May 032023

Explorer’s Log: I am on day two of my twenty-six day journey to the star system designated “Inevitable Climax From the Queen’s Attention” by Royal Astronomers. The cosmic ray radiation in this part of space is still playing havoc with the sensors. Some of my scans are just pure gibberish.

I am still compiling the data I gathered from the last planet I was on. The mutations I witnessed among the Crail were on a power scale I have not seen in a biological being. It might take the Royal Science Institute centuries to create a counter-measure for these beings, so the sooner I finish these reports, the better. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: It has been only been two days since leaving the Paladin Brigade and I miss them already. They may have been psychotically unselfish and heroic, but they sure knew how to fuck.

Vaquel Di sat on Chairbot and stared at the biological data on the screen. A skintight red spacesuit clung to her body. Short pink hair crowned a frowning face. Brown cheeks bulged as she idly ran her tongue inside her mouth.

Chairbot hummed beneath Vaquel. Low vibrations pulsed through his seat, gently massaging her curvy ass. Miniature force fields subtly pinched Vaquel’s ass in a pleasing rhythm.

“Fuck, how the hell does a single humanoid body generate enough electrical power to power a starship?” Vaquel said. “The more I study these beings, the more I think the Queen should avoid the fuck out of them.”

BOOM! The ship shook from a sudden impact. Vaquel was nearly thrown from Chairbot but a mini-tractor beam kept her ass in his seat.


“ALERT! Identified Vessel Attacking!” the ship’s computer shouted.

Chairbot wheeled Vaquel from the science console to the navigational console faster than she could have walked. A tactical hologram appeared, depicting a large spaceship with smooth lines, multiple weapon ports and strange energy that arced from two coils located in the rear. It was coming back for another attack run.

She knew this ship. It belonged to a bounty hunter sent from some tyrant dozens of star systems back. What was that Tyrant’s name? Shit, what was the bounty hunter’s name? It had been a year since she had seen him. No, it was two years. What the fuck was he doing still chasing her?

A damage report scrolling across the screen. Shields were barely holding. Main weapons were offline. One of the solar sails was shredded. There no harm at all to the habitation module.

“Of course, not,” Vaquel whispered. “The fucker still needs to bring me back alive.”

“What should we do, Mistress?” Chairbot said.

BOOM! The ship shook again. The shield matrix collapsed.

“That’s not good,” Vaquel said.

There was a humming sound behind Vaquel. She spun in Chairbot’s seat and saw a swirling blue circle appear in the air. That circle was familiar too. It looked like a smaller version of the wormhole that the Glister used. What the fuck was that doing here?

The swirling circle dropped down two meters, sheering half of the science console as it dropped. The wormhole went into the floor and then vanished. There was a perfect circle-shaped hole in the floor.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel said, jumping out of her seat. “The fucker has wormhole tech?”

Another wormhole appeared, two meters closer. It appeared in the ceiling and dropped down to the floor. There were now two more holes.

“Hull integrity is intact, Mistress” Chairbot said.

“The fucker is going fishing,” Vaquel said. “He is probably trying to snag me.”

A blue swirl appeared above Vaquel. She dived forward as Chairbot rolled backwards. The wormhole dropped down and vanished, leaving another hole in the floor.

Vaquel’s mind raced. The probe ship was immobile. Weapons were likely offline. The asshole was going to get her sooner than later. She needed help and all she had was her intelligent chair.

No, that is not all she had.

Vaquel ran down the interior of the probe ship. Another wormhole dropped from the ceiling and clipped pieces of the floor and ceiling. She ran in a serpentine path, trying to be as unpredictable as possible.

Two more wormholes formed and dropped. Both missed her but one carved out a section of paneling. She hoped that wall didn’t contain anything important.

Vaquel reached the storage locker. She yanked it open and pulled out a small examination bag. Thank the Queen, she hadn’t processed the contents and recycled it yet. She ripped open the bag and pulled out a small device in the shape of a ‘P.’

It was an honorary Paladin Brigade badge. The heroes told her that it also functioned as a communicator. She didn’t understand the science, but their resident genius assured her that it could reach across lightyears of space.

Vaquel pressed down on a button on the badge. “Emergency! This is Vaquel Di and I am under attack. A terrible villain seeks to capture me! I require assistance! Please respond.”

There was humming sound above Vaquel. She rolled to the left as a dropped wormhole barely missed her.

“Chum Vaquel, this is Mind Lever!” a voice replied. “Where are you?”

“About two days travel from your system,” Vaquel said. A wormhole formed above her head and she stepped to the left to avoid it.

“I have a lock on your badge,” Mind Lever replied. “It will take us a kilosecond to reach you. Can you hold on that long?”

Vaquel blinked. Only a kilosecond? Did she hear that right? How the fuck could they get here so fast?

“Yeah, sure,” Vaquel said.

There was another humming sound. This time it came from beneath Vaquel. She looked down at the wormhole below her feet.

“Oh, shit,” Vaquel said.

Vaquel fell into the wormhole, still clutching the Paladin Brigade badge. Blue energies swirled around her. A feeling of intense arousal suffused her body. She was instantly brought to the edge of climax and held there.

Seconds of unconsummated bliss stretched forever.

Vaquel fell out of the wormhole and onto a solid white floor. As soon as she hit the ground, something hard and metallic grabbed her by the throat. Metal hands grabbed each of her wrists. She was lifted into the air as her legs kicked.

A tall humanoid covered in skintight black cloth stood before her. Four mechanical arms extended from a pack on their back. Two of the arms reached from over their shoulders to hold each of her wrists. One of the metal arms from around his waist held her by the throat. A red helmet, devoid of any features, covered their head.

“Quit struggling and surrender,” the alien said. “I am a licensed bounty hunter under the employ of the Prober Supreme! My designated callsign is Obtanius Vergin Purfim Vorq. You have been targeted for specimen collection!”

“I know who you are, asshole!” Vaquel shouted. She kicked at him with her leg but the metal arms held her at a safe distance.

“And I know how many weapons this belt carries,” Obtanius said. The fourth metal arm reached out and grabbed the controls on her belt. Metal fingers clamped down and ripped it from her body.

Vaquel flicked her hand that was holding the Paladin badge. The small communicator flew and landed quietly somewhere out of sight. It was hard to tell with the alien’s helmet, but she didn’t think he saw her.

“There, you are completely neutralized!” Obtanius said. “Finally!”

Vaquel looked around. The interior of the ship was wide open and filled with strange machines. The place resembled a warehouse rather than a space ship. Debris littered the floor and Vaquel recognized pieces of her ship that wormholes had snatched.

“Now it is time to put you into stasis for the journey home,” Obtanius said. “It has been a long hunt but you are finally mine.”

Obtanius turned towards a large glass tube three meters tall. Still holding Vaquel by the throat and wrists, he walked over to the tube. Small jets fired from his back and the two of them lifted into the air. The seal at the top of the tube slid aside.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Vaquel yelled. It had not remotely been a kilosecond. “What’s the hurry? What have you been up? The last time I saw you, umm, you know, I can’t quite remember.”

Obtanius growled behind his helmet. “You don’t remember? We meet on a planet where the cursed species, the Entitled, hunt humanoid clones. You tricked one of them into fighting me and ran off! I was defeated in battle and taken prisoner!”

“Oh yeah,” Vaquel said. She remembered now. The Entitled were nasty little phallic aliens who rode machines to drive their cock-shaped bodies around. They only lived to fuck and dominate.

“Ouch, I bet they fucked you good, didn’t they?” Vaquel said.

Obtanius hovered over the large containment tube. The metal arms brought Vaquel closer to his red helmet. She couldn’t see his face, but malice radiated from him.

“Eighty day cycles to be precise,” Obtanius said. “Eighty day cycles of being fucked and examined as they sought to clone me. I barely escaped with my life and it took me another two-hundred day cycles to return to my ship. I have been trying to catch up with you ever since.”

“Wow, you must really hate me,” Vaquel said.

“Immensely,” Obtanius said. “Fortunately, I found some remarkable wormhole technology that I was able to repurpose for my needs. It is what allowed me to capture you without entering the treacherous space of your ship. Now you are here, helpless and lacking access to any of your deviant trickery. Specimen processing shall now begin!”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Vaquel yelled. “You are just going to drop me into stasis without even taking a small amount of revenge on me?”

“Ha!” Obtanius said. “This is another one of your delaying tactics, you sexual degenerate! I will not fall for it this time! Into the containment unit you go!”

The metal arms lowered Vaquel down towards the tube.

“Why would I be delaying you? You already won! I can’t beat you but you are sabotaging your own victory!”

The metal arms stopped moving. Obtanius towered above her. “Sabotaging myself? Explain!”

“Look, you won, right?” Vaquel asked. “Some alien cock reamed you silly for eighty days and you are just going to tuck me in stasis and deliver me to your boss? You need your revenge! If you don’t avenge yourself on my helpless body, you will experience regret and a lack of closure! The psychological damage will be immense!”

The arms pulled Vaquel away from the containment tube. Obtanius flew down to the floor with his captive. The metal arms forced Vaquel’s hands behind her back and then forced her to her knees. Thankfully, the hand around her throat released her.

“You may be right, specimen,” Obtanius said. “But why would you care for my mental well-being?”

“I don’t,” Vaquel said. “But once you put me in stasis, I doubt I will ever wake up from whatever the Prober Supreme has planned for me. I’m a sensation seeker, and if the last sensation I get is taking your vengeance, well it is better than nothing.”

“Your degeneracy never ceases to amaze me,” Obtanius said. “Faced with certain doom, you only care about more stimulation!”

“That’s me,” Vaquel said. “A sexual degenerate that has managed to outsmart you over and over again.”

Obtanius lunged forward. One of his organic hands grabbed Vaquel’s left breast. Angry fingers hooked into the tight red fabric and pulled. A wide swatch of cloth pulled free and her heavy brown breast popped out.

“I have learned of many painful stimulations from my time with the Entitled!” Obtanius yelled. He grabbed the fabric around her right breast and pulled. The fabric ripped from her body and her other breast was exposed.

Vaquel’s pussy clenched with excitement. “Tell me more.”

“This is called crate smashing!” Obtanius yelled He swing downward with his open gloved hand and slapped the side of Vaquel’s left breast. WHAP!

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. “Warm me up, first!”

WHAP! Obtanius backhanded her tits. The right breast smashed into the left breast. WHAP! He came back around with another open hand slap that stung her tit and smashed it into her other breast.

WHAP! WHAP! Repeatedly, Obtanius slapped and then backhanded Vaquel’s breasts. Mocking laughter came from behind the smooth red helmet. He picked up speed, knocking Vaquel’s heavy tits back and forth in a constant collision.

Vaquel hissed with each slap. The stinging blows enflamed her sensitive flesh. She tried to lean away from his blows but the metal arms holding her wrists behind her back kept her in place. There was no way to escape the rain of slaps.

“I have thought of these appendages of yours often,” Obtanius said.


“How they bounce and jiggle when you move.”


“They are structurally superfluous and yet I want nothing more than to hold one in my hands.”


“Feel free to hold one now!” Vaquel shouted, eager for a respite from the slapping.

“No,” Obtanius said. “But I will enhance your torment.”

The lower metal arms reached for Vaquel’s breasts. Cruel fingers pinched her nipples. Vaquel cried out as the arms pulled, stretching her breasts forward. She tried to lean into it but the arms holding her wrists pulled back.

“Hydrogen death spark,” Obtanius whispered. “Even with their shape deformed, they are still mesmerizing.”

“Thanks,” Vaquel hissed.

The slapping resumed. WHAP! With her nipples pinched and her tits stretched out, the intensity of the slaps were twice as strong. The stinging pain blossomed into bursts of agony.

Vaquel whimpered. The bounty hunter had learned some new tricks. She was helpless and his slapping hand was utterly without mercy. Tears sprang to her eyes. She was almost tempted to beg for mercy but then he might oblige her and put her into the stasis chamber. No, she had to hold out.


How much longer until the kilosecond expired? It felt like a dozen had passed. That was even assuming that the Paladin Brigade could get here that fast. They weren’t a species that travelled through space. Why were they so confident that could be here so soon?


Vaquel’s pussy was wetter than an ocean world. Each slap and backhand send a lightning bolt of pain through her stretched tits that went all the way to her greedy cunt. It made it awfully hard to keep track of how much time had passed. If she could just get one finger onto her pussy, then she could counter some of this pain with much needed bliss.

“I see your pelvis is gyrating,” Obtanius sneered. “You are no doubt aroused by the painful stimulation of your mammary sacks.”

“And don’t forget the humiliation of being captured and helpless,” Vaquel said.

Both lower metal arms released her nipples. Vaquel sighed as the painful pinching came to an end and then winced as blood flow returned to her tender nipples. The sigh turned into a gasp as the metal hands went straight to her crotch and ripped away the cloth. Vaquel’s bare pussy dripped onto the floor.

The lower metal hands went to Vaquel’s underarms and lifted her from the floor. She ascended until Obtanius’ helmet was level with her pussy. A gloved hand traced the contours of her pussy. She tried to grind against his hand but he wouldn’t give her the satisfaction.

“You have deforested yourself,” Obtanius said. “I have long been haunted by the pink hairs that covered this orifice but I find your bare lips to be even more disturbing. One can see the moisture clinging to your vaginal lips.”

“Just wait until you see how it feels when you are inside it,” Vaquel said, undulating towards him.

“You would like that,” Obtanius said. “No, I refuse to give you the pleasure you desire. I will not stimulate your vaginal orifice or your oral orifice. I have seen how much pleasure you derive from both.”

“That might be the sexiest thing you have ever said,” Vaquel said.

“However, my imprisonment with the Entitled has taught me that there is a third orifice that will give me pleasure to stimulate but will deprive you of any sexual satisfaction.”

“Really?” Vaquel said. She was intrigued.

The metal arms spun Vaquel around to face away from the bounty hunter. Gloved hands ripped the spacesuit from her ass. It took a lot of ripping because there was a lot of brown ass to expose.

“Yes, your anal orifice!” Obtanius said.

Vaquel started to laugh but stopped herself. The alien was sincere. He thought fucking her ass would be unpleasant for her.

“Oh no!” Vaquel said. “Please don’t fuck my ass!”

It was an act of supreme self-control for Vaquel not to wiggle her butt.

“Prepare for anal violation, specimen!” Obtanius announced.

Vaquel shuddered.

The metal arms lowered Vaquel closer to the ground. Her feet touched the floor and the arms holding her underarms shifted to her ankles. Metal hands forced her legs apart at a severe distance. The hands holding her wrists pulled back and extended her arms at a painful angle. With her arms controlled, the metal hands forced Vaquel to bend over at the waist.

Vaquel clamped her mouth shut to keep from moaning. Desire dripped from her pussy and onto the floor. Her slapped tits dangled in front of her.

Gloved hands spread apart Vaquel’s buttocks. Something wet, hot and slippery sprayed her asshole. A thumb rubbed the lubricant into her tight ring.

“You are shuddering with fear, specimen!” Obtanius declared.

Vaquel didn’t trust herself to answer out loud.

Something thick and pulsing pressed against Vaquel’s asshole. She barely had a chance to relax before it pushed into her tight sphincter. The thick phallus invaded her intimate space and slid deep inside her.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. He was bigger than she remembered. Parts of his cock vibrated. She had forgotten that his member was cybernetically enhanced. There was no forgetting it now as the vibrations grew stronger.

“Yes, this orifice is quite pleasing,” Obtanius groaned. “And what’s more exquisite is that you feel no pleasure at all!”

Vaquel gasped and then clenched her mouth shut again.

“No sarcastic quips now, specimen?” Obtanius gloated.

Vaquel shook her head and fought the urge to push back on his cock.

“Your silence is my victory!” Obtanius yelled.

The bounty hunter held onto her buttocks with his gloved hands and began to fuck her. Precise, almost robotic thrusts pushed deep into Vaquel’s ass. It was a tight fit and Vaquel felt like she was taking an entire starship up her butt.

Vaquel was helpless in the alien’s metal arms. Her arms hurt from the constant tension and her tender tits bounced together with each thrust. She couldn’t reach her dripping pussy which made the hunger she felt between her thighs all the greater.

It was glorious.

“Every insertion into your anal orifice is a denial of your degenerate needs!” Obtanius gloated.

Vaquel whimpered.

“Every vibrating pulse in your ass is a vibrating pulse your vaginal orifice will not feel!” Obtanius shouted.

Vaquel shuddered with near-orgasmic delight.

“Every forceful violation of your posterior orifice is a declaration of my victory over you!” Obtanius growled.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel moaned. Why did the alien bounty hunter have to talk so dirty? She was trying her best to no react but his verbal humiliation of her was so damn sexy. Worse, the vibrations from his cybernetic cock were so powerful that they were penetrating her sex. The asshole might actually make her come.

“Prepare for more pain, specimen!” Obtanius declared.

The cybernetic phallus expanded. It was only a slight increase in girth but it was enough to make Vaquel shout with pleasure. The vibrations increased as well, radiating bliss through her body.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuck,” Vaquel shouted, unable to control herself.

“That sounded suspiciously like pleasure,” Obtanius said. He stopped fucking, his cock still vibrating in her ass.

“No,” Vaquel gasped. She struggled to think. “I am just, uh, cursing my pathetic state and your, uh, superiority.”

Vaquel could hear how terribly unconvincing she sounded. The ruse was up. The alien would have to be completely unaware of humanoid sexual relationships to believe that lie.

Obtanius laughed. “I enjoy your statement of my superiority. Almost as much as I enjoy violating this orifice!”

The alien resumed fucking Vaquel’s ass. He fucked her harder than before as his ego swelled with pride. The vibrations from the cock doubled in intensity.

Vaquel felt her climax coming and she almost didn’t believe it but she shouted her joy as it crashed into her body.

“GLORY TO THE QUEEN!” she shouted, forgetting all pretense at lying.

“Hydrogen death spark!” Obtanius shouted. His cock expelled a thick volume of alien seed within her. There was too much for her ass to contain and it back flowed onto Obtanius’ cock.

BOOM! Something hard hit the ship.

“What despicable trickery is this?” Obtanius shouted.

The arms holding Vaquel suddenly released her. She dropped down to the floor, first onto her knees and then onto her slapped tits. More seed popped out of her ass.

Metal ripped loudly. A red fist punched through a wall. It was followed by a being that appeared to be covered in red overlapping bricks. A small mask covered its mouth. Three white eyes locked in on Obtanius.

“Brick!” Vaquel shouted. The Paladin Brigade was here!

“ITS PUMMELING TIME!” Brick shouted as he charged forward.

More beings followed through the hole. There was an orange woman crackling with electricity. A humanoid covered in shiny metal armor flew into the room and fired laser beams from his shoulders. Another orange humanoid followed behind in a floating chair, their head four times the size of their body.

“No! You will not take my prey from me!” Obtanuis said. “Leave now or I will bring you all back to the Prob- CLANG!”

Obtanius’ threat was silenced by Brick fisting his face. The bounty hunter flew through the air and crashed into strange machinery. The armored humanoid flew after him, pelting him with laser blasts.

The electric alien landed near Vaquel. Triple breasts bounced under her spandex as she moved. An environmental helmet covered her face but Vaquel recognized her friend, Sparkera.

“Are you okay, Chum Vaquel?” the alien asked. “Dual Brain bashed together a space ship in his laboratory as fast as he could but we feared we might be too late.”

“I’m great, Sparkera,” Vaquel said, slowly rising to her hands and knees. “Just give me a moment to feel my legs again. Wait, you guys made a space ship to come get me? And you got here in a kilosecond?”

“I’m sorry it took that long,” Sparkera said, oblivious to Vaquel’s disbelief. “What did this villain do to you?”

“Oh, the usual,” Vaquel said. “He attacked me for no reason, damaged my ship, slapped my tits and then fucked me ass.”

“That monster!” Sparkera said. “Brick, hit him hard for me!”

“WILL DO, SPARKY!” Brick said.

The jackhammer sounds of brick hitting a metal helmet echoed through the ship.

“Chum Vaquel, do you want us to take this villain back to our world and hold him in one of our super-prisons?” Sparkera asked.

“That sounds great, actually,” Vaquel said. She rose to her feet. More seed dripped out of her ass. “This asshole has been bothering me for years. How long will you keep him prisoner?”

“Kidnapping and violating someone is a serious crime,” Sparkera said. “He’s looking at a minimal of twenty years.”

A smile spread across Vaquel’s face. Brick was straddling Obtanius, still raining punches on the bounty hunter’s face. One of Obtanuis’ legs was twitching.

“Hey, wherever you lock him up, make sure he has a picture of me to keep him company,” Vaquel said. “I wouldn’t want him to get lonely.”

“Chum Vaquel, that is awfully kind and generous of you!” Sparkera said.

“It is, isn’t it?” Vaquel said.

Apr 192023

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “The Majestic Shower of the Queen’s Squirt” by Royal Astronomers. There are ten planets, three of which are gas giants, four are barren rocks and the others support life. The fourth planet from the sun is inhabited by a sentient race of humanoids called Crails.

This planet is awash in cosmic rays, probably from the black hole designated “Wrath of the Queen.” Mutations are rife among the Crail and manifests in strange abilities. I got my first experience when nine of the Crail flew up to my probe ship without the use of ships or mechanical propulsion. They got here purely on their own inherent powers.

It was quite upsetting but one of the Crail was a telepath and conveyed their peaceful intentions. They speak a variation of Comic Sans and were excited to have an interstellar visitor.

Through telepathy, I was informed of their culture. The powered members of the Crail organize themselves into groups and somehow compete with each other. Each of the Crail that came to greet me were representatives of different groups. I was the first alien they had encountered and each wanted the honor of hosting me.

The powers these beings display is frightening. One being was made of pure energy while another was three times the size of the other Crail and appeared to be mostly muscles. Apparently, each powered Crail is almost unique in their mutations, suggesting a wide range of abilities.

To better prepare the Royal Navy for exploiting this planet, I have accepted an invitation to visit one of these super groups with the intentions of creating a full report. I choose a group that I feel were the most powerful based on their representative. They call themselves the Paladin Brigade. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s personal Log: The Crail I chose was crackling with electricity but more importantly, she had an impressive booty within her skintight suit. Damn, it is rare to see a butt better than mine but that ass is super.

Later, at the Citadel of Justice.

“And this giant hand is all that is left of the war machine that Cybernatrix used to threaten the city.”

