhausted. It had been a good day.

She thought about Daryl. He would be happy to know she wasn’t alone. He would be happy to know she was getting her brains fucked out. He was a special kind of guy.

She dreamed of horny boys who needed her.

Feb 162011

Aaron had two hours to kill before his Technical Sex Manual Writing class. The nice thing about Eros University was that there was plenty to do. Today he planned to spend his time at the Pornocade and see if he can beat his personal high score on Donkey Punch.

As he walked across campus, he saw that one of the sororities had set up some sort of charity drive. Young women in skimpy bikinis stood in front of curtained stalls. As he got closer, one of the girls yelled at him.

“Hey! Want a hand wash? Only 20 dollars! All the money goes to providing porn in rural areas without internet!”

“I don’t have a car,” Aaron said.

The blonde girl giggled. “We don’t wash cars! We will wash you!”

Aaron stopped walking. He looked the blonde girl over. She had to be on a nude model scholarship because she was unbelievable hot, even by Eros University standards. She had firm golden breasts barely supported by her green bikini. Her hips curved in ways that artists practice years to get right. Long curly blonde hair fell around a cute oval face that looked delighted to see him. The only imperfection was a wide nose that gave her beautiful face a touch of realism.

“Are you saying that you will wash me? You?” Aaron said. He wanted to make sure there wasn’t a bait and switch like they taught him in Dishonest Internet Advertising Class.

“Well, not exactly,” the girl said. “It will be me and my friend, Angie.”

The girl pointed at another bikini girl. This woman was shorter than the blonde but shit, her chest was twice as big. She had short brown hair that framed her face. The blue bikini she wore threatened to explode at any moment from the massive burden it was carrying.

Aaron reached into his wallet. “I did skip my shower this morning.”

“There you go!” the girl said. “My name is Jessi.” She went to one of the stalls and pulled aside the curtains. Come join us once you pay.”

Aaron quickly handed the money to a smirking Asian woman and went to the stall. Inside was a raised wooden platform with a drain. A shower head hung overhead and a small water tight cooler was open. A sign said “Constructed by the Home Dungeon Economics Class of 2009.”

Jessi had the cooler open. “Strip down and put your clothes here.”

Aaron took off his shirt and pants. He hesitated at his underwear.

“How else are we going to get you clean?” Angie said behind him. She yanked his underwear down to reveal his hard cock.

“All right!” Aaron said. His cock was pointing right at Jessi. She looked at it like it was the biggest she had ever seen. She was definitely here on a Nude Model scholarship.

“Are you two going to get naked?” Aaron asked.

Jessi shook her head. “We are not the ones who need to get clean.”

Before Aaron could answer, the showerhead came on and sprayed him with surprisingly warm water. It was the perfect temperature from the start. He wondered which science class came up with that.

The spray was so wide that Jessi and Angie were soaked as well. Jessi’s curls turned a dark gold as it was plastered to her smooth skin. Rivers of water flowed down her chest and into the canyon of her cleavage. The green bikini became transparent when wet and revealed the contours of her hard nipples and wide areoles. She tilted her head and opened her mouth so the spray of water would fill her mouth and spill out over her chin.

Fuck, maybe they don’t need to be naked after all.

“We prefer to use body wash,” Angie said behind him. He turned to face her. Her blue bikini seemed to shrink in the water to reveal even more of her mountainous breasts. “Would you prefer refreshing breeze as a scent or forest clean?”

“Ahh, refreshing breeze?” he said. His mind was failing to work in front of so much wet flesh.

“Okay, let’s get to work!” Jessi said.

The girls squeezed the blue body wash into their hands and lathered it up. Both of them also smeared the body wash onto their breasts. As they rubbed the soapy suds onto his body, they would return to the lather on their breasts for fresh suds.

The two girls soaped him up but they also worked their fingers into his arms and chest. They massaged his muscles as they soaped him up. He bit back his moans as they worked out kinks he didn’t even know he had in his arms.

“You should come by the Massage building and sign up for practice massages.” Angie said. “You have a lot of tension,”

“Especially between his legs,” Jessi said.

Angie laughed and slapped her friend. Suds and water went everywhere. Aaron throbbed and tried to keep from groaning.

“I’ll get his back,” Angie said. She stepped behind him but instead of her hands, Aaron felt her breasts press against him. He shuddered as he felt her soft wet pillows rub back and forth.

