Dec 162015

Craig looked at the time. He was late for the office Christmas party. It was a little surprising that no one had come by the office to tell him. He shrugged. Missing the party wouldn’t be so bad. It would give him the time he needed to finish a few things before the break.

There was one downside to missing the party. He would miss whatever Danielle was wearing today. The busty woman delighted in showing off her tits and every year she seemed to wear a tighter sweater for the party. Last year’s sweater was so tight that Mrs. Morrow in accounting threatened to file a complaint.

Craig had a feeling that Danielle would wear an even tighter sweater this year. That was how Danielle was.

There was a knock at the doorway. Danielle leaned into the doorway so that only her head was showing. Short blonde dangled above her eyes.

“Coming to the party, Craig?” she asked.

“Got some work to finish,” Craig said. He was disappointed that he couldn’t see what she was wearing. “I might drop by later.”

“Hmm,” Danielle said.  She came around the corner and through the doorway. Today was a red sweater with reindeer. It was tight, but not as tight as earlier years. The neckline however was completely different. It plunged downwards between snowy white globes. Her cleavage was tight and jiggled with every step. Danielle walked in and sat down on the other side of his check.

Craig started to groan but stopped himself in time. He noticed that she had closed the door. He tried to look at her face but the lights were causing the pale skin of her cleavage to glow.

“Not going to the party either?” Craig asked.

Danielle smiled. “I thought I would bring you your present. I drew your name for Secret Santa.”

“Oh,” Craig said. “How nice,” he said carefully. He was so busy not looking at her breasts that he didn’t notice she was carrying anything.

“I knew exactly what to get you,” Danielle said.

“Oh?” Craig said again.

Danielle leaned forward. Her breasts shifted within her sweater. The neckline seemed to move further down.

“You are always looking at my tits,” Danielle said.

“What? No!” Craig said. His face flushed with heat.

“It’s okay,” Danielle said. “I put them out there to be looked at. Everyone looks at them; you, the IT guys, marketing, and especially the assholes in sales. I like to have all of you looking at them. They are gorgeous tits, right?”

Craig nodded. He was too afraid to speak. It felt like he was in a HR harassment training video.  He didn’t want to say anything incriminating.

“Yeah, they are,” Danielle said. “So I when I drew your name for Secret Santa, I remembered how much you helped me on the Myers account. I decided you deserve something nicer than a tie of a gift card. I thought I would give you my tits.”

“Your tits?” Craig asked. He forgot about HR and harassment.

“Only for the rest of the year and the month of January,” Danielle said. “I mean, I can’t give you my tits for a whole year. That would be silly.”

Craig nodded in agreement.

“So here is the deal,” Danielle said. “My tits are yours for Christmas. You can grope them, bite them, kiss them or do whatever you think of to them, but only to my tits. Do you understand?”

“Uh, I have a wife,” Craig said.

“Your wife can play with my tits too,” Danielle said. “They’re your tits.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Craig tried. “Aren’t you married?”

Danielle shrugged. It did wonderful things to her breasts. “He’s not your problem.”

Craig didn’t know what to say. Danielle didn’t wait for an answer. She pulled off her sweater. A sheer green bra struggled to hold all of her abundance. Giant pale nipples pushed through the tin material.

Danielle reached for the clasp in the center and paused. “Are you turning down your gift?”

Craig said nothing.

Danielle undid the clasp. She pulled back the cups to let her breast fall. They were bigger than Craig had thought. They were huge. They were massive. They were the greatest tits he had ever seen.

And she said they were all his.

“Here, take a closer look,” Danielle said. She rose from the seat and leaned across the desk. Her heavy tits hung down before him.

Craig licked his lips. Her nipples were hard and pointing down.

“Hold them,” Danielle said.

Craig reached for one. At first he was slow and hesitant but as soon as his fingers closed around the flesh, his self control broke. His fingers squeezed. He felt the heat from her breasts. He lifted her tit and felt the immense weight.

“Take a suck,” Danielle said.

Craig leaned in. He brought the nipple to his lips and licked. Danielle groaned and he opened his mouth. He sucked in as much of breast as he could but there was so much more breast left to suck.

“Oh fuck,” Danielle said. “I knew you would like your gift. I knew you would want to bite, suck and hold them. And you can. They are yours now.”

Craig released her breast. It was shiny with his spit. He went to the other breast. His teeth sunk down. There was so much to bite.

“Ow!” Danielle moaned but she didn’t stop him.

Craig kept biting. He also grabbed the other breast. He tugged on both of them, one with his mouth and the other with his hand. He pulled and Danielle had to learn further across the desk.

“Oh, Craig!” Danielle said.

Craig released her breast from his mouth. He looked up at her and grabbed both nipples with his fingers. He pinched and twisted.

“Ow, ow, ow!” Danielle said.

“They are mine?” Craig asked.

Danielle looked at Craig, perhaps seeing something in him for the first time. “Yes,” she said.

“Then I will choose what you wear on them,” Craig said. “I will pick your bras, on days that you get to have bras.”

Danielle smiled. “That’s hot. Sure.”

Craig twisted her nipples harder. He pulled and Danielle almost lost her balance. She struggled to not fall onto the desk.

“And pictures,” Craig said. “I will text you and ask for them. You will send me pictures of them, whenever I ask.”

Danielle’s smile faltered. “Sure.”

“Good,” Craig said. “Now come over here and kneel. I want to fuck my tits.”

He let go of her nipples. Danielle’s smile widened. She stood up and came around the side of the desk. This was more of what she was expecting. She just didn’t know that Craig would be so willing.

Craig unzipped his pants and pulled them down. His cock pressed hard against his underwear. He pulled that down next and it flopped out. It pointed towards’ Danielle’s waiting mounds.

He opened the top drawer of his desk and took out a bottle. He handed it to Danielle as he sat back down.

She took the bottle and looked at it. Kit was lubricant. Not lotion or some sort of cream. It was lube for sex.

How well did she really know Craig?

Danielle squirted the lube onto her breasts. It was cold but she kept smiling. She squirted a large amount and then set the bottle down. Using both hands, she rubbed her tits together while looking up at Craig.

Craig couldn’t wait any more. He reached down and grabbed her breasts. He pulled her to his cock and wrapped her breasts around him.

He let out a groan. They were so warm. His cock was embraced in slippery heat.

Danielle regained her confidence. Slowly she rocked up and down. She bought her arms together across her chest. Craig’s hands moved away as she took over. She kept her tits nice and tight around his cock as she slowly tit-fucked herself.

“I knew you would like this,” Danielle said.

Craig groaned louder.