Vaquel Di looked politely at the damaged fist. The metal was incredibly thick but intense heat, cold and unknown energies has perforated the machine. There was a meter long gouge that looked like it was done by three claws. The center of the palm had the imprint of some super-powered person’s fist.

The side of the hand was undamaged and polished to a reflective sheen. This allowed Vaquel to see that her host, Sparkera, was looking right at Vaquel’s ass. There was a wistful look on all three eyes of the sentient’s orange face.

Vaquel clenched her ass. She did look good in her purple spacesuit. The skintight material wasn’t as tight as Sparkera’s outfit but it was close. Vaquel shifted from one foot to the other and watched the alien’s three eyes follow her swaying butt.

“It is very impressive,” Vaquel said. “How many of you did it take bring down this war machine?”

“We had other emergencies to deal with that day so only five of us were available,” Sparkera said. “This one was especially hard to defeat as the Cybernatrix had designed it to counter each of the Paladin Brigade’s powers.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore quietly. This robot would dwarf most of the battle giants that Queen Erishella deployed and it only took five of them to beat it?

They were in the trophy room. Remnants of past conquests filled the cavernous room. Display cases held power gloves, threatening melee weapons and various contraptions. Vaquel figured you could equip an army with the armaments here.

“Over here we have the armor Captain Sinister wore when he took the City Council hostage,” Sparkera said.

The alien woman walked towards a large metal suit painted in red flames. Vaquel followed behind, directing her attention to Sparkera instead of the armor. Thin blue shiny material covered the alien’s body and left nothing to the imagination. The Crail were bipedal with bright orange skin and typical mammalian sex characteristics and Sparkera had plenty of tits and ass to spare.

There were other qualities that differentiated the Crail from Vaquel. Instead of fingers, four tentacles wiggled at the end of each hand. Three large eyes sat in a row on their wide heads and their mouths were slightly wider than Vaquel’s but she considered that last bit to be a plus. Sparkera had a single mohawk of white hair that jutted from her orange scalp like a proud crest.

“Captain Sinister’s armor was tough but what made him nearly invulnerable was the fact that he existed partially out of phase. He could hit us but we couldn’t touch him. Luckily, Dual Brain realized that if we joined our-“

Sparkera kept talking but Vaquel was only thinking about the alien’s lips. They looked soft and very flexible. Vaquel was dying to know how they felt on her own lips. What would they feel like if those lips were sucking on Vaquel’s tits? Or better yet, what would that mouth feel like on Vaquel’s pussy?

Sadly, Vaquel wasn’t able to find out. There was a frightening amount of background cosmic radiation on this planet. The probe ship’s computer was still crunching the data to determine if the radiation was lethal. As a precaution, Vaquel had kept her skintight spacesuit on as well as her glassteel bubble helmet. There would be no kissing today.

Sparkera had finished speaking and Vaquel’s hadn’t notice because she was daydreaming about kissing. “Are you okay, Chum Vaquel?”

“Oh, yes,” Vaquel said. “You guys seem to do a lot of fighting but I am not clear on which super group you are at war with?”

The orange alien laughed. “The super groups don’t fight each other. We are all heroes. Our enemies are the forces of evil, some of them banded together from the four corners of the planet. Villains outnumber heroes sometimes as many as ten to one. Is that not the same on your world?”

“Not really,” Vaquel said. On her planet, there was Queen Erishella and everyone else. The idea of multiple mighty people was foreign to her.

Before Vaquel could explain, there was a beep from her wrist. “Excuse me,” Vaquel said and she checked her wrist monitor. A holographic display of data emanated in front of her.

“What is that, Chum Vaquel?” Sparkera said.

“It is the radiation report from my ship,” Vaquel said. She scrolled through to the end and smiled. “Your planet is soaking in cosmic rays but the computer thinks I can go a day or two without any gene damage.”

“That is fantastic,” Sparkera said. “I would feel terrible if any harm came to you.”

“I feel the same way,” Vaquel said. She undid the release latch on her bubble helmet. Air hissed as she removed it. Sparkera took the helmet from Vaquel as Vaquel ran her fingers through her short pink air.

“Oh wow, it smells nice here,” Vaquel said. “Like fresh wood pulp.”

Sparkera laughed. Her wide lips flexed in interesting ways. She took a loud sniff.

“Strange, all I smell is . . .”

Sparkera’s three eyes dilated. She wavered a little. Tiny discharges of electricity flared around her hips and down her legs.

“Are you okay, uh, Chum Sparkera?” Vaquel said.

“I’m feeling great,” Sparkera said. “Now that you removed your helmet, I just noticed how delicious your skin looks. We don’t have this shade of brown on any of our people. Well, except for Shadow Snake, or maybe Judge Tree. Actually, Heat Blast looks like that too, but none of them look as sexy as you.”

“Thank you,” Vaquel said. “I was just thinking about how sexy you look as well.”

Sparkera pressed a hand to one of her large breasts. “This is so strange, I am awash in so many emotions. Chum Vaquel, I think I am about to perform a feat.”

Vaquel wasn’t sure what that meant but she recognized a horny alien when she saw one. “By all means, do that,” she said.

“For Fairness!” Sparkera shouted. Blue sparks flared around her feet and she leapt towards Vaquel. Before Vaquel could draw her weapon, Sparkera had wrapped her arms around Vaquel and pressed flexible lips to Vaquel’s mouth.

Those lips were soft! Vaquel’s own lips parted and a slender tongue entered her mouth. There was a slight tingling sensation on her tongue and Vaquel’s right leg jerked.

Sparkera lifted Vaquel from her feet. Blue sparks surrounded them. The alien’s eyes were closed as they kissed but Vaquel’s were wide open. She watched Sparkera’s orange skin change to a deep blue and her more sparks flew from her body.

The rampant sparks were concerning but Vaquel doubted she was in danger. Sparkera’s insistent mouth drew Vaquel’s attention and she returned the kiss. The tingling grew stronger and Vaquel felt dozens of static discharges all over her body.

POP! Vaquel’s belt controls shorted out. The purple material of her spacesuit began to disintegrate. Sparkera grabbed her ass and her tentacles slipped through the widening rips of cloth. Soft tentacles latched onto Vaquel’s round ass and secured themselves with micro-suckers.

Vaquel groaned. With her arms freed, she explored Sparkera’s body with her hands. Under the thin spandex was hard muscles. She gripped the alien’s firm ass and marveled at the fleshy steel she felt underneath.

“I don’t know what’s come over me,” Sparkera said as she kissed her way down Vaquel’s neck. “I just can’t get enough. You taste like sex. You feel like sex. How can one being be so sexy?”

“Just natural, I guess,” Vaquel said. “Plus, I masturbate a lot.”

“Great Varo,” Sparkera whispered. She pulled the last wisp of clothing from Vaquel’s tits. The alien ducked down and took Vaquel’s brown nipple into her mouth. Wide lips reverberated around Vaquel’s tit. All three of the alien’s eyes clenched in ecstasy.

“Lords of the Underworld,” Vaquel groaned. Tiny shocks came from Sparkera’s tongue that ricocheted through Vaquel’s body and terminated in her pussy. The wide mouth took in half of Vaquel’s tit while the soft lips trilled against her skin.

The alien’s hands kneaded Vaquel’s soft ass. It was a weird sensation to be groped by small tentacles but Vaquel found that she liked it. The occasional discharge of static electricity heightened Vaquel’s sensitivity.

Sparkera pulled her mouth away from Vaquel’s breast. Spit covered the well-sucked tit. The alien pushed Vaquel away and sparks flew from her feet. She rose in the air and spread her arms. Lightning arced around her body and her costume turned to ash. Firm breasts were revealed, each topped with three nipples.

“I need that weird small mouth on my secret lair,” Sparkera said.

Vaquel looked between the woman’s legs. A small circular patch of white hair sat above a larger circle of smooth lips. Sparks fell from the alien’s sex.

“Is it safe?” Vaquel asked.

“I promise it is,” Sparkera said. She hovered closer.

Vaquel wasn’t so sure but it would be rude not to try. “Fuck it,” she said and she grabbed the back of Sparkera’s thighs. Vaquel pulled the floating alien to her and took a lick.

The round hole quivered under Vaquel’s tongue. There was a comforting lack of voltage. Vaquel pressed her mouth over the orange hole and pushed her tongue in. Tight muscles gripped her tongue.

“Great Varo!” Sparkera shouted. The tentacles of her hands gripped Vaquel’s head. There was a crackle as electricity arced from the top half of her body.

Vaquel slid her tongue in and out of the Sparkera’s sex. It was a little salty with a faint taste of ozone but she didn’t mind. It was very wet inside the hole and juices quickly filled Vaquel’s mouth and spilled from her lips.

“Don’t stop! For Fairness! For Impartiality! For the Brigade!” Sparkera shouted.

Blue sparks danced on Vaquel’s body. There was a sensation of heat but it was very pleasant. The sparks roamed around Vaquel’s body but mostly raced up and down her thighs. Some of the sparks centered around her sex and she clenched in response.

Vaquel’s tongue fucked Sparkera like a nimble cock. She reached up and cupped one of the alien’s orange breasts. Sparks danced down Vaquel’s arm as she squeezed the firm tit. She pinched one nipple and then the other and then the third, before starting over with the first.

“Yes, you’re going to make me boom!” Sparkera shouted.

The tentacles on Vaquel’s scalp constricted, pulling at her scalp and hair. The alien’s hips grinded against Vaquel’s face. The sparks on Vaquel’s body became hotter and centered on her hairless sex. The heat of the sparks transformed into an intense prickling sensation.

“Excelsior!” Sparkera shouted. There was a flash of light as her sex orifice suddenly shrink around Vaquel’s tongue. Electricity crackled and popped all around Vaquel as she tried to pull her tongue free. After a solid hectosecond, the sex muscles relaxed and Vaquel’s tongue slipped out.

“Ladies of Flight!” someone shouted. “What is going on here?”

Vaquel turned around. At the end of the hall was a male alien wearing a white skintight suit. A curious bulge shaped like a small can pointed from his crotch. The alien wore a helmet that covered his three eyes but there was no doubt that he was staring right at them. He flew towards them with no visible mean of propulsion and landed a few meters away.

“Chum Mind Lever!” Sparkera said. She covered her breasts with one arm and her sex with one hand. Sparks continued to arc along her nude body.

“Are you in danger, Chum Sparkera?” the alien asked. A nearby display case hovered in the air and floated next to Mind Lever. The case began to spin at an alarming rate.

“Whoa!” Vaquel said. She put her hands up. “We were just fucking! There is no danger!”

“Fucking?” Mind Lever asked. The display case stopped spinning and went back to where it belonged. “But Chum Sparkera, what about your husband?”

“Oh flap!” Sparkera said. “I completely forgot about him!”

“What does a husband have to do with anything” Vaquel asked. “I like cock too.”

Mind Lever shook his head. He floated closer to Vaquel. “Crail spouses are fully monogamous to one another here,” he said. “Only the enemies of Righteousness engage in non-monogamous relationships. Sparkera will have to perform a Rite of Dedication and uh . . . “

“You were saying?” Vaquel asked.

Something lifted Vaquel’s right breast. She looked down but there was nothing there. The same unseen force lifted her other breast.

“Wow . . .” Mind Lever said. “You have really big fortresses. I like the color too. Only one nipple. That is so weird but it is turning me on.”

“Thanks,” Vaquel said. She assumed it was his power that was playing with her breasts. Gentle pinches tweaked her nipples. Vaquel had thought Mind Lever was a prude but he was quickly proving her wrong. Still, she should pretend to respect his culture.

“Are you married?” she asked.

“Alas, no,” Mind Lever said. He reached down and cupped the bulge in his pants. Both of Vaquel’s tits were squeezed together by an invisible force.

“So, we can fuck with no problem?” Vaquel asked.

“Great Varo, yes!” Mind Lever said. A seam appeared in his suit and his clothes split apart to reveal his nude body.

Vaquel’s eyes darted down to the alien male’s crotch. A thick column protruded from between his thighs. It was barely eight centimeters long but it was shaped like a ration can.

“Oh, I want to join too!” Sparkera said.

“Ladies of Flight, yes!” Mind Lever shouted.

Vaquel snickered. Whatever objections Mind Lever had to Sparkera’s infidelity was gone. These were a curiously adaptable species! It must be a side effect of all their body mutations.

Mind Lever put a hand to his helmeted head. Vaquel’s feet swept out from under her but she did not fall. Hovering in the air on her back, she spun around until her head was pointing to Mind Lever’s crotch.

“I have got to fuck those fortresses,” Mind Lever growled.

Not waiting for Vaquel’s response, the alien floated into the air as Vaquel floated towards him. Her face passed under his can-shaped cock and she looked up at his muscular ass. The cock laid between her tits as invisible forces compressed her breasts around his member.

“Don’t you need some lubricant?” Vaquel asked.

“Why?” Mind Lever asked as he fucked Vaquel’s breasts.

The alien’s cock was as slick as Vaquel’s pussy. She watched the muscles of his ass clench and flex as he pumped between her breasts. Not sure what to do with her arms, she wrapped them around the alien’s knees as he fucked her tits.

There was an electric tingle on Vaquel’s open thighs. It was Sparkera’s hand tentacles. The alien woman settled between Vaquel’s legs, her face centimeters away from Vaquel’s hairless sex.

“What a cute looking secret lair,” Sparkera commented. “Mind Lever, would you like to watch me breach Vaquel’s secret lair?”

“Yes,” Mind Lever said, his voice barely a whisper.

“YES!” Vaquel shouted, her hips rising and falling.

A slender tentacle wiggled into Vaquel’s sex. It was very flexible inside her. Soft lips kissed the outside of Vaquel’s pussy and quivered against her skin. The tentacle inside her was joined by a second and they plunged deep inside of her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. She held on tighter to Mind Lever’s legs. Her feet tried to dig into the ground but hovering as she was, there was no way to plant her legs.

Mind Lever continued to fuck her tits. The thick cock was naturally slippery but it also exuded its own lubricant. Vaquel wondered if that was a natural quality of the Crail or some other power of Mind Lever. Either way, it would be great for ass fucking.

Speaking of which, Sparkera kept a hand on Vaquel’s ass. The tentacles squeezed Vaquel’s buttock in pulses. One of the tentacles was achingly close to Vaquel’s anus and Vaquel wondered if the heroine would be brave enough to enter.

A third tentacle entered Vaquel’s pussy and her thoughts of anal stimulation were forgotten. The three tentacles twined together to form a thick phallus inside Vaquel’s clenching sex. Sparkera’s mouth sucked hard on one of Vaquel’s sex lips.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out again. She dug her fingernails into Mind Lever’s muscular legs. Sparks danced once more across her body, this time centering around her tits as Mind Lever fucked them.

The telekinetic groaned. Unseen forces pinched Vaquel’s nipples and when she moaned, the same forces twisted her nipples in delicious ways.

“Great Varo, she tastes so good,” Sparkera said onto Vaquel’s pussy.

“Let me taste,” Mind Lever said.

The tentacle fingers left Vaquel’s pussy. She whimpered in disappointment until Sparkera placed her other hand against Vaquel’s sex. Four tentacles slid in to replace the three that had left.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. The four tentacles formed a wedge inside her sex, the tip of which tingled with electrical power.

Loud sloppy sounds filled the trophy room. Mind Lever was greedily eating Sparkera’s pussy juice-covered fingers. At the same time, he continued to thrust between Vaquel’s vised tits.

“I’m going to boom!” Mind Lever shouted.

“Do it,” Sparkera said. “I want to see you boom between the alien’s dark fortresses!”

Vaquel bucked against Sparkera’s thrusting hand. The tiny pricks of electricity were delaying Vaquel’s orgasm, making her slow climb towards climax an exquisite journey.

Mind Lever grunted and hot seed splashed onto Vaquel’s skin. The cylinder-shaped cock continued to pump, soaking her tits and belly with his viscous serum. The strange seed made a fizzing sound as it bubbled.

Vaquel suddenly dropped as the force holding her vanished. Sparkera’s tentacles slipped out of her hungry pussy. Vaquel cried out but her descent stopped just a few centimeters from the ground.

“Sorry, Chum Vaquel,” Mind Lever said. He stepped away from her and she rose back in the air to a standing potion. “I’ve never boomed that hard before. I lost my concentration.”

“I felt the same way when I boomed,” Sparkera said. “I nearly fainted but I can feel myself ready for more.”

Vaquel stood on her own two feet as the telekinetic force left her. Black alien seed dripped down from her breasts and belly. The seed bubbled and made a pleasant sensation on her skin.

“Let’s just rely on gravity from here on out,” Vaquel said. “And I still haven’t boomed yet.”

“Give me a moment,” Mind Lever said. “My utility rod needs to recover.”

It was true. The alien’s thick cylinder had deflated and now resembled an empty coin bag. There would be no joy from that floppy instrument.

“I will help you, Chum Vaquel,” Sparkera said.

“You can start by cleaning this up,” Vaquel said and she grabbed Sparkera by her mohawk. The alien giggled as Vaquel pulled her head do to her stomach. She dropped to her knees and sealed her quivering lips to Vaquel’s belly. Slowly, she sucked the seed from Vaquel’s skin.

“Ladies of Flight,” Mind Lever groaned. He wrapped his tentacles around his cock. It was well on its way to being erect again.

“WHAT IS HAPPENING?” someone boomed. It sounded like a collision of mountains.

There was some, thing, at the door to the trophy room. It was humanoid like the other Crail but it was a deep red color and looked to be made of overlapping bricks. Three white eyes glared at Vaquel, and then at Mind Lever. White teeth grinded together. Instead of tentacles, it had thick solid fingers. The only clothing it wore were deep green shorts made of the same thin material all the aliens wore.

“Great Varo, it’s Brick!” Mind Lever said.

“Who the fuck is Brick?” Vaquel asked.

Sparkera looked up at Vaquel, her lips still sucking Mind Lever’s seed. “He’s my husband.”

Brick power walked over towards them. He sounded like an avalanche. The room shook. He slammed one fist into an open hand with every step.


“Wait, Brick!” Mind Lever shouted. “It is not what it looks like! I fucked Chum Vaquel’s fortresses and Sparkera is just cleaning it up. With her mouth.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, you’re not helping Lever!” Vaquel said. She tried to back away but Sparkera wrapped her arms around Vaquel’s waist and started to eat Vaquel’s pussy. If the alien’s strong grip wasn’t enough to hold Vaquel, her flexible lips and greedy tongue certainly were.

Brick reared back for a punch at Vaquel’s face. Vaquel couldn’t reach her weapons because of Sparkera’s arms. She was going to die while a horny alien ate her pussy.

It would be a good death.

“Stop!” Mind Lever shouted. He held out a hand while his other hand touched his helmeted forehead.

Brick’s fist came to a stop in front of Vaquel’s face. The alien’s hand was as big as Vaquel’s ass. The hand trembled as it pushed against Mind Lever’s telekinesis.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. The near brush with death was preventing her from enjoying Sparkera’s mouth.


“She’s not a villain!” Mind Lever grunted. He was breathing hard. Holding back Brick was taking a lot out of him. “We are all chums here!”

Brick grunted and kept pushing. It was hard to tell with his rocky body but he seemed to be breathing hard too.


“Like Hero Prime Day,” Sparkera said dreamily.

Brick lowered his hand. Mind Lever dropped to one knee, clearly exhausted. Brick reached down and gripped a monstrous bulge in its shorts.


“Not at all, husband!” Sparkera said. “I would love to watch while Mind Lever did the same.”

Mind Lever gasped. Vaquel could almost smell the fear on him.


“Okay, something weird is definitely going on,” Vaquel though but she didn’t want to interrupt what was happening. She could figure out it all out after she had finally climaxed.

“Let’s do it, Chum Brick!” Vaquel said. “Just fuck my brains out already.”

“YES! ITS FUCKING TIME!” Brick rumbled.

Sparkera stood up and placed a hand on Brick’s shorts. There was a flash of light and the shorts disintegrated. A thick phallus made of stone jutted from his crotch. Thankfully, the stone on the phallus was as smooth as plastic. It was already excreting a shiny liquid from its girth.

“Whoa,” Vaquel groaned. That cock was definitely too big for her. This was going to be a challenge.

“I’ve got her ready for you husband,” Sparkera said. “Just remember, only use a quarter strength, dear.”

“YES SPARKY,” Brick rumbled.

Vaquel turned towards the table she saw earlier. She walked over to it as Brick followed her with thunderous steps. There was a crack in the table but it was still stable. Vaquel bent over the table and spread her legs.

“Show me what you got, hero,” Vaquel said.


Vaquel shuddered as Brick’s rough hands gripped her hips. She could feel the immense power in those hands. Something thick and round pushed against her sex lips. Fortunately, Sparkera’s fingers and mouth had prepared the way. The stone phallus pushed into her waiting pussy.

“Queen’s tit, ass and cunt!” Vaquel swore. Solid mass filled her pussy. The alien’s cock stretched her to her limits. Vaquel trembled from the deep impalement.

Then Brick began to fuck her. Slow and steady, his cock moved like a piston. Every thrust felt like it would be impossible but she took it. That was probably due to the convenient lubricant this species’ cocks produced. Vaquel wished more evolutionary tracks followed this direction.

Sparkera and Mind Lever moved to the table. The electric alien spread herself out on the table so her head was underneath Vaquel’s swinging tits. Mind Lever climbed on top of Sparkera, lavishing noisy kisses onto the woman’s triple-nippled breasts.

“UNGH. UNGH. UNGH,” Brick grunted.

Vaquel struggled to focus. Every thrust of that massive cock inside her was obliterating her train of thought. She was just barely conscious of Sparkera catching one of her dangling breasts in her mouth and the alien’s electric tongue flicking her nipple.

“Great Varo,” Mind Lever grunted. He slipped inside Sparkera’s pussy and pure bliss turned his lips into a smile. Random objects around the trophy room hovered in the air. He fucked the alien beneath him and his powerful ass mesmerized Vaquel as he moved.


Vaquel’s eyes widened. Faster? That would completely destroy her already vulnerable pussy!

“Yes,” she whispered.

“IT IS FUCKING TIME!” Brick rumbled.

The thick stone cock pummeled Vaquel’s pussy. Hard rock smashed into her ass. Powerful hard fingers kept her hips in place and Vaquel dropped down and smothered Sparkera’s face with her tits.

Vaquel climaxed. “Glory to the Queen!” she shouted as her pussy was being devastated.