“I’ll get his legs,” Jeesi said. She knelt down in the stall before him. His cock unconsciously bounced in her direction. The cute blonde looked up at him and giggled.

“Campus Legal Department insists that I tell each one of our customers the following,” Angie said. “Although we can give you a head to toe wash, we are legally forbidden from offering sexual services without a state license.”

“Aww, that is too bad,” Aaron said. “You ladies would be worth any amount.”

Angie’s breasts pressed harder into his back. “Hey, that is sweet of you to say. Don’t you think, Jessi?”

“It sure is,” Jessi said.

The blonde looked up at Aaron and put a finger to her lips for him to be quiet. Before he could understand why, the blonde opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth.

“Oh Jesus,” Aaron said.

“You like that?” Angie said as she massaged his ass. Her fingers were ever so close to his anus.

“Yes!” Aaron said. He did like it, but not as much as Jessi bouncing her head furiously on his cock.

“I have to say that you are pretty clean already,” Angie said. “So many of our customers are a bit on the skuzzy side. It is nice to see some guys follow basic hygiene.”

“Thanks,” Aaron said weakly. Jessi was fondling his balls as her mouth suck him. He was praying for climax before Angie was finished with his back.

Angie’s breasts were still against his back as she reached around and lathered his chest again. He noticed her hands were spending a lot of time with his nipples. She pinched them with her soapy fingers.

“Don’t say anything,” Angie whispered to him.

Aaron nodded. Her secret was safe with him.

He looked down to see Jessi looking up at him. Her leyes were half closed with oral bliss.

Aaron climaxed. It was the quietest he had ever come. His cock exploded inside the blonde’s mouth while the busty brunette continued to pull his nipples.

Jessi stood up and Angie quickly released his nipples.

“All done down there!” Jessi said.

“All done back here!” Angie said.

Angie and Jessi rinsed his body of any remaining suds, lather or come. The water was turned off and before Aaron had a chance to shiver, his body was engulfed in big fluffy towels. The two women rubbed the wonderful towels over every part of his body though both of them seemed to think that his now limp cock needed a thorough drying. Aaron didn’t complain.

As he got dressed, Aaron was filled with afterglow generosity. “Would it be okay if I donated more money to your charity?”

“That’s sweet of you!” Jessi said. “You must really care about people getting their porn in these time economic times!”

“I have a big heart,” Aaron said.

“Just hand your money to our cashier and let them know you had us as washers,” Angie said.

“Will do!” Aaron said. He headed off to empty his wallet.

As he walked away, Angie let out a sigh. “Too bad it was your turn to suck them, because he was cute.”

Jessi nodded. “At this rate, we won’t have any problems being the top charity earners.”

“We’ll claim that grand prize and get that porn star convention trip for our Spring Break!” Angie said.

“I love charity work!” Jessi said.

Dec 222010

My midterms had been going great. My Erotic Writing 101 test was a breeze as well as my Nude Photography 201 class. My jaw was a little sore from my Oral Pleasure class but the redhead I had to eat was a delight. I know I aced my Vibrator Repair test as well as my Critical 70’s Porn Movie Studies test.

The only test I was worried about was my Basic Spanking Class. Christ, I enjoyed spanking the lovely asses of the women that were supplied by the class, but the teacher was another matter. Mrs. Marshall was a real ball buster. At first I was excited to have her as a teacher because she is pretty hot for an older woman. She has this curly brown hair that she wears down to her shoulders and every day she wore a new blouse that revealed even more cleavage than the day before. She was great to look at but as soon as she opened her mouth, she would cut you down and make you feel like the world’s biggest idiot with a paddle.

One time I was spanking my model and Mrs. Marshall came up behind me. She sighed with genuine sadness.

“Peter, I know you never masturbate because that is the weakest swing I have ever seen,” she said. “You have the grip of an eight year old girl.”

What the fuck does that even mean? It didn’t stop the rest of the class from laughing. Hell, even my model was giggling. It does nothing for your confidence when the person you are spanking is laughing at you.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t looking forward to my test. Mrs. Marshall insisted on testing each student individually so I didn’t even have the rest of my class to hide in. I arrived at Mrs. Marshall’s office with my paddle and a shit load of nerves.

