Mar 012023

Explorer’s Log: I am on day twelve of my thirty-three day journey to the star system designated “The Majestic Blast of the King’s Ejaculate” by Royal Astronomers. Today I will be using the black hole designated “Fury of the King” to perform a slingshot maneuver over a vast sector of empty space. I predict no trouble doing this dangerous maneuver. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I haven’t done this slingshot since the training programs at the Royal Navy Academy. To prepare, I re-read the materials we have on board and I almost wish I hadn’t. Time distortions, hallucinations, possible continuum fractures and reality bleeds are all possible, and that is everything goes right! King’s balls, I’ll be glad when this is over.

Vichard Ten double checked the calculations. The probe ship was running hot and there was a sheen of sweet on his dark brown face. He had shaved his head recently and he unconsciously ran his fingers over his smooth scalp as he looked at the numbers. The light blue material of his spacesuit clung to his muscular frame and the outline of his bulge.

Headbot hovered in front of Vichard’s open legs. The purple robot bit her bottom lip and stared at the tempting bulge. Electronic eyes looked up at Vichard.

“Master, you seem very stressed,” Heabot said in her sweet voice. “Wouldn’t a nice blowjob relax you? I have developed some new tongue techniques I think you would like.”

“No,” Vichard said.

Headbot whimpered.

Vichard smiled. He was stressed but he didn’t want to get distracted by a good face fucking. The next best thing was denying the needy robot and listening to her disappointment. The small ego boost soothed his thoughts of the ship shattering across time.

“Beginning approach vector,” the navigation computer said.

That was it. There was nothing left to do but ride it out. Vichard leaned back in his chair. There was a lump in the seat and the back leaned to the left. He had tried fixing it but the fault kept returning. He wished he could swap out the seat for a new one.

Headbot floated beside Vichard’s head. Holographic red hair shimmered around her head. “This is so exciting, Master! The odds of a rip in the space-time-“

“Hush,” Vichard said. Maybe he should whip his cock and out keep her mouth busy.

The probe ship jerked. The velocity counter on the navigation console jumped exponentially. Colors began to streak all around him.

“Fuck,” Vichard whispered.

Someone cried out behind him. He turned in his seat and saw himself. His double was jacking his cock and shooting a load onto a double of Headbot. The robot bobbed and weaved as she sought to catch all the come.

“We did that two years and eighty -wo days ago,” Headbot said.

The double looked at Vichard, his cock still spraying come. “What the fuck?” he shouted.

Before Vichard could answer, the double and his robot disappeared.

“Time displacement,” Vichard said.

There was a scream. Vichard jumped out of his chair. Where did it come from?

A wave of nausea came over Vichard. He doubled over and as he looked at the floor, he thought it looked strange. When the nausea passed, he stood back up and noticed the ship was inverted.

He was on the ceiling. Had gravity inversed itself? Not taking any chances, he activated the magnetic lock in his boots.

“Master! I am picking up strange new programs!” Headbot said. “I now know ninety three explicit songs about spankings!”

The ship began to vibrate. There was another scream. A dark man that might have been Vichard slid across the floor and vanished. Red and purple light streaked across the interior of the ship. A four legged equine creature appeared and vanished.

An avalanche of sound assaulted Vichard. He clamped his hands over her ears and dropped to his knees on the ceiling. The sound was unbearably loud and he thought his head would explode.

And then the sound was gone. There was a taste of something sweet in his mouth. Vichard opened his eyes and was glad to see the floor under him.

“Queen’s tit,” someone said in front of him.

Vichard looked up. On their knees was another person. She was dark brown and wearing a purple spacesuit that clung to her generous curves. Short pink hair clung to her head and reminded Vichard of his own before he had shaved it.

Vichard stared at her. Every other apparition had appeared and vanished so he wanted to enjoy looking at her while he could. Nipples pressed against her purple spacesuit and he wanted to reach out and pinch them. She had a cute mouth that was made for cock-sucking. He wondered what it would be like to pull on that pink hair.

The woman stared back at him. Her eyes stripped him as she looked him up and down. She licked her lips and rose to one knee.

“Mistress!” something said behind the woman. A purple chair rolled up beside her. “Be careful! This being might be dangerous to your perfect bottom!”

“Master!” Headbot said beside Vichard. “I fear this creature might be carnivorous and hungers for your sweet penis!”

“Did your chair just talk?” Vichard asked.

The woman nodded. “That’s Chairbot. He’s mostly harmless. What about your flying fuckface?”