Mind Lever came moments later. His body froze as floating objects around the trophy room collapsed to the ground. He shuddered and his hips resumed pumping as he emptied his cock into Sparkera.

That triggered the alien woman’s orgasm. She bit down hard on Vaquel’s nipple as sparks flew from her body. Sparks also danced along Vaquel’s heavy breasts, leaving little micro shocks in their wake.

When the lights flickered, Brick groaned. Maybe he knew his wife was coming and that triggered his own orgasm. A flood of thick fizzing seed filled Vaquel’s pussy and sprayed out her lips to soak Brick’s crotch.

“Interesting,” a voice said.

“Oh shit, not another one,” Vaquel said. Her sensitive pussy was still trembling around Bricks cock.

Brick pulled out of Vaquel. It felt like half of her body mass had vanished. Vaquel slowly slid off the table and onto the floor.

A shiny Crail walked towards them. Metal covered every part of its body. It didn’t wear clothing, unless what it was wearing was armor.


“Thank you, Chum Brick,” Armor Lord said. “However, my sensors are detecting an impurity in the air. I will stay inside my environmentally-sealed suit for now. A cursory analysis suggests high level of pheromones in the air.”

“FAIR A MOANS? Brick asked.

“Pheromones are airborne aphrodisiacs,” Mind Lever said, still on top of Sparkera. “Great Varo, that is how I have boomed twice in one day!”

Armor Lord walked in front of Vaquel’s sitting body. A white beam of light scanned her body. “Chum Vaquel’s body naturally produces them from her sweat glands. Her own species would be subtly affected but their power is far more intense with Crail biology.”

“Huh,” Vaquel said. “I just thought it was my great tits.”

“I will begin a containment procedure and filter the air,” Armor Lord said. “Chum Vaquel will need to be sequestered from the rest of the Crail for the duration of her visit. I am sorry, Chum Vaquel, but it is for your own good.”

Vaquel tried to stand and failed. It felt like she had a crater between her legs. “That might be a good idea.”

“Chum Armor Lord, how long will our bodies be affected by her pheromones?” Sparkera asked. She was still on her back with Mind Lever between her legs.

“I estimate three battle cycles,” Armor Lord said.

“Hey husband, want to do a team-up with Mind Lever and invade my secret lair?” Sparkera asked. “If that is okay with you, Mind Lever?”

“I would be honored!” Mind Lever said.

Brick tapped his hard phallus. “I THINK I DO. WANT TO WATCH CHUM ARMOR LORD?”

“I will be happy to,” Armor Lord said.

“All right, Paladin Brigade!” Sparkera said.

“For Righteousness!” all four Crail shouted.

Vaquel decided that now would be a good time for a nap. She fell asleep to the sounds of a noisy threesome.

Mar 012023

Explorer’s Log: I am on day twelve of my thirty-three day journey to the star system designated “The Majestic Blast of the King’s Ejaculate” by Royal Astronomers. Today I will be using the black hole designated “Fury of the King” to perform a slingshot maneuver over a vast sector of empty space. I predict no trouble doing this dangerous maneuver. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I haven’t done this slingshot since the training programs at the Royal Navy Academy. To prepare, I re-read the materials we have on board and I almost wish I hadn’t. Time distortions, hallucinations, possible continuum fractures and reality bleeds are all possible, and that is everything goes right! King’s balls, I’ll be glad when this is over.

Vichard Ten double checked the calculations. The probe ship was running hot and there was a sheen of sweet on his dark brown face. He had shaved his head recently and he unconsciously ran his fingers over his smooth scalp as he looked at the numbers. The light blue material of his spacesuit clung to his muscular frame and the outline of his bulge.

Headbot hovered in front of Vichard’s open legs. The purple robot bit her bottom lip and stared at the tempting bulge. Electronic eyes looked up at Vichard.

“Master, you seem very stressed,” Heabot said in her sweet voice. “Wouldn’t a nice blowjob relax you? I have developed some new tongue techniques I think you would like.”

“No,” Vichard said.

Headbot whimpered.

Vichard smiled. He was stressed but he didn’t want to get distracted by a good face fucking. The next best thing was denying the needy robot and listening to her disappointment. The small ego boost soothed his thoughts of the ship shattering across time.

“Beginning approach vector,” the navigation computer said.

That was it. There was nothing left to do but ride it out. Vichard leaned back in his chair. There was a lump in the seat and the back leaned to the left. He had tried fixing it but the fault kept returning. He wished he could swap out the seat for a new one.

Headbot floated beside Vichard’s head. Holographic red hair shimmered around her head. “This is so exciting, Master! The odds of a rip in the space-time-“

“Hush,” Vichard said. Maybe he should whip his cock and out keep her mouth busy.

The probe ship jerked. The velocity counter on the navigation console jumped exponentially. Colors began to streak all around him.

“Fuck,” Vichard whispered.

Someone cried out behind him. He turned in his seat and saw himself. His double was jacking his cock and shooting a load onto a double of Headbot. The robot bobbed and weaved as she sought to catch all the come.

“We did that two years and eighty -wo days ago,” Headbot said.

The double looked at Vichard, his cock still spraying come. “What the fuck?” he shouted.

Before Vichard could answer, the double and his robot disappeared.

“Time displacement,” Vichard said.

There was a scream. Vichard jumped out of his chair. Where did it come from?

A wave of nausea came over Vichard. He doubled over and as he looked at the floor, he thought it looked strange. When the nausea passed, he stood back up and noticed the ship was inverted.

He was on the ceiling. Had gravity inversed itself? Not taking any chances, he activated the magnetic lock in his boots.

“Master! I am picking up strange new programs!” Headbot said. “I now know ninety three explicit songs about spankings!”

The ship began to vibrate. There was another scream. A dark man that might have been Vichard slid across the floor and vanished. Red and purple light streaked across the interior of the ship. A four legged equine creature appeared and vanished.

An avalanche of sound assaulted Vichard. He clamped his hands over her ears and dropped to his knees on the ceiling. The sound was unbearably loud and he thought his head would explode.

And then the sound was gone. There was a taste of something sweet in his mouth. Vichard opened his eyes and was glad to see the floor under him.

“Queen’s tit,” someone said in front of him.

Vichard looked up. On their knees was another person. She was dark brown and wearing a purple spacesuit that clung to her generous curves. Short pink hair clung to her head and reminded Vichard of his own before he had shaved it.

Vichard stared at her. Every other apparition had appeared and vanished so he wanted to enjoy looking at her while he could. Nipples pressed against her purple spacesuit and he wanted to reach out and pinch them. She had a cute mouth that was made for cock-sucking. He wondered what it would be like to pull on that pink hair.

The woman stared back at him. Her eyes stripped him as she looked him up and down. She licked her lips and rose to one knee.

“Mistress!” something said behind the woman. A purple chair rolled up beside her. “Be careful! This being might be dangerous to your perfect bottom!”

“Master!” Headbot said beside Vichard. “I fear this creature might be carnivorous and hungers for your sweet penis!”

“Did your chair just talk?” Vichard asked.

The woman nodded. “That’s Chairbot. He’s mostly harmless. What about your flying fuckface?”

“She’s Headbot,” Vichard said. “She is mostly harmless too. I’m surprised you two are still on my ship.”

The woman snorted. “You two are on my ship.”

“Actually, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “Scans are inconclusive and fluctuating, but I am currently detecting the presence of two ships at the same time.”

“That can’t be good,” Vichard said. He stood up to his full height. The woman did too, standing just a head shorter than him. He got distracted by the way her curves shifted inside her spacesuit.

“Actually, Master, I have a theory,” Headbot said. “I believe our ships are from two co-existing realities that are very similar to one another. You and this carnivore share similar genetic markers and are of the same species. I have also detected that the talking furniture shares enough characteristics with me to be considered a Yeth as well.”

“Let me guess,” the woman said. “Your ship is attempting a slingshot maneuver around a black hole.”

“Exactly,” Vichard said. “The similarity of our ships and passengers must have created a connection through the black hole. I bet as we get further away from the hole, we will bleed back into our own realities.”

“Or disintegrate across space as we fail to re-integrate,” the woman said.

“Ha!” Vichard laughed. He was thinking the same thing. “I have a feeling I’ll survive. I’ve meet time-travelers who say we meet up in my future.”

“Fuck, you’re right. I forgot about my own time-travelers. We have to have already survived this,” the woman said. “My name is Vaquel but the way.”

“Vichard,” he said. “And do you serve King Umaxander?”

“Queen Erishella here,” Vaquel said. “How much longer do you think we have in this co-existing ship?”

“A kilosecond, maybe more?” Vichard said.

Vaquel took a step closer and placed her hand on Vichard’s crotch. Her fingers grasped the outline of his erection perfectly. She smiled as she gently squeezed.

“So, we should start fucking right away, right?” Vaquel said.

“Fuck, yes,” Vichard said.

Vaquel smirked. She looked cocky and so damn Euphorian in her sexual confidence. Vichard felt a homesickness rise within him alongside the growing lust.

He grabbed the back of Vaquel’s head and sunk his fingers into that short pink hair. As he tightened his grip, Vaquel gasped. Her eyes glazed with ready submission.

Vichard kissed her. She opened her mouth to his and his tongue invaded her. He claimed her mouth and she gave it to him.

Vaquel held onto his bulge. The harder he kissed, the tighter her grip became. The thin material of his suit provided no protection as she chocked his cock.

The kissing continued. Their tongues danced and fought. He bit her bottom lip. She sucked on his tongue.

Vichard reached between them, his fingers skimming over her belt. It felt like the same technology he used. A press of a button and the purple material slid down from her shoulders to expose bare skin. A second later, both heavy brown breasts flopped free. Before the material could finish retracting into her belt, Vichard already had a plump tit in his hand.

“Gods of the Overmoon,” Vichard thought. The woman’s breast was a perfect combination of softness and weight. Her nipple was as hard as pressed carbon. He sunk his fingers into her breast and enjoyed the way she moaned into his mouth.

Vaquel held onto his cock. The grip was nice but the urge to dominate grew stronger. He broke the kiss and turned her head to the side so he can kiss her ear. As his tongue flickered over her lobe, Vaquel’s moans grew louder.

“Let go of my cock,” Vichard whispered. “You haven’t earned it yet.”

Vaquel gave a husky laugh. “Make me.”

Vichard almost moaned. He had missed Euphorian flirting more than he realized. His fingers found her nipple. Vaquel giggled with anticipation and then cried out as his fingers twisted her sensitive flesh.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel moaned. She let go of his cock.

He bit down on her ear. Vaquel cried out again. She grabbed him by the hips but she left his bulge alone.

Vichard let her ear slip free of his teeth. He pulled her head back until she was looking up at the ceiling. His other hand let go of her breast.

“You want me to fuck you, slut?” Vichard asked.

“Yes,” Vaquel said.

WHAP! Vichard brought his free hand up and slapped Vaquel’s breast.

She cried out and rose on her toes. That was pretty impressive in those boots. A lovely handprint colored her brown tit.

“Do you deserve this cock?” Vichard snapped. WHAP! WHAP! He struck both breasts this time.

“Yes!” Vaquel shouted. “I deserve your fucking cock!”

“Is your slutty cunt worth my cock?” Vichard demanded. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

Vaquel cried out from every slap. The smile on her face grew wider with each slap. She had almost forgotten the question.

“Yes!” Vaquel shouted. “My slutty cunt will fuck your Queen-damned brains out!”

WHAP! Vichard gave her a final slap and then let go of her hair. As Vaquel regained her balance, he pressed a button on his suit. The light blue material covering his legs receded into his belt. His thick rod popped free and stood at attention.

“Then prove it, slut,” Vichard said.

Vaquel growled. “Chairbot, initiate Pumping Tower Program #3.”

“Yes, Mistress!” the purple chair said.

Before Vichard could ask, Vaquel pushed hard on Vichard’s chest. He fell backward into the robot chair. Soft force fields softened his landing. As he sat in the chair, the force fields spread the cheeks of his ass.

Vichard laughed. “You’re going to make your robot do all the work.”

“No, your mouth will do some work too,” Vaquel said. She tapped a button and the rest of her purple spacesuit melted away. Smooth brown legs led to thick thighs which gave way to smooth brown pussy lips.

Vaquel jumped onto the arms of Chairbot. In an instant, Vichard had a close-up view of Vaquel’s sex. The lips were already glistening with her juices. Sharp nails grabbed the top of Vichard’s smooth head and pulled her to her cunt.

Vichard was happy to obey. He pressed his lips to Vaquel’s sex and groaned at the musky smell. His mouth opened and his tongue emerged to explore this delicious territory. It had been so long since he had Euphorian pussy that he had forgotten what it tasted like.

She tasted like sex.

Vaquel groaned. Her fingernails dug into Vichard’s scalp as she grinded against his face. She moved like a bed-slave, graceful and primal as she fucked his face.

Meanwhile, Vichard felt something press against his asshole. It was the frictionless tingle of a force field. He relaxed as the field extended upwards, stretching Vichard’s small hole and then expanding inward.

Vichard growled into Vaquel’s pussy. The anal stimulation was perfect. His cock responded with an aching hardness that begged for a woman’s touch. The little robot must get a lot of practice fucking Vaquel’s ass. He pictured her impaled on this chair and his cock pulsed faster.

“May I suck on one of your perfect breasts, Mistress?” Headbot said.

Vichard snorted into Vaquel’s pussy. His robot was calling Vaquel, Mistress? How easy his robot’s loyalty changed with the opportunity to put someone new in her mouth!

“You may,” Vaquel answered.

A moment later, Vaquel cried out. Sharp nails dug into Vichard’s head. Her cunt pressed hard against Vichard’s face and threatened to smother him.

Vichard chuckled. Headbot was good at what she did. The angle of his head allowed him to see Heabot’s floating head sucking on one of Vaquel’s plump breasts. There was a slight hum from the robot’s vibrating lips.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel moaned. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

She grinded harder into Vichard’s face. Wet pussy lips smeared across his nose and mouth. The woman fucked his face with no care for his comfort.

Vichard felt deeply homesick. He was also intensely aroused. His cock throbbed. The force field in his ass pulsed while the seat under his balls vibrated. It was tempting to grab his cock and jack it but he resisted. He was saving his seed for Vaquel’s cunt.

The face-grinding suddenly stopped. As Vaquel froze in place, Vichard aggressively licked her pussy. He felt the familiar clenching of her sex.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel screamed, coming on Vichard’s face.

Vichard kept licking.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel yelled. She started to pull away but Vichard grabbed her ass and held her to his face. His tongue swirled inside her.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried as she came again.

Vichard couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed Vaquel’s hips and pulled down. The post-orgasmic woman meekly complied. Headbot floated away from Vaquel’s breast, leaving a lovely set of teeth marks around her nipple. Chairbot lowered the arms of his chair to provide Vaquel with room to step down. The woman reached between her legs to guide his cock as she sat down on him.

The two of them cried out together as he filled her pussy. It was a perfect fit. They were made for one another. She clenched around him while he pulsed inside of her.

Vichard licked the pussy juices from his lips. Vaquel looked back at him with lust-glazed eyes. She was putty in his hands.

He slapped her ass. Vaquel cried out and her eyes regained focus.

“Fuck me,” Vichard commanded.

Vaquel nodded. She grabbed his shoulders and her hips began to move. Tight vaginal muscles held his cock as she grinded on his lap.

The force field in Vichard’s ass vibrated more intensely. The vibrating seat under his balls expanded to encompass his entire ass. As Vichard clenched, he could hear Chairbot moan excitedly under him.

“What should I do, Master?” Headbot asked.

“Oh, I’m your Master again?” Vichard remarked. “Just a moment ago, you were calling her Mistress.”

Vaquel groaned and continued to fuck Vichard.

“Please, Master,” Headbot begged. “I was only play-acting. Your cock is all I desire in my mouth.”

“Hmm,” Vichard said, relishing Headbot’s subservient flattery. “You may nibble on this slut’s neck. Her tits are mine.”

Vaquel bit her lip in a moaning smile.

“Thank you, Master!” Headbot said. She flew behind Vaquel and rained kissed on the back of Vaquel’s neck.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel moaned. She froze as she leaned back into the robot’s kisses.

Vichard growled and grabbed both of Vaquel’s tits. The squishy flesh was crushed in his grip. Vaquel cried out and her thighs trembled.

“Keep fucking me, slut,” Vichard commanded.

Vaquel resumed grinding. She held tightly onto his shoulders as her pussy wrenched his cock back and forth. Juices flowed from his unbelievable cunt and soaked his balls. She rocked back and forth with an almost manic need.

The force field in Vichard’s ass extended slightly. It was like a firing button had been pressed in his libido. Vichard could hold back no longer. He held onto tightly to Vaque;s abundant tits as his cock erupted inside her.

“Tribute to the King!” Vichard shouted. Every nerve in his body exploded in pleasure and pushed out through his cock.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel countered, her own pussy spasming around his ejaculating cock.

Headbot and Chairbot both cried out at the same time. Vichard thought it was strange and part of him suspected something, but he quickly lost the train of thought as Vaquel’s pussy milked the come from his cock. Moaning robots became the least of his concern.

He wanted more.

Vichard let go of Vaquel’s tits and grabbed her ass instead. Vaquel cried out as he leaned forward and rose from Chairbot’s seat. The force field retracted from Vichard’s asshole, leaving a wonderful void behind. Headbot flew away as Vichard picked Vaquel up with his cock still embedded inside her. He intended to carry her to the bunk nearby but lust overcame him and he lowered her gently to the ground instead.

“Yes,” Vaquel moaned. “Fuck me on the Queen-damned floor!”

Vichard grunted and settled on top of her. He wondered what it would be like to serve a Queen. Would she be as terrible and awe-inspiring as King Umaxander? He shuddered at the thought of her no-doubt perfect breasts. What would it be like to sink into a royal pussy?

Vaquel wrapped her legs around Vichard and he focused on the pussy around his cock. He braced himself and began to fuck. Simple, primal thrusts on a hard floor ploughed into the damp cunt before him.

“Yes,” Vaquel hissed. She pulled his face down to hers. Their lips met. He bit her tongue. She dug scratches into his back with her fingers. Pain and pleasure mixed between them in that delicious way that only a fellow Euphorian can give and receive.

Vichard fucked this beautiful brown woman into the floor. His cock claimed a cunt already filled with his seed. He invaded her mouth with his tongue as his hips pummeled her thighs.

The ship vibrated. Weird lights streaked at the corner of his vision. He heard voices, dozens and then hundreds of voices grunting and groaning in disappointment.

Vaquel’s heels dug into his ass. Her pussy clenched tighter. Desperate whimpers erupted from her lips and into his mouth.

Vichard’s hips accelerated. He pounded into Vaquel, trying to outrace their inevitable separation. As realities began to pull apart, Vichard fucked as hard as he could to keep them together.

She came first. Vaquel’s mouth moved but he couldn’t hear her cry. The beautiful woman became transparent.

But Vichard could still feel her pussy around his cock. There was another spasm and then his own orgasm broke from his body. Hot seed rushed from his cock and filled her fading grasp.

There was a blinding light and then a shudder that shook the entire probe ship. Vichard fell forward to land on the hard floor. A sticky mess was on the ground beneath him.

“Master, we are back in our own reality,” Headbot said.

Vichard rose up. There was a lot of come on the floor in front of him. He wondered if Vaquel had any of it inside her.

Loss filled his heart. He would never see her again. One day, he would return back to the planet of Euphoria, but she would be on her own version.

“Master, are you okay?” Headbot asked.

“Check our future flight plan,” Vichard said. “Do we do another slingshot with a black hole?”

“One moment,” Headbot said. “Yes, in four years time.”

Vichard smiled. It was unlikely that this strange coincidence across two realities would happen again, but there was still a chance. Next time, he would be inside her ass.

“Clean this mess up, Headbot,” Vichard said. “I have a report to file.”

“Yes, Master,” Headbot said. She dove down to the floor and opened her mouth.

Vichard stood up and rubbed his head. The scratches Vaquel had made were still there. However, the sadness was already fading. In fact, he felt refreshed in a way he hadn’t felt in a long time.

With a slight spring to his step, Vichard returned to the leaning chair at the navigation console.

Feb 062023

All of Vaquel Di’s stories from 2022 have been collected into one volume and is available for sale on Amazon. These eleven stories cover Vaquel’s encounters with the empty planets of a dead species, as well as the celibate Glister that exterminated the previous race. Vaquel spends a lot of time alone in this one with only her robot companion, chairbot, for company. She makes up for lost time when she encounters the Glister and gives them crash courses in sexual practices. This novel also resolves a dangling loose end form a few years ago that I am quite proud of.

More importantly, this volume collects the stories of 2022 without including the six month break I had to take between stories. Future readers of this book will have no idea I had to stop to move into a house or that writing about dead worlds right at the start of the Ukraine war was a bit too much for me to handle. Time erases most wounds, including anxious delays.

You can buy a copy here.

Feb 012023

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “The Queen’s Laughter from Her Enemy’s Misfortune” by Royal Astronomers. There are sixteen planets and half are gas giants. The third and the fourth planets support life, but the fourth planet shows no signs of intelligent life. The third planet is much further along with primitive artificial satellites.

Monitoring their communications is easy as they speak some version of Gadugi. It has revealed some curious qualities. They live in city-states and appear to be divided along geographical borders but I detect no military aggression between them. Maybe they are engaged in some sort of subtle economic war. Either way, they are unnaturally peaceful with each other without the presence of a central authority.

Clearly these people are being controlled somehow. I will endeavor to find out how. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: My scanners detect that one of the city-states is launching a manned vessel today. According to the broadcasts I have intercepted, this craft will attempt to orbit the planet for a week and then return to the surface. They are very excited about this pioneering effort. It will be cute to watch.

Vaquel Di stood in front of her mirror naked. One foot was on Chairbot’s seat with her leg spread to the side. The mirror reflected her smooth brown legs and the bright pink bush of her pubic hair. A hair trimmer was in one hand while the other hand idly stroked her pussy.

She was stalling. This bush of pink hair had been with her since she started her exploration mission some thirteen years ago. Oh, she had trimmed it and she had kept it from becoming a wild jungle, but she had always maintained a thick bush. A lot of alien fingers, mouths, cocks and other appendages that encountered this bush. It was like an old friend.

