Jul 132011

A hard working man all his life, Jack Loken was murdered by his corporate bosses for knowing too much. Raised back to life and granted mysterious powers by the enigmatic God in Purple, Jack now steals from the rich and corrupt. He terrorizes the wealthy inhabitants of Comfort Bay as Jack Shadow!

Jack stood at the corner of Hughes and Cho. Before him was the Doch Building, home to the rich and decadently wealthy. It was forty stories of pampered rich people, high tech security and quite a few steroid fuelled security guards. Jack’s goal was the penthouse, home to famous Comfort Bay socialite and gossip queen, Colleen Bulmer.

“Easy as nightfall,” Jack said.

The darkness wrapped around Jack. Shadows pulled from the walls and covered him from head to toe. He stood next to a street lamp but the light avoided him. Instead of a man, there was now only a shifting patch of night.

With a thought, he headed up. It wasn’t the clumsy flight of heroes with their jetpacks or their mutant wings. When Jack flew, he simply moved. One moment he was on the street, and the next he was hurling upwards as fast as the absence of light.

Jack stepped out of the darkness when he reached the penthouse patio. The shadows clung to him, teasing behind him and shrouding him in night. He tried the patio door. It was locked.

“Well, there are super villains around,” Jack whispered to himself. He did a slight turn and suddenly he was as thin as shadow. He sidestepped through the crack in the door and once on the other side, he returned to his normal body.

It was midnight and the lights were off. Jack could see in the dark as easily as he once could see in the day. He looked around for his prize, the legendary Moon Opal necklace, recently purchased by the ridiculously wealthy Colleen Bulmer. He knew a fence that could sell it on the black market for some much needed cash for the homeless shelters of Comfort Bay.

A light turned on. Jack spun on his heels towards the source of the light.

“Here they are,” a woman said from the doorway. It was Colleen, and she was wearing the fabulously expensive necklace around her neck. She also was not wearing anything else. Her full body was shamelessly naked, from her heavy breasts to her wide hips down to her plentiful thighs. Her golden blonde hair was piled delicately above her head in a hairdo that probably cost what some people pay for mortgages. She was a stunning display of decadence.

“Hand them over,” Jack growled. The shadows swirled around him. The room dimmed as he absorbed the light. His hands were sheathed in claws made of midnight.

“No,” Colleen said.

“No?” Jack said with a deeper growl. He came closer, hovering inches above the ground.

“I want you to take them from me,” Colleen said. She had shaking as she spoke. “I have heard of you. Sarah Blochman told me. So did Mary Turner and Victoria Wu.”

Jack of Shadows stopped in mid-air. Oh. Jack was a scary man. He stole from the rich and invaded people’s homes. He violated the sanctity of mansions and desecrated the privacy of the powerful. Men were terrified of him but women? Women tended to be turned on.

“I told them not to tell anyone,” Jack growled. Shadows crept across the floor towards Colleen. The woman stood her ground. There was a bit more fear on her face. Jack liked that.

“They had to tell me,” Colleen said. She took a step back. “They said that you used them. They said that you fucked them like they had never been fucked before. They said that you stole their most valuable possessions, but it was worth it.”

It was true. Rich women liked Jack but Gods help him, he fucking loved them. After years of working in the factory and then cursed to this twilight existence of night and thievery, Jack found that rich women did things to his cock that he never would have imagined.

“Is that why you bought the Moon Opal necklace?” Jack asked. “Is that why you had it shipped from Cairo to your home here? Was it just bait for me?”

“Yes,” Colleen said. “I knew it wou-“

He was on her. He was weightless as his body attached to hers. His hand groped her breast while another hand grabbed her ass like a possession. Her moans were choked by his mouth, stealing kisses from her lips like a bank robber.

She stumbled back. His body was a shadow on hers but he was pushing her. Shadows wrapped around her body, biting and nibbling every inch of her body. The darkness was an extension of him, so it bit her thighs, bit her plump breasts and caressed her wide hips.

Jack let Colleen make it to her bed. She fell backwards on onto it as Jack solidified on top of her. She gasped as his weight pressed down on her. He stopped kissing her so that he could take her nipple into his mouth.

He bit down as hard as he could.

