Mar 152023
Watch out for the little guy. And the big guy. And the other big guy . .

Wilhurst is a very special gated community. Located outside of town, this sleepy looking rural collection of homes is the lair of a group of serial killers. Slashers like Richard the Clown, the confounding Puzzleman and the absolutely terrifying Fuckmaster are just a few the monsters that live here.

The killers have one rule, don’t kill in your backyard. Okay, they have a lot of rules, and all of them are enforced by a wicked little old lady named Zel. The rules are there to protect the slashers as they do evil on the world. There is a schedule and conforming to style but the most important rule is still, “Don’t kill in your backyard”.

That is the premise of the comic series, “Where Monsters Lie by Kyle Starks and Piotr Kowalski. In the first issues, Puzzleman fucks up and kidnaps some local kids to murder. Not only that, but one of the kids escapes and goes straight to the police. The issue ends with multiple police cars pulling up on the gated community.

I love this comic. There is only two issues out so far but I love it with my slasher heart. The killers range from scary to laughably neurotic. Richard the Clown wants to branch out into non-clown murders and Zel won’t let him. Puzzleman is in a slump and can only think of dick-traps these days. There are freaking HOA violations.

And murder. A whole lot of murder.

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