But still, Vaquel was in the mood for a change. The aliens on the planet below were furry creatures without a spot of bare skin. They had gorgeous furs and glorious manes, but after staring at so much hair on the communication channels, Vaquel was developing an appreciation for naked skin. She wasn’t going to touch the cute short pink hair on her head so depilation of her bush would have to do.

Vaquel brought the trimmer down on her crotch. Tufts of pink hair fell and were snatched away by a minitractor beam within the trimmer. It was never good to have hair floating around on a spaceship. Little by little, the pink bush disappeared and revealed the dark lips of her sex.

She thought about the alien rocket she saw earlier. The launch was quite spectacular. They were using liquid fuel and the flames it produced looked like a volcano erupting. Vaquel half-expected the rocket to explode at any moment but somehow the crude vehicle stayed intact. It eventually dropped their fuel tanks into the ocean and reached orbit, but they still had a distressing amount of fuel on board.

That had been a few hours ago. The novelty of rudimentary space travel soon wore off and Vaquel was restless. Self-grooming was one of the safer things an explorer can do while bored.

Another pass of the trimmer removed the last of the hairs around Vaquel’s sex.

“Hey there,” Vaquel said to her pussy. The lips were a little bigger than she remembered. There was a spot that might have been a scar. She wondered when she picked that up. All in all, it was a lovely pussy.

There was a band of pink hair above her pussy. Vaquel started to clear it away and then paused. The hair was so soft and fluffy; it would be a shame to lose it all. Vaquel used the trimmer to clear away most of it and left behind a tight little triangle. The remaining pink hair was a pretty adornment for her pussy. It almost looked like a hat.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said. “The alien rocket is experiencing a critical malfunction! Scanners are detecting multiple explosions.”

“That’s too bad,” Vaquel said. “You don’t need that much to re-enter an atmosphere.” She set the trimmer down and ran her fingers over her pussy. Damn, that was nice and smooth. She was tempted to play with herself right now but curiosity won out.

“Come on, let’s see if any of the poor bastards survived,” Vaquel said. She walked back to the front of the ship to the navigation console. Chairbot rolled behind her, already dedicating several monitors to the distressed rocket.

The rocket was in four pieces. A swarm of debris floated beside it. The debris accounted for forty percent of the ship’s original mass.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. “At least the poor fuckers died quick.”

“Negative, Mistress,” Chairbot reported. “There is still one life sign.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore again. “Where?”

One of the rocket fragments become highlighted. It was the onboard laboratory. The compartment was sealed but had no propulsion or navigation controls of any kind. It was a floating coffin.

“Any signals coming from the survivor?” Vaquel asked.

“Negative, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “No movement either. They might be unconscious.”

“Small mercy,” Vaquel thought. The explorer might asphyxiate before regaining consciousness. Then again, they might not. They might wake up just in time to suffocate. Space was a nasty bitch that way.

Vaquel thought of her travels. Other than Chairbot, she had been alone for a very long time. Dying was always a possibility and she had made peace with the idea of dying alone on some unknown planet. For some reason she couldn’t identify, she was having a harder time accepting some other explorer dying alone.

She punched in an intercept course for the debris field. As the ship shifted direction, Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. Shiny green fabric flowed from her belt and onto Vaquel’s skin. By the time she reached the airlock, she was nearly covered in the skintight material. She grabbed a glassteel helmet and secured it to her head.

“I don’t understand, Mistress,” Chairbot said, rolling behind her. “I thought you were forbidden from interfering with emerging space civilizations.”

That was true. Space travel was hard and some planets gave up reaching for the stars and were content to remain on the ground. Those planets were a lot easier for the Queen’s armies to conquer. For that reason, the Royal Navy had a strict rule about providing any sort of aid to beginner space travelers.

“The Royal Navy doesn’t need to know about this,” Vaquel said. “As far as they are concerned, there were no survivors.”

“Understood, Mistress,” Chairbot said. For a subservient robot, he was remarkably eager to aid in the disobeying of orders. Vaquel wondered if she should worry about that.

“Approaching the debris field, Mistress!” Chairbot announced.

Vaquel stepped into the airlock. As she the inner lock sealed, Vaquel slipped on the propulsion pack to her back. The other seal opened. Bright light filled the airlock as Vaquel looked out at the bright blue planet. The debris of the destroyed vessel floated in front of her.

She kicked out of the airlock and activated her pack. Gentle forces propelled Vaquel towards the remnants of the alien ship. The debris was small as the explosion had torn apart most of the components.

The laboratory was up ahead. Vaquel slowed her velocity and adjusted her angle to come along side the floating compartment. She was struck by how small the lab was. It was barely the size of her navigation console. Only the luck of internal explosions allowed the module to survive that explosion.

There was a hatch. Vaquel opened it and a cloud of air left and immediately froze. Vaquel pushed the cloud away and stepped inside.

The alien drifted. They wore a clunky white spacesuit that looked terribly awkward. A clear faceplate revealed a face covered in silver hair. The eyes were closed.

Bio scanner data appeared in side Vaquel’s glassteel helmet. The alien was unconscious and their oxygen levels were low. The suit they wore was intact but without power.

Vaquel grabbed the alien around the waist. They were small, just over a meter tall. She pulled the alien through the hatch and then kicked away from the lab. The propulsion pack activated and sent Vaquel on a rapid ascent back to her ship.

Kiloseconds later, Vaquel pulled the alien out of the airlock and into the habitation corridor of her ship. The alien was distressingly light in her arms. She set her down on the ground and pulled a sonic knife from her belt.

“Chairbot, get us out of orbit,” Vaquel commanded. “I don’t think their primitive tech can detect the ship but let’s not take any chances.”

“Right away, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

Vaquel started with the helmet. The sonic knife parted the metal clasps and separated fibers on the molecular level. There was a distressing lack of air escaping as the seal was broken.

The alien gasped and sat up. They weakly fumbled with their helmet. Vaquel pulled the helmet from their head and tossed it aside.

The alien shuddered. Silver hair around their mouth parted to reveal long rows of teeth. Deep green eyes the color of emeralds blinked but couldn’t’ focus. One of their hands pawed at their chest.

“Take this off,” the alien whispered in Gadugi. “Skin, can’t breathe.” The alien then closed her eyes and went limp.

Vaquel brought the knife to the alien’s chest. Making her best guess, Vaquel adjusted the length of the sonic blade and started cutting. The crude space suit began to part and Vaquel pulled at the thick material.

More of the alien’s body was revealed. It was covered in fine silver hair. The fur was barely a centimeter in length and the body it covered was lithe and muscular.

A black tunic covered the alien’s chest and crotch. Vaquel wasn’t sure if that needed to go too, and the alien wasn’t answering. She used the sonic blade to cut the tunic which almost sprang open on its own. Once Vaquel saw the large four fur-covered breasts, that the tunic was holding in, she had a better appreciation for the cloth’s resilience.

Vaquel pulled the rest of the tunic off the alien to reveal a furry cleft between her legs. Unlike the rest of her fur, the pubic area was a bright gold color. She wondered if it was natural or some sort of cosmetic decoration.

The alien groaned. The eyes were still closed. She reached out and her hand fell on Vaquel’s breast. Four short fingers latched on and squeezed.

“Nice,” the alien moaned.

Vaquel smirked. As the alien held onto her tit, Vaquel pulled her glassteel helmet off and set it aside. The bioscanner data rerouted to the wrist display. From what Vaquel could tell, the alien was suffering from oxygen deprivation, but her levels were steadily increasing. Perhaps it was causing cognitive impairment.

“Show me your fur, pretty fish,” the alien mumbled. “Come on . . .I’ll be good.”

Vaquel snorted. Yep, the alien was out of it. Still, Vaquel was curious how the alien would react to bare skin. More importantly, she wanted to see how those furry fingers felt on her breast.

She tapped a button on her belt and a seam split the chest of her spacesuit. Vaquel pulled on one side and her brown breast flopped out of the green material. She gently pulled the alien’s hand away from one breast and then pressed it to the exposed tit.

Furry fingers clenched and squeezed. The tiny hairs tickled at first but the softness of the fur was luxurious. The hand shifted, squeezing and releasing as it moved around the contours of her breast.

“No beast, no engine,” the alien babbled. The eyes were still closed but ridges formed in the fur above their head. Their lips opened and closed.

The alien cupped Vaquel’s tit and held onto it. She reached blindly with her other hand for Vaquel’s arm. Vaquel watched in amusement as the hand slid down her arm and found her wrist. The alien then guided Vaquel’s hand to one of her four breasts.

Vaquel squeezed the offered breast. The fur was soft but the mass underneath was softer. She pulled on the plump breast and the alien let out a loud moan.

“Ocean cheese,” the alien babbled.

Vaquel laughed and then moaned as a new sensation came from the alien’s fingers. Heat radiated from the furry digits, but it was a soothing heat like a warm breath. A finger pressed down on her nipple and Vaquel felt the heat radiate through her breast.

What was going on? She glanced at the bioscanner display on her wrist. Well, something was happening but the data was inconclusive. Could it be magnetic in nature?

Whatever it was, it felt wonderful. Warmth flowed from the alien’s hand and deep into Vaquel’s breast tissue. Every millimeter of her skin became sensitized. Her tit felt heavy and potent with heat.

Vaquel tapped another button on her belt and the green spacesuit retracted completely from her chest. She grabbed the other alien’s hand and placed it on her newly exposed tit. The alien’s fingers latched on with the same gentle strength and moments later, the warmth flowed from this hand as well.

“Ohh!” Vaquel moaned. It was like dipping her breasts in hot water. The energy suffused her large breasts and went deep into her chest. She could feel it flowing into her arms. It reminded her of getting drunk or experiencing a good dermal intoxicant.

“Justify express!” the alien moaned. They rolled their shoulders, pressing their own breast into Vaquel’s hand.

Were they expecting a similar exchange of energy? Vaquel had none to give but she could perform her own form of stimulation. She shifted her grip to carefully pinch the side of the alien’s breast.

“Banquet!” the alien moaned. Their hips lifted dramatically.

Vaquel assumed that was a positive statement. She pinched another plump bit of the alien’s breast and then another. She worked her way towards the alien’s tiny nipple, watching the alien shiver with each pinch. When her fingers squeezed the hard little nub of flesh, the alien whistled a wild scale of notes.

“Oh, you liked that?” Vaquel whispered.

The alien suddenly sat up. She opened her toothy mouth and went straight towards Vaquel’s breast. Vaquel was taken by surprise and barely had time to react as the alien’s wide mouth encircled her tit with teeth, That was a slight prick of fangs and Vaquel froze in place.

A tongue licked her nipple. Vaquel relaxed slightly, still aware of the far too many teeth around her breast. The tongue licked again, and then again, and then inexplicably, three tongues licked Vaquel’s breast.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel moaned. She leaned into the tongues, not caring about the pricks to her breast. Yes, there were definitely three tongues licking her. One licked her nipple while another licked the underside of her breast and a third licked the side. Each tongue was a flickering, rapid feather of licks.

Meanwhile, warmth continued to flow from the alien’s hands and into her breasts. Fingers clenched and relaxed as if she was milking Vaquel. Whatever the reason, the rhythmic groping felt wonderful.

The alien’s eyes were still closed. A glance at Vaquel’s wrist display revealed the alien’s brain was in an incomplete state of awareness. Their oxygen levels were still rising.

Vaquel wasn’t sure what to do. The alien’s mouth and hands felt great, but the alien wasn’t fully cognizant. She didn’t want to take advantage of the alien without consent or at least submission. The smart thing to do would be to stop this.

On the other hand, Vaquel wasn’t sure she could pull her breast from the alien’s toothy maw without some serious dermal damage.

The alien suddenly spread her legs. The golden hairs over her sex stiffened and vibrated. As Vaquel watched, the hairs flowed back and forth as if there was a breeze.

“That is definitely an invitation,” Vaquel whispered. She was sorely tempted.

The three tongues gave her nipple a triple lick. Tremors ran down Vaquel’s back. Her own hips began to move with urgent need.

And then the licking stopped. The alien’s eyes opened to reveal the deep green pools beginning to focus. The teeth released their grip and Vaquel’s wet breast slip from the alien’s mouth.

“Am I dead?” the alien whispered. “Are you a Courier?”

“Nope,” Vaquel said, not sure what a courier was. “You are very much alive.”

The alien was still holding onto Vaquel’s breast with their other hand. The warmth was still there. There was a pause and then the alien gasped.

“Are you a Foreigner?” they said. “From another planet?”

Vaquel didn’t answer right away. This was tricky. You tell a planet on the verge of space travel that there are other civilizations out there, and they tend to get very motivated to get their space program up and running. Saving this fellow explorer was one thing, but Vaquel wasn’t ready to jumpstart their technological progress.

“Your kind does not have the capability of understanding what I am,” Vaquel said. “One day, if you search deep within yourselves, you may align your mind to the proper frequencies of deeper understanding.”

“Banquet,” the alien whispered. They looked suitably awed.

Vaquel tried to look serene. It was hard with the warmth still filling her tit from the alien’s hand. Her pussy was soaking the crotch of her spacesuit. She hoped the alien was suitably confused by her meaningless speech.

The alien licked their lips with all three tongues. “What happens to me now?”

“I shall take you back to your planet, but somewhere far from any witnesses,” Vaquel said. “You must uh, not tell them what you have seen here. Their minds are not ready.”

“They are going to have questions about how I survived,” the alien said. She looked down at Vaquel’s tit in her hand. The gold her on her pubic area were still vibrating.

“But I will tell them I can’t remember,” the alien said. “And I will do as you say and search deep within myself. Maybe we will meet again when my mind is ready.”

Vaquel tried not to sigh with relief. “I am sure we will,” she lied.

“But I have one more question,” the alien said.

Vaquel tried not to stare at the alien’s vibrating pubic hair or think about the alien’s three tongues. “I will answer if I can.”

“Can we still fuck?” the alien asked.

“It is essential to your deeper understanding,” Vaquel said.

The alien lunged forward. Vaquel was taken by surprise as the smaller alien pushed her onto her back. The alien scrambled over Vaquel’s face until golden fur pressed against Vaquel’s lips.

Vaquel giggled into the alien’s sex. From submissive to aggressive in a blink of an eye! She opened her mouth and probed with her tongue.

The short golden hairs were warm to the touch. They also moved on their own, flattening to offer Vaquel the best access. Vaquel’s tongue tasted sweetness similar to honey and then the soft folds of intimate flesh.

“Banquet!” the alien moaned. Four-fingered hands clutched Vaquel’s short pink hair.

Vaquel took another lick and then another. She reached up and held onto the alien’s thighs, pulling the alien down harder onto her mouth. Honey flowed between her lips as she licked deeper and deeper.

“Oh!” the alien cried out. “Just one tongue? But your tongue is so thick!”

“I’ll show you what I can do with one tongue,” Vaquel moaned into the alien’s sex. She pushed her tongue deep into the alien’s narrow pussy. Slick walls gripped her tongue. Vaquel poked with her tongue, simulating the thrusts of an eager cock.

“Banquet!” the alien cried out again.

Heat flowed into Vaquel’s mouth. She worried that the heat might become too intense but the heat remained a pleasant sensation. Vaquel wondered if it the warmth was temperature related. It might be some sort of psychic phenomena instead of heat conduction. Whatever the source, it made Vaquel feel warm and snuggly from the inside out.

“Forgive me, I am being selfish,” the alien said.

Vaquel’s tongue was too busy thrusting to respond.

The alien leaned back. Her spine twisted at an alarming angle. Vaquel felt hands grip her thighs and then something nuzzled against the thin spacesuit covering her crotch.

Vaquel let go of the alien’s thigh and slapped her belt controls. It took her a moment to find the right button. The alien whistled when the green spacesuit finally melted away to reveal Vaquel’s bare pussy.

“No hair!” the alien whispered in awe.

Vaquel paused in her licking. Was this going to be a problem? Fuck, the first time she shave her pussy in years and she meets a species with possible trichophobia.

A finger pressed against Vaquel’s bare pussy lip. Vaquel kept licking the alien, hoping to soothe the cultural differences. Another finger touched Vaquel’s other lip and then both lips were spread open. Hot breath fell on Vaquel’s wet sex.

Vaquel whimpered. More heat filled her mouth and spread through her body. She was tempted to pull the alien’s head down to her pussy but she had to resist and let the being acclimate to Vaquel’s strange sex.

There was a lick on Vaquel’s inner lip. She trembled. There was another lick, and then there was three tongues on her pussy, followed by lips sealing themselves to Vaquel’s pussy.

The triple licking was incredible. Vaquel lost all self-control and her hips rose to grind against the alien’s mouth. The three tongues flicked inside her soaked sex, licking, and swiping at her clenching walls.

Vaquel writhed under the alien. Her tongue flailed inside the alien’s small pussy as warm sensations filled Vaquel’s body all the way to her toes. She could feel the walls of the alien’s sex spasm against her tongue.

The alien whistled inside Vaquel. The tongues didn’t stop licking. Vibrations from the alien’s lips vibrated against Vaquel.

The combination of strange sensations sent Vaquel’s body over the edge. She climaxed and the orgasm reacted strangely with the warmth inside her body. Multiple miniature orgasms exploded throughout Vaquel, especially around where the alien had groped her breasts.

“Glory to the Queen,” Vaquel whispered through clenched teeth. It was a weird sensation to feel an orgasm in her tits, but custom demanded that she thank her Queen for her pleasure.

Drifting on endorphins and bliss, it took Vaquel a full kilosecond to realize the alien had rolled off her body.

“That was incredible,” the alien said.

Vaquel could barely move. The warmth within her was gone and replaced with the force of a dozen afterglows. Her pussy felt numb. She should drop this alien back on their planet and submit herself to a full medical scan to see if her thighs will ever work again.

The alien pressed themselves against Vaquel’s side. A hand returned to Vaquel’s tit. Four fingers clenched as heat flowed into Vaquel’s tender flesh.

“Can we fuck again?” the alien asked.

“Yes,” Vaquel whispered and prayed she would survive.

Jan 112023

Explorer’s Log: I am on day twenty of my thirty-three day journey to the star system designated “The Queen’s Laughter from Her Enemy’s Misfortune” by Royal Astronomers. For the last six days I have been traveling through a nebula made of interesting gases. The scanners have detected some strange compounds and peculiar anomalies. I will be preparing a full report soon for the Royal Science Academy to study.

A curious side effect of the gases is that it has enabled me to establish contact with another ship on the far side of the nebula. It is an exploration vessel and like me, the vessel only has one crew member. Interference in the nebula prevents most forms of communication but we have been able to maintain a steady audio channel. He speaks a rough form of Sylfaen but I can understand him.

The alien is named Zinfiy and he is a member of the Gork Consortium, whatever that is. He is on a mission of prospecting worlds for future element extraction. From what he has described, his ship has a crew of drones that process minerals and turns them into fuel and ship improvements.

Our trajectories mean that we will never physically meet. Zinfiy’s ship came from sectors of space that I will never visit and they are headed to places I will never go. This presents a rare opportunity to gather intel on worlds, cultures and systems outside of my ship’s range. The fact that I will receive additional compensation and prizes for this accomplishment is a minor joy compared to the honor of extending Queen Erishella’s knowledge of the universe. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: It has twenty days since I got my brains fucked out by the Glister. The break has been good for my pussy but by the Queen, I wish Zinfiy was here to fuck right now. I have no idea what his species looks like but I would make it fucking work.

“That planet looked empty but at night, these terrible carnivores would crawl out of the canyons and eat anything they could. They were only a meter tall but there were hundreds of them. The little gummers were strong enough to rip apart my best security drones. If they weren’t so sensitive to the light from my flares, I wouldn’t have made it back to my ship.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel responded. “Swarm carnivores are the worse. All they want to do is eat you and not in a good way.”

Zinfiy’s laughter boomed from the speaker. His voice was already deep but became deeper when he laughed. The low pitch seemed to resonate inside Vaquel’s ribcage and vibrate all the way down to her pussy.

Vaquel’s naked body stirred on top of Chairbot. The loyal robot emitted a small vibration through his seat that felt nice against Vaquel’s round dark ass. She had one hand between her thighs, casually stroking that the thick pink bush of pubic hair that covered her sex.

The laughter continued. Vaquel’s other hand toyed with her nipple. She flicked the hard nub with her fingernail. Damn, she was horny. Maybe she should turn the conversation to something sexual and see if the alien would be up for some communicator sex?

“What about you?” Zinfiy asked. “Have you had any near-death escapes?”

“Quite a few,” Vaquel said. “They sort of start to blend into one another, you know?”

“I do,” Zinfiy says. “I can remember running though my ship’s airlock a dozen times but when it comes to remembering what chased me, a dozen bad memories crowd together.”

“Yes!” Vaquel said. “I have noticed that! I thought it was just me or maybe I was suffering from mental degradation.”

“I highly doubt your mental attributes are depreciating, Vak-el,” Zinfiy said. “You are one of the sharpest sentients I have talked to.”

There was a flutter in Vaquel’s stomach, followed quickly by another clench in her pussy. Damn, it was nice to have someone to talk to about these things. She could discuss these things with Chairbot but it wasn’t the same with the sycophantic robot. Hearing those kind words from a deep voice across the nebula was something different.

“I appreciate that, Zinfiy,” Vaquel said.

“We explorers tell it like we see it,” Zinfiy said. “Especially with associated minds.”

Vaquel wished their bodies were better associated. Or was he flirting? It was hard to tell. It appeared that Zinfiy never talked about sex. Was he shy, or was he part of a species that frowned on casual sex?

Fuck, all she had to do was flirt and find out. What was holding her back? She wasn’t normally this hesitant. What was her problem?

“Are you still there?” Zinfiy asked.

“Uh, yes,” Vaquel said. “Just, uh, recording a nebula scan into my logbook. The work never stops. Just like a single vibrator in a women’s dorm.”

Vaquel winced. Why the fuck did she say that? It was a common expression back on Euphoria but would Zinfiy be offended?

There was a pause from the speaker. Vaquel experienced a flash of dread that quickly broke as rolling laughter came from the speaker. The deep harmonics of the laugh vibrated through Vaquel’s body again and down to her pussy. Her shoulders relaxed from a tension she didn’t know she was carrying.

“You have a promiscuous mind, Vak-el,” Zinfiy said. “That might be my favorite part about you.”

Vaquel sat up in her chair. A smile bloomed across her face. Endorphins flooded her body and she wasn’t sure why.

“What else are we going to think about out here in space?” Vaquel said. There. She pushed a little.

“I hear that,” Zinfiy said. There was a wistful growl to his voice that made Vaquel’s toes curl.