Mrs. Marshall was sitting at her desk and today she hadn’t even bothered to put on a blouse. She was wearing a black lace bra that held in those lovely breasts that I had been peeking at all semester. She had her hair down and framing her cruel face. She looked up at me and frowned. My very presence appeared to disappoint her.

“Peter, I will be with you in a moment,” she said. She returned to her paperwork.

I glanced around. We were alone in the office. “Uh, where’s my spanking model?”

Mrs. Marshall ignored me. I wasn’t terribly surprised. I did worry that maybe I was suppose to supply my own model for the test. Mrs. Marshall would spend a good ten minutes pointing out my mental deficiencies if I forgot to bring something. I waited nervously until she was done with her papers.

“All right, Peter, let’s get this over with,” she said.

Mrs. Marshall stood up and I realized she wasn’t wearing any pants. Shit, she wasn’t wearing panties either. I had a good look at the hairy bush of pubic hair between her thighs. She bent over her desk and supported herself on her elbows in a classic #2 Spanking Position.

Holy shit.

“Well, what are you for?” Mrs. Marshall said. “Show me what tiny bit of knowledge managed to sink into your skull this semester.”

I gripped my paddle and walked around to her side of the desk. Her ass was just as round and full as her tits. I had to pause to subtly rearrange my erection under my pants. She was wearing black lace stockings that matched her bra. She also had on high heels that really lifted her ass. It was a stunning sight to behold.

“Any time now, Peter,” Mrs. Marshall said. “I am sure you remember something of your lessons.”

I was paralyzed with terror. I remembered plenty. I recalled every insult she made about my form. Seared into my memory was every snide comment about how I treated my spanking models. I have dreams where Mrs. Marshall is critiquing every single thing I did. Remembering was not the problem; the problem was I might never forget this bitch and her class.

Then I realized that I had nothing left to lose. What else was she going to do to me? Fail me and criticize me some more?

I placed the paddle against her ass. Slowly I ran the paddle over the curves of her bottom. This was supposed to sensitize the ass for the spanking about to come but it served a different purpose for me. I was building up courage and ramping up my anger.

I grabbed her bra strap as a handle and swung my paddle back. Her back dipped as she prepared for the blow. I deliberately waited a few seconds more than necessary. Let her sweat for once.

The paddle swung through the air and connected with Mrs. Marshall’s ass. It was a good solid hit. Technically I think it was too hard for an opening spank and I am sure Mrs. Marshall was going to count it against me but I didn’t care. The gasp she made when the paddle hit her was worth it.

After the first hit, my body went into automatic. I swung the paddle again and this time hit her right buttock. A second hit landed on her left buttock. I alternated back and forth until at a random moment I struck her square in the center of her ass. All of those classes and instructions were actually paying off.

I pulled tighter on her bra as I picked up the pace. I peppered her ass with spanks in a clockwise manner. Her round bottom turned a lovely shade of pink. After applying the clockwise technique, I switched back to a left-right pattern that traveled her ass from top to bottom. From there I tried a more advanced two hit followed by the three hit rhythm. My fear had melted away as I put every lesson to work.

Spanking Mrs. Marshall’s lovely bare ass was nice, but the real treat was the lack of criticisms. That didn’t mean she was silent. She groaned when I struck her hard and she moaned when my paddle hit her in one certain sweet spot. For all I knew she could be mentally failing me but at least she wasn’t saying it out loud. When she whimpered from a fast barrage of spanks, I could almost believe she just a woman and not the bane of my semester.

It was also turning me the fuck on. I released her bra strap and it snapped painfully down on her back. She spun her head around and glared at me but fuck, I was too horny to care. I kept spanking her except now I reached underneath her and grabbed a handful of her bra covered tit.

I expected her to cuss me out. Mrs. Marshall moaned instead. I moaned too. Sinking my fingers into those tits that have teased me all semester was awesome. My erection throbbed and I spanked harder as a poor sex substitute.

My paddle tore into Mrs. Marshall’s ass. Despite my arousal, I was still spanking her according to the techniques. I had a death grip on her tit but my paddling arm was tapping out different rhythms on her now red ass. My anger had faded and now I was spanking with pure libido.

“Fuck!” Mrs. Marshall said. “Stop, stop stop!”

I stopped in mid swing. Oh shit, I was worried. I figured I had flunked for sure. I still had her tit in my hand though.