“She’s Headbot,” Vichard said. “She is mostly harmless too. I’m surprised you two are still on my ship.”

The woman snorted. “You two are on my ship.”

“Actually, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “Scans are inconclusive and fluctuating, but I am currently detecting the presence of two ships at the same time.”

“That can’t be good,” Vichard said. He stood up to his full height. The woman did too, standing just a head shorter than him. He got distracted by the way her curves shifted inside her spacesuit.

“Actually, Master, I have a theory,” Headbot said. “I believe our ships are from two co-existing realities that are very similar to one another. You and this carnivore share similar genetic markers and are of the same species. I have also detected that the talking furniture shares enough characteristics with me to be considered a Yeth as well.”

“Let me guess,” the woman said. “Your ship is attempting a slingshot maneuver around a black hole.”

“Exactly,” Vichard said. “The similarity of our ships and passengers must have created a connection through the black hole. I bet as we get further away from the hole, we will bleed back into our own realities.”

“Or disintegrate across space as we fail to re-integrate,” the woman said.

“Ha!” Vichard laughed. He was thinking the same thing. “I have a feeling I’ll survive. I’ve meet time-travelers who say we meet up in my future.”

“Fuck, you’re right. I forgot about my own time-travelers. We have to have already survived this,” the woman said. “My name is Vaquel but the way.”

“Vichard,” he said. “And do you serve King Umaxander?”

“Queen Erishella here,” Vaquel said. “How much longer do you think we have in this co-existing ship?”

“A kilosecond, maybe more?” Vichard said.

Vaquel took a step closer and placed her hand on Vichard’s crotch. Her fingers grasped the outline of his erection perfectly. She smiled as she gently squeezed.

“So, we should start fucking right away, right?” Vaquel said.

“Fuck, yes,” Vichard said.

Vaquel smirked. She looked cocky and so damn Euphorian in her sexual confidence. Vichard felt a homesickness rise within him alongside the growing lust.

He grabbed the back of Vaquel’s head and sunk his fingers into that short pink hair. As he tightened his grip, Vaquel gasped. Her eyes glazed with ready submission.

Vichard kissed her. She opened her mouth to his and his tongue invaded her. He claimed her mouth and she gave it to him.

Vaquel held onto his bulge. The harder he kissed, the tighter her grip became. The thin material of his suit provided no protection as she chocked his cock.

The kissing continued. Their tongues danced and fought. He bit her bottom lip. She sucked on his tongue.

Vichard reached between them, his fingers skimming over her belt. It felt like the same technology he used. A press of a button and the purple material slid down from her shoulders to expose bare skin. A second later, both heavy brown breasts flopped free. Before the material could finish retracting into her belt, Vichard already had a plump tit in his hand.

“Gods of the Overmoon,” Vichard thought. The woman’s breast was a perfect combination of softness and weight. Her nipple was as hard as pressed carbon. He sunk his fingers into her breast and enjoyed the way she moaned into his mouth.

Vaquel held onto his cock. The grip was nice but the urge to dominate grew stronger. He broke the kiss and turned her head to the side so he can kiss her ear. As his tongue flickered over her lobe, Vaquel’s moans grew louder.

“Let go of my cock,” Vichard whispered. “You haven’t earned it yet.”

Vaquel gave a husky laugh. “Make me.”

Vichard almost moaned. He had missed Euphorian flirting more than he realized. His fingers found her nipple. Vaquel giggled with anticipation and then cried out as his fingers twisted her sensitive flesh.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel moaned. She let go of his cock.

He bit down on her ear. Vaquel cried out again. She grabbed him by the hips but she left his bulge alone.

Vichard let her ear slip free of his teeth. He pulled her head back until she was looking up at the ceiling. His other hand let go of her breast.

“You want me to fuck you, slut?” Vichard asked.

“Yes,” Vaquel said.

WHAP! Vichard brought his free hand up and slapped Vaquel’s breast.

She cried out and rose on her toes. That was pretty impressive in those boots. A lovely handprint colored her brown tit.

“Do you deserve this cock?” Vichard snapped. WHAP! WHAP! He struck both breasts this time.

“Yes!” Vaquel shouted. “I deserve your fucking cock!”

“Is your slutty cunt worth my cock?” Vichard demanded. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

Vaquel cried out from every slap. The smile on her face grew wider with each slap. She had almost forgotten the question.

“Yes!” Vaquel shouted. “My slutty cunt will fuck your Queen-damned brains out!”