“Always looking at me. Always looking at my big, soft breasts. Always peeking to look down my cleavage.”

Craig gripped the arms of the chair. His hips rose to meet her breasts.

“I knew that this was the best chr-“

“Shh,” Craig interrupted. “I want you to know that I will have these tits every day for lunch. I want you to know that on some days I will fuck them and on other days I will slap them until they are sore and tender to the touch.”

This time Danielle groaned.

“I’m going to give you a set of nipple clamps,” Craig said. His hips moved in short violent thrusts between her soft pillowy breasts. “You’ll wear them when I tell you too. You’ll wear them at work.”

Danielle trembled. She felt a flush of desire soak her panties.

“And yes, I think my wife will play with your tits too.”

Danielle moaned and squeezed her tits tighter. She watched his thick cock emerge from her cleavage and then disappear back down into her immense breasts.

“Maybe I will write my name on them,” Craig said.

He stopped thrusting and suddenly a spurt of seed flew upwards. It splattered on her breasts and neck. She felt his cock throb and then another spray flew up and then another.

Danielle gently pulled with her breasts. She milked Craig’s cock. She tugged and rubbed until she had drained all of him. His hot seed stuck to her breasts and ran down to her stomach.

“That was good,” Craig said. He pulled his pants back up.

Danielle reached for a napkin. Craig’s hand stopped her.

“Let it dry on your tits,” he said.

Danielle nodded. She did wipe the come from her neck. She stood up and retrieved her bra and sweater. Craig watched her as she put it back on.

“Thank you, Danielle,” Craig said.  “It is an excellent gift.”

Danielle smiled and wondered what the next month would bring.

Dec 192012

I pulled into the parking lot at noon.  It was Christmas Eve and most normal people were either killing each other at the store or sitting on their asses at home.  I was doing neither.  I was at the leather dungeon, preparing this year’s Christmas Fucktoys.

Rosie was waiting for me inside.  She was wearing one of her red corsets except she had added some a white feather boa.  She was a cruel dominatrix but she was also a softie for the holidays.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Claus,” she said.  It wasn’t my name but it would be the only name the fucktoys would know me by. 

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Claus,” I said.  We hugged briefly.  “Are the fucktoys here?”

“Waiting for us in the playroom,” Mrs. Claus said. 

“Where are they from this year?”

“These came from Chicago,” Mrs. Claus said. 

“I bet they appreciate the Atlanta weather then,” I said.  “How many did we get?”

“We got five in all, two guys and three women.”

“Not bad,” I said.  It was a good showing.  Not many people had what it took to become a fucktoys for a stranger, much less be available for Christmas.  It took a certain kind of masochist as well as someone who lacked the usual social ties to friends and family.

Shit, you could almost say the same thing about me and Rosie.

I walked into the playroom.  The fucktoys were chatting but they immediately went silent when I walked into the room.  For some reason, they were still wearing clothes.

“Strip,” I said.  To their credit, none of them hesitated.

I shouldn’t be surprised.  The Christmas fucktoy process was very demanding.  No one wanted drama on Christmas.  These men and women had been fucked, spanked, bound, pushed, prodded, humiliated and pushed to every limit.  I used to be a part of the certification process and it was exhausting just to be a tester.  I can’t imagine what it must be like from their end. 

The fucktoys got naked.  There was a heavy blonde who looked like her ass could take a beating for days.  We had a bald guy whose cock was something out of a porn movie.  Next to him was a petite redhead who was toned like a dancer.  Off to the side was a chubby guy who had hair all over his body.  Last was a mousy black woman with lovely kinky hair.

“All right,” Mrs. Claus said.  “Put your clothes in these duffel bags and then get your asses to the bathrooms.  If you have to go while we tie you up, we’re just going to let you shit yourself.”

That wasn’t exactly true but hey, when you deal with fucktoys you got to set the rules down hard.  While the fucktoys used the bathroom, I went to the rope locker.   We were on the clock and I wanted to make every delivery on time.

The fucktoys came back and I and Mrs. Claus went to work.  She took the males while I took the women.

I tied the black girl first.  I used a red and green rope to bind her arms behind her back.  She moaned as I used the rope to make her a bra that separated her breasts.  I bound her thighs together and I could smell the desire from her cunt.

I took a lick of her cunt.  She trembled and nearly fell over.  I grabbed her ass and held her to my face as I licked her.  She was delightfully wet.  I drank her desire.

“Thank you, sir,” she said when I stood up.

I slapped her face.  My hand print glowed on her dark cheek.  “Only speak when you are addressed,” I said. 

She nodded.  I was within my rights to punish her further but it wasn’t necessary.  Wrapping presents always made me people a little giddy.

I fitted her with a bright red jawbreaker gag.  Drool glistened from her lips as she licked the sweet candy.

I went to work on the blonde next.  I grabbed her tits and squeezed because fuck, tits that nice were meant to be groped.  The blonde moaned as I groped her; her nipples hardening with every squeeze.

Red rope bound her hands to her thighs.  Her hands were just shy of being able to touch her shaved cunt.  Bows attached to clamps went onto her nipples.  She hissed as the clamps bit into her flesh.  She shut her eyes tight as she rode out the pain.  She popped her eyes back open when she felt my fingers on her cunt.   
One stroke, two strokes, three strokes and she was as wet as melted snow.  Her cheeks flushed and her mouth opened for a moan but she was completely silent.

Four strokes, five strokes, six strokes and her hips were grinding my fingers.

Seven strokes, eight strokes, nine strokes and she was biting her lip. 

Ten strokes, eleven strokes, twelve strokes and she beginning to shake.

I stopped and put my fingers to her mouth.  She eagerly sucked them clean.  When I removed my fingers, I placed a green rubber ball gag in her mouth, topped with another red bow.  I was feeling festive.

A groan brought my attention to Mrs. Claus.  She was shoving an anal plug into the bald man.  His cock was wrapped in prickly tinsel.  Mistletoe clamps hung from each nipple.

I turned to the redhead.  She had pale skin and really good muscle tone.  I used silver ribbon mixed with red ribbon to bind her legs together.  I used the ribbons in alternating colors to create the effect of a candy cane.  The ribbons were tight against her leg, showing off all those lovely muscles.  I wrapped the ribbons over her sex until I had her waist wrapped.

She looked straight ahead.  The fucktoy was trying to hide her disappointment that I hadn’t teased her cunt like I did the others.  She was behaving quite well.

I unzipped my pants.  The fucktoy never glanced down though a smile threatened to cross her lips.  I grabbed her by the back of her head and bent her down to my cock.  Her bound legs prevented her from kneeling so she had to bend at the waist.  It was a precarious position for her but I held the nimble fucktoy by her hair.