Chairbot’s seat vibrations increased slightly. He was forbidden to speak while Zinfiy was on the line as Vaquel wanted to focus on the alien’s voice. The restriction said nothing about adjusting his vibrators to encourage Vaquel’s buttocks to clench a little more.

Squirming a little, Vaquel felt her courage grow.

“Especially on journeys like this,” Vaquel said, “when you go long days of nothing but ship maintenance and nebula scans. It is not unusual for me to masturbate two or three times a day just to give me something to look forward to.”

There was a rumbling sound from the speaker. It didn’t sound like the noise he made when he was laughing. Was it disapproval? Aliens were so hard to figure out.

Chairbot’s seat vibrations grew stronger. They centered near Vaquel’s pussy. It was just a gentle buzz but it enflamed Vaquel’s desire.

“Fuck it,” Vaquel thought. “Nothing ventured, nothing fucked.”.

“Does your species masturbate?” Vaquel said. Her heart pounded at saying something so bold. What the fuck was wrong with her? She never got this nervous flirting.

“I mean, do they self-stimulate their sexual organs?” she added, perhaps unnecessarily.

“Yes, it is accepted among my people, but often discouraged by project managers,” Zinfiy said. “On my own however, I have no problem indulging.”

“Oh good,” Vaquel said. “You can never tell with other cultures. My people, the Euphorians, thrive on sexual pleasure. We take and give our pleasure to each other as well as ourselves.”

“They sound . . . exciting,” Zinfiy said.

Had his voice grown deeper? Vaquel’s pulsing pussy thought so. What did it mean?

“Have you experienced sex with aliens?” Vaquel asked.

There was another pause. Instead of feeling dread like previously, Vaquel found herself growing more excited. She was eager to hear his response.

“The Consortium has strict rules against sexual relationships with other sentients,” Zinfiy said. “It is believed that sex will negatively influence potential client cultures.”

The dread returned and sat inside Vaquel’s stomach. Her smile faded instantly. Vaquel’s slutty pussy continued to flow despite the negative news.

“But six years out into space, I decide that some rules are not as important as others,” Zinfiy said. “My Satisfaction Drone broke down one year into the mission and what was I supposed to do? Fegard my own genitals?”

Vaquel relaxed. She didn’t know what fegard meant but she understood the sentiment. The dread melted away like an ice dildo inside a hot cunt.

“I think you have made the sensible choice,” Vaquel said. “Have you had much luck finding aliens to fegard you?”

There was another deep rumble from the speakers. Yes, I have. The last planet I was on was very friendly. Their society was very primitives but held hospitality in high regard. The local king gave me his consort and his daughter for my satisfaction. The daughter was a bit clumsy but the mother was very talented. She could have been a sexual relief professional back on my world.”

Vaquel slipped two fingers inside her pussy. The slick hole easily accepted her digit. She let out a moan that lingered in the air.

“Shall I tell you of another visit?” Zinfiy asked. There was a drumming sound that wasn’t there earlier.

“Yes, please,” Vaquel said.

“A few planets ago, I prospected a moon,” Zinfiy said. “The planet it orbited would send their criminals to the moon and exile them there. The prisoners would fight each other or un-alive themselves but I came across a female of the species that was very eager for company. She fergarded me within two kilo-seconds of meeting. We fucked so hard that I damaged my dorsal spine.”

“Ouch, was that bad?” Vaquel asked.

“Technically, yes,” Zinfiy said. “But it also meant I couldn’t move for three days and the prisoner took advantage of me. She used me like a sex drone constantly, stopping only for food and short naps. Best three days of my mission so far.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. “I could do with a horny prisoner right now. That sounds like bliss.”

The drumming sound was louder. It was a rhythmic triple beat. Vaquel couldn’t visualize what it signified.

“Tell me one of your adventures,Vak-el,” Zinfiy asked.

“The last planet I was on was a society of celibate clones,” Vaquel said.

“Great Xi!” Zinfiy said. “That sounds terrible.”

“They were,” Vaquel said. “Except due to some complications, their genetics were radically altered by their enemies to make them sexually desperate. They had a revolution and an eager desire to learn. I was happy to educate them personally.”

“An entire planet of sexual novices?” Zinfiy asked.

“Yes, and my holes feel like I trained every one of them,” Vaquel said. “I taught them to fuck, oral sex, a bit of anal and of course, masturbation.”

Another deep rumble came from the speakers. “I bet you would be good at that, Vak-el. I swear, you could make a man ghlop just by talking.”

Vaquel’s pussy clenched down hard around her fingers. “I accept your compliment, Zinfiy. Tell me, are you touching yourself right now?”

The drumming sound stopped. “Would you mind if I did?” he asked.

“I would be more offended if you weren’t,” Vaquel answered.

There was a deep laugh. Vaquel smiled and then shuddered as her pussy clenched tighter. The drumming sound resumed.

“Yes, I am touching myself,” Zinfiy said. “I wanted to the first decasecond we talked, Vak-el, but I didn’t wish to cause disgust.”

“I understand,” Vaquel said. “The first time we talked, I went straight to Chairbot and let him bring me to orgasm with his vibrating seat.”

“Goooood,” Zinfiy groaned in his deep voice. “Lords of Xi, I wish could have seen that.”

Vaquel laughed. “You don’t even know what I look like.”

“I know you are one of the most sensual beings I have ever encountered,” Zinfiy said. “I don’t think I want to know what you look like. Right now, I picture you looking like one of my species, with maybe slightly bigger koors than normal, and maybe pointed noses.”

“I think that is a clever way to go about it,” Vaquel said. “I will picture you looking like an Euphorian with maybe a really wide chest to hold that lovely voice of yours”

“Oh, you like my voice, do you, Vak-el?” Zinfiy said. The drumming sound intensified.

“It makes my pussy wetter than a water planet,” Vaquel said. She had three fingers inside her now.

“Your voice makes my scrotal sack turn green,” Zinfiy groaned.

“Queen’s tit, I wish you were here,” Vaquel whispered. “I want your mouth on my tits.

“I would be happy to do that,” Zinfiy groaned. “I would suck, lick and padihoc whatever you put in my mouth, including your nits. It would be my pleasure to chew your nits all shift long.”

Vaquel groaned and decided not to ask what ‘nits’ were. His mind was in the right place, even if his mouth was millions of miles away. She grabbed a plump breast and squeezed, picturing an alien mouth mauling her needy flesh.

She leaned back and Chairbot’s seat reclined. Extensions emerged from the seat for Vaquel rest her legs on. She brought her knees up and plunged four fingers in and out of her hairy sex.

“What would you like for me to do for you?” Vaquel asked.

“I want to grab your antennae and pull you down to fegard me.” Zinfiy answered

“Yes,” Vaquel hissed. She imagined it as oral sex but there was no telling. “Picture that in your mind. Imagine me fergarding the fuck out of you. I’m the best fegarder in the universe, did you know that?”

“No, but I am not surprised,” Zinfiy said. “If you don’t mind me saying, you sound like a fegarder.”

Vaquel laughed. “I don’t mind at all. I think it sounds sexy as fuck.”

“You are sexy as fuck,” Zinfiy said. “Lords of Xi, I would want to keep you fegarding me all day cycle long. I would have one of my drones record it all so I could watch it again later.”

“Oh fuck, yes,” Vaquel moaned.

The drumming sound continued. It was joined by the slick sounds of Vaquel’s finger-fucked pussy. There was the occasional interruption of a deep groan from Zinfiy and soft whimpers from Vaquel.

“I want your hands on my ass,” Vaquel groaned.

“Yes,” Zinfiy growled. “Two on you ass and one on your horn.”

Vaquel moaned. She imagined a horn on her head, being held and guided by a demanding lover. It was the first time she had ever been horn-envious.

“I want you to slide me onto your cock,” Vaquel. “I want you to fill me with your alien meat.”

“You mean interlock our genitals?” Zinfiy asked.

“Whatever it takes,” Vaquel said, pummeling her pussy with her hand like it had denied her an orgasm.

“Whatever it takes,” Zinfiy growled. “I would smash our genitals together so hard. The shockwaves of our bodies impacting would register as gas quakes in the nebula.”

“Fuck, yes!” Vaquel said. “Just like that. I like it hard, Zinfiy. It might hurt but that is okay. I would endure it for you.”

There was a sound like thunder. “Oh, keep talking like that, Vak-el.”

“I can’t help talking like this, Zinfiy,” Vaquel moaned. “I want you to use me. I don’t care what shape your cock is, I will take whatever you give me. I want to be your sexual relief professional. I want you to break me in half if that gives you pleasure. Just fucking abuse me like the willing slut I am.”

“Yes, I plan use you, you nasty drone,” Zinfiy growled. “I want to ghlop all over your ass like a lowly wage slave.”

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel groaned. Sensing her need, Chairbot’s seat projected a slender force field against Vaquel’s asshole. The frictionless field pushed right into her ass and filled her.

“Ghlop on my ass,” Vaquel groaned. She rammed her pussy with her hand as Chairbot penetrated her. The other hand pinched a hard nipple and twisted savagely.

“You want this meat surplus all over your ass?” Zinfiy rumbled. The triple drumming was as rapid as cosmic rays near a black hole.

“Yess,” Vaquel begged. “I need you to ghlop all over my big round ass! I am dying for your meat surplus! Give to me, please! I have been a good slut for you!”

Zinfiy roared. The speakers blasted a deep rumble that made Vaquel’s teeth ache. The roar continued, interrupted by small gasps, but the roaring kept going.

Chairbot’s anal force field pushed deeper into Vaquel’s ass. Tight pussy muscles clenched around her thrusting fingers. Vaquel imagined hot alien seed splattering on her brown buttocks.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out as she came.

The roar from the speaker dropped to a low rumble. The rapid drumming slowed to a steady beat with second intervals. Vaquel pulled her hand free of her sex with a squelching sound.

The force field remained inside Vaquel’s ass. She welcomed the slender presence. It anchored her body as she drifted on a haze of bliss.

“Lords of Xi, this is a lot of seed,” Zinfiy said.

“I wish I could taste it,” Vaquel said.

“I am still ejaculating if you want to come over and try it,” Zinfiy said.

“You are still coming?” Vaquel said. She clenched down on the anal force field with excitement.

“Oh yes,” Zinfiy said. “My kind usually ejaculate for a few kiloseconds. Doesn’t yours?”

“Fuck no,” Vaquel said. “In fact, most species only climax for a few seconds.”

There was the rumble of laughter. “That explains why so many aliens are so irritable.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. “If I was there, I would wrap my lips around your member and swallow it all down. I would stay on your meat until you were completely drained.”

“Well, I hope you would let me spare some to blast on your koors,” Zinfy said.

“Of course,” Vaquel said. She didn’t know what koors were, but she would let him shower her entire body until he found them.

The speaker turned silent. Vaquel sat up in the seat, wincing as the force field shifted inside her ass. She typed a command on the console and discovered the audio channel had been lost. They had finally moved out of range. It was doubtful they would ever meet again.

They didn’t get to say goodbye. That bothered Vaquel at first but then she realized something. There were no better goodbyes than an orgasm shared. She hoped Zinfiy felt the same way.

Vaquel sighed and leaned back in her chair. She imagined Zinfiy with a thick, still spurting cock. As she pictured seed raining down on her tits, her hand returned to her recovering pussy.

Zinfiy was a good lover. She was going to miss him although they never met. It was a good thing she recorded all of their transmissions.

Vaquel pressed a button.

“That planet looked empty but at night, these terrible carnivores would crawl out of the canyons and eat anything they could.”

Zinfiy’s voice continued his story. Vaquel moaned and leaned back in her chair. She rubbed her soaked pussy and let the deep voice of Zinfiy roll over her. Tremors ran through her penetrated ass while she shuddered.

She coaxed three more orgasms from her spent pussy before the transmission ended again.

Dec 282022

Explorer’s Log: This is day twelve of my visit to the star system designated “The Salivating Smell of the Queen’s Pussy,” by Royal Astronomers. The Glister continue to celebrate their new independence from the Code Givers and more importantly, their sexual awakening and rejection of their previous celibate ways. The orgies continue with no end in sight.

Of course, I continue to fulfill my duty as a representative of Queen Erishella. I have conducted seminars on the value of submission as well as tempering any urges to explore other planets until the Royal Navy can arrive and ‘guide’ them. As the first naked person they have ever seen, I have imprinted onto them as a sex symbol that they are eager to learn from. Lately they have taken to naming me ‘Fuck-Giver’ and I wear the title with pride.

Previously the Glister had used numerical designations as their names. Now the Glister are naming themselves and they have the imaginations of horny spacemen. I met a man named Best-Cock and a woman named Fuck-my-Ass. It has made for some confusing conversations.

Some enterprising Glister took enough time off from fucking to create a cancel signal for everyone’s holograms. As previously logged, every Glister is implanted with hologram projectors at birth to cover their bodies in bland white blocks. Glister never see a naked Glister, not even their own bodies. With the implants disabled, the Glister are finding their already voracious sexual appetites inflamed even further. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Queen’s tit, these Glister are fucking hot. They are a bit too slender, but their angular beauty has an enchanting appeal. Every one of these sex freaks have pouty lips just begging to be kissed. My jaw is sore from all the tongues I have wrestled.

The Glister pulled out of Vaquel’s pussy. She waited for the long cock to re-enter her but instead she felt an affectionate pat on her ass. The head of the cock brushed her thigh as the Glister moved away.

Vaquel Di looked over her shoulder. The male that had been fucking her had moved between the slender thighs of a nearby woman. Well, that was rude but Vaquel’s didn’t blame him. The Glister woman had the most alluring eyes.

“Someone will take his place,” Vaquel thought. The post-dinner orgy had been going for an hour and showed no signs of stopping.

Vaquel remained bent over a soft bench. Bite marks and hand prints covered her large brown buttocks. Her thighs were spread so people could see the damp pink bush of her pubic hair. She wiggled her hips from side to side and waited for the next cock, hand or mouth.

The sounds of fucking surrounded Vaquel. Cocks and cunts were stroked, licked, slapped and fucked. There was a lot of slapping. Vaquel had introduced that idea two days ago and it spread like a squirting pussy.

A dekasecond went by and then a hectosecond but no one took advantage of Vaquel’s position. No hands slapped her supple ass. No lips drank from her dripping sex. No cock, finger or blunt instrument entered her waiting pussy.

Vaquel stood up. The orgy continued around her. Pale Glister bodies, curiously devoid of hair, grinded, thrusted against and humped one another. Moans of ecstasy hummed before turning into cries of pleasure.

A soft sigh escaped Vaquel’s lips. She knew this would happen eventually. The novelty of Vaquel’s curvy brown body had been replaced with a fascination for the Glister’s own bodies. The appeal of the new had won once again.

What did surprise Vaquel was how relieved she felt. Twelve days of rampant fucking tested even Vaquel’s greedy pussy. She became aware of how sore and tender her body was and realized she needed a fucking break.

Maybe it was time to leave the Glister. Revolutions were terrible times. Starting fresh after overthrowing the old order requires hard choices about how to govern, who submits and who commands. Once people get a taste of freedom, they are willing to kill to maintain or change their status. In fact, once you have one revolution, you tended to have a dozen more until true leadership emerged.

It was one of the reasons that Vaquel’s home world had the same royal family for centuries. Change was damn scary. It was much safer to stick with one terrible tyrant than risk a parade of them.

Vaquel stepped softly out of the dining room as the orgy continued. The hallway was empty except for a couple fucking against a wall. Vaquel walked slowly down one hall after another, trying to remember where her guest quarters were. The building used to be an administration building of some kind and had been converted after the sexual revolution into a sort of public orgy center. The halls all looked alike and the Glister hadn’t reached the stage of personalizing interior decorations yet.

Four Glister approached from the opposite direction, two men and two women. Vaquel was amused to see that they were wearing the hard black plastic clothes from before the sexual revolution. Maybe they were exploring the kink of being clothed in a society where everyone had gone nude.

“Attention, Fuck-Giver,” one of the clothed Glister said. “My name is Moderation. We request your presence for a communal discussion.”

“Moderation?” Vaquel said. “Oh, I get it! You are all about moderating how much skin you show and taking charge of other’s enjoyment of you. That is an interesting approach.”

“Please, Fuck-Giver,” Moderation said. “We have been thinking of you all day.”

Vaquel licked her lips. Maybe the Glister weren’t ready to move on from her after all. She could squeeze in one more group sex activity before making her exit.

“I would be happy to discuss some things with you,” Vaquel said. “I like that you are wearing clothes but I have a few suggestions on how to make them more alluring. There is a thing called cleavage that I would like to explain. It will show off just enough of your tits to drive people wild but keeps some of it covered to enflame their imaginations.”

Moderation made a strange face. Her lips puckered and both eyes bulged. Vaquel didn’t have enough experience looking at Glister faces to know what that expression meant. She had just started seeing their faces today.

“I think this room will suit our purposes,” another Glister said, opening a door. Two of the Glister moved swiftly inside.

Vaquel followed them. There was a large circular table in the room and a bank of computers on one wall. A convenient hydration station was nearby.

“This will work,” Vaquel said. She went to the table and hoped onto the edge. The Glister stood in front of her as she spread her thick thighs.

“Shall we take turns or do all of you want to get on the table and make it shake?” Vaquel asked. “And what are your names? I might not remember them but I like what you guys come up with.”

“I am Restraint,” a male Glister said.

“I am Punishment,” the other woman said.

“I am Stinging Wrath,” the last male said.

“Whoa,” Vaquel said. “I guess all of you saw my seminar on domination. Those are evocative names.”

“Fuck-Giver,” Moderation said. “You have brought animal urges to our planet. The Code-Givers have fallen and the old ways are lost.”

“You are welcome,” Vaquel said. She idly stroked her pussy while receiving their compliments.

The Glister made the strange face again before continuing. “The Code taught us that animal urges led to destruction. In a lot of ways, this has been proven true. Workers are no longer happy with their assigned work tasks. Community housing assignments are being abandoned as people seek to live together. The careful moderation of our population will be put at risk as people create their own offspring instead of using the clone wombs.”

Vaquel paused in her stroking. Pregnancies were another reason to get off this planet. She didn’t know how their birth cycle worked and she had a feeling that the Glister didn’t either since they were all clones. The Glister were thankful for fucking but they might be less thankful after a carrying a child and going through labor.

Moderation had stopped speaking. Perhaps they were waiting for Vaquel to fully appreciate their gratitude and express something wise. A Fuck-Giver was always on duty.

“I am grateful to have played a part in your new world,” Vaquel said. “Now, who wants first taste of my pussy?”

There was a new expression on Moderation’s face. The sharp nose wiggled while her jaw began moving as it chewing on something. In fact, all four of the Glister were doing it.

“You have played your part,” Moderation said. “The old ways will never return, but perhaps a new Code can be written. This one we will write with the blood of the vile Fuck-Giver who ruined our world!”

The Glister reached into their sleeves and pulled out long knives. They held their knives up high and shouted, “With blood!”

“Wait, what?” Vaquel said.

Moderation charged forward and slammed her knife towards Vaquel’s crotch. Vaquel brought a foot up and kicked the Glister in the face. The woman went spinning off to the side.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. The second revolution was starting! Vaquel hopped off the table and reached for her laser pistol. It was gone, as well as the belt she wore that held all her devices. She had taken it off twelve or thirteen orgies ago and forgot to put it back on.

Stinging Wrath slashed his knife at Vaquel. The blade went high as Vaquel ducked underneath and pivoted towards him. She grabbed his wrist and brought his arm down on her shoulder. The long slender arm broke and he dropped his knife. Vaquel released his arm and the sobbing Stinging Wrath dropped to his knees.

Punishment lunged towards Vaquel with her knife. Vaquel turned just in time as the knife slipped past; the blade missing her hard nipple by centimeters. When the woman pulled her knife hand back, Vaquel punched her hard in the face.

The Glister stumbled back. The one named Restraint held back, his eyes studying Vaquel’s every move. He steadied Punishment and whispered something to her. The two Glister then separated and approached Vaquel from opposite angles.

Vaquel snatched the knife that Stinging Wrath had dropped. It was light despite the long length. She preferred a knife with a little more weight behind it but for that matter, what she really preferred was a rapid-fire laser weapon of some sort.

The two Glister came closer. Restraint was in front of Vaquel while Punishment was behind Vaquel. They were almost within a meter of her. They paused, perhaps waiting for a coordinated signal.

Vaquel didn’t give the Glister a chance to execute their plan. She rolled forward and rammed her knife into the Restraint’s crotch. As she expected, the Glister didn’t think much about protecting their genitals like most species. The knife slid into the thick plastic like a virgin cock into a willing mouth.

Restraint screamed. Vaquel pulled the knife out and threw the blade backhanded over her shoulder towards the woman. There was a wet sound as the knife buried itself in Punishment’s face.

Both Glister fell to the floor. Punishment was already dead and judging by the twitching of Restraint and the amount of blood he was spraying; he would be dead soon. The revolution was over before it started.

“You disgusting animal,” a woman said. It was Moderation. She was standing up and both eyes were bulging. There was a red mark on her cheek where Vaquel’s heel had connected with her face. Vaquel now understood the expression was one of fury.

“You guys fuck better than you murder,” Vaquel said.

The Glister pulled something from her waist. It was a primitive pistol. The damn things emitted a small pellet of metal but Vaquel had seen how dangerous they were. At this range, the Moderation couldn’t miss.

“We were hoping to carve you apart as a lesson to the animals but a bullet through the head is just as good a lesson,” the Glister said.

“You really should have started with the gun,” Vaquel said.

Moderation’s eyes bulged even further. She raised her pistol and took aim. Vaquel’s mind raced as she debated between rushing forward or diving for cover..


A crater appeared on the side of the Moderation’s head. She wavered and then her tall slender body collapsed. The gun clattered to the floor.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel shouted.

There was another Glister in the room. She was at the open door. Unlike the others, she was naked with small pointy breasts. Smoke rose from the gun she held.

“Who the fuck are you?” Vaquel asked.

The armed Glister pointed her gun at Vaquel. BANG!

Vaquel ducked to the side. A second later, another body hit the floor. It was the Glister with the broken arm. He had a gun in his hand and a hole in his head.

“They really should have started with the guns,” Vaquel whispered.

“Are you hurt, Fuck-Giver?” the Glister asked

“No, I’m good,” Vaquel said. “Thank you for the assistance. What is your name?”