“Fuck me,” Mrs. Marshall said.

I stood there dumbly.

“Fuck me Peter!” Mrs. Marshall said. “Fuck me now while my ass is still hot. Do it!”

There was no arguing. I let go of her tit and ripped my pants open. I yanked my boxers down and took my cock in hand. Mrs. Marshall spread her legs and reached for me. She took a firm hold of my cock and guided me in.

Wet warm delicious liquid forbidden perfect heaven engulfed my cock. I sank into her pussy till her burning hot ass pressed against me. The heat radiating from her spanked ass was incredible. Pride surged through me. That ass is burning because of me.

We fucked. My cock rammed into her with the same fury that I had spanked her ass. Mrs. Marshall growled as we fucked, urging me to go faster and faster. I kept spanking her ass with my hand. After giving one of the best spankings of my life, I wasn’t willing to stop.

We came pretty fast. It is debatable who climaxed first. It was like we had been fucking for a good long time before my cock was in her. We were both ready to burst and it didn’t take long at all.

After we finished, I reluctantly pulled out and pulled my pants back on. Mrs. Marshall simply sat back down on her chair. I smirked when she winced at her bottom touching the seat.

“Not bad, Peter,” Mrs. Marshall said.

I didn’t say anything. It wasn’t much of a compliment but at least it wasn’t an insult. That’s progress, right?

“I’m going to give you an ‘A’,” Mrs. Marshall said. “And I want you to seriously consider taking my advanced spanking class next semester.”

“Uhh, I’ll consider that,” I said.

“See that you do,” Mrs. Marshall said.

Nov 052010

“Son of a bitch!” Ashley screamed. She gripped the bed sheets tight as the invasion continued.

“Should I stop?” Gabby asked.

“No!” Ashley said. “Keep pushing!”

Gabby pushed the dildo harder. Slowly it sunk another inch into Ashley’s stretched anus.

“Fuck!” Ashley yelled. “Do you have to go so fast?”

“It’s your own fault,” Gabby said. “You knew you needed to take eight inches for your first test in Anal Proficiency, so what do you do? You wait till the last damn minute to get your ass ready for it. You can’t get away with that kind of shit here at Eros University.”

Ashley took a shuddering breath. “Just keep pushing, please. My test is tomorrow. You can chew me out if I fail.”

Gabby shook her head. She loved her girlfriend but sometimes she drove her up the wall. She took a firm grip on the dildo and pushed it deeper. The pen mark on the dildo told Gabby that only five inches were inside her love. It was going to be a long night.

“Just promise me you’ll never cram for a test again.”

Oct 062010

Jenny looked out the window of her dorm. The Miller Dorm parking lot was busy with new students moving in. She wondered if any of the people below would be her roommate for this semester. She had read once that Eros University required everyone to have a roommate but until she saw hers, she was going to be anxious.

Jenny heard a key rattling in door lock. She quickly pulled off her blouse and tossed it onto the bed. She brushed her short brown hair out of her eyes and tried to look casual. She wanted to make a good impression.

A guy walked in and quickly averted his eyes from Jenny’s naked breasts. Jenny was a bit disappointed. She had the bad feeling that she was stuck with a freshman.

“Come on in!” she said helpfully. “Quit hiding your eyes, silly. We’re roommates! You’re going to see a lot more than my breasts this semester.”

“Um, okay,” the guy said. He took his hand away looked at her timidly. He was staring at her breasts which was good, at least he wasn’t doing some sort of bullshit like looking at her face.

Jenny took the time to look at him. He was cute in a nerdy kind of way. He was a little chubby which was fine because Jenny wasn’t going to be winning any swimsuit contests herself. He had a really unfortunate zit on his head, but hey, who’s perfect? A quick crash course in skin care would straighten him right out.

Sometimes Jenny suspected that the reason everyone had to live in a co-ed dorm room was so that the women could teach the guys how to take care of themselves.

“Wow, I thought coed dorm meant something entirely different,” the guy said. “Um, my name is Paul.”

“I know what you mean, Paul,” she said. “My name is Jenny. Every one is paired up according to orientation. Gays and lesbians get to stay in rooms of one gender. I hear the undergrads get ménage-trios rooms and orgy suites.”

“Wow,” Paul repeated. He looked away from her breasts and at her face. “My name is Paul.”

