Feb 142022

I used to stress about Valentine’s Day for reasons too depressing to get into. Now I am pretty chill about it and suggest you be chill too! If you are in a relationship, I recommend that you lovebomb your special someone today. If you are single, lovebomb the hell out of yourself. You deserve it!

If you are in the mood for some romantic smut, may I suggest a few of my works?

My latest ebook, Hot Husband, is about an unconventional open marriage but there is a ton of love.

Some say that Cell Phone Slave is their favorite romance, which is quite the feat considering their relationship develops over the phone.

For a different kind of romance, involved guns, violence and sex zombies, there is the B-movie style story of Pusse’ and Cox.

However you spend your day, rest assure I love you, beloved reader.

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Jan 072022

The eleventh Deep Space Probe is available for purchase. Holy crap, it only took seven days since the end of the year to put this one out. This must be a record.

This book collects all of Vaquel’s adventures dealing with the phallic Entitled. I am not sure how I came up with the idea of a race that were just like the worse gamers you encounter in online games but once I did, I knew they had to be the main villains for an entire year. It was a truly awful idea and it was five minutes after conceiving them that I realized they had to be dick-shaped aliens. The name, Entitled, came later but it really solidified the concept in my mind.

HoleBuster-442, the captive alien that Vaquel carries around for most of the year was so close to becoming a permanent character. His arrogance and nastiness was a nice counter to Chairbot’s subservience, but in the end that I realized that if I kept HoleBuster-442 around long enough, he might become sympathetic. I rather keep him as he is, a big jerk.

The other not-so secret ingredient for this book as the hundreds of x-rated games out there that blend simple videogames with hentai art and stories. I used to play so many of them before I realized how much time they wasted, but I was intrigued by an entire genre that imposes ridiculous challenges on horny gamers with only the lure of seeing some tits as motivation. Finally, I was able to take my experience playing those games and get some practical use out of them for my stories.

The next year of Vaquel stories have been plotted and a course laid in. Thank you for coming along for eleven years. Only nine more to go!

Dec 172021
He’s so hot, other people take off his pants.

Hot Wife is a genre of erotica where a sexy wife fucks people outside her marriage with her husband’s encouragement. It has been around forever. Some of the first sex stories I read online were guys writing fictionalized adventures about the wives they loved so much. It has never been my sort of thing but I understood it.

A few months ago, it occurred to me that no one ever writes about a Hot Husband who bangs women outside his marriage with his wife’s encouragement. There is probably some very good essays on why that is but I’m not that clever. I am clever enough to imagine what a Hot Husband situation would look like and against my will, scenarios started forming in my head.

It helped that I just finished Assimilated by the Sex Drones, a giant piece of work that had all sex acts and zero dialogue. The idea of writing straight up fucking and talking felt like a decadent fantasy. Hot Husband became a nice vacation from the science fiction objectification sex of the Sex Drones.

As for the book, Monica and Gregory have an open marriage. Monica has a high paying and very demanding job that cuts into her extra-marital playtime. Lucky for her, Gregory is more than happy to fuck ladies and tell her all of the steamy details. This has made their marriage stronger and satisfies their needs.

At the start of the book, the couple has moved to a new city and left all of their usual play partners behind. Monica is starting another demanding job and Gregory is left all alone to unpack their new house. What they don’t know is that their new neighbors are eager to meet this Hot Husband who has moved into the neighborhood.

You can buy Hot Husband at Amazon.

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Nov 262021

Welcome traveler. You enjoy imaginative pornography and you wish to purchase books by Shon Richards. Or perhaps you have a loved one who wants to dip their brain into one of Shon’s works but you don’t know where to start. It is possible that you have an enemy that you wish to blast with erotica beyond their feeble imaginations. We don’t judge here. This guide is created to help bring porn to the porn-less.

First of all, you should know that I write quite a bit of interactive erotica. These books are like the choose-your-own-adventures books you read as kids, except you die a bit less and get fucked a whole lot more. Each book is self-contained and you can browse the entire series here. The books range from mundane stories of infidelity and working at a MILF Hotel, to tales of wild adventures in haunted houses and being an alien sex gladiator.

Second of all, Cell Phone Slave is my most popular work that is not an interactive book. A young college woman receives a cell phone in the mail along with some much needed money. The unknown person on the other end of the phone dares the heroine to engage in riskier and more risque acts of BDSM in exchange for more money. It is a mystery, a romance story and over the years, people still love it despite the cell phone in question is probably a flip phone.

