Mar 062023

Pine Cove had a drug problem. One third oft he town is on anti-depressants because the sleepy little beach town is a drab place to live during the fall and winter months. When one of the residents commits suicide, the only psychiatrist in town worries that her tendency to prescribe pills and skip the therapy might killed someone. She greatly over-reacts and puts all of her patients on placebos. The resulting withdrawal and lack of meds does some wacky things to the town.

And all of that happens before a giant seam monster rises from the ocean and comes on shore. The beast is a shape-shifter and it also has the neat knack of making everyone in town as horny as fuck. More wackiness ensues.

The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove is written by Christopher Moore. The story takes an ensemble approach as we follow the stoner constable, the very unstable retired b-movie actress, the unethical psychiatrist, a blues man who had encountered the sea monster before and my favorite character, an eager dog who is looking out for his owner. It reminds me of a lighter Carl Hiassen, although the murder rate is about the same.

This is a horny book, although only as horny as an R-rated book can get. It feels like the kind of thing I might write if I didn’t write full on erotica. It is also a fun book and I was sad to see it end. Fortunately this book is part two of a series of books set in the town and reading the first them in order isn’t necessary. I highly recommend it.

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