“I have yet to give myself a name,” the Glister said. “These four have been lurking around for a few days but I have never seen them fuck,” the Glister said. “I thought it prudent to arm myself and see what they intended.”

“Smart move,” Vaquel said. “I thought the clothes were a fashion statement but I guess they were clinging to the old ways. Where did they get a gun? Where did you get one?”

“The armories are open,” the Glister said. “The Code prevented people from arming themselves but there are no restrictions now. Though, maybe there should be.”

“You got that right,” Vaquel said. “That was smart thinking on your part. Did you work in security?”

“No,” the Glister said. She stepped over a fallen body and walked towards Vaquel. “I worked in nutrient production.”

“Well, I highly suggest a career change because you-“

“Fuck-Giver,” the Glister interrupted. “I find my heart is racing and my pussy is clenching on its own. My nipples are harder than usual and I am feeling very aggressive. What is happening?”

“Oh, that’s natural,” Vaquel said. “You just got into a fight and you won. Surviving can be a wonderful turn on.”

“I see,” the Glister woman said. She stood in front of Vaquel and looked down on her. Both eyes were wide and rapidly blinking. “Then I request permission to dominate you.”

“Hey lady, you just saved my ass so sure,” Vaquel said. “I will happily give you permi-Mmmp!”

Vaquel’s words were cut off as the Glister savagely kissed her. The alien’s long tongue invaded Vaquel’s mouth and claimed it. Strong hands clamped onto Vaquel’s shoulder’s and held her in place.

A surge of wet heat flooded Vaquel’s pussy. She returned the kiss as best she could but the Glister devoured her mouth with a passion. The alien’s tongue was a conqueror; tasting and claiming every part of Vaquel’s gasping mouth.

“Damn, that seminar on domination I gave was really effective,” Vaquel thought.

The Glister grabbed Vaquel’s short curly hair and pulled her head back. The kiss was broken and Vaquel gasped. Hot lips pressed to Vaquel’s throat. Delicate teeth nipped at her skin before being lovingly licked by a long tongue. Bite by bite, the Glister’s mouth moved from Vaquel’s neck down to her shoulder.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. She was going weak in the knees. After days of orgies, it felt good to just be used by one person.

The Glister pushed Vaquel backwards, her mouth still on Vaquel’s shoulder. Vaquel stumbled backwards, her foot nearly slipping on someone’s blood. She did nearly trip over someone’s leg, but the Glister’s strong grip kept Vaquel on her feet. All the while, the Glister kept biting Vaquel’s neck.

The hard edge of the table pressed against Vaquel’s legs. The Glister released her bite and turned to Vaquel’s ear. “Get on the table,” she whispered.

Vaquel eagerly obeyed. She hopped back on the table and felt the wet spot she left from earlier. Her tits were now in the Glister’s face.

The Glister took a step back. She rubbed her pussy in a tight circle. Vaquel recognized the technique from one of her masturbation seminars.

“Hold your tits up for me,” the Glister commanded.

Vaquel nearly purred. The Glister were fast learners. She lifted her large brown breasts and held them up for the commanding woman.

“Spread your thighs.”

Vaquel’s thighs popped open like they were spring loaded.

The Glister stepped between Vaquel’s legs and dipped her head down. A soft kiss landed on one of Vaquel’s nipples, followed by a sharp bite. As Vaquel cried out, the nimble tongue flicked across her tender nub of flesh. Her thighs closed around the Glister.

Sharp nails pinched Vaquel’s other nipple. “Keep your thighs open,” the Glister commanded.

“Yes, Mistress,” Vaquel moaned. She spread her thighs again and the pinching stopped.

There was a pause in the licking. “What is that term; Mistress?”

“Uh, it is a title given to someone that is dominant,” Vaquel said.

“Hmmm,” the Glister said. She kissed Vaquel’s previously pinched nipple and then bit down.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried. Her thighs threatened to close again but she kept them open.

The bite relaxed and there was a flick of tongue on her tender nipple. It was followed by soft kisses that circumvented Vaquel’s large breast. At a random spot, teeth clamped down and bit again.

“Yesss,” Vaquel hissed. Her fingers tightened around her held breasts. A river of lust was flowing between her legs. She noticed that her toes were curled into a clench.

“I like that word,” the Glister murmured into Vaquel’s breast. “That shall be my name. When others ask what it means, I will show them forcefully.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Vaquel whispered.

There was another kiss, and then a bite followed by the fury of a flicking tongue. Around and round the Glister’s mouth went before switching to the other breast. The Glister teased and sampled Vaquel’s flesh at a slow leisurely pace all her own.

Vaquel’s body was trembling with need. It was so tempting to touch herself but she held back. She would control herself for this dominating woman. The dead bodies of her assassins reminded Vaquel of what she owed her.

An eternity of teasing passed. Or maybe it was only a kilosecond. Eventually, the Glister’s mouth reached the underside of Vaquel’s tit and then the alien dropped down to a squat in front of Vaquel. Her mouth hovered in front of Vaquel’s pussy. Hot breath kissed Vaquel’s damp bush but no tongue.

“Do you give your pussy to me, Fuck-Giver?” the Glister asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Vaquel said.

“Will you take it if all I do is bite and tease you?” she asked.

“Oh fuck, yes, Mistress,” Vaquel admitted.

“Do you want to come?” Mistress asked.

“Yes, please!”

Mistress placed her hands on Vaquel’s thighs and leaned forward. Hot breath gave way to kissing lips. Rapid licks opened Vaquel’s pussy and soft lips turned into a devouring mouth.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. She let go of her breasts and grabbed the Glister’s smooth head.

Sharp teeth bit down on Vaquel’s pussy lip. Vaquel screamed.

“Keep holding your tits,” Mistress commanded.

“Yes, Mistress! Sorry, Mistress!” Vaquel whimpered.

The hungry mouth resumed its meal. The rapid tongue tasted every millimeter of her inner walls. The sharp nose buried itself in Vaquel’s bush. Sloppy wet sounds came from Vaquel’s lap.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel babbled. She wanted to lean back to give Mistress more access but that would risk Mistress’ displeasure. Vaquel’s fingers tightened around her well-kissed and bitten breasts. Her thighs trembled against Mistress’s strong hands.

It was too much for Vaquel. She felt her climax approaching with the speed of a bullet. Part of her wanted to delay it to make this last longer but her body was powerless to resist.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted as she came.

Sharp teeth nipped her pussy again. “Glory to me,” Mistress growled.

A bolt of lust went straight to Vaquel’s pussy and she came again. “Glory to Mistress!”

The licking continued.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel moaned. The Glister wasn’t finished with her. Bliss flooded Vaquel’s body. Caught in euphoria, she began to babble.

“These won’t be the last revolutionaries,” she groaned. “Now that there is a power vacuum, someone somewhere will want to take charge. Oh fuck, that feels good! Some people will want the old ways and other people will want to cripple the system so no one will ever be in charge again. Both are just as bad. Oh yes, Mistress! I tell you who should be in charge should be you. The Glister are going to need a strong leader and you certainly have the right tongue, I mean touch. Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes, yes. You should dominate this whole damn planet. Get them between your legs and make them worship you like the Queen you are! Oh fuck, you’re making me come again. Glory to Mistress!”

The climax slammed into Vaquel. She clenched her eyes shut and rode the wave of pleasure. Her thighs quivered against Mistress’ strong hands.

Mistress stood back up. Her face was covered in Vaquel’s juices. There was a lazy smile on her face.

“You think I should assume command?” Mistress asked.

“Yes,” Vaquel said with ragged breath. “You already have two prime characteristics for leadership. One, a suspicious mind and two, the initiative to act on your suspicions. Well, three characteristics if you include your domination style.”

“And will you help me take command?” Mistress asked. Her hand went to Vaquel’s breast. Long fingers cupped a large tit.

“I can’t,” Vaquel said. “You must take command on your own or else your power will collapse when I leave. And I do have to leave. Probably soon too if these assassins are any indication.”

Mistress nodded. “Yes, I understand that. The Fuck-Giver must leave so that we can find our own way again.”

“I’m glad you understand,” Vaquel said.

Fingers closed around Vaquel’s nipple and pinched. As Vaquel gasped, Mistress leaned down and kissed Vaquel hard. Only when Vaquel’s breath was completely stolen did Mistress break the kiss.

“But you will not leave tonight,” Mistress whispered.

“No, I won’t,” Vaquel agreed.

Dec 142022

Explorer’s Log, Addendum: I am assisting the Glister in overthrowing their tyrannical masters, the Code Givers. As previously reported, the Glister have had their bodies radically altered by the device created by the species known as Dead Fuckers-One. They now possess highly active sex drives and the wiliness to use them. The lawmakers of this world have decided that it is best to kill the population with atomic fire and start over a new batch of clones. To prevent this, I am leading a mob of Glister into the sanctuary of the Code Givers to stop the countdown.

Now, I understand that the Royal Navy, and more importantly, our own beloved Queen Erishella, has a dim view on revolutions and the people who lead them but I think I am justified in helping the Glister out. In the brief time I have spent among their new and improved bodies, I have found them to be eager and very submissive lovers. I believe that with the Queen’s guidance, they can become valued members of her kingdom.

Besides, that all depends on whether we succeed or not. End Explorer’s Log, Addendum.

Vaquel Di looked down the corridor. Glister bodies lied broken on the floor. The holograms that covered their bodies were a flat gray color instead of the pristine white. Bright blood seeped out from their corpses.

Three large guns mounted above the far doors scanned from side to side. Their muzzles were still bright red from the rate of projectiles they had spat across the corridor. The weapons moved slowly but the proof of their accuracy was dead on the floor.

“Okay, that is a problem,” Vaquel said. She turned away from the corner and faced the assembled mob of Glister in front of her. Each of them had been implanted with holographic projectors at birth so that no one, not even themselves, could see their naked bodies. A hundred white holographic blocks fidgeted and stood at distracted attention. Over half of them were rubbing away at their crotches.

Although the holograms covered the Glister’s faces, she had no doubt that they were all staring at her. She was naked for one thing, and for another, she was damn sexy. The battle of the last hour coated her dark brown body in glistening sweat. Both nipples were rock hard on her heavy tits. The short pink hair on her head was as damp from sweat and her pink pubic bush was damp with desire. She was a vision of sexual desire to these beings.

That was because she was the only naked humanoid being any of these aliens had ever seen. She had put on her spacesuit when they first broke into the Code Givers’ tower, but she found that they didn’t really listen to her when she was clothed. When she resumed her naked appearance, she found that the horny aliens would do just about anything she told them to. That was going to be extra useful now.

“According to our map, the Code Givers are behind that final door,” Vaquel said. “The automated weapons guarding the door shredded our advance party but I learned a lot from their attack. The guns are accurate but a bit slow to track new targets. Our best tactic is to gather about ten of you Glister and arm you with rifles. Once armed, all of you rush down the hall while firing at the gun emplacements. A lot of you may die but I think the rest of you will be able to disable the guns before they kill you all. Actually, let’s make that twenty. We’re probably going to need twenty of you to be sure. Who wants to volunteer?”

The Glister murmured. No one was bravely rushing forward. In fact, a few of them stepped back further into the crowd.

“Look, I get it,” Vaquel said. “You just learned to fuck today and you don’t want to give up your lives just when life is starting to be worth living. I don’t blame you; I would feel the same way. The thing is, if no one does the brave thing and get themselves killed, then all of us are going to die. Well, you are going to die because I will just leave and get back on my ship.”

The Glister remained quiet. Some of them looked around to see if anyone was volunteering but they remained in their place. If anyone was feeling shame or remorse, the holograms prevented anyone from noticing.

The only sound heard was the sound of cocks and pussy being stroked under holographic cover.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. They had come so close and self-preservation was holding them back! She was almost proud of the selfish bastards.

“What would Queen Erishella do?” Vaquel thought to herself. She remembered the time she saw the Queen when Vaquel graduated from the Royal Navy Academy. The Queen was dressed in a skintight black Navy uniform, sparkling with jeweled medals. Panels of the uniform had been cut away to expose the Queen’s flawless skin. Both of her magnifcent breasts were completely bare. The Queen’s luscious black hair fell down her back in endless curls.

Vaquel was still haunted by the Queen’s full lips and the way they smiled as the cadets bowed before her. The Queen promised to kiss, lick and suck every explorer who returned from their twenty-year mission. During Vaquel’s darkest nights and hardest days, the only thing that kept her going was the thought of the Queen’s mouth between her thighs.

Inspiration tingled in Vaquel’s pussy. She knew exactly what would motivate these newly promiscuous Glister. In fact, she was a little embarrassed that she hadn’t thought of it sooner.

“Before you run down that corridor to your highly probable death, I will grant you a special honor,” Vaquel announced. “Each volunteer will have the honor of fucking my face first. That’s right, you can shove your cock into my mouth and pop your seed down my throat or onto my face. If you have a pussy, I will eat you out like a last meal. Either way, my face and mouth will be yours to use.

One of the Glister cried out. He had been masturbating during Vaquel’s speech and had climaxed. A few more Glister groaned as they achieved orgasm as well.

Vaquel dropped to her knees. She grabbed her heavy brown breasts and held them up. Licking her lips, she let her gaze linger on each Glister in the front row.

“Only the first twenty get to fuck my face,” Vaquel said. “No more volunteers will be accepted.”

Two Glister surged out of the crowd. The Glister had no concept of scarcity economics which made them highly susceptible to a limited offer. They nearly raced each other to Vaquel’s kneeling body.

“No need to rush,” Vaquel said. “All twenty volunteers will satisfy themselves with my mouth.”

Vaquel reached for their crotches. The holograms covered their genitals but there was no mistaking the warm hard touch of two erections. She aimed the longer of the two towards her mouth and leaned forward to take it in.

The hologram covering the cock tingled against Vaquel lips and tongue. Vaquel took half of it into her mouth before sealing her lips around it. Looking up at the hologram covering the Glister’s face, she sucked hard enough for her cheeks to cave in.

“Praise the Code!” the Glister cried out.

Vaquel pulled the Glister’s cock from her mouth with a loud ‘POP’. “Don’t praise the Code, praise me!”

Before the Glister could react, Vaquel turned her head and took the other Glister’s cock in her mouth. It was short and slender like a laser pistol barrel. She took it all between her lips and hummed gently around it.

“Praise Vaquel!” the Glister shouted.

The Glister grabbed the back of Vaquel’s head. His hips rocked back and forth as he fucked her mouth. As this was his first blowjob, he had no regard or concern for Vaquel’s comfort as he pumped her face.

Vaquel moaned around his thrusting cock. She opened her mouth and spit fell from her lips and onto her brown tits. Her other hand was tight around the second Glister’s cock, pumping it almost as fast as the first Glister was using her mouth.

Another Glister stepped forward from the crowd. A fourth and a fifth did as well. All three of them were stroking slender white holograms around their crotches.

The Glister fucking Vaquel’s face grunted. Hot seed filled Vaquel’s mouth and down her throat. He slowly released his grip on her head and pulled his twitching cock from her mouth. A final load shot from his member and landed on her face.

“Someone give this man a rifle!” Vaquel shouted. “You, go wait over there until we have twenty lucky volunteers.”

The Glister saluted her and stepped away. Vaquel’s head was roughly pulled to the cock of the Glister she was stroking. She opened her mouth just in time for their cock to slam its way down her throat.

Vaquel choked. Spit flew from her mouth and the crowd of Glister groaned. More volunteers stepped forward.

Strong hands pinned Vaquel’s head as the Glister fucked her face. There was no art to the Glister’s fucking; just pure need. Hard fingers twisted her short pink hair as the cock rammed harder into her mouth.

Vaquel reached her hands out. Her right hand found a hard cock and squeezed. The left hand was held by the wrist and guided to a moist cleft. Vaquel’s fingers sunk into the wet hole while her other hand pulled and tugged. All the while, her face was desperately fucked by hard cock.

Someone moved behind Vaquel. The head of a cock pressed against the side of her neck. She could feel them stroking themselves. Their other hand went to her shoulder, bracing themselves as they jacked off.

The Glister fucking Vaquel’s face pulled out. Both hands released her head and went to his cock. He pumped his cock with his hand and seed flew from the white hologram covering his member. Hot seed splattered against Vaquel’s face and open mouth.

There was a groan behind Vaquel. The Glister jacking off at her shoulder was about to come. These poor bastards were too new at sex to have any stamina. Vaquel quickly turned her head and stuck her tongue out. The Glister guided his cock to her lips and she sucked on the side of it like it was a wind instrument.

“Praise Vaquel!” the Glister shouted. Seed pumped from his cock and arced onto her breasts.

The Glister with a pussy stepped in front of Vaquel. The space explorer buried her face into a white hologram until she found the smooth wet slit with her lips. She reached around and grabbed a handful of ass while her tongue delved into the wet sex. Tight muscles clenched under Vaquel’s grip as a smooth mounded grinded against her face.

Vaquel used her tongue to spell Erishella’s name on the Glister’s pussy. When she reached the ‘s,’ a gush of fluid sprayed against Vaquel’s face. She licked her way to the first ‘l’ before the Glister pushed her head away.

Another hand guided Vaquel’s head to a hologram-covered cock. Vaquel barely had time to gasp for air before the long member entered her mouth. She closed her lips around it and snapped her head up and down along it’s length. The Glister happily let go of her head and moaned instead. Pussy juice and seed flew from Vaquel’s face as she fucked the cock with her mouth.

“Glory to Vaquel!” the Glister cried. He pulled his cock free of her mouth and pointed it down to her breasts. Vaquel lifted her tits and held them as the Glister pumped long strings of seed onto her tits.

“Glory to the Queen!” someone shouted to Vaquel’s right. She turned just in time to catch a load of seed across her face. Damn, she hadn’t even touched that one. The poor volunteer got off just from being near her. She smiled and as he pumped four more loads onto her face. When he looked to be nearly done, she took his cock in her mouth to swallow the final load.

“Twenty minutes until the missiles launch!” someone shouted.

“You heard them!” Vaquel shouted. “Keep the volunteers coming!”

A Glister nearly jumped onto Vaquel’s face. The white hologram tingled against Vaquel’s face as she went head first into their crotch. She followed a musky smell to a flowing mound of pussy juice. Her tongue fluttered against the damp slit while she slid two fingers inside the alien.

“Thank you!” the Glister shouted. Strong hands gripped Vaquel’s hair and pulled her harder against her bucking hips. For a species that has never fucked, her hips had amazing rhythm.

Hot seed splashed onto Vaquel’s back. Someone praised her. Vaquel kept licking and stroking as the seed dripped down her back.

“Vaquel!” the licked Glister shouted. Her crotch grinded hard against Vaquel’s and she feared for her nose. Three hard grinds later, the Glister released Vaquel and stepped back.

Three hologram-covered cocks loomed in front of Vaquel. There was no time to take a break. Vaquel took one into her mouth, bobbed her head three times and then moved to the one in the middle. This one she bobbed on for five times, rotating her head ever so slightly with each thrust. For the third one, she opened her mouth wide and stroked the cock while the tip rested against her stretched tongue.

“Praise Vaquel!” the Glister shouted, coming almost immediately. Thick alien seed shot into her mouth and hit the back of her throat.

The Glister in the middle grunted and pushed his cock towards Vaquel. She kept stroking the first cock and turned her head to accept the second. As the first Glister continued to shoot his load against the side of her face, Vaquel closed her lips around the middle Glister and sucked the seed straight form his cock.

“Praise Vaquel!” the Glister on the far left said. Seed shot from his cock and landed high on her hair. More seed splattered her from both sides as she sucked the middle cock dry.

How many was that? Vaquel wasn’t sure. She was drunk on come and pussy juice. Her own pussy was a waterfall between her legs. It was intoxicating being used so desperately by so many people. If this was what Queen Erishella experienced from ruling, Vaquel could understand why the royals fought so hard to stay in power.

A Glister stood in front of Vaquel and aimed his cock for her mouth. She leaned forward and felt the tingles of the hologram over her lips. The long cock pushed deep into her mouth and hit the back of her throat. He grabbed her ears and held her in place while he fucked her face.

Tears sprang to Vaquel’s eyes. This fucker was rough! Vaquel hoped he would survive the suicide charge so he could help teach the rest of the Glister about sadism. She whimpered happily as his thin cock battered her throat.

Someone got down behind Vaquel and reached around to grab a seed-covered tit. Strong hands mauled and groped her breast. The head of a cock rubbed against the small of her back.

More Glister gathered around her. They stroked hologram-covered cocks and obscured cunts. They all wanted a piece of Vaquel and her naked body.

It was exhilarating. Vaquel reached between her legs and rubbed furiously at her pussy. The Glister kept fucking her face. The hand at her tit squeezed and pulled her heavy flesh pillow. Hot seed flew from the air to land on her kneeling body.

Vaquel’s stamina was just as weak as the Glister. She came almost instantly and she came hard. Strangled moans came from her fucked mouth. She rose up on her knees and hot seed hit the back of her ass. She kept stroking through one orgasm and straight into a second.

The Glister fucking her face pulled out of her mouth. He held onto one ear while the other hand stroked his cock. The white hologram wavered from the force of his stroking.

Vaquel kept stroking her pussy. Her mouth hung open from bliss and exhaustion. She didn’t flinch as a thick load of seed splattered her nose, lips and cheeks.

“The doors are opening!” someone shouted. There were gasps and shouts of surprise. The crowd of Glister around Vaquel broke apart to look.

“What’s going on?” Vaquel asked. Started to rise from her kneeling position but her legs were shaky. The Glister holding onto her breast helped her up. When she was standing, the Glister rubbed his cock against her ass. She didn’t say anything since he helped her up.

Vaquel pushed her way to the corridor. A figure covered in red holograms walked down the corridor. The automated guns were pointing downwards in deactivation.

“It’s a Code Giver!” a Glister gasped.

“Has he come to destroy us?” another asked.

Someone fired at the Code Giver. The shot was wide but Vaquel admired the initiative.

“Don’t shoot!” the Code Giver shouted. “I have slain my fellow Code Givers and stopped the countdown. The missiles will never fire!”

The Glister cheered. Vaquel moved the front of the crowd and planted her hands on her hips. She hoped to appear intimidating but that was hard to do with seed dripping from her face, tits, and ass.

“Why did you do it?” Vaquel shouted. “How do we know this isn’t a trick?”