By the God in Purple, he loved real women. In his line of work, he ran into plenty of super heroines with their toned muscular bodies and their asses carved of granite but what he craved was weight. He loved the feeling of soft skin, pliant breasts and thighs that he could lose himself in forever.

Jack released her tit from his mouth. He looked at Colleen’s gasping face in the darkness. She was scared. She was turned on. The Moon Opal Necklace glittered on her chest. She could have spent her money helping people but instead she was buying herself a night of passion.

Jack hated her.

Jack couldn’t wait to fuck her.

He kicked her thighs open though they would have parted if he had asked. He thrust inside her. A touch of shadow and his cock expanded inside her. He watched in delight as Colleen’s body arched from the perfect penetration.

“Oh my God!” Colleen cried.

“Not your God,” Jack snarled. He pumped his hips, thrusting deep and hard into the rich slut’s pussy.

Jack did wonder about his patron. The mysterious God in Purple never explained why he brought Jack back to life and gave him these powers. Jack assumed it was to right wrongs. Certainly it couldn’t be to fuck horny women with too money?

Could it?

Colleen shuddered and Jack forgot all about his patron. He turned his focus back to taking this woman. Shadows slipped out of his body and returned to ravishing her. Tendrils made of darkness wrapped around her ankles and spread her legs apart. Snapping shadows bit her nipples and ample breasts. As his cock thrust into her, another shadow probed into her anus. Jack of Shadows fucked her ass and her pussy with each thrust.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Colleen cried.

Jack was offended by her bliss. He put his hand over her mouth, the darkness sealing over her mouth better than any gag. Her eyes widened and he suspected that she was enjoying it. Jack decided to pretend that she wasn’t.

He kept fucking her. Her shadows wrapped tighter around her and nibbled wherever his desires directed. He was in her pussy. He was in her ass. As the shadows pushed past her lips, he was even in her mouth.

He fucked her ruthlessly because she was wasteful with her money.

He fucked her ruthlessly because she had the arrogance to lure him here.

He fucked her ruthlessly because she was a big woman and he loved their bodies.

After a time, he came. Supernaturally charged bodies take a while to climax and by the time he was through, the first rays of dawn were sneaking into the bedroom. It had been a long night and Jack had made the most of every second. He was sure that Colleen had climaxed several times but it couldn’t be helped. The important thing was that he came between those lovely thick thighs.

When his cock had drained itself inside her pussy, Jack of Shadows began to drift away. The rising of the sun meant that he would return to his grave, unable to act until nightfall returned. It was a strange life, but the nights more than made up for it. He tore the Moon Opal necklace from her body, carrying with him as he vanished.

As for Colleen, she stayed in bed and tried to catch her breath. Every part of her body had been pinched and bitten. Her ass was tender, her jaw was sore and her pussy ached from a long night of sex. The rich socialite laughed in the empty bedroom as the sun came up. People complained about the crime in Comfort Bay, but some crime was certainly better than others.

Jun 012011

When nerdy Marcus Diggins was a teenager, he discovered that he could channel the physical abilities of any athlete if he was touching something that belonged to them. Armed with the medallion of Muhammad Ali, the shoes of Jesse Owens and the belt of Charles Atlas, Marcus now fights crime in the city of Comfort Bay as the MVP!

Marcus leaped from rooftop to rooftop. Powerful black legs easily cleared gaping distances as he jumped through the air. He resisted the urge to show off and flex his gigantic dark arms. He had the skills for it; he was wearing the socks of an awesome skateboarder under his red spandex. He wouldn’t give in. Marcus had to keep it serious. The fate of the city was at stake.

Earlier that evening, Marcus had stopped a mugging in the part of town known as Murder Boulevard. Really, it was amazing that ordinary citizens still walked around that part of town but there they were, some young wealthy couple trying to save on parking at the opera by doing a little walking. A group of thugs found them and if wasn’t for the timely appearance of MVP and his lightning fast fists, the young couple would have been another pair of chalk outlines on the street.

One of the muggers offered to tell MVP some information if he let him go. According to the juvenile delinquent, the anarchist villainess, Firefly was back in town. She had built some sort of bomb and was planning to detonate it tomorrow at some public place. The mugger wasn’t sure why she was willing to commit mass homicide, but he did know where she hiding.