“Yeah we covered that,” Jenny said. “Why don’t you sit down on your bed?”

Paul dragged in his two suitcases and took a seat on his bed. He seemed surprised by how soft the bed was. He looked around the small dorm room and was clearly thinking about how there would be no privacy here. Jenny couldn’t tell if he was happy with the idea.

“So what are you majoring in?” she asked.

“Sextoy Design,” Paul said. “I would like to make spanking machines.” His gaze returned longingly to her breasts.

“Oh kinky!” Jenny said. “This is where you ask me what I am majoring in.”

“Oh, yeah!” Paul said. He looked at her face again. “What are you majoring in?”

“Deviancy Psychology,” Jenny said. “It is a lot of medical classes but I get to study the more extreme sexual practices.”

Paul swallowed hard. He looked at her breasts, her face and then around the room. He was staring at her Hierarchy of Sexual Needs chart. He started to blush.

“In fact, Paul, I’m glad you’re here,” Jenny said. “I’m trying to test out of taking Beginning Manual Pleasure and go straight to Advanced Manual Pleasure. I’m sure I have to basics down but I’ve never actually done the act.”

Paul turned back to her. “What act are you talking about?”

“Handjobs,” Jenny said. “I mean I’ve fucked and sucked cock but never actually stroked a guy off. I’m sure that’s what the test will be. I mean, stroking a guy off isn’t vibrator science, but you know, I still want to do a test run first. Would you mind giving me a hand? Actually I’ll be giving you a hand. You just need to give me your cock.”

For some reason, Paul looked at their door. “Can we do that?”

Jenny laughed. “It’s Eros University; I am pretty sure we might get put on academic probation if we don’t enact at least one sex act a semester.”

“Um, okay,” Paul said. Now he was the one trying to act casual. “What do you need me to do?”

“I think you should stand,” Jenny said. “Come over here and pull down your pants.”

He did as he asked. He didn’t even argue. If only Professor Levick from her Dominance 101 Class could see Jenny now.

Paul unzipped his pants and his very hard cock was poking out from his white briefs. Jenny helped pull his underwear down and she very not so accidentally let his cock brush her check. The shuddering of his entire body was delightful.

“So how does one start?” Jenny asked.

“You should lubricate our hand,” Paul said. “Or else it might be too rough.”

“Oh wow!” Jenny said. “See? I’m learning things already. She looked up at Paul and stuck her tongue out. Very slowly, she licked the flat of her hand while he watched.

“Think this is enough spit?” she asked.

“Yes,” he whispered.

“Let’s see,” Jenny said. She wrapped her hand around his cock and gave him an experimental tug. Paul cried out and closed his eyes.

“Not enough?” she asked.

“It’s plenty!” he said. “Just, just like that.”

Jenny kept stroking him. Up and down she coated his cock in her spit. She looked up at him but his eyes were closed.

“Hey, watch me so I know I am doing this right,” she said.

His eyes popped open. “Sorry, um, sometimes it feels nice to rub your thumb over the tip.”

“Like this?”

“Fuck, yes!” he groaned.

“Or more like this?”

“Oh fuck! That works too!”

“Oh okay, good,” Jenny said. “Any other tips?”

He looked down at her hand. “Try teasing the balls. Just do it gently, okay? A little light touching is nice but anything harder and it hurts.”

“Oh,” Jenny said. She took his balls in hand and massaged them as gently as possible.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Paul said.

She stroked him faster. “So I am doing this right?”

“Yes, totally,” Paul said.

“Now you realize,” Jenny said, “I’m just doing this to pass a test. Don’t be getting ideas that I am now your jack-off friend. I don’t want you walking in here with a hard-on and expect me to whack you off for fun. Understand?”

“Yes!” Paul said. His breathing was terribly fast.

“I’m just shitting you,” Jenny laughed. “Roommates should always be open to helping each other. Don’t you agree?”

“Really?” Paul said.

Jenny winked at him. “Would you like that?”

“Fuck!” Paul said. His cock released a stream of seed. Jenny jerked her face back just in time. Her tits weren’t so lucky. He splashed her good with his enormous load.

“Oh wow,” Paul groaned when he was empty.

“Wow is right,” Jenny said. She stood up. “Grab your wash stuff, we’re going to the showers for you to clean me up.”

“The showers are co-ed too?” Paul said. “College is going to be great!”