WHAP! Vichard gave her a final slap and then let go of her hair. As Vaquel regained her balance, he pressed a button on his suit. The light blue material covering his legs receded into his belt. His thick rod popped free and stood at attention.

“Then prove it, slut,” Vichard said.

Vaquel growled. “Chairbot, initiate Pumping Tower Program #3.”

“Yes, Mistress!” the purple chair said.

Before Vichard could ask, Vaquel pushed hard on Vichard’s chest. He fell backward into the robot chair. Soft force fields softened his landing. As he sat in the chair, the force fields spread the cheeks of his ass.

Vichard laughed. “You’re going to make your robot do all the work.”

“No, your mouth will do some work too,” Vaquel said. She tapped a button and the rest of her purple spacesuit melted away. Smooth brown legs led to thick thighs which gave way to smooth brown pussy lips.

Vaquel jumped onto the arms of Chairbot. In an instant, Vichard had a close-up view of Vaquel’s sex. The lips were already glistening with her juices. Sharp nails grabbed the top of Vichard’s smooth head and pulled her to her cunt.

Vichard was happy to obey. He pressed his lips to Vaquel’s sex and groaned at the musky smell. His mouth opened and his tongue emerged to explore this delicious territory. It had been so long since he had Euphorian pussy that he had forgotten what it tasted like.

She tasted like sex.

Vaquel groaned. Her fingernails dug into Vichard’s scalp as she grinded against his face. She moved like a bed-slave, graceful and primal as she fucked his face.

Meanwhile, Vichard felt something press against his asshole. It was the frictionless tingle of a force field. He relaxed as the field extended upwards, stretching Vichard’s small hole and then expanding inward.

Vichard growled into Vaquel’s pussy. The anal stimulation was perfect. His cock responded with an aching hardness that begged for a woman’s touch. The little robot must get a lot of practice fucking Vaquel’s ass. He pictured her impaled on this chair and his cock pulsed faster.

“May I suck on one of your perfect breasts, Mistress?” Headbot said.

Vichard snorted into Vaquel’s pussy. His robot was calling Vaquel, Mistress? How easy his robot’s loyalty changed with the opportunity to put someone new in her mouth!

“You may,” Vaquel answered.

A moment later, Vaquel cried out. Sharp nails dug into Vichard’s head. Her cunt pressed hard against Vichard’s face and threatened to smother him.

Vichard chuckled. Headbot was good at what she did. The angle of his head allowed him to see Heabot’s floating head sucking on one of Vaquel’s plump breasts. There was a slight hum from the robot’s vibrating lips.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel moaned. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

She grinded harder into Vichard’s face. Wet pussy lips smeared across his nose and mouth. The woman fucked his face with no care for his comfort.

Vichard felt deeply homesick. He was also intensely aroused. His cock throbbed. The force field in his ass pulsed while the seat under his balls vibrated. It was tempting to grab his cock and jack it but he resisted. He was saving his seed for Vaquel’s cunt.

The face-grinding suddenly stopped. As Vaquel froze in place, Vichard aggressively licked her pussy. He felt the familiar clenching of her sex.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel screamed, coming on Vichard’s face.

Vichard kept licking.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel yelled. She started to pull away but Vichard grabbed her ass and held her to his face. His tongue swirled inside her.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried as she came again.

Vichard couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed Vaquel’s hips and pulled down. The post-orgasmic woman meekly complied. Headbot floated away from Vaquel’s breast, leaving a lovely set of teeth marks around her nipple. Chairbot lowered the arms of his chair to provide Vaquel with room to step down. The woman reached between her legs to guide his cock as she sat down on him.

The two of them cried out together as he filled her pussy. It was a perfect fit. They were made for one another. She clenched around him while he pulsed inside of her.

Vichard licked the pussy juices from his lips. Vaquel looked back at him with lust-glazed eyes. She was putty in his hands.

He slapped her ass. Vaquel cried out and her eyes regained focus.

“Fuck me,” Vichard commanded.

Vaquel nodded. She grabbed his shoulders and her hips began to move. Tight vaginal muscles held his cock as she grinded on his lap.

The force field in Vichard’s ass vibrated more intensely. The vibrating seat under his balls expanded to encompass his entire ass. As Vichard clenched, he could hear Chairbot moan excitedly under him.

“What should I do, Master?” Headbot asked.

“Oh, I’m your Master again?” Vichard remarked. “Just a moment ago, you were calling her Mistress.”

Vaquel groaned and continued to fuck Vichard.

“Please, Master,” Headbot begged. “I was only play-acting. Your cock is all I desire in my mouth.”