Do you like science-fiction? I write a lot of it. If you like short stories about a sexy explorer traveling the far reaches of space and fucking aliens, then you should try The Deep Space Probe series. There are currently ten books in the series and a new one every January.

If you prefer something more novella-length, Violatrix is an ebook about a crew of sexy BDSM freaks who serve on the same starship. The premise for this book can best be described as Star-Trek-If-Everyone-Hate Fucked-Each-Other.

Another science fiction porn book is Wasteland Racer, a short novella set in a race being held in a post-apocalyptic world. Every sex scene is as rough and as brutal as the desperate inhabitants of the wastelands.

For gentler science-fiction, there is Sexy Science Beach Volleyball. In this book, a beach volleyball duo go to an exotic island to compete in a sexy tournament hosted by a mad scientist. This is also Shon’s only sports novel.

Sitting Science-fiction adjacent is Pusse’ and Cox. Two gun-totting badasses team up to fight a mad scientist and her sex zombies. Get this one if you wish gonzo b-movies had more sex.

Also sitting Science-Fiction adjacent is Seven Magnificent Sluts. This story is set in the Wild West and features vampires, steampunk inventions and seven hot women teaming up to help a man save his town.

if your tastes lean towards the more esoteric, Shon Richards has plenty of Weird Erotic and Supernatural Smut for you.

Take for example, Dark Lords of the Earth, a tale of one woman’s repressed memories of being kidnapped and sexually used by strange underground creatures.

Speaking of abductions, one (un)lucky groupie male becomes the willing sex slave to an all-girl Demon Metal band who worship what they sing. Doom Vagina might also be my favorite book title.

Probably my best weird erotica book, Touched By the Unknown is a story about a woman who buys the wrong blindfold online. She is soon touched and ravished by strange beings, but only when the blindfold is on.

And finally, The Wolf Inside asks the question we are all thinking: What if becoming a werewolf meant you had fucking awesome Dom/Sub sex with total strangers?

Last, but certainly not least, I have dabbled in making journal games. These are games where you are prompted to write a journal detailing your weird sexual experiences. Traveling the Planes of Desire is a sexy magic approach to Takuma Okada’s Alone Among the Stars.

Your Demon Lover is a much more involved game of summoning your own sex demon and the adventures you have. I am terribly proud of this one and encourage all of my fans to try it out.

This is by no means a complete listing of my books but it should help you get started. Have fun.

Nov 122021

Here is a preview of my new interactive erotica book, Assimilated by the Sex Drones, available for purchase on Amazon.

Reborn in Pleasure

A skilled mouth kisses you deeply. Gentle hands cup your ass. One of your nipples is lovingly sucked while the other nipple is adoringly licked. A thick cock slides in and out of your soaking wet sex. A thousand kisses rain upon your body. A hundred mouths bite in all the right places.

It feels wonderful. You wish that you could see where you are but something covers your eyes. When you try to touch your face, the cock inside you pumps faster and your hands clench in pleasure.

Are you standing up or lying down? You are not sure. It feels like you are floating. Are you in a zero-gravity environment? Maybe, except you don’t feel the nausea that you normally do with anti-gravity excursions.

The thought of gravity stirs a swirl of memories. You remember training at the Coalition Academy. Images of living on a space station flash and fade away. You earned the rank of Lieutenant. Memories of performing countless repairs form and fall apart. The name of your assigned star base was Watch-Station 31.

What was your name? You can almost remember it.

The cock inside you thickens. You gasp as it expands inside you. A tongue licks your asshole, almost but not quite entering your tight ring of muscle. Mouths clamp down on your nipples and pull. Fingernails brush the inside of your thigh.

Countless sensual distractions play across your body. You force yourself to keep thinking. Where are you? What has happened? Who are you?

Vivid memories spring forth. There was a Class 3 Alert. That meant an unknown craft had come out of the stellar void that Watch-Station 31 kept a constant monitor on. You remember the station shaking around you. Damage reports on all levels.

The Intruder Alert sounded. Figures in orange moved in the corridors. Humanoids covered in some sort of shiny orange material. The material was skintight and you recall seeing an erect phallus covered in orange. You shot one, and the orange skin rippled like it was liquid.

