Aug 172022

My latest interactive smut book, Escape the Office Building is available for purchase from Amazon. This is the first book in the Nymphopocalypse series and this kicks off the weird sexy apocalypse story I have been kicking around in my head for too long.

What is the Nymphopocalypse? Well, it is a bitch to spell, I’ll tell you that. It is also a mysterious event where people turn into mindless sex freaks with incredible strength, endurance and a terrible urge to indulge their sexual desires. If one of them fucks you, then you become one of them. They are like zombies except A) alive because necrophillia would be icky and B) they act on their desires according to individual preferences, which is how you get some nymphos who are content to just jack off and watch.

In this book, you play Cory, a cook who works at a restaurant on the top floor of an office building. The Nymphopocalypse breaks out and he knows of a safe place to hide down the street. Getting out of the restaurant and then out of the office building as well as down the street is going to be tricky. Lucky for him, he has a knife and YOU to guide him on his way. Succeed and you get laid at the safe house along with anyone you rescue along the way. Fail and well, you still get laid but as a mindless Nympho.

I hope you enjoy this mix of horror and survivalist erotica.

Nov 262021

Welcome traveler. You enjoy imaginative pornography and you wish to purchase books by Shon Richards. Or perhaps you have a loved one who wants to dip their brain into one of Shon’s works but you don’t know where to start. It is possible that you have an enemy that you wish to blast with erotica beyond their feeble imaginations. We don’t judge here. This guide is created to help bring porn to the porn-less.

First of all, you should know that I write quite a bit of interactive erotica. These books are like the choose-your-own-adventures books you read as kids, except you die a bit less and get fucked a whole lot more. Each book is self-contained and you can browse the entire series here. The books range from mundane stories of infidelity and working at a MILF Hotel, to tales of wild adventures in haunted houses and being an alien sex gladiator.

Second of all, Cell Phone Slave is my most popular work that is not an interactive book. A young college woman receives a cell phone in the mail along with some much needed money. The unknown person on the other end of the phone dares the heroine to engage in riskier and more risque acts of BDSM in exchange for more money. It is a mystery, a romance story and over the years, people still love it despite the cell phone in question is probably a flip phone.

Do you like science-fiction? I write a lot of it. If you like short stories about a sexy explorer traveling the far reaches of space and fucking aliens, then you should try The Deep Space Probe series. There are currently ten books in the series and a new one every January.

If you prefer something more novella-length, Violatrix is an ebook about a crew of sexy BDSM freaks who serve on the same starship. The premise for this book can best be described as Star-Trek-If-Everyone-Hate Fucked-Each-Other.

Another science fiction porn book is Wasteland Racer, a short novella set in a race being held in a post-apocalyptic world. Every sex scene is as rough and as brutal as the desperate inhabitants of the wastelands.

For gentler science-fiction, there is Sexy Science Beach Volleyball. In this book, a beach volleyball duo go to an exotic island to compete in a sexy tournament hosted by a mad scientist. This is also Shon’s only sports novel.

Sitting Science-fiction adjacent is Pusse’ and Cox. Two gun-totting badasses team up to fight a mad scientist and her sex zombies. Get this one if you wish gonzo b-movies had more sex.

Also sitting Science-Fiction adjacent is Seven Magnificent Sluts. This story is set in the Wild West and features vampires, steampunk inventions and seven hot women teaming up to help a man save his town.

if your tastes lean towards the more esoteric, Shon Richards has plenty of Weird Erotic and Supernatural Smut for you.

Take for example, Dark Lords of the Earth, a tale of one woman’s repressed memories of being kidnapped and sexually used by strange underground creatures.

Speaking of abductions, one (un)lucky groupie male becomes the willing sex slave to an all-girl Demon Metal band who worship what they sing. Doom Vagina might also be my favorite book title.

Probably my best weird erotica book, Touched By the Unknown is a story about a woman who buys the wrong blindfold online. She is soon touched and ravished by strange beings, but only when the blindfold is on.

And finally, The Wolf Inside asks the question we are all thinking: What if becoming a werewolf meant you had fucking awesome Dom/Sub sex with total strangers?

Last, but certainly not least, I have dabbled in making journal games. These are games where you are prompted to write a journal detailing your weird sexual experiences. Traveling the Planes of Desire is a sexy magic approach to Takuma Okada’s Alone Among the Stars.

Your Demon Lover is a much more involved game of summoning your own sex demon and the adventures you have. I am terribly proud of this one and encourage all of my fans to try it out.

This is by no means a complete listing of my books but it should help you get started. Have fun.