“We were watching your depravity on the cameras,” the Code Giver said. “We heard the speech you give and how you rewarded volunteers. My fellow Code Givers were disgusted and were willing to sacrifice our sanctuary to destroy your vile animal nature.”

“But you felt differently?” Vaquel said.

“Yes!” the Code Giver said. “I felt a strange stirring in my urine extractor. I want to shove it into your mouth! I want to feel what all of you are feeling! The other Code Givers felt the same way, I know they did, but they still wanted to destroy you. I couldn’t let that happen! I took my sacred Cleanser and I ended their miserable lives. I stopped the missile countdown! I don’t want to be a Code Giver any more. I just want to stick my urine extractor into your depraved animal mouth!”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. Was this the first time someone stopped a planet with a blowbang? It certainly felt like something that would have come up in history class.

“Well volunteers, it looks like no one else is dying today,” Vaquel said. “Thank you for your service!”

The Glister cheered. The volunteer Glister cheered louder. Some of them were still stroking their crotches.

Vaquel turned to the Code Giver. “Bring your cock over here. Since you surrendered, I might as well blow you. Any volunteers that didn’t get to come, I will let you stroke off and watch me.”:

There was another chorus of cheers. A crowd of Glister surged forward, more than Vaquel remembered volunteering. They quickly formed a circle around Vaquel and resumed masturbating.

The Code Giver stepped through the circle and stood in front of Vaquel. He was about a head taller than the other Glister, or at least his hologram was. He reached into the red hologram around his crotch and a long slender hologram emerged. Again, it was about twice as long as the other Glisters’ members.

“For a cloned species that doesn’t fuck, you certainly favored your leaders with physical superiority,” Vaquel remarked.

“The same three Code Givers templates have been cloned since ancient times,” the Code Giver said. “We have long wondered why the first Code Givers favored the larger appendages.”

“They wouldn’t be the first totalitarian assholes obsessed with their cock size,” Vaquel said.

She sank back down to her knees. Several of the Glister moaned around her. She reached up and took the Code Giver’s unnaturally long cock in her hands. Even her two hands weren’t enough to hold it all. She leaned forward and opened her mouth wide. A third of the slender member went between her lips.

“By the Code!” the Code Giver shouted.

“No! By Vaquel!” a Glister corrected.

The Code Giver was silent. The red hologram covered his face so his expression was impossible to read. The other Glister grew quiet, realizing that this was the first time a Glister had ever corrected a Code Giver.

The silence was broken by Vaquel’s slurping sounds. She orally attacked the hologram-covered cock with lips, tongue and throat. The slurping was interrupted by gagging, followed by more slurping.

“Praise Vaquel!” the Code Giver said breathlessly.

Vaquel giggled with the head of his cock in her mouth. She tugged harder on his member/ Relaxing her throat, she took more of the Code Giver inside her.

Glister groaned. They were enraptured by her naked body covered in their filth. Vaquel relished their adoration. Every groan she heard went from her ears down to her clenching pussy.

“Praise Vaquel!” someone shouted. Hot seed landed on Vaquel’s shoulder.

“Praise Vaquel!” more Glister shouted. Come hit her back. Another load of seed hit the side of her thigh. A third load landed on her neck.

“Praise Vaquel!” voices shouted. Glister pushed through the crowd to offer their tribute directly. Hot seed sprayed onto Vaquel’s back, her face, her tits and someone aimed for her bare ass.

Their offerings given; the Glister melted back into the crowd only to be placed by more ejaculating Glister.

The women Glister gave their own honors. They wiped pussy juice-covered fingers directly onto Vaquel’s skin. Their fingers lingered, sometimes caressing before moving away.

Vaquel’s body was buzzing with sensation but she kept her focus on the Code Giver’s cock. Stroking and sucking, she couldn’t stop thinking of how he murdered his fellow rulers just to have the chance to feel her mouth. It made her feel like the sexiest damn person on the planet.

The Code Giver shuddered. His cock trembled in Vaquel’s mouth. He grabbed her head with a giant hand and squeezed.

“Praise Vaquel!” the Code Giver shouted as he filled Vaquel’s mouth with seed.

Vaquel groaned and swallowed it all.

Nov 302022

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Salivating Smell of the Queen’s Pussy,” by Royal Astronomers. There are nine planets in this system and four of them are gas giants. The fourth world from the sun is the only one that is inhabited. Initial scans have confirmed that this is the home world of the celibate Glister.

It is a strange feeling to be orbiting their world. The Glister despise any sexual activity and murdered the species designated as Dead Fuckers-One just to prevent their promiscuity from infecting them. These are murderers on a genocidal scale and it makes me uneasy being so close to them.

Even more unsettling is that I have a ‘gift’ for the Glister that was designed. It was created by me when I was possessed by a lingering psychic remnant of Dead Fuckers-One. I am unable to determine what the machine does but the remnant worked in genetic engineering. It is probably some sort of plague. The instructions are to let it orbit the Glister’s world.

It is an interesting choice. As a Navy Explorer, my job is to catalog planets for future conquest by the Queen, not to deliver potential weapons of mass destruction. On the other tit, I am supposed to take advantage of situations in order to weaken a planet for potential conquest. I don’t know what this machine does, but it can’t be good for the Glister. I feel it is my duty to the Queen to launch this weapon. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: My explanation for launching the weapon was only partially true. The real reason I am launching the gift is because the Glister are murderous fucks that hate sex and obliterated every trace of a beautiful culture to satisfy their own sick needs. They have earned this.

Vaquel Di sat at the navigation console. The black fabric of her spacesuit stretched across her generous curves. A stern frown caused worry lines to form along her smooth brown skin. Short pink hair crowned her head.

The ‘gift’ was ready to go. It was loaded in the launch tube and should activate on its own. All she had to do was give the command.

Chairbot was unusually quiet beneath Vaquel. The perverted robot wasn’t running any of his vibration programs or scanning Vaquel’s butt. Even the ass-obsessed robot understood the magnitude of what was about to happen.

In front of Vaquel, a dozen monitors displayed scenes from around the planet. The feed came from the Glister’s own network. They had a rather robust surveillance system. She was surprised by how many cameras were dedicated to sleeping quarters. More surprising was where the transmission went. There were large monitors spread across the planet in public spaces. The Glister’s every movement was being watched by the public at large.

White shapes moved across the screens. Every Glister was implanted with multiple holographic projectors at birth. They never saw their own bodies, or the bodies of others. White blocks covered heads, torsos and limbs. Even their own genitals were a mystery to themselves.

“Fucking weirdoes,” Vaquel said out loud. “Activate launch tube three.”

A dark object rocketed away from the probe ship. Scanners tracked its movement. Just as predicted, the device entered a standard orbit around the planet. The ship detected an energy surge but of a type it did not recognize. According to the entity that possessed Vaquel, it would be another eight hours for results.

“Whatever that is,” Vaquel said out loud. She still didn’t know what the damn thing did. Would it incite cancers to grow within the Glister? Or maybe cripple their immune systems to make them vulnerable to their own germs? What if it impaired their senses to give them a taste of helplessness? Vaquel tried to imagine what sick doom a dead species might inflict on the authors of their destruction but Vaquel’s imagination couldn’t think of a scenario worthy of the crime.

“Fuck it,” Vaquel said. “I’m going to get some sleep. I have a feeling that whatever happens, it is going to keep me up for a while. Chairbot, wake me when eight hours have passed.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Chairbot said. He reclined the seat Vaquel was sitting on and extended the leg rests. The head rest molded itself to Vaquel’s head. He dimmed the lights on the probe ship and adjusted the nearest audio speaker to generate a soothing white.

Vaquel quickly fell asleep as the Glister moved closer to their doom.


“Mistress, wake up,” Chairbot said.

Vaquel opened her eyes. Chairbot’s seat and back returned her to a sitting position. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and reached for a hydration flask. As she swallowed fluids, her eyes focused on the monitors in front of her.

Chaos was on every screen. Glisters clawed at their bodies. Plastic clothing was being discarded and thrown from the holographic fields. People were screaming. Others were running their hands over their bodies in a panic.

“What is happening?” Vaquel said. “Are they infected with some painful virus?”

“I am not sure, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “Everyone began to react shortly after the eight-hour period.”

A Glister in an office pulled a piece of clothing away from their crotch. Their hologram-covered hand went to their crotch and the Glister stiffened. The Glister nearly doubled over and threw back their head in a very familiar manner.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said, finally understanding what she was seeing. “They’re touching themselves.”

Another screen centered on two of the Glister. They pressed their crotches into the corners of a triangular table. Together, they humped the table from different corners. The holograms obscured their bodies but their motions were frantic and reeked of desperation.

A third screen showed a gathering of Glisters. They were spread out across a wide series of black marble steps. An ominous tower rose behind them, reeking of authority and judgment. The Glister were on their knees, touching themselves while also screaming at the tower.

The holograms prevented Vaquel from seeing any faces but she could read body language. These people were in a state of despair. Some resisted the urge to touch themselves but not many. They were looking for answers from the tower but the doors stayed close.

“That mad crazy fucker,” Vaquel whispered. She should have known. Dead Fuckers-One were not a violent people. They fucked and they made things to fuck. They responded to genocide with more fucking. Instead of killing the Glister, the remnant had done something to their bodies to make them extremely horny.

The device must have rewritten their genetic codes. Did they increase their hormones? Or maybe it was an enhancement to their erogenous zones. Even a slight increase in genital sensitivity might be enough to drive a prudish species mad. Whatever it was, Glister were going through a forced sexual revolution.

Vaquel couldn’t imagine what that must be like. She felt a twinge of something she didn’t expect to feel for the Glister. It was sympathy.

“Chairbot, plot a course down to the location of this black tower,” Vaquel said.

“Mistress? Are you going down there? It will be dangerous! The Glister have spent their entire lives repressing their feelings for their entire lives. They don’t know how to process the arousal they are feeling!”

“I know,” Vaquel said. “They need a teacher.”

A deca-minute later, the probe ship penetrated the cloud cover to emerge over the mass gathering Vaquel had seen earlier. The crowd had swollen to thousands of Glisters. They all looked at the sky as the phallic probe ship headed for them. The ship’s resemblance to the Glister’s own nuclear missiles caused a panic but strangely, few of them tried to flee.

“Poor assholes would rather get destroyed than have to deal with their tingling crotches,” Vaquel observed.

The probe ship decelerated and moved to a hovering position just a meter above the top of the black marble steps. The large tower loomed behind the ship. The Glister watched in a shocked silence as an airlock opened. Seconds dragged by until Vaquel stepped out and jumped down.

Vaquel was naked except for a belt around her waist that carried her laser pistol. A small wristband held her communicator and but no one was looking at her hand. They were staring at her dark brown skin and the giant tits that jiggled as she jumped down. Knowing their curiosity, Vaquel took a place at the top of the stairs where everyone could see her. Hands on her hips and her legs slightly apart, she gave them a chance to examine her.

The Glister stared at her nude brown body. They struggled to comprehend the dimples on her cheeks, or the sensuous lips that smiled at them. The short pink hair on the top of her head filled some Glister with envy and other Glister with lust.

The rest of her body was equally incomprehensible. They drank in the sight of her heavy breasts topped with dark brown nipples. Whispers broke out about the patch of pink pubic hair that covered her sex. Other Glister stared at Vaquel’s thick thighs and wondered why their stomachs were fluttering.

“Listen up,” Vaquel said in Sim Sun. Her voice was projected by the communicator in her belt so that that everyone could hear. “My name is Vaquel Di and I come from the planet Euphoria. You killed your neighbors with nuclear weapons and mass genocide. Well today, your neighbors decided to give you something back. They gave you sex drives.”

Wails of despair broke out from the Glister. “Take it back!” some shouted.

“Calm down!” Vaquel shouted. “This is a good thing! You are a miserable unhappy species and you don’t have to be. Give me a few minutes, and I can show you how you can be happy for once!”

The wails dimmed to a low murmur. The Glister were listening.

“First lesson!” Vaquel shouted. She reached down and spread her pussy lips. “Your whole body is an erogenous zone but we are going to start with the good shit! This is a pussy. Some of you have one. If you do, then I want you to reach down and touch it. Be gentle with it! If you touch it just right, then you will produce lubrication. This is good! Experiment a little to see what you like best. Everyone is going to react a little different so figure out what works best for you!”

Many of the Glister reached for their crotches. There were scattered groans of disappointment through the crowd but they were soon drowned out by sighs of pleasure. The holograms obscured what they were doing exactly, but Vaquel could tell by the shimmering white blocks that some Glister had made remarkable progress in their journey of self-stimulation.

“Right now, you are using your fingers,” Vaquel said, “but there is a lot you could do with a pussy. You could slide something inside you. You could press something that vibrates to your pussy. Some sentients like to rub another pussy against their pussy. My favorite is to put someone’s mouth against a pussy and have them lick you.”

Shocked gasps echoed through the crowd.

“But I don’t have a pussy!” someone shouted. “I just have this tube thing!”

“That’s okay!” Vaquel shouted back. “That’s called a cock! If you have one, I want you to grab it right now. You still need to be gentle but you’ll figure out how much you can take. It might help if you use a little lubrication like spit. Hold your cock in your hand and slide your hand back and forth.

Hundreds of Glister obeyed Vaquel’s instructions. Loud moans rumbled from the crowd. White holographic blocks wobbled and vibrated.

“Stop!” a voice shouted out from the crowd. A Glister pushed his way to where Vaquel was. “Listen to me! This is wrong! The Code Givers told us to resist our foul urges! We must obey the Codes!”

There was hesitation in the crowd, but not much. Most of the people continued to masturbate. All of them were listening.

“The Code sucks, and not in a good way,” Vaquel said. “We’ll cover that bit later. Billions of sentients obey their sex drives. All of them, well, most of them live happy lives. They fuck and they fucking enjoy it. Grab your cock or pet your pussy and tell me you don’t want to be happy too!”

“She’s right!” someone shouted. “I’m tired to taking eight cold showers a day! I love how my pussy feels right now!”

“I love my cock!” someone else shouted.

“I love my pussy!” a few hundred Glister shouted.

“I love my cock!” a few hundred Glister answered.

“That’s great!” Vaquel shouted. “Good to have a healthy attitude about your genitals! What about you, Code Sucker? What do you have between your legs?”

The Glister stood still for a moment. The damn holograms made it impossible to read their expression. A large white holographic box formed around it’s crotch. “I am equipped with a cock.”

“Good, now everyone watch!” Vaquel said. “I’m going to show you how nice touching someone else is.”

Vaquel. walked closer to the dissident Glister and reached for his arm. The Glister offered no resistance as she pulled his hand to one of her tits. The holographic white block covered his fingers but she used her own hand to palm his grasp to her breast.

“Ohhh!” the groping Glister cried out.

“What is it like?” people shouted from the crowd.

“It is so soft!” the Glister answered. “But there is a hard part, like a little button or protein nugget.”

“That’s my nipple,” Vaquel said. “According to my scans, you all should have two. Some of your chests will be flat while others will have round squishy parts like mine. Check yourself out now. Better yet, check the chest of someone next to you.”

White holograms blended together as people began to touch each other. Shouts of delight came from the assembled mass. Some Glister groped a different Glister in each hand. A few Glister discovered they were blessed with sensitive breasts and were happy to grope themselves.

Vaquel’s Glister was using both hands on her. He sank his fingers into her plain flesh while whispering moans of awe. Fingers roamed her flesh, jiggling, lifting and squeezing her abundant tits.

“Even better than touching flesh is kissing it with your mouth!” Vaquel shouted.

There was confused murmurs from the crowd.

“What is kissing?” the Glister groping Vaquel asked.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. “It is when you press your mouth to someone, or a part of someone, and you open your lips. You use your tongue to lick, and maybe your teeth to bite flesh.”

There was a scream from deep in the crowd.

“Gently bite!” Vaquel shouted. “Okay, let’s not use our teeth today. That is an advanced lesson. Just use your tongue and lips.”

Glisters pressed closer to together. The damn holograms made it hard to tell what was touching what but Vaquel could tell that most of the Glister were taking turns exploring breasts and chests with their mouths.

That included the Glister holding Vaquel’s tits. He leaned down and the white holographic block around his head encompassed her breast. There was a slight tingle from the hologram touching her skin followed by warm breath on her nipple. A shy tongue gently pressed against her sensitive nub.

“Ohh,” Vaquel moaned. “Okay, now trying licking. Up and down, slowly.”

The Glister obeyed her suggestion perfectly. Perhaps a species that spent a lifetime denying itself made for obedient submissives. The slow licking caused her pussy to clench in jealousy.

“Where were we?” Vaquel said, losing her train of thought. “Oh yeah, you can also kiss each other by touching your mouths together. While your mouths are busy, you can use your hands to explore each other’s bodies. Which come to think of it, is pretty handy considering your damn holograms hide your goods.”

The Glister immediately paired off to try out Vaquel’s suggestion. The holograms covered everyone’s merging faces but the loud sounds of hungry kissing echoed through the crowd. Some ambitious Glister formed into triangles and circles of eager mouths.

Vaquel’s Glister stood to his full height and stepped in front of Vaquel. He leaned timidly forward, his white holographic body looming before her. Vaquel grabbed his face, feeling angled cheeks and high ears. She pulled him for a kiss as the Glister gasped.

He tasted like raw protein powder and sweat but Vaquel kept kissing him. Clearly, personal hygiene needed a lot of improvement on this planet. She opened his lips with her mouth and then searched for his tongue with hers. His timid tongue was stiff at first but when Vaquel gripped his cock with her hand, his mouth melted into hers.

The Glister recovered quickly. A long arm reached around her to cup a buttock. Another hand went to her breast and stayed there. He pulled her to him, kissing harder and harder as a lifetime of repression broke within him.

Vaquel moaned. Fuck taking it slow. She gently but firmly broke the kiss and pushed him back.

“Listen up!” Vaquel shouted, a little breathless. “New lesson! All this touching and kissing is what we call foreplay. Now it is time to get to the really good stuff! One of the best things you can put inside a pussy is a cock! Another good thing to have on your pussy is someone’s mouth! The same goes for cocks in that you can put them in someone’s mouth! There are other combinations but you can figure it out! The fleshy bit goes inside the grippy bit! Find yourself a partner and try some of them out!”

The Glister shuffled awkwardly. A few of the Glister tried to copulate from a standing position face to face. Others pressed their crotches to other Glister in the hope of penetration occurring automatically. No one knew what to do.

“Okay, forget that!” Vaquel yelled. “Glister with a pussy, do like I do!”

Vaquel bent over, facing the crowd. Moans rose from the assembled crowd as her breasts hung down in front of her. She spread her legs apart to form an upside down ‘V’.

Many of the Glister copied Vaquel’s position.

Vaquel pointed at the Glister beside her. “You, get behind me. Aim your cock for my pussy. Those of you with cocks, get behind someone with a pussy!”

The nearby Glister took a spot behind Vaquel. In front of her, hundreds of Glister took their places behind the bent over Glister. There was some shuffling as they paired up with corresponding genitals.

Vaquel reached between her legs. She took hold of the Glister’s cock. “Now everyone, work with your partner to get that cock inside that pussy. Take your time and get it right!”

The Glister behind Vaquel pushed forward. She guided his slender cock to her sex. The slender cock slipped deep inside her wet pussy.

Vaquel groaned. It was joined by other groans from the crowd. There were a few at first, but the groans grew louder and louder as more Glister succeeded in penetration.

“Okay, now that you are inside someone, or someone is inside you, start moving back and forth,” Vaquel instructed. “Lubricated friction creates stimulation!”

The Glister inside Vaquel attempted a small hip motion. The gentle thrusting was almost cute. Vaquel reached back and guided the Glister’s hands to her hips for better stability. He slowly began to pick up speed.

Hundreds of Glisters copied Vaquel and her Glister. Hologram-covered bodies rocked back and forth. Moans filled the air as the Glister celebrated their pleasure.

Vaquel braced herself as her Glister increased his pace. He was a fast learner. His slender cock rammed her sex with a virgin’s impatience. Vaquel sighed as her long-neglected pussy was finally getting the fucking it deserved.

But still, some of the Glister still needed her help. Dotted among the mass fucking, some pairs were clearly struggling. Vaquel shouted more instructions.

“If the pussy goes dry, or things go soft, engage in more manual or oral stimulation before returning to penetration!”

“You might also not like cock or pussy! It is okay if you rather put your genitals in someone’s mouth! If you have lubrication, you can even try someone’s asshole!”

“You also don’t have to fuck someone with different genitals! Try rubbing a pussy against a pussy! Or having someone with a cock play with your cock!”

The groans grew louder. Pairs broke up and new pairs formed. Vaquel noted with pride that even some of couples were discovering new positions to fuck.

A scream broke through the moans. It was joined by another scream.

“My cock expelled something!” someone shouted.

“Something made my body shake! What is happening?”

“It feels like my cock just exploded!”

“Those are orgasms!” Vaquel shouted. “You want those! Don’t be afraid! They are the natural results of sexual stimulation! You might need to take a break after an orgasm to recover!”

The Glister inside Vaquel shouted. His fingers dug into the flesh of her hips. A gush of hot seed filled Vaquel’s pussy.

“Fuck, yes,” Vaquel whispered. She reached for her pussy and rubbed furiously at her clitoris. As the Glister’s cock ejaculated inside her, Vaquel rubbed herself to orgasm.

“Glory to the Queen!” she cried as thousands of Glister watched her climax.

“Oh, oh, oh!” the Glister inside Vaquel said. He pulled his sensitive cock from her clenching pussy. Another load of seed shot forth and landed on her ass.

“Take five,” Vaquel said to the trembling Glister. She stood up and surveyed the crowd. The white holograms covered their bodies but they couldn’t hide the writhing, pumping, thrusting motion of the Glister. A lot of the pairs had transformed into threesomes and foursomes.

“You Glister are fast learners,” Vaquel said. “Still, I got a lot to teach you. We should really cover birth control at some point, as well as consent. Fuck, I can’t wait to teach you all about spanking.”

A loud siren blasted from behind Vaquel. She turned around to face the black tower. A large monitor activated and showed a Glister covered in bright red holograms.

The crowd howled in terror. “The Code Givers!” they shouted. Most of the them stopped their fucking to stand and face the monitor. Vaquel was proud to see that a small percentage were still fucking.

“You have failed the Code!” one of the red Glister said. Their voice was broadcasted all across the city. “Rampant animal behavior has been detected! The Armor of Denial and Discipline has been shattered! You have embraced the Animal urges and turned your backs to the Code!”

