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My ebooks are available mostly through Amazon and Lulu, but I have begun to dip my toes in Smashwords.

Banging Your sister-In-Law is available for purchase Amazon. This book lets you play an unhappily married man who receives unexpected filthy invitations from his sister-in-law. The man is planning to divorce his wife anyway, so he takes advantage of the family reunion to indulge in some forbidden carnal desires. What he doesn’t know is that his wife is up to something as well and his mother-in-law has very inappropriate plans of her own. All sorts of wrong choices are available for the reader to make.


BDSM Beach is for sale on Kindle.  It is the story of a four first time submissives who answer an ad to go to Cancun and become sex submissives for an experienced dom during Spring Break.  It is a story about exhibitionism, submissive growth, bondage, domination and lots and lots of girls talking late into the night.  At the risk of stereotyping myself, this is my chick lit book.

Cell Phone Slave is for sale on Smashwords.  This  is a novel about college student Amaya who gets a mysterious cell phone in the mail. A man known only as Wesley calls her on the phone and offers her lots of money in exchange for acts of submission.  Amaya plays along, fully intending to quit at any moment. Sure she needs the money but maybe she needs the submission more.


This book is on sale at Lulu.  The Colette-Ashbee Collection umm, collects, all of the Erotic Librarian stories that I have published on my blog up until 2010.  In case you didn’t know, Mr. Dillon travels the country in search of rare erotic books for the collection he serves.  His assistant, Claire Currie, helps him gather books as well as serving his sexual and dominant needs.  Included in this book is the mystery novella, “Who Ate Claire Currie?” which has never been on my blog.


This book is on sale at Amazon.  The Dark Lords of the Earth is roughly thirty pages of a conservative rightwing nutjob who is convinced that on her last camping trip, she was abducted by short horny men from beneath the earth.  She has repressed memories of sadistic situations, bizarre sex toys and eating out her fellow camp goers.  She also has lots and lots of repressed memories of being a decadent slut and enjoying the hell out of it.  The only way to bring back these repressed memories to commit her own filthy sex acts like masturbation and having sex with her husband more than twice a week.


Deep Space Probe is available for purchase at Kindle.  This ebook collects the first ten stories of Vaquel Di, a Deep Space Probe Explorer who spends 10% of her time exploring space and the other 90% of her time getting laid.  For you scholars out there, this ebook collects every Vaquel story to date.

When I produce another ten stories, I’ll do a second volume.  If I get enough sales, I will tackle the monstrosity that is putting all the Otto Von Madd stories into a collection.

The cover is an experiment in doing non-sexual covers for people who want to hide their smut better.  Also, space is pretty damn sexy.


The second ebook of Vaquel Di stories are available for purchase at Kindle. This volume starts with ‘Bruises and Blobs’ and ends with ‘Space Maids’.

Vaquel is a favorite character of mine because she is always lonely and always horny, which pretty much makes her my spirit animal. Writing these kind of science fiction stores allow me to play with sci-fi tropes, create aliens and capture a little of the wonders of space.

Space looks damn scary sometimes

The third ebook of Vaquel Di’s adventures are available at Amazon. This collects ten adventures of Vaquel Di as she explores space and gets space explored in turn.

This collects the stories starting with ‘Orgy of One’ and ending with ‘Strange Fruits’. This includes ‘Pussy-eater of Hor’ which might be my second favorite Vaquel story right behind ‘The Mininauts’ which is also in this collection.


The fourth book of Vaquel’s adventures at for sale at Amazon. This collects ten stories from when Vaquel explored a group of galactic neighbors. It starts with “Handfuls” and ends with “The Shame Subfunction”. This marks the first appearance of Chairbot, the first reoccurring character in the series other than Vaquel.

