Feb 022022

Explorer’s Log: I am on day thirty-one of my forty-five day journey to the star system designated “The Precision of the Queen’s Slap,” by Royal Astronomers. I continue to detect no star ships or signs of star ship travel. Interplanetary communications are quiet. This area of space is quiet and deserted. It is almost unsettling.

I have been on the lookout for wormholes and portals since witnessing their presence on the last planet. None have been detected. Perhaps the unknown creators of said portals are only interested in using the technology to bombard planets. Either way, I am staying on high alert and monitoring the constant scans. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Chairbot has volunteered for scanning duty. He insisted on it. Sometimes when he is scanning, I hear him moan and witness him shaking. It is as if the alien robot derives some sort of pleasure from interfacing with my machines, which is a ridiculous thought.

Vaquel Di awoke in her bunk. A sheen of sweat covered her body. That must be why her blanket was thrown off and on the floor. The humidity was higher than usual.

The ship lights were still dimmed to sleep mode. The steady hum of the ship told her that everything was functioning properly. The vent in her bunk shuddered as cool air was pushed out. It felt wonderful as it blew over Vaquel’s bare ass and back.

There was a wet spot under Vaquel. The hairs of her pink pubic bush were almost glued to her mattress. Half-remembered wet dreams almost came into focus but slipped away before Vaquel could recall what they were.

Something about a tongue?

Vaquel rolled over onto her back. She pressed a button on the overhead panel and the smart mattress absorbed the wet spot. The cool air from the vent kissed Vaquel’s nipples. Both of them were already hard.

An image flashed in her mind. She had dreamed about something thrusting into her. What was it? She couldn’t quite remember.

A moan echoed through the ship. Vaquel recognized it was Chairbot. The loyal robot really enjoyed his scanning.

Vaquel resisted the urge to look at the time. If she knew how much of her sleep cycle was left, she would start obsessing about whether she should go ahead and get up. It was better to lay here in ignorance and catch as much sleep as she can.

Another memory surfaced. It was a tongue that had pushed inside her. Thick, wet and damn long.

Vaquel sighed. Her pussy was still damp. She wasn’t getting back to sleep until she had pleasured herself.

Should she call Chairbot and let his vibrating seat fuck her? That would involve rolling out of bed. Vaquel didn’t have that much energy. It would also involve talking to the submissive robot and as much as Vaquel loved dominating the pliant chair, she didn’t have the energy for that either. No, this she would take care of herself.

Vaquel spread her legs in the darkness. One hand went between her legs while the other cupped a large breast. She rolled the hard nipple between her fingers and then pinched. As the pain flared, Vaquel sunk two fingers into her pussy.

“Oh!” Vaquel gasped. Her pussy was more sensitive than she thought. The fingers slipped into wet heat and were clenched by slick walls. It felt like someone had already done the work of preparing her sex.

Another image bubbled up through Vaquel’s memory. A hot breath on her pussy. A kind of snorting sound as someone breathed her in. A tentative lick and then . . .

Vaquel couldn’t remember. Fuck it. She didn’t need a dream. Her fingers knew what to do. She slid her fingers in and out of her pussy at a quick pace while she continued to pinch her nipple. The pain was a lovely contrast to the building pleasure within her cunt.

The cool air ceased to blow from the vent. The sweaty heat returned and Vaquel felt it on every inch of her body. She slipped her sticky fingers out of her pussy and adjusted the controls on her overhead panel. The cool air returned, almost blasting her body.

“This is taking too long,” Vaquel whispered. She turned on the monitor on her overhead panel and quickly pulled up the video she recorded from her last planet visit. A few more adjustments skipped to right where she wanted.

An image appeared on the monitor. It was the face of a red humanoid that was part of a bush. The planet thing had a nice cock and rudimentary fucking motions. The video was recorded from Vaquel’s helmet so the view was limited to what was right in front of her. Right now, that meant the plant man’s face and open mouth.

It was enough. Vaquel brought her knees up and returned her fingers to her pussy. As she penetrated herself, she moved her other hand to her mouth. She sucked on her fingers as a substitute cock.

The video rocked back and forth as the plant man fucked. Vaquel timed her thrusts to coincide with the movement. As she fucked her pussy, she also fucked her mouth with her other hand.

This was much better. Vaquel remembered how the pseudo-man fucked her. Her fingers became his cock in her mind. Deeper and deeper she pushed as she edged closer to orgasm.

Behind the plant man, someone stepped into view.

Vaquel stopped in mid-thrust. She spat out her fingers and reached up for the monitor. A quick tap paused the screen.

There was a shape in the corner. It had the outline of a man. How had she missed it before?

Vaquel’s pussy clenched around her fingers. She ignored her hungry sex for the moment. Her other hand tapped the monitor and expanded the corner of the screen.

There were too many shadows. Vaquel couldn’t make out many features. There was a bare shoulder of a deep blue color. Was that white line a show of teeth? Vaquel couldn’t make out any eyes.

Was this a person, or some trick of light and shadow?

Again, Vaquel’s pussy clenched. She could feel her hard-earned orgasm slipping away.

Vaquel touched her sex with her other hand. Sharp nails pinched her pussy lips. The pain caused her to clench and she began to stroke once more.

All the while, Vaquel looked up at the screen. If it was a person, they died when the garden was bombarded with missiles from the wormholes. Vaquel felt an irrational urge to turn the probe ship around and check to see if they survived. That was strictly against Royal Navy Probe rules but the temptation was intense. Who was this person and why didn’t they come forward when she was there?

The answer was obvious. They didn’t come forward because they were afraid. The entire planet was dead. This last survivor might have thought Vaquel was there to finish them off.

Vaquel sighed and pushed deeper into her cunt. There were so many questions that Vaquel wanted to ask. What was their people like? Who had attacked them? Did they have other places are sexy as that garden of fuck plants?

Instead of a plant, she could have been fucking another sapient. Although, Vaquel had to admit that the plant was pretty good fucker, especially once it got wet. But still, it was always more fun to fuck something intelligent.

This line of thought wasn’t helping Vaquel’s pussy. She hit a button and the video resumed. The view bounced as the plant man fucked Vaquel.

The shadow in the corner was gone. It was just an optical illusion. No one had been there.

Vaquel fucked herself harder. She used her other hand to pull on her pussy lip. The pain so close to her sex made her more sensitive. The elusive orgasm would be here in no time.

Something moved in another corner of the screen. It was moving sideways across a beam of light. The object was only on screen for less than a second.

Vaquel growled and let go of her pussy lip. Fingers still buried in her pussy, she touched the control panel to rewind and enlarge the suspect area. She played it back at one-sixth normal speed.

There. A humanoid shape walked from left to right behind some bushes. Light illuminated a blue body that was definitely male, though the face was still blurry. What was in perfect definition was the long cock hanging between the male’s legs.

“Damn,” Vaquel whispered. It was an impressive cock. For some reason, the video recorder captured it perfectly even though the rest of the humanoid was still ill-defined. The cock was thick, and had a head that was flared, almost pyramid shaped. Long ridges ran along the phallus in twisting patterns.

Vaquel’s pussy clenched around her fingers. What would a cock like that feel like? Vaquel attempted to imitate the shape by spreading her fingers inside her pussy. It took a few tries before she came close to the shape. Too bad there was no way to duplicate the veins.

She noticed she was sweating again, despite the cool air still blasting from the vent. Well, that was to be expected. The sight of a cock like thought could make anyone sweat.

Vaquel slid her stretched fingers in and out. It was not an easy shape to hold. The act of replicating the cock was distracting her from enjoying it.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. She removed her fingers from her pussy and placed them in her mouth. The sweet juices tasted wonderful. Her tongue lapped, wishing it was a cock she was licking.

As she sucked, she typed in a quick search function for the video. A result popped up on the screen. It was much later in the video, when the sprinklers had activated. There, back in the left corner of the screen, the computer had found an occurrence of the blue humanoid standing in the background.

The face was still covered in shadows but Vaquel wasn’t looking at the face. He was facing the camera and this time he had a hand on his cock. A large sack hung below the balls suggesting a fountain of seed that might come forth.

Vaquel touched a button and the video resumed. The blue humanoid stroked himself. The cock and hand were perfectly vivid, even if the rest of the man was still blurry. The man stroked from head to base, and his wrist rotated as he moved, allowing him to completely encircle his cock twice with every pump.

It was delicious to watch. Vaquel’s fingers left her mouth and returned to her pussy. She slid in like an old lover and filled her sex. There was no way to reproduce the male’s wrist motion, but Vaquel timed her strokes to his.

Wet heat embraced Vaquel. Sweat ran down her face. She wondered briefly if the environmental controls were malfunctioning but lost the thought as the humanoid’s began to buck.

“Fuck,” Vaquel moaned. The man humped his hand. His hips moved from side to side in an almost serpentine manner. Vaquel’s own hips tried to match it but she failed. It was something she would have to feel in order to get right.

In the meantime, watching it was almost as good. Vaquel stroked harder as the man’s hips increased in speed. She cupped a breast and squeezed hard. It was a shame his eyes were hidden as Vaquel was eager to see what part of her body he was staring at.

There was a moan to Vaquel’s right. Huh, Chairbot must be moving around the ship. That was fine with Vaquel as long as he didn’t interrupt her.

The view on the screen shifted upwards to the ceiling. That must have been when Vaquel threw her head back in the garden. When the view returned to normal, the figure in the corner was gone.

“Fuck!” Vaquel whispered. She let go of her tit and tapped in another search function. A moment later, the panel reported there was no other sightings.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel whispered. She tapped a few commands and gripped her tit again. This time she trapped her nipple between her fingers as she squeezed.

The video returned to the start of the blue male masturbating. Vaquel laid back and stroked herself as she watched it again. The male’s strange wrist was just as enticing the second time around. Vaquel yearned to taste the big blue cock in front of her. When his hips moved, Vaquel tried again to match his swirling movements.

A memory pulled at Vaquel’s attention. She remembered something from her dream. There was a tongue on her pussy and it had swirled counter-clockwise. It was almost the same pattern as those hips.

Vaquel laughed. Perhaps she had seen the male masturbating on a subconscious level. It would explain why she had dreamed something similar and maybe why she was so horny. Vaquel made a mental note to discuss it in her next log entry.

The video shifted and started over. Vaquel didn’t stop masturbating. It was disappointing that she didn’t have video of the humanoid ejaculating but there was no sense crying over unspilled seed. She was more than happy with the sight of the pulsing blue cock.

Heat flushed through Vaquel’s body. She was close. The bunk creaked as her hip movements became wilder. She plunged deeper into her pussy. The grip on her breast became painful. The tension in her body surged as her orgasm came closer.

A tremor shook Vaquel. She turned her head to side and clenched her eyes and lips. When she opened her eyes, there was someone standing beside her bunk.

“Shit!” Vaquel yelled. She let go of her body and scrambled to the back wall of the bed bunk. Her hand slapped a panel button and lights flooded the interior of the ship.

There was nothing there.

“Mistress, are you awake?” Chairbot said. He rolled down the interior from the left. “Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you need to sit on me until you fall asleep?”

“Run a full scan of the ship,” Vaquel said, still cowering in the back of the bunk. “We have an intruder.”

Chairbot paused. “Scan complete, Mistress. No intruders or anomalies detected. Would you like to relax in my seat?”

“Scan again,” Vaquel said.

Another pause, a bit longer this time. “A level six scan shows no intruders, manifestations or anomalies, Mistress. We are alone. If you wish, you could fall asleep on me and I will maintain a watch.”

Vaquel relaxed. The brief spike of adrenaline was already fading and she felt exhausted. She also felt a little foolish.

“No, Chairbot. Go back to your duties,” Vaquel said. “That was a readiness test and you passed.”

“Yay!” Chairbot said. “I am happy to have pleased you, Mistress! I will go back to what I was doing.”

Chairbot rolled away before Vaquel could ask what it was exactly he was doing. Whatever. Vaquel was feeling more tired by the second. She turned the lights off and the ship plunged once more than darkness.

The video was still playing on the bunk ceiling. Vaquel turned it off. That is what she gets for watching mysterious videos in the middle of the night. But still, she did need to get off.

Vaquel rolled over onto her stomach and settled into her bunk. It was still hot so Vaquel didn’t bother with the covers. She brought up on leg up and reached between her thighs. The slick grip of her pussy greeted her fingers.

“Let’s finish this,” Vaquel whispered in her pillow. No more videos with their hidden figures. No more giant blue cocks and strange moving hips. No more distractions. Vaquel was going to fuck her pussy and finally come.

The cool air blew over her butt but she still felt hot. Vaquel fingered herself with quick thrusts. The squelches of her slick pussy grew louder and louder.

“Take it, you greedy little slut,” Vaquel whispered. “There is no alien cock for you. Get off on just your fingers.”

A tremor ran through Vaquel. She reveled in her self-inflicted humiliation. Juices coated her thrusting fingers.

The bunk creaked as she writhed. Vaquel’s toes dug into the mattress to keep her in place. The round buttocks of her ass rose and fell as she grinded into her fingers.

A moan echoed through the ship. It was probably Chairbot. Vaquel ignored it.

A bead of sweat flowed down the arch of her back. It was just barely on the edge of her awareness. Vaquel was tempted to wipe it but she didn’t want to even acknowledge the distraction.

Vaquel’s fingers dug deep inside her pussy. Another tremor went through her body and she bit down on the pillow. A brief desire to bite down on tit, dick or ass flashed through her mind.

Once more, she was close to climaxing. A brief panic rose as Vaquel wondered what would distract her this time. She squashed the feeling and fucked herself with a defiant fury.

A memory from the dream surfaced. She remembered a detail about the long tongue had been inside her pussy. It had swirled counter-clockwise, once, twice and a third time before thrusting deep like a cock inside her, then pulled back to repeat the swirling again. What an odd pattern to dream about.

Something pushed down on Vaquel’s head. A hand grabbed her ass and squeezed as she continued to stroke. The wet heat in the bunk intensified like a sauna.

Before Vaquel could question what was happening, a powerful orgasm exploded within her. She cried out into the pillow that someone was forcing her face into. The hand on her ass held on as she quivered. The slick walls of Vaquel’s pussy spasmed around her fingers as the dam of tension that had kept her awake finally broke into orgasmic bliss.

The climax stretched into a small eternity. All of the anxiety and fear Vaquel had been experienced melted away. Every nerve in her body came to life and floated on a cloud of pleasure.

Another tremor shook Vaquel and the pressure on her head was gone. No one was touching her ass. The cool air blew across her backside and sent chills up her spine.

Vaquel rolled over onto her side. There was no one in the darkness. She pulled her fingers from her pussy and groaned at their absence. As she sucked her fingers clean, she rolled over onto her back and pressed a button on the overhead panel.

“Scan complete,” the monitor read. “No intruders detected.”

Vaquel chuckled. Clearly, she had been delirious with sexual frustration. Her head wasn’t pushed into the pillow; she had done that to herself with her writhing. The touch on her ass was just wishful thinking. Now that she had come, everything was clearer now and she had nothing to worry about.

It was cold now, though. Vaquel leaned out of the bunk and recovered her blanket from the floor. The soft fabric felt wonderful as she pulled it over her body. The blanket trapped her heat and cocooned her as she rolled over on her side.

It was weird how she didn’t feel the warm humidity any more. Vaquel resolved to check the environmental controls tomorrow. If she remembered.

Exhaustion pulled Vaquel’s eyelids down. She felt her thoughts ramble and drift. The bliss of her orgasm pooled within her body.

Behind Vaquel, somewhere close to her bunk, there was the sound of a cock being stroked. Vaquel wondered briefly what ship function was making that noise. She was asleep before she could think of one.

Jan 072022

The eleventh Deep Space Probe is available for purchase. Holy crap, it only took seven days since the end of the year to put this one out. This must be a record.

This book collects all of Vaquel’s adventures dealing with the phallic Entitled. I am not sure how I came up with the idea of a race that were just like the worse gamers you encounter in online games but once I did, I knew they had to be the main villains for an entire year. It was a truly awful idea and it was five minutes after conceiving them that I realized they had to be dick-shaped aliens. The name, Entitled, came later but it really solidified the concept in my mind.

HoleBuster-442, the captive alien that Vaquel carries around for most of the year was so close to becoming a permanent character. His arrogance and nastiness was a nice counter to Chairbot’s subservience, but in the end that I realized that if I kept HoleBuster-442 around long enough, he might become sympathetic. I rather keep him as he is, a big jerk.

The other not-so secret ingredient for this book as the hundreds of x-rated games out there that blend simple videogames with hentai art and stories. I used to play so many of them before I realized how much time they wasted, but I was intrigued by an entire genre that imposes ridiculous challenges on horny gamers with only the lure of seeing some tits as motivation. Finally, I was able to take my experience playing those games and get some practical use out of them for my stories.

The next year of Vaquel stories have been plotted and a course laid in. Thank you for coming along for eleven years. Only nine more to go!

Jan 052022

Explorer’s Log: I have completed my fifty-six day journey to the star system designated “The Enormous Cock of the Queen’s Consort,” by Royal Astronomers. Eight hours ago, I left the dark matter mass that has complicated my journey for so many weeks. It is nice to finally be free of the turbulence, random energy surges and micro-collisions. Praise the Queen that I survived the non-stop annoyances and have finally reached normal space again.

After going so long without meeting another life form, I am disappointed to report that there are no life signs in this star system. There are four planets, but probes have revealed that each planet is devoid of life. Something used to live here as there are plenty of ruins on each of the planets. Preliminary scans have shown evidence of atomic weapons, extreme toxins in the oceans and in the case of the third planet, massive plasma bombardments. Someone, or something, annihilated life on these planets down to the cellular level.

Scans have detected a small area on the second planet that is devoid of radiation or lingering toxins. I will land there and see if I can find some clues as to what kind of civilization lived here, or what kind of people wished their destruction. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Well shit. After the annoyance of the dark matter mass, I was hoping to fuck someone’s brains out. I’m horny enough to fuck just about anything.

Vaquel Di stood on top of a fallen column. The weak sunlight barely filtered through the grey clouds. The bright blue material of her spacesuit stretched across her massive breasts and thick thighs. A tiny beam of sun highlighted her short pink hair within her transparent glassteel helmet. Vaquel’s brown cheeks were flushed from the exertions of the day.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore under her breath. All around Vaquel was rubble and debris. She had climbed onto this column in the hope of getting a better view of the area but it was a wasted effort. The devastation here was just as complete as it was everywhere else.

There was something odd about this column though. Three meters in girth and about fifty meters long, it had some irregular features. The tip had a flared head and the base it had broken from had three spheres. Ridges ran up and down the column in an almost organic manner.

“It’s a cock,” Vaquel said to herself. It had a nice shape. Vaquel was not one to mourn the death of a planet or a society, but if they had dicks like this, she was beginning to experience a rare moment of grief.

Vaquel looked around at the fallen masonry. “Might as well head back,” she said out loud. “I found one dildo and it’s too big to take back. This planet is a waste.”

Something rumbled to Vaquel’s left. She drew her laser pistol from her belt and dropped to a defensive crouch.

The sound came from a small landslide of rubble. It was not clear what had caused the disturbance. Broken pieces of bricks fell away to reveal a solid wall underneath. The outline of a door became visible.