Jenny sighed. Breaking in roommates was always something to be proud of. If he did a good job of washing her, she might even tell him that she tested out of Beginning Manual Pleasure last semester.

Sep 222010

Three lovely women waited in front of me. I had the power of their academic future in my hand. They looked at me with fear, anxiety and in the case of Marie, open lust. One word from me could crush their hopes or make their dreams come true.

Fuck, I love my job.

“Hello ladies,” I said in a not at all sleazy way. “My name is Mr. Werner and I will be handling your admissions interview. As you know, Eros University only accepts the finest minds and bodies into their exclusive halls. Our students graduate to become United Stats Governors. All of you are very qualified but it is my job to determine which one of you three will go on to attend Eros University. For the other two, I guess you can become sex bloggers or something.

“Now you may be wondering why all three of you are having your interview at the same time. We believe that competition inspires greatness. In the erotic professions, there will always be someone smarter or prettier than you. It is up to you find your own niche and exploit it. You might as well learn to do that now.

Let’s take a moment to introduce ourselves, shall we?” I turned to the girl to my left. “You, tell us about yourself.”

“My name is Marie,” said the eager African-American girl. “I was a cheerleader in high school and I managed to seduce every member of the football team, the baseball team and the basketball team. I even fucked the mascot and three of my fellow cheerleaders. I love to fuck and I want to make a career of it. That’s why I would be perfect for Eros University.”

The next girl cleared her throat. She took a deep breathe and her already voluptuous freckled cleavage swelled in front of my eyes. She brushed her long red hair out of her face and smiled.

“My name is Rita,” she said. “I might not have fucked as many people as Marie has but then I am a bit more artistic. I make beautiful photos of myself and have a large following on European web sites. I want to elevate porn into an art form and I see my body as my canvas. My fans have paid for my first car as well as the tuition I will need for a full four years at Eros University.”

I turned to the last woman. She was Japanese with very sleek looking pink glasses. I had the distinct feeling that she disapproved of me. Not many potential students could pull that off.

“My name is Ayako,” she began. “I write erotic stories and poems. I want to become a better writer and this is the best way to do it.”

“Well, simple and to the point,” I said. “Like I said, all three of you are very qualified but only one of you may be accepted. In cases like these, I prefer a simple single test. Let’s pretend that I am a sexually deviant bureaucrat that is easily swayed with sexual favors and bribes. Use your knowledge of seduction, erotica and your own talents to convince me. Hypothetically of course.”

Marie and Rita looked surprised. Ayako appeared almost disappointed. In test cases like these, it is always important to see who responds first. The ability to make quick decisions so important in erotic studies.

“Oh Mr. Werner,” Marie said as she stood up. “I wish there was some way I could convince you to accept me.”

She started to take off her skirt, which was certainly distracting, but what was most interesting is that her voice went up an octave. She sounded like she had just lost twenty IQ points. This girl knew how to act.

She wasn’t wearing panties of course. Her smooth sex had the same rich chocolate skin tone that the rest of her body had. She turned around to put her skirt in her chair but I suspect it was really to show off her incredibly pert ass. Fuck, she had an ass that just begged to be spanked and fucked.

Rita watched in shock. Ayako took out a spiral notebook and a pen. I did my best not to laugh.

Marie climbed on top of my desk. She was on all fours in front of me. I could look down her white shirt at her lovely small breasts. Marie looked at me as she reached for my pants button.

“Can I show you how much I want to be accepted?” Marie said.

I nodded.

She unbuttoned my pants and fished my hard cock out of my boxers in less than ten seconds. Marie knew what she was doing. She had my cock in hand and squeezed me.

“Oh my, it is so big,” she said. I almost believed her.

Rita decided to stand up. “Mr. Werner, I think you need a demonstration of my skills.”

She took off her blouse to reveal the fantastic structural integrity of the red bra that was holding her massive breasts. My God, the girl could have gotten a scholarship from Von Madd laboratories if she let them study the stress her bra must be under.

Rita unzipped her pants next. Unlike Marie’s tight fit body, Rita had a plump round body that you never see on billboards. The key thing was that Rita moved like she was the most beautiful woman in the world. She stripped with complete confidence despite her non mainstream body. Such independent confidence in our anorexia obsessed culture is amazing.