The fifth book of Vaquel Di”s adventures is available from Kindle. These stories collect Vaquel’s time exploring a series of doomed systems surrounding the terrible entity known as Voice. . It starts with “Heat of the Moment” and ends with “The Last Temptation of Voice.” This was my most ambitious collection where I first attempted a year-long story line. I am very fond of it.

The sixth book of Vaquel Di’s adventures are for sale at Amazon. These stories concern Vaquel’s travels through the wild frontiers of a sparsely populated area of space. It was inspired by my readings about mountain men and various Gold Rushes. It begins with “You Can’t Take the Fungus From Me” and ends with “The Comfortoers of Beta Yellow.”

The seventh book of Vaquel Di stories is available for purchase on Amazon. This volume collects twelve adventures as she travels through the Carefully Managed Democracy. Included within these stories are graphic depictions of heterosexual sex, lesbian sex, masturbation, sex with alien creatures, bondage, domination, sex for barter, crotchshots, sex with robots, telepathic sex, rebellions, sex via video monitors and the occasional visit to museums.

Book Eight of Vaquel Di’s adventures are available for purchase on Amazon.This volume collects twelve adventures spanning Vaquel’s eighth year in space as she travels through unexplored star systems. Included within these stories are graphic descriptions of heterosexual and lesbian sex with aliens, a lot of sex with various sex toys, sex scenes with mind control, sex with shape-shifters and perhaps too much sex with robots. Bondage, peril and adventure abounds.

Book Nine of Vaquel Di is available for purchase on amazon. This volume collects twelve adventures spanning Vaquel’s ninth year in space as she travels through the domains of the terrible science tyrant known as the Prober Supreme. Included within these stories are graphic descriptions of heterosexual and lesbian sex with aliens, all sorts of science fiction bondage, woman in giant tubes, celibate pirates, library thefts, barbarians, the Splurge, a traitor body and a spaceship-eating monstrosity.

Book Ten of Vaquel Di’s adventures are available for purchase on Amazon. This volume collects twelve adventures spanning Vaquel’s tenth year in space as she travels through the Interplanetary Championship Alliance. Included within these stories are graphic descriptions of heterosexual and lesbian sex with aliens, Champions of immense talents and strange powers, being smothering by something unknown, sexy music, inter-reality invaders, delicious food on a naked body, mysterious time travelers, sex on a space board, a vengeful bounty hunter, a possessed ship, a fan convention, and some sexy gifts.


Dominate Your Teacher is for sale on Amazon. This is an interactive book where you make choices. You play the role of a male student who may get the chance to dominate your most hated, and lusted, teacher. Because it is an interactive story, nothing is guaranteed but you can always try again. Not to give anything away but this book contains spankings, female and male submission, other students, humiliation and all sorts of sex. It will take you multiple plays to see all the sexiness.

Buy Doom Vagina

Doom Vagina for sale on Amazon. It tells the story of the world’s unluckiest groupie as he becomes the sex slave of an all female demon metal band. There is a lot of rough sex, humiliation, pain, trippy death experiences, song lyrics, more sex, a journey to a mystical realm and some damn demons.

farmer's daughter

This book is free on Lulu.  The Farmer’s Daughter Almanac is a project that I worked on with several writers.  It is an almanac for the sexually liberated Farmer’s Daughter. It is filled with articles, facts and information that you certainly need.  I make no money from it so consider a gift from me.

Queen Erishella, Holder of the Skull Throne, Conqueror of the Gem Worlds, Tyrant of Known Space and Destroyer of Democracies has announced a Grand Celebration for her personal amusement!

Fight in the Sex Arena is on sale from Amazon.

In addition to the usual orgies, sensual executions of traitors and musical performances, Queen Erishella will gather together sixty-four sexual athletes from the far reaches of her kingdom for a Tournament of Sexual Fighters!

You are a young man who has just graduated from the Weeping Moans Academy and you will compete in this tournament. In each round, you will fight a powerful woman for the amusement of the crowd. Win, and you will have your way with her as the Queen and the crowd watch. Lose, and you will be dominated and humiliated by your opponent!