“I must have disturbed it earlier,” Vaquel said out loud. It was certainly possible. Nothing living had been here in a while. Keeping her pistol in hand, she dismounted from the pillar and approached the exposed door.

There was writing on the door. It was vaguely familiar but Vaquel couldn’t place it right away. Back at the Royal Navy Academy, all known languages, quite a few dead languages and some purely theoretical languages as well as a myriad of their variations had been uploaded into Vaquel’s brain. The fact that Vaquel felt it was familiar meant this writing might be one of the theoretical ones. This might take a minute.

It took three. Vaquel recognized it as a form of Ebrima. The writing said, “Blue Leopard Clutch.”

Vaquel snorted. Either the language cells in her brain had been damaged or understanding of Ebrima doesn’t convey understanding of slang or colloquialisms. Still, it was more writing than Vaquel had found on this entire planet so it was something.

The door had a simple twist lever. Vaquel turned it and the door swung open. Lights flickered to life to reveal a wide hallway sloping downwards. Parts of the floor displayed an animated phallus going down the hall.

Vaquel followed the phallus. It was a dark blue and rather thick. As the passage continued, animated blue breasts would appear on the floor and wrap around the blue cock as it passed through them. Sometimes it would be a pair of blue buttocks that the phallus would go through and in one case, it was a very wet-looking vagina that the cock penetrated before moving on.

Eventually, the hall opened into a brightly lit area. The animated floor gave way to dirt and green grass. Thick bushes with green leaves and bright red flowers filled a circular area about fifty meters in width. Up above, sun lamps bathed the cavern in warm light.

A path of bare dirt winded through the bushes. Vaquel took a moment to admire the garden. Being underground must have protected it from the annihilation above. It made her wonder if there were other places like this around the planet. Probably not. This bit of the planet had a smaller percentage of the radiation that saturated the ground everywhere else. If there were more underground gardens, they probably died of radiation long ago.

Vaquel holstered her pistol, but moved her herbicide grenades to a belt pouch in the front. She had lost count of how many plants had tried to fuck and eat her on other planets. If any of these bushes tried to grab her, they were in for a surprise.

As soon as Vaquel stepped onto the path, the nearest bush shifted. Vaquel sighed and pulled out a grenade. Sometimes she hated being right.

A face emerged from the shifting bush. It was green, but definitely humanoid. Red flowers cascaded like hair from a round face. Lucious lips shiny with dew decorated a pretty face. Blind eyes stared out and Vaquel realized they weren’t eyes at all, just the shape of eyes like on a sculpture.

The face rose higher and was attached to a body. Broad shoulders gave way to thick arms. A round chest sported two massive mountains for breasts. The wide torso widened further to form hips that supported thick legs. Between those legs were a smooth slit that dripped a green liquid.

“Hello,” Vaquel said in Ebrima. “My name is Vaquel Di.”

The green humanoid turned towards Vaquel. The blank eyes stared at her. The lips parted and hung open. The humanoid leaned towards Vaquel and extended her arms out.

“Hello?” Vaquel said again. “Do you have a name?”

The green humanoid said nothing.

Vaquel waved her hand in front of the green woman. There was no reaction. She pretended to swing at the face and the woman didn’t appear to notice. Finally, Vaquel placed a hand one of the woman’s large green breasts.

It was warm to the touch. Vaquel squeezed and there was a soft grunt from the green woman. The breast was firm and the nipple was already hard.

“You’re just a plant,” Vaquel said.

The green woman didn’t answer.

“I’ve been trying to communicate with a bush,” Vaquel said. “Still, a plant with a nice pair of tits. I wonder how realistic the rest of you is.”

Vaquel placed her other hand between the green woman’s legs. The smooth lips of the pseudo-sex lips were damp with something sticky. Vaquel pushed her fingers in and was surprised to feel a smooth hole clenching back.

“Ahh,” the green woman groaned.

Vaquel jumped and pulled her fingers out. “Are you alive after all?” she asked.

The green woman didn’t answer. Vaquel returned her fingers to the smooth sex lips. As her fingers sunk in, she heard the moan again.


Vaquel performed three quick thrusts with her fingers.

“Ahh. Ahh. Ahh.”

“Clever,” Vaquel admitted. “You’re a living sex doll. If I had a cock, I bet your mouth would be just as inviting as your pussy.”

The green woman didn’t answer.

Vaquel pulled her fingers out of the green woman and reluctantly let go of the woman’s breast. It was nice to hold onto a tit that belonged to someone else but the lack of sentience was a turn-off. She preferred her sex toys to look a little less life-like.

As Vaquel walked down the dirt path, more bushes shook. Feminine forms rose from the bushes to display a range of bodies. The plants sported breasts as small as Vaquel’s head to massive sizes that hurt Vaquel’s back to look at them. Some of the plants barely came up to Vaquel’s waist while others towered above her. All were wide of hip though, as if there were a basic anatomy characteristic that could not be changed.

The green bushes gave way to red shrubs topped with purple flowers. These too began to shake as Vaquel approached them. The forms that emerged were different. These sported round chests and thicker arms. The wide waists topped thick legs. Between these legs were red rods of a shape Vaquel knew very well from the pillar outside. These plants had cocks.

Vaquel lingered in front of the red plant male. It had the same blank eyes and open mouth as the green women. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around the thick plant phallus. It was warm and pulsed nicely in her hand.

“Fuck it,” Vaquel said. It had been a long journey to get here. A dumb plant cock is better than no cock at all.

Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. The bright blue spacesuit covering her legs slowly retracted into her belt. Long brown legs were exposed to the open air, then her thick thighs and then the bright pink bush of her pubic hair. Vaquel ran her fingers through her damp bush and into her slick sex. When she pulled her fingers out, they were coated in her juices.

“A little water for you,” Vaquel said to the red plant man. He didn’t answer. Vaquel slid her wet fingers into his open mouth. As she suspected, the cavity inside his mouth contracted around her fingers. She was surprised to feel a bit of suction as well as more dampness. This is a hole that would stay lubricated.

The red man’s arms stretched towards Vaquel without really closing around her. She took one hand and guided it to her hip. The hand sealed to her skin and she felt something sticky. Curious, she leaned back and found the arm was strong enough to hold her body.

“These people knew what they were doing,” Vaquel said to the empty garden.

Vaquel jumped onto the red man’s waist and wrapped her legs around him. The red man didn’t sway at all from the sudden weight. Vaquel grabbed another hand and placed it onto her big brown ass. The sticky residue of the man’s hand secured the hand to her buttock. Feeling safe, Vaquel reached down and grabbed the plant’s pseudo-cock. She relaxed her legs and slid down onto the thick rod.

The flared head pushed up inside Vaquel. The plant’s hands supported her weight as she sunk down. The cock pulsed inside of her; a weak but steady throb that felt alive.

“Plants aren’t so bad after all,” Vaquel said.

The red man suddenly pushed with his hips and drove the phallus deeper inside Vaquel. As he did so, a small grunt came from the plant’s open mouth. The hips drew back and then pushed again, nice and slow. It kept repeating the motion and made the same grunt with every thrust.

“This planet had some fucking talented gardeners,” Vaquel moaned.

Vaquel held on as the red man fucked her. The thick phallus drove up inside her as steady as clockwork. In and out, in and out, in and out with no change in pace. With every shift of the hips, the mouth made the same grunt.

“More,” Vaquel groaned. The fucking was good but she wanted more. The long journey with nothing but her hand, her dildos and Chairbot’s vibrator had left her hungry for a savage fuck. She needed this plant to fuck her brains out.

And it was, but at its own steady pace.

Vaquel tightened her legs around the plant man’s waist. Her pelvis was in constant motion as she fucked the hard phallus inside her. She reached down and rubbed her clitoris with savage passion. It was a furious contrast to the methodical thrusting inside her pussy.

An orgasm began to build inside of Vaquel. She could feel how strong it was going to be but it was taking its time getting there. Knowing that she couldn’t speed up the plant man only added to her frustration. She was at the mercy of a dumb plant made by a species that might be dead.

There was a roll of thunder. Vaquel looked up in confusion at the sun lamps on the roof. She realized that it must be a recorded sound played over speakers, but to what purpose?

The ceiling answered with a spray of water from unseen spouts. A light rain descended onto the garden. The static shield in Vaquel’s glassteel helmet prevented the water from obscuring her vision. The water itself was refreshingly warm and Vaquel was tempted to take off her bubble helmet to taste the rain.

The plant man’s grip on Vaquel’s body tightened. The slow hips suddenly slammed into Vaquel’s open legs. The thick phallus rammed up inside her and then withdrew to slam even faster into her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. The red plant man accelerated with every thrust. The steady pumps were gone and now Vaquel was getting fucked with increasing speed.

The first orgasm exploded within Vaquel. Overwhelming pleasure surged from her pounded pussy and spread through her body. It took Vaquel by surprise and she screamed her pleasure instead of giving thanks to her Queen.

The rain continued. In a haze, Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. The light blue material around her chest melted away and retracted into her belt. Warm rain fell on her bouncing brown breasts like hot kisses.

The green man kept pumping Vaquel’s pussy. The rapid thrusts overwhelmed her sex and a second orgasm was fast approaching. She titled her head back and surrendered to the explosion of bliss.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted.

Warm water soaked Vaquel’s body only to be shaken off with the next ramming thrust of the plant man’s hips. Vaquel grabbed both of her tits to keep them from smacking into one another. The green man’s sticky hands held her body in place as she spread her legs wider to take the pussy pounding.

A third orgasm surged within her. Vaquel laughed and squeezed her tits hard. The ramming root of the plant man slammed deeper inside her.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted as she came again.

There was another roll of artificial thunder. The rain drizzled to a stop. A lovely mist hung in the air.

The green man began to slow down. Vaquel whimpered in disappointment. The thrusting hips decelerated from a mad frenzy down to a steady pump.

Vaquel was on the edge of another orgasm but she could feel it slipping away as the plant man returned to normal. Now that she wasn’t getting fucked at a high speed, she was starting to notice how sore her pussy was. Maybe she should give up on her fourth orgasm and just dismount.

“No, no, no,” Vaquel whispered out loud. It had been a long journey here and she was a greedy slut. Vaquel let go of her breasts and rubbed her pussy with both hands. The lips of her sex were tender to the touch but Vaquel rubbed diligently. She would have her orgasm.

The plant man stared at her with his blank eyes. The open mouth might have been mocking her. The grunting sounds it made were becoming softer and softer.

Vaquel whimpered. She was so close. For one brief second, she considered starting a fire with her laser pistol in the hopes of activating the sprinklers. Unfortunately, a fire might trigger other responses in the garden that could interrupt her fucking and Vaquel wasn’t willing to risk it. Better to have a slow fuck than no fuck at all.

Could she wait until it rained again? How long was she in the garden before it started to rain? Ten time units? Less? What if the rain was only on a daily cycle?

Vaquel laughed. She imagined herself slowly getting fucked by this humping plant man for an entire day cycle. Even her hungry pussy couldn’t take that.

Still, it might be fun to try.

That familiar tension of an impending orgasm returned to Vaquel’s body. She found her clitoris and rubbed it furiously. Her other hand stroked her sex as the plant cock pumped in and out. She tightened her thick brown legs around the green trunk of the man. Vaquel whimpered as she fought to bring her climax as quickly as she could.

The plant man didn’t care. It continued its slow steady fucking of Vaquel’s body. The only thing more consistent than its fucking was its indifference.

Vaquel was so close. Her sore pussy resisted her stroking, rubbing and fucking. She became aware of an ache in her back, a cramp in her foot and a raw spot on her thigh. The interior of her glassteel helmet struggled to keep her heavy breathing from fogging up the glass.

The plant man fucked her with the same plodding speed.

Inspiration struck. Vaquel let go of her pussy and ran her hand over her stomach. Leftover rain water clung to her hand. Vaquel took her wet hand and placed it on the plant man’s chest.

Vaquel felt the moisture leeched from her hand. The green hips surged. The plant phallus rammed inside of her with fury once more.

The orgasm came a second later. “Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted. Eyes rolled into the back of her head. She pinched her clitoris and rode the pain and the pleasure simultaneously.

A few thrusts later, the plant man slowed down once more. The brief charge of the moisture was already fading.

That was enough for Vaquel. She pulled at a sticky hand until it let go of her hip. The weight of her body caused her to slip free of the relentless plant cock. Vaquel stood on unsteady legs as she pulled the other hand from her body.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. “That was intense. I am going to need to take a break before I check out the rest of this garden. Maybe some of the bush men are close enough for a threesome.”

BOOM! The ground shook and Vaquel fell to her knees. Some of the sun lamps above flickered off.

“Mistress!” Chairbot yelled over the communicator. “An atomic explosion was detected three kilometers from your location!”

“What the fuck?” Vaquel said. She slapped a button on her belt and the light blue material of her spacesuit slithered over body. “Chairbot. where did it come from?”

BOOM! The ground shook again. A crack formed in the ceiling. A water pipe burst and showered an area of the garden. Vaquel could hear the mad thrusting of a dozen plant bodies.

“We’re detecting spatial anomalies!” Chairbot replied. “This sector is being saturated with missile strikes! I’m bring the probe ship to your location!”

Vaquel ran down the garden path. Plant men and women swayed from their rooted bushes. Her tender pussy protested every running step. She reached the tunnel that led to the surface and kept running.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The ground shook from multiple detonations. The scanner on Vaquel’s wrist displayed rising radiations levels.

Vaquel exited the tunnel. A shadow passed over her and she flinched. Relief washed over her as she realized it was her probe ship.

“Tractor beam locked!” Chairbot announced. “Executing emergency recovery!”

A tingling came over Vaquel’s skin as the tractor beam passed over her. She was lifted from the ground at high speed. The ship turned to present an airlock towards her floating body.

Vaquel looked out at the planet. Shimmering orange portals appeared in the sky. Missiles dropped from the open portals; their engines firing at full speed. The missiles slammed into the shattered ruins of the planet and exploded with devastating fury.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. She had never seen wormhole technology used for such a purpose before. The energy requirements for one wormhole were exorbitant, but to create dozens just for the purpose of attacking a dead planet was unimaginable.

The tractor beam brought Vaquel to her airlock. She ducked inside and closed the door. Anti-radiation gas sprayed her on all sides. Vaquel could already feel the probe ship accelerating upwards to leave orbit.

“Damage report!” Vaquel yelled over the communicator.

“Anti-missile defenses prevented any direct hits,” Chairbot reported.

“Yeah, I don’t think we were the target,” Vaquel said. “Maybe the are was a low-radiation section because someone hadn’t gotten around to finishing it off yet. Are there any ships detected?”

“Negative, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

Vaquel grunted. The wormholes could have originated anywhere. Someone, somewhere, really hated the people of this planet.

Which is a shame, because this dead world really knew how to make a nice garden.

Dec 012021

Explorer’s Log: I am on day sixteen of my fifty-six day journey to the star system designated “The Enormous Cock of the Queen’s Consort,” by Royal Astronomers. It has been fourteen days since I have detected an Entitled spacecraft. There is no radio traffic. It appears that I have passed out of Entitled territory.

My prisoner, HoleBuster-442, has divulged that further exploration in this direction has been thwarted by strange anomalies. The Entitled have little interest in mysteries, especially those that cannot be fucked. He alleges that he has no idea of what I may encounter.

Since my prisoner’s use has come to an end, Royal Navy regulations require his elimination. I will begin preparations immediately. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: For some reason, I am hesitant to execute HoleBuster-442. Perhaps the alien’s arrogant cruelty reminds me of home. Maybe my long years of travel has introduced feelings of empathy for an enemy. More than likely, I am loathe to destroy the phallic alien’s magnificent girth and savage fucking skills.

Regulations require either an execution or a certain death. Stranding the Entitled on a planetoid would qualify as a certain death according to the rules, but the alien has proven to be incredibly resilient and capable. If I ‘forget’ to remove his anti-gravity rig and maybe leave behind some junk, HoleBuster-442’s chances would improve.

The little bastard has no idea how much mercy I plan to show him when I abandon him.

Vaquel Di looked through the scanner reports. There was the usual dark matter mass, solar winds and small debris that was common to all space. One scan detected a small gravity tug that might indicate a stray planetoid but unfortunately, the readings were from a direction too far from the probe ship’s current trajectory.

It was almost time for sleep. Vaquel stood up from Chairbot’s comfortable seat and stretched. The full curves of her breasts, hips and butt strained against the red fabric of her spacesuit. She ran a hand through her short pink hair and debated taking a shower. Nah, she was good.

The ship shook violently. Vaquel fell backward and Chairbot rolled into place to catch her. She landed softly as warning lights flashed all around her.


“No shit,” Vaquel said to the ship’s computer. “Defense protocol: Dickheads!”

The probe activated several defense measures that Vaquel had programmed for Entitled territory. The force field generator she stole from the Entitled buzzed to life. Power was diverted to the special Entitled weapons she had procured over the past year. The engines shifted into maximum speed to attempt an escape from hostilities.

A monitor displayed a view of the attacking ship. It was shaped like a massive cock brimming with weapons. That was an Entitled ship alright. Statistics rolled along the side of the monitor detailing current scans. Some of the numbers projected had far too many digits.

“That’s a Queen-damned capitol ship,” Vaquel swore. So far, the only Entitled ships that Vaquel had encountered were personal vessels. The Entitled never worked together and they only carried what they needed to fight and fuck. The ship attacking her was big enough to lay siege to a planet.

“INCOMING ATTACK!” the computer announced. Missiles slammed into the probe ship. Chairbot activated tractor beams to keep Vaquel’s ass in his seat as the ship shook again.


“This doesn’t make any sense,” Vaquel said. Fear sweat glistened on her brown skin. “The Entitled don’t have ships this big. The energy drain must be enormous. What is an Entitled ship doing out here anyway?”

“HoleBuster!” Vaquel screamed. “What is that?”

She turned to look at HoleBuster-442’s enclosure. It was a small cube made of clear glassteel. The phallic red alien stood upright on the gravel floor. There was no sound from the speakers.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said from under her. “There is writing on the side of the ship!”

Vaquel frowned. That’s right, the Entitled wrote their damn names on everything. They were almost as vain as an Euphorian. She should have looked for that earlier but she didn’t want to give any credit to the servile robot.

“Computer, enhance the markings on the enemy vessel,” Vaquel commanded.

A monitor displayed the attacking ship. As the probe ship weaved to dodge incoming fire, it snapped a clear view of the side of the vessel. Written in the stylized version of Palatino that the Entitled spoke, was the name of the owner of the giant ship.

It read, HoleBuster-442.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. She jumped out of Chairbot and headed towards HoleBuster-442’s enclosure. Another missile hit the probe ship and Vaquel struggled to stay on her feet.


“That’s your damn ship out there!” Vaquel said, slamming on the clear wall of the Entitled’s prison. “How is that possible? What is it doing here?”

“It is here to rescue me of course,” the speakers crackled. The red alien phallus pulsed with malevolent glee. The white circles that dotted his body were turning pink with excitement.

“All Entitled have a dedicated rescue ship on standby,” HoleBuster-442 explained. “Mine has been following for quite some time, ready to destroy you and recover my body at any moment. I have decided that I no longer find amusement at being your captive.”