MVP let the mugger go with a stern warning and rapid jab to the kid’s kidneys. After advising the couple to stay the fuck out of Murder Boulevard, MVP went running to the location the mugger had given him. It was an old warehouse near the docks and Marcus hauled ass to get there.

“You know, the police really should monitor all of the abandoned warehouses in this city,” Marcus thought. “Villains are always hiding in one of them.”

He looked down at the warehouse in question. It had the classic signs. The windows were boarded up but the front doors looked suspiciously clean and new. An active security camera was at each corner of the supposedly abandoned building. The dumpster outside the warehouse was crammed with old junk as if the warehouse had been recently cleaned. This was definitely a hideout.

Marcus had a few options for entering. He could try to find a sneaky way in. He might even disguise himself as a criminal and try to infiltrate the place. Or, he could go charging in and beat the shit out of anyone he saw.

He was leaning towards charging in. It wasn’t because Marcus was a violent man. It had more to do with his rather frustrated love life lately. His girlfriend had left him after a six month relationship of little to no sex. The lack of sex was entirely her choice. Marcus might have been a hero of the night but the athletes that he channeled were all dogs. He had the sexual appetite of an entire basketball team, which in hindsight, made it a really bad idea to date a daughter of a minister.

Oh yeah. Marcus was definitely charging in. Deep down he knew that the aggression was an outlet for his sex drive but it sure as fuck beat masturbating six times a day.

MVP jumped down to the street. He started running with all the speed and power of Jesse Owens. He dropped his shoulder and with the power of Charles Atlas, he demolished the front door. His heightened fighting senses quickly checked the interior for enemies, readying a devastating right hook for anyone who might be on guard.

He didn’t see the pit till he fell in it. He landed on his feet but the pit opening was already closing above him. Darkness engulfed him, followed by the hissing of knockout gas. MVP fell to the floor unconscious. He hadn’t thrown a single punch.

Marcus woke up. The cold steel under him chilled his skin. That was when he realized that his pants were missing. His bare black ass was tied down to some sort of table.

“Fuck,” Marcus thought. If his pants were gone, then so was the belt of Charles Atlas. He couldn’t use any super strength to get out of this.

Wait. Why were his pants missing?

“You are finally awake,” a woman’s voice said. “I must say that this is a record. I sent those muggers out in the hope of tipping off a hero and it only took half an hour for one to crash into my trap.”

“Firefly!” MVP said. “What is your evil plan?”

The woman stepped out of the darkness. Flames outlined her naked body. Twin metal studs pierced her nipples and glowed red from the heat. Her long red hair was literally on fire. Tattoos of birds and flowers decorated her body and each tattoo was lined in flame. Sparks rose from every step she took.

“My evil plan?” she asked. “It was simple. I wanted a hero to torment and humiliate. I didn’t count on getting one so handsome. I was afraid of getting someone more cerebral like Upgrade or God forbid, a woman like NightByrd. Though I have to say, I am almost horny enough to fuck a woman at this point.”

“Ha!” Firefly laughed. “I wish you could see your face! You heroes are all alike! All wrapped up in your self-righteous ness and never allowing yourself a little fun. It is why you allow yourselves to be slaves to society instead of indulging your own passions! That changes tonight, MVP! I plan to corrupt your prudish ass! You will climax for me, and once you ejaculate, you will be one step closer to shaking off your constraining society-imposed morality!”

Marcus tried desperately not to throb at this statement. “And how do you plan to do that? Sure, you got me naked but I can recite basketball stats in my head all night long. You won’t even get an erection out of me.”

“That is where the bomb comes into play,” Firefly said. She stood next to the table that he was strapped to. Her hand moved up the length of his leg and he could feel the emanating from her.

“Wait, there really is a bomb?” Marcus asked.

“Yes,” the evil redhead said. “Right now it is scheduled to explode in about, umm, twenty minutes. It is cleverly hidden in City Hall. If I do not turn off this hand switch, it will explode and destroy that cesspit of bureaucratic corruption! I will only turn it off once you come from my hand!”

Firefly grabbed his cock. Marcus cried out till he realized that her hand wasn’t on fire. Her hand was still warm though. More importantly, it was wrapped around his cock and terribly soft.

Marcus throbbed. He gained an erection within seconds as Firefly laughed.