In between rounds, you will rest and recover with the aid of a beautiful alien servant. You may also receive gifts from the Queen, be personally adored by fans and experience a little intrigue along the way.

This massive 566,000 word epic contains the complete tournament with six different opponents. It features armed combat, wrestling, domination, submission, male/female sex, threesomes, orgies, aliens, massage oozes, humiliation, a wondrous Queen and a very insatiable tentacle monster.


Ghost Patrol X is on sale at Amazon. A team of paranormal investigators record their investigation into the haunted brothel known as the Slunt House. They are looking for sexy ghosts for their direct-to-DVD special. They have no idea about the terrible sexy spirits that await them.

This story has bondage, domination, male dominants, female dominants, ghosts, strange recordings, creepy locals, video cameras, strange phenomenon, spankings, face-sittings, rough sex and unexplained mysteries.

All of which is totally based on a true story. Totally.


The Island Princess Bedtime Stories and Activity Book is for sale on Lulu.  Once upon a time there was a very special island. This Island was beautiful beyond description. More beautiful than the Island was the very special Island Princess. She lived on the Island and had many naughty adventures. This book not only chronicles her adventures but also has a lot of fun activities for the reader. As everyone knows, bedtime is not just for stories, it’s for fun too!

Since this is a coloring book, I questioned the need for an ebook version but hey, people wanted to throw money at me.


Jade Helm 69 is for sale on Amazon. It tells the soon-to-be-true story of the government’s takeover of Texas with the help of foreign liberal forces. The main character is Ryan, a patriot with a really big penis. He gets dominated and humiliated by many cruel people, all of them women. This is the kind of book your rightwing crazy uncle believes is true but also secretly masturbates to it.

Step-siblings Andrew and Isabella are trapped inside their apartment during the pandemic. Rising hormones and the neglect of chores brings the two to a critical moment. The mysterious and very strict Ms. Aytricks appears at their door to offer her help. Through her loving discipline, the step-siblings become better people and quench their desires.

This is Book One of the Nymphopocalypse. A mysterious infection takes hold of humanity and drives everyone mad with sexual desire. The Infected only want to fuck and they prefer to fuck those who are not yet infected. You play Cory, a chef who works at a restaurant on top of an office building. Your buddy, Juan, works at a gun store down the street. If you can make it to him without getting your pants ripped off or your cock fucked by horny infected, you will survive. But to do that, you must first ESCAPE THE OFFICE BUILDING!


On Your Knees is on sale at Kindle.  This is a little story about college kids who go to Mexico to be on a game show.  What they soon discover is that it is a x-rated kinky game show where the audience laughs at the stupid gringo kids performing humiliating sex acts.  Sex, humiliation, exhibitionism and humor abound.


This book is on sale at Lulu.  Pusse’ and Cox is the insane story of a cheerleader who turns detective that teams up with a male stripped that became a bounty hunter.  Together they hunt down Dr. Jamaica Vegas who is turning conservatives into sex crazed zombies with her “dirty sound” machine.  It features guns, sex zombies, a heavy metal hitman band, a group of really violent video game players, fucking nuns, a monster and more sex then you can shoot a bullet at.

Ravished Inside the Haunted House is my latest interactive book and it is available for purchase on Amazon. You play a woman who is lost in the middle of nowhere but don’t worry, there is a creepy looking house nearby and I’m sure the people will inside will let you use their phone. Spoiler Alert: They absolutely will not let you use their phone without trying to fuck you first.

This book is a labor of love, sweat and screams. I worked hard to make sure this book was replayable with six major sections of the house to explore. As you can imagine from the title, there are a lot of horror elements in this book with ghosts, monsters and strange magic, but being something I wrote, there is also a lot of humor to go with the hot sex. This book was a lot of fun to write and I hope you have just as much fun reading it.

Two out of seven ain’t bad for stock photos.