“You could have rescued yourself at any time?” Vaquel. “I said don’t believe it. How are you even controlling it? I have scanned your body hundreds of times! You aren’t emitting any sort of signal.”

“None that you can detect,” HoleBuster-442 said. “I refuse to respond to anymore of your pathetic babblings. My ship will destroy yours in seconds and I will laugh at your future death!”

“No, I don’t think you will,” Vaquel said. She turned and slammed a panel with her fist. The panel door popped open to reveal a group of weapons. Vaquel grabbed the biggest pistol and pointed it at the Entitled’s enclosure. The barrel began to glow.

“You can’t threaten me!” HoleBster-442 yelled over the speakers. “You know how durable my superior body is!”

The ship shook again. Lights flickered. This time, the ship computer didn’t have a damage report. That was bad.

The gravity generator shut off and Vaquel began to float. She grabbed the top of the enclosure and pointed the gun up against the glass. The barrel grew brighter.

“This is a plasma gun,” Vaquel said. “You might be tough, but I haven’t met anything organic that can take super-heated plasma at close range. It will probably blow a hole on my ship just to fire this, but I bet it will also turn you to ash.”

The alien phallus vibrated with rage. “I hate you so much, you whorser!”

“Yeah, I hate you too,” Vaquel said. She didn’t mention how wet her pussy was.

“My ship will destroy you,” HoleBuster-442 said.

“And as I die, I’ll pull the trigger and take you with me,” Vaquel said.

“May I suggest a compromise?” Chairbot said.

Vaquel and HoleBuster-442 didn’t answer.

“Both of you want to live,” Chairbot said. “And both of do not require the deaths of the other for your future endeavors. I suggest that HoleBuster-442 returns to his ship and the two of you continue on your separate paths.”

“What’s to stop him from killing me once he returns to his ship?” Vaquel asked.

“I wouldn’t do that,” HoleBuster-442 said over the speakers. Insincerity dripped from every word despite the alien’s attempt at lying.

“Of course, he wouldn’t,” Chairbot said. “Because my studies reveal that Entitled enjoy gloating and broadcasting their superiority to others. Mistress will owe her life to HoleBuster-442 and she will be forced by the codes of her people to tell everyone how he humiliated her.”

“And what if she doesn’t?” HoleBuster-442 demanded. “What if she refuses to share the details of her defeat?”

Vaquel winced and tried to think of a lie, but Chairbot had one ready.

“If Mistress somehow keeps her terrible defeat a secret, then she will still know the truth of her inferiority and bear that awful burden for the rest of her life.”

Vaquel was impressed. The obedient robot was a total submissive but also a good liar. She would have to keep an eye on him.

“That delights me greatly!” HoleBuster-442 said. “I will spare this slubie’s life and she will carry the embarrassment of her pathetic failure forever!”

Vaquel bit back a dozen insults and lowered her pistol. “Fine, we have a deal.” She undid the lock of the enclosure and lifted the lid.

HoleBuster-442 floated out of his prison. The tiny metal band around his base provided him with anti-gravity support. He started to drift towards the airlock and then stopped.

“What are you waiting for?” Vaquel said. “The door is right there.”

“After all of the indignities that I have suffered, you expect me to just leave?” HoleBuster-442 said. His voice was now coming from the harness around his base. “I demand a final ravishing of your holes!”

Vaquel’s wet pussy clenched. She tried to look casual as she stared at the alien’s thick body and pulsing veins. That didn’t sound too bad. “I will permit you to fuck my pussy, and only because you are halfway decent at it.”

“I am not one of your sex toys!” HoleBuster-442 said. “By right of conquest, I demand to pummel your ass!”

“Fuck no,” Vaquel said. “You can have my pussy.”




Vaquel pointed the plasma pistol back at the floating alien. The ship shook as laser fire hit the vessel. The hum of the engines died and the probe ship was adrift in space.

Chairbot rolled between Vaquel and the alien. His magnetic wheels clung to the floor of the ship. The robot was careful to not block Vaquel’s pistol.

“We’re making progress!” Chairbot said. “You two have agreed to fuck; you just need to settle on where. I have a compromise idea. How about fucking Mistress’ mouth?”

Vaquel lowered her pistol. “Are you shitting me?” she said to Chairbot.

“I accept!” HoleBuster-442 said.

The alien flew towards Vaquel’s shocked face. He wedged the tip of his body into her mouth before she could close her lips. Sharp teeth clamped onto him but his hardened skin resisted her biting. Wiggling frantically, HoleBuster-442 forced his way into her mouth.

“Fmcmimg mhmt!” Vaquel yelled with a mouth full of alien cock inside her. She grabbed the base of the alien and tried to pull but the antigravity rig was too strong. The phallic bastard wasn’t going anywhere.

“I’ll help, Mistress!” Chairbot said. Tractor beams locked onto the curves of Vaquel ass and pulled her into his seat. Vibrational motors activated and soothed her clenching buttocks.

Vaquel growled. Chairbot was always trying to feel her ass no matter what was going on. It was probably why he gave up her mouth so quickly. He knew that that would leave Vaquel’s butt all to himself.

HoleBuster-442 savagely fucked Vaquel’s gasping mouth. He shifted directions rapidly, stretching her cheeks as he bulged against one and then the other. Sometimes he would spin to loosen her grip before thrusting deep down her throat.

“Once more you are rendered speechless by my gigantic size!” HoleBuster-442 said.

Vaquel rolled her eyes. The alien had a high opinion of his magnitude but then again, so did most cocks. She wanted to say something devastating but it was impossible with her face getting fucked.

Spit flew from Vaquel’s ravaged mouth and floated in the zero gravity. The violence of HoleBuster-442’s fucking bruised her lips. She breathed hard through her nose as the alien dominated her mouth. Tears stung her eyes and drifted off to float with the spit in the air.

Chairbot’s vibrations pulsed along Vaquel’s ass. Vaquel’s pussy clenched in response. The space explorer had a weakness for being used and if there was one thing the Entitled were good at, it was using a body. Her hand went to her crotch and she rubbed through the thin material of her red spacesuit.

“Take it, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 shouted. “Weep your helpless tears as I command and conquer your pathetic mouth-hole!”

Vaquel shuddered. The verbal abuse went straight to her sex. She rubbed harder, digging tightly into her spacesuit at the tender pussy beneath.

“This mouth-hole belongs to me!” HoleBuster-442 said. “When you meet other pathetic limb-users and they ask why your jaw is hurting, you will tell them how I used it! You will never eat solid foods again because it will remind you of my awesome body drilling your lips!”

Vaquel groaned. She almost nodded her head in agreement but the wild thrusts of the phallic alien would have choked her. Instead, her jaw hung slackly as HoleBuster-442 continue to abuse her.

The vibrations from Chairbot’s seat increased. Vaquel gripped the arms of the chair and writhed in place. She grabbed a breast that was straining against her tight spacesuit and squeezed.

HoleBuster-442 flew out of Vaquel’s mouth. She gasped in surprise. The red alien, glistening with her spit, flew in a sharp arc to the right. The solid mass of the alien slammed into her cheek so hard that her head spun.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. Did that asshole just cock-slap her? Pain blossomed on her cheek.

Holebuster-442 flew towards her left cheek. The thick mass slapped her head to the right. Another burst of pain flared on her left cheek to match the pain on her right.

Vaquel cried out. She had almost climaxed. The pain lingered and she swore her pussy was contracting with the fading of the pain on her cheeks.

“Fuck me,” Vaquel whispered.

“What?” HoleBuster-442 said. “I am fucking you, you stupid biped!”

“Fuck my pussy,” Vaquel said with a husky growl. She looked right at the floating cock; her brown cheeks still pink from his slaps. “Fuck my wet, slick, tight hole. You know you want it.”

“I am not yours to command!” HoleBuster-442 said.

“I can help!” Chairbot said. A button sunk down on Vaquel’s belt. She looked down and saw the red spacesuit below her waist begin to retract. In seconds, her legs, ass and crotch were completely exposed. The pink pubic bush was a soaked mess.

Since when could Chairbot activate her belt controls?

An evil laugh came from Hole-Buster-442. “Chairbot, restrain your Mistress’ hands or the deal is off!”

“Oh no,” Chairbot said. “Sorry, Mistress! I have no choice!”

Tractor beams pulled at Vaquel’s hand. They slammed down onto the arms of the chair. Metal bands emerged to encase Vaquel’s wrists.

“Chairbot, you asshole!” Vaquel said. “You just want to feel me squirm on you! Let my hands free at once!”

Before Chairbot could respond, HoleBuster-442 flew back into Vaquel’s mouth. She choked in frustration as the thick alien hit the back of her throat. The vicious face-fucking resumed immediately.

Vaquel writhed helplessly. The metal bands were too strong for her arms. She kicked with her legs but her ass was held onto Chairbot’s seat by the tractor beams. Biting down was useless as the durable phallic alien was just too damn tough.

“Ha, ha, ha!” HoleBuster-442 gloated. “I revel in your weakness! Never before and never again will you have such a giant piece of flesh in your mouth!”

Vaquel tried to shout in defiance but all that came out was a choked whimper. The force of HoleBuster-442’s thrusts pinned the back of her skull to Chairbot’s headrest. Spit continued to fly from her pummeled lips and floated in the air.

Worse of all, the craving in Vaquel’s pussy was getting worse by the second. Chairbot’s vibrations were now targeted on her buttocks. Nothing was touching her greedy sex lips or entering her clenching pussy.

“Your pitiful mind can’t comprehend how much I am enjoying this!” HoleBuster-442 shouted. “For months, I have listened to your inane chatter about your petty mission when your mouth should be used for my fucking! That is all limb-users are good for; fucking! Your mouths were designed by higher powers to pleasure the Entitled! All other uses are insignificant!”

Vaquel groaned. It was a sexy thought. She imagined never speaking, never giving commands or ever having to do another report. The only time she would open her mouth would be so an Entitled could fuck her face.

The daydream washed over Vaquel. She clenched tighter around a cock that wasn’t there. Her hands curled into fists that she wished were pumping her pussy. The despair of not getting fucked burned within her, making her all the more aware of how wet she was.

HoleBuster-442 pulled free of her mouth once more. “Beg me to fuck your fur-borrow!”

Hope bloomed within Vaquel. “Please!” she shouted.

The alien phallus slapped Vaquel’s right cheek.

“You can better than that, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 said.

“Please fuck my tight wet fur-burrow!” Vaquel says. “I am begging your magnificent self to barrage my slick hole with your giant girth!”

HoleBuster-442 vibrated with excitement. “Fuck, I was just going to tease you but you won me over. Prepare to for ultimate cock-lair busting!”

The throbbing alien dived down to Vaquel’s open legs. In a single thrust, he buried himself inside her pussy. The slickness helped ease the way but it was still a rough fit.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. The sudden push inside her was a mixture of pain and bliss. She shuddered as his girth pulsed inside her.

“This hole is mine, whorser!” HoleBuster-442 said. He slid almost completely out of Vaquel before slamming his entire length back inside her. Short vicious jabs pummeled her pussy. The anti-gravity rig around the base of his body vibrated every time it pressed against Vaquel’s pussy lips.

“Queen protect me,” Vaquel whispered in a rare prayer. She pulled hard on her wrist restraints, not looking to escape but just to push against something. Her hips rose to meet each thrust but the swift drives deep inside her soon reduced her lower half to jelly. All she could do was take it.

Which is something HoleBuster-442 was quick to remind her.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!” the alien cackled. “Take it! Take my massive girth! Take my legendary length! Take my enormous size!”

Vaquel grunted with each thrust of the boasting alien.

“I am wrecking your internal organs!” HoleBuster-442 shouted. “My hard body is causing irreversible damage to your insides!”

Vaquel whimpered with pleasure and submission.

“You will never be able to engage in proper limb-coordinated travel again!” HoleBuster-442 cried.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted. A massive climax exploded within Vaquel. She came so hard that her ears popped.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m detonating!” HoleBuster-442 announced.

Hot seed filled Vaquel’s sex. The Entitled spasmed like an epileptic snake inside her. The thick seed filled her slick pussy and jetted out from her stuffed pussy lips. Giant gobs of the alien spunk floated in the air.

Vaquel came again. It was almost an aftershock orgasm compared to the previous one. She shuddered and barely whispered, “Glory to the Queen.”

The inside of the probe ship was silent except for the vibrating motors of Chairbot’s seat.

“Well, that was a successful negotiation,” Chairbot said. “HoleBuster-442, please feel free to leave at any time.”

HoleBuster-442 didn’t respond. Vaquel knew what had happened. The Entitled were ruthless ravagers but orgasms mellowed them the fuck out. She clenched sore pussy muscles around him.

“No more, no more, no more,” HoleBuster-442 whimpered. He pulled out of Vaquel’s tender pussy. Seed and pussy juice glistened on his thick frame.

“Despite you being a lowly hole-bearer, I will leave without further busting of your holes,” HoleBuster-442 said.

The restraints retracted from Vaquel’s hands. She stayed in her seat. Everything below her waist felt numb and sore at the same time.

“Despite you being a literal dick, I will let you go,” Vaquel said.

“If you value your holes, don’t return to Entitled territory,” HoleBuster-442 said. “Although if you do, bring more of your kind.”

Vaquel grinned. “I just might.”

HoleBuster-442 flew towards the airlock door. Chairbot signaled the door to open. The Entitled went inside and door closed behind him. A moment later, the ship shook as it docked with the larger vessel.

“Mistress, he is gone,” Chairbot said. “Sensors indicate he is on a course back to the world where we first encountered him.”

“Good,” Vaquel said, still sitting limply in Chairbot’s grasp. “How are the automatic repair systems doing?”

“Oh, they are fine, Mistress” Chairbot reported. The lights returned and Vaquel felt the familiar tug of gravity on her heavy tits. “The ship repaired most of the damage halfway through your oral negotiation. I decided that HoleBuster-442 didn’t need to know about our capabilities. In fact, the probe ship will now resume its current course.”

The hum of the engines returned. Vaquel stayed in the chair though she did rub her wrists from the restraints had rubbed her.

“You know, you have done a lot of thinking for yourself today,” Vaquel said. “Some of it was good but some of it, like the part where you restrained me and wouldn’t stimulate my clearly-aroused pussy, was what some would call insubordinate. Are you developing mutinous thoughts? Was the captive a bad influence on you?”

“I wouldn’t know, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “I trust your judgement on those matters. Are you going to punish me by standing up now? Your buttocks are still quivering from your orgasms and it would sadden me if you were to remove them.”

“Maybe later,” Vaquel said. “I think I need a nap first. The Entitled aren’t the only ones worn out by great sex.”

Chairbot tilted back and extended the bottom of his seat to support Vaquel’s legs and feet. Holding Vaquel’s prone body, the robot dimmed the lights of the ship. He did these things without being told, but Vaquel didn’t object.

Nov 032021

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Way The Queen Stands on the Crotches of her Haters,” by Royal Astronomers. There are two planets here. The furthest one out is a frozen rock that has a Tycoon Zone. This is where the Entitled create supplies and services for the other Entitled.

The planet closer to the sun is a former Tycoon Zone that has been repurposed to a Hunting zone. The Entitled can pay a fee to send a small number of cloned slaves to scavenge the former industrial sites. I understand that administrators of this world regularly restock the planet with wrecks or treasures to make it worth exploring.

Other Entitled pay a fee to hunt the clones that are here scavenging. The clones are strictly regulated on what kind of weapons they can bring, which seems unfair for the clones but hey, they don’t get a choice in the matter.

As for me, some of the pipes for the air system on the probe ship have sprung some leaks. I can keep making repairs and hope they hold out, or I can go down to this trap of a planet and bring back the parts I need. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: This seems like a bad idea but after plugging seven leaks in the last twelve hours, it might be worth getting fucked over by a hunter if I can get some decent pipes. Besides, all of my weapons are strictly non-regulated.

Vaquel Di walked among the aisles of an abandoned factory. The dark green spacesuit she wore was the same color as the rampant algae that clung to the walls. The short pink hair on her head was the brightest color in the dim factory. Sunlight poked through ragged holes in the ceiling.

“Too big, too big, too big, too small,” Vaquel muttered. All around her were several bins of pipes, all of them still wrapped in their protective wax.

Beside Vaquel floated a large box of pipes she had scavenged so far. The box was almost full. It had been a successful trip so far, but Vaquel was looking for one last pipe for her collection.

Truth be told, Vaquel didn’t need the last pipe for the air system. The superb construction on these metal shafts had given Vaquel naughty ideas About an hour ago, she decided to convert one of the pipes into a dildo. Now she just needed to find one of the right girth and length.

There was a creak behind Vaquel. She spun around and pointed the laser weapon mounted on her wrist. The red dot of the targeting laser glided over the irregular shapes of the old machinery but she saw no one.

“Hmm,” Vaquel said quietly. It might have just been the shifting of decaying machines but Vaquel wasn’t sure. Her pussy clenched with nervous energy. It felt like she was being watched.

Vaquel lowered her arm and went back to work. There were only a few more bins to check. The sooner she completed her search, the quicker she can leave.

Somewhere to Vaquel’s right, something metallic bumped against a bin.

The space explorer jumped on top of a table and pointed her wrist laser in the direction of the sound. A slight breeze blew through a broken wall and the metallic sound repeated itself. It was caused by a dead robotic arm tapping against a machine.

“Was there a breeze earlier?” Vaquel whispered. She couldn’t remember. It was hard to feel wind inside her skintight spacesuit unless it blew against her exposed face.

Vaquel hadn’t seen a single Entitled all day. For that matter, she hadn’t seen any clone slaves either. At first, she was happy at the lack of threats to deal with but as the day wore, she started to wonder if maybe she was missing something.

“Once I finish these last four bins, I’m out of here,” Vaquel promised herself. She climbed down from the table and pushed the floating box she was using for storage. Vaquel and her box slowly moved to the nearest bin. As she did so, she turned frequently and swept her eyes over the empty factory.

The bin was half-empty. Vaquel leaned in and removed a sheet of padding. Inside was a row of thick pipes of the right girth, but tragically they were half the length she needed.

Somewhere behind Vaquel, a stool fell over and clanged loudly on the floor.

“Fuck it!” Vaquel yelled. She grabbed the floating storage box and pushed it towards the nearest exit. As the box moved, she hunched down and ran behind it.

Something dark green dropped down from the ceiling and onto Vaquel. The heavy weight pushed Vaquel onto the muddy floor. A hand, wet and soggy, grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

Vaquel cried out as she pulled up. Her assailant was standing on her ass and the pulling on her head was forcing her back to bend. She saw her floating box keep going towards the exit. At least the pipes were safe.

“You’re big for a clone,” a voice rumbled. The attacker stepped off of her butt. A moment later, a large hand grabbed her ass and squeezed.

Vaquel pointed her wrist laser behind her and fired. There was a HISS sound followed by both hands letting go of her hair and ass.

“That is not a legal weapon!” the voice rumbled.

Vaquel spun around onto her back and pointed her laser. A large green shape stood in front of her. It was vaguely humanoid but made of transparent green goo. There was a burn mark on the shoulder from where her laser had scorched it. Inside the green goo floated a pale white cock, throbbing with rage. Written across the chest of the goo construct was the word, “SlubbieSlammer-388”.