The fucktoy opened her mouth and sucked my cock in a single gulp.  I held her head there.  She wasn’t able to move but she did the best she could with her tongue.  The fucktoy was a good little cocksucker.

I looked over at Mrs. Claus.  She was jacking off the hairy man.  Heavy ornaments dangled from his balls.  She was whispering something terrible in his ear.  His face was flushed with fear and arousal.

The fucktoy choked on my cock and I kept her there.  A few minutes later, I let her back up.  Now she was smiling.

I put a white collar around her neck and white cuffs around her wrists.  I connected the wrists to her collar and hung some mistletoe from the d-ring.  Her small breasts I left alone because decorating is all about knowing when to stop.

“Let’s get them into the van,” Mrs. Claus said. 

“What is our first delivery?” I asked.

“The blonde one,” she said.

“Okay, you drive while I prepare her.”

We loaded the fucktoys into the van.  It was a scary looking black thing with no windows.  It was perfect for our needs. 

Mrs. Claus put on a coat to hide her corset and got into the driver’s seat.  The fucktoys sat against the sides while I got the box ready.  Within minutes we were on I-285, ready to make our first delivery.  I just had to make the box.

The boxes come on wheels and thank God for that because I am not as young as I used to be.  The side of the box was reinforced with handles to help people move the damn thing around.   I had the blonde sit in the box bottom as I built the box around her.  Duct tape and a lot of wrapping paper held the box together.  It wouldn’t survive any real shipping but it would serve our purposes. 

Before I closed the lid, I slapped her breasts a few times.  One time slapped her too hard and the clamp flew off.  I reclamped her tit and checked out my work.  Her breasts were a festive red color.

“Be a good fucktoy,” I said as I closed the box lid.  She nodded her head in assent.

The van stopped and I opened the back door.  Mrs. Claus pulled out the ramp.  Together we carefully rolled the box down the ramp and onto the driveway. 

I didn’t recognize the house but that was okay.  Other people picked the lucky recipients of the fucktoys.  The way it worked is that every year people would sign up for the list.  A committee would then work through that list and rule out some of the people. I know that the recipient process is even stricter than the fucktoy process.  It takes a special person to abuse another safely.

Now supposedly the committee takes the number of fucktoys and decides by random who gets one.  Even though the process is mostly random though you would be surprised how many recently divorced people or those suffering a real life hardship get a fucktoy.  I don’t mind this nudging of the rules.  The holidays do that to people.

No one knows if they get a fucktoy until they get that knock on the door on Christmas Eve.

We rolled the box to the front door.  I knocked on the door and turned to leave.  Mrs. Claus and I heard the door open behind us but we didn’t turn around.  We were there just to deliver the fucktoys. 

I drove while Mrs. Claus prepared the chubby guy.  Traffic was hellish but I was in a good mood.  It was Christmas.

We left the chubby guy at a house recognized.  It belonged to a gay couple I knew.  I was smiling the whole time because I knew that one of them recently lost his father.  It felt good to help brighten up a sad time.

We delivered the black woman to an apartment.  I made sure to stroke her until she was nice and wet before sealing her in the box.  I licked my fingers clean myself.

We delivered the redhead to a nice older man who was working in his yard.  He helped us bring the box to his shed, which I understand is where she will spend all of her time until someone comes to pick her up.

Last we dropped off the bald guy at a theater down in Little Five Points.  You have to wonder what kind of kinky shit he was in for.

Mrs. Claus and I sang songs as I drove her to back to the dungeon.  I swear I hate Christmas music but singing it with a friend makes it okay.  We hugged and agreed to meet before New Year’s for some paddle shopping.

The drive home was less festive.  It felt so good to deliver fucktoys while the rest of the city went about it’s vanilla business but afterwards, there was something of a letdown.  While the fucktoys went on to be used, and five lucky people got the chance to use them, my part in the story was over.  I was proud of my part, but I wished it wasn’t over.  Now I just had an empty house to return to on Christmas Eve.

I pulled into my driveway and I saw the box by my doorstep.  It was huge and brightly wrapped in glittering Christmas paper.  The box was on wheels.

I got out of the car.  My hands were shaking.  There was a card on the box.  I opened it.

“Merry Christmas, from Mrs. Claus”

I swallowed hard.  I unlocked the door and pushed the box into my living room.  My fingers made a mess of the wrapping as I tore open the box.

A naked Asian woman looked at me.  Drool dripped from her ball gag painted as a snowball.  Plump breasts were held up by gold and silver tinsel. 

I knew her.  I didn’t know her name but I had seen at her at the dungeon.  She usually played with Mrs. Claus, I mean Rosie.

I took the gag out of her mouth.  “And who are you?” I asked.

“I’m your fucktoy,” she said.

“That was the right answer,” I said.

It was going to be a Merry Christmas after all.  

Dec 122012

My sister, Susan, opened the door. A brief glimpse of excitement quickly flipped to disappointment.

“It’s just Scott!” she yelled.

“I love you, too,” I said.

“Don’t be melodramatic,” Susan said. “Bill called a few minutes ago and he said that they were ten minutes out of town. Everyone can’t wait to see the new baby.”

“I understand,” and I did. Mom and Dad had six kids and there was nothing more important to the family than adding new spawn. We were currently at nineteen grandchildren and all of them were here for Christmas. I was twenty-eight, single and blessedly free of tiny mouths to feed, which explained my rapidly shrinking importance in the family. It was a miracle that they invited me to Christmas dinner at all.

Maybe the bigger question was why I drove two hundred miles to come see them. Every year was a long day of kid friendly movies on the television while my brothers and sisters traded baby stories. The screaming of children desperate for attention was going to drown out any Christmas music. Dinner was a jumbled mess of parents begging kids to eat something other than chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese. It certainly didn’t look like a place that an adult could enjoy but yet I came here every year without fail.

I went into the kitchen. My mom was there and she gave me my yearly hug before returning back to the mashed potatoes. My sister, Sharon, was there and she gave my yearly nod of the head. I didn’t mind. I only had eyes on the third woman in the kitchen. She was my mom’s best friend for twenty years, our next door neighbor for eighteen years and the woman we all called Aunt Kim.

Fuck, she was still gorgeous. Her curly brown hair had streaks of grey but it was as long as ever. She was wearing a Christmas sweater tight enough to show off large breasts that were the subject of many a teenage masturbation dream. There were a few more lines on her face but they only enhanced her smile. Bright blue eyes beamed with adoration behind her gold glasses.