I glanced at Ayako. She looked at Rita’s body with mild curiosity. She then resumed writing.

“Oh Mr. Werner,” Marie purred in her false dumb girl voice. “Could I please have your cock inside me? It looks like it would fit so good.”

My cock throbbed before I could answer.

“Yes, Marie, just be sure that you don’t obstruct my view of the other applicants.”

Marie turned around on my desk so that her firm ass was in front of me. She spread her legs to either side of me and slowly slid off the desk. With athletic perfection, she backed off the desk and onto my cock. Her incredibly tight cunt engulfed my cock and gripped me. She supported herself on the desk and moaned as I entered her. She sounded like I was splitting her apart with my massive manhood.

She moved. Oh my God, she fucked on top of my cock like a machine. I watched her strong legs and tight butt move like brown marble in front of me. The only thing more impressive than the sight of her body was the feeling of her body. Fuck, I never wanted to be a high school football player so badly before.

Rita wasn’t going to be outdone. The plump redhead stripped off her bra to release her magnificent breasts. She shimmied out of her pink panties to reveal a bush of golden red hair. She walked around the side of my desk and stood in front of me. Her breasts towered over me like the most glorious mountains ever.

She ran her finger over her nipple. It was already hard.

“Would you like a lick?” Rita asked.

“Yes,” I said as Marie pumped herself on my cock.

“Or would you like a bite instead?” Rita said.

Oh that was good. She hadn’t given me my lick but she was already up selling. She’d do well in Sexual Marketing.

“I would like a bite, yes,” I said.

“What about if I lean down and cover your face with my breasts?” Rita asked. “I could do it, you know. I can let you nibble or lick to your heart’s content.”

I moaned. Whether it was from Rita’s offer or the unbelievably good fucking Marie was giving me, I wasn’t sure.

Ayako kept writing.

”Or maybe you just want to watch while I play with myself,” Rita said. Her fingers went down to her thick bush of golden hair. She pushed through the hair to open her sex before me.

“Oh yes,” I groaned.

“You are so big, Mr. Werner,” Marie yelled. She humped my cock with more speed. Her fit ass was slamming down into my thighs.

Rita ignored her. The redhead fingered herself in front of me. The sounds of her wet sex were as hypnotic as Marie’s bouncing ass. I was torn between two i
ideals of sexual perfection.

“I’m coming!” Marie sqeualled. She cried out from her orgasm as her body kept humping me. I couldn’t tell if she was faking it or not and that is quite an achievement.

“I bet if you bit my nipple, I would come right away,” Rita said. Her face was flushing as she fingered herself.

“Yes,” I groaned. I opened my mouth but she took half a step back.

“I’ll let you bite me if you accept my application,” Rita said.

I whimpered a little. It wasn’t very professional. I am only human after all.

I didn’t say anything. Rita didn’t appear to be disappointed. She kept masturbating with her lovely breasts just out of reach. She started to gasp and then she cried out as she climaxed. Like Marie, I couldn’t tell if she was faking either.

My own self control was at an end. I was going to climax. I stood up suddenly and Marie squealed. With her bent over my desk, I fucked the young cheerleader.

Marie moaned as I gave it to her. I looked at Ayako and waited for a reaction. She had to know that the test was almost over. If she wanted to bribe me, she had to act now.

She tore a page out of her notebook. She stood up and placed the page on Marie’s back. I looked down and read it while I fucked Marie.

Freckled mounds jiggle
Limber ebony legs clench
Education starts

Not bad. I came a few thrusts later. Like a good slut, Marie clenched and took everything I had. When I finally pulled out of her, my cock was completely drained. Who said that the youth of today don’t finish a job?

I sat back down. “Please have a seat ladies.”

Marie put her skirt back on before sitting. Rita sat in the nude. Ayako put her book away.

“I have made my decision,” I said. “All three of you will be accepted into the Fall semester.”

“But I thought you said only one of us could join!” Rita said.

“Yes, that is because I lied. Erotica is about surprises, unexpected outcomes and twists. There is also a lot of lying. If you ever take any courses in network broadcasting, all you will do is lie. It is important to establish from an early start that anything is possible at Eros University. Be prepared for the unexpected.”

“I expect we should also be prepared to fuck a lot,” Ayako said.

I laughed. “Oh most definitely. Congratulations ladies. Welcome to Eros University.”