Fuck, it was an Entitled. The sentient cock alien was wearing a gel suit. She had seen a few of those recently. The suit was filled with programmable gel that allowed for multiple configurations while also providing a comfortable environment for the intelligent phallus inside.

“Just back off and no one has to get hurt,” Vaquel warned. She slowly stood up.

Green gel moved within the suit. One hand turned into a spiked club. The other hand turned into a long blade. A third arm sprouted from the chest and looked like a tentacle.

“Oh, someone’s getting hurt,” SlubbieSlammer-388 said. “And then they’re getting face-fucked and their whorser hole pumped!”

“I’d like to see you try,” Vaquel said. Her free hand reached down to her belt where she kept her other weapons.

“This conflict is terminated,” a new voice said.

Metal pincers grabbed bother of Vaquel’s hands from behind. As her arms were pointed to the sky, other metal pincers grabbed each of her ankles. She cried out as she was then lifted into the air.

“Fuck, I know these hands!” Vaquel yelled, but she couldn’t place them.

“Who the slutch are you?” SlubbieSlammer-388 said to the person behind Vaquel.

The metal arms shifted Vaquel’s arms and legs so that she hung in her air staring up at the ragged ceiling of the factory. The arms allowed just enough slack so that her ass drooped to the floor in an arc. Vaquel tilted her head back to look at her captor upside-down.

A tall humanoid in skintight black cloth stood with his arms crossed. Four additional arms made of metal extended from a pack on his back. Two of the arms extended over his shoulders to hold her legs while the other two arms extended from under his arms to hold her wrists. A red helmet, completely smooth and devoid of features, covered his head.

“You!” Vaquel hissed.

“My designated callsign is Obtanius Vergin Purfim Vorq,” her captor said. “The Prober Supreme has commanded to bring back this specimen for his evaluation. Stand aside.”

“No!” SlubbieSlammer-388 said. “I caught her fairly and it is my right to fuck her holes! You can fuck her after I have had her first!”

“I have no wish to fuck this specimen,” Obtanius said.

“That’s not what I remember,” Vaquel said. “Last time you got me, you took my mouth and my pussy.”

“Yes, and then you tricked me into detonating a toxic explosive at point-blank range,” Obtanius said. “I am fortunate that the Prober Supreme equipped me with superior organs that allowed me to survive. My dermis regenerated but it was extremely painful.”

“Wait, you have already fucked two of her holes?” SlubbieSlammer-388 said. The green goo boiled within his suit.

“Did you not hear the part about how she nearly killed me?” Obtanius said. “This sexual degenerate is very hazardous!”

“He’s just saying that,” Vaquel said. “Clearly he wants to take me away and fuck me again because I am just that good. Too bad you will never know, Slob-Hammer.”

“That’s SlubieSlammer-338!” the goo suit snapped. “I demand you let me fuck her first!”

“I refuse to release custody of my target specimen!” Obtanius said.

The Entitled’s gel suit’s inflated in size. Obtanius drew two hand weapons from his belt. Vaquel still hung between the two in a very helpless position.

“Wait, I have a solution!” Vaquel said. “Why don’t both of you fuck me together?”

“Uh, I don’t wish to fuck you,” Obtanius said.

“Ha, you’re lying!” SlubieSlammer-338 said. “I can already see your cockpit bulging!”

Vaquel tilted her head furth back. Yep, the Entitled was right. The black cloth around Obtanius’ crotch was straining from the bulge underneath.

“Yeah, you’re clearly lying,” Vaquel said to Obtanius. “All Entitled want to fuck and if you don’t want to, why that must mean you are some sort of alien from another system.”

“Is that true?” SlubbieSlammer-388 said. “I’ve never fucked a non-clone before.” A fourth arm emerged from the goo body, this one with a lot of spikes on it.

Obtanius growled. The domed helmet looked down at Vaquel’s face. She saw her smug smile reflected in the smooth metal.

“Of course, I am an Entitled,” Obtanius said. “And I love to slam my, uh, body, into squirming clones. We shall fuck this specimen together and then I will take her exhausted body with me. Deal?”

“Agreed, but let’s get rid of this,” Slubbieslammer-388 said. One of his arms extended and broke the laser from her wrist. The goo hand crushed the weapon into fragments.

“Hey fucker, that cost a lot!” Vaquel snapped.

“And we shall remove this,” Obtanius said. He used his normal arms to strip Vaquel’s belt from her waist and tossed it aside.

“Shit,” Vaquel swore. She was unarmed!

“I want her face first,” SlubbieSlammer-388 said. “Let go of her arms, I got them.”

The metal arms suddenly switched positions. The pincers holding Vaquel’s wrists pulled her body up and then over in an arc towards the Entitled. The metal hands released her arms but the other arms held onto her ankles. She crossed her arms in front of her face to protect herself from the rushing floor.

SlubieSlammer-338 reached out and broke her fall. Gooey hand pulled her arms away from her face. She watched as her hands were pulled into the gel body and submerged up to her wrists. When she tried to pull free, the gel hardened around her hands and kept her pinned.

“Let’s pop these free,” SlubieSlammer-338 said. Two smaller tentacles emerged from the hips of the gel suit and went straight to her chest. Hooks appeared in the ends of the tentacles and ripped into her skintight spacesuit. Fabric ripped and her brown tits popped free, hanging down towards the ground.

“Ow! You cut me!” Vaquel said. She tried to examine her hanging tits but it was hard without her hands.

The hooks melted back into the pseudopods. The smooth tentacles wrapped around Vaquel’s breasts. They were cold to the touch and turned her nipples instantly hard.

“Nice little crates you got there,” SlubieSlammer-338 said. The green tentacles squeezed and pulled on her hanging tits.

Meanwhile, Obtanius still had her ankles pinned with his metal arms. The other arms hooked around her waist to keep her torso parallel to the ground. Something sharp pressed against the crotch of her spacesuit and pushed in. The point of a blade pressed worryingly close to her pussy lips but then moved to cut a hole through her crotch.

Vaquel gritted her teeth. She didn’t like how easily these two were exposing her. The close brushes with sharp points were a bit concerning. Despite her fear, she couldn’t ignore the result it was having on her pussy. she was soaked and her sex was clenching for more.

The metal arms spread Vaquel’s legs. Obtanius stepped between her legs and reached underneath. A gloved hand grabbed a hold of her pink pussy hair and pulled.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel screamed. Pain lanced through her pussy.

“Despite the specimen’s protests, she is soaking my hand,” Obtanius said.

“Slubie is a real whorser,” SlubieSlammer-338 said.

The white phallic alien wiggled inside the gel suit. It moved down to the suit’s crotch. A new arm emerged from the chest of the suil and grabbed Vaquel by the hair. It pulled her head up as the Entitled’s length emerged from the suit. The base of the alien was still inside the suit.

“Get ready to get slammed, slubie!” SlubieSlammer-338 said.

The gel suit’s hips thrusted forward. Vaquel opened her mouth just in time for the thick alien to go between her lips. The phallic alien hit the back of her throat on the first thrust.

“That’s the good junk,” SlubieSlammer-338 said. Being deep in Vaquel’s mouth didn’t stop him from talking. The audio gel on the suit’s chest would make sure he was always heard.

SlubieSlammer-338 fucked Vaquel’s face. The phallic alien slammed in and out of her mouth. Spit fell from her open lips and splattered on the ground.

Vaquel pulled with her hands but it was no use; they were locked in tight by the gel. As her mouth was savagely used, the tentacles around her breasts continued to squeeze and pull. Both of her brown mountains were turned into cylinders of pain by the constant crushing.

The pain from her compressed breasts joined the pain of her stretched jaw and traveled straight to the agony of her pulled pubic hair. The different sensations collided together and manifested as more heat inside her sex. The overwhelming arousal caused her hips to jerk and her buttocks to clench tightly.

“Hedonistic masochist,” Obtanius grunted. “Even the humiliation of defeat only spurs your arousal!”

“You sure talk a lot,” SlubieSlammer-338 said. “Just fuck the slubie.”

Vaquel tried to shout her agreement but her mouth was full of alien cock.

“Yes, you are perhaps correct,” Obtanius said. He released Vaquel’s thick pubic bush and took his cock in hand.

Vaquel felt the firm organ press against her pussy lips. There was the cold touch of metal and she remembered that his cock was cybernetic but still very functional. She could barely control her excitement as the firm rod pushed deep inside her sex.

“Hydrogen death spark!” Obtanius cried. He gripped her thighs with his slick hands and fucked her. The ramming of his cock was the equal of the slamming of her throat.

Vaquel went limp between her two captors. Her mouth was fucked without mercy. The cock in her pussy was just as brutal. Metal hands, tight tentacles and cold gel held her in place. Two cocks pummeled her at both ends.

“Take it specimen!” Obtanius yelled. “Submit to your superior!”

“Choke it, slubie!” SlubieSlammer-388 said.

The grip on Vaquel’s hair tightened. Gloved fingers dug into her thick thighs. A cock filled her pussy while another cock battered her throat.

Vaquel climaxed. Bliss erupted within her body and shot through her limbs. She tried to shout her pleasure but it was impossible with a phallus ramming her mouth.

SlubieSlammer-388 was oblivious to her pleasure. “I want to switch holes! Do it! Switch!”

Obtanius grunted and pumped into Vaquel one more time before pulling out. Two metal arms reached over his shoulders to grab Vaquel around the neck. As he did that, SlubieSlammer-388 pulled out of Vaquel’s mouth and released her hands and tits.

Vaquel gasped as she was choked by metal hands around her throat. The hands pulled back as her feet were swung forward. Soft goo hands grabbed her ankles as the metal arms of Obtanius let go. Vaquel’s back continued to fall until metal hands grabbed her shoulders. She looked up to see Obtanius’ cyborg cock above her, still dripping with her juices.

“Yes, gaze upon my improved member!” Obtanius said.

Vaquel did just that. Her lips were still tingling from the beating SlubieSlammer-388 gave her but she could still feel her mouth water. The effect on her pussy was pretty much the same.

The metal hands around Vaquel’s neck released her throat. They quickly moved to cinch around her wrists. The metal arms stretched Vaquel’s arms to her side with locked in place.

Cold gel hands pushed Vaquel’s legs together and pointed them towards the ceiling. Soft tentacles wrapped around her legs and cinched tight. She felt SlubieSlammer-388 press against the lips of her sex and then push in with the same force that he used to fuck her mouth.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out.

“Hmm,” Obtanius said. “Once more you prefer cries of pleasure to actual discourse. So be it!”

Obtanius pulled Vaquel’s hair and forced her head down. The metal arms lifted her body so that her mouth was on the same level of his cyborg cock. With perfect precision, he pushed his member into her waiting lips.

Vaquel choked but Obtanius didn’t care. It was an awkward angle as she was on her back being held in the air. She wanted to use her hands but the upper metal arms kept them stretched out. There was nothing she could do.

Obtanius used Vaquel’s mouth. The hard metal cock slid in and out of her mouth at will. The dark fabric of his pants pressed into her face.

SlubieSlammer-388 used Vaquel’s pussy. The hard phallic alien was a pumping piston inside her slick sex. The tentacles around her legs made sure she was as tight as possible for the ramming cock.

Gloved hands gripped Vaquel’s tits. Obtanius went straight to her nipples and pinched. Her breasts were still sensitive from the crushing she received from SlubieSlammer-388 and the pinching sent bolts of pain through her flesh.

Gel hands squeezed Vaquel’s buttocks. The flimsy spacesuit material was no protection from those groping hands. They gripped her ass with increasing strength.

Tears sprang to Vaquel’s eyes. The cyborg cock fucked her mouth raw. The sentient cock in her pussy pounded without mercy or respite. Hands squeezed and pulled on her buttocks and nipples. She was a vessel capable of only being fucked.

It was perfect. Vaquel climaxed. Her pussy quivered around the alien dick inside her. She choked on the cyborg cock down her throat. Her limbs twisted and writhed against the arms holding her.

“Incredible,” Obtanius said. “Even in bondage, your body soars with pleasure.” There was a trace of awe in his voice.

“Take it, slubie!” SlubieSlammer-388 yelled. If he had any appreciation for Vaquel’s body or sensuality, he made no comment on it.

The cyborg cock inside Vaquel’s mouth twitched. Seed pumped out of the member and down her throat. She tried to swallow it while upside down but it was impossible. There was too much and she was getting fucked to hard.

Obtanius pulled out. There was still more seed to pump. He tilted his cock at an angle and the seed arced through the air to land on Vaquel’s tender tits.

“Get ready for my slam juice!” SlubieSlammer-388 shouted through the gel body.

The alien cock inside Vaquel’s cunt puled. Hot seed flooded her pussy. The Entitled kept thrusting, filling her sex with so much seed that it started to squirt out her stuffed pussy.

Finally, the Entitled pulled out. He lowered her legs to the ground. Obtanius lowered her as well, though his metal hands kept a grip on Vaquel’s arms. She sat on the ground; her hands held behind her back. Seed spilled from her pussy while Obtanius seed dripped from her tits.

“Are you satisfied with our arrangement?” Obtanius said.

“I’ve had better,” SlubieSlammer-388 said. His phallic form had lost a bit of its rigidity. The gel suit absorbed the Entitled back into the chest of the suit.

“I doubt it,” Obtanius said. Vaquel quirked an eyebrow at that. Was her enemy defending her?

“Regardless, you should have no problem with me taking this specimen with me?” Obtanius said.

“Sure, do what you want,” SlubieSlammer-388 said. “I want to ask though, where did you get that custom body? It looks almost organic in parts.”

“That’s because it is,” Vaquel said. “You know that he’s not an Entitled, right?”

“Silence,” Obtanius said. His organic hand went to her throat. “Of course, I am an Entitled. I assault others at my leisure and brag about my superiority. What else could I be?”

“Then where is his name?” Vaquel said. “Entitled want everyone to know who they are so they put their names on all of their shit. This guy has no name on his body.”

The hand around Vaquel’s throat tightened. She gasped for air.

“Divert your attention from her misinformation,” Obtanius said. “My name uh, rubbed off.”

Vaquel spoke in a whisper as she was coked. “You said you have never fucked an alien before, right?”

“Rageshit,” SlubieSlammer-388 swore. “You’re a real alien?” The limp shape of the Entitled visibly hardened.

“With at least two holes,” Vaquel choked out.

Multiple arms extended from the gel body. One was a spiky club, one was some sort of ax blade, one was a long tentacle and the last arm was terminated in a large solid hammer head. The Entitled pulsed inside the gel.

“You evil pervert,” Obtanius whispered. He was speaking to Vaquel.

Despite the metal grip around her throat, Vaquel giggled.

SlubieSlammer-388 charged forward. The arm with the hammerhead smashed into the side of Obtanius’ helmet. The bounty hunter fell back and raised his arms to defend himself.

The metal grip around Vaquel’s throat vanished. Vaquel rolled to the side, gasping for air. Dirt and grime clung to her seed-soaked breasts and exposed pussy.

Obtanius and SlubieSlammer-388 were tangled together. Metal arms tried to puncture green gel. Limbs made of goo wrapped around cybernetic-enhanced arms. Together they fell into a rusting machine and sent parts falling to the floor.

Vaquel crawled away from the fight. She came across her equipment belt and slapped it around her waist. Clutching her sore tits, she stood up and stumbled towards the exit that she saw her storage box go through.

“Fuck you, Vaquel Di!” Obtanius yelled behind her. “I will get you!”

“Get ready to get slammed, slubie!” SlubieSlammer-388 yelled.

Vaquel grinned and kept walking.

Sep 012021

Explorer’s Log: I am on day fourteen of my twenty-six day journey to the star system designated “The Way The Queen Stands on the Crotches of her Haters,” by Royal Astronomers. The ship density is low here and I have been able to avoid any encounters. Ship functions are at peak efficiency.

Scans have detected a single lifeform inside a small vessel. It has a slight amount of power but no propulsion. I suspect it is an escape pod of some sort. Scans are having trouble reading the lifeform, but is too big to be one of the Entitled, unless those phallus-shaped aliens grow to a meter in height. It is probably a member of their slave species.

I will attempt a rescue and pump the slave for information. If they are useful, I might even reach another planet before shutting them out the airlock. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Information won’t be the only thing I pump out of this slave. Queen’s tit, I hope it is a woman. I could really do with some pussy.

Vaquel Di stood by the airlock. She wore an intimidating black spacesuit today that stuck to her curvy body like a second skin. Weapons hung from a white belt around her waist. Short curly pink hair crowned her head. Matching black lipstick shone on her lips. She had a laser pistol in one hand while the other hand idly played with a stiff nipple poking against her spacesuit.

Outside the airlock, tractor beams pulled a small vessel, barely the size of a closet, towards the probe ship. Vaquel watched through a monitor as the cylinder’s door was oriented to the airlock. Scans were still fuzzy on the interior of the vessel but something was alive in there.

“Get ready, Chairbot,” Vaquel said. “I want you linked to the controls and ready to jettison this vessel on my command. We don’t need to lug its extra weight and slow us down.”

“Yes, Mistress!” the loyal robot said a meter behind her.

There was a rattling noise. Vaquel scowled at the containment aquarium that held HoleBuster-442. The phallic alien was slamming itself into the sides of his enclosure again. A blinking red light on the glass indicated that the cock-shaped alien was speaking through his communicator but it was set on mute.

“Chill out, asshole!” Vaquel snapped. HoleBuster-442 was her prisoner and she kept it alive because it was supposed to provide crucial intelligence on his fellow Entitled. On the last world they visited, the smug dick had told Vaquel that she would be unmolested by others of his kind if she carried an unbreakable puzzle on her communicator. He neglected to mention that a lot of the Entitled just used cheat programs to break the harder puzzles.

Fortunately, Chairbot had made a puzzle unbeatable by Entitled technology but Vaquel was still pissed off about it. She had muted HoleBuster-442’s cage ever since and the egotistical cock responded with these occasional tantrums

The vessel’s door was near the airlock. Force fields activated and created a temporary safe zone between the ships. Oxygen was pumped into the fragile environment.

The door on the other ship cracked open. A small woman, naked with bright blue skin peeked out. Curly green hair framed her face.

Vaquel opened the airlock. She pointed her laser pistol to the ground and waved the woman over. “Come quick!” she said.

The blue woman swung her door wide open. Small blue breasts adorned her chest but Vaquel’s eyes dropped down to the woman’s waist. Wide hips couldn’t hide an even wider ass behind it. Queen’s tit! How did that ass get in such a small craft!

“Are you rescuing me?” the woman called out. Her voice was soft and delicate.

“Yes!” Chairbot said. The ass-obsessed robot was at the airlock with Vaquel. “Hurry!”

“Shut up, you!” Vaquel snapped at the robot. “Not you!” she shouted at the blue woman. “Get your ass over here!”

“Praise the Masters!” the blue woman squealed. She turned sideways and slowly squeezed through the door. It was a tight fit.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. The sight of the large blue ass made the inside of her spacesuit damp.