“Scott!” Aunt Kim said and she hugged me tight. Large breasts pressed against my chest and funny things happened with my cock. Her hands safely out of view from my family, she let them drop down and squeeze my ass. I suppressed my groan which just made my cock all the harder.

“I swear you’re still growing!” Aunt Kim said. She gave a wink that only I saw to know that she wasn’t talking about my height.

“Still six foot three,” I said. I could feel a slight blush rise to my cheeks. I was a grown man but she still reduced me to putty.

“Scott, could you bring down some chairs from upstairs,” my mom said. “I forgot to add Steven’s twins when I set up the table.”

It was beginning already. My servitude to children was my primary purpose at these events.  I had come to accept it.

“Actually Laura, I wanted to borrow Scott for a few minutes,” Aunt Kim said. “I bought a set of serving bowls last week and there are too heavy for me to carry. Scott, would you mind coming with me and bringing them over?”

“Sure,” I said.

I left the kitchen before my mom could enlist any more of our family to help. Aunt Kim quickly followed behind me. We did our best not to run to the door.

Once outside, it was even harder not to run. We had to walk casually past fake reindeer and balloon snowmen. I held the gate open for her and resisted grabbing her ass. She lived just next door but it felt like she was millions of miles away.

“I have been thinking of sucking your cock all day,” Aunt Kim said. It was almost a whisper.

“I have been thinking of it too,” I said.

We reached the sidewalk.

“Remember that first Christmas that I sucked you?” she said.

“Of course I do. It was my first blowjob.”

“You came in less than a minute,” Aunt Kim laughed.

We turned up the walkway to her house.

“Are you going to come on my face this year, or in my mouth?” Aunt Kim asked.

“I haven’t decided,” I said. “Maybe it will be a surprise.”

We reached the front door. She fumbled with the lock and finally got it open.
I felt a powerful wave of nostalgia and desire as I stepped through the door way.

I slammed the door behind us. Aunt Kim dropped down to her knees in the hallway. She was pulling at my pants while I pulled at her sweater. She yanked my pants and boxers down and my cock sprang forward. Only then would she consent top letting me pull the sweater over her head. White lace held those gloriously tanned tits. I shivered when I realized that she still tanned topless.

“As good as you remember?” she asked.

“Better,” I said. It was true. I used to spy from the attic window so that I could look down into her yard. She would lie on her back, her body oiled and bared for my peeping eyes. It was better now. Now I could touch them.

My hand went to her tit. Her mouth went to my cock.

“Fuck yes!” I cried out. This was why I made the drive. A willing mouth is what I looked forward to every Christmas.

Aunt Kim looked up at me as she sucked. Her blue eyes sparkled as they looked over her gold glasses. Her cheeks moved as she slid back and forth over me. An experienced tongue did amazing things to the underside of my cock. Lovely long curly hair shook as her head bounced.

My hand pulled her tit out of her bra. It was plump, warm and perfect. My fingers played with a nipple as hard as my cock. There were so many times that I jacked off thinking of these breasts and now once again, they were mine to play with. It must have been Christmas.

Aunt Kim groaned and put a hand to her crotch. She rubbed at the heat hidden beneath her jeans. Her hand digs at the sex I had never fucked. My Christmas present was always a blowjob. I had never complained.

She took my cock out of her mouth. Her tongue flicked at the head of my cock before consuming me once more. I hit the back of her throat and I groaned.

My other hand reached for her other breast. I held both of her tits in my hands. I felt the familiar weight. I pulled on perfect nipples. I squeezed ripe tits that would never loss their thrill.

Aunt Kim moaned and stroked faster. I couldn’t see them but I imagined that her jeans were getting soaked. She was rubbing so hard while she sucked me. I swore I could hear the wet sounds of her pussy.

A new desire flared within me. I released her breasts and gently pulled her away from my cock.

She looked at me, her lips shiny with spit. “What’s the matter?”

I said nothing. I reached down and helped her stand up. My fingers tugged at her jeans.

“Wait, Scott!” she said. “We shouldn’t!”

“It is time I gave you a present,” I said. I tugged her jeans down. A thick bush of hair greeted me. Aunt Kim wasn’t wearing panties.

I turned her around. She bent over and placed her hands on the wall. She wasn’t arguing. I looked down on her tanned ass that had taunted me for years. Her legs parted for me.

My cock slammed into her. Deep down I knew I should go slow. In the back of my mind I was thinking of all the slow wonderful ways to fuck a woman. I couldn’t do any of that. I had to fuck her.

We both cried out. My hard cock was fucking her wet pussy. The sound of my hips hitting her ass were deafening in the hallway.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Aunt Kim called out.

I fucked faster. I had wanted to fuck her for years. I had fucked her so many times in my mind. I had soiled so many tissue foes her. Now I was fucking her and it was everything I ever dreamed.

“Fuck me, Scott,” she called out.

“Yes, Aunt Kim,” I shouted back.

Neither of us could last long. It had been too many years in the making. It started back when she teased me with glimpses down her bra. It continued to that one special Christmas when she gave me a moving away present. It continued every year as I returned for her mouth. We had spent years going to the edge and now we were finally fucking.

She climaxed first. Aunt Kim slammed her hand on the wall as her orgasm came.

She also climaxed second. Her pussy tightened so hard around me as her body shivered in pleasure.

It was my turn to come. My cock exploded with an intensity that surprised me. My cock released everything I had into Aunt Kim’s forbidden wonderful pussy.

We both froze with pleasure. My knees were shaking as I stood behind her bent over body. I watched the sweat slide down her tanned back. She looked at me over her shoulder; blue eyes blazing with affection behind her glasses.

“Merry Christmas,” she said.

Dec 212011

On the first day of her orgasm denial, Emily was told to strip for Walter while he jacked off. She enjoyed playing with her stockings and she loved teasing him with her slow reveal of her heavy breasts but her enjoyment soon turned to frustration when he refused to fuck her.

Emily moaned as he came upon her tits. She was allowed to lick the seed off but the cock was off limits. There would be no cock for her hungry cunt.

On the second day of her orgasm denial, Emily’s ass was spanked with a paddle still in its wrapping paper. The sting of the paddle was not blunted by the thin paper that sheathed it. Walter turned her ass as red as a magic reindeer’s nose.

No matter how wet her cunt made his lap, he refused to even let have a single finger inside her.

On the third day of her orgasm denial, Emily bit her gag as Walter played with her tits. He bit and sucked her sensitive nipples before bringing out the clothespins, the floggers and the terrible clamps. He brought her breasts to life with arousing pain and delicious agony. When he was finished, she was desperately trying to hump his leg.

