Oct 092015

51iEUNaSOpL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_A recent erotic interactive book that I read was Princess to Pleasure Slave Adventure: The Dungeon of the Monster Breeder by Amanda Clover. It places you in the role of a captured Princess who is thrown into a terrible dungeon of sex obsessed monsters who will mind control you as soon as they fuck you. Your goal is to find your sisters who are also in the dungeon, escape and kill the evil wizard who runs the place. Or perhaps your goal is to get fucked by the monster of your choice. We don’t judge.

Rape and mind control fantasies are often tricky subjects to tackle in erotica. People have fantasies of being raped but this is often associated with real rape because of the rape culture that we live in. For me, rape is about violence and non-consent. People who indulge their fantasy of being raped by reading books and watching erotica is giving their consent to enjoy something non-consensual. For this to work however, the reader has to be fully informed of what they are about to read. If someone goes into a story expecting consensual sex and there is surprise non-consensual sex, that is a gross violation of a reader’s trust. If a reader is forewarned that there is non-consensual scenes coming, then the reader gives their consent to the story by reading.

This is basic stuff but I wanted to go over it because of what I feel is the unique nature of interactive erotica. We as readers identify with the main character but we super-identify with a character when we are playing as the character. With the level of trust required to be invested in an interactive story I feel the stakes are higher to make sure that we respect the player’s level of consent.

Dungeon of the Monster Breeder does this extremely well.  Up front in the introduction it is explained that sexual contact with monsters while in the dungeon will result in a loss of control and a terminal end to the story. Fuck the monsters here and you will be fucked.

Which makes it interesting that the book uses the same five choices for every encounter. You can attack, you can wait, you can use magic, you can try talking or you can go ahead and surrender. Surrender results in just letting the monster have their wicked way with you.

I find this to be brilliant. The other choices are about overcoming monsters. Some will work and some will fail. However, the surrender option works as a sort of reverse-safeword. It asks for your consent to fuck you. It tells the book to do whatever it wants and it delivers with some really good extensive monster/mind control scenes.

If you choose to not get fucked, there is a lot of cool things to do. You fight monsters, slay beasts and outwit terrible thing. The challenge level ramps up nicely and I didn’t suffer my first loss until 3/4 of the way through the dungeon and even then it was my own dumb fault. This is not a book will send you to a fail state unfairly. The monsters range from the disturbing to the sexy. My personal favorite involved a hunchback on top of a pile of bodies.

Best of all, the adventure itself is interesting and takes some surprising turns. It is good erotica but it is also a good game.

Amanda Clover has written several interactive erotica books and I recommend them all.

Aug 172015

I have a hunch that there are more Choose-Your-Own-Erotica parody books than there are serious Choose-Your-Own-Erotica books. I think this is because the original CYOA children’s books we grew up on were so hilariously unfair. For a series aimed at kids, there sure were a lot of deaths in those books. In fact, I have an easier time remembering the horrible ways I died then I do the happy endings. Comedy is a natural reaction to those merciless books. As readers we share a common bond of post-choice-stress-disorder.

I recently came across two comedy erotica CYOA ebooks that I think are worth your time.

51DBwdJSHiL._SX298_BO1,204,203,200_The first is Sextrap Dungeon: Book One by Kurt Knox. The ‘story’ is that you are a guy trying to get laid. The narrator sounds like a dudebro from Jersey who’s vocabulary comes exclusively from Maxim magazine. He berates you constantly to man up and get some action. He also tells you that you are Level One and that you have to get laid to advance in levels. The overall effect is feeling like you are being run in a personal tabletop role-playing game by your most assholish cousin.

Now I admit that this sounds like a nightmare and something no sensible person would enjoy but you are wrong.  This is written by a very self-aware person who lulls you into a sense of alpha male jerk behavior and then ruthlessly murders you for acting like an alpha male jerk. Trust me, any time you act remotely like a man who treats women as objects to be conquered and captured like trophies, the book calls you out on it and reams you hilariously for it.

It is an interesting balancing act. It is a parody of CYOA books with the frequent deaths but it is also a parody of pick up artist culture and a brutal condemnation of it.

The question becomes though, is it erotic? Not really. A lot of the sex scenes are short to the point of “you fucked her.” I am sure this is deliberate as the writer is much more interested in parody than arousal.  You are not meant to find it erotic as the objective of the book is to show you how misogynistic pick up sex is.

61oAr3EchEL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The other book I want to bring to your attention is Sex Dungeons of the Rich and Famous by Aurora Sparks. This book is about being a woman who’s best friend gets a password to a secret sex club frequented by the rich and powerful. You are crashing the club to see what fun you can find and also to keep your friend out of trouble.

This book tackles the genre of billionaire dominants with a razor wit. The billionaires are far more realistic here than they are in most erotica in that they are old, unattractive, arrogant assholes. You have the option of playing along with the kinky sex games but there is more fun to be had by not playing the role of an overwhelmed ingenue. This book delights in mocking its genre.