The blue woman slipped free of the doorway and quickly crossed the force field. Her hips swung as if trying to counteract the centrifugal force of the buttocks she was carrying. Like most of her cloned species, the woman barely came up to Vaquel’s chest. She was completely naked, except for the glittering sheen of some sort of lotion or oil.

“The oil might be to help her get through doors,” Vaquel thought to herself.

The blue woman came into Vaquel’s ship. Vaquel closed the airlock and gave the signal. The force fields released the tiny vessel and sent it adrift.

“Thank you, slave, for rescuing me!” the blue woman said. “Take me to your Master so I may thank him!”

“Mistress is no one’s slave!” Chairbot said. The robot chair had wheeled itself directly behind the blue woman. His seat was already rising towards her giant butt.

“Mistress? What does that mean?” the blue woman said.

“It is my title,” Vaquel said. “Although you can call me Vaquel. What is your name?”

“My Master calls me Boom-Boom,” the woman said.

“Yeah, I bet he did,” Vaquel said. She grabbed the smaller woman by the shoulders and spun her around to take a better look at her ass. Chairbot whined behind her and lowered his seat.

The woman had a perfect blue bubble butt. Both buttocks were nearly spheres. Vaquel grabbed a cheek and squeezed. It was almost rock hard.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore.

Boom-Boom swatted Vaquel’s hands away. “Slaves shouldn’t touch each other without their Master’s permission!” She turned back around and looked at Vaquel with disdain.

Vaquel frowned. The Entitled didn’t value intelligence among their clone slaves. This one was clearly missing a few of the brighter genes. Oh well, Vaquel didn’t mind stupid when they carried an ass like that. She holstered her laser pistol. This one was no threat.

“How did you end up out here?” Vaquel asked.

“Raiders attacked my Master’s ship,” Boom-Boom replied. “He ordered me to carry him to the escape pod but a hull breach ripped him from my hands. I barely managed to make it to the pod myself. The Raiders ignored me and I have been drifting for seventeen days.”

Vaquel kept staring at the woman’s ass. “Clearly you didn’t starve on the pod.”

Boom-Boom didn’t reply. She walked away from the airlock and looked around the cramped interior of the probe ship. Her eyes swept past the hygiene pod, the sleep bunk and the algae dispenser with little interest.

Chairbot rolled beside her. “Boom-Boom, would you like to sit down?” The contours of his seat rippled with anticipation.

“What is this?” Boom-Boom said, pointing at Chairbot.

“He’s my robot chair,” Vaquel said. “Though if he keeps talking, he is in danger of becoming excess weight and will be dumped out the airlock.”

Boom-Boom stopped listening partway through Vaquel talking. She returned to look around the interior and spotted HoleBuster-442’s enclosure. The blue woman let out an ear-piercing squeal.

“There’s your Master!” Boom-Boom cried. She ran towards the aquarium and grabbed the sides of it. “Thank you for saving me! Please, fuck me and claim me for your harem!”

HoleBuster-442 shook violently in his cage, slamming himself into the glass wall. The speaker light blinked furiously as he ranted. Vaquel was amused by his reaction. The cocky dick must be dying to jam himself into that blue ass.

“Look, that’s not my Master, or anyone’s Master,” Vaquel said. “He is my captive. I run this ship and you should be thanking me.”

Boom-Boom laughed and bent over to hug HoleBuster-442’s aquarium. Her round blue ass was on full display to Vaquel. “He is your captive? That’s ridiculous! Master, let me punish your slave for her lies and prove how useful I can be!”

“Okay. fuck this,” Vaquel said. She walked over to Boom-Boom and grabbed her by the hair. As the blue woman screamed, Vaquel took a few steps back and faced HoleBuster-442’s cage.

“Chairbot, get under my ass now!” Vaquel snapped.

“Yes, Mistress,” Chairbot said. There was a little less enthusiasm in his voice than usual but Vaquel would deal with that later. The robot rolled behind Vaquel as Vaquel began to sit. The padded seat cradled her ass with his usual perfect fit.

“Time for you to learn who the boss is around here,” Vaquel said. Still holding onto Boom-Boom’s head, she pulled the blue woman across her lap. As the blue woman struggled, Vaquel let go of her hair and grabbed one of the clone’s arms instead. Vaquel was much stronger than the smaller woman, and she easily pinned the woman’s arm to the small of her back.

“Master!” Boom-Boom yelled. “See how your slave abuses me for declaring my loyalty to you!”

“Woman, they must have skimped on your intelligence genes to pump up that ass,” Vaquel said.

“It was good design decision!” Chairbot said.

“Shut up,” Vaquel snapped. She grabbed a handful of Boom-Boom’s ass. It was delightfully firm. The glistening oil wasn’t as slippery as Vaquel was expecting. For a moment, she lost her train of thought as she groped the bubble buttock.

“Master!” Boom-Boom cried out again. “Stop your jealous slave and claim me for yourself! My come-hole aches for you!”

Whap! Vaquel slapped Boom-Boom’s abundant ass with her bare hand. The firmness of the woman’s butt stung Vaquel’s hand. The pain was alleviated slightly by the sight of that firm buttock bouncing.

“Ow! Help me, Master! Help!” Boom-Boom cried.

“I’m the Master, I mean Mistress here!” Vaquel said. She rained down six more slaps, three to one buttock and then three to the other. The hard buttocks jiggled slightly in ways that made Vaquel’s mouth water.

“Help, Master, help!” Boom-Boom continued to scream. She kicked her legs and squirmed on Vaquel’s lap. The blue woman was too weak to escape Vaquel’s single pinning hand.

“You’re a slow learner,” Vaquel said. “I like that.”

Vaquel tore into Boom-Boom’s butt with more spanks. The woman’s ass was as hard as a force field but she screamed with every slap. A slight purple color started to form on the shiny blue buttocks. The repeated slaps sent oil flying and it wasn’t long before Boom-Boom’s bottom was completely dry.

The same could not be said for the blue woman’s pussy. Liquid heat dripped from her pubic hair and splattered against Vaquel’s leg. Curious, Vaquel paused in her spanking to slip a finger into hairy sex. Slick warmth gripped her finger.

“Ohhh,” Boom-Boom moaned. “See how you slave molests me, Master? It should be you violating my come hole!”

Vaquel tried to pull her finger out. The suction of the blue pussy was incredible. She had to exert herself to finally get her finger free.

“Queen’s tit, that shit is tight!” Vaquel said.

“Hear that, Master?” Boom-Boom said to HoleBuster-442’s enclosure. “My come-hole is tight and ready for you!”

“Yeah, see that asshole?” Vaquel said to HoleBuster-442. “If you weren’t such a dick on the last planet, I would let you fuck this willing slut.”

HoleBuster-442 undulated wildly inside his cage. The speaker light blinked rapidly. It looked like he was having an epic fit.

Vaquel hit Boom-Boom’s ass again. Whap! The loud sound of the slap echoed through the ship’s interior, followed by Boom-Boom’s scream of distress.

“Ooow! You’re killing me!” Boom-Boom whined.

“Only thing dying here is my hand,” Vaquel said. It was starting to ache but she loved slapping that ass too much to stop. She used lighter spanks on the blue ass and that helped with the pain.

Fortunately, Boom-Boom was so sensitive and Vaquel was so strong that lighter slaps didn’t diminish the blue woman’s suffering. She screamed and kicked her short little legs. The woman’s free arm slapped useless against Chairbot’s wheels. Pussy juices continued to flow and form a puddle against the side of Vaquel’s leg.

Still, the repeated slaps against a hard ass took its toll on Vaquel’s hand and she had to stop. She shook her hand and tried to get rid of the stinging sensation. What she needed was a bucket of ice.

“Have you learned your lesson?” Vaquel asked.

Boom-Boom whimpered on Vaquel’s lap. The welts on her blue butt had done from purple to a deep burgundy. The buttocks clenched and unclenched in spasms.

“I’ve learned that Master enjoys seeing his slaves suffer,” Boom-Boom said. “So I will endure this torment to make him happy!”

“Rageshit!” Vaquel snapped, unconsciously borrowing one of HoleBuster-442’s own curses. “Chairbot, bring us to the toy locker!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said. The loyal robot wheeled Vaquel and her captive over to a set of panels. The seat rotated and rose a few decimeters so Vaquel’s free hand could reach the locker.

Vaquel opened the locker door and reached inside. A black paddle sat in the back, a little dusty from not being used lately. Ever since Chairbot upgraded his vibrating seat to deliver a credible spanking, Vaquel’s hasn’t had much use for the paddle. Vaquel held onto it because it pained her to part with a perfectly good instrument of discipline and pain.

“Here we go,” Vaquel said. She pressed the flat of the paddle against Boom-Boom’s ass. Chairbot wheeled back into the center of the ship and lowered himself back to optimal spanking height.

“I’m going to spank you until you understand that I am the Mistress here,” Vaquel said. “Beg me for mercy, not that impotent cock I have in a cage!”

Boom-Boom shook her head. “I will never do that! Master is clearly trying to test my intelligence! Only a fool would obey a fellow slave!”

Vaquel glanced at the HoleBuster-442. The alien phallus was leaning back and forth. He was desperately trying to get her attention. Good. She enjoyed denying him what he wanted.

Vaquel slammed the paddle into Boom-Boom’s ass. WHOMP! The firm ass took the hit and barely budged. The sound of the impact was like a drum being struck.

“Slubie!” Boom-Boom screamed.

Vaquel smiled. The blue woman had switched to insults. Vaquel rapidly spanked the burgundy bottom with the paddle.

“Fucking whorser!” Boom-Boom shouted. “When I am the favorite slave, I’m going have the Master sell you to a Mining Zone!”

“Hit her harder, Mistress!” Chairbot squealed under Vaquel.

Vaquel did. The paddle protected Vaquel’s hand as she delivered spank after spank. She made sure to strike from different angles so that Boom-Boom couldn’t predict what was coming next. The burgundy area on the blue woman’s butt grew larger and larger until it encompassed her buttocks.

Chairbot activated his vibrating seat and Vaquel shuddered. She didn’t admonish the robot’s initiative. The tingling sensations caused her own pussy juices to flow into her suit.

“I hate you, you fucking nitch!” Boom-Boom screamed.

“What the fuck is a nitch?” Vaquel thought but she didn’t want to stop her spanking to ask.

WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! The burgundy butt took Vaquel’s abuse. Boom-Boom’s insults turned into sobs. The juices from her pussy soaked the spacesuit on Vaquel’s leg.

“Stop! Stop! Please, stop, Mister!” Boom-Boom yelled.

Vaquel paused in mid-swing. “I think you meant, Mistress.”

“Yes! Mistress! Mistress! Mistress! Mistress!” Boom-Boom babbled.

“Then you accept that I am the one running this ship? And that you will obey me?” Vaquel asked.

“Yes, Mistress!” Boom-Boom said. I will serve and obey you!”

“About fucking time,” Vaquel said. She pushed the blue woman off her lap. Before Boom-Boom had fallen to the floor, Vaquel had spread her legs and pressed a button on her belt. A slit appeared over Vaquel’s crotch and then widened into a circle. Vaquel’s pink pubic hair, slick with her juices was revealed.

“Eat your Mistress, slave!” Vaquel said.

Boom-Boom nodded and rose to her knees. She winced as the welts in her ass flared. It was only a moment’s hesitation as she quickly crawled between Vaquel’s legs and pressed her face to the slick pussy.

“I’ve never done this before,” Boom-Boom said.

Vaquel grabbed Boom-Boom by her short green hair. “No better time to learn,” she said as she pulled the blue woman’s face to her sex.

Warm lips pressed against Vaquel’s pussy. A long tongue pushed in and swirled. Warm breath tickled Vaquel’s pubic hair. The tongue reached deep and rapidly flicked.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel groaned. When it came to pussy-eating, Boom-Boom was a fast learner. Vaquel rubbed the woman’s face into her crotch.

Boom-Boom started to suck on Vaquel’s pussy. Chills went up Vaquel’s spine. The blue woman had a lot of suction in her throat. It was a strange sensation that made her all the more sensitive.

“Stick your butt out,” Vaquel whispered between groans. “I want to see that ass,

With her mouth stuck to Vaquel’s pussy, Boom-Boom got on all fours and scooted her ass back. The burgundy butt arched up high as Boom-Boom dipped her back. The perfect butt twerked in the air in a blatant display.

Hole-Buster-442 was directly behind the bubble butt. The phallic alien trembled in place. The speaker light blinked furiously.

“Oh yeah, you wish you were in that ass,” Vaquel taunted. “I bet you would love to jam your thick self into that tight little hole.”

HoleBuster-442 quivered with what Vaquel assumed was rage.

The vibrations under Vaquel increased. Vaquel gripped Boom-Boom’s head with both hands. The combination of Chairbot’s vibrators and the blue woman’s suction pushed Vaquel to the edge.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. Bliss rocketed through her body.

The vibrations grew stronger. “Don’t forget to make Boom-Boom sit on me when you’re done, Mistress! I can keep punishing her for you!”

Vaquel snorted. “You just want that giant bottom on your seat,” she said. “Get me off again and I might consider it.”

Boom-Boom groaned into Vaquel’s sex. The vibration of her lips felt wonderful against Vaquel’s pussy. The blue woman placed her hands on both of Vaquel’s thighs with surprising strength. She sucked harder as she licked.

Chairbot’s seat vibrated harder. The back reclined a few degrees and Vaquel leaned back into it. A small force field emerged from the seat to press between Vaquel’s buttocks.

Vaquel cried out and looked down. Boom-Boom’s blue face looked up at her, her face shiny with juices. The beautiful burgundy ass bounced with sexual energy.

“Oh shit, I’m going to keep her,” Vaquel thought. She already had a robot chair, and an alien cock prisoner; what was one more pet? The weight displacement needed to be compensated for, which meant Vaquel might have to jettison some sexy toys, some survey equipment and maybe some emergency water, but it might be worth it.

Boom-Boom sucked harder on Vaquel’s pussy and Vaquel came again.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted. She let go of Boom-Boom’s face to grip Chairbot’s arms. The robot increased his vibrations as Vaquel climaxed.

Boom-Boom lifted her face from Vaquel’s sex. A pink pubic hair clung to her lip. “Please, Mistress, can I please come now?”

Vaquel nodded, a little breathless. She stuck her left leg out. “You can hump my foot.”

Boom-Boom immediately mounted Vaquel’s leg on the ankle. She gripped Vaquel’s calf and began to grind right away. Back and forth her dripping sex slid over Vaquel’s foot.

“Oh nice,” Vaquel said. She expected Boom-Boom to complain or resist such a humiliating action but nope, the clone slave obeyed instantly. Chairbot and HoleBuster-442 could learn a lot from this one.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, yes,” Boom-Boom babbled as she humped Vaquel’s foot. Her small breasts bounced with every hump. Juices dripped from her open mouth. The force of her pussy-eating had bruised her blue lips purple. She shuddered from her impending orgasm.

Vaquel tapped the arm of Chairbot’s arm and the robot ceased vibrating. She relaxed into the afterglow of her orgasms. Lazy daydreams of what to do with her ass-gifted slave floated through her imagination.

A rattling sound disturbed Vaquel’s daydreams. It came from HoleBuster-442’s cage. The thick alien cock was throwing himself at the glass walls hard enough to make the enclosure move across the surface of the table. The speaker light flashed like a beacon.

“Queen’s tit, what?” Vaquel snapped. The Entitled couldn’t answer because the speaker was still turned off. “Chairbot, bring me closer!”

Chairbot wheeled towards HoleBuster-442’s enclosure. Boom-Boom followed along, hopping as she continued to hump Vaquel’s leg. Vaquel turned in the seat, turning Boom-Boom with her leg, so she could reach the speaker button.

“What is so damned important?” Vaquel snapped as she pressed the button.


Vaquel looked down at the clone on her leg. Boom-Boom quivered from head-to-toe. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. A low constant moan came from her open mouth.

There was no hesitation on Vaquel’s part. She brought her right leg up and kicked out at Boom-Boom with all of her might. The foot caught Boom-Boom right in the face and she went flying back. There was a ‘POP’ sound as her pussy lips left Vaquel’s foot. The blue woman rolled backwards, ass over head down the interior of the ship.

The giant buttocks glowed with white light as she rolled.

Vaquel jumped out of Chairbot and dived in to the opposite direction. She turned her head just in time to see a white light spread from Boom-Boom’s ass and form two spheres of light that were centered around her ass. The lights flared and then vanished, taking Boom-Boom and a chunk of the probe ship’s floor with it. Lights flickered and a couple of warning lights flared from damaged systems.

Rushing air told Vaquel what had happened. It was a localized implosion. If the clone had still been on her leg, Vaquel would have been a goner.

“We need to leave right now!” HoleBuster-442 yelled. “Trap clones release a signal when they implode to let their owners know that they have killed an Entitled and his ship is ready to be looted.”

“Chairbot, full speed our of here,” Vaquel said. The ship thrummed as it accelerated. Vaquel rose to her feet and tried to slow her heart after that near death experience.

“Don’t they have trap clones where you come from?” HoleBuster-442 yelled. “It is the oldest trick there is! A poor naked clone with a big ass or big tits is drifting alone, waiting to be picked up by an Entitled in a ship. As soon as the Entitled fucks the clone, the easily-aroused slave climaxes and activates the implosion bombs in her tits or ass! Only slubies and whorser Entitled fall for them! How did you not know it was a trap?”

Vaquel stared at the trembling phallic alien. Juices dripped from her well-eaten pussy. She tried to think of a witty comeback but she had nothing.

That ass was a damn good trap.

Aug 042021

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Queen’s Ass Can Shake The Stars,” by Royal Astronomers. There are seven planets here, and most of them are heavily industrialized and designated Tycoon Zones. One planet, 4th from the sun is designated something called a Puzzle Zone. A quick scan shows that it is lightly developed with an emphasis on luxury and beauty. That is peculiar, considering how the dominant species, the Entitled, usually make sport of dominating bipedal humanoids.

My prisoner, HoleBuster-442, explained what a Puzzle Zone is. It is a world where some Entitled bred desirable slaves as well as complex puzzles involving matching colors and symbols on a grid. Other Entitled pay a fee to play a slave’s puzzle, and if they solve it in a certain number of moves, they get to fuck the slave. If they fail, they can pay the fee again for another attempt.

What an insane way to run a brothel! I asked HoleBuster-442 why the Entitled just don’t assault the slaves and skip the puzzles? He said there were strict rules against such behavior. What kind of masochist would agree to this system? It would be cheaper just to buy or hire a sex slave in a Tycoon Zone. HoleBuster-442 responded that some Entitled prefer the cerebral challenge.

This kind of deviant masochism deserves closer examination. At great personal risk, I will land on the planet and make closer observations. May the Queen protect me! End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: The slaves apparently wonder around free to tempt Entitled into playing their puzzles. I have my eye on a beautiful looking water recreation park that would be perfect for a few hours of “observations.”

Vaquel Di floated on her back. Her short pink hair formed a wet skullcap on her head. The bright sun kissed her brown body. Water glistened on the bright yellow bikini top that struggled to contain her large breasts. A single pink hair from her bush peeked out from the tight yellow bikini triangle that covered her sex.