He ignored her pleas for his cock as he stroked himself off. She watched in frustration as his white seed splashed her tender breasts.

On the fourth day of her orgasm denial, Emily served as Walter’s pillow. She was naked on her stomach as Walter rested his head on her ass. He leaned between her legs and read while she silently prayed for sex.

Walter slept on her bare breasts that night.

On the fifth day of her orgasm denial, Emily listened to all the naughty fucking that Walter planned to do with her. He was going to fuck her mouth. He was going to fuck her ass. He was going to fuck her cunt. He was going to fuck her on the couch, on the table, on the floor and on the damn porch. Walter was very descriptive and he kept her thinking about sex all day long.

Emily squeezed her thighs tightly together but the yearning never went away.

On the sixth day of her orgasm denial, Emily suffered through a wonderful massage. Walter covered her body in warm oil and touched every inch f her skin except her cunt. He rubbed her willing thighs, her arching back and her sensitive nipples.

No matter how hard he massaged her, Emily just couldn’t relax.

On the seventh day of her orgasm denial, Emily was taken to a swinger’s party. They had never been to one before and Emily was amazed at the variety of body types and sexual acts. She couldn’t participate because she was tied to a wall and unable to touch herself. Emily could watch though. She watched for hours as people masturbated, gave blowjobs, went down on strange women and fucked.

It was the longest four hours of her life.

On the eight day of her orgasm denial, Emily was masturbated with a candy cane. She was tied tightly down to the table but still she fought like a slut to touch herself. The cane was too thin, too small and too slow to give her the climax she craved but she was so damn close. Walter teased and pushed the cane inside her with cruel teasing that she had never imagined.

Afterwards, she was allowed to eat the cane and taste her desire.

On the ninth day of her orgasm denial, Emily begged. It was her one chance to cheat the promised torment. She got on her knees before Walter and promised him everything and anything. From deep within, she confessed secrets and offered to do unthinkable acts if it would convince him to fuck her.

He denied her requests.

On the tenth day of her orgasm denial, Emily sucked Walter’s cock. He fucked her mouth with the passion that he denied her cunt. He came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. Later, he came a second time on her face. When the first drops of seed splattered against her face, she never felt so close to orgasm as she did then.

She dreamed of an endless row of cocks for her mouth.

On the eleventh day of her orgasm denial, Emily was tied up for most of the day. She was hogtied. She was suspended from the ceiling. She was bound to the table. She was bound under the desk. All day she was held in rope and her hands were inches away from her hungry cunt.

That night she slept with her hands bound to the headboard.

On the twelfth day of her orgasm denial, Emily was fucked in the ass. She had never climaxed from ass fucking but that day she was sure that she would. When Walter’s cock opened her ass, she felt like she was truly filled for the first time in her life. As he thrust inside her, Emily could feel her orgasm threatening to explode at any moment.

She still hadn’t climaxed when he spilled his seed in her ass.

After the twelfth day of her orgasm denial, Emily was vibrating with need. She cried tears when Walter’s cock finally pushed into her cunt. She hung onto him like a dying woman, dying to be reborn in the fires of her orgasm.

The orgasm eluded her. After so long of dreaming about it, craving it, wanting it and almost feeling it, now she found it impossible to reach. She was too sensitive. Every thrust inside her was overwhelming. Every clench of her cunt was too intense. Emily feared that it would never happen.

Emily climaxed and felt herself changed forever.

Dec 142011

Olivia Pusse’ groaned as they pulled into the mall parking lot. Cars stretched into the horizon. There must be hundreds of people here, if not a thousand. The place was going to be packed tighter than Olivia’s ass when Isaac was inside her last night.

“Now there is going to be kids here, so no guns,” Isaac Cox said.

“Right,” Olivia said. She looked at her partner. At six and half feet tall of black muscle and a gorgeous body, Isaac didn’t need a gun to fuck someone over. Just one swing of his fist was usually enough to break a jaw or an arm.

He looked at her and flashed a smile that made her wet between the thighs. It was the kind of smile that made Olivia feel like the prettiest girl in the whole world. Fuck, it only took him one smile to melt her heart.

She really wished that she knew what the fuck she was getting him for Christmas. It was their first Christmas together and she just knew that his wonderful ass had bought her something special. Olivia usually just got her boyfriends blowjobs for Christmas but that didn’t seem enough this year. Olivia just wished that she could come up with something half as special as she felt for him.

“I’ll try to blend in with the crowd,” Isaac said. Her bounty hunter boyfriend was as focused as a laser for this job.

“I’ll slip in with the Santa attraction and try to confirm that he’s our target,” Olivia said.

Isaac looked at her outfit. “Are you carrying any weapons?”

“Does it look like I am can hide any weapons?” Olivia said. The red Santa coat she was wearing didn’t even come down to her midriff and it had a cleavage that was far more naughty than nice. The red skirt she wore barely covered her ass but the white stockings prevented any unexpected chimney entries. The leather boots she wore were thigh high but they did have little jingle bells on them. Her long blonde hair spilled out from under a Santa hat.

“From what Dr. Von Madd said, this robot can easily kill a man with its bare hands,” Isaac said.

“Right, and I used to be a cheerleader,” Olivia said, “and before that, a teenage girl detective. I have broken more hands than a crazy robot ever has. I’ll be fine.”

Isaac smiled again. “Baby, you are always more than fine.”

From anyone else, it would have sounded like a cheesy line. The reason Olivia felt her thighs clench was because when Isaac said it, he genuinely meant it.

She really needed to find him something awesome for a Christmas gift.

“Let’s move out,” Isaac said.

They entered the mall at different entrances. Olivia saw the stunned looks of shoppers as she walked by. Yeah, she knew that she had dressed too sexy to work in a mall but she also knew that a sexy woman could cut through a crowd faster than anybody. Guys pushed wives out of the way to let her through. Small children looked in awe at her busty blonde body and wondered at the strange feelings in their pants.

It gave her a clear view of what everyone was selling. She walked at a brisk pace but she was still looking for anything to buy Isaac. Ever since they had gotten together, they had been working jobs tracking down bad people for Dr. Von Madd. They rarely had recreation time and when they did, they spent all of that time fucking. Sure, they are and watched a few movies, but mostly that was to rest between fuckings.

Mp3 players seemed pointless. Fancy electronic book reading machines were silly when the only books they read now were dirty books to each other. Isaac had his two favorite chrome pistols so buying him another gun wouldn’t be special. Shit, there just wasn’t anything that she knew that he wanted.