This book is for sale on Smashwords. Seven Magnificent Sluts is a story about a small town in Texas. They are attacked by mysterious pale women who drink the blood of men and kidnap most of the womenfolk. They spare one survivor, a man by the name of Henry Bardin, and tell him that they will be back next year to kill him. Henry realizes that he is going to need some bad ass women of his own. He goes looking for female gunslingers.


Sexy Science Beach Volleyball is available for sale on Kindle. I previously posted the story as Beach Volleyball Mad-ness a few years ago. This version collects all the parts into one easy to read document and also features 45% more consistency in how I used quotation marks for the play-by-plays.


Taken by the Aliens is my big interactive alien abduction erotica ebook and you can buy it now on Amazon.

In this story,you play a perfectly normal woman trying to get some sleep when you are kidnapped and taken aboard a strange spaceship. Try to find your way back home while also avoiding, or seeking out, alien encounters of the very intimate kind. Get probed by Greys! Receive personal messages from the Nubians to take back to earth! Discover the unexpected secret of the Reptile Aliens! Get seduced by a celebrity thought dead! Beg for forgiveness from the Brains in the Jars! Have your body explored by tentacles! Take some time to experiment on some of your fellow captives! For the love of your sanity, avoid the Men in the Black! Discover even more strange erotic encounters that I haven’t listed here!

Inspired by alien abductee stories, this 108,000 word story with 60 endings should keep you busy for a very long time.

This book is on sale at Smashwords.  Tales of the Wild Kiss is an anthology book I did about a pirate ship set in the Golden Age of Piracy.  The pirate ship has male and female pirates and is led by the busty Kate O’Plenty.  Stories of pirate lesbians, pirate gold, pirate orgies, pirate dares, pirate bets and pirate sex abounds.


Touched by the Unknown is my new ebook, available for sale on Amazon. Kristen buys a strange blindfold online. Every time she puts it on, something touches her in the most intimate way. As soon as she takes the blindfold off, the unseen stranger goes away. At first Kristen enjoys flirting with the weird and strange. As the events begin to escalate and the unseen things that touch her become more bizarre, Kristen finds herself questioning her wisdom of playing with strange forces as well as questioning whether she truly wants to stop.


Under Their Command is available for sale on amazon. It  is a 24 page story about a woman who reads a special ebook in public. She, and others, come under the sway of something that compels them to d many, many, many sexual acts.

This ebook was an experiment in creating a weird erotica story. I don’t know if I would call it mind control as much as body control. Think BDSM where your body is no longer under your control, it is now under their command.


Violatrix is a novel about a spaceship that goes around the universe looking for planets to conquer for Queen Erishella.  Captain Mitus Raz is a dashing figure who will fuck and fuck up his crew as needed.  This is a story about the crew when they find a planet that seemed too good to be true.  It features a lot of domination and rough sex.

Wasteland Racer: Mutant Marines is my new erotica novella. Taking place after a terrible apocalypse, Johnny Marauder and his sidekick, Trunk-Slut, participate in a deadly race across eastern North Carolina. Well, Johnny does all of the racing as Trunk-Slut stays tied up in the trunk, only coming out to do maintenance. Don’t worry, she prefers it that way. Staying in the trunk makes her horny as fuck.

wolf inside 004

The Wolf Inside is for sale on Kindle.  This short novella tells the tale of a man who has the wrong one night stand with a woman he met on the train.  Now he finds himself changing in ways he couldn’t imagine. He can smell submissive women and the dark beast within him craves to dominate them. The wolf inside him is his greatest enemy and perhaps the greatest thing that has happened to him.

So much better than the California Hotel down the road.

Work at the MILF Hotel is available at Kindle. You play Gregory, a young man who attends the guests at the secretive Milford Hotel. The clientele is exclusively older women who are looking to be pampered by handsome young men. And by pampered, I mean there is a lot of sex.

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