The warm water felt wonderful under Vaquel. There was a slight current that was generated by the water falling from the giant stone cock above the pool. The current gently guided Vaquel’s floating body through a holographic boat. Vaquel giggled as she watched her wet breasts break through the hull of the white ship.

Someone screamed to Vaquel’s right. It came from a green woman at the edge of the pool. She was on all fours, getting fucked from behind by a metal body in the shape of a giant feline. Vaquel could make out the black cock that was ramming the woman’s gushing pussy. The cock was an Entitled, a phallic race of self-centered bastards. The metal cat was the Entitled’s vehicle and fuck-mobile. A name, SlubieSavager-991, was painted on the side.

The woman’s screams were a mix of pain and pleasure. Vaquel felt a stirring in her pussy as she listened to it. It was lovely pool music.

A shadow fell on Vaquel’[s body. It was a glowing sphere, hovering above Vaquel. A blue phallus floated inside the sphere. It was pointing down at Vaquel. Letters scrolled along the surface of the sphere, letting everyone know that the Entitled was named AssAce-308

There was a beep from her wrist communicator. Someone, most likely AssAce-308, had paid fifty credits to play Vaquel’s puzzle. If they won, they could fuck her just like the green woman was being fucked for two kiloseconds.

“Good luck, asshole,” Vaquel whispered. The puzzle had been designed by Chairbot, her loyal robot and sextoy. Not only could the puzzle pass for the kind of puzzles that were used here, but it had been altered to be nearly impossible to solve. Chairbot assured her that it would take a team of super-intelligences to solve, and if the robot ever wanted Vaquel’s beautiful ass to sit on it again, he had better be right.

Vaquel rolled over onto her stomach in the water. Her brown buttocks and her nearly invisible thong faced the Entitled above her. Water sparkled on her firm curves. She clenched her buttocks multiple times to taunt to the phallic alien.

The communicator beeped, indicating the puzzle had been failed.

“Rageshit!” the Entitled screamed above her. “Your puzzle is too hard, hole-walker!”

“Take it up with my owner, dickhead!” Vaquel shouted over her shoulder.

Vaquel’s owner was registered as HoleBuster-442, but since that was the Entitled who was currently a prisoner on her ship, she wasn’t worried about any complaints that were filed.

“Your ass is too fat anyway!” AssAce-308 yelled before flying off.

Vaquel sighed and swam down into the water. The same cycle repeated itself. An Entitled would try her puzzle, they would fail, and then insult her before flying off. For a race of sentient cocks, the Entitled had very fragile egos.

Holographic fish swam in the water. Each was a different vibrant color and no two shared the same shape. Vaquel swam alongside a gorgeous red fish until a larger holographic fish swallowed it whole. She wondered who designed the fish. All of the slaves she had met were uneducated while the Entitled were too obsessed with fucking to care about fish.

A blue holographic fish swam by. The front of its body supported perky blue breasts that did not belong on a fish. It was only because it was a hologram that the poor thing didn’t float straight to the surface on its large tits.

“An Entitled definitely designed these fish,” Vaquel muttered.

Vaquel surfaced for air. She swam to the nearest pool edge and pulled herself up. Water cascaded from her curvy body. She paused in mid-lift to tilt her head back. Her massive breasts strained against her tight yellow top.

“Damn, that was sexy,” Vaquel thought to herself. “Everyone is going to want to fuck me.”

The communicator on her wrists stayed silent.

Vaquel frowned and looked around. The metal cat body was fucking a red woman laying on a towel. A fleshy tentacle body pinned down a brown man in his lounge chair while the Entitled controlling the body fucked his mouth. In the center of the pool, a gleaming body made of force fields held a pale woman in the water while an Entitled humped her tits. Three other Entitled bodies strolled through the pool area, browsing the slave men and women while planning their next puzzle attempt.

No one was looking at Vaquel.

Technically, that was a good thing. Vaquel was an illegal visitor to this planet. As a non-Entitled, she had no rights. If she attracted too much scrutiny, then someone might notice that her certification as a slave was just a forgery. The more people ignored her the better.

But where was the fun in that?

Vaquel climbed out of the pool. Water dripped from her brown curves. She clenched her ass and not-so-casually rubbed her neck, making sure to jiggle her tits with her arm. Swinging her hips, she walked over to the swimsuit kiosk.

A holo-screen floated before her. A row of swimsuits appeared. A wave of Vaquel’s hand and the swimsuits spun like a carousel. There were suits for all types of bodies and every level of modesty. A touch of the screen changed the colors of the suits while another touch added patterns and other details.

Vaquel had something special in mind. The bikini she wore was tight and skimpy but she felt it could be more so. There was a lot of Vaquel’s body to admire and she wanted to make sure that the horny Entitled saw it all.

There. A swimsuit appeared that was obscene and hideously expensive but Vaquel didn’t care. Unlike the slave-owners who would normally receive these funds, Vaquel had no overhead or operating expenses. This planet visit was a vacation and she intended to spend every credit she earned.

Vaquel tapped a symbol on the holo-screen. Her wrist communicator beeped as the credits were deducted from her account. A laser mount in the swimsuit kiosk fired a beam that disintegrated Vaquel’s yellow bikini top. Her large brown breast fell free from their vanished restraint. The laser fired at her thong and the yellow fabric vaporized to reveal her slick pink bush of soaked pubic air.

As soon as Vaquel was naked, the matter-fabricators activated. Molecules were constructed on the sub-atomic level around Vaquel’s body. Two large rubies appeared over Vaquel’s aureoles. Three gold threads, almost invisible in thickness, spread from the rubies to circumference the curve of her breasts. The threads met at Vaquel’s neck to form a necklace.

Vaquel laughed. The micro bikini offered no support. It merely covered her nipples and highlighted her curves. It was perfect.

The matter fabricators went to work on her bottom. A tiny swath of red cloth covered her sex. The fringes of her pink pubic hair peeked out from the edges of the cloth. The fabric was so tight that the lips of her pussy were clearly visible. Gold threads that matched her top secured the cloth in place with glittering web that revealed more skin than it covered. A single thread clung tightly to the crack of Vaquel’s ass, completely exposing her buttocks.

“Perfect,” Vaquel said. She turned around and walked along the edge of the pool. Every step pulled the thong fabric tighter against her pussy lips. The red cloth was already soaked with her juices.

The sun felt great on Vaquel’s nearly naked breasts. The rubies were cool against her nipples and she wondered if they had a cooling mechanism inside. Despite the lack of support from the scant threads, there was just enough tension in the top to make her plentiful tits jiggle.

Vaquel passed the tentacle body fucking the face of the man on his lounge chair. The Entitled paused in mid-thrust down the gagging man’s throat. A tentacle-mounted sensor pointed at Vaquel and followed her as she walked by.

The wrist communicator beeped. Vaquel smiled at the sound. The Entitled was deep in someone’s mouth and he was still trying to solve Vaquel’s puzzle. That was more like it.

Up ahead was a blue woman with long green hair. She sat on the edge of the pool, slowly kicking her legs to show off how long they were. A white swimsuit clung to her modest breasts.

The woman turned as Vaquel walked by. Her eyes bulged at the sight of Vaquel’s exposed body. A flash of envy flared across her bright white eyes.

A jolt of heat filled Vaquel’s sex. The only thing better than naked desire was raw jealousy. The sheer fabric over Vaquel’s pussy began to drip with her flowing juices.

Vaquel was too turned on to return to the pool. She wanted to soak in the admiration and envy of the people around her. The nearly naked explorer walked over to a lounge chair sitting next to a purple woman wearing a yellow bikini. The woman’s body was slender, which made her nearly sexless compared to Vaquel’s dark curves.

The communicator on Vaquel’s wrist beeped. The Entitled had failed to crack her puzzle. A second later, the Entitled shouted “Ugly whorser!”

The frustrated hostility warmed Vaquel’s pussy like a nimble tongue.

Vaquel sat on the lounge chair and pressed a symbol on the side. Credits were deducted from Vaquel’s account and a slot opened on the side of the chair. Vaquel reached in and pulled out a vial of ultraviolet ray blocker. She sat up in the chair and aimed the bottle at her breasts. A simple squeeze squirted slippery liquid onto her chest. It was as warm as hot seed.

The metal cat body walked over to Vaquel and sat down. A silver saucer floated above her. A red humanoid body shaped to look like it was made of stone took a position in front of Vaquel.

The communicator beeped. One of the Entitled were attempting her puzzle. She wondered which one it was.

Vaquel rubbed the lotion into her breasts with one hand. It would be quicker to use both hands but this was much more fun. The micro bikini offered no resistance to her hands as she groped, cupped and massaged her large brown tits. It was easy to slip her fingers under the red ruby that covered each nipple, although technically the nipples didn’t need any lotion since they were covered by the rubies.

The communicator beeped, signaling the puzzle had been failed. The metal cat dug its claws into the tiles of the ground. Strangely, there was no verbal insult to accompany his failure.

Another beep came from the communicator as someone else tried.

When Vaquel’s breasts were bright and shiny with lotion, she pointed the bottle at one of her legs. The warm liquid flowed onto her thigh. She used one hand to massage the oil into her skin. The inner thigh required extra attention so Vaquel spread her thighs wide so everyone got a good view.

The purple woman next to Vaquel snorted.

“Did you say something?” Vaquel asked sweetly.

“You’re coming off as desperate,” the purple woman said. “Solvers prefer a little more mystery.”

“Oh, they do?” Vaquel said as she leaned back into her chair. She lifted her legs and pointed her feet at the sky. Her hands went to the back of her thighs as her exposed buttocks clenched together.

All three Entitled moved closer together to get a better look at Vaquel’s ass.

“Slubie,” the purple woman whispered and then turned her head away from Vaquel.

Vaquel giggled. She rolled over onto her side. Squirting more lotion into her hand, she rubbed her ass, one butt cheek at a time. In the interest of protection, Vaquel made sure to rub the lotion with slow circular motions of her hand. She even reached under the single gold thread that was her thong to make sure her crack was covered.

The communicator beeped another failure. The saucer flashed angry yellow colors. “Your ass is too big,” a speaker blasted from the saucer.

“Oh, is it?” Vaquel said innocently. She slapped her ass as hard as she could. The brown buttock quivered from the force of her strike.

The communicator beeped as someone else attempted her puzzle.

Vaquel laid back on the chair. A green sphere rolled up to Vaquel’s chair. A blue Entitled emerged from the top of the sphere and pointed at Vaquel. It pulsed in silence.

That didn’t bother Vaquel. She liked it when cocks stared at her. As the Entitled watched, she squirted more lotion into her hands and rubbed her shoulders. She took care to fold her arm over her tits as she did so, causing her large brown breasts to flatten, jiggle and compress with every movement.

The communicator beeped another failure. The red stone body barked a single “Rageshit!” before falling silent again. The communicator beeped as someone else tried.

“Oh, I bet you were really close,” Vaquel said. “Maybe you should try again.”

“The puzzle is too damn hard for this fee,” the red stone body said.

“There are too many line breakers,” the metal cat said.

“The puzzle designer doesn’t understand game balance,” the saucer complained.

“Aw, maybe you are just not that good?” Vaquel offered.

None of the bodies said anything but Vaquel could feel their frustrated rage. HoleBuster-442 had explained that damaging another Entitled’s property on a Puzzle Zone was severely punished so Vaquel she was safe, but the thrill of taunting them was making her wet. It was good to have fun while on vacation.

The communicator beeped a failure. The Entitled on top of the sphere shook with indignation.

“Impossible!” the sphere blasted over its speakers. “This puzzle is broken! It is not worth the trouble to fuck your weird looking face! I’m going to fuck this tit-sack instead!” The sphere rotated to face the purple woman at Vaquel’s side.

“Oh well,” Vaquel said with feigned sadness. “I guess I will have to wait for a real puzzle solver to fuck me. It is a shame. I have been waiting so long that my slit is just soaking wet. See what I mean?”

Vaquel spread her legs on the lounge chair. The red fabric over her sex was completely damp. To emphasize the point, she rubbed the small triangle into her pussy lips.

The sphere rotated back to face Vaquel. The metal cat and the stone body took a step closer to her crotch. The saucer hovered lower to get a better view.

“I need a big thick cock so badly,” Vaquel said and it was true. She grabbed one of her brown breasts with her hand and squeezed. The abundant breast threatened to spill out of her hand.

The communicator beeped. One of them was trying again. The purple woman glared at Vaquel with unconcealed hatred.

Vaquel shuddered. Still holding onto her tit, she pressed her other hand down on her bikini bottom. The heat of her sex warmed the fabric. Vaquel ground her palm into her sex and moaned.

“The slubie is a freak,” the metal cat said.

“Her genetic code must be hyperactive,” the saucer said.

“When I finish this puzzle, I am going to pump her slubie hole raw,” the stone body said.

The Entitled on the sphere said nothing but the pulsed with eager menace.

Vaquel stared at the stone body that threatened to fuck her raw. Her mouth opened and she licked her lips. Both eyes closed to narrow slits. Keeping eye contact with the stone body’s crotch, she rubbed the thin cloth covering her sex with slow up and down motions.

The communicator beeped a failure. The stone body clenched its hands in frustration. Another beep signaled someone else trying Vaquel’s puzzle.

“Who’s trying to fuck me now?” Vaquel groaned.

“I am, whorser,” the sphere said. “And when I solve it, I am going to pump my seed down your throat and make you choke on it!”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Vaquel groaned. “I can’t wait for you to fuck my face.”

Vaquel rubbed her bikini bottom harder. The thin material was tight against her pussy lips. She pushed down and the cloth sunk into her pussy. More and more of her pink bush was revealed.

The metal cat stood on its hind legs. A panel opened in its crotch to reveal the black shape of the Entitled inside. The phallus vibrated with rigid tension.

Vaquel shivered. She needed more than just rubbing. Snatching a hold of the wet fabric, she pulled her bikini bottom out of her sex and to the side. With her cunt completely exposed, she plunged three fingers into her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” Vaquel cried out.

“Disgusting,” the purple woman said loudly, but no one acknowledged her.

The communicator beeped another failure. The Entitled on the sphere threw a silent tantrum and swung back and forth. The sphere he rode wobbled with him.

There was another beep as someone else tried Vaquel’s puzzle. The metal cat took another step closer. “This time, your ass is mine, hole-walker!” the cat said.

“This ass?” Vaquel said. She rolled over on the lounge chair and rose up on her knees. Tilting forward, she laid her face down on the chair with her ass high in the air. One hand kept the bikini bottom pulled to the side while the other hand continued to fuck her slick pussy. Her big brown buttocks shook and wobbled as she fucked herself.

“You’re talking about this ass?” Vaquel taunted. “You want to sink yourself into my tight asshole? I bet you wouldn’t even use any lube. That would be your right. You could pound my ass and make it your slubie.”

Another shudder went through Vaquel. The lounge chair was hard against her cheek. She rocked back and forth on her knees, rolling her ass with practiced ease.

The communicator beeped. “Old slubie!” the metal cat screamed. Old? Before Vaquel had time to process that insult, her communicator beeped again as someone else tried.

The saucer dropped down behind Vaquel’s ass. It was less than a meter away from her shiny buttocks. The top of the saucer opened to reveal a thick pale phallus.

“Keep talking shitsmack, flucke!” the saucer said. “We’ll see how well you talk when I pump your slit and break you in two. I’m activating my flare-processor for this one! I’ll crack your puzzle and then I’ll crack that ass!”

A bolt of terror went through Vaquel. It had never occurred to her that the Entitled might cheat. HoleBuster-442 had conveniently left that part out. Could these angry fuckers actually solve her puzzle?

Vaquel’s pussy responded by tightening around her fingers. She groaned and kept thrusting. Juices spilled from her soaked pussy.

Fantasies flashed through Vaquel’s mind. The Entitled would ride his saucer right into her ass. The metal cat would fuck her face and choke her with its girth. The stone body would hold her down as it savagely rammed her cunt. The sphere would roll onto her chest and fuck her tits. Other Entitled would get in line, eager to break her puzzle and then fuck the battiness right out of her.

Vaquel’s climax slammed into her. She cried out as spasms racked her pussy. A spray of juices flew through the air and coated the saucer.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out. She rubbed her face into the lounge chair as aftershocks of pleasure shook her body.

The communicator beeped. The saucer had failed.

“Rageshit!” the saucer yelled. “I’m done wasting my credits on you! Your pussy is too wet, anyway!”

“Your pink hair is a weird shade,” the stone body said as it walked away.

“I like a bigger ass,” the metal cat lied as it sulked away.

“Whorser!” the sphere simply yelled.

Vaquel collapsed into the lounge chair. The wet spot from her juices soaked into her skin. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and sucked on them. Another aftershock of pleasure made her squirm.

The chair beside her was empty. The purple woman had left at some point and Vaquel hadn’t noticed. Vaquel saw her getting fucked by the tentacle body in the water.

There was an incoming message on Vaquel’s communicator. It was from Chairbot.

“Mistress! I have been monitoring communications in your area! Puzzle Moderators are converging on your location. Nineteen reports have been filed accusing you of using a broken puzzle and being too ugly to arouse Entitled.”

Vaquel sighed. “I should have predicted that. Fine. There are other parks to go to. Send me the coordinates to that flower garden I saw earlier. I’m in the mood to tease some more cocks while I sniff something pretty.”

Jul 142021
Nine years of this nonsense?

Volume Nine of Vaquel Di’s erotic exploration of space is live on Amazon. This volume covers Vaquel’s journey through the territory of the Prober Supreme! Thrill to her sexual adventures as she takes on perversions of science and nature. This volume also includes the first appearance of the Booty Hunter.

I got to be honest, when I first thought of doing a twenty year arc of stories, I thought I would be lucky to get to five years. The fact that I am currently in the eleventh year blows my mind. Thank you for coming along with this prolonged flight of sexy madness.

Jul 072021

Explorer’s Log: I am on day fourteen of my twenty day journey to the star system designated “The Queen’s Ass Can Shake The Stars,” by Royal Astronomers. My prisoner, HoleBuster-442, tells me that much of this area is frequently patrolled by raiders looking for prey. With that in mind, I have been running on stealth mode and limiting my scanner emissions.

In the meantime, I have successfully connected the power cell I obtained recently to the new laser array. Test shots have been promising. The damage output is truly amazing. If the Royal Navy can reverse engineer this, then the Queen’s forces will be greatly enhanced.

Unfortunately, my attempt to recreate the Entitled’s force field technology has failed. The shield matrix array is just too complex for me to create with my tools. Without that shield, I wouldn’t be able to survive more than two attacks from a standard Entitled ship weapon. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: It is a bit nerve wracking knowing how vulnerable the ship is but I am doing my best to keep calm. Chairbot has been generating a constant low vibration field on his seat that is quite relaxing to sit on. Besides, I am running in stealth mode using what I have learned about Entitled scanners. I just need to trust in the Royal Navy’s tech and I will be fine.


“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. Smoke stung her eyes. Sparks flew from an overhead panel. She grabbed her glassteel helmet and slapped it on. Her short pink hair fluttered as impure air was flushed from the interior of the helmet. The bright yellow suit clung tighter to her curvy body as it pressurized.

“Where is the ship now?” Vaquel yelled.