Oct 132014

51xpSJpofXL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Under Their Command is a new ebook. It is a 24 page story about a woman who reads a special ebook in public. She, and others, come under the sway of something that compels them to d many, many, many sexual acts.

This ebook was an experiment in creating a weird erotica story. I don’t know if I would call it mind control as much as body control. Think BDSM where your body is no longer under your control, it is now under their command.

I hope you enjoy this story and thank you for taking a chance on my experiment.

Aug 202014

I thought I would give you a little peak of my new ebook, Dominate Your Teacher, available now on Amazon. This the opening chapter with the first set of choices. You can purchase the book by clicking here.


Ms. Tapper’s Class

You sit in the last class of your school day. The rest of the day flies by but this class always drags on forever.  History is your favorite subject but this is not your favorite teacher.  From pop quizzes to verbal humiliations, Ms. Tapper has a knack for making everything painful.

Today she is in a bad mood.  She walks up and down the aisles, lecturing to her class while she slaps a ruler in her hand.  If she feels that the students aren’t paying sufficient attention, which is often, she smacks the ruler down loudly on their desk and scares the shit out of everyone.

SMACK! Everyone jumps in their seats.  Ms. Tapper smirks a little as she keeps talking.  “Which brings us to the Industrial Revolution,” she says.

The only thing likable about Ms. Tapper is her looks.  Fuck, she is hot.  She has long brown hair that comes past her shoulders.  Dark red lips frame a perfect mouth.  Today she’s wearing some sort of red animal print top that shows off the tops of her big breasts.

She talks while she walks near your seat and you brace yourself for a ruler strike.  This time she doesn’t do anything but you do get a close up look at her ass.  Ms. Tapper is wearing a tight skirt that reveals every counter of her awesome bottom.  It is so round and perfect that you would give anything just to reach out and squeeze it.  Your young cock swells and forms a tent in your pants.  You’re grateful that you are sitting down where no one can see it.

Ms. Tapper spins around and looks down at you.  “Who patented the spinning roller machine?”

“Uh,” you say as you stall for time.  Students giggle around you.  You know that she was just talking about it but you were too busy thinking about her ass to listen.

Ms. Tapper smirks at you.  “Stand up and answer,” she snaps.

Your hand goes down to your lap defensively.  The way Ms. Tapper is smirking at you, you suspect that she is fully aware of your boner!  There is no way you can stand up right now.

“I said, stand up and answer,” Ms. Tapper says.  She taps the ruler in her hand.

Fuck!  You stand up and try to nonchalantly cover your crotch with your hands.  You fail miserable.  Giggles break out all over the class.  You feel your face flush with heat.

Ms. Tapper shakes her head. “Sit back down,” she says with disgust but you notice that she never stops smirking.

You sit back down as fast as possible.  Ms. Tapper keeps talking and you grit your teeth.  Your heart is pounding from your humiliation.  You spend the rest of the class praying that you are not called on again.

Finally the bell rings.  You are the first out the door before any of your friends can make a joke about your boner.  You walk as fast as you can until you leave her class far behind and you don’t slow down until you make it to your locker.

Most of the other students are rushing to go to their buses.  You take your time at your locker because you live close to the school.  You put most of your books away and get what you need for homework tonight.  That is when you realized that you don’t have your Math book.

“Shit!” you say.  You know right where it is.  It is in Ms. Tapper’ class.  You must have left it there when you rushed out.

You close your eyes.  You have to go back for it.  You can’t do your homework without it and this assignment is a big part of your grade.  Ms. Tapper will undoubtedly have something nasty to say when you go back to her class.

Your cell phone buzzes.  It’s a text message from your buddy, Chris.  He wants you to come meet him at the snack machines.  He probably wants to talk about the videogame he bought.

You are thinking about it when your phone buzzes again.  This time it is from Amanda, a girl in your History Class.  She is asking you to meet her by the bleachers.  She probably wants to talk about the group project that’s coming up.  Everyone is trying to find a partner for that.

Where do you go?

Go back to Ms. Tapper’s class alone and get your book.

Go to the snack machines and see what Chris wants.

Go to the bleachers and find out what Amanda wants.

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Nov 252011

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that Black Friday was not a celebration of African-American porn. Apparently it has to do with shopping and sales. I would much prefer brown tits and a lovely brown ass but oh well.

Lucky for you, Lulu has decided to have a sale too and now you can buy any of my books at 25% off the cover price. Fear not, Lulu takes the hit and my profits are untouched. I will take my profits and reinvest that money in more racially diverse erotica. It is a win/win!

Just buy any number of my book and when you get to the coupon code section, type in


The coupon expires December 14, 2011 and will only count up to $50 maximum savings.