Nov 042013

Welcome to Cinema Carnal here on the Delight Channel. I am your hostess, Sakura Himura.

Tonight’ film is “Madame Celine’s Advanced School for Adventurous Couples” more commonly known by the title on its boxcover, “Sex School”.  Created in 1998, it is the last of the big budget pornographic films produced by Vivacious Studios. It was a lavish movie with high production values, an original soundtrack, quality performers and an actual script.

“Madame Celine’s Advanced School for Adventurous Couples” stars legendary pornographic actress Torri Diamond in her final role.  At thirty-eight years of age, Torri was considered too old for regular porn but she was determined to go out in style.  She enlisted her on again/ off again longtime life partner, Cheryln Bullock to direct.  Marty Bertz was brought in to handle music and famous slut, Vikki Voom was hired as fluffer and makeup artist.  Torri also made the brave choice as a performer and producer to include foreplay in her film.

Torri stars as Madame Celine, a sexual therapist who helps singles and couples with their sexual issues.    She helps a man who can’t climax from blowjobs, a couple who know only one position, a woman who is afraid of masturbating, a couple who never have sex with the lights on, a lesbian couple who are afraid of strap-ons, a young man who is a virgin and finally two couples who need help learning how to swing. The cure is always some form of sex with Torri.

The movie was filmed at the mansion of millionaire recluse, Theodore Green. Theodore made his fortune in the vitamin market and shunned public appearances. He was apparently a big fan of Torri Diamond and wanted to help her make her dream movie. He makes a brief cameo in the beginning of the film although you only see the top of his head from between Torri’s thighs as she answers the phone.

Theodore Grenich of course achieved world wide fame when one of his submissives published the tell all book, ’69 Shades of Green’.

Many experts consider this film to be Torri’s finest work. Her triple dildo scene won a Golden Testicle for Best Lesbian Scene. The red high heels she wears in the movie were inducted into the Pornography Film and Art Museum in 2002.  The soundtrack was the 3rd most downloaded album on Napster for 1999. The film can be spotted in the background of the brothel scene in the mainstream blockbuster movie, Lethal Attack 3.

Unfortunately, it made half as much money as heiress Helen Ramada’s sextape filmed with night vision lens in a bathroom stall.  Vivacious Studios made the choice to shift their focus towards celebrity sex tapes and gonzo scenes filmed in the back of a van.

Tonight’s film has foreplay, pseudo-psychological sex talk, the finest fake breasts possible from 1998 technology, a triple headed dildo, a 5-way and a subplot about a suitcase full of money.

So sit back and enjoy one of the last great porn films from one of the greatest porn actresses of the 90’s.  Snuggle with a loved one or with someone who is just there.  Get a firm grip or a light touch and enjoy tonight’s feature presentation.

Sep 162013

Welcome to Cinema Carnal here on the Delight Channel. I am your hostess, Sakura Himura.

Tonight’s movie is She Came from Space, a pornographic film made in 1965.  Seven years before Deep Throat or Behind the Green Door, She Came from Space featured graphic oral sex, full anal scenes and a thirty person orgy on the White House lawn but few of today’s pornographic fans are even aware of its existence. That is due to the FBI confiscating most of the copies when it was released.  It is only through a loan from the Collette-Ashbee Collection that we can show the film tonight.

The movie was directed by Michael O’Donnell and tells the story of a woman who came from a UFO to teach the people of Earth how to enjoy their bodies.  The woman was played by an unknown actress whose screen credit lists her as Venusa.  Interestingly enough, her character’s name is Venusa as well which was not uncommon for pornographic movies of the time.  Venusa’s character has sex with men and women including some African-American men which was a big taboo for the era.  In between sex scenes, she gives small sermons on love, usually while brushing her long brown hair.

The movie also stars a young Linda Sigh in her debut role.  She plays an IRS agent who is converted to Venusa’s following of love after a Sapphic encounter at a library.  Linda’s famous breasts are on full display in this film and are a sight that no serious porn viewer should ever miss.

The movie is remarkable in that every scene takes place in public.  In many shots, you can see bystanders going about their business as if completely unaware that a pornographic movie is being filmed a few feet away from them.  Customers continue to shop while Venusa pleasures herself with a banana in the fruit aisle.  Patrons look for books while Linda Sigh goes down on Venusa.  A threesome on a bus doesn’t seem to disturb any of the bus passengers who frequently move a naked limb in order to get by.

Director O’Donnell had little explanation for how he was able to pull off these public shots.  Cast and crew claim that they never thought anything was odd at the time although they admit it is curious in hindsight.  No arrests were made during the filming which is incredible for how public nudity there was.

The final scene is the orgy at the White House lawn where Venusa and her followers have sex with the security and staff of the White House at night.  Venusa is the center of the orgy that inspires the participants to cross sexual identity roles.  The movie ends with Venusa returning to space on a glittering cloud of good feelings.

The scene was so realistic that the FBI investigated director O’Donnell for fear that he somehow managed to shoot a pornographic film at the White House.  Many of the cast and crew signed affidavits that O’Donnell drove them to the White House in a rented bus where they encountered no resistance at all to their movie.  O’Donnell was arrested but he claimed that he drugged the cast and they imagined the whole thing.

O’Donnell was charged with gross endangerment of others and sentenced to twenty years in prison.  He died in prison within three years of heart failure.  Copies of his movie was seized and destroyed by the FBI although allegedly one copy was saved for Edgar J Hoover’s personal enjoyment.

As for the actress Venusa, she was never located despite a nationwide woman hunt.  None of the cast and crew knew anything about her and for that matter, appeared to have little contact with her outside of their sex scenes.  She was described as a playful woman who was gentle, kind and had no gag reflex.  To the best of pornographic historians’ knowledge, she never appeared in adult work again.

Tonight we are proud to present a copy that escaped the FBI’s censoring eyes.  Tucked away at a abandoned drive-thru, this film was rescued by members of the Collette-Ashbee Collection.  The print has been restored and repaired so that we may enjoy it tonight.

So sit back and get comfortable.  Snuggle with a loved one or someone who is just there.  Get a firm grip or a light touch and enjoy tonight’s feature presentation.