“It’s coming back for another attack!” Chairbot yelled from under her ass. The loyal robot had linked to her ship systems in order to help. For some reason, his voice trembled as if he was moaning.

“You have doomed us all, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 barked through his speakers. The phallic alien slammed his body into the side of his containment box. “I told you that your pathetic ship wouldn’t be able to hide from the Raiders! They live to hunt, kill and fuck! Now they are going to board ship, fuck your miserable wet hole and sell me into wage slavery!”

“Shut up!” Vaquel snapped.

“Three more ships detected!” Chairbot said. He trembled under Vaquel’s ass. Was that fear?

Vaquel looked at the navigation screen. Fuck, three more ships were coming from three different directions. The Raiders never worked together. It was every Entitled for themselves out in space.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel whispered. The probe ship was barely holding together. One more hit would cripple it for good.

Or maybe it is already crippled?

“Shut down all power!” Vaquel yelled. “Vent plasma through the port exhaust!”

“Obeying, Mistress!” Chairbot said. His link to the ship meant he could do all of those things must faster than the ship itself.

“What foolish hysteria is this?” HoleBuster-442 yelled from his speakers. “Has your womb tilted and affected your mind?”

“You never heard of pretending to be dead?” Vaquel said.

“What a foul idea!” HoleBuster-442 said. “No Entitled would ever think of displaying weakness!”

“Good,” Vaquel said. “That is what I am counting on.”

The attacking ship to Vaquel’s rear turned sharply in the direction of the nearest newcomer. It unleashed a barrage of laser fire. The newcomer did as well. Lasers smashed into shields on both ships until the newcomer cracked in half.

“Enemy ship down!” Chairbot said. The vibrations on Vaquel’s ass increased and her pussy responded in kind.

“Control yourself,” Vaquel whispered to her robot, though her hand did go to her sex. She idly stroked herself as she watched the navigation screen.

The two newcomers changed course to engage with the attacking ship, while also launching attacks at each other. The three ships flew in evasive patterns while still fighting. It was a complex dance of speed and lasers.

“I can’t believe it,” HoleBuster-442 said. “The hole-walker’s pathetic scheme worked! We are saved by her lack of pride! We should flee now! The winner of this battle will return to loot the fallen ships and fuck whatever is left alive!”

“Now there’s a thought,” Vaquel said. She looked out the viewport at the shattered ship nearby. “I wonder if it’s shield matrix array works.”

“Mistress, I can drift the probe ship towards the wreckage with the thrusters,” Chairbot said. “The chemical discharge shouldn’t be picked up the Entitled.”

“Do it,” Vaquel said. “HoleBuster, how big is a shield matrix array?”

“About as big as your ass, slubie,” HoleBuster-442 said.

“Hmm, that’s not bad at all,” Vaquel said. She stood up and went to the weapons locker.

“You are really doing this, you ignorant fluck?” HoleBuster-442 said. The phallic alien shook within his cage. Laughter cackled over the speaker.

“Yes, go! Go and get captured when the surviving Raider gets back! Me and Chairbot will stay here and escape while you are getting your holes fucked raw!”

Vaquel walked over to the containment box. The laughter died on the speakers.

“Don’t worry, dickhead,” Vaquel said. “You’re coming with me.”

A few minutes later, Vaquel stepped through an airlock on the broken starship. Lights flickered with low power. The HUD on her glassteel helmet told her there was an atmosphere but she left her helmet on. There was no telling how long the remains of this ship could maintain life support.

A small red cock with white spots flew next to Vaquel. It was HoleBuster-442. The anti-gravity rig around its base looked like a high-tech cock-ring. The phallic alien didn’t need a spacesuit.

“Remember, stay within three meters of me or the gravity rig will smash you through a wall and shoot you towards the nearest star,” Vaquel said.

“Bah! Your threats mean nothing to me,” HoleBuster-442 said. His words broadcasted on a radio channel to Vaquel’s helmet. “Nothing you can do is worse than what an Entitled will do to me if we get caught. I have no interest in becoming someone else’s slave. Let’s find the shield matrix array and get out of here!”

They exited the airlock and turned a corner. A green woman’s face, her mouth open was displayed on the wall. The face was large enough to stretch from the floor to the ceiling. Next to her was another woman, this time with blue skin but a similar expression on her lips. The entire hallway was covered in displays of women’s faces.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel said.

“We Entitled like to keep mementos of our victories,” HoleBuster-442 said. “These are clearly the pained faces of the slubies the owner of this ship has fucked.”

“They look more like happy faces to me,” Vaquel said.

“Ridiculous!” HoleBuster-442 snapped. “An Entitled takes and ravishes! These are the faces of clones in pain, no doubt in the middle of being penetrated most cruelly!”

“I don’t know,” Vaquel said. “Most people don’t roll their eyes when they are in pain.”

HoleBuster-442 ignored Vaquel and floated down the hallway. “Let’s find the array and get out of here.”

Vaquel followed the flying phallus. The Entitled understood these ships better than Vaquel and made an excellent guide. They passed through corridors of moaning faces and soon reached the engineering section.

The door was open and HoleBuster-442 flew in. He went straight to a white device that stood two meters tall. Cables crossed over the device in complex patterns. Vaquel recognized the device from the schematics that HoleBuster-442 had given her.

“Wait, this is the shield matrix array?” Vaquel said. “It’s huge! You said it was as big as my ass?”

The floating cock turned towards her. “It isn’t? They look the same size to me.”

“Look, asshole,” Vaquel said. “How the fuck are we going to move it?”

“Easily, you ignorant flucker,” HoleBuster-442 said. “This button decouples the array from the mounting and this button activates the gravity suspensor to make it weightless. Then you just push it to the airlock. Should I explain it again in simpler words? I know how rarely blood reaches your brain because they pool in those giant sacks you call tits.”

“You smug little cock,” Vaquel muttered. “Wait, what is that thing over there?”

Vaquel pointed at a curious device. It was a floating sphere with five attachments sprouting from it and all them were phallic. A disc hovered half a meter above the sphere and several metal tentacles dangled from it.

“It is a torture device for hole-walkers,” HoleBuster-442 said. “I used to have one. They are great for tormenting your captives. Except mine didn’t have a vibrator function, and wait, these spikes are smooth and ribbed. This piece looks like a tongue.”

“It’s not a torture device, dickhead,” Vaquel said. “It’s a machine for getting humanoids off.”

“Rageshit,” HoleBuster-442 swore. “You’re right. How disgusting! I knew Entitled who became Raiders were deviants but his is unthinkable! He actually pleasures his captives!”

“Turn it on,” Vaquel said. “I want to try it.”

“Are you insane, slubie?” HoleBuster-442 said. “As soon as those Raiders are done fighting, they’re going to come here to loot this ship!”

Vaquel opened a channel back to the probe ship. “Chairbot, how is the fight going?”

“One of the Raiders was incapacitated but five more Raiders have joined the fight!” Chairbot reported.

“Perfect,” Vaquel said. “Activate the sextoy, HoleBuster.”

The alien cock hovered in front of Vaquel. The white spots seemed to pulse. “You are really not leaving until you satisfy your disgusting slick hole, are you?”

“Not a chance, dickhead,” Vaquel said.

“Rageshit!” HoleBuster-442 snapped. He flew over to a panel and rammed his head into glowing buttons. “I cannot believe that I have been reduced to serving as a technician for a biped’s pleasure!

There was a hum from the sphere. The attachments vibrated and then retracted into the sphere. The floating globe rotated and dropped down low enough for Vaquel to sit on.

“Good,” Vaquel whispered. She pressed a button on her belt. The locks on her helmet popped free and she took it off. Another button press and a seam appeared in her yellow spacesuit over her sex. She pulled the seam apart to reveal the thick pink bush of her pubic hair. A few strokes of her fingers opened the brown lips of her pussy.

“What do I do?” Vaquel said.

The sphere dived between Vaquel’s legs. She nearly fell over but powerful gravitational forces compelled to legs to close around the sphere. Something narrow and vibrating pressed against her pussy lips and entered her.

“Whoa!” Vaquel cried out. The slender dildo arced inside of her sex and curved with her natural slope. Strong vibrations brought her sex to life in an instant.

“Not bad!” Vaquel said. “Keeping my balance on this thing is almost a workout.”

“It’s not fully activated yet, flucker,” HoleBuster-442 said.

The disc flew to over Vaquel’s head. Metal tentacles stretched down and wrapped around Vaquel’s wrists. The tentacles then retracted, forcing Vaquel’s arms to pulled straight up.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. “Let go!”

“I thought you were enjoying the pleasure device, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 said. “Try another setting!”

The slender dildo withdrew from Vaquel’s sex. Something much thicker pushed up into her. She cried out as her tight pussy struggled to contain it all.

“Oh, you fucking cock!” Vaquel cried out.

The thick cock vibrated with increasing intensity. Vaquel shuddered from the powerful sensations. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

There was a flash of light. On the far wall, an image of Vaquel’s face was projected.

“Ha!” HoleBuster-442 snorted. “The Entitled who owns this ship is incapacitated and he still made a trophy of you!”

Vaquel tried to think of a retort but the vibrations were too strong. She could feel the buzzing in her stomach. Her pussy shuddered around the thick dildo as juices flowed onto the sphere.

HoleBuster-442 tapped a few more buttons with his head.

The dildo in Vaquel’s sex withdrew. Something smaller, but still decent in girth pushed into her. It filled her pussy and then began to pump at a steady pace.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Vaquel cried. “Right there! Keep doing that!”

BOOM! The ship rocked. Vaquel cried out in fear and them moaned with pleasure as the dildo continued to fuck her.

“We’re going to die!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

“Don’t worry, Mistress!” Chairbot announced over the comm. “That was the shockwave of an exploding Raider ship. There are still four Raiders fighting.”

“We must stop, slubie,” HoleBuster-442 said. “Even your inferior hole-tainted mind understands that!”

“Keep . . .going . . .” Vaquel groaned.

There was a growl from HoleBuster-442’s communicator. He flew back over to the control panel and slammed into a few more buttons.

More tentacles stretched down from the disc above Vaquel. A tentacle wrapped around each of her breasts. They constricted, straining the yellow spacesuit as they compressed Vaquel’s plentiful breasts into tight cylinders.

“Oh, you fucker!” Vaquel cried through gritted teeth. The pain on her tits was incredible.

It also made he pussy all the wetter.

Another port opened in the sphere Vaquel was sitting on. It was another tentacle, although much smaller and made of a softer material. The red tentacle reached for Vaquel’s sex and burrowed into her pink pussy hair. The tiny tentacle flailed at her sex lips like a tongue.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. No humanoid tongue could move as fast as that little tentacle. Combined with the pain of her tits being crushed and the pumping of the dildo, the pseudo-tongue was speeding her to orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes, Glory to the Q-UUHCK!”

As Vaquel was screaming her orgasm, HoleBuster-442 flew into her open mouth. The red phallus jammed itself between her lips and hit the back of her throat. Ignoring her choking, the alien phallus gleefully fucked her mouth.

“Take it you filthy slubie!” HoleBuster-442 taunted over the comm line. “Just sitting there, taunting me with your fuck-mouth and you didn’t expect me to use it! My rightful place is inside any hole that I choose!”

Vaquel gagged on the alien fucking her mouth. The spasms caused her pussy to clench tighter around the thrusting dildo inside her. The surprise abuse and filthy language pushed her towards another orgasm.

“MMMMMM!” Vaquel cried with a mouth full of sentient phallus.

A second min-tentacle joined the first. Twin tongues lashed at her pussy lips as the vibrating dildo fucked her. Juices flow from her sex, soaking the hovering sphere and dripping onto the floor.

“Take more of my magnificent girth you flucker!” HoleBuster-442 yelled. “Choke on it! I love the feeling of you gagging around me!”

Vaquel climaxed again. The resulting shudders caused her to choke spectacularly.

HoleBuster-442 flew out of Vaquel’s mouth. She continued to gag and drool feel from her lips. Tears stung her eyes.

“You fucking dickhead!” she snapped. “When we get back-UHHCK!”

HoleBuster-442 slammed back into Vaquel’s mouth. The sentient phallus pulsed in her mouth with laughter. He roughly fucked her mouth, changing angles quickly to stretch her cheeks from the inside.

“Your threats are meaningless to me!” HoleBuster-442 cackled over the speakers. “Suck on your superior, slubie!”

The dildo in Vaquel’s pussy paused. Studded bands emerged from the smooth surface. The fucking resumed.

Pleasure suffused Vaquel’s body. Her jaw went slack as HoleBuster-442 ruthlessly fucked her mouth. Both eyes rolled as her back arched.

There was another flash of light. Vaquel saw another picture of her face appear on the wall. This time it showed the flying red phallus deep between her lips.

Another shudder went through her body.

“Mistress! Seven more ships have joined the fight!” Chairbot reported over the comm. “Current number of ships fighting is nine!”

HoleBuster-442 flew out of Vaquel’s mouth again. It hovered in front of her face. A line of spit connected her lips to the red phallus’ tip.

“You fucking asshole,” Vaquel whispered. Her jaw hurt to speak.

“Good idea, hole-walker,” HoleBuster-442 said and he hovered down to the belt around her waist. He tapped his head against a button and Vaquel felt her spacesuit open in the back. Cool air kissed her bare brown bottom.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel said. HoleBuster-442 flew behind her. The tip of his head pressed against the crack of her ass. Vaquel tried to rise up but the gravity fields of the sphere kept her thighs in place. She tried to use her hands but of course the tentacles arms from the floating disc wouldn’t let go.

HoleBuster-442, slick with her spit but not slick enough, pushed against her asshole. The wiggling red phallus slithered against the tight brown ring until it slowly expanded. The sentient cock then pushed himself the rest of the way in.

“QUEEN’S TIT!” Vaquel swore. The Entitled was a little too big, a little too dry and way too much for her ass to take. It felt like her insides were being compressed to make way for a massive cock.

Vaquel climaxed again.

“Yes! I feel your pleasure as you clench tighter!” HoleBuster-442 exclaimed. “Your ass-burrow is mine, slubie! I am your lord and master! Say my name, flucker!”

Vaquel’s struggles caused the tentacles around her breasts to squeeze tighter. Her tits felt like twin stars of pain. She couldn’t believe the shape her round mounds were being compressed into.

The pain in Vaquel’s chest was beautifully countered by the sphere’s attention on her pussy. A third pseudo-tongue lapped at her sex while the studded dildo continued to fuck and vibrate inside of her. The sphere itself vibrated lightly, adding a pleasant tingling to Vaquel’s thighs.

But Vaquel barely noticed any of that because all of her attention was on the thick angry phallus fucking her ass. It reamed her tight hole without mercy. Not hampered by a body and aided by the antigravity ring, the sentient cock plunged in and out with pitiless aggression.

“I’m going to detonate inside your filthy hole, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 bragged. “I’m going to fill your dirty little shit-burrow with my essence and you can’t do a thing about it!”

“Glory the Queen!” Vaquel cried as she came again.

Hot seed shoot into Vaquel’s crammed asshole. The sentient phallus lurched and squirmed. The feeling of warmth penetrated deep within Vaquel. The quantity of seed felt like twice the size of the Entitled inside her.

HoleBuster-442 shook violently for ten seconds and was suddenly still. There was another pulse and more seed pushed into Vaquel. She felt like she was going to burst at any moment.

The sphere kept fucking Vaquel. It was almost too much. The three mini-tentacles lavished her pussy with adoration as the studded vibrator increased in speed. Throughout it all, HoleBuster-442 sat in her ass, his hot seed cooling inside of her.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried again.

The ship shook. “Mistress, that was a shockwave from four ships colliding! There are only two fighters left! You should hurry back and come sit on me!”

Vaquel winced reflexively. She doubted that she would be sitting for a long time.

“HoleBuster, wake up!” Vaquel snapped. “There are only two Raiders left fighting.”

There was no response inside her ass.

“Fine, stay in my ass and get captured by the Entitled,” Vaquel said. “Maybe they will sell you to a tycoon zone and you can coordinate cargo bay drones for the rest of your miserable near-immortal life!”

“Rageshit,” HoleBuster-442 muttered. He pulled out of Vaquel’s ass, thankfully at a sluggish pace. When he popped free of her tight ravished hole, it felt like a liter of seed gushed out.

HoleBuster-442 flew into the control panel. The tentacles from the flying disc released Vaquel’s arms and tortured breasts. The dildo swiftly withdrew from her over-stimulated pussy. The gravity felid turned off and the sphere suddenly tilted forward one hundred and eighty degrees. Vaquel slid off the pussy juice-soaked sphere and fell onto the floor.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. Hitting the floor tender tits first muted some of her afterglow.

“Are you still on the floor?” HoleBuster-442 said. The shield matrix array floated next to Vaquel. The alien cock had already decoupled it and made it weightless. He hovered in the air, still dripping with seed.

Vaquel jumped up and grabbed the slimy phallus. The red cock pulsed in her hand.

“You bound, fucked and abused my body,” Vaquel whispered.

“And I will do it again, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 shouted over the comm link.

They stared at each other intensely. Well, Vaquel stared at the phallic alien. HoleBuster-442 didn’t have visible eyes, but she was sure that he was looking at her.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said over the comm. “One of two remaining ships lost half of its mass! It is still fighting but probably not for long! You should return now! My seat warmers are standing by!”

Vaquel released the alien. “You are damn lucky that was a good rough fuck. Try it again and I will send you to the Entitled myself.”

HoleBuster-442 pulsed silently in the air. Whether it was with fear or arousal, Vaquel wasn’t sure.

Jun 072021

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Queen’s Ability to Suck Your Soul,” by Royal Astronomers. There are three planets in this system. One is a gas giant, the second is a near-molten slag too close to the sun and the third outermost planet supports life.

According to a satellite beacon, this inhabited planet is a “Chamber World”. My alien prisoner, HoleBuster-442 explained that the rules of this world. Certain sadistic/voyeur Entitled create mazes, compounds or towers that are filled with monstrous clones and valuable prizes. Other Entitled come to this planet, with their small armies of slaves, to invade these structures. Following strict guidelines, the Entitled are allowed to fuck whatever clone they defeat and in some cases, gather genetic material in order to create their own monster-slaves. In exchange the Entitled that set up these chambers are rewarded with endless recordings of the savagery that takes place, as well as the gratification of watching their monsters tear apart the challenger’s forces. It is a win/win for sadists on both sides.

Some of those prizes could be of great use to me. My prisoner has given me many of the design specs for his species’ technology, but some of the power sources needed to construct the weapons are beyond my abilities to replicate. According to the advertisements from the satellite beacon, one of those energy cells is the prize for reaching level sixty of a certain monster tower.

The Entitled’s superior weapons is a constant threat to my well-being as well as my mission for the Queen. I have no choice but to invade this tower and face down sixty levels of engineered monstrosities. It won’t be easy, but I can no less for my Queen.

Fortunately, the identification codes provided by my prisoner has allowed me to pass as an Entitled ship while in orbit. It is very uncomfortable parked next to dozens of ships that are easily capable of ripping my hull apart. After this mission, I plan to at least be able to do the same to their vessels. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Yeah, there is no way I can fight my way through this tower. According to HoleBuster-442, I would need at least thirty of my own monster slaves to get that far. It is a good thing that I don’t plan to play by the rules.