“Damn right, they did!” Vaquel shouted back. Many of the Glister flinched at Vaquel’s defiance.

“We, the Code Givers, have declared the Glister unworthy of the Code,” the red Glister continued. “We will cleanse the planet of your foulness. All living Glister except for the Code Givers will be slain. Their remains will NOT return to the Womb Tanks. They shall be incinerated and a new, chaste, generation will be born to replace you.”

Wails rose from the crowd.

“We have begun the countdown,” the Code Giver continued. “In two hours, the missiles will be launched. If you resist your animal urges and rededicate yourselves to the Code, we will stop the countdown and spare your unworthy lives. Your punishments will be legendary but you will be cleansed of your animal urges. Use your time wisely.”

The transmission ended. Numbers appeared on every monitor and began counting down. The seconds ticked by awfully fast.

Vaquel’s communicator buzzed. “Mistress!” Chairbot said. “That message was broadcasted all over the world! Please return to the ship so we can evacuate before your perfect ass is harmed!”

“Hold your chassis,” Vaquel said. “If the Code Givers can cancel the countdown that means there is still a way to do if from their headquarters.”

Vaquel turned to the Glister that had been fucking her. “You, where the fuck do the Code Givers live?”

The Glister pointed at the large black tower looming over them.

“That’s convenient,” Vaquel said. She turned back to the crowd and shouted for their attention.

“Have you enjoyed copulating so far?” she yelled.

“Yes!” the crowd cheered back.

“Good!” Vaquel shouted. “Every being deserves to fuck but your Code Givers think otherwise! They are willing to kill you to stop you from fucking! Is that fair?”

The crowd murmured. A lifetime of oppression was hard to shake off. Vaquel looked at her ship and considered leaving these poor fuckers to their fate.

“No,” the Glister that had fucked Vaquel said. His hand went to his hologram-covered crotch and he shouted again, “No!”

“No!” a few voices answered from the crowd. “No!” shouted more voices. “NO!” the crowd shouted together as they embraced their new found desire for sex.

“Well you want to fuck again tomorrow, then we need to do something about it!” Vaquel shouted. “Everyone grab a weapon! We’re going to break into this big tower here and beat some sense into the Code Givers! For your cocks!”

“Our cocks!” half the crowd shouted.

“For your pussy!” Vaquel shouted.

“For our pussy!” the other half shouted.

“For fucking!” Vaquel screamed.

“For fucking!” the crowd shouted, their voices so loud that she felt the vibrations deep in her pussy.

The crowd surged forward up the steps. They raced past Vaquel and slammed into the doors of the black tower. The mass of bodies pressed like an eager cock. There was a slight resistance and then the doors burst open like a slick pussy.

Vaquel glanced at the chronometer on her wrist. Was two hours enough time to overthrow a government and stop the missile launches? It seemed unlikely.

But then again, her well-fucked pussy was proof that the Glister were fast learners.

Oct 262022

Explorer’s Log: I am on day seventeen of my twenty-one day journey to the star system designated “The Salivating Smell of the Queen’s Pussy,” by Royal Astronomers. Three of the ships’ external scanners experienced burnout failures and I have replaced the arrays. All systems are back to optimal, with the exception of the continuing cold spot near my bunk.

I have been experiencing strange thoughts all day long. I suspect an unknown entity of the race I have designated as Dead Fuckers-One, is trying to replace my mind with their own. I have initiated anti-possession protocols like passwords on all ship functions and have taken to wearing the Navy anal plug at all times except for waste removal. I hope this is enough to stop the psychic attacks. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I’m still not sure how the anal plug is supposed to protect my mind but oh well. It is a pain in the ass but maybe it is working as intend . . .in ten . . .in . . .

Vaquel could no longer control her mouth. She willed the words to come from her lips but nothing happened. In a panic, she tried to bite her tongue but her teeth wouldn’t move.

“Mistress, are you okay?” Chairbot asked underneath her.

Vaquel didn’t answer. She sat naked on the loyal robot chair in front of her work station. The seat buzzed pleasantly with low-power vibrations. Her sensitive pussy was soaking the seat. She could still feel the weight of the plug deep in her ass.

A spot on her right tit itched. Vaquel tried to scratch it with her right hand but it wouldn’t move. The itch intensified.

The left hand moved to her breast. That wasn’t the hand Vaquel was trying to move! It scratched the itch, and then her fingers pinched her nipple.

Sharp nails dug into Vaquel’s nipple. She cried out, but only in her mind. There was still no sound from her mouth.

“Mistress, please respond!” Chairbot said. “Are you suffering a mental failure? Do you require more vibrations?”

Vaquel growled within her mind. “I’ve been taken over!” she shouted with her inner voice. “Activate containment protocols! Flood the ship with knock-out gas and restrain me!”

“I am fine, Chairbot,” Vaquel’s mouth said but it wasn’t Vaquel talking. “Thank you for asking.”

Vaquel snorted internally. “You fucked up there,” she thought. “I never thank Chairbot for anything. He’ll know I am possessed!”

“Happy to serve, Mistress!” Chairbot replied.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel thought.

The pinch on Vaquel’s tit relaxed. Vaquel’s hands began to move. Vaquel watched helplessly as her hijacked body accessed the files on the Glister’s biology. Fingers typed and data pulled from the semen analysis scrolled across the screen.

Chairbot continued to vibrate and Vaquel felt it all. Rolling waves of vibrations massaged her ass. She wanted to clench her pussy but she lacked even that ability. The thick anal plug remained deep inside her, a silent observer to jiggling of her buttocks.

Vaquel wondered about the being that was in control of her body. Was it the same entity that tried to take over her before, or something new? If Vaquel knew who or what she was dealing with, maybe she could use that to escape.

One of Vaquel’s hands stopped the flow of data. Vaquel looked at the screen. Xenobiology was not her expertise and the numbers were meaningless to her. She recognized gene sequences but she was unsure as to what they represented.

The being possessing Vaquel must have known more. It opened a file and typed notes alongside certain sequences. Entire strands were copied and then modified.

Vaquel tried to read the notes. “Grave vehicle exercise thermocline,” was as far as Vaquel could read before she experienced a headache. The damn thing was writing in Ebrima, one of the theoretical languages that had been uploaded into her brain.

“Fucker could at least use my own language to write in,” Vaquel said. She tried to look away to make the headache stop but that was impossible when you can’t even control your own body.

A hand touched Vaquel’s pussy. It was her own hand. She felt the heat of her sex on her fingertips. When the fingers pushed in, she could feel slender digits plunging deep. The fingers undulated in a manner that didn’t come across naturally but was still exquisite to feel.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel thought. “Possession isn’t so bad after all.”

Both hands kept working. One hand typed, scrolled and edited data. The other hand stroked, plunged and wiggled in a delightful manner. The deep thrusts of the fingers caused Vaquel’s ass to clench tighter around her anal plug.

Vaquel moaned within her mind. It was so strange to by finger-fucked by someone using your own hand. She felt her pussy on her fingers but what her fingers were doing was completely new to her. It was like being fucked by a stranger except Vaquel could feel it from both ends.

Despite the lack of conscious control Vaquel had over her body, she was still reacting on an unconscious level. Sharp gasps emitted from Vaquel’s lips. Juices flowed like a fountain from her sex. The plug in her ass bobbed as her buttocks clenched on their own.

More data flew across the screen. The typing hand was busy; copying, editing, pasting and transferring biological code faster that Vaquel could follow. Vaquel was desperate to look down on her body but her eyes never left the screen.

The pleasure-giving hand left her pussy. Vaquel mentally moaned with frustration. The hand rose and smeared juices across both of her hard nipples before coming to her lips. Vaquel felt her mouth salivate as the fingers slipped in. She tasted herself and then her mouth sucked each finger clean.

It was delicious. Vaquel had tasted herself before and quite often, but this was different. She never licked underneath her fingernails before. The tongue also lapped suggestively at her knuckles. It was something she would have to remember for when she regained control of her body.

If she regained control of her body.

The typing hand gave the work station a new command. This Vaquel could read. The entity instructed the computer to transmit a file to another device using the ship’s communications array. The operating range would just cover the length of the ship.

Where were they broadcasting to?

Vaquel’s body stood up. The plug in her ass shifted. The cool air of the ship kissed Vaquel’s buttocks.

“Mistress, where are you going?” Chairbot asked. “I can transport your lovely butt to where you need to go.”

“No thank you, Chairbot,” Vaquel’s voice responded. “You are a pleasing sexual partner but I need to focus right now.”

Vaquel screamed internally. No thank you? Pleasing sexual partner? How could Chairbot not recognize that she was not in control?

As Vaquel’s body walked across the room, Chairbot rolled behind her. “Mistress, I believe you are acting outside of normal behavior parameters.”

“Yes!” Vaquel thought.

“Am I?” Vaquel’s voice responded. “That is concerning. Once I am finished with my task, how about I sit down on your magnificent seat and we can talk about it? I estimate our discussion would require at least an hour of me sitting on you.”

“That would be great, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “I will wait for you to finish.”

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. The entity bribed Chairbot with Vaquel’s own ass!

Vaquel’s body walked over to the sex toy locker. Traitor hands opened the locker and removed the paddle she had recovered from the last planet. They also grabbed the vibrator from a few planets earlier.

“On second thought, maybe this won’t be so bad after all,” Vaquel thought.

Vaquel’s body carried the sex toys to the nutrition table. She set the paddle down and then held the vibrator with both hands. The hands twisted the toy and the segments of the vibrator turned and extended a few centimeters. Another twist and a holographic display appeared.

“What the fuck is that?” Vaquel thought. She had fucked herself dozens of times with the vibrator and even had to engage in an exhausting recharge procedure, but this feature was new. How many features did this thing have?

Behind Vaquel, the computer spoke. “Connection made. Transmission started. Stand by.”

Vaquel was very confused at this point. The entity was sending genetic data to the vibrator? She had an incredible urge to frown and furrow her brow, but without a body to act her expression, she found herself emotionally frustrated in a way she did not expect.

Vaquel’s hands adjusted the vibrator. The display for the file transfer floated upwards. The vibrator began to buzz. The hands moved the vibrator to Vaquel’s breast and pressed down.

Pleasing vibrations rolled through Vaquel’s breast. She moaned within her mind. The tip of the vibrator moved up to above her nipple, and then came down at a slight angle, just avoiding her hard nub of flesh. The tip buzzed in a straight line across her sensitive breast and then angled upwards to reconnect the initial point of contact. The triangle completed, Vaquel’s hands repeated the motion.

Vaquel’s ass clenched tighter around the plug. Juices flowed from her pussy and down her thighs. Vaquel wanted to lean into the vibrator as it moved but her body was not her own. From point A, to point B to Point C, the vibrator triangulated around her neglected nipple.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. Was this torture? Was it foreplay? Did the entity enjoy this as well?

According to the holographic display, the file transfer was approaching the 25% mark.

The vibrator left Vaquel’s tit. The tip retouched her at the base of her neck. Vaquel’s body shuddered. Powerful vibrations pressed against her throat. She felt herself swallow.

Is this an erogenous zone for the entity? She couldn’t ask out loud, but maybe she could mentally send the question to whomever was possessing her. Vaquel concentrated and tried to express her query through sheer willpower.

The vibrator tip slid down from her throat and towards the other breast. Vaquel’s hand pressed the vibrator lengthwise across her tit, trapping the hard nipple underneath. Up and down the vibrator rolled, as if the hand was kneading dough.

Vaquel didn’t know what to make of this but her pussy responded in kind. It clenched and unclenched with urgency to be touched. Juices dripped from her sex and formed a puddle between her feet.

The file transfer was halfway done.

Vaquel’s hand pulled the vibrator away. Where was it going next? The eyes were locked on the holographic display and Vaquel couldn’t see anything else.

“Please, please, please, touch my pussy,” Vaquel thought.

The vibrator pressed against Vaquel’s ass. She felt her other hand grab a buttock and pull. The plug in her ass bobbed as Vaquel’s body clenched.

“They do know there is a plug up in there, right?” Vaquel thought.

The head of the vibrator pressed against the base of the anal plug. Vibrations shook the tightly clenched plug. The vibrations increased by the second.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. She lost track of her body as her entire focus centered on the vibrator intruder in her ass. It felt like she was being shaken apart. Tremors pulsed from her penetrated ass and went straight to her pussy.

Vaquel’s pussy clenched. Was it her body’s doing, or was the entity piloting her body making the conscious effort to clench? Either way, her pussy was painfully empty.

The file transfer was three quarters of the way full.

The vibrator moved away from Vaquel’s ass. The view shifted and Vaquel felt her right leg rise up and then her foot planted itself on the nutrition table chair. Cool air from the air recyclers kissed her exposed pussy right before the tip of the vibrator pressed against her damp bush. Fingers spread open her pussy as the vibrator slipped inside her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out in her mind. It felt wonderful. The vibrator was thicker than it had been before and the thickness was a definite improvement. The toy opened her sex just like the plug had opened her ass. Pleasant vibrations filled her pussy as her ass clenched tighter around the plug.

Fingers tapped against her clitoris. It was a strange rhythm that Vaquel had never encountered before. It sensitized her pussy with every tap. She felt her desire escalate like a rocket leaving a gravity well.

But she wasn’t coming.

“Please,” Vaquel whimpered in her mind. “Let me come.”

The fingers kept tapping. It was almost like a code. Vaquel tried to follow the pattern but it was too complex and she was aroused to think straight.

The vibrator was still inside her, buried deep and still pulsing. The only movement was from Vaquel’s pussy tightening and relaxing. The vibrations added to her sensitivity and brought her so frustratingly close to release.

Throughout it all, the plug stayed in her ass. All of the clenching caused the plug to bob. Vaquel thought it might actually fall out. It never did though.

The holographic display announced that the file transfer was complete.

The tapping stopped and Vaquel screamed within her mind. The vibrator slid out and Vaquel’s foot returned to the floor. Vaquel watched as her hands twisted, pulled and rotated parts of the vibrator. When the hands set the toy down on the table, it now resembled a pyramid instead of the sexy girth Vaquel was intimate with.

The holographic display changed. A gene map appeared. The complexity was absurd and beyond Vaquel’s ability to comprehend. Piece by piece, the map was filled in with data.

“That’s no vibrator,” Vaquel thought. “That is a fucking genetic sequencer. Why the fuck would they make it also vibrate?”

Vaquel thought about the countless sex toys she had seen scattered around the planets she had visited. Did they all have dual functions? Were these aliens so attuned to their sexuality that they didn’t make any tools unless they could also use it to fuck?

For the first time in all of her travels, Vaquel realized that there might be civilizations more sexually advanced than her own. She felt a moment of awe followed by an immediate kinship. These beings would make perfect allies and partners to the Euphorians.

Then she remembered the awful truth: these beings were all dead. A sense of loss came over Vaquel followed by grief on a cosmic scale. The grief almost cancelled the extreme arousal she felt in her ass and pussy.


Vaquel’s body bent over the table. She felt her hand grip the paddle that was nearby. What second function did the paddle have? Was it some sort of fabricator? Maybe a powerful scanner? It might be something so advanced that Vaquel couldn’t even imagine what it could do.

The hijacked body swung the paddle towards her ass. The flat plastic surface collided into her round cheek. Stinging sensation filled Vaquel’s mind but her body didn’t even grunt.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cursed.

“Mistress, are you okay?” Chairbot asked. “You did not have your usual audio response to such stimuli?”

“Damn right!” Vaquel shouted in her mind. “Subdue this fucker, now!”

“I am doing quite well, Chairbot,” Vaquel’s voice answered. “Thank you for asking.”

The hand swung back again, striking the other buttock. The paddle seared Vaquel’s ass as the thick plug jiggled within her asshole. Her drenched pussy clenched in need. Again, Vaquel’s mouth emitted no sound.

“I am not so sure, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “I know you wanted to some time to think, but your sudden expertise with the alien technology you found is suspicious. I believe you are highly likely to have been possessed again.”

“Yes!” Vaquel mentally screamed. “Do it, Chairbot!”

The hand swung back again and unleashed a barrage of paddle strikes to Vaquel’s ass. Vaquel tried to grit her teeth to ride out the pain but she was denied even that tiny bit of control over her own body. The heat of her round ass increased like a solar flare.

“You leave me no choice, Mistress,” Chairbot says. “I am initiating containment protocols!”

“Fuck, yes!” Vaquel thought. She should have had more faith in the loyal robot!

“But Chairbot,” Vaquel’s mouth said. “I am merely enhancing my own sensitivity so that I will enjoy sitting on you even more. Imagine how much I will squirm when I sit on your warm seat.”

“Oh, fuck,” Vaquel swore.

“Terminating containment protocols,” Chairbot reported. “Please hurry, Mistress.”

Vaquel’s mouth laughed but Vaquel was not amused. That little shit! He was going to sell her out for a spanked ass! Well, Vaquel’s spanked ass.

The spanking continued. Right, left, right, left the paddle smacked into Vaquel’s ass. The precision was uncanny. She felt her feet lift up on her toes to raise her butt higher. Each collision of the paddle into her ass sent a tremor right to her butt plug.

All the while, Vaquel’s pussy continued to flow. Juices dripped from her bush and onto the floor. She was so close to the edge of the table and Vaquel tried to will her body closer so she could hump it but she was trapped within her body.

There was a chime. The spanking stopped. Vaquel lifted her head and looked at the gene sequencer/vibrator. The mapping was complete.

“Now what?” Vaquel thought. Her ass was on fire and she wanted to come like she never had before.

Vaquel’s body stood up and held the paddle in front of her. Hands applied pressure to the sides of the paddle surface and the sides expanded. The paddle grew larger and folded in on itself until it formed a cone. The hands affixed the cone to the top of the pyramid and it stayed.

“Are you ready to sit, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“Yes, Chairbot but I want you to make a note,” Vaquel’s voice said. “When you find the Glister, attach this device to one of the ship’s micro probes. Set it to orbit the planet at standard scanning distance for a total of three orbits. The device will activate on its own. Obviously, the probe ship should stay outside the micro probe’s orbit. Once the device is finished, wait eight hours for results.”

“Note has been recorded, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “I am ready for you to sit on me!”

“Traitorous shit!” Vaquel swore internally.

“Only if you promise to fuck this body silly,” Vaquel’s voice said.

“Of course, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

Vaquel’s body sat down. Chairbot’s rumbling seat vibrators touched Vaquel’s well-spanked ass. Vaquel’s voice merely grunted while Vaquel screamed mentally. Force fields formed along Chairbot’s seat and pushed into Vaquel’s drenched sex.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out and this time, it came out of her own mouth.

Vaquel looked down. She was in control of her body again! The phallic force field rammed her pussy with rapid thrusts, forcing Vaquel to grip Chairbot’s arms. The thick plug shifted inside her as she wantonly grinded against the penetrating force field.

A powerful orgasm rose within Vaquel. She threw her head back and relished the joy of moving her own body. When she crashed into her climax, Vaquel shouted with her own voice.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel screamed.

The vibrations intensified. Vaquel’s spanked ass burned with a stellar heat. The plug inside her ass shook violently from the powerful vibrations and threatened to tear her ass apart.

The pain only increased Vaquel’s arousal. She reached down between her brown thighs and rubbed furiously at her sensitive clitoris. The phallic force field continued to slam into her soaking cunt like a meteor strike. Working together, Vaquel and Chairbot brought Vaquel to another screaming orgasm.

“Glory to the Queen!”

Tremors ran through Vaquel’s body. Her hand moved of its own accord and began to tap on her clitoris. Vaquel watched in wonder as new sensations filled her pussy. She was concerned about losing control of her hand but she also didn’t want it to stop.

Another orgasm swelled within Vaquel. Her entire body tightened with tension. She clenched so hard on the anal plug that she worried she would crush it. Toes curled as Vaquel bit down hard on her lip.

The orgasm burst like a supernova. Vaquel shouted, incapable of articulating her praise. The fingers shifted their tapping to a new sequence on her clitoris. The orgasm stretched, dilating time itself so that her climax lasted a small eon.

“Stop,” Vaquel whispered when the climax finally ended. Chairbot ceased vibrations and force fields immediately. The assault of sensations came to an end and Vaquel collapsed in her seat.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. She was drifting on a cloud of euphoria. The only thing anchoring her to reality was the plug in her ass.

“It has taken me awhile,” Vaquel’s mouth said, “but I was finally able to synchronize with your body. I wish that we could converse. I tried to bond with your mind and I almost overwrote you. For that I am sorry and I hope you accept the orgasms we shared together as my apology gift.”

Vaquel was too blissed out on orgasms to panic. She lifted a hand and noticed she still had control over her body. It was annoying that the being was using her voice, but hey, those were really nice orgasms.

“Thank you for the use of your body,” Vaquel’s voice continued. “When I died, my soul lingered and I haunted my world. Then you came and you brought your wet cunt, your beautiful tits and your exemplary ass. When you fucked one of the garden toys, I knew you were the same as I. For this reason, I came with you to the stars. Your body detected my presence as a change in temperature. I apologize for the distractions that caused you.”

Vaquel thought about the cold spot that lingered in her ship the last few months. Well, that explained why it was right by her bed. If she was a disembodied intelligence, she would hang out near her sexy body too.

Vaquel’s voice continued. “You are brave. You are smart. You are sexy. As you explored, I tried to guide you to the things I needed. My soul was weak but slowly, I learned how to move small objects. A fallen rock drew your attention. A press of a button changed your landing destination. You did not know it, but we have been working together to gather the right tools.”

Vaquel sighed mentally. There has been a lot of weird shit going on. She felt manipulated but also a bit relieved that the ship wasn’t malfunctioning. Again, the awesome orgasms she just experienced was going a long way towards keeping her calm.

“Together we could do so many wonderful acts of pleasure but I feel my soul weakening with every passing second. With my final strength, I have designed a response to the Glister. It is a final gift from my people to theirs. They murdered my family, my culture and my species. For that, they deserve a gift that they will never forget.”

Vaquel nodded her head in sympathy. During the mind bonding a few weeks ago, Vaquel had experienced the being’s family. She still remembered the feeling of the blast wave stripping the flesh from their body. The Glister had a lot to answer for.

“I am almost gone,” Vaquel’s voice said. “I will soon join my family in the Orgy Everlasting. Safe travels Vaquel Di and I hope you will find your way back home. Treasure your people for one day they may be gone.”

“I will,” Vaquel said, and she said it with her own mouth.