“Hmm,” Vichard said, relishing Headbot’s subservient flattery. “You may nibble on this slut’s neck. Her tits are mine.”

Vaquel bit her lip in a moaning smile.

“Thank you, Master!” Headbot said. She flew behind Vaquel and rained kissed on the back of Vaquel’s neck.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel moaned. She froze as she leaned back into the robot’s kisses.

Vichard growled and grabbed both of Vaquel’s tits. The squishy flesh was crushed in his grip. Vaquel cried out and her thighs trembled.

“Keep fucking me, slut,” Vichard commanded.

Vaquel resumed grinding. She held tightly onto his shoulders as her pussy wrenched his cock back and forth. Juices flowed from his unbelievable cunt and soaked his balls. She rocked back and forth with an almost manic need.

The force field in Vichard’s ass extended slightly. It was like a firing button had been pressed in his libido. Vichard could hold back no longer. He held onto tightly to Vaque;s abundant tits as his cock erupted inside her.

“Tribute to the King!” Vichard shouted. Every nerve in his body exploded in pleasure and pushed out through his cock.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel countered, her own pussy spasming around his ejaculating cock.

Headbot and Chairbot both cried out at the same time. Vichard thought it was strange and part of him suspected something, but he quickly lost the train of thought as Vaquel’s pussy milked the come from his cock. Moaning robots became the least of his concern.

He wanted more.

Vichard let go of Vaquel’s tits and grabbed her ass instead. Vaquel cried out as he leaned forward and rose from Chairbot’s seat. The force field retracted from Vichard’s asshole, leaving a wonderful void behind. Headbot flew away as Vichard picked Vaquel up with his cock still embedded inside her. He intended to carry her to the bunk nearby but lust overcame him and he lowered her gently to the ground instead.

“Yes,” Vaquel moaned. “Fuck me on the Queen-damned floor!”

Vichard grunted and settled on top of her. He wondered what it would be like to serve a Queen. Would she be as terrible and awe-inspiring as King Umaxander? He shuddered at the thought of her no-doubt perfect breasts. What would it be like to sink into a royal pussy?

Vaquel wrapped her legs around Vichard and he focused on the pussy around his cock. He braced himself and began to fuck. Simple, primal thrusts on a hard floor ploughed into the damp cunt before him.

“Yes,” Vaquel hissed. She pulled his face down to hers. Their lips met. He bit her tongue. She dug scratches into his back with her fingers. Pain and pleasure mixed between them in that delicious way that only a fellow Euphorian can give and receive.

Vichard fucked this beautiful brown woman into the floor. His cock claimed a cunt already filled with his seed. He invaded her mouth with his tongue as his hips pummeled her thighs.

The ship vibrated. Weird lights streaked at the corner of his vision. He heard voices, dozens and then hundreds of voices grunting and groaning in disappointment.

Vaquel’s heels dug into his ass. Her pussy clenched tighter. Desperate whimpers erupted from her lips and into his mouth.

Vichard’s hips accelerated. He pounded into Vaquel, trying to outrace their inevitable separation. As realities began to pull apart, Vichard fucked as hard as he could to keep them together.

She came first. Vaquel’s mouth moved but he couldn’t hear her cry. The beautiful woman became transparent.

But Vichard could still feel her pussy around his cock. There was another spasm and then his own orgasm broke from his body. Hot seed rushed from his cock and filled her fading grasp.

There was a blinding light and then a shudder that shook the entire probe ship. Vichard fell forward to land on the hard floor. A sticky mess was on the ground beneath him.

“Master, we are back in our own reality,” Headbot said.

Vichard rose up. There was a lot of come on the floor in front of him. He wondered if Vaquel had any of it inside her.

Loss filled his heart. He would never see her again. One day, he would return back to the planet of Euphoria, but she would be on her own version.

“Master, are you okay?” Headbot asked.

“Check our future flight plan,” Vichard said. “Do we do another slingshot with a black hole?”

“One moment,” Headbot said. “Yes, in four years time.”

Vichard smiled. It was unlikely that this strange coincidence across two realities would happen again, but there was still a chance. Next time, he would be inside her ass.

“Clean this mess up, Headbot,” Vichard said. “I have a report to file.”

“Yes, Master,” Headbot said. She dove down to the floor and opened her mouth.

Vichard stood up and rubbed his head. The scratches Vaquel had made were still there. However, the sadness was already fading. In fact, he felt refreshed in a way he hadn’t felt in a long time.

With a slight spring to his step, Vichard returned to the leaning chair at the navigation console.

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