Darkness filled the room. Beams of light stabbed up from the floor in random spots. Hanging from the ceiling were white cocoons four meters in length. Each cocoon held a woman. It was easy to tell because the white material wrapped around them had been pulled apart to reveal perky breasts of all shapes and sizes.

TIK! TIK! TIK! Something tapped the ceiling as it moved. A shape emerged from the darkness. The top half, or maybe the bottom half since it was upside down, was that of a busty red woman. Eight eyes glittered on her face. Giant breasts sagged downwards. She had four arms, two of which were always groping her breasts. The other half of her body was the bloated oval of an arachnid, complete with eight spindly legs. This was the source of the tapping.

Vaquel Di stayed where she was. A skintight stealth suit clung to her voluptuous body from head to toe. Light refracted around her suit, making sure that not a single round breast, wide hip or thick thigh was visible.

The spider-woman monster paused. She pulled on her large breasts and moaned. Her eight eyes stared at the entrance of the chamber. There was a hopeful look on her face. It was clear she was hoping for an intruder.

“Might be a long wait,” Vaquel thought to herself. She has passed a group of invaders ten levels ago. They were having a tough time with a group of top-heavy cyborgs. Vaquel had lingered to watch the cyborgs fire rockets from their vaginas but left before she could find out who won. Her bet was on the cyborgs and their crotch-rockets.

One of the cocoons moaned. The spider-woman disappeared back into the darkness. TIK! TIK! TIK!

Vaquel hurried across the chamber. The stealth suit muffled the sound of every step. A beam of light emitted from the floor and passed through Vaquel’s invisible body. She reached the stairs at the end of the corridor and quickly ascended.

A sign at the top of the stairs declared in Palatino, “Level 60”.

A smile came to Vaquel’s lips. All she had to do now was find the power cell and then escape. It should be easy enough to locate. So far, every prize in the tower has been left on a convenient pedestal for easy removal.

The stair case opened into a wide room. Bright lights illuminated intersecting metal bars that emerged from the floor and walls. Each bar was a third of a meter thick. The bars formed a sort of web through the room. Curiously, the space between the bars were huge and offered no impediment to Vaquel’s height.

There was no sign of a monster. Vaquel found that suspicious. The metal bars obstructed her vision but she could make out a pedestal on the far end of the room, right beside a flight of stairs. Unsure of what else to do, Vaquel slowly walked towards the pedestal.

There was a skeleton on the floor. It looked humanoid, expect all of the bones had been crushed. That’s wasn’t good.

A meter away was another skeleton. Further down was another. Queen’s tit, the floor was littered with them!

Vaquel was increasingly unnerved. What had crushed these skeletons? For that matter, what had stripped out the rest of the body from these broken bones? Could it be invisible too?

Staying on the ground seemed like a bad idea. Vaquel grabbed a metal bar and climbed onto it. The bar was not as stable as she expected. It shifted a few centimeters. Vaquel was in no danger of falling, but it could be a problem if she was in a hurry.

There was a grinding sound. Vaquel froze where she was on top of the bar. She looked around for the source of the noise.

It was coming from a far wall. There was an opening there that Vaquel had missed earlier. Out came something large and red. It was a giant of a red woman. No, it was the top half of a red woman. The bottom half was the long tail of a giant snake.

The monster was huge. She was twice as big as Vaquel in width and girth. Glittering red scales covered most of her body except for a yellow area around her face, neck and tits. She had two arms and they rippled with muscles. The creature stretched out of the hole and curled around a large metal bar. The back half of her body extended for six meters at least.

The bar Vaquel was on vibrated as the monster moved. Vaquel grimaced. All the bars must be connected. The monster must have detected the vibrations when Vaquel climbed onto the bar.

The snake-woman slithered through the bars and towards Vaquel. A long forked tongue fluttered from her open lips. Bright yellow eyes scanned the room. The monster came within a meter of Vaquel and looked around.

Vaquel examined the creature. The scales looked armored, but the bare skin did not. Other than the forked tongue and reptilian eyes, the woman was quite beautiful. The arms were bigger than Vaquel’s thighs. Sharp talons glittered on the tips of each finger.

It was impossible not to stare at those giant breasts. They were big enough to exert their own gravity. Vaquel shook her invisible head. Every monster in this tower had enormous breasts. She wondered if they came that way or if the Entitled that owned this place bred enhanced that feature. It made her own large breasts feel small by comparison.

“I smell you,” the snake-woman said. Her voice was melodic. “I only smell one of you. Are you all that survived from your team? Take my advice and go back. Tell your owner that you failed.”

Vaquel said nothing. Maybe the snake-woman will think she left.

The monster shot through the bars with amazing speed. She slithered to Vaquel’s left and then cut back behind Vaquel. Briefly, her back was to Vaquel but then spun around. Her forked tongue extended nearly a meter and tasted the air.

“Wait a moment, something is wrong,” the monster said. Her forked tongue undulated in front of her. “I don’t smell blood. I don’t smell sweat. I don’t smell a treasure hole or the musky reward of lust. You didn’t fight and fuck your way to this level.

Slowly, Vaquel raised her wrist laser to point at the woman. It was one of the Entitled’s weapons, and she prayed that meant it would be tough enough to stop this busty horror. Maybe if she aimed for one of those tits. No, they enormous orbs might be too thick for her laser to penetrate.

“Clever, clever, clever,” the snake-woman sang. The music of her voice was quite soothing. “You are not a fighter. You have sneaked your way here. Fifty-nine levels of monsters, hand-picked for maximum sexual combat and you have avoided them all. Your plan was to just walk in and take the Mark Nine Ultra-Cell and walk out. Clever, clever, clever.”

Vaquel finally brought the wrist laser to bear. It was pointed right at the woman’s yellow eye. Wait. What was that dark furrow between the eyes? Vaquel recognized that triangle from somewhere. Was it in Exobiology class?

The snake-woman lunged to Vaquel’s left. Vaquel turned to track the monster with her laser but the snake-woman swung a thick fist and hit Vaquel’s weapon. The laser broke from her wristband and fell onto the skeleton-ridden floor.

Before Vaquel could react, the monster slithered onto Vaquel’s metal bar. She spun around the invisible explorer with incredible speed. The massive red body of the snake half coiled around Vaquel and squeezed.

Vaquel gasped. Her arms were crushed to Vaquel’s sides. Only her head, shoulders and tops of her breasts had escaped the enclosing grip.

The snake-woman brought her face close to Vaquel. She smiled. The forked tongue emerged from her lips and flicked the tip of Vaquel’s nose.

A memory came rushing back to Vaquel. Heat sensors. The dark area between the snake-woman’s eyes were heat sensors. Some reptiles evolve them to help track prey.

The snake-woman squeezed. Vaquel cried out as the crushing pain gripped her. The stealth suit flickered as the fragile systems failed. Vaquel became visible.

“There you are,” the monster said. “You wrapped yourself for me. How thoughtful!”

The snake-woman grabbed Vaquel’s head with her giant hands. Sharp talons pierced the flimsy stealth suit and pricked Vaquel’s skin. The monster pulled strips of the suit away from Vaquel’s head, exposing her face.

“Pretty, pretty,” the snake-woman said. She ran a talon through Vaquel’s short pink hair. The flickering tongue glided over Vaquel’s dark cheek.

“You are bigger than most clones,” the creature said. The forked tongue glided over Vaquel’s full lips. “I don’t recognize your class. Are you from another tower?”

“My name is Vaquel,” the explorer offered.

“No, no, no,” the snake-woman said. “You are wrong. Your name is Dinner.”

Vaquel’s heart raced but she kept her face calm. “I am not a clone. I come from another planet. That power cell is important for my survival. If you let me have it and let me go, I can help you get out of this place.”

The snake-woman hissed. Vaquel was afraid that she had offended the monster but then she noticed the creature’s tits were jiggling. The hissing gave way to laughter.

“Help me get out?” the snake-woman said. “And then what would I do? Lurk around other towers and ambush invaders on the outside? That sounds like too much work. I’d rather stay here and let come to me. I am kept very well fed.”

The coils tightened around Vaquel. She cried out again as the air was crushed from her body. Fire lanced through her ribs where her own breasts were crushing her.

“Fine, stay here,” Vaquel gasped. “Just spare my life. I’ll give you anything you want!”

“Anything I want?” the snake-woman said. “How interesting! I don’t usually think about what I want. I just take it.”

The monster’s snake body slid down Vaquel’s body a small amount. It was just enough to expose Vaquel’s chest but her arms were still pinned to her sides. The snake-woman grabbed the black steal suit that was stretched across Vaquel’s breasts. The sharp talons ripped strips away from the suit until Vaquel’s brown tits were exposed.

“They are lovely little pedestals, Dinner” the snake-woman said, staring at Vaquel’s breasts. “Do they do anything? Shoot fire? Aim your weapons? Help you fly?”

“The nipples are really sensitive,” Vaquel said.

The snake-woman flicked a dark nipple with her forked tongue. The feathery touch sent a shiver through Vaquel’s body. The monster leaned closer and took Vaquel’s breast into her mouth. Sharp fangs bite down around her nipple but fortunately didn’t break the skin. Vaquel screamed and the monster let her go.

“I see,” the snake-woman sang. “They are more sensitive than mine.”

“Can I have a taste?” Vaquel said. “You tasted mine.”

The monster hissed. “What an idea! An equal exchange! I accept your perversity, Dinner.”

The snake-woman grabbed one of her yellow breasts and leaned close to Vaquel’s face. The taloned hand squeezed and the hard yellow nipple jutted forward. She brought the nipple to Vaquel’s lips.

Vaquel sucked the nipple into her mouth. Her tongue circled the hard flesh. It had a spicy flavor. Vaquel almost drew back but she kept licking. Her tongue took long loving licks of the nipple.

The snake-woman shuddered. The yellow face faded in color. Her mouth opened and pointed fangs were barred.

“What is this, Dinner?” the snake-woman asked. “It feels good.”

Vaquel let the monster’s nipple fall from her mouth. “My kind calls it foreplay.”

“But there is only two of us?” the snake-woman said.

“No, it is what we do before we have sex,” Vaquel said.

“Ah, I usually humiliate, crush, and poison before sex, but this is nice too,” the snake-woman said. “Do it to my other breast!”

The snake-woman grabbed her other tit and presented it to Vaquel’s mouth. As Vaquel sucked on the offered nipple, the monster tilted her head back. The long forked tongue emerged and flicked the empty air.

Vaquel sucked on the spicy nipple. Her lips and tongue burned but she kept at it. She was tempted to use her teeth but the monster was probably used to rough treatment. The novelty of tender licking might be the only thing keeping her from swallowing Vaquel.

“that does feel good, Dinner,” the snake-woman said. “You are making me slick in my treasure hole.

Vaquel opened her mouth, keeping the yellow nipple between her lips. “You have a um, treasure hole?”

“Of course, Dinner!” the snake-woman sang. “How else will an Entitled fuck me if he ever defeats me? I have two. Do you want to see them?”

Vaquel nodded with the spicy nipple in her mouth.

“This is my primary treasure hole,” the snake-woman said. She used her hands to reached for an area just below her humanoid waist. Her fingers parted a fold in the scales to reveal a yellow slit.

“And this is my secondary treasure hole, in case they prefer something tighter and more painful.” The snake-woman twisted around to present her humanoid backside to Vaquel. The familiar curve of buttocks confused Vaquel until she remembered the creature was designed by horny cock-aliens. The snake-woman reached behind her and spread her buttocks to reveal a tight yellow hole.

“May I lick your asshole?” Vaquel said. “It is another skill of our people.”

“Yes, do it, Dinner!” the snake-woman demanded. Still coiled around Vaquel’s body, the monster brought her backside to Vaquel’s face. Red scales pressed against the trapped explorer’s cheeks.

Vaquel leaned into the scaly buttocks. The giant ass cheeks dwarfed Vaquel’s head. She wedged her face into the crack of her ass but the cheeks were too tight.

“This would be easier if I have my hands free,” Vaquel said.

The snake-woman didn’t hesitate. The coils around Vaquel loosened enough for her to pull her arms free. As soon as she grabbed the monster’s scaly ass, the red coils tightened back around Vaquel’s body. Her large breasts were flattened against her aching chest.

Vaquel pushed through the pain. She grabbed a red buttock in each hand and spread them apart. The yellow sphincter muscle winked at her. She leaned in and stretched out her tongue.

A bitter flavor greeted Vaquel’s tongue. At least it wasn’t spicy. She took a lick and then another. The giant butt cheeks quivered but Vaquel kept them from clenching around her head.

“Dinner!” the snake-woman cried out. “That feels great! More! Give me more!”

The snake-woman thust her ass into Vaquel’s face. The red coil tightened around Vaquel’s body. A hand reached back and grasped Vaquel’s head in a taloned grip. She pulled Vaquel hard against her asshole.

Vaquel licked harder. There was nothing else she could do. The monster’s cheeks kept clenching and it took all of Vaquel’s strength to keep them apart. Her tongue did tight circles around the yellow asshole before taking darting pokes inside the clenching hole.

“My treasure hole is soaking wet!” the snake-woman cried out.

The grip on Vaquel’s head pushed her deeper into the monster’s ass. Vaquel’s face grinded into the clenching asshole. She lost her grip on the buttocks and they closed around her. The world went dark but Vaquel kept licking.

The snake-monster shuddered. The coils cinched around Vaquel. The air was forced out of Vaquel’s lungs. Her tongue was tingling. It was getting harder to lick.

The buttocks moved away. The grip on Vaquel’s body relaxed. The pinned explorer was still trapped by enclosing scales but she could breathe again. Her breasts ached from the constant crushing.

“I need . . .a . . . moment,” Vaquel gasped.

The snake-woman swayed in front of Vaquel. The tallow coloring of her skin was almost white. Both eyes were wide open and staring at Vaquel. The forked tongue flicked the air with rapid urgency.

“Dinner, do that to my treasure hole!” the snake-woman demanded.

Vaquel shook her head. “I only do that for friends,” she lied. “I don’t lick treasure holes of people who will eat me.”

The snake-woman growled. Vaquel didn’t know reptiles could growl. She didn’t like the sound.

“I’ll make you do it,” the snake-woman said.

“You can’t,” Vaquel said. “Crush me and poison me all you like; I won’t do it unless we’re friends.”

The monster frowned. “I have never had a friend. What does that mean?”

“It is simple,” Vaquel said. “You let me go, and you let me have the power cell that I need. In exchange, I will lick your treasure hole until you scream my name.”

The snake-woman swayed as she thought. “My job is to protect the Mark Nine Ultra-cell with my life. But I have failed before, and Master always revives me. I am the best clone he has and I have never had a friend before. Hmm, alright, I will be your friend. Now lick my treasure hole!”

“Let go of me first,” Vaquel said. “No, wait. Being hugged like this is turning me on. Just don’t crush me by accident.”

“That will not happen,” the snake-woman said. “I will crush you on purpose.”

Before Vaquel could respond to that, the monster woman grabbed Vaquel’s head and brought her sex to Vaquel’s mouth. Cold scales pressed against Vaquel’s lips. Vaquel used her own hands to part the slit in the scales. A musky scent greeted her nose.

“Lick, friend! Lick!” the snake-woman demanded.

“At least she isn’t calling me dinner anymore,” Vaquel whispered. She took a test lick of the monster’s pussy. There was a savory flavor that she wasn’t expecting. It was quite nice. Vaquel licked deeper.

“Oh!” the monster woman moaned. “I like this! Give me more!”

Vaquel swirled her tongue inside the snake pussy. It was tighter than she expected for such a large creature. No doubt the Entitled made sure that all of their monster clones retained a sex tight enough for their fucking.

The snake-woman shuddered. The coils quivered around Vaquel’s body. Vaquel felt her own pussy dampen in response. She tried to push a hand into the coils to rub her sex but the enclosing body was too tight around her.

“This is almost better than fighting!” the snake-woman cried. She ground her sex into Vaquel’s mouth. As her torso moved, the top coil of her snake body rubbed back and forth against Vaquel’s trapped tits.

The smooth scales felt great on Vaquel’s brown breasts. Her nipples were rubbed one way and then the other. The compression of her tits on her chest made it harder to breathe, but there was no denying the increasing heat inside her pussy.

Vaquel explored the snake-woman’s pussy with her tongue. The texture inside was ribbed. She used her nose and chin to wedge her face between the slit in the scales. As her mouth licked, she reached around with her hands and grabbed the monster’s buttocks.

“Yes!” the monster woman cried. “You’re a good friend! Take that treasure hole like you have earned it legitimately and according to the rules!”

Sharp talons pressed against Vaquel’s head. The tiny pricks of pain fired like flares that went straight to Vaquel’s crushed breasts. The sensations amplified and went down to her neglected pussy.

Vaquel moaned into the snake-woman’s pussy. Savory juices flowed into her mouth. She used her tongue to map out the contours of the monster’s sex. Every fresh discovery was greeted with a spasm in the coils around her.

“Yes, Friend!” the snake-woman cried. “You are on target!”

Vaquel repeated the lick she just performed at the center of the monster’s sex. The interior of the pussy clenched in response. She rapidly licked in that same spot as juices soaked her face.

“Victory!” the snake-woman cried.

The monster’s body tightened in a spasm around Vaquel’s body. The air was forced out of the explorer’s lungs. Her tits felt like they were in a crushed by a gravity compacter. She gasped into the gushing pussy and frantically slapped the snake-woman’s ass.

The coils released Vaquel’s body. Vaquel nearly fell except for the snake-woman’s grip on her skull. She choked for air as her feet kicked in the air. The strain of her body weight on her neck almost made her forget about breathing.

The snake-woman shifted her grip to under Vaquel’s arms. The easing of Vaquel’s neck was euphoric. The monster lifted Vaquel until their faces were level. The bright yellow eyes glittered with excitement. Her face was almost as white as her fangs. The forked tongue emerged and licked the pussy juices from Vaquel’s face.

“That was very good, Friend,” the snake-woman said. “When I defeat the next round of intruders, I will make them lick my treasure hole like you did. Then I will eat them, of course.”

“Happy to help,” Vaquel said. Her lungs burned, but not as much as the heat in her pussy.

“You may have the Mark Nine Ultra-Cell,” the snake-woman continued. “You may even use the secret exit under the pedestal so you won’t have to go through the tower again.”

“Thank you,” Vaquel said. “I think my stealth suit is pretty much crushed at this point.” She poked the crotch of her suit. Her finger sank right into her wet pussy.

The snake-woman held onto to Vaquel’s shoulders. “Yes. I have spared you and given you the Mark Nine Ultra Cell in exchange for your life. That is what friends do. So, what will you give me in exchange for the secret exit?”

Vaquel rubbed her pussy as the snake-woman held her. “I don’t know. What do you want?”

“Lick my treasure hole, again!” the snake-woman said.

“Sure,” Vaquel said.

The snake-woman wrapped around Vaquel’s body again. The crushing coils closed around Vaquel’s sore body. The monster’s hand pressed Vaquel’s soaked face to the alien pussy once more. There was no escape until she made the creature come again.

At least Vaquel’s hand was pinned to her own pussy this time.