Mar 202023

This past Friday I slipped on the ice outside and landed on my hand and ass. My ass hurts but nothing compared to the shooting pain that went up my arm. It turns out I sprained my wrist which is a first for me. According to the doctor, it will take one or two weeks to heal.

Let me tell you, as I get closer and closer to turning 50 next month, nothing makes you feel like an old man like slipping on some ice and going to the doctor. This is my second fall at this house and my first this year. I am going to get really aggressive/paranoid about identifying ice where I walk. I don’t know how many falls I have left in me before I break something.

Three days later and the pain is much better. I can type for short amount of times but I probably shouldn’t. All my writing has to go on hold. All of my physical book reading also has to go on hold so thank the Goddess for all the ebooks I have on my iPad. The blog will have to wait for a few days and hopefully, the next Vaquel story will be ready to go at the start of April.

Thank you for your patience.

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