Olivia was seriously considering calling one of her sorority sisters from college and seeing if she could work out a Christmas threesome. The only problem with that is that Isaac hadn’t even glanced at another woman since they had been together. An extra woman might just be work to him.

It was times like these that she wished her boyfriend was a little less awesome. It would certainly take the pressure off her.

It took her no time to reach Santa’s Village. Santa’s seat was empty. Beside the chair stood two very bored looking male staff dressed as elves. A long line of children and their parents had already formed. The poor bastards.

Only Olivia and Isaac knew that the insane inventor, Dr. Gedo, had created a sex robot to take Santa’s place this year. The sick inventor had a thing for children but due to a very fortunate electrical accident, he didn’t have any working equipment below the belt. The perverted fuck created a pedophile sex robot to enjoy the twisted fantasies that Dr. Gedo himself could not enjoy. By disguising the vile robot as Santa, he guaranteed that his victims would come to him.

The bad Dr. Gedo was rotting in a jail cell but his creation was missing. Olivia and Isaac could only hope to stop the bad Santa before Santa’s Village opened for business.

“Hey guys!” Olivia said to the two mall elves. “I’m new here!”

“Holy mistletoe!” one guy said. The other guy was too busy staring at the tanned slope of Olivia’s breasts.

“Is Santa here, yet?” she asked. She pounded her fist into her hand as she asked the question.

“Uh, yeah,” the speaking guy said. Staring guy said nothing. “He should be coming out right about now.”

“Ho, ho, ho!” Santa boomed. He stepped out from behind a Christmas tree. He was a bit taller than Isaac, which concerned Olivia a bit. When he moved, his thick bulk didn’t jiggle with fat or stuffing. He was rock solid.

“Which one of you boys and girls want to ride Santa’s lap first?” Santa said. “I got a candy cane for you if you can find it! Ho, ho ho-erk!”

Santa’s lewd comment was interrupted by Olivia’s leather boot colliding with his face. His bright red nose crumpled and exploded in a shower of sparks.

“SHE NINJA KICKED SANTA!” a horrified child screamed.

“Power down, Santa!” Olivia yelled. “Dr. Gedo is back in prison!”

“Swallow this!” Santa replied. He opened his mouth and a thick spray of white and pink liquid flew from his mouth.

Olivia dodged it with an easy somersault over a fake bag of toys. The two mall elves behind her were not so lucky. The spray hit them in their face and they screamed in pain. They clutched their eyes and rolled on the ground. The smell of peppermint hung in the air.

“Was that a peppermint pepper spray?” Olivia asked. That Dr. Gedo was an evil bastard.

“Someone’s been naughty!” Santa yelled. He yanked off his black belt and cracked it like a whip in the air. Sharp blades emerged from the end of the belt. Some of the more violent kids applauded this new development.

Santa whipped his belt at Olivia and cleaved the top of a Christmas tree beside her. As Olivia dodged to the right, his belt snapped out and tore off the top of a plastic Christmas tree. Olivia was fine but her sudden movement was too much for her sexy top. Her right breast almost fell out and she clutched it with her hand to protect the innocence of the children.

“Tits!” a kid yelled. He was soon smacked by his mom.

“Where the fuck is Isaac?” Olivia wondered. She looked into the crowd but all she saw were smiling kids and their staring parents. Shit, even Isaac would have a hard time fighting through that crowd.

Fine, she’ll handle this on her own.

She made a run for Santa. The laughing robot held out his arms and extended robots fingers an extra seven inches. Olivia tried not to think about why a sex robot needed extra long fingers and focused on the fake reindeer in front of her. She jumped on the reindeer with a perfect cheerleader leap and sailed through the air feet first.

Olivia kicked Santa in the head so hard that his face spun around one hundred and eighty degrees. Several children screamed at the grotesque act of near decapitation. Olivia landed on the ground beside Santa and paused a moment to see which way he would fall.

The children began to applaud and Olivia knew something bad had happened. She dodged just in time as backwards facing Santa made a grab for her head. He grabbed her hat instead and he stuffed it into his mouth. In seconds, he had shredded the hat with chainsaw teeth.

“Not as nice as your panties would be, but it better than cookies!” Santa said. His head turned around and snapped back into the right place.

“Well fuck,” Olivia said.

Santa took a step towards her when a reindeer crashed into him from behind. As Santa staggered, a tree slammed into him followed by a sleigh. Olivia smiled when she saw Isaac picking up a giant nutcracker soldier to throw at Santa next.

Olivia realized that she really needed to get her boyfriend a great Christmas gift.

“That black man is hurting Santa!” a kid cried.

The more racist kids charged away from their parents and ran right into Isaac. The giant black man had no idea how to disengage small children from his legs. Olivia knew that if those were horny adult women, his stripper training would kick in and he would have no trouble. To an adult entertainer like Isaac, children were an entirely foreign experience.

“Good children!” Santa yelled. “I am going to give each of you a treat for being a good! Right up your asses!”

A shocked gasp rippled through the crowd of parents. They kept watching though.

Santa opened his pants and a large steel contraption emerged from his crotch. It looked like some sort of gun. It might be some kind of sex toy.

“Shit,” Olivia said. “It is probably both.”

And it was aimed at her boyfriend.

“Hell no!” Olivia yelled. She planted a kick right into Santa’s knee. The sound of tortured metal squealed as Santa’s leg gave out.

As Santa stumbled, Olivia jumped and locked her thighs around Santa’s head. She was careful to avoid his mouth as she fell back with her body weight. Olivia hit the fake snow hard but Santa fell with her and they were both on the ground.

Olivia squeezed. The kids and parents looked on as she squeezed her thighs around Santa’s head. She didn’t care. The dumb fuckers should be moving since Santa’s metal extension was now pointing at them.

“Drink my eggnog!” Santa cried as his head began to collapse.

Olivia squeezed tighter. She tried to imagine that Isaac was between her thighs licking her cunt and he was thinking of stopping.

Sparks flew from Santa’s head. “Who’s your Father Christmas?”

Olivia clenched her thighs even tighter. She had one chance to kill this Santa and it would be up to the power of her thighs.

Santa’s legs twitched as major malfunctions rippled through his body. “I will make you ride my North Pole!”

Olivia squeezed.

Santa’s head crumpled under the tremendous stress. His body stopped moving and his strange metal cock retracted back into his body. The evil robot was dead.

“Olivia, are you okay!” Isaac said. He stood over her and held out his hand. He still had a racist kid clinging to one of his legs.