“So what is it going to be, MVP?” Firefly taunted. She pumped his cock with her hand. “Are you going to resist and adhere to your outdated prudish sensibilities and let those politicians die? Or will you give in to your baser instincts and-“

“Oh God!” Marcus cried. His cock erupted in a fountain of seed.

Firefly looked at the sudden mess that MVP had made. A sticky strand had landed on her shoulder. She glanced at it and it incinerated instantly.

“Turn off the bomb!” Marcus yelled. “I’ve played your dirty game!”

“No fair!” Firefly said. “Obviously you were a bit frustrated. I’m changing the rules. Now you have to come twice before I deactivate the bomb!”

The wicked redhead resumed stroking him. To taunt him further, she bent down and took his come coated cock into her mouth. Her breasts pressed against him and he prayed that the red hot metal stuffs didn’t touch him.

Marcus closed his eyes. It made it worse. He opened his eyes to see Firefly’s pale face sucking his black cock. She still had the bomb trigger in her other hand. The threat of people dying was almost an erection killer. Almost.

“Fuck!” he cried out.

Firefly glanced at him a second before she was choked with a fresh flood of seed. To Marcus’s surprise, she kept sucking and swallowed him all before rising.

She still had her hand on his. “Damn, and here I thought I wasn’t getting laid.”

“You’re a supervillain,” Marcus said. “You guys get laid all the time.”

“Ha!” Firefly said. “All I get are pyromaniacs. I haven’t had a good fuck in months.”

“Well, I beat your challenge,” Marcus said. “Please let me go and deactivate the bomb.”

Firefly shook her head. “You’re still hard. Maybe a hand and mouth are too easy. To really corrupt you, I’ll need to mount you.”

“Oh sweet Jesus,” Marcus groaned.

The evil redhead climbed onto the steel table. Her sex was bare except for the occasional flame that would flicker. She positioned herself over Marcus and grabbed his cock. He watched intently as she slowly lowered herself.

Incredible heat engulfed his cock. Marcus shuddered as Firefly impaled herself onto him. She was hot, but she was also wet and wonderfully tight.

She gripped the bomb trigger to her chest while her other hand played with his chest. Her fingers pulled lightly against his chest hair. “Shit, it has been too long,” she whispered.

Firefly moved on his cock. Back and forth, she grinded against him. Fire danced over her body. She looked down on him but she wasn’t looking at him. Her eyes were glazed with lust as she focused inward. She moaned softly with each pelvic thrust against his cock.

Marcus worried that the flames would burn him but they were only warm against him. In fact, it felt kind of nice. Her hair floated around her face as sparks erupted from the joining of their sexes.

“God damn!” Marcus cried out. He climaxed again.

Firefly didn’t slow down. She kept grinding until a minute later, her own orgasm fired within her. She threw her head back and screamed, flames pouring from her mouth as she celebrated her climax.

Marcus recoiled from the pyrotechnics. That was when he saw that the steel cuffs holding his hands had melted. He turned and looked at the steel table that was no longer holding him. The table was melting from tremendous heats. It was him. He was the one that melted the table.

“I never realized I could absorb the powers of other super-powered people,” Marcus thought. “Then again, I have never had my cock inside one either.”

Firefly noticed the change as well. She jumped off of Marcus and rolled to the floor. She stood up, a fireball forming in her hand.

Marcus sat up and got off the table too.

“So now what?” Firefly said. “Do we fight?”

“Shit girl,” Marcus said. “That was the best sex that I had in ages.” He didn’t mention that it was the only sex that he had. “How about you deactivate the bomb and leave me the trigger and we’ll call it even.”

Firefly let out a big sigh. The flames winked out in an instant. “Sounds good to me,” she said. She tossed the bomb trigger to him.

Marcus caught it. “Now go home and ummm, try to obey the law from now on. I’ve got nothing. You fucked my brains out.”

Firefly laughed. “Let’s not tell anyone about this, okay? I don’t think it makes either of us look good.”

“Deal,” Marcus said.

Apr 132011

When millionaire Teresa Mourne discovered that her family fortune came from her parents money laundering bribes for the Mafia, she swore to absolve her family’s shame by using the money to fight crime. She designed a flying battle suit and now protects the city of Comfort Bay from the corrupt and powerful. Along with her young sidekick, Sparrow, Teresa hunts the wicked as the mysterious NightByrd!

“What are you doing?”