It also isn’t afraid to get completely weird. You may encounter mad scientists and demons along with selfish rich bastards. It flirts with other erotic genres and skewers them with the same relish. You will also die quite a few times as no CYOA parody can resist killing their readers.

Unlike Sextrap Dungeons, Sex Dungeons of the Rich and Famous is often erotic. Sex scenes are given serious attention even if the plot is ludicrous. It is not an easy thing to do to combine sexy stuff with silly stuff but this writer does it well.



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Mar 162015

DoomCover-SCREENForever Doomed is a collection of comics and essays by Tenebrous Kate. She focuses on DOOM in music, literature and movies. This book is a lot like having Kate’s brain in paperback.

I love this little fanzine and it has super high production values from start to finish. This feels like the Blu-Ray edition of fanzines. The pages are glossy and sturdy which means it will survive even my rough handling.

Plus, Forever Doomed contains the best Nazgul on Nazgul sex scene you will ever read.

This super-affordable fanzine deserves a place on your weird bookshelf.

I give it Five out of Five Pam Griers.


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Oct 032014

ddwav-coverMy Dream Date With a Villain is a small comic booklet of wonder, sexiness and despair criminally under priced at five dollars. Created by friend-of-the-blog, Tenebrous Kate, this book gathers together all sorts of writers and artists to create stories of romance, desire, and horror all focusing around dates with terrible villains.

Some of the stories are prose while others are illustrated in full comic book style. Some stories are sweet while others are cruelly fun. The villains range from Dr. Doom, to Ilsa, to Stripe from the Gremlins. There is a little something for everyone here. Fun permeates every story here despite the possible gruesomeness of the subject.

I was very impressed with this book as the quality is top notch. It is glossy and very pretty. It might be most durable “fanzine” I have purchased.

This is one of the coolest things I have come across in awhile and if you like anything I do here on my blog, you would love this book.

I give it Five out of Five Pam Griers.


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Jan 202014

Adult VideoAdult Video #1 is a collection of stories by Lexi Maxwell. The stories involve the three employees of an adult store. They flirt, they talk, they deal with weird customers, they talk, they have sex and they talk. Mostly they talk.

The book is dedicated to Kevin Smith’s Clerks and rightly so. This takes the Clerks premise of employees chatting about everything and makes it twice as filthy. Fortunately the characters are more likable than they are in Clerks and of course, the hot sex doesn’t hurt either.

I found this to be an interesting book. It is almost a pornographic sitcom. Humor drives the plot and the constant dialogue about adult subject matter was fun. They discuss fetishes, sex toys and mostly, why won’t the slightly-less-slutty character sleep with the slutty guy like the slighty-more-slutty character already does. It should get old but it doesn’t due to the genuinely funny things that keep happening.

Each story is about 80% story and 20% sex scene and I was pleasantly surprised by how hot the sex scenes were. This was the rare porn book that I was reading for the story but the sex was excellent as well. It has plenty of laugh out loud moments but also the kind of sex scene that you think about for days after.

My only complaint is that I feel sometimes that characters were a little two-dimensional but that seems like an odd complaint for a comedy.

I give it Four out of Five Pam Griers.


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Dec 302013

Demony!Your Naughty Playmate 2 – Succubus Fantasy was written by Amanda Clover. It is a Choose-your-own-erotica type story where you play a husband who finds the right magic book. You can summon a succubus and make her do naughty things at the risk of losing your life and soul.

This was a fabulous entry into the choose-your-own genre. There is a risk of failure in the book that gives the thrill of accomplishment in your decisions. A lot of interactive erotica simply gives you choices of sex which can be quite dull. Risk creates reward and reward is fun.

I was very impressed with the wide arrange of choices in this book. I was expecting it to jump straight to summoning a succubus, but there are other possible erotic encounters as well. You can have sex with your wife, your best friend’ wife and through some clever writing, your choice of celebrity sex. The choice path is so expansive that it creates the illusion of freedom which is very difficult in these kinds of books.

And may I just say that the writer is smart enough to break down the sex into choices too. I have seen too many interactive erotica where the only choice is who you have sex with as opposed to how you have sex with them. This book lets you get a sex scene that plays like you want it to play.

Well, unless it ends with you losing your soul and dying but hey, these things happen.

I give it Five out Five Pam Griers.


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Sep 062013

$(KGrHqJ,!hQE3vrBM3q5BOG5bvVv1!~~_32Natural Desire, Strange Design is an erotica book by Aishling Morgan. It is part of the “Nich Mordant” series of books but it is a stand alone story that does not require the reading of any other book. Heck, I was hard pressed to make a connection from this book to the others in the series other than the fact that they share Nich.

Nich Mordant is a student of pagan studies who desperately wants to get his hands on a legendary treasure that was hidden away by a famous master of the occult. The master intended the treasure for his daughter and left her clues in his various occult possessions. Unfortunately when the occult master passed away, his daughter had no interest in the occult and is now selling the items at auction. Nich wants to gather the items, decipher the riddle and obtain unimaginable occult knowledge.