Olivia took his hand and let him help her up. She then grabbed the ear of the racist kid and twisted until he let go. The racist kid went crying to his mom.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” Olivia said. “Turns out that a pedophile robot Santa can’t handle an adult woman’ thighs.”

“Shit, I can barely handle them,” Isaac said. He took of his black duster and wrapped it around Olivia’s body. “Let’s get the fuck out of here. Mall Security will be here any minute now that it is safe.”

They hurried towards an exit. Psychologically traumatized children lingered near Santa and tried to steal bits off of him. Mall Security guards ran past Olivia and Isaac in a valiant attempt to appear useful.

“Isaac?” Olivia said. “What the fuck do you want for Christmas? I know you got me something awesome because you are a sweet guy but damn it, I just can’t think of anything to get you.”

Isaac stopped walking and he looked at her. “Olivia, all I want for Christmas is to wake up next to you. You are the greatest gift I have in my life and honestly, that is all I could ever want much less needed.”

Olivia reached up and pulled his bald head down to her for a kiss. When they both ran out of air, she hugged him in the busy mall.

“Although I have to say,” Isaac added. “If you were wearing this outfit when I woke up, that would be pretty nice too.”

Olivia hugged him tighter. “Okay, but I won’t be wearing it for long.”

Dec 072011

I looked at the festive green envelope with disdain. There it was, sitting on my desk as a cruel reminder of how much my boss, Sandra, disrespects me and my fellow coworkers. Inside will be the annual Christmas card from my manager and also there will be a tiny gift card for a measly twenty-five bucks to some place I would never go to. Last year it was to a bath store in the mall and the year before that, a pet store. What the fuck? Are they subtle insults or just complete indifference?

The envelope said Jeff Grenich so I know it was for me even though there are two n’s in my name. I have worked here four years and she still spells my name wrong.

I sit and open it. I am morbidly curious to see what hellhole the gift card is for this year.

There was a note.

“Hey Rodney, please use this gift card at 9am this morning. I am free until lunch.


Rodney? Rodney Celler in sales? I looked for the gift card. It was hand written on a small index card.

“This card is good for one long sloppy blowjob until you explode down my throat in a flood of cum. Redeem this card in Sandra Miller’s waiting mouth.”

Well now. That was unexpected and obviously not meant for me.

I looked at the time. 8:42. Close enough.

I adjusted the erection I had in my pants so it wouldn’t be visible when I stood up. I held the card in my hand as I walked past my unhappy coworkers opening their Christmas cards. The smile that came to my lips must have confused the hell out of them.

I let myself into Sandra’s office. She was on the phone and she looked at me with annoyance. The thick blonde hair that she wore in her very professional manner looked even more severe when she frowned. It occurred to me that I had no idea how it looked when she smiled.

I also noticed that her clothes were slightly different from usual. She was wearing a red blazer that showed a lot of cleavage. Gold earrings that were a little inappropriate for an office dangled from each ear. I suspected that if I looked behind that desk, she might actually be wearing a skirt and heels.

“Yes, I will get those numbers to you soon,” she said to the phone. “I have to go now and get ready for an appointment. Bye. And what do you want Jeff?”

“I wanted to thank you for my gift card.”

Her frown softened a millimeter. “You are very welcome. I hope you enjoy shopping at health store. They have excellent digestion supplements.”

“Oh? That is not what it says on my card?”

I showed the card to her. I made sure to keep it in my hand and I snatched it away when she reached for it. The frown deepened and then transformed into a snarl.

“How did you get that?” she asked.

“It was in an envelope addressed to me,” I said. “I was surprised but then, I have done really good work this year.”

Sandra snorted at that before realizing the position that she was in. She smiled in what I think was meant to be a pleasant manner. It was unsettling.

“Oh Jeff, I think there has been a mix up. Why don’t you hand that card over and we’ll pretend this never happened. Maybe I could look into getting a better parking spot in exchange for your understanding?”

“No, Sandra,” I said. My voice was much firmer than even I expected. “I want to redeem the card, and the instructions were quite clear on how to redeem it.”

Sandra stared at me. Color rose to her pale cheeks. Cold blue eyes narrowed at me and planned a thousand humiliations for me. I noticed her red lipstick for the first time and realized that it was for a cock.

“Or I could go give it to Human Resources along with my letter and ask them why my manager is sexually harassing me?”

Sandra closed her eyes. “Make sure the door is locked.”

The handle locked with a satisfying click. It was not as satisfying as the look on Sandra’s face when I walked around to her side of the desk. Nor was it as satisfying as the feeling of her fingers undoing my belt, then my zipper and then pulling my cock from my briefs.

Sandra looked at my cock. Maybe she was rethinking it. I helped her decide with my hand to the back of her head. My hands wrapped into that perfectly coifed hair and pulled her to my cock.

She opened her lipstick covered lips and took me in. She only took the tip of me at first, her lips wrapping around the head of my cock. Before I could think that she was shirking her duty, I felt her tongue licking at the slit. That sharp tongue that had rebuked me so many times was flicking at my tip like an oral professional.

I groaned. My plan was to be cool and distant but I couldn’t do it. God damn it, she was good.

Sandra’s fingers went to my balls and held them with a gentleness that I didn’t think she was capable of. A small tug of my balls and my cock slipped deeper into her mouth. This time she was the one that moaned.

My hand went to her chest. I slipped right under the blazer and felt her breast under the thin shirt she wore. I felt nipple and quite a bit of underwire.

Her eyes glared at me. I glared back and squeezed her breast.

She closed her eyes and took another inch of me into her mouth. Fuck. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked as hard as could. My fingers closed reflexively around her breast and I think we both moaned.

I squeezed her tit harder. My fingers repaid her for every time she dismissed one of my ideas. I twisted her nipple for every time she passed me over for a promotion. I pulled on her breast for every time she had stuck me with the shit work. I grabbed her tit because she didn’t want me to.

Sandra pulled my cock deeper into her mouth. I watched in lust as my cock disappeared between her lips. The grip on my balls grew tighter but I was too enthralled to mind.

When there was no more cock to devour, she pulled her head back ten times as fast as she took me in. I groaned as she remounted my cock with her mouth. The time for slowness was gone. I shuddered as her head snapped back and forth with an expertise that I could barely comprehend. I was watching it but I still couldn’t believe how fast and hard she was sucking my cock. I let go of her head just and Sandra just went faster.

Spit dribbled down to my balls and onto her hand. Her mouth was as wet as any pussy. Wetter. Back and forth she fucked my cock. I swear her lips made squishy sounds as she blew me.

Lipstick smeared my cock. Sandra’s hair bounced with every thrust of her head. Her fingers squeezed around my balls as if trying to command the sperm out of me.