Teresa looked up from the computer and rubbed her eyes. “I’m trying to crack this weird code that Mr. Know-It-All left on the steps of City Hall this morning. I realize now that it is a long sequence of polymer molecules, but I am no closer to figuring out what it means.”

Her sidekick sighed. Chrissy was dressed in her Sparrow battle suit. She had her helmet off so because she always waited to tuck in her long blonde hair till the last minute. The red reflective armor sparkled in the dim light and the metal jet wings almost glowed at night. Teresa suppressed a smile. Sparrow’s armor was terrible for night concealment but the young woman had insisted. Chrissy liked being the center of attention. That is also why Teresa added twice the force field reinforcements to Sparrow’s armor. The young lady got the majority of bullets aimed at them.

“Why are you still obsessing over Mr. Know-It-All?” Chrissy asked. “No one has seen him since he escaped from Foucault Asylum in two months. Maybe he’s gone straight.”

Teresa snorted. “Not likely. Mr. Know-It-All is an egomaniac genius. It’s not enough to be the smartest man alive; he has to make everyone else fully aware of how smart he is. No, he left this coded message for a reason. He’s bragging about something and he wants me to know what he is doing.”

“Whatever,” Chrissy said. “I’m going to go out on patrol. I haven’t fired a wrist rocket at a bad guy in days.”

“Go on,” Teresa said. “I can’t stop working now. I might be on to something.”

Sparrow shrugged and left. Teresa watched as Sparrow opened the windows to their penthouse apartment. She supervised Sparrow’s battle suit activation protocols before Sparrow stepped out into the night. A second later, the silent jetpacks activated and her glittering wings took off over the city.

Teresa turned back to the computer. Sparrow was young and naïve. Bad guys might turn good, but the crazy assholes like Mr. Know-It-All never changed.

An hour later, Teresa was flying over the city as NightByrd. The list of polymer molecules was meant to be used as an almost simple letter substitution code. Well, simple if you can tell the difference between a protein polymer and an artificial plastic polymer molecule at a glance, but for Mr. Know-It-All, it was almost as simple as Morse code. Translated, the code listed a library on Appletree Avenue.

It was so straight forward; it had to be a trap. That was why Teresa didn’t call Chrissy. It didn’t pay to underestimate the crazy ones, and Chrissy seemed to have no fear at all of Mr. Know-It-all. No, it would be better if NightByrd handled this alone.

Black metal wings extended as NightByrd floated over the library. It didn’t seem like the usual Mr. Know-It-All target. It was a public library. It didn’t hold rare books or valuable artifacts. It was one of the older and larger libraries in Comfort Bay, but there was no historical value. In fact, for a super-crime ridden city, the library had a remarkable lack of security.

NightByrd glided down to the library. She went to the skylight and took a look. Turning on her various night enhancing programs, her visor gave her a look inside the library that was better than if it was daylight.

Mr. Know-It-All was sitting on a desk. The smug genius was wearing his trademark white suit and matching top hat. Only a super genius like him could keep a white suit clean in this city. The arrogant asshole was stroking his goatee like a mastermind who just robbed fort Knox. What was his game?

NightByrd analyzed the glass on the window. One good punch and it should shatter. Whatever crime he was about to commit, she was ready to drop on him like an avenging angel.

Her fist was ready to punch when she saw another person enter the room. NightByrd gasped as she saw the red winged woman approach Mr. Know-It-All. It was Sparrow!

“Did she figure it out too?” NightByrd asked herself. No, Chrissy barely understood how the jetpacks worked. There is no way she could have unraveled his clue. If Sparrow was here, it was because she was working on different information.

NightByrd put her fist down. She was curious was Sparrow would do. Chrissy was always complaining that Teresa didn’t give her enough trust to work alone. This would be a great chance to see how Sparrow handled herself without Chrissy knowing.

Sparrow stepped up to Mr. Know-It-All. NightByrd turned on her audio receivers and pointed them at the two. She wanted to hear anything they had to say.

Strangely enough, they weren’t saying anything. Sparrow took off Mr. Know-It-All’s top hat and set it down on the desk. Mr. Know-It-All reached for Sparrow’s helmet and pressed a button that only two people in the world were supposed to know about.