There was a flash of pink and you remember coming. You climaxed so hard that you dropped your laser. The crotch of your uniform was soaked with your sudden dampness.

The memory is so vivid that you come again just thinking about it. Your body clenches and the hands, mouths, cocks and tongues touching you pause for a moment. The orgasm flows through you and you luxuriate in the euphoria.

The pleasure fades and the cock resumes fucking you. The mouths release your nipples and now hands play with your sensitive buds. The tongue at your asshole is replaced with a slender cock teasing your narrow entrance. Hands massage your back while fingertips glide softly over your lips.

You moan. Other voices join yours. A dozen voices; male, female and other cry out their pleasure. The voices multiply until you can no longer keep count. Mixed with the voices are other sounds. You hear the impact of hips on asses as they fuck. There is the sucking sound of a hungry mouth. Layered with screams of bliss are the sounds of wet orifices being entered again and again.


What was that? It was a voice in the darkness, louder and stronger than all of the other sounds but different. You felt that voice. It came not from your ears, but from your mind.

It is tempting to just drift and feel the attention being given to your body but something nags at you. Part of you wants to know where you are and how you got here. That is important, though you cannot articulate why.

You turn your mind inwards. The sensations you experience intensify. A high aptitude for psychic resistance that you don’t even remember having pushes through the sexual stimuli and unlocks a memory that had been suppressed.

Green people had picked you up. Their hands felt like rubber. They carried you aboard their ship. Dark corridors and strange machines moved past you. Other beings, covered in black, red and gold went about mysterious tasks.

Eventually, you were brought before a vast pool of black liquid. The green people stripped you with tender care. When you were naked, they dropped you into the pool.  

Black liquid wiggled against your skin like it was alive. You screamed. The liquid moved and crawled up your body. You screamed louder until the liquid covered your mouth. From there, the liquid covered your nose, your eyes and your ears before pulling you into the floating darkness.

Panic rises within you. Are you still in the pool? You must be.

“Calm yourself/Surrender/Climax.”

The moans grow louder. The cock teasing your ass pushes inward. You feel it sink into your ass while the cock at your pussy thrusts harder. The skilled fingers roll your nipples while a mouth kisses that special spot on your neck that only your lovers know about.

You come. You come again. And again. And again. Pleasure fills your every being. Time slips away from you.

Eventually, after too many orgasms to count, you hear the strange voice in your mind again.


The sensations fade away. You feel yourself rise. Strong hands grip your shoulders. You are pulled up and out and set on solid ground. On your knees, you try to look around but something keeps your eyes closed.

Something drags across your eyes and dim light peeks in. A thin substance, black and shiny covers your hands. Strange, it doesn’t block the sensitivity of your touch at all. It is like a second skin. You touch your face and realize the same material covers your face and head. Wait, the shiny black material covers your entire body. You touch your chest, your crotch and your legs but the thin black covering is everywhere.

You pinch a piece of the material on your arm and pull. It hardens under your grip. You release the material and it turns soft. Curious. It is alive, or maybe some sort of adaptive smart fabric made of networking fibers. The fact that it covers your body is worrisome. What is it?


There is that voice again. It responded to your thoughts and answered your question. What did it mean by collar? Is this ‘membrane’ some kind of restraining device? 

Green figures move around you. Other than the color, they wear the same material about their bodies. Muscles bulge on their bodies. Some have equally large cocks while others sport enormous breasts. A few have both. Their membranes shimmer and shift on their bodes as they move.

Someone touches your shoulder. It is another humanoid, covered in his black membrane. It is a man and his blue eyes look familiar. Do you know him? Maybe. He looks at you with a dazed expression but say nothing.

Behind the man are other beings covered in black membranes. There are eleven of them. All of them seem to be in a stupor. They touch their bodies in wonder and sometimes touch the bodies of others.

You stare at the group and realize you can still hear the moaning sounds from before. The orgy continues in your ears. Is it being transmitted through the membranes?

“Welcome/Insertion/Submit,” a voice says in your head. “Pleasure Yourself/Submissively Masturbate/Initialize Protocols.”

The man kneeling beside you starts to stroke his hard cock. Behind him, the others touch their sexes as well. The membranes parts around their mouth and they moan. As they manipulate themselves, sparkles appear on the black pseudo-skin. The sparkles explode like small novas.