I was going to come. I forgot about how bad of a boss she was. She was just a mouth that I desperately wanted to come in. Nothing else was important.

When I filled her mouth with seed, she stopped and took all of me into her mouth. Her fingers tight around my balls as she sucked, pulled and swallowed every last drop from my cock.

My knees grew weak and I leaned against her desk. Sandra looked up at me and smiled. She wiped a line of spit from her chin.

“The card,” she said.

I gave it to her. I wanted to say something cold and cruel but my mind was as empty as my cock. She took the card and slipped it into her blazer. She was saving it to use again later.

“Go, Jeff,” she said. “I still expect the Monthly report today.”

I nodded and zipped up my pants. Of course it was due today. There was no need to remind me of it, I had never been late with it before.

For once though, her reminder didn’t bother me as much as it usually did.

Dec 242008

I don’t have a beef with Santa Claus. The old man is okay. I got that Star Wars Snowspeeder I wanted more than anything when I was a kid and let me tell you, I still have that beaten up piece of plastic. Santa is all right in my book.

It’s those sexy elves of his that are driving me crazy.

There are two of them. One of them is called Cheer while the other one is called Joy. I can’t tell them apart. They both have huge tits and they both have red and white striped stocking caps over their long brown hair. They also only come for me at night, on Christmas Eve. It’s hard to get a good look at an Elf when she’s stuffing her tits in your face and grabbing your cock, you know?

The first time they came for me, I just thought it was another wet dream. Shit, I was 16 and I was having wet dreams like every night. Usually I dreamed about Monica Staylor in Geometry class or sometimes on a real lucky night I dreamed of Lita Ford. Two hot chicks at the same time was a whole other level of horny.

Sure, they were dressed a little odd for my usual wet dream. They had on these white fur bikinis that smelled like peppermint candy. Their legs were wrapped in thigh high stockings that slid over my skin like silk. They had no underwear at all; just tiny mistletoes tattooed above their bare pussies.

What tipped me off of course was how real it was. You just can’t imagine a blowjob till it happens. I never dreamed that a tit would be so damn soft on my face. In my wildest dreams, I never guessed how it would feel to have a woman ride my cock while her friend sat on my face.

Their pussies tasted like hot chocolate.

I must have fallen asleep while they fucked me. Hell, getting your brains fucked out can wear you out. I awoke on Christmas day thinking it was the greatest dream ever but I was wrong of course. I was so damn wrong.

They came back every year. Every damn year. Fucking elves.

One year I was twenty and I was staying at my grandparent’s house for my Christmas break. I was sleeping on the couch because the entire family was camped at their house. I had three cousins snoring on the floor beside me while I was trying to sleep.

The elves appeared and I begged them to go away. I didn’t want Aunt Alice’s eight year old son to wake up and see me getting a blowjob. The elves ignored me. They smiled at me with their licorice red lips and yanked my underwear down. Right there on my grandmother’s couch, one Elf sucked my cock while the other elf sucked my balls.

I tried to climax as fast as possible. I hoped if I came they would be satisfied and go away. When I shot my load into Joy’s (or maybe it was Cheer’s) mouth, that seemed to only encourage them. They sucked my cock till I got hard again and then they mounted me. They rode my cock till I made both of them come.

At one point, cousin Freddy got up and I thought I was going to have a heart attack right there. One of the elves was on my cock and she just kept humping. Freddy didn’t seem to notice her. He got up and stumbled down the hallway to the bathroom.

While he was there, I begged her to get off my cock. I begged them to hide somewhere. My begging only made them laugh. The elf that wasn’t riding my cock bit my nipples till my begging was replaced by moans.

Freddy came back to the living room and got back into his sleeping bag. How could he not see the elves? Shit, the Christmas lights were illuminating Cheer’s (or maybe Joy’s ) nude body as she humped me. Her bouncing breasts would flash green then red then green again.

Fucking elves.

Another time, they appeared the Christmas that I moved in with Deena. I had been worried about them all night so I slipped out of my bed as soon as I was sure Deena was asleep. I didn’t want them to attack me with my girlfriend right there, you know?

They found me in the living room. They jumped me from behind and tied my hands with silver garland. When I tried to argue they would stuff their breasts into my face. One of them bent over while the other pushed me into her. I fucked them both doggy style that year. The sound of my hips smashing into their firm asses echoed all through the house and I was terrified Deena would wake up.

They finished with me shortly before dawn. I crawled back into bed and tried to get as much sleep as I could before Deena woke me up. The living room smelled like sex and cookies but she didn’t seem to notice.

No one ever notices. One year the elves bit my neck and my mom said it was a bug bite. Another time I got a bruise on my chest where one of the elves wrapped her thighs around me and Deena said I got it from sleeping wrong. Every year Cheer and Joy fuck me, bite me, kiss me, smother me, ride me and use me and no one ever knows.

Fucking elves.

Last year Deena came close. We had just moved into our house and we were both pretty excited. Deena was really drunk on eggnog and high on life. I tucked her into bed and she feel asleep in seconds.

As soon as she started to snore, the elves appeared. I was a little drunk myself so I didn’t even fight them. I didn’t say a word as they pulled off my pants and sucked my cock like a candy cane.

I had my eyes closed so I didn’t know Deena was awake until a third mouth kissed my cock. I sat up and saw Deena’s short blonde hair in between the red stocking capped elves. Her mouth was licking and nibbling just as fiercely as the elves were.

I didn’t know what to do, so I did what I always did. I did nothing. The elves were more than happy to share. One would lick on the tip of my cock, while another would suck on a ball while the third would wrap their lips around the width of my cock. Back and forth and trading places they covered my cock in tongues, lips and spit. I think one of them might have even made out with Deena while the other deep throated me. I didn’t say a word.

Eventually I came on all of their faces. That was when I knew Deena was really drunk. I mean, she had to be drunk to be laughing as I soaked her face. The elves giggled and it sounded like bells jingling.

Deena rolled away after and fell back asleep. The elves had their way with me like they always do. They must have cleaned her face at some point because she woke up the next morning there were no traces of what had happened. I asked Deena if she had any weird dreams and she blushed and said no.

This year, it is going to be different. I told Deena about the elves. She didn’t say anything but tonight, she’s staying up with me. We have a pot of coffee ready and we’ve been munching chocolate cookies. I’m not sure if she believes me but at least she’s going to be awake when they come. She’ll see them with her own eyes and then I know I haven’t been making them up all these years.

I just don’t know why she had to bring down her vibrator collection to the Christmas tree.

Fucking elves.