Sparrow’s chest armor popped open and retracted into her shoulder pads. NightByrd gasped as she saw that Sparrow wasn’t wearing her padded clothes under the arrow. Sparrow wasn’t wearing anything at all.

Mr. Know-It-All reached for one of Sparrow’s breasts. His fingers tightened around her nubile flesh like he owned it. Criminal fingers that once held the United States Constitution was now mauling and groping Sparrow’s young tit.

Did Sparrow slap him? No. She just stood there and moaned. She pulled the belt off his pants and opened his trousers. NightByrd’s sidekick pulled out the cock of NightBryrd’s arch nemesis.

NightByrd did a bio scan on Sparrow. There were no traces of super-pheromones. There were no signs of delta wave mind control. She didn’t posses the physical signature of a shape shifter. This was Sparrow, and there was no excuse for why she was stroking the cock of Mr. Know-It-all.

Sparrow touched her belt buckle. The armor plates of her pants retracted into her belt. She was bare underneath, her ass and pussy exposed. Mr. Know-It-All let go of her tit to reach around and grab a handful of ass.

NightByrd felt a surge of jealousy. That was her sidekick. That was her enemy. The grim heroine couldn’t decide which of the two she was angrier with.

Mr. Know-It-All picked up Sparrow and sat her down on the desk. Sparrow giggled girlishly as the mastermind put her in position. He parted her legs and squatted before her. The villain’s head went between her legs and ate her undoubtedly wet sex.

Sparrow groaned with a volume that echoed through the empty library. She clutched Mr. Know-It-All’s head and wriggled against him. NightByrd didn’t need her scanners to know that Sparrow was undergoing rapid arousal and stimulation. Like everything else Mr. Know-It-All did, NightByrd was sure that he was doing this task with skill and mastery.

NightByrd wondered what his tongue would feel like. Desire bloomed underneath her armor and between her legs. NightByrd shook her head. No, this man was her enemy. She would not even entertain the idea.

Sparrow climaxed. A minute later, she climaxed again. Mr. Know-It-All kept licking, using some unknown technique that was no doubt absolutely perfect.

“Fuck me!” Sparrow cried. “Fuck me, now!”

NightByrd shuddered. The passion in Sparrow’s voice was intoxicating. NightByrd remembered when Sparrow would sound like that when they fought crime.

Mr. Know-It-All stood up. He placed his mouth at her pussy with his cock. Sparrow wrapped her long legs around him as she pulled him in.

They fucked. Mr. Know-It-All slammed into Sparrow. Sparrow took everything he had and begged for more. He grabbed her tit as he fucked. She grabbed the back of his head as their bodies merged.

NightByrd thought about dropping down onto them. She fantasized about the shocked looks on their faces. She wanted to hear Sparrow beg forgiveness. She wanted Mr. Know-It-All to realize he had been caught.

Wait. He already knew. That was why he sent the message to City Hall. He wanted NightByrd to know. He was fucking her sidekick, but it was meaningless unless NightByrd knew. Sex wasn’t nearly as important as the credit for doing it.

NightByrd stayed where she was. She would not give him the satisfaction. Let him fuck Sparrow.

Sparrow unwrapped her legs. She turned around on the desk and let her legs hang off. Mr. Know-It-All entered her from behind and they continued fucking. He grabbed the wings on Sparrow’s helmet and pulled her head back as they fucked.

Night Byrd still couldn’t believe that was Sparrow. Had she been neglecting her sidekick? Was Sparrow angry with her over something? Or did it have nothing to do with NightByrd at all? Maybe in their superhero lifestyle, the only interesting guys you meet are villains?

Sparrow cried out with another orgasm. NightByrd revised her theory. Maybe Mr. Know-It-All was a just a damn good fuck.

NightByrd had seen enough. Mr. Know-It-All was a wanted man but he escaped from prisons with ridiculous ease. Hell, at least he wasn’t robbing game show winners like he was the last time he got free. If he was content to humiliate NightByrd for the time being, it would keep him out of trouble longer than prison would. The affair would continue and he would keep sending messages in the hope that she would figure it out.

The dark avenger of the night flew away from the library. Somewhere, someone was committing a crime. NightByrd would find them and probably beat the shit out of them. The betrayal of Sparrow hurt, but her sidekick was an adult. NightByrd would handle it like she handled every other emotional trauma of her life: she would take it out on the criminals of Comfort Bay.