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All of books except for Atlas are done through Lulu.  Lulu is a lovely website that publishes my books when you order them. If you want my books haunting your bedroom, your nightstand or your secret love dungeon, this is the way to go.  Because I never touch these books during the shipping process, I am unable to sign any of them.  However, I do have a solution for that and you can click this link if you are interested.


Atlas the Wanderer is a comic book I wrote with George Sportelli.  Twenty-four black and white pages of Atlas in a surreal city.  This is the only thing of mine that doesn’t have sex but it does have creepy female luchadoras!

revised cover

Cell Phone Slave is a novel about college student Amaya who gets a mysterious cell phone in the mail. A man known only as Wesley calls her on the phone and offers her lots of money in exchange for acts of submission.  Amaya plays along, fully intending to quit at any moment. Sure she needs the money but maybe she needs the submission more.


The Colette-Ashbee Collection umm, collects, all of the Erotic Librarian stories that I have published on my blog up until 2010.  In case you didn’t know, Mr. Dillon travels the country in search of rare erotic books for the collection he serves.  His assistant, Claire Currie, helps him gather books as well as serving his sexual and dominant needs.  Included in this book is the mystery novella, “Who Ate Claire Currie?” which has never been on my blog.

farmer's daughter

The Farmer’s Daughter Almanac is a free project that I worked on with several writers.  It is an almanac for the sexually liberated Farmer’s Daughter. It is filled with articles, facts and information that you certainly need.  It is being sold at cost.


Once upon a time there was a very special island. This Island was beautiful beyond description. More beautiful than the Island was the very special Island Princess. She lived on the Island and had many naughty adventures. This book not only chronicles her adventures but also has a lot of fun activities for the reader. As everyone knows, bedtime is not just for stories, it’s for fun too!

cover finished(2)

Prisoner of the Wizard’s Harem is an interactive adventure where you guide Nash Nighthammer in his quest to rescue a princess who has been kidnapped by a really horny wizard.  This erotic love letter to my teenage pastime of reading books where you choose your own path and had unfortunate endings.  This book has one happy ending and lots of ways to die.  But hey, you get to fuck all sorts of sexy things like cat-women, dryads, vampires and nymphs.


Pusse’ and Cox is the insane story of a cheerleader who turns detective that teams up with a male stripped that became a bounty hunter.  Together they hunt down Dr. Jamaica Vegas who is turning conservatives into sex crazed zombies with her “dirty sound” machine.  It features guns, sex zombies, a heavy metal hitman band, a group of really violent video game players, fucking nuns, a monster and more sex then you can shoot a bullet at.

cowgirl fromt cover

Seven Magnificent Sluts is a story about a small town in Texas.  They are attacked by mysterious pale women who drink the blood of men and kidnap most of the womenfolk. They spare one survivor, a man by the name of Henry Bardin, and tell him that they will be back next year to kill him.  Henry realizes that he is going to need some bad ass women of his own.  He goes looking for female gunslingers.


Violatrix is novel about a spaceship that goes around the universe looking for planets to conquer for Queen Erishella.  Captain Mitus Raz is a dashing figure who will fuck and fuck up his crew as needed.  This is a story about the crew when they find a planet that seemed too good to be true.  It features a lot of domination and rough sex.