Standing in Nich’s way is the main character of the book, Anderson Croom. Croom is a wealthy playboy and spanker of women who thinks the legendary treasure would be fun to find. He buys what he can and then uses his charm, cock and spanking hands to get a hold of the other items. He is doing this on a lark because when you’re insanely rich, you got to do something other than fuck and eat.

This was a really fun book. I tend to read through erotica books slowly as they are often 80% sex and 20% plot but I never felt that way about this book. It is a caper book with two worthy enemies at odds with each other. They constantly sabotage each other and add complications to each other’s quest. It was a fun read that just happened to have a lot of kinky sex.

Croom is assisted by a submissive girlfriend and a loyal butler as well as all the power that wealth brings you. Nich has his super loyal hippie girlfriend and some minor magical powers. The inevitable swap of sexual partners happens as each try to get the upper hand on the other. It is the rare erotica book where every character involved is interesting.

My only complaint is that Nich and Croom do not share equal time in the book. This is Croom’s book and he is a lovable bastard but I wish I saw more of Nich.

I should also point out that the book’s cover has a warning system. They want you to know that there is spanking, bondage and the occult, but they didn’t find it necessary to point that there is a urine in mouth scene.

I give it Four out of Five Pam Griers.


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Jul 082013

blog-cover-katiebugKatie-bug is a short e-story from friend of the blog, Joan Defers. It tells the story of a trophy wife who is annoyed/aroused/disturbed by her rich husband’s eagerness to share her with others. The wife, Katie, lives a life that would be the envy of every full time slave as she provides interesting conversation to her husband’s guests, serves drinks without complaint and lets her husband control every aspect of her life. If this was a fetish story, it would be a submissive utopia but because it is a realistic story about a second wife who knows she can be divorced the minute she gets defiant, it becomes much tenser than your usual fetish fare.

It has taken me awhile to write this review because it is not the kind of story I usually enjoy but yet, I enjoyed the heck out of this. It has been hard for me to pin down why. The husband is a spoiled abusive man which is pretty high on my hate list. Katie never really stands up for herself which is also pretty high on my not-read list. Drugs are used, the men that the husband makes his wife fuck are assholes and there is a general sense of unhappiness all around.

But there is a reason I had a hard time putting this story down. Joan makes these characters so believable that it becomes less of a reading experience and more of a voyeur.  I have met a lost of asshole dominant men and I think this is the first time I have seen another writer capture the pouting and insecurities that assholes do. Joan also invests just the right qualities into Katie that I believed in her.  Katie is a broken woman; she isn’t the strangely happy broken women that feature so strongly in 50 Shades of Gray knock-offs right now. It is this reality that elevates the sex into the heat that they possess.

It is not a happy story but it is a hot and engrossing story which is what erotica is all about.

I give it Four out of Five Pam Griers


Apr 262013

Star Wench by Anna Anthropy is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style book that details the heroic Star Wench trying to take down the highly erotic and highly dominant Queen of Space.

You have no chance of success however. In fact, instead of the usual complex decision trees of other COYA books, Anna Anthropy skips all of that and gives you ONE choice: Pick a page, and see how you will die. Every death will be sexy, grim and hilarious.

I’m pretty impressed with this approach. Most COYA books focus on empowering the reader or challenging them until they find the right solution. Star Wench has no interest in empowering the reader. This is an exercise in narrative domination. This is placing the reader in an ultimately submissive role. Your character will die, over and over again. Success is judged solely on whether you are killed by the Queen of Space herself instead of one of her many flunkies. This is purity.

Now that you know that you will die, just how fun are the deaths? They are pretty damn fun in my opinion. The Queen of Space is a terrible tyrant with a thousand kinks. A sense of Flash Gordon silliness pervades everything. You are never simply killed by a laser beam. Instead, you, and the planet you are standing on are killed by orbital lasers. Nudity, bondage and groping are frequent themes. Each choice is a mini-story that could easily be a full short story on their own.

If you love my character Erishella, then you have to get this book. I am insanely jealous that I didn’t think of it first.

I give it Five out of Five Pam Griers

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Apr 152013

Like Sugar is an ebook by Joan Defers. It is about a college professor who hates life, himself and all of his students. He spends most of his time having sex fantasies about the hot students in his class. One of his non-hot students approaches him and makes an d/s proposal in exchange for skipping some lab work. Sexiness ensues.

From that description, you think you know the story. It is a powerful cliche. It has thousands if competitors on Amazon alone. You would be wrong though. What makes Like Sugar so much better than most teacher/student porn is that Like Sugar has the best written characters I have seen in a long time. The professor is a depressed asshole. The student is a smart secretive girl who knows more about power than he does. Both characters are funny, intelligent and most of all, believable. They have power exchange sex, but it is just as awkward, stumbling and hot as real life sex.

Ages ago I realized that my favorite porn stories were interesting characters doing interesting things. Like Sugar fits that perfectly. This is a coming-of-dom story where the dom is an asshole and that is not the positive trait that it is treated as in other d/s fiction. The actual d/s is interesting and aroused even my jaded mind. The student is a complicated woman who is too good for this and she knows it but it is all according to her goals.

I give it Five out of Five Pam Griers.


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