The voice in your head wants you to masturbate. The membrane around your mouth parts so you can moan. Your body is sensitive. It is tempting to touch yourself but what little you remember of being a Coalition Officer urges you to resist.

Will you touch yourself as the voice demands?

No, I will resist deny their commands!

Yes, I am eager to continue my pleasure!

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Nov 102021
Assimilation has benefits.

My latest interactive erotica book, Assimilated by the Sex Drones is available for purchase and reading at Amazon. You play as a woman captured by strange alien creatures who lock you up inside a shifting pseudo-latex suit. The Sex Drones demand your service as you perform many hedonistic tasks. Obey, and you are rewarded with pleasure. Resist, and you must endure terrible sensations. Will you escape or will you become a permanent member of their wicked Hive?

This is one of my odder erotica books. It is a mix of science fiction and surreal BDSM. There is almost no dialogue and no named characters. You exist inside a faceless hive, everyone’s identity obscured by the skintight suits that they wear. There are mysteries and clues, but very few answers. And also sex.

So much sex. Every function of the Hive requires sex to perform. As a character, your choices usually boil down to how willing you are to succumb to the Hive’s pleasures, or whether you want to fight back and try to sabotage these weird aliens. Either choice is fraught with danger and pleasure.

This was a challenging one to write but I hope you enjoy this journey into sexual weirdness.

You can purchase it here.

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Sep 202021
There is magic in those lips

The original series, Cult of the Carnal Ascension continues with a new installment, Empowered by Bliss. It is available for purchase at Amazon now!

Tasked by Six mysterious Gods, Ethan Hollaway is building a religion of lust. He only has the one follower for the moment but an attractive older couple witnessed some of his miracles and they have questions. Ethan is more than willing to reveal to them the sexual tenets of his Gods, but first, they need to grab some pizza. Even cult leaders get hungry.

Will Ethan add this sexy couple to his cult or will they run away from a man claiming to have six gods whispering in his head? Will the flirty waitress join in? Will the couple decline the offer to join the cult and just join in a foursome? How long will it take the top-heavy Stephanie to bare her breasts at complete strangers? And what terrible Demon of Avarice and Grief is stalking Ethan at this very moment?

Find out in my new book, Empowered By Bliss!

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Aug 062021
Ms. Aytricks disapproves of the naughty.

I have dipped my toe into the world of Smashwords with an original novella. Andrew and Isabella are adult step-siblings sharing na apartment while they go to college. The COVID pandemic ruined their social lives and confined them together. six months have passed and hormones and indecent urges are running wold. Also, they have fallen behind in their chores and the place is a mess. Can anything save them from their misery?

Fortunately, a wish made while holding a cock summons the mysterious Ms. Aytricks. she comes into their lives with her magic powers and loving discipline. Rooms are cleaned, meals are made, and urges are satisfied.

This novella deals with step-siblings, something Amazon hissed at me about. I have made it available at Smashwords and will write any future adventures of Ms. Aytricks over there. I hope you enjoy this book and tell your fellow perverts.

Purchase Ms. Aytricks and the Naughty Step-Siblings now.

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Aug 022021
Space never looked more phallic

Book Ten of Vaquel Di’s adventures are available for purchase on Amazon. Oh my Goddess, I have finally caught up on collecting these stories for ebook. It only took five years? I will be better when Book Eleven is ready to be collected.

This volume collects twelve adventures spanning Vaquel’s tenth year in space as she travels through the Interplanetary Championship Alliance. Included within these stories are graphic descriptions of heterosexual and lesbian sex with aliens, Champions of immense talents and strange powers, being smothering by something unknown, sexy music, inter-reality invaders, delicious food on a naked body, mysterious time travelers, sex on a space board, a vengeful bounty hunter, a possessed ship, a fan convention, and some sexy gifts.

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Jul 142021
Nine years of this nonsense?

Volume Nine of Vaquel Di’s erotic exploration of space is live on Amazon. This volume covers Vaquel’s journey through the territory of the Prober Supreme! Thrill to her sexual adventures as she takes on perversions of science and nature. This volume also includes the first appearance of the Booty Hunter.

I got to be honest, when I first thought of doing a twenty year arc of stories, I thought I would be lucky to get to five years. The fact that I am currently in the eleventh year blows my mind. Thank you for coming along with this prolonged flight of sexy madness.